Friday, August 02, 2013

It's OK For Rocky To Be Angry

A Kadir Jasin

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UPDATE, Aug. 3 - IN case you are still not convinced, read this.


I AM happy that my friend Rocky gets angry. Unlike me, he’s always composed, stoic and steady. He seldom gets angry. He’s always that big, tall and steady Rocky.

It’s good to get angry sometimes. Get things out of your chest. I always believe that a person who feels the anger but can manage it is better than one who is not touch by it.

In his posting of Aug 1 headlined “Malaysia, where death is cheap and staying alive costly” (read here) Rocky is angry that a Singapore tabloid, The New Paper, had portrayed Malaysian in bad light.

So when a rookie online reporter to ask about Rocky's posting, I told him, what’s so terribly wrong about a Singapore newspaper writing negative things about Malaysia when some Malaysian newspapers and writers make running down Singapore their bread and butter.

I told the rookie that New Paper is not a new paper. It was started by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) – the owner of The Straits Times – way back in 1987.

Being a Singapore paper, it is responsible to the Singaporeans. Since many Singaporeans live in Malaysia or visit our country, it’s the paper’s right and responsibility to warn its readers of the risk that they may face while in Malaysia.

Let Us Face Fact

Is it not a fact that Malaysia is becoming more and more dangerous? Don’t just blame the Singapore newspapers. Our own newspapers are replete with stories of murder and mayhem. In fact, crime stories have become the staple of our newspapers. They regularly made the front page.

I hope neither Rocky nor his followers would consider me a Singapore agent. But I am willing to be accused of being an agent provocateur.

I want to provoke Malaysians to think critically and be willing to tell their elected representatives – from the novice Yang Berhormat to the Prime Minister – what they feel and want. We want a safer Malaysia!

We want them to accept culpability for their actions – abolishing the Emergency Ordinance and the Banishment Act that overnight unleashed some 2,500 bad hats and criminal elements on all of us.

It’s fine for Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and his liberal-minded advisors to want to appear humane and be popular with the city slickers. Or gunning after their votes. But did he get it? No. Instead the lives and limbs of the ordinary rakyat are put at risk.

I Am Not Anti-Government

A very senior civil servant asked a former deputy minister (who is friend of my friend) why I have turned from being pro-government to anti-government.

I am not anti-government. I am not a subversive element. I love my country. I am not even anti-Mohd Najib. Yes, I told him repeatedly of his burdens, his Achilles heel and what the people think of his family. Not a new thing either. I had told him these things as early as when he was Education Minister. There shouldn’t be any misunderstanding on this matter. In my simpleton way of thinking “raja dalam rumah buat kira-kira, suri dalam dapur makan roti gula.” Period.

But I am critical and I am against the wrong things he and his advisors had done or are doing. Let’s see how far they will go with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement with the USA! Almost every person who dares to speak out has spoken against the agreement and the government is less than willing to share information with the people.

It’s ok for him, his Cabinet and even the MPs in the House to do away with preventive laws, including the ISA. They have bodyguards and live in walled and guarded compounds.

They don’t have to trudge through addict-infested areas of the City. They don’t shop in Chow Kit. (During Ramadan, Chow Kit is my favourite place. I love browsing and hunting for ulam kampung). They don’t have to ride crowded commuters and buses during peak hours. And they don’t face the risk of being robbed when parking cars at shopping complexes.

And for some of them, their outsiders have no qualms about forcing us off the road to make way for them and their spouses during peak hours. Don’t they know the annoyance and the danger they cause with the siren, the flashing lights and the honking?

Consider this. I do not make this up. This came from Bukit Aman and was reported by Malaysia’s own National News Agency Bernama. Serious crimes involving ex-EO detainees had increased by 100 per cent in the first six months of this year from 33 cases to 67.

And consider this too – a letter from then Federal Police CID Chief (dated Oct 13, 2011 to MyWatch chief, R Sri Sanjeevan, who was recently shot by unknown men) stated that 17,882 cases of snatch thefts and robberies without firearms and 43,792 cases of burglaries and break-ins were recorded between January and October 2011.

