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Soup Kitchens vs 1Malaysia

A Kadir Jasin

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UPDATE, July 10 - AFTER a week of being roasted by the new and social media for banning soup kitchens in Kuala Lumpur, the Prime Minister reportedly made a visit to one such centre last night.

He was accompanied Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who declared the ban a week ago, and Rohani Abdul Karim.

Putrajaya had since delayed the ban on soup kitchens from a 2-kilometre radius of Lot 10 in the Bukit Bintang until after August 16 purportedly in view of Ramadan when charitable acts are encouraged.

I AM in full support of the Federal Territory Ministry’s decision to differ the ban on the operation of soup kitchens within the 2-km radius of Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang.

I will also support any decision to ban any kind of soup kitchen operation altogether, not only in Kuala Lumpur but also in the whole country, IF (very big if) the government can ensure that every person – man, woman and child – now fed by the volunteers, are taken care of.

To the government of Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, I say this: Those selfless NGOs, volunteers and donors came forward to help because the authorities had not done much to feed and assist these poor people.

A street child benefiting from Pertiwi's soup kitchen

So now, if Mohd Najib and his ministers – the likes of Tengku (Teuku) Adnan Tengku (Teuku) Mansor (Federal Territory) and Rohani Abdul Karim (Women, Family and Community Development) – are ready to take care of these downtrodden, the NGOs, the volunteers and the donors can move to do something else for the society.

1Malaysia will be more meaningful if ministers walk the talk

For this latest FT Ministry’s decision, my question is, why specifically to 2 km away from Lot 10? What is so special about Lot 10 anyway?

I hope it is not because it belongs to YTL Corporation, whose Managing Director, Francis Yeoh Siok Ping, had famously declared that he was not Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s crony.

I am sure other high-end property owners also do not like soup kitchens to be operating in the vicinity of their establishments. So why did the government single out Lot 10 for this preferred treatment?

Finally, this issue of urban destitution should be seen within the larger context of economic inequality, unemployment, poverty and the lack of safety net for the poor and the destitute.

Share the smile with the rakyat, make private walkabouts
Our ministers will be more aware of the life of the ordinary rakyat if they spend less time in their posh offices or being rushed around in escorted convoys and spend a bit more time on the ground. A little walkabout on their own - like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did when he was PM - may even make them healthier.

1Malaysia will be more meaningful if they show a bit more sincerity and honesty in fulfilling the promises of people first (rakyat didahulukan) and performance now (pencapaian diutamakan).

Incidentally, if you find that Internet is slow that’s because our beloved Malaysia has one of the slowest Internet speed in the world as we dream of becoming a developed nation by 2020. Read here.



awang batuburok said...

Salam pertengahan Ramadhan Dato,

Dengan rekod dunia bilangan menteri paling ramai di nisbahkan dengan jumlah penduduk negara 1Malaysia, sepatutnya sudah tidak wujud rakyat kelaparan tak cukup makan dan bergelandangan kerana tidak ada tempat tinggal.
Dinegeri Terengganu "Kuwait Msia" masih terlalu ramai rakyat yg tidak mempunyai rumah sendiri(tak cukup rumah mampu milik)...semakin ranai rakyat kurang bernasib baik berbanding dgn Panda Zoo Negara dan binatang2 yg dipelihara dalamZoo Kemaman dan Zoo Tasik Kenyir...

vinnan said...

'Those selfless NGOs, volunteers and donors came forward to help because the authorities had not done much to feed and assist these poor people.

These NGOs are multi-racial without the 'What projek do I get mentality' This is truly scary for your 'Ketuanan' UMNO. Dare I say UMNO's paranoia here is also in the same vein as that we saw in Teluk Intan so much so taht the by-election was held on a Saturday so as to discourage the Chinese from going home to vote. Imagine a coalition of NGOs led by a Malaynized DAP. You get the picture?

Lahuma said...


Tak tahulah apa nak jadi.Itu cerita di KL.
DiKedah pula heboh EXCO bolot segala projek.Menafikan hak kontraktor kelas F.

Kalau tak benar pun MB Mukriz kenalah buat penafian dan siasatan.Jangan biar rakyat mudah cakap lepas begitu sahaja.

Ini moral dan imej kerajaan.

