Friday, August 10, 2007

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Reality Check for the AG and IGP

A Kadir Jasin

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HAVING served as a member of the Royal Commission To Enhance The Operation And Management Of The Royal Malaysian Police in 2004-2005, I would like very much to give the benefit of the doubt to the Inspector-General of Police and, by extension, to the Attorney General whenever they come under fire.

In the most recent development, both the police and the AG’s Chamber came under scrutiny for alleged sloppiness in investigating a murder case in Pahang, resulting in two accused being acquitted and discharged by the Kuantan High Court.

Despite my best efforts to be kind and considerate, I don’t think I can anymore extend that courtesy. This is the burden of knowledge and as well as responsibility on my part.

During the many public hearings and consultations with the police top brass, it became plainly clear to the Commission that there were widespread weaknesses and lack of professionalism in the area of investigation and prosecution.

The Commission heard stories of police brutality, high-handedness and disrespect for human rights which eventually led to many sensational cases, including murder, being thrown out by angry judges and the government sued by mistreated parties.


IN a damning indictment of the police force, the former IGP and senior member of the Royal Commission, Tun Haniff Omar, had described the police as the fence that eats the rice -- harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi -- in his Sunday Star column.]

Realising this, the Commission devoted a considerable portion of its deliberation and report to making specific recommendations on enhancing investigation and promoting closer collaboration between the police and the AG’s Chamber when investigating serious criminal cases.

Had the government decided to adopt these recommendations, the investigative capacity and quality of investigation would have shown improvement. The Commission had set last year as the final phase for the implementation of improved investigation practices.

But judging from the ongoing Altantuya murder trial and the acquittal and discharge of the two accused persons by the Kuantan High Court on Aug. 6, the “sloppiness” continues despite claims to the contrary.

With the greatest of sadness I must say that I find the IGP’s Aug. 9 statement “blaming” officers for not acting against their errant subordinates as one of the causes for indiscipline as unacceptable. The Commission spent considerable time and efforts in addressing the disciplinary issue.

With due respect to all and sundry, I must say that the blaming game has been going on for far too long in the government service, including the police. Somebody must own up and take responsibility. If they point fingers too often, the time will come when they end up poking their own eyes.

The buck must stop somewhere – be it at the desk of the OCPD, the CPO, the IGP, the AG, the Minister and finally the Prime Minister.

The Government cannot justify its pledge of transparency and accountability, and fulfills it promise of improved delivery system if it allows it operatives to keep doing “the Samy Vellu” by blaming their shortcomings and faults on God, nature and other people.

In the case of the Altantuya murder trial, not only the fate of the three high-profiled accused is at stake. More importantly the reputation of the police, the AG’s Chamber and the Judiciary is also at stake.

Then there is this rather mind-boggling “advice” by Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin to the opposition parties to stop fielding candidates in areas that they could not win. It's just a waste of the people's time and money, the Agriculture Industry Minister said.

Bernama reported him as saying that although it was their democratic right to contest any seat, fielding candidates in Barisan Nasional’s strongholds would be irresponsible and an abuse of the democratic process.

He said the opposition parties should field candidates with the aim of serving the people and not denying BN an easy win.

When I come across a convoluted, incomprehensible statement like this, I often give the benefit of the doubt to the speaker. Maybe he didn’t say it or that wasn’t the way he said it. He could have been the unfortunate victim of misreporting.

If taking part in election is the democratic right of the people, as Muhyiddin put it, why should he then be advising opposition parties not to contest in BN’s strongholds?

Are we participating in an election, either as candidates or voters, solely to win or are we participating because we want the people to have a choice?

Pardon me for saying that it’s a poorly thought-out statement like this that makes an increasing number of pembesar looks unintelligent. They fall into the same lowly league of those who called bloggers monkeys and goblok (stupid).

Why should Mahyuddin, whom I thought is way above average in thinking, want to discourage anybody from contesting against the BN?

I am sure the taxpayers are more than willing to pay for the contest than to deprive the voters of the right to choose. Spending money to safeguard democracy is certainly more important to them than paying hundreds of millions to buy a brand new private jet for the PM and other pembesar negeri.

I always consider “menang tanpa bertanding” (won uncontested) as a hollow victory. For the voters, not having a contest means not getting the projek segera (instant projects) and not enjoying the habuan (goodies) associated with elections.


Unknown said...

