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Leadership Issue: When PM Sues

A Kadir Jasin

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AS we all know, the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak had send legal notices to Pakatan Rakyat’s Members of Parliament Tony Pua Kiam Wee of the DAP and Rafizi Ramli of the PKR.

I had not wanted to comment on his action simply because I find politicians suing each other as infantile. But when the former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, commented that he never had to resort to legal action against his critics when he was in power for 22 years, I am compelled to put things in perspective.

Dr Mahathir said he would simply answer to the people whenever an issue arose. Damn him or praise him, he is in his own class. It is simply inappropriate to compare Mohd Najib to Dr Mahathir.

I believe that politicians, especially the elected ones should use the Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies to sort things out and to convince the people. They should debate and banter with the people as judges.

As elected representatives they make laws. They are their custodians. The courts merely interpret the laws they made. By resorting to the courts, the politicians are admitting that they can no longer defend themselves politically. They admit that they have lost the debate and can no longer rely on their wits and wisdom to survive.

Furthermore, in our country threats of legal actions are an effective way of shutting up opponents when nothing else works. Many such actions were abandoned or settled out of court when the threats are over. 

Phua Causes PM Stress

On Nov 24, Mohd Najib issued a letter of demand in which he accused Pua of making defamatory remarks against him on November 3 in relations to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). The PM alleged that Pua had caused him “tremendous stress and embarrassment.”

Tun Razak Exchange: 1MDB's connerstone project
Mohd Najib demanded that Petaling Jaya Utara MP publishes a retraction and apologise within 14 days in two national newspapers or face legal action for his speech recorded in a November 3 video entitled “Tony Pua: Najib is creating the biggest scandal ever in the history of Malaysia” in reference to 1MDB.

Then in early December Mohd Najib sent a similar letter through the same legal firm to Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s vice president and MP for Pandan, Rafizi Ramli, accusing him of making defamatory remarks on the removal of fuel subsidies.

Rafizi in a statement on Dec 4 said he received the letter from law firm Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak demanding an explanation for his speech “Kenapa Kita Pertahan Subsidi Minyak” (Why We Defend the Fuel Subsidy) on Nov 22.

Rafizi welcome PM's legal action
Both 1MDB and the abolition of petroleum subsidy are hot potatoes for the PM. 1MDB recently reported a loss of RM665.4 million for the year ending March 31, 2014. It has assets worth RM51.4 billion and liabilities (mostly debts) of RM48.9 billion. The total abolition of petroleum subsidy was to take advantage of the lower crude oil prices and also to dress up the book so that the target of reducing budget deficit this year to 3.5% of the GDP could be achieved.

Young vs Old

When you are a young and upcoming politician like Rafizi, being threatened with a sued by the PM gives you bragging right.

“I am proud to be sued by a prime minister, for defending the rights of the public to receive fuel subsidy of at least 30 sen per litre,” Rafizi said in a statement.

“[This is] amid the situation where the country’s leaders spend public funds nonchalantly in projects that burden the people such as 1MDB,” he added.

Like Mohd Najib, Rafizi too was educated in the UK. He graduated from the University of Leeds in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, passed the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) examination and was admitted into the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) in 2003 and served Petronas from 2003 to 2009.

Like Mohd Najib and Rafizi, Phua too studied in the UK. He graduated from Keble College, Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and served as a consultant at Andersen Consulting for two years and as business development manager with Aqua Works and Engineering Sdn Bhd. Altogether he has more than six years of experience in the information technology and e-business consulting industry.

Phua warned PM on 1MDB
I would like to think that Rafizi and Chua are more of a match to the “shooting star” of Umno and the government, Khairy Jamaluddin, than the PM. For background and reflection about KJ, read here.

Mohd Najib should be picking up fights with people of his age and stature. While Rafizi is 34 and Phua is 42, he is 61.

