Monday, August 10, 2009

Quixotic Duel With The Hulking Giants

A Kadir Jasin

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SINCE some debaters of the last posting complained that we are focusing too much on politics, so for this posting I will not write about politicos, politicus or politique.

I’ll instead talk about Don Quixote (Don Ki-ho-te). He is also known as the Man From La Mancha. Although his exploits dated back to the early 17th Century, he is still very much alive.

He was immortalized by Spanish author Maguel De Cervantes. Senor Cervantes on his part based Senor Quixote’s character on a manuscript by the creative Moorish historian, Cide Hamete Benengeli aka Sidi Hamid.

I was first introduced to Don Quixote back in 1966 or 1967 by my Malay Language teacher at the Saint Michael Secondary School in Alor Star, the late Cikgu Zainol Abidin Ismail.

We did not then read the novel but discussed its origin and contents because it has been called by some literary scholars as the most important novel ever written.

Understandably we mispronounced Quixote’s name. And many still do today.

I would later read the book and over the years watched several movie versions of the story. I’ve lost the book and when I recently went to Kinokuniya at KLCC to enquire about it, I was told it has gone out of print.

I am telling the story of Don Quixote because some of us may have, knowing or unknowingly, been behaving and acting like the fictional Spanish gentleman. In today’s medical science, Don Quixote’s behaviour would have been branded delusional.

Alonso (Don) Quixote, a country gentleman in his fifties was so affected by the books on chivalry he so much loved to read that he become obsessed with their contents.

Soon Senor Quixote found himself transformed into the heroes and the knights of his books. So, accompanies by his loyal servant, Sancho Panza, and riding a scrawny horse he went on a quest to save his fair maidens and all of mankind, which included his famous duel with the windmills he thought were hulking giants.

So don’t feel bad or ashamed if we sometimes feel like Don Quixote and have an uncontrollable urge to do battle with the windmills. It’s better to fight the windmills than to go crazy and run amok (amuck).

My worry is we may just do that because in Malaysia there’s no windmill. To find one, we have to go all the way to the Netherlands or some other parts of northern Europe.

So, in our quixotic quest to become the knights in shining armor to save the fair maidens and all of humanity, we may have to find our own versions of the hulking giants, which I have to leave entirely to your imagination.

All that I ask for is for you not to lose your sanity, even temporarily, and run amuck!

I shall not be your Sancho Panza and shout to you: “Those over there are not giants but windmills. Those things that seem to be their arms are sails which, when they are whirled around by the wind, turn the millstone."

I’ve tried my luck for so many years to be the lowly Sancho Panza and remind the quixotic characters around me not to be misled and misguided by the sweet words of their cronies, hangers-on and apple polishers.

Alas, like Don Quixote they continue to do battle with the windmills because unlike Sancho Panza who spoke the truth, their cronies, hangers-on and apple polishers told them what they love to hear and not what they ought to hear.


Anonymous said...

alas ... something great to ponder especially by the apple polishers and whats not ;)

~anak selangor~

M. Bakri Musa said...

Dear Datuk:

Don Quixote, and many other great literature, can be readily accessible for free online. Try this website.

That is the wonderful thing about the Internet. Many (though not all even though Google is trying to get all) can are now be available in the public domain for free on the Internet. I have read many old books on Malaysia that I thought were no longer in print but now available through Google books.

Sallam, Bakri Musa

Abdul Rahim Madu said...


I think In Malaysia,Don Quixotic is Najib.

ab said...

Salam dato,

That is a good piece,and our Don Quixote's windmill is the politicians and their antics....

TETAPI tidak ramai yang mahu berfikir tentang `the real black cabinet and the club members' dinegara ini.

Think about the gone/almost gone/going to be gone generations of owners of Genting,Robert Kouk,
YTL,Public bank,Ambank,Maxis,
The Wangs,Vincent Tan,Tanjung, Magnum, Btoto and few others...

THESE PEOPLES want the base of their assets,value of their assets,businesses licences,permits

ALL THESE BUSINESSES WILL DIE OUTSIDE Malaysia... why?..the value of landed assets,bonds valuations, debt valuation and total book values masih MAINLY based on THEIR LANDED ASSETS,PERMITS,LICENCES IN MALAYSIA!...whatever you may say about them..

