Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anwar-Shabery Debate – An Unfair Match

A Kadir Jasin

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[UPDATE, July 24] -- WHILE Anwar Ibrahim's promise of cheaper fuel may never see the daylight or may not materialise any time soon, the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Government set a new record for causing misery to the rakyat.

His loyal servant, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Shahrir Abdul Samad, yesterday announced that the consumer price index (CPI) -- the measure of inflation -- for June rose by 7.7 per cent, the highest in 27 years.

According to The Star newspaper, the 7.7 per cent monthly jump was the highest since April 1981 when the CPI was recorded at 10.8 per cent.

The 41-per cent rise in the prices of petrol and diesel announced by the Government on June 5 was the main reason for the surge, said Shahrir.

He said the inflation would probably remain at 7.7 per cent for July because it would see the impact of increase in the electricity tariff.

But many sources in the trade told me that real inflation could have been in double-digit territory.


THE DUST kicked up during the historic televised debate between Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Chek and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has settled. Maybe it’s time for me to put down my two cents worth of thoughts.

First I must congratulate the news portal Agenda Daily and its webmaster, Rosli Ismail for the courage to promote and execute the debate, and fellow scribe Johan Jaaffar for partiality in moderating the debate.

It was an unfair match to begin with. For all his bravery and bravado, Ahmad Shabery was not a fair match for Anwar.

He might have the government machinery on his side but that in itself, was a liability. A junior minister trying to defend a very unpopular government decision against a rabble-rousing orator of Anwar’s caliber did not look like a viable proposition from the start.

Elsewhere, it would have been the head of government versus the head of the opposition. But for us in Malaysia, it was better to have Ahmad Shabery versus Anwar than Abdullah Ahmad Badawi vs Anwar.

Some people said Ahmad Shabery was brave while others thought he was foolhardy. I would like to look at it differently. He was neither brave nor foolhardy.

He was, in fact, a victim of circumstances of sorts. It was either he or no debate at all. No Umno minister would dare risk his or her reputation taking on Anwar.

Logically, since the subject of the debate was the effects of oil price increases and Anwar’s promise to lower prices if the Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, the appropriate government representative should have been one of the economic ministers – Finance Minister 2 Noor Mohamed Yackop, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad or one of the Ministers in the Prime Minister Department namely Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz or Senator Amirsham Aziz.

Ahmad Shabery is not our standard Umno minister. If he is, he would not have dared taking Anwar on. He is better known for his role as the information chief of the now defunct Parti Melayu Semangat 46 and an ally of the Gua Musang MP, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

I sympathize with Ahmad Shabery. In a televised debate on a subject as unpopular as oil price increases, he could not win. Especially when his party only months ago promised that there would not be price increases after the general elections.

But what surprised me was the caliber of his backers who were supposed to help him to demolish Anwar with razor sharp questions. Instead they turned out to be a big, big disappointment. Perhaps they have been in the official woodwork too long to realise that the mood of the rakyat has changed.

Fortunately for Ahmad Shabery and his cohort, Anwar too wasn’t in his sharpest form. While his stance was populist, his real economics was not wholly believable. Economics has never been Anwar’s forte.

Had Anwar been in a better state of mind, he could easily demolish the personal attacks mounted by Ahmad Shabery and his cohort.

He could have easily taken credit for his leadership of the 1974 rubber smallholders’ protest in Baling.

It was as a consequence of that protest that the Government launched a series of emergency programmes. Among them were the rubber price support scheme, the national rubber stockpile, the accelerated replanting of rubber smallholdings by Risda, the issuance of land titles to the illegal smallholders and the setting up of hostels for children of rubber smallholders.

He paid his dues by spending 22 months under the Internal Security Act (Isa) detention.

Still Ahmad Shabery should be congratulated for his efforts although blogger Khalid Jaafar, an Anwar ally, likened the debate to the duel between Hektor and Patroklus in Homer’s Illiad.

According to blogger Ibrahim Yahya aka Tiger, he was informed by his ejen kenit (minor agent) that the Prime Minister congratulated Ahmad Shabery for “successfully debating with Anwar” and told him that he did not have to resign.

Ahmad Shabery had apparently uttered something to the effect that he would step down if he lost the debate. He might not have won but he certainly did not suffer from the dreadful “koro” malady (see June 17 posting).

As Tiger put it, the people won.

[FOOTNOTE -- MY apologies for not being able to update this blog as regularly as I should. Unfortunately I have other things to do – dependents to feed and employees (some 80 of them) to take care of. The times are hard and getting harder. I thank visitors for continuing to drop in and to commentators for spiritedly debating with each other. That’s the spirit of this blog. Thank you.]


Anonymous said...

The issue is not on who is the winner or losser. But, how did the debate impacts Malaysian.

ali allah ditta said...

Its OK lah Datuk, after all Pat Lah did praise Ahmad Shaberry. Kudos to Shaberry,coz,Pat Lah & the UMNO top guns dared not to go one on one with Anwar,but rather opt to make stupid comments in the media to the chagrin of the rakyat.


Mr. Smith said...

"He could have easily taken credit for his leadership of the 1974 rubber smallholders’ protest in Baling."
That would mean a total digression or diversion from the topic at hand.
Anwar was right not to rebut Shabery's several unrelated accusations. This would be the wrong forum for that.

As for Anwar, can you imagine the state of mind of a man facing a criminal charge and demonized even before a trial.

Under the circumstances, he did remarkably well.

Kakifikir said...

'The people won' .... saya tak faham.

Kalau rakyat menang kerana pertama kali debat seumpamanya diadakan. mungkin. Tapi, apakah akan ada yang kedua?

Rakyat hanya menang jika masalah yang timbul ekoran kenaikan harga minyak dapat ditangani, belom tentu.

Sorry, saya hanya pembaca artikel politik yang masih cetek pemikiran. I am learning Datuk.

conscience said...

Anwar did challenge 'two into one,' PM and DPM for a debate. The latter two have not responded. Are they too afraid or nothing new to offer the viewers, except lies. Healthy Debates in a civilized country is a fine excise for a better understanding of current issues confronting the country. The result of Anwar and Shabery has shown the Umno led govt have nothing to offer, except personal attacks on Anwar, what a shame!

Anonymous said...

as u mentioned,Shabery is not the kind to "fight" with Anwar.furthermore his attempt on defending the govt over the ever unpopular oil price was weak.still,he should be congratulated to risk his reputation for the sake of debate.i dont see the debate as some kinda solution the matter being discuss but more like sharing knowledge.also another step forward for democracy.i bet no such debate would happened during Dr M's era.

Anonymous said...

Anwar adalah seorang professional. Beliau mampu berhujah dengan penuh tenang dan yakin.

Anonymous said...

Yang berbahagia Datuk,

Pada saya pula Shabery oklah, contoh jika saya lawan Anwar, saya dapat bercakap pun walau berbuih-buih mulut pun kira dah bagus sangatlah tu.

Saya berdebar juga tunggu apa cadangan Anwar, tapi bila dia cakap PERWAJA STEEL dan IPP, saya sudah gelak guling-guling....Cuma Shabery sahaja yang tak pandai, should he consult us hallamak, malam itu pasti Anwar itu pasti telah kami kunyah lumat-lumat. Tapi sapalah kami, sekadar blogger siok sendiri.

Tak percaya kenapa saya kata kami boleh kunyah Anwar selumat mungkin dalam isu minyak ini lawatlah http// Dia boasting kunun dia masa kat UM dulu dia pendebat terbaik ASEAN. Wallahuallam, tak kuasa saya nak semak silang kesohehan dakwaan dia, almaklum blogsfere adalah tempat orang gila main siok-siok sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Sir. Glad that no side was taken. It's really not about who win or lose, both sides have completely different tune to sing to, and as pointed out here the calibre of both speakers are very very different as well. What's good is that it took place, and we should call for more of healthy, civil public discourse like these. If nothing else, the availability of such opportunity to speak out openly and the flood of blogs since the new leader took over is one good thing that I'm thankful for.

Anonymous said...


To a simple poor man who understands malay langguage, his conclusion is simple, "Anwar offer me minus 50 cents, shabery offers none!" So, he goes for Anwar.

