Thursday, June 26, 2008

Effects of Raja Petra’s Allegations

A Kadir Jasin

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SEVERAL blogs have reported that Lt. Col. Abdul Aziz Bin Buyong and his wife Lt. Col. Norhayati Hassan are suing Raja Petra for an apology and damages.

Norhayati is seeking unreserved apology while her husband is seeking an apology and financial award of RM1 million which “he shall donate to a charitable foundation.”

In short, two of the three persons named by Raja Petra in his Statutory Declaration are suing him instead of making their own Statutory Declarations to debunk his allegations.


IRRESPECTIVE of the motives and the truth of Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s sensational Statutory Declaration implicating several top dignitaries in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu its effects can be far-reaching.

Poorly handled it can lead to further unraveling of the Umno power. Properly handled it can provide the party with the means to seek salvation.

For a start, the timing of these new allegations could not have come at a more inappropriate time for the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Government and the party.

The people’s anger with the June 4 fuel price increases is yet to be abated. The talks of further subsidy cuts and hefty consumer price increases are keeping the nerves raw.

In this touchy situation, the people are more willing to believe in the bad news than the good ones – assuming that there are news in the latter category.

[Given the nature of the issue, I appeal to participants of this blog to apply caution and propriety when making comments. We do not want to run foul of the law .]

Some may consider Raja Petra’s sworn allegation as an ultimate quest for truth and justice. Others may think it was a publicity stunt. And there are those who think it was an attempt to bring down the Barisan Nasional Government.

Raja Petra is not new to controversy. His Malaysia Today news portal is well known for publishing what others consider a taboo.

But for him to take this extraordinary course of action – one that can land him in a lot of trouble including imprisonment and fines – he must be convinced of the accuracy of his information.

His allegations gained credibility when the Attorney-General’s Chamber is reported to have lodged a police report accusing him of “criminal defamation.”

Let’s hope that this is not an official attempt to draw the attention away from the subject of Raja Petra’s allegations.

No matter what diversionary actions the government, its legal counsels and propaganda machinery may spin, the fact remains that the Pandora’s box has been pried open and the public has the right to know the truth.

It would appear that Raja Petra’s extreme measure is working. The police had started to “interview” the people named in the declaration.

They were reported to have “interviewed” Rosmah Mansor, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak’s wife and Khairy Jamaluddin, the MP for Rembau and the Prime Minister’s son-in-law.

Raja Petra had also implicated three other persons namely the Prime Minister, a certain acting Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife, known only as Norhayati.

Abdullah's and Najib's denial of the may not carry the same weight as the web master’s charges because while Raja Petra made his under oath, the Prime Minister and his deputy made theirs as ordinary statements to the press.

Also for Abdullah and Mohd Najib, who have sworn loyalty to each other, the allegations could not have come at a worse time.

Umno is heading towards what is expected to be the most acrimonious leadership elections since the challenge against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by the Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam in 1987.

The critical branch elections are scheduled to start on July 17 followed by the divisional elections and climaxing in the Supreme Council polls in December.

Unless the contents of Raja Petra’s statutory declaration are satisfactorily debunked – preferably by legal means -- the impact it would have on Umno elections can be far-reaching.


mn said...

A.kum Datuk,

1. Bunyi sebutan RPK dan PKR itu hampir sama bunyinya.

2. Jika RPK dan PKR itu memburu, siapa sasarannya?

3. RPK(Rosmah-Pak Lah-Khairy)...itulah sasarannya.

Wakmasnoor said...

Salam Datuk.

I dont exactly know how to prescribe to adequate my COMMON SENSE on "how a third party person can have the merit of a Statutory Declaration, more so in just applying HEARSAYS or RUMORS as the contents to the subject". What MERIT does one (Statutory Declaration) holds if this is the case? Im sure many legal practitioners would say that those are possible and can be done. And i wont put my time on waste arguing with them. Because theres no specific adherence governing Statutory Declaration under than ONE SIMPLE RULE that is "Write, swear, sign and bear the consequences". That is it!

RPK (under the guidance of some mavericks llb.hons, im sure) is EXPLOITING the loopholes found in the item called 'Statutory Declaration', to make the accusation against Najib and Rosmah etc. He knows with that (Statutory Declaration) as guidance, the police have no option but to investigate the contents rather than forgetting and dumping it, to only then making conclusion as to whether RPK's Statutory Declaration is a truth or not. And RPK will of course, REVEALS NOTHING about his INFORMERS hence the police will come to dead-end. Simple saying, without the first party that was involved and mentioned in the case as stated by RPK, the police cant ascertain whether RPK is telling the truth or not. So the Statutory Declaration things CLOSED THEN. PERIOD. But first, NOT without the police having to mingle and jingle (investigates) all the persons involved (Najib, Rosmah, Pak Lah, KJ etc). And this is what RPK is counting and baiting on. Hoping to get something out of nothing.


Anonymous said...


Saya tertanya-tanya apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan kenyataan Raja Petra, yakni:

4. I have further been reliably informed that Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has received a written report from the Military Intelligence confirming what I have revealed above and that the report was subsequently handed over to his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, for safe-keeping.

5. I have also been reliably informed that one of the Rulers has been briefed about this matter and His Highness is fully aware of what I have revealed above.

