Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Bridge and the Ripe Low Hanging Fruits

A Kadir Jasin

WILL the no-new-bridge option, decided upon by the Cabinet on April 12, be the answer to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s, dream of “plucking the ripe fruits first” in the acrimonious Malaysia-Singapore relations?

Ahmad Fuzi

[LATEST, April 27,

"THAT there should be any Malaysian leader willing to entertain this idea, to destroy Malaysian seas to satisfy Singapore speaks badly of his love for this country," said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, replying to Ahmad Fuzi. Full text see www.kmu.net.my and malaysia today.net]


Bercakap mengenai buah, teringat kepada Perjanjian Kerjasama Ekonomi dan Perdagangan Bebas Malaysia-Jepun yang ditandatangi oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan Jepun Disember lalu.

Dalam perjanjian itu, kita buka lebih luas pasaran kepada kereta Jepun dan Jepun buka pasaran pertaniannya kepada hasil keluaran kita.

Kenderaan Jepun terus masuk ke Malaysia dan sempena pelancaran Dasar Automotif Nasional, harga kenderaan turun, termasuk harga kenderaan buatan Jepun.

Tetapi kita nak tanya Rafidah dan Muhyiddin, kalau Jepun sudah bukan pasaran pertanian, kenapa petani Perlis terpaksa membuang bertan-tan buah mangga yang tak laku dijual?

Di mana Menteri Pantau RMK-9? Kalau pantau, tentulah petani tak terus susah macam sekarang. Takut-takut "Bumi Hijau" bukan dipenuhi tanaman yang subur menghijau tetapi bendera sebuah parti politik yang berwarna hijau.

Niat ikhlas, Perjanjian Antarabangsa dan Bumi Hijau belum tentu yakinkan rakyat kalau hasilnya belum dirasai, apatah lagi titik peluh berakhir dalam parit kerana mangga Thai lebih murah.

Inilah yang nenek moyang kita maksudkan dengan "kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan." Apa kata hero Perlis?]

That’s among the many questions that Malaysian voters and taxpayers may want answered in the light of the lengthy “diplomatic” explanation of the bridge cancellation by Ambassador At-Large, Tan Sri Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, and the continuing challenge against the decision.

Ahmad Fuzi, who is now the sole authorised spokesman on the bridge issue, had released a statement (in English) explaining events leading to the April 12 cabinet decision to cancel the project.

His statement, which was issued to the Press on the evening of April 24 and embargoed until 1.00am, April 25, injected the diplomatic and legal flavours to the hot and, by now, highly confusing issue.

“Plucking the ripe fruits first”, according to Ahmad Fuzi , was the metaphor Abdullah used to describe his approach to the negotiations with Singapore. Abdullah, according to Ahmad Fuzi, was also hoping to pluck them first from the lower branches.

Although Ahmad Fuzi is not a politician, his explanation included several strong political statements, like reminding us that the present Government has a two-third majority in Parliament and could, if it wants, decide on the issue and get the people to agree later.

[[[[Update, April 27,

LET'S take a coffee break from this heavy stuff. Or shall we say comic break? The Minister responsible for monitorng the 9th Malaysia Plan, Affendi Norwawi, could end up in jail if his ex-wife Zariah Hashim, formally known as Farida Affendi, is successful in her contempt allegation against him.

The Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court had set Aug. 10 to hear contempt proceeding against Affendi for allegedly failing to fulfil a multi-million ringgit divorce settlement entered into on Jan. 28, 2005.

When Muhamad Muhamad Taib faced currency charges in an Australian Court in the 1990's, he was "forced" to take leave and later resigned as Selangor Menteri Besar. That was transparency and accountability. He was later found not guilty.]]]

In fact that’s what it did, actually. It decided to abandon the bridge project and only later informed the people. This happened only weeks after a soft-launch of the project was carried out, officiated by Deputy Works Minister, Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed, and when the construction of the new Custom, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) in Johor Baru is almost completed.

