Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Exploding" Pakatan "Imploding" Barisan

A Kadir Jasin

WHILE the Barisan Nasional (BN), with the help of the mainstream media, is instigating the disintegration of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR), the grand old coalition itself is in danger of an implosion.

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With Umno, the dominant partner of the 13-party coalition, is in a state of near paralysis due to lack of leadership, member parties are going their separate ways and imploding.

MIC crisis: BN parties striking out on their own
Look at the above picture of the squabbling MIC members. Weak BN leadership is encouraging component parties to go their own ways. In the MIC, the challenge against the lightweight President G. Palanivel started from the early days he succeeded the autocratic but hugely popular (Tan Sri) S Samy Vellu in December 2010.

With the BN Chairman (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak himself facing growing discontent within his own party, he does not appear to be able to lend a helping hand, not only to the squabbling Indian party, but to others in the BN.

Despite being the smallest of the original Alliance/BN parties, MIC is important to the grand old coalition because the Indians generally support the BN. With the Chinese-based MCA and Gerakan having been rejected by the Chinese, continuous Indian support is crucial. But a weak MIC could drive away BN’s Indian votes.

Instead of fighting the real foes – the PR – the Umno psychological warfare machinery went Don Quixotic and fought the windmill, believing that party critics like (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad and (Tun) Daim Zainuddin are the enemies.

They committed the ultimate misstep by enlisting Opposition Leader (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR cohorts to attack Daim on prime time TV and in the Umno-controlled newpapers.

After failing to split PR over the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis last year, they now co-opt the PKR “general leader” (Ketua Umum) as their spokesman on corruption.

But after Daim issued a press statement saying that he knew who was behind the campaign, the hyenas ran helter-skelter, and some of them may be made the scapegoats to safe the boss and his powerful messenger.

Mohd Najib should be less gullible and spend more time running the country and party. He should by now realise that not everybody in his payroll are as good as they promoted themselves to be.

He should stop following his daydreaming Don Quixote's on their silly missions fighting the windmills.

Be mindful of Don Quixote in the Umno media

The Sarawak Factor

Another sign of the BN parties striking out on their own is clearly visible Sarawak, a key state for the ruling coalition.

There the state-based BN parties are exerting their influence ahead of the state legislative assembly election, which has to be held before June next year.

The state government is surreptitiously flexing its muscle over immigration by barring many Peninsula residents from entering the state. Even civil servants and GLC employers are subjected to closer scrutiny now before being allowed entry.

The supposedly weak and amiable (Tan Sri) Adenan Satem is proving to be more decisive than his predecessor (Tun) Taib Mahmud in some key areas like corruption and abuse of power.

If the state BN fails to roll back the PR advance as seen during the 2011 state election and the 2013 general election, the BN could end up losing more seats in future polls in the state.

As for the explosion in the PR that the BN is trying hard to instigate, the answer rests neither with the BN nor the existing PR leadership.

The future of the opposition alliance rests with its younger and more idealistic leaders, and their youthful supporters.

The PR is likely to do better in attracting young voters and fence sitters if it can wean itself from the existing leadership which is built around old-timers like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Abdul Hadi Awang.

As I told two members of PAS supreme council a couple of weeks ago, if they are serious about taking over the country, all the three PR parties must stop petty squabbles and put forward the best in brain and policies.

They should not base their optimism purely on the perceived weakness of the BN. Umno and the BN still have time to improve if leadership reshuffle takes in the near future.

I told them that if ever they win, they can choose to banish Mohd Najib and his merry men (and women) to the mythical Laut Kalzum (Kalzum Sea) to be devoured by the Garuda, but 1MDB will not disappear. The debt-laden sovereign fund will become their problem. So are other issues the country is now facing.

Earlier, I told a DAP MP from Johor that we are all in a big steamy stadium with angry supports at each other’s throat. We must know how to control the crowd, locate the emergency exits and avoid a stampede. If we are not willing to compromise, we may be trampled to death.

And the end of the day, it’s not about politics but about the country.

And to the two Umno’s pembesar – one a minister and the other a state executive councillor - who were gracious and “brave” enough to join blogger Apanama and I last night, let me repeat what I say – the future of Umno, the Malays and Islam is far more important than the future of any one person in Umno.

Just in case Mr Don Quixote is curious, we were not conspiring. Just that we happened to bump into each other at the mamak shop.


35 comments: said...

Salam dato,

It becoming very obvious that the present `leaders' from all parties are `appearing' either `drunk' or `dumb', and they are from the top to bottom.

BUT, a ship is always piloted by a captain.

The drunk and dumb seamen sometimes do behave oddly,killing
each other, carry out mutiny affair or jump ship, some or most of them.

