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These Macho Men Make Me Gay

A Kadir Jasin

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UPDATE AGAIN, July 13 - FROM being gay (as in happy), I am now sad and worried. And the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Jamil Khir Baharom, has replaced Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his assistant, Wan Junaidi as the new macho man - at least for concerned Muslims.

I am sad because the Pope's first Ambassador to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino, is reported to have embroiled himself in the "Allah" controversy.

I thank the Minister for reminding the newcomer that his remark could cause disunity among Malaysians. 
Khir was reported by Bernama (read here) saying that the Vatican City Ambassador should not have issued the statement on the use of the word 'Allah' as it has created anxiety among the public and can threaten unity among Malaysians.

He said such a statement should not be made by any quarters to respect the sensitivity of Muslims in the country.

Bravo Khir, but be mindful of the fact that many in Umno - his party - and the government are very fond and respectful of the Vetican.

PM Mohd Najib met Pope Benedict XVI (now retired) on July 18, 2011.The Cabinet was reported to have endorsed Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s July 18 trip to Rome to meet Pope Benedict XVI and discuss establishing diplomatic ties with the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

I had posted a comment in Rocky's Bru Blog (read here). I said:

" 1. Our leaders, past and present, took pride in being seen with the Pope.

2. Now they got what he wished for - the Pope had sent an Ambassador to Malaysia.

3. Now the big task - who is to teach whom and who is to listen to whom?

4. Do we teach the Pope's Ambassador about our time tested multi-religious and multicultural background or we allow him to dictate terms to us.

5. Can our Muslim PM and his Muslim religious affairs minister defend Islam and the Muslims against the edict of Vatican? Their silence is deafening.

6. I think best that we don't fool around with the sensitivity of the Muslims who form the majority of the people of Malaysia.

7. A Muslim sinner, who had just came out of a Jalan Alor house of assignation, would die for his religion if insulted.

8. So let us not fool around with religious sensitivity for the sake of being macho.

9. Has Christianity suffered without using the term "Allah?" (I attended a Roman Catholic Mission School for 8 years).

10. In the Peninsula, leave Allah to the Muslim, PLEASE!

11:55 pm"

UPDATE, July 12 - IPCMC Not Unconstitutional, Top Ex-Judges Drafted It (read here).


I AM not gay. I am a very straight fellow. If ever I am gay, that’s because I am happy.

But having read comments on IPCM by Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his deputy Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, I must confess that I LOVE these macho guys and I feel very gay.

Zahid pointing finger at the Commission

They are GOOD! Or shall I say better than good. Phew, for a while I thought we are without macho leaders.

Ahmad Zahid was reported as saying that the IPCM was unconstitutional (read here) and parroting his boss, Wan Junaidi said the proposed commission “breached every principle of justice” (read here).

Wan Junaidi: IPCMC Unjust
 I LOVE them because the think they know better about the law and constitution than the following people, who made up the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operations and Management of the Royal Malaysian Police (2004-05):

1. Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah, the former Chief Justice.

Tun Dzaiddin presenting the Commission Report, 2005
2. Tun Mohammad Hanif Omar, the former Inspector General of Police.

3. Tun Salleh Abas, the former Lord President.
Tun Salleh with Former Prime Minister
 4. Late Tan Sri Azizan Zainul Abidin, the former Chief Secretary to the Government.

5. Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, the former DAP member of Parliament.

6. Tan Sri Zaki Azmi (now Tun), a lawyer who went on to become Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia.

7. Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, former TI, Malaysia President and a director at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

8. (Tan Sri) Datuk Seri Lim Ah Lek, a former Cabinet Minister.

9. Datuk Dr Muhammad Rais Abdul Karim, an academician and former University VC of UPSI.

10. Datin Paduka Zaleha Zahari, a High Court Judge (now Court of Appeal of Malaysia Judge).

11. Datuk Dr Michael Yeoh (now Tan Sri), social thinker and Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI),

12. A. Kadir Jasin, Journalist/blogger.

13. Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, lawyer and former Umno politician.

14. Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari (now Datuk), former Bar Council President.

15. Ivy Josiah, social activist and the Executive Director of Women's Aid Organisation (WAO).

16. Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria, social scientist and Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

If these 16 people are inferior in their knowledge of the law and constitution, can’t the superior people like Ahmad Zahid and Wan Junaidi seek the assistance of the supposedly knowledgeable people in the Attorney General’s Department to improve the IPCM's legal framework?

I have said enough about this subject (read here) and should shut my trap.

The only thing I would like to add is, if the Barisan Nasional Government is not interested to set the IPCM, please do not use the illustrious Malaysians like Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin, Tun Hanif, Tun Salleh and Tun Zaki as scapegoats and punching bags.

