Saturday, May 12, 2007

Be Fair, So What’s the Bumi Share?

A. Kadir Jasin

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THE Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, according to The Star report today (May 12) said that Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) must be fair to all.

He was quoted as saying that the bank should always be “fair and just” to all.

The Prime Minister said the bank’s requirement that legal firms dealing with it must have a Bumiputera partner with at least a 50% stake was never a government directive.

Abdullah’s statement came after the bank was similarly admonished by two other Umno and Government VIPs, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein.

The former is the Deputy Prime Minister and the latter Education Minister and Umno Youth head, who is famous for unsheathing the kris and swearing by it. Najib too had his moment of glory when he led a Malay demonstration in 1987.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet directed Maybank to withdraw the directive following criticism from various groups including the MCA, Bar Council and the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Following that, the country’s biggest bank reversed this internal guideline and said it would elect its panel of lawyers based on efficiency, performance and merit, and not ethnic composition.

However, the Utusan Malaysia reported yesterday (May 11) that Malay intellectuals and businessmen were asking for Maybank to retain the 50% Bumiputera stake requirement.

I congratulate the Utusan for daring to publish the report on the front page. I hope its editor gets to keep his job.

Asked about the Maybank action, Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister, said there was “no need to ask Maybank to do this and that. They know what is needed.”

But the Cabinet had earlier ordered the bank what to do, i.e. to withdraw the ruling. So does it mean the Cabinet acted against the wishes of the Prime Minister?

On my part, I would like to ask Maybank if it has been “fair and just” to all Malaysians. By that I mean 60 per cent or more of its loans and advances are directed at the Bumiputeras, 30 per cent at the Chinese and seven per cent at the Indians.

It’s unfair and unjust if Bumiputeras receive less than that because they make up more than 60 per cent of the population.

No, the figure should not include loans and advances to the government, its agencies and GLCs as they belong not to the Bumiputeras but to all Malaysians.


Sitamaya said...

A system that is based on merits (efficiency, productivity and so on) is non-discriminatory.The best get to be chosen. However, it is the access to opportunities that is lop sided to the rich, urbanised, own large capital, information-rich, etc.

The argument that the bank will elect its panel based on efficiency criteria has merit in itself. Efficiency is never a function of ethnicity but other factors such as management skills, strategies, vision and so on.Inefficient firms simply raise the transaction costs which in turn are passed on to the consumers/public. As usual , we poor consumers will bear the brunt of bank's sloppiness and other dubious wheeling and dealings of firms that are inefficient in their resource management.Firms/banks that are " cronically" related to political figures are the worst lots. Efficiency is contagious and has lots of externalities transcending the economy/society at large. There are places where the role of "ethnicity" is irrelevant.

However, as Dato' has rightly pointed out, the access to loan has to be equitable. The poor, the deprived lots should be given cheaper loans/credits as compared to the rich or the corporate sectors.The multiplier effects of such an approach are more than the cost of the loans, economically and socially.

Salam mesra Dato'.


Sitamaya, in part, wrote: “Firms/banks that are " cronically" related to political figures are the worst lots.”

I agree with you. Ideally there shouldn’t be cronyism. But cronyism is as old as history itself. It’s human nature. The old English word crone for old woman was modeled on the Greek khronios for “long-standing”, derived from the better-known khronos or time. The idea was that someone was a crony if you had been friends with them a long time, or even perhaps if you were exact contemporaries of theirs.

Take Maybank for instance. It started as a Chinese bank headed by the late Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat. He was given the licence to start the bank in 1959. He “returned” to Malaya after he was not promoted to the board of OCBC. He became a founder of Malayan Banking in Kuala Lumpur.

I read somewhere that he was a Malaysian senator in 1964-65, but when Singapore separated from Malaysia to become independent in 1965, he fell from favour with the Malaysian government and was pushed out of Malayan Banking. He took over some of its Singaporean assets, including the Goodwood Park Hotel, one of Singapore's most historic buildings.

But another version has it that in 1965 he was “ousted” from Malayan Banking by the Malaysian Goverment for allegedly pumping the bank's money into his own private firm in Singapore.

Most of today corporate empires, be they Malay, Chinese or Indian had their beginnings in the friendship of their founders with Malay officials. The Kuoks, for instance, were close to the Johor aristocrats who have the elder Kuok licence to trade in rice, sugar and wheat flour back in the 1920s.

JY said...


The other thing to point out is that lawyers are supposed to be professionals. If you argue that the poor needs help, I would agree. If professionals cannot survive on their own two feet, then it is a sad day for our country.

Are the Malay intellectuals and businessmen so not confident of themselves that they still need unfair advantages over their competitors? Let's not forget we are talking about people who managed to pass professional exams and obtain professional qualifications here.

cre8tif said...

salam datuk,

I deemed this decision should be non-discriminatory which should be correct given that the following reasons :-

1. Many small legal firms out of operating out of big towns are one-man show which might or might not be any partnership. A lot of successful bumiputera lawyer friends are only interested in working in big cities/firms given high pay.

2. Even the big law firms with existing bumiputera partners will not agreed to this ruling simply because if they cannot bring in capable partners, the shareholding/profits will be diluted in that only the capable ones with the right connections whom can bring in the jobs ought to be appointed partners thereby allowing him/her to enjoy the perks.

In this sense, I do pray for right minded Malaysians to look at it in its most practical perspective and not from the racial light.

In a way, this has given the hp6 govt a much need boost to its image after the keris/racist debacles recently.

however, on the other note on accessibility to loans; agreed with satamaya.

It has ofter been said that bank would extend their friendly hands to you only if you are rich. How many people will actually have the opportunity to grace the corridors of privileged banking if you do not have RMxxx,xxx amount of minimum income per annum ?

To capture an enlightening quote from this Singapore movie *money not enough* which I have watch some years ago if my memory serves me right :-

The Ah Longs in the movie said : "The banks only offer loans to those whom have money; if Ah Longs are bad people, who else would offer money to the people whom need it."

rocky said...

Kadir Jasin - maybe we can start with the Msian badminton team with the racial breakdown, then the rest of the sport teams that don't have the racial composition. We can also start with doctors in the country too. And kadir please accept only 40% of ads from chinese and indians in your magazine. refuse the rest and keep the balance 60% for malays. OK??

and also can taxes be collect accordingly based on racial quotas. We should just go on.

do you want the best lawyer you can get to defend you or one based on race? who would you like to operate on you, the best doctor or one based on race?

The world out there usually pick the best they can get regardless of race or religion. So good luck Malaysians, more so malays...the globalisation is here and will eat you up cos only the best survive in the jungle.

Me - I'll pick the best doctor and lawyer regardless of race or religion like some Malays who pick Karpal to defend them.


A matter of clerification,
Sdr Rocky here, I believe, is not Sdr Rocky as in Rocky's Bru.

The latter has started to blog with me under "rocky's bru".

As for my humble 100-employee company, many advertisers are non-Bumi companies and individuals.

This is partly because they own large businesses and they find advertising with us worthwhile.

We on our part, buy advertising space in The Star and The Sun.

Thank you.

proud to be malay said...

Athough it is arguable that at times like these, the government and glcs should be assisting capable bumis but the question remains, which segment of bumis will a policy like the one scrapped by maybank be helping? In all honesty, the usual umnoputras would've probably benefitted from maybank's new ruling. The ruling could,instead of helping out struggling bumi firms with three credible partners, end up helping out firms like zaid ibrahim & co, sharizat rashid & lee or ahmad famy & noh etc and the likes, which are linked to the umnoputras. To take sitamaya's comment further, it may lead to us having to deal with "cronically" linked legal firms each time we take a loan. It may also lead to a culture of appointing alibaba partners in legal firms.

As I've said in an earlier comment, having bumi rights written down only works to slow us down. Everytime a policy is drawn up to give us a boost, people like ong ka ting will complain. If the singapore government does this to their malays, will the malays over there complain? cannot mah! because there's no such clause in their constitution about racial privilages when, in fact, we all know they practice it there albeit through an assumed rule that everyone there adheres to. When we do it here, everyone starts complaining about meritocracy.

And to make things worse, we have people like hishamuddin, who is a lawyer himself, who tries to cash-in on an issue like this by playing the racial card. I'm surprised he didn't bring his twisted and rusted keris to the cabinet meeting and waved it around like a lunatic.

Gua Bay Song said...

Dato AKJ,

You missed the point. You said:

It’s unfair and unjust if Bumiputeras receive less than that because they make up more than 60 per cent of the population.

The commentator 'Rocky' asked a valid question: Based on your above remark, do you accept only 40% advertising from non-Malays?

Somehow, you believe that market forces do not apply on you and your kind.

Dato. I don't blame you for thinking like that. You are an Umno man.

Nothing more, nothing less.

cre8tif said...

on a another note datuk, perhaps it should be noted that this directive came from the management; which is unfortunately put into a WRITTEN circular - however, there is nothing that can be done should both Maybank/AMBANK decides to continue this policy via the unwritten rule even after the cabinet says otherwise.

an internal source from someone working in the banking source said this backlash was expected as law firms have been sending tonnes of portfolios in to the banks and obviously the only means in which this mountain pile of papers means more manpower to go through all of them to find suitable firms to get the job done;

however, some appointed firms with the right criteria did not get any jobs since there are just too many such firms be it in Klang Valley/etc.

in fact this policy be it written/unwritten has been around for many years as far as I can remember.

Thus I would have to submit that as far as what the government has says, it doesn't change anything in that there is nothing stopping the banks from granting the jobs to whomever it deems fit.

Call it a much needed PR exercise.


Sdr Gua Bay Song,in part, said:

"Dato. I don't blame you for thinking like that. You are an Umno man.

Nothing more, nothing less."

Do you think Umno thinks like me? I don't think so.

Hishammuddin, the Ketua of Pemuda Umno chided Maybank.
So did Mohd Najib, the Timbalan Presiden of Umno.

Other pembesar Umno are generally silent.

