Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Leadership Issue: What If PR Takes Over?

A Kadir Jasin

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WE continue our discussion on leadership issue. This time let us try to figure out what will happen to the country if the Umno-led Barisan Nasional loses the next general election.

Let me start by quoting passages from the comment from debater, Safiai Saad, in our last posting. He, among other things, said:

“We should ask ourselves how would the Malays be if Umno is no more the ruling party. No ruling party is expected to continue to eternity. Certainly all the so called affirmative policy will be changed to reflect the new mandate given by the rakyat.”

During the 2013 general election, the Rubicon had been crossed – the Barisan Nasional lost the popular votes. In a system where proportional representation is practised, the Pakatan Rakyat would have won the Dewan Rakyat by a simple majority.

The momentum against the grand old coalition appears to be continuing although the PR has its fair share of setbacks in the form of intra- and inter-party squabbles.

Thus there is little wonder that more and more people are asking what if the BN falls at the next GE less than four years from now? What would the PR do as the new government of the Federation of Malaysia?

The Fear Factor

The Bumiputeras, in particular the pro-BN Malays, fear that they would lose their rights and privileges and the minority Chinese would dominate the government in addition to the economy that they already control.

Fear factor is Umno’s last remaining weapon to keep the Malays on its side. Fear of the Chinese was one of the key reasons why the Malays returned to Umno’s fold thus giving its a bigger victory during last year’s GE.

Images of tens of thousands jubilant Chinese and Indian supporters of the opposition taking over towns in Johor during election rallies struck fear among the Malays and they rallied behind Umno.

If the PR could convince the Malays that it would be fair to them, the BN would be in deeper trouble. The situation in the PR-ruled Selangor and Penang is a fair indicator. Was there a Malay revolt in these states since the PR gained power in 2008?

Except for the BN-linked Malay business community, the rest of the Malays appear to have accepted the PR. In Penang, where the DAP leads, the remaining holdouts are not Malays but Indian Muslims.

The latter are more strident in their criticisms of the state government because they are largely traders. They are directly affected by policies and programmes of the state government.

Even BN state assembly members are lacklustre in their efforts to confront the PR in the state legislative assembly. Unless they exhibit a more spirited challenge, they are at risk of being seen as a weak and ineffectual opposition.

If the PR could convince the Malays that it would be fair to them, respect their rights and privileges and promise a better deal for them in the economy, it would almost certainly get to keep Selangor and Penang, and may even win other states and ultimately the country.

Pacifying and allaying the fears of Malays are a must because they are the majority and they control the key elements of the government – the civil service, the police and the military. No government can change these overnight.

Of cause the easiest way to be popular with the people is for the PR to blame its predecessor i.e the BN government for the hardship they suffer. It would probably do what it has all along been demanding – setting up a royal commission of inquiry - to investigate the former BN government.

There will be other quick fixes like reducing the price of petroleum products or, at least, halting its increases, applying screws on profiteering and increasing salaries of the civil servants and allowance of quasi government officers like mosque officials - as was done by the DAP in Penang in 2008.

This could be achieved by reducing wasteful expenditures, doing away with extravagance and reducing cost of government procurements through open tender.

The experience with BR1M and election giveaways show that poor Malays and Bumiputeras are easily pacified. This has been copied by the PR governments of Selangor and Penang.

Keeping BN Policies

It will be foolish and dangerous for the PR to do away with the existing policies and programmes. So the core policies and programmes pertaining to the economy and commerce are likely to remain, minus such hypes as transformation and high-income economy.

The new PR government would risk too much if it abandons the existing economic framework altogether although admittedly it has its own sets of economic advisers if it wants to chart a totally new direction. Some of their advisers were from the Umno-BN network.

The next the PR has to convince is the private sector. The businessmen, including those who gain massively from the Ummo-BN government, will shift their loyalty if they are fairly treated.

They will rally around the new government for safety and survival, and may even be willing to make concessions and re-negotiate contracts they obtained from the former BN government.

This should not be a huge problem because many tycoons and big time businessmen have already been befriending and cultivating the PR parties since the 2008 GE.

