Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Arul Kanda Concoction for 1MDB

A Kadir Jasin

BELATEDLY I congratulate Arul Kanda Kandasamy for his gallant attempt to assure the Malay reading public via this week’s Mingguan Malaysia (MM) newspaper that everything is ok with 1MDB. (Read Here)

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That the newly appointed President and Group Executive Director (aka the number one man of 1MDB) opted to make a lengthy explanation through the MM was in itself intriguing.

He must have been aware that much of the debate on 1MDB, especially by the experts, took place not in the Malay press but in the English and the business media.

Whether he made the decision to speak to the MM on his own or at the behest of a higher power, the move has its merit.

It is easier to convince the audience of the Malay language media who generally are not deeply knowledgeable in economic and business matters.

Politically, it is beneficial to influence the Malays that everything is just fine with 1MDB because they form the bulk of the Barisan Nasional voters. So Arul Kanda could be playing a bit of politics here.

Unfortunately, the more analytical responses to his MM interview are taking place in the English media.

Arul Kanda appears to have not succeeded in convincing the public on a number of accounts via his earlier interactions with the English press and business media.

While denying as mere speculation media reports that billionaire T. Ananda Krishnan had advanced a loan of RM2 billion to help 1MDB paid its debts to several local banks, he did not specifically state where the money came from.

The readers of MM and Utusan Malaysia may not be aware or may have forgotten, but many people still recall that among his first statements he made as the head honcho of 1MDB was that 1MDB would not bring back all the money it invested in Cayman Islands.

Arul Kanda Opts for Consolidation: Pic/Graphic from The Star
 (Arul Kanda told MM that the money was not invested in the Caymans. 1MDB merely used the tax haven to register its funds, which are invested around the world.)

The Malay Mail online on Feb 7 quoted Arul Kanda as confirming that 1MDB would not repatriate the US$1.103 billion (RM3.91 billion) it redeemed from its Cayman's investments “as the money will be used to service the firm’s debt interest payments.”

Dollar Is Better Than Ringgit

In a report that appeared in Singapore’s Business Times, Arul Kanda said it was only “sensible” that the money stays in US dollars.

“There’s a very sensible and simple reason for that. We are keeping the money in US dollars as we have US$6.5 billion (RM23.06 billion) in bonds out there, in which interest payments come up to nearly US$400 million (RM1.4 billion) a year,” he said.

Explaining further, Arul Kanda said this US$1.103 billion is the second tranche of funds in 1MDB’s Cayman Islands foray, which totalled US$2.32 billion (RM8.23 billion).

He said although the entire sum has been redeemed in full, only the first tranche of US$1.22 billion (RM4.33 billion) has been repatriated (to Malaysia).

“The cash is in our accounts and in US dollars. I can assure you (about that)...I have seen the statements,” Arul Kanda said.

So if the RM2-billion it paid the banks came from the repatriated amount, why not say so? Instead he told MM that the amount was paid ahead of deadline.

1MDB Belongs to the Public

Unless 1MDB states unequivocally the source of the RM2-billion fund, there will be enough people who will continue to believe that Ananda provided it.

The argument that 1MDB does not have to make public its business dealings because it is not a listed company but still prepares a comprehensive annual account is a mere technicality. 1MDB is more than a listed company. It is a government-owned company and is, therefore, answerable to the people.

His assertion that 1MDB’s doors are always open to people wanting explanation but nobody comes is also not true. Maybe his next brave endeavour is to meet the Public Account Committee (PAC) of the Parliament.

It is a well known fact that while the opposition politicians are complaining openly about the business conduct of 1MDB, the government members are bitching behind the scene.

As for the media, they had gone to listen to briefings and press conferences held by 1MBD’s top brass, including its Chairman (Tan Sri) Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, but left with more questions than answers. Hopefully Arul Kanda is more convincing and have a better luck with the press.

In the meantime it would be useful for him to address the public and the media once and for all on all matters affecting 1MDB such as:

1. Why did it buy end-of-life IPPs from YTL, Genting and Ananda Krishman’s Tanjong Energy?

2. Has it applied and received the extension for the concession period of the power plants and negotiated new PPAs with TNB?

3. Who are the Malaysian and international subscribers of its US$6.5 billion (RM23.41 billion) global sukuk other than those we already know, almost all of which are government-linked companies and investment funds (GLCs/GLICs)?

4. Apart from power plants, TRX, the redevelopment of the Sungai Besi RMAF Base and the Penang land what are other 1MDB assets?

5. Is it true that 1MDB pay as much as 95% above the market price for its Penang land and is it true that part of the land is occupied by squatters?

6. Is it true that it also invested in a mining concession in Mongolia?

7. Why the necessity for 1MDB to do a land-lease development for TRX with an Australian company when all the three major property developments mentioned by Arul Kanda in the MM interview – KLCC, KL Sentral and Mid Valley – were all developed by locals?

8. Until a month ago Arul Kanda was a banker. Is it a norm for a state-owned strategic investment company to be so highly geared as 1MDB?