Please don't blame Umno for the way I think. I am saying this as the scribe A Kadir Jasin, as a Muslim, a Melayu and a Malaysian who had lived through the British time, the May 13, the NEP, the Operasi Lalang, the 1985/86 economic crisis, the 1997/98 financial crisis and many more.

And Sdr Gua, I am proud to be "your kind", as you put it, if that means loving this Tanah of ours.

Thank you for yours thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dato,

I have been reading your blogs for quite sometimes, be it in the magazine or online, but with all the articles read, I guess I have a duty to write in about my opinion today, on your article about Be Fair, So What’s the Bumi Share?.

I think your mind has been distorted in someway about this 50% policy from Maybank or the NEP has been dwelling too deeply in your mind that when even something is not right happened to others, still the defence is always there in the name of NEP.

N.E.P, I never doubt it is good (but not necessary) to help( or should) the poor segment of the population (?only one race), and please take my word, THE POOR SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION so that everyone will be more or less equitable in terms of acquiring knowledge and finances. But sorry to say (actually I despise ) the NEP has been taken wrongly by some people as their birth right in life and carried out in such a way to only benefit the few (indeed, very few) of a segment of population, and for a particular race. And it has been used extensively by the political few to their advantages till this date (we call it...political stability). Don’t you agree?

Dato’, is this the N.E.P that we want? Why only limit this to a particular group of people when there are other groups who are still living the below the mean and meager pay to have end meets? I would term the current N.E.P as TUNNEL VISION instead of carrying out what it is meant for. Please, it should be one to be loved by all, one which should bring upon social and racial integrity, and one which should narrow the gaps between the rich and the poor.

Dato’, it doesn’t matter if you are UMNO man. To me, it’s more important how you look at it as a whole and not only limited to one RACE. Think of it as a service to the mankind, to all the Malaysians who are in need of assistance instead of only one race. (Look at the Tulip sales charity in Sungei Wang Plaza for the neonatal care unit in Hospital Selayang, should it be based only on the race too?).

Back to the Maybank issue, as from the beginning, even a layman will know this is a very STUPID move by the largest bank to issue such a policy.

Dato’, I guess I have to be very frank with you here.
• N.E.P is to help people from the ground up – don’t give a fish but teach them how to fish
• Racism –You? and the lots are playing the racist game, instead of the Malay public. I can only think of one reward for this game – the Political gain. I work with so many Malay friends for years, some are even highly educated and the response I get from them regarding this issue is…..”Tee, they are the ones who distort the racial integration”. Common’ Dato, I am talking about my Malay friends who work their arses up to become directors and doctors of respectively institutions without the help of N.E.P, do you get me?
• Be Fair, So What’s the Bumi Share? – ask Ali Rustam and the seniors in UMNO, they will help you out with that. Don’t waste your time with the calculations for – it doesn’t matter anymore, you have shown your true color to all.

Before I close up my comment, Dato’, just one word for you – I am very disappointed with you. I guess all your years of study and the knowledge imparted on you have been wasted. You are not helping anyone here in Malaysia, even though you have lived through various stages of development in Malaysia.

* If ever I come across your name in future, it will only remind me of one who only cares about race and statistics, nothing more.

ahm said...

i can understand datuk akj`very well as he is in the business himself, and his facts are deemed real. especially if you are in the chinese controlled industry ie. printing, auto spareparts, retail and many more you will sure feel the pintch,
sdr rocky, if your comments are merely based on observations, reading and other people experiences then your comments are shallow. it sounded fake because it's too ideal. get yourself into the arena then you know yourself.

in the real world out there, professionals, corporate governance etc are secondary, only in the text books. the 4p's in the marketing book never been used. survival first what ever it takes.

if you cant't stay alive how do you talk about the 4ps, professionalisme. in the real world of business ie. 100 employees as datuk akj is running now, if you can stay afloat, it is already good enough and many more have drown even before they touch the water. for this kind of "failed" bumi businessman who would want to get close to. what they instead get was blame. dont know how to run business, "kalau tak ada duit jangan berniaga" and many more cemuhan. none ever thot how fears the competition is especially from the chinese. at pasar borong selayang how many malay are there. how many malay printers are there in jalan brunei, pudu?. the chinese controlled the industry and network chains. and you think they are so professional to help groom the bumi to learn the business tricks. alas to kick the bumi business off the industry is peanut for them, anytime.

as for abdullah, dont talk about fair and just, coz it sound very fake.

for najib and hisham i pray one fine day that the power is no more in favour of you and you would be in the same shoes as the rest of nyawa nyawa ikan malay businessmen.

nstman said...

Datuk, when it comes to helping Malays, I am always for it. But back to this Maybank issue. You and I know that the 50 percent ruling will only benefit a few top Malay firms. How do the benefits filter down to the ordinary Malays? It is not a question of quibbling over this issue. It is a question of looking at the larger picture. We must not look at everything from one racial window. After all has been said and done, I urge Maybank to give back to society by helping the common folk, irrespective of race, creed or colour. Give out more loans to the people, especially deserving Malays. I know many Malays, and many are deserving ones, who are eager to go into business but have failed because they cannot get loans (so you see not all Malays can get loans that easily). This is the least Maybank, and all GLCs, can do to give back to society. And I would also urge the people to steer away from the rhetoric over the 50 per cent issue. Dont let the Umno ultras cash it and allow the situation to boil over. Pse dont turn it into a racial issue. In the first place, this is not even a racial issue. By the way, it is a wonder Utusan editors have been able to keep their jobs. They are only good at playing to the gallery, nothing more.

proud to be malay said...

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do". The same phrase should apply here although with some modification to it: "When our government befriends singapore, do as the singaporeans do".

I agree with blogger cre8tif, maybank and other banks should put it in writting that no such special privilages apply to bumi firms but still proceed with the selection process with preference to bumis.

But don't lah go and choose firms like, as an example, zaid ibrahim & co. or any other well off bumi law firm that doesn't need help. Go and help those credible ones who really need business from the banks. Then it will be meritocracy. They should only help those bumis who can perform.

That's easier said than done. In most cases today, it's a question of who, rather than what, you know and the one's who have the connections to the big "who's" will probably be umnoputra lawyers. They're a dime a dozen. So, in the end who'll benefit?

It may look good in theory but in the end, the umnoputras will eventually muscle in and take the business from the banks for themselves. They've done it with everything else. What's to stop them from doing it with the banks. Semangat sayang bangsa sendiri? don't think so, they're all just a bunch of sell-outs.

rocky said...

"A matter of clerification,
Sdr Rocky here, I believe, is not Sdr Rocky as in Rocky's Bru.

The latter has started to blog with me under "rocky's bru"."


I'm not rocky bru and this has been clarified by rocky bru himself on his blog.I've used this nick way before he came to the blogging scene as he pointed out in his blog and in no way I've said or claim to be him here or any other blogs.

Thanks for you clarification.

Please practise what you preach and give the bumis good/lower(you make less!!!) rates in your magazine so that they can make 60% of your ads and since they do make up 60%(poor east Msian, used when needed) of the population and reject the non bumis ads. And you should buy less from Star and go with NST/Berita Harian or Utusan.Show your support for the cause that you are fighting for.

Sick that after 50 years, we have professionals need helpto compete with others.Now we know why Msia slipped again in the world competitive index:


Semuanya OK??

BigDogDotCom said...


I hear you.

In business, there are no fairness. Look at Public Bank, Hong Leong & OCBC's panel of lawyers. Sure, there's a million excuse to justify but its back to basics. One giveth away jobth to the peopleth oneth knowth.

I have friends who have good record in their practice unable to get themselves into the panel of the three banks mentioned where else some other people with lesser experience gets in.

That's reality. Cronyism is very much the practice of any business community, anywhere.


Sdr Rocky,thank you for clerifying my clerification.

As for your assertion that "And you should buy less from Star and go with NST/Berita Harian or Utusan.Show your support for the cause that you are fighting for.", I would like to and I had tried, but neither group had been accepting our ads for a long time.

The NSTP stopped accepting our ads when I commented in my Malaysian Business column on Dato' Kalimullah's column in which he told us of his phone conversations with the PM.

The Utusan had not accepted our ads on the basis that we are a competitor.

Sdr Bakaq, I would have posted your comment on the rejection of your son by a South Korean company "because it's looking for Chinese speaking canditate" had you not appended the comment from another blog that contained swear words.

No swearing please. You can me racist (though I may not be one) and I will still post your comment. But mencarut is a bit too much.

Thank you.

orang kampong said...

Guys...stop for a second and read back what you wrote.It's all about me, me, me or us, us, us (ie YOUR race, YOUR people) This cannot be Malaysia yet.No matter what your argument is, you still haven't the spirit of a nation (the togetherness) cos' you are still talking about yourself.Try and speak for the 'other' for once i.e. why is affirmative action necessary and would Malaysia be where it is today without the NEP?

Look at Spore where things are claimed to be on merit but isn't the gap between the rich and poor so bad?

I am in defense of NEP but I am also in defense for assistence for the poor of all races (hadn't this been done by respective component of BN? Were there not grants given to assist poor Indians/Chinese, etc.Who takes care of the rest? Ibans? Muruts? Kadazans?)

I think we are just like kids quarrelling over who has more/who has less.Just do your bit lah other than whine, whine, whine.Those Malays who got the scholarships will work where the non Malays don't want to work anyway: teaching jobs,government sector with so little pay.So what's the big deal? In many instances, they take the scholarships and do not want to return to Malaysia.Many but not all.

Mat Tunjang Enterprise said...

Ih, dah lama sungguh tak bercerita
Orang kata Mat Tunjang dah tutup mata
Dah mati sebab sakit jiwa
Meniaga rugi tak dapat apa-apa.

Mat tak mati lagi
Dok kerja petang dan pagi
Bela anak bela bini
Bayar cukai sara menteri.

Mai balik ni pasai dengar cerita
Kata Pak Lah pening kepala
Sampai jadi tak tentu hala
Orang yang tengok terkejut semua.

