Friday, December 12, 2014

Umno Leader Lodges Police Report Against 1MDB

A Kadir Jasin

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THE 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s saga took a sensational and potentially dangerous twist today when an Umno deputy divisional leader from Penang lodged a police report against it.

The Batu Kawan Umno deputy divisonal chief (Datuk Seri) Khairuddin Abu Hassan made the complaint at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur. Read at Apanama.

Khairuddin speaking to the Press after making the report.
 Sources say a similar complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission may follow.

More to come.



1MDB, in a statement, welcomes the police report. It says: “We are aware that a police report concerning 1MDB was filed earlier today by a politician in Penang. We have not seen any documentation related to this, so are unaware of the nature of the complaint.

"However, we are confident that it will have no legal basis. We welcome any investigation into our affairs and the opportunity to rebut malicious allegations.”

The Implications

A veteran lawyer who represented Umno and the government in many legal and constitutional cases said such a complaint is likely to be investigated under the purview of criminal breach of trust (CBT).

I am not sure how the “bangang” bloggers would react to the report. “Bangang” (stupid) was the term used by Umno President and Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, to describe Umno-sponsored bloggers who attacked Umno leaders instead of the opposition.

The police report is the culmination of weeks of controversies surrounding the so-called sovereign fund.

On Dec 4, the company’s top-level delegation led by its Chairman, (Tan Sri) Lodin Wok Kamaruddin was said to have been grilled by (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Others in the delegation were board member (Tan Sri) Ismee Ismail and Chief Operating Officer, Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman. Ismee is also Executive Director and CEO of Tabung Haji.

Just over a week later, on Dec 10, the cabinet in its weekly meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, also discuss the 1MDB issue. Mohd Najib was away on official visit to South Korea..

Sources said Dr Mahathir grilled the 1MDB team on the company’s modus operandi. He is said to be curious about the way the company funds its businesses, bearing in mind that it has a paid-up capital of only US$1 million (about RM3.4 million).

As of March this year, it has amassed assets worth RM51.4 billion and in the process piled up liabilities – mostly borrowings – totalling RM49.1 billion.

It registered a loss of RM665.3 million for the same period mainly due to staggering finance costs of RM2.4 billion compared with RM1.6 billion the previous financial year.

The Overpriced Penang Purchases

They were also asked about the price of two pieces of land in Penang for which the company was said to have paid way over the market price. Six days before last year’s General Elections, 1MDB bought the land for about RM1.4 billion from two Chinese tycoons.

Reports say, the land they purchased for RM400 million from Farlim Berhad are currently occupied by squatters and may be costly to resettle.
Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, was quoted as saying that 1MDB paid way above market rate. He asked: “Why was the purchase price at RM1.38 billion – 95pc higher than what some of the land was valued at, just two years earlier in December 2011?”

The company is also said to have purchased a third and final piece of land on September 23.

The source said Dr Mahathir feels obliged to take up the matter with 1MDB and to speak openly on the subject because many parties had come to see him to inform him about the goings-on in the company.

He was disappointed that issues surrounding 1MDB was not seriously discussed by delegates at last month’s Umno General Assembly.

How could they when Umno President and Prime Minister is the man behind 1MDB and resolutions on the economy were drafted for the debaters?

Prime Minister’s right hand man, (Tan Sri) Jamaluddin Jarjis inspired the speeches. The debaters were literally ordered to read the texts he and his team - including key officers from Khazanah Nasional Berhad – wrote.

A Meeting With The Governor

Other sources told me that the 1MDB team also had a meeting with the Bank Negara Governor, (Tan Sri) Zeti Aktar Aziz) about the company’s borrowings.

But when my reporter asked an officer in the bank’s strategic communication department, she said they do not have a clue about the meeting, insisting that they do not know anything.

The sources said 1MBD had requested Bank Negara to extend it non-performing loan (NPL) period from three to six months and was agreed to.

It is understandable. No matter how unhappy Zeti might have been with 1MDB borrowing, an extension is needed. If it was not given, there would have been a massive default and Tier 1 banks that extended the loans would have to make huge provisions. This could lead to the downgrading of the local banking system.

1MDB’s ability to keep to the extended period, according to one source, depends largely on whether it will or can bring home the RM7 billion it parked in the Cayman Islands before the last GE.

