Monday, September 03, 2012

Election And Other Stories From Open Houses

A Kadir Jasin

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1. I WAS asked at a Hari Raya open house if I had stopped my blog. If you are a regular reader, you know I have not. But not everybody is a regular reader. It is, however, true that I sometimes do not update as often as I should. I told the enquirer that I have not and, insya-Allah, I will continue writing for as long as I live.

2. Another asked me to predict the likely outcome of the coming general election. I said, bring me a spring chicken, a young cockerel, two kati of sugar and two kati of salt. Another person listening in on the conversation added, some kemenyan (incense). These are articles that a Malay bomoh – medicine man – would usually require as pengeras. They are both gifts and ingredients that would supposedly make the portion or the mantra more potent.

3. On a serious note, I think if the Barisan Nasional retains power, it is not so much because it is strong or popular, but because the oppositions are in disarray – like the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Matahir Mohamad, was recently reported as saying “better the devil you know than one that you don’t.”

4. At the state level, the DAP looks safe in Penang. The PKR is under threat in Selangor. Its repeated show of disrespect for the Sultan and open squabbles between the Menteri Besar, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and deputy president, Azmin Ali, could weaken Malay support and put off the non-Malays. Pas is safe in Kelantan, but its control of Kedah could be under threat due to internal problems and the continued poor health of the Menteri Besar, Azizan Abdul Razak. Perak is not safe for the BN while Negeri Sembilan and Johor could came under attack by the DAP and Pas. Sarawak and Sabah may no longer be the BN’s safe havens.

The Economy And Discrimination

5. Another open house visitor, a former CEO of a now defunct Malay conglomerate, said the job market is shrinking, the government and the GLC are no longer giving preference to the Bumiputeras and the discrimination against Bumiputeras is spreading in the non-Bumiputera-controlled private sector.

6. He pointed out that while tokenism by Chinese businesses is well known, now he observes the Indians are doing likewise. He said Malaysian Indian restaurants, including the Indian Muslim ones, are paying more to expatriate Indian workers and other foreigners (salaries, government levies, free food and accommodation) and discriminate against local workers on the pretext that they are choosy and lazy.

7. I came across such a situation in my dealing with a locally incorporated US-owned bank. Since I make a point of not defaulting on my credit card payment, I receive regular telephone calls asking if I want loans on my cards. I observe that Chinese officers (who regularly addressed me as “Encik Kalio or Kadio”), would offer the highest amount, the Indian officers came second and, on very rare occasions, a Malay officer would also chip in and she offered the lowest sum.

8. I can only conclude that the Chinese executives enjoy a higher level of authority to give out loans compared to their Indian and Malay compatriots. And as for the Chinese officers calling me “Encik Kalio or Kadio”, I can only conclude that they were Chinese educated.

Fear Of Perkasa

9. Then there are my non-Malay doctors and non-Malay ex-military officers who are curious and, at the same time, worried about the power and influence of Perkasa. They think Perkasa is sabotaging the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak’s 1Malaysia agenda.

10. I think they hold such a view because they were so used to seeing the Malays rallying almost exclusively behind Umno and Pas. The two Malay-based political parties in turn speak on their behalf.

11. I asked them to consider what gave birth to Perkasa and the Malay Consultative Council (MPM), and why so many Malays, including professionals and intellectuals, are now rallying behind these NGOs and the maverick politician, Ibrahim Ali? Why do they choose to voice their concerns and demands via Ibrahim and not Mohd Najib, Abdul Hadi Awang (Pas President) or Anwar Ibrahim (the Supreme Leader of PKR)?

12. The formation of Perkasa and MPM was the response of the Malay masses to what they perceived as rising non-Malay chauvinism and extremism following the 2007 Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) illegal demonstration and constant demand by Chinese NGOs like the United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong), the United Chinese School Teachers’ Association (Jiao Zong) and the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia on Chinese language, education and economy.

13. The Malays, including those affiliated to Umno, are rallying behind these NGO because they feel that Umno and Pas are longer protecting and promoting their rights and interest.

14. And, without fail, the question they begged me to answer – which I dare not – is, who is making the decisions in Putrajaya. Wallahualam, only God knows.


kluangman said...

Dato, kalau ditakdairkan bn kalah Dan pakatan haram menang, mereka hanya kalah atau mereka hanya menang atas faktor 'perenggan akhir ayat dato'

Peliknya, tun m pun no komen bab !!!!

Unknown said...

"The formation of Perkasa and MPM was the response of the Malay masses.." I beg to differ. PERKASA was formed to instill fear and enhance the inferiority complex of the Malay masses. The number of members are small but is given the impression that it has lots of support through being loud and obnoxious, and given extensive coverage by the mainstream mass media. I am a Malay and I think PERKASA and the parties supporting it are doing a great disservice to our race and country as a whole.

abdullahngah said...

Datuk tak berani buat ramalan terhadap Putrajaya.

Tapi pada saya Putrajaya tak mungkin jatuh ke tangan pembangkang.

Usaha Najib sekatan jalan pembangkang ke putrjaya realistik sekali.

Kelantan yang diperintah PAS kemungkinan tumbang PRU 13 ini.

Kenapa? terlalu banyak insentif dan inisiatif yang dilakukan, termasuk memberi RM 3,000 bantuan kepada rakyat.

Terbaru, penapis air setiap rumah miskipun tiada bekalan yang sempurna.Wang ehsan RM 400.

Saya masih ingat apa yang berlaku pada PRU 11 (2004).

Kerajaan PAS kelantan hampir hampir tumbang dek bantuan RM 600 satu kepala.

Saya setuju selangor dengan mudah PR tumbang.

Pertama kemasukan pengundi luar sejumlah 30 peratus.

Oleh itu, bagaimana mungkin putra jaya jatuh ke tangan pembangkang.

Lebih lebih lagi semakin ramai orang Pas marah dengan pemimpinnya yang kelihatan sudah lebral dan pragmatik.

Kadang kadang kelihatan sudah ada unsur unsur cuba menyembunyikan kebenaran.

DAP tetap mantap, kerana dapat sokongan dan undi MCA,GERAKAN. PAS parti Keadilan rakyat.

Mat keluang said...

Najib nampak terlalu lemah dan mempunyai banyak sangat penasehat tapi masaalahnya dia tak percaya nesehat mereka ini.
Jika berlaku pergadohan kaum sekali saya idak ahu bagaimana kita hendak mengawalnya kerana ISA dan EO police sudah dihapuskan.

Dalam bidang ekonomi pula nampaknya jika negara CINA demam maka kita pun akan demam lagi kuat.Ianya telah pun membei kesan kapada Australia,Europe dan USA.

Ananda Krisnan akan membuat listing Astro TV nya.Yang menarek ialah comment dari Minority shareholder berhubongan valuation syarikat Astro.Tahun 2010 apabila Ananda privitise ASTRO nilai pasarannyabhanyanlah 10 billion.Pada Tahun 2012 apabila Astro hendak listing samula sahamnya valuation ASTRO telah naik mendadak sahingga 18 billion tampa ada pertambahan mendadak subscribernya dan business baru.
Yang menjadi mangsa nya ialah institusi bumiputra yang membeli saham ini.saperti PNB kerana saham saam ini hanya dijual kapada bumiputra co dan individual.