But the official crime index published by the government (for KPI purposes) reported only 7,324 cases and 30,200 cases respectively. Who is telling the truth? Which is more important – the welfare of the rakyat or the Ministers’ KPI? In any case, few people care about the KPI or believe in its accuracy.

And, is Idris Jala the best man in one Malaysia to lead the drafting of the law to replace those time-tested legislations done away by his boss?

If the judges, the police chief and the lawyers who set as the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operations and Administration of the Police (2004/05) were deemed to have not understood the constitution, as alleged a Minister and his deputy recently, are we to believe that Idris is better than all of them combined?

I hope I am not adding to Rocky’s anger. But if I do, I will not going to say sorry. Even the stoic, steady and ever happy Rocky must face the reality that Malaysia is not as safe as it used to be. Wallahualam.


ab said...

Salam dato,

Pulbic anger on this `less secured' living status in Malaysia lately, in addition to `increasingly' fearful and
phobia of jenayah of all sorts,THAT may affect each of us and our family, is not only seen and heard but rather `palpable' dah ni...

Cuma PM,idris and gangs that are still cool...jangan jadi ais ketui udah lah.

MPs at the parlimen meeting are very good at whacking at each other, until the time some of them get gunned down, family members get mugged or raped, cars get stolen,house get burned down,bank accounts get deleted, and etc etc....

AG is very busy now to take notice on this kecik kecik punya hai...

Anyway, all the greetings and wishings of selamat hari raya this year may end up as hari raya paling tak selamat!...ADA LAH NANTI yang kena rompak,yang kena pukul,tikam,tumbuk,tembak ,,lumpuh,cacat ,jadi janda,jadi duda,jadi yatim,jadi piatu, dll...

Awat laa negeri aku ni jadi macam ni?

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Raison D'etre said...

Dear AKJ,
I don't think you give a hoot to what we THINK or SAY.

Gave up a long while ago believing so.

Selamat Hari Raya, meanwhile. I'm stopping visitations of your blog until much later.

Thank you for all the thought provoking pieces.

PS: Do I need to tell you I have copies of your writings at home? Including that featuring your Kunta Kinte pseudonym.

Worthy of several re-reads, these. Just to reflect on how the country had grown over the years.

Joe Black said...


Memang itu adat Melayu Baru...Kalau kita beri kritikan untuk kebaikan kita di kutuk sebagai tali barut pembangkang.

Kalau Nasib Dato' tak baik ada pula yang akan sengaja memburu Dato' online dengan niat untuk memaki hamun. Kita Heran dari mana datang manusia yang tak punya adat resam, tata tertib berbahasa.

Agaknya kita sudah ketingallan zaman dimana harga manusia adalah tergantung pada kepunyaan adat resam, serta bertata tertib.

Anonyme said...

Well said Datuk...! 110% agreed !

Balanglama said...

Well said Datuk!



Debater Xharleskiwi,

1. Thank you and I take note of your comment.

2. Sorry I can't publish it. It's rude and possibly seditious to call a person "pariah".

Thank you.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Tembak menembak ini kes terpencil, kita perlu tunggu sehingga bandar kita jadi pekan cowboy atau ada menteri, isteri menteri atau anak menteri yg kena tembak barulah dikira sarius.

Lahuma said...


Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri Dan Maaf zahir batin.
Salah silap pohon maaf.Walaupun kita tak pernah bersua.

Nak keluar rumah berziarah pun takut.
Nak duduk dalam rumah pun takut.
Takut macam macam.Orang jahat banyak keliaran.

Hari ini jadi kaya pun susah.Takut kena tembak.
Kalau miskin pun lagi susah.
Orang miskin dapat bantuan kena jual muka pada media.
Yang betri bantuan bangga.Yang dapat bantuan ada yang bangga dan ada yang malu kerana seluruh dunia tahu.

Pandu kereta bila jumpa traffic light rasa takut nak berenti.
Oleh itu isyarat merah memang amat bahaya.Fobia di lampu isyarat.