Internet kata Pak Lah pengsan
Depa kata dia sakit sakan
Orang yang tengok semua perasan
Terus telefon panggil ambulans.

Ni la jahat budak-budak blogger
Depa suka dok pelaga-pelaga
Pak Lah dok hangat depa tak kira
Depa asyik dok caci dok kata.

Pak Lah kata dia tak pengsan
Badan tak sihat pasai kepanasan
Nak jatuh sikit cepat-cepat orang tahan
Tapi macam-macam orang buat telahan.

Kalau boleh Mat nak tumpang tanya
Pak Lah pening apa puncanya
Adakah pasai hal ehwal negara
Atau pasai kejadian di Australia?

Kedai nasi kandar punya cerita
Di Perth, Australia ia dibuka
Pak Lah jadi tetamu utama
Heboh satu pelosok dunia.

Melayu-Cina meniaga tak kena
Satu adik Pak Lah satu kawan dia
Kita tak tahu apa muslihatnya
Meniaga nasi kandar di Australia.

Harap janganlah ada udang di sebalik batu
Buka kedai kerana mahukan sesuatu
Bila dah dapat cepat-cepat tutup pintu
Buat duit diam-diam orang tak tahu.

Bila meniaga rugi cepat
Doa Pak Lah macam tak berkat
Kita di Malaysia yang jadi rakyat
Rasa takut rasa tergugat.

Melayu nusantara said...

Kadir , you speak your mind and dont sell out the Malays and you'll be alright. Money isn't everything but honour is.


Sdr Melayu Nusantara said: "Kadir , you speak your mind and dont sell out the Malays and you'll be alright. Money isn't everything but honour is."

It not about selling or not selling the Malays.

I am not a racist and chauvinist as some commentators have made me out to be.

I think I am as much a Malaysian as my accusers. I was born and raised in a Malay kampung, but the traders and tradesmen were Chinese. Today their population had more than tripled.

Those days they reared pigs, chicken and ducks, and rowed tongkang. Today they own power tillers, tractors and combined harversters that they rent out the Malay farmers.

The Malays have not harmed a single Chinese. The last Chinese to be murdered was way back in the early fiftties, believed to be by the communists. During the May 13, 1969, my dad, being the local Umno head and a former Home Guard commander, organised armed protection of our Chinese neighbours.

I had many Chinese and Indian friends and I went to Malay and English schools. I work in a multi-racial environment all my life.

But I am also committed to the belief that marginalising the majority race and disenfranchising the minority is bad and is dangerous.

Let's face it, had it not been for the NEP and the continuing efforts to achieve some form of balance among the various Malaysian races, would we be where we are today?

The tycoons and the middleclass -- Chinese,Malays and Indians -- are not created in a vacuum and certainly not out of poverty of the majority.

So, it not just about the Malays, but about all Malaysians. Yesterday was the anniversary of bloody May 13. I'll remember it for as long as I live. I hope you too.

As for CIMB, I am sure Tun Razak's son (sons) will not trade the legacy of their father just for the sake of power and money. I hope.


thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth said...


I respect your views, but bear with me when I say that it is hopelessly out of place in a globalised world where talent and money go where they are welcomed and appreciated, and where few restrictions are placed in their path.

Consider, for example, the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007, in which the Swiss-based IMD ranked 55 economies on the basis of their competitiveness.

Datuk - have you ever asked yourself why it is that Singapore is ranked 2nd in this year's survey, while Malaysia slipped 1 place to be ranked as 23rd?

Is Singapore that much different from Malaysia?

And how is it that Mainland China came from "nowhere" to be ranked 15th in the survey? Imagine - Mainland China deemed to be more competitive than Malaysia!

Bear in mind that the Yearbook survey is based on 4 main factors - Economic Performance, Government Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Infrastructure.

Care to speculate, or make an informed guess, as to where Malaysia slipped up?

joe penang said...


Kebelakangan ini isu2 yg timbul saya nampak semuanya tak berpihak kepada org Melayu(UMNO tentunya). Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar, calon BN di Ijok, isu Maybank semuanya menunjukkan ianya tidak berpihak kepada Melayu.
Apa pendapat semua?

alliedmartster said...


I have not commented on your blog before, as I know where I stand on current issues.
I can't help but reflect on the years of my father's era, and feel that there is a difference then and now.
My mum, and other older relatives also remind me of this.
If we continue to harbour these kind of policies, what then is the future of Malaysia?
When will there be a fair and level playing field for all?
I guess, from all thats championed by the present day government, we will never see this, and I suppose, Malays, being 60% or more who make up this country's population will be quite happy with this policy.

I am not asking for support, nor am I trying to drum support. I am just speaking my mind, and thank god, for now Bloggers ARE STILL allowed to do so.

Don't you think that we should all just be Malaysians and move forward from here on? Am I less Malaysian than my fellow citizens of another race? Why do we even have to refer to ourselves as Chinese, Indian or Malay? Was I not born in Malaysia? Did I come from China? No. I was born to Malaysian parents and if I were to go to another country, I am referred to as a Malaysian, not Malaysian Chinese.
As long as we continue with this kind of attitude, then our children will carry this on. And then what? 50 years later to emerge as the 'Bosnia and Serbia' of Asia?

Are we so short of self believe that if we drop our racial status, that we will not succeed?
The very reason you perceive that the 'Chinese' (from my last check, Chinese,and with that I mean Chinese from China) do not control our businesses, is because you and many others continue to segregate yourselves by this notion.
My brother married a Malaysian. I married a Malaysian and my sister is going out with a malaysian.
But if you look beyond that, then my brother married an Indian, I married a Eurasian, and my sister is going out with a Malay.

I love Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar, Nasi Campur, Banana Leaf, Mee Rebus, Chicken Rice and Bak Kut Teh and that is because I consider these as Malaysia's offering from it's rich dietary heritage.
Does it mean that if I prefer steak and Fish and chips and it makes me less Malaysian?

My point is why is it that we 'others' are now beginning to get to feel that we are being sidelined by the N.E.P whereas there are others (mainly of the Malay race) that feel that they still need this policy?
(I use others and Malay not because I want to but I have been forced to use this reference because if I don't , I am not being Malaysian)

I am sorry if I seem to be ranting away, but on reading your post, I just felt that I had to say this.
I just pray and hope that one day, we will all be equal in this land called Malaysia.
Sorry, should I say your country called Malaysia? Cause, all of a sudden, I feel so foreign.

antibelit04 said...


Datuk, yg sedihnya..paklah berkata begitu setelah pun Maybank menarik balik dasar buminya tersebut!!!.

Adakah kerana nak membantu melayu pun umno dah tak berani?. Kalau soal merit ...kawan dan juga sahabat handai ramai yg membuat loan perumahan dimana sykt guamannya hampir semuanya dilantik oleh developer yg sememangnya cina. Jadi tak cukupkah bangsa lain dgn semua tersebut. Kerajaan tidak mensyaratkan pengambilan syarikat bumi masa beli rumah guna loan kerajaan pun dah kira baik.

Kalau semuanya umno nak beri..jadi apakah asas keperluan wujudnya UMNO tersebut?...

Brian said...

Hi orang kampung,

you mentioned the divide or gap between the rich n the poor in Spore ...

well I have some hard actual facts for you ..
I was borned, grown up and have worked in Msia and now currently living & working in Spore therefore I think I am qualified to make these comments:

a) You can survive on approx. SGD 2k salary or even less in Spore but do you think you can survive on the same amount (in RM) in KL, JB or any of the larger cities ?
Unfortunately, the salary paid is worse in Msia .. Starting pay for fresh grads in Spore are SGD 2k and above and starting pay for fresh grads in Msia, you can check it out for yourself but I have seen extreme cases where grads are paid less than RM 1k.
However, the cost of living has been going up non-stop but the quality of life is nowhere near Spore's ... example, 1 large can of Milo costs RM 50 but only SGD 20++ ... but the difference is your pay of RM 2000 compared to SGD 2000.
You do the math yourself.
Plus good public transport, good healthcare and security etc etc ... I think it is clear which country's poor get a better deal.

b) Spore has no natural resources, small land space, low population and so many other disadvantages and yet we are nowhere near Spore even after so many years and so much natural resources and other advantages. Why? It's basically the policy of putting the right people in the right position in the right time. Even Lee Kuan Yew himself have to step down when he realized times have changed and he is no longer relevant.

c) I have to say that although there are 'unofficial' racial discrimination in the government service against the minority Malays and that the Malays' performance still lacking behind the other races in Spore but I have yet to see any of the Sporean Malays complaining and bitching abt it.
Why? Because they know if they are really good and competent, NOBODY dares to deny them of their opportunities and returns, not even Lee Kuan Yew himself. And I have seen Sporean Malays that made it and they deservedly are damn proud of their achievements.
In Msia, even with NEP, bumis are complaining and asking for more without putting in the necessary effort. And they are blatant and bold enough to even put in black & white. Try doing that in Spore and you would be sacked on the spot.

So orang kampung, dun compare Msia and Spore, cause it's as clear and different as night and day. One focussed on building the strength of its people and the other only cares about grand monuments.
A good country is like a good parent, you want to teach the value of hard work and being independent to your children.

To preempt people that thinks I am unpatriotic since I may be perceived to praise Spore a lot in this post, well let me put it this way. If I am not patriotic, I won't even be bothered to post or write anything.

marn said...

Salam Dato'..

Apa la hangpa semua ni. Benda2 lagu ni pun hangpa nak hingaq.. Kalau dah tak suka kat Maybank buat keputusan lagu tu, tutup la akaun, pi la bukak akaun kat bank lain. Dah depa punya desicion makers kata lagu tu. Benda lagu ni, senang ja. Punya la banyak bank. Pilih ja yang mana satu, idaman kalbu.

Dok bergaduh tuduh kawan nu racist la, apa la..

