Friday, November 20, 2009

Rethinking The MCA's Position In BN

A Kadir Jasin

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UNLESS whatever is left of the MCA leadership is able to patch up the fractured and tattered party in a reasonably short period, it’s advisable for the Barisan Nasional to seriously think of an alternative.

There isn’t much time left for the BN to rebuild. Here lies the next serious challenge for Umno being the dominant member of the 13-party coalition.

While the newspapers today reported that the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, would meet the squabbling MCA factions in a bid to seek a solution to the worsening crisis, the rethinking of the whole BN equation remains relevant.

Apart from rebuilding its own strength, Umno has to shoulder the task of nursing the whole front back to health if it hopes to reverse its fortune in the 2013 general election.

Umno’s own recovery is, at best, tentative. Although the power transfer at the top had been affected, lower down the command chain, recalcitrant and pig-headed leaders continue to cause havoc. The costly truancy of its former Kota Siputeh State Assemblyman, Abu Hassan Sarif is a case in point.

With or without the solution to the MCA crisis, Umno leadership must to start to thinking seriously about what do to with the non-Malay representation in the BN.

Understandably Umno does not want to be seen to be lording over its non-Malay partners. In the case of the MCA, any sign that Umno is forcing its will on the party will further perpetuate the Chinese voters’ perception that the MCA and Gerakan are being subservient to UMNO.

Yet if the BN wishes to recoup its losses in the Peninsula, it needs stronger MCA and MIC. I am deliberately leaving the Gerakan out of this scenario because the Penang-based party is even weaker than the MCA.

In fact after being booted out of Penang in last year’s general election after 39 years of reign, the Gerakan’s future is questionable. It might have outlived its relevance and could go down the same sad road as the Ipoh-based PPP several decades ago.

One analyst noted soon after the 2008 general election that for the Gerakan and PPP, the key question is whether they should continue to exist and if so, what is their niche in Malaysian politics.

Umno cannot hope to maintain its leadership position if it fails to assist its non-Malay partners in the Peninsula to regain strength. The battle will continue to be here in the Peninsula.

At the same time it has to strengthen ties with the Sarawak- and Sabah-based coalition parties who hepled thwart the fall of the BN in the 2008 GE. Out of 140 seats won by the BN, 54 came from Sarawak and Sabah.

In the worse case scenario, the BN must entertain the unpalatable thought that the Chinese might not be too desperate if the MCA fails to recover. They may not be spoilt for choice, but they certainly have more choices than the Malays.

A substantial chunk of Chinese voters has always been with the DAP. Some are still committed to the nominally multi-racial Gerakan. But more could be looking towards the multi-racial PKR if the Pakatan Rakyat looks like a good long-term alternative to the BN.

This, however, does not deny the fact that the opposition parties too have their share of inter- and intra- party problems given their vast ideological and policy differences.

The Umno supporters too may not take too kindly to their leaders being reticent about the goings-on in the sister parties because at the end of the day, Umno will have to cede some Malay majority seats to its Chinese and Indian partners. In the 2008 GE many such seat were lost to the oppositions.

So it’s time for Mohd Najib who is BN Chairman to cease playing safe. This is his chance of taking the bull by the horn or risk having the BN's posterior kicked in the coming general poll.

He does not have to mediate in the full glare of the spotlight. Surely as Prime Minister and head of the BN he has other ways and means of bringing peace to the squabbling MCA and other BN parties.

If his late father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, could bring together parties of diverse interests and regional affiliations to form the BN in the aftermath of May 13, 1969 racial riots, it is incumbent upon Mohd Najib to breathe the life back into the faltering coalition.

Failing which history will judge him harshly.


abe MIE 'TERJAH' said...

MCA must follow the way of DAP. Sometimes the problem stems from the attitude of greed and not want to hear the advice of others.

MCA story reminds abe MIE working with Chinese companies. They like one of those subordinates ....

Anonymous said...