Apa pun Dato sebagai orang Islam segalanya terserah pada Allah jua tentang hidup kita disamping ikhtiar.

Makna kata waspadalah sepanjang masa.
Pahon perlindungan Allah jua.

Maaf zahir batin.

Terima kasih.

Kampong man said...

Salam DAKJ,

1.Just like prostitutions ,crime happens everyday and everywhere be it in Singapore, Malaysia and even in Timbaktu and New York.How can one stop prostitutions ?.I wonder BUT We shall take steps to combat crime to reduce it and manage it.

2.I don't care a damn and almost to a point of could not care less what a journalist or a foreign newspaper wish to write about their neighbours in such a case.In this instant, it is a responsible reporting on their part I thought because it can affect their people who cross our borders daily in droves.It is about safety of their people and ours as well.It is not the normal crime of thief snatching, house breaking or even of rape. It is a serious gun related crime that lead to death to loved ones.

3.The current spate of cold blooded shooting has certainly affect public confidence on safety in general.Suddenly, we have this feeling of being unsafe out there because it could be you or your family member or your loved ones be the next target.

4.At times like this we need the PDRM to be our protector and the general public, the civil society need to work together hand in hand with the police as good partners to protect ourselves and our beloved nation from any form of crime, not police bashing no more like in some political and non political rallies that we had prior and after the election in the name of freedom and rights of individuals in a democratic society.It is for this reasons too that we led loose some 2,000 hardcore criminals released after the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance.It is our choice and what is next ?.

In short, why should we get angry what others wish to write or report.A crime is a crime and it involves PUBLIC SAFETY. When many Indonesians were angry at us for mistreating Indonesians maids, we too warned Malaysians not to travel there unless nescessary until situation improve.It is a normal step as it involve our safety.

When I was heavily involved in the construction of offshore platforms early days as Construction /Resident Engineer for both onshore and offshore works, we put SAFETY above anything else.It is SAFETY FIRST all the time.

I am in agreement with you Dato.To our police force, WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU.
Continue doing your BEST, you will achieve SUCCESS.

Thank you.

@ My late dad (Alfathiha for him ) was in a police force for more than 35 years since early 40's(A datok Sarjan 457 for over 20 years).Look at that seriel number !.He is a dedicated policeman true and true.

Malaysiabaru said...


This is only the 2nd time i have read ur blog

Idris jala menjala buaya d sungai serawak
Melepaskanya kembali di sungai kelang!

Back to square one. Pls ask idris to get another job in africa

zueyusof said...

Well said Dato'!

Saya agak ketinggalan dalam mengikuti blog Dato'. Warganegara yang baik, bukanlah yang sentiasa mengiyakan kata-kata pemimpin tak kira betul atau salah tindakan mereka, tetapi yang berani bersuara dan berkata benar!

Joe Black said...


Harap Jangan Putus harapan dan terus berblogging demi kepentingan negara. Umur sudah lanjut bukan bermakna tak bermaya.

Its easy to become UMNO or Opposition Blogger. Its no brainer to just support the Bosses regardless of how ridiculous they seem...Asal Bosses Happy sudah Cukup dan habuan pun dapat.

Macam tu bolih jadi selalu happy duduk dekat kedai makan mewah hirup expresso harga 15 ringgit secawa.

Kalau Dato' dapat duduk dekat kopitiam dengan secawan kopi 3 ringgit sudah lebih bersyukur. Hati Contented sebab tak bekerja sebagai budak suruhan manusia yang tak bermoral. Contentment itu Happiness.

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

The Scribe
Salam Hormat

Terima kasih kerana curiga keselamatan kaum sayangkan kelurga dan mensyukuri nikmat sejahtera kedamaian

Tanpa prejudis, saya salahkan semua hal ini dan letak lungguk bertempat keatas pepundak Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

Mereka inilah dalang bak tersalahnya dia akan melakukan 'reckless homicide' drebar keretapi laju di Espanyol baru-baru ini.
Spanish train crash: investigators say driver got three speed warnings

Malangnya perdana kawan pedaya wawasan kerana theori 'Lacking of Alternative' seorang tua yang masih kira dia handal dan hebat tidak sedar keadaan telah berubah tidak dapat matanya sedar tatkala dia 'looking into the curve'; akan mengundang tragedi kaum di Malaysia semua kerana harta keluarganya.