Ni, kalau nak kira.. betui2 nak bangsa Malaysia? Cadangan aku la, tutup SRJK Cina, Tamil, Sekolah Cina, sekolah Melayu pun sama. No more chinese chamber, tamil chamber, malay chamber or whatsoever. Selagi apa yang berpaksikan semangat bangsa, kita tutup dan buang jauh2. Kita pakai satu ja..only one.. semangat Malaysia. Sanggup ka? Mau ka? Aku rasa ramai melayu, cina dan india sayang nak buang perkauman dalam diri masing2. Toksah dok muhong la.

Cina dan india (aku ambik contoh majoriti) yang lahir di Msia ni fasih berbahasa malaysia berapa kerat? lagi mau cakap pasai nak berjuang untuk bangsa malaysia? hello!! bahasa malaysia bahasa rasmi tau. Benda asas macam tu pun tak leh nak kuasai lagi, nak bising pasai hak sama rata.

Bodoh sangat ka profesional/lawyer bumiputra ni sampai bangsa lain sama bangsa sendiri pun nak hingaq tak setuju? Oi! bumiputra ni hina sangat ka? Memang la ada lemahnya. Tapi, bila cakap pasai hak bumiputera.. semua nampak racist la, tak berdaya majula, bodoh, malas, tak global dan sebagainya.

Tu semua sebab ada 'monster' dalam diri masing2. Baik bumiputera sendiri maupun bangsa lain. Let's us kill the monster within ourselves first. Then, we can talk 'bout others.

-thethinker- said...

Apakah patut kita bangga dgn syarat baru Maybank dan Ambank, tentunya tidak sama sekali. Apakah nasib firma guaman yg hanya beroperasi dgn pemilik tunggal atau pun rakan kongsi 2 orang sahaja ?? Alamat bungkuslah mereka . Jangan beri alasan masih ada kerja lain yg boleh dibuat oleh firma kecilan ini , ini spt menggurangkan peluang mereka utk berniaga , sekaligus menidakkan hak mereka mendapat peluang yg seadil-adilnya.
Islam mengajar agar kita berlaku adil , bukannya adil ada had dan ada hari.

arb_ok said...

Salam Dato',

The very people who are opposed to Maybank's stand must have felt that they shall not benefit from this ruling.

What Maybank is asking for is firms to have Bumi partner(s) with at least 50% equity.

Assuming that one firm with two equal partners i.e. a Malay and a Chinese) is appointed on the bank's panelship, wouldn't this benefit the other non-bumi partner too?

The real truth is that there are more non-bumi lawyers in Malaysia at this moment and these are the exact people who must have felt that with the increasing number of Malay lawyers being given preference, their livelihood is in the balance.

I cannot help but compare the practice of Chinese dominated banks i.e. Public Bank and Hong Leong Bank. Will they come out in the open and declare how many Bumiputra majority firms are emplaced on their panel.

Let us take an honest look at Citibank. I dare say that most, if not all their panel lawyers are Chinese firms even though it is an American bank.

Who is entrusted to choose the panel lawyers for the banks (PBB, HLB or Citi) anyway? Since transparency is what the detractors demanded, I too would like to know the racial composition of the appointing committee(s) for the above banks.

What the opponents wanted was the whole cake for themselves and if they are not willing to share the cake with others, why compel others to share with them in the first place.

The country was built on the principle of sharing and so shall it be. If any party refused to embrace to the spirit of sharing, they are not fit to call themselves Malaysian.

They are proud to call themselves Malaysian when things are good for them or when tides flow in their favour.

How many of them are willing to join the security forces? Are they afraid to die? Everyone should be afraid to die but why let the Malay youths risk their lives (in the security forces) when the risk should also be equally shared.

Instead of fighting for this cause, the opponents should also insist that their own family and race join the security forces. What they are doing now is not enough. Unfair promotional prospect is just an excuse. One cannot gauge oneself.

Being a professional is not the main issue as lawyering is not about being professional alone. It is also about being in business. If the economy is controlled by one race and they jealously guard the well-being of their own kind, would it be wrong for Maybank which is controlled by Malay (in general) to practice the same preference?

Even the Bumi accountants find it hard to penetrate the banks. Can it be said that they are not professional enough?

Honestly it is not about professionalism, it is about survival.

Melayu nusantara said...


It takes passion to response so quickly to your fellow bloggers. But your tone seems too apologetic which I think is out of necessity for bread and butter. I suppose Malays are always the accomadative type of people but when he reaches the corner and acts too late as to amok. We need to face the reality now as the Malay leadres now are at their weakest. Even you could only express hope the sons of Razak will act for the common good . I think we should be proactive jangan puteh mata kerana mahukan sebutir beras. Your idea of 60% share deserve merit

Indigo said...


You have made it a wonderful blog-day today!

I was wondering how Sdr Mat Tunjang Enterprise has been keeping all this while. Do you do tongkat ali and ubi jaga, sirs?

Danke erg, Datuk and Sdr Mat Tunjang Enterprise.


nujum said...

Datuk dan pembahas semua;

inilah malaysia - masing-masing masih tebal untuk mempertahankan hak kaum masing-masing. Kalau kita betul-betul iklhas dan mengaku kita adalah rakyat Malaysia - tak akan ada diskriminasi di negara ini - malangnya diskriminasi telah berputih sekian lama - tak kira syarikat china, india dan melayu - semuanya mengamalkan diskriminasi -kalau tidak ada diskriminasi - takkan lah The Star - dipaksakan untuk memastikan menerima 30 peratus pekerja bumiputera untuk mendapatkan lesen menerbitkan semula akhbar itu selepas Operasi Lalang.

So janganlah nak bercerita pasal diskriminasi kerana semua orang cina akan mementingkan kaum sendiri - lihat kalau kita beli barang - harga untuk orang cina memang murah tapi untuk orang melayu dan india mahal - (bagaimana saya mengetahui - kerana saya mendengar sendiri dalam bahasa Mandarin perbualan ahli perniagaan cina) jadi tak payahlah semua bercerita pasal meritorkrasi, NEP, atau yang seangkatannya dengannya. Pucuk pangkal semua masih lagi mementingkan kaum masing-masing. Masing-masing tidak mempunyai perasaan untuk membantu kaum lain. terimalah realiti dan jangan jadi hipokrit.

Chua said...

You said:

a) The Malays have not harmed a single Chinese. The last Chinese to be murdered was way back in the early fiftties...

b) During the May 13, 1969, my dad, being the local Umno head and a former Home Guard commander, organised armed protection of our Chinese neighbours.

So from whom your dad were protecting the chinese from ? If no Chinese were harmed by Malays, why would we call May 13 a tragedy of racial conflict? why would we call it the bloody 513?

Please, enlighten us.

Anonymous said...


When the riches and the privileged start talking about meritocracy in Malaysia, I can see what Micheal Young saw in The Rise of the Meritocracy (1961). I can also see fire!

Hantu Gigi Jarang


Sdr Chua,

From anybody who might want to harm them. I was talking about my multi-racial village in Pendang, Kedah.

I am pleading to all not be too emotional as to be racial or seditious.

Thank you.

Melayu nusantara said...

If what nujum said is true, chinese shop owners charging more to malay and indian shoppers ie making abnormal profits, that is very sad. But the shopkeeper has every right to do so while the shoppers should also not buy from it . That will stop racial prejudice at our level at least. And Chua it was not unusual for neighbours to protect the other. My family was right smack in SEA Park , Petaling Jaya and our chinese neighbours gave us canned foods during the crisis. We will remember those gestures of goodwill. But the current generations now leaves much to be desired, money and power are too important to them as to ignore humanty

langit biru said...


Kalau kita bercakap mengenai ethnik,rumpun, kaum, dan bangsa di MALAYSIA hari ini, ianya takkan habis sampai bila-bila. Silap haribulan, ia boleh meletup!

Saya tak tahu siapa penulis di sini, bangsa apa mereka. Saya sama bangsa dengan Dato', orang Melayu. Saya orang Melayu. Bukan Siam,bukan Mamak, bukan Cina, bukan India. Saya orang Melayu. Apabila bercakap mengenai Melayu, memperjuangkan Melayu, tak semestinya orang itu orang UMNO, tak semestinya!

Hakikatnya, kita berkongsi BUMI, yang satu masa dulu bumi ini dikenali sebagai PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU. Pernah juga di sebut SEMENANJUNG TANAH MELAYU.Pulau Singapura itu juga sebahagian dari Tanah Melayu asalnya, bernama Temasek. Kaum Melayu khususnya askar-askar Melayu pernah mempertahankan Temasek hingga ke titisan darah terakhir...hari ini, ianya bukan milik Melayu lagi!!! Dan perasaan ini HANYA Melayu yang memahaminya,merasainya,menjiwainya sepenuh hati.

Kaum lain tak akan memahami sepenuhnya isihati Melayu, walaupun 100buah buku dibaca mengenai Melayu. Begitu juga hakikatnya, kami kaum Melayu pun takkan memahami sepenuhnya apa isihati kaum lain, seperti Cina, India dll. Namun begitu,kerajaan sudah seberapadaya upaya cuba merapatkan jurang perbezaan kaum ini, dan sekali sekala jadi panas dan tegang, ada pasang surutnya!

Kita sebenarnya perlu bertolak ansur dalam pelbagai bidang demi keharmonian bersama. Semua kaum sebenarnya telah banyak bertolak ansur.Melayu telah banyak bertolak ansur hingga kadang kala telah menghilangkan sebahagian identiti asal mereka, hak mereka. Dan apakah tidak wajar sekali sekala mereka menuntut diberi sedikit perhatian?

Itu Maybank, salah sebuah GLCs. Bank-bank lain macammana? Sektor-sektor lain bagaimana? Bank yang 100% milik bukan bumiputera, berapa kerat profesional atau super profesional Melayu diambil jadi CEO,COO,CM dll? Sesetengahnya pula "mengenakan" syarat keupayaan berbahasa Mandarin diberi keutamaan semasa temuduga? Apakah ini bukan satu tindakan diskriminasi?