Isu di KL ini Dato ternyata Menteri kita ini tak konsisiten dalam satu satu perkara.Dia buat ikut sedap dan selera serta mood dia.

Pemimpin yang ada hari ini kejar kemewahan .Sebab itu mereka bukan tahu keperitan rakyat umum.

Nikmat miskin mereka juga belum rasai .
Kurang cerdiklah kalau menteri selalu gelojoh dan angkuh dalam tindakan nya.

Laporan pegawai dan penasihat pun satu hal juga.

Puncanya mudah sahaja.
Menteri kita tak TURUN PADANG dalam erti kata sebenarnya.

Erti TURUN PADANG bagi menteri kita ialah majlis keraian yang hebat-hebat,diarak .Orang ramai diangkut untuk mengembirakan menteri.

Hasilnya seperti selalu pi mai pi mai tang tu.

Terima kasih Dato.

IT.Scheiss said...

WELL SAID!Datuk Kadir,

If the Federal Territory Minister feels that the presence of soup kitchens in the open is unsightly in Kuala Lumpur's "Premier" tourist area and red light district, then provide premises such as shoplots or community centres where the soup kitchens can operate indoors.

Earlier, The Mole cited an article written by Norman Fernandez, the former Johor DAP deputy chairman, who condemned the NGOs for "doing more harm than good" for these beggars by encouraging them to continue to beg, rather than find a job.

Let me share parts of my comment.

If they indeed are professional beggars then I would agree with Fernandez but as he described them:--

"From ex-drug addicts to those without a job and the elderly vagrants, they are all in the streets. "

Yes, ex-drug addicts have themselves to blame but if employers are not going to give them a fresh chance in life, they will soon become ex-ex-drug addicts.

As for "those without a job", what if they have been trying but nobody wants to employ them ?

"All these places employ foreigners as security guards and cleaners. Some of these companies even provide hostel for their employees. Would these street-dwellers care to try or the do gooders ever tried to help?", Fernandez was quoted as saying.

Two factory workers from Ipoh, raised the issue that employers preferred to employ foreign workers, but to "prove" to the authorities that they tried to hire Malaysins, as a formality, they advertised the jobs in the papers, called some Malaysians for interview, then hired the foreign workers anyway.

How many Malaysians do petrol stations employ?

How many Malaysian waiters do banana leaf restaurants employ?

How many Malaysians do Mamak restaurants employ? How many Malaysians do Chinese coffee shops employ, including the more upmarket kopitiam?

How many Malaysians do security guard companies employ?

How many Malaysians do factories employ today?

The main reason why they employ foreigners is because they can pay them less than they have to pay Malaysians and employers can treat foreign workers as their indentured wage-slaves, when they can't treat Malaysians as such.

Sure, foreign workers can live in the cramped living facilities provided by their employers.

Does Norman Fernandez expect Malaysians to accept the kind of pay foreign workers are paid?

Does Norman Fernandez expect Malaysians to live in cramped conditions like the foreign workers?

Does Norman Fernandez expect Malaysians to become indentured wage-slaves of Malaysian employers?

What does Norman Fernandez have to say about cheapskate and ruthlessly exploitative Malaysian employers who deliberately discriminate against Malaysian job applicants in favour of foreign workers whom they can more ruthlessly exploit and control?

As for elderly vagrants. Being elderly and down and out without the support of spouse or children is a very unfortunate predicament to be in, and if Norman Fernandez can blame such unfortunate persons for their predicament, I wonder whether he worships Satan (Ayn Rand, von Hayek, von Mises, Chicago School) instead of God.

That said, I do agree that there are the lazy and exploitative opportunists as well, who make a profession about tugging on others' heartstrings. I have been burned many times by them and by thousands of ringgit, not a few tens of sen or a few ringgit dropped into their begging cup or outstretched hand..

XERONINE said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk,

Selamat Berpuasa.

Thank you for carving out the words on our behalf ...

May ALLAH SWT bless.

Timbangtara said...

Salam Ramadan Tok..

Memang pelik.. kenapa sekitar 2km kawasan dari lot 10..?

Jangan marah kalau rakyat berprasangka negetif terhadap kerajaan..

T kasih Toh

Mohdali said...