6. I have knowledge of who has informed me of this matter plus I have knowledge of the Ruler who has been briefed and is aware of the matter but I have agreed that I shall not reveal this information other than mention that the Prime Minister and his son-in-law have been handed a written report confirming what I have revealed.

Bolehkah Sdr The Scribe maklumkan siapa "Ruler" yang disebut-sebut itu? Bolehkah ini dianggap sebagai satu perbuatan yang menghina raja-raja dan perbuatan Raja Petra tidak?

Terima kasih.



POKPET setuju dengan apa yang Dato sebutkan. Kesilapan paling besar yang UMNO lakukan selama ini ialah berdiam diri. UMNO anggap dirinya terlalu besar, macam pahlawan zaman dulu, tak lut ditikam keris. Akhirnya, dalam PRU12 lalu, BN dah habis terlondeh.

Rata-rata orang tak percaya dengan apa yang terkandung dalam akuan itu. Tetapi UMNO tak boleh biarkan begitu saja. Saya setuju memandangkan RPK bermain dengan undang2, maka ia harus "dijawab" secara undang2.

Saya setuju dengan pandangan Tun Dr M bahawa ia bermotifkan politik. Namun, UMNO tidak harus mengambil pendekatan politik dalam menangani isu ini.

Maaf Dato, POKPET tak pandai undang2. Harap2 komen POKPET ni tak langgar undang2. Orang Teloi, manalah faham sangat hal2 akuan bersampah ni!

flychart services said...


I think Raja Petra, is more than sure of what he have seen or have heard before making such SD. He is 99 percent sure that he has bullets before be stood up against what he think as unfair trial of Alantuya. Dont you think so?

Otherwise RPK must be a crazy man to do what he just did.

In fact I think the whole world is waiting to see what RPK has in his pockets. Now we have Najib responded. Where is Rosmah? Where are the Kol. and his wife.

Whatever the outcome am sure either RPK or Rosmah will be behind bar. There is no way the two can live together in the free world. If Rosmah is free, RPK will be behind bar or the other way round.

The implications of the SD is having a great bearing on the police, AG, Millitary, UMNO and the VVIP and VIP. This is the real TSUNAMI in Malaysia.

penganggurpaksa said...

Datuk (dengan izin),

Pak Lah Terleka
Lirik Lagu Melayu | OA:Saiful Apek |OS: Aspalela
(edited by Penganggurpaksa)

Ingat dak lagi janji hang dulu ni Pak Lah leka
Hang dan UMNO hendak bersama sampai ke hari bila?
Nampaknya kuasa bakal di rampas orang ketiga
Oh Pak Lah leka hang dah buat ramai kecewa

Sampai hati hang lupa kepada Tun
Sakit hati HARGA melantun-lantun
Patah hati dengan Pembesaq leka
Hancur hatiku Pak Lah lala

Tersingkir kerna dok menuruti desakan keluarga
Dok sakan pulun bebankan semua rakyat jelata
Adakah lagi harapan untuk UMNO berkuasa
Oh Pak Lah leka - keji caci pun hang terima

Repeat *
Sampai hati kau lupa kepada Tun
NAIK HARGA! sampai melantun-lantun
Patah hati dengan Pembesaq leka
Hancur hatiku Pak Lah lala

Oh Oh Oh Oh bakal bawa bala
Oh Oh Oh Oh memang hang dah leka
Ooo adakah lagi peluang untuk UMNO berkuasa
Ooo Pak Lah leka elok hang pencen sekarang

Repeat *
Sampai hati kau lupa kepada Tun
Gila kuasa sampai melantun-lantun
Patah hati dengan Pembesaq kita
Hancur hatiku Pak Lah bala

Jika leka bakal bawa bala
Jika leka bakal bawa bala
Jika leka bakal bawa bala
Jika leka bakal bawa bala
Pak Lah terleka

Jeremiah said...

While I agree there are enormous implications from the way the government handles Raja Petra's statutory declaration, the more serious implication is NOT whether UMNO can survive, or whether the PM can retain his position within the party or whether Raja Petra will end up in jail or is free.

Even before the petrol hikes, the whole nation and the international community are horrified by the murder and want to know who are the murderers of the Mongolian girl since the case last year.

Indeed, both sides of the political divide are trying to take advantage of the issue to gain political power, but Malaysians at heart wish for justice to be done.

Many bloggers have a problem mistaking "justice" for "judgment," whch is send the killers to hell, blast them with c4, etc, etc. This is a vengeful spirit that can blind them from seeing the real issues.

Justice merely means finding the murderers and putting them on trial with the provision that they are innoncent until proven guilty.

The problem is that the public has litile faith in the existing judiciary system given the many suspicions/questions raised by the way the trial was conducted.

So the last resort that many God-fearing Malaysians can do is to rely on God and prayers that justice will be done for the victim, her family and all Malaysians who do not wish to live in an violent, unjust country.

Thus, the best PR strategy for all implicated in the SD is to publicly invoke divine intervention (some of them did)and see how genuine they are. God is also listening intently and God hates lies, especially blatant lies made in public as much as He loves truth.

