Friday, December 15, 2006

Different Pictures of the Same Story

A Kadir Jasin

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TWO pictures published by The Star newspaper today (Dec. 15) are graphic. On its front page is the picture of Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda who was being lovingly led by the hands by his wife and daughter.

On its page three is the picture of two policemen with their faces covered and hands cuffed and chained being escorted by a uniformed policeman.

They are two very different pictures of the same story. The caption of the page one picture reads: “Family support: Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who has been charged with abetment in the murder of the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu whose body was blown to pieces with explosives, arriving at the Shah Alam High Court yesterday with his wife Mazlinda Makhzan and daughter Roweena. Razak had his RM1 million bail extended, but cash had to be deposited with the court.”

The caption of the second reads: “To Court: The two policemen charged with the murder of Altantuya shielding their faces at the Shah Alam High Court yesterday.”

The story is about the three men facing charges in the Shah Alam High Court in connection with the gruesome murder of the 28-year old Mongolian woman.

This is also the story of three people being charged under the provisions of the Penal Code, which, under the normal circumstances, do not allow for bail.

But as The Star pictures amply suggest, the three men, while sharing the same grim legal circumstances, are not sharing the same social circumstances.

The men in handcuffs and chains are two low-level members of the 90,000-strong police force. They are being held in jail when the court rejected their applications for bails. In any case, RM1 million is beyond the ability of any policeman to come up with.

The man who was being led so lovingly by the hands by his wife and daughter and with no policeman in sight is an adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of the country. His application for bail was allowed on grounds of poor health.

He was released on a bail of RM1 million, which the court yesterday ordered him to deposit. The Kuala Lumpur High Court in allowing bail last month did not asked the sum to be deposited.

If the two contrasting pictures tell a thousand words, what happened in court was even more mind-boggling and was amply captured in one of The Star’s headlines on the case – “One muddle over lawyers cleared up but another arises.”

One key development was the withdrawal of the well-known criminal lawyer, Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and M. Puravalen as Razak’s counsels from defending Abdul Razak. They were replaced by Wong Kian Kheong and Low Thian Eng.

Also, lawyer Shaun Tan Kee Shaan, who had appeared for Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar on Nov 15, discharged himself yesterday.

Lawyers Zulkifli Noordin and Juanita Johari had turned up to appear for Azilah while Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin and Ahmad Zaidi Zainal, joined by Hasnal Rezua Merican appeared for Kpl Sirul Azhar.

The tussle for representation will certainly raise eyebrows among legal and political observers as this case has all the making of a high-profiled murder trial with elements of politics and diplomacy in play.

The Star, on Dec. 14 interestingly published a report headlined: “Independent Trial Called” in its Parliament page although the news did not originate from the Malaysian Parliament.

Instead it was about Mongolian parliamentarians calling for the trial of the three persons to be conducted “free of political influence.”

It quoted Yadmaa Ariunbold, the Mongolian Foreign Ministry consular deputy director, as telling reporters: “They (the Mongolian parliamentarians) are asking for an independent trial, free from political influence and a thorough police investigation into the case.”

In today’s report, The Star quoted Yadmaa as saying that the Mongolian Government had sent letters to the Malaysian Parliament and Prime Minister asking them to ensure that the trial would not be clouded by political influence.

Has the Mongolian Government the reasons to believe that the trial will be clouded by political influence or is it merely making a normal diplomatic request?

With all the three accused being G-men and were closely identified with one of the highest offices in the country, it pays for the Mongolians to use whatever resources they have to ensure that justice is not only done but is seen to be done.

The very contrasting pictures published by The Star today could be among the subtle pointers that reminded the Mongolians that they must not let their guard down.

The victim’s father, Dr Shaariibuu had clearly understood the rule of the game when he appointed Malaysia’s best-known criminal lawyer Mr Karpal Singh to hold a watching brief for his family.

We Malaysians must uphold the same principle if we believe in the rule of law and in the much-touted independence of the judiciary. The reputation of our country is at stake.


Anonymous said...

Open And Shut Case!

Keting-ketong, keting-ketong
hear yea, hear yea!
Court is now in session!

Who pulled the trigger?
Who are his partners in crime?
Why did he(they)do it?
What are the evidence(s)?

