Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is It True, No Forgiveness From Mohd Najib?

A Kadir Jasin

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AFTER reading a Bernama report of the live interview the Prime Minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, gave to Bernama TV, I wonder if I have misjudged and misread Mohd Najib Abdul Razak all this time.

I first came into direct contact with the Prime Minister in 1977 when I interviewed him for the now defunct Business Times. He was 23 years old, a first-year Member of Parliament and still unmarried.

My last formal meeting with him was in March last year, just a few days before he became Prime Minister on April 3.

I had always thought of him as nice, non-confrontational and forgiving person.

But Rosmah, in the interview painted a somewhat different picture of her husband. She was quoted as saying: “I always tell others not to underestimate Datuk Najib, he is not easily angered but do not provoke him. If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you.”

I know he does not get angry easily. In my meetings with him over the years – including friendly after lunch chats at his old Jalan Duta house – I told him many unpleasant and uncomplimentary things. Some were officials in nature while others were personal. He seemed to take the comments and criticisms calmly and showing strong emotion.

So when the woman closest to him said “if he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you”, I am surprised. I have never considered Mohd Najib to be a vengeful person.

Then again who am I to argue with the person closest to him. I have either misread Mohd Najib all these years or he has changed. Either way it does not bode well for the people.

As Prime Minister, not everything that is told to him will be pleasing. There’ll be news and information that is bound to displease or anger him.

Also, it surprised me that Mohd Najib is capable of, or is in the habit of stomping his feet. But that’s what Rosmah told the TV station. She said:

“Datuk does not say much but he registered what is happening around him. If I made a mistake, he will reprimand me. If he stomp his feet, it will shudder me.”

Maybe he does that with his wife. The feet stomping that is!

Rosmah said: “What is important we are close to each other where we can talk things over, we laugh and share jokes as it is important that a leader should not be so stressed out.

“So when he comes home, we watch TV together, we go out to dinner together. In short, we are best friends.”

But most important is Rosmah’s dismissal of the notion that she is a hidden hand behind the Prime Minister’s decision-making process.

Asked about the allegation, she said: “I have not heard about it, but it is not something that I am sensitive of as it is not true. Maybe I am a bit vocal or gregarious... I like to have friends unlike Datuk Najib, who is a bit reserved.

“But it does not mean that since Datuk Najib is a reserved person, I am making the decisions... I am the type, who will voice out my dissatisfaction, but once said, it is done. I do not harbour feelings.”

Whatever the case may be, the important thing is his one year as the Prime Minister is fast approaching and the people are watching. It is their assessment that really counts.

The following is full report from Bernama.

“KUALA LUMPUR: Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the prime minister, has dismissed a talk that she is the hidden hand behind Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s decision-making process.

“I have not heard about it, but it is not something that I am sensitive about as it is not true. Maybe I am a bit vocal or gregarious... I like to have friends, unlike Datuk Najib, who is a bit reserved.

“But it does not mean that just because Datuk Najib is a reserved person, I am making the decisions... I am the type who voices my dissatisfaction, but once said, it is done. I do not harbour ill feelings,” she said in an interview on Hello Malaysia over BernamaTV at Wisma Bernama here on Friday.

Rosmah said that although Najib was not a man of many words, he should not be underestimated.

“I always tell others not to underestimate Datuk Najib. He is not easily angered but do not provoke him. When he becomes angry, there is no forgiveness for you.

“Datuk does not say much but he registers what is happening around him. If I make a mistake, he will reprimand me. If he ever starts to stomp his feet, I will shudder.

“What is important is that we are close to each other. We can talk things over. We laugh and share jokes. It is important that a leader should not become too stressed.

“So, when he comes home, we watch tv together, we go out to dinner, together. In short, we are best friends,” she said.

Rosmah said that she looked after her husband’s needs such as food, clothes and health.

“When he is at home, I do not go out unless I have prior engagements. I also ensure that Datuk Najib stays fit by exercising at the gym.

“I try to ensure that he is not troubled by having to haggle over petty matters as his thoughts should be on the people and the country,” she added.

On another issue, Rosmah advised parents to get back to basics by passing on to their children the tradition of being respectful and thankful.
Parents should not leave the responsibility of teaching their children entirely to schools, she added.

"I am taking a serious view on this matter. Why do youths nowadays fail to say thank you, do not feel they are indebted or do not have respect for others?

"We need to have an awareness campaign, a programme to teach children to respect others. We may have to return to the tradition of mothers pinching us if we did not say 'thank you'.

"Nowadays, mothers no longer pinch their children. When their children make mistakes, they are not reprimanded," she said.

On the PERMATA Pintar programme, she said that about 400 smart children attended a summer camp held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia recently.

"Under the PERMATA Seni programme, a children's concert involving an orchestra, a choir and traditional performances will be held at the end of the year," she added. -- Bernama


Orang Lama said...

Elok la kalau boleh Datuk hantar kepada DS Rosmah satu copy komen-komen yang akan di lontarkan atas artikel ini

Ada juga nanti kebaikan kepada dirinya demi masa depan DS Najib

Mordecai Kucai said...

Rosmah jelas kelihatan adalah suri rumah biasa.

Apa yang di jawabnya kadangkala terlalu jujur ada pada masa tertentu seperti cuba melakarkan imej Najib yang lain.

Biasa lah manusia tentu ada amarah.

Adalah sesuatu sikap Najib yang mulia untuk membiarkan isterinya yang mempunya taraf fikiran sebegitu untuk di temubual.

Itu saja sudah memadai untuk mencerminkan sikap Najib.

kluangman said...

Selepas era Tun Mahathir, kita berdepan dengan persaolan, pemerhatian dan kadangkala menjadi 'ketakutan' untuk mengetahui dan dipersepsikan bahawa keputusan2 PM dipengaruhi oleh isteri masing2 samada dari segi 'sikap' atau 'vokal' mereka.