THESE PEOPLES will be lobbying constantly with whatever modes or modalities, legally or illegaly TO KEEP THEIR ASSETS AND BUSINESSES SURVIVE AT ALL TIMES, to and for all potential governments (now or the future).. be it A,B,C or D.... they will jokey
the system with their money,bonds, market control,arm-twisting-charity and etc and only allowing one of A,B,C or D survives al all times( THE GOMEN THAT FAVOURS THE CLUB MEMBERS).. and let you all fight each other, and support the fighting, and whoever wins and stays in power will be more or less their PUPPETS in HIGH OFFICES, following their whims and needs...ALL ALONG and AT ALL TIMES,

SEE THE STORY ABOUT MAXIS relisting in MALAYSIA?....this hero cannot get SATELLITE license
in other country, and the binaring satelite lifespan dah nak buat MUKA BAIK nak
listing kat Bursa Malaysia!...




Dato' kalau bolih tulis tentang MAXIS and the gangs?.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Anonymous said...

I understand you, I think so!!!.
Selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan sentiasa di lindungi dan diberkati olih ALLAH.dh9753.

Firdaus Johari said...

This happens because these 'don's do no know to differentiate the 'talkers' and the 'thinkers'...

Read this article titled
How to differentiate the 'talker' and the 'thinkers'

Anonymous said...

Hi Datuk,

It has been a long long time since I last wrote you a comment.

Don't you say you'll take a break and not talk politics because every time you do, you always end up doing exactly that; talk politics. Too much politics in your body serums and in the veins going to your brains I guess. If not politics is there anything else to blog about Datuk ? He he ... the rest are all mundane subjects.

I am just back from one crazy exam, and my braincells are still recovering.

Have a great day ahead every one :-)

Damsel in Distress,
Dulcinea del Toboso


Yes Sdr M. Bakri Musa,

I had just read online one of the favourite books of my know the kind that we hid from our dads? Hehe.....

But there's nothing like holding the real book -- the atom vs the digital (Negroponte's Being Digital).

Salam and hope you're fine in California.

Thank you.

Mista Blogga said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

1. You said no politics.

2. But in the end of the blog entry, i sensed some real politics going on.

3. Loving it!

4. As usual, you could convey your ideas and messages in the most subtle manner possible.

5. I particular like the last paragraph -
Alas, like Don Quixote they continue to do battle with the windmills because unlike Sancho Panza who spoke the truth, their cronies, hangers-on and apple polishers told them what they love to hear and not what the ought to hear.

6. It reminds me of an article from the Economist entitled "Malaysia's Chameleon".

7. spot on!



el-Barokhas said...

In this day and age, when one is in power, one tends to listen more to apple polishers than to others. You name it; be they any of our PMs, leaders of political parties, heads of institutions, CEOs, etc. None of the MBs nor CMs at any position of the political continuum can claim he had not suffered that delusionary syndrome.

Otherwise, how can one explain the presence of dubious characters walking in and out of the offices of those powerful leaders while the genuinely in need of the latter's attention had to resign to the fate of being mere bystanders.

Even John F. Keneddy was not spared from the condition. Was it not during the Bay of Pigs fiasco academic study that the term groupthink was coined?

In so far as apple polishers are concerned, there's no denying that they are a special breed with the following common trait: thick of hide and powerful of thumb, index and little fingers that, when in triangular position, can support hugh weight of bosses and those in power.

Yangretibase said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk AKJ and all your debaters,
I have been wondering all these while why BN and UMNO especially are so foolish and stupid not to think that their intimate cronies, hangers-on and apple polishes play a great role in contributing to UMNO's and BN's defeat.
Rakyat get fedup and meluat yang teramat sangat with you people like pakbelalang, OKJ and dan kajang. You are cronies (barua), hangers-n (konco) and apple polishes (pembodek dan pengampu).
Muhasabah dirilah kamu bertiga. Jangan sengaja mencari dosa kering.
Jangan berprasangka buruk yang bukan-bukan terhadap ulama Rabbani; tetapi memuja dan memuji ulama dunia (ulama suu').
Maaf. Wassalam.

Non-partisan said...