Oleh kerana ada kesewelan (eccentricities) dalam MB UMNO Kedah mahu popular cepat dikalangan ahli orang kampung yang senang diperbodohi dalam parti UMNO capai agenda bapanya dan dibantu Jamil Khir Balingman yang lebih Tudu dari Kuah maka Agung pun seakan restu Islam dinila setitikkan.

Kesian Muhyiddin pun kena bantai.
Awak bersekongkol bersama mereka yang mabuk dunia kemaruk kuasa dalam UMNO dan mereka yang mahu hancurkan Islam di luar parti.

Jangan Marah: Nak Marah Apa Aku Peduli:
Mati Biar Dalam Iman Hidup beramal Soleh: Fakta Terserlah:
PDRM Ada Sedikit Yang Baik dan Ramai Jahat:
Pejabat Pendakwa-Raya Sangat Kurang Yang Amanah Ramai Curang:
Pejabat Hakim Jarang-Jarang Berani Kerana Benar Selalunya Tak Terkeruan

Dalam hal TPPA orang tua itu pun tak sedar dia berminda pencacai mintak damai kerana lupa diri pun sama Mohd Najib - apa Buckingham Palace kata dia setuju - kerana itu Istananya bukan negara go-ahead-go-stan bekas jajahan Russia.

Selamat Menyambut Perang Saudara Berdarah Mesir (the lost decade).

MalaysianKita said...

Dato' jangan provoke kaw kaw sangat To'nanti tak pasai ada orang kena heart attack!

Jangan bimbang sangat To', PM kita dengar dan rasa DENYUT NADI rakyat To'

2 kes tembak dalam masa seminggu tu bukannya banyak....kes terpencil

statistik dari web polis pun tunjuk, 6 kes rogol sehari.....tu tak tinggi To', less than 10 maa!

tup tup kata sebab tak dak ISA,EO.....tu pembangkang punya kerja jadi jenayah tinggi....hak tuiii! .....kurus poso aku ari ni..

tapi orang ameno masih steady....yg dok kampung, cara kampung, bagi RM500 setahun cukup dah jadi bertambah biru...

Ni yang cerdik pandai dok di bandar-bandar...nak kata tak baca internet, surat khabar, atau tengok TV dok tunjuk kes tembak-tembak mustahil....

...tapi ampu punya pasai...hantam je lah...

jebat said...

Salam Dato'

Saya setuju dengan dato' supaya tidak menggunakan perkataan yang cemar dalam artikal ini. Memadalah dengan perkataan: KURANG BIJAK, dan sebagainya.

Kerajaan dibawah najib tertalu lemah. Tunduk kepada tuntutan dari orang yang tak tentu -xong dong, hindrap, dan entah apa apa algi.

Saya tidak terperanjat kalau satu masa nanti kerajaan menghantar OPTI BUNGA EMAS ke Beijing, Wasington dan London kerana knon menghormati mereka.

Inilah yang dikatakan MELAYU HILANG DARI DUNIA. Dah nampak bunga bunganya.

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok..

Saya setuju dengan Datuk dan Joe Black, kita beri komen dan teguran bukan bermakna we are not love our country.. kita sayang negara kita.. tapi sebaliknya dituduh sebagai tidak patriotik, mengagungkan negara luar dan sebagainya..

Datuk pun sudah banyak kali memberi nasihat dan teguran pada Najib tapi apa sudah jadi.

Dikampung saya sekarang banyak kes pecah rumah, ugut, rompakan, senjata terletak diatas leher masa sedang tidur.. mana tak takut, dipercayai dilakukan oleh pendatang asing, kita sentiasa bimbang sekarang..

