Saturday, April 16, 2016

Is the Donation Issue Really Over?

A Kadir Jasin

AS far as Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, is concerned the issue pertaining to “donation” to Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak is closed.

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In a brief three-sentence in Istanbul quoted by Bernama on April 15 Al-Jubeir said:

“We are aware of donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return. We are also fully aware that the Attorney-General of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing.

“So, as far as we are concerned, the matter is closed.”

The statement was made to Malaysian reporters and, according to reports, no follow-up questions were asked.

There are three elements in his statement namely it was a donation, it was genuine and the donor did not expect anything in return.

Because the statement was brief and the Malaysia reporters might have been instructed not to ask too many questions or believed that have got what they wanted, we still do not know for sure who the donor was, the exact amount of the donation and whether he had received the amount supposedly returned to him by Mohd Najib.

Also it is hard to accept this latest statement unconditionally because just over two months ago the same person said it was not a donation but an investment.

Either he had made a mistake with his first statement or was lying with his second.

On Mohd Najib’s part, if it was a donation and a genuine one with no string attached, why did he return a large chunk of it?

The BBC last January 27 reported that the donation was authorised from the very top - from Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah - with funds coming from both his personal finances and state funds.

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali had, on Jan 26, cleared Najib of any wrongdoing in relation to investigations into the SRC International Sdn Bhd and the RM2.6-billion alleged to have been deposited into the prime minister’s bank accounts.

Apandi said the investigations revealed that the amount deposited was RM2.08 billion, and it was a personal donation from the Saudi royal family in 2013, of which RM2.03 billion was returned to the contributor the same year.

At a glance, Al-Jubeir’s about-turn appears favourable to Mohd Najib. He was not lying about the donation. At least that is what Al-Jubeir's Istanbul statement implies. But upon closer analysis it does little to vindicate the Prime Minister.

Why did he return most of the donation from a fellow Muslim ruler no sooner after receiving it? Was it not an affront to the donor?

He could have kept the money and channel it to worthy religious causes at home and abroad.

With so many Muslims in Malaysia and the region living in poverty, the Arab donation would have come handy. There are so much welfare activities that could have been carried out with the money.

With our country sheltering tens of thousands Muslim refugees from Burma and elsewhere, the Arab donation was Allah’s blessing.

But for a very curious reason Mohd Najib returned the donation. Why did he return the money?

The case might be closed as far as Al-Jebeir is concerned, but the legality of the Prime Minister putting the money in his private account is still very much an issue.

On top of it, the April 7 report of the Public Account Committee (PAC) had raised many questions about his direct and indirect involvement in the business affairs of 1MDB.

The Saudi might have helped him to get off the hook with the new version of the donation story, but many more jurisdictions are investigating his conduct and the conduct of his associates in particular Jho Low.

They are exchanging notes, freezing accounts and interviewing people and companies implicated in the 1MDB money trail.

So it's not yet time for Mohd Najib and his supporters to celebrate and demand apologies whom the entire human race.


Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

Soon there will be an advertisement in - Negara utk di jual. Yg bwrminat sila hububgi Putra Jaya

Anonymous said...

So not satisfied? You can create 1000 reasons, but not all people will be fooled.

adion said...

As mentioned before, this hikayat 1001 malam is not over yet. We havent even reach chapter 365..

Al-Gores dan Menang said...

If you look closely at his statement, he just simply repeating or parrotting what was already there all this while that is the money is a donation from Saudi royal family. He needed to be 'politically correct' in that kind situation with the presence Malaysian dignitaries such the FM and members of Malaysian media.
As a supreme diplomat from the desert kingdom, he didn't want to come across as rude and uncultured by saying something which would embarassing Malaysia. He was hoping the Malaysian journalists not to ask that kind of question in the future simply by saying the matter considered closed.
He was just being nice by saying what already mutually accepted between the two countries. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody knew for sure what transpired behind the scene leading up to 'donation story'. He himself together with the government of KSA didn't want to prolong the issue and considered it as done deal. Well folks, the thing is the public at home are not convinced. They are not that naive.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

At no point in the Foreign Minister's answer did he say the 2.6 billion number but news report everywhere said he did. So there are people trying to confuse the rakyat again.

Anyway, to me this 2.6 billion 'donation' has always been a mere distraction. If I remember correctly, we started off a couple of years ago talking about the 1MDB fiasco. Lets not lose focus as that's what the PM wants. He knows he cannot win on 1MDB.

JMS said...


It was a lightening session. No follow-up questions or queries to such a very vague answer. Perhaps it was designed as such.

Flip-flopping has now become very contagious. Even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not spared.

Malaysian Cybertrooper said...

Salam Datuk,
At this point and time the people have had it with all the statement issued by all the pro-Najib camp.

To me personally, statements and the person issuing the statement can be bought. What I would like to see for a change are proof.

As a rakyat of Malaysia, I demand that all the bozos who claimed to be the cabinet ministers and staunch defender of the Boogees warrior...err... worrier to start providing evidence to back their mouth.

Stop talking bullshit and start backing up your stories with indisputable proofs.

Waghih said...

Apo lak Dato kato camtu ..?

Kito kan cari kobonaran ... Apobilo kobonaran sampai , kan cantik kito ucapkan Alhamdulillah .

Apobilo yang Maha Berkuaso nak tunjukkan kobonaran mako Dio akan tunjukkan dongan pelbagai caro ...
Kekadang kito pertikaikan caro Dio tunjukkan kebonaran itu ...
Tapi ... Dio lah yang Maha Berkuaso..
Penentu terhadap sekian alam ...

Terimo ajolah kebonaran ni ...
Yang DSN berado pado pihak yang bonar..
Dan Tun M pado pihak yang salah ...


Unknown said...


I think the issue will not end anywhere as long as long as you and ANC are fixated to the issue come what may.

Nothing will satisfy you and the gang. Ordinary citizens like me find it nauseating to hear this stuff anymore.

Cukuplah. Tuhan tu maha kuasa. Let Him be the judge. For the good of the nation. Please.

aku said...

Salam Datuk,

Pergi negeri Arab, buat drama, guna skrip, ambil gambar senyum-senyum, last-last settle isu!!
Kenyataan dibuat depan wartawan Malaysia sahaja, tak berani nak buat open press conference dengan wartawan luar (ataupun sesi ini dibuat sennyap-senyap) Maklum lah, Maddipulung mana berani buat soal jawab dengan reporter, reporter dari luar? Lagi cari nahas..mahu terkencing nak jawab soalan cepumas. Maddipulung cuma boleh jadi 'hero' dalam kampung sahaja. Kalau berani, sila tunjuk penyata bank la...

Terima kasih Datuk dan semua.

RD. said...

Salam Dato dan Pembahas sekalian.

"He could have kept the money and channel it to worthy religious causes at home and abroad."

Betul juga apa yang Dato kata. Sepatutnya Najib 'sedekah'kan balik duit berbillion tu ke badan amal atau rumah kebajikan. AQtau guna duit itu untuk kurangkan harga rumah untuk Rakyat miskin atau mangsa banjir di Kelantan. Boleh juga 'ambil-hati' President PAS dan Rakyat Kelantan untuk kembali menyokong UMNO.

Katanya, Rakyat didahulukan. Kerajaan yang prihatin terhadap Rakyat. Bertekad untuk
meningkatkan ekonomi Melayu dan Bumiputera melalui MARA. Tapi, tanah paling berharga di KL yang diperuntukkan untuk 'Bumiputera Business Center', digadai untuk bayar hutang 1MDB.

Yang jelas, Najib hanya manis di bibir mulut. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Kepimpinan yang tidak menunjukan teladan yang baik. Kalau Najib betul-betul bermaksud dengan apa yang diucapnya, sudah tentu beliau tidak akan benarkan isteri shopping beratus-juta di Negara-asing yang tiada sekelumit pun manafaat kepada Melayu dan Bumiputera atau Negara. Bayangkan berapa ramai peniaga boleh untung-besar jika mereka jadikan Complex Medan MARA sebagai tempat membeli-belah.

Setakat tukar nama jalan kepada MARA tidak akan meningkatkan ekonomi Melayu, jika pemimpin politik sendiri tidak membantu dengan membeli-belah disitu. Cakap berdegar-degar mengenai ekonomi bumiputera, tapi membeli-belah di luar Negara.

Percayalah, pemimpin akan lebih dihormati Rakyat, jika mereka memimpin melalui teladan.

lat said...

The loser in this unnecessary episode is actually the Saudis themselves.Now a lot of people has lost respect of the Arabs even with their jubah and serban.They may be from the land of Kaabah but they can be liars too,and this feeling might extend to the roayal family...

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

This is all about Forensics and Science, not about Emotion.

When the Saudi minister says “donation”, what does this refer to? Because we know that Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is alleged to have received several international batches of money from 5 sources, from 2011 to 2014.

They are all detailed here:

Let's note some simple facts:

a) Of Mappadulung's total wealth of US$1 billion, roughly 80% originated from 2 offshore companies in the BVI - Tanore and Blackstone (a doppelganger company).

b) For the alleged payouts from Blackstone alone, the beneficiaries are only three persons:

1) Najib Tun Razak

2) Khadem Al Qubaisi

3) Jho Low

In fact, the reason Luxembourg is now involved in this whole 1MDB matter is because four separate payments were alleged to have been made to Khadem Al Qubaisi’s Luxembourg account at Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschilde Europe in 2012.

