Friday, August 01, 2008

For Anwar It’s Now Or Never

A Kadir Jasin

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DR Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s decision to resign as the Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh to give way to her husband, Anwar Ibrahim, had not come as a surprise.

It will also not surprise me that if, at some point of time in the future, she will re-contest elsewhere or hand over the leadership of Parti Keadilan Rakyat to him. But that’s not the priority now.

The immediately consideration has to be the resurrection of her husband as an elected representative after some 17 years of hiatus.

Soon after Dr Wan Azizah’s announcement, Anwar told a Press conference in Petaling Jaya that he would contest the Permatang Pauh by-election.

There are several very compelling reasons why Anwar has to take the plunge now and why in Permatang Pauh is the best place to do so.

The last thing first – why Permatang Pauh? For a start, it is Anwar’s first and only parliamentary constituency. He recaptured the seat from Pas at the age of 35 in 1982 as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's protege.

He can choose to contest in other PKR-held Parliamentary seats. A few days ago there were talks that the PKR MP for Kulim-Bandar Baru in Kedah, Zulkifli Nordin, would step down to allow him to contest the seat.

There were also rumours that he was contesting in the Bandar Tun Abdul Razak constituency in Kuala Lumpur now held by Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Menteri Besar.

But Permatang Pauh is the safest and most historically relevant. The Penang Malay-dominated constituency carries a significant psychological advantage for Anwar.

It was there in 1982 that he became a giant killer by defeating the incumbent Pas MP, Haji Zabidi Ali.

Wan Azizah held the seat since the 1999 general election and in the last March 8 polls easily defeated the BN with 13,388 votes majority.

There’s no safer place for Anwar to stage a parliamentary comeback than in Permatang Pauh. Given that the Barisan Nasional is almost certain to do all it can to thwart his comeback attempt, fighting in a familiar territory gives him an advantage.

Also, being a Penangite, it would not be correct for him to contest in other states especially when his larger objective is to topple the government led by another Penangite, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Incidentally too, Permatang Pauh lies next to Abdullah’s Kepala Batas constituency. So there’s a moral and psychological mileage to be gained by staging the comeback in Permatang Pauh.

As for the timing, it has to be now or never.

Anwar is not getting younger. This Aug. 10 he will be 61.

With a sodomy allegation hanging over his head and an arrest is said to be eminent, he has to move fast.

There’s no better time to strike at the BN than now. The ruling coalition is in disarray and its key component parties are facing leadership elections.

The Abdullah Government is at the heights of its unpopularity following the June oil price increases, mounting inflation and mediocre economic growth.

Anwar and his supporters are having some success in spinning the sensational sodomy allegation into an equally sensational conspiracy by his opponents.

Truth and fiction are so intertwined that the credibility and integrity of the parties involved in case are being widely questioned. Anwar is using this to his advantage by going on the offensive.

If Anwar is arrested and charged with sodomy, as being widely speculated, there will be enough voters Permatang Pauh who may conclude that he’s being victimised for challenging the government.

It is unlikely that the Court will or can hush up the trial to come up with a verdict within the 60-day period when the election has to be called, especially at the time when Abdullah and his de facto Law Minister, Senator Zaid Ibrahim, are promising an independent judiciary.

Dr Wan Azizah’s withdrawal is a good thing. It kills allegations that Anwar is seeking to build a political dynasty.

With that Anwar stands a better chance of turning the table on Abdullah, who is seen as favouring his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, the MP for Rambau.

I am sure that Anwar will do the Red Adair by fighting fire with fire if the sodomy allegation or a court case is used by the BN to penalise.

He had started the ball rolling on July 1 by making police report against the Inspector General of Police, Musa Hassan and the Attorney General Abdul Ghani Patail for allegedly falsifying evidence in his 1998 “black eye” incident. On July 22, the IGP responded by suing him for defamation.

Anwar will certainly use these documents to question the impartiality of the IGP and the AG if he is arrested and charged with sodomy.

The BN, I suspect, will try to put up a strong face. It cannot be seen to be intimidated by challenge. But it may still pour party and government money to try to regain the seat and stop Anwar from making a comeback.

Given the current unfavourable public reaction towards the government, Umno and the BN may be reluctant to commit its big guns in the campaign. This will give Anwar a further advantage.

So, if there is any hope for Anwar to stage a comeback, now is the most appropriate time and Permating Pauh is the best place to do so.



Hal ini barangkali membuktikan bahawa Anwar hanya berani bertanding di tempat sendiri yang menjadi tradisinya selama ini.

Koklanas said...

Well said AKJ. I don't see how BN can turn this thing around. BN need to look for 'Anwar-like' or 'Husam-like' figure to combat PR.... and Ezam ain't the guy.

encik MIE said...

Kalau ikut pemikiran kita seharian, Anwar boleh menang dengan selesa tapi BN boleh kurangkan majoriti yang besar dari Wan Azizah kira ok dah.

Kalau BN buat surprise, sudah tentu majoriti akan kurang. BN nak menang susah sikit sebab kubu kuat PKR dan Anwar sejak dalam BN lagi. PAS, dan DAP dulu pernah lawan Anwar (semasa dalam BN), pun gagal.

Andaikata perkara diluar pemikiran terjadi, iaitu Anwar Kalah, berlaku tsunami dalam politik, iaitu PR menghadapi masalah sokongan dan kepercayaan.

Dalam situasi sekarang, Anwar dapat menang 60-70%.

kita Lihat aje.

Anonymous said...

well day is coming..
As Malaysia born 16 sept 63,Malaysia will reborn on next 16 sept..

To all Malaysians,

Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia Baru..

Bon Voyage BN.....!!!!


Carling said...

I think its fair for Anwar to stand in Permatang Pauh and should not be seen as standing in a safe seat. If the PM is so sure of his support, vacate Kelapa Batas and fight with Anwar at Permatang Pauh OR vacate Kelapa Batas and challenge Anwar to fight him there, once and for all.
On the same token, I dont see KJ daring to contest in Kepong or Cheras parliament seats. Does that make him a coward? So, please give Anwar a chance, the rakyat do not vote blindly. The results of 8 Mar 2008 speak for itself.

Charlie said...

Yes, I believe the time is now for DSAI to be a MP to speak out for Malaysia in Parliment. One-sided gomen has done so much harm to this country. Facts and reality are written on the wall, anyone can hear it on the streets. Simple analysis is that the effect is from the cuase, the outcome is the result of the doing. Let's see whether is God's willing DSAI can be our next PM.

zulkis said...


Ada sikit pembetulan dalam statement Dato' tu. Bukan Khalid Samad, tapi Zulkifli Nordin MP Kulim Bandar Baru.

politicanalyst said...

Wow. The possibility of Ezam contesting in permatang jauh is 50-50. Since Ezam is so eager to have a one-to-one fight with anwar, this would be a tough fight where the venue is a stronghold of PKR previously hold by Azizah. UMNO would leave no choice but to put the best players to compete with the de-factor leader PKR, DSAI.

It would be very hard for BN to gain a victory for this battle, but if succeed it would be a great lost to the oppositions.

Anonymous said...

Saya sangat bernasib baik, saya adalah pengundi berdaftar di permatang pauh.
Komentar Datuk yang sangat jernih dalam ertikata, komentar orang tua yang penuh dengan wisdom m,embantu saya untuk mengundi dengan penuh semangat.
Kenapa saya bernasib baik? sebab bukan semua orang boleh menyertai dalam pengudian yang bersejarah ini.Oh, sudah tentu harga undi di permatang pauh nanti tidak ternilai Harganya.