Saya tidak berhasrat untuk mencetuskan isu perkauman di sini, sesekali TIDAK! Tetapi hati saya seorang Melayu terguris dengan beberapa kenyataan dari pengkritik di sini! Dan saya tidak fikir tulisan Dato' ini berbau perkauman!

proud to be malay said...

Many have condemned the owner of this blog for his defence of the Malay race. Many who call NEP/bumiputra policy a form of racism cry out for an equal and united malaysia which is free from racial divide. Will those who ask for such a thing be able disband the dong ziao jong and loose their vernecular schools? Will they be willing to disband their respective chambers of commerce (chinese, indian, mamak etc.)? Will they be ready to join the army for peanuts pay in the name of defending their country? Will they be willing to join the civil service and improve the government delivery system for, of course, peanuts pay? If you really think you are patriotic enough then by all means prove it.

Communication is a way to resolve issues but if everyone speaks differently (due to the different education they receive from SK, SRJK etc.) then how will we ever communicate to resolve this racial divide, as some here claim, and work towards forming a unified race: the malaysian race? Disband vernecular schools and use a single system (not necessarily bahasa melayu, I for one would love to see us going back to our pre-1970 days of using the colonialist's language as a tool for unification but that's just my opinion) then you can say that we are all malaysians. But if you continue to champion SRJK(C) or (T) or whatever then don't blame others when you are reffered to as a malaysia chinese or a malaysian indian or a malaysian whatever. It is you yourselves who defend the notion of being separated from other malaysians. How on earth can you expect others not to?

You call for a unified malaysia but look at unified indonesia. Honestly, how many of the rich (minus suharto's clan) are of the malay/indon race? no doubt the rich there are mostly chinese who are forced to use indonesian names as a matter of government policy. If we are unified as many nep opposers here want, will our malays too end up like our indon counterparts, marginalized?

To answer some who think the singapore malays don't compain. They don't because they see no point in doing so. Many singaporean malays have migrated out to places like australia in search of greener pastures. Perhaps the singapore malays are better equipped to deal with countries like australia (which is not free from discrimination either) because they've lived in a country like singapore.

When maybank introduced the ruling of giving priority to bumi firms you all complain. If you want maybank to be fair, then please ask other banks like ocbc, hong leong, public bank etc. to do the same and be fair to bumi firms as you would like maybank to be fair to non-bumi firms.


Sdr the great tea drinker down south, are you the same mysterious "I the joker the great tea drinker" who used to write to me when I was editing the NST?

If you are, welcome back. And if you’re not, I also welcome you to my blog … or rather our blog.

In part, you said: “Datuk - have you ever asked yourself why it is that Singapore is ranked 2nd in this year's survey, while Malaysia slipped 1 place to be ranked as 23rd?

Is Singapore that much different from Malaysia?

And how is it that Mainland China came from "nowhere" to be ranked 15th in the survey? Imagine - Mainland China deemed to be more competitive than Malaysia!”

I am as puzzled as you are about Malaysia’s falling global rating in many of today’s socio-economic indices. For answers, you have to ask the elected government of Malaysia.

As for Singapore, it’s more of a city or a municipality than a country. It is like Macau, Hong Kong and Monaco. Also it’s almost a one-party state beholden to one man. Still I like my occasional trips to the island – it’s clean and taxi drivers don’t cheat you.

I won’t compare Malaysia to Switzerland. It’s unfair to both countries. Still we must bear in mind that Switzerland is a smaller country both in land size and population. But it’s also very industrialized. And you know how much money its banks keep. I love my occasional trips to Zurich where my daughter, her husband and two young children live.

China is interesting. It’s huge and in recent decades it has embraced some elements of free market. Malaysia used to be as competitive as China in the 1970s and 1980s, which, incidentally, coincided with the implementation of the NEP. But we have progressed beyond what China is today. So our growth is understandably slower.

Sdr Joe Penang berkata: “Kebelakangan ini isu2 yg timbul saya nampak semuanya tak berpihak kepada org Melayu(UMNO tentunya). Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar, calon BN di Ijok, isu Maybank semuanya menunjukkan ianya tidak berpihak kepada Melayu.
Apa pendapat semua?”

Saya tidak akan kata “ia” atau “tidak”. Terpulanglah kepada pembesar politik dan pemikir Melayu memikirkannya. Bukan sahaja Umno tetapi semua. Melayu, Umno dan Kerajaan tak sama.

Di Ijok, kalau ikut lojik iaitu berasaskan pengundi mengikut kaum, maka Umnolah yang sepatutnya bertanding. Tapi Umno terpaksa bertolak ansur. Kalau tidak, tak banyak atau tidak ada kawasan yang boleh ditandingi oleh MCA, MIC dan Gerakan sebab tidak banyak kawasan majoroti Cina dan India. Jadi Umno selama-lamanya kena bertolak ansur. Tapi MCA, MIC dan Gerakan kenalah bertolak ansur juga.

Sdr Alliedmartster, in part said: “And then what? 50 years later to emerge as the 'Bosnia and Serbia' of Asia?”

God forbid. And I am sure we will never ever get there if we continue with our policy of sharing and caring – NEP or whatever we want to call it. Ours is not a winner takes all country. I can talk with some measure of authority about Bosnia and Serbia. I went there 20 days after the Dayton Agreement in Nov, 1995. Bosnia-Herzegovina was still burning, with Serbians, Croats and Bosnians still shooting at each other despite the ceasefire. I wrote extensively about it in the NST and BH.

Back in 1969, when I arrived in KL to take up my first job at Bernama, the fire of May 13 was still burning and families were still visiting the morgue of the KL Hospital to claim the bodies of their loved ones. There, as a cub reporter, I saw Malay, Chinese and Indian mothers hugging each other in grief despite knowing that their loved ones had killed each other.

Sdr Langit Biru, antara lain, mengulas: “Hakikatnya, kita berkongsi BUMI, yang satu masa dulu bumi ini dikenali sebagai PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU. Pernah juga di sebut SEMENANJUNG TANAH MELAYU.”

Apabila banyak orang Melayu, khasnya yang berada dalam kerangka kuasa, tidak lagi mempedulikan hakikat ini atau tidakpun memahaminya, bagaimanakah kita hendak meyakinkan kaum-kaum lain atau marah kepada mereka jika mereka mengabaikan fakta sejarah ini?

Thank you and let’s keep this debate healthy.


Sdr Bendera Merah,

Aah, budak Balakong rupanya! Maaf tidak menyiarkan ulasan sdr. Kita tidak akan menggelar sesiapa berdasarkan warna kulitnya, bentuk mata dan batang hidungnya atau negeri asas usulnya.

Terima kasih.

orang kampung said...

Hi Brian,

Clearly from your response you had NOT been mingling with the Spore Malays to hear their plight.No bitching means they are curbed from talking (at least we get to bitch against each other here)

Clearly also you have NOT been talking to non-Malay taxi drivers in Spore who would tell you how they have to hold 2-3 jobs to survive in Singapore.Imagine what it would be for the Malay lot if the Chinese poor are also complaining (and Singapore is just an island...siapa-siapa pun boleh manage a little island...just get a 'good deal' buying water and sands and dump industrial waste on the neighbouring countrylah.Bagus punya merit policy).My guess is you move with the professionals.Even in KL, these professionals will say there's no poverty in Malaysia.

nstman said...

To all and sundry. After all has been said and done, we are all Malaysians. We settle our problems in a diplomatic way. Just think about it. If racial problems boil over, it wont be good for all the races, am I right? if there is racial confrontation, or another May 13 (which I doubt will ever occur because of the large number of middle class Malays) CNN and all the worldwide networks will go to town with it and the whole world will know about it in an instant. Do we want it? Any racial confrontation will wreck what we have achieved in the past 50 years. Investors will flee, the stock market will collapse. We will all be poorer for it. Who are the winners? None. All races will suffer, and probably we would take another few years to recover. Kadir, you are a moderate Muslim. I think your views are invaluable to bring the various races closer. You may be perceived as an extremist by certain quarters but deep down I think you are a rational man. Kadir, I respect your views about the Maybank affair but I think you should also respect opposing views. It is up to us to reconcile our differences and make this country great. Sabre-rattling, mindless rhetoric, chest thumping only make things worse. Hatred begets hatred, anger begets anger. Chinese will have their say, Malays will have say, Indians will have say. But at the end of the day, it is up to us to settle things the Malaysian way. That is the only way for us. There is no other way. In our nation's history, that was the only way, and the way forward.

Anonymous said...


Saya juga anak Pak Tani.Miskin.Masa sekolah dulu nak beli surat kabar pun tak da duit.
Pergi sekolah pakai kasut putih Plastik yang sesuai untuk menoreh getah.Saya di lahirkan di kampong yang mundur. Kampong melayu. Apabila dapat kerja saya merempat di negeri orang. Kini, kiri kanan rumah ada jiran kaum cina dan India.
Saudara kita Cina dan India lebih bernasib baik di negara ini.Lesen Toto, lesen Magnum dan Lesen Kuda semuanya depa punya.Taukeh kedai judi ini semakin kaya.Bila kaya mereka ada kuasa beli. Boleh beli rumah dan Tanah.Boleh beli apa saja.Berjuta orang Cina dan India main judi. Setiap kali cabutan sudah tentu ada yang bertuah.
Kalau tiori bahawa ada setiap orang yang kaya setiap kali cabutan, Satu hari Orang melayu tergadai buminya kerana bangsa lain yang bernasib baik.
dalam bab ini orang melayu Islam akan kalah.
Saya lihat juga, Orang cina banyak bela babi.Penternak babi untung sakan. Dapat Untung beli rumah dan beli tanah.
dalam bab ini juga melayu kalah.
Jadi, Dato' Mcam mana orang Melayu boleh menyaingi dalam bab-bab di atas tadi?

Makan gaji.


Sdr Nstman, thank you for your sobering thoughts. I think I will allow debate on this subject to go on a while longer. But please be rational and thoughtful.

As for Singapore's population, the city state is actually becoming less Chinese but not much more Malay. It’s becoming more Indian.