Agak malang, Rosmah tidak pernah mendengar bahawa dia dikaitkan dengan unsur seperti itu sedangkan kalau dikumpulkan samada dari media cetak atau maya, Rosmah tidak sempat membaca semuanya hingga ke akhir hayat.

Saloan tambahan yang sepatutnya ialah adakah Najib juga tidak mengetahui 'persepsi' tersebut dan tidak pula pernah menceritakannya kepada Rosmah.

Seperti kata Dato', As Prime Minister, not everything that is told to him will be pleasing. There’ll be news and information that is bound to displease or anger him.

Kalau diteliti lagi jawapan jawapan yang diberi, jelas persepsi yang ada pada Rosmah akan semakin bertambah kuat di kalangan rakyat dan yang berkepentingan.

Terlalu banyak hendak diulas dari segi emosi, psikologi, tersirat dan tersurat pada setiap jawapan Rosmah dan Dato' sendiri tidak mampu untuk meluahkan yang sebenarnya di sini.

Kadangkala ia menghntui kita sebagai rakyat dan ahli UMNO ? apa nak jadi...

home builder said...

i think she was commenting on her relationship with najib but you took it that she was talking about najib's relationship within the political environment. definitely wrong.

when you met najib, both your capacities were different than when rosmah meet up with her husband every day...

i think the story about rosmah's stranglehold on m'sian politics as well as najib is crap. how could a man who is so experienced in politics can get henpecked. if he is, he wont know how to maneuver himself in politics.

kadang-kadang kita lupa that najib is a human too, just like us.

Pakcik Din said...

Cadangan saya, Kak Mah gi Mekah, balik pakai tudung (dulu skali dah berpeluang), dan bertenang. Pasti akan meningkatkan imej DS Najib di mata rakyat jelata (mcm saya)

dan kajang said...

Assalmualaikum Dato'

1. I think we have to take Rosmah's words that Najib will not forgive when he is angry. After all she is Najib's closest partner and above all Najib is not Malaikat.

2. But as a Prime Minister, for his closest companion to reveal such an unforgiveness character of a Prime Minister is not a wise thing to do. As a national number One leader, Najib should have the forgiveness personality.Otherwise Najib will be facing with a severe and serious stress problem every time he gets angry on many occations during his tenure as a Prime Minister. Ini sangat bahaya.
People says "a hungry man is an angry man and an angry man is a mad man. Therefore an angry man is a mad man."

3. To be fair to Najib and Rosmah, I think what Rosmah meant was that when "Najib is angry of something, he will normally forgive but not forget." I think that sounds more reasonable and fair.

najib manaukau said...

Rosmah can do what she wants or better still no one can stop her , but one thing for sure is this situation will not go on for very long.
Najib will be replaced before the term of office is over or at best will no longer be the P.M. after the next GE regardless of the outcome.
So Rosmah make hay while the sun shines !

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Apa yang DS Rosmah hendak bayangkan ialah "Still water runs deep". Jangan sangka air yang tenang itu tiada buaya.

For every succesful man there is a woman as the saying goes. The public may have a wrong notion of DSR's frontline approach as often depicted by the media or word of mouth. Hence the hidden hand perception. We are used to sideline approach, rightly so of wives of former premiers and top politicians.

It is sometimes difficult to hide ones true emotions and personality especially under stress and duress. Thought that table banging, finger pointing and fist showing is part of it. But that is not good either for it may end up in fracas. Anyway, the most important thing is coming up with the right decisions at the right time to solve the prioritised issues with wisdom to be translated into public good.

On the PERMATA Pintar program is something like adding salt to sea water or export carpets to Belgium. Those children involve are creme de la creme and come from urban, established families who have the means and the know what to do with their children.

The fact is that the needy and deprived ones in the rurals should be given more attention in terms of facilities and opportunities. This would be fair. Go and see the small town and rural schools in Sarawak and Sabah and you know what I mean. The same applies to sekolah BISTARI concept carried out under Najib before.

andakmaon said...

Sejujurnya masyarakat di luar/rakyat sentiasa memerhati dan bercakap mengenai isteri PM ini. Saya dapati reaksi dan komen mereka byk yg negative dari positif sejak Dato Seri Najib menjadi TPM lagi. Ramai yg menganggap Datin Seri Rosmah sering mengawal PM dalam setiap keputusannya. Sehinggalah beliau dikatakan terlibat dalam pekara-pekara yg kita semua sedia maklum sekarang menjadi sebutan oleh pembangkang hingga ke mahkamah.
Begitu juga dalam hal yg kononnya melibatkan kroninya mencari peluang ekonomi yg menjadi perbualan di kalangan kontraktor mahupun usahawan.
Ini sebenarnya antara cabaran kepada sesiapapun yg menjadi isteri kpd seorang PM , tambahan imejnya yg tidak bertudung. Apapun masyarakat/rakyat akan terus memerhati dan menilai .

Anonymous said...


Saya tidak peduli apa pandangan Rosmah terhadap Najib.

Cuma saya mahu tahu daripada 400 murid pintar yang menyertai summer camp di UKM, berapa ramai anak orang miskin dari luar bandar? Kalau sebahagian besarnya anak orang miskin dari luar bandar, alhamdulillah...

Ini kerana anak orang kampung yang miskin kalau diberi tunjuk ajar, dihantar ke kelas tambahan pun boleh jadi pandai. Belakang parang kalau diasah lama-lama tajam juga, Datuk...

CT Tanjung Perak


Tok Kadiaq



PANJI HITAM 61 said...

“Datuk does not say much but he registered what is happening around him. If I made a mistake, he will reprimand me. If he stomp his feet, it will shudder me.”

Maybe he does that with his wife. The feet stomping that is!

Ha, ha, ha... very good one, Dato.