(It is all
a lie!
Lies, lies, lies!
Mana saya ada suruh
bikin itu macam!!
That is his words
against mine!)

An unbroken
chain of events
to join the dots, please
from A2Z,
if you can
but do not

the rest are just a big side show where c4 is just a big bang to the punch line.

Keting-ketong, keting-ketong
Keting-ketong, keting-ketong

Gantung sampai mati!!!!

So who will be the next new IGP???

ahm said...

Can't help to believe that in this country if you have money,.. a lot of money you are legally above the law.

Plus, along the line if you have connections to the pembesar or you yourself is the pembesar (the bigger the better) things will even go smoother.

Anyway, the result of the trial is already predictable..

Anonymous said...


Inilah duniya!

Ab tumhare havale vatan sathiyo!

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...

I implore all Malaysians that in the spirit of transparency, accountability and openess of the Abdullah Government we put our trust in our Judiciary. We hope our mass media will report the trial deligently so that we can be the judge and the jury as well. There is no point in casting doubt. Not everything or everyone can be bought. There are still men and women of honour out there. Let us join them.

Anonymous said...

Di mana hilangnya prinsip undang-undang mengatasi segalanya??

Atas alasan sekalipon, setiap mereka yang didakwa melakukan kesalahan berat perlu dilayan dengan cara yang sama tanpa diskriminasi apatah lagi apabila ia melibatkan kes yang serupa...

Ada kejangkalan melangkaui norma telah berlaku....

Anonymous said...

When I saw those pics in the Star I was asking the same question. Why are they treated differently? Why is Abdul Razak so special? He gets bail for asthma. Imagine.

Anonymous said...

"The reputation of our country is at stake."

With all due respect Datuk, it's (honor) already sold!

ahm said...

I'm not quite sure how far that Datuk Shafee discharged himself as defence counsellor so as my understanding that counsel KK Wong is merely a stand in, the actual trial the same team as before will take charge.

But anyway, the lawyers are only the intepraters, we should purely look at the facts of the case. Till now police investigation hasn't clearly established the motive of the murder... so, what is the basis of the charge when the motive is unclear.

At the very early stage of the prosecution has seen few uncommon happenings, esp. the court lineancy on the suspect, Razak bail issue and bigmouths (pre mature judgements) of several key figures in the trial has caused questionmark to many especially the Mongolian quarter, even a commoner like me feels restless.

However, remarks from Razak's wife during the tussel with reports on the mentioning day pinched me, a strong statement more or less sounded "why are you people chasing after him, my husband is a good man, he is a good husband and he is not going out to be a prime minister...!!!"

I dont know, what does that mean to you brother?

Anonymous said...

Dato AKJ,
Dak takut ke tulis-tulis pasal 'story' nih? Manalah tau akan dijadikan 'point' untuk ikat Dato.

Anonymous said...

Assalmulaikum Dato' - Begitulah adat hidup di dunia ini!!

Hang tuah nep said...

Well this is the true politics of NEP or rather I should say the double standards of UMNOPUTRAS, whereby it is supposed to help the Malays but fundamentally this is not so if you ask the man on the street, i.e. one set of rules for us (meaning the rakyat inclusive the two Malay policemen (poor as in wealth) ) and another set of rules for the masters of the land from UMNO which aptly applies the super rich Abdul Razak Baginda. In Malaysia the saying goes like this “it is not WHAT you know (as in education), but WHO you know. Look at DATUK ZAKARIA still has not paid his fine of RM 12,000.00 whilst his istana is still standing whereas the municipalities are very fast in demolishing illegal structures like house extensions, houses of worship etc. All this in the name of Barisan Nasional but actually the UMNO Agenda

Anonymous said...


Apa ilmu dia pakai sampai isteri masih boleh percaya dan mempertahankan suami sedemikian rupa?

Nak dapatkan syurga rasanya...

Dah tak ada pegangan Agama kah orang Melayu kita yang mengaku diri mereka Islam?

Anonymous said...


The contradictory treatment received by the accused is not surprising at all. In the manmade laws, nothing is perfect! Man can make and unmake laws, depending on who you know and what level of social order are you belonged to. We have seen so many mind-boggling court decisions either in our country or abroads over the years.
I do hope this one will be dealt with fairly and justly.