But should the PR chooses to be vengeful, it risks angering the Malays and losing their support. And this cannot be good as the Malays form the majority and they control the key elements of the government.

The biggest challenge to the PR is keeping peace among its ideologically incompatible members. The recent Selangor Menteri Besar crisis exposed the vulnerability of the PR to inter- and intra-party squabbles. PAS lost Kedah in the last GE due largely to factional rivalries.

Therefore, unless BN goes through a credible transformation and Umno is back in favour with the Malays, in particular the younger ones, the PR stands a fair chance of grabbing Putrajaya in the coming GE.



imlan adabi said...

Pandangan jujur dan terus-terang. Apakah pemimpin dan perwakilan UMNO akan fokus isu ini?
Saya tak yakin. Budaya ampu masih berlaku dan UMNO masih leka dan tak ambil pengarang PRU13.
Bersamalah kita saksikan perhimpunan agung UMNO walaupun tak yakin akan ada suara berani yang mahukan perubahan dalam UMNO

Buah Kerdas said...

Dato' you observed that only BN-linked business community that is not happy with PR state governments in Penang and Selangor, the rest of the populace go with their day-to-day business as usual. Should PR win in the next GE, the same pattern will repeat itself.

I would've thought that the inter- and intra-party squabble in PR will continue to its peak until a clear dominant party emerges in the process. Whatever it that party might be, it is surely bound to ONE fundamental rule, namely, transparency and accountability, a mantra that has been on PR agenda list @ manifesto since its inception. The observation of the rule of laws will become the order of the ruling government. Oh god, I believe this IS good for the country. Any attempt to betray the mantra will bring PR government to its knee again.

One question though; what will be the fate of ours, the Malays? In the long run, Malaysia's Malays will be better than Singapore's Malays. As for today, Singapore's Malays are generally of better quality than us here; they are more scientific in attitudes and approaches, financially prudent, more objective in their views and posses better communication skills. I know by saying this, I expose myself to sarcasm and hatred. But believe me, take a Singapore Malay and his or her counterpart here, ask their opinion about an issue, you will know what I meant from their responses.

Forget NOT, what will happen to UMNO? By wishful thinking, UMNO like an old soldier never die,will surely rejuvenate itself energetically with fresh idealism and new contemporary leadership style that listens to the grassroot support. The turmoil of losing GE will serve as a selection process whereby only true and sincere leaders remain to steer the party. The Malays sentiment towards UMNO remains strong as ever BUT being better educated than their parents, todays younger generations want more concrete sustainable socioeconomic programs that help transforming them to world-class citizens. No one will refuse free BR1M handouts, but they know this is just a vote buying exercise, not more not less.

Unknown said...

there should be a poll to gauge whether politicians is making Malaysia a better or worse place.

at personal level, i just think politicians from both sides are there to cover their own ass. not much on the people, but mostly their own.

current state of affairs can be summed up by this gem from casablanca:-

Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?
Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

Melati Wilayah said...

Datuk. Why the need to mention BN. BN is a lost cause. Obsolete. Kaput and they will be gone by GE14. We must learn to move forward without BN. Let PR govern in 2018.

PR knows too if they play the fool then they will be gone too in GE15.

The new phrase in town lately is : ` Rakyat knows better than the government or political parties` period.

Lahuma said...


Isu ini berpuncanya dari budaya dan gaya hidup pemimpin umno sendiri yang terlalu juah.

Di Kedah rata-rata anak muda buat sindiran bagaimana setpol lagak kereta mewahnya.

Setpol PM pula tu.

Inilah isu leadership yang diperkatakan itu.

Susah sangatkah pemimpin politik walau kaya raya jutawan macamana pun pilihlah gaya sederhana.

Kaya pun kerana komisyen dan persen sahaja.

PR pun di teraju Anwar sekadar bersifat balas dendam pada UMNO sahaja.

PAS sudah hilang taring imej Islamnya.Pemimpin dalam PAS sudah sanggup gadai maruahnya.