Sdr Datuk Khalid Mohamed (bakal pesara UM), Thank you for pointing out the mistake. Apologies to YB Zulkifli Nordin and YB Khalid Abdul Samad.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

YBhg Dato,
Rakyat dah jelak dan muak dengan ahli politik malaysia....ekonomi jatuh,batu putih hilang,maruah negara juga hilang dengan negara kecil di selatan,kes mee sodo ,proton,masjid kristal,mercedes benz,korupsi....dll, bilalah ahli-ahli yang berhormat tu nak bina malaysia???kerana seorang bercita-cita nak jadi PM, biar rakyat menderita....malaysia kini jadi bahan gelak ketawa dunia....dah jadi macam afrika. Yang Pak Lah tu pulak macam pandai sangat nak bina Malaysia....dalam masa 2 tahun ni..orang dah tak mahu...bungkus beg balik kampong kat kepala batas tu...tanam jagong dan boleh tidok lama-lama.....tak menyakitkan hati rakyat lagi.....

frankie said...

It will take a miracle to recapture Permatang Pauh for BN. Trust me, I know the area well, the voters there are passionate voters, they love Wan Azizah and the love Anwar even more. Heck, even if UMNO send in their president to compete with Anwar, it will be a walk thru for Anwar, no one from BN can even stand close to Anwar given such a scenario. With PAS and DAP supporting Anwar and the thousands for fanatic KeAdilan supporters, this by election is all about how badly BN going to lose.

ZURICH AL Qaaf said...

bila melayu meletak nafsu di hadapan apabila mereka membuat keputusan....tok " SAD BUT TRUE"


Sdr Zulkis,

Sudah diperbetulkan. Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

I foresee a difficult campaign for the BN for the same reasons why they lost the 12th GE last March. Lack of credible leadership, economics of the people, power, and a feeling of hopelessness among the people as to when and how the rotten fish head, as TDM so eloquently put it, can be chopped off.

To me it won't matter who is going to contest PP. They can put any sodomite there and he will win against this current government.

Siti Rabecca said...

Mungkin Anwar dapat merasakan pengaruhnya sudah semakin pudar dengan isu kes liwatnya. Sebab tu la beliau bertanding di Permatang Pauh sebab PKR menang besar kat situ masa PU hari tu...Mungkin beliau yakin penyokong di situ masih kuat. Tengok jelah nanti...Silap-silap, beliau tak sempat bertanding sebab sekarang ni siasatan polis dah selesai. Jika beliau didapati bersalah, beliau mungkin akan ditangkap. Tapi bergantung kepada masa dan keputusan siasatan nanti...

kucau said...

saya tidak mahu komen banyak. cuma nak bagitahu sikit sahaja pasal penipuan RPK dan Anwar pasal "medical notes"

Cuba lihat kebodohan RPK mentafsir medical notes pusrawi

TRO - bermaksuk to rule out. bermakna dr tuh tak pasti la. Cuba tgk si RPK kata ape kat sini:

TRO Assault (sodomise)

RPK kata maksud kat atas = pemeriksaan membuktikan pesakit tidak diliwat . Gila salah atau tipu RPK ini.

Further reading here:

Anonymous said...

Askum semua

Lama jugak saya fikir2 kenapa Anwar nak bertanding di Permatang Pauh dan Wan Azizah terpaksa berkorban. Tapi saya rasa sbb utama ialah diorang nak mengelakkan suami isteri jadi ahli parlimen. Mmg tak menjadi kesalahan pun tapi kalau boleh elak lagi baik. Lagipun nanti org kata gila kuasala kronilah, kerajaan keluarga dan mcm2 lagilah.
Mulut2 tempayan ni mana blh ditutup...

Tapi mcm mana kalau BN bawak pengundi hantu beramai2 ke permatang pauh? I believe BN esp PM tak senang duduk skrg ni nak memikirkan strategi nak menghadapi Anwar di Permatang Pauh. Mereka akan fikirkan taktik2(selalunya taktik kotor) spy mereka menang. Paling senang bela hantu ramai2 dan bawak ke Permatang Pauh waktu election nanti!

So, the issue is camana nak combat pengundi2 hantu ni???

Widuri JR

sujini said...

Salam hormat Datuk,

Yang saya tak faham ni, kenapa Anwar
duk main "musical chairs" .
Kejap kerusi Kuala Kangsar, kejap
kerusi Bandar Tun Razak, kejap
kerusi Kulim Bandar Baru dan akhir-
akhirnya kerusi Permatang Pauh.

Segankah nak suruh isteri sendiri
awal-awal lepaskan kerusi?

nak tanya sikit kalau tuduhan
dah jatuh boleh bertanding lagikah?

Aah..siapa gamaknya akan jadi kambing
tambatan untuk BN(UMNO) di Permatang

Pak Malau said...

Sebagai rakyat biasa dan pemerhati dari jauh, saya rasa BN patut mengekalkan Datuk Firdaus.
Ezam, malah Pak lah sekalipun bukanlah lawan Anwar.

conscience said...

I am a Malaysian living overseas, after observing the events unfolded since GE. I think, injustices have been terribly done to this man, by the corrupted Umno led govt. The support and sympathy is with Anwar, I should think the seat will be returned to PKR without much difficulty...I suspect, the winning majority will
even greater. Putting Ezam as a candidate it will be BN biggest disaster..I can almost say, a very high percentage of non-malays'
votes will definitely go to PKR.

Anonymous said...

Apa2 pun, kesimpulannya orang Melayu dah bosan dengan telatah pemimpin UMNO majoritinya korup dan penakut. Saya rasa dah sampai masanya orang Melayu lebih berani dengan mengundi parti selain korup parti seperti UMNO. Kita perlukan kerajaan yang Bersih, Cekap, Amanah, Jujur dan Adil.

Kerajaan kotor tunjangan UMNO sudah tak diperlukan lagi,

Khairul T

Tayadih Maysia said...

Salam datuk,

Orang mempertikai mengapa Anwar bertanding di Permatang Pauh...Orang tak pernah bertanya kalau orang UMNo dikatakan KUNUNnya hebat...mengapa Pak Lah dan Najib atau sesiapa sahaja tidak bertanding di Kelantan. Cuba cabar pemimpin negara ini tinggalkan kawasan mereka dalam pilihan raya tahun depan untuk bertanding di Kelantan.

Kalau tak ada tangan ghaib dalam SPR, pengundi hantu, penyalahgunaan jentera kerajaan dan etc...dah lama BN jadi Be End!

Anonymous said...

apa yg buruk sgt ngan anwar ibrahim, sehingga diaibkan oleh bangsa seagama sendiri??
dan apa pulak yg harus dibnaggakan sangat dengan tempoh 50 tahun pemerintahan umno di bumi malaysia???
Sehingga kini saya sering tertanya-tanya adakah bumi malaysia ini dijadikan oleh allah swt khas khusus utk orang melayu sahaja???

sekiranya hingga kini kita masih memberi kepercayaan kpd umno memerintah, kenapa kita tidak mampu melihat keupayaan pembangkang dlm konteks demokrasi???

cina muaalaf

Mak Kecik said...

Salam Dato',

Saya amat setuju dengan penelitian Dato' terutama tentang pembentukan dinasti. Seperti kata DSAI, Azizah tidak mempunyai cita-cita politik. DSWA juga pernah berkata kerja yang dia paling minat ialah menjadi seorang nenek. Pada pandangan saya, beliau adalah seorang ikon. Saya sebenarnya jenis yang tidak suka mengagung2kan orang terutama yang masih hidup tetapi sekira orang mencadangkan supaya Hari Wanita di Msia dinamakan Hari Azizah, saya akan menyokongnya 200% sebab DSWA adalah embodiment sifat-sifat yang perlu wujud dlm wanita Msia - cerdik, akhlak yang baik, cekal, tabah, berani dll

bukan penduduk Permatang Pauh said...

tahniah diatas artkel yang telus dan unbiased.

memang benar apa kata dato bahawa ini adalah "now or never" bagi Anwar.masa sudah semakin suntuk.adakah Anwar sempat atau tidak untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil nanti?

ada kemungkinan besar untuk Anwar menang kerana Permatang Pauh seperti sudah "sebati" dengan Anwar dan PKR.pilihanraya kecil di sana bakal merubah sejarah politik negara tidak kira sama ada PKR atau UMNO/BN yang menang.pada penduduk Permatang Pauh,diharap semua yang layak agar keluarlah mengundi dan undilah dengan bijak.

masa depan negara bergantung pada anda!

luQman said...

jikalau benar pak lah hendak mengamalkan politik yang bersih,biarkan saja DSAI bertanding di PP,hentikan tuduhan liwat yang bodoh tu. biarkan kuasa rakyat yang menentukan. lagi bagus kalau Pak Lah pun bertanding lawan DSAI. biar keputusan pilihan raya ini menjadi penentu hidup mati politik DSAI atau Pak Lah

LeeZ said...

