Friday, September 26, 2014

Umno President is "Strong", Umno is Weak

A Kadir Jasin

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THE Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) continues to sit. Unlike the Parliament and the State Legislative Assemblies, the KKA has no recess and its members receive no salary and allowances.

Among members involved in the last several sessions were (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, two other former Umno ministers, several bloggers, journalists, corporate sector executives, retired policemen, padi farmers, Bumiputera car salesmen, young leaders of Umno branches, a Chinese doctor at a private hospital and an ex-stockbroker.

Among issues, facts and recommendations discussed were:-

1. When (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote in his blog on Sept 10 (here) to announce that he had withdrawn support for the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, he wasn’t being rude or rash. He had informed the PM of that before hand.

2. Weeks before the blog posting, he wrote a letter to the PM outlining what he saw as the latter’s failure and stating that he could no longer support him.

3. In a KKA session with Dr Mahathir on Sept 19, attended also by two other bloggers - one of them is a former minister – the ex-PM said the points he raised in the letter were the issues the people brought to his attention.

4. He said not all young Malays are against Umno and not all non-Malays are against the BN. They are against the top leadership of Umno, the BN and the government. They even raised the issue of wives and spouses of these top leaders.

5. Only after he received no response from the PM that he made his stand known via his blog because he felt responsible to those who came to see him and asked him to bring their concerns to the attention of the PM.

6. Dr Mahathir told us that instead of responding to his letter, the PM sent an intermediary to ask him to withdraw it.

7. Dr Mahathir said he has done his part and it’s up to Umno and the people to decide the future of the PM but he did not believe Umno would act on its President. Umno President may be strong but the party is weak.

8. The talks that Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin is tired and uninterested to be PM are unproductive. The DPM and Umno Deputy President should stop talking about being tired and wanting to retire. Instead he should up his ante as the voice of the ordinary Umno members in particular and the Malays in general.

Muhyiddin Should Up His Ante for Sake of Umno

9. A young executive and a former committee member of overseas Umno Club said younger leaders like Khairy Jamaluddin and Muhkriz Mahathir should be brave and open in defending the future of the bangsa and the country and fulfil the aspiration of young Malays and Malaysians. They should stop playing safe and becoming apple polishers. They should emulate young Umno leaders of the past like Dr Mahathir and late Harun Idris who took risk for the sake of the party and the country.

10. The hypocrites and the apple polishers should stop treating the rakyat like fools by saying that they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM. They should be replying to Dr Mahathir’s teguran. To say they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM is not the answer. To say time has changed is also not the answer. Dr Mahathir’s teguran are about policies and they need serious replies.

11. Dr Mahathir is not demanding respect. He is asking them to listen to the rintihan of the rakyat, mend their ways, be less corrupt, work harder and make Umno strong and respectable again. They should be with members instead of tugging ministers’ coattail.

12. Some elements of the mainstream media appears to have gone back to the Abdullah era by denying Dr Mahathir the right of reply. An Umno-owned Malay newspaper had commented on Dr Mahathir’s criticisms of Mohd Najib. But when Dr Mahathir sent a reply, the paper “refused” to publish his letter. The NST did the same during Abdullah’s era.

13. The KKA laughed off Musa Hitam’s defence of the PM. Musa was being very personal. Dr Mahathir was talking about policies and programmes like the debt-laden 1MDB. Musa talked about personalities. Was he serious about defending the PM or just carrying on his grudge against Dr Mahathir?

14. Dr Mahathir was curious why 1MDB bought the ageing Independent Power Producers (IPPs) when the government could wait a few more years and get them “free”. Something is amiss!

15. A power executive who pioneered one of the IPPs not bought by 1MDB said, our IPPs are of the build, own, operate and transfer type. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are for 21 years in the case of gas-fired plants and 25 years for coal-fired with option for an extension of five years. If at the end of the PPA period, the IPPs fail to secure an extension, the plants are transferred to the TNB for a token sum, something like RM100. Some of the IPPs bought by 1MDB have less than seven years of concession period left. The IPPs already recovered their costs and made substantial profits. One source said within seven or eight year they recovered their investment. So selling their plants to 1MDB earned them huge bonuses or extraordinary gains. 

16. Why do we need 1MDB as a sovereign fund when we already have Khazanah? For whom is 1MDB? Why should 1MDB’s fund be kept abroad when MIDA is working very hard to attract FDI? Why was it so hard for the auditors to approve 1MDB’s accounts if everything is above board?

Why 1MDB when we have Khazanah?
17. Important Malaysians like Musa should stop taking the people for fools. For record, Musa could not work with Dr Mahathir and he resigned on his own accord, believing that Umno would beg him to comeback and forced Dr Mahathir to reject his resignation.

18. (Tun) Abdul Ghafar Baba was a loyal deputy but Anwar toppled him. Anwar really “sacked” himself with his behaviour and actions.

19. Dr Mahathir never really trusted (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Bagawi but was forced to accept him because he (Abdullah) was popular with Umno and Dr Mahathir needed someone to stand up to PAS.

20. Abdullah was not sacked by Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir was not even an Umno member then. Abdullah was forced to resign by Umno. But Umno would not pressure Mohd Najib to resign.

21. Had Musa been a bit more patience and did not resign, he would have been the PM and Anwar would not have created the present mess had he waited for his turn.

22. Dr Mahathir had tried to advise Mohd Najib behind the scene in one-to-one meetings. Six months after the May 2013 general elections Dr Mahathir met him. Dr Mahathir said he told the PM that his election strategy was wrong. The PM was banking on his personal popularity and cash handouts. Dr Mahathir said cash did not buy votes but PM seems to believe that cash is king.

PM believes in his personal popularity
 23. Dr Mahathir said Mohd Najib did badly in 2013 – worse than Abdullah did in 2008. Umno got rid of Abdullah but not Mohd Najib. What lessons have Umno learnt? What has happened to the post-mortem? Has Umno make changes? These are the posers that “sincere” Umno leaders should answer instead of saying they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM.

24. The government claims that our economic growth is among the best in the world. If so why is the national debt and personal debt so high? Government lives on borrowed money so too are the people. This is not a quality growth.