Him taking legal action against Phua and Rafizi reminded me of Anwar Ibrahim making a police report over the Ummi Hafilda letter back in 1997. The letter was considered a “surat layang” and a “fitnah” until Anwar, on the advice of his lawyers, made a police report. Overnight what was considered by many, including Dr Mahathir, as a “fitnah” became a legal document that eventually resulted in Anwar’s downfall.

Similarly, Mohd Najib’s legal action against Phua and Rafizi could turn out to be a double-edge sword.

And maybe too that Mohd Najib is giving his own twist to Charles de Gaulle’s oft-quoted saying “I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

So he is taking his spat with the young PR leaders away from the political sphere and into the legal arena. He is joining the crowd of desperate Malaysian politicians who are using the law to muzzle their adversaries and, along the way, make some pocket money.

Mohd Najib had also sued the portal Malaysiakini over readers' comments it published.

If indeed “the ballot is stronger than the bullet” as Abraham Lincoln had said, then, by the same token, the ballot is stronger than the lawyers. As an elected leader, the PM would be wiser to trust the voters than the lawyers.


36 comments: said...

Dato'@ I beg to disagree with your argument that Najib should not sue Rafizi and Tony Phua for making incorrect allegations against him.

You further said that the best place to settle the dispute between them is
in Parliament and finally the rakyat will be the final judge to decide who
is right or wrong.

2. I believe Court is the most appropriate place to settle the dispute on any issues because parties involve in the dispute will have the opportunity to diclose all facts and evidences to support their cases without any hindrances or caveat. Eventually the learned judge will deliberate on the issues that allow the people to know all informations related to the allegations.

3. The people want to know whether the Government has been telling the truth or trying to conceal some information on the status of 1MDB. I am sure Najib is very confident that the financial position of 1MDB is strong and being managed prudently by his trusted managers.

4. We live in a civilized country where we believe strongly in the rule of law. The paramount element is the right to be heard before we make any judgement on any isue. We have read a lot in your blog on the financial position of IMDB . Why not we give a chance to Najib to clear his name and disclose everything in Court on the position of 1MDB. Finally the people will know the actual position of the 1MDB and let them decide who is not telling the truth.

Karim Mat said...

Haji Rafizi dah 37 tahun tahun ini. Tak lah muda sangat.

adion said...


it is not about Najib dont have the trust in the law created in our parliamnet, but more of not having the confidence to defence himself.

thats why he need lotsss of advisor to give him the support he need so much

Kawanlama said...

I totally agree with PM for suing these two politicians.

Could Dato explain on Izah and Raja Nongchik..could we depend on the voters who were not very interested to differentiate between truth and fitnah..

What could happen if RajaNongChik did not pursue this case in the court ....

ab said...

Salam Dato,

I think it is fair for PM to sue them, on his personal level, as a citizen, working as one of the highest officer in the nation.

It is,if proven in court later, that he is right and they are wrong,that his conscience and actions in the said cases are indeed commendable.

If he is proven wrong and he acts the opposite of his talks, the most honourable decision is for him to leave office, and similar action applies tony and rafizi...

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

raja2u said...


YBhg Dato dan Pembahas yang saya hormati.

Amat sedih melihat keadaan di negara ini dimana kata -mengata berluasa dan perasaan hormat-menghormati seolah-olah tidak wujud lagi seperti terdapat dimasa lampau. Ini adalah kerana sebahagian dari kita tidak berpegang kepada budaya :-
- Kalau kita tiada perkara yang baik hendak diucapkan lebih baik berdiam sahaja.
- An officer should not shout/scold directly the lower rung staff but do it through the appropriate channel. This is because he will lose more if the staff concerned were to shout back directly at him.
- Islam mengingatkan kita tidak sewenang-wenagnya menyinggong perasaan orang lain kerana itu akan membuka jalan untuk mereka menyakiti kita pula.

Mungkin perkara ini berlaku sekarang kerana pada suatu masa dahulu ada pemimpin kita yang menyarankan untuk maju orang Melayu perlu ada sikap kurang ajar.

Dalam hal saman ini terpulanglah kepada mereka yang berkenaan untuk mengkaji sedalam-dalamnya sebelum membuat keputusan supaya tidak menyesal dikemudian hari.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategic Vision,
Petaling Jaya.