The Role of AG’s Chamber

AHMAD Fuzi’s statement gave the impression of how seriously the Cabinet viewed the opinions of the Attorney General’s Chamber on the legal implications, which appears to be confined to two areas.

One was the relocation of PUB water mains in the Malaysian territory and the likelihood of Singapore not authorising the use of the railway track on its side of the Causeway for reason of structural integrity. This may, in turn, affect the position, thus ownership, of KTM’s assets in Singapore.

Ahmad Fuzi spoke of the Government having four options, namely:

First was to approve the BPU (broad political understanding) and proceed with detailed negotiations to conclude a Final Agreement;

Second was to proceed with the scenic half bridge that would join the Singapore part of the Causeway;

Third was to unilaterally build a scenic half bridge that could eventually be linked to become a full scenic bridge with Singapore; and

Fourth was not to proceed with any bridge at all, which, according to Ahmad Fuzi, was the decision taken by the Government.

Ahmad Fuzi said if a compromise is considered too much under the first option in view of strong public sentiments, this should be the best option.

The Simplest Way Out

THIS option (i.e. the no-bridge-of-any-kind option), according to Ahmad Fuzi, means that Malaysia does not have to consider lifting the ban on the export of sand and granting to Singapore Air Force the limited privileges in the use of its airspace for Search and Rescue missions and as the Northern Corridor Transit.

Malaysia can now even consider imposing a complete ban on the export of sand to any country as a matter of policy if public sentiments on the issue are as strong as being reflected in the media, said Ahmad Fuzi.

It would appear that the Government, acting on the advice of diplomats and legal people, had decided on the simplest option – not to proceed with the project.

But the people’s sentiments are not the only consideration. Singapore’s feeling and/or interest, it appears, are not altogether ignored. Ahmad Fuzi noted:

“ The Government’s decision to scrap the bridge project would also have the advantage of preventing the two sides from being embroiled in endless political bickering and legal disputes.

“The decision is not necessarily a win-lose situation. Malaysia did not really lose even if it did not get the bridge. Singapore too did not look at Malaysia’s decision in terms of victory or defeat. After all, Singapore too did not get what it wanted in respect of sand and airspace.”

Despite his own failure as the head of the Malaysian team to the last five rounds of negotiations with Singapore to make any meaningful headway, Ahmad Fuzi continues to dream of better days in the relations with the island republic.

He said: “More must certainly be done by both sides to allow the two countries to move ahead in nurturing mutually beneficial cooperative relations.”

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.


drmuzi said...

I hope RTM or TV3 will brave enough to invite TUN DR M to put forward his opinions and views to the public.

RTM gave th echance to Syed Hamid ALbar...and it seems he can't convinced the masses, and he is currently even removed frm the scene completely.

" i thinks this is becoz, he did said that if we were meant to go to court with spore we will win"

thus showing the present admin. fear of difficulties and ran away frm problem even when they think they can win.

if RTM fear TUN may be too convincing, RTM can always bring back Syed Hamid or AAB to debate their views in the public eyes.

Anonymous said...

Option ke 3 cakap Singapura boleh ambil tanah KTM jika keretapi tak berjalan lebih dari 6 bulan. Rasanya reason ni dah cukup kuat untuk membatalkan projek tersebut.

Anonymous said...

AAB administration is attempting to "menegak benang basah" and the harder they try, the more they make fools of themselves.

Dr. Mahathir's open letter is an eye opener, the Great man has lost none of his intellect and feistiness, he is a Malaysian patriot of the highest order.The present Cabinet combined pales in comparison.

I wonder if the Singapore government had revealed secrets that scared the daylights of AAB administration to force them to shamelessly catapult and make this 180 degree decision to cancel the bridge project. I think they should just keep quiet starting today before their statements could be misinterpreted as being apologists for Singapore.

drmuzi said...

anonymous : u said option 3 dah cukup utk batalkan...but you look idiot when u ignore the other 3 options.

please don't insult your intellectual by selectively select what you want and ignore the others.

i think you should learn what is th emeaning of OPTIONS my dear.

Only stupid and stupid does will chose option 3 or even think of it or even list it as an options.