Next election he will cast his vote to Pakatan again and off he goes to kebun with his daily routine!!

Janjaweed JK.

Hang-Jebat said...

Pak Lah kalau keluar statement memang terbalik. Hari ni dia kata nakkan Jambtan, Lurus atau Bengkok. Sok, tak jadi pasal rakyat tak nak. Hari ni dia kata tak nak bubarkan parlimen dan buat PRU12. Sok dia dah bubarkan Parlimen. Ni dia kata Najib akan jadi PM dua tahun lagi. Siapa nak percaya, angkat tangan. Dia kata Tahniah Sabery, tak payah letak jawatan. Wahai Sabery, tak payah percaya lah, sebaiknya letak jawatan daripada menurut arahan pemimpin yang mengigau ketika tidur ini.

Anonymous said...

Ingatkah lagi buku The Art of war?
oleh sun Tzu? Pada pandangan saya Sabery Chek adalah Udang belacan.DSA adalah Naga.
Di air laut yang cetek, Udang belanlah yang akan menang.
Di air laut yang dalam, Nagalah yang akan menang.Oleh yang demikian, sekali lagi saya berpendapat,dalam debat ini Sabery yang Menang!

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato,

Betul tu dato. Memang times are getting harder. Kalau dah macam dato ni terasa peritnya, apatah lagi saya peniaga kecilan yang tidak bergantung pada kerajaan. Anak nak sekolah, rumah, kereta nak kena bayar. Gaji pekerja dah 2 bulan sangkut...tu tak termasuk bil-bil yang lain lagi.....
Siapa menang atau kalah dlm debat tu pada saya tak penting, sekarang yang penting apakah ekonomi negara kita akan terus merundum...dan akan mengakibatkan ramai lagi peniaga kecil bumiputra yang akan gulung tikar....termasuklah saya sendiri....

Cakar Ayam (Kais Pagi Makan Pagi)

Anonymous said...

Dato' if you have 80 employee to take care of, you are doing a very good job. Times are bad, today my phone don't ring as much as it used to and I am a key supplier to many dealers who have outlets supplying essential materials and if they don't call me, I know the economy is sliding downward at a very scary level. When Anwar said in another 2 months, things are going to get worse is very likely to be true if the slowdown continues. If there is no improvement, we are looking at a very bleak outcome.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Bukankah seseorang menteri itu ada pembantu peribadinya. Yang saya tahu adalah setiausaha politik. Mungkin Dato' boleh kongsi dengan kita.

Bukan setakat itu sahaja, seseorang menteri itu mempunyai seluruh jentera kerajaan di belakangnya.

Kemanakah mereka? Adakah mereka tidak gemar membantu seorang menteri baru? Atau menteri baru ini tidak meminta bantuan.

Justifikasi harga minyak naik harga tidak diberikan pada malam itu. Hanya 'headline' yang biasa kita baca di MSM yang di ulang tayang.

Tidak beberapa lama sebelum PRU12 dahulu, TPM kata negara akan bangkrap jika harga minyak diturunkan. Kenapa tidak isu ini diulas dan diterangkan kepada rakyat.

Kenapa 72 sen? Bukan 70 sen, bukan 75 sen dan bukan 80 sen (orang cina kata angka 8 membawa tuah)? Ini juga tidak diulas pada malam itu.

Apa jangkaan dan persediaan kerajaan dalam menghadapi senario ekonomi dunia, jangka pendek dan jangka panjang? Ini juga tidak disentuh.

Bukankah ini isu nasional? Bukankah ini yang meresahkan rakyat?

Tak apalah jika PM, TPM,Menteri Kewangan, Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna ataupun barisan Menteri di JPM tidak "available" pada malam itu. Yang saya musykil, Menteri Penerangan adalah saluran resmi mereka dan saluran ini tidak digunakan untuk menenangkan rakyat.

Malangnya Shabery malam itu hadir seolah-olahnya tanpa input fakta yang sesuai dan bernas. Kebanyakan yang diperkatakan oleh beliau kedengaran seperti benda-benda yang dikutip dari perbualan di lobi parlimen.

Saya tidak setuju kenyataan "people won". Bagi saya pada malam debat itu, rakyat tidak menang.

Kepada sesiapa yang kata rakyat menang, saya kata "ayam sekadar berkokok dalam gelanggang, orang kampung sudah riuh bersorak".

Realiti impak kenaikan harga minyak masih kekal sebagai igauan ngeri.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Apa kena mengena berani dengan tugas sebagai Menteri Penerangan?

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Dato Kadir,

Cudn't agree more on ur article, heheh..wat can I say..kalo PM dh Ignorant of coz le supportr pun camtu gak...d biggest mistake woz to give d platform for AnWar to speak..d rest is history.. dere is a conspiracy but a conspiracy to wrestle d power frm d Malays n we r losing indirectly.. maruah Melayu dah trcemar wat next..??


Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n bloggers,

menang atau kalah bkn satu keputusan yg kita mahukan, rakyat hanya mahukan fakta DSAI dan alasan siti shabery aka krjn!!! mungkin calun yang tak koro lagi berkaliber adalah dato sendiri, berani ke dato kalau ada cabaran dari pejuang rakyat seperti DSAI? kalau berani dan ada fakta yang blh membantu krjn mungkin kita adakan debat kedua yang lebih umum ttg ekonomi/sosial malaysia.... ada berani ke dato?


Pemuda Pelapis said...

Salam sejahtera,


Untuk mendapatkan sebarang berita-berita rujukan Buletin Utama TV3 bagi anda yang sering ketinggalan waktu siarannya, sila layari Rujukan Berita TV3. Blog ini sedang dikemaskini dengan berita-berita semasa yang terkini dan segala berita-berita lampau.

Semoga bahan rujukan ini dapat dimanfaatkan bersama sebelum sebarang spekulasi atau lontaran pandangan dikemukakan. Juga diharapkan agar kita semua tidak perlulah "bias" meskipun ianya merupakan berita arus perdana yang dikongkong oleh kerajaan pemerintah. Usaha ini diwujudkan atas dasar kebertanggungjawaban terhadap agama, bangsa dan negara yang tercinta.

Sekian dimaklumkan.



Sdr Frankie,

My kopitiam proprieter said veges had gone up by 30 percent. Her customers are eating less and dropping out. My nasi daun pisang lady in Brickfields said some veges had done up by as much as 40 per cent in price. My printers have raised printing cost. I don't think the ministers care. They get many thing free from us. Thank you.

abdrahim kassim said...


Memang bukan lawannya antara Anwar dan Shabery. Tetapi kalau bukan Shabery, siapa lagi dari UMNO yang boleh diharap untuk berhadapan dengan Anwar.

Sebelum Anwar joint UMNO, seingat saya setiap tahun dalam Debat Ekonomi UM, orang UMNO yang berani berdepan dengan Anwar ialah Nik Mahyuddin, pegawai penerangan UMNO.

Dia datang itupun bukan kerana mahu berdebat dengan Anwar tetapi menjalankan tugas sebagai pegawai yang bergaji. Orang faham ke, orang boo ke, dia tidak peduli. Dia cakap sahaja.

Dari segi berani, Shabery patut diberi pujian. Anwar memang bukan tandingannya.Dari segi point pun rasanya tidaklah jauh tersasar dari tajuk.

Shabery itu adalah anak murid Anwar secara tidak lansung.Shabery adalah pelajar sebuah sekolah swasta di Terangganu yang berkaitan dengan Yayasan Anda Akademik yang mana Anwar Ibrahim menjadi pengasas dan pengetuannya.

Kebolehan dan keberaniannya berpidato juga, sedikit sebanyak adalah dipelajari dari guru-guru sekolahnya dulu yang kebanyakannya petah bersyarah mengkritik kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

Walaupun orang ramai melihat Shabery berjaya "dipukul" oleh Anwar pada malam itu, tetapi saya percaya jauh disudut hati Anwar, ada rasa bangga dan megah kerana ada kalangan anak muridnya yang berjaya menjadi menteri dan berani berdebat dengannya.

berasiam said...