25. If the economy is doing well, why don’t the government reduce national debt? If inflation is low and household income is rising, how come less and less people can afford to buy houses? Even banks are refusing to approve loans for medium-priced houses.

26. The admission of this precarious housing situation is when the government is forced to go into housing but so far none of its projects have been completed. Both the chairman and CEO of Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA) have zero experience in housing.

27. The repeal of ISA was a colossal mistake. Now Mohd Najib wants to do away with Sedition Act. Grass root Umno members don’t agree. Will the PM make another mistake by abolishing the Sedition Act?

28. A group of influential Malays had petitioned the Rulers’ Council not to agree to the repeal of the Sedition Act. The PM was at that meeting. Has he done anything? All that we hear is the mainstream media issuing daily propaganda on the proposed Harmony Act to replace the Sedition Act.

29. If we are doing well, why is the government so desperate about wanting to join the TPPA? Can our companies go to US to compete? Can the Bumiputera companies compete at home with American companies? The KKA appeals to Mustapa Muhamed to tell the truth about TPPA and the economy.

30. The KKA continues to worry about the future and quality of national education and the growing elitism of private education when Ministers, senior politicians and businessmen are clamouring to sent their children to private schools while telling the rakyat of the virtues of sekolah kebangsaan. Even a high achieving school like Abdul Hamid College in Alor Star has fallen off the ladder due to “political interference” at the expense of excellence.



Dato edham said...

Keep om exposing 1MDB.
The company is the biggest scandal in Malaysia History.
Najib had no control over this company .His wife has togethet with a young chinese boy from Penang who love women and Champange.

Last Week The Edge report that 1MDB bought a land in Ayer Itam 200 ac plus for $1.3 billion.The land full of squarters.
The seller were Mr Lim,Farlim owner and Goh Chong Lye.
Remebber the Farlim incident when he tried to clear the squarters in his Ayer Itam land.The police was involved and the clash with squarters.

Who,in 1MDB want to undertake to clear the squarters ,Do you think you can get approval when DAP is in control of the state govertment.
When Najib launch this so call House for raayat,they really attack DAP.

Again,1MDB cannot produce their account on time and I am not suprise if they have o change their auditor again.
Meantime Rosmah and The Chinese boy JLO ,enjoying partying in New York.

Wake up Malaysian.We really must put pressure on 1MDB to reveal the messes and the Truth.

hari said...

be less corrupt ???? ha ha....

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok...
Rasuah terlalu tinggi.. Teringgin nak lihat KSN dan seluruh JUSA ABC

ab said...

Salam Dato,

Saya amat runsing dengan perkembangan `terkini':-

1.Pendapatan perkapita dikatakan tinggi..high income nation la tu.
bagus lah kalau betul.

2.Perbelanjaan domestik tinggi dan semakin tinggi..high and higher spending nation la tu.

3.Hutang domestik dan negara dah juga tinggi...high and higher domestic and nation debts laa..

4.Adakah data untuk simpanan perkapita?....nampak makin sedikit simpanan persaorangan/keluarga.

5.ADA kah data/polisi tentang bagaimana warga negara berumur 70 tahun keatas hidup dinegara ini dalam 10-15 tahun lagi?...ada simpanan dan ada ka orang nak tenguk depa ni?..

Depa depa ni adalah generasi saya dan generasi dato laa..

Ada kah kita hidup nanti dengan duit simpanan kita atau kacau anak/menantu dan cucu cicit?.

Kalau ekonomi merosot ( pasti belaku,sebab ekonomi ini berkala), lagih rumit kehidupan rakyat teramai..

PM dan bekas PM tak sampai sedozen pun...depa dah mewah dah. Buat apa pun depa dah senang hidup dah,tak gitu?

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

awang batuburok said...

Salam Dato,

Malaysia memerlukan satu politik baru yang bebas dari pengaruh "Kitchen Cabinet"....

Sekarang ini baik dalam Umno, Pas maupun Pkr banyak kecelaruan dalam membuat keputusan dan menentukan halatuju politik negara kerana terlalu banyak gangguan Kitchen Cabinet.

Inner Circle dan bisikan bisikan dalam bilik tidur dan didapur dari isteri, anak dan anak menantu pemimpin pemimpin politik telah banyak mengharubirukan keputusan keputusan pemimpin politik baik dalam Umno, Pas dan juga PKR.

Tatasusila berparti dan berorganisasi telah habis jadi celaru dan haru biru....

Led Zeppelin said...


Point no.30 is spot on.Where is the education system heading to?Every student must score straight As?The children of the rich and famous go to private or international school.The VIPs,ADUNs,MPs and the Pengarah children will go to residential schools.And people like me will end up putting my kids in daily schols and hope they will do well and get a place in a residential school,if ever they can get a place,because I heard that priority are given to the VIPs and old boys of the school and people who can connect with the PIBG.And why the Education ministry have this caste system?Residential schools,clustered school,SBT schools(Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi).What about the daily schools which attended by most of the Malay students especially in the rural area?Why discriminate when it comes to education?And how is the student in the rural area be expected to compete with another student from the urban housing area?Pity these Malay students have to endure unfairness at the very young age.

Jeepney said...

If Tun M’s voice went unheeded, would the PM and his merry ministers care to listen to the people on the ground? I doubt they would. The role of the civil servants were reduced from being the agents of change to mere ‘servants’ only to be told what to do and how it should be done. Those who dare enough to speak the truth will be sidelined, humiliated and sometimes stripped of their dignity by their JUSA bosses who only care to appease their own bosses....the system goes on right to the top. The biggest losers would be the ordinary people down there....

din klang said...


daim zainudin kata kalau kita nak jadi kaya, kita kena lah berjaya dulu.
tapi kalau tiba tiba saja kita jadi kaya, walhal kita masih belum berjaya, that mean something is not right.......

nanti org kata ni kaya sebab main nombor ekor ataupun sebab masuk politik.

Unknown said...