Berkenaan hal Muhyiddin,

Bila Boss dah kurang cerdik, anak buah tak bolehlah nak tunjuk terlebih cerdik. Lagi pun dalam BN hari ni Pak Lah dah kata pada Yahaya Ismail, menantu dia KJ paling Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

The minister I think is syok sendiri. what a load of crap. So what if when someone wants to stand even though they will loose.Not trying is loosing lah and even monkeys know that when they try to dislodge the alpha male!!Must rtry mah. Ok why don't BN not contest in seats that they will loose? It is not democratic what.

seems disrespectful to the govt is an offence.Wow?Just check the Rukunegara..Loyalty to King and Country. PM and govt, tak adalah.

Fayzi said...


Muhyiddin for me is one of the top performer in the cabinet. If what quote by bernama is true, maybe he REALLY question the sincerity of the opposition and not his intention to denounce democracy.

I might have interpret it the way you do if other ministers or pembesar UMNO had made that kind of statement. But in the case of Muhyiddin, some bias might stand in the way. Maybe because I perceive him as a few 'good' guy in UMNO.

As it is good to retain some hope in me.

Anonymous said...

lets play the blame game..i blame the UMNO elders for all the things that are going bad in this elders they should guide and guard all the young and clueless UMNO leaders who think that they (the leaders) are not answerable to anybody..most elder statesmen just like to gossip and enjoy their wealth..there.. I blame them

mananbuyong said...

Dear Datok,
1st of all thank you for dropping by my Kg. Sg. Sekiah last weekend. As I mentioned I have 'followed' you for many years and meeting you in such rural setting was indeed an honour.

Regarding this practice of 'pointing fingers'...yes, I believe it is now entrenched into our way of life... a 'budaya'. Being a grassroot low level UMNO politician, I can vouch that such 'budaya' permeates from the top to the base..

Ask any JKR worker why the grass was not cleared - or cleared sloppily - he will have someone to point at. Either the supervisor do not provide the necessary tools and time, or the 'orang atas' have not schedule the work properly etc, etc.

Regarding what YB Mahyuddin Yassin said, I would agree with Faizy that the good minister might have said it in a context that could be read other ways. I would take what is said with a pinch of salt.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

tok.. izin saya menbawa ayat ini..

""Dan Allah membuat isteri Firaun perumpamaan bagi orang-orang yang beriman, ketika dia berkata: 'Ya Tuhanku, bangunkanlah untukku sebuah rumah di sisiMu dalam syurga dan selamatkanlah aku dari Firaun dan perbuatannya, dan selamatkanlah aku dari kaum yang zalim', dan (ingatlah) Maryam puteri Imran yang memelihara kehormatannya, maka Kami tiupkan ke dalam rahimnya sebahagian daripada roh (ciptaan) Kami dan dia membenarkan kalimat Tuhannya dan Kitab-kitabNya; dan adalah dia termasuk orang-orang yang taat. "
Al-Qur'an, At-Tahrim (66):11-12

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Datuk,

Nothing should surprise us anymore. And things CANNOT get any worse simply because we have hit rock-bottom. It's only a matter of time when this beloved country will become a wasteland.

We have been plumbed by the deadweight of hijacked-power by the executive for so long it has become the law unto itself. And we all know the seed of this malaise was planted way back during the days when one of the component parties of the BN coalition was declared illegal.

Look around us. Even our constitution is not spared the rape. The legislature degenerated into a barking (or worse, lap) dog, and the judiciary, an eunuch. The fourth column ... what fourth column?

Honestly, can we expect a tyrant to check itself when the going seems so good? It's even easier to rape and plunder when you have an army of unconscionable "generals" at your beck and call to help you carry out the misdeeds. Given this condition, who in his right mind wants to die a hero san position and wealth? Wouldn't it be wiser ;-) to be a chicken and partake of the spoils so one can continue to live and enjoy the good life?

We talk of God but to many of us He is spelt m-o-n-e-y.

If there's any hope at all for us to start reeling us out of this overwhelming, dark depth of despair, it would take a Tun Dr. Ismail (God bless his soul) or the likes of him.

Do we have enough good men in our midst with the gumption to take up the good cause for love of Agong, country and countrymen? So help us God.

flychart services said...

Jangan terkejut dengan telatah ahli politik Malaysia.

Apa hak orang UMNO seperti Mahyuddin dan Hishamuddin dan Najib untuk memberitahu kita bahawa Pembangkang tak perlu bertanding di kawasan tertentu.

