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Karpal to Anwar: Respect People's Decision

A Kadir Jasin

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[UPDATE, Jan. 6]

IT’LL be a three-candidate fight for the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election among Barisan Nasional's Wan Ahmad Farid, Pas’ Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut and independent Azharudin Mamat @ Adam.]

[Original Posting]

THE Democratic Action Party appears to be further distancing itself from its Pakatan Rakyat partner Parti Keadilan Rakyat in the latter’s attempt to seize power via crossovers.

The Star Online quoted its Chairman Karpal Singh as saying today in Petaling Jaya that Pakatan Rakyat should only embark on capturing the Federal and state governments during the next general election, and not seize power via the crossovers of Barisan Nasional MPs.

He said the people’s choice during the election should be honoured, and the people would feel cheated if MPs or assemblymen hop over to another party.

“I must make it very clear that I have not at any one time been in support of Anwar’s (Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) stand on crossovers.

“In fact, as far back as March 23, 2008, I had gone to the extent of saying DAP would support the Barisan-led Federal Government to amend the Constitution to make party-hopping illegal by providing more than the eight MPs required by the Barisan to make up for the two-thirds majority needed to amend the Constitution,” The Star Online quoted him saying in a statement.

Karpal said he had also castigated Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam for wanting to leave PKR, saying that the latter was not elected in his personal capacity and had no right to join another party or remain as independent.

“He should resign so that his constituents can decide whom they wish to have as their representative in Parliament.

“DAP is against elected representatives betraying the sacred trust of their constituents through party-hopping,” he said.

According to The Star, Karpal was responding to a letter written by a reader of The Star, who questioned his principles for supporting Anwar.

He said the reader had labeled him as an unprincipled politician, and should check his facts before criticising.

Karpal said the reader owed him an apology as any criticism must be based on truth.

A few days ago Karpal had demanded that Anwar states his stand on the renewed pledge by Pas to continue pursuing the implementation of the Hudud Law.

These differences, coming as they do at the time when the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election is approaching, may not auger well for the Pakatan Rakyat although the contest for the Malay majority seat will essentially be between Umno and Pas.

Karpal Singh stance appears to differ from that of Lim Kit Siang who enthusiastically supported Anwar’s failed Sept. 16 takeover bid.

These not so subtle differences could also signal the move by Karpal to stamp his mark as the DAP’s chairman and elevating the importance of the post to the same level as Secretary-General, now held by the Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng.

Traditionally, the Chairman’s post is ceremonial. But given Karpal’s strong personality, it is turning into a substantive post.

In a related development, The Star reported that several Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives have come forward to refute claims that cracks are appearing in the coalition due to the open sparring by its members recently.

They also dismissed claims by the BN that the split occurs on racial lines.

“Open criticism within us is very common as we are very democratic,” said Pas Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Maria Mahmud.

In Umno and BN they are not used to criticising their leadership or speaking up, so it may appear to be a problem for them, she added.

The DAP Pandamaran assemblyman Ronnie Liu concurred, saying that Pakatan Rakyat did not stop anyone from speaking up.

The PKR state executive council member Dr Xavier Jayakumar also dismissed the allegations, saying that the BN should not turn this into a racial issue between an Indian MP and a Malay Mentri Besar.

The PKR state assemblyman for Kota Anggerik and an exco member Yaakob Sapari said it was untrue that Indians have problems with PKR.


kluangman said...

Lim Eng Guan juga menasihatkan Anwar supaya menasihatkan PAS dalam isu hudud dan kini Karpal Singh menasihatkan Anwar supaya menghormati pilihan rakyat dalam pembentukan kerajaan.

Jika kita melihat ia sebagai satu 'percakaran dalaman' seperti yang diharapkan harapkan dan digembar gembur oleh BN maka pandangan itu mungkin berbeza jika kita melihat 'nasihat menasihati' itu subur dalam pakatan Rakyat berbanding di dalam BN dan UMNO khususnya.

Apabila Anwar boleh ditegur dan dinasihati secara terbuka bererti nasihat secara tertutup dan dalaman tidak cukup menyedarkan Anwar bahawa dia bukan lagi 'hebat' dahulu, sekarang dan masa akan datang. Anwar bukan lagi menjadi ikon dan harapan orang Melayu dan islam, dia boleh dijentik bila bila masa kerana 'pekungnya' kini sudah mula terbuka di kalangan sahabat barunya (musuh lamanya).