Hello sir, what is your problem. Malaysia economy is good. Barisan Nasional win the PRK Pengkalan Kubor. PM works hard for the country but what do you do? You are trying very hard to belittle our Prime Minister. It's seems that you and who ever with you cannot accept the succes of DS Najib in handling the overall crisis. I think you must check your nationality again.

maae said...

Kita lihat Bajet 2015 kelak. Ada kah realiti atau tidak berfungsi sehingga jabatan2 kerajaan kurang atau tiada peruntukan perbelanjaan. Semua ini berkait rapat dengan persoalan dalam minda kita semua.

Seharus nya Khazanah, 1MDB dan perancangan 'Power Point' berserta KPI benar nya akan terjawab kerana orang kanan perekonomian Najib di iktiraf baru-baru ini.

Pembangunan rakus di Johor kerana 'benteng' Umno di situ. Pembinaan rumah-rumah oleh pihak swasta(terutama Sy. Cina) - tidak di ketahui keterlibatan REHDA - menyediakan skim tidak telus bersama pihak-pihak bank terlibat untuk unit2 bumiputera. Ini juga pemilikan dari pembelian hartanah berleluasa tidak terkawal dengan penglibatan asing dan spekulasi yang sengaja di wujud supaya harta di nilai terlalu tinggi yang kuasa beli melayu terhapus terus. Faktor ekonomi tidak lagi relevan.

Pelaksanaan GST sudah di manipulasi sepenuh nya oleh pihak-pihak lawan dan kumpulan2 peniaga/pedagang mereka. Malang sekali mereka tidak pernah mesra kerajaan kerana dasar dan polisi kerajaan berpilih-pilih dan tidak dilaksana ikut peraturan. Juga rasionalisasi subsidi. Untung nya masih tidak sampai kepada rakyat secara berterusan.

Semua mesti di jawab oleh PM kita. Syurga atau Neraka...Good or Evil ! In it therell be no more liberalisam cum moderation or whatever... Its all about STRONG and HONEST leadership, standing on solid platform !

That platform is UMNO ! MELAYU ISLAM !

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Trend escapism sekarang sangat simple...

1) Apa shj keburukan yang berlaku pada negara, pada rakyat terutama kpd pembangkang ia disebabkan oleh umno.

2) Di dalam umno, apa sahaja disorders sekarang adalah kesilapan legasi Mahathir..

3) Najib sedang membetulkannya..beri dia masa

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk,

This is the most hard hitting piece I have read from you. Perhaps its because the situation is very dire right now.

1Malaysia seemed to continue to be the agenda even when the election results proves that it was a mere illusion. The people that put the government in power continue to be marginalized while efforts continue to be made to remove their protection. I believe for sake of wanting to be seen as liberal to the outside world.

I think I've said enough about UMNO before so I will not repeat again. I hope UMNO leaders and members take some time to watch youtube videos of the recent PAS muktamar. While people see it as divisive, I could only admire how open it was. Real debate was happening. You could feel how passionate they were about their party and the members truly believe that their active participation can make a change.

ismail muda said...

Dato, banding lah bil anggota kabinet Indonesia yg rakyatnya 253 juta dgn negara kita.... Jauh bezanya pembawakan menteri malaysia dgn negara jiran kita. Kita sgt arif stail dan kepimpinan setiap menteri kita termasuk yg di atas tu....!
Tun Mahathir dulu berdehem dlm meeting pun, semua org akan faham. Skrg jauh beza. Ramai yg merapu2 termasuk Timb2 Menteri. Kita selalu terasa loya meluat bila ada pemimpin yg merapu2
Menjaga org bahagian lebih penting. Org bahagian lagi mustahak. Ada org kata MP tak sehebat org bahagian. Itu lah agenda utama pemimpin tertinggi kita. Menjaga kedudukan lebih utama. Agenda negara dan rakyat jelata jadi no 2...!



1. Terlalu banyak komen "Anonymous" dalam tajuk ini. Komen "Anonymous" tidak dilayan di sini. Sila guna nama dalam kad pengenalan. Kalau takut, boleh guna nama samaran, nama pena, nama jolokan, pseudonym.Angka pun boleh, umpama 23084702. Sombol pon boleh.

2. Saya tidak minta sokongan. Jadi boleh belasah saya.

3. Anihnya banyak pula pengulas "Anonymous" adalah menyokong PM dan belasah saya. Tak salah sokong PM dan belasah saya, tapi syarat blog ini tak boleh guna "Anonymous".

4. Pembahas lama/tetap, termasuk pembela PM, kerajaan, Umno dan BN, tahu hal ini tapi ramai sudah tidak aktif. Mungkin sudah pecen atau bukan dalam senarai gajian lagi.

5. Mungkin juga yang menggunakan "Anonymous" itu pengganti mereka yang tidak faham syarat mengulas dalam blog ini.

Terima kasih.

pakmat jawa said...


Sama saja....Presiden PAS semakin power, tapi PAS semakin lemah ::}}

Joe Black said...


DS Najib Umpama Driver yang mengikut arah yang ditunjuk olih Navigator yang ada bersamanya dihadapan kereta.

Kami semua termasuk Tun Dr Mahathir cuma penumpang. Apabila driver melencong entah kemana Tun Dr M Cuba tunjuk jalan yang betul...Kami, termasuk Dato' kecoh sama sebab sudah nampak bahawa drebar sudah sesat jalan.

Malangnya siNavigator sedang mengambil kesempatan...

Anak felda said...

PM Najib Menteri felda. Skrg felda dah teruk. Dari ogos hingga lah skrg ketua pengarah berada luar negara. Najib mesti patut pantau felda & selamatkan agensi felda ni. Semua anak sykt dibwah felda investment rugi. Jika pm Najib lambat bertindak, felda hancur.
Ketua pengarah mesti dipecat kerana tak amanah.
Ketegasan PM Najib dituntut utk selamatkan felda dan jaga maruah bapanya. Jgn gadaikan masa depan 2 juta keluarga Peneroka satu negara.

Mat Janggut said...

Terima kasih di atas penerangan......

Saya meneliti segala yang berlaku di kala ini adalah legasi dari Tun M dahulu.. Nak tak nak kita terpaksa terima bahawa bukan mudah untuk Najib menyelesaikan segala permasalahan yang telah berlaku semasa pemenrintahan Tun M.....