Antaranya Datuk tulis, ‘if they spend less time in their posh offices or being rushed around in escorted convoys …’

Ingatkan hanya Datuk Bandar atau ketua jabatan kita sahaja yang tidur dengan mata celik dan bekerja dengan mata pejam, rupa-rupanya Menteri-Menteri juga seperti itu juga. Mana mungkin mereka akan terlihat keadaan serabut di sekeliling. Menteri ini patut mendahului rakyat bergotong royong sekurang-kurangnya untuk membersihkan papan-papan tanda yang ditampal dengan stiker iklan di sepanjang jalan dan taman.

Zed-85 said...


Perkataan "Soup Kitchen" atau terjemahan "Dapur Jalanan" ini berasal dari negara barat.

Setahu saya, sampai sekarang pun negara barat masih ada "soup kitchen" termasuk di bandar-bandar besar seperti New York dan London.

Bantuan makanan diberikan kepada golongan yang dhaif terutamanya menjelang waktu Christmas.

Kalaulah orang negara barat yang bertaraf negara moden mempunyai sifat kemanusian, adakah orang kita Malaysia tidak berhati-perut?

Perlawanan bolasepak semalam agak menarik. Pasukan bolasepak Jerman mengajar Brazil macamana main bola.

Kita boleh buat anologi yang serupa pentadbiran kerajaan dengan pasukan bolasepak.

Antara sebab utama Brazil tewas adalah kerana ketua pasukan tidak dapat bermain (Thiago Silva). Pasukan menjadi cacamarba berdepan dengan pasukan Jerman.

Dalam pentadbiran kerajaan juga perlu ketua/pemimpin yang berkaliber yang boleh menunjukkan nilai-nilai pimpinan yang baik.

Pasukan jemaah menteri bukan setakat besar bilangannya tetapi mempunyai pemikiran yang dinamik dan progresif sesuai pada era zaman ini. Mereka yang mempunyai mentaliti lapuk dan purbakala patut diganti.

Dengan gandingan ketua dan pasukan menteri yang baik dan bertaraf dunia, barulah pentadbiran negara akan menjadi lebih baik.


Saya sokong MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim seperti yang dinyatakannya dalam



msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sejak bila Menteri2 kita proaktif?

Sebaliknya boleh kata ramai...lebih dari separuh yg memegang jawatan sebagai Menteri dan Timb Menteri cuma sibuk memanaskan kerusi saja.

...KPI pun entah kemana..syok cakap lah...pasal hal KPI ni.

Kalau sibuk pun...cuma sibuk 'ulang alik' tengok kawasan...itu pun ada elaun...dan dpt...santai2 dgn kwn2 lama atau menghadiri majlis kenduri penduduk...dikawasan yg dipegang.

Kalau apa yg sy kata ini cuma tuduhan liar....

# Lihat sajalah kes mesin judi haram....masakan premis2 judi ini tumbuh dlm masa 1minggu atau pun 1 bulan?

# Isu Pengikut Syiah....masakan Pengkikutnya bertambah menjadi lebih 200ribu org (statistik dari polis) dlm masa 1 atau 2 bulan ?

# Atau pun isu geladangan bandar dan pinggir bandar yg bercambah angka...Adakah ini terjadi dlm sekelip mata...atau dlm masa 1minggu atau 1bulan sahaja?

# Atau pun aktiviti kontraktor haram yg mencuri pasir (hingga menyebabkan tebing sungai atau kawasan terbabit dan alam sekitar menjadi rosak teruk) cuma beroperasi 2 atau 3 bulan yg lepas?

# Atau pun isu 'Along' ..Adakah kumpulan ini bergerak dan menipu atau menganayai org ramai....ini tidak diambil kira kerja2 mengotor bandar dgn melekat iklan nombor talipon dimerata-rata tiang talipon...elektrik...papan iklan jalan...perhentian bas..dll...cuma timbul baru 1 atau 2 bulan yg lepas?

# Atau isu pendatang haram yg tak pernah2 sepi atau pun berkurangan angkanya...bertambah berangkali....adakah ini pun suatu isu baru.... yg terjadi 6 atau 7 bulan yg lepas?

