Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Please, Samy Vellu Needs TLC

A Kadir Jasin

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SINCE the time the MIC President, S Samy Vellu, made the allegation that the people were fed-up with BN and not with him, a number of developments had taken place.

His team won the MIC party election and one delegates had apparently proposed that the former Prime Minster, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, be garlanded with slippers for his unfavourable comments on Samy Vellu.

After receiving condemnation for the insult on Dr Mahathir, Samy Vellu announced immediate suspension of the delegate who made the proposal. Phew, what a cuci tangan!

Just before the news of the suspension was relayed by The Star SMS service, several bloggers had apparently taken a stand to demand that the MIC be “kicked out of BN.”

I would like to differ from them. Kicking the MIC out of BN is not one of the uses I have in mind for my foot. That would probably be an insult to my foot. I would spare my foot for more useful and beneficial purposes.

Instead I would prefer to humour Samy Vellu and his disciples. If they think they are popular with the people and BN is but a liability, they should do the honourable thing – leave BN.

There is not even the point and the necessity for Samy Vellu to suspend the slipper provocateur. After all he could have come up with the idea after himself being provoked by Samy Vellu’s strident response to Dr Mahathir.

The delegate could have made the proposal thinking that it would please Samy Vellu very much.
You know how party delagates are -- shine the apple.

As for the former Prime Minister, I don't think he wants MIC to be kicked out of BN. Dr Mahathir knows Samy Vellu better than any of us, having been his keeper for 22 years. When he was the boss, Samy Vellu sang praises. Biasalah!

Samy Vellu is such a crybaby, that on the slightest provocation, he would run to Dr Mahathir to complain.

But you can’t also blame Samy Vellu. Being up there as MIC prez for 30 years – beating the records of all presidents of BN political parties – can be lonely and scary. People are bound to tell you that you’ve been up there too long.

So let us not be too harsh on him. He needs TLC.


zol dabat said...

salam dato'
about dato seri samy,
i would like to spare my thoughts as i think, it would not be that different from thousands of others

about tun,
well, we may say the delegate was rude or whatsoever, but how about nazri?? how about khairy??? how about many other umno leaders or shall i say pak lah's people had condemned tun openly??? let's not spare this people as well. we know how harsh nazri was against tun. he even challenge tun to quit umno.

of course all of us love tun
however, we must not allow this trend to spread in BN. let the senior leaders decide and solve the tension among themselves while "budak-budak kanyaq" like the suspended delegate should respect the elderly. we should know how to distinguish between being critical and being rude......

Aloya said...

Bak kata Tun 'Dah lama dah'..Pigi dah Samy Volu!!!

donplaypuks® said...

TLC - Tender Loving Curry! Lol!

In the end, it won't matter to most Indians whether MIC remains
in BN or not or if Samy is booted out or not.

Most will never vote for MIC ever again! MIC is being held together by a straggling band of top-heavy 'old cocks' and delegates. Grassroot support is almost non-existent.

If BN wants to hold on to a non-vote/non-Parliamentary seat/non-State seat earning party, good luck to it. That's really the problem PM Najib, UMNO and BN have to grapple with.

And the way things are going, it looks like MCA will also have to take a serious look at itself and where it's going, because it's fast becoming, if not actually already, a liability to BN!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

saji said...

Salam Dato'

Saya rasa sudah tiba masanya DSN/UMNO mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap Samy Vellu dengan membuka semula fail siasatan Projek Pembinaan Jejambat MRR2 di Kepong yang retak itu.

Ritznest said...

Salam Datuk,
Dah sampai masa nya,DUN majoriti orang Melayu diambil balik dari diwakili oleh calun MICkey mouse ini.

Paksooyon said...

Again Dato', its time-wasting to comment on this topic. Put on your thinking cap and search for a brighter spot to highlight.

Bye, bye.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

For once I would disagree with you because I would not save my foot to give such a person a "KITP".

I could agree for a TLC be given to an old boat of a potentially good use, but in this case, it is not entirely about the "boat", it's the old rusty Captain.

Give the Captain a TLC, the boat will sink.

Azman Mohd Isa

wishediwaswrong said...

Sammy had said it. Voters rejectd the rest of BN, not Samy. Who's Mahathir, who voluntarly made way for younger leaders at the pinnacle of his illustrious political career, to ask Samy to emulate him?