9. Would he as a banker fund such a highly geared company?

Opting For Consolidation

Some of these questions might have found answers. In the latest development, Arul Kanda on Feb 18 announced that the company would not undertake any new investments or projects and raise new borrowings.

In an announcement after a strategic review of its business, 1MDB said it might sell assets including its land in Air Itam, Penang and Pulau Indah, Selangor, and look at options on monetising the Edra Energy, which is its power generation division.

As for its real estate projects in Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) and Bandar Malaysia, the federal government-owned fund will sell land development rights or enter into profit-sharing joint ventures.

Arul Kanda is new in 1MDB. He may not know all about the company unless he has always had a special relationship with it that he is acutely aware of what is going on in it.

He can choose to be a true turn-around manager and saviour of the company by making sure that what is dreaded about 1MDB does not happen. Or he could become his master’s voice.

And whatever he says to the press, please do not ever emulate what the media people of the Prime Minister’s Office allegedly told the New York Times in relations to the Jho Low expose  that is “neither any money spent on travel, nor any jewellery purchases, nor the alleged contents of any safes are unusual for a person of the prime minister’s position, responsibilities and legacy family assets.”

Foot Note: As for the PM inheriting family's assets as stated above, a few days ago I was told by a former political aide to the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein that he did not die a wealthy man. He left behind two houses – one in Pekan and another in Kuala Lumpur.



Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Arul Kanda menjawab 1MDB untuk pengisian politik orang Melayu.

Pembaca paper orang putih melalak setakat mana pun tidak mampu memindahkan Najib.

MM sendiri berperanan menyelamat.

kampong lad said...

only 1mdb's debt belongs to public.

Faqirulkhoir said...

Kadiag, a coal mine, at a time of low energy prices, and of all places in landlocked Altantunya's land, the mountainous debts, 'tricky' repatriation of the Cayman deposits, 'overvalued' assets, the frequent changes of the top brass are all more than enough to unnerve a regular banker, but not Arul Kanda. Wonder what kind of money is he making. And Kadiag, addressing the utusan readership is rather sadly diabolical. It maybe gauche, but the plot thickens...

Faqirulkhoir said...

A coal mine at a time of low energy prices in landlocked Altantunya's country. Mountainous debts, 'over priced' assets, frequent top brass changes...are usually enough to unnerve a regular banker. But not Arul Kanda, so what's tricks ?

Melati Wilayah said...

Well 1MDB got the government land dirt cheap and revalued it sky high and claimed profitable `on paper` that is.

The question is: Where is the real money being spend or channel to from the debts issued?

The legacy of 2 old houses each in Pekan and KL can finance up to USD300m for the film named Wolf the Wall Street?

Jangan ingat semua Melayu bodoh? All of us study minimun up to SPM level. We know how to calculate even if we got D for our mathematic!


Tok Kadiaq,

Tak dan dia nak panas kan kerusi dah kena selinap..biaq bagi gemok dulu kot TOK.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ.

Sejak 10 tahun kebelakang ni kita dpt lihat banyak negara hancur dalam segala sudut dan rakyat yg tak berdosa menderita dan tersiksa.

Irak, mesir, libya, syria dan terkini yemen.

Satu persamaan penting di kalangan negara2 tersebut ialah semua pernah diperintah oleh rejim jahat untuk tempuh waktu yg sangat lama.

Pembaca2 utusan dan penonton tv3 tidak terdetik mau belajar sesuatu?

Tak terfikirkah kita , gara2 kita sekongkol atau kita sendiri tiada kualiti maka anak cucu akan mengutuk kita kerana menyebabkan mereka hidup merana berpanjangan.

noordin said...

Dato AKJ,
Belum ramai pendebat dan pengomen ikut serta dalam menangani isu 1MDB ini. Selalunya selepas lima jam di posting, ramai yang memberi pendapat. Agaknya mereka dah baca artikel NYP yang memaklumkan peranan Jho Low dan Riza Aziz dalam pelaburan membeli harta di New York. Mereka menunggu untuk mendapat ilham mengaitkan hartawan muda itu dengan 1MDB dan keluarga FLOM. Saya sedang menunggu..

Kambing bebiri said...

1mdb..its like i have a shop and i need rubber, so i go to the rubber wholesaler and say, lets make a new company, will put the name of my driver as co-owner, and you can sell the rubber using the company to my shop. The catch is, i want the price so and so and i want so and so from proceedings. Now i need solar panels. Let me find some one who can bring in wholesale, will make a new company, stamp on new company name panels and sell them to myself again using a company where the director is my caddie. Its all about syphoning. Real question is, where and who?

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Teringkat kata Tengku Razalight Kat saya Tok.. Bila Syarikat untung Ada yang punya... Bila lingkup.. Kerajaan punya..


Awat Depa sibuk nak kaut dengan 1MDB.. Tak takut dosa puak puak ni ...LEMAN BROTHER pun terlumkup Goldman Sachs pun jenuh duk buat Magic

Di Sabah umno pun sibuk nak peturun Musa yang tak Akan Aman..
Salam untuk datin seisi keluarga

berasiam said...