Sehingga kini pemimpin UMNO yang ada kuasa dan jawatan belum berubah.Malah makin tak sedar diri.

Terima kasih Dato. said...

Salam Dato,

`Transformasi' BN adalah dari kuat jadi tak kuat.

`Tansformasi' UMNO dari kurang kerusi parlimen,tambah bilangan kerusi kat parlimen.

Dugaan saya PRU14 nanti,kerajaan gabungan UMNO,BN,PAS sebelah sini
dengan DAP,PKR sebelah sana...

Tentang pengurusan negara,macam biasa, on autopilot, dengan politician fidellings disana sini
sepanjang masa...

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Tuah nampak di kaki

Maaf sangat-sangat Dato’kerana terlalu lama tak tulis. Terlalu sibuk sekarang merangka strategi. Tapi rasanya, firasat Dato’ dan rakan pembahas yg kata UMNO akan kalah pada PRU akan datang adalah melesat, malah silap besar. Sorrylah Dato’ ye. Bagi sayalah, UMNO & parti komponen BN Sabah Sarawak sebenarnya akan menang lebih besar dgn strategi “new border” nanti. Bukan nak pujilah, tapi bijak sungguh permainan para penasihat sekalian. Itulah namanya tuah nampak di kaki.

Keduanya, Dato’ kena ingat orang Melayu ni majoritinya mempunyai keimanan yg kukuh. Al Quran dan Hadith adalah pegangan utama. Jika berlaku selisih faham, maka Al Quran dan Hadith akan dirujuk kembali. Dan di dlm Al Quran, JELAS melarang berkawan dgn kaum yg dilaknati Allah termasuklah kaum Luth. Nak kawan pun tak boleh, inikan nak dijadikan pemimpin No 1. Jadinya, Dato’, tak payahlah berangan-angan Melayu beriman akan berubah arah. Yg tak beriman tu tak tahu nak katalah.

Ketiga, sebenarnya, saya cukup terganggu dgn & saya cukup bersimpati dekat YAB Dato’ Seri Adnan yg begitu banyak jasanya utk org Negeri Pahang,,, dicerca dan dicaci oleh Awang Selamat, Utusan Malaysia. Apakah jasa Awang Selamat kepada org negeri Pahang dan Cameron Highland jika nak dibandingkan dgn Dato’ Seri Adnan ????

Juga rasaya, Dato’ Seri Adnan tak pernah lagi disaman fitnah dan dibuktikan bersalah memfitnah orang berbanding dgn Utusan yg dah berapa kali kalah saman. Contohnya, dimanakah berpuluh ribu Bangla yg katanya menawan Cameron tu? Dah disorok oleh hantu kopek ke???? Tak tahuke dosa fitnah itu lebih besar dari membunuh?????

Ahad baru-baru ni, Awang Selamat mulalah terhegeh-hegeh menulis yg Dato’ Seri Adnan masih cool dgn maksud tersirat kononnya nak ambil hati Dato’ Seri Adnan semula selepas menghentam beliau. Orang putih kata ala-ala “damage control”. Lepastu kata tak takut kalau disaman di mahkamah. Memanglah tak takut saman di mahkamah dunia, tetapi mahkamah akhirat nanti macam mana? Tak terfikir ke??? Inilah masalahnya jika ilmu dan iman tak cukup di dada, tapi berlagak buat-buat pandai. Jadi, eloklah Awang Selamat bertaubat dan bersara..

Dan terakhir, Rusia menunjukkan sekali lagi bukti ada k/t yg berada dekat dgn MH17 (Segera dinafikan oleh BBC kononnya ia gambar palsu). Juga mereka membandingkan kesan tembusan peluru pada badan MH17 dan dgn kesan tembakan udara Sukoi. Sebijik!!!!! Juga mereka mempertikaikan kenapa tidak seorang pun saksi bumi yg nampak asap dari BUK (yg sepatutnya berkepul-kepul) jika ianya ditembak dari darat. So, macam mana kenyataan menteri H2O kita kata dulu??? Nak tarik balik ke? Juga, kenapa agak-agaknya general Amerika tiba-tiba datang Malaysia dan membuat kenyataan bersama ????? Sebab itulah saya dah kata dah, hanya jauhari mengenal manikam. Dan sebab itulah MH370 tak jumpa-jumpa sampai hari ini. JUGA, makin ramai ahli UMNO yg meluat dan tak puas hati kelembapan pemimpinnya. Sabar ada batasnya !!!!!!!!