Joe Black said...


First it was "Passing The Buck" to the Rakyat Via BR1M...

Now, He may be thinking he is "Passing the Buck" to the Hakim Hakim Negara...A Different kind of Buck?

Earlier, it was passing the Buck to the Australians (MH370). Then it was passing the buck to the Dutch (MH017.

Are we Destined to be a Nation of Passing the Buck?

Joe Black said...


Clever People don't do that. Only weak People do that.

Maybe he is Assuming that the judges will decide in his favour as in Lee Kuan Yew's Cases.

He should recognize the difference between him and Lee Kuan Yew (In Singapore..everyone including the judges were terrified of Lee Kuan Yew, whereas here Najib's days are seen to be numbered).

It is not too late for him to stop the court action..after all he has flipped flopped often enough that another flip flop will not matter!


1. A former Magistrate told me that Education Minister during Tunku's time, Abdul Rahman Talib sued S. Seenivasagam for accusing his of being corrupt. He lost and was forced to resign from the Cabibet. He was from Pahang.

2. Late Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba sued Hasnul Hadi, also over corruption issue. It went to court but was later withdrawn.

Thank you.

Praxis said...

Brilliant defense and exposition of Dr Mahathir's views

Politicians resorting to suits do not follow due process in law, which says proper forum is the political arena (parliament), not the courts

True they have lost the debate and no longer have wits and wisdom to battle, which truth they won't recognize and delude themselves into the thinking they are being effective by suing

Only when our conceptions of truth are more mature can we respond properly with wisdom and wit instead of merely repeating Opposition's words and actions.

The average level of national discourse has got base, thanks to the administration's aping the Opposition's words and actions. What kind strategy is that, if it is one?


1. The laws are not at fault. The people enforcing them are. I am for ISA, EO and Sedition Act. But should the government use Sedition Act against people who criticize the PM, his wife and their favourite projects?

2. Is criticizing leaders, their spouses, children and friends an act of dangerous provocation?

3. Is it written anywhere that 1MBD enjoys "kekebalan" (immunity)?

4. Is it wrong for the Tun Dr Mahathir, the Governor of Bank Negara and other caring Malaysians to take the 1MDB board and management to task?

5. Is it wrong to ask why 1MDB paid way above market price for lands it bought in Penang?

6. If 1MDB is so sound, why is it that some Tier 1 banks opted out of the syndicate funding it while others are taking risk lending billion of ringgit to it?

7. More importantly, are these loans being serviced as promised and the IPP vendors being paid?

8. I have contacted Menteri Abdul Wahid Omar (himself a banker) a number of times to give feedback on what is sent to my blog and what I hear from the marketplace.

9. I am not be able to publish all that I hear about 1MBD because they are told to me in strict confidence and I have no way of verifying them.

10. Abdul Wahid said he could not say much because he is governed by BAFIA.


wankamarul701 said...

Apa pandangan DAKJ Mat Salleh pula handle MAS? Melayu asyik lingkup je...

Kawanlama said...

Can Dato define what is a critic or fitnah?

msh said...

Salam Dato,

Inilah akibatnya bila ketua yg tenggelam punca dan 'caca marba' membuat keputusan.

Sudah sampai masanya dia bertanya diri sendiri dari bertanya pendapat 'Punahsihat' yg dok balun elaun buta dan bangang tahap maksimum.

Disamping itu juga dia wajar/mesti bertanya... "Apa dah jadi?...berapa/ramai org lagi yg aku nak saman menjelang GE 14?...

...Mcm mana dgn 'bloggers bangang Umno?...Mantan Menteri Umno?...Veteran Umno...Dr M termasuk?...bloggers..the Scribe...Zamakata...dll.?
Ngo2 Melayu...Media elektronik seperti..'.Utusan Melayu....the Star...Harakah..Keadilan..Nanyang Siang Pau....dsb? ....Nak aku saman kah semua org2 ini ? "

Kalau sudah tidak terdaya lagi... baik berhenti saja.
..Ini lah yg paling wajar dia lakukan.