Salam DAKJ

Nilai aset rm51b, jumlah hutang rm48b. Hutang adalah 96% nilai aset. Aset tu cuma nilai aja tapi hutang tu pasti amaunnya. Aset bersih (nilai) hanya 4%. Tengok pun ngeri. Bunga sebahagian hutang tu pun lebih rm1b
setahun. Merah ke biru ke akaunnys yang
pasti kelabu dan keliru. Ada presiden, ceo masih tercongok kat situ. Berapa banyak.duit gaji masing2. Ngabihkan boreh aja ceo tu kot. Sebagai wartawan negara, DAKJ lebih tahu maksud temu ramah dengan Utusan. Sedangkan headline pun ada restu nombor satu, temu ramah berhalaman macam Arul Kanda pun samalah. Nombor satu sendiri arah perwakilan jangan sebut tentang 1mdb dalam pau. Arul yang kena jawab dalam Utusan. Bijak kan.

Joe Black said...


Nampaknya Nasi Kandar Kandarsamy sedang cuba dijual secara diskaun untuk Orang Orang Melayu Kampung sebab Melayu Bandar dan Bukan Melayu sudah cuba rasa Nasi Kandar Kandarsamy dan tak puas hati sebab mereka rasa ada ramuan ramuan yang kekurangan atau "Missing" didalamnya!

Buah Kerdas said...

Bencana seperti 1MDB bertunas, membesar, membengkak dan bernanah adalah suatu malapetaka yang pasti berlaku apabila tiada kebebasan akhbar dalam ertikata yang sebenarnya. Rakyat disogokkan dengan berita yang diputar dan dikawal oleh pemerintah. Lebih teruk lagi kemandulan akhbar diiringi dengan kemandulan sistem kehakiman dengan penguasa politik bertindak melampaui batas undang-undang tanpa segan silu. Emosi pengundi Melayu yang rata-rata kurang analitikal dan kurang berinfomasi amat mudah dimainkan oleh penguasa politik untuk terus memberikan mandat memerintah kepada penguasa yang semakin selesa dengan jenayah mereka.

Dato Kadir Jasin dan Zam masing-masing pernah berperanan sebagai Ketua Editor akhbar yang dikawal pemerintah yang berjaya membentuk psychae politik Melayu sehingga majoriti kita Melayu membenci Pembangkang secara total dan dogmatik. Setiap peniup wisel yang pastinya bukan dari kem sang penguasa akan diberikan nama buruk dan digantung setinggi tahap keberanian sang peniup wisel itu. Hari ini Ketua Editor yang tidak lagi bertugas sperti Dato Kadir dan Zam hanya boleh menumpang kebebasan media alternatif, yang setakat ini belum mampu dikawal penguasa bagi menangkis dakyah media arus perdana yang dikendalikan oleh Ketua Editor yang sama spesifikasi kerja sperti mereka dulu. Malahan Tun Dr Mahathir yang memulakan semua ini pun terpaksa menggunakan media alternatif bagi menyuarakan tentangannya kepada bisul 1MDB.

Amat benarlah kata orang dulu-dulu; kita menuai apa yang kita tanam.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ.

Berapa lama lagi Arul Kanda dan ketua pengarang MM demi bersekongkol dan demi jawatan boleh berselindung belakang daun lalalang , nak tutup bau busuk bapak dinasor bernama IMDB.

Setiap entiti petniagaan punya balance sheet yg menunjukkan perbezaan antara harta syarikat dgn hutang mereka pada sesuatu masa. Kalam kes IMDB, yg dikatakan membeli IPP pd harga mahal berbanding harga pasaran, membeli lombong yg tak ujud, membayar komisyen yg sgt tinggi pd consultant dan kroni? , melabur ditempat kewangan yg dodgy, melabur dalam pruduk derivatives yg sangat terdedah kpd unsur petjudian MAKA, rakyat kenalah bersedia menerima berita bahawa hutang IMDB buat masa ini jauh lebih beaar dari harta mereka.

Dan oleh kerana entiti ini dipunyai oleh rakyat Malaysia melalui kerja mengarut kerajaan minoriti 47% maka rakyatlah yg akan terus menderita dalam pelbagai bentuk untuk entah berapa generasi akan datang.

Terbaru anak muda Melayu pintar dan jujur bernama Rafizi Ramli sudah pun dikhabarkan mengesan bahawa hutang Rm2 billion IMDB kepada dua bank yg majoritinya milik Melayu telah di banyar oleh kerajaan pimpinan Najib sebagai penjamin/ pemegang saham IMDB.

Kabarnya juga wang RM2b itu bukan dari hartawan Ananda tetapi wang hutang baru yg dibuat oleh kerajaan pimpinan Najib.

Bererti bertimbum2 lagi hutang baru rakyat Malaysia. Dalam keadaan ada keluarga PM dan anak Cina kawan baiknya dikatakan kaya raya kerana hububgan rapat dgn kewangan IMDB.