The New Straits Times today reported that 1MDB has postponed the sale of up to RM8.4 billion sukuk (Islamic) bonds to next year. It said the delay came as the company is seeking an extension of two months on the construction of the US$3.2 billion (RM11.2 billion) power plant it won with partner, Mitsui & Co. earlier in the year.

Sources said some very harsh words and frightening warnings like “somebody is going to jail” were uttered at the meetings. One source said at the meeting with Bank Negara, Lodin had offered to resign immediately. But that is not the concern of Bank Negara. Lodin was appointed by the PM. If it is true that he offered to resign, he should tell that to Mohd Najib.



Pakcik said...

He might be retract the report after being approach by some middle men..

zainal abidin awang kechik said...
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msh said...

Salam Dato.

...terhasil....berhasil...dihasilkan oleh ketua yg berada didlm dunia yg tersendiri.

Walau pun dia berada didunia yg tidak nyata ....tetapi dia tidak peduli.

Akhir kata... ahli sendiri pun tidak tahan lagi.

Sebelum ini bloggers upahan makan tuan....kini ahli lain pula....esok siapa pula yg akan buat lapuran?

Terima kasih.

SolitaireHunter said...

Salam Dato AKJ

'Mereka' ini tahu bahawa BN akan berkubur pada PRU14. Sekarang adalah masa untuk mempersiapkan diri dan bekalan masing-masing.. Sebahagian harta disimpan di Cayman Island, sebahagian di Detroit, sebahagian mungkin di Swiss Bank....

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk,

The government will face a major challenge trying to convince the rakyat to accept it's austerity measures when it's not seen to be doing the same with its own operations.

Separately, it's no surprise that the UMNO speeches were reported to be orchestrated. I hope they realize that half of the rakyat were not fooled while the other half could not care less.


Debater Urang Awak,

1. I wont publish your comment. Your last statement about “The king of the Ring the commissioner earner” can be libellous. You and I may be sued or hauled to court for sedition. But I take note of (a) Melayu mudah lupa (b) The Scorpene submarine scandal and (c) Malaysia being the laughing stock of the world. I apologise. Thank you.

2. Pembahas SolitaireHunter berkata: "'Mereka' ini tahu bahawa BN akan berkubur pada PRU14. Sekarang adalah masa untuk mempersiapkan diri dan bekalan masing-masing.. Sebahagian harta disimpan di Cayman Island, sebahagian di Detroit, sebahagian mungkin di Swiss Bank....

3. Bukan semua begitu. Yang mendesak ketelusan mengenai 1MDB mahukan kebenaran dan mereka sayangkan Umno, bangsa dan negara.

4. Di kalangan yang memberi maklumat pula, ada yang ikhlas tetapi ada juga yang sedang mencari perlindungan sekiranya perkara buruk berkaku kepada 1MDB.

5. Seorang bekas menteri memberitahu saya, salah seorang penjual (vendor) yang IPPnya dibeli oleh 1MDB bersungut yang dia belum mendapat bayaran sepenuhnya.

6. Dalam "kontrak" jual-beli, kata bekas menteri itu, vendor boleh beli balik IPP dari 1MDB dengan harga diskaun. Tapi vendor tersebut tidak berani berbuat demilian kerana takut dituduh berkonspirasi.

7. Bank-bank dan institusi pelaburan yang beri hutang kepada 1MDB atau yang membeli bon-bonnya mungkin terpaksa atau dipaksa menyusun semula (restructure) hutang 1MDB untuk mengelakkan mungkir janji (default).

8. Kalau 1MDB "default" hutangnya akan jadi hutang lapuk (NPL) dan bank-bank akan terpaksa membuat peruntukan (provision) dalam akaun untung-rugi mereka.

9. Kalau orang Umno mahu parti mereka selamat dan dihormati, mereka wajib ambil berat hal ini dan sokong apa jua tindakan mencari kebenaran mengenai 1MDB dan peranan Presiden mereka dalam syarikat itu.

10. Soalnya di mana Presiden Umno sekarang? Pejabatnya berkata, beliau ambil cuti hujung tahun.


Joe Black said...


The Fact that PM Najib is enjoying his Holidays in the Midst of all the Hoo Haa going on regarding 1MDB showed how concerned he is with what is going on in Malaysia.

Perhaps, on his return, he will belatedly declare that 1MDB has been lost somewhere in the ocean (based on the Pings)surrounding the Cayman Islands and a search party comprising lenders will be formed to find it. His favourites, the Arab Prince and Jhow Lho will head the search team (they will be helped by Paris Hilton and the Cast of "Wolf of Wall Street"...).