As for the judgement aspect, I believe the killers, no matter how wicked, deserve mercy and grace after they are convicted. Nonetheless, they should be tried by the standards of international law.

Let's pray real divine justice is done according to God's timing.



Perstiwa yang berlaku kini,mengingati tentang kejatuhan Melaka di kurun 14.
Walau apa pun kita tengok di akhirat nanti kerana kita dah tua .tak sempat nak tunggu membaca sejarah berulang.
Tunggulah dan lihatlah sapa yang akan disiksa Allah.

Membuat dosa syok sekejap saja,menerima siksa cukup lama di akhirat.


Sdr BobbyNZ,

You had fantastic argument. The part about what would have happened to RPK if he's in NZ is particularly good.

But you do you have to spoil it with "mens rea" (Latin)?

Plese edit and resend. dkitrebt havebehAdr

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You want my frank assessment Dato',

This is a cheap stunt by Khairy to save his father in law by portraying the successor of abdullah is more sinner than him.

That is my frank view!

The Botak Man said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin,

I personally look at this as the ultimate poker game. Dare me to reveal my cards or fold! No guts no glory! The winner takes all!

I do not know the truth and we may never know the truth. The implications of the truth are very far reaching for all the players (the public included). Managing perception is crucial and the main players would be very much in a quandary especially if the subject continues to be highlighted for months to come. In the yesteryears, such acts (similar to RPK) were confined to anonymous poison-pen letters. Then they progressed to writing books like the infamous “50 Dalil Mengapa…” etc. Now it has reached the pinnacle of pinnacles – a Statutory Declaration! I wonder what could be next?!

Humility appears to be lost for our current crop of politicians. Arrogance seems to be order of the day. Arrogance with the power vested by the people but unfortunately not for the people. It is an irony that ALL “ancient” religions teach humility (especially demanded from those in leadership positions) but too few, if not none, appears to have it these days. Rhetoric shouts of Islam Hadhari appear to have quietened. I suppose these are nothing more than political gimmick… An Egyptian friend once told me “The spirit of Islam is rising in the west. In the east, Islam is only in form but not in substance or spirit.”

Anonymous said...


Ada teori mengatakan yang Pak Lah dan Khairy menggunakan kes Altanyuya untuk menundukkan Najib. Masih bolehkah mereka menggunakan kes ini untuk menundukkan Najib setelah mereka mengaku tidak ada menerima laporan? Maka bolehlah Najib bertanding jawatan Presiden. Diperingkat akar umbi, masih ramai yang mengharapkan Najib.

Anonymous said...

I am not a lawyer but I believe if the claims are not proven, RPK will be in trouble even if he were to make those statements on a piece of toilet paper. The use of a statutory declaration may have given many of our countrymen some semblance of 'truth' especially when the writer 'solemnly declares', etc. It looked grand as well when compared with the run of the mill blog posting.

Alas, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

The government threw the Sedition Act at RPK for something much less explosive. The claims in the SD are of C4 quality. Thus it comes as no surprise that the authorities will have to investigate. Everyone named in the SD has or will issue denials. What other option is there? In my opinion, the so-called interviews conducted thus far are a waste of time. I say that because the case hinges on who the 'reliable source' is. Will RPK reveal his source? How else can the authorities determine the reliability of the information?

A few months ago, RPK was slapped a huge sum of monetary damages when he failed to file a defense or appear in court against a libel suit by a university professor who was alleged to have been guilty of plagiarism in a posting in RPK's hugely popular blog, Malaysia-Today. All RPK had to do then was to present the necessary evidence to show that the professor is a copycat and thus be consigned to the scrapheap forever. Yet he claimed it was all about political prosecution, never mind the professor has a right to defend his integrity and reputation. This does not seem fair to the lecturer but it mattered little to RPK’s loyal supporters who lauded him for ignoring the court. What a hero!

So will RPK disclose his source for the SD? If he does not, I hope his ardent supporters will not curse the government for throwing him into jail. One just cannot go around saying one has been "reliably informed" that another person is guilty of a crime without offering the necessary evidence.

Anonymous said...

"In this touchy situation, the people are more willing to believe in the bad news than the good ones – assuming that there are news in the latter category."

Yes, it is a matter of perception. RPK is indeed smart in making use of the current poitical situation right now to play around with the sentiments. For whom? For what? What is the bigger picture here?

The use of "RELIABLY INFORMED" has been used one too many times by him, and we cant help but be sceptical. Very scpetical.

I'm laughing out at sukj's comments about the realtion of RPK=PKR.

Hmm. That's a theory. :l

All in all, a ploy to bring down the government.

Unknown said...

Akum Datuk,

1. I think the Statutory Declaration should be made by the informant(s) of RPK rather than him; than only it will become more reliable.

2. Anybody can say that he was told this and that, but the issue is, is it true?

3. This issue is damaging the reputation of a government and country, it should be handle seriously and wisely.

4. By the way, WHO distributed this SD in the first place? I didn't see it in RPK blog!


Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk AKJ
Saya setuju dgn pendapat datuk:-
"Let’s hope that this is not an official attempt to draw the attention away from the subject of Raja Petra’s allegations".
whatever allegations, TRUE OR FALSE,satisfy the rakyat and INVESTIGATE!

JJBlues said...