Terima kasih dan setuju dgn pendapat Melati Wilayah. Cuma pada kadar kemiskinan anak2 Melayu sekarang, maka usaha nak pertahan bilangan anak Melayu tak layu semakin sulit.

Pakcik said...

If 1Mdb is not belongs to public, why PM become its advisor?

Lahuma said...


Itulah nasib orang Melayu Dato.
Ada media utama Melayu pun jadi media kelentong Melayu.

Info Melayu standard kelas dua sahaja.Saya pun baca juga melalui surat khabar ini.Macam teh o sejuk isi dia.Sangsi dan penuh persoalan.

Orang Melayu perlu banyak cari maklumat dan buat perbandingan.Jangan mudah percaya walaupun menteri atau pegawai tinggi melangit cakap.Begitu kalau pembangkang cakap.Kena siasat dulu.

Melayu dalam kerugian.Sebab itu UMNO genbira kalau lagi ramai orang Melayu miskin.Orang Melayu senang jaga mereka,Cakap 48 jam beri subsidi dan bantuan berhimpunlah mereka.

Pemimpin Melayu turun kampung apa mereka buat.?

IMDB ini orang Melayu tidak kisah pun.Haram mereka pun tak tahu kepala ekor.

Yakinlah Melayu dalam keadaan apa sekali pun sudah masuk perangkap keluar dari mulut naga akan menunggu masa masuk mulut harimau.

Tahulah dalam 1 MDB ini ramai orang kelilingnya ialah kroni sahaja.

Kanda dan Dinda pun main wayang lagi.

Terima kasih Dato.

JMS said...


Kanda possesses almost similar traits with Idris Jala.

(1) When Idirs Jala took over the helm of MAS he sold off MAS assets including its building at Jalan Sultan Ismail. That's is what Kanda is doing to debt-ridden 1MDB.

(2) Idirs Jala was almost of the time doing a lot of PR instead of providing concrete business strategy, designed to camouflage the financial loss suffered by MAS. Aren't Kanda doing the same thing to 1MDB?

So, does the people-owned 1MDB really need him after seeing what Idris Jala had done to MAS?


1. Concerning the alleged response of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to the New York Times in relations to the Jho Low expose that “neither any money spent on travel, nor any jewellery purchases, nor the alleged contents of any safes are unusual for a person of the prime minister’s position, responsibilities and legacy family assets,” a former minister said it was poorly thought out and framed.

2. He said for Mohd Najib to inherit that kind of wealth, his family i.e the family of Tun Abdul Razak had to be extremely wealthy.

3. He said Mohd Najib could not be the only child to inherit such wealth. So the impression created is Tun Abdul Razak left behind huge assets, which he said was highly unlikely.

4. The statement published in the NYT, he said, could raise doubts among the younger people that late Tun Abdul Razak was wealthy and possibly corrupt.

5. The PMO statement about Mohd Najib's inheritance is the complete opposite of an article written by his brother, Nazir about their father who strictly refused to use public funds for his family's personal comfort.

6. This makes me wonder if the PMO people who issued the statement to the NYT knew Tun Abdul Razak and cared about his legacy and good name.

7. As for Mohd Najib's media response to allegations by convicted killer Sirul, the former minister thought the PM had acted rashly and prematurely by rubbishing Sirul's allegations.

8. He said Mohd Najib should not have reacted on the allegations even if he was hounded by the press in public. At the most he should have said that he leaves the matter to the police.

9. By responding to a convicted killer, Mohd Najib was bringing himself to the level of the man.

10. I wonder where the PM’s media experts and advisers are?

11. Did they not prepare him on how to address the allegations should he be confronted by the press?

12. Or why don't they take responsibility to protect their boss by preempting the media?

13. These are the comedies of error that progressively weaken the PM and put his ability to rule wisely in doubt.


Thank you.

dt rahman pekan said...

salam dato kj,

there is this news going around that sirul who is under detention in Australia has decided 2 tell all this Monday. if it is true than we can expect a bombshell.

I pity dato zainal the high commissioner who may hv sleepless nights now. he could hv received instruction from home not 2 allow this 2 happen. if he fails than immediate recall might b d result.

apa pun - interesting times are ahead.

dt rahman pekan said...

heard tun m has gone for his yearly holidays for 3 weeks.

it shld be a welcome respite for those being watched.

by the time he comes back I m certain the two issues i.e. altantuya and 1MDB wld reveal a lot more details.

can't wait for tun m's reaction.


Tok Kadiaq,

Bila dok tang palin ataih depa rasa depa ada kuasa "KUN FA YA KUN"

Tu masa minyak naik harga. Bila duit takda. Inilah jadi nya.

Dah cukup gemok jangan biaq lama lama.Satni keras.

Goreng pun sodap. Hainanese Chicken rice holiau maa

Zed-85 said...