Unknown said...

Terima kasih Datuk kerana memberitahu perkara yang kerajaan tak beritahu. Bayangkan kalau tak ada media sosial macam blog Datuk semua orang tak tahu perkara yang berlaku. Ironinya Datuk dalam perhimpunan agung baru baru ini sepatah haram tak ada perwakilan sebut tentang 1MDB. Mulut kena gam gajah atau apa? Datuk bagitaulah lagi apa yang Datuk tahu kerana kerajaan kata mereka telus tetapi sampai nak jerlus rakyat tak tau.

kampong lad said...

salam Tok Kadiaq,


M lantik A ganti dia, bila A tak dengaq cakap dia runtun turun. jadi 0-0 (tapi damage already done). semasa A pakai uniform, N bukan pilihan sebagai penolong tapi M yg buat keputusan tu. so, M is now trailing by 1 own goal. bila dia nak equalise? kerja N hanya tau pelingkop & makan angin (cuti x'mas kot?). orang kampong macam kami dok pening pasai kenaikan harga barang2, nilai duit semakin merosot. pada depa kalau harga ron97 rm10 & sekampit beras rm200 tak jadi masalah. bila melayu hingaq, depa tiup trompet pasai race, religion & royalty. mampueh la lagu tu.

maae said...

1MDB dan maruah Melayu, dua perkara yang memberi impak kepada keseluruhan sistem kewangan pasaran modal, pelaburan jangka panjang dan pendek, terbitan bon yang di jamin Kerajaan berkala dan boleh sahaja mempengaruhi sistem perbankan tempatan dan BNM sehingga menyeret penyusutan RM.

Kerana apa ia penting ? Ini di sebabkan wang yang di peruntukan untuk tujuan pelaburan ini begitu besar yang mencagarkan aset-aset di perolehi melalui hutang jangka panjang jaminan Kerajaan. Urusan niaga terlalu mencurigakan (keluhan Tun M) sehingga apa yang di perolehi, di laburkan dengan pengurus dana meraih komisen berlipat ganda tinggi yang tidak merujuk kadar sebenar urusan merujuk pasaran ketika transaksi di lakukan.

Seorang peniaga atau pedagang atau tokoh koporat perniagaan :-

1. Mesti sahaja kredibel dengan kriteria "celik kos" dalam setiap urusan perdagangan mereka. Kos yang tidak di kawak tentu sahaja merugikan.

2. Seboleh nya urus-niaga untuk memiliki sesuatu aset seharus nya di bawah harga pasaran, juga penilaian jual-beli nyata dengan objektif tidak melibatkan kos tambahan di masa hadapan dalam jangkamasa sasaran demi memperolehi keuntungan serta mendapatkan semula modal untuk di laburkan dalam pengembangan.

3. Tidak sebarangan berurusan melibatkan harta-harta persendirian, milik kerajaan atau perbadanan dan juga kumpulan lain di mana harga tawaran dan pembelian di nilai mengikut "kerjasama penilaian dalaman" sehingga pembangunan bakal di laksana menjadi mustahil di masa akan datang akibat modal tidak terurus baik.

4. Seboleh nya tidak melibatkan unsur ghirar, perjudian dan pelaburan semasa berisiko terlalu tinggi, seperti nya perdagangan mata wang, dagangan komoditi masa depan atau melibatkan urusan suntikan modal dalam kerjasama atau pasaran saham secara "internal trading" yang salah dari segi undang-undang, demi permintaan suntikan modal terpilih di atas dasar "pengaruh dan keakraban" konon nya perniagaan.

Semoga 1MDB bersikap telus dan berhemah menjawab amanah yang telah di beri oleh PM Najib, dari laporan polis yang di buat. Maruah dan rasuah serta berurusan secara mendabik dada bukan menguntungkan sesiapa pun kerana rakyat juga di heret sama.

Kerajaan mesti mendapat hasil dari dana, sepatut nya begitu menguntungkan. Pendapatan sudah tentu untuk.pembangunan dan kesejahteraan Negara Kita, menelusuri keseimbangan dan cabaran jangka panjang di mana dunia waktu ini mengalami perubahan geografi ekonomi serta penstrukturan semula kuasa-kuasa ekonomi negara gergasi yang terhempas dengan gelembung hutang yang memufliskan para koporat
berkuasa pencatur dunia, mengimbangi harimau Asia yang kini bangkit, masa membaham mereka pula.