I must ask again:

What connects a young Chinese boy from Penang, a very, very non-halal nightclub businessman from UAE, and the PM of Malaysia?

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir's sudden flip-flop will NOT prevent 6 countries from pursuing this question to its conclusion.

In fact, as Saudi Arabia is signatory to various mutual legal assistance treaties between some of these countries, poor Adel Al-Jubeir is likely to have to issue a "clarification" quite soon.

Because surely he did not mean that he knows all the multiple sources of Mappadulung's wealth.

If he did, then he is claiming he knows who is behind “Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited”, a company that seems to have been controlled by Jho Low and is a doppelganger of the real Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners.

The government of Saudi Arabia (keepers of Mekkah dan Madinah) cannot be seen globally to be involved in that level of shady dealing.

Hence, Adel Al-Jubeir is likely to have to issue a "clarification" soon, the moment that any of the 6 countries requests mutual legal assistance and full verified documentation.

There is only so much the Saudis will do to cover the tracks of Mappadulung, vs. Saudi Arabia becoming a global embarrassment.

It's not worth it.

albi said...

Salam Datuk

Is the Swiss AG satisfied? Is Luxembourg's AG satisfied? Is the US's Department of justice satisfied? Are the Singapore's authorities satisfied? Are they all going to say, sorry we all have made a mistake and would like to apologise for all the inconveniences caused. Are they all going to stop pursuing the case like Apandi suggested. Are they going to throw out all the tons of evidences just just because of one vague statement? Fat chance!

These ministers must be joking! Asking the western media and Dr Mahathir to apologise. But the WSJ lawyers won't mind such stupidity. They must have been quite entertained by the acts of these clowns.

BiruBiruan said...

Salam Datuk,
- Malaysia dah masuk zaman gelap nampaknya.
* yang salah disanjung
* yang diatas, dah la bodoh, dengan bangga pulak makan dedak
* Proton yang berbakti kepada berpuluh ribu pekerja dihina, 1mdb yang hanya ada ?33 pekerja pulak disokong seratus peratus
* dari gaya percakapan sesetengah orang atas tu, macam penyamun pon ada


PHD said...

Oi Batok ..,

Belajar tinggi tinggi, penyembah terjilat jilat kat sini, tapi masih boleh silap title ke. Title yang betulnya ialah "Is the FITNAH issue really over?" .. there I fixed it for you and your monkeys.

Zalman A said...

Let's assume that Adel Al-Jubeir was only referring to the 24-hour replacement's attempted closing of the MACC's files on the most famous of these money transfers - the US$681 million from 2013. This is what the WSJ first reported in July 2015 and which people now call the "2.6 billion" "donation".

Adel Al-Jubeir was vague, so we do not know. Was he talking about "2.6 billion" "donation"? Or was he claiming that Saudi was the origin of all of Mappadulung's US$ 1 billion in wealth? Nobody knows. And the video was kept deliberately short.

Let's also note, in passing, 2 crucial points:

a) The 24-hour replacement denied MACC's request to get overseas documents under mutual legal assistance (MLA). Hence, the MACC has NEVER seen the documented money trail from source. They were just given 4 letters and some documents, introduced to someone dressed as a sheikh, and told to swallow their contents. None of it was verified at source, as they were denied MLA.

b) The 24-hour replacement has no legal right to direct MACC to "close their files". That is beyond his powers in the Federal Constitution. Hence the MACC files are NOT closed and they can recommence their investigation at any time based on new information. The AGC does not run the MACC.

Now, this notorious "2.6 billion" "donation" has a well-documented financial route that even Mappadulung, after his initial lies, cannot now contradict:

Tanore Finance - Wells Fargo NY - Falcon Bank Singapore - AmBank Malaysia.

This all happened electronically on 21st March 2013. It is fully documented, and the records are held in the respective countries.

It is hence pointless for some fake sheikh to come forward and say "no, I transferred it", because where are YOUR documented records? You are not claiming that Mappadulung received two separate batches of US$681 million on the same day, 21st March 2013, are you? Hence this verbal evasion will not work.

Even if Mappadulung is charged in court, will the fake sheikh come to court and produce verified electronic transactions that show he controlled all those movements of US$681 million on 21st March 2013?

No, that will not happen.

Oghang Somondo said...

Sedaro Waghih,,

Memang botulah tu. Kito memang nak carik kobonaran. Takdo sapo yg nafikan. Itulah yang nak dibuek oleh TDM.

Yang bona totap bona. Yang salah totap salah.

Tapi corito yg dibuek oleh Najib dan kuncu2nyo borbolit2 dan berubah2. Sapo nak percayo.

Dan si Arab. Montori Luar, tibo2 bori jawapan punyolah rengkas. Lai oghang tak percayo. Makin dalamlah Najib masuk lubok. Kesianlah kek dio.

Nenekghuffran said...

Salam DAKJ...
semoga Dato sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah SWT..

Tun M sedang giat berkempen menyeru orang ramai menandatangan deklarasi rakyat utk sama-sama menyelamatkan Malaysia dengan mendesak Najib disingkirkan.

Sedih saya melihat beliau yg seusia ayah saya (uzur sakit tua) masih gigih berjuang kerana sayangkan negara dan rakyat Malaysia.

Kita faham deklarasi ini akan disembahkan kepada Majlis Raja-Raja supaya rintihan rakyat dpt didengar dan diharapkan Majlis Raja-Raja boleh mendesak Najib meletak jawatan.

Soalnya disini adakah Majlis Raja-Raja hanya menunggu saja deklarasi ini baru nak bertindak? Tidakkah mereka menyedari keadaan yg makin celaru dan memualkan ini. Nama dan kedaulatan negara kita tercemar teruk... yg terpalit kepada rakyat dan tentu juga kepada duli-duli Tuanku. Tidakkah para tuanku peduli?

Tun M dan pemimpin lain yg memimpin gerakan deklarasi rakyat ini berusaha menggunakan pengaruh mereka utk memberi semangat kpd rakyat menentang penderhaka yg bernama Najib ini. Apakah Duli-Duli Tuanku tiada pengaruh?
Percayalah nenek yakin bahawa jika Duli-Duli Tuanku benar-benar payung kepada rakyat dan kedaulatan negara hendak dipertahankan ... ayuh berilah titah perintah tuanku nescaya rakyat akan menjunjung titah tuanku...

Sekiranya ada titah menyuruh rakyat berkumpul maka berkumpullah kita... untuk apa?
Tidak lain dan tidak bukan SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA dan UNDUR NAJIB...

Ampun Tuanku....

Terima kasih Dato...

Jin tungan said...

Yup, that's right. He was repeatedly saying 'I'm aware, I'm aware..'which means he was just repeating what already being said by the Malaysian authorities. There's nothing new in his latest statement.

Zalman A said...

Now Khairy Jamaluddin claims the issue is "settled".

What "issue", Khairy?

a) The gross mismanagement and losses of hundreds of millions in 1MDB, that Najib's signature is all over, as required by Art 117 of the 1MDB rules? Now we are supposed to accept that he is not responsible for anything he signs?

b) The unaccounted-for US$5 to 7 billion from 1MDB? Where has it gone?

c) The missing US$3.5 billion from the IPIC deal?

d) The RM42 million into SRC, that the AG claims Najib thought was the 2013 "donation" when it actually arrived in 2014?

e) The RM60 million allegedly charged to personal expenses? Or, are the luxury hotel stays, jewellery, Chanel and cars all for anak yatim?

f) If all issues are "settled" then why are 6 nations actively still pursuing the case? Or are we supposed to believe that the relatives who received the money are as "unaware" as the Bugis worrier himself?

So Khairy, what has been "settled", except for you escaping responsibility for the RM100 million stolen from your ministry?

PutraKraken said...

Salam Datuk

Would anyone believe whatever is being said?...Any sentence that mentioned Najib...people would not take it at face value...even if it is the truth. Every word said must be proven with evidence...

Kalau tak dak bukti lengkap hitam putih...tok sah nak cakap...sampai menjejeh air liur pon orang tak kan percaya....Jangan pulak ko buat bukti sendiri...macam surat tu...orang tak kan percaya jugak...sebab cara dan gaya bahasa "English" macam di tulis oleh pegawai melayu dari Malaysia je....tak ade gaya international diplomatic language!...nampak sangat ditulis untuk tujuan menepis perkara selepas fakta (after the facts)


Masakini...rakyat sangsi dengan setiap ucapan dan ungkapan dari Najib dan sekongkolnya...tidak konsisten dan yang nyata sekali...gagal menentang hujah dengan fakta...setakat menafi dengan air liur je...
Sehinggakan Laporan dari PAC pun jelas sekali mengetepikan fakta utama dan hanya mengambil butiran yang membela Najib....Walhal perkara pokok terjentang depan mata tidak diambil kira...contohnya 'Artikel 117" yang menjadi punca segala masaalah...
Kenapa pemegang kuasa Artikel 117 langsung tak dipanggil...

Whatever!...Whatever is being said...will not sway the people...
Right now Najib is guilty until he prove himself otherwise...
Not democratic?...Funny?...Well!...Najib has been making fun of us and democracy all this while....So?....


JMS said...


Whether you're one of the 'pemakan dedak' or 'penjilat-penjilat punggung' of you-know-who, I am not in the least interested.

It's just that I want to state, from the tone of your response, it clearly reflects your deep sense of frustration for not being able to deflect the arguments put forth by the majority of the commenters in this blog particularly that of Zalman A, in advancing their criticism against Najib.