Mengikut bacaan saya. Projek yang utama dalam 1MDB adalah Tun Razah Exchange, Bandar Malaysia dan juga projek penguluaran tenaga.

Kalau kita rujuk Khazanah Berhad, business yang utama adalah sama juga iaitu infrastruktur, hartanah dan tenaga.

Bedanya, Khazanah mengaut untung dan memberikan pulangan kepada kerajaan dan dividen.

Agak hairan hutang yang terkumpul 1MDB begitu besar angka sehingga lebih RM40 billion untuk projek infrastruktur dan tenaga.

Mengikut bacaan saya, projek angksalepas Amerika-Eropah ke planet Marikh pun menelan belanja separuh iaitu US6billion, sekitar Rm20billion.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ.

Najib dikatakan memang banyak terpalit secara peribadi dgn perkara yg boleh compromise kebolehannya memerintah dgn jujur dan bersih.

Masaalah negara pun dah bertimbun tak tau bila ada jalan penyelesaian.

Ditambah pulak dgn masaalah anak isteri, yg dikatakan sangat dominan dan belanja lebih berbanding pendapatan rasmi.

Kini dah hampir 6 tahun, bagi saya Najib hanyalah pemimpin biasa yg penuh misteri dan kuat berselogan bila berucap .

Kalau ibarat Malaysia ni entiti perniagaan, maka selama 6 tahun ni hutang lebih dari aset dan belanja lebih dari pendapatan.

Kalau pemimpin UMNO lain ada tekoq dan bersih dah lama CEO Malaysia ni diganti.

Bila mana2 pemimpin ada rahsia kelemahan atau keburukan yg besar maka org yg tau perkara itu boleh guna untuk peras ugut pemimpin berkenaan.

Kos peras ugut yg perlu dibayar oleh rakyat hanya Allah tau berapa banyak. Mungkin berbillion.

Dalam kes Malaysia, bayangkan jika ada negara asing yg terus minta itu ini secara yg tak patut dan merugikan rakyat semata2 kerana mereka ada menyimpan rahsia pemimpin tertentu?

Dari sudut itu saja pun pemimpin yg tertedah kpd peras ugut memang tak layak meneruskan kerja.

Melihat kscau bilau pimpinan negara sekarang bolehkah tempiasnya terbeban jugak kpd TDM , TAAB dan pemimpin UMNO lain yg dianggap gagal kerana khianat kepada amanah rakyat?

Bagaimana pulak sikap rakyat yg nampaknya spt merestui peminpin yg ada sifat munafik spt ini?

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Persoalan dibawah ni dituju khas kepada Dakj.

Kalau TDM suatu masa dulu dgn lantang terus mengulang2 kenystaan bahawa beliau terpaksa memecat Anwar sebagai timbalan Pm kerana TDM mengetahwi Anwar mengamal seks luar tabii, kenapa TDM seperti tak tau apa2 terhadap rekod Najib , sebagai naib presiden dan menteri kanan waktu TDM masih berkuasa?

Terang2 ini double standard.

Joe Black said...


Mengikut "press release" PMO, Legacy Tun Razak termasuk Kekayaan yang mungkin tak terhingga.

Adakah ini bermakna Ahli Keluarga Tun Razak Sanggup Melihat Nama Tun Razak dicemarkan dengan telatah penasihat penasihat serta Isteri Anak bekas PM yang diingati rakyat sebagai PM yang sederhana hidupnya?

Joe Black said...


In summary 1MDB will be putting its eggs into 2 Baskets..
Power Stations and Property Development.

Ahmad Husni in today's STAR suggested that 1MDB should now concentrate on Property Development to realise the value of its Assets.

Najib's brother earlier advised that 1MDB foray into the property market is fraught with risks based on the current glut in office space and high end residential properties. The current Property Cycle is due to end and 1MDB will have to wait for the next cycle which may be years from now.

What will happen to the hutang while waiting? Interests will roll on and 1MDB will have to ask the local banks to waive the interests in order to survive.

If business is so simple as Ahmad Husni made it out to be we will all be rich well before he can spell the word 1MDB.


1. Debater rahman jpc wrote:"heard tun m has gone for his yearly holidays for 3 weeks.

it shld be a welcome respite for those being watched.

by the time he comes back I m certain the two issues i.e. altantuya and 1MDB wld reveal a lot more details.

can't wait for tun m's reaction."

2. A spokesman for (Tun) Dr Mahathir said, the former PM would be attending the launch of Lotus Evora 400 at the Geneva Motor Show and the Lotus board meeting. He would be back early March.

3. As for the Altantuya's continuing saga, the Malaysian Insider reported that "Australian media quoted a spokesperson for the country's immigration minister as saying that interviews within detention centres were not generally allowed "for operational reasons".

The spokesperson however said it could be allowed in the future after proper application procedures.

Earlier, PAS information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar said a 15-minute teleconference with Sirul (pic), who was sentenced to death by the Federal Court alongside Azilah Hadri last month, will be organised on February 23.