Nmpak nya kiri kana orang Melayu kena.Sekarang ini terdapat desakan yang kuat untok membuka perkhidmatan Kerajaan kapada bumiputra tampa Private sector membuka peluang yang luas kapada bumiputra.Jika kita tanya budak budak melayu yang berkerja sabagai cashier di Tesco dan Giant semuanya graduate dari university tempatan.

IT.Sheiss said...

Datuk wrote:-

"And as for the Chinese officers calling me “Encik Kalio or Kadio”, I can only conclude that they were Chinese educated."

Are you sure the agents speaking to you are based in Malaysia. since these foreign banks use call centres which may be located elsewhere.

This US-based, locally incorporated bank must be Citibank. Where is their call centre located?

Anyway, an interesting analysis of the current Malaysian political landscape, even though I may not agree with everything.

I'm looking forward to the 13th GE to see who is right on the popularity of BN vs Pakatan.

As a lifelong opposition (not necessarily Pakatan) supporter, I feel no real change in Selangor under a Pakatan government.

While I won't be voting BN, if I do vote, I'd most probably vote Pakatan only as the better of a lousy bunch, or perhaps write on my ballot paper "Dua pihak pun lemah."

man dego said...

"Who is making the decisions in PutraJaya".... Tulisan Dato pada khamis 23 Ogos 12 ada jawapannya.

Mat said...

Yang saya kurang arif ialah kenapa orang Cina masih berjuang mahukan sekolah Cina? Bukankah sekolah kebangsaan adalah sekolah untuk semua kaum? Kalaupun ada keperluan disebabkan majoriti murid adalah Cina, bukankah sukatan pelajaran boleh diubah sedikit-sebanyak untuk keperluan mereka?

Tetapi, kenapa setelah 55 tahun merdeka, rakyat kita masih diasingkan mengikut pecahan kaum.

Sudah tentu orang Cina gunakan alasan bahawa Melayu masih mahu kekalkan status 'bumiputera' ataupun 'hal melayu' mereka.

Saya berpandangan orang Melayu bukanlah bergantung sepenuhnya kepada 'hak melayu' berkenaan. Ia tidak lebih daripada slogan yang menaikkan semangat bangsa berkenaan.

Apa bezanya diskaun 7% untuk harga rumah bila harga rumah untuk bangsa lain juga diberi diskaun dalam bentuk rebat dan sebagainya?

Apa perlunya mengisi kuota di universiti awam tempatan jika yang keluar hanya bertaraf haprak?

Bangsa cina pun ramai juga yang 'drop-out' apabila masuk sekolah menengah.

Saya berpandangan orang Melayu pada asasnya juga berfikiran seperti manusia lain juga. Mereka perlukan tempat tinggal, peluang kerja, dan keamanan.

Selebihnya, adalah atas budi-bicara pemerintah.

Dan, apabila ada sesetengah pihak, sebagai contohnya, di Pulau Pinang, cuba mencerobohi 'personal space' orang Melayu, seperti insiden rampasan tanah secara halal, dan kebenaran diberi oleh kerajaan negeri untuk membangunkan perumahan bernilai tinggi yang diluar kemampuan orang Melayu dan anak-anak mereka, sudah tentu mereka menjadi marah.

ab said...

Salam dato,

#13 tu sepatutnya..... UMNO and PAS are no longer......

Setahun dua saya betui betui sakit hati dengan orang melayu(saya kena marah jugak ni...)

Saya masih tercari definisi GAGAH I dan definisi BERANI..

Cerita lama hai melayu kononya GAGAH perkasa dan BERANI..dulukala punya melayu la...apa maksudnya?

Perlakuan yang bagaimana yang dikategori gagah dan yang mana berani?.

Rioh rendah bertengkaq,ungit mengungkit, tuduh tu tuduh ni masuk definisi berani definisi gagah ka?

Perbuatan yang ditegah undang undang tu berani ka,gagah ka?.....

SO WHO CAN HELP me define what is GAGAH and BERANI?..

Saya tenguk Jabatan Perdana Menteri dengan ramainya menteri, kementerian dalam negeri dan menterinya,PDRM dan penguat kuasa lain macam TAK ADA saja la ni,lebih lebih lagi minggu lepas ni..cuti raya lama kut, sebab tu depa lupa ramai hanturaya hanturaya bukan main sakan depa `beraya' kat KL tu!

Lagi satu, ada ka PENTADBIR negara,negeri,mukim dan daerah sekarang ni?.atawa semuanya dok gempaq buat ceramah dan syarahan dan pendengaq penonton baris depan yang muka sama,lepas makan balik tidoq,esok start lagi,lusa buat lagi.....!.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Unknown said...

In today's world, we are fighting for survival due to globalization. In Malaysia we are still fighting for races. If we want to progress, we need to work hand-in-hand or our lovely country will fall behind the competition. When this situation happen, it affects all races in Malaysia.
What will a race becomes if you no longer be able to compete globally, like some of the war thorn countries in Africa? When this happen, power no longer helps you. Our next generation will suffer and no one will benefit eventually. All of us must wake up, put race and hates behind us and together we work for a better Malaysia future.

Melakan said...

I do not share your opinion that Perkasa was birthed out of the Malay masses' discontentment with the perceived chauvinism of the other races. First, Perkasa has only rallied those who are most likely to lose out the most from any just dealing in the country's administration namely the rent seekers and cronies. Along with this screaming few they have managed to get some coat hangers who hope to benefit like their erstwhile mentors to join in with some illiterate types who are not able to win support of their arguments despite given wide attention of the media. Of course there will be some who are genuinely misled but those intellectuals and professionals are not among the latter. They belong to the former groups. Secondly, their strident screeching is to mask their very own victimisation of the very same Malay masses they allegedly fight for. Malay history is replete with stories of the enemy within. Perkasa and their ilk and their undoubted puppet-master UMNO is the latest manifestation of this betrayal. Thirdly they draw their scant support from a small segment of society that revolves mostly around UMNO types.

I am further apalled by your glib and shallow assessment of the offering by the said bank officers. I work in a bank too and there is no such policy or practice. Did you come up with this while sitting in your armchair or did you actually do any checking? One probable answer and I for one do not presume to say this is the real reason, is that those particular Chinese officers may be more aggressive whereas those Malay and Indian officers are less so. Your anecdote exposes your own willingness to believe the worse in others without good reasoning.

Thank you for your attention.

Mohd Zaidan Kandar said...

Agak susah nak di ramalkan sama ada BN akan terus berkuasa atau sebalik nya. Apa pun pakatan kena berhati-hati atas stratigi perang dingin dan action plan yang di lancarkan BN dalam sebulan dua ini, tidak termemasuk faktur 'trik pilihan raya' yang boeh di mainkan oleh BN. Nampaknya BN benar-benar memunafatkan potensi pengundi baru dari gulungan muda sepenuhnya. Mereka ini gulungan hapy go lucky, ada duit semua jadi, majoriti daripada mereka gulungan atas pagar dan kebanyakkan daripada mereka ada lah generasi 'orang senang' yang tak kesah hal sekeliling.