The best you and your cahoots can come up with is to level all those arguments as FITNAH.

The latest hurriedly-made statement by the SA Foreign Minister denying the opportunities for further clarifications , is pushing Najib more and more nearer to the cliff. Pity him.

Unknown said...

So obvious it was organised by PM's department to try to stop the ongoing speculation about the heist of the century. They were caught with the their fingers in the cookie jar, and instead of answering truthfully, they had to "invent" excuses for the mainstream press to tell the unsuspecting rakyat that the Chief Bugis Warrior was actually innocent !

This heist of the century is not only in our country alone, it's the heist of the century globally and all business schools will use this as the case study for future generations. The Chief Bugis Warrior will be forever remembered for this legacy !

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Sometimes people just have to be honest with themselves.

Najib Razak can ask himself these questions:

a) Has my leadership been good for Malaysia?

b) Have I been a clean, honest and principled leader, or the direct opposite?

c) Does my remaining as PM benefit Malaysia? Or do I have a self-centered motive for trying to hold on to power?

Tu jer.

Kelapa Matag said...

Iyo la tu ustat waghih ooi..

nothing to hide said...


I believe this adel has no locus standi to comment on this issue and expect us to swallow it. This matter must be brought before the court. You cannot exonerate a thief just because a distant relative says he is innocent. Only a court can decide that. Until now we don't know who the donor is because there was no donor. Otherwise he would have popped up long ago. Until then the findings of the investigating foreign agencies stands to be believed.

Thieves and fakes said...

Datuk, for so long, besieged by the revelations of the international authorities Apandi fell silent, silent silent, and suddenly Apandi has woken up, spurred by the 360 degree turn of the Saudi Foreign Minister. Staged show is a failure and has invited more condemnation and ridicule by the rakyat and the rest of the world.

Following the Saudi government’s latest statement on the RM2.6 billion donation issue, Attorney-General Mohamad Apandi Ali has declared that there is no need for further investigation.

Mingguan Malaysia quoted Apandi as saying he is “relieved” by the reported confirmation by Saudi foreign minister Adel Al-Jubeir, that the donation deposited into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s personal account, indeed came from Saudi Arabia.

“Alhamdulillah. For me the issue is settled (even though) there were calls for further probes, but I don’t feel that it is necessary.

“This is because there is already a statement from the donor, so what is there left to be investigated,” he was quoted as telling the weekend edition of Utusan Malaysia.

Is he again usurping the authority of the MACC to decide on the investigations?

Another Waghih. said...

Sonang jo Waghih kan.

Kalau bab momehak kopado Najib ekau kato bona, ekau sughuh teghimo.

Tapi bilo momehak kopado Mahathir ekau kato tak bona, ekau tak ondak teghimo.

Apo kan peluto bona ekau ni.

Tahap bungko dah tu.

Another Waghih.

PHD said...


Im no dedak, Im not an UMNO member, nor any other political movements. To me, you're all the same. The same as those stated in the Quran. Let us all not be those whom Allah has warned us again and again.

Like all of us, I want the truth. So with me, the truth matters. Unlike most of you here (and there), I need proofs. Not just a hearsay from Allah knows who, and definitely need more proof if it comes from our enemy.

FITNAH is a FITNAH is a FITNAH. No matter if its on Najib, Mahathir, and/or even Lim Guan Eng.

PEMFITNAH is a PEMFITNAH is a PEMFITNAH. No matter how many books/articles/blog you wrote.

NONE of you people talks about the need to submit ourselves to Allah s.w.t so that we can have a clearer view of whats going on here.

Its very CLEAR, siapa yang makan dedak disini (ataupun tidak cukup dedak ?). Kami disini ditindas oleh semua, UMNO,PKR,DAp,PAS,PAN,MIC,MCA ... korang semua penindas, perakus dan penuh dengan tamak haloba dan PHD.

Bertaubatlah semua. Najib buat atau tidak, InsyaAllah, allah s.w.t akan tunjukkan buktinya, Yang malangnya, kenapa kita pula kene bersusah payah berkongsi FITNAh, dendam dan perasaan hasad dengki menganiaya dan menghancurkan sesama sendiri demi ... ya, demi apa ya ? (dedak ?)

Pompuan said...

Aiyoyo DAKJ. Masih tak caya lagi ke? What more do you want? Like wanting to see his bank account?
Ni dah macam lagu what will I do to  make u trust me.
Macam kes husband dah taubat stop his affair. Tapi wife masih ungkit cerita lama.
Tak bosan ke DAKJ. Get a move on. Percayalah cakap Pak Arab tu.
Abangl kita KJ yg bijak pandai pun cakap case closed.

Oghang Nogoghi said...

Apo2 mesti ado bukti, takkan main cakap mulut yo.
Kok camtu sapo pon buleh cakap.
Tak kirolah sapo yg becakap.
Membohong ni bukan org biaso yo yg membohong, org kayo, org bepangkat, org di ateh, org di bawah pun buleh membohong.
Membohong ni tak kiro kocik bosar do.
Bukan susah na nak membohong ni.

Nak tunjuk boto, konola bagi bukti.
Kok tak, sapo pon buleh ngaku camtu camni.
Sonanglah org nak menipu,

Contoh ado budak curi kereto.
Pehtu polis tanyo ni kereto sapo, dio jawab ni kereto ese sendiri, ese boli ngan duit gaji.
Pehtu ado lak kawan budak tu ngaku, ha ah yo dio punyo keto tu, ese yg menoman dio poie boli keto tu dulu.
Polis nak toruih pecayo yo ko? Terimo yo bulat2 apo yg budak tu cakap yo?
Tak payah mintak geran kereto, pehtu check dongan JPJ pendaftaran, namo, haribulan boli sumo ko?

Polik botola org sekarang ni tah mano lotak akal ea.....

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Hang tulih ada "tiga perkara" dlm ucap Adel, menlu Saudi,...... aku tempek:
"There are three elements in his statement namely
1. it was a donation,
2. it was genuine and
3. the donor did not expect anything in return."

Aku perasan ada unsog yg ke empat, macam hang sendiri sambong dibawah ni:

“So, as far as we are concerned, the matter is closed.”

Hang tak perasan ka ?
Ayat tu sebiji macam ucap Apandi, anak Rahah, dan jugak menteri2 dia. Barangkali Mad anak Saleh kata "like on cue", macam korus pulak, (Mad bin Saleh heja "chorus".)
Aku rasa la, ni, unsog yg paling penting.
Itu saja. Wallahu a'lam.
Semuga hang sehat2 adanya.


Unknown said...

Three sentences, all made in a hurry as if he has to rush to the toilet. A total Flip Flop. What a joker! It does not exonerate Najib at all. If anything, it gets curiouser and curiouser. A case for Mr Poirot!

Laguhati said...

Begini Datuk Duit tu sebenaqnya duit kemenangan pertaruhan main golf dengan Presiden Obama di Hawaii dulu dulu.Depa ada friendly wager di mana Obama kata kalau dia kalah dia akan bagi Hawaii kat PM tapi kalau dia menang dia minta Sarawak. PM tak setuju kerana Sarawak telah dikhaskan awai awai lagi kat Saudi Akhir nya depa beryaruh USD 6B Agaknya siapa menang dan kenapa Obama sampai sekarang diam membisu? Dengaq kata Obama yg gesa Saudi suruj bagitau dunia duit tu duit derma dari mereka. Itulah yg sebenaqnya Tak perlu siasat siasat lagi Datuk ini cerita benar belaka.
Dah terlanjur cerita ini satu kisah dari alam siber Tiga detektif pergi berboling Maka bincanglah mereka tentang cara membaling bola. Detektif pertama dia guna hook ball yang kedua mengaku dia pilih spin ball dan yg ketiga main straight ball kerana dia beginner Salah seorang detekif tanya pemain lane sebelah apa favourite ball dia Dengan selamba dia menjawab Najib style. Terpinga tiga detektif Apa itu najib style? No balls lah datang jawapannya. Kesian brother ni sorang tak pasai pasai kena tahan reman seminggu dibawah akta hasutan. Tu la nak melawak pun tengok kiri kanan dulu.

Anak Johor said...

Memerangi mungkar itu bukan jihadkah..
Cuba tanya Mufti Harussani Perak..

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam DAKJ,

Nampaknya wayang DS Najib ni sudah semankin celaru, kalaulah benar memang ujud sedekah sebagaimana yang dikatakan oleh Pak Arab ini kenapa tidak ada sokongan dengan dokumen atau transaksi pemindahan wang tersebut, untuk meyakinkan lagi bawa pengurus bank ke yang jadi tukang hangguk. kenapa tiada WSJ, AP, Aljazeera dan lain pemberita luar negara ? TV3, RTM, Berita Harian dan lain lain media Malaysia yang sudah di makan dedak ini semuanya hampas kelapa yang sesuai di beri makan khinzir.

Lebih baik saya buka You Tube dan menonton wayang kulit Seri Asun dengan Etong dan seniman Nunui.

Bilala nak kena londeh DS Najib ni ? tak sabar nak tengok muka muka pengampu dan pembodek yang siang malam menghina yang dikasihi Tun M. Sedih memikirkan banyak menteri yang pernah bersama Tun dulu sanggup terlibat menghina dan menghentam Tun. Mohon pencerahan Dato' apa patut kita buat dengan pembodek dan pengampu ni bila DS Najib tumbang.