Akhir kata, bersesuaian dgn nasihat Tun Mahathir, pemimpin dan pengarang yg tak cekap, eloklah meletakkan jawatannya. Bagilah orang muda yg penuh bertenaga zahir dan batin pula menjadi nakhoda. Sekian TQ. (maaf panjang sikit)

kusufian write said...

Its either God willing or God unwilling. PR wins Malay gone. That's for sure.

raja2u said...

YBhg Dato dan Pembahas yang saya hormati.Saya berdoa supaya hasil PRU 14 tidak membawa pertukaran yang besar kerana akibatnya memberi suasana tidak menentu di Negara yang kita kasihi ini.

Salah satu cara mengelak berlakunya pergolakan politik adalah dengan UMNO membuat perubahan yang menyakini orang Melayu. Seandainya berita yang YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri akan bersara betul, maka eloklah tempatnya diganti dengan yang selayaknya , iaitu YB Zahid. Ini akan membawa lambaran baru kerana kena pada tempatnya.

Ini adalah walaupun banyak perwakilan UMNO datangnya dari negeri Perak tetapi belum ada yang terpilih menerajui Negara. Memandang giliran memerintah mengikut huruf RAHMAN sampai penghujungnya maka elok dimulakan kembali dari tokoh Perak memandangkan beliau terkanan selepas YAB PM seandainya Timbalan Presiden bersara.Tindakan ini saya percaya akan menyuntik semangat baru kerana ianya mengikut pilihan akar umbi UMNO dahulu dan sekaligus menghilang tuduhan berlakunya kroni dalam UMNO.

Bersabit dengan PR terdapat sedikit delima dimana ada pihak yang tidak mahu dipimpin oleh Melayu yang tegas dan boleh membuat keputusan bersendirian. Ini kita tengok mereka bersatu menjatuhkan bekas Menteri Besar Selangor. Sekarang mereka dengan terang-terang minta ahli PAS mendesak Presidennya berundur supaya boleh diganti dengan seseorang yang mereka yakin boleh berkerjasama dengan mereka. Ini adalah kerana mereka dapatiYB Tuan Haji Abdul Hadi tegas dalam pendiriannya dan tidak akan bertolak ansur dalam isu pokok.

Terpulanglah kepada wakil rakyat yang menang dalam PRU 14 mencorakan bagaimana mereka akan memimpin Negara samada kekal BN vs PR atau berlaku perubahan "mix".

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategic Vision,
Petaling Jaya.

Lahuma said...


Perhimpunan UMNO tahun ini eloklah dimulai dan diakhiri dengan lagu klasik ANAK KECIL MAIN API.

Untuk dihadiahkan pada semua pejuang-pejuang UMNO.

Terima kasih Dato.

adion said...

The problem with politicians nowadays is that they prefer or pretend to be populist in the eyes of the voters rather than tackling the real issue and dilemma of the Bumiputera

Regardless Umno or PKR or Pas, they are nothing more than just another power crazy party and leaders doing what they did best for their own survival.

Can you name 1 dynamic leader in Malaysia that we can be proud of in the last 10 years ?

awang batuburok said...

Salam pagi Jumaat Dato,

Saya masih mengharapkan wujudnya "Third Force" dikalangan golongan teknokrat untuk menerajui Kerajaan secara professional dan telus.

Cukuplah untuk ahli-ahli politik dengan tugas membuat dasar dalam Parlimen dan DUN. Mereka tidak perlu memegang kuasa eksekutif dalam kementerian-kementerian dan GLCs. Sudah terlalu banyak kerosakan dalam urus tadbir negara dan urus tadbir khazanah negara(harta rakyat) telah mereka lakukan.