Ini adalah sama dengan kanak kanak yang bermain memijak kepala bayang bayang di atas tanah. Ini kepala aku dan kamu tak boleh pijak. Mereka akan mengelak dari kawan kawan mereka memijak atas bayang bayang kepala masing masing.

Begini lah telatah Mahyuddin. Kepala bayang bayang dia tidak boleh di pijak.

Kalau begitu mengapa BN nak lawan DAP di Kepong. Beritahulah BN dan MCA bahawa jangan bertanding di Kepong.

Anonymous said...

YBh The Scribe

Low Priority Blow

But I do not understand his -YABhg Tun Hanif - language! Sometimes he sound more legal than the legal eagles.

Are there two factions in PDRM? Who is doing what to whom and is it all legit? Does it mean that the IGP is just a grim face puppet?

If so, than we would not need to have two timbalans do we? Read like the 'a director and Jo Baharum' is in charge. Is Jo a Kubang Kerbau Gangster, Tun?

The AG is fighting back in that newspaper: Finger pointing broadside!!!!

Terima kasih.

ps: hurray, PAS will get 40 seats!!!!

Anonymous said...

Saya ini dilahirkan sebagai blackwolf dan selalu menyalahi public opinion, oleh yang demikian YBhg Datuk izinkan saya berselisihan pendapat:-

Kadang-kadang politikus pandai berlakon, so that pihak lagi satu jadi overconfident dan membuka pekung mereka sendiri. Kadang-kadang kenyataan mereka hanya sebagai provokasi, untuk mengukur kecerdikan Emosi pihak lawan, atau membuktikan yang pihak lawan sebenarnya tidaklah cerdik spritualnya seperti yang kita sangkakan selama ini.(sebab bila emosinya senang terganggu bermakna bolehlah kita letak satu tanda soalan yang besar spritualnya).

Saya sangat gembira dan berpuashati bila Harakah memampangkan gambar DASAI yang dianugerahi IMAM oleh sebuah persatuan silat di Malaysia. Benda-benda macam inilah yang sebenarnya ingin saya lihat.

Sebagai blackwolf, saya juga suka pandang belakang. Orang kata kita tengok tengok pohon, bukan ranting. Iya Muhyiddin memang ada menyinggung sensitiviti Melayu Johor satu ketika dulu, tapi ayahnya adalah guru kepada ayah saya dan saya ada juga mewarisi sedikit ilmu ayah Muhyiddin ini dengan kaedah telaki bersama ayah.

Cikgu Yasin, menurut ayah sudah mencapai kelasnya yang tersendiri walau tidak segah Dato' Harun Din atau Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. No body knows Cikgu Yasin, sapa dia?

Oh ayah saya orang PAS. Tapi saya berbaik sangka dengan kualiti Sijil Oxbridge. Oxbridge bukan seperti mana-mana universiti dalam dunia. Ada tapisannya yang tersendiri.

Hanya mereka yang pernah mengikuti program British Top Universiti sahaja yang tahu Oxbridge bukan untuk mereka yang bermimpi akan era kegemilangan kerajaan King Authur dan Magic Merlin.

Saya berdoa moga menjelang pilihanraya umum akan datang tukang tulis Harakah terus-terusan demam JW Rowlings dan DSAI percaya yang dia Gandalf the wizard dalam Lord of the Ring.

Anonymous said...

Tun Hanif statement must be look into without fear or favour!! will Pak Lah do something about it? History says he will say tak tahu or look into it.

Implement IPCMC!!!!

Unknown said...

Asalam Dato’,

Dulu saya memang mengemari coretan Dato dalam The Other Thot. Tetapi gemar bertukar mual berikutan tulisan-tulisan Dato’ rentetan permecatan DSAI. Saya rasa perasaan tu sama dengan perasaan Dato’ ketika ini melihat telatah dan perangai pembesar-pembesar UMNO masa kini.

Namun bukan tujuan saya untuk menemplak Dato’. Sebagai rakyat biasa yang tidak ada kepentingan politik saya berterusan merasa bimbang, sedih, malu dan marah dengan keadan politik dan pemimpinan kerajaan sekarang.

Walaupun saya bukan permerhati atau pemikir politik, ahli perniagaan, ahli economi dan sebagainya namun yang jelas di mata saya ialah kepincangan, ketidak layakkan, muflis visi, kekorupan hampir kesemua pimpinan kerajaan masa kini. Yang mengerunkan ialah segala kekurangan ini didahului oleh PM sendiri…and his state of denial/ignorance/arrogance.