Waghih said...

Salam Folks ...

The other side of the coin.

People just have to be honest with themselves .

Tun M can ask himself these questions .

1) Has my attempt to bring down DSN as PM been good for Malaysia ?

2) Have i been a clean , honest and principled leader in bringing down all the previous PM and DPM before and after me ?

3) Does my further effort to bring down DSN and replace with Mukhriz going to benefit Malaysia . OR..
Do i have a self-centred motive to be elected as Supreme leader for the establishment of PM advisory council ?

Let's just be honest .

joe black said...


Watching the Video of the Interview, it looks like this guy simply "echoed" what Malaysian AG said. That was all it was......"An Echo".

Want to know more? Google "echo how it works"and you will see what I mean.

Unknown said...

Msians should either sent a protest note to the Saudi Gment or stage a picket in front of the Saudi Embassy protesting against the Foreign Minister' s double tongue statement he made recently.

I am sure by now majority Msians have no more respect to the Saudis and their gment.

As I always said..the Arabs are confused people.

hihwag said...

Si waghih nih dah makan dedak Chanel ke atau dedak Grisogono? Hang nak pi shopping mcm paymaster you, kan? Ahh, pi mintak kat SRC international 'credit card 9 juta credit'....waghih o waghih, dah mabuk dedak ke, mabuk ketum ke, dua2 sekali ke? Ha ha ha.....cybertrooper poyo....

Oghang Somondo said...

Waghih ni , kalau cakap kosong pulang kek dio.

Macam budak2 kocik borobut guli bilo kalah main.

Pl grow up and show maturity in your thinking.

Jangan bori malu pado Kak Rosmah, asal Galau.

joe black said...


And Pandi "Echoed Back" what he originally said which was echoed by the Saudi Minister...

Now these echoes are now reverberating in the Corridors of UMNO Ministers who never really knew that they were Pandi's "Echoes" in the First Place...

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The good news for Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is that now he can make the world's media pay the price for their lies.

There is no reason now not to sue the WSJ.

A recent statement from WSJ Finance Editor:

"WSJ Finance Editor Ken Brown stressed that the RM2.6 billion was not a donation from the Saudi royal family as claimed by Apandi on January 26. Instead, Brown said the money was linked to 1MDB. Brown was telling ABC News Australia, in an interview, that WSJ’s reports for months showed that the RM2.6 billion did not come from the Saudi royal family, but from companies and accounts connected with 1MDB. “Just for everyone’s information, our reports are no longer being disputed as we have plenty of supporting evidence” said Brown."

So the WSJ is not backing down.

Mappadulung’s lawyers can immediately sue the WSJ.

As a witness, they can now call Adel Al-Jubeir, who will produce a verified forensic trail that proves that the RM2.6 billion came from Saudi Arabia.

There will no escape for the WSJ now.

They must be made to pay.

It is very important to Malaysia for Mappadulung to sue immediately, as the WSJ, NYT, FT and other international media have wider global reach even than Parti Najib’s media titans - Lester, RPK, Ramesh, and the APCO Jews who charge RM77 million.

Mappadulung must clear not just his name, but Malaysia’s.

Zalman A said...

Mappadulung’s lawyers are hiding behind the US "Speech Act".

They sent one very timid letter in very bad English to the WSJ (peguam2 WSJ semua gelak pecah perut), and then, complete silence from Mappadulung’s lawyers. Takut kot.

The Speech Act is very much misunderstood:

Note that the Speech Act will NOT apply if Mappadulung’s lawyers simply file the suit in the USA. Kick the WSJ and NYT right where it hurts. Of course, in the USA there is no 24-hour replacement and the judges neither know or care that you are Parti Najib’s lawyer, but so what? All the facts are on your side. Berani kerana benar.

If Mappadulung’s lawyers are takut kerana salah, or they fear the US "Speech Act”, then there are plenty of others to choose from who have carried these stories. EJ Insight (Hong Kong)? Anadolu (Turkey)? Bangkok Post? Takut apa pulak?

1. South China Morning Post
2. The Australian
3. Australia Broadcasting Corporation
4. Sydney Morning Herald
5. Herald Tribune
6. Herald Tribune Latin America
7. International Business Times
8. International Business Times Singapore Edition
9. Wall Street Journal
10. International New York Times
11. TIME Magazine
12. The Guardian
13. The Daily Mail
14. Sun Daily (UK)
15. Euronews
16. Deutsche Welle
17. Singapore Straits Times
19. Today Online
20. India Today
21. ​Business Standard (India)
22. India Times
23. Fortune
24. EJ Insight (Hong Kong)
25. Anadolu (Turkey)
26. Bangkok Post
27. ​Chiang Rai Times
28. BBC
29. New Zealand Herald
30. Reuters
31. ​Bloomberg
32. Channel News Asia
33. Al-Jazeera
36. MWC News
37. ​East Asia Forum
38. Radio New Zealand
39. CNBC
40. The Independent
41. ​NewsX (Pakistan)
42. StateoftheStateKS (USA)
43. Asian Correspondent
44. Times of London
45. Financial Times
46. Asia Sentinel
47. Courier Mail
48. Jawa Post
49. Tempo
50. Waspada
51. The Telegraph
52. The Diplomat
53. Myanmar Times

Like I say, Mappadulung has Adel Al-Jubeir, who will produce a verified forensic trail that proves that the RM2.6 billion came from Saudi Arabia.

Takde hal.

Tunggu apa lagi?

Zalman A said...


A highly significant story today:

“A worsening dispute between the state funds of Malaysia and Abu Dhabi over complex billion-dollar transactions is threatening to trigger a major financial crisis for Prime Minister Najib Razak's government.

The row has to do with US$3.54 billion (S$4.8 billion) in payments that 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) says it made in 2012 to units of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), the Abu Dhabi state fund. But IPIC maintains it never received the monies.”

This tale is all summed up in one photo: 20130312_RM18_Billion_Strategic_partnership_for_growth.jpg

The two Arabs on the left are Khadem al-Qubaisi who was, at the time, CEO of IPIC, Chairman of Aabar and ex-Chairman of Falcon Bank, and the other is Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny, who was, at the time, Chairman of Falcon Bank and CEO of Aabar.

You can also see Najib and Shahrol Halmi.

This agreement was signed on 12th March 2013. On On 19th March 2013, Goldman Sachs completed a hurried bond issue for US$3 billion for 1MDB. The commission rate was unheard of, at almost 8% rather than the usual 1%. They said "our client needed the money in a hurry." The FBI and DOJ are investigating this.

On 21st March 2013, the sum of US$619,999,988 was received by Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone in his private AmBank account. One week later, GE13 was announced.

So, there is now a “Mexican stand-off” between the UAE and 1MDB.

1MDB is claiming they have been cheated. Hence Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny and Khadem al-Qubaisi have pulled a fast one.

What is Mappadulung’s defence strategy?

He only has two so far:

a) “Aku sain buta2 jer.”

b) “It’s all Shahrol Halmi’s fault”.

But if I was IPIC, I would not worry too much.

They only need to show that the money was diverted to Mappadulung, in which case it is IPIC and the UAE who are victims of fraud, not 1MDB. (I do not think poor Shahrol Halmi made any side money from this.)

Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny has been arrested and will be deported to the USA soon.

If he reveals the true nature of the whole scheme in return for a lighter sentence, IPIC will be entitled to sue our Ministry of Finance and to cancel all obligations to 1MDB.

It also means that certain VIPs may face arrest warrants.

Zalman A said...

Tun summarises well in just one para:

"6. In the video, at no time did the Saudi F.M. retract his earlier statement or declare that the USD 681 million was a donation. Nor did he say he has now found new evidence that it was a donation. All he said was that he is aware when asked whether he was aware. He did not apologise or negate his previous statement made two months earlier to the New York Times. It is the Malaysian media which interpreted his awareness as a negation of his previous statement."


He goes on to say:

"7. Being aware does not confirm anything. One example is the latest Singapore Straits Times report titled: “KL-Abu Dhabi stand-off may hit markets” in which one particular paragraph read: “IPIC said it was aware of media reports that 1MDB had sent money to a company called Aabar Investment PJS in the British Virgin Islands, but that the company was not in its corporate stable.” In other words, IPIC being aware of media reports does not make Aabar Investment PJS BVI one of its company."

Jason koji said...

Please speak for yourswlf not others.I am an ordinary citizen and so far.what Dato wrote is never far from the truth which counter all the lies that have been throwm at us by mainstream media.Could you be ignorant enough to ever caught the mainstream media lying in several cases or you just plain dumb.e

Jason koji said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason koji said...

Your comment show me the depth of your stupidity and how far your boss d**k is shoved down your throat.A monkey ia far noble than you and your kind.

Jason koji said...

Laguhati....gelihati aku baca post hang.

Jason koji said...

Dia sibuk memerangi tarian poco-poco..

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

IPIC has refused to pick up the tab for 1MDB.

The WSJ reports today:

"The negotiations have high stakes: Under IPIC’s interpretation of their deal, 1MDB and Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance owe about $6.5 billion to lenders, which includes the $3.5 billion principal of the bonds, interest and other payments, said the memo.

Officials at 1MDB told the Ministry of Finance that if a default comes to pass it could cause investors to sell Malaysia’s currency and bonds and damage the country’s reputation in global financial markets. Malaysia is currently marketing a government bond to be denominated in U.S. dollars, the memo said.