Anwar harus bersedia dengan kes kes mahkamahnya apabila hakim kini dilihat akan lebih telus kerana ketelusan itu membuatkan Anwar makin hampir kepada jeratnya sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Karpal wasn't talking to Anwar as a person but responding to a letter written by someone in the Star accusing Karpal of being against PR MPs defecting to BN but silent on BN MPs switching sides. It was this that prompted Karpal to respond. BN tried tried to get Kapar MP but failed and Karpal told Mike to resign from the seat. This forced The Star to write the letter accusing him of double standards and that's how he has responded. But despite that, I don't believe that there is a people's decision unless one is eating the yam. Take for example, UMNO's power transion, which people's decision was it? can you imagine of Badawi would have said I would hand over power after one year to najib but vote for me? Boy, it would have been a walkover for PR. Firthermore, there is too much dishonesty in the electoral system for one to argue that there is people's decision in Malaysia unless one is benefitting from that system. It is just like how Sarawak Chief Taib will talk of politics of development when it is his family that's devoloping.

mfbakar said...

I support Mr Karpal Singh's stand that this country needs an anti-hopping law so as to provide a constitutional guarantee to the voters that their elected representatives would not betray their sacred trust. Assuming that 16th September had taken place, the new government under YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would have been a flimsy one looking at the present state of affairs among the PR MPs.

The parties in PR should, as matter or expedience, form a formal national level executive council so that internal differences should be ironed out within the PR council itself. This will minimize the chances of open direct conflict between the parties which, in the final analysis, will be detrimental to PR. What PR states should be concentrating from now onwards is to out shine the previous BN governments in the five states which they have won in all respects, if they are really serious in capturing power at the centre after the next general elections.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat Malaysia akan lebih harmoni, hormat menghormati, bertolak ansur dan menjadi negara 'majmuk dan demokrasi' sebenar apabila ahli politik dinasor atau perkauman seperti Karpal Singet dan Lim Kit 'mimpi' Siang, DoLena, Hadi Awangan, Samy Kellu dibersarakan. Ahli politik BN atau PR seperti Zahid Hamidi, Husam Musa, Lim Guang Eng perlu segera mencorakkan negara untuk Malaysia Baru yang jauh lebih baik dari 50 tahun terdahulu.

Jadi PR perlu lupakan matlamat untuk PMkan Anwar dan mula berfikir untuk wawasan yang lebih penting iaitu Negara dan Rakyat.

Bye/Roti Planta

Unknown said...

KT by-election..

The state government plans to spend RM5.8 million to repair drains and roads and carry out several small projects in the state capital after the upcoming Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election.

“However, it is difficult for the government to continue its development agenda if the constituency falls to the opposition,” said Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said.

Dah start 'ugut' nampak....

Rockybru said...

Tok Scribe,

Karpal makes a lot of sense here and I agree fully with him that an MP who resigns from his party should pave way for a by-election. Manikavasagam said he would resign from PKR and become an Independent. Let's have a by-election and see if he can win the seat as an Independent candidate.

But it does take Karpal a long while to come out and make his stand known on Anwar's dream of taking over the Fed Govt via party-hopping (from BN to PKR). Does this mean that Karpal is 100 per cent sure that Anwar does not have the capability to deliver his promise?

Is Karpal's stand the official stand of DAP? It should logically be, shouldn't it?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kalaulah 16 September dulu Anwar berjaya membentuk kerajaan. Sekarang setelah empat bulan MP Keadilan nak lompat ke BN pulak. Jadi kita bertukar kerajaan lebih cepat dari Thailand (4-5 bulan jer).

Rakyat suka pilihanraya lebih daripada HariRaya terutama pilihan raya kecil. Tanya orang Kuala Terengganu sekarang. Tahun ini mereka tidak perlu membeli peralatan sekolah. semua baju, seluar, kasut, alatulis dan sebagainya. Ramai betul orang nak besedekat disini. Betul-betul negara kebajikan. Lepas ini akan diumumkan semua pelajar sekolah di Kuala Terangganu diberi biasiswa. Wow!.