Dengarkan saja cakap-cakap gah tetapi penuh kekosongan para pemimpin…Perhatikan saja kecelaruan perjalanan jentera kerajaan masa kini …masalah jenayah, daya saing negara, korupsi, mutu pengajian tinggi dan sebagainya. Saya takut nanti ada pemimpin yang dengan rasa bangga akan menyatakan Malaysia lebih kehadapan dibandingkan Filipina (fakta tapi perbandingan tersasar)…….dan biar saya nyatakan untuk kepastian yang rakyat Filipina lebih Glokal dari rakyat Malaysia sekarang ini.

Ape tujuan saya menulis comment di blog Dato ?….sekadar menguatkan suara-suara yang menyatakan bertapa kroniknya situasi negara sekarang di mata rakyat….diharapkan pemerintah yang bongkak dan sombong sedar akan pandangan rakyat terhadap mereka.


Sdr Rocky,

The Royal Commission was the PM's own idea. It was among his first major PR exercises.

At the high of the telanjang case, he promised the formation of IPCMC.

He rushed a minister to China to apologise for PJ police stripping of a "Chinese" woman from China who turned out to be a perempuan Melayu from Malaysia.

She's now suing the Government.

Need we say more?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dato akj,

PR exercise!!!How so very true!!!

I'm sick of Pak Lah and his leadership. I kick myself for voting for him in 2004 based on all his promises and his bloody 2004 manifesto which are mostly lies now. And Pak Lah claims he doesn't lie but...cakap tak serupa bikin. Now we understand why some in the police are not keen on the IPCMC based on what Tun Hanif had to say. Really makes me sick. WillUMNO follow up on this or they will rather die being bombed than let this corruption issues go away? No they are too busy chasing 'monkeys'. Wrong priorities that is what this leadership is all about.

For the sake if this country, we should change this current leadership at the next GE.Not effective, warming up after 3 years, tak tahu, side stepping, back tracking but holidays, wah punya garang bercuti, kalah G.W. Bush!! Lets not forget all those great PR exercise...WPI, NCER, PFIs and vision 2057!!! All talk c%^&(sorry dato)but no action plan!

and thank god we have royalties who are more in tune with the rakyat than those who are elected and supposedly to represent us.

Daulat Tuankus!!!

dzulman said...

You're privileged Datuk to have seen the inside of the PDRM. It was not really rotting yet but the signs were there. With the infighting among the top brass which is really unprecedented, the PM who is the Minister concerned must come out with a positive action to check the rot. Nothing of that sort has taken place and the PDRM is already a FARCE and the Govt has to bear the blame.

Please PL wake up. Your honeymoon is over.


To put things in perspective:

1. The police cleared the ACA DG of corruption
charges. The ACA cleared the IGP of corruption charges. The AG cleared the ACA DG and IGP of corruption charges.

2. According to today’s NST report, the ACA is investigating whether the arrest of a Johor-based businessman was an "abuse of power" by the police.

The suspect was cleared of any involvement in illegal gambling, prostitution or drug activities by the ACA and the secret society, vice and gaming division of Bukit Aman federal police headquarters in June.

3.Despite being cleared, the businessman was picked up by federal police commercial crime officers on Aug 1 in Johor Baru for alleged gambling activities.
The commercial crime officers approached the Internal Security Ministry, which issued an arrest and detention warrant on July 5 under the Restricted Residence Act 1933.

4.The businessman was banished to Jeli, Kelantan, last Wednesday.

5.The businessman was at the centre of allegations posted on the Internet (Malaysia Today) that he had paid RM2 million to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan. The payment was allegedly a bribe for Musa to release three detainees who had been detained under the Emergency Ordinance 1969.


Anonymous said...

I have read your article and all the ensued comments with sadness and anger.

What have they done to our beloved country. UMNO's leaders recent remarks vlearly show little remorse if any, on what's going on in the country.

What do you mean the opposition should not contest in BN's strongholds? If the same logic applies then BN should also not contest in opposition's strongholds!

The split in the police force is a clear indication that a lot of things is not right. Tun Hanif article can be considered "sudah terang lagi bersuluh". In the meantime the crime rate continues to rise and Malaysian are occupied with entertainment and jom heboh! Get real .. this is the reality we are facing.