Salam Dato' AKJ

Debat tidak bawa apa-apa perubahan atau lebih tepat kebaikan, kepada rakyat. Biarpun Pak Lah berani berdebat dengan Anwar atau Kit Siang atau Hadi, tidak ada ertinya jika kebajikan rakyat terabai. Majoriti rakyat tidak faham rumusan KDNK dan pelbagai istilah ekonomi, hatta inflasi sekalipun. Yang difahami ialah, sama ada pendapatan mereka dapat menampung keperluan atau tidak. Yang berniaga, termasuk Dato' sendiri, telah nampak jelas penguncupan yang berlaku. Semua kos naik, jualan pula menurun. Kalau yang kurang bertanggung jawab, mungkin ambil jalan keluar yang mudah, berhentikan pekerja. Saya percaya Dato' tidak seperti itu dan akan terus mengekalkan lebih kurang 80 orang kaki tangan syarikat Dato' selagi boleh bertahan. Nampak gayanya Pak Lah sahaja yang akan bertahan sebagai PM, sekurang-kurangnya sehingga 2010 jika Disember ini Umno terus menjadi seperti rubber stamp yang mengiyakan setiap titah sang Presiden.

Unknown said...

Singapura dapat kawasan perairan lagi (nak claim kawasan lebih besar)...
si bangang rais yatim patut naik gunung lepas tu terjun..
Apa ke jadah win-win situation

Hariz Hussein said...

kedua-dua pihak tidak menang dan tidak kalah. seorang hanya pandai berjanji seorang lagi x pertahankan dasar kerajaan dengan fakta munasabah.

Ab Razak Hj Ahmad said...

Pada saya debat tu hanya sebagai hiburan ringan. Ala macam tengok rancangan Tom Tom Bak atau Macam-Macam Aznil.

Maaf Dato' .... Sekiranya cadangan DSAI itu bernas, adakah Pak Lah akan ikut. Tak kira siapa kalah atau menang, rakyat tetap merana jugak. Yang pasti DSAI menang dari segi moral kerana boleh muncul live di national TV dan siap buat beberapa ugutan lagi.

Bung Karno said...


Sukar bagi Shabery mempertahan tindakan tak popular Paklah, apatah lagi berdebat dengan Anwar.

Tetapi Anwar juga tidak ada ide yang konrit untuk menjana ekonomi dan menurun harga minyak selain mengatakan PETRONAS banyak wang untuk menampung perbelanjaan negara dan rakyat.

Teori ekonomi Anwar sama seolah anak menghabiskan wang simpanan warisan bapak.


Dato yang dihurmati.

Jika debat itu lama sikit, barulah kita dapat tahu rahsia yang tersirat!

Hujjah Anwar boleh dikira jelas dan rakyat dapat menerimanya tapi Kerajaan BN tentulah menolak untuk mengikut teori Anwar menurunkan harga minyak!

Sementara Shabery Chik pula malalut ke hal pribadi hingga tiada fakta kukuh yang boleh rakyat terima untuk kenaikkan harga minyak yang dilaksanakan oleh Kerajaan BN!

Pengerusi debat malam itu sebaik-baiknya ialah orang seperti dato! Bukan orang cari makan!

Abi Ayyub said...

Well, it is not a question of who won or lose, it is a question of an opportunity to judge what can be offered. Anwar came with his solution, what does Shabery offer other than his personal comment.

We need the right to judge, if UMNO/BN are so confident that the 50 years of experience are so great they got nothing to worry. The problem has always be "only what we say counts" others are irrelevant.

Because of this over self confidence, the PRU 12, teaches them a lesson. The question is do they learn from it. By what I read and heard from the MSM they are as arrogant as before.

It is high time that we in Malaysia we explore the reality of Two Party System. The one that propose the most acceptable system shall govern.

amoker said...

In British system, a juniour minister is something like our Timbalan Menteri. A menteri is a senior minister. So, Shaheby is a senior minister with no excuse. It does show the quality of UMNO ministers who probably are too busy negotiating their income than debating. Either that, the selection of ministers should be a person who had been an assistant minister. Azalina and Shaheby are those in this group. The rest, can't even remember their name because they are.. invisible.

donmny said...


.....anwar berjaya menangkap rakyat 'atas pagar' ke dalam rumahnya.

donmny said...


'debate' ni ceta lama dah.
...ceta baru, pasal kawan si saiful oleh RPK. cuba belek-belek tengok.

Anonymous said...

Salam buat Sdr Datuk KJ,

Sori Datuk, debat itu dah basi lah.Kita semua tahu bahawa yang menang ialah Agenda Daily,TV9 dan sahabat kita Rosli Ismail.Baik kita debat fasal tindakan kurang ajar Singapura dalam menimbulkan kontroversial baru perebutan kuasa kawalan "batu putih".

Namun demikian, debat itu telah memberi peluang kepada Anwar Ibrahim untuk mempelekehkan kerajaan yang semakin lemah di bawah kepimpinan Pak Lah. Menteri Penerangan Ahmad Shaberry hanya menunaikan janji beliau kepada Pak Lah untuk mendebatkan isu yang begitu rumit berkaitan dengan "janji penurunan harga minyak" sekira nya Pakatan Rakyat memerintah negara apabila Anwar jadi perdana menteri.Itu satu isu bahan politik yang hanya lebih tepat untuk diperbahaskan semasa kempen pilihan raya, dimana "janji hanya tertinggal janji".

Sebagai ulasan saya, hanya sdr Johan Jaffar yang telah menunjukkan professionalism beliau sebagai moderator. Nordin dan Zulkifly tidak dapat mengkawal perasaan mereka apabila memajukan soalan dengan jelas dan "straight to the point". The whole show was just an eye wash which none of us took it seriously, except to regard it as another entertainment.

Both of them, Anwar dan Ahmad Shaberry should have been slotted into one of the regular live program on TV1, TV2 or TV3, whereby the public could interact with Anwar with more relevant questions and challenged him in many other ways.

We have missed this opportunity and Anwar will be more cautious now to go for public debates, which he is only comfortable when the audience consist thousands of his party supporters and sympathisers.

Unknown said... topik lagi..

dikala kita dok bedebat dan cakap pasal
1)minyak (anwar VS shabery)
2)DNA (baru VS lama)
3)bala (SD1 VS SD2)
4)liwat (98 VS 08)
5)Trengganu (MB C200kompressor VS perdana V6)
6)briefing of envoys (anwar VS syed hamid)
7)inflasi (shahrir VS sapa ntah)NOTE: CPI 7.7%, inflation hits 27-yr high: the star 240708)
8)muzakarah VS muqabalah (umno & pas)

...singapura dalam diam2 claiming the Lion's share (NST 230708)kat BAWAH tu..dan baru kita dok sedaq..

Rais said "Malaysia WILL HAVE to study if the matter is intimidating"

WILL HAVE? well Singapore had already claim waters around PEDRA BRANCA..hurmm..sedih dengan keadaan negara sekrg..speechless..:(

Unknown said... topik lagi..

dikala kita dok bedebat dan cakap pasal
1)minyak (anwar VS shabery)
2)DNA (baru VS lama)
3)bala (SD1 VS SD2)
4)liwat (98 VS 08)
5)Trengganu (MB C200kompressor VS perdana V6)
6)briefing of envoys (anwar VS syed hamid)
7)inflasi (shahrir VS sapa ntah)NOTE: CPI 7.7%, inflation hits 27-yr high: the star 240708)
8)muzakarah VS muqabalah (umno & pas)

...singapura dalam diam2 claiming the Lion's share (NST 230708)kat BAWAH tu..dan baru kita dok sedaq..