It only a matter of time the nation goes berserk with such `leaders' at the helm, and we
all WILL lose the little `things' that we have had, and the lost is huge,and forever....

NO MATTER how many millions of us around later on,and how `loudly' are we then, `things'that we lost,and life we living will not be the same again.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Salam Hormat

Serabut di kepala kalaulah tak memikirkan apa yang sedang terjadi di Greece. Rakyat mengundi menentukan nasib mereka secara aman. Pedulikan apa nak jadi pada EU.

Rakyat Greece agak pandai bawa diri.

Adakah Russia akan mahu berdagang dengan Greece negeri yang hampir bankrup sekiranya Germany tak bagi hutang.

Tetapi apakah pedoman pada kita?

Mangsa Banjir said...


Masa depan Islam dan bangsa Melayu lebih penting dari parti UMNO, PAS atau PKR.
Sedang bangsa Melayu yang 90% beragama Islam di Malaysia bercakaran, bangsa lain melihat betapa buruknya bangsa terbesar di Malaysia bercakaran, bergaduh, fitnah sesama sendiri dan sanggup berbuat apa sahaja demi kuasa.
"Menghalakan cara" yang di praktikkan oleh bangsa Yahudi menjadi pedoman puak-puak yang ingin melahap kuasa.Sesiapa yang membujur akan lalu dan melintang akan patah.
Belajarlah dari Sejarah apabila Kejatuhan Tamadun Utama Dunia seperti kerajaan melayu melaka,kerajaan Otoman, Kerajaan ming , kerajaan kublai Khan dan banyak lagi kerajaan yang hebat pada zamannya jatuh satu persatu apabila Ketua Negara tersebut gagal utk mentadbir dengan bijaksana dan pimpinan yang amat lemah, perebutan kuasa didalam negara dan keborosan yang membuatkan rakyat dan musuh bangkit untuk menghapuskan tamadun tersebut.
Pakatan atau Barisan sama-sama mempunyai masalah yang akan melenyapkan mereka dari arena arus politik negara apabila rakyat mula meluat akibat politiking yang berterusan dan tiada kesudahan. berpolitiklah secara bijaksana dengan mengutamakan keharmonian agama dan bangsa, sekiranya tidak mampu memimpin, berundurlah secara terhormat dan jangan melaga-laga pengikut dan akhirnya negara akan musnah dan binasa. Musuh disekeliling kita hanya menunggu masa untuk menerkam kita bila kita sibuk bercakaran dan mereka tidak perlu berusaha keras utk melumpuhkan benteng pertahanan kita apabila kita sendiri yang merobohkannya.
Seorang pemimpin TIDAK LAYAK memimpin bila mana setiap gerakannya di pimpin atau dicaturkan oleh orang disekelilingnya. Pemimpin yang bijak tahu bila waktu dia TIDAK DIPERLUKAN LAGI dan mesti BERUNDUR.

Mangsa Banjir.

Mullah TTDI said...

Dear Datuk

I really love this phrase 'the future of UMNO, the Malays and Islam is far more important than the future of any one person in UMNO'. Are the current leaders of UMNO have the gut to lead our Country to prosperity again ?? We will see... We will see...

Pakcik said...

Semakin hari semakin panas...benarkah PM nak resign bulan Jun ini?

ismail muda said...

Mat Maslan selaku Ketua Penerangan selalu menyakinkan Presiden Umno, BN TIDAK MUNGKIN KALAH dlm PRU. Keyakinan ini kerana UMNO menang 88 kerusi Parlimen yg diraih dlm PRU 13 lalu melalui kawasan felda, Parlimen Sarawak & Sabah. Mustahil BN kalah!!! Felda saja ada 54 seat dlm tangan. Mat Maslan jugak ada teorinya yg kuat menusuk akal fikiran Presiden iaitu di Mlsia ada lebih 65% penduduk Islam, di mane undi BN tak mungkin lari ke tgn pembangkang. Di tambah lagi teori BRIM, pengundi Melayu mudah 'cair' dgn adanya BRIM. Teori BRIM datangnya dari idea felda di mane Menterinya PM Najib sendiri. Di felda, setiap peneroka diberi bantuan duit raya purata rm400 seorg, bonus tahunan rm1,200 seorg, bantuan kematian rm10ribu, bantuan sakit rm10ribu, bantuan baiki rumah tanpa faedah rm40 ribu & pelbagai bantuan dari dana felda. Lihat prestasi undi 54 seat kaw felda yg begitu menyakinkan pemimpin UMNO sehingga wakil rakyat kaw felda jadi selesa & goyang kaki. UMNO sgt confident kaw felda sehingga Presiden UmNo tidak pernah gusar.
Akan tetapi bantuan kpd peneroka tidak mungkin bertahan lama. Dikabarkan dana felda sudah makin susut dgn ketara. Pendapatan felda jatuh merosot dan tidak mungkin dpat membiayai peneroka. Di tambah pengurusan & kepimpinan felda yg semakin lemah akibat campur tgn politik. Lebih 80% ahli lembaga felda adalah kalangan umno!! PM Najib terlalu yakin kepimpinan Isa Samad di felda sehingga tidak diketahui isu dalaman felda yg akan menggugat BN dlm PRU dtg.
Teori Mat Maslan akan terus terpasak dlm kepala PM Najib. Presiden UMNO tidak mungkin gusar walau apa pun isu besar yg melanda BN....