Mungkin keputusan pemilihan presiden Mesir baru-baru ini boleh di jadikan itibar. 90% lebih daripada penduduk mesir ialah islam semnentara selebihnya kristian dan lain-lain. Tapi Muhamad Mursi yang datang daripad kalangan kepimpinan kelumpuk Ehwan Nul Musliman hanya menang tipis sahaja daripada lawannya yang merupaan kerabat Husni Mubarak. Jadi nampaknya BN memang mempunyai strtigi yang cukup kemas dan bersasaran dan faham trand dan cara berfikir dan kehendak pengundi. Walahuaalam. Manusia hanya boleh merancang.

Iskandar said...

Possible answer to the question : Kak Ros maybe?

berasiam said...

Salam Datuk A Kadir Jasin

Sementelahan Datuk bercerita tentang Perkasa, sebagai salah seorang ahli penajanya, timbul sedikit rasa bangga. Antara lain, Perkasa wujud kerana menyedari peranan yang dimainkan oleh badan pendesak seperti Dong Zong yang bertindak bagi pihak kaum Cina dalam memberi tekanan kepada kerajaan tanpa membezakan pegangan politik ahlinya. Biarkanlah segelintir orang Melayu yang menganggap Perkasa dengan pelbagai tanggapan negatif. Biarkanlah Perkasa dengan peranannya yang wujud sebagai kumpulan pendesak untuk memastikan kepentingan Bumiputera tidak terketepi. Di antara hasilnya ialah tertubuhnya Teraju, selepas lenyapnya KPUN di bawah pentadbiran DSN, untuk meneruskan agenda bumiputera dalam keusahawanan dan ekonomi.

Takdir tidak boleh dijangka termasuk pihak mana yang akan menguasai Putrajaya selepas PRU13. Sekiranya Allah mahu menimpakan bala ke atas sesuatu kaum, Dia akan mendatangkan para pemimpin yang berbuat demikian di kalangan kaum itu sendiri. Tidak dapat tidak, kita boleh menjangka apa yang bakal berlaku kepada orang Melayu sekiranya pakatan PKR, DAP dan PAS memenangi PRU13 nanti. PAS hanya memaniskan mulut kononnya untuk memastikan Islam teguh di bumi Malaysia sedangkan usaha mereka tidak menggambarkan kata-kata yang dicanangkan. Dengan hanya 60 kerusi yang ditandingi, jelas bahawa para pemimpin PAS mabuk nak merasa kerusi empuk sebagai menteri, itupun kalau DAP bermurah hati memberi.


As-Salam Dato,

Saya amat setuju dengan Abg Mat keluang diatas, Melayu kiri-kanan depan-belakang kena tersepit tak kira siapa pun yg akan pegang putrajaya. Masalah sosio ekonomi orang melayu semakin nazak, dan tidak mendapat kepercayaan di sektor swasta, saya pemegang Diploma kejuruteraan kelas 1 tapi hanya dapat bayaran serendah 900 ringgit dan jika dibandingkan dengan bangsa cina yg tiada apa2 sijil mereka mendapat pembayaran 3 kali ganda lebih. Setelah lebih sepuluh tahun saya koyakkkan dan buang sahaja diploma dengan hpnm 4.0 saya dan akan sentiasa start from below setiap kali bertukar kompeni. Kerajaan yang sedia ada juga selalu memandang sepi perihal kami yang tidak berpendidikan tinggi ini dan apatah lagi sebelah pihak yang lagi satu yang belun diuji kecekapannya membantu pihak bawahan seperti kami. Rasanya ada juga asas kami menyokong gerakan Perkasa yang mana tahu boleh memperkasakan kebajikan orang2 melayu. Tapi yang paling susahnya adalah mendapatkan kepercayaan dari bangsa Melayu itu sendiri samada yang sudah mendapat mandat mahupun yang ingin mendapat mandat .

Anonymous said...

Janji Najib bila mula jadi PM : the government does not know best what the rakyat want.

Ada sesiapa tanya ini bila sembang pasal motto hari kemerdekaan ke 55?

p/s tak kan tak ada sok-sek sok-sek pasal bajet kot?

Fed Up

Lahuma said...


Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13.
Hebat,panas,mencabar dan mencemaskan.

PRU 13 nanti lagi sekali pengundi akan membuat keputusan untuk menentukan siapakah pemerintahnya.

BN akan terus menduduki Putrajya.Cumanya BN tidaklah monopoli kerusi berlambak macam PRU sebelum ke 12 yg lalu.BN cuma dapat cukup makan sahaja.

Pembangkang juga dijangka dapat kerusi yang banyak juga.PKR.DAP dan PAS mampu beri saingan yg hebat pada BN.

Ini lah kematangan rakyat selaku pengundi yang mahu seimbang antara kerajaan BN dan pembangkang.

Mereka tak mahu BN joli dengan kuasa yang ada sperti masa yang terdahulu.

Rakyat akan sepadukan suara mereka melalui pembangkang dan kerajaan.

Lagi pun Anwar tak layak jadi PM.Dia cuma layak jadi Ketua Pembangkang sahaja.

Najib pun kena jaga rakyat betul-betul.Parti UMNO dan jentera kerajaan kena bersih dari rasuah dan amalan kroni serta suku sakat.

Ramai menteri yang belum matang eloklah di rehatkan terus.Pegawai tinggi kerajaan yang tak turun jengok rakyat dan pegawai bawahan juga elok direhatkan.Zaman bodek boss dah tak sesuai lagi.

Najib kena letakkan Menteri yang mesra rakyat bukan nak cari peluang.Jaga kebajikan dan kesejahteraan rakyat.

PKR,DAp dan PAS akan letak takoh hebat-hebat dan yg setia pada parti mereka.Tokoh ulaq ayak tak ada harapan lagi.

Najib dan BN pun kena cari tokoh yg habat juga .Umur muda bukan faktor nak menang.Bukan semua tokoh muda terpakai.

Dalam pembangkang ramai tokoh tua-tua.

Najib juga kena cari tokoh yg setia pada UMNO/BN dan kepimpinan.Tokoh goyang macam lalang amat bahaya.

PRU 13 antara BN dan Pakatan Rakyat nampak seimbang dan sama kuat.

Ini berlaku kerana selera rakyat sendiri.Ada faktor tarikan dan ada faktor tolakan.

PRU 13 bukan lagi zaman main-main dengan politik atau kuasa.Semua kena serious.

Di Kedah pula 50-50 BN/Pas.
Pelik pun ada.Penyokong PAS masih buat perangai macam pembangkang walaupun PAS jadi kerajaan negeri.Ada angin pembangkang. ceramah macam tin kosong.
Yang UMNO pula masih berlagak macam jadi kerajaan .Pada hal jadi pembangkang di Kedah.Masih syok sendiri dan selesa selalu.

Itulah rasanya PRU 13 nanti.Apa pun Melayu kana jadi tunggak pimpinan kerajaan sama ada persekutuan atau negeri.

Yang lain harap boleh percaya jangan sekali.

Terima kasih untuk Dato.MerdekaRaya.


1. Sdr/Sdri IT.Sheiss, they are either Chinese-educated Malaysian Chinese or foreign Chinese who studied in Chinese schools in Malaysia because they alternated between bad Malay and equally bad English.

2. I don't think these were call centre calls.

4. I don't think you can get that many Malay-speaking promoters in China.

5. As for Melakan, I know what better way to demonise and discredit Petkasa than to accuse it of being an Umno puppet.

6. Non-Malays do not like a vocal Malay NGO that's not an Umno puppet.

7. So, it does not surprise me if they accuse Perkasa of being an extension of Umno.

8. But many Chinese-based NGO are either affiliated to the MCA or DAP or they play one against another in order to get the maximum for their constituents.