Rais said "Malaysia WILL HAVE to study if the matter is intimidating"

WILL HAVE? well Singapore had already claim waters around PEDRA BRANCA..hurmm..sedih dengan keadaan negara sekrg..speechless..:(

amy_kgdusun said...

salam sejahtera buat semua bloggers.anwar memang pandai cakap sebab dia pandai kelentong. kalau dia jadi pm betul ka harga minyak akan turun. takut nanti bila dah jadi dia guna teori lain pula. banyak dah kita tengok macam penang janji 6000 sorang bila dpt, tak boleh sebab kita tak dpt jadi kerajaan pusat, kedah pula hari ni menang esok turun harga minyak (kain rentang merata-rata), lani apa dah jadi saya baru terima cukai pintu naik rm15 satu rumah. takan bebal pasai tak boleh tebang balak kat kawasan tadahan kot...anwar buat muka kesian sebab banyak yg sokong dia org tua2 kg yg ingat dia tu alim,warak. sendiri tau tapi saya paling takut generasi anak2 saya yg belum mampu berfikir mana baik mana buruk. kalau disogokkan dgn keseronokan gay lesbian dah boleh buat persatuan, mcmana..lani pun kita tengok disupermarket pasangan lelaki melayu bermanja-manja cari bhn nak masak, tak malu pula tu kat makcikpakcik di sebelah. shabery tak kalah sebab dia berdebat dgn pakar kelentong kita tapi nak harap pak menteri mana lagi syed hamid nampak garang juga lani, menteri lain shahrir dgn tersenyum melapurkan bahawa inflasi akan kekal 7.7, syabas malaysia mcm ni nak tunggu 2 thn lagi kesian lah kami rakyat yg jadi mangsa naga pelahap.

Anonymous said...


What is the good of a debate to argue if the chicken or the egg came first?

It won't happen in DrM's era nor will it happen during the tenure of such prime minister with calibre of YBhgs Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Oon and Tun Mahathir

But I must say there was a concrete point on the stand of the IPPs.(please not the plural form unlike now which is a monopoly of the government in the non-success of supermega projects).

Anonymous said...


Debat itu sepatutnya berlangsung selama 90 minit bukannya 52 minit. Mungkin jika ia berlangsung selama 90 minit kita mungkin boleh emndengar dengan lebih jelas cadangan DSAI. Shabery pun mungkin boleh memberi hujah yang lebih konkrit kerana serangan peribadi beliau agak panjang pada malam itu.

Juga perhatikan format debat malam itu. Kedua-dua pendebat hanya diberi 4 minit sahaja.....4 minit sahaja setiap seisi untuk memberi hujah. Nak serang peribadi pun tak cukup masa, ini nak explain secara detail sesatu cadangan.

Atleast DSAI memberi cadangan kasarnya. tapi malangnya shaberry memilih serangan panjang sehingga tidak cukup masa untuk memberi alasan yang kukuh berserta fakta untuk mempertahankan tindakan kerajaan.

Kita juga bezakan antara debat dengan pidato perdana. Pidato perdana adalah forum yang lebih sesuai untuk membuat pendetailan kepada sesatu cadangan.

Seelok-eloknya diadakan satu pidato perdana dan diikuti dengan seisi soal jawab untuk DSAI mengemukakan cadangan beliau untuk menurunkan harga minyak.

Tidakkah cara begitu lebih baik dari cuba menegakkan benang basah, bungkarno?


Anonymous said...

Tahniah kepada Shabery atas keberanian. Anwar takde formula yang jelas. Harga minyak turun tu lebih kepada janji seorang ahli politik...



Sdr Donmny,

Sebenarnya dah banyak orang dengar cerita macam RPK paparkan itu.

Kalau ikut cakap-cakap kedai kopi, rentetannya lebih kurang macam ini:-

21 Jun, seorang kawan akrab Anwar diberi amaran oleh seorang bekas orang atasan polis yang sesuatu akan terjadi kepada Anwar;

24 Jun, kawan itu memberitahu Anwar mengenai perkhabaran itu;

25 Jun, penuduh dikatakan berjumpa TPM dan isteri dengan diiringi oleh pegawai TPM, Khairil Anas??? dan seorang lagi jejaka cantik (ini kemudiannya diakui oleh TPM);

26 Jun, penuduh berjumpa Anwar dan mendakwa dalam laporan polisnya yang dia diliwat lagi;

27 Jun, penuduh dikatakan (DIKATAKAN) berjumpa musuh ketat Anwar, Mohd Ezam;

28 Jun, penuduh membuat laporan polis mendakwa Anwar meliwatnya.

Saya pasti rentetan peristiwa ini akan menjadi bahan bukti utama dalam penyiasatan polis.

Jadi saya tidak terperanjat dengan rakaman video sulit yang RPK dedahkan di dalam laman webnya.

Orang macam si penuduh lazimnya bergerak berkumpulan. Apa jua yang berlaku dalam kumpulan, pasti ada yang akan memecahkan rahsia.

Pokok pangkalnya, sama ada berlaku konsprirasi, fitnah, tuduhan atau dakwaan adalah bagi mahkamah memutuskannya.

Jenayah dan kesalahan, tetap jenayah dan kesalahan di mata undang-undang!

Terima kasih.


Mr Clean,

Rais was set up to take the blame.

Pedra Branca (now that it belongs to Singapore, it's no longer Pulau Batu Putih) was Syed Hamid's baby.

But the PM cares more for Syed Hamid than Rais. So Syed Hamid was moved out from Wisma Putra and given a plump job and Rais was set up to carry the burden.

Thank you.

Azian, Phd (University of Bath, UK) said...

I would rather give a thumb-up to Shabery, although deep down in its heart, he knew that it's a tall order to talk up Anwar.

I would rather see more open, I mean truly open debates and forums than reading or seeing media spin on tv or newspaper regardless of whom the media belongs to.

Who win or lose is not important, and couldn't care less, because sooner or later the truth will prevail. At least the rakyat are well-informed, and they will make up their own mind.

That's sound more towards civilisation.

Ian, SA

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

Tentang isu debat, semua orang KALAH! Anwar memang diketahui petah berkata-kata, lawan debatnya itu pula hebat dengan buih-buihnya. Tapi hakikatnya, minyak dan barangan lain masih menggila harganya! Singapore pula kini mengintai peluang menguasai perairan sekitar pedra branca.

Kesimpulannya, Singapura dilihat bakal menjuarai semua konflik ini.

Anonymous said...


It should be Anwar vs Khairy Jamaludin...

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Nak tergelak saya baca komen pembaca yang mengatakan Anwar-Shabery seri. Lagi nak tergelak bila ada yang kata Shabery menang.

Buat Mardhiah,

Boleh senaraikan di sini apa kunyahan anda tentang IPP?

Seingat saya, Anwar kata IPP terlebih untung kerana ditanggung oleh Petronas dan Tenaga Nasional. Anwar juga kata jika kontrak IPP dikaji semula, boleh jimat RM2 billion.

Shabery sikitpun tak jawab tentang perkara ini. Mungkin Mardhiah boleh tolong jawab....

Fakta IPP ni dari dulu lagi ceritanya keluar di MSM.

Malah, selepas beberapa hari debat tersebut, kerajaan dah umumkan pengurangan rezab tenaga negara dari 40% ke 25% secara beransur-ansur. Sila rujuk arkib Utusan On-line.

Ada yang kata, jangan ubah kepimpinan, biarlah Pak Lah jadi PM sampai 2010. Pengganti pun belum tentu bagus. Saya kata anda salah.

Fakta dari Parlimen, dulu minyak naik 30 sen, jimat subsidi RM4.6 billion. Dijanjikan penjimatan ini digunakan untuk infrastruktur. Sudahnya cuma belanja RM740 juta (16% sahaja)untuk infrastruktur (pengangkutan awam dan pendidikan). Bakinya dikatakan TERPAKSA DIALIHKAN kepada menampung kos import makanan yang meningkat tanpa disangka-sangka.

Kata kuncinya ialah "tidak disangka-sangka".

Adakah janji membelanjakan penjimatan subsidi itu dibuat tanpa kajian menyeluruh? Jawapan kepada soalan ini sudah jelas, bukan?

Itu cerita dulu.

Yang terkininya begini. Bila naik 72 sen, Menteri kata peniaga jangan naikkan harga barangan. Selang sebulan setengah, tiada aktiviti pemantauan harga barangan dilaporkan di MSM. Tiba-tiba semalam, Shahrir kata inflasi 7.7%.

Saya percaya ramai bijak pandai ekonomi yang prihatin (tidak semua bijak pandai adalah prihatin)di Malaysia dalam BN mahupun PKR. Mereka hanya perlu diberi peluang. Benar kebolehan mereka ini belum diuji tetapi ini adalah lebih baik dari mereka yang sudah ada "track record" yang buruk.