Terima kasih.

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ A Kadir Jasin

Izinkan saya memberi kritikan yg agak keras. Saya berasa sungguh kesian bilamana w/pun Dato’ Kadir seorang senior journalist, nampaknya masih amat keliru yg mana kritik dan yg mana fitnah. Sedangkan di dlm Islam sendiri amat benci kepada penyebar fitnah. Saya syorkan eloklah Dato’ banyak menonton rancangan-rancangan agama seperti imam muda, tanyalah ustaz, pencetus ummah, raudah dan sebagainya bagi mendalami lagi ilmu di dada. Saya bukannya nak menyebelahi YAB Dato’ Seri Presiden dan Datin Seri sangat, tetapi saya cukup bersetuju tindakan mereka. Kena pada tempatnya.

Akhir kata,maafkan saya jika kritikan ini agak pedas, tetapi hanyalah bertujuan untuk sama-sama menegur dan memperbetulkan sesama muslim ke landasan yg betul semula. Sekian TQ.

Michu said...

If we fight people who can't fight back, that is bully. The fight is only fair if the opponent is of an equal.

JMS said...


Berapa yakinkah sdr bahawa semua apa yg dikata Rafizi dan Tony Phua sebagai fitnah? Kita telah pun mengetahui respons Fafizi dan sama2 kita tunggu apa pula tindak balas Najib.

Dan janganlah memperalatkan ugama utk menyokong pandangan sdr. Saya pun kurang yakin sedalam mana ilmu anda dalam bidang ini

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok

" jika takut dengan ombak Jangan lah berumah Di tepi pantai"


MOKHTAR said...

Salam Dato,

Nothing to shout about..since Dato Najib, Rafizi & Tony Phua were all
western educated.. they are all brought up in dog societies where mighty take all.Depa mana ada maruah
bangsa,agama dan negara.

Kawanlama said...

Elok juga saya berkongsi ayat ingatan berikut yang cukup berkait rapat dengan isu ini

Surah al-Hujurat: 12
"Wahai orang2 yang beriman! Jauhilah kebanyakan daripada sangkaan (supaya kamu tidak menyangka sangkaan yang dilarang) kerana sesungguhnya sebahagian daripada sangkaan itu adalah dosa dan janganlah kamu mengintip atau mencari-cari kesalahan dan keaiban orang, dan janganlah sesetengah kamu mengumpat sesetengahnya yang lain. Adakah seseorang daripada kamu suka memakan daging saudaranya yang telah mati? (Jika demikian keadaan mengumpat) maka sudah tentu kamu jijik kepadanya. (Oleh itu patuhilah larangan-larangan yang tersebut) dan bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Penerima taubat, lagi Maha Mengasihi."

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Dari apa yg sy Melayu agak keliru dlm banyak perkara.

Bila kita bercakap pasal politik....kita dituduh mengumpat dan memfitnah.

Bila kita membuat analisis tentang ketua2 yg korup......kita juga dituduh bersikap buruk sangka dan memfitnah.

Bila pula kita menulis dan mengkritik.....juga dituduh mengutuk...mengumpat dan juga memfitnah.

Ketua yg buruk perangai ...penting diri dan penipu pun senyum selesa...sebab bangsa dia sendiri yg akan mempertahankan diri dia dgn menyanggah apa2 tuduhan terhadap dia sbgai fitnah dan dosa.

Tidak cukup dgn itu ...petikan2 Hadis dan AlQuran secara sekejtif pun diutarakan untuk pandangan kita agar berhenti dari menulis...berbicara...mengkritk dsb atas sebab berdosa kerana mengumpat atau memfitnah.

Nampaknya...kita sendiri yg menyekat bangsa kita dari berbincang atau membuat apa2 analisis dan menerima apa2 saja yg diperlakukan oleh ketua2 yg buruk perangai.