According to official statistics, the Chinese population peaked in 1980 at 78.3 per cent. It had since fell to 77.7 per cent in 1990, 76.8 per cent in 2000 and 75.2 per cent in 2006.

The Malay population has been progressively falling from 1970 (14.8%), 1980 (14.4%), 1990 (14.1%), 2000 (13.9%) and 2006 (13.6%).

The Indian population rose steadily from 1990 (7.1%) to 7.9% in 2000 and 8.8% in 2006. So are those classified as “others”.

In 2006, Singapore population was reported at 4.48 million.

Thank you.

rocky said...

I support NEP that was in place in 1970-1990s. The Malays have improved a lot since then. Yes we can dispute the stats but just look around you how the Malays today are living and how far they have come since 1970. It is time we implement the other part of the NEP which is help the poor regardless of race.

Unfortunately NEP has been hijacked by the rich Malays, mainly UMNOPutras who are keen for it to go on and on, not more for the malays that need them but for themselves. Since DKJ is recalling old stories,let me tell you what happen last year to this Malay girl who wanted to get into nursing school. Her dad is an army sergeant. She could not get in cos the other Malay girl who was well to do had used cables. The only thing the officer could tell her, was he can't do anything cos of the cable and ask her to wait for next year. BTW the girl meets all the requirement and her dad's service to the country is not even considered.What a shame. She is trying this year, not sure if she will get in. She is a distance relative.

If rich Malays are sincere, they will not accept the discounts for buying a house, instead they should start a fund and contribute there for poor malays. Will they? Help you own mah.

There are 2 issues, one is the mind..the malay mind is always bombarded with things like you are weak, you need help...the battle is lost even before it has started.Politician need the malay mind to stay this way.

Two is work rate and wanting to get rich fast as mentioned by TDM yesterday. And the wants in this category are not those who are in need but those who are already rich. They want more and more with least amount of effort like the so call professional lawyers.

The only way out is to drum in positive ideas.I mean Zaid Ibrahim from Kelantan can do it, why not other Malays. Are Malays lawyers so weak? Didn't they attend similar Universities and similar Bar entrance exams like others. Ask why the others can, why can't I? If you need capital, tell you what..where there is a will there is a way especially more so for bumis.Fight for it, it is sweeter than having it handed in a silver plate. That is why many 3rd generation chinese can't compete, easy come easy go.

We Malaysians better start getting our act together, the competition is out there and if we can't get our house in order and use our competitive advantages, we will sink. All races better get competitive cos only the toughest survive in the jungle, not those with crutches. And the rate we are going, fighting for percentage based on percentage of population etc well we will sink. Bosnia like is also a possibility since we are using might and religion as issue although I pray to god cos I do love this country and regardless of what some MPs may say in parliament, this is my country. The constitution will vouch for that.

Malaysia wake up, the world is flat and Malaysia is no different!!!

The 1st Rocky

orang kampung said...

Bro Kadir,

Never believe any official stats.It's always about who's counting/in control of counting (just like our elections lah)

How can Spore be more Indian if it is 8 something per cent compared to 75 per cent Chinese?


Sdr Ist Rocky, in part,said:

"The only way out is to drum in positive ideas.I mean Zaid Ibrahim from Kelantan can do it, why not other Malays.

Well, like Akademi Fantasia and Sure Heboh? Melayu sedang dibuai-mimpikan.

Zaid Ibrahim? He's done well no doubt. But do study his beginning. He was a key Umno/privatisation lawyer for decades.

Sdr Makan Gaji, sebab orang Cina dan bukan Islam boleh bela babi, jadi tauke judi dan tikam ekor hingga jadi kaya raya, sebab itulah kita kena juga tolong orang Melayu secara halal agar mereka tidak jadi papa kedana.

Kerajaan yang dipimpin oleh orang Melayu pun buat banyak duit masa pegang loteri kebajikan masyarakat dan Sports Toto. Tapi fasal haram kita bagi kepada orang bukan Islam.

Kalau ini negeri 100 peratus Melayu kita boleh haramkan perniagaan babi dan judi. Dengan itu persaingan lebih rata dan adil.

Sdr Orang Kampung said: "Never believe any official stats.It's always about who's counting/in control of counting (just like our elections lah)."

But this is Singapore Government stats! They're like from Gods.

I get the impression that to some Malaysians, Singapore can do no wrong. That's why they are very very buddy with the municipal republic.

Thank you.

Nusantara said...

Wahai Dato', susah hati sungguh saya membaca pandangan Dato', terpesong pandangan Dato'. Tidak kurang hebatnya Dato' memutar-belitkan fakta-fakta untuk memenuhi citarasa Dato'. Hanya Tuhan yang tahu apa Dato' sedang fikirkan.

Apakah keuntungan membela babi? Pembela babi hanyalah kaum tani yang kurang daya saingan seperti petani Melayu, sentiasa ditindas, malah oleh Kerajaan itu sendiri.

Dato' ingat senangkah menang judi? Setiap kali loteri dicabut, hanya satu yang akan jadi kaya, tetapi berpuluh ribu yang akan kalah, kerana judilah, ramai keluarga Cina dan India berkucar-kacir. Apa sekali pun, cukai yang diperolehi Kerajaan daripada syarikat judi turut digunakan untuk memajukan orang Melayu. Alangkah baiknya duit cukai ini hanya digunakan untuk Cina dan India.

Apakah kebaikannya jika Cina dan India hilang di muka bumi Tanah Melayu ini? Mampukah kita mempunyai KLCC? Mampukah kita wujudkan duit kerajaan yang berbillion-billion untuk pembangunan, khasnya untuk Agenda Melayu?

Hakikatnya, kalian semua, kita di Malaysia ini memerlukan satu sama lain untuk terus maju. Sudah 50 tahun kita mendirikan negara ini, walau bagaimana ketidak-sudian kita menerima saudara Cina dan India kita, Melayu tidak harus memandang Cina dan India sebagai orang asing.

Semoga negara kita aman dan damai dan makmur selama-lamanya.

orang kampung said...

This is NOT the first time that I read rich Malays as the real enemies of poor Malays.Kita dok ingat bangsa lain yang buat dajai.I'm almost persuaded by this argument.When you put it on paper like this (on blogs actually, with so many real-life stories)it is almost evident yang buat rosak bangsa Melayu adalah bangsa Melayu sendiri.Oleh itu jangan salahkan sesiapa.Salahkan pemimpin Melayu itu sendiri (sebab yang memimpin itu UMNO..salahkan UMNO).

So target kemarahan kita rakyat marhain HARUS berubah hala.Ini bukan lagi soal ras tetapi kelas (kelas kaya vs kelas miskin).Ini sejak zaman Hang Tuah lagi saya kira.

Keep talking, guys.I think we are getting warmer to finding out the root of all evils. :))

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Datuk dan semua


Beberapa hari lalu oleh kerana geram, saya menghantar komen di bawah posting ini mengenai penipuan terhadap anak saya. Penipuan yang berbau perkauman.

Datuk tidak menyiarkan komen saya itu kerana mengandungi pautan kepada blog lain yang tajuknya Datuk sifatkan sebagai mencarut.

Itu pendirian Datuk dan saya hormati. Komen itu saya siarkan dalam blog saya yang tidak peduli sangat soal etika, walaupun bukanlah tak peduli langsung.

Tetapi itu bukan isunya. Isunya ialah anak saya ditipu. Anak yang ditipu tak fasal-fasal itu hakikatnya adalah dari golongan mustadh'afin atau golongan tertindas (the oppressed).

Seorang kawan saya, Ridhuan Oon, satu hari terpaksa berurusan di balai polis. Saya tak ingat sama ada kerana kesalahan trafik atau berikutan kemalangan jalan raya.

Di kaunter balai polis, dia dilayan dengan kasar oleh seorang polis wanita di situ yang tak habis-habis membahasakan kawan saya itu lu, lu, lu (awak).

Akhirnya polis wanita itu mengherdik dengan kasar, "Kasi lu punya IC".

Bila Ridhuan memberikan kad pengenalannya, dengan lembut polis wanita itu bertanya, "Kenapa you tak cakap you Muslim?"

"You tak tanya," jawab kawan saya itu yang memang dah lama menahan geram.

Saya tak tahu apa terjadi selepas itu kepada Ridhuan jika beliau tidak beragama Islam.

Kerana dia berbangsa Cina, Ridhuan pada awalnya menjadi mangsa diskriminasi. Kawan saya itu hakikatnya adalah dari golongan mustadh'afin.

Perkara seperti itu juga sering dialami oleh suami kakak saya yang berbangsa Cina dan anak-anak mereka yang berwajah Cina, anak-anak saudara saya yang sangat saya sayangi.

Kawan saya yang selalu minum teh tarik dengan saya di Restoran Thaqwa dekat Markaz Tarbiyyah PAS di Taman Melewar, Jimmy, pernah menceritakan kepada saya tentang peniaga India (Hindu) miskin yang begitu sukar mendapatkan pinjaman.

Akhirnya Hindu itu mengambil keputusan memeluk agama Islam. Bukan kerana beliau meminati Islam atau beriman kepada Allah. Tetapi untuk memudahkannya mendapat pinjaman.

"I know a lot. They converted to Islam just to get easy loan," Jimmy memberitahu saya. Saya tak tau sejauh mana kebenarannya.

Hindu itu dan ramai yang lain yang memeluk agama Islam bukan kerana mencintai Islam tetapi semata-mata untuk memudahkan urusan mendapatkan pinjaman hakikatnya adalah dari golongan mustadh'afin.

Tulisan Datuk dalam posting ini kebetulan mengenai nasib malang yang terpaksa diredah oleh orang-orang Melayu di tanah air mereka sendiri.

Komen saya pula ialah mengenai penipuan yang terpaksa dihadapi oleh anak saya yang berbangsa Melayu dan diskriminasi yang menampar harapannya untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan.

Bagi saya, kebetulan sahaja Datuk dan saya menulis mengenai penindasan ekonomi ke atas orang-orang Melayu.

Hakikatnya kita menulis mengenai golongan mustadh'afin.