Melayu mudah lupa...

Melayu bukan terlupa..

Melayu sengaja lupa..

Melayu mmg mudah lupa...

Melayu mmg melupa..

Apa ini semua? Di mana "keris" yg sering kau hunuskan?

Di mana nilai generasi pelapis seperti ku ini kau letakkan?

Kejam..cukup kejam...

Aku tak cari harta bertimbun2...

Aku cari Melayu yang abadi...

Dulu kau puji menggungung seorang tua...

Kerana tua inilah bumi Melayu ini nampak di mata dunia...

Kini undur si tua untuk berehat...

Undur di si tua melihat kesinambungan kejayaan bumi Melayu..

Kini, apa kau lakukan? Si tua kau muda terkinje2 dengan kuase...

Keris yg ko ada sekadar simpan di dalam sarung...

Janganlah di kau bermain keris jika ilmu belum cukup di dada...

Melayu mudah lupa...

Nostradamus said...

Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysie

In the year of the great games started by the greeks
Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
In a land called Malaysie
Great turbulence and strife engulf

A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
Where the accused are finally crowned
Amid great trepidation and acrimony

Then arose among men of honor
A man of the faith of Mohammedans
Kings and Rulers let him reign
And a new nation was born

Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
A land of many tribes divided was thus united
The color of men was blurred and lost
By great competition to give their best

Herein lies the destiny of men
Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
Religions and languages flourishes as times before
A land as peaceful as Shangri La

Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before


Anonymous said...

Sdr AKadirJ,


Kalau dalam permainan catur,ia bukan sahaja boleh mengakibatkan 'queen sacrifice' tetapi akan melemahkan 'king' dengan membataskan sangat-sangat pergerakannya.

Seeloknya jangan ada dalam konteks percaturan pengaruh besar kepemerintahan negara suatu pergolakan keseimbangan kuasa dalam rangka 'separation of power between the Executive dan Monarchy' dalam suasana 'Legisative' dan 'Judiciary' yang sedang bergelojak yang hanya membawa keburukan kepada negara dan memudharatkan rakyat kita.

Time waits for no man.

Ketika dunia menjanjikan perubahan dinamika budaya ekonomi dan politik baru, negara kita juga berada di persimpangan yang satunya jalan yang membawa kita ke kesejahteraan negara yang bermasyarakat penyayang.

Kalau kita ketandusan pemimpin yang berhemah dan berpandangan jauh kita pasti akan menyusur di atas landasan yang berakhir di dalam jurang kehancuran dan kehinaan insan bermasyarakat.

We are the consequence of our decision...

Anonymous said...

The PM and DPM including all those named by RPK to be involved should also make a statutory declaration to prove their innocence. Just denying is not going to make people believe what they are saying is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Its sad to the see brilliant minds of malaysian is used to manipulate the very system that's meant to be free from political agenda.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the caution taken from ur side, to facilitate contained discussion from the public is after all normal, necessary even, given that the public has legitimate interests in getting the truth, and demand that fairness and due-process is adhered to. Hence I think it is important that when discussing the motives of one party or the other, all angles must be mentioned. And it is with that in mind that I would like to add another point here.

"But for him to take this extraordinary course of action – one that can land him in a lot of trouble including imprisonment and fines – he must be convinced of the accuracy of his information." -- there may be two things that motivate's either as mentioned, he must be convinced of the accuracy of them, or secondly, an ambition that can be traced even further and to a much higher level. It is no piece of novelty, the level of involvement of RPK in the political landscape leading up to the GE..and in events after that. The opposition de-facto leader has made no secrets either of his recent plans to seize power by gaining enough defections, and if these two major power players are indeed connected, then it spells of another motive behind this revelation, and its impeccable timing, no? and I am talking beyond just a publicity stunt.

Iskandar PT said...

Assalamualaikum Dato' AKJ,

Teman tulis dalam BM je le sebab teman orang Parit hanya tahu tulis bahasa Paris jer.
Telenovela UMNO/BN semakin menarik bila masuk bab-bab akhir cerita dengan kisah pembunuhan, penafian, percintaan 3 segi (mungkin), korupsi dan bermacam-macam genre di masukkan oleh director cerita ni (PM).
Mungkin telenovela ni menjadi semakin berubah dari skrip asal untuk melalaikan penonton iaitu rakyat dari masalah utama mereka sekarang iaitu kenaikan harga barangan.
Media-media arus perdana sengaja membesarkan penafian DSNTAR tentang penglibatan "queen" beliau dan menjadi tajuk utama akhbar.
Kalau kita masih ingat pada 10 tahun yang lalu dimana DSAI juga menafikan tentang dakwaan buku "50 dalil" dan kemudia beliau di pecat, nampaknya slot ini ditukar wataknya dari DSAI kepada DSNTAR iaitu orang no 2. Pengarah nya sama iaitu PM.
Sedang pemimpin UMNO dulu dan sekarang melaungkan tentang perpecahan dan perpaduan, UMNO makin berpecah-pecah dari 2 puak kepada beberapa puak dan ini amatlah petanda baik untuk PR.
Dari pengamatan saya yang hanya mendapat sumber maklumat dari kedai kopi eksklusif kampung jer dan laman blog, perpecahan ini kan mengundang suatu genetik kepartian baru dalam arus politik tanahair, kalau dulu parti ditubuhkan untuk satu2 kaum, apabila ditubuhkan semula ia mengundang keahlian berbagai kaum, parti-parti yang ujud atas ras tertentu menjadi tak relevan lagi bila generasi muda muak dengan kisah 13 may, komunis, hak istimewa yang makin luput bila BN dan UMNO sendiri melupuskannya perlahan-lahan.
Bila di tanya tentang Parti bersifat ras, seorang pengundi muda menjawab..kenapa nak masuk parti UMNO ..tak ada apa-apa kelebihan berbanding DAP,PKR dan PAS.
Tentang RPK ni dan akuan bersumpahnya, kita bior le polis buat keroje....
Kita memang tahu kesan fitnah-menfitnah kerana ianya wujud sejak tercipta manusia.
Kita manusia...memang mudah lupa.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