Anonymous said...

Isteri Razak masih kuat mempertahankan suaminya mungkin kerana itu yang sebetulnya i.e. tak bersalah.

eventscookingandalacarte said...

assalammualikum dato'

pada hemat saya dlm kes ini ada gambaran yang besar tapi belum cukup jelas, seperti mana mana kes high profile. buat masa ini mrilah kita sama sama amati proses perundangan saya tak berani meramal tapi dua org polis tu mungkin nasibnya tak sebaik razak bagind. proses permulaan pun kita dah tahu.

malay-tree said...


Kepada :



Saya sebagai warganegara Malaysia yang sah ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan ucapan tahniah kepada KERAJAAN MALAYSIA dibawah pimpinan Dato' Sri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi merangkap Perdana Menteri Malaysia diatas kenaikan tarif elektrik, air, petrol dan kenaikkan harga TOL yang akan berkuatkuasa pada 1 Januari tahun 2007 seperti yang di beritakan kelmarin.

Sekalungan Ucapan Tahniah yang tidak berbelah bahagi kepada PERDANA MENTERI MALAYSIA dan MENTERI KABINET seluruhnya kerana BEGITU BERJASA serta BERTANGGUNG JAWAB diatas kenaikkan tersebut.

Jutaan terima kasih seterusnya kerana membalas sokongan majoriti rakyat Malaysia dalam pilihan raya yang lalu dengan tindakan yang begitu ikhlas seperti ini.

SEMOGA ALLAH subhanawata 'ala akan membalas jasa baik pihak tuan/puan kepada kami semua di Negeri Akhirat kelak.


Rakyat Malaysia,
(Hamba ALLAH swt)

Anonymous said...



Harap harap mereka mereka yang terlibat ni, anak anak Melayu ber agama Islam, percayai lah Islam yang se benar, dan bukan versi versi terbaru yang kini ada di pasaran.

Harap harap mereka mereka juga tidak mendapat heart attack semasa di bicara kan, yang mungkin membawa mereka mereka ke alam kubur, lebih cepat dari yang mereka mereka harap kan.

Azab membunuh orang ini amat besar dan seksa, dari alam kubur hingga ke alam api nereka.

Susah agak nya hendak menjadi se orang Melayu ke, Datuk ???? Se hingga perlu membuat kerja kerja yang tak mungkin di terima akal yang sihat.

Macam macam...

Anonymous said...


I am a bit slow on this case, in fact more like a tortoise.

The story - when it broke and from The Star - somehow deserves some comment.

Perhaps I would like to ask you what you think of The story:

Model came to find hubby

Mongolian freelance model Altantuya Shaariibuu flew to Malaysia on Oct 6 together with her sister and cousin in search of a political analyst whom she claimed was her husband.

Altantuya, 28, is said to have befriended the political analyst when he visited Mongolia more than two years ago.

A check revealed that all three women stayed at Hotel Malaya in Jalan Hang Lekir.

It is learnt that Altantuya, mother of a 16-month-old baby boy, came to Malaysia to seek help and financial support from the analyst for the baby, who is in need of medical treatment.

Altantuya managed to find out where the analyst lived but failed in her attempt to meet him until Oct 19 when she was said to have received a telephone call to meet him at his house.

She was said to have contacted her sister and cousin over the handphone, informing them that she had reached the analyst’s house.

While she was outside the house, she was seized by several men, pushed into a car and driven away.

Her sister and cousin, who last heard from her that night, became worried and sought the help of the Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok after they were told that there was no embassy or consul here.

However, when they called Bangkok they were told that there was an honorary consul here and managed to contact its consul-general Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi. The Mongolian honorary consul has been in existence for the past nine years.

Syed Abdul Rahman, upon learning of the plight of the two women, immediately helped them lodge reports at the Dang Wangi and Travers police stations.

However, he declined to comment, saying he did not wish to jeopardise investigations.

The Star
Wednesday November 8, 2006


Razak, 46, is accused of abetting C/Insp Azilah Hadri, 30, and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, to commit the murder, which ended with the body of Altantuya being blown to bits.

He allegedly

committed the offence between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 at Level 10, Bangunan Getah Asli, in Jalan Ampang.

This is the official address of the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre headed by Razak.