I understand the sentiment. If Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who commissioned the Commission did not form the IPCM, why should his successor Mohd Najib Abdul Razak do it?

But I salute Ahmad Zahid for admitting that most of the criminals detained by police were former Emergency Ordinance (EO) detainees (read here) released when Mohd Najib repealed the law along side the ISA and the Banishment Act. Clever.


Kamal said...

Najib punya govertment sekarang ini nampak betul betul kuchar kachir.

Pertama kali kita lihat cabinet minister bercakap macam opposition dan salepas mereka setuju dalam kabinet untok bentangkan bill child conversation,mereka protest pula dalam Parliment.

Dalam zaman Mahathir dulu jika ada macam ini punya menteri mereka sudah kena pecat.

Nasib kau lah Najib.Kesian juga kerana setiap minggu mandi ayer mataram sampai dah nampak bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Slight correction,

Zaki Azmi was never the Chief Justice of Malaya. That designation has been defunct since 1993 and replaced with the position of Chief Judge of Malaya of which Zaki was never appointed as one. He was Federal Court Judge and was later promoted President of the Court of Appeal before being made Chief Justice of the Federal Court (of Malaysia)


iammi said...

The question is, why are these "illustrious Malaysians" keeping quiet? Too high-level to stoop down and defend what's good for the rakyat?

Raison D'etre said...

Salute for reminding us what the word gay means.

And, yes. Its that time of the year for chest thumping antics!

raj raman said...

Hats of for you.
rajraman666.Don't know this 2 idiots knows about law in first place.Their mouth like Kinabatangan MP.

Thanks Dato.You deserve the title.

ab said...

Salam dato,

WOW... macamana ni?

Yang mana satu betui ni?

Kabinet ka,hakim dan lawyer ka?

Kalau rakyat tak faham perlembagaan dah satu hai,ni yang kat atas tu macam mana pulak dah ni.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman


1. Melayu Lama, thank you. I stand corrected and correction made.

2. Pembahas Kamal, kita pun kalau tak jimat air dan tak rancang projek bekalan air dengan segera, boleh jadi satu hari nanti kena pergi Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia untuk "mandi ayer mataram".

3. Mandilah air apa pun tak salah. Yang salah sekutukan Allah.

Terima kasih.

raj raman said...

"mandi ayer mataram".itu apa?
Peribahasa atau memang macam mandi air jampi yang dibaca banyak ulama palsu?Kalau peribahasa apa maksudnya.


Unknown said...

Asklum Dakj

1. Malaysia terlepas peluang keemasan tubuh IPCMC bila Dolah turun tahta.

2. Kalau IPCMC ada polis mana lagi yg berani buat kerja kotor utk otg politik. Spt pukul mata MANTAN TPM, pukul tshanan lokap, bunuh org dgn bahan letupan dan tanam bahan bukti palsu.

3. Apaksn daya barua UMNO dah tak boleh buat pertimbangan rasional ealaupun ada yg belajar jadi jurutera.Yg lain cerita pun tak guna.

kluangman said...

Kita ikut ckp menteri sebab pm pun ikut ckp menteri, dia tak perbetulkan.

Pm tak perbetulkan sebab penasihat tak nasihat untuk pm betulkan.

Yg penting hari ini ialah memastikan tiada pertandingan untuk jawatan president umno sekaligus mengekalkan najib sebagai pm, lain2 adalah secondary.

lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Ramadan Tok..

Saya tak arif dalam hal perlembaggaan negara.

Tapi kalau tengok nama-nama 16 AHLI PENAL tu bukanlah sebarang orang.

Yang berkuasa merasa tercabar gamaknya.

TQ Datuk.

azwanonblog said...

I've been dying to hear comments from prominent people like Dato. I always tell people that those who want to lead us must be smarter or wiser or have more integrity than those they lead.
Anyway kudos Dato for the comments. Hope Zahid Hamidi won't send his troop & arrest you for voicing out your opinion.

vagrant said...


I like your article.

The quality of cabinet minister is a reflection of the depth of the the person electing them, then the PM.

The PM is struggling to cling on the top post.

It is sad to see we do not have quality PM post Dr.M era.

ZH is slowly become a liability to the PM. Boastful and think himself very pandai.

And you are right, perhaps it is no easy to change unmo itself. Let the pple change them.

shida sham (pelangi senja) said...

Zahid Hamidi is the most ego Minister ever!!

Foo said...

Pak Kadir,
The trouble is more often than not the men have to put up a "macho" face outside to hide the real "sissy" inside!