My take on this issue;
Najib kena control dgn Rosmah, (sebab tu LKY cuba tangkap Rosmah dulu), Rosmah kena checkmate dgn RPK... so siapa yang dapat engage RPK will rule this country.

Senang bah.

Anonymous said...

Pak Ngah,

Tak semua org buta hati. Action always speak louder than words. What DS shud take note off is not her words but her body language...It conveys a hell lot fact body bespoke of arogance...That is the one she should watch out for after all non verbal communication is 77% and verbal only 23%. You ought to know that Pak Ngah....Yes....the scribe may influence but what is not being said speaks louder...

Keturunan Jebat

Yangretibase said...

Peranan, tanggungjawab dan amanah yang paling tinggi seorang isteri terhadap seorang suami ialah memartabatkan dirinya sebagai isteri yang solihah.

Seorang isteri yang solihah tidak sekali-kali tergamak melakukan sekecil-kecil dosa; jauh sekali dosa besar seperti selalu mendedahkan aurat. Seorang isteri yang menutup aurat menyelamatkan suaminya daripada menjadi bacul dan dayus.

Saya berdoa ke hadrat Allah SWT semoga isteri PM Mohd.Najib menjadi seorang isteri yang solihah; barulah nanti sesuai diberi gelaran "Ibu orang Mukmin Malaysia".


zainal abidin awang kechik said...

"tok... bila mereka yang ada kuasa bercakap seolah olah mereka maksum..tiada dosa..mereka terlupa bila mereka mula berasmara mereka terlupa mereka punyai anak isteri ..seorang isteri yang masih ada suami..mereka lupa ..mereka lupa bahawa "ALLAH telah berfirman terlebih awal...memberi tahu kepada nabi ibrahaim a.s. "YA IBRAHIM AKU MAHA PENGAMPUN DAN MAHA MENGETAHUI"

NAJIB TUN RAZAK manusia biasa ..bila dia kembali mengadap tuhan dia tetap di tanya apa yang dia lakukan pada masa dia di dunia.

saya nak bertanya ... kepada mereka yang menjadi isteri najib..tak kah mereka sedar semasa mereka bercakap seolah olah mereka tak pernah melaku dosa dosa besar ISTERI YANG MASIH ADA SUAMI.

Najib jangan sekali kali terlupa negara ini dan nasib rakyatnya bergantung kepada kepimpinan nya..

tok saya ahli umno saya juga anak bangsa di bumi permata ini.


Bleacher said...


I think by you writing this article will solicit both pleasantry and not so pleasantry comments about DSRosmah.

I wonder why it is necessary for DS Rosmah to give interview to talk about DSN and her relationship with the husband publicly. Is this part of media PR campaign for Rosmah?? or DSN??. If so, wonder this is the best strategy. Perhaps they should take que from previous PMs wives.

I think public want to see only DSN and his cabinet members running the country. No family members or friends should ellipse cabinet members. I believe you have written about this in previous article.

Anonymous said...


She said;

"I am the type who voices my dissatisfaction, but once said, it is done. I do not harbour ill feelings,” she said"

She obviously speaks her mind to DS Najib...She should say publicly what she speaks to him about as anything to do with his work would tantamount to interference.

Obviously she feels that people are underestimating DS Najib's ability to show anger to the extent of telling us that he stomps his feet when he is angry!

That's unfortunate as only infants do that and not mature adults!!

She should stop trying to help her husband by threatening those who don't listen to him that they will incur his unforgiving wrath....

A Psychologist would have a field day trying to unravel her Psyche.

Joe Black

Shah Firdaus said...

salam Dato'

1st Lady Of Malaysia...everyday you see her pictures in the newspaper...this did not happen during Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah days as PM...everyday malaysians has to be reminded of what the 1st Lady is doing despite the fact that there are more important news to be highlighted...enough already!..

i would say it would be 'no forgiveness from the 1st Lady' rather than from Mohd Najib...

Sha said...

Hidden hand or not, I'd still prefer if she could emulate Tun M's wife, DS Siti Hasmah.

She's always there beside Tun M during his premiership and yet she doesn't overwhelms him. She carried herself as the first lady brilliantly.

ali ahmad said...


...semua manusia ada sifat amarah..dendam...sakit hati...busuk hati....segalanya....

......dua perkara aje.....

..satu.....DSRM mungkin benar kerana beliau adalah individu yang paling hampir dengan DSN setiap hari....

..dua.....DSRM mungkin ingin provokasi atau promosi satu sifat yang mungkin tiada langsung dalam diri DSN.......

..jadi.....kenalah interview pihak ke 3 untuk bukti kukuh.......

.....siapa pihak ke 3 tu.....Dato' aturlah.....


Sdr Shahimah,

1. Tun Dr Siti Hasmah bukan "First Lady". Dia isteri Dr Mahathir. Masa Dr Mahathir jadi PM, dia masih isteri Dr Mahathir yang jadi PM;

2. Dalam sistem kerajaan kita tidak ada Wanita Pertama atau First Lady macam di Amerika.

3.Lagi pun, kalau ada Wanita Pertama, penyandangnya adalah Raja Permaisuri Agong. Itu pun tidak sebab tidak ada peruntukan undang-undang atau amalan (convention).

Terima kasih.

Hang Kasturi said...

From your comments, it is clear that the interview backfired. Instead of painting a good image of or correcting the bad image of DSNJ, it adds minuses to the image of DNSJ. Rosmah wants to dispel the "queen control" image by giving the interview.She failed.The rakyat do not buy it.Surely she knew and Najib knew.That is the reason why she gave the interview. Why did Lee Kwan Yew visit her? She ought not to have agreed to the meeting, just like Tun Dr. Mahathir.The rakyat have to tolerate Rosmah as long as DSNJ is the PM.

alunbm said...

Nampaknya wanita nan seorang ni lebih dambakan sanjungan pujian dan populariti.Itulah kelebihan isteri PM kali ini.

