Wednesday, April 13, 2016

IPIC Statement: Who is Telling the Truth?

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, 15 April - Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir yesterday admitted that the donation to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was indeed from his country.

“We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return. We are also fully aware that the Attorney-General of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing.

“So, as far as we are concerned, the matter is closed,” he told Malaysian reporters here on Thursday.

Earlier, Adel held a bilateral meeting with Najib on the sidelines of the 13th Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. (More here)


THANK you to debaters who had pre-empted me on the damning statement by International Petroleum Investment Company PJSC ("IPIC") on April 11 to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) concerning the activities of 1Malaysia Development Berhad ("1MDB").

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In the nutshell, it told the London bourse that neither it nor its subsidiary, Aabar Investments PJS ("Aabar") had anything to do with an entity called "Aabar Investments PJS Limited" ("Aabar BVI").

IPIC further said that from publicly available records Aabar BVI was shown to be a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and which was wound up and dissolved in June 2015.

Following is the full statement:

Mon, 11th Apr 2016 08:50

RNS Number: 7586U
11 April 2016

Statement Re Press Comment

International Petroleum Investment Company PJSC ("IPIC") and its subsidiary, Aabar Investments PJS ("Aabar"), both incorporated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi under Abu Dhabi and UAE Law, refer to recent media reports concerning the activities of 1Malaysia Development Berhad ("1MDB"). 
In particular, such reports comment that substantial payments have been made by entities within the 1MDB group to an entity called "Aabar Investments PJS Limited" ("Aabar BVI"), which IPIC and Aabar understand, from publicly available records, to be a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and which was wound up and dissolved in June 2015.

Both IPIC and Aabar confirm that Aabar BVI was not an entity within either corporate group.  Further, both IPIC and Aabar confirm that neither has received any payments from Aabar BVI nor has IPIC or Aabar assumed any liabilities on behalf of Aabar BVI. 

IPIC and Aabar's confirmation is reflected in each relevant accounting period by the audited financial statements of the IPIC Group. IPIC Group accounts are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and, for the relevant periods, have been audited by Ernst & Young. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority reviews the IPIC Group accounts in each year as well as the audit of such accounts. 
IPIC Group accounts are published annually and are filed with the London Stock Exchange.  

This information is provided by RNS, the company news service from the London Stock Exchange


The people at 1MDB had all along claimed or given the impression that Aabar BVI was part of the IPIC-Aabar conglomerate. Through a series of joint ventures, capital raising exercises and global money transfers involving 1MDB, billions of dollars had funneled to this copycat offshore company believed to be controlled by Mohd Najib’s associate Jho Low.

Another of Jlo Low’s company is Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited, which mimics the New York Stock Exchange-listed Blackstone Group.

Copycat Does Not Have Nine Lives

Those who had followed the court case in Kuala Lumpur back in 2000’s about McDonald vs McCurry would understand this copycat trickery more easily.

Since a lot had been said about the IPIC statement, I would only like to add by asking the following questions:

1.Would IPIC openly lie to the LSE, its shareholders and the regulatory authorities in the United Kingdom and around the world via the above statement?

2.Who are more likely to tell a lie – the LSE-listed IPIC or the unlisted 1MDB and hoping to get away?

3.If 1MDB is truthful and has nothing to hide, why is it hiding Jho Low and other “fugitives” from Malaysian investigators?

4.Which do we trust more – IPIC’s letter to the LSE and broadcasted worldwide or a 2011-letter purportedly from an “Arab prince” that surfaced out of the blue a few says ago?

5.Why should the Auditor General’s report on 1MDB’s accounts be placed under Official Secrets Act if there’s nothing to hide?

The IPIC’s LSE statement should be read together with the letter from the mysterious “Arab Prince” and the recently issued report of the Public Account Committee (PAC).

The PAC report, though cautiously worded to avoid implicating the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, directly is sufficiently damning.

No learned person believes the boy who cried wolf anymore.

And to make matters worse for 1MDB and Mohd Najib, investigators from many countries are collaborating with each other to make their cases against them watertight.



Othman Ahmad said...

The Legacy how they have gone down in history & will be remembered at all times.
Legasi tercatat dalam sejarah yg akan dikenang sepanjang zaman.

Lee Kuan Yew:
Made Spore from 3rd World Country to 1st Word Class Nation.

Tun Mahathir
Progressed forward & Transformed Malaysia from 3rd Word Country to be on par with Spore.