Rugi besar lah Malaysia, salah satu kawanan harimau Asia yang hendak di ikat dan di tidurkan dengan TPPA.... Selat Melaka itu milik kita.

gdimarketing said...

This 1MDB scandal will adversely impact the well-being of the nation and should be the concern of all Malaysians, irrespective of which political party, if any, they are supporting.

It is the responsibility of all BN leaders to find out the truth about 1MDB. If not, BN and UMNO will soon become history.

SolitaireHunter said...

Kehadiran Ismee Ismail (CEO Tabung Haji) diantara BOD 1MDB amat mengerikan takut duit Tabung Haji juga akan mengalir ke 1MDB... habislah simpanan rakyat jelata demi SO LI DA RI TI Najib!

vinnan said...

UMNO oh UMNO. Yang mampuskan Melayu pun UMNO jugak.

awang batuburok said...

Salam.ptg jumaat Dato,

Tak tahu nak kata apa dah...
Mungkin ramalan Dato Idris Jalal Malaysia boleh jadi bangkrap dan muflis menjelang tahun 2019 menjadi kenyataan.


Mullah TTDI said...

Salam Datuk

Pertama sekali, terima kasih kerana menulis tentang 1MDB dan hal-hal yang berkaitan dengannya. Rakyat sudah malas dan letih dengan kepimpinan UMNO dan BN pada masa sekarang. Dengan harga barang yang semakin meningkat, gaji minimum yang tidak dikuatkuasakan dengan serius dan macam-macam hal lagi, membuktikan bahawa UMNO dan BN hanya cakap kosong. Semua orang UMNO boleh bercakap, tapi tiada tindakan yang betul2 efektif dan berkesan. Semoga ALLAH sentiasa menjaga dan memelihara Datuk, keluarga dan rakan2 blog yang memperjuangkan isu ini. Sekian

makcik said...

Anak said...

Takde guna hapus subsidi Jika pemimpin boros

Kampong man said...

Saya mengkuti perkembangan 1MDB secara dekat dan memahami objectif asalnya dan tahu banyak yang perlu dijawab.Saya yakin pengurusan 1MDB dapat menangkis tuduhan atau fitnah yang ada dengan telus.Kerana ini peluru pembangkang saperti dari hero DAP Tony Pua dan kami rakyst marheim ini mahu tahu juga.

Berkenaan lapuran polis yang datang nya dari sdra Khairuddin (Suami artis Umi Haida) timbalan ketua UMNO Batu Kawan ni pasti menarik minat saya.Saya kenal secara petibadi mamat ni.Beliau sungguh colourful and can be controversial at times.Maalumlah orang politik cari makan dalam UMNO memang ramai dari dulu lagi pun.

Ini Pak Alang nak habaq dan tanya kat hang ni buat apa dok pi sibok sangat la ni huh?.Hang ada credibility kah?.Yang pasti mesti ada orang kuat dibelakang Khairuddin.Isu 1 MDB terlalu besar untuk Khairuddin.Lagi pun sesekali kita perlukan perhatian juga noh.Siapa yang mengikuti kes liwat DSAI pasti ingat nama ini.Anyway,selamat berjuang untuk diri.It should not have come from you in the first place say wgat you want about wanting the truth.Good luck to you.Maaf.

@Pak lang dah lama tak menulis di blog DAKJ.

Unknown said...

Syabas Datuk Kadir.

Teruskan usaha walaupun penat.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Bagi sayalah, 1MDB adalah perniagaan jangka panjang, bukannya macam perniagan gerai tomyam. Contohnya, nak jual hartanah, kena beli tanah dulu, kemudian buat bangunan, daptkan CF, cari buyer, lepastu baru boleh jual. Akhirnya, barulah tunggu duit masuk. Bukannya sekejap bro !!!! Nak siapkan sebuah rumah banglo sebijik pun ambil masa 2-3 tahun paling cepat, inikan projek mega seperti 1MDB. Jadinya, Dato’ kadir. You kena faham strategi perniagaan international, bukan main serkap jarang je !!!!!! Sabarlah sikit Dato’ Kadir. Apa yg you tak sabar sangat tu ??