4. We have heard what Arul Kanda Kandasamy had to say in defense of 1MDB and, by extension its ultimate boss, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak the PM.

5. It's good to hear what new story Sirul has to tell that he did not tell the court to save his life during the trial.

6. We could have another movie made about Malaysia in Australia like Turtle Beach in 1992. The Altantuya saga has all the juicy morsel for a sensational movie.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Assalam dato, Scapegoat is haunting malaysia proceedings of this beloved country to what made completely wrong all of its sheer heat of her A to Z of all sorts of stupid or dumb like a dead tree stump. People under a winter game will stop only when unsure.

Ibrahim D said...

Belum tentu PKR boleh memerintah dengan telus jika ia memerintah. Lihat sahaja pemegang jawatan parti - bapa: Ketum; emak: Presiden (nak pulak jadi MB Sgor); anak naib presiden. Datum projek di Keramat tak untungkan Melayu. UMNO pula gagal membela penduduk di flat Jln Pekeliling. Dan saya dengar pula baru-baru ini Apartment Abdullah Hukum dan flat bersebelahannya akan diroboh dan penduduknya diberi pampasan sebanyak lebih kurang RM70 ribu. Tuan mesti faham disebelah apartment berkenaan telah terbangun Eco City apartment bernilai berjuta ringgit. Jadi tanah Apartment Abdullah Hukum itu amat berharga untuk dibangunkan dan sebelum itu penduduknya yang majoriti nya Bumiputra perlu dihalau dengan cara halus - diberi pampasan yang tak setimpal. Dengan lain perkataan Melayu, India dll boleh balik kampung. Tak layak tinggal dibandar.
Kita nak tau siapa pemimpin Melayu yang setuju dengan cadangan ini sama ada dari UMNO ataupun pegawai kerajaan. Persoalan timbul adakah perut mereka telah penuh dengan RM hasil sogokan oleh pemaju hartanah.
Mungkin ada agensi yang membeli apartment dari kaum marhain ini dengan harga murah dan menjual tanah tersebut dengan harga mahal. Yang untung ialah orang berWANG dan yang berKUASA.
Sekiranya Dato Harun Idris masih ada beliau pasti marah dengan tindakan kapitalis dan penindas kaum bawahan ini. Tindakan ini sama dengan tindakan DAP yang rasis dan chauvinis di Pulau Pinang. Sebelum berkuasa mulut manis tapi setelah dapat kuasa taring berbisa yang diguna.
Saya nak juga tengok sama ada Cik Puan Nurul Izah akan membela kaum marhain ini yang ramai jumlah nya sebagai mana beliau membela Anwar Ibrahim yang terbukti bersalah.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Dlm blog Zamkata...beliau banyak bercerita tentang penyakit yg Anwar hadapi.

Sebelum ini pun...Tun Daim pernah berkata...yg Anwar berpenyakit.

Umum pun tahu...Anwar berpenyakit Ketagihan Meliwat.

Betullah penyakit ada bermcm2..ada yv boleh dilihat dan ada yg tidak boleh dilihat.

Diruang Dato pun sy dapati ada juga penulis yg berpenyakit..

Penyakit yg anti sangat dgn Tun M.

Najib dan Pak Lah memerintah dan Anwar yg buat banyak hal dari 2008 hingga kini masuk penjara...Tun M pula yg dihentam dan dikutuk.

Semua salah Tun M.

Najib pergi golof dgn Obama..dan isteru naik jet kerajaan....Tun M pun disalahkan.

Pak Lah...dulu2 bergaduh dgb Tun M...Tun M juga yg disalahkan.

PR menang 5 negeri dlm GE12..Tun M...juga disalahkan.

Dangkal sungguh org yg berpenyakit semua salahTun M..

Heh heh...buka mata dan celik hati....guna akal yv diberi dari asyik salah Tun M saja.

Cerita dan skandak 1MDB pun nak salah tun M lagi kah?

Kesian org yg berpenyakit.. semua salah Tun M.

Terima kasih.


1MDB is not a big issue for UMNO; rather it is FGV.
But you might not think so now.

Think about it.

Susu stender said...

Untuk umar yang kata dr.m double standard sebab konon2 tak tell all mcm kes anwar. Be neutral and inspect everything. Lepas dapat surat dari kak wan dan dpt tau sendiri apa anwar buat baru dia amek tindakan. Dr.m tak betindak atas hearsay. Mcm kau la kot umar..aku agak kau bukan ada hard or concrete proof pun pasal jibby jadi takan dr,m nak tell all atas allegations based on hearsay semata mata? Apa yg double standardnye? Apakata kau tulis surat kat dr,m perincikan semua yg kau tau pastu kalau kau ada kredibiliti, maybe akan ada tindakan susulan

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ.

Terlanjur berbicara soal tabung berdaulat bernama IMDB yg sudah pun menjadi bala kepada rakyat maka saya mau kemuka beberapa soalan.

1 Kenapa tabung berdaulat milik negara kecil di Eropah bernama Norway yg menggunakan hasil minyak berjsya mengumpul aset sekitar USD900B dalam masa tak sampai 25 tahun.