Fear of a thing creates a thing of fear.

Yangretibase said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk AKJ and all your debaters,

I have been wondering all these while why UMNO and BN are so foolish and stupid as not to think that their intimate cronies, hangers-on and apple polishes play a very great role in contributing to UMNO's and BN's defeat.

Rakyat get madly fedup and meluat yang teramat sangat to people like
pakbelalang, OKJ and dan kajang who are proud to be cronies (barua), hangers-on (konco) and apple polishers (pembodek dan pengampu).

Muhasabah dirilah anda bertiga. Jangan asyik mencari dosa kering. Jangan sekali-kali menghina, mengeji dan mencerca ulama Rabbani; tetapi sebaliknya memuja,
memuji dan memuliakan ulama suu'.
Berjihadlah mencari kebenaran dan keredhaan-Nya.

Wassalam. Pohon maaf.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

talking about being delusional, that is what we as a bangsa malaysia is all about. getting real is not what we want to hear as a nation. Subhanallah. I had always been a laser mouth in stating the truth as i see it to the point that one of my ex bosses actually called me in and ask me point blank is there anyway i can call my black horse (which was then my audit report) any other name but black horse because the content was damaging to the powers that be.

look, faeces is still shit and it still stinks. rose by any other name still smell sweet. until we embrace that reality i doubt we can progress very far as a nation for a very simple reason, we are building our country on a fragile foundation of self deception.

geez, i recommend the book leadership and self deception by arbinger institute and a new earth by eckhart tolle if anybody outdoor is sincerely looking for the truth and reality.

keturunan jebat.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the modus operandi of Don Corleone, and his son, Micheal, created by Mario Puzo. When things go out of hand, the Don gotta step in and take charge, and be ruthless even to his own clan members. In real life, LKY and Mahathir are the Corleones.

A weak Don is a Don Chaotic, the Don that is neither feared nor respected by either friends or foes. Luckily, that Don is gone.

We have a new Don, and he must be as a Corleone as much as he can, to wipe out Don Chaotic's remaining wayward cappos who are an embarassment to his clan.

And thanks to you Dato, I won't mispronounce it as Don Ki-sot anymore.

Don Kee Hoe Tee

INDIGO said...

Pak Kadir,

I like the slide show idea. Good Marketing! -


anyway what are your Scriber's esteem thots on this:

August 10, 2009 15:05 PM
Petronas Foreign-Currency Issuances Attract Significant Interest

KUALA LUMPUR, August 10 (Bernama) -- Petronas's landmark issue of an Emas dollar bond and Emas dollar sukuk has attracted significant interest from a wide investor base.

Bank Negara Governor, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, said the Petronas issuances, which comprised of a US$3 billion bond and US$1.5 billion sukuk, were highly successful amidst the challenging global financial markets.

The Petronas dollar and bond issues, Zeti said, is the largest US dollar issuance by an Asian entity outside Japan this year.

"The issuance showcases Malaysia's credentials as a centre of origination not only for Ringgit bonds and sukuk, but also for issuance of foreign currency denominated bonds and sukuk," Zeti said during a press conference inconjunction with the inaugural issuance of the Emas US dollar sukuk and Emas US dollar bond by Petronas.

The "Emas" designation of the bond and sukuk, she said, would be given to foreign-currency denominated issuances.

In Malaysia, Zeti said, the sukuk component has grown to be larger than its conventional counterpart.

"Malaysia, is currently the global leader in sukuk issuance, accounting for 62 per cent of total global sukuk outstanding," she said.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Petronas, Tan Sri Hassan Merican, said the proceeds from the issuances would be used for capital expenditure.

Hassan said Petronas has embarked on a six-day road show covering 10 cities in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States beginning in Kuala Lumpur on July 29.

Adakah ini satu pekara yang sama saperti tajuk cerita posting Pak Kadir kali ini? Saya hanya mahu katakan beriring harapan besar dalam hal ini bahawa
Pak Kadir jangan cuba nak rendah diri tentang ilmu ekonomi dunia dan perekonomian Malaysia)

ki-zou-tik fight against bad Badangs that would be very exciting, don't you think?)

Terima Kasih

saji said...

Dear Dato'

I would say politicus who talk different thing to different audience

pakbelalang said...

