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Selamat Berbahagia PM dan Datin Seri Jeanne

A Kadir Jasin

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NOW that the Prime Minister had duly wedded Jeanne Abdullah, who according to a Bernama report, is duly referred to as “Datin Seri”, I would like to formally join other well wishers in wishing them “selamat pengantin baru”.

Sumber: Sunday Star ( AP )

I don’t think any of us should miss this opportunity. Peluang sebegini tidak berlaku setiap hari, setiap bulan atau setiap tahun. It’s not everyday that our PM gets married.

As I have said in my brief comment in the comment window of the previous posting, “saya setuju 100 peratus” with his decision to remarry.

But I had not posted this interesting event earlier because I wanted to be absolutely sure that the marriage took place. There had been previous occasions when the PM cancelled important events at the last minute on the pretext that he was too busy to attend.

This is what I said in the comment window, which I would now like to share with the rest of the visitors. It was posted on June 8. I said:

“Saya setuju 100 peratus asalkan ia tidak mengganggu tugas PM sebagai pentadbir nombor satu negara dan membazirkan wang negara. PM has his household vote and for as long as he keeps within the allocated budget, we should not have any problem with his wedding.

"Of course this is a unique situation. This is the first time in our Merdeka history that the PM marries while in office. We also take note of the fact that his previous wife, Kak Endon, passed away when he is in office.

"He needs companion, and marriage dismisses whatever suspicion we may have of his private life. We should be happy for him and his bride-to-be. Let's hope that she becomes a worthy companion to the PM; someone who brings him credit and NOT causing him discredit. Pak Lah chooses her and we elected Pak Lah. That's the deal.”

With so many “songel” wives of ministers and other pembesar (VIPs) causing constant headache and indignation among the rakyat, it is important that we remind our pembesar that we elected them and NOT their spouses.

Kita pilih mereka sebagai wakil kita di Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri. Kita tidak pilih isteri, anak, menantu atau konco-konco mereka. Itu pilihan peribadi mereka.

Menurut Bernama, kenyataan Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang dikeluarkan kepadanya menyatakan bahawa PM dan Jeanne diijabkabulkan oleh Imam Masjid Putrajaya, Abd Manaf Mat, pada pukul 2.50 petang.

Antara yang hadir adalah anak lelaki PM, Kamaluddin dan menantu lelakinya, Khairy Jamaluddin. Laporan Bernama tidak menyebut mengenai Nori, anak perempuan PM yang berupa isteri kepada Khairy.

According to Bernama, the PM and his wife thanked the people for their good wishes for a happy marriage.

UPDATE (Pembetulan)

Walaupun laporan Bernama tidak menyebut mengenai Nori, laporan akhbar arus perdana hari ini menunjukkan bahawa dia hadir majlis itu. Maaf.


melayu lama said...

The Star, in it's front page of today's newspaper showed a photo of Pak Lah and Danker at their Akad Nikah ceremony and were referred to as "The First Couple". This is incorrect!

The head of state is always the "First" person who, in turn, appoints the head of government. So, in the case of our beloved Malaysia, since the Agong is our head of state and the Permaisuri Agong is First Lady, then The Star has committed a big error in today's reporting by stating that Pak Lah and his wife as the "The First Couple".

In this country, the Agong is not just the Head of State, he is also the Commander & Chief of the Defence Forces and Defender of the Islamic Faith.

I would certainly hope that the Star publishes a full apology to our King and Queen for the error in their reporting. It is also quite alarming to see that the front page reporting in a major newspaper is done by reporters and editors who know little about who's who.

paco said...

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This position is very powerful. Can filter information and procure influence. 2 job openings. We can assure you the job is lucrative and you will never get bored. The best thing is the process of getting the job will be fun. Albeit heavy competition. Good luck guys. If there are incumbents, go sharpen your weapons. Barbarians at the gate.


I was there, in spirit. I am sure, Datuk Scribe, that millions of other ordinary rakyat were there too.

I wonder how many of the 40 relatives a nd friends who witnessed the wedding were there physically as well as spiritually! Kadang2 badan di situ tapi hati tidak.

Malayu Hadhari said...

Sdr Paco,

Man, you kill me.

Barbarians at the gate? Huh, who's that singing karaoke to the old Tan Sri's song?

Tidurlah wahai permasisuriiiii...

cakapsiang said...

".....Kita pilih mereka sebagai wakil kita di Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri. Kita tidak pilih isteri, anak, menantu atau konco-konco mereka. Itu pilihan peribadi mereka."