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Penutup kata Dato..." the future of Umno, the Malays and Islam are far more important than the future of any one person in Umno ".

Bait itu sahaja sudah cukup untuk umum tahu betapa tidak relevannya lagi pemimpin No 1 dan 'Yes Men' dia.

Dia dan 'Yes Men' dia.. bukan sahaja menjahanamkan segala apa yg Pejuang Kemerdekaan telah lakukan....

Bilamana diasak untuk 'turun takhta'...Ketua menjadi marah dan hendak berperang dgn 'musuh' yg salah dan MUSUH SEBENAR didepan pun sudah tidak kelihatan.

Dangkal dan mengecewakan ketua seperti ini.

Terima kasih.

Shirmoot said...

Dear Kadir,

Some have been saying for years that when anwar leaves, a natural course will follow. Fence sitters are afraid of anwar and what he will bring to the table. Hardcore defenders of umno are guys that are making a living or mere mercenaries. Those that genuinely care for the nation have no time and money to shop in oxford street, have no worries about late payments by the government to service their lavish lifestyle. Some have doubted najib from the very beginning because this guy never fought and earned his stripes. Semua diberi jadi dia ingat bila dia bagi brim suma orang hati girang macam dia.

Good to know you are still writing piece after piece of the true reflection of the feelings of the average peace loving guy trying to live a peaceful and quiet life.

And btw i was always confused by the allahuaklam. I see no k but then it hit me, the k is for an apostrophe. Allahua''lam in other words. Is this true or am i still missing something

IT,Scheiss said...

A well balanced article which articulates the whole picture well Datuk.

It reads like Thailand before General Prayut took power or Weimar Germany before Hitler.

When democracy has turned dysfunctional,the country is a rudderless ship and economic matters weigh hard upon the people, often that is when the ordinary people welcome strong leadership offering a way out of the mess but Malaysia has no equivalent of Syriza which promises to go against the much hated austerity imposed upon the Greek people by the European Union, especially Germany.

"Party Sosialis Malaysia" I hear someone say!

Nah! PSM has been brown nosing Pakatan Rakyat for some years until Pakatan farted in PSM's face and rejected the latter's attempts to be accepted into the pact.

Left social democratic Syriza partners with rightist Independent Greeks to fight the much hated austerity imposed by the western imperialist finance capital, whilst PSM allies with Pakatan and sundry pro-opposition NGOs (quite a few Soros or NED funded) against the Barisan Nasional.

PSM is no Syriza.

Malaysian politics would be quite a comedy, if it were no so pathetic.

berasiam said...

Salam DAKJ

Penulis Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes itu mati 10 hari selepas kematian Shakespeare hampir 400 tahun lalu (April 1616) tetapi masih belum dapat dikesan di mana pusaranya. Pemerintah di negaranya sedang berusaha menemukan pusaranya untuk dibangunkan sebagai satu tarikan pelancong. Dengan menggunakan teknologi abad ke-21, dalam masa tidak sampai setahun, usaha mengesan pusaranya dilaporkan hampir berhasil.

Bandingkanlah dengan pencarian sebuah pesawat yang berteknologi terkini bersama 269 orang yang sehingga sekarang masih belum ditemui secebis pun kesannya dan telah diisytiharkan kemalangan mengikut piawaian penerbangan antarabangsa. Takziah kepada seluruh waris mangsa yang terlibat dalam kehilangan misteri atau dimisterikan itu. Yang membuat pengisytiharan ialah seorang kaki tangan kerajaan, bukan ketua kerajaan, anggoya keluarga atau kabinetnya.