The Star
December 15

Model came to find hubby was the title. The case is air tight.

Where's the catch?
It is there but???
Hey how did they knew she was shot?

Well, I am slow.

Anonymous said...

I forgot: you have to read them with this story. And you wonder why The Star gets more sales, Datuk?

Friday November 10, 2006

Two more remanded for the murder of model

A private investigator and an ex-cop have been remanded to assist police in piecing together the story behind the brutal murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

This brings to six the number of people remanded in connection with the case in which the model was shot and her body blown to bits with explosives in Shah Alam, including prominent and influential political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

The 46-year-old private investigator and 35-year-old ex-cop were remanded on Wednesday at around 3.45pm.

Magistrate Ahmad Solihin Abd Wahid ordered the two men to be remanded until Monday, coinciding with the last day of the remand orders issued against three police personnel earlier in connection with the case.

The private investigator and the ex-policeman were believed to have been hired by Razak, who has been remanded until Sunday.

The two men are being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

It is learned that Altantuya had lodged a police report against them on Oct 19, claiming that they had threatened to throw her into jail.

According to the Mongolian model’s report, they were alleged to have made the threats to her at 5am that day at Hotel Malaya where she was staying with her sister and cousin.

That same evening, Altantuya was said to have gone to Razak’s house in Damansara Heights.

It was also the last time the model’s sister and cousin heard from her.

Hey was that 5am on the 18th or 19th October?

Well, I am just wanting to talk of papers and stories and why they sell which is what we were at with NST-Utusan merger.

Anonymous said...

tial is already predictable?
How? Where is the crystal ball?
apa makna
ab tumhare havale vatan sathiyo
Yang Ariff HGJ?
Ma(e)n of honor out there?

ahem, ahem, ahem
point untuk ikat
atau pikat
azizah, oh azizah!
apa ilmu aku mesti pakai?
lain darjah, lainnya guru
lain derjat, lainnya cemburu
akan UMNOputra
tersentak otak
pada hemat saya
kemasukan Pak Sheikh
dalam UMNO
Najib dan sepupu
terkebil-kebil dan kaku
Sufi punya cerita

ahem, ahem, ahem
Terima kasih ZAM
couldn't pull it off without you
Terima kasih
Datuk Laksamana


Para pelawat dan pembahas dihormati,

Terima kasih kerana mengambil bahagian. Saya mohon Saudara dan Saudari terus menghormati mahkamah dan beringat mengenai kesalahan menghina mahkamah.

Justeru itu, saya mohom maaf kepada Saudara Harat kerana tidak menyiarkan komen beliau. Namun saya setuju dengan beliau bahawa apa yang telah dan sedang berlaku kepada tiga tertuduh itu boleh menjejas imej negara dan kehakiman.

Saya yakin Hakim, Pendakwa Raya dan peguam yang terbabit dengan kes ini sedar bahawa setiap langkah, tindak-tanduk dan keputusan mereka sedang diperhatikan di dalam dan luar negara.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...


Do you think the Anwar Factor is in play here?

Your comment on the changing of the defence counsels set me thinking about this trial having a strong political dimension.

Is Datuk Mohd Shafee really withdrawing? If he is, why? Does he know something that we don't.

How can two policemen afford so many lawyers? Or why so many lawyers?
Many lawyers are not necessarily good. One or two good lawyers are enough. So why 4 or 5?

Watch out for YB Karpal Singh.

Anonymous said...

Datuk AKJ,

Rakyat biasa seperti kami nie esp perempuan pun ada berkata (one of the jokes), Kes Alahtunya high profile sebab dia rakyat luar... Cuba kalau Alahtunya tu local... Kes cam nie akan senyap atau tutup mata sahaja... maksudnya ada double standard ...

Anonymous said...

Antara dua darjat:-
Kita menyebut makan, dimasa lain kita menyebut santap. Kita juga memilih menyebut perkataan yang sesuai mengikut masa; marah atau murka.

Cerita darjat dalam hidup manusia bukan cerita baru. Kita terbelenggu dengannya.

Cerita darjat juga menjadikan manusia terkeliru, dan rakan kita dari TAMPIN mungkin sedia maklum.

Cerita darjat adalah cerita rakyat............