Setahu saya dalam buku Tun Mahathir pun ( A Doctor in the house, ms 514-515) beliau juga mengaku Proton pada mulanya tak untung. Cuma, selepas tu, barulah Proton bergerak maju. Kenapa masa Tun dulu ‘takapa’ tetapi sekarang tidak. Beliau juga ambil CEO Jepun utk memajukan Proton menggantikan anak tempatan. Jadi, apa masalahnya jika MAS melantik orang luar juga??? Inilah dinamakan semuanya elok bila kena pada batang hidung sendiri je.

Akhir kata, Dato’ janganlah memberi komen negative dulu sebab ramai pembaca Dato’ terpengaruh dan percaya bulat-bulat serkap jarang Dato’ je tu.. Business besar memanglah perlukan modal dan masa, dan untung hanya datang kemudiannya. Ini, baru business nak mula, dah tembak setengah mati dah. Apa ni !!!!!!! Sabarlah sikit !!!!! Satu lagi, jangan ada double standard, dulu masa Tun boleh, tapi sekarang tak boleh pulak. Tak senonoh betul. Sekian TQ.

safiai saad said...

Good Sunday Morning Sdr Kadir. First of all your article is as what the caucasian people said it is explosive and titanic in nature.
First all if you look at the history of IMDB basically it is the soverign fund,like Temasek of Singapore. The fact that it started with considerable capitaland despite that able to accumulate asset to the tune of 49 billion is commendable.The pount the gearing ration is too high above the industry average. All its asset ascquisition is financed by borrowing, be it bond,bank borrowing, sukuk and may be short term finance.There are few question we need to address pertaining to this issue.
1) Is the asset purchase so far will create value in the long terms
2)How come the company that has 1 million capital could proceed with those borrowing knowing well the gestation period fo the project will take some time.
3) Who has or has not done any fiduciary duty in the interest of the company.The board of directors as alter ego of the company must have valid and credible reasons to proceed with the business dealing
4) Who or whose responsible to see that risk management is properly addressed.Sure ly Goldman Sach have conducted the due deligent to provide the underwriting when 1MDB approached them to secure some form of financing
5)Are all parties including the bank,investment boutiques are acting in concert.What happen to one young guy who was reported to be the advisor.( read no mala fide intention)
6)Government provide gurantee are under whose preview. Dont we learn enough of corporate governance during financial crisis in 1998.
7)No venture,No gain even Temasek holding loosing billion, during the subprime crisis.
8) The guys that reported to the police regarding 1MDB was also the same persons who appeared as household name during Anuar Sodomy trialin 1999.It is not insunation, but as responsible citizen I wonder why.
9) Has the musical chair to replace Najib just started.
10) To our honourable prime minister please address this issue seriously since the rakyat would like to hear directly from you,instead of Tony Phua or Rafizi or Dr Mahathir since all symetrical information is acessible by you. You know more or are your memory is as selective as it could be.since the debt of 51 billion can be used as Brim for the next 12 years ( read 51/4 = 12.75)assuming centre paribus).
11) I rest my case Kadir and please continue to be "juru bicara Ummah" A responsble journalist with integrity and responsibility.


Debaters and visitors,

1. It is not that hard for the police to prove or disapprove Khairuddin’s allegation if they act independently and follow established standard operating procedures.

2. The most important thing is to follow the money trail. Khairuddin has detailed projects and investments 1MDB are supposed to be involved in. These projects and investments involved money/funds.

3. The sources of funds are not hard to establish. 1MDB received seed money from the Terengganu government during Pak Lah’s time. Nobody is really sure what happened to that money. When Mohd Najib became PM, he renamed it 1MDB and expanded its scope.

4. It was then that mysterious “investors” like Jho Low and his Arab associates appeared on the scenes. 1MDB started amassing assets and debts apart from making controversial investments in tax havens like Hong Kong and Cayman Islands.

5. It borrowed directly from banks or issued debt papers. Some of its bonds are guaranteed by the government. These borrowings can be easily identified as many of Malaysia’s Tier 1 banks are involved.

6. Where and on what projects the money is invested in can all be determined unless 1MDB does not keep a ledger. We have heard of 1MDB repeatedly failing to submit its accounts on time. It even resorted to removing its external auditors.

7. So if the police want to do a good, independent and professional job out of the report, they can. If they are super efficient in investigating sedition reports, I am sure they can be equally efficient in investigating Khairuddin’s report.

8. There is, however, a small possibility that some people may use force or money to get him to withdraw and retract his allegation. Bear in mind that many people – in and outside Umno – are beholden to the PM and make a living out of 1MDB.