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Dengan Izin

Dear BlogAd@DrM

Ramadhan or ramadan is wonderful and the third day and the fourth night for tarawikhs from Mekka diligence – it is only the first Friday of the first week.

To share an article that –
Finally, here is an article which I think is the finest summation of ‘current events’ that I have read: Dave (the Captain with Green Eyes) –
YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Sekeluarga,
yang dimulia BlogAd@DrM, Sdr Karl,
HBT456, dtan et al

The U.S. War Against the World
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Inevitably, the point in time approaches when the empire perceives general war as its only option.”

The creation of a new world order enforced by a global military hegemon in service of international finance capital requires the dismantling of the legal norms and structures of the old order. It is a nasty process under any circumstances, but infinitely more so when the would-be hegemon is in terminal decline, as is the United States and its junior partners in Europe. No longer capable of harnessing the wealth of the world to its own advantage, yet still the unchallenged military colossus, the gasping and grasping empire seeks to thwart the material and social progress of the entire planet: it becomes the enemy of all.

Armed to the teeth, yet palsied to the core and incapable of competing in a world governed by law, the U.S. abolishes the ancient notion of national sovereignty – for everyone but its supranational self. The multi-armored aggressor wants his prey to be naked to his assault – as was much of the world in the 500 years of western European dominion over the planet. He promulgates a doctrine of “humanitarian” military intervention that recognizes only himself as the arbiter of human affairs – a posture of pure reaction and racism. Leaders of sovereign states are indicted by his kangaroo “international” courts, or murdered following unprovoked invasions, or prevented from flying while in imperial disfavor. American hit squads roam the globe, like its drones, waging dirty wars against…whomever.

“He promulgates a doctrine of ‘humanitarian’ military intervention that recognizes only himself as the arbiter of human affairs.”

Vast pipelines are built along illogical routes to seal off and lay siege to emerging powers that, in aggregate, constitute most of humanity. Having “lost” Latin America, the U.S. repossesses Africa, butchering millions, creating a checkerboard of chaos and garrison states – yet, the U.S. is now incapable of conducting commerce on any substantial scale beyond extraction. The emerging economies – China, Brazil, India, Turkey, South Korea – fill up the spaces of actual trade, in Africa and everywhere.

Deservedly friendless among the people of the Arab world, Washington, Paris and London grow ever more dependent on their former lackeys, the thieving royals of the Persian Gulf. The international jihadist network, birthed by CIA and Saudi billions as anti-Soviet cannon fodder in early Eighties Afghanistan, now comprise the foot soldiers of empire – an assignment they will cast off at the earliest opportunity, leaving the ailing hegemon and the bloodsucking royals naked in the region, save for Israel.

The casino derivatives economy that finance capital invented will soon collapse again, burying the real economy under $1,000 trillion in notional values and interlocking wagers and debts that can only be “secured” by various forms of capitalist confiscation of the assets of whole societies under the empire’s domain – an underlying imperative of “austerity” and feverish privatization of the public realm.

“The casino derivatives economy that finance capital invented will soon collapse again.”

Inevitably, the point in time approaches when the empire perceives general war as its only option.

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...


Such a moment occurred in 2003, when the U.S. launched an invasion that was to begin in Iraq and end with the seizure of Central Asia’s energy resources, resulting in a U.S. choke-hold on China and sidelining of Russia. It didn’t turn out that way, necessitating a complexional change of face for the humiliated empire. But, Barack Obama’s charms cannot alter the contradictions inherent in finance capitalism’s DNA, which grow more acute by the day. In preparation for the next great offensive, Obama has waged holier-than-thou war against international law, seeking to eliminate every speed bump in the way of a U.S. blitzkrieg.

He has also perfected George Bush’s blueprint for a Constitution-free America. The virtually unopposed nature of the operation is testament to the truth of Black Agenda Report’s assessment, that Obama is the more effective evil.

“This war will be ‘total’ in the sense that the United States considers itself at war with societies all around the globe.”

The so-called “long war” against “terror” – a patently fraudulent proposition, since the U.S. arms and finances the jihadists – is cover for an endless struggle to re-capture and re-enslave a planet that is not only escaping the clutches of Euro-American capital, but outgrowing it. This war, which is well under way – ask Libya and Syria – will be “total” in the sense that the United States considers itself at war with societies all around the globe (including its European “allies,” whom it spies on and steals from, relentlessly, as Edward Snowden has revealed). In addition to its strictly military “full spectrum dominance” capabilities, Washington has clearly designed its cyber-warfare machinery as offensive weaponry against “enemy” populations. Just last Friday, President Obama ordered his senior security and intelligence staff to draw up a list of potential targets for U.S. cyber attacks – which actually means that the lists and contingencies have long been in existence and are active elements of U.S. war plans.