Terima kasih.

Rofans BH Manao said...

Salam Dato',

Saya doakan semoga Dato' panjang umur dan senantiasa mampu menghasilkan karya-karya bernas untuk mendidik generasi anak muda Malaysia.

Saya ingatkan saya belum ucap selamat hari raya untuk Dato'. Maka dari itu biarlah saya gunakan kesempatan ini untuk mendoakan Dato' beserta sekeluarga.

Kembali pada isu pilihan raya. Saya ingat barang siapa parti yang menang, objektif Pakatan sudah terlaksana. Biarpun sedikit, adalah jugak BN cuba betulkan negara ini.

Terima kasih.

XERONINE said...

Putrajaya will remain with 1Malaysia.

Why? ... essentially ... OM the public majority 1Malaysia sangatlah takut keluar dari zon selesa ... We don't dare to fail ...

Otherwise why would TM uttered those " better the devil you selesa ..."

OM - Orang Melayu

Allah knows well



1. To my dreaming and possibly ignorant Malay compatriots who believe that their bangsa is getting the first bite of the juicy morsel and to my bagsa Malaysia Chinese and Indian fellow travelers who think that their bangsa are being deprived of a fair pick of the gravy train, please read the following report from Malaysian Insider:

"KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 ― The Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (MCCM) today suggested the federal government has failed to look after the interests of the Bumiputera businessmen, claiming that its members were left out of the country’s multi-billion MRT rail project.

“Of the (tenders for the) RM36 billion MRT project, we have got absolutely nothing,” MCCM president Syed Ali Alattas told reporters today.

“Those who have (received contracts) are instead outsiders,” he said, adding that “they have failed to deliver trains, but are given the MRT project.”

The country’s largest Malay business association also appeared to warn the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition of a possible loss of support in future elections.

“So, with all this, we ask the PM not to always indulge in all this... otherwise the future generations may get angry with the government,” Syed Ali said.

2. In reality the ordinary Malays get the crumbs.

3. Pembahas Rofan BH Manao, antara lain berkata, "Kembali pada isu pilihan raya. Saya ingat barang siapa parti yang menang, objektif Pakatan sudah terlaksana. Biarpun sedikit, adalah jugak BN cuba betulkan negara ini."

4. Atas sebab itu, banyak pihak berpendapat penghapusan dua pertiga kerusi Parlimen BN baik untuk negara.

5. Sekarang barulah BN tahu bumi tinggi rendah dan meraka tidaklah angkuh seperti dulu.

6. Atas sebab itu juga mungkin pengundi tidak akan memberi majoriti dua pertiga kepada BN atau gabungan DAP-PKR-PAS seandainnya mereka menang.

7. Mungkin juga era kerajaan monopolistik sudah berlalu dan digantikan oleh keseimbangan kuasa antara kerajaan dan pembangkang.

8. Cuma banyak juga orang Melayu takut kepada pembangkang apabila penyokong mereka dirakamkan memijak gambar PM Melayu.

9.Bukan semua orang Melayu senang hati dengan Mohd Najib, tetapi dia tetap Melayu.

10. Natijahnya, kalau belum berkuasa mereka sudah menghina orang Melayu, apa akan jadi kepada orang Melayu sekiranya gerembolan seperti itu berkuasa? Wallahualam

Terima kasih.

fed up said...

Bodohlah bank melantik mereka yang tidak pandai bercakap bila membuat promosi kepada orang yang ada high net worth.

Pernah tak DAKJ tanya mana dia dapat nombor talipon tiap kali dema call untuk buat marketing? Patutnta mereka ni didakwa bawah BAFTA.

Fed Up

fed up said...

Opps! Betul ke BAFIA?

Apa nama akta yang diguna untuk dakwa Rafizi tu?

Fed Up

fed up said...

IT Sheiss kata, "As a lifelong opposition (not necessarily Pakatan) supporter, I feel no real change in Selangor under a Pakatan government."

"Indahnya" di Selangor, bagi saya, terlalu banyak kontrak dan konsesi yang dimeterai masa zaman BN yang perlu "dihadapi" PR.

Apa-apa pun saya puas hati bila masjid ditempat saya yang tangguh dan revised bajet sampai 3 kali masa BN, dalam tahun yang sama (2008) dapat disiapkan dan boleh digunakan untuk hari raya puasa.

Dan saya puas hati bila kemudahan awam, cepat dibaiki bila berlaku kerosakan.

Selain itu, cash reserve yang mencapai rekod tingginya juga menjadikan saya puas hati.

Don't you see all these, dear IT Sheiss?

Malahan, prospek ADUN BN juga kini sudah pandai datang kenduri orang kampung tanpa bawa bodyguard.

Isu MRT:

Kata payungnya Syed Mokhtar, tiba-tiba MCCM pula buat kenyataan macam itu.

Agaknya benarlah kata DAKJ "2. In reality the ordinary Malays get the crumbs."

Tapi sebenarnya dah lama dah the ordinary Malays get the crumbs, mungkin MCCM yang baru terhantuk.

Sebagai mana DAKJ tahu, saya amat sokong jika undi ikut calun dan bukan parti.

Mudah-mudahan, era kerajaan monopolistik akan berlalu seperti yang dikatakan DAKJ. Mudah-mudahan juga ISU yang menjadi tumpuan dalam parlimen dan bukan individu atau parti.


Bagi yang risau akan kehilangan kuasa melayu, gesalah parti amda untuk letak melayu di kawasan melayu.

Untuk rekod, tidak pernah dalam sejarah, melayu bukan majoriti dalam parlimen. Maka kita tidak perlukan fobia itu.

Isu pijak gambar :

Apa nak buat, masa protes kepala lembu dulupun, melayu sudah pijak gambar melayu. Cuma tak diberi perhatian kerana gempaknya aksi pijak kepala lembu.

Fed Up

azman said...

Assalamualaikum pak Kadir

Saya mengibaratkan politik sebagai air,(sifat air, ia akan mencari arasnya yang tersendiri,ia akan mengisi segala ruang ada didalam perjalananya kesuatu distinasi yang tak dirancang) jika ianya dibiarkan begitu.

Tetapi air boleh di bentuk dan dimanafaatkan oleh sesiapa juga jika ia mahu,dan dalam kontek ini manusialah yang paling berpotensi untuk mendapat manafaat darinya.

Berbalik kepada tajuk, bagi saya manusia yang bergelar pemimpin perlulah selalu muhasabah diri dan istikomah dalam perjuangan, supaya tidak tersalah tujuan.

Saya setuju dengan pandangan pak Kadir, diperenggan yang ke7.ia itu monopoli adalah satu sistem yang tak memberi kebaikkan 100%.

Walaubagaimana pun saya selalu berdoa dan berharap agar UMNO akan bertambah berpengaruh dan senantiasa relevan dengan keadaan semasa dan berperanan seperti air.wallahualam.

Mat keluang said...