Sy tidak menafikan atau mempertikaikan apa2 hujah atau petiksn dari AlQuran dan Hadis untuk dibuat sandaran atau pedoman...bila berbahas atau berkataa2.....tetapi bila petikan2 itu dibuat secara rambang dan kira ini terus sahaja menyekat kita dari bersuara atau berkata2. .(takut dianggap fitnah pula)

Kita juga wajar bersikap terbuka kerana kita cuma baru dlm 'mode' berbicara ..berbincang dan membuat analisis.....dan masakan begitu bodoh sekali membuat tuduhan2 liar yg tidak berasas atau pun menfitnah...kerana sbgai org Islam...kita pun takut pd dosa dan pahala ..justeru itu jgn lah pula ada yg selalu gemar menuduh dan melontar ayat2 dan petikan2 dari AlQuran dan Hadis ...agar kita lebih berhati dan menjaga atau mengawal apa2 kata2 pula....ini cuma dlm 'mode' berbahas.

Jgnlah terlalu keliru selalu...

- ada masanya bernincang...
- ada masanya berbahas..
- ada masanya beribadat..
- ada masanya bertindak..
- ada masanya beriadah..

Dan ada masanya berperang.

Terima kasih.

Ghab said...

Infantile or being childish is irrelevant when come to "individual rights". It is Najib's rights to sue Tony Phau. The act is justified to protect oneself reputation underlining to entity as the Prime Minister, as well as his privilege by virtue of being human and his political rights against possible political slandering and defamation.

No doubt any fool can criticize Najib and his wife for reason of equality before the law for all citizens. In the same breath of the circumstance, Tony Phau don't have the exclusive rights of what he says then broadcasted on his fair use which come to slanderous and defame. It is because there is limitation and exception to its exclusive rights.

What would we have done when Tony Phau (the brainy from prestigious Oxford) blasting off with an intonation of slandering Najib and his administration by accusing him being, "the mother of all scandals". Could we have slightly doubtful that Tony Phau has made a wrong assumption, in his numbers, and misrepresentation to insinuate 1MDB to have been in association with Najib and the Malay party. Is it provocation turns slanderous or defamation?

Why don't this high profiled Oxford educated makes a police report and addresses the matter to the anti corruption agency. His political grievances could have done with in the court of law to rest his case. Don't he understands that slanderous and defamatory action has its consequences.

If Tony Phau has his rights and the balls to make such accusation, Najib has his rights too, and the balls to bring him before the court of law.

Yangretibase said...


Alangkah kelakarnya ISA yang telah melahirkan lima orang kaya baru segera. Kelima-lima mereka ialah bekas tahanannya, iaitu Tian Chua, Saari Sungib, Hishamuddin Rais, Badaruddin Ismail dan Badrul Amin Baharom.

Kelima-lima mereka telah dianugerahi bayaran ganti rugi sebanyak RM4.5 juta oleh Mahkamah Rayuan yang dianggotai oleh panel tiga orang hakim secara sebulat suara.

Saya berasa amat musykil mengapa ISA tiada kuasa sakti, tidak ampuh dan tidak kebal sehingga ISA dengan mudah boleh dicabar di mahkamah.

Nampak sangat bahawa ISA bukanlah satu mekanisme unik yang mampu menghalang orang daripada melakukan "kebenaran" yang dianggap "kederhakaan" oleh pemerintah.

Bahkan, sebaliknya, seperti dalam kes ini, ISA menjadi alat untuk mengayakan orang pula.

Tidakkah itu kelakar namanya? Maka oleh sebab itulah, agaknya, ISA telah dimansuhkan.


Kawanlama said...

Maaf saudara MSH jika ayat yang saya postkan di atas telah menganggu saudara.

Selamat berbahas sehingga berperang.

Kawanlama said...


Mungkin saudara MHS dan saya sendiri menunggu takrif apa itu sesuatu kritik dan Fitnah

Arunzab said...