Bye/Roti Planta

dan kajang said...

As'kum Dato'

1 Saya bersetuju dengan Y.B. Karpal Singh bahawa adalah tidak wajar untuk PR mengambilalih pemerintahan Kerajaan Persekutuan melalui cara "lompat parti".Cara ini adalah tidak bermaruah dan tidak menghormati pilihan rakyat semasa PRU 12.

2. Kita tahu DS Anwar pun sedar perkara ini.Namum atas sifat kegelojohan yang ingin sangat nak jadi PM telah mengabul matanya dan mengenepi maruahnya.Baginya tidak kira apa cara sekali pun asalkan yang penting jawatan yang diiadamkan selama ini menjadi miliknya.

3. Beliau mungkin sedar bahawa jika beliau tidak jadi PM dalam tempoh terdekat ini maka peluang PR untuk memenangi PRU 13 akan datang dan seterusnya belaiu dilantik menjadi PM selepas itu agak sukar.Ini adalah berdasarkan kepada faktor umurnya yang akan menjangkau 65 tahun pada tahun 2012 dan faktor PR mungkin akan ditolak rakyat berdasarkan kepada prestasi buruk yang ditonjolkan PR selama 9 bulan lalu.

4. DS Anwar sendiri pun sudah mula hilang cengkamannya terhadap penyokongnya sendiri dalam PKR dan PR.Bagi penyokongnya dalam PKR kini sudah mula menuntut hak dan habuan mereka kerana sokongan yang mereka beri selama ini kepada beliau.Jika dulu semasa BN memerintah negeri2 tertentu,orang2 Umno yang mendapat banyak habuan tapi kini giliran penyokong PKR pula mendapatnya.Ini yang sukar ditunaikan oleh DS Anwar dengan kuasanya yang terhad.Ini juga yang mencemas beliau.

5. Bagi gabungan dalam PR pula, mereka juga mula hilang keyakinan terhadap DS Anwar kerana kegagalannya menunaikan janji 16 September.DAP nampakanya sudah mula menerima hakikat dan cukup selesa dengan hanya berjaya memerintah P.Pinang serta jadi Pembangkang di Parlimen.Hanya PAS sahaja yang masih menaruh harapan untuk bersama2 DS Anawar bagi merealisasikan angan2 Mat Jeninnya mengambil alih Kerjaan Persekutuan.

6. Rakyat sebenarnya dah bosan dengan karenah politik ini.Baik parti2 dalam BN mahupun parti Pembangkang.Negara kita sedang menghadapi krisis ekonomi yang amat runcing.Oleh itu eloklah di "dormant" dulu aktiviti politik yang maha kelam kabut itu dan semua parti politik bersepakat mengembling tenaga bagi menangani krisis ekinomi ini.Ini lebih penting dari agenda politik peribadi.Ini juga akan dapa mnjamin kesejahteraan negara.

eddy said...

Dato'. Saya perhati Karpal sentiasa konsisten dengan pendapatnya mengenai masaalah YB lompat melompat parti. Pendirian beliau amatlah mustahak untuk menyuburkan demokrasi sebenarya dinegara kita ini dan harus disokong.

Mengenai PKR, saya berpendapat parti itu akan lebih efektif dan boleh diterima masyarakat majmuk Malaysia jika mereka buang sahja objektif mereka untuk menjadikan Anwar Ibrahim sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia akan datang.

ChengHo said...

Anwar is like a ghost without a shadow and without a political moral and principal
He just want to be the prime minister in whatever it take
He already lost his support base in the USA with the departure of Bush and US old guard..

Anonymous said...


Saya dah letih sangat bincang dan fikir hal politik Malaysia ni.

Oleh itu, saya hanya mampu bersetuju dengan pendapat "dan kajang 9.48am" terutama point no 6 beliau.


sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Lompat-lompat ni, cerita baru bagi PR samada PAS, DAP atau PKR. Itupun dikatakan cuba-cuba, belum jadi pun.

Sebelah BN lain pulak cerita. Dah buat entah berapa kali dah. Yang saya ingat, sekali di Kelantan, sekali di Sabah.