Cerita pijak gambar ini,cerita budak sekolah nakal.UMNO marah kerana ganbar Najib di pijak oleh orang Cina.Bagaimana denan ambar Anwar,Guan Eng yang di pijak.Ini cerita periok kata cerek hitam.Hakikanya keduanya hitam.
Perkasa dibawah Ibrahim Ali cuba menjadi pembela Nasib Melayu tapi itu bukan caranya untok membela Nasib Melayu.Kena belajar bagaimana orang Zionist menjaga kepentingan orang Yahudi di Amerika dan Isreal.

Lee K Yew talah mengamalkan nya sejak 40 tahun dahulu.

Saya terbaca satu iklan Temasik dalam majallah The Economist.Bagaimana Telasok berkempang dari tarikh ia ditubohkan dengan modal hanya us 300 juta dan sekarang ini assetnya hampir US 300 billions.Ini tidak termasok asset GIC dan Singapore Reserve.

semua syarikat ini di tambir oleh Foreigner dan Orang Singapora yang kebanyakannya top civil servant hanya mengawasinya.

Mat keluang said...

Cerita pijak gambar ini,cerita budak sekolah nakal.UMNO marah kerana ganbar Najib di pijak oleh orang Cina.Bagaimana denan ambar Anwar,Guan Eng yang di pijak.Ini cerita periok kata cerek hitam.Hakikanya keduanya hitam.
Perkasa dibawah Ibrahim Ali cuba menjadi pembela Nasib Melayu tapi itu bukan caranya untok membela Nasib Melayu.Kena belajar bagaimana orang Zionist menjaga kepentingan orang Yahudi di Amerika dan Isreal.

Lee K Yew talah mengamalkan nya sejak 40 tahun dahulu.

Saya terbaca satu iklan Temasik dalam majallah The Economist.Bagaimana Telasok berkempang dari tarikh ia ditubohkan dengan modal hanya us 300 juta dan sekarang ini assetnya hampir US 300 billions.Ini tidak termasok asset GIC dan Singapore Reserve.

semua syarikat ini di tambir oleh Foreigner dan Orang Singapora yang kebanyakannya top civil servant hanya mengawasinya.

ku_seman said...

Assalammualaikum Datuk, saya harap Datuk tak terlintas langsung untuk tutup blog ini. Kalau pemikiran macam dalam blog ini ditiadakan, rakyat nak baca apa? Rakyat bukan tak nak baca akhbar arus perdana tapi tak ada pemikiran macam Datuk lontarkan dalam blog ini. Rakyat bukan nak baca buletin, mereka nak baca sesuatu yang boleh merangsang mereka untuk berfikir. Caranya kenalah ada pandangan kedua walaupun menongkah arus perdana. Apa yang Datuk lontarkan dalam blog ini tak ada dalam akhbar arus perdana. Jadi, Datuk kena teruskan menjadi wartawan sejati tak macam sesetengah wartawan bila pencen rupanya dia lebih politik dari orang politik.

Mustapha Ong said...

Salam saudaraku Kadir Jasin,

In the middle of the night, I just couldn't sleep as my mind was wondering what happened to my comments in response to your thots about election and open houses stories that I had posted in Malaysia-Chronicle yesterday. The monkey could have got angry and stole it away after an hour's viewing, but most importantly my message had been passed to many of my friends and followers.

Yes, I couldn't sleep after those heavy loads of goodies last night at the Utusan open house.It was a great pleasure having met you again and all my other friends, VVIPs, VIP or other common missing soul whom I have not met for a few years.Most importantly, I got to greet Tuanku Nazrin, PM Najib,DPM Muhyiddin,Puan Sri Noranie and a few other Ministers whom I was not too fond of except my old friend Dr. Zamry MBP.

Anyway, meeting you and sat through with you on the same VIP table was a mind opening as I had been thinking of you in the last few days. It was great meeting a dear brother like you who will always speak from the heart and not from the mouth.You have said a lot and I think I have been a good listener too all these while in order to keep the mood going. Thanks bro for your patience as we aged along our patience get better and better.

Maybe I should also add something about the coming PRU13 which I believe will be the acid test for Najib's leadership as the 6th prime minister and UMNO President. I wish that I could tell my prime minister when is the right time to call for the general election. I have already submitted three list of potential Cabinet line-up as requested but till today, I myself is not sure when is the election date.Again be patient as Najib has got the signal last few days and I firmly believe that PRU13 will be called on 10th or 11th November 2012. (10 is complete and 11 is a double digit in favour of Najib's life story)So folks do believe me but unfortunately I'll not be around to campaign and wait for the final countdown but watching from far away.

My prediction is that BN will win by at least 111 seats and possibly end up with 123 seats with a comfortable majority. Both MCA and MIC will lose more than half of their allocated seats but the BN's fixed deposit is still from Sabah.

BN will lose to DAP badly in Sarawak. Among the PR partners, DAP will swell, PAS will maintain its position but PKR will snowball. Selangor be returned to BN but Kedah will be a coalition government between BN/PAS as in Kelantan. Penang will be dominantly DAP controlled under Lim Guan Eng.

I believe a few senior UMNO members will still be around just to maintain the UMNO quota, but they will not be in the cabinet. I also believe that more than 55% of the UMNO/BN candidates will be young and new faces, both parliament and ADUN with a lot of surprises for the voters and people.There would have to be a dynamic cabinet changes in the new line up as well as the state MBs, CMs and senior Excos.

Last but not least, I am still gathering my facts to write about our 55th year Merdeka celebration which had turned ugly, "Janji yang ditepati" and also "Janji Demokrasi" in my next blog update within the next few weeks.There will be other interesting topics, i.e The New Malay dilemma; The Chinese dilemma; What makes a winnable candidate; and lastly The technological gap between the Y generation and the old generation.Turn to my pages in and enjoy reading.


1. Sdr Fed Up, betul BAFIA - Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Akta Perbankan dan Institusi Kewangan).

2. Sdr Ku Seman, terima kasih atas kata-kata semangat Sdr. InsyaAllah, selagi ada tenaga dan fikiran, saya akan menulis. Saya pun tidak banyak buat kerja lain lagi. Tapi kita kenalah bersedia menanggung beban dan risiko apila kita menongkah arus. Jalan mudah ialah belayar mengikut arus. Saya, masa dalam media arus perdana pun, selalu tegur dan kritik kalau ada perkara yang saya rasa tak betul. Macam orang putih kata, "there are many ways of skinning a cat."

3. Sdr Mat Keluang, I know many people have low regard for Ibrahim Ali and do not agree with his methods.

But just for a moment think why so many Malays are rallying around Perkasa?

Could it be that other Malay leaders are worse than him?

I think those Malays who are supporting Perkasa have real issues with the mainstream Malay leadership in Umno, Pas and PKR.

As such, instead of blaming Tok Him and his supporters, we should seriously examine the stand and stance of the mainstream Malay pembesars on Malay and Islamic-related issues.

As for Temasek, it too lost billions in bad investments in China, the US and Europe. But in Singapore, they don't wash dirty linen in public.

Terima kasih.


Sdr Mustapha Ong, terima kasih atas ulasan.

Kalau sdr tak dapat tidur, saya pula tidur awal dan bangun pun awal. Sudah macam itu sejak "pencen."

Malam ini jam 10 sudah tidur, tapi jam 2.30 bagun menulis untuk buat yang wajib. Lepas itu menulis pojok dan "manage" blog. Menang betul, kalau terlalu banyak berfikir, kita susah tidur.