When in Parliment Gobind Singh called Najib " You Muderer " in reference to Mongolian Girls murder Najib should have challenged him to repeat it out of Paliment with a view to sue him. But Najib did not. Now he wants to sue these to opposition MPs for what . Called a Muderer is ok is it but called a lier now want to sue. Which is more damaging? Now better listen to the good docter before dirty Lenin is washed in public.

msh said...

Salam sdra Kawanlama.

Maafkan sy jika komen sy menyinggung.

Apa yg sy cuba lontarkan semata2 untuk renungan bersama...ini kerana bila kita berbincang....berbahas atau mengkritik...tentu sekali ada perkara2 sensitif dan mungkin kontroversi diperkatakan....lebih2 lagi tentang kelemahan atau salah laku ketua2.

Cuma sy rasa agaj ralat bila mana org2 Melayu berbicara tentang isu2 politik dan isu2 semasa dan meluahkan perasaan kecewa...sedih atau pun marah terhadap ketua2 yg lemah terutama PM...Tpm. Menteri2....dan
ketua Pemuda.....kita dituduh buruk sangka.....celupar....menghasut....dan ada kala dituduh memfitnah.

Dan adakala ada suara2 yg menyuruh kita bersabar dan sabar lagi dgn ketua2 yg lemah.....tidak amanah...mungkar dan bahaya pd bangsa dan ugama.

Ini tidak adil....kerana kita juga berhak berkata2 atau membuat sedikit sebanyak analisa tentang kewibawaan mereka kerana segala apa yg mereka lakukan memberi impak pd kita rakyat yg majoriti.

Org Melayu dari semua peringkat wajar memahami politik negara dgn lebih mendalam dan bukan sekadar dari permukaan sahaja.

Justeru itu...untuk berbuat demikian kita perlu berbincang dan bertukar2 maklumat yg ada...dgn lebih terbuka tanpa sebarang prasangka.

Sy berpandangan bahawa blog ini juga merupakan satu medan yg bersesuaian untuk kita memberi dan menerima buah pandangan dgn hujah2 dari pembahas2 untuk kita renungi dan mengetahui lebih jelas apa yg ketua2 kita lakukan.

Tetapi jika kita meletakan terlampau banyak rintangan atau sekatan dlm berkata2 atau berbicara...kerana khautir akan ditakrif sbgai mengumpat atau memfitnah......

...maka sy bertanya..

"Bilamana dan dimedan mana pula dpt kita berkata2 dan berbincang tentang isu2 pemimpin dan politik negara? "

Mungkin sebab inilah...agaknya ramai antara pemimpin2 Melayu sama ada dari Umno atau Pembangkang yg mempunyai personaliti2 yg mengarut ...retorik...nemandai....kuat maki...kaki bohong...meliwat ...berzina...serta korup dlm banyak segi tetapi terlepas begitu sahaja...malah masih lagi kekal dihati rakyat semata2 kerana rakyat Melayu tidak sanggup berkata2 dan juga tidak berani mengkritik...mencemuh mahu pun menyanggah mereka....kerana takut disalah anggap (sebagai berprasangka buruk...menghasut atau memfitnah).

Bagi sy adakalanya kita sbgai rakyat perlu berterus terang dan berani bersuara terhadap ketua2 seperti ini kerana kelemahan...kecuaian...atau pembohongan mereka dlm memimpin memberi kesan yg besar pd bangsa dan ugama.

Terima kasih.

Pak Teh Omar said...

Sdr Msh,

Terima kasih kerana memahami gerak rasa rakyat marhaen....spt juga Dato Scribe kita ini yang berbicara mengenai apa yang beliau tahu bagi pihak rakyat marhaen.

Saya sangat amaT bersetuju drngan apa yang dinyatakan oleh sdr Msh.

Kalau ada yabg berpendapat Dato A Kadir Jasin ini memfitnah dan menuduh maka jelaskan apa yang difitnahkan itu dan jawab semua tuduhan2 yang dibangkitkan. Janganlah mengalih perbincangan kepada hal lain pula.