Sammy's loved by Malaysians. Make him President of BN. Make him life President of the Republic of Malaysia. He does not need tender loving care. He's got it in abundance as he often showered it on the likes of S.Subramaniam.

labu said...

I wonder where is Menteri 'Amaran' in this issue. Tgh bagi amaran lagi?

' Kerrajaeen tidak sekali2 teragak2 mengambil tindakan bla bla bla.....'
Dah berapa puluh kali da dia cakap macam tu.

Exactly the same line.

Why dont he say this 'I'll give sami a bloody nose'.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

TLC or tender loving care is a medical term which is very popular in palliative treatment. It means to make sure that patient will get the best nursing care before die. So Dato’, are you referring to this abbreviation?

The other TLC is the total lymphocyte count. Our blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, coagulation profiles and so on. And our white blood cells can be divided into more specific cells, which are neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, basophils and monocyte. The lymphocyte cell can further subdivide into B cell and T cell. As everybody knows, B cell is important in the antibody productions and the T cell is important as a regulatory mechanism to stimulate B cell to produce specific antibodies.

We can use the antigen marker on the surface of each cell, which is called cluster of differentiation (CD) to differentiate the cells. For example, CD 4 is specifically for T helper and CD 8 is specifically for T suppresser. With the latest technologies, we also can differentiate between normal cell and abnormal cell. For example, by using immunophenotyping, positive CD 13 and 33 markers are specifically for Acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) where else in ALL; CD 3,5,7 will be positive in T lineage and for the B lineage, the CD 19,20,22 will be positive.

TLC is also stands for total lung capacity. We can calculate the TLC indirectly by using lung function test where we will measure the vital capacity (VC). Unfortunately, the reserve volume will be left unmeasured. By calculating the lung function test, we may differentiate between obstructive lung disease or restrictive lung disease to narrow down the differential diagnosis.

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ab said...

Salam Dato,

Kelihatan kerajaan malaysia dan rakyat dah macam cermin tingkap pecah seribu......

SEDIKIT sahaja lagi stimuli datang,
pasti akan berlaku dan berkecai lah segalanya...

UNTUK BINA CERMIN BARU bukan mudah...tak mungkin kecaian pecahan cermin itu dapat disatukan kembali menjadi cermin.

PADA HEMAT saya,kerajaan akan datang samada PR ataupun BN akan lagi `lemah' dari sekarang dan untuk 10-20 tahun akan datang akan tidak tentu kelulu..tiada coalation yang kuat,dan tiada satu parti pun yang kuat....


SAYA TIDAK FIKIR AKAN ADA NEW LEADERS YANG BERANI write off the present constitution..sebab takut hilang harta,duit dan pangkat serta darjat mereka...THEY COME VIA THE SAME ROUTE THEY EXPELLED THEIR PREDECESSORS...and they stay and bend all rules to maximize profits for themselves and gengs....SEBAB SEMUA TAHU KERJA MEREKA PARTIME saja...

KALAU SAYA BETUL akan ramai CEOS,board members,DGs,KSUs, dan lain-lain akan dapat benefits sebelum next PRU...farewell gifts!.
NEXT GOVERNMENT will relocate them
all and replaces their posts with `friendlier' new officer to `deliver' new goodies to them all and gengs....

AS FOR THE rakyat?...nasib kamu orang lee..pandai-pandai korang lee kalau nak hidup...!

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Old Fart said...

Sounds more like a conspiracy to make sure Samy stays on and on and on. The longer he stays the worse it is for the Indians. Only anyone who could not be bothered about the state of Malaysian Indians or maybe prefers to see Indians remain where they are would want TLC for Samy!!

Ah well, I guess you have tried and many have tried saying it in many different ways, but that thick skinned Velu just does not get it! I am just trying out this new spin to see if it would work!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is just a plain and simple case of excessive tit for tat respond by a hypocritical person and its party who conceived that 'agree to disagree' has been one of a good concept that anyone shall subscribed to within the context a democracy but in reality the practice is actually the opposite: "disagree to agree." In spite of giving a just and fair reaction against any comments made to them, they brutally punished the messenger.

Dua Sen

Wong Pencen said...

"...they should do the honourable thing – leave BN."

A piece of advice, good but will fall on deaf ears. Samy Velllu + honourable, the two does not sound right when spoken in one breath.