Setelah menerima satu dua komen dalam blog saya sejak sehari dua lalu, saya mula berfikir. Adakah saya mahu memperjuangkan orang-orang Melayu atau golongan mustadh'afin?

Dalam masyarakat Melayu juga terdapat begitu ramai golongan yang angkuh dan membesarkan diri (mustakbirin) terutama dari kalangan yang sering Datuk istilahkan sebagai pembesar.

Memang sejak dari awal lagi saya menyatakan dalam komen saya yang tidak disiarkan itu: "Kalau Melayu kaya menganiayai Cina miskin atau India miskin, Melayu kaya itulah musuh saya!"

Atas nama Tuhan, saya merayu Datuk dan semua pihak agar, mulai hari ini, kita tumpukan perjuangan kita untuk membela golongan mustadh'afin, tanpa mengira bangsa, agama dan kecenderungan politik mereka.

Peduli apa kalau orang maki hamun kita sesedap mulut mereka jika golongan mustadh'afin yang kita bela itu kebetulan dari kaum kita sendiri.


D!Qgital STUDIO said...

Dear Dato',
tak ramai yang berani menyokong tindakan Maybank. And for those few .. I salute you ...
Adil? Tak adil ? keadilan terletak disebelah mana kita berada ..

as always, you handle the forum very well.


Sdr Bakaq aka penarik beca, antara lain, berkata:

"Atas nama Tuhan, saya merayu Datuk dan semua pihak agar, mulai hari ini, kita tumpukan perjuangan kita untuk membela golongan mustadh'afin, tanpa mengira bangsa, agama dan kecenderungan politik mereka.

Peduli apa kalau orang maki hamun kita sesedap mulut mereka jika golongan mustadh'afin yang kita bela itu kebetulan dari kaum kita sendiri."

Saya rasa, itulah pun hasrat atau matlamat pembasmian kemiskinan dan penyusunan semula masyarakat di bawah DEB -- untuk membela yang tertindas dan terpinggir, dan untuk menghapuskan pengenalan kaum dengan pekerjaan, tempat tinggal dan kedudukan ekonomi.

Kalau DEB tidak berjaya sepenuhnya bukan kerana dasar itu tidak baik, tetapi kerana pelaksanaan yang tidak cekap dan persekitaran ekonomi global yang tidak merangsangkan.

Dasar pertumbuhan ekonomi dengan pembahagian yang adil tetap relevan sepanjang masa dan di mana-mana saja. Sebab itulah Islam mewajibkan zakat dan fitrah kerana pasti ada yang kaya dan yang miskin dalam mana-mana masyarakat sekalipun.

Mengenai penghinaan seorang polis wanita terhadap Sdr Ridhuan Oon ia bukan perkara asing dalam DPRM.

Semasa Suruhanjaya Di Raja Penambahbaikan Operasi dan Pengurusan PDRM bersidang, kita banyak menerima aduan macam ini.

Kita dah buat banyak perakuan. Kalau PDRM tak bertambah baik juga, ini boleh jadi kerana laporan itu tidak dilaksanakan, belum dilaksanakan sepenuhnya atau belum menunjukkan kesan.

Sdr Nusantara, antara lain, mengulas:

"Wahai Dato', susah hati sungguh saya membaca pandangan Dato', terpesong pandangan Dato'. Tidak kurang hebatnya Dato' memutar-belitkan fakta-fakta untuk memenuhi citarasa Dato'. Hanya Tuhan yang tahu apa Dato' sedang fikirkan."

Itu kesimpulan sdr. Saya tak boleh buat apa-apa. Namun, apa yang saya fikirkan, saya curahkan di sini.

Saya tidak pandai mengamalkan "elegant silence." I can't even if I want to.

I quess that's why I am a scribe. I like to share my opinions with others. And for that, I am ready to be condemned. Otherwise I won't start this blog and allow all and sundry to call me names.

Sdr D!qgital Studio, thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
Even a mule needs encouragement.

Thank you to all.

Melayu nusantara said...

A lot have have said , and a few has been censored by Dato, I should know because mine was one. Anyway I would like to still comment on one of your blogger that we need the chinese so that we can have the KLCC, bla bla bla... in short development. But it is a development which is not shared proportionately. Might as well that we become another brunei or the richer arab states where they import labour to meet manpower requirements. No need to permanently share wealth with people out to undermine us.

Berita dari gunung said...

Manusia terbahagi kepada bangsa-bangsa. Diingatkan kepada kita, bahawa wujudnya bangsa adalah untuk saling kenal mengenali. Ada bangsa yang kuat, ada bangsa yang lemah dan melarat.

Umno merupakan tulang belakang barisan nasional kerana bangsa Melayu. Tidak rugi untuk kita masih merujuk kepada bangsa di negara tercinta ini. Bangsa ada citarasa, ada kekuatan, ada kelemahan dan jatidiri.

MCA dilihat gigih membantu orang berbangsa Cina. MIC (atau Samy Vellu) dilihat berjaya membantu masyarakat India. Umno pula kalau rasa sukar dan rumit untuk membantu masyarakat Melayu sendiri, apa nak kata.

Trend terkini kearah membuang tabir bangsa ini sangat membimbangkan. Seolah pemikiran ini lahir dari minda pemuda yang tidak sedar apa-apa tentang negaranya sendiri. Seolah pemuda itu sendiri tidak pernah keluar dari kawasan Bukit Bintang.

Seolah pemuda itu tidak pernah bersekolah atau menjengah sekolah kampung. Seolah pemuda itu tidak pernah sedar bahawa Bangsa Melayu suatu ketika dulu begitu dhaif.

Seolah pemuda itu lahir dalam keluarga mewah, yang tidak disedarkan oleh orang tuanya dari mana datangnya kemewahan itu.

Apa pun saya bersedia menerima apa-apa kemungkinan akibat trend pemikiran baru ini. Saya mulakan dengan SJER. Disitulah saya rasakan beraksinya MALAYSIA BARU!


Sdr Berita Dari Gunung, antara lain, mengulas: "Apa pun saya bersedia menerima apa-apa kemungkinan akibat trend pemikiran baru ini. Saya mulakan dengan SJER. Disitulah saya rasakan beraksinya MALAYSIA BARU!"

Berita terbaru mengatakan Singapura akan membantu membangunkan SJER/IDR.

Bernama melaporkan: "LANGKAWI, May 15 (Bernama) -- Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to set up a ministerial-level joint committee to oversee some areas of cooperation between the two countries in the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in southern Johor."

Singapore Government involved in the development of a project in our country?

I hope Singapore invites our Ministers to help them in the development of Sentosa Island.

Bravo! Majulah Singapura dan gemilanglah Malaysiaku.

Melayu nusantara said...

Salam Dato,
Singapore to hold hands with Malaysia? Fat hopes. Ask anybody, yes Anybody doing business with singaporean whether it is a win-win or compromised deal . They are not called kiasu for nothing. We are more laid back and accomodative against 'hard-nosed what's in it for me' southern neighbour. Our PM now is not as sharp as his predecessor but he has to do something to prove his worth - hopefully he hasn't already sold out ... ( maybe doing nothing is better than to spoil the soup).The DAP is already out of hand and the PAP! Anyway my 2-sen worth, be on guard and good luck

democratic junkie said...


Im just curious if you know of any other country besides Malaysia that carries out affirmative action for the ethnic majority instead of minority.

I appreciate your work and i wish there were more people like you in UMNO.


Mika Angel-0 said...

Perjuangan Orang Johor Baru Bermula...

buat Muhammad Dadullah
are you an Afghan, mate?

disuruh pergi berbincang
diikutnya dari belakang
are you an Afghan, mate?

maka sekarang
hancurlah musuh-musuhnya
dengan lebih ngeri
are you an Afghan, mate?

dimana saja seribu tahu lagi.
are you an Afghan, mate?

adakah kamu faham
setelah dihina
merengkuk di guantanamo
are you an Afghan, mate?

al-Fatihah buat
Saudaraku Muhammad Dadullah
You are a Muslim - ash-shuhada!

langit biru said...


Bagaimana perkembangan Tun? Tolong kirim salam (kalau boleh).

Berdasarkan pemerhatian saya di sini, saya mengagak, majoriti penulis di sini adalah golongan belia (bawah 40 tahun) yang progresif,dinamik dan berfikiran terbuka.

Democratic junkie bertanya,

"Im just curious if you know of any other country besides Malaysia that carries out affirmative action for the ethnic majority instead of minority".

Saudara junkie, bacalah sejarah Amerika, sejarah Kaum Negro dan Kaum Kulit Puteh American.Dalam perlembagaan Amerika, Kaum Negro dan Kaum Kulit Puteh adalah orang Amerika. Tiada langsung diskriminasi kaum dalam perlembagaan Amerika.Namun, dalam kehidupan realitinya, Kaum Negro didiskriminasi sedemikian rupa hingga ke tahap pemulauan social dan ekonomi. Dan cerita hollywood dulu-dulu banyak mengkesahkan penderitaan Kaum Negro.

Saudara Junkie boleh melihat Singapura. Tiada diskriminasi undang-undang kepada kaum-kaum rakyatnya, tetapi jelas diskriminasi kepada minoriti yang tak menguasai ekonominya berlaku di depan mata. Boleh juga membaca kaum cina di Vietnam,Indonesia dan Thailand, bandingkan nya di Malaysia. Siapa lebih beruntung dan demokratik?

Apabila saudara bertanya "affirmative action for the ethnic majority" yang tentunya dapat saya fahamkan NEP dan Bumiputera, soalan ini pernah dijawab oleh Tun DrM dalam Asiaweek, January 26,2001. Tun dimuka depan Asiaweek bertajuk ; The Mahathir Dilemma:The old politics of race and religion no longer work in the new Malaysia.

Menjawab soalan wartawan "But if you keep affirmative action,won't Malaysia be left behind in a globalized economy?". We have to protect them because it is in the interest of the country's stability. There is a feeling among international experts, among economists, that affirmative action is bad. That people who are poor should remain poor, people who are lacking in skill should not be helped. Do you want to see a Malaysia where the Malays, the majority, are thrown to the side?