And to rub salt to the wound, we see the cost of living skyrocketing, to the extent kena potong elektrik by TNB leading to the sad episode in Kluang ...

We are fast approaching 50 years of independence .... and what do we have in store ????? I think it is about time to say " if we cannot ask them to change then we change them"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YBhg The Scribe

Gibberish & Outmanured

2. According to today’s NST report, the ACA is investigating whether the arrest of a Johor-based businessman was an "abuse of power" by the police...

3.Despite being cleared, the businessman was picked up by federal police commercial crime officers on Aug 1 in Johor Baru for alleged gambling activities...

(A Kadir Jasin)

Points 2 and 3 demand that the finger should be pointed at the Ministry of Social Welfare for some clarification.

Only that there is no such ministry. Alas!

Therefore, I humbly ask the DG of ACA to suggest to His Excellency YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah to look into this serious social welfare of a loose young deer with a patrician point of view. This is without any considerations of where the wild buck is warm and safely ensconed, of course.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

YBhg The Scribe

Gibberish & Outmanured

Points 2 and 3 demand that the finger should be pointed at the Ministry of Social Welfare for some clarification.

Only that there is no such ministry. Alas!

Therefore, I humbly ask the DG of ACA to suggest to His Excellency YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah to look into this serious social welfare question with a patrician point of view. This is without any consideration of where the buck is ensconed.

Thank You

Mika Angel-0 said...

YBhg The Scribe

Gibberish & Outmanured

Points 2 and 3 demand that the finger should be pointed at the Ministry of Social Welfare for some clarification.

Only that there is no such ministry. Alas!

Therefore, I humbly ask the DG of ACA to suggest to His Excellency YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah to look into this serious social welfare question with a patrician point of view. This is without any consideration of where the buck is ensconed.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

huh..!! we're funny people.. nope.. we've funny (BN) government that is not funny anymore.

With the endemic that rottening our society such as samy velooism (pointing others to blame for), we are going to a total annihilation of this nationhood.

Let's change the government in our next GE. Lost hope already..

Si Pitung

Anonymous said...

YBhg The Scribe

Comment Grade: 3C-

should have been spelt
enscon - c - ed

with my pens down, I was!
How embracing!(Have i
spelled dat rite?)

Tank Youuuu
My apple-g(s),

Anonymous said...

YBhg The Scribe

Comment Grade: 3C-

should have been spelt
enscon c ed
and the lazy s-es
are missing

with my pens down - Again
How embracing, eh?(Have i spelled dat rite?)

Thank Youuuu.

and Again!?
something's wrong with my pc
I guess)


Ybhg. Dato

Dalam AMENO ada amalan bodek yang sangat tinggi, contohnya seorang menteri akan kutuk habis-habisan seseorang yang telah melukakan hati perdana menteri. Itupun kalau perdana menteri itu power, contohnya zaman Tun Mahathir, Di zaman pak lah hal ini terjadi pada awal 2004 di saat PRU 11 mencatat gelombang biru, lalu semua menteri termasuk muhyidin menjilat sana sini.

Tapi bila di akhir-akhir ini mereka semua bukan sahaja dok mengmapu pak lah, malah mereka adakan usaha tersembunyi untuk mengusur Pak Lah, ini kah yang selalu mereka katakan dalam AMENO ada tradisi peralihan kuasa, mungkin tradisi peralihan kuasa ialah berkomplot dengan semua ketua perhubungan dan ketua bahagian agar beri kata dua pada pak lah.

Selain itu, terdapat pula kesilapan pak lah iaitu tidak membersihkan KABINET dan MAJLIS TERTINGGI AMENO dari pengaruh MADEY.

Bayangkan 70% ahli majlis tertinggi merupakan mereka yang dibesarkan oleh Mahathir, so apa yang pak lah harapkan dari mereka ini melainkan akan menentang pak lah habis haisan.

Sampai di sini dulu, maaf kalau ada yang tidak berkenan

Mat Jebon said...

Salam Dato'

Banyak perkara dan keputusan2 yg dibuat oleh pembesar-pembesar umno tidak menunjukan kebijaksanaan dan integriti.

Yg terbaru pemilihan Tan Sri Isa sebagai calon. Amat mengecewakan saya sebagai ahli umno yg ingin melihat perubahan ke atas politik wang yg sedang menghancurkan umno. Amat kecewa dan amat memalukan ahli2 umno.

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