Rosmah & Najib:
Their bullshittings leaped backward to Deform Malaysia into the Worst 3rd World Country.

Malaysia is now 3rd World Country with Third World Institutions, such as the police, anti corruption agency, attorney general chambers, parliament, universities & local govts.

Shadow _pro said...

salam Dato
Najib dah makin terburai skrg.
org kedah cakap kalau setakat terkoyak tu boleh la tampal lagi. tapi klau dah terboqai susah la sbb nanti boleh bertaboq segala benda..

Mali Muyung said...

Dear Datuk,
What type of a person is Najib made of? Why is he so thick skin?
I remember a Sporean Minister who commited suicide to escape investigations.
As a parent, I feel for his mother's feeling. She must b feeling terrible.
Just an opinion. Tq

PutraKraken said...

Salam Datuk

1MDB is a scam.
The power that be in Article 117...he is part of the scam and he himself is being scammed by the "Prince of Arabia". USD 7 billion unverified in 1MDB!...follow the money....just follow the money and surely it will end somewhere....

Niat ingsun moto kaji...Semar ngiseng!..
The treasure cave will open for everyone to see!...

The PAC's such a flimsy document without in depth investigations. It raised more questions than answers. The hansard open a lot of revelations but were left hanging without follow through actions. As a result the report was not conclusive and only targeted certain individual as a scapegoat.

How about the AG Report which is still being OSAed?...Why must it be kept a secret? And since when did AG Report being classified as a Secret Document?...Does it contain data or facts that will endanger the nation if exposed thus it must be kept a secret?...Or it exposes data and facts that is so damning to Najib?..It must be...because all other AG Report were never treated as such...only this report on 1MDB...the sacred scam of the nation.

USD 7 billions...
Kemana kau menghilang?...
Jejak mu pasti terungkai akhirnya...

roslan othman said...

Its seem getting worst than,after this I am sure more rotten will arise,however if IPIC and Abbar were not the company that involved with 1MDB,so where did the money had gone,well najib nightmare began.

Mohd Sufian said...

PSC MAN lied.

Daniel Noor said...

Salam Datuk,

With this latest news, I hope UMNO members can now decide to not only bring down Najib but to bring him to face justice.

Remember this is the Rakyat' money that he has been taking all these years.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Tok.. Salam saya rasa

The end is near..

Moga allah lindungi kita semua AMIN

JMS said...


There are still toads trapped under their coconut shells.

Pity them? No. Let them suffer their own follies.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

A comment seen online:

"Modus Operandi najib untuk mencuri wang 1MDB amat mudah. Hanya pemakan dedak yang buat tak faham dan ahli UMNO yang tolol memang tak faham.

1. Tubuh syarikat pelaburan dengan modal berbayar RM1 juta

2. Buat hutang RM42 bilion melalui jualan bon dengan jaminan kerajaan

3. Hasil jualan bon RM42 bilion dihantar kepada syarikat-syarikat yang dikawal oleh jho low

4. Kutip hasil curi, kongsi dengan jho low, pergi shopping beli berlian, Birkin, hartanah,buat filem Hollywood, etc.

5. Beli dedak suap kepada Tan Sri AG, Tan Sri IGP, Tan Sri MACC, Tan Sri BNM, Tan Sri KSN untuk tutup mulut dan baki bagi Ketua2 Bahagian UMNO untuk dapat sokongan

6. Happy ending"

Whoever posted this has come uncomfortably close to the truth.

The inner circle are promoting the silly idea that Najib just signed blindly anything placed in front of him, without reading it.

Did he & family also accept the money that flowed via Aabar and Blackstone (now looking like billions) "blindly"?

Can a man sign credit card bills "blindly"?

Can a man receive 2.6 billion and 42 million "blindly"?

I think the inner circle are treating the rakyat as idiots.

We are not that stupid.

Ahmad Awi said...

Start signing the citizen declaration.....

jamil said...

Aabar BVI dah gulung tikar tahun lepas. Siapa dapat duit bilion bilion yang didermakan olih 1MDB

Zalman A said...

Mohd Hafarizam Harun, who is one of Prime Minister's Najib Abdul Razak's lawyers, has just revealed breathtaking ignorance of the law.

He is quoted as saying:

"The first issue you should look at is whether they have jurisdiction to take action against a prime minister of Malaysia, who is a Malaysian citizen and not the citizen of Switzerland, Germany or even the US.