Sama ada hujah RPK itu betul atau tidak, pihak RPK tidak rugi apa-apa. Sama ada RPK kena penjara atau tidak, yang sakit kena bagi reaksi ialah pihak Pak Lah, Najib & nama-nama lain yang terlibat.

Mungkin benar pihak kepimpinan tiada kena mengena dengan apa jua tuduhan RPK. Akan tetapi oleh kerana RPK kerap mengulanginya dengan yakin dan konsisten, lama-kelamaan kian terdetik di hati rakyat bahawa mungkin ada kebenarannya hujah RPK itu.

Mungkin ada yang menganggap RPK ini isu remeh. Masalahnya, dengan keadaan kepimpinan yang amat lemah sekarang, isu ini turut berupaya melemahkan lagi pucuk pimpinan jika tidak ditangani dengan baik.

Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

1. Kami rasa adalah lebih penting untuk rakyat diterangkan apa itu sebenarnya SD, dan bagaimana ia berfungsi dari segi undang-undang.

2. Bukti dari parti ketiga (hearsay) akan ditolak dalam mana-mana kes. RPK pasti tahu perkara ini. Lantas harus timbul persoalan kesahihan dan tujuan SD ini.

3. Siapakah RPK ini sehingga tahu rahsia kerajaan? Siapa pula yang membuka mulut kepada RPK (jika ada)? Ini juga harus dilihat sebagai satu isu.



Anonymous said...


Saya agree dengan wakmasnoor.

RPK cuba mencungkil sesuatu yang tidak berapa jelas buktinya dengan menggunakan SD. Ia mungkin akan digunakan dalam perbicaraannya kelak.

Pihak polis terpaksa
"menyiasat" tetapi yang paling utama adalah seluruh rakyat membacanya. Dan pembangkang akan mengambil kesempatan. Percaya atau tidak, terpulanglah.

Dato perasankah SD itu di buat sewaktu Husam Musa bertemu Anwar di Dubai dan dalam waktu yang sama seorang lagi pemimpin tinggi PAS berjumpa Najib di London. Najib tak mahu beri komen bila ditanya wartawan.

Apa komen Dato tentang hal ini.

Satu lagi adalah Dato perasankah airmuka Abdulah dan KJ bila membuat PC tentang hal ini didalam TV? nampak seperti menyembunyikan sesuatu.

Anonymous said...

if truth is what we are looking for, then should the "reliable sources" of RPK not be investigated too? Not just the man himself and the persons implicated in the declaration. Should those unnamed sources not be disclosed? To investigate thoroughly THEIR involvement in the did they know? were they there themselves? if so, doing what? the manner or reasons by which they came about with the possession of this information, how is it that they're not already called to testify in the on-going trial? calls for this aspect has been on the quiet side, don't u think, everyone only calling either RPK or the implicated to task. how about the credibility and reliability of those sources?

Anonymous said...

Drae Kadir.

Ada lah menjadi satu Rashia Terbuka yang Dollah tak maju Najib jadi pengantinya.Dengar cerita itu merupakan wasiat Endon kapada Dollah.Semua orang tahu hubongan Endon dengan Rosman tak baik.Sebab itu Dollah mengambil masa yang lama untok melantek Najib menjadi Timbalannya.

Salepas Pilehan Raya Ke 12,Tekanan kuat kapada Pak Lah untok berundor.Khairy dan Kamal tahu ini merupakan suicide bagi mereka berdua.

Bila RPK membuat tudohan dalam SDnya maka media spin pun bermula.

Saya setuju dengan Dato 100% yang tudohan in memberi kesan yang kuat kapada Najib.Ingat masa kes DS Anwar dulu,bila buku dalil 50 keluar Mahathir yang mula napikan.Tapi bila laporan polis di buat,ia nya di jadikan asas untok memechat Anwar.

Bagaimana Dollah boleh menapikan berita itu sedangkan siasatan belum siap.

Anonymous said...

RPK is audacious to make the SD. Not a sense of fear with what will inflict him or his family for this matter.
but the SD brought out with it a few daunting points that deserves some thoughts and ponders.
Unless you are selfishly putting justice ahead of your family and your life, RPK is brave to act like he did because somebody or something is protecting him.And no, not because he's related to some royalty(no royalty has come out yet to protect or even say anything publicly)...
and the SD is will only go to trial in October, um, right after Anwar's plan to take over..
Ever wonder if Anwar manage to actually take over, will the SD ever see it's daylight in court?