As long as he heads MIC, don't expect anything honourable.If he is the honourable type, he would have been out of Malaysian political scene a long, long time ago.

Roti Planta said...


Mungkin jika ahli sejarah boleh selidiki dan menjelaskan asal usul tokoh-tokoh politik negara kita. Kita mulakan dengan DS Samy. Saya jangkakan datuk nenek beliau berasal daripada keturunan raja atau dewa. Ini berdasarkan sikap 'raja' dan 'dewa' yang ada pada beliau sehingga tidak boleh disentuh oleh masyarakat India apatah lagi Melayu.

Sifat 'raja' tu pula kalau dibaca terbalik maka akan jadi kurang 'ajar'


Shah said...

Dear DAKJ,
I believe you must have heard the joke about Samy Vellu that went around amongst top government officials in the 1970's. It seems to have been reported that Tan Sri G. Rama Iyer who was then the Director General of the General Planning Unit of the Prime Minister's Department was supposed to be promoted to the post of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Works of which Samy Vellu was the Minister.Rama Iyer declined the offer of promotion transfer.People were perplexed as to why he declined. So some close friends of Rama Iyer went to see him to find out. So what did Rama Iyer told them. He said " You see, if I go to the Works Ministry I will be working under Samy Vellu.I will have to shake his hands everyday. How can I shake his hands?. He is not only of lower caste than me ( Rama Iyer belongs to the Brahmin class) but he is also half value". That is Samy for you. This is a self centred politician who thinks the Malaysian Indian world revolves around him before, now and forever.He does not believe that most Malaysian Indians have moved away from him and his MIC cohorts.He belongs to that category of political leaders who have reached the pinnacle of their political life but refused to climb down when their days are numbered believing that the mass still support them, just like Sukarno, Nkrumah and Marcos.

cmk said...

Salam Dato'

Apakah perlu untuk mengarak kepala lembu ke halaman rumah Samy Vellu selepas ini...?

Anonymous said...

Toddy Laced Curry...i think...and don't waste time with MIC lah...buang..buang..throw them out now!


kluangman said...

Percayalah Dato' - semua calon MIC akan menang di pilihanraya akan datang jika mereka dibenarkan bertanding atas tiket dan lambang MIC. Itulah yang dimaksudkan oleh Samy No Value.

Samy Value tidak banyak beza dengan perwakilan yang mencadangkan 'selipar' tersebut - mereka guna akal lembu !!!

Pada penyokong Che Det, tiada lagi undi untuk calon India walaupun dia dari BN.

atanjamilselamat said...

MIC has been bashed for remarks made by a delegate. UMNO respond however is not helping. MIC with its own dignity can't be pressured to do things by another party. UMNO should let MIC deals with its member their own way.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Dato', it is about one personality more than the party. It is the human faces that make the party. You can call any parties by any names that you wish but at the end of the day one cannot fault BN, MIC or UMNO but the people who represent the parties.

As in MIC case, Dato' Seri Samy Vellu's face has become a liability to the party. Consequently, it eroded Indian supports in BN. As simple as that.

The same can be said of the other partners in the coalition.

Tan Sri Khir Toyo and Tan Sri Isa Samad have become liability in UMNO and it is high time UMNO removed them or else the backlash could be felt throughout BN not just in UMNO.

One must not overstay his welcome. When it is time for one to leave, he must leave even if it takes the rest to push him to leave. Or else everyone will suffer in the long run.

Think Pak Lah for a moment and you would get my point.

There is nothing wrong with UMNO but the members who make up of it are mostly arrogant and greedy lot.

Yours truly,

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...


I read in the papers today T Moham , MIC youth chief wants Umno to act on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his comments on Samy Vellu.

But how can Umno act on Tun Datuk when Umno has yet to accept Tun's application to rejoin the party.


Anonymous said...


Samy Vellu tak mau pencen sebab dia takut orang yang ganti dia nanti akan buka fail-fail sulit dan rahsia cilok mencilok dia.

Kita tengok la apa jadi pada Dr.Mahathir. Masa jadi PM, semua orang puji, semua orang sayang. Tapi bila dah pencen.... orang yang puji, orang yang sayang tu jugak yang tikam dia balik.



Tok Kadiaq,

Certain cultures are very emotional in their approach.THAT ARE WHAT THEY ARE!

Once,my neighbour was a wealthy couple,both UK trained lawyer and doctor.