Kalau ada yang lompat keluar dari pembangkang pun, setahu saya tidak pernah dari PAS, DAP atau PKR. Lainlah kalau nak kira orang macam Zahar PJ Selatan yang bukan MP atau ADUN.

Masalah nak tunggu PRU13 ni, takut bila sampai masa, duit dah takde, kena pulak musim gawat sekarang ni. Setakat ni dah confirm RM5 bilion duit EPF jadi belanja kopi.

Sinbad, penat pasal politik tak apa, jangan penat pasal negara.

p/s bila Dato' buat rujukan memanjang Utusan, NST atau The Star. Yang lain Dato' bacalah jugak, dapat two side of the story....

Anonymous said...

sebelum ini Lim Guan Eng,sekarang ini Karpal pula memberi sepatah dua kata kepada PKR agar menumpunkan perhatian pada pilihanraya untuk membentuk kerajaan dan bukannya dengan menggunakan cara melompat parti.

betul tu.Anwar kena dengar nasihat dari Karpal tu.tak gentleman dan demokratik lah kalau melompat-lompat ni.

mad said...

i see this open discussion caused by differences in party stands as a healthy occurrence in this country. it shows that the pr components are a true democratic entities. everyone is open to ctitics no matter if you are at the upper echelon of power or a mere party member. this is the true mark of democracy.

it's when issues discussed and settled behind doors that people should worry about.

Unknown said...

Anwar dilihat hanya banyak bermain dengan kata-kata dan janji-janji manis.sudah beberapa kali tarikh "menerjah" kerajaan pusat ditunda.tidakkah Anwar kasihan pada penyokong-penyokongnya?

melompat parti demi membentuk kerajaan bukanlah satu cara yang boleh dikatakan "bermaruah".memang benar ada yang dari pembangkang masuk BN tetapi BN tidak pernah mencanangkan untuk membentuk kerajaan melalui melompat parti.adalah lebih molek jika bertanding sahaja pada PRU dan biarkan rkayat yang memutuskan siapa yang lebih layak untuk memerintah.

Unknown said...

Can we trust "frog" MPs?

Ordinarily we shouldn't trust them but then again there are quite a number of BN MPs who don't like what's going on in govt and they too want to see change. Should we wait until our coffers are sucked dry? Already gone 5 billion of our EPF money. Nevermind, if the beneficiary of this EPF money never pay back!

Karpal is correct IF only the 'playing field' is level.

Unfortunately it is not!

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

well said sawit!! saya nampak lompat-melompat ini hanya lebih kepada provokasi DSAI, baru terangkat punggung pak lah dan regim be end, kita yang tidak buat apa-apa ini tapi inginkan perubahan dari KERAjaan korup kepada better govenance sibuk pertikaikan tarikh peralihan kuasa, kalau diperhatikan strategi DSAI hanya hendak melihat be end ini alert...rakyat juga yang mendapat untung, sekurang-kurangnya minyak turun, ijn belum lagi diswastakan,tangguh pembelian heli,tangguh roboh rumah rakyat,tangguh yuran sekolah, bagi diskaun TOL!!! perlu bagi itu dan ini kepada rakyat, bukankah rakyat yang beruntung, peralihan kuasa biarlah tertib, kami refomis faham benar strategi pemimpin kami yang mementingkan rakyat dari kepentingan peribadi

p/s : perlu baca kedua-dua media, baru terang hati dan tulisan dato lebih kritis. SELAMAT TAHUN BARU


Anonymous said...


Hari itu Kapal Sing tak ada pun nak nasihat Anwar agar jangan guna pintu belakang. Dia pun masa tu dok angan-anagn jadi menteri. Bila penubuhan kerajaan baru Anwar macam tak jadi, mulalah dia cakap pasal ni. Nak bagi nampak dia macam pejuang demokrasi. Saya yakin kalaulah kerajaan Anwar jadi semula dibentuk, maka dia akan tuntut menteri kehakiman pulak.

Cakap tak serupa hati mahu bikin, tu yang ular ini kena palu dahulu berbanding katak.