The cyber-war will be experienced at home. Almost exactly a year ago, Obama signed an executive order allowing him to seize control of all U.S. electronic media, including the Internet, under “conditions of emerging threats, crisis or emergency,” i.e., any time he wants to.

The time is coming, when they will turn out the lights, so that the dirty global – and domestic – war can commence in earnest.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

And a bit of an enquiry – svp aub please
for Malaysia Bagus and wajaperak:

what say you of they them who feel less muslim until when there is totally no riba free banking financing and takaful practiced by 99 percent of the OIC members in the muslim communities in these member nations?

Terima kasih dan Salam Takzim


Perogative PM untuk tidak ikut kemahuan Ahmad Zahid (MP Bagan Dato) dalam kes mempermodenkan institusi PDRM dan Pejabat 'AG'
dan PM ada directline ke Bukit Aman

Malaysia Wawasan2020 institusi Kehakimannya tiada tolok banding di Dunia OIC - pujian Raja Arab Saudi dan GCC

Terima Kasih

ab said...

Salam dato,

SaudaraRawa Lanun-Bahasa,

A good article.

May I add that:-

1. The capitalism will progress to
absolute monopolism.

2. The world militarism will become a central/single military enforcement centre, controlling the global military,police, customs,airline,shipping,trains and roads authorities.

3.The destruction of democracy methods to a mere `administrative' requirement. And elected politicians are `subjected' to become ordinary `administrators-of-the-day' selected/favored by the supreme master..

4.The fragmentation of religions to become mini-tribal- spiritual- activity. Privatisation of religion prayer places, and ulamak swasta/pendakhwah swasta will replace pendakwah bebas,ulamak bebas,pendakwah kerajaan,ulamak kerajaan...

?masjid swasta,? surau swasta

In the end, the monopolists will provide the money,the supreme military will provide the gadgets,machines and enforcement.

The politician at all levels are mere `choosen' temporary and dispensible/`excutable administrator' at any time...

And the peoples,SO MANY PEOPLES
worldwide will be the `forced- consumers' of all the `produces' by the monopolists and without religion obstacle.

And all that are `problem makers' can easily be GPSed,listened to,
easily tracable, and easily executed or droned....

Religionist and religion activities will be a minor part of living/life, perhaps a mental activity at the most.

A general war is a small option, THEY WANT a total human `consumer-enslavery',the more the better.

Guess who is the supremo?

Remember the pyramid with one eye?. Remember the choosened people as mentioned in Quran?

The rise of the zion until the time of isa returns....
They are no american nor briton or European.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Lahuma said...


Jenayah sana sini.

Apa sudah jadi.Setiap minggu ada sahaja jenayah tembak oleh penjenayah.

Mana penjenayah dapat senjata api ini.

Dari mana datang senjata api ini.

Dari dalam atau luar.

Kenapa pintu masuk negara kita longgar sangat.Serba serbi boleh masuk dan keluar.

Harap Zahid Hamidi tengok isu ini.Bagusnya Zahid Hamidi kerana tidak ada amaran banyak sangat.

Ada seorang mantan Pegawai PDRM katanya apa salahnya kalau boleh beberapa sistem dahulu di wujudkan semula iaiti seperti adanya pasukan UKK(ASU) dimana setiap pekan kecil ada bagi membantu keselamatan dan ketenteraman setempat.

Bukan semua yang lama tidak bagus.

Rakyat makin bimbang kini keselamatan mereka.

Terima kasih.

sujini said...


"These Macho Men Make Me Gay"

Tajuk diatas mencuit hati saya.
Saya ingin pula menambah beberapa senarai watak2 seperti berikut:-

1. Dulu Watak Macho Tapi Tidak Lagi

i. Bekas Tim.Ketua Polis sekarang dah dinaikkan pangkat kepada KPN

ii. Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah PDRM yang telah dinaikkan pangkat kepada Tim.KPN

2. Watak2 Macho Yang Muncul Mendadak

i. NGO2 Islam/Melayu
ii. Aktivis&Penganalisa Politik, Professor2,Bekas Hakim dan sebagainya.

3. Watak2 Yang Tetap Macho Dulu, Sekarang dan Selamanya

i. Blogger - The Scribe
ii.MP Kinabatangan - Bung Mukhtar

Munkin nama2 kepada 3 Senarai diatas lebih daripada ini tapi yang pasti ianya akan bertambah panjang bergantung kepada cepatnya merebak Virus KORO.

Saya fkir bekas PM ke 5 tergelak sendiri memandang apa yg telah berlaku sekarang...

" Najib, you're no better than me..."

Waullah hu'alam.

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