Todak Malaya said...

lame duck malaysian government have to change the way they speaks to mental blokage singaporean leader. They have to use harsh and abusive language. because the singaporean leader are too deaf to hear the soft and diplomatic language.From now on Malaysian have to stop the discussion of bilateral talk let tambak pasir disebelah sempadan Malaysia until the border. If they can do , malaysia also can do the same

Anonymous said...

True to his image...Mr Nice guy!

LAMAK said...

Permasalahaan di antara Malaysia dan Singapura dalam isu-isu berbangkit sangat rumit dan harus di tangani dengan cekap dan mengambil kira kesan kepada genarasi akan datang. Kita lihat saja kepada perjanjian air yang terdahulu dan kini apa kesan yang di tinggalkan sekarang. Jadi dalam kegairahan kita memperkatakan atau mempersoalkan samada kerajaan telah membuat satu keputusan yang tepat dan betul, kita telah di ledakkan dengan pelbagai komen, penjelasan dan desakan dari pelbagai pihak dan termasuklah dari bekas Perdana Menteri YBhg Tun Dr Mahathir yang telah melakarkan satu surat terbuka yang saya kira "powerful". Saya kira adalah baik kiranya Tun di jemput ke sesi persidangan Parlimen untuk memperkatakan hujah beliau dan dapatlah para pengubal undang-undang kita memahami tujuan Tun bertindak sedemikian. Apa yang lebih penting ialah bagaimana Malaysia di bawah kepimpinan YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan menangani hubungan dua hala di antara Malaysia dan Singapura dengan bijaksana dengan mengambil kira kepentingan negara, kehendak rakyat dan semangat setia kawan dalam ASEAN. Semuga Pak Lah diberi kekuatan oleh ALLAH swt.

Unknown said...

1. Sekarang ni timbul isu rel keretapi pulak. Kerajaan AAB buat keputusan dulu baru cari alasan.

2. Sebenarnya apa penting tanah KTM tu dalam singapura berbanding menyelamatkan perairan Selat terberau dan menjimatkan kos PTP daripada terpaksa membiayai jutaan ringgit setiap tahun bagi kerja-kerja mendalamkan laut akibat mendapan kerana air yang tidak mengalir melalui Tambak Johor.

3. Singapura lebih memerlukan KTM berbanding KTM memerlukan Singapura. Negara tersebut tidak akan menarik balik stesen KTM. Kalau dia tarik balik perkhidmatan KTM bermakna akan lebih banyak Bas dan Lori masuk ke republik tersebut. Dia mau ka? Kalau AAB tak paham sangat mai sini nak terangkan. Jangan dengar cakap budak yang tak sekolah kat Malaysia pun.

Anonymous said...

Kalau depa jambatan pun kelam-kabut, macamana depa nak bincang pasai FTA dengan Amerika. La ni dah dengaq cerita Proton nak buang banyak local supplier. Mungkin Datuk Kadir boleh mai habaq pasai Proton punya plan ni dalam blog ni. Aku nampak tak lama lagi, tag Melayu jadi semacam liablity di negara sendiri!

drmuzi said...

Aku nak muntah bila tengok RTM mengenai visual di parlimen, dimana RTM kata Syed Hamid Albar mempertahankan TUN.

Sebenarnya LIM KIT SIANg tanya menegani OSA berkaitan surat surat yg dikeluarkan oleh TUN sekarang ni tersebar terima kasih kepada KMU dan THE STAR.

Lim jugabertanya kenapa PM tak mempertahankan diri kerana seperti dipanggila menjual maruah negara oleh TUn di dalam suratnya.

Syed Hamid tidak mempertahan TUn, tetapi beliau cuba mempertahankan diri beliau sendiri.

p/S; terima kasih The Star kerana memberi balance viewe terhadap pandangan TU menangani isu jambatan.

satu satunya akhbar perdana yg mengeluarkan kenyataan TUN secara penuh di dalam webnya bersama sama dgn kenyataan Fuzi.