9. Finally, who is on "trial" here - the complainant (Khairuddin) or 1MDB?

10. You can tear him to shreds or strip him naked, but he has done a big favour to those who want to know the truth about 1MDB.

11. If he is wrong, crucify him. Sue him for every penny he has. But if he is right, he could be saving the country from bankruptcy, as Idris Jala once predicted.


jab sp said...

Salam Yang Berbahgia Datuk
Ini komen saya, pendek saja.
Rungutan dan pandangan beribu orang berilmu mungkin bolih menyelamat Malaysia dari musibah ekonomi yang berterusan.
Manakala cukup dengan dua tiga komen si pembodek untuk Malaysia runtuh dalam semua bidang sektor ekonominya.

Hanezam said...

Salam Datuk Kadiag,

Teruskan menulis Datuk. Kami terhutang budi.

Joe Black said...


1MDB Appears to be a Secret Establishment (Akin to the CIA?)

Where discussion on it is not Allowed in Parliment...

Anyone Questioning about it may face Court Action...

Those from the Ruling Party Wanting the Company Investigated will be Persecuted...

Even the CIA in America Was Investigated for Practising Torture!

Hence ,this "Company" must be more Secret than the CIA...

Unknown said...

Ass Datuk kadir.

Kalau lah tiada Isa/ Sosma, Akta hasutan, dan Osa tentulah lebih ramai org berani spt Dato Khairuddin mendedahkan kejadian jahat pemerintah .

Sayang Datuk Kadir sendiri pertahan akta ISA dan Akta Hasutan walaupun banyak kali disalah guna oleh pemerintah.

ab said...

Salam Dato,

1MDB ni didaftarkan kat mana?.

Kalau kat Cayman Island/Hong Kong macamana nak pi court kat KL?

Bolih kah mahkamah dedahkan nama nama pemegang saham atau pelabur?...what is the `charge'/ the investors wrongdoings?.

WHO decides on BUAT hutang?.Who decides on beli `assets'?.

Pada fikiran saya,kalau betul, YANG AKAN BUNGKUS ialah bank bank yang beri hutang tu...

Pernah dengar perkataan `bank bumiputera Bhd' ?.

SAYA TIDAK PERCAYA satu perniagaan,kelolaan kakitangan awam, bolih beli `assets' sampai lebih 50 bilion ringgit dalam 5 tahun!....

Juai apa syarikat ni ?

Saya bimbang yang dilakukan(?), ialah beli `asset' melebihi harga pasaran 100-200%,lepas tu `gadai' SNP itu kat bank untuk `next loan',rendah sikit dari 150%,so bank ada 20-30% profit margin, so ulang ulang buat macam tu,bank bank pun `terpesona' juga,bagi la pinjaman duit cash baru.

SAMPAI lah the last `borrowing'.. lepas tu no more duit baru.

Jual bon guna ` assests profiles' untuk `impressesed' pemberi duit baru...

Anak murid mardoff kut ni..

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

wankamarul701 said...

Sembang politik sampai kiamat tak habis.. he3

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir

Sempena cuti sekolah ni, saya nak bawa anak bercuti. Lepastu, sebok sikit sebab nak siapkan audit tahun ni. Jadinya, saya minta maaaf banyak-banyak jika komen saya ada menyinggung perasaan Dato’ dan para pembhas dan pelawat di dlam blog Dato’ ni. Jangan di simpan di dalam hati.

Keduanya, izinkan saya menyampaikan sedikit pesanan kepada Coach Dollah dan harimau Malaya. Selamat maju jaya kepada pasukan harimau Malaya yg akan menetang Thailand. Saya nampak permainan Thailand laju dan teratur, tak terkejar oleh pemain kita. Tapi pemain kita keras, besar, tinggi sikit dan berpengalaman. Jadi kepada Coach Dollah Salleh, gunakanlah pendekatan physical (tackle keras sikit) utk menghilangkan keyakinan mereka.

Banyakkan hantaran “long ball” dimana bola 50%-50% akan lebih memerlukan kekuatan physical utk dapat bola, seperti yg digunakan semasa menentang Vietnam. Tak perlu short pass dan kurangkan dribble sebab mereka lebih pantas dan biasanya dribble pemain kita penonton pun boleh baca.

