Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Malaysian Flag On F1 Circuit

A Kadir Jasin

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IT’S noteworthy that Lotus – an arm of Proton Berhad –had beaten off competition from the Swiss-based BMW Sauber to be named as the 13th team to compete in next year's Formula One World Championship.

The motor sport's governing body, Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) gave a thumb’s up to the Malaysian bid.

An FIA press statement issued on Sept. 15 in Paris said: “Following an intensive selection and due diligence process, the FIA has awarded the 13th entry in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship to the Lotus F1 Team”

The statement named 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd as the owner of the team. The team name is Lotus F1 Team, the country of origin is Malaysia and Team Principal is Tony Fernandes.

The FIA said the team is a partnership between the Malaysian Government and a consortium of Malaysian entrepreneurs, 1Malaysia F1 Team returns the Lotus name as a constructor to Formula One for the first time since 1994.

The team will initially be based at the RTN facility in Norfolk, UK, some 10 miles from the Lotus Cars factory. A 50,000-sq ft fully equipped facility, RTN was built by Toyota for its initial Formula One programme and then used by Bentley for its successful Le Mans programme.

The team’s future design, R&D, manufacturing and technical centre will be purpose built at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit.

I’ve always maintained that participating in international sporting events as team owners and sponsors are good for the country’s image.

But in the case of the Lotus F1 Team, its relevance goes beyond that. It’s the continuation of our capacity building efforts in the automotive industry.

It’s going to be a costly and challenging undertaking, but it’s a worthwhile one given the fact that Lotus used to be one of the most successful racing team in history and has been a Proton’s subsidiary since 1994

The FIA statement said the Lotus team, which competed in F1 from 1958 through to 1994, would be backed by 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd, a partnership between the Malaysian government and a consortium of Malaysian entrepreneurs.

"This is not only a dream, it is a reality. Malaysia is part of Formula One and we are determined to do our best to make our mark in this arena," Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said from Kuala Lumpur.

"I believe this is a meaningful development that will boost Malaysia's image," he said.

The FIA statement added that Tony Fernandes, the founder and CEO of the Malaysian-based Tune Group, owner of the Air Asia airline, would be team principal.

The role of technical director falls to Mike Gascoyne, who has more than 20 years of experience in Formula One having previously performed the same role for the Force India, Toyota, Renault and Jordan Formula One teams.

The F1 official website meanwhile quoted Gascoyne as saying that Lotus aim to be the best of the four new teams entering Formula One racing next season.

It’s heart warming to know that the Malaysian brands will remain in F1. Petronas is a partner in the BMW Sauber team, which had announced withdrawal from the event from next year. AirAsia is a sponsor of the William’s F1 Team.

The FIA, however, awarded BMW Sauber the '14th place' in the Championship meaning that it will be entitled to fill any vacancy that arises on the 2010 grid.

For their brave move, I congratulate the companies and individuals involved in this grand scheme. It’s a visionary move. More so when some small-minded people in the previous administration had suggested that Lotus be sold like they did with M V Agusta.

I am sure we can all benefit from this bold move, as F1 is one of the most prestigious and widely televised sporting events in the world and the technologies that go into it are among the world’s most sophisticated.


afterburner73 said...

Salam Y.Bhg Datuk,

This is my two cents worth.

Before we get too excited, let's do some homework first.

This is actually the former Lotus F1 team, which once upon a time did compete in F1, between 1957 to 1994. By virtue of the British outfit being owned by Proton, our national car manufacturer, it becomes Malaysia's F1 team by default. That is quite normal for us Malaysians - piggy backing is the name of the game.

Anyway, Lotus F1 was a great team. During that era, Lotus cars were driven to no fewer than six drivers’ world titles by drivers like Jim Clark, Emerson Fittipaldi, Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt, and Mario Andretti.

After Andretti’s 1978 title, the team slowly faded away, despite employing the likes of three-time champion Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna, although that was before he won his three world titles.

Financial problems began to plague the great British car manufacturer and this has hampered hopes of its motorsports division from progressing any further.

Enter the 90s and to everyone's surprise, Malaysia's national car maker Proton decided to make a bold move by bailing out the ailing Lotus. The move was spearheaded by the late Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad, the CEO of Proton then where the national car maker acquired a controlling 63.75% stake in Lotus.

Now, back to the present - the 1Malaysia F1 Team.

The car will use a Cosworth control engine—which will also power the cars of several other new teams, among them the USF1 outfit—and will be headed by Mike Gascoyne, the mercurial engineer who has worked for the likes of Benetton, Toyota, and most recently, Force India. Gascoyne is a star designer, but is notoriously difficult to get along with, so it will be interesting to see how he copes with other Alpha males in the consortium, primarily Tony Fernandes, the head of Air Asia.

Let's get real here. Honestly, we are being too ambitious. The powers that be when making the announcement yesterday said that the team will be based in hot and humid Sepang where the cars will be designed, manufactured and tested there. "Made in Malaysia and by Malaysians". Even the 200-member technical and pit-stop crew will be an all Malaysian outfit managed by Gascoyne. Wow!

I’d be surprised if the new 1Malaysia F1 Team can scale the heights that Colin Chapman’s outfit managed. For one, Chapman was a maverick who pioneered technologies in racing. The new F1 seems to be hell bent on becoming a spec formula, with the emphasis on parity rather than innovation. Second, while Cosworth will no doubt produce a decent engine, the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari will spend inordinate amounts of cash to gain a few horsepower over their opposition. And finally, while Gascoyne is a brilliant talent, he hasn’t exactly stayed in any one place for long enough to suggest that he’s in it for the long run.

Having said that, remember the Australian Paul Stoddart who owned the now defunct Minardi F1 Team? He conned the Malaysian government big time in the early 2000s to back his financially troubled team. As a result of direct endorsement by the powers that be at that time, he managed to rope in several Malaysian companies such as Magnum 4D, PC Suria and Asiatech to come in as sponsors, renaming the team Go-KL Minardi F1 Team featuring Australian driver Mark Webber and our very own Alex Yoong. I don't think I have to mention what happened to the team after that. Didn't even complete one season.

As a Malaysian, I wish the team all the best. But I have this nagging feeling that a repeat of Minardi is bound to happen.

Shah said...

Dear DAKJ,
I would not be happy if ,in undertaking this high-flying project , public money is involved.

donplaypuks® said...


Let's not get carried away.

Firstly, Proton just disclosed a quarterly UNAUDITED profit of RM64 million. But it conveniently did not disclose how much of it was propped by Govt R&D grant, which in 2007 was $193 million and last year some $100 million.