Cross-default clauses in other 1MDB agreements would also likely be triggered, putting the fund in default on several billion dollars more of debt."


But here is the really ‘kelakar’ part:

"The memo said that IPIC also believes the Malaysian fund still hasn't given it the assets it promised in exchange for IPIC to make the bond payments. The Malaysian fund did try to transfer the assets in the form of fund units in an offshore company it controlled, said the memo. IPIC has refused to accept anything but cash, added the memo."

Ha ha ha - it seems the UAE are quite familiar with the whole story of how the "cash" in BSI Singapore suddenly changed to "units", and how the money "redeemed" from the Caymans never arrived back in Malaysia. The UAE know all the 1MDB tricks - "IPIC has refused to accept anything but cash" - very wise indeed!

The report also states:

"A report released last week by a Malaysian parliamentary committee inquiry into 1MDB put the amount transferred to the imitation Aabar at $3.5 billion. About $681 million of this money later flowed via a circuitous route into the private account of Najib Razak, the Malaysian prime minister, the Journal has also reported, citing people familiar with the investigations."

So, the WSJ are not buying Adel Al-Jubeir's story.

Not many people have.

It appears the dots have already been connected by investigators between Aabar, 1MDB, the fake Aabar, and Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone’s windfall in his private AmBank account. And that means that any lawsuit against the WSJ will now be 100% fatal for Mappadulung. He waited too long.

As I say, it also means the UAE are not the crooks, but rather the victims of what seems to be a Bugis-Arab-Cina “get rich quick” scheme.

This is no way to treat a fellow Muslim nation.

Caught with pants down said...

IPIC has confirmed they will not pay the US$50 million interest on the sovereign bonds.
On June 4, 2015, IPIC assumed 1MDB's obligation to pay the interest due on the bonds in a bailout plan that was to see 1MDB in exchange undertaking to transfer assets and cash as compensation to IPIC.

However, IPIC now says that 1MDB and the Ministry of Finance are now liable for all claims arising from the bonds, including paying for the interest, as it had terminated the rescue deal claiming that 1MDB and the ministry have failed to live up to their end of the bargain.

This has to do with the repayment due to IPIC and the real Aabar which according to their management Aabar did not receive. 1MDB says they did pay (haha, to the fake Aabar).

Nightmare on 1MDB street said...

Datuk, debacle and nightmare not over for 1MDB and Putrajaya:

Report carried in Bloomberg dated 18th April 2016:

Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund said its obligations of financial support to 1Malaysia Development Bhd. have ended after the debt-ridden Malaysia state investment company and its shareholder failed to pay it more than $1 billion. 1MDB’s dollar bonds slumped.

1MDB and Malaysia’s finance ministry "are in default" on the terms of a binding term sheet with Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Co. and its unit Aabar Investments PJS, the fund said in a stock exchange filing. To date, IPIC, as the Middle Eastern wealth fund is known, has met all its obligations, it said.

The dispute with IPIC deepens the troubles of 1MDB, which is the target of global investigations into allegations of money laundering and embezzlement. Authorities from the U.S. to Switzerland are trying to determine if some of the billions of dollars that 1MDB raised were siphoned out inappropriately. 1MDB amassed more than 50 billion ringgit ($12.7 billion) of debt over six years, using some of it to buy energy assets, including joint ventures with companies in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

IPIC entered an agreement with 1MDB in May 2015 where it would provide the Malaysian fund $1 billion to settle some of its liabilities in exchange for a transfer of assets. It said then that it would also assume obligations to pay interest due under $3.5 billion of 1MDB bonds that it guaranteed.

Contract Obligations

"1MDB and MOF continue to be bound by their respective obligations under the terms of the Binding Term Sheet," IPIC said Monday. That includes indemnifying IPIC and Aabar for any claims against it over guarantees the Abu Dhabi fund gave for bonds issued by 1MDB, it said.

Officials from the Malaysian finance ministry and 1MDB, whose advisory board is chaired by Prime Minister Najib Razak, didn’t immediately reply to an e-mail seeking comment. 1MDB has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

awang batuburok said...

Waghih yg mana satu ni?

Penasihat Musang Berjanggut al nasikangkang.

joe black said...


The following is an extract posted to the London Stock by IPIC:

"IPIC has performed all of its obligations to date under the Binding Term Sheet. 1MDB and MOF have failed to perform certain payment and other obligations owed by them to the IPIC group pursuant to the terms of the Binding Term Sheet, including the obligation to pay to IPIC U.S.$1,102,725,000 plus interest accruing under the terms of the Binding Term Sheet."

Arul Kanda CEO 1MDB JUST Boasted that the company has paid off ALL of its short term debts with the Bank and even has a surplus of about RM2 billion (about US$1/2 billion).

Mana 1MDB ada duit nak bayar hutang IPIC (as above) amounting to about US$1 Billion?

Sekarang ni 1MDB buat Statement Guna RINGGIT nak tunjuk dia ada banyak wang saku sedangkan Hutang tak berbayar dalam US DOLLAR. Tak Habis Habis Putar K*##n#!!

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Berkenaan dengan Derma,

Persoalannya yang perlu kita hendak tanya adalah derma ini untuk siapa?

Sudah tentu ada penerimanya, setakat kata "derma" sahaja tidak lengkap.

Kalau kita kata zakat, dalam Islam ada 8 asnaf (golongan) yang berhak menerima zakat.

Adakah derma ini, kerajaan arab saudi berikan kepada PM kita. Setahu saya derma sepatutnya diberikan kepada orang yang memerlukan seperti orang yang miskin atau fakir.

PM kita, mengikut kata Tun M, walaupun gaji tidak besar tetapi banyak kemudahan diberikan seperti kereta, rumah dan lain. Kalau kata makan dan minum sepatutnya cukup.

Saya rasa agak tidak sesuai kalau PM kita menerima derma kerana pendapatan PM di Malaysia ini tidaklah begitu dhaif.

Saya rasa, perkataan derma sahaja tidak memadai tetapi derma kepada siapa kena tentukan.

Adakah derma ini diberikan kepada rakyat Malaysia?

Kalau begitu kenapa dipulangkan balik?

Bukankah baik sekiranya duit derma ini diberikan kepada bakal haji.

Katalah kos seorang menunaikan haji adalah RM20,000. Kalau RM 2600 juta, maka 130,000 rakyat malaysia boleh menunaikan haji secara percuma.

Orang yang menunaikan haji sudah tentu mendoakan Dato Najib dan Isteri. Bukankah ini lebih baik.

Jadi persoalan yang perlu tanya balik, derma ikhlas dari Tok Arab ini untuk siapa sebenarnya.

Teja said...

Kepada dedak eaters PHD, pompuan, MYkmut.. silalah tgk video dri news straits times ketika wartawan brtanya tentang 'donation' dri arab. Bak kata JMD- sebelum memahami jawapan yg diberi kite kna faham soalannya dulu. silalah nilaikan sendri.

Zalman A said...


Yes the donation issue is finally over.

""In March 2013, a young Malaysian financier sent a heads-up to an employee at a Kuala Lumpur bank that ‘681 American pies’ would soon be arriving from overseas.

"The sender, Jho Low, emphasised the need for secrecy, according to a transcript of BlackBerry instant messages reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

"The employee, he wrote, should tell the bank’s chief executive that 'PM' didn’t want his name, address or identity-card number to appear on the transaction.

"Within days, $681 million arrived in two transfers at AmBank Bhd. to be deposited in the personal account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, according to documents seen by the Journal," alleged the report.

The WSJ claimed that based on the instant messages transcript, Low was also in contact with an employee at AmBank in Kuala Lumpur."

This was always the missing piece:

Who was behind Tanore Finance, and how was the missing Aabar money related to Tanore?

It appears that international investigators have solved it.

There is no use talking about Saudi Arabia now.

The money came from 1MDB.

Let us hope that the Rulers do the wise thing and call for an RCI.

And Najib should follow Nazir's lead.

Utterly shameless peon said...

Dato, how utterly shameless the "supposedly financial wizard" from Wharton treated Malaysian banks and his total disregard and scorn for his fellow Malaysians and the Malaysian banking system, by alluding to the USD681 million that were sent to Najib's personal accounts as 681 American pies, that "681 American pies" would soon be arriving from overseas.

The sender, Jho Low, emphasised the need for secrecy, according to a transcript of BlackBerry instant messages reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The employee, he wrote, should tell the bank's chief executive that "PM" didn't want his name, address or identity-card number to appear on the transaction.

Within days, US$681 million (S$920 million) arrived in two transfers at AmBank Bhd. to be deposited in the personal account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, according to documents seen by the Journal.

Global investigators believe those transfers represent a portion of the money diverted from a Malaysian state economic-development fund called 1MDB over several years, according to people familiar with probes in two countries. As they dig deeper, investigators have increased their estimates of siphoned funds to as much as US$6 billion, a sharp increase from a few months ago, said a person familiar with one country's probe.

Mr. Low has been in Mr. Najib's inner circle, a family friend, according to people who know the prime minister. At several pivotal moments, Mr. Low's actions, influence and connections have been vital to the alleged diversion of 1MDB funds, a Journal examination found. Investigators describe Mr. Low as playing a central role, with the prime minister his "enabler," according to the people familiar with probes in two countries.

Pompuan said...