Mohd Nadzri Kamsin said...

Datuk AKJ,

Najib is no longer preferred choice of Tun Dr. Mahathir to replace Pak Lah.

Do you think this is something to do with the Altantuya case?

Starmandala said...

The game of politics, as in poker, requires mastery of stonewalling - the proverbial poker-faced response to even the most explosive and damaging accusations. From their calculated denials in the press, both the PM and DPM reveal themselves to be seasoned political poker players. However, viewing Najib on as he was speaking to reporters about RPK's statutory declaration, my flesh began to creep. Najib's was not a HUMAN response. There was absolutely no emotional content in his voice, which struck me as cold-blooded and dispassionate. He showed no anger, no sadness, no outrage. To be so calculative when confronted with such a serious accusation reveals a man who no longer behaves like a human being and therefore is capable of inhuman decisions. That alone, in my sight,
disqualifies Najib Razak as somebody I can trust to lead the nation. Personally, it matters not if the guilty parties are clapped behind bars or merely sent into exile. For some folks, not being in power alone is punishment enough. But I heartily resent a single cent of the Rakyat's money being paid into Najib Razak's account as his public servant's salary - and I'm sure he receives two salaries for his official positions as DPM as well as Defence Minister. As for Abdullah Badawi, nobody wishes the man ill simply because his public persona does not invite a hostile reaction (unlike his predecessor's). However, as PM, he has used up whatever credibility he had to begin with. So when some readers comment that RPK's agenda is to bring down the government, I feel it would be more accurate to say he merely wants to bring down the irredeemably corrupt BN government.

Anonymous said...

If RPK has some very good LINKS with the PM (OR any PM in the making), he will be saved the prosecution.

Depends again what RPK's motive really is. I certainly do not think he's doing it out of sheer bravery. I smell a BIG rat behind the whole SD issue.

Anonymous said...

Salam Datok...

Kalau yg membuat akuan bersumpah tu

1.Pak Mat Tempe @
2.Jamal Pak Tongko @
3.Usin Lempoyang @
4.Sadeq Sepakraga@
5.Abdul Wahab/Waheb/Wahub@
5.Kasem Pentalon@
6.Sulaiman Akhlaken@
7.Mem Aloyah Kuih Lapes...

Dah lama depa kena LABOH dek mato-mato yg pi trajang pintu pukoi 3 pagi.
Tapi ini anak Rajo... slow la sikit.
Atau....... sapa-sapa bulih sambung?

Paiya Mat Insun.

Anonymous said...

In the midst of all the calls to find the guilty or lying has somehow been muted, the voice to reveal those "reliable informants" too. Glad to know I am not alone in noticing this one-sidedness the blogsphere is taking on.

Anonymous said...


Maaf lari dari topik sedikit.. dipetik dari Utusan Malaysia

MTRK khuatir kesan forum kontrak sosial oleh Majlis Peguam
27/06/2008 3:34pm

KOTA BHARU 27 Jun (Bernama) —

Forum tersebut dijadualkan berlangsung di Auditorium Majlis Peguam pada pukul 9 pagi dengan ahli-ahli panel terdiri daripada Pensyarah Sains Politik, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Dr. Mavis Puthucheary; Pengarah Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), Dr. Kua Kia Soong; dan peguam Tommy Thomas. -Bernama

Wah.. wah.. majlis peguam yang diketua oleh Ambiga dah sibuk nak berpolitik nampaknya... padanlah mereka sibuk-sibuk nak kuasa lantik ketua hakim... mungkin lepas nie mereka nak kuasa lantik perdana menteri pula.. supaya senang mereka nak bonekakan pemerintah..

apalah nasib dah jadi dengan Malaysia nie

matsabun said...

YBhg Datuk,
We are a nation with a system of government with established set of laws, albeit not the perfect one.However, we cannot accuse a person of any wrong-doing without substatiating it with evidences produced in a court of law.For RPK to state that he has a source that informed him of some crimes being committed by certain individuals in SD does not prove that he is right.The accusation must be heard by a judge in a court of law and proper evidences must be produced in court. In this case the source of the information must be produced in court to declare to the judge that he actually was there himself at the scene of the crime. Heresay evidences are not admissable in any court of law except in a kangaroo court.
The trouble with our Malaysian bloggers is that they tend to take any story written in the blogs as gospel truth, as long as they share the same sentiment against the individual or organisation. This is why our bloggers are so immature in castigating the accused person without questioning or analysing what the writer has written. This blind faith can certainly lead them into a lot of trouble. And to make matters worse, they would jump to their own conclusion and start adding insults to injury. The expletives they use in berating the accused would even make their ancestors shiver in their graves! What a shame.

Wan Shamsudin said...

Saudara AKJ yang dihurmati;

" Sepandai mana kita sembunyikan bangkai, jika terhidu BAUnya, nescaya akan ketemu bangkai tersebut".

Begitu jugalah dengan kes 'Altantuya' ini.