Buktikan apa yang ditulis Datuk A Kadir Jasin itu adalah tidak benar. Janganlah mengeruhkan lagi keadaan dengan sepotong hadis dan sebagainya.

Sayanglah Datuk, kita semakin ketandusan pemikir sebab pemikir telah dimatikan fikiran mereka dengan cyber troopers yang cetek ilmu dan akal.

Kawanlama said...

Wkumslm dan terima kasih Sdra MHS atas respon kepada tulisan saya.

Setelah direnung agak hairan dan keliru saya cuba memahami persoalan yang saudara lontarkan sebagaimana berikut:-

"...maka sy bertanya..

"Bilamana dan dimedan mana pula dpt kita berkata2 dan berbincang tentang isu2 pemimpin dan politik negara?"

Kalau ini pun saudara tidak faham, agaknya saudara sendiri keliru atas isu ayat al-Quran di atas.

Kalau kita semua boleh akur atas peraturan dunia seperti BAFIA, sistem perlindungan cara perbahasan di ADUN & Parlimen dan lain-lain kaedah dan peraturan mengawal perilaku manusia, MENGAPA TIDAK Saudara masih sukar terima kaedah larangan yang amat jelas dalam ayat Allah di atas.

Tahukah saudara bagaimana banyak akan pahala yang akan diraih oleh TunMahathir sebagai contoh jika terbukti apa yang diperkatakan terhadap beliau selama ini adalah FITNAH dalam takrif ayat al-Quran di atas?.

Elakkan muflis dunia & akhirat.


ANAK johor said...


azman said...

Asslamualaikum wbt. pak Kadir..

Sambutlah salam pembuka bicara,
Supaya hati tidak berdusta,
Dengan nama Allah yang maha penyayang & maha pencipta,
Harap tuan terima dgn hati terbuka.

Pemimpin & PM?..
Pemimpin: Mereka juga ketua sesuatu kelompok.
PM: dia adalah seorang ketua bagi keseluruhan sesebuah Negara.
Justeru siapakah yang lebih berhak untuk mempertahankan diri dari difitnah? jika dia terfitnah?.
Maka akan bersuaralah kita untuk mempertahan orang yang kita rasai berhak,tapi siapa yang sebenarnya berhak?.
Dalam hidup bermasyarakat,undang undang adalah tempat manusia menyerahkan dirinya supaya dapat diberikan haknya.wallahuaklam..

Putera Api said...

Hmmm...saya berpendapat bahawa Najib mempunyai hak untuk mempertahankan dirinya di Mahkamah tetapi Saya merasakan ianya satu kesilapan besar dari segi politik. Cuba bayangkan sekiranya Najib kalah dalam saman-saman tersebut. Mana nak letak muka. Sekiranya Najib menarik saman tersebut pun maka ia seolah-olah membenarkan apa yang diperkatakan oleh Rafizi dan Tony Pua.
Sebaiknya Najib diam dalam perkara ini dan membiarkan orang2nya utk membalas kritikan Rafizi dan Tony Pua

msh said...

Walaikumsalam sdra Kawanlama.

Sy terima dgn hati terbuka hujah sdra.

Sy kira ada mungkin sedikit sebanyak perkara yg kita perkatakan lari pd konteks dah ada kekaburan atau tidak menepati pd apa yg sdra atau sy lontarkan.

Tetapi sy tetap berharap agar kita org Melayu lebih terbuka dan sanggup berbicara perkara2 begini kerana dari apa yg sy amati....dari kumpulan2 'wassup...telegram...wechat' antara2 kumpulan surau...alumni universiti/rakan kerja serta penduduk kampung...atau kumpulan masjid... ramai yg agak jumud kerana tidak begitu memahami politik negara dan karenah ketua2 yg membahayakan bangsa dan ugama dgn lebih mendalam.

Adajuga yg masih tidak tahu langsung permainan politik yg serong dan menipu bangsa dan mempercayai bulat2 pd ketua2 baik dari BN atau Pembangkang... yg memang kotor dan menipu.