Salam. kata siapa UMNO akan terus hidup menjelang tahun 2013?
Saya berharap saudara dapat menulis tentang tahap korupsi yg begitu berleluasa di negara kita, sehingga "turun pangkat" setiap than dalam penilaia antarabangsa.

Terima kasih

Man Ysf said...

It is a grim reminder to everybody that once your party is in disarray, it will be very very difficult to regroup. That's why before our party is in disarray, we have to do everything in our power to prevent it. Shut your mouth, resign, go-rasuah-free, reduce whinning, give-way, compromise or what ever action it takes, just do it. A crumbling party has no mercy, neither to its loyal disciples nor to ordinary supporters.

Roti Planta said...


Ini masanya untuk menghapuskan parti perkauman seperti UMNO, MCA dan MIC. Sementara MCA (Cina) kelam kabut ni, apa kata UMNO buka keahlian sementara kepada kaum Cina. Boleh 'test market' dulu. Daripada mereka lari ke PKR atau DAP lebih baik berteduh sementara dalam UMNO. Apabila Cina dah stabil dalam UMNO maka boleh goncang MIC pula terutama bila MrSamy dah pergi.

Bye/ Roti Planta



He is not 'like father,like son'.

saji said...

Salam Dato'

Kalau kita ambil iktibar parti nasionalis di India dan di Taiwan, khasnya yang kalah teruk selepas sekian lama menguasai politik negara masing-masing dan kemudian bangkit semula dengan kekuatan baru sekarang, ia seperti tidak mampu dilakukan oleh BN yang,pada saya, ia berbalik dasar yang diperjuangkan oleh parti2 di bawah komponen BN masing2 yang berteraskan nasionalisme atau perkauman.

Anonymous said...

MCA is on its own process of cleaning up. UMNO should support MCA and do its own cleaning up as well. TQ


el-Barokhas said...

Ethnicity-based political parties is out of step with present environment. That's why UMNO is faced with problems related to equations vis-a-vis other race-based parties.

In tandom with 1Malaysia clarion call, it's probably the right moment for UMNO to shed its racial mask and assume a more inclusive human hide to become United Malaysians National Organization which Dato' Onn would have been proud of.

Otherwise, UMNO would continue, after more than half a century of existence, to remain an overgrown baby in an adult body dependent on others for it's continued survival.


Tok Kadiaq

What's at stake for some leaders is between life and death judging by how they get at each other's throats.

Unlike his father,Najib is clinging to BN at it's present form and hope
Sabah and Sarawak to bring in the numbers again, but for how long?

As for me I better brace myself to kais pagi makan pagi in Myanmar style of military led kind of administration.


ab said...

Salam dato,

Pernah tak dato tenguk opera china?
Saya dan isteri pernah tenguk 2-3 kali,coong ceenng,whoa whhein,tub lompat sana,buk jatuh sini..tetapi kerusi banyak penonton tiada!! Saya fikir lambat penonton datang,pilih duduk kat depan sampai habis, tiada penonton... Saya tanya orang,diberitahu opera tu untuk HANTUUU!!!!.

Sekarang ni dah ada WAYANG GAMBAR untuk hantu jugaa dah ni....cerita thriller,romance dan espionage etc!!(punyalee demand hantu cina ni...!)

Dulukala, hang tuah dan geng pi mengadap maharaja china,lepas tu maharaja china hantar seorang amoi cina untuk raja melayu dan ramai lah orang china kesini sampai penuh satu bukit kubur kubur mereka!.. katanya semua patuh perintah raja melayu dizaman itu.

Entah ilmu apa raja melayu,hang tuah dan gengnya amalkan sampai begitu sekali kepatuhan mereka...

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS..Hang tuah dan geng ni punya laa`cerdik' sampai tiada sebaris pun ilmu tertulis,tiada sebuah kitab silat,kitab mengorat,kitab ilmu pengasih,kitab mempertahankan negara dan diri,kitab berpasukan dll ditinggalkan untuk kita semua,tiada senjata sulit/sakti untuk digunakan,malah cap jari dan bulu pun TAK DITINGGALKAN...
...Kubur pun kena dibuat orang lain,periginya pun kena dikorek orang lain!..