Kembalikanlah pembahagian kuasa kapada pihak-pihak yang sepatutnya. Perlunya pengasingan kuasa Pembuat Dasar, Sistem Kehakiman, Kuasa Eksekutif Pengurusan Negara sebagaimana yang dilaksanakan dalam negara-negara demokrasi yang maju.

Hentikanlah pembaziran wang rakyat dengan membubarkan segala institusi yang tidak berfaedah dan bertindih seperti JKK dan JPP di Kelantan, Selangor, P.Pinang dll yang telah banyak merosakkan dan mencelarukan sistem pentadbiran negara.

Sudah lebih 50 tahun merdeka, sistem pentadbiran negara semakin celaru dirosakkan oleh ahli-ahli politik yang gila kuasa sejak tahun 1980an, sehingga kehari ini belum nampak cahaya penyelesaian.


Ghab said...

The constructed and speculated scenario is just,"the changing of Bosses". Once we had the white-skinned English men who ruled our country. Now, we have the brown-skinned English men. Then to administrate the so-called "Government" is going to be by the colored-skinned English men with different fundamental political-ideological backgrounds.

The fundamental meaning of "a Nation" would take its cause toward the emergence of an economic-exchanged of anarchism, simplifies in strengthening a few member of the economic elite communities running the country in the name of modern capitalist exchanges. The rest of the social characteristics and values in the making of a nation are assumed irrelevant by leadership.

Fear in human exchange is universal and fear is no issue to political power struggle by association of leadership. If I may, to think so.....Wallahuaklam.

Zed-85 said...


Pada zaman era Tun Mahathir, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) tidak wujud. PR mula membina momentum pada PRU tahun 2008 apabila BN tidak lagi mendapat kerusi 2/3 di Parlimen.

Pada PRU yang lalu seperti Dato’ nyatakan, walaupun BN menang pilihanraya, undi popular dimenangi oleh PR. Jumlah rakyat Malaysia yang mengundi PR lebih dari BN.

Kita boleh buat kesimpulan “demand” untuk PR atau sistem 2 parti di kalangan rakyat Malaysia adalah agak kuat.

Strategi BN supaya PAS keluar dari PR setakat ini tidak berjaya.

Kalaulah PAS keluar dari PR sekalipun, melihat daripada scenario di Selangor dan juga disebabkan “demand” pengundi Malaysia yang mahukan Parti alternatif, kemungkinan besar satu parti baru akan menggantikan PAS di PR.

Pendekata, pada pandangan saya PR akan kekal dan berterusan sebagai parti alternatif kepada BN.

Dalam suasana politik sistem 2 parti sepertimana yang ada sekarang, sepertimana di negara-negara jiran dan di dunia, kemungkinan PR akan menang memang ada, di PRU akan datang atau yang berikutnya.

Pada pandangan saya, demi untuk menjaga kestabilan, sekiranya PR ambil alih, perlu ada ramai tokoh-tokoh melayu dalam PR.

Sekarang ini nampaknya DAP sendiri sudah mula menonjolkan muka-muka orang melayu.

PR harus menunjukkan persepsi dan membuktikan yang ianya membela orang melayu yang merupakan majoriti pengundi dan kesemua rakyat Malaysia secara adil.

nabil suffian said...

rakyat amat marah dgn Najib tak mustahil BN akan melingkup. org ckp budi baik berbakul2 pun sekali buat salah, yg salah juga akan dikenang..

Petronas dan segala entiti GLC yg sebelum ini beri kekayaan kpd kerajaaan(rakyat la tue i:e kita semua) akan umpama satu dongeng sejarah, penat lelah mereka yg terbabit dlm entiti nie tkkan teringat gsung dek rakyat SEBAB

sedar atau tidak semua 30juta rakyat malaysia berhadapan dgn hutang 100juta ringgit seorang bila punahsihat bg idea jamin 1MDB. sbb kerajaan ialah kita, rakyat semua..

Tosrin Jarvanthi said...