"So can you (foreign investigators) extend your extra-territorial jurisdiction outside your country and bind a non-citizen?" he asked, according to Channel News Asia today.

Yes, Hafarizam - it's called "extradition".

No wonder the issuance of legal letters of demand in atrocious English is the best that Najib can throw at the WSJ.

Incidentally, the wife and relatives of a PM have zero claimable immunity from arrest or being sought by Interpol. Nor do executives of national wealth (or debt?) funds.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I am sensing that PM Najib is planning to claim innocence over the whole 1MDB fiasco; that he himself is a victim of the epic swindle.

One is either exceedingly smart or downright dumb to allow a business to be RM50 billion in debt. Whether the money is lost, missing, vanished or unaccounted for, is mere semantics. Words. Words. Words.

Bottom line, it was a clear case of mismanagement.

Allow me to clarify further :

Smart - if you actually have the money stashed somewhere secret for your own use

Dumb - if you unknowingly allowed other people to stash the money somewhere secret for their own use

But either way you are STILL responsible because it is YOUR company. Smart or dumb, effective or incompetent, they are your responsibilities not anyone else's.

Nevertheless, lets try to give him the benefit of a doubt and consider if he is honestly just a victim. Would an innocent victim act the same way the past one year as what the PM did? Would he remove and replace key executives in the government? Would he derail and delay investigations like the PAC by moving MPs out of it?

Would an innocent person suddenly, out of the blue, realized that he had been duped even when exposé after exposé have been reported and denied for more than one year?

It is simply out of character for the PM to play the innocent victim role.

I hope the spin doctors will not take this silly route and lie to the rakyat again.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ and Debaters.

"And to make matters worse for 1MDB and Mohd Najib, investigators from many countries are collaborating with each other to make their cases against them watertight."

I guess, "them" that Dato referred to, must be all those photographed on a luxury yacht with Najib and his family.

I took this from OSTB.

"Plus Shahrol still works for the PM. At Pemandu. He has not been suspended from his job or anything. My view is nothing will happen. This is getting to be beyond ridiculous."

No wonder the ex-Mushyidul Am of TIBAI said the PAC Report was 'Kertas tissue jamban'.
Jho Low was not even called for investigation.

During the Scorpene purchase, Najib's middleman aka close-associate was Razak Baginda. In 1MDB's scandal, its Jho Low and he was there on that Luxury Yacht with Najib and family. And if Jho Low was not called by PAC, the report made, sure become Jamban-tissue-paper.

Tara ku cha cha said...

Sum up in smoke with Aabar bvi $3.51 billion.

Interestingly Aabar bvi wound up June 2015 - wasn't that at about the same time this 1mdb mess initially hit our headlines?

So basically the $3.51 billion is as good as gone, i.e. as good as the whole citizenery of bolehland picking up the bill.

I'd supposed Arul Kanda's busy packing his office things, hopefully he'll do a big favour to all bolehlanders of stopping at the nearest police station to do the obvious and the most honourable service to the nation by filing a police report on his way out.

tebing tinggi said...

Sehari sehelai daun ,lama-lama tersingkap juga tahi yang tersorok dibawahnya .

Mat Utara said...


Saya rasa ini giler punya keja....Sekali lagi budak suruhan, Shahrol jadi kambing hitam..Apa punya politik Umno jenis ini...

Tak terpikir pengasas Umno zaman dulu-dulu yang Pemimpin umno yang akan datang, iaitu kurun ke21 ini begitu haprak...Sanggup bunuh dan tuduh begitu rupa pada orang yang hanya mengikut perintah.

Ini memang politik luar dari tabii...dan saya berdoa semoga Allah dapat bimbingkan kita dari kemelut jijik yang begitu rupa....

Saya ingat cara politik Si Anwar tu dah teruk dah...Ini memang 100 kali teruk...Hidup nak senangkan diri dan keluarganya saja....Nak pelepaih diri dan tak pikir nasib orang lain..Langsung tak kenal halal dan haram lagi...

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Sorat habag Thailand, the Nation, tulih orang malaya (urban, middle class), semakin letih ( 'fatigue' ) atau bosan dgn situasi politik semasa. Di Indonesia pulak, depa ada satu 'gejala' yg depa sebut sinetron, siri drama yg ada 'story line' yg mudah dan mendatag, tapi pada hampiag setiap episod ada depa kata " cliffhanger", yg buat penonton atau pengemag dlm keadaan 'suspense'. Ataih dasag tu, lama kelamaan, penonton jadi macam ketagih atau 'addicted'.