Tetapi ada seorang PAHLAWAN CHINA tu pulak tinggalkan begitu banyak ilmu peperangan,pemerintahan dan sebagainya, jadi panduan ramai orang sekarang,termasuk dibidang perniagaan.....

ALAHAI MCA (the opera is about to end very soon) ..alamat terbentang,


nak tu,nak ni kalau nak kami.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Anonymous said...


No need to re-think. Just sack them out of BN!

Dato tulis BI, ramai menteri kita tak paham tok. "Mi no spik inglish" kata depa...

apa komen dato' pasal komen ganjil timbalan menteri kita ini....

""Menurut Naib Menteri Pendidikan Mohd Puad Zarkashi, perbuatan bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris adalah ganjil dan menjejaskan kebudayaan dan identiti negara. Beliau mahukan pihak swasta bertutur dalam bahasa Malaysia sahaja dan sebarang surat kepadanya yang ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris akan ditolak dan penulis akan diminta menulis semula dalam Bahasa Malaysia.""

minah ronggeng

pakbelalang said...

Najib must be able to think outside the box and be brave enough to find new strategy by charting into new unknown territory that would at the end of the day be able to see light at end of the tunnel . The risk is there but what choice has he got.
A good leader must be able to lead and be respected. He has to probe to find the best solution and take the bull by the horn as what you said, Dato'. That's the only way to survive in politics!!

Anonymous said...


Saya fikir elok Tun Mahathir jadi Presiden sementara MCA sepertimana Arwah Tun Ghafar dahulu.

Hanya Tun Mahathir sahaja yang dapat "earn the respect" dan sokongan dari pengaruh team Lim Liong Sik, Lim Ah Lek, Ong Ka Ting, Chan Kong Choy dan lain-lain yang banyak mempengaruhi kuasa sokongan terhadap team Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek dan Liow Tiong Lai ini.

Masyarakat kaum Cina kebiasaannya menghormati keputusan yang dibuat oleh "elders" mereka. Tidak terkecuali MCA.


zainal abidin awang kechik said...




raja2u said...

YBhg Dato',

Assalamualaikum. Quite a grim picture. It is not too bad if all concerned were to make a serious study of what actually went wrong and to take appropriate remedial action.The crux of the problem BN did not prepare themselves what to do should they faced a set back in any election.

UMNO did not perform too badly in the 2008. BN lost several states because other component parties did not deliver the seats expected of them. The right thing to do was for BN parties to sit together and worked out a strategy how to win back the confidence of the people as a team. Unfortunately instead of doing that each party was left on their own which ended in ugly incidents resulting from internal squabblings.

Much time was lost by UMNO who chose to find faults of the PR government rather than spend time with the rakyat to gain back their confidence.The legal battles that is going on is not helpful to BN.

All is not lost yet. There is still time , though very tight ,to go to the people to show genuine intention to serve the people.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain
Petaling Jaya

Noor Abby said...

ORANGUTAN PENANG, i like your comment

Arunzab said...

What can we expect of a party who's leader was caught having sex romps and still is still a force to be reckon within the party.I am told he is popular be cause he can preform.He did give a good prefomance and I would say that it sure pays to advertise.


Noor Abby, I love your photo.

Mohd Nadzri Kamsin said...

The coalition is facing too many problems. MCA is falling apart. MIC has become an old-fashion party surrounded with its aging leaders. PPP is ruled by a dictator.

Dieng sanusi said...

Dear Dato,

Dato Cakap sama Najib jangan buang masa dengan MCA.Sama ada MCA dalam atau luar BN tak ada beza.Orang Cina telah buat keputusam yamh mereka akan sokong DAP,PKR dan PAS dalam Pilehan raya 13.