MALAYSIAN are smart and considerate to be given many views and opinions for them to digest and made thei own decision.

Noyt like shoes polishers in certain mainstream media, who like Dr M Bakri Musa said:

"pemimpin bak kain pelikat tetapi disangka tenunan songket"


The "New" GLCs and PLCs

WHAT Proton and other GLCs and PLCs (party-linked companies) are doing today, like retrenching staff, reducing vendors and suppliers, abandoning the Bumiputera policy and dressing up the bottomline, is the consequence of official policy.

By stressing solely on profitability, GLCs are transforming themselves from economic creatures to creatures of the market place.

When the Government, starting with the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussain, vigorously promoted the formation of trust agencies and companies, the idea was not solely to get involved in business.

The more important consideration was to serve and promote the neglected and backward Bumiputera economy through the injection of capital, training and employment, promoting Bumiputera entrepreneurship and last, but not least, to provide platform for meaningful partnership between Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras.

It was only a year or two ago that these trust agencies and companies are being treated as the normal profit-oriented business entities with their own key performance Index (KPI).

In such a situation, firing the staff, terminating vendors, stripping and selling off assets and abandoning the Bumiputera policy are a fundamental part of good management. The justification is the bottomline.

It's, therefore, unfair to blame the GLCs managers. They are merely carrying out the wishes of their majority shareholder.

They cannot be selling assets at one Euro or firing 6,000 staff unless consented to by the Government who is represented at the board and management.

Anonymous said...

i'm just perplexed. how can they concluded that malaysia is not losing (our sovereignty is intact by not selling our sands and airspace) and s'pore is not winning cause they can't get those things. Can we at least go back to the main purpose. BUILDING A BRIDGE. We are losing cause we can't build that bridge. And not able to get all the benefits that everybody knows that we should get by building the bridge. Period. S'pore not being able to get those sands and bridge is not in the picture in the first place. They are just smart enough to try their luck!

Anonymous said...

Datuk AKJ,

I have been reading your writings post-Mahathir era quite closely.

It seems that you have been serving Dr M quite well even though during the time when he is no longer in power (aka "Rakyat Biasa").

Keep it up your good work Datuk!

drmuzi said...

we simply lack of th ebest brain in our negotiating team with spore

team singapore comprise of the cream of the cream either in their negotiating team or even in the parliament

thus thei rdebate and the way the scrutinised any particular issue was in depth

They have these under their sleeves:

PM Lee Hsien Loong
Cambridge University - First Class Honours (1974)
Harvard University - Masters (1980)

SM Goh Chok Tong
University of Singapore - First Class Honours (1964)
Williams College, USA - Masters (1967)

MM Lee Kuan Yew
Cambridge University - First Class Honours (1949)

Minister for Law S Jayakumar
University of Singapore - Bachelor of Law Honours (1963)
Yale Univerity - Masters (1966)

Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng
University of Singapore - Bachelor of Arts & Business Admin (1977)
London Business School - Masters (1979)

Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo
Cambridge University - Double First Class Honours (1976)
Harvard Business School - MBA w/ Distinction (1985)

Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang
Cambridge University - First Class Honours w/ Distinction (1976)
Harvard University - Masters (1986)

Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean
University of Manchester - First Class Honours (1976)
Imperial College, London - Masters w/ Distinction (1977)

Minister for Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam
London School of Economics - Bachelor of Arts
Cambridge University - Masters
Harvard University - Masters

so don't main main hah if we only have:

PM Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi
University of Malaya - Bachelor of Arts Honours (1964)

and the likes of this in th ecabinet or in te parliament.

makdom said...

I don't see any valid reason as to why some people are making a big issue about this BRIDGE. The PM has stoped it and all negotiations are ceased for now. This does not mean that there will be no negotiations anymore in future. I agree with the PM on this matter. It will be a good thing as it will let Singapore Officials realise the consequence of their unrealistic demands. Its not a matter of who gains or who loses and its not a matter of who is capable or who is not. This sudden decision is taken well by the rakyat and I think that it will be for the best interest of all Malaysians to stay firm to the decision of our present Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...