Gembira jumpa sdr dan ramai orang lama yang masa muda mereka menjadi mentor dan sumber maklumat saya.

Ambil maklum mengenai ramalan sdr yang hari mengundi PRU nanti adalah 11-11-2012.

Terima kasih.

samurai melayu said...


A Kadir Jasin said,
2. Another asked me to predict the likely outcome of the coming general election. I said, bring me a spring chicken, a young cockerel, two kati of sugar and two kati of salt...

Have pity on the spring chicken and the young cockerel, dear sir. Give them a chance to mature, please..

Why not slaughter old birds?
Make it easier for the medicine-man to predict the outcome.
For BN to win..slaughter the old chicken that apparently likes to peck at the front lawn and
For PR to win..slaughter the old cockerel that apparently enjoys pecking in the backyard.

Wondered which way Bomoh 'Re' would shake his head... uhh?

Ps. Laughter is still the best medicine.. Hahaha

Changing Our Mindset said...

waiting to see the list of BN new young candidates. Hope it is a strong list as PR will also be fielding better candidates compared to PRU12.

the prob with UMNO grass root is that they will vote against BN if their leader is not selected. why is this still happening? bcoz they are into UMNO for power and money, not for the purpose of contributing to the people and nation. Many businessmen are in UMNO bcoz they see opportunity to make money through VVIP contacts. This is killing UMNO from inside. As Tun M said," Malays Professionals are in going for PAS because UMNO grass root leaders can not accept them". Many of these grass root leaders are no where compared to Malays Professionals, that's why they are closing the door to the Malay Professionals. Nothing is done to solve this. It is a big risk for UMNO internally. said...

Y.Bhg Dato'

Recently, I met a factory worker in Prai who told me that most of the management positions in factories in Prai are held by non-Malays especially Chinese or expatriates. This issue is rarely given much attention by political parties either PAS or UMNO.

Most of the Malay workers are at the lower and mid level, only a handful in the top management level. Most of them are very frustrated because promotion opportunities are blocked or not given the opportunity.

I am very disappointed because lately there are efforts to increase the number of non Malays in the civil service but we never heard any efforts to increase the number of Malays at the top management of the private sector.

I think the organizations that represent the interests of the Malays do not have the courage to raise sensitive issues for fear of losing votes in the upcoming elections.

Finally, the split because of the power struggle, Malays will lose not only political power but worse still is the loss of economic power that was marginally achieved under the new economic policy (DEB).

I just can pray may Allah SWT guides all Malays leaders for them to agree that there is an urgent need for them to focus on Malays unity in facing the political challenges posed by the unity of non Malays political leaders to weaken the Government led by the Malays' leaders.



1. Congratulations to the Malaysian government and its agents, the capitalists, the entrepreneurs, management and workers.

2. For their collective efforts and contribution, Malaysia's ranking in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) for 2011-2012 had risen to 21 from among 142 countries/territories surveyed against 26 in 2010-2011.

3. Switzerland overtook Singapore to take the top spot. In the Asean region, Malaysia is defeated only by Singapore.

4. We are just a notch below Australia and ahead of Israel. Among the Muslim countries, only Qatar and Saudi Arabia are ahead of us. We beat the BRIC countries -- China, Brazil, Russia and India.

5. Sdr Rahim, what you said does not surprise me. During the early days of the NEP, when Umno Youth was led by Suhaimi Kamaruddin, the movement visited factories and companies to check on Bumiputera employment. Employers and managements shivered when Umno Youth delegation came calling. But Anwar defeated Suhaimi and by then Umno Youth had become part of the establishment. Its "biggest" achievement was to pressure the government to repossess Carcosa Seri Negara from the British government.

6. Today, other than occasional protests at the US Embassy, there is little activism on the part of Umno Youth. The Wanita and Puteri Movements too are deafeningly silent. Wallahualam.

Terima kasih

Mat keluang said...

Dato Kadir.
Yes.Temasek lost some money in China Investment,but they still have 300 billion US dollar investment porfolio.During 2008 financial crisis,they buy a lot cheap shares in US and in 2009 /10 their porfolio value increase by 100 billions.What an achivement.
Why our leader refuse to learn from them.

I whole heartely agree with your comment on UMNO Youth.I remember when Dato Harun was the Chief they really become pressure group.Hussein Onn not vary happy with him and decide to put him in jail.The tradition continue by Hj Suhaimi and when Anwar took over he become spokeman for Mahathir.Every thing Mahathir do he said good.
Now UMNO youth is like toothless tiger.Ibrahi Ali fill the vacume with Perkasa but I think Perkasa really have no brain,harping on pitty issue and become rude and hooligan.
May Allah save the Malay,the Mamak,and the lady.

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

(diklasifikasi sebagai osa)

14. And, without fail, the question they begged me to answer – which I dare not – is, who is making the decisions in Putrajaya. Wallahualam, only God knows.

h!ssh; rosmah mansor the wife and nazir tun abdul razak - nazir 99%, rosmah the wife 0.5% and che det 0.4%

Pekan is the rare species of ugly anglophile that makes up the 0.1%.

If not for nazir - the country would be in deeper trouble; nazir is way smarter than Daim, Jeli, Nor MY and Che Det put together; that is why he makes the 99% decision.

(use dice from las vegas casinoes to help him)

Kesian Sdra Fed Up: Non deficit Budget but with 5% more from 2012 figures to spend.

Umur pesaraan 60 itu merosakan lagi KWSP, Dato.

FGV will be bailed out by the unsuspecting peneroka Fedla burdened with bank loans made with a collateral that is worthed 50% less than when bought. Fprced sale will be at 30% recommended by MoF.

Are you trying to scare the balls out of Pekan with a 11-11 dateline, Dato'?

Salam Takzim said...

Y.Bhg Dato'
This morning, I watched a video showing a commotion in a mosque in Alor Star where Anwar Ibrahim scheduled to give a talk. A group of Perkasa members were protesting outside the mosque and some ugly incidents were shown in the video.

They were protesting against the use of mosque as a venue for political campaign that may cause the split of Muslims in that locality. Of course, they have a valid reason to protest but unfortunately they were shown in the video behaving rudely in the premise of the mosque.

The above incident is disappointing and very embarrassing because our country is well known as a modern and progressive Islamic country. Incident such as that if not controlled can pose a threat to national security and can cause bloodshed among the Malays.

I think Anwar Ibrahim as a former Deputy Prime Minister should be more sensible and make a more rational justification whether a mosque can be used as a place for him to engage in political activities.

Although he may have a good intention to give a religious talk but public perception should be considered especially perceptions of his political enemies.

I believe if mosques are used for his political struggle, just wait for the time bomb to explode and the situation would be difficult for everyone.

In most places in this country, Malays already split into two main political factions with equal strengths but fortunately they still respect each other when they are in mosques. However, the situation can change to unpleasant if they are provoked by outsiders.

I am very worried with such incident that was shown in the video because a small spark can easily turns into inferno or becoming an unmanageable situation. There is a strong possibility of incidents such as this can occur in other places.

I am from Kedah. I really understand the culture and the norms of the people in Kedah .They always respect the sanctity of the mosque and they would not do something that can give a bad name to the community unless they are provoked by outsiders.

Please let them continue to live in peace and harmony where a mosque remains as a place for them stays united as a Muslim community although they may have differences in political ideologies.