Suroh Najob betul kan dulu UMNO dan padatkan sokongan Melayu kapada Kerajaan.Orang Melayu sekarang mereka ini macam peminta sedekah di tanah air sendiri.Mereka maseh di pinggirkan.

Pegawai Melayu sendiri dalam GLC,dalam Bursa Saham dalam SC memandang sepi dengan orang Melayu,tidak saperti tahun 70 han dulu.

Pegawai2 Kerajaan pun sudah tidak semangat hendak menolong Melayu.Kata mereka apa yang mereka dapat satelah mereka sendiri melihat dengan mata kepala mereka dimana Kroni2 menteri dan Perdana Menteri membuat duit beratus juta dengan hanya jadi broker.

Harap Dunia Kiamat tahun 2012.Tak payah Pilehanraya ke 13 pada 2013.

pakteh adam said...



In this case he is trying very hard to please the ungrateful minority, pada masa yang sama mempertaruhkan (playing safe) nasib majority.

pakbelalang said...

Government Allocates RM600 Mln To Rehabilitate Nine Military Camps

MIRI, Nov 21 (Bernama) -- The government has allocated RM600 million to rehabilitate nine military camps that are in a state of disrepair, said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said the rehabilitation work would start in March next year and involved building new housing quarters and upgrading office buildings besides providing other facilities


Hopefully there will be no cronies of Zahid Hamidi involved in the rehabilitation work. RM600 million is a lot of money there. By now I believe there are already people trying to "grease" Zahid !!

Zaman cronyism sudah berlalu. Jangan nak cuba main api !!

pakbelalang said...

Government To Fast Track Projects

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 (Bernama) -- The government will fast track the implementation of several projects to the first quarter of 2010 to help the economy achieve a higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP) next year.


This fast track projects must be monitored properly or else there might be costs overrun, inefficiency and abuse of funds.

The keyword is, there must be total transparency !!

Jangan ada main silap mata !! Akhirnya makan diri !!

dan kajang said...

Assalamualaikum Dato',

1. Yes, I would agree that BN should now start to think the MCA's position as it component. Is has been quite sometime now and that the present crisis has not shown any progress.In fact it has become more complicated and may be beyond repair. This is due to both factions are "tamak haloba" and only think of themselve and not the unity the party and the Malaysian Chinese.

2. So now, PM DS Najib as the Chairman of BN, he should be braved enough to advise or give alternative to the MCA leadersips to either settle their problem wihin one month or otherwise the MCA should get out of BN or take "leave" for a certain period of time until they solve the problem. There is no point retaining them if they can't solve their leadership problem. Tidak guna menanggung biawak hidup. For BN, life must go on. GE 13 is not far now.

3. For the Gerakan, they must except the fact they are losing the confidence of their supporters, especially from the Chinese since the last GE. Now it's time for them to regain the confident by openning their door to other Chinese especially from MCA. They must now play an alternative rolls as a Chinese dominant party, taking over the proplem MCA.

atiefs said...

The current leaders should tied-in the elders.
Tun Mahathir & Ling Liong Sik still alive.
They definitely have valuable input..!

Tok Ma said...


Ramai orang termasuk Melayu hentam Fuad Zarkasi kerana dia cadangkan sektor swasta tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu bila berurusan dengan Kementeriannya. Tapi bukankah perkara ini telah menjadi dasar kerajaan dari dulu-dulu lagi?.Kalau saya salah harap Datuk dan para pembahas betulkan.

Baru-baru ini Presiden Obama melawat Jepun, Korea dan China. Ketika berbincang dan dalam persidangan akhbar dengan Obama presiden/perdana menteri ketiga-ketiga negara ini menggunakan bahasa ibunda. Apakah kerana mereka ini semuanya bodoh dan tidak faham bahasa inggeris. Sebenarnya itu adalah dasar negara-negara tersebut. Pemimpin-pemimpinnya akan menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan dalam majlis-majlis rasmi.