Bagilah masa untuk Najib menjalankan tugasnya sebagai PM... Cuba bagi peluang kepadanya sebagaimana kita kasi peluang kepada Tun M dahulu.

notanymoresilent said...

Saya fikir DSN sepatutnya merespon terhadap kenyataan TDM. Ini ialah masyarakat IT. Samada kita mahu mengekalkan "elegant silent" atau sebaliknya; orang awam tahu.

Sila tangani isu-isu asas masyarakat di zaman sekarang. Sila tangani isu kos hidup masyarakat.

Pemberian BR1M hanya sekali dalam setahun. Saya pasti RM500 (BR1M)dalam setahun terlalu sedikit untuk mengubah kehidupan dalam jangka panjang.

"Cash is King". But, I need cash everyday. Not only cash for today. Then cash is a real king.

notanymoresilent said...

DSN should not be silent on this matter

wanitabukittinggi said...


Wow! This is a bombshell ever....

So Tun Dr Mahathir is in KKA eh?
No wonder Datuk very vocal . Its not that you are not outspoken all this while.
I know you are buddy buddy with Dr M since day one. that the main "star" in KKA is known..I've no doubt KKA is in the right track in bashing our current PM and his Ministers.

Firstly ...I just loved the latest book on Dr M and is in my possession right now...its entitled..."The Wit & Wisdom of Dr Mahathir Mohamad."
I may not agree to some of Dr M's policies when he was the PM. But I truly shared this honest and frank words from him in the said book...
" I dont believe in saying nice things. I rather say
what I feel and deal with it."

The above statement is also my motto in life.
I never follow closely anymore what's in the papers or the TV news nowadays . I mean our country is facing one major mishap after another and I feel its Payback Time from Allah swt.

I pray everyday 5 times a day and asked Allah to keep Malaysia and its people safe from the enemies inside and out. That's all I can do.
Inshaa Allah may Allah hears my prayers.

Anak Johor said...

Kapal karam yu kenyang... ada duit tp macam dah tak laku... RM 3000 utk belanja rumah jer... brg terlalu mahal tok kadir... kesian kami org kerajaan... hidup hanya cukup makan... org luar hidup senang....nasib anak jati johor

Anonymous said...

Saya lihat apa yang berlaku sekarang ini kerana tidak berpuashati kerana yang dapat projek adalah 1MDB dan bukan nya Syarikat yang mereka mahukan...

Kita lihat bagaimana YTL yang telah kaya raya dengan sapu semua tempat di Bukit Bintang dan Sentul. Apa lagi yang YTL mahu... Tak kan tak dapat projek IPP sampai nak suruh Kadir Jasin buat cerita macam-macam.

Lahuma said...


Yang penting dalam UMNO Presiden kena kuat.UMNO tak perlu kuat.
Melayu sekarang terlebih jeneral daripada askar.
Sebab itu Presiden UMNO perlu ada sahabat-sahabat.
Kemudian diwujud pula Setiakawan .
Inilah elit presiden katanya.

Terima kasih Dato.

kundoq said...

Tahun 1998 ekonomi merosot teruk.Kami orang kampung tahu tetapi tidak rasa apa.Belanja seperti biasa sahaja.

Tahun 2014,ekonomi Malaysia antara yang terbaik di dunia(kata Najib).

Datuk cuba tanya orang kampung sekarang ini,apa mereka rasa di kala ekonomi tengah hebat ini?

Tak ada seorang pun yang akan kata"ok,biasa saja pun".Perkataan 'duit tak dak,susah lani,senak,sedia dimulut.

Walaupun tinggal di kampung dan tahu juga bahasa ekonomi,tidak lain jawapannya ialah tahap ekonomi sangat teruk,sehinggakan kami yang tak berapa sangat bernafsu untuk membeli belah pun jadi kalut.

Sekarang,Najib telah menjadi sonsang.Ubahlah!

Din Kalut said...

UMNO umpama syarikat sdn bhd.Ketuanya sudah bergaji.Ketua pemuda pun rm ribu-ribu.


1. Wanitabukittinggi, Dr M is not the spokesman of KKA”. KKA has neither a ketua nor a jurucakap. This is a sidang rakyat. But in this particular reporting of the KKA sessions, Dr M could be considered its key contributor. There were two other former ministers who served under two different PMs. In fact there was a current cabinet member as well. He was not quoted because he requested not be highlighted. He showed us a survey that claimed that most Umno division leaders want the Sedition Act to stay. WBT is welcomed to join us.

2. As for Dr M, he once told me that when you don’t have power, you have to shout to be heard. He is shouting!

3. I receive no upah from anybody to publish this blog, not even from YTL as one commentator had alleged. YTL is one of the cleverest of the IPP operators. It’s concession period is running out and it sold its plants to 1MDB.

4. This is what I read: "The first 5 (five) consortia n the first wave or batch that bid for the IPP contracts were guaranteed returns of 20% spanning a period of 21-year contract although the actual profits were much higher.

5. My greatest fear is when 1MDB eventually does its IPO (selling its debts), trust agencies like EPF, KWP, Amanah Raya Berhad, Khazanah, PNB, Tabung Haji, LTAT and Felda will be forced to buy its shares. We must all watch out for this and stop it from happening. On the other hand, 1MDB may end up being owned substantially by foreigners/foreign investors.

6. Sdr Joe Black, Dr M said the Chinese complained about the navigator/navigators sitting with the PM in his 1Malaysia car. They told Dr M that for as long as the navigator/navigators are around, they will not support the BN. But in the motor rally, navigator is very important.

Thank you.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Kalaulah sy Najib....

Sy tetap peduli jika Umno lemah.

Tetapi bagi sy Umno tidak lemah...itu cakap2 org yg kecewa dan iri hati sahaja....dan jika betul Umno lemah....bagaimana dgn keputusan 2 Pilihanraya yg lepas2 dibawah tangan sy...bilamana kemenangan BN tercapai yg terhasil dari kenenangan Umno.

Kalaulah sy Najib....