Y.Bhg Dato’ pun mai dari Kedah.Tak rasa risau ka?.



Sdr Rahim,

1. Being old, I had seen many things in my life. I saw how the Malays in Kedah were broken into two groups - Umno and Pas.

2. I had seen one mosque being broken into two, one led by Umno friendly imam and the other by Pas appointed imam.

3.I had seen mukims, villages and families broken into two. It happened with my father's side of the family. The majority supported Pas and they came to our house to pray to God so that my father too would join Pas. It was then call "kempen teriak" or crying campaign.

4. Over time, most of the mosque committees were conquered by Pas and Umno people generally accepted the situation, but Pas followers continued the boycott of Umno controlled mosques.

5. Anwar was for 16 years in Umno. He knew the importance of mosques and other Islamic institutions to Umno. So it does not surprise me if he uses them for political activities.

6. It would be greatly beneficial to PKR if it gains control of mosques now controlled mostly by Pas.

7. I think why Parkasa members protested at the mosque because they know Umno had stopped protesting and protecting mosques a long time ago.

8. Also, Perkasa President, Ibrahim Ali knows Anwar better than most pembesar Umno. They were both student rebels in the 1970's and both are expert at rabble-rousing.

9. Let's pray that Malays will not clobber each other over politics and power. Without them clobbering each other, the Malays are already very weak politically. Of course in the economic sphere, the Malays are already 2nd class citizens. Wallahualam.

Terima kasih.

nur man said...

Asm Datuk, sehari dua ni kenapa la banyak sangat benda-benda mengarut yang depa buat, ada yang tunjuk pongong la, ada yang pijak gambar la, ada yang buat kacau di masjid la, ada yang tukar bendera la. Itu tak termasuk bermacam cerita dalam UTUBE. Tidak kah genarasi kita tak kira lapisan dah boleh berpolitik secara waras dan matang? To much politiking....

Kalau trand yang sebagini berterusan bila la masa nya kita boleh menghasilkan buah fikairan yang membangun dan berguna kepada masyarakat.

Perkembangan teknologi sekarang membolehkan kita melihat sendiri dari dekat perkembangan terkini di medan tempur yang seadang berlaku di Syria. Itulah akibat kalau rundingan secara bertamadun menemui jalan buntu. Semua pihak rugi.

fed up said...

Rawa Lanun Bahaso,

I prefer to wait for the address in Parliament but thanks for the heads up; where ever your source may had come. How much budget is one thing, how it will be spend is another.

Secretly, in the coming budget, I suspect, will showcase some hidden indication on how Pekan would like to present his party to the people of Malaysia IN THE COMING PRU.

And please, kesian is not exclusively mine. You are making me blushed.


Terlanjur sembang pasal insiden masjid, saya pun nak tumpang semangkuk.Saya pun dah tengok video tu.

Kita boleh dengar, ada dalam kumpulan baju hitam yang kata (dialek kedah) "tak apa, tak apa, kita dengar. Kalau dia tak cakap politik, biar dulu". Sayangnya tak lama kemudian, wayar loud speaker kena potong.

Paling saya tak suka, suara satu mak cik yang berdiri tinggi dalam kumpulan baju hitam (tapi tak pakai baju hitam). Marah sangat dia kat Anwar, sampai tidak peduli langsung kepada jemaah kat dalam.

Itu tandanya PRU dah dekat sangat-sangat. Bila sampai masa PRU nanti, saya jangka yang lebih haru.

Kemungkinan besar, masa kempen PRU 13 nanti, jika Rahim balik Kedah dan hadir ke ceramah di kampung itu, boleh tahu makcik yang tidak berbaju hitam itu dari parti mana.

Ironinya, masa PRK Hulu Selangor, tak ada pula baju hijau/hitam pergi protes bila calun BN di bawa masuk ke masjid. (Hatta Hassan Ali sekalipun).

Baju hitam ni biasanya PERKASA ataupun penyokong ultra bolasepak. Bila Ibrahim Ali diam, maknanya yang protes Anwar tu penyokong ultra bolasepak la kot?

p/s tersebut pula hal sukan, nak tanya DAKJ, setuju ke ganjaran paralimpik lebih rendah dari ganjaran olimpik?

Fed Up

artarm, tawau said...

salam datuk, seingat saya hanya datuk saja org neutral yang berani dan berupaya melontar isu dalam perkara 14 tulisan datuk. hairan saya, tak kan tiada sesiapa dalam pimpinan parti BN/UMNO atau putrajaya yang perasan tentang isu yang berbahaya dan membahayakan umno/BN ni?

Crystal Ball said...

Normally, open house ala Malaysia style is used to foster good relationship. Hopefully, it does not turn out to be arguements between two opposing parties when attending open house.

About the strength of opposition or ruling government, year 2004 election shows that government could win big even without the opposition becomes disarray. Well, most people were in well mood because prior to 2004, the government via Dr.M has spent a lot for the social well-being of the people. So, I do believe the success of 2004 election was because of Dr.M ways before resigning, not much because of PakLah ways. In fact the act of Dr.M resigning in 2003 gives faith to the people that BN or UMNO is not much to be perceived as dynastic.

Things changed between 2004-2008. Pak Lah knew he won big in 2004, but he may have thought that it was due solely by his own ability without needing others to help. Well, to say that Pak Lah has not done anything good, is not true. He has done some, yes ; but not in a politically correct manner. Things become disarray, Dr.M resigned, two parties developed within UMNO and the remaining and seen beneficiery still in power in term of ministry level during PakLah time is Muhyiddin Yassin who was Agriculture Minister and led the Pak Lah agricultural vision into some fruitation.

Come 2008, BN performance was bad. Muhyiddin seem to switch sides to Dr.M upon seeing signs of PakLah being challenged, and Dr.M coaxed Najib to take over. Well, its quite through that Malay was segmented in 2008, and another factor was non-Malay votes skewed to Pakatan.

Come 2012 - The question - How the history of 2012 election will be written ?

People-wise, I think Najib has done quite well for the people, with BRIM, KRIM, and other "IM" should have taken the lower income masses into contention. Lower income people has more percentage of population who votes.

Strategically wise, Najib is not yet of Tun Razak's acumen. Tun Razak has the ability to attract non-aligned paries into Perikatan that becomes BN, but somehow, I have not seen much in this area. Perhaps, he will do something within coming 2 months. What Najib has done so far was to pacify both Mahathir and Abdullah to at least be together in one party.. nothing much and more.

Psychology wise, Najib tried to match Anwar's popularity with non-Malay population by giving more fund to Chinese schools, organization and etc... but not to the expected result yet in term of votes, based on previous by-election. Taking this cue, Chinese votes seem to continue be a fixed deposit for Pakatan. Well, Indian is more receptive to Najib's handout and may become the deciding factor in some area.

Generation wise, we know people die when they get old and younger generation come into the scene. I would say Pakatan has done well in attracting younger voters. Basically, it depends on younger gen. idealism perception of what life is and being idealist, it may have suite Anwar populism, whose style match idealist attributes.Bur Najib have tried more to attract young generation in the last 1-2 years.

I dont know much how to predict the outcome 2012 - this is just my observation. 2 months still to vote and work will be done by both parties. Incidently, if November is the month, it coincides with US presidential election.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

I still don’t understand why you are unable to answer statement number 14. It is supposed to be a straight-forward question and answer, unless you have another agenda behind it. Of course, all decisions pertaining Malaysia is from the consensus of the cabinet meeting which is led by our prime minister. Please la, Dato’…….Don’t laaaa……….