Justeru itu ...ramai yg mengambil jln mudah dgn menutup atau keluar sahaja dari perbincangan atas alasan mengumpat atau memfitnah.

Sy juga seperti sdra tetap berpegang pd ajaran Islam dan takut pd dosa memfitnah dsb..

Tetapi kita kenalah juga bijaksana dan faham serta mesti ada bukti atau cerita2 yg tidak meragui bila berbicara atau mengkritik terhadap ketua2 kita dari membiarkan saja politik negara berlalu dgn permainan politik songsang...sikap korup dan memandai2 mereka yg masih mahu berpaut pd kuasa.

Perlu juga diingat...menuduh seseorg melakukan mungkar tanpa bukti yg kukuh berserta saksi2 bukanlah sesuatu yg mudah dan jika silap padah jawabnya.

Tetapi org kata kalau tiada angin masakan pohon bergoyang?

Perkara2 salah laku ketua wajar diketahui umum kerana bahaya yg mereka akan lakukan memudaratjan rakyat ramai lebih2 lagi pd bangsa dan ugama.

Ertikata...kita juga wajib menyelamatkan mereka sebangsa dan seugama yg masih tidak tahu tetapi telah diperbodohkan sekian lama.

ini juga adalah ibadah yg ditutut.

Disamping itu kita juga berhak melakukan sesuatu seperti berkata2...mengkritik...menegur dgn mengunakan budibicara dan akal yg diberi....jika tidak kita juga akan dikudakan juga.

Tidak kah sepotong 2 hadis yg dilontarkan secara selektif dan diluar konteks pun bahaya jika terima bulat2 ?

Ini pun kadang kala pula dilakukan oleh org2 kafir yg menentang Islam....seperti org Dap yg sudah ramai berhujah cara Islam siap dgn petikan dari Hadis...semata2 untuk menakutkan org Islam dari berkata2.

Ini juga sudah menjadi 'trend' pula dgn banyak kumpulan2 Melayu yg kerap menghujah 1 atau 2 potong dari Hadis dan AlQuran untuk mematikan perbincangan yg masih di peringkat awalan lagi.

Berbincang dan bertukar buah fikiran adalah penting kecuali memfitnah dan menghasut.....itu jelas.

Terima kasih.

msh said...

Salam Pak Teh Omar.

Terima kasih kerana memahami.

Marilah kita sama berusaha menyelamatkan bangsa bersama Dato Kadiaq....menolak ketua2 yg menipu dan penting diri.

Mereka lagi bahaya pd bangsa dan ugama dari pada kita yg cuma mahu org2 Melayu yg ramai masih tidak celik politij dan telah lama diperdayakan.....tidak kira dari ketua Melayu Umno atau Pembangkang yg kelihatan serupa saja...juga dari ahli2 politik...Ngo2 yg bukan Melayu yg mengugat bangsa dan ugama.

wahi said...


ÎSA, sebenarnyà satu akta yg amat baik untuk satu2 negara, masaalahnya ia telah dsalàhhguna oleh pèmerintah yg lemah untuk melindungi salahlaku2 yg telah mereka lakukan.Pisau amat berguna kepada manusia tetapibukan untuk membunuh.

Unknown said...

Ass Datuk Kadir.

Setuju 100% dengan pendapat Wahi.

Perdana Menteri sepatutnya santuni rakyat biasa termasuk pembangkang. Berhujah di parlimen atau forum yg sesuai. Bukan memeningkan hakim2.

Kalau kerajaan bersih, jujur, ikhlas, tidak salah kuasa dan bebas rasuah , hanya rakyat kurang waras sahaja yg mau mengkritik kerajaan apatah lagi menfitnah.

Lain ceritanya jika pengkritik bersifat peribadi yg tiada kena mengena dgn prestasi buruk kerajaan.

Masaalahnya ialah oleh kerana ramai rakyat telah berjaya dibangsatkan...meminjam kata2 Najib, maka mereka terus menyanjung ketua2 UMNO tanpa boleh membeza kebenaran dgn kebatilan.

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