Sy tetap memastikan kedudukan sy kukuh dgn apa cara sekali pun.
Buat seketika tidak nmpak apa2 silap nya dgn cara sy mentadbir negara.

Sy juga telah melakukan sebaik mungkin.

Sy telah melakukan;

# Transformasi....tak kisah lah kalau ramai yg masih tak faham dgn apa transformasi yg sy maksudkan ini.

#memberi BRIM pd rakyat yg susah....malah mana2 negaravpun ada rakyat yg susah.

# Memperkasakan kedudukan Ekonomi Bumiputra...banyak dan terlampau banyak agensi yg telah sy ujudkan untuk kerja2 ini.....tentu lahbada yg berjaya.

# memansuhkan ISA....ini satu kejayaan besar yg cukup berani yg telah sy kira ini telah melonjak kedudukan sy sbgai PM untuk semua rakyat dari pelbagai bqngsa.

# Memperkenalkan konsep 1 Malaysia...bagi sy semya sama....Melayu...Cina dan India.

dan banyak lagi.

Cakap2 yg Umno lemah ini cuma berniat jahat untuk menjatuhkan kerdibiliti sy sahaja.... cuma suatu pandangan saja....yg tidak membawa apa2 erti..

Yg sy faham....sokongan dari majoriti akar umbi...ketua bahagian dan ahli MT masih kuat.....malah lebih kuat dari biasa.

Tiada ada suara2 sumbang dari ramai ahli Umno....diluar atau didlm...juga semasa PAU.....kecuali suara Tun M...dan tulisan dari Blog A Kadir Jasin atau Blog Zamkata.

Tentukah ini cuma keluhan dari org2 yg 'kecewa' dan bukan nya boleh dikira sbgai newakili suara ramai org Melayu.

Kalaulah sy Najib....

Buat seketika tetap dgn cara sy....bagi sy masa depan org Melayu dab Islam tetap selamat malah lagi perkasa dgn cara sy.

Kalau Tun M dan penyokong nak jatuhkan sy juga....kenalah buat serupa cara Pak Lah di jatuhkan....jika tetap kekal kuat sbgai Presiden dan PM negara.

(Sy pun baru saja menempah lagi 1 juta kad...baju T. yg ditulis...."I love PM" untuk diagihkan percuma sbgai tanda penghargaan pd rakyat yg sayang pd sy) .

Terima kasih.

Alfred gnana rokiam said...

Salam bahagia dato. Saya ialah seorang rakyat Malaysia bukan bumiputra. Pada pandangan saya lebih baik jika mantan pm kita tidak mengkritik kerajaan yang dipimpin oleh anak allahyarham tun Abdul Razak. Hakikinya negara kita berada di dalam kemelut hari ini kerana kepimpinan yang ditonjolkan oleh mantan pm kita. Badan kehakiman mula kehilangan kebebasan pada waktu mantan pm memegang kuasa, pdrm mula kehilangan professionalisma sewaktu mantan pm masih berkuasa, segelintir individu-!individu ( saya sengaja tidak gunakan perkataan 'kroni') menjadi 'obscenely rich' semasa mantan pm menjadi ketua kerajaan. Secara ringkasnya, ' the longest served pm's tentacles reached all nooks and corners of public institutions in this country '. Saya melihat mana- mana saja, setiap kepincangan yang wujud ada tertulis nama mantan pm kita. Cubalah dato' menganalisa perkara-perkara ini secara terperinci. Saya tidak berpeluang untuk bertemu dengan mantan pm kita seperti dato dan kawan-kawan dato itu. umno baru sedang nazak sekarang. Ia berada di dalam keadaan itu kerana corak kepimpinan tidak lama dahulu yang mengutamakan Presiden sahaja. Please be fair in your judgement dato. Jika acuan defektif, takkan hasilnya sempurna? I m not an opposition supporter. I hope my comment will be published in toto.


1. IT was only yesterday that I told a fellow journalist that Umno would one day regain Kelantan.

2. Today, Malaysiakini quoted the DAP Supremo, Lim Kit Siang, as warning that PAS-led Kelantan government may fall into the hands of BN. He said this would be the case if the 4.5% vote swing against PAS and by extension Pakatan Rakyat during the Pengkalan Kubor by-election is replicated in other constituencies in the state. Lim said if Pengkalan Kubor happens across Kelantan, PR would only get 20 seats and BN would capture 25.

3. My prediction is this: If the current trend continues and Umno/BN persists on relying on cash and pre-election handouts, it will be confined to the Malay/Bumiputera belt, which incidentally is poor.Money still talks among the poor.

4. So Umno/BN will be confined to Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sarawak and Sabah. Kedah, Kelantan, Terenggu and Sabah have history of changing state government.

5. The PR needs PAS to have any chance of advancing. If PR regroups, it stands a good chance of advancing in the richer and more developed states.

6. It can hope to retain Penang, Selangor and Kelantan and advance on Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor.

7. Sarawak may be easier to breach without Taib. Sabah is not a guarantee for Umno/BN. Remember the 1990 GE?

8. But to have any chance in Sabah, PR needs a lot of money. Anwar is an expert in that area in as far as Sabah is concerned. He was "king" of Sabah politics when he was Umno deputy president and DPM.

9. If the economy continues at the current pace and prices of rubber and palm oil continue to be weak until the next GE (2018) and GST does not bring more revenue, BN will find it hard to give cash handouts.

10. Those voters who pangkah BN because of handouts, may not vote for it if there is no money. They may think the BN is a bad economic manager.

11. I think this is where the 1MDB comes into play. Get 1MDB to do the IPO, reduce debts and keep some for use during GE. After all it is a open secret that 1MDB was used, especially in Penang, but to no avail, during last year's GE.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Salam Dato,
I'm an avid reader of your blog. Now that it's no more a secret, YB Tun is one of your frequent KKA members, I've a request as one of the rakyats who wish to voice out our fear and favour. Please info Tun, the people of Kedah are now quite frustrated with Mukhriz. May be it's high time YB Tun directs his critical glances towards our beloved state and the welfare of its people. Some aspects of priority:
- harga getah-rakyat dah melisah, dah turun sampai RM 1.80/kg minggu lepaih. - tambah dengan musim hujan la ni, tak boleh memotong getah. (Rakyat bukan kira masalah global tak global, dia nak tengok kerajaan negeri buat apa....untuk depa yang susah.
- exco- exco pulun pijak kepala....MB dapat gelaran baru (MB Knightsbridge)
- MB bergantung kepada orang luar ( yang hanya fokus dapat gaji ribu- ribu) kepakaran tempatan dipandang sebelah mata. -tak semestinya ada Master, PhD baru boleh buat kerja......kena juga tengok yang ada dan berkhidmat dengan "hati", bukan RM.