Kita diberitahu kadar jenayah turun tapi macam tidak, berita depan Sinar Harian hari ini "peniaga emas mangsa terbaru, TEMBAK LAGI"

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada Datuk dan Pembahas semua.

Tq Tok..

mubarakchan said...

Singapore still has the complete set of the laws, ISA and the EO unexpurgated and were promulgated at the same time as Malaysia's in 1948. Singapore has no blood on its streets. Malaysia threw this set of Laws into the dustbin without debate or hearing. And forgot that we are not Gibraltar or Monte Carlo. The Singapore Police Chief recently claimed that the Police has about 10,000 personnal. I believe that 4,000 professionals, 2,000 NS and 1,000 auxillaries are the more accurate figures. There were about 2,000 registered gangsters in 1972 and by 1982, there were none.

mubarakchan said...

And we the citizens have been told time and time again that the PDRM will protect us so we do not need to carry guns. Now, the whole country is without a security blanket and maybe the only country in the World to be like this.

Shadow Banker said...

Dear AKJ,

I think the issue of crime is currently being solved through PEMANDU and the NKRA on crime. In fact, I was so moved by your piece that I even wrote an article about it over here.

The issue of crime has been a long time in the making. As we have lax policing, where the underground economy thrives (just walk alongside Chow Kit and Bukit Bintang), then it is only a given that crime will be a major issue.

Until then, people must be thankful and not compare against others. Malaysia is a product of the people in Malaysia and it is easy to blame the Government or DS Najib when the problem stems from society.

tebing tinggi said...

Kalau disuroh berok jadi tukang kebun bayangkanlah akan hasilnya.

Kampong man said...

Salam Dato dan rakan semua,

1.Dalam kes serius yang melibatkan keselamatan dan jenayah dalam negara masih terdapat pengomen yang masih terus berpolitik saolah olah PRU 14 hanya tinggal sebulan lagi.Tidakkah mereka ada perasaan segan dan silu memberi kutukan pada Mahathir, Najib dan kerajaan malah apa juga UMNO dalam isu saperti ini.

2.Mereka tidak memberi solution to the problem malah lantang hanya bijak mencemek pemimpin kerajaan .Mereka sepatutnya jangan terlalu taksub sangat pada politik.Mereka sepatutnya harus bersikap positif dengan memberi galakan pada pihak berkuasa bersama kita membenteras jenayah .

3.Malah ,mereka terlalu mudah menuding jari pada PDRM, JUDICIARY, SPR dan agensi kerajaan yang lain dan cepat pula melabel orang kampong yang menyokong kerajaan adalah bodoh dan kononnya mereka mudah dibeli dengan BRIM .

M6ereka ini adalah penyokong tegar PR yang masih tidak percaya mereka tewas di pru lepas juga PR masih terus menjadi pembangkang.Mereka boleh cuba LAIN KALI LAH !!

3.Mungkin Dato pernah lihat dan selalu saya katakan pada gulungan ini :


Salam sejahtera semua.Maaf dzahir batin.

Ex-Insider said...

Datuk, It's unfair to blame the PM alone in the repeal of the said preventive laws and you're biased in your criticisms of the PM.

He was not alone in causing these "useful" legislations to be repealed. The oppositions have to be blamed too. They pressured the government to abandon these laws. Also you are right that Najib was also influenced by his advisers.

But Najib and his strategist miscalculated. They thought by repealing the laws they would get the votes of the liberals.

Instead he received none. The liberals voted the DAP for being instrumental in demanding for the repeal of the laws. On the BN's part, it lost many police and traditionalist votes who opposed the repeal of the laws. The police are very upset and now they won't risk theirs lives and they won't act decisively because they fear being accused of using excessive force.

Poor Najib. He means well but he's clueless and he is not interested to read detailed reports and proposals. He reads only the executive summaries prepared and shaped to the taste and liking of his secretaries, special officers and advisers. In short, he does not have his own mind.


maae said...