Sdr Penganggurpaksa,

Terima kasih atas ulasan Sdr. Ada masalah/kesilapan teknikal agaknya. Anda menghantarnya berulang kali.

Saya tidak akan poskan komen anda kerana saya bimbang ada unsur-unsur yang bercanggah dengan peraturan undang-undang dan perbicaraan. Orang yang dituduh belum tentu didapati bersalah. Namum saya mengambil maklum pandangan Saudara. Terima Kasih.

Daripada laporan media, ujian DNA telah dibuat untuk memastikan sama ada wujud pertalian darah antara anak mangsa dengan salah seorang daripada yang tertuduh.

Mengenai adanya orang lelaki yang lebih "takutkan" isteri daripada kemurkaan Tuhan kerana isteri berpengaruh dalam kerjaya mereka atau kerana takut tuntutan perceraian yang besar, itu saya serahkan kepada yang empunya diri.

Tetapi takkanlah takutkan isteri, sayangkan harta dan kerjaya sehingga sanggup melakukan jenayah kejam.

Saya banyak kali memberitahu orang politik, termasuk melalui tulisan saya, bahawa pengundi memilih mereka dan bukan isteri, anak atau menantu mereka untuk memimpin dan memerintah. Jadi tak betullah kalau kuasa diserahkan kepada isteri, anak, menantu, abang, adik, kakak, kawan dan taulan.

Mengenai Kerajaan menyiasat pemimpin untuk memastikan tiada yang melakukan kerja-kerja seperti menggugur anak dalam kandungan, mempunyai anak luar nikah dan sebagainya, saya rasa terpulanglah kepada ketua kerajaan dan ketua parti memikirkannya.

Kalau pengundi tahu ada yang melakukan perbuatan sebegini, saya rasa banyak tidak akan mengundi mereka.

Terima Kasih Saudara.

ahm said...

Takutkan isteri ada banyak kategori. Ada yang sampai takut, tergigil-gigil, air mata mengalir, merayu damba dan berbagai bentuk lagi. Terutamanya jika si suami telah lakukan 'salah besar' kepada si isteri, misalnya memiliki perempuan simpanan, ada kekasih lain, dan termasuklah yang berniat nak berpoligami (walaupun dihalalkan Islam namun ditentang hebat oleh wanita) sudah cukup untuk meletakakn si suami dalam keresahan memuncak.

Apabila manusia itu dibelenggu rasa takut yang amat sangat ia sering terdorong untuk berfikiran singkat dan mengambil tindakan instant dan berharap akan dapat menyelamatkannya, the rest i'll worry later.

Biasanya pemikiran singkat ini amat berbahaya. Misalnya baru-baru ini kerana takutkan along seorang bapa sanggup bunuh anak dan cuba membunh diri. Itu anak darah dagingnya, inikan pula seorang perempuan simpanan yang dianggap mengancamnya....

Barang perlu diingat terdapat para isteri yang lebih fears dari along, suami mana yang tak takut dan kecut. Apabila ketakutan mengatasi segalanya maka pelbagai tindakan tidak munasabah akan diambil dan percayalah ada yang lebih ganas lagi daripada perbuatan C4.

Jadi jangan ambil remeh akan besarnya kuasa di luar jangka, "wanita" berpangkat "isteri" di dalam menentukan tindak tanduk si suami.

It stated ini history of several women who were equally responsible in the fall and rise of many world men figure; Matahari, Monica Lewinsky,Imeld Marcos, Lady D, Maznah Hamid, Tun Hasmah to name a few, of all you know, probably our own wife...

note: nowdayas the hands that rock the craddle have also triggered the C4

Salam semua


Sdr Ahm said:

"It's stated in history of several women who were equally responsible in the fall and rise of many world men figure; Matahari, Monica Lewinsky,Imeld Marcos, Lady D, Maznah Hamid, Tun Hasmah to name a few, of all you know, probably our own wives..."

Saya fahami Sdr bermaksud mengatakan ada wanita (isteri) yang bertanggungjawab menaikkan suami mereka dan kemudian menyebabkan kejatuhan mereka.

Ada wanita yang menyebabkan kejatuhan lelaki.

Dan ada wanita yang membantu menaikkan suami mereka dan mengekalkan kedudukan tinggi mereka.