Take these Taxpayers' bailout money and the real, not so rosy picture of Proton's OPERATING PROFIT will emerge!

After all, Proton is not in the biz of receiving Govt grants anymore that MAS is in the biz of making paper profits from fuel oil hedging contracts!

More than that, in the AP system, heavy duty on imported cars, MV Augusta write off, Petronas bailout etc., etc., etc., the M'sian taxpayer has subsidised Proton to the hilt.

If it is an entirely private sector initiative, I am all for it. But PM Najib was very coy about how much of Taxpayers' money will be splashed supporting what has already proven to be an expensive fork-out by the M'sian Govt.

We have seen it all before when MAHB's F1 biz was bought back by the Govt recently for hundreds of millions of $ after "re-structuring" its debt for an equity swap!

This repeated strategy of Taxpayer bailout when things bomb out in the so-called private sector initiatives is what worries me. The US led global downturn has made it fashionable and created a false strategy of huge Govt bailouts to support lame ducks!

Proton and MAS are classsic examples of these forays. When you also always have a huge safety net below you, people are bound to take outrageous risks with taxpayers' money!

Many countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Norway etc, have done extremely well economically without dashing into billion $ F1 racing start-up costs.

There is also a niggling suspicion that in not being transparent about the Govt's obligations to the M'sian F1 venture, like PKFZ, the Taxpayer will one day be lumbered with a huge bill for services not rendered!

Let's get the fundamentals right first before we reach for the moon.

"For fools rush in where angels fear to tread!"

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Yg Bhg Datuk,

Ketika ini sebahagian pihak yang terlibat dalam perlumbaan FI ini sedang memikirkan untuk keluar daripada persaingan ini kerana keadaan ekonomi sekarang yang tidak mengizinkan dan persaingan lebih berpihak kepada siapa yang lebih mempunyai sumber kewangan dan sokongan teknikal yang berkesan.

Adakah perkara-perkara sebegini telah diambilkira oleh pihak GLC terlibat ataupun kumpulan usahawan negara ini?

Cubalah kita ambil perhatian dan iktibar daripada projek-projek mega kita seperti pembangunan menara berkembar Petronas sebagai contoh.

Mungkin matlamat utamanya adalah untuk memperkenalkan negara kita ke dunia luar, disamping merangsangkan lagi pembangunan industri keluli yang kita fikirkan dulu sebagai industri yang strategik milik negara.

Tetapi apa sudah jadi kepada PEWAJA dan ANTARA STEEL MILL, dua syarikat milik kerajaan yang seharusnya mendapat faedah daripada pembangunan menara yang berdasarkan struktur keluli. Dan yang amat mengecewakan ialah tiada langsung penglibatan pegawai teknilan dan profesional seperti jurutera tempatan negara ini dalam pembangunan menara ini. Rasa kecewa ini juga diluahkan sendiri oleh Tun Mahathir dalam ucapannya semasa majlis perasmian pembinaan menara berkembar yang kita banggakan.

Saya harap Datuk perlu lebih rasional dalam membicarakan projek "M'sian F1 car" dan janganlah sampai apaterjadi pada projek pembangunan menara berkembar yang kesan dalah

- bangunan dayabumi terus malap;

- ramai orang terutamanya peniaga Melayu tidak mampu untuk menyewa di menara tersebut;

- GLC seperti Perwaja dan Antara Steel Mill sama ada terus menjadibeban kerajaan atau berkubur ataupun dijual kepada orang lain;

- yang kaya adalah ejen jual beli tanah di mana menara ini didirikan dan banyak orang kata mungkin dengan bermodalkan komisyen jualan sebegini yang lumayan inilah telah membolehkan mendapat hak siaran dan sekarang ini terus menaja program-program yang melalaikan golongan belia di negara ini.

- langsung tidak dapat menyumbang kepada pembangunan insan dan negara keseluruhan.

Berpada-padalah dalam merangka projek mega lagi dan kumpulkan cerdik pandai dan pemikir yang ikhlas dalam negara ini memikir konsep pembangunan yang lebih ekonomi dan amat berkesan dalam membangunakan negara ini. Percayalah pembangunan yang berdasarkan fisikal dan unyuk dimegahkan kepada dunia luar tidak akan kekal dan mudah dlupakan.

Kalau hari ini kita cuba bina menara tertinggi di dunia dengan niat untuk terkenal, esok orang lain akan bina lebih tinggi lagi dan bangunan kita tertinggal zaman dan tidak menarik lagi

Fikirkan sesuatu yang boleh memberikan faedah dan kesan secara langsung kepada kepada rakyat negara ini pada umumnya dan orang melayu dan golongan yang memerlukan.

Jangnlah terus seronok melihat dan mengata kelemahan dan kesilapan orang lain tetapi diri kita sendiri bergelomang dengan sifat-sifat ketidaksempurnaan dan terus leka yang diri kita sendiri melakukan kesilapan dan yang amat mendukacitakan sekali diri kita sendiri tidak sedar terlibat mempromosikan perkara-perkara yang fikirkan elok tetapi terbukti buruk kesannya.

Kalau pihak kerajaan dan para penyokongnya terus buat perkara-perkara sebegini, mungkin saya dan rakyat yang lain akan cuba memberikan peluang kepada golongan lain untuk cuba menrecanakan program pembangunan negara ini di masa hadapan.....kenapa tidak?



manletih said...

Saya sangat tidak bersetuju. Tapi siapalah saya hendak menentang 1Malaysia. Saya cuma ada satu undi.

Konon rakyat diutamakan. Projek sebegini perlu ada ketelusan supaya rakyat boleh menilai dengan bijak. Bukan tiba2 dan suka2 sahaja buat pengumuman. Ini projek mewah yang melibatkan duit kerajaan.

Siapa Tony Fernandes? Bukankah anak pendatang yang hendak membazirkan beratus juta duit rakyat untuk buat airport baru di sebelah KLIA?

Kalau dah otak penyamun...


Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Govt should declare who bears what costs and liabilities for this team. Definately we do not want public money to be used for this team. What's the objective of Proton in this team, in terms of car sales internationally? They should come out with numbers. We certaintly do not need another syiok sendiri project like the angkasawan program or monsoon cup race, which are outragously expensive, but with a very debatable returns. F1 is a very expensive affair, and having a millionaire leading an F1 team is not as comforting as one might think. Most millionaires have huge personal debts with banks, mostly for share financing. Even the Trump empire almost went bust at one time, for trying to do too many things. And yes, every F1fan remembers Stoddart. "Ukur baju di badan sendiri", remember?


ab said...