Dr Mahathir, who initiated the change to use English for teaching Science and Mathematics, asserted that there were still many parents who wanted to retain the policy.

He also criticised the Government for not taking advantage of computer technology to ensure the success of the policy.

“I have given my suggestions but the Education Ministry did not act on them.

“You can’t teach Science and Mathematics in English with the present teachers because they don’t understand English,” he said.

“You can use computer software which will teach both the students and the teachers.”


Easier said than done, Tun M. I think we have had enough of "trial and error" policy in the Ministry of Education. Our school children are suffering enough. So enough is enough. Now it is very glaring that the Ministry officials and manpower just do not have the capacity in terms of getting the right infrastructure and skills to push forward Tun M's idea with full commitment to make it successful. They were at a lost from day one of implementation of the PPSMI. Hisham and Pak Lah are squarely to be blamed.

pakbelalang said...


I take note of your comment. Cheers !!

pakbelalang said...


Apa itu ulama Rabbani? I would appreciate if you could enlighten me. Saya jahil!

Zainuddin Haji Sulaiman said...

Salam Datuk,

I agree with your idea that after a few weeks or a few months, you take a break from discussing a topic about politics like this one.

But, you can stay with your columns which specialising in politics because your discussions about politics that affect either ruling party or opposition party is quite okay, even very okay, since you're neutral.

To me every writer includes myself should try very hard not to bias whenever we discuss of anything, because that is very challenging and the value of our writings are there, which staying neutral while proposing our ideas may attract the readers irregardless they are for or against the ideas we are focusing.

My writings above will serve as an intro to my comments.

Now, this is my comment regarding to the topic of Quixotic Duel.

Before I forget, I would like to thank M.Bakri Musa for stating the name of the website to access to the many world great literatures through online, includes this Don Quixote.

Actually, I do not really have a point to propose here except for a few small points above to ponder.

Anyway, all the debaters,
keep giving your healthy ideas and as long as you're sincere and not selfish in putting your ideas here, we can build our nations.

TQVM, see all of surfers next time.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ, minta beri laluan

Kepada Yangretibase

Maaf cakaplah tapi saya rasa standard pemikiran kita tak sama. Saya bagi satu contoh saja. Berdasarkan pemeriksaan pakar forensic semalam, akibat kematian berdasarkan jatuh dari bangunan tinggi. Tiada kesan pergelutan atau pertahankan diri didapati. Cuba saudara tengok balik artikel-artikel pembangkang sebelumnya, belum apa-apa lagi telah menuduh yg bukan bukan.

Darah dengan cat ‘antirust’ pun tak boleh nak beza (sampai perlukan ujian kimia) tapi keluarkan kenyataan macam ada benda yg tak kena je. Pikir sendiri la. Kalau saudara perasan, pembangkang tak akan jawab isu yg dibincangkan tapi akan alih kepada isi-isu lain untuk menutup malu. Biasalah tu.

Perbezaan pendapat adalah baik tapi janganlah sampai berpecah belah. Islam hanya kuat jika kita bersatu padu. Satu lagi pesan saya, kalau kita tak tahu sesuatu perkara, tanyalah kepada orang yg tahu bukannya orang yang sama-sama tak tahu. Sekian TQ.

Yangretibase said...

Assalamualaikum Sdr. Zainuddin Haji Sulaiman,
Saya ucapkan tahniah kepada saudara kerana berani mencuba menjadi guru bahasa Inggeris.
Saya sungguh-sungguh berharap agar saudara sendiri terus belajar dengan gigihnya untuk menguasai bahasa Inggeris.
Mastery of good English will definitely enable you to be a good English teacher or instructor.

Maaf. Wassalam.

Mat sabu. said...

Dato Kadir.

I think Don Quixote is Anwar and Sancho Panza is Najib.

Mohamad Adam said...

If you want to have a hard copy of this book, you can download it from this site

Antus said...

Buat Yangretibase....
sesungguhnya x ada gune berbalah berkaitan sape yg benar atau salah..yg penting adalah diri sendiri...cukopkah bekalan ke alam yg satu lagi...usah fikirkan mereka yang berbalah krn kita tidak tahu...yang Maha Mengetahui adalah hanya Allah SWT..Jgn kita mencaci krn belum tentu diri kita yg terbaik....

pakbelalang said...