Jawapan kepada telahan seterusnya menarik perhatian saya, "Many young Malaysians are frustrated by the system". I was young once also. When you grow old you face reality. You have to accept there are certain things that you cannot do.

Apabila Dato AKJ menceritakan pengalamannya hidup dalam zaman sebelum,semasa,selepas merdeka, ada penulis di sini memberi kata-kata sinis kepada Dato'. Sebenarnya, itulah perbezaan cara pemikiran yang jelas antara orang lama dan orang baru. Orang lama dulu mula-mula belajar, kenal ABC dahulu. Orang baru kini mula belajar, kenal KFC lebih dahulu!

Kata-kata Tun pada Januari 2001 "WHEN YOU GROW OLD,YOU FACE REALITY". Kepada Belia,kamu tidak nampak apa yang orang tua-tua nampak!

Saya menyokong teori dan objektif NEP, tetapi cara pelaksanaannya yang tidak telus,rasuah kepada golongan tertentu memusnahkan nilai sebenarnya.

Saya ingin bercerita sedikit cerita keluarga. Adik saya dapat keputusan cemerlang dlm SPM aliran sains di Kolej Islam Kelang,12A (9A1,3A2). Namun minatnya mendalami ilmu pengajian Islam, di Al-Azhar Mesir. Kami mencuba mendapatkan pinjaman/biasiswa dari pelbagai agensi kerajaan tetapi hampa. Akhirnya, sebagai langkah akhir, saya membawa adik saya menemui seorang pembesar, KETUA Perhubungan UMNO Negeri! Katanya dengan nada sinis, "kerajaan tidak menggalakkan pergi belajar pengajian Islam di Al-Azhar". Maka kami pulang dengan tangan kosong. Dipendekkan cerita, beliau tamat pengajian di Al-Azhar dengan sokongan adik-beradik,berjaya mendapat Master di UIA dan sekarang sebagai Manager di Bank (bukan bank malaysia) di KL.

Saya tidak malu membawanya dengan kereta proton iswara saya kerana keputusannya cukup cemerlang. Tapi itulah hasilnya dari tokoh pembesar!

Saya berlapang dada dengan apa yang berlaku. Saya cukup yakin agenda yang digarap oleh cerdik pandai, ahli akedemik,profesional adalah baik tetapi disalahgunakan atau tidak difahami oleh pembesar yang hanya mementingkan suku sakatnya semata-mata.

orang kampung said...

Hello Junkie,

Majority doesn't mean economically empowered and NEP was created just for empower backwards malays so that you guys don't have to deal with ignorant, angry lot (which is more dangerous than dealing with a cukup2 makan Malay middle class)

NEP creates a group of civil middle class Malays.
But I agree that the poor 'others' must be empowered as well (MIC and MCA take carelah...don't blame NEP for the failure of yor respective leaders/party components)cos' 40% of Masian crimes are done by poor Indians.Now, if they are given opportunities to good education/employment, they'd fare better.But rich Indians only wanna employ rich kids/people of their caste/ethic group.

democratic junkie said...

Greetings orang kampung,

The question was meant to show you the failure of the NEP and the fact that i dont know of any country besides malaysia that carries out affirmative action for its ethnic majority at the expense of its minority. Maybe Dato' knows of another country similar to ours, thats why im asking him.

I have no qualms about the objective of the NEP. It meant good, to eradicate poverty among Malays. But what is intriguing is that after almost 40 years, the economic disparities have not narrowed. The ruling class continue to abuse it and use the NEP to gain political mileage(UMNO youth). The one who is to be held accountable here is none other than UMNO for its failure to improve the conditions of malays as a whole. The chinese are by no means the enemy but UMNO seems to paint them as so. The failure of the NEP is covered by blaming the chinese. They are easy targets because Malaysian chinese are submissive.

In this era of globalisation, we should all work together, not against each other to gain a bigger share of the global economic pie. This should take precedence. But everytime there is a political assembly, the agenda is mostly about race and harmony. Where is the talk about our country's economic policy and long term strategy?...Maybe our citizens not mature enough for that kind of talk yet. Most might fall asleep.

But yes my fellow malaysian "orang kampung" i do agree with you to a certain extent though i must point out that Chinese are not the enemy, Indians are not the enemy. Dont let political propaganda taint your thoughts.....

democratic junkie said...

sdr langit biru,

Tolong maafkan saya jikalau bahasa melayu saya tidak memuaskan.

Sdr telah salah mentafsirkan soalan saya. Saya tahu sedikit sebanyak tentang sejarah masyarakat amerika dan negara negara yang disebutkan oleh sdr. Tetapi perbezaanya ialah di negara-negara yang disebutkan oleh sdr, "affirmative action" adalah untuk membela kaum minority. Di negara yang disebutkan, kaum majority "membayar" untuk faedah-faedah yang diberikan kepada kaum minority. Tetapi di negara kita, ia adalah sebaliknya.

Itulah maksud saya saudara langit biru....

Tetapi terima kasih kerana menerangkan sedikit tentang NEP. Kita semua boleh belajar daripada satu sama lain.



Sdr Democratic Junkie,

Adakah dasar seperti Affirmative Plan hanya bertujuan membela kaum minoriti?

Apa akan terjadi kepada kaum majoriti, seperti peribumi di Indonesia, kalau mereka lebih miskin dan daif daripada kaum minoriti?

Atau kaum peribumi Fiji bertanding kaum India etnik?

Affirmative Plan tidak bertujuan untuk kaum-kaum minoriti.

Pada asalnya ia bertujuan mengatasi masalah kemiskinan di kalangan pelomong arang batu yang majoritinya orang kulit putih di Pergunungan Appalachian, Amerika.

Dasar ini tidak berjaya kerana disekat oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak mahu sebarang sistem quota di Amerika dengan menggunakan mahkamah.

IN any case, we are not Singapore or the US. Neither are we Indonesia or Fiji.

Unfortunalely, when we talk about poverty in Malaysia, the majority of the poor happens to be Malays.

So do we give up helping the poor Malays, Kadazans and Ibans just because they form the majority?

Thank you.

thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth said...


Yes, I am related to "I the joker the great tea drinker". He is well, living down south, and getting on in years (as are all of us!). He sends his salaams.

Coming back to the topic of competitiveness, didn't you get a sense of deja vu over the recent meeting between Pak Lah and Spore PM Lee Hsien Loong in Langkawi? There was an indirect acknowledgement that investments from Spore are needed to kickstart the IDR in Johor.

No doubt, this will be anathema to the UMNO politicians in Johor, but it is worth asking how Spore got itself into a position of economic strength? Is it because the Spore govt is perpetually paranoid in its thinking and planning, and that in planning, it always looks 50-100 years ahead?

Just this morning, I read in the Spore Straits Times that Temasek Holdings is launching a trust fund with an initial endowment of S$500 million to support development and relief projects across Asia. The S$500 million will come from the profits generated by Temasek's successful investments.

This is what soft power is all about. And Spore is playing the game well.


Sdr the great tea drinker down south,

I am delighted that you are related to the original teadrinker. Please convey my salaam and greetings to him.

I enjoyed our exchanges when I was editing the NST. I took his criticisms and accusations as a lesson.

You concluded your interesting, thoughtful comment with the following pessage:

"This is what soft power is all about. And Spore is playing the game well."

Well, Singapore has both -- soft and "hard" power. It is economically powerful and boasts the biggest and most sophisticated military force in the region.

I think too many people in Malaysia are unaware of the true nature of "Republik Singapura".

Thank you.

democratic junkie said...


Why not help all poor malaysians instead? The rich capable Malays dont need help to get richer. Look at the AP case. Tan Sri's money could last 2 generations even if rafidah decided to stop giving him APs for the rest of his life.

The NEP needs to be devised. Instead of being race based, we would all be better off if it was more concentrated on economic class. Yes, give poor bumiputeras priority over the poor chinese, poor indians and "lain lain". At least the other poor races will benefit a little and this wont be such a big issue to them. Or better still, distribution should be according to ethnic ratio..60% for Malays, 30%chinese and so on, just like your proposal on the Maybank fracas.

My conclusion is it must be stipulated in the NEP the income threshold to qualify and justify affirmative action for the Bumis & lain-lain(my wishful thinking).

Thanks dato'. And i do agree with you that regardless of ethnic majority or minority, we must always help the poor. Its just that our NEP doesnt really target the poor.

orang kampung said...

Junkie and all,

I don't know if we realise that the mastermind of NEP was not a Malaysian.He came to Malaysia last year or the year before (a Norwegian kalau tak silap) Dato may know his name.

Some one says with NEP we are becoming a socialist country.What's in a name?

As a Muslim, I wish our sistem zakat is more effective to assist poor Muslims (regardless of their race)Apa sudah a couple of hundreds every hari raya is NOT effective zakat.And I think they are also selective about who they help.They ought to be closely monitored!


Sdr Orang Kampung, in part, said:

"I don't know if we realise that the mastermind of NEP was not a Malaysian.He came to Malaysia last year or the year before (a Norwegian kalau tak silap) Dato may know his name."

He is (Tan Sri) Dr Just (yoos) Faarland, a Norwegian.

He was consulted by the great leader Tun Abdul Razak in the aftermath of May 13, 1969.

He was sent to Malaysia by an international think tank based in America to study the situation in Malaysia. He ended up helping Tun Razak to draft the NEP.

In 2004 and 2005 he came to Malaysia several times to study the post-NEP situation. I know for sure he met the PM and DPM.

Several of us "retired" editors and editors who are employed but are jobless met him at least twice. We then met Mohd Najib to discuss what we learnt from Dr Faarland.

In fact, among the key thinkers and early implementors of NEP who helped Tun Razak to drive the policy were non-Bumiputeras; people like Tan Sri Tong Yow Hong and Tan Sri Rama Iyer.

Thank you.

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