Salam Dato,


Tapi kalau tak silap kos satu musim lebih kurang 200-300 juta dollars.

Mampu ka proton,naza atau khazanah
tanggung recurring expenses ni?.

New engine ni berapa price tag? BILIONS lagi ka?.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman.

Afif said...

Not with our hard-earned money you don't! PKFZ didn't give you enough money already eh, BN?

Tengku Mikail. said...


I am totally disagree with you.I estimate the team may need to spent around 200 to 300 Ringgit a year to main the RnD team and the racing team.

what a waste of money.We need more money to improve the rural sector or to built more school and hospital.

What do we benefit.Selling more Lotus sport car.Forget it.You cant compete with ferrari or BMW.

Anyway all the best to Tony and the gangho Gang.

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

saya totally tak setuju dgn pembaziran ini. bila kebanyakkan team telah menarik diri(HONDA) akan menarik diri (BMW) mungkin menarik diri (FERARI) apakah cerdik proton menceburi sukan permotoran yg bukan sikit duit ini (pembiayaan rm1.7 billion)??? sykt2gergasi kereta dunia sibuk mengstukturkan semula sykt!!! kenapa proton pula yg menjadi pak sanggup??? esok2 sekali lagi proton yg menjadi mangsa....menjadi kambing hitam!! pembabitan AA dan naza turut menjadi tanda tanya...mungkin kerana kroni?? apa expertise yg tony(lulusan account)ada...apa sm nasi(car salesman/ap king) ada???? pengerusi SIC cukup gembira selain F1 acara2 permotoran yg lain bagai layu tiada sambutan...inilah peluang untuk membuat duit atas angin
adalah elok kalau najib memikirkan bagaimana hendak kembalikan prestasi ekonomi negara dari terus ketinggalan dgn negara2 asia yg lain, bukannya terus membazir dgn projek2 mewah dan prestij

lagi satu, tolong bagi tahu rakyat berapa budget projek f1 ini, jangan buat bodoh kerana duit ini duit rakyat bukan duit mak bapak dia


labu said...

This is indeed the only great news we had so far since the retirement of Tun Dr. Mahathir!!!


Hope the other good news in the pipeline is recommencement of Jambatan Bengkok.

pakbelalang said...

I think the project is a sensible and
logical initiative. There is indeed a commercial value to the project. Take the risk and go for it. The people behind the project are quite knowledgeable in the motor business and I am sure the chances of failure have been taken into consideration seriously. Hopefully, the rate of success outweight the rate of failure as far as the marketing objectives are concerned.

Malaysia BOLEH !! This is what Tun M's vision is all about. To be innovative in our thinking and move forward to acquire home grown advanced technology and R&D!!
Nothing is FREE to acquire technolgy. No doubt it is a huge investment but we have no choice but to sacrifice in order to reap the long term benefits from it.

As long as we continue to have positive thinking and give full support to whatever national projects that are of beneficial to our country then we are in the right track to achieve the status of a developed country come 2020.

The problem is there a lot of people who are always skeptical of whatever projects being undertaken by the government.They seem to be having mental block for whatever reason only known to them.

saji said...

Salam Dato'

Bunyinya macam cerita ali-baba projek Dato'

ting tong guy said...

In the first place do they really want to win the race or just to participate a as 'tailend' outfit?????

Bedides, what is the Prime Minister's priority??? "Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan??? Bullshit!!!!!

There are amny more priorities that fit 'rakyat didahulukan' like putting air-conditioners in all sekolah kebangsaan classes so that our kids can have the comfort of learning environmet equivalent to their friends in most of of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina or international school, for example......

el-Barokhas said...

This is classic Malaysian mentality.

Having a house with beautiful facade but dirty and messy interior is more important than a rustic exterior with clean, neat and comfortable home. We find pride in satisfying the aesthetic faculty of others while we ourselves go kaput.

Wouldn't it be more meaningful to spend the money to change our atrocious driving and highway culture to be at par with that of the first world than to spend so much on flying the jalur gemilang on the elitist F1 circuit.

Let's change the by-line of 1Malaysia from people first, action now to biar pape asalkan bergaye.

pakbelalang said...

I give UMNO a second chance and 3 years to revamp the party. Get rid of all those rascals and start all over again. I hope Najib can do it. But if he couldn't then UMNO will be down the drain soonest..

To find another credible party to champion the cause of Malays is now a big question. What do you think of PKR? What do you think of PAS? Can they carry the baton and continue the journey to make life better for the Malays. Or sama juga haprak and HP6 like the present UMNO set up. Corrupted !!

Seriously, it is really worrying what is going to happen to the Malays in the immediate future. Nothing is right. The Malay leaders are all "pariah leaders". What a pity !!

Maybe you have some concrete ideas how to solve the problem!!

The damage done by UMNO is so serious and I wonder whether the Malays will give them a second chance like me !!

What is your bet on Anwar to save the Malays? How about Nik Aziz?

If they don't, who do you think will salvage the Malays?

What is our obligation to make our race stands tall? Is there a better alternative for the Malays?

Can the Malays confident enough to stand on their own feet and move on without relying on the government "hand outs" and privileges?

I wonder !!

pakbelalang said...

Malaysia To Be Among Top 10 In Global Unity Index By 2012

KUCHING, Sept 16 (Bernama) -- Malaysia targets to be among the top 10 countries in the Global Unity Index within the next three years, said Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk T. Murugiah.


It is a tall order to achieve the target looking at the present unstable political scenario where it is almost "free for all" for irresponsible politicians to harp and instigate on racial and religious issues.

It looks like there is no end to it. It is the easiest strategy to enhance their popularity among their particular race.

So the target is just a dream!!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you on the techonology and publicity, promotional benefits of F1 participation.

I agree with the private sector consortium. It must stay that way or be that way.

The government has no business engaging in a motor racing team even to promote 1Malaysia.

It brings to mind the specter of Monsoon Cup. Don't they learn anything Dato'?


Mat Amin said...

Salam dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin
buat bloger veteran, Saudara A.Kadir Jasin dan pembaca blog ini

Blog saya:

Yang Ikhlas
Mat Amin

TooLBoX said...


Satu lagi projek pembaziran.

Teringat saya kpd Projek Angkasawan Negara; walaupun tak sama dgn kes ini bamun akhirnya bukan saja ianya dianggap membazir malah jadi faktor merosotnya keyakinan rakyat kpd BN

cmk said...

Salam Datuk

Sukan itu bagus. Lebih bagus kalau guna duit sendiri untuk beli kelengkapan sukan. Bila seluk poket orang lain untuk beli barang, ia sudah jadi tidak bagus.