Penang Govt To Reward Senior Citizens RM100 Each From Next Year

PENANG, Aug 12 (Bernama) -- The Penang government will reward each registered senior citizen in the state RM100 a month under the Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme by March 8, next year.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state executive council (exco) meeting Wednesday decided to reward registered senior citizens aged 60 and above for their contribution to the state's development.

"We are expecting about 100,000 to receive the aid from the state government as we are now collecting details on the senior citizens," he told reporters after chairing the exco meeting here today.


That is great news. The state govt. will have to pump in RM120 million a year to distribute to 100,000 senior citizens. That's a lot of fund to be reserved.

Lets see whether the state govt. will really fulfill its promise. I hope the money for the senior citizens is not at the expense of other development projects for the state.

pakbelalang said...

Home Ministry Issues Warning To Errant Foreign Worker Agencies

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 12 (Bernama) -- The Home Ministry will revoke the licenses and permits of foreign worker agencies found to have breached regulations stipulated by the authorities.

Its minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said besides this, the government would also not be issuing new licenses so as to curb the influx of foreign workers.

He said both decisions had been approved by the Cabinet.


1. Hisham is fond of giving just "amaran sahaja".

2. Setakat itu sahaja lah. Tak kemana!!

3. Wal hal, banyak agensi-agensi yang telah salah gunakan lesen mereka.

4. Banyak rungutan dari orang ramai kedengaran mengatakan bahawa pihak penguat-kuasa lemah tidak melakukan tanggong jawab mereka dengan bersungguh-sungguh seolah-olah macam ada "persefaman" antara pihak penguat kuasa dengan agensi-agensi pengambilan pekerja asing.

5. Amaran yang di keluarkan oleh Hisham hanyalah "eye wash" sahaja.

6. KPI Hisham masih "GROUND ZERO" setakat ini. Belum lagi nampak taringnya atau keberkesanannya.!!

7. Dia tak ada idea lansung!!

8. He seems to be always "play safe" type of minister.

9. I must salute Menteri Kesihatan cuba mengatasi virus H1N1.

10. I think he is doing a good job by up dating the situation to the public practically almost everyday. Syabas !!

mekyam said...

hi tok akj!

since you insist there isn't any political implication in this post, i'm going to accept it as such.

almost as wonderful as the book would be the musical 'man of la mancha'. so am sharing here the inspiring lyrics of one of the best known melodies of mlm...

The Impossible Dream
(Lyrics by Joe Darion)

To dream... the impossible dream...
To fight... the unbeatable foe...
To bear... with unbearable sorrow...
To run... where the brave dare not go...
To right... the unrightable wrong...
To love... pure and chaste from afar...
To try... when your arms are too weary...
To reach... the unreachable star...

This is my quest, to follow that star...
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far...
To fight for the right, without question or pause...
To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause...
And I know if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest,
That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
when I'm laid to my rest...
And the world will be better for this:
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
To reach... the unreachable star...

MANTOL said...

Dfn izin Dato,

"pakbelalang said...
9. I must salute Menteri Kesihatan cuba mengatasi virus H1N1.

10. I think he is doing a good job by up dating the situation to the public practically almost everyday. Syabas !!"

Wow! Just updating dah cukup untuk pakbelalang salute menteri. Yang dijangkiti semakin ramai. Kuarantin hanya dibibir. Yang mati setiap hari?

Apa ingat AH1N1 ni blog ke? Cukup sekadar update?

Tukar Menteri Kesihatan...

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Maaf Dato’ sebab tak sempat komen tentang slideshow Dato’ tu. Nampaknya IT Dato’ makin berbisa. Saya kadang kadang beli Anjung Seri untuk dapatkan ilham. Memang bagus majalah tu. Lepas Dato’ iklankan ni, rasanya kenalah beli setiap bulan pula. Isteri saya suka tengok gambar-gambar dalam tu. Cuma satu je masalah, tiada tempat nak simpan. Maklumlah, rumah kecik je. Mungkin boleh Dato’ cadangkan keluarkan versi maya (download) ke atau dalam bentuk CD je ke. Boleh adakan sedutan video sekali dan taklah pening nak menyusun dan simpan.