Hang punya komen buat aku teringat cerita Melayu tahun tujuh pulohan - Esok Masih Ada! Banyak orang Melayu masa tu pakai falsafah "takpa la, esok masih ada!". Tapi aku risau sikitlah kalau hang seronok tenguk depa pakai benda yang sama untuk tahun dua ribuan ni!

Anonymous said...

The new GLCs and PLCs...


I suggest this topic should be categorised on its own with its own set of comments which I am sure will be fully subscribed . The KPIs and KRAs are indeed actually directly affecting the bread and butter of many Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

drmuzi, I enjoy your posting as I believe you speak from the heart.

I do not agree though, about you comparing the education attainment of the various members of the Malaysian and the Singapore Government. Excellence in Politics and the governing of a sovereign nation has got nothing to do with the educational attainment of an individual minister.

What is important is that the ministers and in particular the Prime Minister who makes the ultimate decisions must be surrounded by a group first Class Advisers.As a good example Dr. Mahathir had a good set of advisers from a broad spectrum of experience. I wonder if AAB had that kind of advisors, well, obviously not if his decision on the bridge and the recent fuel price hike is anything to go by.

Todak Malaya said...

For drmuzi
you mention that singapore are lead by creme dela creme leader.
team singapore comprise of the cream of the cream either in their negotiating team or even in the parliament.
wait the minute, we don't need to have socalled harvard or oxford and cambridge expert.from my observation this socalled elite graduate only expert to get A's in exam but they lack in innovation and creative mind. They actually don't get normal way of life but only concentrate in their studies. Usually they are blue blood or bangsawan who can't live even with basic survival. They are spoon fed and son of the riches.
You have to be proud of our very own local university eventough we have so many creme de la creme graduate.let be they specialise with their own course. No need to take prof. as PM.

Todak Malaya said...

Their news editor say that JB is full of crime and prevent singaporean from go to JB. Tak faham lagi ke org Malaysia.If singaporean say a bad word about JB than why not we demolish the causeway. We malaysian also don't want singaporean make a crime at malaysian land.For malaysian government better we close permanently CIQ at causeway and let the causeway be a rotten trunk itself. Only Linkedua the access for mental blokage singaporean leader who want to go to Malaysia. Let be the road jamm forever. Malaysian have to change drastically the way they talk with singapore leader. Don't act softly with dead wood singapore leader.The fact is Singapore need Malaysia more than we need them. mereka byk terhutang budi dengan malaysia tapi dibayar dengan tuba.Change the way we think of others.

drmuzi said...

guys it is just foo dfor thought...
something interesting that i came across when surfing the net

but i agree, TUN used to have very good advisers in the past.

of all, i missed.most:

The Late Dr Nordin Sophiee

May Allah bless his soul.

This guy i ssuffering frm terminally ill cancer, and he do his jobs as if he suffered nothing.

If Malaysia have more of this thinkers...around, we will definitely far ahead.

Izham Miyake said...

Malaysia definitely has a lot more thinkers, but would the government listen to them.

It doesn't really matter.

Anyway, in this case, why can't we just proceed with building the bridge just in our side?

Nothing's wrong with that. And Pulling of KTM to no longer operating from Singapore is the best thing to do.

I may not be an intelligent, still young, but i'm patriotically objected the decision to cancel the bridge.

There are so many way outs, why retreat so early?

Why would the current PM defend himself now because he never did. He just let things be, Rafidah vs Mahathir. Now he let Syed Hamid to face all by himself.

He was just sitting behind the scene thinking of nothing.

-Izham Miyake-

Anonymous said...

datuk..about your comic break... saya setuju....patut datuk affendi berenti dulu..settlekan dulu masalah peribadi beliau...bukannya sedikit..berjuta2...dan dia bertanggungjawab utk EPU (kalau salah tolong betulkan) jadi macam tak berapa seronok kita kita tengok...

tapi takp@a..tengok macammana kerajaan mentadbir sekarang..saya tak heran...just talk the talk..cakap lain buat lain..jadi lain-lain

Anonymous said...

point tun yg paling best

7. Because Singapore was unwilling to make a decision on building its side of the bridge to replace its side of the causeway, I informed Singapore that Malaysia intended to build a bridge on its side to land on a part of the causeway also on its side. The Singapore side of the causeway will not be touched. The connection will continue to be between the retained portion of the Johore Causeway and the Singapore half of the causeway.

drmuzi said...