Sejauh mana pasukan Lotus ini tidak seluk kocek rakyat malaysia untuk biaya perbelanjaan mereka?

Sungguhpun dari luar projek Lotus F1 ini kelihatan bagus, pada saya ia lebih kepada projek yang hanya memenuhkan kocek individu tertentu sahaja. Rakyat biasa tak dapat faedah langsung kecuali tengok siaran langsung. Itupun kalau ditayangkan di TV rakyat, kalau TV Astro saya pun tak dapat tengok sebab tak langgan Astro.

Cukuplah sekadar ada litar F1 yang dah banyak makan duit rakyat. Pemandu kita pun belum ada yang benar-benar layak untuk F1. Alex Yoong dan Minardi dulu pun sekadar menghabiskan beras saja.

Kalaupun ditakdirkan Lotus F1 jadi juara, saya tetap tak rasa bangga dan tidak akan bersorak-sorai untuk pasukan tersebut.

abdullahngah said...

Memang projek sumpama itu tidak memberi sebarang manfaat kepada rakyat.

Tetapi ia memberi manfaat kepada peribadi.

Ia sesuai dengan apa yang dinyatakan bahawa kebanyakan pemimpin kita lebih utamakan kepentingan peribadi berbanding kepentingan rakyat.

Rakyat didahulukan hanya gula gula atau ia tebu ditanam dibibir mulut sahaja.

Itulah rojek yang dilaksanakan oleh para pemimpin yang mementingkan peribadi.

Mereka bubuh hawa nafsu nombor satu.

Sebab itu apabila naik sahaja jadi perdana menteri diwujudkan prekej rangsangan ekonomi yang bermula RM 7 bilion.

Lepas itu, RM 60 bilion pula. Inilah kaedah untuk bolok harta rakyat melalui projek yang membazir.

Mereka kumpul harta untuk dijadikan bekalan diakhirat nanti.

Raison D'etre said...

Datuk AKJ,

Jangan sampai kena pakai duit EPF untuk bailout pun sudahlah.

PS: Datuk masih ingat tulisan as Kunta Kinte? Saya ada senaskah dan say cukup suka baca pasai kerajaan dan pemerintah berniaga.

Kisah pasai Sultan Kedah terima nasihat cukup bernilai bagi saya.

Shouldn't the same be the case here?

Whay should the government be a part of this consortium, as this would only be a bane when things go wrong.

Things will go wrong with RM1 billion per year expenditures needed.

And who will be expected to provide the helping hand to save the country's face?

Who else...

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

Will it bring the much needed technological transfer onto our country's automobile industry, or just another strategic marketing propaganda to serve several individuals and their respective companies, using government spending camouflaging under local talents this and that?

Who is using who here? Siapa yang kena?

If we really are talking about technological transfer, it should have been quite easily done by virtue of Proton controlling the stake of Lotus long years ago.

Why do we need a racing for?

If "rakyat didahulukan", what real benefits this luxurious racing would bring to the rakyat? And, what segmentation of rakyat is watching this kind of racing anyway?

Boleh berpeluk-peluk melompat dan bersorak gembirakah berbilang kaum rakyat Malaysia tua dan muda menonton pasukan lumba kereta "kebangsaan" itu nanti?

Or just to provide to the rich and famous about something to talk about during their golfing session break?

Do we really need it now (as in the "performance now" kind of thing) or the government is now really desperate to win the hearts and mind of the people about 1Malaysia concept?

Azman Mohd Isa

antus said...

Salam Dato'
Tak payah buat lah...bnyk lg cara nak promote Malaysia...Belanja besar tuh nak manage F1 team.Lupakan sajalah hasrat tu.Tumpu pada pulihkan ekonomi negara dan rakyat marhaen.Sbb yg mengundi tu majoritinya org kampung.Jd jgn lah lupa pada org kampung.Mereka ini lebih memerlukan dari F1 Malaysia tu.Atau adakah mereka tgh merancang nk gagau duit rakyat lagi?

Pok Li said...

Datuk Selamat Hari raya. Maaf zahir Batin

langit biru said...

Salam Akhir Ramadhan Dato AKJ.

Saya ada banyak soalan dan persoalan dalam hal F1 ni. Setakat tonton saja, tapi saya tahulah projek ni amat mahal. Lebih 1000juta, atau lebih 1 Billion.

Apakah 1 rakyat Malaysia PERLU sumbang 1RM,10RM,100RM,1000RM untuk Projek Terulung 1Malaysia???

Kalau ambil duit poket Tony Fernandes, Kamarudin Meranum, tak kisahlah!!!

Pasukan yang dah lama kecimpung pun spend minimum RM 1 Billion. Tu tak pa lah sebab mereka dah cukup kepakaran,infrastructure,R&D,mahir urus operational expenditures, dan lain-lain.

Kita yang baru nak mula ni,berapa banyak kena keluar modal.

Berapa ribu hektar tanah pulak diperlukan untuk bina "Made-In-Malaysia F1 Team Headquarters"? Tanah sapa pulak nak ambil ni? Berapa kos bina HQ?

2008, Toyota spent 1.55Billion, McLaren 1.51Billion, Ferarri 1.44Billion.

Team Super Aguri tarik diri Mei 2008. Honda Motor Company umum tarik diri disember 2008 untuk musim 2009 sebab masalah DUIT. Dan Honda Team dah dijual kpd Brown GP. BMW-Sauber umum Julai tahun ni tarik diri tahun depan, pun masalah DUIT. Sauber team dijual kpd Qadbak Invesment Swiss Company.

PROTON tak da masalah DUIT?
NAZA tak da masalah DUIT?

Jadi Dato', tolong jelaskan dengan sejelas-jelasnya,

1. DUIT 1Malaysia-F1-Team dari mana?
2. Berapa kos permulaan dan keseluruhan untuk satu musim tahun depan?
3. Berapa kos HQ? Tang mana? Duit sapa?
6. Apakah ini Keutamaan Utama Najib sekarang?
7. Apakah ini untuk MELEGAKAN bebanan rakyat?
8. RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN dalam konteks apa dengan F1 ni?
9. PENCAPAIAN apa YG DIUTAMAKAN dalam lumba moto F1 ni?


a.z said...

What returns on investment are these companies expecting from such an grand project?

The marketing people or business development team for this project are geniuses or what?

Seriously, the government must have done a cost benefit analysis and found something there.

The people and I think a majority of us can't see it.

Anonymous said...