Hati UMNO Sayang Tun

jlabu said...

Bagus betul tulisan Datuk kali ini.Kalau Datuk tak tulisan pun,saya memang dah tak suka kerja buat Najib selama ini.Dah baca,lagi geram,eeei...

Bahaya Najib dari Anwar sekarang ini sebab dia ada kuasa,pengaruh dan fulus berlambak lambak.Duit hutang ,Datuk,saya dan rakyat Malaysia yang tanggung.

Berani betui Datuk.Ada lagi,bagi tau kami,tetap sokong Datuk.

ceteris paribus said...

MHS et al, I see your point. Umno did better in 2013 than 2008. But BN did worse in 2013 than 2008. Unlike PR, BN is a registered party. It contested under common symbol and Najib is the chairman of the BN.

So I have to agree with Datuk that Najib is strong as PM but Umno is weak. The Malays supported the BN in 2013. They were not necessarily Umno members. They were Malays who were spooked by Chinese chauvinism.

BN recaptured Kedah not because of Najib or Mukhriz. BN won in Kedah because Dr Mahathir campaigned for his son and Pas was weakened by internal squabbles. Umno membership is falling. Old members are dying and young Malays are not interested in Umno or, if they are educated, they not welcomed.

Umno won more seats in 2013 mostly because of Kedah. Now Najib is doing what Abdullah did to Mahathir. He is using Utusan and paid bloggers to run down and insult the old man. Najib should worry about backlash.

Zed-85 said...


Kalau kita buka buku Geografi dan lihat negara dalam dunia ini. Hampir 80% negara-negara dalam dunia dalam planet bumi ini mempunyai ketua negara yang ada tempoh had kuasa. Kebanyakkannya 8 hingga 10 tahun. Termasuk negara maju USA, Germany dan juga negara lain.

Indonesia sudah ada Presiden baru. Tak perlu nak suruh Dr. Susilo turun. Setelah 8 tahun, secara automatik, akan terlepas jawatan dan digantikan dengan yang baru.

Sistem pemerintahan yang ada (Governance) perlu ikut peredaran zaman dan masa.

Di Malaysia, jawatan PM tidak ada had masa. Kalaulah pemegang jawatan ini orang yang berkebolehan dan baik tidak mengapa tetapi jika sebaliknya, akan menjadi satu azab hendak menggantikannya.

Saya setuju dengan Dato', bilamana orang melayu sudah sampai susah hendak beli rumah, maka ini sudah menjadi satu masalah yang besar bagi orang melayu.

suzue said...

Seperti mana di Malaysia,Najib bersungguh sungguh mengambil hati cina dan india.Bila sahaja bising,Najib siap respon,tanya apa lagi masanya.Bahagian melayu dibedak pula kepada kedua bangsa tersebut.Contoh terkini ialah laporan tentang rizab tanah melayu susut.Kalau tak silap,separuh dari jumlah asal.

Kini,Najib usaha begitu pulun ambil hati US dan yang menyusul ialah China pula.

Kita dengar apa pula akan digadainya kepada kedua negara itu.

Malang sungguh nasib melayu dan Malaysia.

Pak Teh Omar said...

Aleya Najwa, among others said:"... It's seems that you and who ever with you cannot accept the succes of DS Najib in handling the overall crisis. I think you must check your nationality again."

Do you mean to say that when we, the rakyat marhaen, criticising our Prime Minister and our government openly like in this blog, we are no longer a Malaysian citizen?

What a shallow minded you have. No wonder la Mohd Najib fail miserably as a Prime Minister because he has punahsihat instead of penasihat.

Setiap teguran, dakwaan dan kritikan sepatutnya dijelaskan dengan bernas satu persatu. Kalau tak buat dan dakwaan/teguran/kritikan itu tidak betul maka sangkal lah dengan bukti-bukti sahih.

Ini tidak, yang dibuat ialah mengeji dan mencaci orang yang menegur/mengkritik/mendakwa. Sedangkan soalan yang diutarakan tidak pun dijawab!

Inilah hasilnya bila ketua serahkan bulat-bulat kepada orang di sekelilingnya@punahsihat untuk membina tembok bagi melindunginya, tapi rupa-rupanya tembok yang dibina itu memusnahkannya sebab si ketua itu tidak tahu menahu dan tidak ambil peduli bata jenis apa yang digunakan, bagaimana rupa bentuk tembok itu, di mana jalan rahsia dsbnya. Yang ketua itu mahu tahu ialah bagaimana dia boleh terus hidup mewah dan bergembira untuk 1,000 tahun lagi.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok....kaki ampu tak berani nak kedepan

Jangan dok layan depa yang suka makan roti kosong... Kalau nak komen sila makan roti teloq..

Selamat berjuang

Joe Black said...

Najib Makin Bersemangat disebabkan olih sokongan dari Obama..

Muhyideen sudah "Burn Out". Apa tak? mengendali UPSR pun tak mampu..Macam mana nak ambil alih Najib. Jadi Ahli UMNO terpaksalah pasang telinga tuli terhadap Tun Dr M.

Kesudahanya rakyat terpaksalah menerika hakikat bahawa UMNO mungkin kalah dalam pilihanraya akan datang MELAINKAN...
PAS bersekutu dengan UMNO untuk mengalahkan PR. Nampaknya Scenario ini mungkin akan menjadi nyata (cuma dengan satu caveat sahaja..yaitu jika Nik Aziz dah tak ada lagi).

otoote said...