The husband was the MGR Tamil Nadu type(plus bigger beer belly) but the wife was like Kareena Kapoor Kashmir type.So damned pretty.

I was greened with envy until one day the husband kind of unstable and drunk with 'ayoyo'and stuff came to me telling his wife had committed suicide.

I was shocked,how could that happen!He kept on mumblying she was to emotional and blaming others for
telling his wife about his girlfriend.

Not long after,the husband died of heart attacked.



affendi hussain said...

It must be really pathetic to have to live with antics coming from an 'antique'..

Get a life Samy Velu..BN , MIC and your own people do not revolve around you..

Ahoy! the Captain is sinking down his ship..save yourselves or die with this captain.. make your choice fellow malaysian indian..

for such a relatively small population, malaysian indian definitely have so many choices to make when it come to politics..must be really tought..
they're in deeper dilemma compared to the malays..

I hope majority of them are wise enough not to blindly follow based on popularity influence apart from fear & favour and start trigger happy shooting people outside their ring..the consequences might be disastrous for them if the others who already had enough start to retaliate in a similar provocative manner that will sum up to a colleteral damage..

Do you know your enemy? Do you know your enemies? Your real enemy is probably within..

we're counting on you fellow malaysian indian..pls topple down these pre-historic monument, a symbol of your people misery..


langit biru said...


Sistem Perwakilan ke Persidangan Agung, Sistem Perbahasan Perwakilan ke Persidangan Agung DAN Sistem PEMILIHAN dalam Persidangan Agung dalam komponen BN, seperti UMNO,MCA,MIC dll adalah sama atau lebih kurang sama. ACUAN SAMA. SAMA ACUAN.

Dipendekkan penjelasan, semua mengikut siapa yang BERKUASA pada masa itu, dan semuanya berlumba-lumba "mengikut arus", berakit-rakit yang sama, atau berpayung-payungan yang sama dengan Sang Berkuasa. TIADA siapa yang berani cakap apa lagi bahas menentang arus. Sedang majoriti perwakilan ini pula harap-harap kepentingan depa tak diancam, harap-harap depa lebih untung. Maka segala keputusan sudah digarap lebih awal.

Demi kepentingan masing-masing yang dipayungi oleh rangkaian Sang Berkuasa, tiada siapa berani bercakap benar, apalagi mahu membantah.


Dan demi Sang Berkuasa ingin mengekalkan kekuasanya, sanggup ubah dasar parti HATTA Perlembagaan parti, HATTA mengenepikan KUASA RAJA-RAJA MELAYU.

Jadi, apa bezanya Samy Vellu dengan Mahathir pada zaman kemuncaknya?

Mungkin Tun Dr. Mahathir sudah lupa....

Samy ikut corak


Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Datuk KJ,

I don't think samy vellu needs TLC as he already got his PHD (permanent head damage!)I also heard from my Indian friends from India, samy is also not wanted in India.

I suggest that samy at his prime age of 70s, should retire willingly and give up Indian politics as he is no longer wanted by his community.(ONLY MIC AND HIS WARLORDS ARE PROTECTING HIM NOW)

Malaysian Indian politics is more complicated than the Malay and Chinese political games in this country. Indian politics is spicy hot-hot with capati-tosai mixed. Malay politics is rojak, hot and spicy due to the contents of santan lemak,cilli padi/belacan. Chinese politics is politically juicy depending on "feng-shui" of their leaders in presidential power.

In this holy month of Ramadhan, we pray that all politicians from the political divide, should return to sanity and stop playing politics of hate and lies, in order to protect their own glory of politic

The majority of them had been neglecting their duties as the people's representatives with empty promises, only good and worthy during their election campaigns.They will sing the same old tunes repeatedly, with different lyrics, melodies and loads of Vitamin M in order to get the support of the people.

God bless Malaysia and hopefully our politicians will now change themselves for the better, before the people chase them out from their constituencies in the next 13th PRU.

Samy Vellu should sleep on softer pillows and think carefully what do you inspired to be in your next life. MIC President Forever or the glory of dying in office? Poor friend of mine!

Anonymous said...