Malah banyak lagi isu2 yg dah lama dan telah menjadi lapuk pula...
seperti...ragut...rogol..pecah rumah......dadah..dera terhadap kanak2...dera/ekspoitasi terhadap pekerja kilang atau pembantu rumah...dll.

Yg kita tahu...Menteri bertukar tempat atau portfolio ....dan baru ini pula dah menjadi saiz XXL pula....masalah tetap kekal dan masih tidak nampak tanda2 berkurangan.

Persoalanya ialah... Proaktifkah Menteri2 yg bertanggung jawab dlm menangani dan memastikan kekangan yg betul2 'solid' dan berkesan telah diambil terhadap isu2 yg berlarutan dan berpanjangan ini...agar ianya terkawal...berkurangan dan mungkin menjadi isu terpinggir atau sifar?

Kalau semua isu2 ini dikira tidak penting...atau tidak menyusahkan rakyat dan tidak perlu diselesaikan dgn sebaik mungkin dgn kadar segera...

Sy bertanya...Apa pula isu2 yg lebih pentingnya untuk Menteri2 dan Timb. Menteri melakukan dan menyelesaikan?

Hari ini...sudah hampir 2 minggu kita berpuasa dan banyak jugalah majlis berbuka yg Menteri kena hadiri dan tidak lama lagi Hari Raya....cuti pula 1 minggu ...lepas itu 1 bulanlah 'open house' Raya semua kerja akan secara automatik masuk gear 'slow motion' dan banyak lah yg akan tertunda pula.
..terjawablah pd apa sy kata tadi....masalah kekal atau masih dlm proses .....Menteri tetap sibuk selalu.

Terima kasih.

maae said...

Salam Datuk dan Salam Ramadhal Al Mubarak to all,

1. Perkara soup-kitchen ni lama dah... kerajaan bantu tapi bila ada isu je. Anjung singgah di buat tapi tak banyak. Kat bawah Putra Worl Trade, tepi kat jambatan tu, lama beroperasi daah, swasta. Bayar murah tumpang dua tiga malam..dulu.

2. Yang konon 'berkebajikan' lagi teruk. Tuding jari je. Apa pun tak buat. Isle konon nye...

3. Cara Ku Nan masuk akal jugak. Jaga imej KL. Bukit bintang! Gelandangan saja. Yang bergendang,bergemang bebas je. Dulu kat atas kawasan rumah-rumah sesebuah tuu, banyak bilik-bilik syok mengesyok. Itu sebab bukit bintang milik 7 bintang !

4. Apa-apa pun, jaga lah gelandangan ini. Mereka sebahagian masaalah sosial yang kurang bernasib baik. Mereka juga manusia. Kesian anak-anak beribu tapi tiada bapa benar nya. Kat belakang mati, lihat saja lah..

Yang agak baik pihak kristian sudah lama 'berdakwah' dan membantu tetapi pihak Islam baru tersedar. Malu ! Pergi jauh ke kawasan pendalaman contoh di Sabah / Sarawak, satu kampung boleh di murtadkan ! Salah siapa tidak merebut kesinambungan ini. Sibuk dengan kemewahan.

Maka Tun M menyindir pedas - ayam di kepuk kelaparan, itik di air kehausan. Siapayang bakal mengganti undi ada peduli? Ia tidak ambil masa lama. Dua belas ke lima belas tahun. Dua tiga penggal sahaja. Melayu ini begitu pemurah menjahanamkan masa depan pewaris nya. Sambal ?

Masih buta tuli tidak merencanakan masa depan bangsa sendiri kecuali teruja menternak haiwan yang tidak langsung memberi manfaat sayugia nya kecuali keuntungan diri semata-mata !

berasiam said...

salam DAKJ

benar sekali pendapat yang diutarakan di sini. sekiranya agihan pendapatan negara telah berlaku secara saksama sehingga tiada lagi kemiskinan dan kemelaratan berlaku, kerajaan tidak perlu mengambil tindakan ke atas gelandangan itu. yang sedang berlaku, kita ghairah mengejar pendapatan per kapita yang tinggi untuk melayakkan kita dikelaskan sebagai negara maju sedangkan jurang pendapatan semakin melebar di kalangan rakyat. kerajaan berbangga mengumumkan peningkatan pendapatan per kapita negara yang meningkat saban tahun selaras dengan matlamat wawasan 2020. sedangkan wawasan 2020 juga meneruskan semangat deb yang mahu menyusun semula masyarakat khususnya dalam sektor ekonomi @ agihan kekayaan negara. kerajaan sekarang dok kalut bagi brim, seolah-olah itulah caranya agihan kekayaan negara boleh disaksasamakan.

tiba-tiba aja terowong bawah tanah bernialai lebih RM100 juta pulak runtuh, siapa nak menjawabnya tu?