Beliau tidak kekok untuk memperkatakan tentang karenah sang suami pada mata umum.

Apa yang pasti kelemahan beliau adalah belum sampai"seru" untuk memakai tudung kepala bagi memberi contoh yang terbaik pada rakyat!!!.

Anonymous said...

Pak Ngah,

I seriously think DSR must learn to keep her mouth shut n take cue from former PMs wives. Don't touch about personal relationships n don't talk politics. Just do all the charity work that she is expected to do. A lot of ppl have not forgotten that she was still "married" when she started her "relationhip" with DSN and a lot of ppl have not forgotten her "track record" when DSN was the Minister of Defense.

A lot of ppl also know how she "treats" her stepchildren.
She should also make sure that none of "her children" with former husband and with DSN are not in the media either.

In other seen not heard coz she has already build a "reputation of being QC (Queen Control)"

You will be seeing lots of -ve comments rather than +ve ones in regard to DSR after all mulut tempayan boleh tutup....

Keturunan Jebat

Hazel Deniise said...

Salam Datuk,

Saya cukup tak paham macamana boleh PERMATA, satu badan NGO yang dicipta ooleh bini Najib, boleh dapat peruntukkan RM100 juta dari Najib dalam bajet 2010 (Datuk boleh rujuk).

Duit itu duit kerajaan yang mesti digunakan oleh jabatan dan agensi kerajaan..

conflict of interest ni... RM100 juta diberi oleh Menteri KEwangan (Najib) untuk satu badan bukan kerajaan yang diketuai oleh bini dia sendiri.

Untuk apa? Untuk didik anak anak kecil?

Baiklah kalau di bagi KEMAS atau kementerian pendidikan aje.

Sama jugak...

NGO macam PERMATA patutnya mintak sumbangan orang ramai atau pertubuhan atau organisasi lain kalau nak biayai operasinya..

Bukannya kena sudu secara direct dari MOF..

Apa benda ni???

Unknown said...

as a wife of the prime minister, rosmah had done a good job. she offers najib to lean on her in many ways, for support, for advice, for grounding and increasingly for her fighting words...

Saddiq Sagaraga said...

Najib stomping his feet?

I thought only children stomp their feet when they can't get something from their parents or elder siblings while squealing "'ndak jugak, 'ndak juga".

PANJI HITAM 61 said...

A simple KPI for Najib.

Please silence your wife and give her less publicity.

Failing which, we shall know who is the real BOSS!

Anonymous said...

The Lady is making her move?


Tinta Hitam said...

...“Datuk does not say much but he registers what is happening around him. If I make a mistake, he will reprimand me. If he ever starts to stomp his feet, I will shudder...

Bukan ke Rosmah Mansur statement should be the other way round??? keh keh keh...Anyway whatever happened inside PM's house is non of my business.They deserve their privacy similar to everybody

kluangman said...

Hillary Rodham Clinton adalah isteri kepada Bill Clinton Presiden America 1993-2001 tidak dipersepsikan 'menguasai' Clinton pada tempoh tersebut.

Atas kewibawaannya dia dilantik sebagai Setiasaha Negara Amerika selepas tewas dengan Obama untuk jawatan Presiden.

Rosmah wajar minta Najib melepaskan jawatan Presiden UMNO dan dia pula cuba merebut jawatan tersebut atas dasar kapasiti keupayaannya.

Bukan tunjuk kuasa dan over expose dalam apa cara atas status yang ditumpang dari Najib.

pakbelalang said...

Dato' AKJ,

Very interesting topic indeed.

My friends and I had always commented about Rosmah whenever we had "teh tarik" session. To be frank, we never miss gossiping about Rosmah how she carries herself as a "first lady".

My sincere advice to Rosmah is very simple. Keep a low profile and don't overdo and over-expose herself as if she wants to be an impressionist by ensuring that her presence is always felt wherever she goes and whatever she does.

The fact remains and which cannot be denied that it is the talk of the town that whenever she made statements or appeared on TV people tend to feel that she is trying to portray herself as if she is acting like a Minister rather than the wife of a Prime Minister. Even though it is just a perception, but it is something that could affect Najib's personal standing as a "macho" Prime Minister.

I hope she doesn't simply ignore peoples' perception about her character. Of course, we all know she is an intelligent and qualified lady just like Obama's wife but she has to draw a line which particular area of activities that are most appropriate for her as a "first lady" to be involved in, which do not override or overstep other peoples' functions particularly the functions of Ministers.

Paham, pahamlah !! Jangan gelojoh, nanti tersungkuh!!

It looks like she is a liability to Najib rather than an asset. This does not augur well for Najib to establish his grip and trying to hold tight to his fragile government.

Always remember that respect is to be earned and nowadays it is not easy for a public figure like Rosmah to get the respect not unless she makes a serious effort to make others comfortable with her presence by being humble and down to earth!! This is an art which only can be learned through practice to make it perfect.

pakbelalang said...

Kalau Rosmah diKPIkan sebagai "First Lady" saya rasa KPInya setakat ini ialah "ground zero" !!!

Kalau ada 100 soalan untuk menentukan sejauh mana peratus KPInya, saya rasa pencapaian Rosmah mungkin dapat hanya 20% sahaja.

Jadi saya harap Rosmah dapat menilai semula keberkesanannya sebagai "First Lady" dan perbetulkan dirinya untuk memperbaiki prestasinya sebagai "First Lady" yang dihormati dan disegani oleh masyarakat.

Saya ingin anjurkan supaya Rosmah dapatkan pakar "image building" untuk memberikan panduan bagaimana hendak menaik tarafkan imagenya yang merudum.

Memang tidak boleh disangkal lagi bahawa Rosmah ada bermasaalah tentang peribadinya. Sudah menjadi buah mulut dikalangan orang ramai menceritakan tentang watak Rosmah yang dianggap sebagai "mengada-ngada". !!!