Kita negara membangun je. Kos utk terlibat dlm F1 ni makan bilion setahun. BMW pun dh nak tarik diri. Sejak kebelakangan ni PM kita bnyk sgt pengumuman yg dibuatnya. Harap duit kerajaan tk hbis bila Najib turun nanti. T.Mahathir = Bapa pemodenan
PLah = bapa mertua Keri
Najib = Bapa pengumuman



Tok Kadiaq,

Most commentators have good reasaons to disagree on the project.Mostly about our money.

Sometimes in life,its not just about profit.Maybe its time to test how far
we can go as a nation.

I dont think the US spent billion of dollars to go to the moon so they could take back the rock and sell for a profit.


weber said...

Salam DAKJ,

I believe everybody can be sensibly agree with the project as long as no people's money (tax,EPF,TH,etc) being used to fund the project. No bailout when the project goes financially bankrupt.

Let's the private sector handle all the risks.

Anonymous said...

Dalam NST hari ini Kamaruddin Meranun dari team F1 Malaysia dilaporkan berkata pasukan F1 Malaysia memerlukan RM1 billion untuk menghadapi perlumbaan. Beliau meminta penyertaan dari kerajaan, GLC dan swasta dalam pasukan ini.

Saya meminta agar Proton dan Lotus hanya menyediakan tenaga kerja dan peralatan, tanpa mengeluarkan satu sen pun. Kerajaan dan GLC lain pun tak sepatutnya menyumbang derma kepada pasukan ini.

Kepada Kamaruddin, Tony Fernandez, dan towkay Naza Motor, anda semua yang patut menyediakan RM1 billion tersebut. Kalau tak ada duit sebanyak tu, jangan lah minta derma kerajaan dan GLC, janganlah perasan yang anda berada dalam golongan orang-orang yang sangat kaya seperti Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt, Ross Brown atau Dennis McLaren.


mad said...

satu lagi sebab utk buat demo jalanan

Jason Mraz said...

Salam Dato' AKJ,

F1... F1..., ape nk jadi dgn pemimpin2 KERAjaan M'sia ni..., xsedar2 lg ke..., ataupon nk kene setiap seorg drp 27 juta rakyat M'sia ni ketuk kepala pemimpin2 kerajaan ni sekali bg setiap rakyat...

Mcm ni xde selera langsung sy nk bayar income tax kt LHDN...

Yangretibase said...

Hantu syaitan mana yang sudah berjaya merasuk Najib Razak? Nampaknya, Najib sudah mula lupa diri! Betapa hipokritnya Najib apabila dia berslogan untuk mengutamakan rakyat.

Pada fikiran saya, Najib sedang 'membunuh' dirinya sendiri.
Sedar dirilah wahai Najib bahawa kamu sebenarnya lebih bodoh daripada Pak Pandir!


Anonymous said...

Satu idea yang bagus, untuk makan duit rakyat.

Kais pagi makan pagi

Zainal Ariffin Ashari said...

Sebagai seorang peminat F1, saya gembira benar dengan khabar ini. Sekurang2nya saya tidak perlu lagi menyokong pasukan lain. Sungguhpun demikian saya berharap kerajaan Malaysia benar2 ingin menyertai secara komited dan menang..otherwise carilah avenue lain untuk mempromosi 1Malaysia kerana syarikat kereta yang handal2 pun terasa kegawatannya..

Salam Syawal...

abunawaz said...

Salah satu lagi projek yang merugikan rakyat digunakan atas nama dasar satu Malaysia.Walau kerajaan mengunakan alasan untuk mempertingkatkan industri automotive dan publisiti untuk negara.Apakah manfaatnya sedang kan sukan lain seperti bolasepak,badminton,hoki,sepaktakraw dan lain-lain yang menjadi kegemaran rakyat Malaysia masih menghadapi masalah kewangan dan persembahan merosot adalah lebih baik kerajan menyalurkan bantuan untuk sukan-sukan ini daripada pasukan F1 yang kita semua tahu memerlukan perbelanjaan tinggi. Dari pandangan saya kalau Tony Fernandez,NAZA dan SIC mengguna sumber kewangan sendiri adalah lebih baik dari menggunakan wang rakyat untuk mempopular diri mereka sendiri. Rakyat melihat satu lagi tindakan membelakangkan rakyat demi kepentingan beberapa kerat sahaja.

Jason Mraz said...

Salam Dato'

Sy benar2 hairan naperlah DSN tiba2 pulak beriya2 nk suruh proton involved dlm sukan F1 ni, rasenyer die sendiri pon tau bhw kos perbelanjaan bg setiap pasukan melebihi USD 1 bilion(rasenyer die pon terlebih tau kot?...), sy xtau ape agenda tersirat beliau ttp sbg manusia yg punyai akal fikiran, mata utk melihat dan hati yg punyai perasaan kenelah ingat2 pd rakyat kelas bawahan mcm sy dan rakan2 dlm blog ni, cost of living semakin tinggi, ditambah dgn kenaikan harge minyak yg kononnyer nk meninggikan taraf Ron97 menjadi minyak premium(bak kate bapa kpd bintang AF tu...), itu sy xpeduli yg sy sbg rakyat ni pedulikn kebajikan kami, pastu dinaikkan lg kadar tambang bg bas dan teksi kalau mcm tu mcm mane nk brjimat bila kos utk ke tpt kerja pon dh tinggi biler minyak dh nak harge brg2 keperluan pon automatik naiklah xkan tu pon nk kene ajar. Klu naik selepas raya sy xkisah tp dlm keadaan org ramai nk berbelanja bg menyambut rayer ni mmg makin tertekanlah bg mrk yg menampung setiap isi rumah, nk byr ansuran kerete, bil2 air, letrik, belanja anak2 ke sekolah, baju rayer anak2 dan mcm2 lagilah... xperlu nk citer panjang lebar masing2 yg bg komen dlm blog ni punyai tanggungan trmasuk Dato' sendiri kn?... Pak2 menteri ckp mmg senang suruh rakyat berjimat, apa mereka ingat gaji kami rakyat kelas bawahan ni mmg gaji diorg yg brpuluh2 ribu xtermasuk elaun2 lain tu ke... hampeh betul...

Sy teringat kembali kpd posting Dato' tempohari berkenaan DS S.Samy Vellu, tp kli ni bukan saje Samy Value malah DS Najib pon dah serupa dan beliau bukannyer sbg liabiliti ttp sbg 'pisau cukur' kpd harta negara...

Hmm... Dato' xde ke citer2 psl rayer ke?, boring jgk bace2 bab2 politik ni, bikin serabut kepala otak yg semakin haru-biru ni... ape pon sy ucapkn SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI maaf jika ada ayat2 dlm komen sy yg menyinggung Dato' dan sesiapa jua...