Siti Rabecca,

You sounded like a moron with your comment...

Tengok jelah nanti...Silap-silap, beliau tak sempat bertanding sebab sekarang ni siasatan polis dah selesai. Jika beliau didapati bersalah, beliau mungkin akan ditangkap.

Like our A Kadir Jasin has wrote, untuk DSAI didapati bersalah sekalipun, mestila ada TRIAL in COURT... and semua orang tahu, sesuatu TRIAL tu pun (in this case, the public is watching)takkanla boleh selesai dalam masa 60 hari???

So, walaupun DSAI sudah ditangkap and didakwa (belum bersalah) di mahkamah dalam masa terdekat ni, beliau masih boleh bertanding lagi for this by-election...

Please re-read your comment first before you publish it!!!

Quick Draw Botak said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin,

Yes, I can agree that the BN is putting a brave front. I do hope it would be a clean affair (if I may use the word). Let the "perceived" best person wins!

Anwar "intends" to "rejoin" Parliament through Permatang Pauh. No more guessing game as far as constituent is concerned. Other parameters are very much opened to guesses, manipulations etc etc.

Let the SHOW begin...

Jeeivan said...

Two years ago one MIC division deputy chief approached me to be a part of MIC. In fact he promised me a branch with members so that I could instantly become a branch head. But I humbly refused giving my growing business as reason though it was different.

I find politics all about achieving personal goals than helping people. We need politicians, I don't deny that. But In Malaysia we see different type of politicking. Politics in Malaysia involves the entire government machinery to succeed or rather would I say to destroy ones opponent. This is the worst of its' kind. This alone suffice to say why public hate this present government this much.

If we take a look at our leaders and the officers leading the institutions, what impression do we get? Pak Lah has been written off as an effective leader. The only effectiveness we see in him is issuing statements. He brought someone who is highly reputable, Dato Zaid Ibrahim to carry out reforms but now Zaid has conceded that it would be difficult for him as he is not being supported by his colleagues.

The second man, Najib seems to be in his own world fighting to look clean. He is one of the UMNO leaders with too many alleged scandals ranging from commissions, sex and murder. Well one could argue all these are not proven but are we talking about proving something against the powerful in a country where public perception is-corruption is rooted in the heart of admin system of Malaysia. So No way...

The same goes to Police and AG office. Two days ago it was reported almost RM100million corruption in Police. Can we believe this happening in Police? The ongoing Anwar sodomy part 2 is another master piece. Any person in his right mind would tell who is lying, who is evading and who is fabricating. Come on, there must be a limit to belittle Malaysians’ intelligence. I will never condone anyone who makes us look stupid. Now Hospitals too have joined this fray which to me a process of making our institutions looks so stupid and a laughing stock for the whole world.

Now let us talk about Anwar. He is not my favorite actually but I find his stance has become more consistent and relevant to us in general. The BN with its power can't even convince PAS. But on the other hand Anwar alone without position and power has successfully managed to bring two extreme parties (DAP, PAS) together to work hand-in-hand even while he is going through an uncertain period on his own. I regard this ability in him as political wisdom.

After 50 years of independence and living together we Malaysians are supposed to be more united with one voice for peaceful and prosperous Malaysia. But we are not, in fact we have become more suspicious of each other and racial tolerance is still very much sensitive. Have anyone would have expected non-Muslims voting for PAS and Muslims for DAP. This should continue as this would make non-Muslims feel comfortable with Muslims and vice versa. In so saying one could not deny Anwar is instrumental for bringing such a change in attitude of Malaysians.

To me, this is the utmost leadership quality expected in a leader in making multi-ethnic Rakyat unity a success. This is the reason, despite all these accusations Anwar still rides high and more and more Malaysians started supporting him. This is the reason Anwar should win, whether it’s Permatang Pauh or Sandakan.

rakyat marhaen said...


Kucau apa yang saudara cakap ni?
Kalau doktor tu tulis TRO atau TRI(to rule in)saudara faham ke?
Saiful datang pun bukan sebab nak check utk sodomy, utk tenesmus je. Tapi finding tu ada menggambarkan finding yang bakal ditemui oleh doktor di HKL.Ia mungkin sama. Dr Pusrawi tu pun bertindak mengikut etika dengan menyuruh Saiful pergi ke hospital gomen utk pemeriksaan sekiranya ia melibatkan isu medico legal. Tapi apsal saiful pergi lambat sangat?4 hari lepas kena liwat. Kalau pergi waktu itu juga(lepas kena liwat tu) byklah evidence yang boleh didapati;rambut, semen, other body fluid barulah ada bukti boleh diambil(dna matching).
Yang novandri letak gambar proctoscope dalam url yang kucau bubuh ni bukannya sodok mcm tu aje. Kena bubuh KY jelly cream dan yang sebagainya pada proctoscope tu,kalau kesat, sakitlah.
Kucau, dgn hormatnya saya cadangkan saudara turun sama dgn Novandri kat Permatang Pauh utk jelaskan isu ni pada orang kampung. Org kampung tak faham isu ini 'mengikut' persepsi saudara.
sekian, maaf byk ye saudara kucau.

* saya selalu juga tulis TRO dalam rekod pesakit tapi bukan bermaksud tidak pasti/jelas.Ia ditulis mengikut konteks pada waktu itu. So, masa pendakwaan nanti, tanya betul2 ma pada Dr Pusrawi tu *

Kapt (b) Haris Jamaludin said...

Saya sememangnya menyukai pandangan waras Dato.Apa yang saya risau di dalam pilihanraya kecil nanti:
1. Undi pos
2. Undi Hantu
3. Rasuah kepada semua peringkat
4. Fitnah dari segenap penjuru
5. Ugutan jenayah
6. Jenayah ugut dan culik
7. Jenayah pukul/bunuh
8. Penipuan
Saya percaya BN akan menggunakan apacara sekalipun yg tak terbayang di fikiran utk memenangi pilihanraya ini.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Benar Permatang Pauh itu selamat bagi Anwar Ibrahim.

Adakah ini bermakna Anwar Ibrahim tidak jantan? Atau mungkin Anwar Ibrahim berasa tidak yakin? Saya tidak mahu memberi komen di sini kerana bagi saya persoalan ini tidaklah begitu penting.

Yang lebih penting adalah percaturan politik yang disusun.

Pertama sekali, Pulau Pinang adalah di bawah pimpinan DAP. Bergeraknya jentera pilihanraya PR di Permatang Pauh bermakna peluang untuk merapatkan semula PAS dan DAP. Ini kerana Permatang Pauh mempunyai pengundi majoriti melayu.

Keduanya, pada PRU12 yang lalu, pengundi telah menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati mereka kepada Pak Lah yang merupakan MP dari Pulau Pinang juga sebagai PM.

Adakah sentimen ini sudah berubah?

Tidak lama selepas PRU12, Lim Guan Eng telah membuat tiga perkara (yang mana bagi saya amat significant) iaitu mengumumkan pemerintahan Khalifah Umar yang akan diteladani, menaikkan elaun guru KAFA dan tinggal menetap di rumah keluarga walaupun sudah bergelar Ketua Menteri.

Kemudian harga minyak naik, berita penutupan kilang secara tiba-tiba yang mendapat tempat di MSM, penangguhan pembinaan jambatan kedua, pembatalan MOU dengan Kementerian Pelancongan dan pendedahan kaitan Patrick Lim dengan Penang Global City Centre. Ini semua "kebetulannya" mengundang rasa jauh hati di kalangan penduduk Pulau Pinang.