Sallam Pak Kadiaq,
Kapsyen yg provokatif tapi terpijak dibumi nyata.
Kebarangkalian PR untuk mentadbir negara menggantikan BN sukar diramal.Keduadua pihak punyai aset dan laibiliti yg kuranglebih sama ajer. Bagi kawan faktor yg akan menentukan senget sebelah mana akan ditentukan oleh orang orang Melayu di luarbandar. Pada mereka UMNO sudah sebati dlm jiwa mereka.
Darah yg mengalir dlm tubuh adalah UMNO.Hidup dn mati mereka dgn UMNO.
Dan undi undi mereka ini lah yg menyelamatkan UMNO dan BN dari kehilangan kuasa.Mereka nampak apa UMNO dh buat untuk org Melayu dn bila dtng Pilihanraya, UMNO tetap dihati.Old habit die hard.
Perebutan kedudukan dan jawatan dalam PR merupakan laibiliti mereka yg terlalu menunjul, ibarat retak menanti belah. Ketidaksepakatan dalam sesuatu isu dan mengamalkan sistem anak beranak, suami isteri semakin mengaibkan. Belum lagi soal moral dan integriti yg diambil kira.
Pada kawan, I would rather vote the devil that I know
than the angel that I don't know!

din klang said...


Apakah kita semua perasan bahawa kesemua pemimpin utama parti utama di Malaysia menang tanpa bertanding.....

dimanakah dasar demokrasi yg mereka sendiri laungkan.

tiada siapa dalam yg berani atau mampu untuk menentang pemimpin mereka....
mereka takut akan akibat yg akan mereka terima kelak...

sudah tiba masanya SSM mengubah dasar akta pertubuhan dan mewajibkan kesemua jawatan dalam parti perlu ada pertandingan dan tidak lagi boleh menang tanpa bertanding...

sudah terlalu lama kita membiarkan loopholes ini berleluasa di Malaysia.

azhar said...

salam DAKJ

"What if PR takes Over"

Jika tiada Parti yang dominan dalam PR,pelbagai masalah dalam banyak hal boleh dijangkan akan timbul dan menggangu ketenangan/keamanan/ketenteraman hidup rakyat.

Parti apakah yang dijangka akan jadi dominan dalam PR nanti.

persempadanan kawasan pilihanraya,pertambahan pengundi baru , isu hotsemasa dan keadaan ekonomi ketika pilihanraya juga antara faktur-faktur penentu kemenangan.perkara perkara ini kita belum tahu dan untuk meramalkan kemenangan/corak kemenangan ketika ini adalah susah.

malaysia nampak lebih aman dan tenteram lepas pilihanraya lalu.mungkin ini juga faktur yang boleh menentukan kemenangan?


1. Umno's biggest enemy is not the PR. The PR gains strength because Umno and the BN are week.

2. Umno's biggest enemy is itself - something akin to cancer. It is eating Umno from the inside.

3. For example Utusan Malaysia's recent expose on the lost of Malay Reserved Land - mostly de-gazetted by the Umno-led state governments and not replaced.

4. While that expose is laudable, it also exposed the hypocrisy of the Umno-led government about guaranteeing the special rights and privileges of the Malays.

5. Now even Umno leaders are condemning Utusan. In the latest development, the Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob is threatening to sue the paper.

6. Utusan used to be a sacred cow of Umno. But now Utusan is highlighting Umno's weaknesses and Umno leaders are threatening legal actions against it.

7. Has Umno lost control over Utusan or has Utusan declared a unilateral independence from Umno.

8. Tengku (formerly Teuku) Adnan Mansor said young Malays are not keen to register as voters. Lucky for Umno. The more young Malays register as voters, the worse it is for Umno and the BN. Does he not learn anything from the Kajang by-election when BN was rejected by young voters?

9. Mohd Najib called for Umno to do a reality check. Can it happen when delegates are being told what to say and who to praise at the coming PAU? And who lives in the dream, make believe world where everybody loves him?

10. Muhyiddin said Umno has come to the point or do or die. I say, if he continues to play safe, Umno may indeed die sooner or later.

Thank you.

Joe Black said...