Di Thailand kedutaan-kedutaan asing terpaksa mewujudkan jawatan translator kerana segala surat menyurat dari kerajaan (termasuk swasta Thailand) menggunakan bahasa Thai. Begitu juga dengan jawapan kepada surat-surat tersebut juga menggunakan bahasa Thai. Apakah orang Thai juga bodoh dan tidak faham bahasa inggeris?. Kepada mereka bahasa Thai adalah bahasa rasmi negara itu. Orang luar tidak ada hak nak persoalkan. Paling geli hati bila naik Thai Airlines (international flights) pramugari/pramugaranya tahu ada antara penumpang adalah orang asing (umpamanya orang Eropah) tetapi mereka masih berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Thai.

Malahan kalau tak silap saya presiden Indonesia Bambang pernah berucap dalam bahasa Indonesia di Perhimpunan Agung Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu.

Hakikatnya memang ada pihak-pihak yang tidak suka bahasa Melayu. Sedihnya bila ada orang-orang Melayu yang sama-sama jadi tukang sorak.

Sebenarnya "ular yang menyusup akar tidak hilang bisanya".

pakbelalang said...

Chin Peng apologises for death of innocents

KUALA LUMPUR: Chin Peng, the man with no regrets, has for the first time offered an apology to the victims and families of the Communist Party of Malaya’s acts of violence during the long years of its insurgency.

The former CPM secretary-general said that although the party did not subscribe to the killing of the innocent, he admitted that “we might have made mistakes in some cases.”

“If we had intentionally killed innocent people, then I apologise. I apologise to the families who had suffered (too),”


Sorry, Chin Pen, too little too late!! You had caused continuous grief to thousand of Malaysian families until today. We will never forget it. Just apologising is totally unacceptable. You ought to be hanged for your atrocities.

My uncle (my mother's brother) was "pancung" in the jungle of Parit Jawa, Muar without any trace of his wherabout until today leaving behind the whole of his family members in a state of agony.They suffered enormous emotional pain during that period.

The other uncle of mine Corporal Mohd Yassin who was shot dead during the Bukit Kepong attack on the Police Station.

So Chin Peng your apology is worthless !!


Tok Ma,

1. Saya cadabgkan semua pembesar kita wajib cakap Melayu bila berunding dengan pembesat asing;

2. Dengan cara ini Ketua Negera Asing setidak-tidaknya akan cari jurubahasa Melayu dengan itu berkembang sikitlah bahasa Melayu;

3. Lagi ini bagus terutama bagi pembesar kita yang "slow" sikit sebab waktu hujah rakan sejawatannya diterjemah ke bahasa Melayu, dia ada lebih masa untuk berfikir;

4. Lagi pun Unesco sedang berusaha keras menjamin bahasa-bahasa keecil di dunia tidak mati atau dibubuh oleh bahasa-bahasa utama macam Inggeris dan Mandarin;

5. Mengenai surat menyurat dengan Kerajaan wajiblah dalam bahasa Melayu. Kalau dalam bahasa lain, jangan terima;

6. Dengan itu barulah sektor swasta akan ambil kerja orang yang fasih bahasa Melayu;

7. Inilah kegagalan pemerintah kita. Dasar bahasa Kebangsaan sendiri pun diabaikan;

8. Tapi apa nak dihairan, ramai pembesar cakap bahasa Melayu lebih teruk daripad peniaga Pasar Pudu.

Terima kasih.

Saddiq Sagaraga said...

Yang ab 3:53 pm dok pi tengok wayang china tu pasai apa? Tak segham ka dok dengan hantu-hantu china?

Pasai hulubalang 5-Hang tu, yang betoinya depa pun mai daghi negeghi China jugak nak teman Hang Lee Poh: Ang Toh Ah (Hang Tuah), Ang Cher Ba (Hang Jebat), Ang Toh Lee (Hang Kasturi), Ang Ler Kee (Hang Lekir), Ang Ler Kiu (Hang Lekiu).