Salam Datuk,

1. Life in the fast lane, Tuk. Jiran kita marah...kata Tun M, " lamaaa daaah....depaa nih apa saja duuiiit..... dulu kita ingat woodland. Berpusu-pusu shopping kat sana. Masa musim petai, durian dapat hasil jualan, naik keretapi terus ke sana, shopping kasut adidas...he..he.. Sekarang terbalik! singaporean kena ingat JB dan melancong di Malaysia! Pertukaran wang, enjoy sakan! Malaysia juga yang untung !

2. "Sometimes its fact" kita perlu marah. Good for your health too. Tapi jangan bawa balik rumah dah lah. Lepas geram pada anak bini pula. No good. Nanti kita pula kena tembak ! Mudah sangat dapat senjata. Kisah prebet adam mengingatkan kita pada benda-benda ini kembali... Datuk fahamkan ?

3. Yang benar kita kata benar. Sedikit kepahitan. Masaalah nya kita( Malaysia) jiran yang baik sentiasa di curigai, ingin di tembak tanpa memikirkan implikasi semangat kejiranan yang saling memerlukan selagi hayat di badan. Malah kita sendiri gusar dan marah tentang kebenaran apa di perkatakan. Amerika pun mengalami kekalutan sama tidak lama dulu. Mereka segera bangkit membetulkan keadaan. Tapi kita masih leka dan bersandiwara menjaga hati kawan yang sering melukakan hati kita.

Itu kenapa kita sentiasa terdedah kepada bahaya dalaman dan luaran.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...







Kampong Man, among other things, said:

"2.Mereka tidak memberi solution to the problem malah lantang hanya bijak mencemek pemimpin kerajaan .Mereka sepatutnya jangan terlalu taksub sangat pada politik.Mereka sepatutnya harus bersikap positif dengan memberi galakan pada pihak berkuasa bersama kita membenteras jenayah."

Dear Kampung Man, if you get my drift, what I had suggested here and elsewhere ways and means of fighting the rising crime. They could be summarised as:

1. Have a better-trained and incorruptible police force. Pay them better. Recruit better and more qualified candidates. Train them better, show them respect and don’t interfere with their duties. Set up the IPCMC. All these are in the 2004/05 Royal Commission Report.

2. Act tough on foreign criminals and hardened local criminals with conviction record. Shot them on sight if need be. These people only fear death. And the courts should not be lenient on these people.

3. Reinstate the ISA, the EO and other preventive laws, albeit with guarantees of an acceptable level of human rights. Ask the question: Whose rights is more important – the law abiding citizenry or the criminals?

4. Get the people who know – ex-judges, ex-IGPs, legal experts – to help draft these preventive laws. Sedition Act is important in the protection of our multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-lingual society. Future threat is religious discord. Can Idris Jala (I am not questioning his religious faith) truly represent the best in our quest for racial and religious harmony? He’s a good economic planner. Let him be.

5. I fear that this is another colossal miscalculation by the PM and may even subject Idris to ridicule.

6. Najib should start listening to and learn from elders like Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim, and from members of Mubarak and Penawar. He should be thankful that these people are not speaking against him openly. Belakang lain ceritalah.


safiai saad said...

Salam sdr.Your concern is valid and no amount of criticisms may quash your observation.I think Malaysia government must relook at the safety issue of the rakyat with greater duty of care.
The so called crime index showed in the media in reality, with due respect is so diverged.Please call a spade is a spade.The more government issue this statement,people will not believe it.
The goverment through its various agencies must work real hard to contain this epidemic.Where these weapons (guns) come from?
Is our intelligence efficient enough to detect these crime material.Enough fund to sustain this phenomena. So uur hope the authorities must come with a clea hand.

damansaraman said...

Salam Dato'

Malas nak bercakap, tapi kena juga meluahkan isihati ni.

Najib dan para pakar penasihatnya hidup dalam planet yang lain.

Mereka sedang berusaha dengan sekeras-kerasnya untuk menjatuhkan UMNO / Malaysia samada secara sedar atau separuh sedar mahu pun tanpa disedari.

Sebenarnya apa yang kita sibuk bincangkan ini bukanlah topik utama mereka sekarang; mereka lebih terjurus dengan persoalan 'Patutkan Hisham melawan TS Muhyidin agar aku dapat mengekalkan kuasa?'