I just love that one Dato ! Really love that one..! Ha ha.. you got the bull's eye once again Dato' !

kedidi said...

Dato dan Perayap,

Saya tidak mahu ketinggalan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru buat Pak Lah dan isteri. Harapan saya semoga kehadiran Datin Seri Jeanne memperkemaskan lagi kehidupan Pak Lah untuk menyumbang yang terbaik kepada rakyat. Moga Pak Lah lebih fokus dalam masa-masa yang semakin pendek ini.

Terima kasih.

langit biru said...

"Kita pilih mereka sebagai wakil kita di Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri. Kita tidak pilih isteri, anak, menantu atau konco-konco mereka. Itu pilihan peribadi mereka".

Setuju,kita hanya boleh memilih seorang wakil sahaja, akan tetapi wakil itu hakikatnya mewakili terutama sekali "pilihan peribadi mereka". Maka saya memilih wakil berdasarkan peribadi calon, dan siapa "pilihan peribadi mereka". Maka saya suka untuk mengenali siapa "pilihan peribadi" itu bukannya untuk berbual-bual dengannya, jauh sekali untuk mendapat habuan atau kelebihan darinya. Amat jauh sekali untuk mendapat loncatan dalam arena politik. Saya hanya mahu melihat bagaimana strategi dan pola pemikiran mereka. Contohnya,apakah terdapat keserasian cara antara Sharip Udang dan Osman Desa! Suka baca buku Pak Habib!Sekian.

rocky said...

Star needs to get their facts right. The PM and his wife or his family is not the first couple, first family etc. If there is one, it is the king and queen. Bodek kot Star.

anyway congratulations Pak Lah.

Now can you get on with your job that you have screwed since you came to office. No excuses, we want thing to get done in a good manner, not bloody bocor everywhere and no accountability.

BTW the state govts should not spend tax payers money on ads congratulating the PM on his wedding. Understand the PM office has given the directive. Why are they doing it? Pak Lah will you take action? As usual you don't know about it. Never mind.

Si Manis Amni said...

Tahniah pada Pak Lah! Semoga berbahagia.


Sekadar maklumat kepada para blogger dan pelawat,

TM menyediakan kemudahan wireless percuma di kawasan rehat tertentu di Lebuh Raya Utara-Selatan.

I am now moderating your comments at north-bound Tapah Rest Area. The signal is good.

Thank you TM. And thank you all.

AC said...

Source from PLUS

All the cost for installation of Wi Fi equipment at selected Rest & Service Area and monthly fee are fully borne by PLUS.

Dato' should say "thank you" to PLUS and not for TM. Currently only RSA at Perak have this facilities under encouragement by PERAK government (State IT Program).

Others location along NSE will coming soon. Please check it out..

D!Qgital STUDIO said...

congratulations Pak Lah.
Now Dato', bukan sahaja index bursa saham naik peringkat tertinggi,air banjir pun naik peringkat tertinggi di KL !


Thank you AC for the information.

In my enthusiasm I made the mistake. Apologies and a big
thank you to PLUS.

I checked with PLUS and they told me that all Rest and Sercive Areas in Perak are wi-fi enabled.

You're right. The Perak Government is encouraging greater ICT penetration and application. Thank you to it too.

PLUS told me that services are also available at Sungai Buloh Overhead Restaurant. Also check out Rawang. And it'll be soon available at the upgraded Seremban RSA.

Thank you.

Daily Nibbler said...

The Perak Government should be emulated by all state governments in encouraging greater ICT penetration and application. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...


Saya rakyat biasa yg mahukan ketelusan and pembangunan negara dan masyarakat. Pak Lah nak kahwin kita org ok saja. However, we still want him to get all the priorities right. Jangan nampak nak kahwin saja .. dan yang lain berterabor.

It sure seems that Pak Lah plans to stay another term, otherwise he would have gotten married after the election.

Be prepared to endure anoter term from the sleepy CEO who may get less sleep moving forward :)

Pak Din

Radical Scope said...

setuju dengan statement datuk about the ministers an mps (ah, it seems that i speak better in english). however, datuk, the majority of our people, the citizens of this blessed land Malaysia, don't seem to noticed that. they keep on electing the wrong people, and when these jokers, baboon, and whatever screw up, all of them go on a shouting match. nasakenai, nasakenai (japanese for pathetic)

antibelit04 said...


Dah tak perlu nak ucapkan apa-apa dari saya pun..semut lah katakan. Cuma nak memperbetulkan kenyataan paklah..tak semestinya seseorang PM yg "happy" akan dapat mentadbir negara dgn baik.