Saya juga agak terkilan sebab Coach Dollalh menyenaraikan kapten Kelantan dan pemain terbaik Liga M 2013, 2014 (Mohd Badri Radzi) hanya bila keadaan terdesak je. Sedangkan potensi beliau tinggi menggunung. Diharap coach KENA menyenaraikan beliau dlm kesebelasan utama final ni.

Midfield dan striker Thailand kuat tetapi mereka ada kelonggaran di bahagian pertahanan. Jadi gunakan pendekatan “man to man marking” di Thailand nanti dan kejutkan mereka dgn ‘long ball’ dan ‘counter attack’ sepertimana kita lakukan semasa di Singapoe tempoh hari. Bola 50-50, buat tackle keras utk membuatkan mereka marah, takut dan seterusnya mengganggu konsentrasi. Cuma ingat, jangan sampai kena kad merah sudahlah. Sekian, selamat maju jaya Harimau Malaya. TQ.

Selok Kera said...

Asset 50 billion
Liabilities 49 billion
Paid-up Capital 4 million.

Gearing ratio way way too high.
Financial cost way above market standard.
Hallmark of impending disaster.

Asset overvalued via revaluation and overpriced acquisition. Real Asset value may way below 49 billion.

If Liabilities more than Asset.
Hallmark of insolvency.

Hj Mansor said...

Dato Kadir.

Saya ingat susah bagi Polis Bukit Aman hendak memboktikan kesalahan Lembaga Pengarah 1MDB melalukan pecah amanah atau penipuan dalam menggunakan wang 1MDB.
TS Lodin bagitu yakin yang ua tidak melakukan kesalahan sebabnya bila wang 1MDB di pindahkan ka Hong Kong atau Cayman Island ia nya di buat dengan cara yang betul.Di luluskan oleh Lembaga Pengarah.1MDB.
Tapi apa yang Lodin tidak tahu ialah apa yang terjadi dengan wang 1MDB di Hong Kong atau Caymen Island.Wang 1MDB bila di pindahkan di Hong Kong dan Cayman Island ia nya pergi kaoada company lain yang tidak ada hubongan dengan 1 MDB.
Lembaha pengarah nya orang lain dan pemegang saham nya juga orang lain.
Mungkin saham syarikat ini hanya US$1 dollar saperti syarikat Petro Saudi .
Adakah polis bukin Aman ada kuasa untok menyiasat company ini.jawabnya tidak.
Asia Sentinal melaporkan mungkin wang ini di guna kan untok membiayai filem Holywood atau membeli Panthouse di New york dengan harga US $100 juta.

JL Loo melaporkan bahawa ney worth nya sekarang ialah US$ 1.7 billions.Empat tahun dahulu net worth nya tak sampai US $10 juta.Di manakah datang nya wang ini.adakah ianya wang Pak Arab Abu Dhabi yang menjadi rakan karibnya.Tok Arab bukan nya Bangang macam orang Melayu.
Petro Saudi yang hanya mempunyai midal $1 ringgit US di mileki oleh To Arab dari Saudi berjaya menlenyakkan hampir $2 billion wang 1MDB.
Sebab itu Zaid Hamidi,IGP dan Lodin bagitu yakin yang tidak ada apa apa kesalahan di lakukan oleh 1MDB.
Akhirnya Tun Mahathir,Zeti dan Kadir Jasin jadi ornag bodoh.

Led Zeppelin said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Thank you for writing this piece.Tapi untuk orang kampung macam saya yang tak tau apa2 agak sukar juga untuk memahami apa cerita di sebalik 1MDB ini.Bayangkan lah berapa ramai lagi orang kampung yang yang mengundi dan menyokong UMNO yang tak tahu menahu tentang perkara yang Dato tulis ini.Entahlah Dato'saya risau memikirkan ke mana hala tuju negara kita ini dengan pimpinan yang sedia ada.Ada pembangkang pun,dua kali lima,lima kali dua.RM50 bawak ke pasar dapat la barang tak seberapa.Apa tidaknya,sayur seikat pun sampai beringgit2,ikan jangan di kenang la.Berbelas-belas ringgit untuk sekilo ikan kembung.Belum lagi kita fikirkan tentang pendidikan anak2.Keluar universiti pun belum tentu dapat kerja.Bila majikan temuduga,penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris lemah kata mereka.Yang herannya,Menteri Pendidikan terperanjat atau buat2 terkejut bila ramai pelajar tidak boleh berbahasa Inggeris walhal telah mempelajari bahasa tersebut selama 10 tahun,dari sekolah rendah ke sekolah menengah.Bila dah kerja pulak,mana la budak2 ni nak cari duit untuk beli rumah.Rumah sekarang paling murah hampir mencecah setengah juta Dato!