Kadangkala manusia akan melakukan apa saja untuk mendapatkan sesuatu, dan kadangkala terpaksa mengenepikan kewarasan pemikiran mereka, demi mengejar cita cita.Kadangkala ketidak warasan itu akan menjerat diri sendiri yang dikawal HAWA NAFSU.

Disini kita pergi kepada 'statutory declaration' RPK.Apakah RPK hentam keromo saja tanpa mengunakan akalnya dengan menuduh seseorang? Apakah RPK hilang AKAL? Berat tuduhannya itu.
Apakah NAMA NAMA yang tersebut itu BENAR BENAR bersalah? Hanya Allah SWT yang Maha Mengetahui.

Rakyat di Negara kita ini telah di hadapi dengan bermacam macam masaalah, dari masaalah minyak naik, harga barang mentah makanan naik dan ditambah dengan masaalah kepimpinan kerajaan yang sedia ada samaada didalam Kerajaan dan juga UMNO.Hidup rakyat nampaknya sudah tidak terbela lagi olih Pemimpin Pemimpin yang sedia ada.

Hari demi hari adanya KRISIS yang melibatkan kepimpinan. Apakah kerana KRISIS mereka, maka RAKYAT mesti mendapat bala? Semoga kita semua di beri Rahmat olih Allah SWT.

Anonymous said...

Kasihan juga Pak Lah. Nama PM kita di buruk-burukan sesetengah pihak yang mengambil kesempatan semasa keadaan negara sedang tercekik.
Kebenaran SD RPK belum lagi terbukti jadi janganlah mencemuh dan mengecil-gecilkan PM kita.

slyderrose said...

Since Sept 1998 Malaysian politics are in turmoil. Malay are divided. Malaysian economy not as good and as strong prior to 1997. 1990-1997 is the best year for Malaysia and even Singapore was envy of Malaysia then. Now, they are 10 times better than Malaysia. Even now Vietnamese is better than Malaysia in term of DFI. But at least Malaysia is better off than Papua New Guinea.

RPK's SD is not joking matter. Who want to mess around with the Malaysian leaders unless he is so sure he got evidence stashed somewhere. BTW, why the fellow Lt Kol Aziz Buyong and his wife, Lt Kol Norhayati have not come forward to clear their names?

Heical said...

Panas panas panas Tak boleh cakap apa apa .Nanti masuk JAIL, ada mata lihat ada teliga dengar.Hairan juga macamana kes ini bolih sampai jadi macam ini.
Macam macam bolih jadi kita tunggu & lihat saja.

Bung Karno said...

Datuk AKJ,

If it is an attempt to discredit one 'PM-in-waiting' then RPK and his backers have succeeded in convincing the whole country and the world's governments that there is a gang of murderers running the country.

Or is it ?

BlueMoon said...

I wish such a SD comes from someone who is more reliable. RPK is like a pendulum. He changes all the time. Not very long ago he was an ardent supporter of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. When DSAI was cleared from any wrongdoings, then he started to be critical at him. In fact many of the people who he is now critical with were the same people who he favored few months back.

I wonder whether or not RPK can be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato' AKJ,
Bercakap pasal wabak 'KORO' beberapa hari yang lalu dan "bombshell" dari RPK, nampaknya ada kemungkinan ianya dapat meleraikan sebab musabab "KORO" dikalangan sesetengah pembesar UMNO, termasuk DS Najib!? Kalau lah benar apa yang dikatakan oleh RPK, maka penyebab "KORO" dari segi "POLITICAL BLACKMAIL" oleh orang2 tertentu tidak dapat dinafikan... apa nak jadi dengan Melayu agaknya, pasal bab berebut kuasa dari zaman Melaka dahulu hingga sekarang tak habis2 dengan tikam-menikam dari bukan saja belakang, tapi tikam kiri, kanan, atas & bawah!!

anakbuah said...

Sdr Khalid Kedah,

"Bagaimana Dollah boleh menapikan berita itu sedangkan siasatan belum siap."?

# Ianya fitrah manusia (reflex luar kawalan) dan ianya dah ada dibelakang pengetahuan kita, biasanya di dlm 'unconscious mind' kita. Selain drp bermotif politik, penafian ini mungkin juga menunjukkan yg seseorang itu berasa terancam dan mula takut atas sebab2 yg jelas (for obvious reason). Keberanian RPK membuat pengakuan bersumpah dgn tuduhan2 yg amat berat membuatkan asas kerajaan (yg disokong dan melibatkan pemimpin2 utama) bergoncang kuat. Apa yg kita harapkan kali ini adalah ketelusan pihak berkuasa (polis dan tentera) serta integriti Zaid dan Jabatan Peguam Negara. Professionalism serta kredibiliti mereka menangani "kes negara" ini sedang diperhatikan rapat oleh rakyat negara ini serta dunia.

# RPK kena hati2 dan jaga diri (jgn lagi org melaporkan kecurian yg dihumban dlm lokap, bukannya pencuri!), kerajaan (serta pihak berkuasa) kena hati2 dan rakyat kena hati2 menilai kes ini. Kes ini mampu meruntuhkan kerajaan semasa skrg!


p.s.: Tak mahu dengar ada makhluk bernyawa lain diletupkan dgn peledak C4 lagi - perbuatan terdesak akibat ketakutan yg teramat sangat.

berasiam said...