2. Kenapa tabung SGIC dan Temasek milik kerajaan Singapura boleh berjaya mengumpul aset pelaburan masing2 berjumlah USD320B dan USD180B.

3. Kenapa tabung berdaulat wilayah otonomi kecil Hong Kong boleh berjaya membina kekayaan sebesar USD400B

4. Kenapa Khazanah Nasional tabung berdaulat milik kerajaan UBN setakat ini cuma berjaya mengumpul aset sekitar USD42B.

5. Menyedari rezab minyak negara adalah aset yg pasti akan habis suatu hari nanti kenapa kerajaan UBN masih tak mahu menubuhkan tabung berdaulat meniru cara Norway, Abu Dhabi dan Qatar?

Terakhir melihat cara baru kewangan nrgara dirosakkan maka saya mula tertanya. What next?

Adakah mana2 lanun yg sedang mengintai2 peluang menggunakan rezab BNM yg berlumlah lebih USD100B tu?

Saya sangat risau nasib wang rakyat di BNM selepas era Zeti.

Ada sesiapa nak berkongsi?

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Sdr rahman jpc.

Bukan semua boleh pegang jawatan berprestij iaitu duta . Bukan sebarang duta tapi duta Malaysia ke US, UK dan Australia.

Kalau setakat pandai buat kerja, masih jauh dari layak.

Kalau tak sanggup buat kerja2 extra macam yg dibayangkan oleh si Sirul maka ramai lagi yg mau jadi pak sanggup.

Yg kita patut juga tanya adakah duit rakyat berjuta rgt melalui bajet JPM akan diguna untuk bayar punahsihat di Australia memujuk pihak berkuasa di sana agar tidak membenarkan Sirul dpt airtime.

Maklumlah belum pun dengar apa Sirul nak kata dah ada pemimpin kata Sirul mengarut.

Bukankah kerajaan terpaksa belanja beberapa juta rgt kpd pelobi untuk membolehkan TDM mendapat jumputan ke White House untuk berjumpa George Bush.?

Najib boleh main golf dgn Obama, pakai duit siapa?

yeop_sepet said...

That True. Kesian nasib peneroka,drp geran tanah tukar Jd lot saham,tanah depa dah Jd milik pelabur2 wall street. Najib dah gadai lelong harta org Melayu.

dt rahman pekan said...

umar Abdul Aziz,

bagi menjawab pandangan sdr :-

bukan lah saya nak bermegah. saya pernah bertugas d kedutaan selama 5 tahun dan saya tahu sedikit sebanyak 'job scope' mereka.

sungguh pun Negara kita kecil namun hubungan dua hala buat masa srkarang amat baik d antara kedua Negara. jika terdapat permohonan bantuan drpd pak duta maka amat sukar utk kerajaan tuan rumah menolak.

biarlah saya memberi satu contoh yg benar2 berlaku. anak seorang diplomat Malaysia tlh d tangkap polis kerana menggugut n memeras wang drpd sebuah gedung membeli belah yg terkenal. budak tersebut tlh d tangkap dan d istihar 'personal non grata' dan wajib d hantar pulang serta merta. namun dgn rayuan drpd kedutaan kes tersebut tlh d selesaikan secara baik dan anak tersebut telah terselamat.

ini kes yg sedang berlaku d Indonesia. 2 orang rakyat Australia tlh d hukum bunuh atas kesalahan mengedar narkoba selepas gagal mendapat keampunan drpd pres jokowi. sepatut nya hukuman itu tlh pun d jalankan namun atas rayuan pm Australia yg d buat terus dan melalui duta nya ,maka ia nya tlh d tunda 1 bulan. nasib terkini 2 persalah itu belum d ketahui sama ada hukum bunuh d teruskan atua penjara seumur hidup

drpd kedua contoh ini kita bolih dpt mengetahui sedikit sebanyak tugas serta pengaruh usaha2 diplomasi.

dlm context ini lah yg saya jejaskan bahawa pak duta kita mungkin harus berkerja keras jika pihak berkuasa Malaysia tidak mahu telecom sirul ini d ada kan.

mengenai kerja2 'lobbyists' d usa saya rasa ia nya ada lah kerja yg sah d Negara tersebut dan amat sering d gunakan. tidak menjadi kesalahan juga bagi kita menggunakan perkhidmatan mereka (dengan bayaran) jika ia nya mendatangkan munafaat kpd Negara. jadi pandangan negatif yg d utarakan adalah tidak bertempat sekali.

Malindo said...

Salam hormat DKJ.Saya tak tau hal lain apa yg.1MdB melabur/invested dan saya bukan juga ahli ekonomi.Tapi pembelian syarikat IPP yg dah byk buat untung selama PPA dgn TNB(biasanya lebih dari 15 tahun) dan 1MDB byr dgn harga tinggi pada syarikat IPP bukan langkah yg bijak dan ada yg tak betul.Saya pembangun IPP di Indonesia dan syarikat saya tersenarai oleh PT PLN/TNB Indonesia faham sgt hal itu.