Unknown said...

Khairuddin ini menghasut!

PDRM dipersilakan gunakan akta menghasut saman Khairuddin ataupun tahanlah dia di lokap

this is seditious! seditious

biasanya benda seditious cepat dapat tindakan daripada PRDM

wahi said...

Asskum Dato,

Kepala saya pening memikirkan sistem demokrasi yg diamalkan di Malaysia. Adakah patut parti yg didokongi oleh 47% pemilih memerintah manakala pihak yg mendapat 53% undian pula yg menjadi pembangkang.

Untuk gambaran yg lebih jelas, undian yg berjumlah 47% itu pula datangnya drp pengundi2 pendalaman yg mana mereka2 ini hanya disogok dgn media2 propaganga, manakala yg lebihnya sebanyak 53% datangnya dr pengundi2 yg penuh dengan maklumat., terbuka dan berpendidikan.

Oleh itu renung2kan rakyat Malaysia.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Ghab said...

It is not a "sovereign fund"by its definition. It is borrowed (then investment) money which scored for a "seed financing" to start off its financial business enterprise. The lender gets higher rate of returns through profit sharing.

1MDB financial model is exclusive. A ward to support its business programs. It is workable, viable thus bankable too. A fact about inception that it begins from nothing to something. Is there anything wrong with it?

A creation of 1MDB equated for a brilliant financial model sum up to monetarily in achieving its business goals. Above all, it comes from brainy identities which has been perceived to subscribe for controversy.

1MDB is a business enterprise like any other enterprises under the umbrella of financial and economic Capitalism. It is equipped by acquiring ready business with secured assets enterprises with good and sustainable cash-flow for monetization.

1MDB ventures into businesses referring to the pillars of economic. It undertakes the business of energy, plantation, water and tele-communication. Importantly, it is further furnished by concession awarded by the authority. These concessional commitment are stable and bankable of good business in the eyes of the bankers and investors for sustainable returns. Is there anything wrong with it?

1MDB is a PRIVATE entity not Pubic. Profits and losses are shown in its audited and documented balance sheets. It is in the making for further securing by "permanent business" activities for business sustainability. Is there anything wrong with it?

Most importantly, 1MDB objective is to further enhance the socio-economic growth which is the fundamental ingredients in the 1MDB's financial and business model, "COOPERATIVE" in nature by leadership.

The Government can do so much for the development of its people. In addition to that, 1MDB could spare its profits back to the unfortunates through domestic economic activities, education, skill and training. Is there anything wrong with it?

It is worth to acknowledge vividly to understand the current financial system of usury which is centered at financial system of conspiracy. While 1MDB financial model and its transaction are based on a financial model of Islamic financing and banking, centering in valuation of profit sharing versus usury. Is there anything wrong with it?

These are some of the positive elements that have been overlooked. In any business enterprises, there is element of borrowing, payback through profit and loses visible in the operative balance sheets. The banks are there to service the viable economic activities by license given to lend money.

The fundamental of doing business must be right. 1MDB borrowing and invests in the business of energy, for an example, is a right investment. The demand for energy is continuous and returns of investment is guaranteed. No energy means the collapse of civilization.

Lahuma said...


Terima kasih kerana satu pendedahan yang luar biasa dari media perdana kerajaan.

Isu 1 MDB ini sudah panas dikalangan rakyat kasta pertengahan dan kasta atasan.

Rakyat golongan kasta bawahan masih kurang peduli hal ini.

Walaupun 1 MDB menjadi topik panas belum pun ada penjekasan dari kerajaan.
Setakat Ahmad Maslan beri penjelasan pun cuma kulit-kulit sahaja.
Kenaapa PM diam sahaja.

Semoga PM Najib buat penjelasan sendiri.Apa cerita sebenarnya dengan nasib malang 1 MDB ini.Biar rakyat tahu melalui penjelasan tersebut.

Kemudian kaki pembela boss pula janganlah cepat melenting.Nak bodek pun biarlah bertem[pat.

Kenapalah banyak sangat isu dizaman PM Najib ini.
Kalau lah 1 MDB ini berada di jalan yang betul kenapa begitu banyak kerugian terjadi.

Terima kasih Dato.

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