Kita fahamlah apa gerombolan yang anti-Najib cakap. Kalau tak faham tengok video, rugi lah pergi sekolah
Masalahnya kita tak percaya apa yang dikutip oleh you all. Kalau dtg dari Rafizi atau Tian Chua atau Tony Pua, langsunglah tak percaya. Mcm juga you all tak percaya apa Pak Arab cakap, Najib cakap dan AG cakap Najib absolved of guilt.
Pemakan dedak? EXCUSE ME. I tak tahu pun benda tu wujud kalau I tak baca blog DAKJ.
Nak juga rasa how it taste like.
Orang mcm I manalah pernah jumpa orang besar. Office ipun kat atas shoplot. Nampaknya kempunan seumur hiduplah tak makan dedak.
DAKJ masih tak jawab orang mcm you all ni makan apa. Beras Bario ke? Kahkahkah.

Pompuan said...

Salam DAKJ (banyak kali da)
Three things you need to reply:
1). Apa ke halnya Tun M sampai menurunkan darjat pergi pasar Malam Batu Road (panggilan nenek saya)?Takkanlah sampai begitu sekali desperatenya menagih simpati supaya orang sign declarasinya. Desperate ke sebab ramai tak sign? No class man to resort to commonman's behaviour like Nuwar Ibrahim. Nasib baiklah takde yg cemuh beliau atau mengapa-apakan beliau. Nanti siapa nak jawab?
2) casualty pertama kes IMDB ialah Nazir taking leave. Voluntary ok. You all nak abang resign. Tapi Adik yg volunteer in line with his integrity and transparency image.
Tak rasa guilty ke u all asyik menyalak pasal isu ni sampai yg tak bersalahpun diheret bersama? Tak sedih ke Melayu jatuhkan Melayu. Berapa puntung ngat Melayu yang berjaya dalam perbankan? Kudos to him for his bravery.
Ni yang saya marah. Kes Lim Guan Eng y'all membisu seibu bahasa. Mcm dengki kat bangsa sendiri. Memang kita mcm tu.It's okay if nons naik above us but not our race. That's the culture of Malays.
3. Please reply to the nasty comments of Raja Petra in MToday accusing you of bitter anger with Najib over losss of Million dollar business. Also kerana tak dapat jadi Chairman Media Prima.
Wajib jawab as we don't know you from Adam but we respect you as an eminent journalist.
For your info I hated this half-breed royalty for championing Anuwar. Now that he's a Najib-licker, i have no respect for him. Why can't he be like me a Malay who love UMNO from the start to forever. Can't stand unprincipled people who go where the wind blows. Or where the money is.

awang batuburok said...

Kena tanya penasihat Lebai Musang Berjanggut, baru kemah keming jwpan nya...ha ha ha ha


1.For the benefit of Pompuan, in particular, and debaters in general, let me reproduce explanation on "dedak eaters" published on March 8.

2. Dedak eater or its Malay origin “pemakan dedak” was popularised by pro-Umno cyber warriors in the aftermath of last year’s Umno General Assembly. It came about when Umno vice-president (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced on Dec 11 that Umno would beef up its online propaganda by appointing more cyber warriors. This had apparently caused the displeasure of the existing operators who resorted to calling the potential new arrivals “pemakan dedak”.

3. I did not originate it. I was merely quoting what the squabbling pro-Najib cybertroopers were calling each other "pemakan dedak". They are still quarreling until this day.

4. Dalam rencana 4 Februari pula, saya menulis: "Pasal makan dedak, saya nak cerita sikit. Saya boleh kata pakar dalam hal dedak. Ayah saya pernah bekerja di kilang beras. Dedak adalah hasil sampingan mengilang padi jadi beras. Dedak dibagi makan kepada ayam, itik dan babi. Sebab kurang zat kena campur dengan nasi basi dan sisa makanan lain. Silap-silap campuran ayam, itik dan babi boleh tercekik. Jadi hati-hatilah bila makan dedak."

5. Berkenaan komen saudara Kluangman (orang Kluang), saya tidak berniaga dengan Umno atau bagi pihak Umno sejak berhenti daripada Kumpulan NSTP pada tahun 2000. Lepas itu saya dan dua orang kawan bekas NSTP dan JPM kemukakan cadangan pengswastaan RTM tetapi ditolak oleh kerajaan Tun Dr Mahathir.

6. Beberapa hari sebelum Mohd Najib jadi PM dan pada awal beliau sebagai PM, saya ada membuat beberapa permintaan tetapi bukan untuk saya tetapi untuk Malaysia. Salah satunya ialah meminta kerajaan menimbang menaikkan taraf semua projek pengairan dengan menyediakan "tertiary irrigation" tetapi sampai hari ini tidak dilaksanakan. Sebab itu penggunaan air banyak tetapi hasil padi rendah.

7. Satu lagi yang tidak putus-putus saya minta/ingatkan yang saya rasa buat saya tidak popular dengan Mohd Najib adalah jangan benarkan campur tangan keluarga dalam urusan negara dan parti rasmi.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

mad said...

as one of the world's elite, najib should know that the only way to rid himself from all these 1mdb trouble is by making a plea to the illuminati. it will cost him a few billions rm more, but as we all know, the illuminati controls all world biggest media (including wsj), entertainment, religions and everything under the sun these days.
it will be an easy job for the illuminati as opposed to the complex, high risk hoax of 911 which involved the cia and mossad.
but of course asking help from the illuminati also mean you have to sell your soul to the devil

Zalman A said...

The "681 American pies" is going to lead to a few consequences.

One being possible legal action by the UAE against Malaysia.

The second, severe damage to the economy if there are triggered defaults.

The third, warrants of arrest for the Bugis and Cina partners in this kongsi gelap/songlap.

Perhaps when the laluan tikus was still open, they should have escaped.

Zalman A said...


For your readers who are following the story of the Kongsi Gelap/Songlap Bugis-Arab-Cina in detail, they may be wondering who is the new name to emerge, i.e. “Tan Kim Loong”?

He is now named by the WSJ as the Jho Low associate who was told to set up Tanore Finance in the BVI - the ultimate source of the 2.6 billion “donation” to Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone.

Who is Eric Tan (Tan Kim Loong)?

He is a person under already under investigation himself in Singapore in connection with 1MDB, following the arrest of a banker from BSI Singapore - the home of Arul Kanda & Najib’s “cash” that turned into “assets” that turned into “units”.

No wonder people want to make a movie about the whole 1MDB mess!

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

In reply to saudari Pompuan.

I could'nt see what is so wrong for a former PM to visit Batu Road pasar malam. Malaysian leaders since the Tunku have always been humble and close to the rakyat. Otherwise, Tun Razak himself would not have visited rural kampungs and feldas in the 60s. Stop being so posh because that will not help your own bangsa.

As for Tun M being desparate, yes he is desparate. You want to know why? Because his own people, represented by the keris wielding UMNO, chose not to get rid of Najib when they had the chance at the end of last year.

To me Tun M is doing the Melayu a service by leading the Save Malaysia effort. Never in history will the Chinese and Indians look back to this day and say "the *expletive* Melayu failed us". It is sad that Tun is being branded as a Malay traitor when he is truly a hero.

hihwag said...

"In reply to saudari Pompuan".....saudari ke saudara?

panglimo potaseh said...

Kalau semuanya dah selesai .. Najib bolehlah kumpul fail untuk saman WSJ. WSJ wajib disaman kerana telah membawa kemaluan besar pada kehormatan PM kita dan umat Ketuanan Melayu keseluruhannya. Pantang Melayu diaibkan sebegitu rupa .. sehingga disamakan sebagai rompakan terbesar sepanjang usia kewujudan manusia. Saya teramat kesihan pada PM kita yang sangat tinggi tahap kesabarannya. Terganggu kehidupan hariannya. PM tercinta ini terpaksa mengada-adakan berbagai cerita pasal kes ini .. tipu sunat lah katakan. Sehinggalah terpacul Menteri Luar Arab, Al Jubure menceritakan prihal sebenarnya .. tulah ceritanya setakat hari ni .. antara cerita betul dan tipu sunat.

Squeaky clean? said...

so many dirty secrets are being revealed by the day.
We have that Eric Tan's name.
Now who is that bank employee who JLow contacted to facilitate the 681 American pies into Najib's account? If he continues to keep silent, he or she can be charged as a co-conspirator to run foul of BNM's banking regulations.
Care to hazard a guess, or can SR do us this favour please?

Btw, Tengku Razaleigh do you still support the PM in spite of the earth shattering revelations covering all of the payments receipts/transfers which are fully documented? Or, will you say enough is enough, your support of him was dependent on him being clean as a whistle and not this scandal ridden?

Pompuan said...