The latest Photo in the STAR of UMNO's leaders together with Najib admiring a Huge Potrait of himself depicted as a Malay Warrior in Warrior Garb speaks loudly of what is to come in the forthcoming UMNO general assembly.

Nothing has Changed and Will Change.....

Suffian said...

Salam Pak Kadir...

Umno memang lemah teruk. Umno kalah undi popular biar pun dibantu dgn media2 utama, jentera2 krjn dsbnya. Ada kajian menyatakan jika tidak dibantu dgn peti2 undi yg diperam selama 3 hari didalam lokap2 polis, pencapaian umno dlm PRU baru2 ni pasti lebih tragik.
Saya tak yakin apa2 transformasi akan "restore" umno kembali . Saya berharap Pak Kadir buleh mula memberikan sedikit muka kepada pemimpin2 melayu dari pembangkang yg saya rasa tidak kurang melayunya. Beberapa nama mcm Rafizi Ramli, Nik Nazmi, Azmin Ali, Dr Zulkifli Ahmad, Husam Musa dan beberapa lagi...saya tak fikir nama2 ini akan terus menjual melayu & Islam , kalau mereka diberi peluang utk berkuasa. Umno pula dah lama menderita penyakit rasuah . Orang yg offer & makan rasuah persis penagih dadah . Penagih dadah sanggup bunuh emak sendiri manakala penagih rasuah sanggup buat apa saja utk pertahankan rasuah mereka. Tak ada bezanya mereka ini. Tkasih.

Pak Teh Omar said...

Salam Dato' dan pembahas semua.

Umno lemah. Pas lemah. PKR lemah. Apa yang tinggal untuk orang Melayu-Islam, Dato'?

MCA tidak perlu tunjukkan perjuangan untuk orang Cina. MCA sudah berikan tugas itu kepada DAP dan MCA sokong dari belakang. MCA cuma perlu asak UMNO dan BN.

Melayu ada apa? Pas ambil kesempatan atas kelemahan Umno dan PKR ambil kesempatan atas kelemahan Pas. Di hujungnya orang Melayu-Islam bertelagah sesama sendiri.

Belum pun bermula mesyuarat agung Umno perwakilan sudah diingatkan agar jaga hati dan jangan cakap ikut sedap mulut.

Hati orang disuruh jaga, Dato' tapi hati kita siapa nak jaga? Adilkah?

Sekarang masing-masing main selamat Dato'. Masing-masing cuma peduli tembolok sendiri. Dan disebabkan masing-masing juga ada onar yang diketahui sesama mereka maka masing-masing pun takutlah hendak pecahkan tembelang orang sebab bimbang nanti tembelang sendiri pun pecah sama...

Puteri Umno kurang garing. Pemuda Umno hilang taring. Wanita Umno asyik mengendeng. Umno? Umno gering dan kering.

Marhein UTARA said...

Saya tertarik dengan komen din kelang @ 3.48 PM :

Apakah kita semua perasan bahawa kesemua pemimpin utama parti utama di Malaysia menang tanpa bertanding.....

dimanakah dasar demokrasi yg mereka sendiri laungkan.

tiada siapa dalam yg berani atau mampu untuk menentang pemimpin mereka....
mereka takut akan akibat yg akan mereka terima kelak...

Saya terfikir :

1. Selalunya parti-parti politik akan menggelak untuk mengadakan pemilihan/pertandingan jawatan utama parti atas alasan mengelakkan perpecahan.

2. Persoalan : Adakah parti-parti politik dan ahli-ahlinya faham, apa itu demokrasi.

3. Persoalan : Kenapa mesti berlaku perpecahan kalau berlaku pertandingan kalau faham apa itu demokrasi.

4. Persolan : Bagaimana parti-parti politik hendak menjunjung demokrasi kalau mereka sendiri tidak demokrasi. Maka wujudlah istilah DEMOKRASI TERPIMPIN.

5. Persoalan : Adakah kita (rakyat Malaysia) memakai baju logo DEMOKRASI tetapi Badan (hati) atau topi (kepala) adalah autokratik.

6. ???...

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