Ada juga terdetik dihati untuk berusaha dan berdoa agar UMNO / BN ditumbangkan PRU hadapan agar kesedaran yang sebenarnya dapat dicernakan disanubari AHLI-AHLI UMNO SEKALIAN yang saban tahun memilih pemimpin yang mereka sebenarnya tahu silap dan salah.

UMNO / BN sebenarnya sudah semacam Hancur dan Mati. Hanya kewujudan pembangkang yang terlebih tahap kebodohan dan kedangkalannya sahaja yang memanjangkan usia UMNO / BN

mtgbertam said...

Selamat meningkatkan ibadah tok.

Saya selalu tulis, kebanjiran pendatang asing yang sengaja tak dikawal sekarang PASTI akan mengundang mala petaka pada rakyat sedikit masa lagi.

Depa dapat habuan bawa masuk pekerja dengan pau hasil permit. Rakyat di pelusuk negara jadi mangsa.

Tengok mat africa yang banyak dibawa masuk atas tiket kelas bahasa Inggeris. Tak ke lucu, sebab di negara mereka bahasa inggeris jadi bahasa wajib. Yang setup agency bawa masuk depa sape? Anak2 pak menteri jugaaakkk dato'.

yeop said...

Puas hati saya membaca tulisan dato..... Ada rahmatnya cina tidak mengudi BN PRU lepas kalau tidak .... habis la orang melayu ... apa cina minta akan dikotakan BN

Arunzab said...

Very well said Datuk you hit the nail on the head.

budak kilang said...

When.. No news is bad news.. Bad news is good news

Kampong man said...

Dato dan rakan semua,

Assalammualaikum. Bahasa ditulis/diucap adakala berbisa, janji dilafaz tidak semua dikota,Tugasan dilaksana ada yang tak sempurna, Dalam perbahasan ada terguris jiwa, Dalam bersenda- loka ada yang terluka. DEMIKIANLAH INSAN BERNAMA MANUSIA.

Mohon ampun dan maaf atas segalanya. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri maaf zahir Batin ikhlas dari : Kampong man & Family.


binggung said...

Tengok mat africa yang banyak dibawa masuk atas tiket kelas bahasa Inggeris. Tak ke lucu, sebab di negara mereka bahasa inggeris jadi bahasa wajib


Adakah sekalian tahu bahawa mat Africa ini semuanya lebih fasih dalam bahasa Inggeris berbanding dengan ramai rakyat Malaysia ?. Jika tak percaya pergilah berbual dengan mereka.

Mullah TTDI said...

Dear Datuk

Thanks a lot for the article. I hope that at least some sensible Ministers know that Malaysia is not safe anymore compared to 10 years ago. The Ministers even don't know what is typical life of rakyat and can comment that if the price of chicken is rising, so don't eat chicken. By the way, Datuk, I pray to ALLAH that you are safe and blessed during this last day of Ramadhan. Amin

Pratin said...

Dato, saya hanya cadang ikutlah saidina umar sesekala menyamar jadi raayat biasa tengok apa yang raayat lakukan dan luahkan. Jangan tengok dan baca webside dan block. Jangan harap sangat intellegents dan orang suruhan. Mereke kadang ada agenda jugak. Ini dah berlaku macam di selangor. Kata BN boleh menang tapi tergolek macam betik busuk. Ikutlah macam saidina ali iaitu jangan lapurkan yang baik dan manis saja ia tak membina. Banyak gula kencing manis jadinya. Dengarlah yang buruk dan tak baik dan segera perbaikki. Itulah pemimipin yang baik. Ini tidak bila papers singapore kata nyawa di malaysia murah kita mengoyan. Perbaikki lah keselamatan. Buatlah sesuatu. Kpi janayah bagus tapi kes jenayah berleluasa, tembak menembak dah macam zaman cowboy lebih teru daripada di new york, akhirnya orang tak percaya pada figure adris jala. Najib dan mahyudin kena tengok ni semua. Assalam

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