Mungkin ada baiknya kita mula memperkatakan mengenai bakal ketua kerajaan dan tindakan yang perlu diambil untuk memulihkan keadaan yang diparahkan oleh ketua sekarang. Ramai yang mempersoalkan jika ketua yang ada diturunkan siapa yang boleh menggalas tugas berkenaan dengan lebih baik. Nama sepupu telah disebut-sebut bersama-sama dengan anak pengkritik utama yang sekarang menjadi Menteri Besar. Bagaimana dengan timbalan sekarang jika ketua tersingkir atau disingkirkan.

Secara tradisi, adat dan perundangan, timbalan akan memangku waktu ketiadaan ketua. Telah diketahui umum bahawa timbalan amat mengambil berat MB yang berkenaan. Sepupu sama negeri dengan timbalan, sesuatu yang janggal jika timbalan mengambilnya sebagai gandingan. Malangnya MB itu ditewaskan dalam pemilihan naib presiden parti. Nak pastikan sepupu menang, pengiraan undi di beberapa bahagian dikatakan dibuat silap mata.

Lirik lagi Warisan nyanyian Sudirman yang cuba disingkirkan baris-barisnya nampak gayanya akan menjadi kenyataan.

"andai kuterbuang tak diterima,
andai aku disingkirkan....."

Sama-samalah kita tunggu tarikh keramat 10 Februari 2015. Ramai yang berdebar termasuk Azmin Ali terutamanya.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Perdana Menteri dan Menteri dalam kerajaan datang dan pergi .. Yang menarik Dalam umno dan barisan .. Tiada siapa yang dapat menangis tomahan atau Fitrah fitnah Dalam umno kerana selagi jawatan Ketua umno Bahagian di buat Bagai harta pusaka selagi itu umno lemah .

Tok .. Bila mana umno Bahagian Batu gajah perak menghalau saya Dari jawatan KETUA permuda Bahagian tiada siapa pun yang backing atau pertahankan saya melainkan Aziz Sheik Fadil dan Syed Abu Hussin ( Ketua Bahagian Bukit gantang)..
Saya Di gugurkan melalui undi tak percaya. kesalahan hanya tak ikut telunjuk Ketua Bahagian ..
Dalam umno taat kepada perminpin adalah WAJIB walaupun perminpin itu berkelakuan seperti Anak anak raja zaman dahulu kala..
Umno parti keramat...
Jika perminpin umno banyak dosa
Maka Negara dan umno Akan Terima Azab

"Kata tok kepada saya...

Non jika Bala turun kita semua Kena "

ALLAH perliharakan lah Umno dan Malaysia

JMS said...


Let's recap. There was euphoria to conduct postmortem on UMNO/BN poor performance in GE13. Questions are now whether such serious postmortem had indeed been conducted and if so what're their findings and are they taking actions to address all the critical issues.

The fact that TDM has withdrawn his support for DSN coupled with the incessant onslaught against TDM and TDZ albeit a so-called ceasefire, via UMNO-controlled mainstream media are evidence enough that the euphoria stated above is just a rhetoric that's synonymous with UMNO.

Time is still on UMNO side to correct the wrongs and to alleviate the shortcomings. Identify who the real enemies are.

And a reminder to those who had been leeching within and outside the PMO. Their misdeeds and personal agenda will be exposed and suffer the consequences. After all, according to TDZ, he has already identified who the mastermind is.

abdullahngah said...

Orang Melayu 90 peratus beragama islam tapi 83 peratus tak solat lima waktu sehari semalam.

Oleh itu, tidak hairan antara mereka sentiasa berckaran satu sama lain. Jauh sekali untuk bersatu.

Asas umat untuk bersatu ialah patuh dengan ajaran islam.

Bagaimana antara mereka boleh bersatu satu pihak ingkar dengan perintah Allah.

Pasti yang patuh dengan perintah Allah tak akan sudi menerima mereka yang ingkar dengan perintah Allah.

Kalau bersatu pun pasti tak tahan lama sepertimana bukti sejarah.

Malah antara mereka semakin hari semakin berpecah belah kerana tak ikut ajaran islam yang syumul.

azman said...

Assalamualaikum wbt pak Kadir..

Kesilapan terbesar UMNO, tapi Khasnya TDM, adalah menerima Anwar Ibrahim menjadi ahli.

Beliau adalah seperti rumput beracun,yang terbaru ditemui membiak dengan cepat diMalaysia, jika tidak ada pakar yang begitu komited untuk memusnahkanya, terimalah padahnya.

Sekarang kesilapan telah berlaku, namun itu dengan ketentuan Allah jua.wallahualam..

azman said...

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Tidak menjadi keterlaluan jika saya meluahkan rasa hati, "bahawa menjadi ketua sememangnya banyak ranjau dan onak bakal ditempuhi".