Terima Kasih.

anakhujanbatu said...

Whatever the outcome of this case, I think it is the responsibility of all human beings who value human rights and justice to help stop perpetuating lies, esp against a dead person. Poor Altantuya not only could not defend herself against being murdered in the most horrible fashion but also could not defend herself against any defamation against her character post-mortem.

First and foremost, our press should stop saying she was a Model. She was not! She was not a frivolous woman as we have been told by the media. She was a professional, a polished polyglot who worked as an interpreter and translator. It was in that capacity Baginda used her, including to interpret at various meetings and high-level negotiations on weapons trade.

To read further, go to Susan Loone's blog here:

Appended below is an excerpt from it:


I receive two articles from our NGO friends in Mongolia today on the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu. Thanks to Ariuna, from the Centre of Human Rights & Development, in Ulanbataar.

In her mail, Ariuna said:

“In relation to the coming Malaysian court session on murder of Altantuya on December 14, 2006, we, Mongolian civil soceity organizations call (see below) for organizations and individuals who struggle for human rights and justice to pay attention to this case. As to see that the Malaysian court has released Mr. Baginda on bail, and Malaysian press coverages are highly negative about the victim, the victim’s family and Mongolian human rights organizations and activists are worried about if the December 14th will bring justice. Could you please circulate as wider as possible this call and together with attached letter to Malaysian Government and article on Altantuya case. Hoping for your support”.

Ariuna also forwarded an article by Undarya Tumursukh, written on 9 December, Ulanbataar:

Mongolians Demand Justice from the Malaysian Court
Undarya said that evidence strongly suggests that Altantuya’s murder was planned well ahead of her arrival in Malaysia on October 6, 2006, and performed by highly trained officers from the ministerial security detail by the order of a licensed weapons dealer and high-level political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and/or his accomplices. Although Mr. Baginda had been arrested by the Malaysian police upon charges of commissioning the murder of Ms. Altantuya along with the 2 security officers and a woman corporal implicated in the crime, he has been released on bail by the Malaysian court until he is tried for commissioning the murder on December 14, 2006. Due to his release and the intensive defamation campaign launched by the Malaysian media against the victim, the victim’s family and Mongolian human rights activists are deeply concerned that the Malaysian Court, scheduled for December 14, 2006, may not proceed justly and impartially. Mongolian civil society organizations have therefore launched an urgent action to demand that the Malaysian Government ensure that the court brings to justice those responsible for Ms. Altantuya’s murder and ensures that her 2 young sons are duly compensated for the psychological damage they have suffered and the loss of their sole breadwinner.

Ante Factum: Sh. Altantuya, a beautiful young woman, a single mother of a 9-year old and a 3-year old, the eldest of two daughters of a university professor Mr. Shaariibuu and a Russian language teacher Ms. Altantsetseg, had impressive multilingual capacity. She was fluent in Russian, English, and Chinese and had a basic command of Korean and Japanese languages. She had worked hard and traveled extensively as a multilingual interpreter and translator, providing for her two sons and earning for the expensive medical treatment for her youngest son. At the birth of her youngest son, many were skeptical about his ability to survive and develop into a self-sufficient person. However, due to Altantuya’s unrelenting dedication, the boy that was unable to move his limbs and make intelligible sounds, is now able to walk, freely use his hands and speak clearly. He demonstrates remarkable lucidity and excellent memory but his condition is still unstable and the boy continues to require regular therapy and two more trips to Beijing for expensive medical treatment. It is not only the boy’s motor functions but also his very life that depends on continued medical treatment.

Altantuya, young but tenacious, persevered to sharpen her skills and had achieved significant success in building her career as a professional translator and interpreter. As uncovered by her family after her death, Altantuya was repeatedly hired by Mr. Abdul Razak Baginda to interpret at various meetings and high-level business negotiations including ones on weapons trade. Moreover, there is clear evidence that Mr. Baginda had made a business proposition to Altantuya in July, 2005, and sent samples of three types of soap with accompanying documents and had requested the young woman to explore prices for comparable products on the Mongolian market. In October, 2006, Altantuya informed her parents she was going on a business trip to Malaysia and left in the company of another Mongolian woman. The father reported that the main purpose of her trip to Malaysia was to demand that Mr. Baginda settle the payment for her services. Immediately upon her arrival in Malaysia on October 6, 2006, Ms. Altantuya began her search for Mr. Baginda and repeatedly attempted to contact him. Her attempts had been unsuccessful until October 19, 2006, when Mr. Baginda himself suddenly phoned her and arranged to meet with her at his residence on the same day. Ms. Altantuya disappeared after departing to meet with Mr. Baginda. Her companion promptly notified the Malaysian police and her family in Mongolia.