Bernard said...

I do not agree with many of your articles but this is spot on. Thanks Dato. As for the minister it is clear that he is just not suitable for this job. He has made too many blunders and should have been removed long ago. Along with a few others.

wankamarul701 said...

1st time dengar perkataan 'golongan gelandangan' lepas isu ini muncul.

wankamarul701 said...

Awang batuburok, datuk saudara saya ada cerita gak. Masa tahun 1970-an time mula-mula minyak ditemui di Terengganu, Terengganu digelar 'Kuwait Malaysia', surat khabar time tu 2 minggu berturut-turut heboh pasal 'Kuwait Terengganu'. hebat2

Kampong man said...

Sdra awang batuburuk,

You have not changed as a good PR supporter but then it is your right.Lama tak nampak di blog bro Aspan dan Sakmongkol.T'ganu pun nasih ditangan BN kan Have fun bro .

Salam Dato,

Many have overly spinned and sensalised the Soup Kitchen issue because it comes from Tengku Adnan celupar.Lets be fair in tackling the issue Ok.

The soup kitchen was Raja Nong Chik idea when he was the boss for KL Tengku Adnan will be in' hot soup' if he really is banning this soup kitchen .Actually,He had wanted the soup kitchen to operate outside 2km from lot 10 and Bukit Bintang the popular tourist spot of KL as clarified for cleanliness reason.

2.He further said in his blog that his ministry has never issued any statement banning any party or NGO for doing goodwork in helping the homeless.It is only about location and method used for distribution to ensure that things are proper.

3.The ministry is seriously looking at the critical issues of homeless and beggers who are swarming the city and some are by syndicates resulting fron poor penguatkuasaan by DBKL and tge relevent authorities like the Badan Kebajikan Masyarakat These are interrelated.

4.Whilst we quickly jump to conclusion crying fault and unfairness which I initially did , there are real issues here.However, I believe the soup kitchen should continue with proper SOP to ensure cleanliness.I think various parties including NGOs are working hand in hand now to improve the situation, hopefully.In shaa Allah.

6.Lets us all continue assisting the homeless and the poor and 'infak' where we can.You will be rewarded with spiritual fulfillment and contentment. In Shaa Allah.

Not a big deal right ? .Tak sepelik mana pun kan.

Selamat mengerjakab ibadah puasa.

Led Zeppelin said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

I must say that I have to agree with Tengku Adnan on this issue.I would think(and hope) he has the statistics or the relevant and reliable information to back up his argument that there are many of them who are foreigners and living in this country on the courtesy of our fellow Malaysians.We may have this problem but then I am not sure whether there are any city in this world free from this problem. said...

Dato' @ Tourism is going to be our important industry in future and we must focus to develop tourism industry because it is much easier to achieve its objective with proper planning and strategies. KL is a focal point to attract tourists to visit Malaysia. The spill over from the success of tourism industry will spread widely to other sectors of the economy. We must support every effort to promote tourism industry because revenue generated from the industry can be used for other development projects.

2. KL must be developed as first class tourist city and it should be in the same category of other major cities in the world. To achieve that, the Minister responsible for the development of KL must have the courage to do what is right and be ready to explain clearly to the public the justifications for his action.

3. Keeping the city clean should be at the top of the list of things the Minister concerned must do. He must be firm with his earlier statement that KL must have an image of a city free from beggars.

4. But if a Minister due to public pressure changed his course of action, he is not qualified to continue as a Minister responsible for the efforts to achieve the vision of KL to be a world class city.

5. The success of many major cities in the world is partly because of the strong leadership of their mayors in enforcing laws and stay focus on the mission to develop their cities. Look at Singapore. Why Singapore has gone far a head leaving KL few decades behind?. A strong leadership is the answer.