Aku rasa laa, kenyataan International Petroleum Investment (IPIC) pada bursa saham London yg dia takdak kena mengena dgn Imdb macam satu lagi 'cliffhanger' dlm drama bersiri atau sinetron ini, yg pelakon utamanya orang besag Malaya dan tukang kipaih dia, yg munkin masih kekai pasai duit masih 'banyak' lagi. Semakin lama sinetron ini, semakin matang rakyat Malaya, semakin bukak mata. Rakyat tanpa sedag atau dlm keadaan separoh sedag, diUniversiti kan. Dulu masa hayat almarhum Tok Guru, ada universiti 'kedua', pagi Juma'at di tengah tengah Kota Bharu.

Insya'allah, ilmu teruih menjadi asas kemajuan ma'nusia.


Buyong. said...

Kalau mengikut pendapat dari penyokong2 najib berkenaan statement dari IPIC, ianya bukanlah satu kenyataan yang merosakkan. Sebaliknya ia cuma statement yang keluar dari pengurusan baru IPIC semata2 sedangkan pengurusan lama telahpun mengeluarkan arahan untuk 'reassign' bayaran tersebut ke sebuah syarikat yg dinamakan (nominated).
Jadinya pada rekod dan sepanjang pengetahuan 1MDB, mereka telahpun melangsaikan bayaran kepada IPIC melalui arahan atau permintaan untuk 'reassignment of benefisiary' oleh Pengarah IPIC (yg lama). Ada asasnya jugak pendapat ini.

adion said...

Time to get more popcorn...

tatang ka said...

Spot on. Gd comment.

tatang ka said...

1MDB claimed that they gave full documents to Auditor General.

The question is as below.
Example. The money should be paid to Mohd Najib Tun Razak but 1MDB paid to Mohd Najib Tun Razak Ltd. Its a seperate entity.

Just imagine 1MDB have advisor,chairman,ceo n alot more.
Do you think you can insult our inteligent ? Actually you are insulting yours by trying again to confuse us between Aabar investment PJS and Aabar investment PJS Ltd (BVI)
Kalau manusia makan nasi dlm kes ini mereka betul betul makan dedak.

Waghih said...

Wow ... a big story ...

DSN is finished ....

But is it ..?

It has been almost a year those omputih have been investigating 1MDB .
And yet not one single officer here was called up for questioning .
Ohhh ... maybe they want to wait for comprehensive compilation of investigation paper before nailing DSN.

But .. from where are they going to get that investigation paper ...?
Hemmm ... maybe waiting for devine intervention ...

So .. ok .. all the best then .


joe black said...


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!....Memang Betul Orang Melayu ni Kaki Lawak!! Arul Kanda kata 1MDB sudah Kena Tipu!!!

Diperbodohkan Olih Semua Bangsa di seluruh Pelusuk Dunia (termasuk orang Jawa, Batak, Boyan dan Bugis). Sekarang Lawyer PM kata Orang Malaysia lagi pandai dari Wall Street...Heh heh Heh.

TintabHitam said...

Saperti kata Tan Sri Muhyiddin,1MDB ditubuhkan dgn tujuan utama utk menipu.


1.IF debaters and readers are interested to read Mohd Najib’s lies analyzed, please visit this address below.

2. Bloogger awangmatputeh exposed how fake “Najibnomics” is and how Mappadulung thinks he can lie to every Malaysian.

3.Sadly for him, even the rakyat in the kampongs, the Felda Schemes and the hulus are facing the fallout of his fake transformation.


Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Nor Firdaus Affendi said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk dan pembahas sekalian,

Saya tertarik untuk memberi komen tentang pendapat kem Pro-Najib seperti yang dikongsi oleh Pembahas Buyong.

1) Kita membayar RM 10 kepada seseorang. Seharusnya, kita menerima sesuatu.

2) Melainkan jika kita berhasrat untuk memberi derma. Dalam kes derma, kita memberi tanpa mahu sesuatu dari RM 10 itu.

3) 1MDB / Kerajaan Malaysia telah pun membayar RM 3.5 billion kepada Aabar BVI. Dalam hal ini, 1MDB / Kerajaan Malaysia seharusnya menerima sesuatu dari pembayaran tersebut.