Kenn said...

Dear Sir,

** Permission for an out-of-topic reporting*

The following poll was conducted over a month ago (invitation was submitted to this blog earlier).

SHOULD the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) BE OFFERED BACK Malaysian Citizenship?

1. "Yes"
2. "No"
3. "Dont care"

The result:-

About 97% (427 votes) voted "NO"
About 1 % (5 votes) voted "YES"
Less than 1% (4 votes) said "don't care".

Details can be read HERE.

Do read THIS NEWS too.

Thank you.

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Datuk KJ,

It has been a long silence since I last posted my comments in your scribe.Well I was not in a blogging mood during the last few months, so to say as other personal and family matters needed my attention.

Now that you had mooted the MCA issue and its crisis that had surfaced in the current political
scenario, I opined that it's premature to assess MCA's position in BN.

Based on my personal political analysis on the MCA ruckus, its democratic elected President Ong Tee Kiat together with the undivided mandate and support from his deputy Chua Soi Lek and his Presidential Council members, should be given the chance to consolidate and stabilize the party in order to face the test of the next party elections.

The MCA leadership crisis will not be resolved without the absolute support and cooperation of VP Liow Tiong Lai, party and non party members of the third force including both the MCA pemuda and wanita wings.

BN Chairman DS Najib had blown the whistle after having met with both factions involved in the power struggle as how best to resolve the MCA crisis. It is hope that both factions at the behest of estranged President Ong Tee Kiat and VP Liow
will accept the formula of reconciliation as proposed by DS

However, it's crystal clear that under the current political limbo in MCA, the leadership crisis could only be amicably settled and resolved by agreeing to fresh party elections. It is conditional therefore that both factions should accept and respect the final result of the coming party elections, to be held possibly in January or latest by March 2010.The delegates' choice is supreme and the winners will get to command the party, while the losers will have a choice to either support the new leadership or resign from the party as a matter of political principle.

As for our UMNO leaders and other warlords, I wish to remind them of their political conscience that they should always remember and be grateful to MCA (through former President Ling Liong Sik) who had invited UMNO (Baru) back into the supreme power of Malaysian politics and reinstated Dr Mahathir as the BN Chairman after UMNO's crisis in late 1987.

It is only fair that through the wisdom of prime minister Najib, we should never attempt to undermine or sabotage MCA as an important political partner in BN together with UMNO and the rest of the component parties. There should not be any "rethinking" on MCA's position in BN but instead to consolidate BN's effort in helping to strengthen the party in the greater interest of the Chinese community.

manletih said...


Harap Dato tidak lupa yang semua kawasan pilihanraya di semenanjung ialah milik UMNO. MCA, MIC dan GERAKAN menumpang KUOTA saja. Takda meritokrasi langsung. Calon yang tak mahir berbahasa Malaysia pun diletakkannya jadi wakil rakyat.

Kawasan yang lebih 80% pengundi Melayu pun diberikan pada MCA MIC. Bodo atau tolak ansur??

Kpd Tok Ma, tahniah.


saji said...

Salam Sdr pakbelalang

Government To Fast Track Projects
to the first quarter of 2010 to help the economy achieve a higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP) next year (Bernama).

Komen sdr:

"This fast track projects must be monitored properly or else there might be costs overrun, inefficiency and abuse of funds.

The keyword is, there must be total transparency !!"

Dari apa yang saya kaji,bukan sahaja komen sdr di atas tidak memadai dari sudut pengurusan projek, malah banyak orang yang perihatin dengan permasalahan projek kerajaan seperti sdr, telah berulang2 bercakap mengenainya sebelum ini termasuk pak2 menteri terbabit dan Perdana Menterinya sendiri.Tetapi,orang kata, projek kerajaan macam itulah -lewat mula, lewat siap dan terbengkalai, di samping kualiti rendah dan kos peratus perubahan kerja tambahan(VO) dan penyelenggaraan tinggi.