Sayugia, kita umat Islam perlulah beradap serta muhasabah diri, supaya tidak kita menjadi umat derhaka.
Adakah kita lebih baik darinya?, sedangkan sekarang pon kita keliru siapa yang lebih baik antara Anwar Ibrahim atau Najib Abdul Razak?.

Saya tak perlu berpersangka buruk bahawa Negara bakal ditimpakan bala jika Negara berketuakan Anwar.wallahualam..

Hidup Melayu said...

Kepimpinan Gorbachev di Russia telah menyebabkan Soviet Union berpecah. Dia dianggap lemah dan penggantinya Boris Yeltsin tidak dapat menyelamatkan keadaan. kini Vladimir Putin dilihat lebih decicive dan dapat mengawal keadaan.

Adakah Najib akan menjadi spt Gorbachev ?


1. Debater Shirmoot, among other things, wrote: "And btw i was always confused by the allahuaklam. I see no k but then it hit me, the k is for an apostrophe. Allahua''lam in other words. Is this true or am i still missing something."

2. That's the spelling used by the Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu of the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and is pronounced walla hu a’lam (والله أعلمُ ).

3. I can only guess that “ak” in the spelling is equivalent to “ain” (ﻉ)in Arabic alphabet.

4. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Wallahuaklam (Wallahua'lam).

Thank you.

Ghab said...

So yes Pakatan's exploding, but Pakatan will explode and burst into pieces by the their own bellowed noises rather than their unfounded voices.

In turn, Barisan National will go through a therapy of implosion, an attempt to develop confidence despite the adversed events. Though it is too late to reassure that the majority is still with Barisan.

In the end it would bring about a situation whereby the country is going through a rough spell of political chaos with social unrest and political turmoil. It depletes its economy, social and state of exhausted finance as prerequisite for a "bankrupt" nation.

And bangsa Melayu will live happily ever after, benefiting from their continuous bickering and dissent (tak pasal-pasal) among themselves led by their sinister leadership.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum DAKJ

Tambahan kpd pendapat sdr Ghap.

Kalau tak sampai jadi punah ranah macsm Libya, kalau pemimpin UMNOBN beraya membangkrapkan 95% Melayu pun jadilah.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum DAKJ

Lanjutan daripada lapuran 265000 kes kebangkrapan pd tahun 2014.

Ratusan ribu individu Melayu bangkrap vs IMDB.

Kenapa ratusan ribu Melayu tak dibela sekuat tenaga oleh menteri2 agar tak bangkrap. Mereka mungkin penyokong tegar pemerintah dan walaupun bangkrap mereka masih dibenar mengundi dan undi mereka sangat diperlu untuk memenangkan UMNOBN.

Sementara itu walaupun IMDB cuma satu dan tak boleh mengundi akan tetapi ternyata IMDB jadi anak emas pemerintah hingga bank tak berani atau boleh nak bangkrapkan IMDB.

Antara IMDB dan kroni vs bangsa Melayu siapa tuan sebenar?

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Wah bangsa lain tak ada pergeseran kah?
Dalam posting ini siapakah yang dapat perhatian?

Kenalah tanya dato siapakah dia presiden MIC kalau dibandingkan timbalan menteri kesihatan?

Bukankah dulu ada partai UMNO(lama) dan kemudian daripada kemelut itu Mahathir digelar Mahazalim oleh PAS?

Dan pasal apa nak sorok kacau dalam komponen PR?

Bahi saya selamat datang Jemaah Islam harapnya senjata kimia tak berleluasa.

Kalau tak tahu bersyukur terima sahajalah apa yang datang keatas kaum yang mungkar.

Kaum India ada partai lain kalau MIC dibubarkan. What is the big masaalah?

Saya bosan dengan mereka yang tak hormat sama bangsa lain selain Kaum Melayu totok.

msh said...

Wkmslm sdra Azman.

Berperasangka buruk tidak baik dari sisi ugama.

Tetapi memandangkan kita sedang diambang bahaya dgn kecelaruan ketua yg sepatutnya mempertahankan apa yg ada tentang hak bamgsa dan ugama....bukanlah derhaka atau dosa.

Ini tentang mada depan kita dan anak cucu....juga ugama.

Apa gunanya ketua yg terlampau lemah dan memandai2?

Kita tidak perlu ketua yg terlampau mengikut telunjuk mereka yg liberal dan anti apa saja Melayu dan Islam.

Dan ketua yg kita ada telah kalah dgn asakan bertubi2 dari kumpulan rasis pd bamgsa Melayu seperti kehendak mereka agar kita sujud pd 'moderation' ala the Star oleh Wong Chu Wai yg sebenar dari rencana Dap.