-Orang Kampong- said...

Satu lagi projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional nak menyamun wang rakyat..

Kalau Pak lah ada Monsun Cup...
Najib ada team F1.

Nampaknya mereka ini masih tak belajar..dan mengharapkan rakyat agar mengajar mereka lagi dalam pilihanraya berikutnya...

Dengan ini saya tak nak bayar cukai pendapatan.. saya nak bayar zakat lebih dari amoun saya bayar cukai..lepas tu dapatkan rebate cukai pendapatan.

Dari duit aku masuk ke poket penyamun, baik dapat ke orang miskin dan anak yatim etc....

Jangan terkejut kalau orang bukan islam pon nak bayar zakat... diorang pon tak nak duit cukai masuk poket penyamun..

-Orang Kampong-

Mustapha Ong said...

Askum Datuk KJ,

Today being a Friday, Datuk please allow me to post my sober comments. I take this opportunity to personally congratulate PM Najib Razak on this viable sports initiative, that had international flavour through the fast sport motoring of Formula 1.

This PM of ours is not only a handsome, articulate and brainy UMNO leader of the 21st Century,but realizes now that actually the people and voters hold the Ace Card of one's political survival.I keeping on thinking a loud,why hasn't Anwar fall for Najib??????Takut Datin Rosmah kut! Maaf Dato Sri dan Datin Rosmah o.k.Just another joke for Anwar to capitalize lah.

You see Najib is smart and now goes to the ground listens to the plight of his people irrespective of one's ethnicity. No need to shout but his cabinet members who are not performing according to his KPIs are chilling in their pants and skirts. I was told some even contemplated to resign by year end after the first KPI evaluation incoming November,

Dato Sri,do remember our code "COMPROMISE OR DON'T COMPROMISE,Sir".You have done it successfully again.

Yes, like all sporting enthusiasts in this country,including Mohkzani himself we share the same pride and sentiments of this sporting mega project launched by PM.I opined that some bloggers got it all wrong and condemned the project as "a waste of public fund".If that's the stupid and lamed argument, the government need not fork a single sen, simply let the private or corporate sectors pool their financial resources of billion Ringgit.WILL PM NAJIB ALLOWS THIS ARRANGEMENT?

As the project is still in its infancy stage, perhaps the relevant specialists that had built the prototype 1Malaysia Formula Car should provide more information, as the project takes center-stage in the next 24 months.

mack said...

AKUM> Rakyat dikawasan parlimen PEKAN 65% masih miskin tegar dan ada yang tidak berkemampuan untuk makan seharian kalau kita memandi kereta dari keratong kearah felda cini cuba kita lihat kanan dan kiri macam mana bentuk rumah mereka yang menjadi tempat tinggal rakyat kawasan parlimen PEKAN fikirkanlah DATO?.Saya bukan nak memburukan siapa2 tapi apakah adil wang yang begitu banyak akan mengalir kerana kegilaan kita dalam mencari nama dipersada dunia. Projek angkasawan juga seumpama projek gajah hitam entah apa yang terjadi apakah orang yang dihantar keangkawasawan itu benar2 sebagai angkasawan atau hanya sekadar pelawat kelas pertama diangkasa lepas dan kini sudah menyepikan diri. Banyak perkara dari kegagalan yang kita boleh pelajari tetapi kita tidak pernah belajar dari kegagalan sebalik nya kita sengaja mencari kegagalan demi kegagalan demi memuaskan kehendak segelintir orang yang berkuasa.DATO dimanakah silap nya kita hanya menjadi penganjur penonton atau tukang sorak sebalik nya kejayaan tetap diraih oleh orang asing malaysia juga menganjurkan jelajah lumba basikal JELAJAH LANGKAWI adakah kita melahirkan atlit bertaraf dunia dari jelajah tersebut jawapan nya nothing all zero apakah projek ini mendapat keuntungan mungkin sama jugalah dengan F1 1MALAYSIA apakah kita punya kemampuan untuk melakukan nya? dari pelbagai aspek yang menyeluruh. Mungkinkah kajian sudah dilakukan apakah penilaian nya apakah rakyat sependapat dengan para pemimpin dalam hal ini? setekat dasar nak popular lebih baik buat benda lain yang lebih menguntungkan rakyat dari segi moral dan kehidupan. Kita jangan jadi menang sorak duit tabung habis hutang tinggi menggung yang tinggal ikan bilis rakyat yang tanggung beban negara boleh jadi muflis maka hati-hatilah dalam membuat projek mega yang sehebat ini.Mungkin kita ada dana petronas atau lain2 dana yang boleh diguna untuk mengadakan projek 1MALAYSIA F1 ini tapi kita fikirkan keuntungan nya ada atau sebalik nya kita boleh fikirkan kita menganjurkan F1 sepang ada mendapat keuntungan atau tidak?. Saya berharap projek ini dikaji dengan sebaik-baik nya supaya rakyat tidak akan menanggung beban kerana akhir nya sesuatu rancangan jika gagal rakyatlah yang akan menanggung nya. UNTUK DATO SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN KALAU ADA RUMAH TERBUKA BAGITAHULAH SEMOGA DAPAT MERAIKAN BERSAMA. DAN AKHIR NYA SAYA DOAKAN KESIHATAN DATO DAN KELUARGA DIHARI RAYA DAN HARI2 YANG MENDATANG INI. WSLM

Anonymous said...

To excel, all the times, one should be contrarians..betui ka?


Anonymous said...

'Shah said...

Dear DAKJ,
I would not be happy if ,in undertaking this high-flying project , public money is involved.

1:47 PM"


Anonymous said...

BN never learns from the past-mistake....

May god help Malaysia!


pak mat tempe said...

Salam aidil fitri Dato'AKJ.

Saya tidak bersetuju langsung dengan projek F1 itu kerana ia menelan belanja besar dan tujuan nya agak kabur sekadar untuk promosi Malaysia dan Malaysia Boleh. Mengapa Negara lain seperti Singapura yang lebih kaya dan mantap pengurusan ekonominya yang bebas dari skandal kewangan tidak mengambil kaedah ini untuk mempromosikan Negara mereka. Jika ia kaedah berkesan saya rasa dia akan lebih dahulu membuatnya . Begitu juga hal nya projek angkasa lepas mereka tidak berminat sebab sedar kemampuan kewangan dan kemahiran teknologi dari orang lain. Apa yang nak dibanggakan satu dunia tahu teknologi siapa yang dipakai. Tambahan lagi kes PKFZ masih ding dong tak tahu apa kesudahannya tetapi yang nyata duit berbillion sudah terbang dan atas perancangan tidak teliti kerajaan membelanjakan duit negara yang diperolehi dari pembayar cukai. Saya pun tak dapat nak gambarkan berapa lori diperlukan untuk membawa duit 4b itu. Siapa yang menyebabkan kerugian masih tak tahu A tuduh B, B tuduh A lama2 senyap rakyat lupa dan rakyat biasa takan berani bising2 kerana tidak berapa tahu secara detail. Ini sebenarnya masalah bukan persepsi nak memburukn kerajaan.