Rosmah mesti berubah dengan segera untuk menyelamatkan career politik suaminya. Jika tidak akan hanyutlah harapan Najib untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri sekurang-kurangnya 2 penggal lagi.

Hidup Najib, hiduplah Rosmah !!

pakbelalang said...

If you were to analyse all the previous "First Ladies" Rosmah is the only First Lady that has a lot of controversies. Why? I think she needs a lot of adjusments to her "dented" personal image. There is no doubt she is an intelligent lady and by academic qualfication she is considered quite highly qualified and yet she is being dislike by most people. It is just unfortunate for her to get very poor perception from most people. She certainly needs help how to handle her status as a graceful First Lady.

I think it is more of her facial expression which some people are not comfortable with. She looks snobbish and doesn't have the motherly touch. Not like Tun Siti Hasmah. Outwardly, her expression seems to have an element of hypocrisy.

Well, I have been criticizing her so much but I have no malice against her. I want her to be in the right frame of mind as a Fisrt Lady so that by having the right attitude she will definitely be an asset for Najib to move forward with confidence.

Anonymous said...

Datuk, Salam.

Like you I am an oldtimer. I served Najib's father and Umno and so I knew Najib well enough as a boy, a youth and later young politician, especially when Dr Mahathir sent him back to Pahang as MB. Dr M once told me to "tengok-tengoklah budak tu". As an old politician I am still committed to Umno.

But power does change people. Yes Najib is a nice friendly bloke and had a very good profile when he was Pahang MB and still married to the Tengku from Kelantan. He listened when I talked but not necessarily that he followed my advice. That was a long time ago. Now ahli politik pencen are not welcomed by the party. We are kaki kachau. Orang tua nyanyk, kaki sebok.

So Datuk, maybe Rosmah was correct. Maybe Najib has changed and became unforgiving. Tidak ada maaf bagi mu. Maybe that's what power and idolation by the main stream media do to the nice young Najib that I know in Pahang until Jalan Eaton. May Datuk you also have to be extra careful not to provoke him or there will be no forgiveness to you if it is not already. But we oldtimers cannot and should not stop talking to show the willing young people the right path. At that local Masjid, they call me walking dictionary or Pak Kamus.

You and I are old married people. We know what our wives can do to us. We don't need their advice but we asked them from time to time to stop them from making noise later or leter. But some wives are more forceful than the husbands. They talk more than the husbands.

Thank you and salam Dato.

Pak Kamus

ting tong guy said...

Dear Dato'

Noted your clarification on the comments made by Shahimah and I think it is true indeed.

However, watched a glimpse of TV footage on CNY celebration in Klang, shocked and awed to hear Rais Yatim elevated the status of Rosmah to another 'almost me to puke' level when he announced Rosmah as 'wanita terutama Malaysia' and that lady with her cheeky sepet eyes smiled to full satisfactions. Rais Yatim really knows how to butt her up.....

Anonymous said...

Datok AKJ,

Apalah nasib Presiden UMNO lepas era Tun M.

Era Pak Lah, menantu jadi liabiliti.

Era Najib, bini pulak jadi beban.

Buat masa ini isteri pemimpin parti politik Malaysia yang mampu gain my respect hanya seorang. Datin Seri Wan Azizah. For sure, you know why.


affendi hussain said...

Desperate housewife.


al-Din-amin said...

DS Rsmah is trying and hoping to be the Eva Peron of Malaysia. This won't go because she is not as beautiful and charismatic as Eva; we are less romantic than the South Americans!

Her obstrusive ways does not befit as PMs wife in the running of the affairs of the country. This is intimidating to certain ministries she may encroach with her projects.

She is further weakening Najib. The talk of the town (there must be some truth in it) is that she's the hand behind the PM. He is already saddled with poor a performance rating of commissions and omissions.

There are so many charitable works she can dabble with to help ease the burden of the rakyat.

The two of them do not really have synergistic effect in terms braininess meaning that two heads is no better than one in fact worse!

saji said...

Sdr pakbelalang

Sdr anjurkan supaya Rosmah dapatkan pakar "image building" untuk memberikan panduan bagaimana hendak menaik tarafkan imagenya yang merudum.

Saya percaya imej Rosmah yang terselah yang seadanya itu adalah hasil tunjuk ajar pakar "imej building".

sujini said...

Salam The Scribe,

Yes,you are right. Who are you to argue with the woman closest to DS Najib.

DS Najib was born in the year of the SNAKE i.e. if his birthdate is true(23rd July 1953). His influential element is WATER and that makes him a WATER SNAKE.

You are right when you thought that DS Najib is non-confrontational and forgiving.People born in the year of the SNAKE are generally peace-loving and prefers a calm and quiet life.

These attributes compliment their nature that SNAKES cannot thrive if they are under duress.

SNAKES become easily stressed when their lives aren't peaceful or in order. Too much stress can shorten a SNAKE's life.
So that's why Rosmah said it is not good for Najib,as a leader,to be stressed out.

You are deadright again in not argueing with the person closest to Najib. Because SNAKES reveal feelings to people closest to them.

My question goes.Is his wife the only closest person to him?

I learnt that DS Rosmah's birthday is on the 10th of December and one blogger states that she was born in 1951.

If this is true, she's supposed to be a METAL RABBIT.
She is one classy, sophisticated, expressive, well-mannered and stylish female RABBIT.

The good sides of METAL RABBITS are that they have more strength, resilience and determination, more intense in their actions,work-related or romance. These I believe.Im married to one male METAL RABBIT.

As far as incompatibilty,luckily there was no mention between a SNAKE and a RABBIT. But snakes do eat rabbits.

The irony of it, if Rosmah is a true RABBIT, she then makes an excellent DIPLOMAT and POLITICIAN.