Sy tidak juga melihat apa istimewanya ketua No 1 bila mana dia sanggup berkongsi fahaman dgn Anwar.

Kita tahu...survival diri dia yg dia pentingkan dan untuk itu dia telah sanggup menjual maruah dan garga diri pd org seperti Anwar untuk menahan apa saja asakan untuk dia melepas jawatan.

Ini tidak adil pd kita semua yg telah memilih dia.

Dan sy percaya majoriti Melayu dan ahli Umno tidak menyokong cara ini.

Tetapi dia peduli apa?

Tidak kah ini membuktikan bahawa diri dia didahulukan?

Wajarkah kita membenarkan dia berterusan memimpin bilamana perasaan ramai penyokong tidak diendahkan... ..disamping pula rekod kerja yg tidak baik jauh sekali hebat ?.

Seperti Dato Kadir kata;

..."Masa depan Umno...bangsa dan ugama lebih penting
dari mana2 individu sekali pun"

Perlu juga ditekankan untuk pengetahuan semua bahawa dia sanggup berbaik2 atau Dato kata bercumbu dgn Anwar....

Dan ini adalah suatu yg kita tidak dpt bayangkan...bila dia sanggup bersekutu dgn Anwar bilamana menangkis pengkritik2 seperti Tun M ..Tun Daim...Zam dll.

Ini memang diluar jangkaan kita semua....tetapi dgn sikap penting diri dan survival...beliau sanggup lakukan apa saja..dan mungkin ini juga dikatakan politik.

Tetapi ini politik bodoh yg cuma makan diri sahaja.

Kita pun tahu siapa Anwar.

Kita juga tidak tahu apa lagi yg masih dirancang antara mereka berdua untuk memastikan kuasa berkekalan ditangan.

Huuuhhhh.....dangkal dan lekeh sekali ketua yg sebegini.

Terima kasih.

Lanun 2 said...

Pak Kadir

How is it that Syria once a peaceful country is now in chaos and yet Bashar is still around? Do you think Saudi Arabia won't follow suit now that Yemen' Houthis is in control to the south and ISIL is getting popular in Egypt?

What would be the tipping point here and there?
It is no consolation when the Americans are a bankrupt nation with dubious leadership.

What would be the tipping point?
Malays in heavy debts and Mecca only for the wealthy capitalist Malays?

And how long would Sarawak would want to be part of the Federation getting only 6% oil royalty?

Maaf if I have upset you, Dato.

Interesting times ahead. Alhamdulillah

buah kerdas said...

The first time I came to know the term "implosion" was when I read vacuum technology. A vacuum chamber, be it just a normal vacuum, high vacuum or even ultra-high vacuum must have wall that capable to stand up against the atmospheric pressure, ie, about 101.3 kPa (101.03 kN/sq. meter ~ 14.2 pound per sq inch). In the case of UMNO/BN, the strength of the outside force (read the PR force) seems to increase with time, GE after GE. It is not an implosion, rather it is a breakdown under an ever increasing opposing force. The only chance for UMNO/BN to survive this is by making PR disintegrate.
PR is heavy enough to disintegrate given the neutral element within the coalition is made larger or smaller than its stable proportion. However, taking the lesson from nuclear decay, it produces hazardous radiations; similarly, a disintegrating PR may produce loose canons that are equally dangerous.

safiai saad said...

Salam sdr Kadir, Your last paragraph speaks volume about the situation in this country.
"let me repeat what I say – the future of Umno, the Malays and Islam is far more important than the future of any one person in Umno"
To me this is the crux of the matter.I love to read debators who argue on these topics.
The question of 5W and 1H should be the content in our discussion

What,Why,who,When,and how.
What caused the problem, is it leadership or the party member, or the general public?

Why there was a problem to begin with?

Who caused this problem... this is most difficult question.

When was the problem identified, or do we just miss the whole picture.

How do we fix this problem.

With due respect some of our debaters have a good analytical mind and their opinion worth a lot to the Malays.But others are more personel and which I try to ignore.
We seldom discuss the merit of Dr. Mahathir suggestion,neither we discussed PM merit.I think the whole ideas how do we menage this country and ensure that Islam remain the domonant factors in our country at least as a religion. Other aspect of life we need some time.

I did asked some well known Malays, why dont they write and give ideas instead belittle the effort of other mediocre Malays. They are a bit scared since since they used to have many staff before and the responce is just wait and see.
Well I think we are going to face huge problem if you guys did not come onboard.
Sdr Kadir, I did research on this Malay issue,and I think you are sincere in trying to help.I read in your writing,quite substantial Malays criticize you, but Allhamdulliah you are very calm and relaxed and more important you do not shoot at your citique.