Bye/Roti Planta

Anonymous said...

saya menunggu datuk menjadi panel rancangan blog di tv1.. bila lah agaknyer yer...


Corong Kita said...

mohon izin utk link blog tuan dlm blog saya.

terima kasih.

mad said...

it's been a hell of a ride for political parties last year. march 8 has delivered a wake up call for the arrogant bn coalition and the political drama seems to drag to the new year. it's not all bad for the people as we could see the oil price has decreased 7 times, a national record of sorts, thanks to a strong opposition in parliament. swept by the dramas people fail to notice that 'sleepy head' didn't get his usual nap in the middle of meetings as often as he had before march 8, hahaha....

changkatlobak said...


DSAI suka menubuhkan kerajaan mengikut jalan belakang.

Hairan! this bayi tidak menyokong pembentukan kerajaan melalui jalan belakang.

samurai melayu said...

Salam DAK,
2009 must be a good year for us coz finally we manage to get back into your blog after failing to do so for quite a long period.
We take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy new year and may Allah swt shower your family with his LOVE always.

Say what we like about the BN or the PR on the upcoming by-election in K. Trengganu but our heart said the PR candidate will prevail.

Alfatihah, amin.

Anonymous said...

Ini kempen untuk BN nampak nya Dato'.
Will not work Dato', just leave it to voters in KT.
Write something that will benefit Malaysians without fear or favor.dh9753

Anonymous said...

Politicians are like snakes. Perhaps even worse, snakes with two heads.

Anwar is a good example. He is an exceptional opportunist and will ride on anybody's back.

The way he manipulates other snakes like Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh really makes one spew.

He really holds them by the bollocks without them knowing.

But the reality of things must be seen. PR is determined to take over the country so that they could sit on the wealth by themselves. Period.

I sometimes wonder where the PR guys get their money to splurge on their endless campaigns. Why aren't the Taxmen visiting their doors?

The KT by elections is a local issue to address the needs of that constituency and nothing to do with Israel or Palestinian causes, but the way the politicians manipulate things, the blind followers simply follow.

It is akin to a medicine man at the pasar malam. He turns on the loud speaker, carries a useless product,chants a few religious phrases and the crowd gets bigger and bigger.

This medicine man has mellowed roaring tigers such as Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh,Mat Sabu and is now trying to pacify Nik Aziz.

Nik Aziz is a tough nut to crack but Anwar is still trying his best.

Anwar must now focus on getting his rogue political partners to tow the line and not issue conflicting statements especially on the Hudud issue.

But, in the mainstream media today, Karpal has made certain clarifications and it does make factual sense to a certain extent, pointing out to Anwar's sneaky comments.

Wonder when Lim Kit Siang will have the guts to do so.


Anonymous said...

Anwar pun banyak kroni jugak dulu, jangan lupa, ingat Daya, MRCB (now goverment take over), Radicare, senarainya panjang berjela-jela. Semua orang tahu, ia suatu open secret yang dia mengaut keuntungan berjuta-juta daripada syarikat-syarikat yang dapat kontrak kerajaan ni. Sekarang kroni dia ada yang dah lari ke indonesia, tetapi masih support dalam kewangan dari belakang.

Untuk seorang Timbalan Perdana Menteri mempunyai kroni yang besar-besar. Anwar is the only one. Cuba bandingkan DPM-DPM sebelum ni, malah Najib pun sekarang. Ada tak kroni-kroni yang begitu grand? Pak Lah dulu masa DPM? ada tak? tak ada langsung. Tetapi lepas Pak Lah jadi PM, baru laa dia naik tanduk setan. Yang ini semua orang tahu.

Cara Anwar menyapu projek-projek kerajaan semasa tu seolah-olah dia dah jadi PM, malah hebat lagi!!

Hairan betul dengan penyokong-penyokong PAS dan PKR, yang melayu-melayu ni lah, yang dok puja Anwar Ibrahim melambung-lambung. Mereka ni tak kenal pun Anwar, hanya dengar ceramah berdegang-degang. Orang tu jahat, orang ni jahat, macam kerajaan satu-sen pun tak guna. Padahal, yang kerja dalam kerajaan tu pun ada yang sokong PKR. Yang betul dan adil PKR sahaja. Haii pening!!

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