Jika Pak Lah menukar rejim penasihat ekonominya daripada ahli korporat kepada penjawat awam hakiki, itu saya mungkin boleh terima.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ and debators.

Considering the lack of anti-inflationary policy(s) that is badly needed now, a double-digit inflation rate is very imminent, and it's coming at an awfully fast pace.

Even though there were already initiatives by the Govt to look/revise the weighted components of CPI and its base year (as announced by Sen. Amir Sham a few days ago), I hope that it will not be just a mere mathematical computations to lower the rate.

There are also confusions of sorts in the Govt whether to increase the interest rates or not. The 2nd Finance Minister said it should not because the current inflation is cost-push in nature.

While BNM on the other hand, is considering to increase the rates by several basis points on the argument that it had not been raised for several years already.

When can we expect the confusion be cleared? Next year? Or until the actual inflation rate reaches double-digit? When?

This month the inflation rate is already at 7.7% and unless drastic and comprehensive actions are taken, I would say that our RM10 note would be able only to buy a pack of lunch by the year end.

Maybe the jargons of inflation are difficult to understand by ordinary people, but when it comes to how much quantity of goods that households and housewives can buy using an already 'shrinking' money, those 'new' CPI figures and whatnots are not going to be revered by many.

Azman Mohd Isa
Shah Alam

anakbuah said...

Tuan Haji Mustapha Ong,

"We have missed this opportunity and Anwar will be more cautious now to go for public debates, which he is only comfortable when the audience consist thousands of his party supporters and sympathisers."

# Saya hairan Tuan Haji seperti suka Anwar dimalukan di depan khalayak ramai. Apa kata Tuan Haji berada di tempat Anwar sekarang, adakah Tuah Haji rasa patut dimalukan? Saya dapat kesan, Tuan Haji ada sedikit (mungkin juga banyak?) benci dgn Anwar? Itu personal tapi bukankah itu penyakit hati? Tuan Haji sukakah Anwar "dihantar ke neraka"? Dan ada pula yg kata Anwar pakar kelentong - Sdr amy_kgdusun kenal betul atau selalu bersarapan dgn Anwarkah?

# Anwar tidak kenal saya, begitu juga dgn Tuan Haji. Dan saya bukan penyokong Anwar tapi saya simpati dgn org yg dianiaya. Org yg dimalukan tanpa bukti dan dihukum sebelum dibuktikan bersalah, bagi saya adalah org yg teraniaya. (Lainlah mcm Dr. Chua dulu - ada video dan ramai yg sudah tengok! Saya tak akan percaya selagi tiada yg berkredibiliti memberi tahu, dia nampak dgn mata kepala sendiri "anu" masuk ke dubur si polan).

# Debat bukan tempat untuk memalukan org lain. Shaberry sendiri tidak patut malu atau dimalukan. Jadi, lain kali jangan temukan pendebat yg tidak setaraf - Anwar patut berdebat dgn PakLah, bukan dgn Shaberry. Tajuk debat itu sendiri payah utk Shaberry menagkisnya, sebab itu beliau merapu (w/pun Anwar org kata cuba menipu).

# Rakyat belum menang lagi selagi penyangak2 masih "berseronok" berada di Putrajaya.


The Botak Man said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin & para pengomen,

Yes, most of us need to feed our dependents. Some rather fortunate ones do not need to worry about feeding their dependents. Others gladly (not too sure!) do those chores for them.

My comment has nothing to do with feeding our dependents. It has to do with inflation rate and GDP forecast.

According to official sources that wished to remain anonymous, the real inflation rate is about 10%. Of course, statistics depends very much on what is computed. I am more inclined to believe that Malaysia's inflation rate is anywhere between 10% to 15% rather then the quoted 7.7%.

At the quoted 7.7% inflation rate, could we achieve 5% GDP growth? The PM says we can despite all the cancellation of projects and slashing of government spendings. Businesses are suffering, sales are slowing down. Latest I heard was, credit card and auto loan default rates are rising.

Maybe the PM was quoting a NOMINAL GDP growth of 5%! If that is so, then there is a strong likelihood. If nominal GDP growth is 5%, then REAL GDP would be...negative? Hope not. But possible?

Tomorrow BNM would decide whether to maintain IR at 3.5%. If they are being objective, they would increase it, trust me.

Once BNM increases the IR, then Banks' COF would have to go up. Correspondingly BLR would trend upwards too. With slowing consumption, higher inflation, less business activities, could the GDP still achieve the 5% target?

I only read Econs 101 and barely passed so Economists please help! What is the real inflation rate and can the real GDP grow at 5%?

Anonymous said...

Dato, saya ingin mengulas footnote ini:

FOOTNOTE -- MY apologies for not being able to update this blog as regularly as I should. Unfortunately I have other things to do – dependents to feed and employees (some 80 of them) to take care of. The times are hard and getting harder.

Semua orang mula merasakan kesusahan hidup. Maaf cakap, saya rasa Pak Lah dan pemimpin negara tak faham apa yang sedang dialami oleh rakyat. Sebab itu mereka bermain isu politik tak habis2.

Pak Lah pun tak faham juga. Sebab tu bila orang kata dia tak mampu memimpin negara, dia tak faham, minta dua tahun lagi. Hanya fikir diri sendiri, bukan rakyat. Najib pun sama apabila dia setuju dengan Pak Lah. Yang dia fikir ialah nak jadi PM, bukan nak bantu selesaikan masalah rakyat.

Kadang2 rasa dah malas nak jadi rakyat Malaysia.



Sdr Azman,

Could it be that Finance Min 2 and BN Gov. are not seeing to eye or are not on talking term?

I don't think the Finance Minister can comprehend this.

I agree with Finance Min. 2 that this is cost-push inflation and not demand-push.

A higher interest rate will dampen demand further.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah and must have told Sabree what to talk and what not. Its not everything Sabery alone.

anakbuah said...

Sdr Quick Draw Botak,

"I am more inclined to believe that Malaysia's inflation rate is anywhere between 10% to 15% rather then the quoted 7.7%."

"Once BNM increases the IR, then Banks' COF would have to go up. Correspondingly BLR would trend upwards too. With slowing consumption, higher inflation, less business activities, could the GDP still achieve the 5% target?"

# I'm not economist but I'm a husband to a banker from LSE. And I couldn't agree more to what you have said - those are logical possibilities.

# Those numbers are frightening. The "real" inflation rates, CPI and GDP are even more scary.

# Despite of we're shouting about unfair and questionable expensive contract given to IPPs, media and newspaper like Utusan still try to control people perception to PakLah administration that TNB is still making millions of money. What if TNB could save more? By the way, rakyat still think new electric tariff burdening them a lot, especially after price of petroleum shoot up recently.

# While TNB pay billions of ringgit for excessive 40% reserve to IPPs, do IPPs (at the same time) getting "good deal" (cheap?) of natural gas from Petronas or Gas Malaysia to run their turbines to produce electric? If yes, that's another source of unnecessary leaking of money and we must look into this as well. Whatever money that we could save worth a lot to the rakyat right now.


p.s.: If Proton Perdana still unreliable and transmission problem still not resolve after so many years, as a consumer/customer and a dedicated driver, I'll opt for Merc or other reputable makers, anytime; initial cost might be expensive but later we'll realize - we save maintenance cost, less headache and most importantly, save our precious time. Proton (or their vendors) "don't care" mentality make people sick! In business, customer always right!

Anonymous said...

salam dato,

bad move to up interest rates because for many households whom are already struggling with loan repayment and rising cost of living; a difference of that few hundreds of ringgit would spell DOOM/bankruptcy.

where else would that few hundreds come from to stem the rising debts of credit cards/personal debts?



Anonymous said...

Debat demi debat, satu lagi lambang Melayu dipinggirkan...

Utusan Malaysia:Topi mortar ganti songkok semasa konvokesyen UIAM
24/07/2008 5:51pm
“Tambahan pula dengan perubahan ini kami tidak perlu lagi menjawab soalan-soalan berunsur skeptikal (was was) daripada sesetengah pihak,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Kalau dah orang Melayu bertaraf prof UIA dah rasa tak perlu menjawab isu songkok, apalah nak diharapkan lagi.