To conclude,my humble opinion is that,DS Najib and DS Rosmah should switched job.

The Scribe,what do you think?

Hang Kasturi said...

Public figures know that everything about them is put under the microscope. Their wives, children, mothers,fathers and friends are in the list.They can be assets or liabilities.Their behavior and conduct,etc will influence the public perception in respect of these public figures.For politicians,the ultimate will be the ballot box.

DSR has chosen and DSNJ has endorsed the involvement of DSR in national politics.DSNR in his political wisdom,wants DSR to help him implement all the government policies, directly or indirectly.And UMNO is solidly behind DSNR as its President.As currently perceived, DSR's involvement is a liability.Let's see the results of GE13.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Datuk AKJ,
Just shows the real DSR. Pity that she should reveal herself through such interviews. Hmmm the Permata Pintar is to a certain extent stepping on the boundaries of a few Ministeries. Enough said, if she really wants to emulate a model 1st Lady just go and talk to Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah.


Kepada Shah, Step-mum, Qaseh Bonda, Affendi Hussain, Orang Dapor, Anak Tani dan Rosmah's Fan, maaf tidak dapat menyiarkan komen anda semua.

1. Komen anda terlalu personal.

2. Sepatutnya kita berbincang mengenai apa yang Datin Seri Rosmah kata mengenai suaminya, Perdana Menteri kita.

3. Kalau pun kita menyentuh soal peribadi, tetapi janganlah kita sentuh kejadian dan anugerah Allah.

4. Tidak patut kita menafikan jodoh apatah lagi mahukan jodoh seseorang berakhir.

5. Ingatlah, walaupun Mohd Najib Perdana Menteri kita, tetapi dia juga berhak dan bertanggungjawab ke atas keluarganya.

6. Jadi, tolonglah jangan buat serangan peribadi.

Terima kasih

ab said...

Salam Dato,

Privately life aside,the nation WILL DECIDE ON ANY LEADER contri-bution to nation building.....

IF the contribution is remarkable in the nation building,he will be remembered as such, if not he will join the sleepy guy...

THE MOST important is, is THE NATION FORGIVE YOU? not the opposite.

WAIT TO see employment,a`total family earnings' and`family members happiness' to live a `reasonably decent life' kat bandar dan luar bandar.....

KALAU SEMUANYA OK lebihkurang, he will succeed, kalau TAK......
dia akan diingat sebangai....HANG PELINGKUP 1 Malaysia!!.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Wan Shamsudin said...

Salam Dato;

Si Rosmah tu, saya yakin terlalu over sangat. Yalah cita citanya dah tercapai. Nak jadi Malaysian first lady, kononnya.Seorang yang hipocrite. Mohon maaf.Kini dia lebih sibuk dari suaminya.Jadilah suri yang baik dan jaga tatatusila sebagai seorang Islam dengan menunjuk contoh contoh yang baik kepada Rakyat.

Saya amat kagum dan bangga dengan Tun Siti Hasmah. Beliau seorang yang tenang dan sederhana. Contoh seorang isteri yang baik dan kita dapat mencontohinya, beliau mempunyai karektor yang rendah hati dan sentiasa sabar.

Saya cadangkan Dato bincang tentang artikal olih P Gunasegaram dalam Star 19hb Feb 2010, muka surat N36, bertajuk Persuasion not Compulsion. Apa pendapat Dato? Seorang India nak tunjuk pandai dengan guna akal menasihati kita tentang hukum sebat terhadap 3 gadis Islam yang berzina dan melahirkan anak.Apakah kita sanggup bangsa asing menghentam kita tentang agama kita dan mengatakan Agama Islam sudak lapuk? Benar benar kurang ajar!!!!!!!


Tok Kadiaq

Unforgiving is a negative trait.

But with rampant corruptions and what not,I certainly don't mind if Najib is the unforgiving type.

Unfortunately he is not angry enough to some who could still head a political wing, a state,even they were found guilty of money politics.

I would not take Rosmah statement seriously.


raja2u said...

YBhg Dato'

Assalamualaikum.Anything can happen in the year of the Tiger. So we have to be prepared for any eventuallity.I personally feel we have come to a complete cycle in expressing our views.Have it brought any goodness to the rakyat? I doubt it.In fact many are unnecessarily in trouble now.

The following are some of the opposing views expressed by our debaters that that underwent 180 degrees turn due to changing situations :-

- Public demonstration is not our culture. The very people who opposed demonstration are happily organising one now.
- Police are more understanding in dealing with demonstrators now.
- YB Dato' Hishamuddin is happy that more people understand the need for ISA. According to him some people who wanted the law to be repealed is now asking the Govt to use it for law and order.
- People who were indifferent to the National language issue is now championing it.
- Wielding of a keris is no longer a taboo.
- The majority of bloggers gave poor rating to YAB DSNR administration. With TDM latest comment that DSNR one Malaysia policy is good for the country I am sure many bloggers will now have second thoughts and will be more positive in their views.

All in all DSNR need somebody to act for him to say unpleasant things .Afterall all agreed that he is a nice man to the extend that people people take him for granted and say things that should not be said to a Pime Minister.So remember the saying that a person if cornered to the wall will fight back.I think we should take heed of DSRM advice and change our ways before the big axe fall on our head.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain
Petaling Jaya.

langit biru said...

Masa Tun jadi PM, Siti Hasmah sangat dihormati kawan dan lawan(Mahathir).

Masa Anwar jadi TPM, Wan Azizah juga sangat dihormati kawan dan lawan (Anwar).

Tapi dugaan dan cabaran yang dihadapi Wan Azizah lebih berat dan hebat berbanding Siti Hasmah. Kelebihan Wan Azizah, beliau cantik rupa paras, cantik tingkah laku, sangat sabar dan kuat semangat. Azizah dan anak-anak perempuannya semuanya bertudung.