Thanks much DAKJ for the background of the dedak term. Since I'm not from a rice-bowl state, never knew about dedak. Simply put it's scrap or bad rice. That's not at all a right description for the dedaks in pro-Najib camp. All are well-heeled and I am proud if I am one. Nice name.
Thanks too for the answering my questions on why you hate Najib as alleged by Raja Petra. I didn't see any comments from Kluangman. So I assume it must be for me. Nevertheless you didn't reply on your aborted million dollar project by Najib. Aww never mind

Dear Jimbeaux.
It's not about being posh. It's about Tun stooping so low to seek support from the pasar malam traders. I don't think they care. They care about how much kueh or jagung rebus sold for the night to feed their kids. To them, Najib had done much more than Tun to help the lower income group. Tun M is more into birthing top corporate mandarins.
It is so inane of you to compare the walkabout of Tunku or Tun Razak. That's meet the people Not kow-towing to get what you want which Tun has resorted to.
I feel sad for Tun who is courting Anwar Ibrahim and family. Felt so hurt reading his God blessed wifey Wan Azizah telling Keadilan and opposition not to be supporting Tun In his cause. A real slap in the face for him. Like what Malays said terhegeh-hegeh mintak tolong kawan tapi orang tak sudi. Enough of this ingrating behaviour so unbecoming of a statesman.
He has filed a suit to freeze Najib's assets for probe. Now that's a class act and his right as a citizen. Not cheap shot going to pasar malam in the standard of Anwar. Pemimpin jalanan. Hahaha.
BTW we don't need the nons enforsement nor do we bother about your expletives on us Malays .We have always been a political race and not only politically aware like you all after Anwar was jailed.
We Malays know what we want and expect from our leaders without your say so. Don't need your approval nor your dictates. Like for example Mukhriz should fight his own battles and not rely on dad as a crutch to be PM. Look how far KJ has gone despite you all ramming him down when Pa in-law was PM. Same for Hishamuddin. It does not mean son of Razak becomes PM, son of Mahathir must be too. It is not a given thing in politics.

msh said...

salam Dato.

Isu 1MDB 'over' ?
Bagi Penyamun dan Pentekedarah Dedak 'case more issue...all matters put to rest'.

Org Kedah kata.."over kena kat hampa...apa hampa ingat 30 juta rakyat negara buta kayu " ?

Dato...isu 1MDB ini boleh kita jadikan satu 'case study yg paling classic' bila kita bercerita tentang Jatidiri bangsa Melayu terutama Ketua2nya.
Betapa rendahnya moral...tiada roh bangsa...ugama dijadikan alat dan banyak lagi kerja2 keji yg telah berlaku dan sedang dilakukan oleh pemerintah dan pengikut2 setia yg berbangsa Nelayu demi survival diri semata2.

Betapa dangkal dan sial sekali mereka2 ini yg kononnya sayang bangsa dan ugama bergerak.

Pokoknya....isu ini umpama bangkai walau pun ditutup rapi tetapi masih mengeluar bau yg busuk lagi hanyir.

"over kena kat depa".

terima kasih.

Laguhati said...

Datuk Allow me to digress Fitnah (fatanun,fitnatuka) comes from the infinitive arabic word fatana. If we were to follow the Quranic meanings fitnah would mean (1) Persecution - refers to Prophet Muhammad's persecution by Meccan polytheists leading to the Hijrah Quran 2:193 "muslims are to fight until there are no persecution(fitnatun) and the religion is God's

(2) Dissension/Sedition - this pertains to those who do not have firm faith interpreting the Quran according to their whims and fancies and those they say they are believers but show themselves reluctant to follow God commands are seeking 'sedition' among the community

(3) Trial - tribulations and difficulties men are happy as long as their life is secure and easy but as soon as they are tested they turn away from God. God will test people to see whether they will turn awayfrom God once they have obtained his favour or whether they remain steadfast in faith

(4) Temptation/Seduction - God's test for those who are hypocritical in their faith and who are steadfast believers

So God's Fitnah/finatun are timely reminders to his creations to be steadfast in their beliefs and never ever stray from the righteous path into the realmdom of shirk(syirik)

The modern usage of fitnah would include

(1)Testing or trial to seperate the good from the bad the chaff from the wheat
(2) To change and make up things to make them look deceivingly good so people will love them
(3) When someone employs beautiful and pretentious words to describe his/her deeds so much so the deeds appear to be noble and thrustworthy
(4) To disrupt the peace of the community to create frictions and differences of perceptipns to tempt to seduce to create unrests to dissent to do things beyond reasons

So conscientious debaters in this forum can decide and come to their own conclusions on who is really Memfitnah dan Penabur Fitnah.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato,

Mengikut media semasa, akhbar Wall Street Journal adalah antara yang terpilih untuk mendapat anugerah Pulitzer kerana laporan pendedahan 1MDB di Malaysia.

Anugerah Pulitzer adalah anugerah yang paling tinggi dalam bidang penulisan dan kewartawanan di Amerika Syarikat.

Sudah tentu ini menggalakkan lagi, wartawan asing untuk menyiarkan isu 1MDB apatah lagi pendedahan demi pendedahan setakat ini adalah selamat dan bebas dari tindakan dan saman mahkamah dari kerajaan yang ada sekarang ini.

Saujana said...

Honest to goodness. Wagih, try to be good. I know it's really hard for some people.

Unknown said...


Dalam budaya masyarakat Melayu, sistem kasta begitu menebal. Sejak dari zaman kegemilangan Melayu Melaka, kira-kira 500 tahun dahulu, golongan istana, pemerintah dan orang kaya diletakkan pada satu kelas tersendiri. Mereka dilihat sebagai orang mulia dengan darjat yang tinggi. Rakyat jelata pula menganggap diri mereka golongan hina.

"Patik pacal yang hina menyembah duli tuanku..." Ini laras bahasa yang biasa digunakan hingga ke hari ini.

Ini gambaran betapa tingginya darjat pemerintah dan betapa hinanya rakyat jelata. Inilah yang telah diwarisi oleh masyarakat Melayu selama beratus-ratus tahun. Sehingga ia telah diprogramkan dalam minda masyarakat Melayu lalu konsep ini wujud secara sub-conscious dalam minda masyarakat Melayu sehingga ke hari ini.

Berbalik kepada insiden Tun Dr Mahathir berada di pasar malam. Rakyat jelata golongan hina. Tun Dr Mahathir golongan mulia. Hanya kerana mahu Najib meletak jawatan, mana mungkin golongan mulia sanggup menurunkan darjat mereka bergaul dengan golongan hina.

Ada kemungkinan ini adalah output yang terhasil dalam minda masyarakat Melayu secara sub-conscious apabila melihat Tun Dr Mahathir turun menemui akar-umbi di pasar malam.

Permasalahan bangsa Melayu adalah sesuatu yang cukup kompleks sehingga ia bersifat sistemik. Maksudnya, sistem dalam masyarakat Melayu itu sendiri yang menyebabkan masyarakat Melayu berhadapan dengan segala permasalahan pada hari ini sama ada dari aspek politik, ekonomi mahu pun sosial.

Kerana Panama Leak, Iceland tidak mempunyai masalah untuk memaksa Presiden mereka meletakkan jawatan. Pada hal tidak ada suatu kesalahan pun yang dibuktikan secara nyata.

Di Malaysia, walau dengan kehilangan wang rakyat dengan nilai beratus-ratus juta, berbillion-billion ringgit, pemerintah masih mampu berdiri tersenyum di atas pentas. Masih ada yang mahu mengerumuni pemerintah.

Sebahagiannya merupakan pemakan dedak dan menjaga kepentingan peribadi. Untuk sebahagian yang lain, ada kemungkinan mereka memikirkan ia adalah suatu taboo untuk melayan buruk pemerintah negara sendiri. Apatah lagi dia orang Melayu, beragama Islam. Fitnah. Sound familiar?


Zalman A said...

The "return of donation" to "Saudi" konon.

As claimed by the A-G.

Now we know that Tanore was a Jho Low vehicle, the whole complexion changes.

Over US$650 million (RM2 billion) was transferred from the Prime Minister’s AmPrivate Bank account in Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore after the general election.

The money was deposited into an account in the name of Tanore Finance Corporation (BVI) at Falcon Bank in Singapore on the day the PM’s AmPrivate Bank account was closed, 30/08/2013.

This was the same company account which had originally transferred US$681 million into Najib Razak’s AmPrivate Bank account, number 2112022009694, earlier in March.

So it went back to Tanore.

Where is it now?

Is it frozen?

Is Singapore holding it?

Because the money technically belongs to the UAE, being the illegal proceeds of a joint criminal enterprise between two Malaysian citizens (one from Pekan and one from Penang), two UAE citizens, and others unknown at this stage.

RM2 billion is missing.

Hope Singapore clarifies soon.

Labu said...

Anwar dipenjarakan kerana kesalahan menyondol. 2 kali dipenjarakan atas sebab yang sama. Sekian terima kasih.


1.I must say I am a tat disappointed with “pompuan”. I had taken the trouble to explain to you that I had not asked Mohd Najib for any project. I only asked him to do good for the country.

2. Yet in your latest comment you wrote: “Nevertheless you didn't reply on your aborted million dollar project by Najib.”

3. Since I did not proposed anything to him, how could he cause the abortion of my so-called million-dollar project?

4. If you read carefully, the RTM privatization project was during Tun Dr Mahathir time and was rejected by the government of Tun Dr Mahathir.

5. As for your accusation basing on some foreign bloggers that I lobbied for chairmanship of Media Prima, that was an absolute lie. Tan Sri Johan offered to recommend me for a place in the NSTP board, which I declined. When I left the NSTP/TV Group in 2000 it was for good.

6. It was also a lie that I tried unsuccessfully to sell BP to Umno. I only approached a Bumiputera businessman with printing and book retailing business but was rejected. After that I proceeded to wind down the company, compensated the staff and offered the titles for sale.

7. Your lack of attention raises my suspicion that “pompuan” may not be one person but several men and women sharing the same pseudonym for purposes of commenting in this blog.

8. What is so shameful about Tun Dr Mahathir meeting the people at Chow Kit or anywhere talking about Deklarasi Rakyat? Rakyat have the right too you see!