Ketiganya, seperti komen saya diposting yang sebelum ini, berkaitan Anwar ditangkap atau tidak.

Sesatunya isu yang ada di tangan BN adalah isu DEB. Namun saya jangkakan Anwar Ibrahim telah bersedia dengan hujah-hujah bagi usul untuk menggantikan DEB dengan sesuatu yang baru.

Jika Anwar tidak di tangkap, saya jangkakan beliau mempunyai banyak kelebihan seperti di atas untuk menang. Sekaligus "membuktikan" orang Pulau Pinang masih marah dengan Pak Lah.

Jika beliau ditangkap dan sekaligus tidak dapat bertanding, tentunya PR akan meletakkan calun yang lain (saya jangka Wan Azizah tidak akan kembali bertanding dalam situasi ini).

Dan melalui penangkapan Anwar, PR akan memperoleh sokongan lebih kuat seperti yang berlaku pada PRU10 pada 1999.

Jika Anwar dapat menjadi MP, perubahan kerajaan persekutuan akan benar-benar dalam jangkauan PR. Sekurang-kurangnya kekuatan Pak Lah pada pemilihan UMNO Disember nanti akan merosot parah.

Jika Anwar ditangkap dan tidak bertanding, Pak Lah mungkin dapat memperlihatkan kekuatannya kepada ahli UMNO. Namun, sekaligus, kepercayaan umum kepada beliau di luar UMNO akan membarah.

Kesimpulannya, terjunnya Anwar Ibrahim ke pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh bukan soal anak jantan atau tidak.

Ia adalah persoalan "now or never". Saya sememangnya setuju sangat dengan analisa Dato'.

Ini bukan soal jantan atau tidak. Ini adalah soal percaturan politik.

Di dalam percaturan politik, jenis tindakan dan "timing" adalah amat-amat penting.

Anonymous said...

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Tugas2x kami setiap hari brainstorming, attend seminars and talks, report writing dan web surfing to find ideas to spur the industries thru Govt and Private sector co-partnership.

Akhir sekali kami hantar report and update Tan Sri Omar-Penasihat Sains Tun Dr Mahathir yg menjadi PM ketika itu.

Point saya di sini, sesiapa shj boleh memerintah negara ini krn ramai administrator spt saya yg mampu membantu K'jaan dlm menguruskan hal negara...Politician hanyalah "puppet" yg mengiakan policies yg tlh dicadangkan. Tak kira Mahathir, Anwar, Nik Aziz, Hj Hadi, Nasaruddin Mat Isa, Pak Lah, Najib or Muhyidin etc. semuanya boleh menjalankan tugas sbg PM krn ramainya org spt kami, Pegawai2x Khas dan PTD di Kementerian2x.

Pd hemat saya, to be a leader you must have the charisma, leadership skills and trust from the rakyat. Dlm kes ini Anwar Ibrahim has the advantage if compare to the current UMNO leaders.

Personally, I don't mind to have a Gay PM (if he is really so but deep in my heart I believed that Anwar is innocent) as long as he can deliver and bring good the the country economy and people. Just like Clinton and Monica in previous years..

Badrol Hisham Bahri

Cucu Adam said...

I would like to propose that BN/UMNO nominates Saiful as their candidate to contest in the by election at Permatang Pauh against DSAI. Surely he will qualify the fact he is consider honest and clean and had been a victim of sodomy. And what a better way for him to tell the whole truth to the people of Permatang Pauh how the sodomy took place (with details), and that they will be making a big mistake if they should elect DSAI as their elected MP.

As said by many bloggers, DSAI will have no difficulties to win handsomely the fact that he was their MP for 17 years during those good times and Datin Azizah was elected MP for three consecutive general election.

The only thing that is worrying everybody is the government will find ways and means not to hold the by election, or to disqualify DSAI to particiapate in the by election. However, it will be a big mistake if this should happened as the entire world will view it as a desperate attempt by the Malaysian Government to deny DSAI to participate in the by election.

The choice of the constituency outweigh the other 2 that were earlier proposed and much had already been mentioned by other bloggers.

donmny said...


DSAI dirasakan perlu bertanding dikawasan yang bukan saja selamat, tetapi betul-betul selamat.

Jentera kerajaan sudah pastilah akan diguna sepenuh dan sesungguhnya dalam pilihanraya ini.

ianya 'survival' kepada kedua-dua pihak. matlamat akan menghalalkan cara. samada dibunuh ataupun membunuh. segalanya mungkin dalam situasi sekarang.

donmny said...


akar umbi dah bagi tau.

iamataxpayer said...

kepada muhammad azli shukri,

pandagan tuan amat sempit, fikir balik sebelum comment. Macam mana dengan Tuan Dr M? Yang selalu di Kubang Pasu? Macam mana dengan PM sendiri yang selalu di kepala batas? TPM yang selalu di Pekan dan apa pula dengan menteri menteri lain?

Fikirlah dulu sebelum cakap, jangan buat joke yang jantuh maruah orang malaysia pula.

bat8 said...

siti rebecca

Pemiilihan pematang pauh telah diterang panjang lebar oleh Dato. Kalau rasa tak puas hati...suruh KJ letak jawatan, ajak anwar bertanding kat rembau.

Paling besh lagi siti rebecca sendiri minta dengan paklah lawan anwar.

Patut le PAS tak mahu bermuzakarah dengan UMNO....dari pemimpin sampai lah balachi upahan...kalau tak bengap,akai kat pung*k sayfool. Abih camne nak muzakarah pasai perpaduan melayu dan Islam.

tok kemuning said...

Despite what is happening, regardless the only people with power nowadays is Permatang Pauh voters.They are having an opportunity to reshape a landscape of our political environment. There are gonna be 3 result scenerios in Permatang Pauh:

1. Anvar would maintain the 13,000 majority.
2. Anvar would increase the 13,000 majority.
3. Anvar would not able to maintain the 13,000 majority.

Therefore there are 2 in 3 odds for Anvar to win the Permatang Pauh.

The UMNO leaders are saying that the current scenerio is as they have expected. Still we could not foresee who is the most eligible candidate from BN.

With the current scenerio the most likely voter who gonna vote for Anvar are:

1. Pakatan member (Pas, Dap & PKR)
2. Pakatan supporter
3. BN member that is unhappy with current political situation.
4. BN supporter thai is unhappy with current political situation.
5. Fence sitter that would vote base on their own judgement for their best interest.

Therefore BN need a really super candidate to match Anvar. Probably the best candidate is Tun. But Tun is not an UMNO member anymore and he said he is already retired from politic. So who else BN has.

bat8 said...

sawit future trader

dari pemerhatian kita, kerajaan selalu mengambil tindakan dalam keadaan terburu-buru, selalu shoot its on foot. Tindakan budak tadika.

Tangkap DSAI untuk tuduh kes liwat adalah perkara pasti, cuma persoalannya bila?

Bila tu kenalah tunggu SPR umumkan bila tarikh penamaan calon dan hari mengundi,

Jangan terkejut bila kerajaan tangkap DSAI untuk didakwa kes liwat sehari sebelum hari penamaan calon. To an idiot it is a brilliant move but us rakyat, it is the most stupid thing to do and indeed a coward act on behalf of UMNO.

Ade orang sebut pasal pengundi hantu ekk. Minta tolong kepada Husam. Rasanya Husam dan teamnya adalah yang paling handal dalam menangkap atau memerangkap pengundi hantu.


Heical said...

Salam Datok,
With a sodomy allegation hanging over his head and an arrest is said to be eminent, he has to move fast.
Memang betul,ini lah punca hilang daya pertimbangan.
Laki bini menyusahkan rakyat , kena undi lagi sematamata tujuan politik yg pentingkan diri sendiri.
Minta minta bungkuslah dia kali ini.



So long the Government do not engage a Sniper Shooter on DSAI, the people will welcome him to take leadership of Malaysia from present weak incompetent and impotent Pak Lah.

BTW, is that KJ "Orang Utan" or Pak Lah Junior that sitting with you on your Profile Photo???

Pretty cute though!

azee72 said...