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum bloggers,

jusat wanna say..let him be,atas dunia ni nak pegang tgn ke,bayar jaminan ribuan jutaan ke,pengakuan sakit pernafasan ke,tipu ape ke,its ok.if he really did that,he'll get more di dunia yang kekal selepas ini.
It is just fact,with money,you'll get everything,you can buy everything including your dignity and pride.You can wash your sin(s) momentarily(atas dunia je la).
That's way our pembesar2 is going fot it!MONEY MONEY MONEY + sedikit pengaruh kuasa dan pangkat.
Kalau cinta itu buta pun,duit boleh celikkan semula...
Kita yang biasa ni,yang kais pagi makan petang ni,yang pinjam sana sini nak teruskan kehidupan ni,yang merayu mintak tandatangan ADUN untuk biasiswa ni..tak perlu fikir banyak la.Kene tangkap means kene tangkap la,kene penjara..kene penjara la,apa yang ada pada kita untuk melawan?
Recently one of our minister paid his ex-wife a total of how many millions(compensation la tuh).Filhty rich.Saya terbayang,menteri ini boleh bayar bekas isteri juta2,tapi ada rakyat dengan 12 anak merempat dalam kain kanvas sebagai dinding rumah.WAH!!!
Then rumah sorg lagi pembesar dipecah masuk,kerugian---hampir rm350,000.00.WAH!!!!bukan curi rumah pon,curi barang dlm rumah je!my father makes rm24,000.00 A YEAR!jumlah barang yg hilang tu boleh tampung keluarga kami for more than 5 years!
And they said we must cut the subsidies,rakyat must share with us,rakyat mesti pandai berbelanja(ikut 3 cara macam dalam iklan tu)tergedik gedik model iklan tu kat supermarket ajar rakyat berbelanja.
rakyat mesti pakai baju cap pasar malam,sedangkan pembesar baju melayu sutera pun die hentam semacam,haram x haram.kalau semua rakyat beli di pasar malam,mcm manalah butik adidas,nike,butik songket,batik,timberland etc etc nak maju.kuasa membeli tiada maa..lingkup....
tapi itulah..mereka berwang dan beruang,semua boleh dibeli hatta keadilan sekalipun!kita yang biasa2 macam konstabel dlm gambar diatas...senyum kambing ajalah

Anonymous said...

Ini untuk kesekian kalinya kita merasa ragu-ragu terhadap kejujuran pemimpin-pemimpin kita, hakim-hakim kita. Biasalah Dato'..semua ini panasnya sekejap saja. Dr Mahathir dah pun kata..Melayu mudah lupa!

Jikalah Melayu tak mudah lupa..kita tak jadi macam sekarang! Pemimpin tak jujur tapi bila bertanding dia menang lagi..dia masih menjadi pemimpin..sebab apa?

Kita fikirlah sendiri.
Inilah yang mengganggu pemikiran kita.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Dato,

Ini kali pertama saya membaca blog dato dan hati saya terbuka untuk meluahkan something which is not too much aaa...

Kenapa ek kalo kes2 yang ada melibatkan org2 atasan mesti akan terus disenyapkan ?

Apakah org2 atasan ni tak takut dgn hukum hakam dari Allah ? Dan hanya boleh membayar dengan wang ringgit berjuta2 demi untuk menutup malu sahaja?

Andai kata saya ada tersilap..saya minta maaf..saya ni budak baru belajar..wassalam - Anne, KL

monsterball said...

Every educated person reading all the twists and turns of this case just cannot help thinking something fishy is going on in this very cruel murder case.
Having seen how some court cases like Anwar and Tun Salleh were conducted...I will not be surprise at all if the true justice will again be twisted to save someone important.
I am sure many like me are waiting for the actual court case in action. Lets be patient.

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