Dalam pengurusan projek, projek memang boleh difast-trackkan atau dicepatkan pelaksanaannya yang meliputi peringkat prakontrak/precontract (reka bentuk dan tender)dan pascakontrak/postcontract (pembinaan).

Tetapi, bukannya dengan cara memanipulasi sistem tender dan sistem kontrak pembinaan konvensional dengan cara masing2 yang sering dilakukan oleh kerajaan UMNO/BN sebelum ini seperti berikut:

Cenderung memanggil tender secara rundingan terus/direct negotiation mahupun secara tender tertutup/close tender, meskipun ia dibolehkan dalam sistem tender konvensional, atas alasan tertentu seperti tidak cukup masa untuk memanggil dan menilai tender jika dilakukan secara terbuka, dan mengaitkannya dengan penggunaan sistem kontrak pembinaan tertentu jenis fast-tract contract bagi maksud mencepatkan atau fast-trackkan pelaksanaan projek di peringkat pra dan pascakontrak tersebut melibatkan penggunaan bentuk sistem kontrak pembinaan konvensional yang dinamakan Design and Build.

Yang mana, berdasarkan penggunaannya dalam pelaksanaan projek kerajaan sebelum ini banyak cerita yang tidak sedap mengenainya seperti berikut:

MRR2- masalah kualiti,
Stadium Terengganu -bumbung runtuh,
PKFZ - VO tinggi
Landasan Berkembar-VO tinggi

Sedangkan di UK, apa yang saya tahu, Management Contract juga digunakan untuk mencepatkan pelaksanaan projek tanpa menjejaskan aspek kualiti dan kos projek.

Bahkan, tatacara pelaksanaan Design and Build Contract di UK, berbeza dengan apa yang dilaksanakan di negara ini.

Anggeriksofea said...


Saya bukan peminat politik tapi politik merupakan satu bidang yang penting bagi sesebuah negar. Kini dilihat isu pergolakan di dalam MCA sering digembar-gemburkan di dalam media massa. Apapun, secara peribadi, saya rasa isu ini perlu ditangani dengan lebih profesional- perbincangan secara tertutup, dan bukannya satu pihak mencadangkan apa juga cadangan di media massa dan satu pihak membalasnya semula.

Berunding secara diam, di satu persidangan tertutup, kemudian apabila mendapat penyelesaian, barulah bercerita- latar belakang, langkah yang diambil, nak puji siapapun pujilah, tapi biarlah perkara ini selesai dahulu di dalam bilik perundinganh berbanding pelbagai pihak membuat spekulasi.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

Saya ni tak pandai cakap orang putih... masalahnya bila nak tinggal dalam negara sendiri pun kena cakap orang putih tak ke haru...?

Entah bila masanya saya nak guna bahasa sendiri, silap2 bila mati nanti pun kempunan nak dengar bahasa melayu sebab talqin pun dibaca dalam bahasa orang putih...!!!

borhan said...

Saya sudah lama melihat MCA ini sebenarnya tidak ada kekuatan. Kelangsungannya adalah atas ihsan UMNO. Tanpa kerusi majoriti Melayu yang dihadiahkan oleh UMNO saya berani kata tidak akan akan seorang pun ahli parlimen dari MCA di Parlimen.
Kekuatyannya pula adalah atas ihsan DAP.Apa yang dibangkitkan oleh DAP untuk mngkan olehnya.Presidennya akan berkata kepada Presiden UMNO ( atau BN); "Lihat, ini kita perlu lakukan segera untuk masyarakat Cina kalau tidak mereka tidak akan sokong kita lagi". Sedangkan apa yang dicanangkan olehnya itu ialah isu yang dibawa oleh DAP. Sebenarnya mereka memang sudah tidak disokong lagi oleh masyarakat Cina. Sepanjang sejarah MCA ia sentiasa diwarnai oleh perebutan kuasa sepanjang masa yang membuat masyarakat seronak membaca ceritanya tetapi meluat melihat gelagatnya.

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