Kisahnya, Siti Hasmah dan Wan Azizah menjadi contoh teladan yang baik untuk para isteri-isteri YB, politician. Siti Hasmah dan Wan Azizah secara TAK langsung jadi satu aset yang baik untuk suami masing-masing.


Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk.

Komen -Matahelang-

Buat masa ini isteri pemimpin parti politik Malaysia yang mampu gain my respect hanya seorang. Datin Seri Wan Azizah. For sure, you know why.


Saya setuju sebab bukan saja ada title Dr. tapi imej beliau. Bagus perunding imej yang dipilih.....itupun jika ada.Imej yg ditampilkan inilah yg buatkan sesetgh org sukar nak percaya pada tuduhan yg dilemparkan pada Datuk Seri Anwar atau keluarganya.Itulah gunanya dan pentingnya penampilan diri yg bercirikan negara Malaysia yg 1 Malaysia ini.Kerana negara ini menghebahkan ia negara Islam....dan keluarga Perdana Menteri negara ini diketahui beragama Islam.Imej tersebut boleh menutup byk perkara ...belum yang lain²lagi tu datuk.Kita tolak politik buat seketika..tapi kita lihat pada profesionalisme....

Malik Klang

Asam Garam said...

Interesting to see DNR picture in the Star today in conjunction to DSN visit to Sarawak.

While DNJ busy visitng the long houses in remote areas, DSR brings Sarawak to her door steps @ the hotel I think (see N14).

Hmmmm..... Now who is the boss??

Anonymous said...

It's meaningless in writing something to defend Najib. Rosmah's act has just killed Najib any chance of building up good image
Don't be stupid, Kadir. Don't make us stupid. Seriously, it's defending the indefensible. If you deny Najib is not a forgivable person, then it means that Rosmah is hen-pecking Najib. If your assumption is wrong, that means Najib is a tyrant. In short, either way sure die.

The fact that the present government has committed a harakiri by allowing Rosmah to make an interview. I think APCO should be gunned down. Heck, who is paying APCO, may I ask? We, the public
It's simply because she is a wife of PM. Henceforth, it should be PM running the show. Tharacher didn't have problems with Denis staying out of the limelight. Why should Rosmah take on so much prominence?
Either Rosmah stands for election as an MP & chosen as cabinet minister, barulah Rosmah boleh bercakap. Even LGE's wife also tidak bercakap macam Rosmah even though she was Malacca ADUN
It's what capacity Rosmah is talking that matters

The die has cast. Najib would surely mati from this. No matter how you write is useless. Just pull the trigger at Rosmah & APCO
By the way, don't bluff if there is no on-going fight between Muhiyydin & Najib. The sensational disclosure didn't come from Pakatan but UMNO itself.
Should UMNO goes the Kuomintang way during the chinese civil war? I think it deserves further attention as compared to the case of Pakatan Rakyat Failed Mariage

I heard that Perlis UMNO is on fire. The Terengganu UMNO not yet die. Kelantan UMNO is in turmoil, thanks to Razaleigh. Else, Tok Pa doesn't come up with the ads. What's up with Nor & Khir Toyo? Why Personal Sec for Nor kenna tangkap? & Negeri Sembilan

affendi hussain said...

Maaf Dato',

Saya terus terang memang tak suka cara dia.. org lain jadi bini PM tapi tak pernah nak cuba menumpang "spot light" atau terlebih menonjol dari suami sendiri..

Dia patut paham la..ada masa diam itu emas (silence is golden)..ignorance is bliss.. (tak tau lebih bahagia..)

Dia mau jadi ASET ka atau LIABILITI kpd suami dia?

Mungkin betul Najib sukar memaafkan orang... rasanya ramai lg org luar sana yg tak boleh maafkan org tetapi tahapnya berbeza-beza..mungkin bila sampai ke satu tahap melampau yg menjejaskan maruah diri & kesan fizikal diri..manusia biasa yg tak sesempurna Nabi akan luntur kesabaran & hilang sifat pemaafnya..

Kalau macam tu saya tak tau lah kenapa Najib masih boleh lg memaafkan org yg tuduh & jaja isu Altantuya merata-rata...dia pun tau siapa mereka..terang2 menjatuhkan maruah & menjejaskan reputasi serta masa depan politik beliau.

Unforgiven?? I need to see some ball or head rolling first coz like you Dato' I also have a big doubt about that!


Tinta Hitam said...

Cuma satu saya anak komen secara indirect yan gitad kena mengena dengan DS Rosmah.Pepatah kuno Cina ada menyebut "Bila ayam betina berkokok".

Maksudnya disini ialah bila isteri pemerintah campurtangan didalam halehwal negara maka dinasti tersebut akan hancur..

langit biru said...

On the PERMATA Pintar programme, she said that about 400 smart children attended a summer camp held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia recently.

"Under the PERMATA Seni programme, a children's concert involving an orchestra, a choir and traditional performances will be held at the end of the year," she added.

100 juta ringgit diperuntukkan untuk PERMATA pintar.

Tu saja ke aktiviti PERMATA Rosmah buat?

400 orang smart children tu ada tak dari Ulu Kelantan,Ulu Kedah,Ulu Terengganu, Ulu-Ulu Melayu?

Sikitt-sikit konsert! Tak dak idea lain ka nak ajar didik anak bangsa!

....sudahlah Rosmah!

affendi hussain said...

Salam Dato'
(lencong sikit tetapi ada sipi2)

Since early education has been the marketing tagline for Rosmah Mansur, I would suggest that she get a proper consultation e.g from Glenn DomanInstitute..the ministry of education in Singapore already heeded for that.