HHM said...

Nampaknya kadar faedah pinjaman perumahan akan naik...sbb tak nak jadi golongan gelangdangan..kena bayar jugak...nasib badan

Rabbah said...

Salam Dato

Sebenarnya masalah berkenaan kenyataan Ku Nan hanyalah isu kecil. Isu yang lebih besar adalah berkenaan masyarakat Melayu sendiri. majoriti gelandangan adalah Melayu terutama sekala gelandangan muda. Benar sebahagian gelandangan tak dapat bantuan kebajikan masyarakat sebab tiada alamat. tetapi saya fikir penyelesaian berkenaan masalah itu boleh dicari penyelesaian sekelipmata.

Cuba buat kajian kenapa syarikat swasta tidak mengambil atau membuang gelandangan ini dari menjadi pengawal atau tukang cuci. Adakah sebab displin? adakah sebab dadah? Berapai ramai gelandangan ini kutu dadah.

Adakah kerajaan tak ambil peduli? tidak juga. kedai makan asnaf 1Malaysia di jalan Ipoh melalui Majlis agama memberi makan tengahari seramai 800 orang setiap hari dengan perbelanjaan berjumlah RM 1.2 juta setahun. Ditambah lagi beberapa ratus ribu ringgit setahun untuk makan malam. Mungkin ada lagi agensi kerajaan berbelanja memberi makan.

Benar sebahagian mereka bernasib malang atas sebab2 yang tak dapat dielakkan. tetapi ramai juga yang memilih untuk jadi begitu dan mereka tidak mahu keluar dari situasi itu. Banyak makanan percuma. Masalah tidak selesai dengan memberi makan sahaja bahkan mungkin memburukkan lagi keadaan kerana semakin menarik lebih ramai gelandangan akibat makanan yg percuma.

awang batuburok said...

Kampong man,

Perkara pokok yg perlu diberi perhatian ialah bagaimana pemerintah menunaikan amanah menjaga kebajikan rakyat yg melantik mereka ke tampuk pemerintahan.....bukannya menjaga kepentingan tauke tauke kroni mereka tidak kira samada dari BN atau PR.

Saya harap Kampong man benar benar memahami aspirasi kehidupan orang kampung yg begitu terhimpit dgn kesusahan sekarang ini.

Zed-85 said...


Setidak-tidaknya, kalaulah menteri yang terlibat orang yang boleh berfikir dan mempunyai perasaan kemanusian, tempat yang alternative “wajib” disediakan. Bulan ini adalah bulan Ramadhan.

Menteri Jamil Khair mengatakan bahawa negara kita adalah negara Islam. Selain daripada hukum hudud, hal-hal kebajikan orang melayu Islam juga patut diberatkan.

Ada pembahas mengatakan dapur jalanan menjejaskan industri perlancongan. Perkara yang paling utama adalah pastikan dahulu keselamatan di tempat peranginan. Pelancong luar negara lebih banyak bertumpu di tempat peranginan di pulau-pulau dan kawasan peranginan. Kejadian di Sabah dan Pulau Tioman patut diberikan perhatian.

Ada pembahas yang membandingkan Singapura dengan Malaysia. Singapura walaupun negara kecil dan penduduk hanya 20% dari Malaysia, saiz ekonominya atau GDP (KDNK) hampir sama dengan Malaysia. Oleh sebab itu pendapatan per-kapita adalah lebih tinggi dari Malaysia. Orang miskin di Singapura tidak ramai seperti di Malaysia. Kalau di sini, yang miskin yang meminta bantuan berbaris panjang dan kebanyakkannya adalah orang melayu.

Kedua, pasukan jemaah menteri di Singapura kebanyakkan terdiri dari pakar doctor, Jeneral, yang muda-muda yang berkelayakkan tinggi dipelawa masuk untuk menjadi anggota menteri dan berkhidmat untuk kerajaan. Di Malaysia, ramai yang ada dah tua dan sudah sampai waktu "expire".

Tak perlulah hendak bandingkan dengan Singapura.

Persoalan yang utama kita hendak tanya, adakah menteri yang ada sekarang ini di Malaysia “Up to Standard” untuk era zaman sekarang.

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