Salam dato
Saya rasa kemewahan sumber semulajadi kita sangat besar menyebabkan nilai kehidupan kita hancur.
And be it Najib...Anwar...Hadi....Kit Siang....PakLah...tak tau siapa yang boleh dipercayai ikhlas untuk membangunkan negara.
They retreated into a coccoon with punasihat2 yang mereka percayai sahaja.
How else can you explain the absurdities in terms of statements....policies...decisions that are blurted out by leaders on both sides of political divide.


Sdr Joe Black dan para pembahas yang dimualiakan.

1. Saya akui susah mengubah kepemimpinan Umno dan justeru itu kepemimpinan negara di atas pentas Umno. Ahli Umno akar umbi tidak tahu cerita sebenar. Kalau diceritakan pun mungkin mereka tidak percaya kerana terlalu “outrageous”. Di kalangan yang tahu dan boleh membuat perubahan, mereka tidak akan menggoncangkan perahu kerana ramai yang sama-sama menggantungkan rangka dalam almari. Masa muda mereka lupa mereka akan tua dan jadi ketua. Mereka joli, mereka berparti di sana sini. Jadi siapa akan bertindak ke atas siapa? Engkau londeh aku, aku bogelkan engkau. Kata ungkapan Inggeris, birds of a feather stick together.

2. Di pihak PR pula, mereka tidak ada parti dominan. Sama kuat atau sama lebah. Ideologi, pendekatan dan matlamat mereka umpama langit dengan bumi. Buat masa ini, matlamat mereka hanyalah satu – menumangkan BN dan mengambil alih pemerintahan negara. Krisis MB Selangor mendedahkan pekung yang teruk di dada mereka.

3. BN tidak kuat, PR lemah. Pemilih yang mahukan pemerintahan mantap dalam dilema. Yang mana satu boleh diharapkan.

4. PM Mohd Najib terus berada dalam dunianya sendiri. Berapa hari beliau di New York? Adakah menghadiri UNGA (Perhimpunan Agung Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu) sampai sembilan hari?

5. Nampaknya beliau lebih selesa dan gembira berfungsi sebagai Menteri Luar de facto daripada menangani isu negara sebagai PM dan Menteri Kewangan. Rombongan beliau ke NY juga khabarnya cucup besar.

6. Kalau para pemuka Umno masih peduli kepada parti, kepada bangsa, kepada agama dan kepada negara maka orang seperti Muhyiddin, Ahmad Zahid dan Khairy perlu secara jelas meyakinkan akar umbi Umno, orang Melayu dan rakyat jelata Malaysia bahawa Umnno bukan mengenai seorang ketua, tetapi mengenai tanggungjawab kolektif dan kelangsungan perjuangan. Atau apakah tidak ada lagi perjuangan dalam Umno?

7. Berikut pesanan Sheikh Abdullah Fahim (tok wan (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) kepada Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra: "Ingat, setelah merdeka dan orang Melayu memerintah, janganlah ada pemimpin Melayu yang mengaut keuntungan dan kekayaan di belakang rakyat. Kalau orang Melayu yang beragama Islam ini mengkhianati bangsa, negara dan agama, Allah akan gantikan bangsa lain menjaga tanah air kita.”

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sebagai seorg Melayu.....setiap kali sy membaca blog Che Zamkata....hati sy bergoncang.....merasa begitu gundah gulana.....tertekan.....kecewa dan hiba dgn isu2 nengenai betapa tidak perihatinnya sikap ketua2 Melayu kita terhadap bangsa sendiri dan rakyat jelata.

Ini bukan lagi persepsi...tetapi kenyataan.

Terlampau banyak isu yg rakyat terpaksa lalui atau mungkin dipaksa mengharungi.

Ada isu2 yg rakyat hadapi ini isu besar dan telah bertahun2 terjadi tetapi masih juga tidak ada tanda2 bersekudahan.

Isu PATI...hasut...ragut...nmpak mcm tiada ditangani dgn serius.

Bagaimana pula dgn isu....mesin judi haram?....dadah?...pecah rumah?...ajaran sesat?.

Terbaru isu kertas periksa bocor.

Bagaimana pula dgn isu rasuah....hingga berminggu2 ada saja cerita...penjawat awam ditangkap....hari ini 30hb September 2014.....Star dan Utusan menulis tentang 14 org pegawai kastam ditangkap kerana disyaki rasuah.....bagaimana pula atau 4 minggu lepas...bila mana ada 12 org pegawai kastam ditangkap termasuk seorg Ketua No1 Negeri?

Disamping itu...ada pula isu terbaru tentang PATI dan Pendatang berizin dari Columbia yg mencuri duit ATM?

Sebelum ini juga puak2 ini terkenal dgn isu2 pecah rumah....kini dah terlibat dgn 'hacking'ATM pula.

Pokoknya...Dato Negara banyak isu...isu baru dan isu lama.

Aneh nya isu2 lama ini terus menerus terjadi dan tiada tanda2 berkurangan dan juga tiada tanda2 ianya ditangani secara yg betul2 serius.

Sekadar 'lips service' sahaja nmpak nya.

PM...tetap sibuk menjln kerja2 sbgai Menteri Luar....Menteri2 yg terlibat dgn hal2 polis...imigresen....kastam.....multi media atau alam siber.....ugama .dan kebajikan raktat... .pun sibuk sentiasa hingga banyak sngat isu2 melanggar undang2 terjadi.

Rakyat begitu tertekan......tetapi BN berkata..."Rakyat didahulukan"...nmpk mcm tak kena pula.

Kalau rakyat didahulukan.....isu2 yg menekan rakyat tidak sepaturnta berlarutan.

Bagaimana pula dgn kos sara hidup?
Isu membeli rumah mampu milik?
Org Melayu yg majoriti masih terkial2..kais pagi makan pagi....

Umum tahu majoriti...menteri adalah org Melayu yg juga ketua2 Umno belaka....tetapi jelihatan tidak berkupayaan mendadbir dgn baik...bukan saja lemah tetapi kira gagal ketahap maksimum.