Salam DAKJ,

Setidak-tidaknya isu yang melingkari Sami Vellu dari sudut sejarah adalah satu catatan tersendiri dalam konteks politik negara dan atas sebab itu ia akan terus mengundang ruang debat dan diskusi. Begitu juga isu meletakkan kalungan selipar buat potret mantan PM hanya mendedahkan betapa berubah-ubahnya nilai ambang toleransi dalam kalangan sesama insan.

Oleh itu untuk memastikan toleransi terus bertakhta di hati setiap insan maka perlulah ada titik imbangan antara perkara yang perlu dipendam dan perkara yang perlu diluahkan. Kalau sesuatu perkara itu terlalu banyak yang dipendam akhirnya ia akan termuntah dengan sendirinya dan kalau terlalu banyak yang di hamburkan secara berterusan ia akan menyukarkan usaha untuk membina sebuah ikatan yang padu dalam kalangan sesama insan.

Dilihat secara luaran dan secara kasar, dua bentuk kelakuan dalam MIC tersebut memperlihatkan bagaimana sukarnya untuk berkongsi sebuah 'rumah' dengan puak berlainan ragam dan citarasa tanpa masing-masing puak membuangkan sikap prejudis dan pentingkan diri sendiri. Apapun kredit harus diberikan kepada BN kerana telah berjaya mempertahankan kerukunan dan kedamaian dalam 'rumah' yang telah berusia lebih 1/2 abad. Hakikatnya tidak ramai yang dapat bertahan selama itu!

Dalam konteks yang sama, BN tidak boleh dibandingkan dengan lawan mereka (PR) yang baru saja berura-ura mahu membina sebuah 'teratak' untuk menaungi komponen yang ada. Setakat ini PR masih belum membuat kata putus dan oleh itu mereka belum ada ikatan rasmi (belum ada yang termetrai). mesti ada sebabnya dan sudah tentu mereka juga sedia maklum tentang hakikat ini: 'senang membina, sukar bertahan'. Justeru, bukanah satu yang istimewa kalau setiap komponen PR dilihat begitu selesa dan seolah-olah bebas masalah terutama dari segi komunikasi antara satu sama lain kerana seperti lazimnya keadaan tersebut adalah disumbangkan oleh faktor berikut: 'bagi sesuatu yang baru, biasanya ia akan sentiasa diselubungi rasa kesegaran dan keterujaan.' Secara ringkasnya, semuanya manis, molok dan molek belaka.

Apa pun semua itu hanyalah permulaan buat PR dan kita hanya dapat meramalkan kesudahan mereka adalah tidak jauh larinya dari apa yang dilalui oleh BN. Cumanya, persoalan tentang berapa lamakah mereka (PR) dapat mengekalkan keceriaan tersebut adalah diluar kemampuan ramalan banyak pihak! Namun, kalaulah cerita yang sering kedengaran tentang rumahtangga yang dibina tetapi tidak semena-mena dilanda badai hingga sampai ke titik noktah (iaitu sebelum sempatpun 'sijil pengesahan layak mendudukinya' dikeluarkan) yang dijadikan petunjuk, makanya riwayat PR adalah juga di kira dalam bilangan bulan dan lebih-lebih pun dalam kiraan tahun saja!

Kesimpulannya: secara harfiahnya perjalanan hidup manusia kalau dicampur dan ditolak masih tetap sama dan setiap satunya adalah merupakan sebahagian daripada corak yang membentuk warna-warni kehidupan yang bersifat sementara.

Sekian dan semoga Tuhan memberikan ruang dan peluang untuk Dato' dan para pelawat ke blog ini menyempurnakan ibadah berpuasa yang berbaki sedikit saja lagi ini dan lebih dari itu agar kita mendapat petunjuk dan diketemukan dengan manfaat malam Lailatul Qadar. Amin.


Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Great piece of writing...lol

Anonymous said...

This apology to Tun has been blown out of propotion in that it looks like "kachang goreng" compared to the other incidences where an apology was indeed required!!!! But in Malaysia and only in Malaysia, we have this called "selective apologies" which are given "prime" coverage!!!!

Sad indeed that MIC (no thanks to Samy Velu) is made into a international scapegoat by the majority in this country!!!!!! (no racism intended!)!!!!!


rocky said...

agree dakj, lets see MIC outside BN. samy if jantan you do it! show that you can survive on your own since you claim you are loved and popular and BN is the one who caused you the damage

Bersuara said...