Hope Tun keep up the torch lighting, so that the present leaders know very well that they can't do aything at thei rown whims, since all media and all MP and all cabinets minister don't dare.

Only the TUn dare to air his view and the present leaders knew that his opinions always look after by the rakyat.

keep up TUN.

Anonymous said...

Siapa kata pentadbiran AAB tak baguih?....Woi, semasa Tun M dulu mana ada special draw untuk berjudi sampai berkali2 dalam sebulan?
Aku ingatlah...special draw ala islam pun kalau ada baguih jugak. kalau Ist prize dapat pergi Naik haji, kalau consolation prize dapat gi buat umrah. Cam mana?

Anonymous said...

saya sayang parti.pemimpin kerdil datang dan pergi.harap tun.kembali

Anonymous said...

boy nak cerita sikit.panjang sikit.takpekan.ISLAM HADHARI.yang bolih hadhari ialah manusia.jadi sepatutnye HADHARIAH ISLAMIAH.ISLAM dah complete.manusia yag tak complete.ok.mana2 pemimpin yg menggunakan islam untuk mendapatkan penghormatan itu namanya hipokrit.sanjungan dan penghormatan akan datang dari perbuatan kita yg suci dan murni dari kacamata allah bukan manusia.bila kita sibuk nak jadi imam atau pertuturan kita di parlimen asyik menyebut nama allah dalam ucapan kita tapi perbuatan kita otherwise tak semesti allah sayang kita.firaun pun tuhan bagi kuasa dan rezeki yg banyak tapi..saya generasi yg ketiga yg menyayangi parti.tapi pemimpin yg hipokrit saya tak sayang.saya mohon pada allah saja untuk jatuhkan mereka.saya bukan che guevera.nak bagi tau orang melayu satu dua generasi ni baru kaya.dulu kasut pon tak pakai.orang putih dah lama pakai kasut.beratus tahun.orang kaya sini pakai mercedes.di eropah jadi teksi.orang melayu baru aje ada kuasa.ada kuasa ada duit.baru glamour.baru orang pandang.maklumlah rezeki bukan dari allah.hanya dgn titik peluh sendiri.orang melayu lain pon pandai rajin kuat sembahyang tapi tuhan sayang kita.allah bagi kita kuasa jadi pemimpin besar lepas tu banyak duit.persetan dgn melayu islam lain.tuhan tak sayang dia.tuhan tak sayang banda aceh jadi ranaplah.banyak yang bolih memimpin tapi tuhan sayang kita sebab kita rajin jaga rakyat.bela nasib rakyat.duit yg kita dapat dari kuasa kita setengah bagi rakyat.allah yg bagi jawatan kan bukanya rakyat.apa yang orang lain sibuk.kalau rakyat mati tak makan pon takpelah.jgn sibuk2. umno dulu2 lain.naik basikal.ganjaran takde.politik wang takde.nak pastikan cucu nasib terbela.nak jadi wakil rakyat bertolak2.takut.sekarang pakai bomoh nak jadi pemimpin.pakai duit ni jangan ceritalah.datok kata fire in the belly.dah dapat songket pon berharga berpuluh ribu.maklumlah allah sayang kita.kita pemimpin hadhari.bini artis.kita jaga anak bini lah.rakyat lainkalilah.ok nanti sambung lagi.rehat.hihi

Anonymous said...