Yes Sdr Daily Nibbler, we should thank the Perak Government for showing the way.

I am posting your comment at the southbound Tapah RSA. This place is nice. Almost a small mall.

Perak, unlike Kedah, is not ambitious. I does not have a plan to be achieve developed status before 2020. But Kedah, a poorer state, wants to be fully developed by 2010.

Pak Din and the rest talked about pembangunan.

I went to the Neurology ward of the Penang Hospital in the last two days. Must congratulate and thank the doctors and staff for their efforts and sacrifices.

Just a thought, if our pembesar spend less taxpayers money to renovate their official residence and buy expensive fixtures, more money can be made available to hospitals to buy those "skulless" neurology patients artificial skull and other missing organs.

Ada pesakit yang kepalanya "kepik" kerana tempurung kepalanya pecah dalam kemalangan.

Elok kalau bapa dan ibu menteri dan para pembesar kerap melawat wad kelas tiga hospital kerajaan yang sesak dan berselerak. Di situlah rakyat biasa dirawat.

Terima kasih.

Daily Nibbler said...

Sdr A Kadir Jasin,

If only our politicians and menteris think and act the way you do, our country will be a much better place to live in. Semua kena turun padang, live among the rakyat, the commoners; understand their hardship, love them and their aspirations, bridge the chasms, pull in one direction, share prosperity and build a solid nation we all can be proud of. I believe it is not that difficult, it can be done.

But it starts from the top. Alas, it is still utopian's dream but if we all strive that direction, God willing, we will achieve, one day - inspired by your pen perhaps.

marn said...

bukan memang lagu tu ka sepatutnya pembesar-pembesar kena buat?

rasanya, biaq pembesar2 ni bila sakit, dirawat di wad kelas 3. Baru depa tau lagu mana rakyat kerdil macam saya dok derita. baru la rasa insaf tu ada.

Tok, harap2 depa (pembesar2) baca dan pikir serta bertindak jaga negara dengan amanah. baru boleh saing singapore.

Indigo said...

I would like to know more on Jeanne and how the relationship began. Any one can help out on this, Datuk?

What is her likes and dislikes, badabeep-badabaap, you know paparazzi-tabloid stuff. Her fears...and Abdullah's, too.

I do not think I really know the PM unless I know what his fears and dreams are, what makes him tick. Knowing the man not the myth.

Raja Petra's was an introduction.

Red84 said...

Boleh SdrMarn cerita sedikit apa yang dia fikir Singapura akan jadi dalam masa 10 tahun yang akan datang? 20 tahun? 30 tahun? 50 tahun? Abdullah dan Mahathir ada fantasi mereka masing-masing.

Dan mana duduk-berdirinya Malaysia berbanding Singapura, Indonesia, Thailand, Filipina.

Bersaing dalam bentuk apakah kita dengan Singapura, Datuk, dan negara manakah saingan-saingan kita?

Saya harap Sdr Marn jangan salah faham maksud saya. Saya tidak sekali-kali mahu memperkecil-kecilkan pendapat seseorang itu. Kebebasan berfikir adalah hak mutlak hakiki insan.

"If you do not know where you are going, how would you know you are there?"

marn said...

bersaing dari segi politik dan ekonomi. kita banyak habiskan duit dan dana ke dalam bentuk projek yang tak menguntungkan rakyat.

Tengok rapidkl kita dengan sistem pengangkutan singapore. ada sapa yang cakap kita satu level ataupun nak hebat lagi mengaku, kita lebih bagus daripada singapore. lain-lain hal, takyah bagi contoh la.

Cucu Tok Hitam said...

Marn: "bersaing dari segi politik dan ekonomi"

Saya tengok rapidKL dan saya lihat di negeri-negeri lain. Saya lihat STAR, PUTRA dan MONORAIL di KL.

Saya tidak payah tengok singapura bila saya melihat Monaco dan Perancis.

Masih saya katakan Malaysia lagi hebat. Dan leih dari itu, Singapura bergantung hidup pada Malaysia. Tangan yang memberi lagi mulia dari tangan yang menerima selagi mana masing-masing kenal diri.

Sekarang saya tahu marn ini tidak tinggi pengajiannya dan pemikirannya cetek.

Singapura bak 'seng kek' medabik dada dan marn ini 'seng kek' jua.

"kita banyak habiskan duit dan dana ke dalam bentuk projek yang tak menguntungkan rakyat."

Yang mana satu? mana silapnya?

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