Honestly Sdr kadir, I am at the loss.Our Malays brother unable to see the big challenges waiting for them. I am scared even to think at it.

I rest my case sdr Kadir.

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Saya tak tahulah kalau komunis malaya sudah tidak ada sanjungan lagi di negara ini tetapi KALAU ramai pengangguran dikalangan rakyat
Kekayaan negara dikuasai 1% bukankah ini juga menjurus kepada keadaan demokrasi terpimpin dengan militair memainkan peranan utama saperti di Thailand, dato?

Apakah isu sebenarnya kemelut MIC dan juga PKR dan dalam DAP? Adakah ia mengenai agihan kekayaan dalam permodenan negara?

Apakah kedudukan ekonomi negara bilamana pertumbuhan ekonomi China 5-6% dan US-EU 0-2%
Dan harga minyak rendah dan RM1=USD3.6?

2020 meraikan banyak negara demokrasi terpimpin militair?

Bilangan manusia 10 billion pada 2020?

Joe Black said...


If the Opposition Coalition wants to move ahead in the Interest of Malaysians for the future, they must jettison PAS and try to garner votes from disillusioned PAS members.

There is no point talking to Jihadists and Religious extremists...They are only interested in promoting their personal agenda in the name of religion.

It is more likely that PAS will merge with UMNO for the next general elections in order to Bring Malaysia into an Era of Malay Muslim Extremism for Malaysia. Malaysia will be eventually left behind by Indeonesia and the rest of ASEAN in the coming decades.


1. Debater Safiai Saad, among other things, said; "We seldom discuss the merit of Dr. Mahathir suggestion,neither we discussed PM merit."

2. I think we have. Politically, (Tun) Dr Mahathir wants Umno to be strong again so that it can gain the respect and support of other BN parties.

3. The PM, on the other hand, seems not to have a clear idea of how to make Umno strong again. Even Umno HQ is in a mess with key officials appear more interested in seeking party posts for themselves than running the HQ.

4. On Jan 30 a group of former Umno MPs and State Assemblymen met Dr M.

6. This is the SMS sent to me by one of them - a Tan Sri - "I met Tun Mahathir on 30 Jan with some leaders of ---- and Tun Mahathir thinks Najib must step down immediately."


Thank you.

buah kerdas said...

The questions are:
- WE believe that unity brings strength. PAS may be brought to UMNO fold once again, BUT for the sake of what? Is it for the sake of UMNO (better read as Pembesar UMNO) or the Malays?
- The plight of the Malays was and are rooted to our generally weak and ineffective economic enterprise. In more than 50 years in power why there is NO the like of TESCO and GIANTS, just to name a few, initiated by UMNO for their ardent and die hard Malay supporters? If some chosen Pembesar UMNO can play with billions of RM in 1MDB, what the heck can't they device Malay dominated chain of superstores, transport services and supply chain? Is it enough for the Pembesar UMNO to ask Malays "merebut peluang-peluang ekonomi" knowing very well that their Malay supporters are NOT in the same business league as the Chinese or even the Indians? If the answer to this question is lack of business knowledge and skills among the Malays and we believe it, then we have to accept the inevitable, that is, the Malays will slowly but surely be marginalised from this land. I DO believe that there are many business smart Malays that their talents are not tapped. The present UMNO leadership do NO have the will and courage to embark on down to earth unioque and noble business programs to strenghten Malay economy, so noble with no similar model elsewhere in the world the like of our FELDA and Tabung Haji, so to speak.
- Many of us here are wishfully thinking that UMNO can be made strong again. Well, I can see that and have no objection. But have we truly realised what made UMNO weak as it is now? Can the intricating power structure within UMNO be rejuvenated to free it from suffocating the party with the killing corrupt practices?

I wish that I have the answers to all that. What say you Dato'?

JMS said...


Re-paras 4 & 5 of your response.

Recently Abd Aziz Rahman, President of MUBARAK strongly defended TV's attack on TDZ. It was interpreted by many as an indirect attack onTDM.

Hence the meeting held between a group of former UMNO MPs and State Assemblymen whom I presume to be members of MUBARAK, and TDM tend to indicate that something is not right within the association and has raised a pertinent question. Has Aziz got the mandate from the members to make the statement or was he acting unilaterally? The apparent split within MUBARAK will deny DSN solid support from the veterans which he desperately needs to remain in power at least until the next GE 14.

I also wonder whether the former MPs and State Assemblymen were in support of TDM's thinking that DSN must step down immediately.

msh said...

Salam sdra Safia Saad.