Satu lagi Dato’, memandangkan penularan H1N1 makin teruk nampaknya, boleh tak Dato buat artikel sikit. Saya ada sedikit cadangan nak dikongsi bersama. Kita stop dulu cerita tentang politik sekejap sebab nampaknya semua orang dah menggelegak. Saya tahu ramai nak berbincang tapi kadang kadang perbincangan tu hangat sikit dan ada yg marah marah pula.Biasalah tu. Sekian TQ.

wishediwaswrong said...

Pak Belalang commended MOH Minister for a job well done on combatting H1N1.

How so? Malaysia records double the rate of death due to influenza A H1N1 (1:62) compared to global average (1:123). I think the minister should apologise for misleading Malaysians into believing that we are doing OK while statistics show otherwise.

Or, is he a victim of groupthink, being buoyed up by by apple-polishers.

wishediwaswrong said...

Pak Belalang commended MOH Minister for a job well done on combatting H1N1.

How so? Malaysia records double the rate of death due to influenza A H1N1 (1:62) compared to global average (1:123) and this does not give a good prognosis of the state of healthcare in our country.

I think the minister should apologise for misleading Malaysians into believing that we are doing OK while statistics show otherwise.

Looks like he's also a victim of groupthink - being buoyed up by apple polishers and sycophants?

pakbelalang said...

Sekali lagi ingin saya merakamkan syabas kepada Menteri Kesihatan dan semua kaki tangan hospital di seluruh negara yang sedang berusha untuk menangani dan mengatasi wabak virus H1N1.

Yes, it is not an easy task to check this deadly virus from spreading. God willing at the end of the day this pandemic disease would be alleviated if the public is conscious to take the neccessary precaution as advice by the Ministry of Health.

Daya usaha dan penat lelah Menteri dan semua kaki tangan hospital amat dihargai. Syabas !!!

affendi hussain said...

"Sekali lagi ingin saya merakamkan syabas kepada Menteri Kesihatan dan semua kaki tangan hospital di seluruh negara yang sedang berusha untuk menangani dan mengatasi wabak virus H1N1. "

Sdr Pak Belalang..

Look to me like they rather work hard than work you think what they're doing now is already good enough? We are talking about rakyat life at stake is more precious than money..
Get real lah..its breathtaking damn serious if you still can breath without that H1N1 deteriorating your oxygen.. gajah pun mati, jangan katakan tikus atau manusia..

..its a history, pandemic can wipe out a civilization on the surface of the earth..

Do all our govt health machineries and staff are well prepared to combat this crisis in terms of capabilities & resources? Has the Kementerian Kesihatan done anything about this?

Some hospital especially outside KL still take all flu & fever cases lightly based on my own experience in Kedah... such lame excuses.."kami tak cukup orang..demam sikit2 tu tak payah datang lah.."

hah..elok sgt lah tu..dah mati baru datang..esok2 semua begelimpangan reput atas jalan sebab tukang2 kapan & tanam ikut sama mati..mcm dinosour jadinya..

1:62 - 1 death in every 62 infections? Can u imagine if a class of 62students infected one of their friend will die? how serious is that..compared with the 123 average..its double & alarming!

Some of a so-called third world countries are doing better than Malaysia..Don't believe me..? check this out

the staticic here for malaysia is even worse.. 1 in 44! much for the Menteri Kesihatan KPI i would say!


bab-1 era KPI menteri2..err..yang dahulu & utama tu camner..boleh pakai lg ke?
bila nak ada Megeran etc? bila dah nazak? jaga hati & bisnes je ke?


pakbelalang said...

affendi hussain,

Everybody knows the seriousness of the disease. That goes without saying! Yes it is pandemic. Trust them. Let them do their job. Don't generalise your statement.
Instead of criticizing, it would be more helpful during this hour of crisis we give them moral support.

Yes, I don't deny some of your statements are valid but I just wonder how would you feel if you are in their shoes - the doctors and the nurses who are indeed trying to cope with this unexpected crisis. I think it is "HELL" for them. Mungkin tak dapat tidur malam kerana menjalankan tanggong jawab yang berat. Kesian !!

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