9. Also it has been his habit since he was PM. When he was PM, he used to drive himself on weekends to see things for himself without being "ampu" by the apple-polishing menteris and civil servants. Unlike Mohd Najib, Dr Mahathir does not fear meeting the rakyat randomly.

10. Maybe “pompuan” have heard the saying “ular menyusur akar tidak hilang bisanya”. A poisonous snake that slithers on the ground will not lose its toxin. But no matter how high an ular air (a non-poisonous snake) climbs a tree it will remain non-poisonous.


hihwag said...

Dato, x payahlah layan pemakan2 dedak sponsored by Mat Mustlearn.

IQ dorang mmg standard - semua 3.85.

Capcha said...

Has anyone ever considered the possibility that the Americans knew exactly what was going on? The US Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Department have "tentacles" into every bank in the world that handles US Dollars. All the money flows will already have been traced and all the involved parties identified.

When will the Americans go public with this? Or will they hold on to the information as one of the cards to be played when the time is right?

If the WSJ is sued in the US, the paper can depose the US Fed and US Treasury Department to disclose their records of these funds flows.

That wouldn't do, would it?

Nenekghuffran said...

Salam DAKJ... Semoga sentiasa dlm rahmat Allah...aamiin...

Abaikan saja si pompuan tu..... takde faedah dilayan. Dia tu saja nak ganggu tumpuan Dato. Mungkin juga betul tulisan Dato dipara 7.

Disinfectant said...

From Free Malaysia Today:

Azrul Mohd Khalib, the initiator of the Citizens’ Declaration, has been summoned to the Petaling Jaya District Police Headquarters today to be investigated for sedition.

Lawyers for Liberty’s Melissa Sasidaran, who was with Azrul at the time, told FMT that Azrul was being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act for an online petition that he set up on, calling for the removal of Najib Razak as Prime Minister.

She added that Azrul’s hand phone and laptop were confiscated to facilitate investigations into the case.

According to Melissa, eight individuals – including Azrul – will be investigated under the same Act.

Melissa said she was unable to reveal the names of the individuals but that they consisted of bloggers, news editors and journalists.

Datuk, can you comment?
Will all bloggers houseclean and disinfect blogs, comments, laptops, PCs, phones?

Laki said...


Kesian sungguh i dengan you sebab Allah bagi akal yang panjang tapi dipendekkan dan Allah bagi mata tapi dibutakan.

I kata akal you pendek sebab Nazir "taking leave" untuk memberi laluan kepada urusan penyiasatan ke atas dirinya bersabit isu 1MDB itu pun you ucap "kudos for his bravery". Pasal apa? Apa yang bravenya perbuatan tu? Kenapa perlu diucap kudos atas tindakan tu? Bukankah memang itu yang patut dilakukan? Bahkan dia sepatutnya letak jawatan! Dan dalam hal yang sama you tak pulak tempelak abang dia, Mohd Najib yang masih berpaut kepada jawatannya walau dah banyak bukti salah laku dan salah tadbir urus dalam 1MDB yang membabitkannya. Suruhlah Mohd Najib contohi nazir. U tak berani nak cakap ke? Kalau u tak makan dedak tentu you tak terikat kepada apa2 dan sesiapa.

Kemudian i kata you ada mata tapi dibutakan sebab sedap je u kata DAKJ tak jawab bisnes juta2 dia yg ditolak oleh Mohd Najib. Baca betul2. Jawapan DAKJ ada dalam perenggan ayat yang dikemukakan. Baca perlahan2 pun x apa. Kasi hadam dan kasi paham bait2 perkataan. U orang Melayu kan?

Akhir kata mohon maaf pompuan kalau tersinggung.

sejati said...

Salam Datuk.

Saudari 'pompuan' is merely depending on her hormones rather than her grey matter in doing her thinking. Pls ignore her comments Datuk. Rakyat are with Tun. It was so touching to see him fight the battle in Jalan TAR. True leadership. I am getting as many as my friends and families to sign Deklarasi Rakyat. The least I can do in 'berjuang bersama Tun. Thank u so much TunM for what you have been sacrificing to help us Malaysians. Saudari perempuan, move aside. This is a big turning point in the Malaysian history. The young ones would carry the torch. Tun has shown us the way that we should always keep fighting and never give up! #RespekTunM.


Labu said...

Hanya Jauhari mengenal manikam. Kamu bukanlah Jauhari.

Pompuan said...

Thanks Much again DAKJ
Very sorry if my question on that Raja Petra accusations offended you. Honest to Allah it was never my intention to grill you on the matter. I don't know much about you except that you were once Editor-in-Chief of an UMNO-owned newspaper. So when I read that piece in Malaysia Today, I wondered whether it was true. Thus, the query.
I am the kind of person who only read blogs for fun. Most I don't believe.
Only newspaper reports I trust since you have code of ethics. Of course you have self-censorship, but we can read between the lines what is unsaid. High-five. Peace.
And I wish to make a statutory declaration that I am the only POMPUAN here. No one else. All comments are mine only. Maybe I was blur on that particular issue as that fella raised many allegations. Thanks for setting the record straight. So any atupidity comes from me. As I said before, in Rocky's and Zankata blog I used different pseudonymms. Sure you know that even if a person used another handle, you can easily detect from the style of writing. That we can't escape.
Good night.

Zalman A said...

I really hope the Bugis Worrier is not so foolish as to try and arrest Tun. It would be suicidal for him. The people are with Tun, all the way.

Teja said...

Sikap orang-orang macam OAB inilah yg mnyebabkan 1 Malaysia Di Bangsatkn. Biar, redha,terima sahaja Najib busukkn nama Malaysia. Biar sahaja pemakan dedak curi duit rakyat smpi kita rsa sakit nk hidup selesa, sush hati tiap2 hari fkir mcm mn lg nk usaha cri duit lebih. Agaknya O AB mahu biar diasak smpi kita semua kebulur dan duduk bwah jambatan? Mase tu dh terlewat tuk kita semua. Komen OAB sama saja mcm komen pak menteri. Jgn hiraukn dakwaan tu, mase tuk move on, katanya. Tapi terang2 dalam laporan PAC ade byk persoalan disitu, lgpun najib n 1MDB xprnah bg bukti transaksi luar negara & akaun dia. Xpernah tunjuk bukti. Stakat guna air liur siapa2 pun boleh. Klu ramai lg melayu mcm ni mmg hancurla Malaysia.

Teja said...

I hope this is the time when Malaysian people open their eyes abt Arab people. We Malaysian want so much to look like them, want to copy in every aspect; dress, culture. Everythng want to copy. But please, the only good thing they have is Kaabah n oil. Other than that their cultures worse than us. Beheaded anyone just like that, and supressed women, they are also very racist to their neighbourhood country. Their citizen also never want to go back to Saudi country, if you dont believe you may ask all students from ksa in MY.

Teja said...

PHD- FITNAH??klu kau rasa fitnah silalah baca laporan PAC. Cuba fkir guna otak. Tapi mest kau xbce kan.Sruh bos kau saman WSJ, nk tggu selasa 2040 ke? Lepas hutang 1mdb selesai(tupun klu selesai). Bersihkan Nama Malaysia. Knp sggup dibiarnya nama Malaysia tercalar teruk smpi mcm ni?smpi hati dia. Kata Bugi Worrior, pahlawan Islam, knp dia xmlawan tuduhan2 ni dgn bwa mereka yg mnuduh beliau kemuka pengadilan? Knp bla wartawan tanya lari? Klu org xsalah dia xkn buat mcm tu. Takut dgn byg2 sendri. PHD- Pemakan Hasil Dedak

Aku said...

Puan Nor Firdaus Effendi, 11.06 a.m. salaam.

Terima kasih atas ulasan puan yg agak segar berkenaan sistem kasta dlm masyarakat melayu. Mungkin ini sebahagian bagasi yg diturunkan oleh leluhur yg dikatakan menganut hindu dan animisme, tonggak kepada sakibaki sistem feudal yg masih diamalkan.

Namun, saya kurang faham penggunaan perkataan "sistemik" yg puan gunakan dlm para 6. Pada pengamatan saya, perkataan ini berasal dari perkataan inggeris 'systemic', yg dianggap merujuk kepada keseluruhan organisma, yg lazimnya digunakan dlm bidang kedokteran. Berlawan ia dengan erti perkataan "topical" atau "local", seperti di huraikan oleh Wikipedia: "In medicine, systemic means affecting the whole body, or at least multiple organ systems. It is in contrast with topical or local."

Dlm ertikata lain, pemotongan atau pembuangan satu dahan yg besar, sungguhpun berpenyakit, penuh dgn 'virus' dan berulat, banyak berkulat, mithalannya akan menyebabkan keseluruhan pokok itu mati. Kalau itulah gambaran yg puan mahu tonjolkan, mungkin sedikit fatalistik atau pesimis. Bak kata pepatah inggeris "hope springs eternal..."

Dgn rendah hati,


Jason koji said...

Pompuan..melayu mcm hanglaa yang akan tipu melayu lain yang pada pandanga hang bodoh.Tony ke Tian Chua bukan PM...walaupun dia orang lagi cerdik dari PM.
Hang dgn Waghih elok simpan apa yang hampa tulis dan turunkan pada anak dan cucu hangpa supaya nanti keturunan hangpa tahu siapa hangpa sebenarnya..Jangan depa pakat pi jirus kubur hangpa dengan ayag kencing dahlaa.

Jason koji said...

He can't even if he wants to.The devil have already bought it at 70% discount years ago.

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