sambungan.jadi decisions made on jambatan bengkok ke glc ke mrr2 ke mas ke semuanya tak hadahari sebab kita rasa kita smart tapi tak .kita rasa allah sayang kita tapi tak.kita rasa orang miskin sayang kita tapi tak.jadi bila silap kita kata rakyat yg nak.rakyat yg mentaliti kelas dua.lupa bahawa takde rakyat takde pemimpin. rakyat tak paksa kita jadi pemimpin.kita yg nak sebab kita rasa kita pandai,baik,bijak nak bantu orang miskin.sebab nak sangat jadi bos umno,wakil rakyat,mp,menteri kita bermati2an lobi melobi,pakai dukun,bomoh sebab nak tolong rakyat.sayang sangat ke rakyat.dgn takdir allah jadi,duduk di parlimen senyap sunyi.takut cakap banyak.nanti bos marah.tak jadi calon lagi.bos baru ini kata ok jgn jadi rubber stamp.perjuang nasib rakyat.masih takut.hilang glamour,projek. asalkan hidup senang.rakyatlain kali.yg bagi rezeki tuhan bukan rakyat.bila tanya taktakut tuhan ke kalau allah bagi rezeki jadi menteri.dia kata tuhan sayang dia.akhirat tak nampak.dunia aku punya.rakyat sayang.kereta besar.bil air kerajaan bayar.nikmat allah.allah sayang aku walaupun aku hipokrit. firaun tuhan bagi senang lenang sebelum....yang kita taulah . syok sendirilah pak menteri,mp,wakil rakyat.tuhan sayang dia kan...... tuhan butakan mata,akal pendek,keputusan pon tak hadharilah.orang mintak pasir takut.orang nak masok ruang udara takut.semua takut.cuti ke amerika,australia tak takut.bagi projek ke gerbang perdana sebelum finalising decisions tak takut pulak.untung kontraktor.pampasan.takhadharilah.beli senjata baru2 ini banyak berbillion tapi takut.allah tak takut. senator2 pon takut.cakap banyak susah.next term habis.maklumlah rezeki datang dari orang yang melantik bukan dari tuhan.takut takut. perhimpunan agong semua terror cakap.datang dgn kereta besar.songket tukar hari2.mahal2.kita taulah.rakyat tengok aje.terkebil2.wakil2 kaya raya idup,wang ringgit,kuasa berkekalan.tuhan sayang dia kan.anak sihat bini artis.minyak naik takpe.semua takpe.persetanlah rakyat.pilihanraya 5 tahun sekali.kita usung lah kerusi roda makcik2 bila nak menang. rakyat apa tau.buat monsoon cup rakyatseronok dah.kerana kapal layar bawak balik ikan bagi rakyat.hospital tak cukup katil takpe.tidor atas lantai lah.hadhari kan.monsoon cup dulu.pprt takpayah buat masjid kaca dulu.hujan batu ranap masjid.buat stadium dulu beratus juta.hospital tak payah.pprt tak payah.duit takde.wang ehsan untuk stadium,masjid kaca.monsoon cup.projek2 hadhari.takpe tuhan sayang dia.kawan saya kata takpayah undi lagi.mb ganu kata rakyat kena ada mentalitikelas pertama.sebab rakyat bodoh kerajaan dia pandai.yalah tuhan sayang dia kan.kesian anak cucu kita.anak cucu dia takpelah lari duduk mekah nanti.duit banyak kan.tok2 saya berjuang mati2an untuk umno supaya dia dapat jadi mb.maklumlah melayu masih kuat.cucu kita taktaulah.sambung lagi

Anonymous said...

The option 3 can be done because:

The Way leave agreement and precedent allows for the moving of the pipeline as said by Tun Mahathir.

The KTM canbe replaced by a swinging track as per in teh design.

The negotiation power given to Tan Sri Fuzi is about the full bridge and not about half bridge which was long gone a done deal.

The fact that the long gone issue of sand and air space is brought back in when it was ignored since its attempt to reinclude in November and December 2004 seems to indicate that there are "interested parties" ready to give teh sand away.

And this speculation is further reinforced by the misadvise provided by Dato Syed Hamid and Tan Sri Fuzi to the PM.