Sy pun tidak dpt berkata2 lagi dgn cara negara dipimpin dan sama ada Melayu masih mampu memegang kuasa dimasa hadapan.....jika ini caranya pemimpin No 1 dari Umno memimpin negara.

Tidak keterlaluan jika sy berkata...masalah disini ialah 'Masalah Pimpinan' (yg diterajui oleh ketua2 Melayu dari Umno).

Kemana halatuju negara yg hendak dibawa?

Bagaimana dgn masalah2 berikut?(secara serba sedikit sahaja);

# ekonomi negara yg lemah.

# jurang ekonomi yg masih lebar antara Melayu Cina...walau pun hampir 60 tahun Merdeka...rakyat Melayu yg memonopoli semua jenis 'Kemiskinan'.

# perhubungan kaum.... yg begitu tegang.

# hasutan

# kedudukan Islam...walau pun ugama Islam ugama rasmi tetapi masih kuat dipersoalkan.

# kemiskinan ...pendapatan majoriti rakyat masih rendah dah majoriti masih miskin....
adakah ini ditangani dgn serius...
agar pemberian BRIM tidak diperlukan lagi (ini sebenarnya juga kayu pengukur tentang kemiskinan rakyat).


# dadah...yg juga ramai dari org Melayu

# rasuah oleh penjawat awam.

# kos sara hidup yg tinggi dan semakin naik.


Kita tahu...ada perkara yg memerlukan masa yg panjang untuk diperbetulkan...seperti jurang ekonomi kaum...
tetapi jika sudah hampir 60 tahun Merdeka...jurang ekonomi antara Melayu Cina makin melebar dan tiada pula tanda2 akan rapat......INI KIRA SUDAH TIDAK BETUL DAN TERSASAR JAUH...adakah kerajaan memerlukan lagi 60 tahun untuk merapatkannya....setengah abad berlalu pun masih tidak dpt ditangani...betul2 seriuskah bila agenda memperkasakan ekonomi bumiputra dilaungkan?

Hata...apa gunanya negara membangun dgn begitu pesat sedangkan Melayu masih terkial2...'kais pagi makan petang' ...dan terus terusan ketinggalan ?

Tetapi ada perkara yg boleh dibendung dgn cepat seperti isu hasutan...isu hak2 bangsa Melayu yg dipersoalkan selalu walau pun telah terkandung didlm Perlembagaan.

Isu2 ugama yg tidak sepatutnya dipersoalkan lagi.

Jadi...adakah pemimpin yg sedia ada yg sudah lebih 6 tahun memimpin ini betul2 peka...menangani isu2 ini dgn serius...cekap dan jujur atau sekadar melihat...memanaskan kerusi dan menjahanamkan terus.

Ini isunya.

Dan ini topiknya yg telah Dato lontarkan sekian lama dan Syabas pd beliau yg sayangkan bangsa dan ugama dari terus menerus 'dicaca marbakan...digulaikan' oleh ketua yg sebangsa.

Terima kasih

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

So Paguh is key and will there be alleged so supposed to happen spendings of loyal wife cum pegawai khas to PM leaked out and available in the cyberworld? Ah, Chedet and his wawasan2020 of the 1990s.

Will it make UMNO and BN stronger, Dato Kadir?
And will there be tears from Det?

Paguh has to agree with others to an EGM and dies off when the undi comes.

Jadi takat ini sajalah Det boleh sabar. Agaknya kaum bukan Melayu pun sokong.

Det tolong fikir habis-habis.

Salam hormat

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Saya juga mahu Pekan lepaskan jawatan PM tetapi cara che det ini pada hemat kita ianya membawa keburukan yang lebih besar kepada UMNO sekiranya UMNO Kedah gagal panggil EGM UMNO dalam tempoh terdekat.

Pada perkiraan manira yang cetek ini lebih elok sekiranya bila selesai PRU13 che det minta Pekan lepas jawatan Presiden UMNO dan Pengerusi BN dulu lagi.

Apakah nanti bila apa-apa tindakan EGM sekiranya ada akan banyak kesan keatas pengundi generasi belia kaum bukan Melayu diseluruh pelusuk negara?

Salam Hormat

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Pak Kadir
Salam Hormat

Kalau betul che det nak bereskan kemelut 1MDB dah lama dibelinya saham Mayban atau RHB dan buat polis report curiga urus tadbir bank.

Pak Kadir pun tahu.
Pak Kadir dah tak mahu tahu che det lagi bak kata orang - lantak kau lah mahathir.


Lee Sydney said...

Saya setuju sangat dengan fikiran tuan/madam. Alangkah baiknya jika pemimpin2 sanggup berunduh bila sedar bahawa tak mampu memimpin lagi

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