We ,voters in P.Pauh will not dissapoint the entire nation .

Najib akan balik KL lepaih pilihan raya dengan seluaq dalam saja dan di cop sebagai suspek utama kes Altantuya.

Its now or never....
Najibb siap hang.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ and debators.

Unless with the intervention of an act of God, and if we put the sodomy allegation aside, I have no doubt that Anwar will convincingly win in the up coming by-election. Permatang Pauh is simply Anwar’s stronghold fortress for any opponent to come out unscathed.

However, as crooked as we may hear from many contentions, the world of politics has never been one which followed straight lines. We can never easily forecast what the outcome may turn out to be, especially in the current reckless politicking pattern by both the Government and the Oppositions.

While we still do not know who will be Anwar’s opponent, personally, I simply cannot get rid of Pak Lah’s image on whomever he’s going to appoint as the candidate. When that image haunts me, it’ll make my voting easy! Luckily, I’m not a registered voter in that constituency and I leave it to the people of Permatang Pauh to decide.

Interestingly and funny too, both the present Government and the Oppositions are claiming that they are holier than the other. I say bull****! Neither one of them are. If I were to be a voter there, I’d rather look at a scenario of which one is more evil than the other. It would be easy for me to choose when that parameter is used instead of buying all those oratory talks and grand implausible outcomes that are just like giving sweets/toys to a crying child.

On a broader scale, just because the results of PRU12 gave way to an increase number of parliamentary seats for PR, it doesn’t mean that the majority people of Malaysia prefer to change the present Government with an entirely new one. It’s just that one rotten-smelly fish head that the people want to chop off.

I’m not a clairvoyant and do not wish to be one, but I have a strong feeling that as long as that rotten-smelly fish head is still around, PR can be a successful opportunist in telling fairy tales stories to the people. In hard times like this, more people like to listen to that.

Azman Mohd Isa
Shah Alam

berasiam said...

Salam Dato' AKJ

Tidak ada tempat lain yang lebih baik untuk Anwar kembali ke Parlimen melainkan melalui Permatang Pauh. Siapa pun lawannya nanti, Anwar sudah tentu akan menang besar di situ sebagaimana dia pernah memenanginya semasa dia berada dalam Umno sejak 1982. Pada 1999, Wan Azizah mengambilalih kerusi itu dan menang besar mengalahkan rakan lama Anwar, Ibrahim Saad. Pada 2004, ketika kegemilangan Pak Lah, Firdaus hampir memenangi kerusi itu manakala 2008 menyaksikan Wan Azizah kembali menang besar dalam tsunami politik yang melanda BN. Sehingga kini BN masih belum pulih dan tidak sukar untuk meramalkan siapa yang akan dipilih oleh majoriti pengundi Permatang Pauh nanti.

Dahulu pernah diandaikan bahawa Pak Lah dan Anwar mempunyai persefahaman dalam gerak politik mereka. Selain kedudukan bersempadan Permatang Pauh dan Kepala Batas, Pak Lah dan Anwar pernah belajar dengan orang yang sama di Kuala Kangsar, dan kedua-duanya kelihatan bermatlamat mahu menghancurkan legasi Mahathir. Mungkinkah pilihanraya ini juga termasuk dalam kerangka berkenaan, untuk mengembalikan Anwar ke Parlimen, sebagai langkah pertama, dan seterusnya menerima kembali Anwar ke dalam Umno, atau sebaliknya, jika terus diasak di dalam Umno, Pak Lah yang membawa pengikutnya menyertai Anwar?

Demikian juga jika Ku Li memenangi kerusi Presiden, peluang Anwar mungkin lebih cerah untuk kembali ke dalam Umno, dengan menilai peranan Ku Li membawanya masuk Umno pada kali pertama. Riak-riak yang kelihatan, Ku Li bakal mendapat banyak pencalonan dari Sabah, negeri yang mana Anwar mempunyai penyokong dalam Umno yang kukuh. Dengan berpegang bahawa dalam politik segalanya berkemungkinan, kita perlu merenung melepasi percaturan Anwar di Permatang Pauh.

Najib yang sudah terperangkap dengan persetujuan peralihan kuasa 2010 nampaknya tidak mempunyai sebarang pilihan dalam keadaan sekarang ini.

Anonymous said...


I don't think BN will easily let Anwar contest in Permatang Pauh by-election.If Anwar win the election,and suddenly 30 MPs jumped, Abdullah will loose his power.It's not that simple.After 51 years screwing the country how can they pass the government just like that.look what happen in Zimbabwe,the opposition won the election but still Mugabe don't want to step down.Money,police,court,laws,SPR and everything will be USED BY BN as their weapons..PERMATANG PAUH BATTLE WILL DETERMINE MANY THINGS..

1. How democracy Malaysia is?
2. How popular Anwar is?
3. Can Anwar deliver his promises?
4. What about the sodomy allegation?
5. What Ezam is going to do/say there?

On paper, off course Anwar can win the battle..but the reality is that Anwar still fighting against the allegation...

If Anwar won the battle, RIP for BN.
the time will come,where they will learn a lesson.

-Pendekar Malam

ian bluebird said...

A chicken is still a chicken, despite a going-to-be 61-year old chicken.

Contesting in the safest place is what a chicken will do. I bet a home win, but I hope there will be a strong fight, not a landslide.

Ian, SA

Pemuda Pelapis said...

Salam Dato',

Satu lagi kesilapan kecil tapi perlu juga diperbetulkan iaitu REMBAU yang sebenarnya dan bukan Rambau seperti yang ditaip. Jangan marah, cuma tegur-menegur.


haji Mustapha Ong said...

Salam bulan Rejab untuk Dato'KJ,

Anwar is indeed a political strategist likened to the infamous Chinese saying that "ikan asin hidup semula" macam juga Tok Mat yang telah hidup kembali serta diserahkan jawatan Menteri Penerangan sebanyak 3 kali oleh bekas PM Tun Dr Mahathir suatu ketika dahulu.

Is just another "hate and love drama", bitter and sweet from a dear wife to a dedicated husband for life.Thank you Wan Azizah, you should not be blamed for all that you have done for your husband, your family and the nation, as you didn't ask to play a political role but a dutiful wife.Do take care of yourself as health is more important than money, wealth and fame in the twilight years of our life!

Hypothetically, if I were the UMNO President and Chairman of Barisan Nasional from Pulau Mutiara, I would offer to challenge Anwar in his home town Permatang Pauh. Why look for a political scapegoat as we all know that it's a political honour for Anwar to ride on the popularity of Wan Azizah?

Don't blame Azizah as I believe she has been a fantastic wife and mother to the Anwar's kids on trial for the last 17 years!Anwar is already in his prime sixties and the nation should give him another chance to do his best in parliament with creditability as an MP, though he may be not be destined to be the next prime minister by default.

If Pak Lah is not a willing scapegoat in his home state, maybe we should get Khairy to challenge Anwar afterall it's not a very big constituency and easy to "kowtim" with some "gula gula". Another credible candidate is Tun Dr Mahathir himself who should stand as an independent in order to wake up the people of Permatang Pauh.Certainly not Ezam, an UMNO rising star in the silver lining.

Why should UMNO care whether Anwar wishes to stand in Penang,Kedah or Selangor as the whole by-election exercise has no political principle? I SERIOUSLY THINK THAT GIVING A GRAND WALK OVER FOR ANWAR OR GET SAIFUL TO STAND AGAINST HIS BOSS WILL MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY!

Too late to change the election by laws in order to suit UMNO and Barisan Nasional's cup of tea. The Election Commission needs to be investigated by ACA too.Good luck to Malaysia, either we sink or swim together.


Karapole® said...

Pas ada penyokong. DAP ada penyokong. PKR ada penyokong. BN ada penyokong. Its like 3 against 1 no matter where if it is BN against Anwar. The result is already there.
I would like to hear Dato's reasoning on how the media and the BN's people is saying that Wan Azizah act is "memperbodohkan rakyat" and "mempermain-mainkan rakyat".
Adakah rakyat ini bodoh hingga diperbodohkan dan dipermainkan? In my opinion, the people want this. Wan Azizah and the PKR people spoke bout this even before the election day. So, is BN implying that we, the people are stupid? What is Dato's opinion?

rakyat marhaen said...