Kepada yg belum faham apa yg Dr. Glenn Doman kaji, jgn terus terjal nak mengatakan budak2 tak tahu apa & yg makan garam byk tu jauh lebih hebat..baca buku dia & anda akan faham bahawa budak terencat mental pun boleh jd lebih pandai dari kanak2 biasa..kordinasi pergerakan, perbuatan cth mudah tulisan cantik semuanya perlu distimulasi peringkat awal. Anak2 akan jadi yakin & berdikari dgn kemampuan diri w/pun masih kecil, boleh diharap & kurang menyusahkan ibubapa utk buat perkara mudah.

Masa perkembangan aqal & neuron motor yg kritikal bermula semenjak 10 bln sehingga 6 thn... Selebihnya dah kira agak terlambat...ini bukan zaman ABC dan nyanyi2 mcm tadika zaman dulu lg.

Di negara maju, kaedah Glenn Doman & montessori cthnya sudah lama bertapak untuk stimulasi potensi mental & fizikal kanak2 sejak awal perkembangan mereka..lihat anak2 mereka..mempunyai kemampuan menganalisa & berdikari pasa usia yg muda berbanding kanak2 sebaya di asia. Kita masih dalam acuan mentaliti kuno "master-slave" (adult-kids).

Kelebihan kita drpd org Barat adalah kita boleh kombinasi kaedah ini dengan penerapan spiritual Islamiah utk pakej yg holistik.

Dengan ini kita akan dapat membasmi 'status-quo' generasi "zombie" yg hanya tahu menghafal tanpa kefahaman, ikut membabi-buta & tidak dpt menyerlah kemampuan intelektual utk menganalisa & berfikir secara "logic & sense" serta tiada jati diri & akidah yg kuat.. kerana domain ciptaan Al-Khaliq sendiri adalah sains & matematik yg perlu di 'explore' dgn aqal, tetapi ada yg cuba memisahkan & menafikannya..

"Sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan langit dan bumi, dan silih bergantinya malam dan siang terdapat tanda-tanda bagi orang-orang yang berakal,
(yaitu) orang-orang yang mengingat Allah sambil berdiri atau duduk atau dalam keadaan berbaring dan mereka memikirkan tentang penciptaan langit dan bumi (seraya berkata): "Ya Tuhan kami, tiadalah Engkau menciptakan ini dengan sia-sia. Maha Suci Engkau, maka peliharalah kami dari siksa neraka."
(Ali-Imran: 190-191)

Fahami ayat beraqal yg memahami kejadian langit & bumi (dah tentu dgn ilmu), gerun, yakin & insaf serta memohon Allah pelihara dari seksa nereka.. Persamaan lengkap! Yg tak guna aqal ternyata ada rencatannya.

Justeru, balik kpd Rukun Iman & Rukun Islam Pertama - Allah & Syahadah..bagaimana kita hendak "naik saksi" (yakin sepenuh hati) jika kita tidak melihat atau faham bukti kekuasaan Allah? Kuncinya pada sains & matematik..Islam sebenar bukan sejenis agama ritual yg dipenuhi pengikut tolol membabi-buta.

Disinilah peranan kerajaan untuk mengambil model pendidikan yg terbukti berkesan utk diserap dlm kurikulum pendidikan awal anak2 kita secara menyeluruh..bukan model syok sendiri & fantasi menteri2 & isteri . Buat masa skrg, hanya yg mampu saja boleh mendapat peluang ini..

Pelaburan yg mahal?? Bagi saya jika terpaksa menanggung generasi dungu, tiada jati diri, akidah & biawak hidup di masa saya tua kelak jauh lebih mahal & menyeksakan..

p/s: Saya menyeru generasi baru Melayu, marilah kita bersama:

1) Penyusuan penuh susu ibu - tiada alasan w/pun bekerja kerana ada teknologi, panduan & terbukti.
2) Melabur untuk pendidikan awal anak2 bermula seawal umur 2-3 thn cth: Genius Kids, Cambridge, Islamic Montessori etc.
3) Menyimpan tabungan pendidikan dlm takaful atau unit amanah -jgn terlalu mimpikan PTPTN atau biasiswa.

Selebihnya serah kpd Allah s.w.t..jika tak, bangsa kita akan jadi dinosour..dunia berubah..kita kena ikut berubah..jika tidak - PUPUS!


pakbelalang said...

Rosmah Accentuates Importance Of First Ladies' Role

By D. Arul Rajoo

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 (Bernama) -- As diplomatic efforts were frantically underway behind the scenes to secure the release of a Malaysian student detained by Egyptian authorities last month, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the prime minister's wife, received a call from former First Lady Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali.

Dr Siti Hasmah had sought her assistance to free Ibrahim Mohd Azmi, 22, a student of the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom taken captive in Egypt while he was with a Viva Palestina convoy to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Rosmah swung into action immediately, making several phone calls to various authorities. She also called a friend thousands of kilometres away.

Suzanne Mubarak was no ordinary friend. She was the wife of the Egyptian president. Rosmah had befriended her while attending the Summit of the First Ladies of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, last July. They became close.

The phone call helped. Ibrahim was freed.


I think this Bernama report of Rosmah's long statement about her role as "first lady" is the after effect of your writing. It looks like a public relation exercise or a damage control exercise to accentuate her standing.

sujini said...

And so the episode continues...

With your permission sir, I like to thank Pak Belalang for highlighting this particular piece of article which appeared in Star today(27 Feb'10).

An afterthought ensued.
Maybe others like Pak Belalang do have a point after all.

As the Malay saying goes, "Pokok tidak akan bergoyang kalau tidak ada angin."

Trying to be a good Muslim, I do not want to pass judgement especially of someone I do not know up close and personal.

Somehow " Mulut tempayan boleh ditutup tetapi mulut manusia masa kan boleh", and so behold of the truth.

The Scribe,like many others,they know.And I think you know.
But being the gentleman that you are,you pretend not to know.

Now Im the last to know.
Thank you the Scribe and thank you again Pak Belalang.

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