Musashi said...


Let's hope something good would come out of this fiasco.
Otherwise there's another Tsunami .
To me it is a very smart move by whoever responsible for the script.
The stake is either the ruling party or PM's post.
Either way at the expense of the people.

The chances of the ruling party losing is pretty slim so is the chances of the current PM losing his post.
Tun's way of trying to save the ruling party by trying to get rid of the current person in charge seems futile.
I beg to differ-even with the current leader at the helm the ruling party cannot lose.

For once Tun has met his match in a familiar poker game in which the stake is the well being of the people.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ

Sdr rahman jpc

Sebagai org yg pernah menjadi pegawai kerajaan saya juga serba sedikit tahu tentang tugas, cabaran, dilema dll golongan ini.

Umumnya baik pegawai PTD, pegawsi perubatan, jurutera, perguruan dll adalah terdiri dari org yg baik2 sebagai manusia dan sebagai pekerja.

Cuma keadaan memaksa. Lebih tinggi jawatan yg diidamkan maka lebih tinggilah sepak terajang dan politik yg terlibat.

Termasuklah adakah calum berkenaan rapat dan taat dgnbukan saja org JPA tapi juga org politik tertinggi.


La ni lagi teruk. Nak jadi guru besar pun harus taat politik.

Tambah pulak diera pengswastaan dan Malaysia Incorporated zaman pemerintahan kuku besi TDM yg diteruskan lebih teruk oleh Najib.

sdr rahman jpc terlalu baik atau naif kalau tak tau atau perasan politik dalam hairaki sektor awam.

Dan saya beranggapan sdr rahman tak mungkin merasa pegang jawatan2 tertinggi sebelum sdr bersara. Bukan kerana sdr tak layak secara profesional tapi tak cukup baik dikacamata org politik tertentu.

Ada pegawai lebih rela tak merasa jawatan lebih tinggi daripada dituduh atau sanggup jadi pak sanggup kpd org politik. DSP Musa tentu bukan tergolong salah sorang drpdnya.

Bukankah bintang kerjaya mantan IGP Musa Hassan mencanak naik mengalahkan pegawai yg lebih senior selepas kes sodomi 1?

Bukankah pernah seorang ketua hakim mahkamah tinggi Malaya mengalahkan penyandang presiden mahkamah rayuan yg lebih senior dalam perlumbaan menjadi ketua hakim negara selepas memuji melangit tentabg kebaikan kerajaan UBN semasa persidangan tahunan hakim dan majestret?
Sebagai penutup umunnya pegawai kerajaan adalah baik2 kecuali bila mereka demi wang dan pangkat terpaksa ikut telunjuk tuan politik yg kotor. Cuma ada satu dua jabatan kerajaan, kalau individu tu baik dia tak akan boleh survive didalamnya. Dan beliau sejak awal akan hindari jabatan berkenaan.

Musashi said...


I would like to thank Arul Kanda (AK) for at least to great achievements:

1-for settling the may bank-rub debt
2-for settling the debt well ahead of scheduled dateline

These 2 great efforts are unparalleled due to the following reasons:

1-1mdb does not have surplus cash
2-without having surplus cash could also mean it does not have to use its own money (which it doesn't have in the first place ) and yet it managed to settle the debt well ahead of schedule!
That is what greatness is all about!

This reminded me of a master of lateral thinking also known as a Sufi master and a foolish character to some....his name is Ahmad Nasruddin or Abu Nawas to the Malays who mostly and generally percieved him as the later...

One day he walked into a tea shop in Baghdad and loudly said
"I think the moon is more important than the sun!"

"why you said so?"Asked the tea shop owner .

"Because you need more light at night..."Replied Ahmad Nasruddin.

For a fool like me i specifically regard these efforts by AK as greatness redefined!
Also as a fool like me i also hope and pray that he be awarded at least a Tan Sri in the nearest future for such an achievement which takes NOTHING LESS than a genius to figure out.

Abu Nawas said...

ahmad nasruddin the sufi tells me that a musashi is most times a foolish fish.

Musashi is unparalledly foolish in his pair of allegations.

That was what the sufi said to me.

kencingataspapan said...

salam Tok..
semua permasalahan adalah berpunca dari Umno memerlukan dua orang utk mmerintah selamanya. Pertama orang BODOH kedua orang yg boleh diPERBODOHkan. Mungkin satu masa dulu Datolah golongan memperbodohkan Melayu.Pelbagai cara digunakan utk mmperbodohkan org Melayu dlm kes 1Mdb.

John Mat Salleh Melayu said...

Orang Melayu saja yang diperbodohkan?
Kaum lain tidak?
Orang Melayu percaya hukum karma kalau tak yakin kepada qadr dan qadha dan hari pembalasan.

Orang Melayu sabar. Orang yang kenal orang Melayu faham fakta ini.

Harap jangan kencing dalam air.

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