4) Dalam hal ini, adakah 1MDB / Kerajaan Malaysia sudah menerima sesuatu dari pembayaran RM 3.5 billion tersebut? Be it in the form of goods, services, companies, shares, asset, whatever it is. Jika belum, apa jaminannya 1MDB / Kerajaan Malaysia akan menerima sesuatu seperti yang dipersetujui dalam perjanjian rasmi?

5) Chairman Khadem Al Qubaisi and CEO are no longer in the Aabar / IPIC top management. Whereas these are the ones who once orchestrated the whole deals on behalf of Aabar / IPIC.

6) Sekarang Aabar / IPIC sudah pun mempunyai new leadership. Persoalannya di sini, bagaimana new leadership AAbar / IPIC ingin memberi sesuatu kepada 1MDB / Kerajaan Malaysia apabila mereka sendiri tidak menerima wang RM 3.5 billion itu?

7) Jika benar Aabar / IPIC menerima wang itu, mereka boleh usahakan sesuatu sekarang to protect the rights of 1MDB / Kerajaan Malaysia. But when in the first place, they do not receive the money, what can they do now? Put ourselves in their shoes. Where to begin with?

8) As one of the debaters here claimed, now the money is as good as gone.

9) Unless miracles do happen. For some reasons, we manage to get back that RM 3.5 billion. Alhamdulillah. But for such miracle to happen, definitely we do need divine intervention.


Mat Utara said...


As Ah Jib Gor kata..."Let get on with it...Jangan pikir 1MDB lagi...sekarang ni kita kena fikir macamana nak memakmurkan negara"....Sama aje ayat digunakan oleh MB Kedah dulu,Osman Aroff, bila dia kena kencam sebab hanya memakmurkan keluarga dan kerabatnya je...Semua harta negeri kedah habis digadaikan...termasuk tanah wakaf....

Saya fikir Ah Jib Ghor cuba guna segala macama propaganda mesin yang ada dalam poketnya...dan quote semua catchy words orang besar dulu dan Holywood gunakan....Seperti, when you are being cornered...Announce as many good news as possible so a least some of the population would be distracted by it....Semalam dia dah announce pertumbuhan ekonomi negara sebanyak 5%...

Pikir..pikir..who give a damn about 5% growth when the price skyrocketed more than 10% and people hardly making a living...Ikut-ikutkan saya....saya suruh Ah Jib Gor simpan je 5% growth dalam bakul keranjang dan letakan bawah rumah saja...Tak ada guna bagitau orang ramai...Lebih banyak lagi nak pikirkan.... seperti macamana nak dapat balik wang berbillion-billion dia dah songlapkan dan boleh digunakan untuk membiayai anak-anak kita di univiersiti luar dan dalam ...

RD. said...

Bila Arul ditanya mengenai siasatan pihak-asing diluar Negara, Arul menjawab; setakat ini 1MDB belum menerima apa-apa maklum-balas atau pengesahan dari pihak asing yang dilaporkan sedang menyiasat itu.

Mungkin Arul bercakap benar. Beliau tidak dihubungi penyiasat-asing untuk mendapatkan apa-apa penjelasan. Dari 'money-trail' di Negara mereka sendiri, sudah cukup untuk kumpul bukti. Bila bukti sudah teguh dan terperinci, baru mereka akan 'tanya' Arul dan 1MDB untuk mengesahkan yang mana persepsi, reality atau penipuan.

Sebagai contoh: kalau kita tahu sesaorang itu kaki-penipu, seboleh-bolehnya, kita akan mengelak dari bersembang dengan orang itu. Lagi banyak kita mendekati seorang kaki-temberang, lagi banyak, kita akan ditipu.

Tara ku cha cha said...

Nur Firdaus Affendi..

US$3.51b = RM14b.

Galloping truth said...

Isnt the following statement correct?
At the end of June 2016, 1MDB will have to either pay IPIC ±RM18 billion or surrender assets in lieu. 1MDB is not likely to be able to satisfy that obligation. There are hardly any assets left. What is 1MDB going to do? No power assets, no land assets left?

Missing billions left and right were sent to the fake Aabar and the stupid Arool the kandasamy was already alerted in July 2015 of this situation when the real IPIC denied receipt of any monies paid by 1MDB. This is criminal negligence of the highest order when Arool kept quiet and crossed his twisted fingers hoping the truth would be buried by the War General.