Nampaknya saya terpaksa lah memberikan undi saya kepada orang yang dirasakan boleh mengubah semua perkara yang karut ini. Mengundi orang yang boleh membina hospital yang kekurangan katil dan ruang mungkin memerlukan blok tambahan menampung pesakit yang bertambah kerana pertambahan penduduk , Banyak hospital yang kekurangan katil terutama dalam masa wabak H1N1 ini tidak dapat dimasukan kehospital walau pun demam panas. Adalah lebih baik mereka masuk wad untuk mengelak jangkitan dan dibawah pengawasan doktor tetapi tidak dapat dilakukan kerana kekurangan ini. Begitu juga hospital jantung elok ada kepakaran dan peralatan disetiap negeri. Pesakit jantung perlukan rawatan segera .Sekarang ini semua bertumpu di IJN kesian kakitangan di IJN melayan pesakit yang terlalu ramai yang datang dari seluroh Malaysia , Sabah dan Serawak. Jika benar rakyat didahulukan ini lah sepatutnya keutamaan kerajaan. Membina jalan diluar bandar terutama disabah dan serawak dimana masih ada rakyat mengguna jalan balak kesekolah, Jambatan2 yang sangat diperlukan,

Oleh itu sedarlah Pemimpin2 akan kesusahan rakyat dibawah. Caranya mudah jika mahu. Lantik lah penasihat2 yang betul dan terbukti rekod nya untuk menolong rakyat dari senarai2 profesor dan cerdik pandai seperti Ungku Aziz, Prof. Jomo, Dr. Syed Husin Ali . Jangan dengar nasihat mereka yang berkepentingan dalam sesuatu projek. Ingatlah anda diletakan disana untuk mentadbir duit dan khazanah negara, duit orang ramai , pembayar cukai jangan sesuka hati membuat keputusan. Bukan kita anti pembangunan tetapi fahami erti keutamaan(priority) dan situasi semasa. Secara jujur adakah kita berkemampuan untuk menceburi sukan ini dan menanggung akibatnya jika kita gagal dan rugi, Siapa yang akan menanggung kerugian ini. Tidak kah GLC dan pekerja biasa, Proton dan pekerjanya, NAZA Dan pekerjanya. CEO tak terjejas mreka boleh selamatkan diri kerana sudah ada nama dan dikenali mudah ditawarkan jawatan lebih baik oleh GLC yang lain.

Fikir2 lah dengan tenag dan adil perlukah kita berubah di PRU13

donplaypuks® said...


It looks like 95% of the commenters here are not against against F1 per se.

They just don't want the Govt directly or through Petronas/EPF/Khazanah/PNB/Sime Darby/Tenaga/Telekom to be the whipping boys again. I bet these sentiments are eflective of the opinions across the country.

Let the private sector and their self promoted 'Czars' like Tony Fernandez and the Proton CEO raise the money from the general public and other investors wh have an appetite for higher risk. Let them not hoodwink the Taxpayer by committing the Govt/Taxpayer to onerous gurantees and funding.

AND first, get the Govt to force Air Asia to pay the $110 milion airport charges they have collected on behalf of the Govt to the Treasury TODAY, before allowing AA to venture into new biz forays!!

One interesting comment I read elsewhere is:

A country that yet cannot guarantee tap water to many of its people has no business looking at
F1 !!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

casper c said...

Absolutely don'tplaypuks. We have no business dipping our feet into the game just as much as Najib has no business being PM, not while PI Bala, wife and child is still missing.

Currently, the key word in all economies is "austerity" - the need to cut back and forget about diamonds and pearls ie.bling culture/high life.

Back to basics frugality of a bygone era as exemplifies by Tourreau or the Puritans is the order of the day, lest history repeats itself ie.the *French revolution certainly springs to mind.

*High taxes demanded by King Louis, excessive tax on salt, on farmers to fund the royal household and pay for the war against warring cousins across the channel finally cost Louis his head - and Najib seems to be taking UMNO down the same path.

Bad enough we all complain the high cost of living but let me assure all, the moment this UMNO garbage is taken out, prices of essential ie rice, meat and all day to day necessities will be cheaper as the UMNO tax will be done away with.

Make no sense, we all earn a wage far less than our counterparts but pay an arm and a leg for cars that cost a pittance in the develop world.

My younger brother can lease a high end "toy" in the US every two years while most of us make hell of a sacrifice to enjoy the same amenity.

A S-Class Merc comes in slightly above US$60,000 is a half million ringgit proposition back home in M'sia. Plain bad economics, all of us funding a sinister govt out to do us in.

Tell me otherwise Pak Kadir.

padi said...

persoalannya? mampukan bertahan? berapa lama? Hari ni keluarkan duit beratus-ratus juta, kemudian tak sampai beberapa tahun (kalau beberapa tahun, kalau 1 tahun?)kita akan tarik diri dengan alasan tak mampu...hentikanlah projek ni..kita bukan negara kaya.,,anak2 kita pada masa depan pun nak pakai duit jugak.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

Let us use the brain power to visualise and come up with another ideas (an alternative approach) on how that amount of money (1 billion per year) could be used for a better purpose and produce better results:

For example, it can be used to start a new and specific sport programs for the 'Mat Rempit'. With that, their talents could be utilised not only for their own goodness but for the public and nation benefits as well.

Let us start the ball rolling!


INDIGO said...

Who are the other sponsors?

what actually are they promoting, pak kadir?

i wonder if i have been careful posting this question.

pencetus stratigic vision said...

YBhg Dato'

Assalamualaikum. Saya gembira bahawa pembahas kita tidak terbawa-bawa atau terikut-ikut.Saya percaya tujuan Dato' adalah untuk mengetahui respon pembahas atas projek glamour tetapi kos tinggi ini. Dato' bayangkan projek ini adalah suatu projek yang bagus tetapi "the herd culture" tidak menjadi sebaliknya hampir semua pembahas memberi pendapat yang sebaliknya.