The fact that Pm can be swayed aside when he had earlier clearly agreed that he wanted the half bridge indicates that the PM is swayed and influenced by some fact not disclosed to the public and enforced the wide perception that PM bites whatever is spooned into his mouth by his "advisers" without knowing what is being ushered in.

Ramlan Ugau said...

Dari dulu hingga kini masalah dengan Singapura masih dan kekal menjadi duri dalam daging antara perhubungan dua hala.

Apa pula gerangan masalah2 lain yang berantai yang mungkin tercetus dimasa akan datang bila tiba 2011 atau 2061 ? Kalau masa tu PM kita orang bijak, tegas dan berjiwa patriotik maka anak cucu kita boleh lah bernafas lega. Bagaimana pula jika sebaliknya ?

Hari ini kita ada PM yang mahu kita berkerja bersama-sama beliau, mahu menghapuskan rasuah, mahu membaiki sistem kepolisian, mahu mengurangkan perbelanjaan pembasiran, mahu ditegur kesilapannya dan sebagainya.

Tapi dalam niat baik PM kita ini dalam hal Scenic Bridge beliau telah membuat keputusan ( yang orang tak tinggi sekolah macam saya pun boleh faham ) bahawa ianya telah merendahkan martabat dan kedaulatan Negara Malaysia. Ini telah menimbulkan pelbagai reaksi yang negatif.

Saya petik ungkapan kata-kata Tun Dr M dalam surat terbuka beliau daripada website KMU.net seperti berikut :

" Biarlah rakyat Malaysia, khasnya orang Melayu, Melayu Johor terutamanya, ingat bahawa lnggeris telah menipu Sultan untuk menyerahkan Singapura dengan percuma kepada mereka (Inggeris).

Seperti Pulau Pinang, Lumut dan Melaka, Singapura sepatutnya dikembalikan kepada kita apabila lnggeris melepaskan hak mereka. Tetapi Singapura telah menjadi begitu asing keadaannya sehingga ia tidak boleh lagi menjadi sebahagian daripada Malaysia."

Bagi pandangan saya yang hina ini ingin bertanya kepada sesiapa yang menganggap dirinya bijak pandai disini..

1) Mengapakah Malaysia sebagai sebuah Negara yang berdaulat dan merdeka bila MENGETAHUI bahawa Inggeris telah menipu Sultan tetapi masih mahu MENGIKTIRAF perjanjian TIPU tersebut. ? BATALKAN SAJA. Jika perlu biar kes PEMBATALAN ini Singapura saman Malaysia diMahkamah Dunia untuk memutuskannya. Biar Singapura kekal dalam Malaysia. Sebaliknya buat macamana China beri sewa Macau dan Hong Kong kepada Portugese dan Inggeris. Buat macamanan China tidak iktiraf Taiwan istiharkan kemerdekaan.

2) Seterusnya Kerajaan sekarang wajar kembalikan STATUS QUO Pulau Pinang, Melaka dan Lumut ke aliran asal sebelum Inggeris membuat perjanjian TIPU kepada Sultan.

Bagi pandangan saya, perkara ini tidak mustahil dilakukan dengan sistem demokrasi yang kita amalkan sekarang sebelum semuanya terlambat dan terlepas ke tangan orang lain.

Anonymous said...

Fuzi bercakap mengenai options. Macamana soal option boleh timbul pada peringkat sekarang? Kalau kita sedang dalam peringkat perancangan, then proses menyenarai dan memilih option adalah relevan. Kita kena pasti betul2 option yang kita pilih adalah yang terbaik untuk menjayakan projek kita itu. Misalnya apa yang kita nak buat, di mana kita nak buat, berapa kos yang terlibat, apa implikasi-implikasi yang terlibat.. Selepas kita menentukan option yang terbaik, barulah kita bergerak ke arah perlaksanaan. Dalam kes jambatan ini, projek sudah pun berjalan, kontraktor sudah pun melaksanakan kerja. Kalau ikut logik, mana boleh timbul soal lagi dah. Kalau baru nak cerita pasal option buat apa suruh kontraktor masuk buat kerja?

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