Kerosakan demi kerosakan didiamkan sahaja oleh pemimpin Melayu.

Sedihlah Datuk. Harap dapat ulasan yang panjang lebar dari Datuk untuk blog akan datang. Perkara ini tidak boleh didiamkan.


kluangman said...

Debat itu untuk apa sebenarnya, matlamat? objektif? Kesan? Apakah ada apa apa perubahan selepas itu ?
Bagi saya elok kalau dinamakan "kelentong'.

Shabery kelentong bagi pihak kerajaan dan Anwar bagi pihak pembangkang. Kerajaan dan pembangkang masih belum menunaikan janji2 pilihanraya mereka kepada rakyat.

"Hari ini tubuh kerajaan, esok harga minyak turun'. Tajuk itu sendiri satu 'kalau' yang sudahpun menunjukkan bukan raliti untuk kita harapkan apa apa.


Dato KJ ...
Saya pun duduk di dusun. Tapi Alhamdulillah fikiran dah terbuka kerana telah lama lari dari penjajahan minda oleh UMNO BN. Kerana itu pada manusia yang mengaku tinggal di kampung dusun bukalah sikit minda tu, jangan terpengaruh sangat dengan kelentong tv dan surat khabar UM/BH.

Untuk Pulau Batu Putih dan kes seterusnya kini: Kan dulu Rais Jelebu dah beri jawapan: Menang-menang!

Rakyat pulak cakap: Hulur-hulur!


Mohd Nadzri Kamsin said...

Dear AKJ,

Shabery should be given a credit. At least he has the guts to confront Anwar in a live telecast debate.

The comments given on my blog that pertains to the debate mostly are emotion based.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can't really blame Anwar for not picking someone his own size, can we? He had repeatedly and publicly called on the PM and/or the DPM to debate with him but neither would. The DPM, as a trained economist and with decades of public speaking experience under his belt, should fit the bill as the one to take on Anwar. AKJ is of course right about those ministers who should have debated. Should there be a debate between the government and Anwar in the future, one not too academic but is purely populist in nature (think ceramah in stadium material), I nominate Azalina. For all her flaws, that woman can really hold the crowd in the palm of her hand in a populist political rabble-rouser-type public speaking. She will not disapoint.

Anonymous said...

oi scribe!

the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Government set a new record for causing misery to the rakyat

Please avoid seditious, defamatory and libelous statements

are you learning nothing from the sabahans?

Anonymous said...


Sebenarnya debat DSAI dengan ASC tidak mendatangkan keuntungan kepada sesiapa pun sama ada DSAI atau ASC mahupun rakyat,cuma ia membolehkan rakyat melihat tentang kemampun ASC dan bukan kemampuan kerajaan. ASC hanya mengulang-ulang perkataan yang dillepaskan sebelum itu seolah-olah dia tidak tahu apa hendak dikemukakan lagi, lagi pun ASC tidak dapat membezakan serang peribadi dengan rekod lampau. Jika semasa saya mengadili debat budak-budak sekolah dahulu tentulah saya memberikan markah lebih tinggi kepada DSAI.

2.Nampaknya orang UMNO tidak mahu mendengar salakan serigala. Mereka cuba musnah anak-anak serigala.

3.Satu lagi sifat manusia yag perlu diketahui ialah: Cakap tidak serupa bikin. Kata Dr HM Tuah: "Jika hendak berbicara, berbicara dengan hari kerana hati tidak pernah berbohong.'

Ahmad A Talib said...

Sdra Scribe,

I just can't understand when the minister said the increase in fuel prices would not lead to increases in other prices. One doesn't have to be a Mathematics professor to know that the increase would lead to a series of chain reaction elsewhere. Now it's openly said that inflation is more than 7 per cent. I tell you Datuk, go down to the sundry shops and other retail outlets, and you know that it's a lot more than that..

amy_kgdusun said...

salam sejahtera buat semua blogger terutama buat datuk. ada yg marah sangat bila kata anuar kaki kelentong. hai sensitif pun penyakit hati yg kronik lepas ni boleh jumpa dr chua, tidak pun doktor pakar kat australia tu. saya tak pernah la pula bersarapan dgn anuar, apa kelas...lagipun dia bukan pandang org2 'tak comel'.tapi...kalau kata saya rapat benar dgn anuar tu mungkin ya sebab saya kenal sgt suku sakat saudara2 dia. bohong ni dah mcm mainan tapi bila dengar cakap alahai pijak semut tak mati. bab tidur pukul 5 pagi baru blk rumah p markas konon jadi bila bangun tu faham2 la, org lain dah blh buat mcm2 dia dok dlm selimut, buat malu bangsa asing. burungpun pandai cari rezeki pagi2. semua org besar2 kawan dia tapi nak buat pinjaman pun tak lulus akibat sangkut kad kredit,biar papa tapi nampak bergaya..mcmana kita nak komen org kalau kita sendiri membangga2kan bangsa penjajah. kalau setakat baca novel salina dah hebat ke.. maaf kalau menyentuh hati dipagi yg mulia ni.

The Botak Man said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin & Sdr. Azman,

It does appear that FM2 and PM does not see eye-to-eye on the inflation issue.

I am inclined to believe the notion that PM may not fully understand and appreciate the differences between cost-push and deman-pull inflationatory pressures.

But do you think that BNM Governor and FM2 see eye-to-eye? What about the Governor and PM?

There are words around saying that the Governor does not see eye-to-eye with the PM and FM2. These were based on the fact that she resigned from Khazanah Board in April 2008 (letter dated 24 or 28, not too sure). No announcement was made until she, herself, decided to make it public. Lepas tu panik nak bagi reason. So the official reason was "conflict of interest".

Out of a sudden there is a conflict of interest. Before this, taklak?


Subtle things like these makes me (and maybe others) wonder whether the chemistry has turned sour up there?

I don't know... but what I do know is it is getting to be extremely difficult managing expenses these days. RM100 does not go far when my other half goes for her usual market trip, not even at Pasar Tani.

Every where and every thing we buy have to be pegged towards petrol consumption. Dulu RM6 dah cukup untuk isi minyak kapcai. Sekarang ni RM10 baru cukup untuk tanki penuh.

Apamacam? Bila kita nak tengok a comprehensive plan/policy to combat rising costs and inflation?

Sekarang takdo kojo lain selain mesyuarat majlis tertinggi UMNO je! Buet le kojo untuk rakyat le. Dah le tu...

Dah muak dongar corita and strategi nak duduk kek kerusi empok tu lamo-lamo! Buet le strategi untok rakyat pulak... Lagi pun gaji rakyat yang bayor! Kalo kojo kompany dah lamo kono buang kojo doh...


Dear all,

Do not blame Singapore for claiming the right to the waters around Pedra Branca. Blame our team to the ICJ that lost the island to Singapore. Pedra Branca (no more Pulau Batu Puteh) belongs to Singapore now. It’s merely using and taking advantage of the provision of the UN Law of the Sea concerning the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Under the UN Law of the Sea, an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is a sea zone over which a state (in this case Singapore) has special rights over the exploration and use of marine resources like petroleum and gas. That’s what we are doing with oil and gas off the coast of Kelantan and Terengganu.
Generally a state's EEZ extends to a distance of 200 nautical miles (370 km) out from its coast. The exception to this rule occurs when EEZs would overlap; that is, state coastal baselines are less than 400 nautical miles apart. When an overlap occurs, it is up to the states to delineate the actual boundary.[1] Generally, any point within an overlapping area defaults to the most proximate state.[2]
The Exclusive Economic Zone starts at the coastal baseline and extends 200 nautical miles out into the sea, perpendicular to the baseline. Thus, the EEZ overlaps both the contiguous zone and territorial waters.[3] States also have rights to the seabed of the continental shelf up to 350 nautical miles from the coast, where this extends beyond the EEZ, but this does not form part of their EEZ.
So let’s see how well our new negotiating team sorts this out with Singapore. After all, if we are to believe the PM, relations with Singapore is superb.