Home Minister Zahid and his boys, now do your duty and hold Arool's passport in case he tries to scoot off. Shahrul's passport too for that matter.

Fraudulent said...

Tengku Razaleigh, for goodness sake get off your high horse and go read this:

Then come back and tell us whether you can still support Najib and his government.

Are you for real that you keep blindfolding yourself everytime the bandage slips and more deadly info seeps through?

Are you like Arul the CEO of 1MDB when he said OOPS, he may have been a victim of fraud (or something to this extent).

Geng Mamak said...

Arul sudah tidak ada pilihan lain lalu terpaksa mengaku berlaku penipuan. Selama ini, tidak pernah dia terfikir berlaku penipuan. Hanya sekarang selepas AG Swiss membuat kenyataan, baru Arul terbangun dan melihat kebenaran. Sebelum ini, WSJ, SR dan The Edge turut dengan lantangnya membuat kenyataan sama tetapi tidak dipedulikan sama sekali oleh Arul. Malah Arul boleh menyanggah dengan angkuhnya mengatakan yang mereka terlibat dalam konspirasi memalukan 1mdb yang diketuai oleh Najib bin Tun Razak, seorang yang mengakui dirinya Pahlawan Bugis tetapi ayahnya pula adalah tokoh Melayu yang disegani dan dihormati.

Oleh kerana AG Swiss ini hebat sangat sampai membolehkan Arul melihat kebenaran, maka kerajaan Malaysia patut mencari jalan bagaimana mereka boleh mendapatkan perkhidmatan AG Swiss ini kerana nampaknya tidak ada orang di Negara ini yang sebijak dan sepandai AG Swiss ini sampai Arul akhirnya boleh melihat dan terima kenyataan bahawa 1mdb telah tertipu, ditipu dan menipu.

You are so great Mr Swiss AG !!

Waghih said...

Kan dari dulu den kobar an ...
Jangan dokek ngan Tun M tu ...
Dah bercelaru fikiran ehh ...
Ekau masih tak nak percayo ...
Sekarang baru nak percayo ..?
Kan bingai namo tu ...!!

Poi mandi bungo .. copek.


Joey said...

There is enough evidence from SRC alone to charge Najib with corruption. Unfortunately we don't have enforcement agencies with sufficient decency to take that step - neither MACC nor AG's Chambers nor PDRM's commercial crimes bureau is prepared to take the bull by the horns and announce to the world that a crime against the rakyat has been committed. Yes, Apandi may not proceed with prosecution, but he will be forced to act if the charge is made public. At the moment, there is too much taichi from the MACC - just show the charge papers to the world, and let the world know if Apandi's failure to charge the criminal is also a crime in itself.

Buyong. said...

Statement by IPIC confirming IPIC BVI has got nothing to do with them is not really damaging unless IPIC (original) come out with legal claim to 1MDB on the supposedly payment they should receive.
However on the bigger picture, my opinion is whatever arguments they come out with to defend whatever rescue plans they are working on, it is still unable to justify the existence of business entity called 1mdb. Their business model alone is already damaging and a clear evidence of mismanagement and fraudulence at government level with regards to people's money.


1.I have always suspected that something is amiss when 1MDB employed Arul Azrul Kanda Kandasamy (A2k2) as President and GED of 1MDB in Jan 2015.

2.I also suspected his motives and motivations because 1MDB was already in terminal state by then. May debaters here and elsewhere had noted that A2K2 moved in almost the same circles as Jho Low and are familiar with the same Arabs as Jho Low.

3. Although I have not met him, I sensed from his statements and from the type of people he befriended that he is a sweet talker and a charmer but never a brave or truthful person.

4. Now his motives, motivations and sweet talking nature become clearer when he suggested that 1MDB could have been defrauded (by "Aabar Investments PJS Limited" ("Aabar BVI").

5. Though he joined only in 2015 he would have been familiar enough with the operations of 1MDB and the likes of Jho Low and the shadowy Arab associates of 1MDB.

6. I suspect A2K2’s statement that 1MDB could have been defrauded is a ruse and a flimsy attempt to throw us of the tract. We all know that 1MDB is a get-rich-quick scheme of global proportion.

7. A2K2 should stop defrauding himself into believing that thinking Malaysians and people everywhere believe in his story-telling and sweet talking.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Another Waghih said...

Hahahahai Waghih,

Goli pulak hati den baco ekau suruh dio poie mandi bungo.

Tak payah do.