I love Samy. He adds humor to the political arena as long as he do not speak in Tamil. If he talks Tamil, the lion will feel sorry that he had met Samy.
If he retire he will still be a good subject to learn Leadership from.
If all Indians are like Samy, Malaysia will be better than what she is today.
Why BN lost is because of Samy. He fails to convert the Indians community to be like him.
I pray that Samy will be given strength to do whatever he has been promising the Indians community for more than 30 years and stop the Indians wondering whether any of his vision has been achieved.
Kasi sama dia lagi dan lagi...jadi ketua.

Bekas Tentera said...


Saya tidak begitu terkejut dengan penghinaan seorang Timbalan Ketua Bahagian MIC ini. Apatah lagi Samy Velu sendiri mendakwa Tun Mahathir tidak berbuat apa-apa untuk kaum India(lebih kurang begitulah).

Tapi saya cukup terkejut apabila orang-orang Melayu sendiri menghina Tun M (termasuk orang-orang UMNO sendiri) sedangkan orang-orang Melayu mendapat pelbagai faedah hinggakan menimbulkan kemarahan bukan Melayu.

Kata-kata penghinaan seperti Mahafiraun dan Mahazalim tu siapa yang reka. Bukannya kaum India atau MIC tetapi Melayu.

I think Tun Mahathir's only crime was that he failed to make every single Malay a millionaire.

saji said...

Sdr Bekas Tentera

Tidak perlu TDM menjadikan setiap Melayu jutaaaaaaaaawan. Cuuuuuuukup jika di zaman beliau, beliau tidak menyekat kesemua pelajar Melayu berhak diberikan biasiawa!

pencetus stratigic vision said...

YBhg Dato.


Politik negara amnya dan politik BN khasnya sungguh mencabar masakini.Bayangkan diantara sebab kekalahan BN adalah kalahnya ramai calun MIC ,MCA dan Gerakan pada pilihan raya lepas. Sementara YAB PM berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mendapat kembali sokongan kaum India dengan mengwujudkan dasar 1 Malaysia terdapat cadangan supaya MIC keluar dari BN.Sungguh memeningkan.

Betulkah apabila DSSamy Velu pencen saja dari menjadi Presiden MIC party tersebut dengan serta merta akan menjadi kukuh kembali dan memberi kemenangan kepada BN. Tidakkah teori yang sama diutarakan,iaitu, sebaik sahaja Pak Lah meletak jawatan Presiden UMNO ,gandingan DSNTAR dan TSMahyuddin akan membawa kejayaan kepada UMNO dan BN. Sehingga ini bukan satu bahkan tujuh pilihan raya kecil yang telah diadakan tidak memehak kepada BN.

Selagi komponen BN tidak bersatu hati dan dengan segera berusaha memenang hati rakyat dengan tidak melibatkan diri dalam perkara-perkara yang jelek dipandang rakyat sukar untuk BN untuk meningkatkan prestasinya.Saya masih dengan pendapat saya semua yang terlibat agar mengambil cuti dan memikirkan sedalam-dalamnya bagaimana untuk mengwujudkan setiakawan yang sejati dimana rakyat merasa "comfortable" dengan gagasan tersebut.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain
Petaling Jaya

kudalari said...

mic and the indians have not been thankful to the malays - not that the malays want them to say thank you always. Phrases like 'busuk
hati ' uttered by sothi'pun###nathan were painful to me. Just because the indian as
a community have many lawyers
many bad things done by the indian [bad guys] were swept under the carpet.

Consider these cases.
1. A traffic policeman was issuing a summon to a motorcylist in klang some years ago. What happened - his gang
chased the poor policeman and were trying to give the poor guy a hiding. Result: no reported case. Presumably Big
broader samy had a talk with
the police chief then.

2. In the Taman Medan case - the Indians created the brouhaha. At the courts -all the malay partipants 'happily'
went to jail thanks to the 'wanita umno-desired incompetent AG ' some Anum woman.And wonder what all the indian were free and whatmore
were rewarded with money and
housing thanks to the kind tun M.

My take on this issue is- the malay electorate is watching
very closely all the developments. Tne top party
leadership can put any indian
in any of the malay majority
constituencies- but do not expect the malays to vote for them as seen in the pru12. The malays are not racist but merely had enough of the
antics of the MIC candidates.

My recommendation to the PM is
to always use mic candidates -
as a perpetual reserve just like the subs in the epl footbal game- never to be used!

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).