As for why Zeti resigned from Khazanah, I think there’s more to it. Khazanah is a goldmine. I implore Malaysians to watch Khazanah and other state-owned agencies closely because many things can go wrong between now and when a new PM takes over, if ever.

Than You.

Bro Jinggo said...

International Coffee Boy

I understand the general skepticism that has greeted Mohd Saiful Bukhari bin Azlan's police report accusing Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim of allegedly buggering him. Many Malaysians have said, "Not again..." or "Can't they come up with something better?" Whatever your take on this may be, I think its best that everyone allows due process to take place and since the level of cynicism is extremely pronounced, there should be some sort of independent verification for possible key evidence e.g. a foreign forensic expert going through whatever tests that need to be done to prove or disprove that the said buggery took place.

But the one thing that I could never figure out is this: When Saiful made his police report, he was identified as a special assistant to Dato' Seri Anwar. Special assistant means someone with exclusive contact with their employer, someone who has personal dealings with their principal. But shortly after the report was made, Keadilan apparatchiks went on the offensive saying that Saiful was a mere volunteer at the party HQ - a very small, insignificant cog in the giant wheel that is Keadilan and Friends. He was described by Anwaristas as an assistant to an assistant and more specifically as a "coffee boy." In fact, Dato' Seri Anwar himself said that Saiful was "not a permanent member of the staff" and only earned a part-time allowance.

So they established clearly that Saiful was a nobody and implied that he would not have had much significant, personal contact with Dato' Seri Anwar. A volunteer coffee boy that dropped out of university. No more, no less.

But here's the problem. Dato' Seri Anwar also admitted that he has taken Saiful along during his foreign trips. Now, why in the world would you take your volunteer coffee boy on an overseas visit? If he was a nobody, just as Dato' Seri Anwar and his lackeys painted him out to be, why would he be part of a coveted overseas entourage?

The only explanation I can think of is that his coffee must be damn, bloody good.

Sila layari

Anonymous said...


Tanya Sama Itu Abdul!
(kemanakah cerita ekonomik dunia)

Dengan Izin.
(tetapi kita masih berpaut dengan soal kepercayaan dan ekonomi!?)

Fannie’s and Freddie’s free lunch
By Joseph Stiglitz

Published: July 24 2008 18:25 | Last updated: July 24 2008 18:25

Much has been made in recent years of private/public partnerships. The US government is about to embark on another example of such a partnership, in which the private sector takes the profits and the public sector bears the risk. The proposed bail-out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac entails the socialisation of risk – with all the long-term adverse implications for moral hazard – from an administration supposedly committed to free-market principles.

Defenders of the bail-out argue that these institutions are too big to be allowed to fail. If that is the case, the government had a responsibility to regulate them so that they would not fail. No insurance company would provide fire insurance without demanding adequate sprinklers; none would leave it to “self-regulation”. But that is what we have done with the financial system.

Even if they are too big to fail, they are not too big to be reorganised. In effect, the administration is indeed proposing a form of financial reorganisation, but one that does not meet the basic tenets of what should constitute such a publicly sponsored scheme.

First, it should be fully transparent, with taxpayers knowing the risks they have assumed and how much has been given to the shareholders and bondholders being bailed out.

Second, there should be full accountability. Those who are responsible for the mistakes – management, shareholders and bondholders – should all bear the consequences. Taxpayers should not be asked to pony up a penny while shareholders are being protected.

Finally, taxpayers should be com­pensated for the risks they face. The greater the risks, the greater the compensation.

All of these principles were violated in the Bear Stearns bail-out. Shareholders walked away with more than $1bn (€635m, £500m), while taxpayers still do not know the size of the risks they bear. From what can be seen, taxpayers are not receiving a cent for all this risk-bearing. Hidden in the Federal Reserve-collateralised loans to ­JPMorgan that enabled it to take over Bear Stearns were almost surely interest rate and credit options worth billions of dollars. It would have been easy to design a restructuring that was more transparent and protected taxpayers’ interests better, giving some compensation for their risk-bearing.

But the proposed bail-out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac makes that of Bear Stearns look like a model of good governance. It sets an example for other countries of what not to do. The same administration that failed to regulate, then seemed enthusiastic about the Bear Stearns bail-out, is now asking the American people to write a blank cheque. They say: “Trust us.” Yes, we can trust the administration – to give the taxpayers another raw deal.

Something has to be done; on that everyone is agreed. We should begin with the core of the problem, the fact that millions of Americans were made loans beyond their ability to pay. We need to help them stay in their homes, including by converting the home mortgage deduction into a cashable tax credit and creating a homeowners’ Chapter 11, an expedited way to restructure their liabilities. This will bring clarity to the capital markets – reducing uncertainty about the size of the hole in Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s balance sheets.

The government should set a limit to the size of the bail-out, at the same time making it clear that, while it will not allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fail, neither will it be extending a blank cheque. There may need to be a drastic reorganisation. There should be a charge for the “credit line” (any private firm would do as much) and, given the risk, it should be at a higher than normal rate.

The private sector knows how to protect its interests; the government should do no less. As long as the credit line is extended, no dividends should be paid. To ensure that the government is not simply bailing out creditors who failed in due diligence, at least, say, 25 per cent of any notes, loans or bonds coming due that are not lent again should be set aside in an escrow account, to be paid only after it is established that taxpayers are not at risk. Any government loans should be cumulative preferred debt: the taxpayers get paid before any other creditors receive a dime. To discourage moral hazard the interest rate should be at a penalty rate and, reflecting the rising risk, increase with the amount borrowed. Finally, the government should participate in the upside potential as well as the downside risk: for instance, by taking shares (which it might later sell) or, as it did in the Chrysler bail-out, warrants.

We should not be worried about shareholders losing their investments. In earlier years, they were amply rewarded. The management remuneration packages that they approved were designed to encourage excessive risk-taking. They got what they asked for. Nor should we be worried about creditors losing their money. Their lack of supervision fuelled the housing bubble and we are now all paying the price. We should worry about whether there is a supply of liquidity to the housing market, so that those who wish to buy a home can get a loan. This proposal provides the necessary liquidity.

A basic law of economics holds that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Those in the financial market have had a sumptuous feast and the administration is now asking the taxpayer to pick up a part of the tab. We should simply say No.

The writer, 2001 recipient of the Nobel Prize for economics, is university professor at Columbia University. He is co-author with Linda Bilmes of The Three Trillion ­Dollar War: the True Cost of the Iraq Conflict


perhatian - harga minyak di pasaran landen dan niyu yok turun dibawah paras 125 semalam(wah, susidi negara bolehlah lebih dari rm4billion lah!, Scribe). Bila akan naik balik? harap-harap lepas freddie dan fannie habis berbulan madu dan biarkan hunimun itu berpanjangan.

Ini tidak, minggu depan cerita kemelut nigeria dan iraq atau venezuela atau iran mengiringi kembalinya harga biasa(USD150-166@barrel and 1Euro:1.62USD)

Ab Razak Hj Ahmad said...

Tak salah saya dalam Berita TV1 hari tu ada berita mengatakan Bank Negara akan naikkan kadar OPR. Saya langsung tak ambil pot atau minat pasal OPR kerana mungkin anggap tiada kaitan langsung dengan saya. Tetapi di akhir berita apabila ada statement yang mengatakan dengan kenaikan OPR makan bank perdagangan lain akan mempertimbangkan untuk menaikkan kadar BLR membuat saya terkedu dan tergamam serta panik sekejap.

Kalau BLR naik sudah tentu bayaran bulanan untuk pinjaman perumahan akan meningkat. Majoriti pinjaman perumahan tidak kira perbankan Islam atau konvesional menggunakan BLR sebagai asas. Lepas satu, satu lagi bala menimpa.

Kini kadar inflasi sudah naik walaupun sebelum tu dinafikan oleh Pak Menteri. Kalau kes macam ni bukan dikategorikan sebagai menipu ke...???

Pak-Pak Menteri tahu tak bagaimana kesusahan rakyat. Dato' Shahrir Samad agak-agak tahu tak berapa harga nasi yang dia senduk masa makan. Setakat naik ERL waktu off peak lepas tu declare kata public transport di Malaysia reliable, boleh dikategori MP yang berkaliber ke..??