However, I totally agree with you and Tun Dr Mahathir that UMNO and BN will win in the next general election. I am confident that BN will win elegantly and able to achieve more than two third of the parliamentary seats. Dato’ Mukhriz is the right candidate to become Kedah Menteri Besar and Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry will retain his seat as big boss in Perak. Dato’ Mustapha is the suitable candidate for Kelantan MB and as for Selangor; Selangorean shall get a new menteri besar which is young UMNO player, stealth, hardworking and dynamic.

As everybody can read by non Muslim comments in this blog, I think there will be not much change in Penang unless new rules say that Penang Chief Minister can be from another BN component, especially UMNO.

Itu saja pendapat saya. Sekian TQ.

doncin cai said...

...ate, baru be tateh... udah berani memperlekehkan tulisan bekas mufti yang inginkan "perbincangan.."... kan ke, dengan mudah umno dapat undi deme yang di atas pago.... pas, ni pun main tangkap muat aje bayo penceramah... gamaknya deme ingat kita ni, semua bodoh...

Lahuma said...


Demam PRU 13.

Terbaca akhbar perdana dan bukan akhbar perdana.
UMNO tengah sebok mesyuarat tahunan mereka.
Yang menarik ramai pemberontak dalam UMNO sendiri sudah mula angkat sumpah dan ikrar tidak akan score sendiri pada PRU kali ini.
Patuh pada Najib dan Mahyudin siapa yang jadi calon mereka akur sahaja.

Itulah tanda amalan cuci DOSA mereka dgn harapan jadi calon lagi.

Apakah pengundi juga kena cuci dosa mereka diatas kesilapan PRU 12 yang lalu.

Semua serta sana sini berkata PRU 13 akan di adakan bulan Novemnber 2012 nanti.Tukang ramal banyak asas mereka.

BN tetap berkuasa di Putrajya tetapi dgn kadar yang cukup makan.
Pakatan Rakyat pun ada tempat juga.
Kesian pada Gerakan/MCA mereka akan kepupusan undi kaum mereka sendiri.

Terima kasih.

fed up said...

Saya ada pendapat sendiri tentang isu "stomping and mooning" (saja tak nak pakai istilah melayu - memualkan).

Jika pelakunya belum layak mengundi, layanlah macam mereka yang belum matang akal. Jika sudah layak mengundi, hukumlah semuanya seperti peruntukan undang-undang tanpa mengira gambar itu gambar PM, MB, KM, MP atau DUN.

Bagi saya, saya tak kesah selagi bukan gambar raja-raja melayu. Perkara daulat, barulah kita tak kompromi.

Lagikan Mat Rempit yang kelakunya boleh mengancam nyawa itupun boleh ditawarkan aktiviti sukan bermotor. (Bukan polisi saya tapi polisi kerajaan).

p/s Betul DAKJ kata PEMUDA UMNO hilang arah. Baru hari tu, KJ kata nak dekati IPTS dan IPTA. Patutnya KJ ke tengah dalam isu ini. Susah BN nak dapat undi orang muda terpelajar kalau macam ini.

Fed Up

kermitt said...

perkasa wakili melayu? mintak maaf datuk.. melayu itu pemalu, melayu itu bukan samseng, berbahasa kasar, tegas tetapi berhemah.. perkasa adalah memalukan bangsa.. BN dibenci triple quadraple kini.. gula gula beli undi dgn br1m , tr1m dan macam macam bukanlah sesuatu yang menjamin.. hanya dgn kekuatan pakatan rakyat barulah BN tergerak hari nak bagi itu ini dato.. rasanya rakyat akan terus berikan PR kekuatan bagi mengimbangi BN.. tapi dato.. macam selangor dululah.. siapa sangka negeri yang punya segalanya ini jatuh ketangan PR.. minta maaf lah dari kalangan rakan2 sejawat saya.. tak kira melayu cina atau india.. 90% menyokong PR.. dan sangat anti BN..

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Sdr OKJ,

As everybody can read by non Muslim comments in this blog, I think there will be not much change in Penang unless new rules say that Penang Chief Minister can be from another BN component, especially UMNO

Sdr OKJ ahli BN kah?
Cepat-capatlah daftar kerana BN Pulau Pinang masih mencari-cari winnable candidates. (bukan UMNO)

Brillaint! kerana OKJ faham kata-kata Dr Mansor Chot - tokong hidup.

Sdra Fed Up,
Bila MediCare dan MedicAid akan datang buka pejabat di Kuala Lumpur? Guna sistem takkaful?

FMM kata cukai koporaat terlalu tinggi, Dato'; apakah perlu dikurangankan? Dato semestinya setuju.

Apakah angin OWS dan Arab Spring sudah singgah sampai ke Malaysia?

terima kasih

fed up said...

Rawa Lanun Bahaso,

Medicare/Medicaid guna takaful? Pesakit boleh claim ke jika doktor salah prescribe? Ataupun takaful ni untuk cover kos hospital sahaja?

Susah bila those in the know kedekut air liur.

Sama macam keadaan di hospital; jumpa pakar bila dia nak mengajar sahaja, atau masa di bilik bedah.

Soal jawab dengan ahli keluarga masa nak sain borang pelepasan, diserah kepada Medical Officer sahaja.

Kita sudah menghasilkan 7,000 doktor setahun. Nisbah pesakit-doktor sudah berapa? Masa menunggu sudah jadi pendek ke?

Bayar tol tapi masih traffic jam - is this deja vu?

Fed Up

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

The Scribe

Worrying: Laguna Mersing and 22billion
(tuanku elok kerjakan haji dengan jamil khir)

Fed Up,
Kita sudah menghasilkan 7,000 doktor setahun. Nisbah pesakit-doktor sudah berapa? Masa menunggu sudah jadi pendek ke?

maaf kerana tak melayu faham bagaimana simpulnya soal sorotan

kapitalisma itu wall street
muamalat negara maju barat dan timur?

sabar itu separuh daripada iman
mudah dikata
kemajuan itu mengejar kiamat

kerajaan itu bukan tuhan
kata chairman mao tze tung

bajet2013 dan lapuran kearah
menyediakan tenagakera bagi
perkerjaan yang belum wujud itu
apa maknanya?

minda itu yang maju dan tiada kemana, setuju?
perhati-hatikan orang tua dan Patani
nasihat jamil khir akan tuanku
perhatikan pekan lari ke mekah
lupakan yathrib teringatkan madinah
perhatikan melayu tiba di mekah
segarakan kampung melayu utara madinah

tanah melayu daulat tuanku

salam hormat sempurna the scribe

sanusi said...

kamu ni ngigau di siang hari la abdullah ngah....komen dato kadir is realistic...dulu 2004 anwar belum keluar penjara.....kedua sbb pak lah orang dok ingat dia mr clean n org melayu nak tunjuk betapa mereka tak suka a few policies atau cara dr mahathir memerintah dulu....skrg tak de siapa nak terhutang budi kepada sesiapa especially org2 muda sbb diaorang lebih bijak pasal proses pentadbiran negara dan dlm menilai dr org2lama...tu semua kan duit pembayar cukai....

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