Salam Dato' AKJ

Nampak gayanyaRPK berpegang kepada falsafah bahawa dalam politik persepsi adalah segala-galanya. Sejak zaman reformasi Anwar, dia telah memain peranan membentuk persepsi masyarakat terhadap sesuatu isu melalui Malaysia Today. Soal bagaimana MT dibiayai dan siapa yang membiayainya tidak pernah disiasat oleh pihak berkuasa pun menimbulkan persoalan juga. Bagi mengelakkan lebih banyak persoalan, SD RPK kali ini muncul di halaman selain MT terlebih dahulu sehingga ramai yang mempersoalkan.

1. Sama ada kebetulan atau berkaitan, Najib sudah mula membayangkan dia mungkin bertanding kerusi presiden pada pemilihan akan datang selepas SD RPK tersebar.

2. Buat pertama kali nama KJ disebut berkaitan dengan kes Althantuya walaupun hanya dikatakan sebagai penyimpan laporan perisikan tentera.

3. Najib tentu sedar bahawa kerenah isteri kesayangannya merupakan bebanan politik kepadanya, dahulu, kini dan mungkin selamanya.

Anonymous said...


Rosmah saya dah biasa tengok, cuma Kolonel Aziz Buyung dan isteri sahaja yang saya belum pernah tengok..

Di mana agaknya mereka ini?

kluangman said...

Ada yang sudah mula berpendapat, Najib perlu berpisah dengan Rosmah jika terus mahu mengungguli potensi sebagai PM atau sekurang kurangnya kekal TPM. Pendapat dari golongan bawahan ini menunjukkan keprihatinan rakyat dalam semua isu politik sekarang.

Kepakatan yang sedang dijalankan antara UMNO-PAS-PKR menunjukkan mereka saling memerlukan untuk survival masing masing, Kelebihan PAS ialah menjadi faktor penentu kepada UMNO dan PKR. PAS akan berada dalam kedudukan untung seperti di Perak, walaupun minoriti tetapi calon PAS menjadi MB untuk win win situation. Adakah kemungkinan TPM akan diserah kepada PAS, tetapi bagaimana dengan kedudukan Najib dan Anwar.

Hasrat Anwar tidak akan tercapai walaupun 30 MP melompat ke barisan pembangkang jika PAS mula melompat keluar dari Pakatan dan bekerjasama dengan UMNO.

Jika pun Anwar berjaya menjadi PM, pastinya ada dua TPM, satu dari PAS dan satu lagi dari DAP. Situasi ini lebih baik untuk semua pihak untuk memastikan UMNO berkubur. UMNO sewajarnya sudah tidak diberi lagi pilihan untuk memrintah kerana mereka 'too much' kepada rakyat.

Anonymous said...


i believe Tun Mahathir said this is RPK's political ploy. Someone must have paid RPK a lot money to do the SD. It must be someone who dislike Najib very much. Maybe it's done by foes of Najib and friends of his rivals. RPK loves all kind of atention. This one will make him more controversial. He's a tool of the opposition. I wont give RPK too much attention.

Najib fan

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

tok.. " pepatah orang kedah"

"depa dah tengelam punca"

salam dan doa untuk TOK sekeluarga..

eddy said...

Salam Dato'. Saya ingat Najib made the right move and he has said that Raja Petra's SD is utter rubbish. I have read Raja Petra's SD and I agree it is utter rubbish.
Nevertheless, I would have liked Najib to make a denial a lot sooner than when he actually did, almost five days late.

An SD by somebody which says that he was informed by somebody that some crime had occurred by another is to me a legalized form of fitnah more so as this involves a murder case. In fact the Government should introduce a law that immediately put anybody who come out with similiar SDs straight to the lockup and be remanded without bail until the trial date.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

In your original post you said: Abdullah's and Najib's denial of the may not carry the same weight as the web master’s charges because while Raja Petra made his under oath, the Prime Minister and his deputy made theirs as ordinary statements to the press.

In your update you said:In short, two of the three persons named by Raja Petra in his Statutory Declaration are suing him instead of making their own Statutory Declarations to debunk his allegations.

I find it rather surprising that someone with your august background as a writer and media luminary can have such a strong conviction that a statutory declaration bearing the words that one is 'reliably informed' of some happenings should somehow be accorded a higher level of truthfulness over a plain and simple denial or a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

YBhg Dato,
RPK, DSAi, DSAB dan kabinet dapur banyak sangat bersindawara....mencari nama, glamour, nak cepat kaya, cita-cita tinggi tapi malas bekerja....
terlalu mengharap skim cepat kaya.....

Anonymous said...

Dato' Kadir,

You said: "Already Anwar’s US allies have take the bait."

You are quick to point out and very presumptuous in supposing this "US ally" connection.

This takes away the sheen of objectivity from your blogging. I would have expected something more nuanced, along the lines of "If Anwar does indeed have allies in the US, then it appears as if they have taken the bait," etc.

hary said...

apakah kekuatan kumpulan islam dalam gabungan pakatan pembangkang if mereka akan memerintah negara kelak? dikatakan, melayu islam bumiputera islam hanya 51% sj, sedang bukan melayu non islam 49%. apakah komen datok,

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