Aslm n salam sejahtera,

saya setuju dgn saudara badrol hisham bahri.
terlalu ramai penjawat awam yang mempunyai kebolehan dalam memberi idea i.e think tanker yelah logiknya kalau boss pada peringkat jabatan pun mana sempat nak baca, compare, analyse beribu-ribu dokumen.
Pada saya ahli politik kena ada political will yg betul i.e memajukan keseluruhan rakyat tanpa mengira bangsa dan negara. Ini kalau sekadar create projek utk kroni dan kepentingan sendiri, sebijak-bijak think tank pun kalau dah sign akujanji dan ada lrgn lain, mana tak 'mandul' idea.At the end kita serve yang paling basic sedangkan kalau penjawat awam diberi kelonggaran selagi tidak melanggar batas2 agama dan hukum moral percayalah M'sia akan lebih baik dari apa yang ada skrg.Ini kalau ada pemikiran atau ada idea hasil dari research yang bagus kalau against the 'political will' akan duduk tersepuk berhabuk dalam almarilah.

Anonymous said...

Go go Anwar, go go Najib. Let see who will win the rat race...Anwar or Najib?...The 'horny bull rider' or 'jack the ripper'. Gosh, Malaysia's politicians become so unbelievable!
The ultimate high inflation for the next generation or the ongoing high fuel price for today?
I choose the RM2.20/litre for petrol! Guess who?


Siva Kumar dari Port Dickson said...

Salam sejahtera, Dato' Kadir,

Rencana Dato' ini adalah antara yang terbaik saya bacai mengenai isu Anwar dan hasratnya bertanding dalam pilihanraya.

Rencana Dato' mempunyai nilai analisa (bukan semata-mata mengucap apa yang sudah diketahui) dan, penting sekali, adalah seimbang — ianya tidak melibatkan perasaan peribadi atau prasangka malah merupakan rumusan dan pencerakinan fakta seperti adanya (ciri penting mana-mana penulisan analitikal).

Tahniah, Dato', dan terima kasih.

Indigo said...


P44: The Fall of Md Najib TAR
(no comment on the economy)

The BN, I suspect, will try to put up a strong face. It cannot be seen to be intimidated by challenge. But it may still pour party and government money to try to regain the seat and stop Anwar from making a comeback

What Government money? UMNO's money or BN's?

Maybank may lose RM480m
by Sharmila Ganapathy

KUALA LUMPUR: Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) may lose its RM480 million deposit if its proposed acquisition of PT Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) falls through, the bank’s management told analysts in a conference here yesterday.

It is learnt that the management had said that while there is a possibility of having to forgo the deposit, the bank is taking measures to ensure the money is returned. The bank wants to exhaust all avenues in the search for an amicable solution.

“The bank is looking at all avenues of engagement and could lose its deposit only if no amicable solution is found by end-September, which is the long-stop date for the proposed acquisition,” the management was quoted as telling the analysts.

However, analysts said that even if Maybank has to forfeit the deposit, it would only shave off about 10 sen from its earnings per share for the financial year ending June 30, 2009...


Saya setuju dengan kenyataan Scribe dan juga Tony Blair dan Bush adalah penjenayah perang lebih teruk dari Karadzic.

langit biru said...


Dalam UMNO Pulau Punang, 2 kawasan yang terkenal dengan kemelut dalaman politiknya iaitu UMNO Jelutong dan UMNO Permatang Pauh.

Pencalunan Ketua Bahagian P.Pauh kali ini menampilkan 5 calun: Dato' Jalil selaku penyandang, Dato'Ahmad Saad org lama org kuat Anwar dulu, Dato'Pirdaus Timbalan K.Bhg , Datuk Arif Shah ADUN Seberang Jaya, dan Abdul Razak bekas Ketua Pemuda Bhg.

Hingga ke saat ini, Pirdaus mendahului pencalunan dengan 13 pencalunan. Akan tetapi, Pirdaus pernah tewas 2 kali kpd Azizah semasa Tsunami yang memihak kpd UMNO tahun 2004, dan Tsunami yang memihak kpd PKR 2008. Apakah kebarangkalian beliau akan bertanding lagi sekali? Tahun 2004, beliau dikenali sebagai Protage Pak Lah yang tiba-tiba muncul dibawa dari Masjid negara, jadi calun Parlimen-tapi tewas gara-gara khabarnya sabotaj dari dalam. Pun begitu, beliau terus mengungguli UMNO permatang Pauh dengan menyandang jawatan Timbalan Ketua UMNO Bhg.

Dato' Jalil semakin hilang taringnya, apatah lagi "musuh ketat" beliau tiba-tiba muncul kembali iaitu Dato'Ahmad Saad. Ahmad Saad selepas kalah kpd Azizah 1999, digugurkan sbg Ketua Bhg akibat krisis dalaman UMNO, dan penyokong beliau tetap setia kpdnya dengan mengambil kira beliau tidak pernah tewas tapi digugurkan. Politik Jalil-Ahmad Saad seperti persaingan peribadi yang tak sudah-sudah menyebabkan ahli UMNO PPauh semakin meluat.

Arif shah terkenal dengan "tipikal politik mamak hidung tinggi" cakap umpama ayam betina berkokok riuh sekampung-hanya menonjolkan diri sendiri tidak menonjolkan parti, publisiti diri sendiri melebih-lebih hingga sanggup menghentam rakan-rakan dalam surat khabar. Beliau tidak begitu disenangi dalam UMNO PPauh.

Abdul Razak bekas ketua pemuda bahagian dilantik sebagai AJK Bhg oleh Jalil dilihat langkah terlalu panjang dan kacang lupakan kulit sanggup mencabar Jalil.

Dipendekkan cerita UMNO PPauh sebenarnya amat terkejut dengan tiba-tiba azizah letak jawatan kerana masing-masing begitu hangat berkempen.

Dipendekkan cerita, tiada calun yang betul-betul berani dan layak untuk melawan Anwar-kalah bererti gelap peluang untuk menang ketua bahagian!

Dipendekkan cerita, Anwar bakal menang mudah, kecuali miracle berlaku

Langit biru

Anonymous said...

Saya dapat bayangkan sikit-sikit untuk 3-10 tahun akan datang apa akan jadi pada negara bermula dari keputusan pilihanraya andainya Anwar menang.

1) pengaruh BN akan terus merosot.
2) sebilangan sekutu BN akan melompat masuk PR.
3) BN jadi pembangkang.
4) Penghapusan berkala hak keistimewaan Melayu oleh parti pemerintah baru.
5) BN akan kehilangan lebih ramai sekutu dan mula menilai diri.
6) Majoriti bukan melayu akan jadi orang kuat PR.
7) Penyosotan beransur-ansur jutawan Melayu (tiada lagi NEP).
8) Kadar penggangguran di kalangan orang Melayu akan bertambah. (disebabkan majoriti syarikat bumiputra tidak lagi dibantu kerajaan. Seperti kita tahu, syarikat bumiputra cenderung menggajikan pekerja bumiputra)
9) Kadar rasuah berkurangkan disebabkan usaha berterusan kerajaan baru yang mahu menampilkan imej bersih.
10) Disebabkan kadar pengangguran yang tinggi di kalangan orang Melayu, kadar jenayah pula akan bertambah di kalangan mereka. (seperti yang dirasai oleh bukan bumiputra sebelum ini)
11) Penambahan ketara bukan bumiputra dalam Universiti tempatan dan juga para penerima biasiswa. (merit basis)
12) Pelajar-pelajar bumiputra yang berkeputusan sederhana dalam peperiksaan sekolah menengah akan cenderung jadi kerani atau jawatan bukan eksekutif sahaja. (seperti yang dialami oleh bukan bumiputra selama ini).
13) Penambahan ketara bilangan bukan Melayu dalam agensi kerajaan.
14) MARA di tutup?
15) Pendakwaan berlambak-lambak ke atas bekas pemimpin kerajaan dahulu atas isu rasuah dan lain-lain.