Dio ok jo tu nampak ee.

Dio bukan nak nikah nak kono mandi bungo.

Tapi yang ado masalah ni yolah ekau tu.

Lain macam jo ghoman ee.

Elok ekau poie boghubek copek, boghalin ko, tak pun nak kono kunyit ngan kapur ko sobab eden ghaso ekau ni dah kono kotogur.

Kotogur dik antu Bugih atau pun kono ombuih dik Rosmah tu.

Sesapo yang dah kono kotogur atau sampuk dik antu duo ekor tu peghangai ee sebijik macam ekau ni hah.

Dah tak nampak apo-apo laie dah.

Tu olun laie sobut yang ditabur ee ngan dodak.

Lagi toghuk kalau dah kono dodak.

Omak abah ee sanggup disepak eh.

Poie la boghubek copek.

Ekau dah toghuk tu.

Another Waghih.

Or said...

Apo asyik merapik yo in Waghih!

Oghang Somondo said...

Apo asyik merapik yo ni a

Zalman A said...


How do we know that both A2k2 and 1MDB are lying through their teeth?

It's quite simple:

They "officially" were alerted since mid-2015 via the London Stock Exchange.

In December 2015, the WSJ published the "doppleganger" scam to the whole world, AND 1MDB DID NOT DENY IT.

This article explains it well:

Now, why was A2k2 instructed to keep his mouth shut and issue a generic non-denial?

Simple; at that stage, the komplot penyamun Bugis-Arab-Cina did not think that they would get caught. They were, at that stage, covering up for each other.

Hence, when the Arab part of the komplot got into legal troubles (as they are now), the response of the two remaining conspirators was thus - the Bugis one is trying to play innocent victim, and the Chinese one is hiding in his yacht.

The trouble with the whole "innocent victim" sandiwara is this:

a) Why did these people "victimise" you by allegedly transferring hundreds of millions into your personal accounts and those of your family? (Remember that it's not just 'Aabar Tiruan' but also 'Blackstone Tiruan' who are alleged to have made such transfers). That is a very strange definition of victim; if someone gives me my share of the loot from a robbery, I would not call that "defrauding" me. Are you a victim? Really? Or a conspirator?

b) You are now trying to "tai chi" blame to the Arabs. One of the Arabs is going to be extradited to the USA soon. You think he will even try to clear your name now? You have just made two very lethal enemies. They will take you down.

The other reason that A2k2 and 1MDB are lying through their teeth is by claiming that IPIC & the real Aabar have kept quiet for 3 years.

A2k2 and 1MDB are fully aware that this matter was only discovered in the UAE in 2015, and has been under investigation by UAE authorities only since 2015.

Who has actually been "victimised" here?

IPIC, the UAE and the Malaysian rakyat.

Those who benefited from this crime must pay for it.

A2k2 should stop playing dumb - he is fooling nobody.

Abd Razak said...

Ekau tu yg moghapik waghih.

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Nak harap apa lagi kepada ahli2 parti Umat Melayu No Otak tu?

RD. said...

Macam orang mengigau je Waghih nih. Tulis pun dah merapu sampai nak mandi bunga.

RD. said...

Thanks Dato AKJ and Zalman A.

I've never missed what both of you wrote in the comment section.

Waghih said...

Yo DAKJ n gang .

Crito baghu haghi ni ...
Montori Luar Saudi kompom Rm 2.6B adolah dormo iklas dari anak rajo Saudi untuk DSN dongan tidak ado permintaan balasan .
Pengumuman dibuek di perjumpaan OIC !!

Persoalan .. ngapo diumumkan kek OIC ?

Jawapan .. NAK KOBAR AN KEK DUNIO dan khas ditujukan kek Tun M and ANC gang yang dormo tu borsih dan suci .

Tapi , disobabkan hati tak borsih dan suci , Tun M dan ANC gang akan totap ngato Montori Saudi tu nipu dan ado konspirasi .

Apo nak dikato .. hati dah dihitamkan.

Ngucap ajolah .

Geng Mamak said...

Kepala hotak means Your Head ! Watch this from NST:

That's all was said. And it was cut off i.e. the video stopped there. All news agencies that picked up this report have the SAME REPORTS and TEXTS. Nothing more and nothing less. The minister obviously has not mentioned anything about Saudi Arabia. So where does it say Saudi Arabia ???

To the dedakians and najibians, don't jump for joy yet. Why ? Wait till next week.

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