Bila mana Dato berkata..." TPM...Zahid atau Khairy wajar melakukan sesuatu untuk menyakinkan akar umbi perihal Umno bukan nya tetang seorg ketua...."
Sy rasa saranan itu..cuma umpama.."mencurah garam kedlm laut sahaja."....
Mana mungkin mereka berani seperti Mukhriz.....semua ada kepentingan belaka.

Point No 1 Dato...pun dan menhawab semua nya...."kau londeh aku....aku bogelkan engkau".

'Birds of the same feather...wll always flock together".

Rakyat didahulukan?

Tok sah sembang kah tok....poket dan diri dulu lah bro.

Hmmmmp selagi Umno ....penuh dgn ketua2 kaparat dan musibat....malang lah nasib bangsa dan ugama.

Terima kasih.

Ridd said...





Kata -kata dari RUSLAN KASSIM -

"Menurut Ruslan, nampaknya Kadir hanya pakar untuk menyerang tokoh UMNO sahaja tetapi takut kepada Pakatan Rakyat"


raja2u said...

Assalamualaikum YBhg Dato dan Pembahas yang saya hormati.Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Korban. Semoga segala masalah yang Dato dan lain-lain pembahas tonjolkan dapat diatasi dengan pertolongan Allah. Kuncinya kita mistilah berpegang kepada pepatah "Sesat dihujung jalan balik kepangkal jalan".
Pemimpin kita perlu balik kedunia nyata. Allahyarham Tun Razak dan pemimpin-pemimpin terdahulu rapat dengan rakyat. Mereka menjelajah negera melihat sendiri masalah rakyat dengan menaiki basikal ,sampan dan sebagainya. Pemimpin sekarang naik helicopter dan lain-lain kenderaan mewah.Mereka disambut dikhemah-khemah mewah dan jarang bersama rakyat jelata kerana didindingi mereka-mereka yang berkepentingan. Hanya di pilihan raya kecil TV dan media masa utama menunjuk mereka melawat orang tua yang uzur serta dengan buah tangan.
Rakyat diberitahu Kerajaan tahu segala-galanya dan dengan itu mereka tidak perlu risau dan hanya perlu mengundi tiap-tiap 5 tahun untuk terus mengecapi kemewahaan Negara. Jika dahulu orang Melayu bersatu memikirkan keperluan mereka melalui Kongres Bumiputra sekarang tiada lagi kerana Kerajaan lebih tahu keperluan rakyat dan berkuasa untuk mendapatnya dengan rakyat tidak perlu bersusah payah membangkitkannya.Negara sudah maju dan dengan itu tidak perlu lagi Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan Bumiputra dan lain-lain agensi khusus untuk Bumiputra.
Penyelesaian masalah yang terdapat sekarang bukan dengan meminta mereka berubah. Yang penting kita hidupkan sikap berdikari dengan kita bantu sesama kita untuk maju. Hanya apabila mereka nampak rakyat tidak lagi bergantung kepada mereka, mereka akan tahu tinggi rendahnya langit kerana tanpa rakyat bersama mereka akan hilang kuasa mereka mendapat sesuatu dengan alasan apa yang mereka lakukan adalah untuk rakyat.
Dibulan yang baik ini saya menyeru kita janganlah marah mereka. Buat macam Nabi kita sentiasa berbaik sangka jika mereka tidak mahu berubah kita berdoa semoga anak cucu mereka mungkin akan menyebelahi mereka yang jujur dan amanah dan dengan itu Negara akan terus sejahtera.
Semuanya dalam tangan kita. Kita mempunyai banyak wakil rakyat di Parlimen. Yang pentingnya mereka hendaklah melihat gambar yang besar dan tidak terus berbalah sesama mereka tetapi menggunakan kelebihan yang Allah telah beri untuk membaiki ummah. Menyesal dahulu pendapatan menyesal kemudian tiada berguna.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategic Vision,
Petaling Jaya.


Tuan Ridd,

1. Rasanya ada beza antara serang dan kritik. Saya rasa saya kritik pemimpin dan bukan serang mereka.

2. Malang sekali bagi penyokong kerajaan. Bila saya kritik pembangkang mereka tak baca.

3. Saya kritik yang berkuasa. Siapa yang berkuasa sekarang? Kerajaan pimpinan Umno/BN.

4. Di Selangor saya kririk kerajaan negeri pimpinan PKR/Pakatan Rakyat.

5. Sebenarnya banyak lagi kelemahan kerajaan pusat yang belum saya dedahkan. Misalnya apa dah jadi dengan biasiswa/subsidi kepada peserta kolej komuniti dan pusat-pusat latihan kemahiran?
Siapa yang dihantar mengajar di kolej komuniti sekarang?

6. Kalau betul apa yang yang Tuan Ridd sebutkan itu datangnya dari sahabat saya itu, eloklah beliau yang berbahas dengan saya. Saya hormat dia.

Terima kasih.

Kawanlama said...

AsSalam Dato,

Oleh kerana Dato kerap sangat sebut tentang Tun Mahathir, saya harap Dato dapat sampaikan persoalan berikut kepada beliau:-

Mengapa Tun Mahathir sentiasa punyai illusi bahawa beliau adalah lebih baik dan mengatasi kesemua pemimpin sebelum dan selepas beliau.

Sentiasa nampak macam punyai kuasa luarbiasa untuk menentukan cara bagaimana penggantinya mentadbir negara atau menentukan bila mereka bermula atau bersara daripada perkhidmatan.

Tun Mahathir sememangnya berbeza dari perdana menteri yang lain kerana hanya beliau seorang yang sanggup mengkritik kedua-dua penggantinya, Tun Abdullah dan Datuk Seri Najib.

Mengapa TunMahathir tidak boleh hidup bersama-sama dengan SEMUA timbalannya?

Tun Musa Hitam
18 Julai 1981 - 16 Mac 1986

Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba
10 Mei 1986 - 15 Okt 1993

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
1 Dis 1993 - 2 Sept 1998

Tun Abdullah Badawi
8 Jan 1999 - 31 Okt 2003

Saya sentiasa tertanya-tanya apa sebenarnya sebab-sebab terputus hubungan di antara TunMahathir dan timbalannya.

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).