Banyak lagi yang tak larat nak dihuraikan.

Semoga Malaysia menuju ke arah kejayaan dan hidup sama rata!

Yang benar.
Melayu mahu bersaing.

Oldstock said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

A pretty accurate analysis and one that I would agree to.

We all know that Dr. Wan Azizah is a reluctant politican. She became MP of Permatang Pauh because of circumstance. Back then in 1998, she made a brave decision to contest. I doubt any of the politician's wives have the strength and courage to take on such a task.

Even today, just take a look at the spouses of the top leaders, be it from BN or PR, and tell me if there is one lady that can match Wan Azizah in terms of charisma, composure and mass appeal.

She has done her duty, and has done it well. I believe this is the correct time to let go. It's not a question of betraying the trust of the voters. I'm sure the constituents of Permatang Pauh know that too.

That Anwar would be re-elected into parliament is a given, no matter what top UMNO leaders want to say. The question that interest me now is, what is he going to do after that.


Pemabahas Sujini, antara lain, berkata: "Datuk,
nak tanya sikit kalau tuduhan
dah jatuh boleh bertanding lagikah?

Aah..siapa gamaknya akan jadi kambing
tambatan untuk BN(UMNO) di Permatang

1. Rasanya boleh bertanding. Seseorang yang dituduh itu tidak bersalah sehingga disabitkan kesalahan. (Innocent until proven guilty).

2. Kalau kita lihat kaliber calon BN pada PRU ke-12 dan kaliber anggota kabinet, sesiapa pun boleh jadi calon di Permatang Pauh.

Sdr Pak Malau dan Sdr Langit Biru, bekas calon BN, Firdaus boleh bertading. Tetapi kalau tak silap saya, dalam sejarah pilihan raya Permatang Pauh, calon yang kalah kali pertama, tidak pernah menang bila bertanding lagi.

Mak Chik, saya rasa ramai setuju dengan hujah Mak Chik yang berbunyi: "DSWA (Wan Azizah) adalah embodiment sifat-sifat yang perlu wujud dlm wanita Msia - cerdik, akhlak yang baik, cekal, tabah, berani dll."

Ini menyokong kenyataan Oldstock yang berbunyi: "I doubt any of the politician's wives have the strength and courage to take on such a task."

Sdr Oldstock, don't talk about courage, they don't even know how to behave like spouses of political leaders should. They think they are as powerful as their husbands.

Sdr Melayu Mahu Bersaing, yang saya bimbang adalah jika bangsa Melayu lemah, terpinggir dan ditindas negara akan huru-hara kerana Melayu adalah penduduk majoriti negara ini.

Mana-mana parti pun yang memerintah Malaysia akan bermain dengan api jika mereka mempersendakan orang Melayu.

Sdr/Sdri Karapole, saya rasa keputusan PRU ke-12 jelas menunjukkan rakyat Malaysia tidak bodoh. Mereka tidak boleh diperbodohkan lagi.

Sdr Siva Kumar, masa saya di NSTP dulu, ada seorang wartawan BH nama seperti Sdr. Pelanduk dua "senama"?

Sdr Tai-Choon-Toi, antara lain menulis: "BTW, is that KJ "Orang Utan" or Pak Lah Junior that sitting with you on your Profile Photo???

Pretty cute though!"

I will never dream of dishonouring my Orang Utan mate by comparing him to any human. He is an Orang Utan, period.

Thank you all. Have a nice weekend. We're experiencing heatwave. Drink a lot of water more so if you eat the king of fruits.

anakbuah said...

Dato' dan Sdr/i semua,

Jayakumar kata "...Malaysia's politicians become so unbelievable!"

Betul! Dan saya juga suka komen Sdr Jeeivan "The BN with its power can't even convince PAS. But on the other hand Anwar alone without position and power has successfully managed to bring two extreme parties (DAP, PAS) together to work hand-in-hand even while he is going through an uncertain period on his own. I regard this ability in him as political wisdom."

Dalam keadaan pentadbiran PakLah membuatkan BN kucar-kacir, Anwar dpt satukan PAS/PKR/DAP di bawah PR - pencapaian yg cemerlang bg negara berbilang kaum seperti M'sia. Jgn perdulikan dgn apa yg kita dengar/baca melalui media perdana - mereka sedang membilang hari.

Percaturan dan strategi Anwar ini kritikal tetapi tindakan PKR tepat. Saya memuji pengorbanan Wan Azizah selama ini dan meninggalkan Permatang Pauh utk Anwar patut dihormati. Wan Azizah "lebih jantan" drp Najib!

Ingin juga melihat samada Zaid mahu membuat mahkamah nampak terlalu efisyen kali ini - 60 hari utk "menghukum" Anwar. Jangan terkejut jika beliau ditangkap sebelum bertanding di Permatang Pauh.

Mengenai siapa yg bakal berdepan dgn Anwar, seperti juga debat tempohari, calon terbaik sepatutnya adalah PakLah (w/pun saya tidak yakin berlaku)! Bagi saya Khairy pun tidak padan w/pun mulut dia nampak petah juga. Saya katakan PakLah sebab pertembungan ini adalah 'turning point' negara.

Kalau Umno ada Umno Baru ciptaan Mahathir, negara bakal melahirkan Malaysia baru menjelang 16 September ini "ciptaan" Anwar.

Bukan terlalu yakin tetapi ianya berkemungkinan besar dan pentadbiran PakLah tentu tidak bersedia sekiranya berlaku juga - tiada yg kekal! BN bakal ranap dan hancur.


liallurhaz said...

Yg pasti terdedah Ezam mmg nak jadi YB, fasal tu dia sanggup kembali ke UMNO, 1:0 untuk DSAI

ImNotAlien said...

Selamat sejahtera hadirin..

Hujah Kenapa BN "patut" KALAH..

Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir berkata, gejala politik wang dan penyelewengan yang didakwanya berlaku dalam pemilihan peringkat cawangan Pemuda mampu menutup peluangnya untuk bertanding jawatan Ketua Pergerakan itu pada pemilihan Disember ini..

Awal-awal lagi mmg kita dah diselubungi dan ketahuan yg UMNO ni penuh dgn RASUAH yg disemai dari peringkat akar-umbi.. Padan la Anak Bangsa serta Agama diMALU kan..

Utk pengundi P/Pauh, semoga diberi petunjuk dan dibuka kan hati agar mengundi dipihak yang benar utk NEGARA ku yang tercinta serta aman sentiasa.

eddy said...

Salam Dato'. The full report on the investigation of the sodomy allegation has been given to the Solicitor General since last Thursday I think, so, if there is a case, I would expect that Anwar be charged in court next week if he is charged at all. However unless a miracle happens I believe Anwar will contest the Permatang Pauh by-election and he will win hands down against any candidate that the BN can muster.

So in the next 2 months or so or earlier depending on the Elections Commission decision, the nation's eyes will be fixed on the Permatang Pauh election campaigning and Anwar has also upped the ante by telling his ardent supporters of his desire to become Prime Minister this year even before the date of the election is set.

Anwar has put up a masterful strategy to much discredit domestically and internationally the sodomy allegation investigation even before he is charged, by earlier discrediting both the Attorney General an Inspector General of Police so much so that both were not allowed to be part of the prosecution and investigation team and Anwar had freely alleged that it is a conspiracy by the BN against him. So sucessful was his strategy that in the recent Merdeka survey only 11% respondent believed that Anwar committed sodomy. Anwar has more or less won the court of public opinion even before he is charged.

The biggest benefactor out of all these is not Anwar, as even if he wins the Permatang Pauh by-elections, his victory will in all probability be an anticlimax and short lived because if the sodomy allegation goes to trial I believe Anwar will be found guilty judging by the fact that the police has been very,very careful and meticulous in their investigation. I believed the Police and the Prosecution would take heed the Federal Court Judgement which overturned Anwar's first sodomy conviction on a technicality.