Dalam hal ini saya tertanya-tanya apakah hala tuju negara kita sekarang. Masihkah kita bergiat memajukan sektor pertanaian dan dengan itu meperkasakan rakyat luar bandar kita atau kita telah beralih kepada hi tech walaupun kita belum ada "foundation " dalam bidang itu lagi.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain
Petaling Jaya

Anonymous said...


Saya ingin memberi komen balas terhadap tulisan casper c.

Kalaulah seseorang itu mampu dari segi kewangan untuk memandu S-class Mercedez, sudah tentulah beliau seorang yang dikategorikan sebagai orang kaya, sukakan kemewahan dan sukankan hidup yang bergaya, termasuk di negara maju.

Jadinya logikkah nasihat dan 'khutbah' individu seperti mereka ini (yang mampu memandu kereta besar)tentang pembaziran dan hidup berfoya-foya, didengari dan diambil perhatian seolah-olah mereka merujuk kepada pengalaman mereka sendiri?

Saudara Casper saya tidak faham kenapa awak cuba membayangkan dan menyelami perasaan individu yang mampu memiliki Mercedez klas-S untuk dikaitkan dengan isu F1. Lebih keliru ialah apa kaitannya kesukaran yang dihadapi oleh mereka yang memiliki atau berniat untuk memiliki kereta mewah (Mercedez klas-S) berkenaan dengan isu pembaziran dan kemewahan yang berlebih-lebihan?


Anonymous said...

Salam dato'

Saya ingin membalas komen yang dibuat oleh dpp.

"A country that yet cannot guarantee tap water to many of its people has no business looking at
F1 !!"

Bayangkan kalaulah Amerika mahu menunggu semua rakyatnya memiliki air paip (pada tahun 1967) sebelum melancarkan misi Apollo ke bulan, sudah tentu dunia sekarang ini tidak ada kemudahan internet untuk melayari blog AKJ dan memberikan pendapat sedemikian ceteknya.

Begitu juga kalaulah India mahu menunggu semua rumah memiliki bekalan air paip sebelum menghantar angkasawan ke bulan (sesuatu yang mustahil), dan kalaulah kamu mati dan hidup semula sekalipun, mereka (negara India) tetap tidak akan mendapat melaksanakannya (memberikan bekalan air paip 100%) dan ini dengan sendirinya bermakna:

India has no business in sending astronauts to the moon. Not now and not in the future?


amoker said...


I am in Europe and F1 is mired with a lot of irregularities and fans are staying away. 2 questions

1. What do the rakyat gain out of this in spending public money?
2. Who are the players and how does Goverment tends to listen to Fernandez?

Hanky panky smells right.

Anonymous said...

An F1 event like that of the Singapore Night Race makes some business sense if we go by the hype that it created last year. That was a great promotion for the city state. Team 1Malaysia somewhat guarantees Sepang Race for the foreseeable future. But we need to create similar proposition like that of the Singapore Night Race. It's an engineering challenge but perhaps a night race on the twisty road at Genting Highland, the city of entertainment?


wishediwaswrong said...

Mustafa Ong said:

"..but his cabinet members who are not performing according to his KPIs are chilling in their pants and skirts. I was told some even contemplated to resign by year end after the first KPI evaluation incoming November,"

The reality is, in a political coalition, the PM's discretion to appoint any member of his cabinet has its severe constraints: the many component parties, power brokers, etc.

This is not Singapore with its one-party government. The KPI, for whatever purpose it'd been made out to be, can, at best, be applicable to mere civil servants.

So, most ministers could slumber on if they wished.

langit biru said...

F1 satu lagi projek Mahathir?

Mokhzani kuasai SIC Sepang,perlu kereta F1?

Mustapha Ong, bodeklah Najib kuat2!!!

Nanti bila BN kalah, hang pi kerja di US bawak limousin VVVIP,mintak tolong kawan lama hang tu! kalau terdesak masa tu,boleh minta US200,000 dari dia!!

telur dua said...

Dreams do come true, but this is fantasy. A very costly one......for the taxpayers.

adi_fimiyun said...


Secara serius, inilah kali pertama saya mendengar dan melihat cerita bagaimana idealisme politik dibawa ke litar lumba.

Sehingga hari ini saya masih belum mengerti apa itu konsep 1Malaysia, walaupun sudah khatam kertas putihnya beberapa kali.

Jika benar langkah ini adalah sesuatu yang tepat untuk melestarikan idealogi politik 1Malaysia/UMNO/BeEnd, sewajarnya para saintis sosial negara sudah bersedia dengan kertas cadangan untuk kajian keberkesanan politik di litar lumba.

Saya cadangkan UUM ,sebagai peneraju dan UiTM sebagai sokongan. Sdr.Nordin Kardi dan Sdr. Ibrahim Abu Shah sudah tentu punya idea bagaimana.

affendi hussain said...

Whatever lah..syok sendiri saja!

Even we got involved in world hi-techno mumbo jumbo yuppies automobile race, the fact will still remain that majority of our citizen can't afford to change their automobile every 5 yrs like the EU & Japan...

RON 95 = RON 92 + extra additive? I thought at the paces we're going with this F1 thingy, our car should be using something like RON 99 instead!

Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan..
F1 forward, rakyat backward?

At this rate, maybe we can just use kereta lembu or basikal as a replacement to our car and to reduce dependency on unreliable public transport.

F1 is the platform for high end car makers like Ferrari, McLaren-Merdes and European masterpiece to test their technologies..
So what's the drift for our national car?
Bonus question: Do majority Malaysian bother about high-end car when they're struggling to meet their economy needs and can't even afford to throw a few hundred RM for a moment to watch fast cars that can't even be captured with cheap digital camera?

So, what's the beef with all this?
Jawablah wahai pemimpin 1Malaysia.

Why our leader-supremo too obsessed with the no.1?
H1W1 haunting him?

What standard are we following actually..?
Dasar pandang ke Timur?
Dasar pandang ke Barat?
Dasar pandang ke Kubur?

Kiri kanan tepi tengah atas bawah..
Leher teleng kepala pusing terus rebah..

Nak ikut, ikutlah semua..jangan buat macam standard ciptaan pemimpin2 Malaysia..
Pakai kot & necktie, bawah bersarung dan bercapal..jelik!

mcm biasa lah... "tarak logic & sense" bila dikaitakan dengan yang "utama" dan yang "dahulu".. pirrah..!

Ingat peribahasa Melayu.."ukur baju dibadan sendiri"..bukan badan Mat Saleh..


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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).