Dulu masa jadi pengerusi PAC bukan main hentam lagi salah laku MP lain. Now bila dah jadi MP baru tahu bukan senang nak jaga kementerian.

Anonymous said...

salam DSAKJ n Bloggers,

sehingga kini belum ada seorg pun dari"TEAM ICJ" ini yang dengan penuh rendah diri meminta kemaafan dr rakyat m'sia....

p/s : kalaulah ada sumber minyak di sana mcm mana ya!!!!!


khairilmuda said...


umum rakyat malaysia tahu debat diantara Dsai dan Dasc "hari ini bina kerajaan esok turun harga minyak".Macam2 pendapat kita telah dengar ekoran debat tersebut.

Tahniah kepada datok'Shaberi dan kerajaan diatas keterbukaan ini diharap ini menjadi pemangkin kepada keterbukaan seterusnya.

Pandangan saya begini debat ini Isunya bukanlah menang atau kalah, Dasc lawan atau bukan lawan Dsai, orang baru atau orang lama atau profile pendebat2, tetapi isu minyak..yang jelas dari debatan ini kerajaan dan Dasc tiada idea dan jawaban kepada isu ini.Dasc bukanlah juga calang orang bekas tokoh semangat 46 ini juga dikenali pemidato dan pendebat yang baik mungkin antara yang terbaik dikalangan ahli parlimen Umno diatas keberaniannya ini tetapi kerana tiada idea, jawapan dan fakta2 Dasc mula merapu2 zaman inggeris, jepun dan tuk kaduk.Maka fakta dan jawapan Dasc yang salah dan silap dato seri anwar kerana naik harga minyak, harga barang naik , pengangguran naik, inflasi naik, beban rakyat naik ini semua salah dan silap Dsai saya nak tanya pembaca betul tak fakta jawaban ini?

Ini lah yang saya lihat ahli parlimen umno seolah masih dizaman jepun kuno dalam memberi penerangan dan hujjah atas dasar2 kerajaan. Macamana lah rakyat nak percaya? Yang percaya ialah macam Dsai kata ahli parlimen BN dan penyokongnya sahaja.

Saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada Dsai kerana berjaya memberi hujjah dan fakta dalam isu minyak. saya dan mungkin juga rakyat malaysia mula faham bagaimana harga minyak buleh diturunkan tetapi kami hairan dan keliru hingga kini kenapa lah kerajaan terlalu drastik menaik kan harga minyak ini kerana kesannya bukan sedikit tanpa fakta dan sebab2. hanya sepi dan alasan2 kosong.

Saya mula yakin sudah sampai masanya kita berubah dan kita perlu berubah untuk kebaikan kita sendiri.Sudah sampai masanya kita berhijrah pada paradigma yang baru

anakbuah said...

Dato' dan Sdr/i semua,

Kalau kita tidak kenal personally dgn seseorang, jgnlah kita judge dia sampai ke dlm selimut. Elok kita jaga tepi kain tudung kita sendiri drp sebok jaga tepi kain celana org lain! Apa lagi juka org itu tidak pernah dibuktikan bersalah, walau di hadapan mahkamah sivil - digugurkan/tiada kes.

Dikatakan bila hampir akhir zaman, di kala fitnah Dajjal bermaharajalela, bersumpah dgn nama Allah atau bersumpah dgn Quran yg suci pun 'is nothing'! Dajjal tidak takut dgn ayat2 suci dan tidak percaya balasan Allah. Jadi pada pandangan saya, jika si Anwar ini dajjal, beliau tentu tidak heran utk bersumpah dgn Quran bila2 masa. Katakanlah beliau dajjal yg tidak mahu bersumpah dgn Quran pula, beliau sememangnya pakar politik yg tulen. Dan politikus tidurnya bukan mcm kita org biasa - PakLah tidur di tengah conference antarabangsa, Anwar tidur sampai tengahhari. Ada PakLah perduli dgn burung2 yg tengah terbang mencari makan semasa dia lena? Dan ada juga makhluk di tgh mlm meletupkan org dgn C4, juga atas sebab2 tersendiri. Mudahnya, struggle politikus2 begini berbeza2 .

Saya mudah, Anwar buat dajjal, kita humban di dlm penjara semula (atau ada yg sampai seperti mahu "menyula" beliau? Terpulanglah!). Tetapi, bagaimana pula dgn "dajjal-dajjal" yg sedang bermaharajalela di Putrajaya sekarang? Saya tidak sakit hati dgn keseronokan dan kekayaan mereka, tetapi saya 'concern' dgn nasib kita, rakyat biasa!


p.s.: Eloklah kita jgn melacurkan mulut dan tangan kita menulis dgn menyerang peribadi seseorang yg membuatkan Salina (seorang pelacur) nampak "lebih mulia"!



Salina dan pelacur kelas bawah Chow Kit pastinya lebih "mulia" daripada YB yang korup, hipokrit dan melompat dari parti ke parti semata-mata kerana kuasa dan harta benda.

Pelacur tidak pernah beri salam dan selawat penjang berjela dan tidak bersikap "aku lebih beriman daripada kamu" -- holier than thou.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Remember the part when Shabery said that BN was Great because despite the high Oil Price Inflation is low and even went to suggested that this trend will continue?
Hah! with inflation now shot up to 7% and will be 9% in two months time.....shouldn't someone rub his face with this?

anakbuah said...

Salam Dato',

Kita tinggalkan pasal "pelacur" dan "dajjal" sebentar.

Saya dapati, ramai yg makin berhati-hati sekarang. Ini perkara serious Dato': Kita sedang bercakap tentang seorang yg bakal menjadi PM - bukan bakal TPM atau bakal ketua pembangkang, situasi di mana cengkaman UMNO/BN tidak pernah terlepas selama lebih 50 thn Merdeka.

Saya bukan generasi Dato' dan saya tidak pernah melihat sendiri bendera Tanah Melayu dinaikkan semasa Merdeka dahulu. Menoleh kebelakang dan belajar drp sejarah itu penting tetapi hidup kami generasi era globalisasi (era dajjal bermaharajalela) skrg tidak boleh lagi berasaskan rasa bersalah dan nostalgia pecah-dan-perintah British, seperti rasa bersalah dunia barat terhadap Yahudi. Saya dan generasi saya ingin hidup aman dan sejahtera di bawah kepemimpinan yg mantap dan boleh diharap.


p.s.#1: Saya baru habis menonton semua filem Umar Mukhtar:'Lion of the Desert'(1981) dan utk sekian kalinya bulu roma saya naik! Cerita tentang 'struggle', 'dignity' dan 'honour'.

p.s.#2: Dato' pernah baca tak buku Frank Swettenham, 'British Malaya'(1907)? Saya terjumpa senaskah edisi pertama di sini utk dijual dan saya rasa rugi kalau tidak membaca dan memilikinya. Tentu menarik dlm memahami keadaan negara dahulu dan sekarang.

Anonymous said...

Isu debat bukan nak mencari pemenang. Tapi kebenaran dan fakta atau asas dalam mempertahankan dasar yang perlu dipertahankan atau diperkenalkan.

Jika ikut rangking jelas seharusnya yang berhadapan dengan DSAI sekurang kurangnya adalah Menteri Kewangan.

Namun langkah awal debat terbuka ini adalah sehat di dalam negara kita yang mengamalkan sistem demokrasi agar rakyat dapat menilai sendiri.

Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia terlalu lama di didik atau diracuni seolah oleh pembangang wujud di negara ini sebagai satu kuasa asing untuk MENJAJAH negara Malaysia.

by Apple Hijau

Anonymous said...

kepada bung karno....
saya rasa anda tak faham isi debat tuh...anwar bukan nak ambik duit petronas. dia kata nak ambik duit dari apa yang petronas wajib bagi kepada kerajaan.(jumlah yang telah ditetapkan). Duit petronas dia tak usik (ikut suka ati petronas la nak guna untuk perkembangan dimasa depan). faham betul2 baru buat ulasan. kalau tak anda di tertawakan orang...malu bosss....:)

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