The biggest benefactor will be Abdullah Badawi who will be able to strenghthen himself to face the UMNO assembly come December 2008, because the UMNO members' focus through out the branch and division elections will now be on Anwar and his campaigning slogans and not Abdullah's shortcoming and weak leadership as UMNO President and PM of Malaysia.

If this is the case, while Anwar will never become PM, he will unwittingly sow the seed of UMNO and BN defeat in the next General Election, as UMNO and BN under a weak leadership of a hugely unpopular leader with equally unpopular policies is in no shape to fight a political battle against a much strengthened Pakatan Rakyat with or without Anwar in PRU 13.

Berita dari gunung said...

Permatang Pauh adalah tempat kelahiran Anwar dan wajar sekali beliau bertanding di situ.

Bertanding dengan Anwar baik atas pentas baik dengan peti undi, beliau tiada tandingan. Ezam bukan lawannya.

Anwar harus bersaing dengan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, seperti peringatan Tuanku Jaafar, tentang bahaya seorang yang berusaha mengekal kuasa dan seorang lagi yang gigih mengejar kuasa.

Ini bukan berita baik untuk Malaysia.

kluangman said...

Kalau kita bersetuju tuduhan Anwar liwat adalah satu konspirasi pihak yang berkuasa, bererti konspirasi itu sudah pasti mengambil kira Anwar akhirnya di dapati bersalah dan dipenjarakan.

Jika itu penyudahnya apakah pengundi2 Permatang Pauh akan mengambil risiko memenangkan Anwar pada pilihanraya tetapi dan akhirnya Anwar tidak dapat 'berkhidmat' kepada mereka.

Di kalangan ahli2 PKR sendiri sudah ada suara dan nada sinis yang tidak harmonis dimana mereka memainkan lagu 'Anwar rindu pada rumah lamanya'. Ramai mungkin berpendapat Anwar rindu rumah lamanya di Permatang Pauh sehingga memilih kawasan itu untuk di adakan pilihanraya kecil.

Nyata jangkaan itu meleset, 'rumah lama' yang dimaksudkan ialah Anwar rindu rumah lamanya di Sg. Buluh, sel penjaranya ???

Kenapa lagu itu dimainkan di kalangan ahli ahli PKR itu sendiri, adakah mereka sudah mula hilang kepercayaan kepada Anwar ??

uton51 said...

Apabila kerusi Parlimen Permatang Pauh dikosongkan DR Wan Azizah Ismail. Ezam Mohd Noor telah menawarkan diri untuk bertanding di kerusi berkenaan. Beliau sebenarnya hendak melihat sama ada sahamnya ada nilai atau tidak pada masa ini. Jika Pak Lah memilih Ezam Mohd Noor menjadi calon, ini bermakna Pak Lah mengetepikan pemimpin UMNO di Bahagian Permatang Pauh, ini juga akan mengakibatkan pemimpin UMNO di Bahgian Permatang Pauh akan merajuk, hasilnya ada dua kemungkinan yang bakal dilakukan oleh ahli UMNO Permatang Pauh; i. pengundi akan membuang undi protes iaitu mengundi PKR, ii. pengundi tidak mengundi. Undi protes dengan mengundi PKR adalah lebih menguntungkan PKR sementara tidak mengundi juga masih boleh menguntungkan PKR.

2.Sebenarnya rakyat bukannya menyokong DSAI tetapi rakyat tidak senang dengan cara DSAI cuba dijatuhkan dan ini dapat dibukti semasa beliau jatuhkan waktu kerajaan pimpinan DR. M 1998.

3.Jika kita memerhati komen daripada orang-orang tertentu semacam ada kecenderungan memihak kepada MSBA dalam kes lihat yang dihadapi DSAI. Rakyat cuba dipaloikan oleh pihak-pihak yang memang ada kepentingannya. Ingat rakyat zaman ini bukan rakyat zaman batu, tidak boleh antara emas dengan tembaga atau saduran emas.

4. Dato AKJ, teruskan komentar di blog ini dan kalau boleh buat komentar di akhbar-akhbar kerana bukan semua rakyat boleh mengakses di jaring maya.

Anonymous said...

From Taxpayer

To Ian Bluebird
indeed a bird that do bird tallking!

Go check, PM, TPM and many other menteri, how many of them keep stay a same seat for many years?

Answer is-->So many, because it is normal and everybody has no problem with that so far.

So look back your bird talk, what the heck you want to attack him if he go back to Permatang Pauan? What's wrong with the decision? Are you crony to someone that afrard so much of that?

From Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

From Anak Malaysia

Who has better chance to fight with DSAI in permatang paun?
1. Sinful aka Saifool
2. Ezam
3. PM
4. TPM
5. Dr Tun M

What do you think?

From Anak Malaysia

anakbuah said...

Dato' dan Sdr/i semua,

Sdr Berita dari gunung kata...."Anwar harus bersaing dengan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, seperti peringatan Tuanku Jaafar, tentang bahaya seorang yang berusaha mengekal kuasa dan seorang lagi yang gigih mengejar kuasa."

# Saya setuju sgt dgn peringatan Yamtuan Besar saya tempohari. Kalau mereka bertanding, mesti kena ada seorang yg menang dan seorang kalah - mudah. Tengok org Permatang Pauh dan rakyat pilih siapa. Selagi seperti sekarang ni, hancur M'sia.


amoker said...

To me , he is a leader who is better than any of the current UMNO chaps. Even with his history, i dun mind having him as my PM. At least he knows his stuff.

Ezam seemed excited to prove his UMNO-ness, and nobody in UMNO seemed to keen to take on Anwar. KJ gave a cheap shot that Anwar is contesting in a safe seat, forgetting his Rembau seat is also the same.

Raduan said...

Anwa pasti akan menang besar kalau berkesempatan bertanding di p.Pauh. Para penyokong dan kebanyakan rakyat kebanyakan sukar untuk percaya anwa terlibat dlm kes liwat. Apa sj yg di letak atas kepala anwa dianggap konspirasi semua. Apa pun semoga Allah pelihara kita semua di masa kekalutan poitik yang begitu membimbangkan dalam sejarah tanah air.

Siva Kumar dari Port Dickson said...

Dato' Kadir,

Maaf, tetapi saya bukanlah saudara Siva Kumar yang dirujuk Dato'.

Saya seorang pelajar siswazah universiti luar negeri yang berasal dari Negeri Sembilan.

~ Pelanduk rimba seribu sama, inikan pula seungkap nama.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Saudara Badrul Hisham menulis

"Personally, I don't mind to have a Gay PM (if he is really so but deep in my heart I believed that Anwar is innocent) as long as he can deliver and bring good the the country economy and people. Just like Clinton and Monica in previous years.."

Saya terkejut membaca tulisan saudara Badrul. Tergaru-garu kepala saya nak menulis apa yang saya rasa. Oklah Dato' malas saya nak layan tulisan-tulisan yang kononnya mempunyai sasaran yang tepat dan tajam tetapi pada hakikatnya tidak tepat dan tajam kerana penulisnya sendiri sudah jauh tersasar.


Sdr Siva Kumar, antara lain, menulis: "~ Pelanduk rimba seribu sama, inikan pula seungkap nama."

Cantik, puitis!

Terima kasih dan selamat maju jaya dalam pengajian Sdr.

Siva Kumar dari Port Dickson said...

Terima kasih Dato'! :)

Hisham said...


Mungkin jika Datuk masih lagi berkerja di nstp, sudah tentu Datuk akan menhukumi Datuk Seri Anwar walaupun beliau innocent. Betul tak Datuk. ? Afterall you too were part of the system under Tun Mahatir that killed the democracy in this country.... I don't think you should be blogging about Anwar or what happens to him.

Salam Rantau

Xango said...

Kebebasan besuara itu hak setiap orang. Akibatnya nanti dari mengecapi hak ini tanggunglah sendiri.

Dulu Muawiyah r.a. pun kapiak.

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