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"Islamic State" (IS) Is Not Islam

A Kadir Jasin


THE so-called jihad that Islamic State (IS) extremists are unleashing on Muslims and non-Muslims is not jihad at all. It’s murder and barbarism.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had, among other things, instructed his soldiers that:

1. Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person. (Abu Dawud)

2. Do not practice treachery or mutilation. (Al-Muwatta)

3. Do not uproot or burn palms or cut down fruitful trees. (Al-Muwatta)

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For the benefit of those who want to know more – Muslims and non-Muslim – allow me to reproduce, in full, last Friday’s sermon of the National Mosque entitled The Dangers of Religious Extremism" as follows:

Muslimin, May Allah’s blessings be on us,

On this blessed Friday and in this holy mosque, let us together increase our devotion to Allah SWT by vigorously implementing all his commandments and abstaining from all His prohibitions, surely the most honorable in the sight of Allah SWT is the most pious of us. The title of the Khutbah today is "The  Danger of Religious Extremists".

Muslimin, May Allah’s blessings be on us,

The noble Mimbar called on the congregation and all Muslims to let us build a community that loves the religion, race and country and together let us maintain peace and prosperity we enjoy today. Even though people of our country are made up of different races and religions but we must all be responsible and always ready and willing to sacrifice self-interest for the sake of religion and the country that we love. Mimbar would like to emphasize that one of the most important things that contribute to this situation is to the upholding of peace. Allah SWT says in Surah an-Nahl verse 112: Interpreted to mean: “And (regarding the unbelievers) Allah has made a parable about a city which was once safe and peaceful. Its provisions used to come in abundance from every quarter, but its people denied the favours of Allah. Therefore, Allah made it taste of hunger and fear closing on it on every side like a garment because of the evil which the people had been doing.”

Be assured that peace is a very important thing in human life, whether at the individual level or society, for the betterment of humanity. The history of human civilization has shown the effect of peace on global prosperity. Peace means that we are free from danger, crime, disasters and other bad things. These include peace of the nation, family, socio-economic and so on.

Thus, Islam balked at all movements that threaten peace in any form including those brought by religious extremists. The threat of religious extremism should be the concern of all parties because it involves public security. If this is not met, the country will fall into chaos. As a democratic country, we practise tolerance towards differences of views on religion, culture, race, politics, ideology, and others. But at the same time, citizens have no right to be extreme in their beliefs which could lead to acts of violence while trying to force others to accept their views. Remember the message of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in a hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas RA where the Messenger of Allah said: “Be careful with religious extremists. The ancients had vanished, withdrawn due to religious extremism.” And  the Prophet SAW also said: “Do not troubled yourself (unneccerily) (in matters of religion). Surely people before you fell into destruction because of  their extreme attitude and troubled themselves (in religious matters). Their remnants are still to be found in places of worship.” (Narrated by at-Tabari). According to Prof Dr Abdul Muin Salim in his book “Fiqh al-Siasah”: “Creating an unstable atmosphere in a peaceful country is illegal. Deliberately creating an atmosphere of instability to harm to the public is haraam.”

Muslimin, May Allah’s blessings be on us,

The issue is why there are still people who adhere to the principle of religious extremism? According to Prof Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi in his book “Danger of Extremism” cited several reasons. First, obsessed and too rigid with their opinion. Second, they like to do things the hard way and force others to do so. Third, being extreme at the wrong place. Fourth: harsh and violent. First, thinking bad about others and sixth, the tendency to brand others as disbelievers. Therefore, as Muslims who believe (in God) we must reject all excuses for being extreme (because) extremism threatens the safety and security of the country. Be assured, that all forms of struggle to maintain peace and security are a part of worship in the path of Allah SWT. We must realize and remember in our heart and soul, we should protect and maintain peace that we have today because it is priceless and (for which) that our brothers in other countries are longing. This is the time that all the Muslims in the country must be united (and use) our capabilities to reject any attempt by any party that tries to destroy peace. Allah SWT says in Surah al-Anaam verse 82: Interpreted to mean: “Those who have attained to faith and have not obscured their belief with wrongdoing (by polytheism) - it is they who shall be secure, since it is they who are on the right path. ”

Muslimin, May Allah’s blessings be on us,

According to history, our country has been faced with a series of security threats, starting with communist terrorists during an emergency and the emergence of several militant groups such as Sabilillah military group, Nasir Ismail group, the al-Maunah and (several) more, all promoting violence and bloodshed. Today once again we are shocked by the threat to security by the movement (called) Daulah Islamiyah or (better) known as the Islamic State (IS). This group tries to spread its influence to recruit, especially the young people, to join their (brang) of jihad. According to reports, the spread of IS propaganda (and its recruitment exercise) in our country is widespread mainly through social media such as facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Observation shows that a small number of people in this country are interested to go to Syria and Iraq on the purportedly for jihad  and martyrdom. They kill anyone regardless Muslims or non-Muslims, they also legalize more aggressive actions and destruction of properties even involving the rights of their own brothers and sisters. Therefore, as Muslims, we should resist all attempts to spread the ideologu of this group. Believing in IS is contrary to the principles of Ahlu Sunnah  Waljamaah, teachings of Islam and true principles of jihad. Allah SWT has given this reminder in Surah Ali Imran verse 142:
Interpreted to mean: “Did you suppose that you would enter Paradise before Allah has known the men who fought hard and those who were steadfast (persevering in their struggle)?

Muslimin, May Allah’s blessings be on us,

Mimbar wants to emphasize, we must not become  Muslims who bring bad name to Islam. Let us not misinterpret the meaning of jihad that will cause Muslims to be seen in the eyes of the world as extremists and terrorists. What is certain is that Islam rejects all forms of violence and war instead is geared towards peace and universality of mankind. The actions of religious extremists who commit violence and destructions have caused the image of Islam to be tarnished. Muslims must find ways to introduce Islam to non-Muslims in order to convince then that Islam is a religion of peace and not of war.

As Muslims, we should enhance brotherhood and remember that our country's prosperity is the product of peace and tolerance among us. Let us strengthen our love for Allah SWT with a sincere struggle for the religion of Allah, Allah's laws and increase the good deeds so that we continue to fight for the sake of Allah SWT and fi-sabilillah. Ending the Khutbah this week, let us reflect the words of Allah in Surah al-Baqarah verse 190: Interpreted to mean: “And fight for the sake of (establishing and protecting the religion of) Allah those who fight against you, but do not commit aggression (by initiating the fight), for Allah does not love the aggressors.”

FOOTNOTE: Minor editing was made to provide clarity. I hope the above sermon will be a guide to all Muslims and will help our non-Muslim compatriots to understand the true meaning of Islam and the jihad.

Insya-Allah/God Willing.

9 comments: said...

May I ask you of your reference for your above article regarding IS group ? Is it CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, You Tube or other western controlled media ?


When are we going to set up the Malay Peacekeepers Force based in Saudi Arabia and the Malaysia based mega Islam Banks totally riba free, Dato?

The amal of enforcing peace in the Middle East and Muslim World is wonderful. Matrydom is one of its perks. Alhamdulillah.

Too much reading into surah al-Hujarat is my fault.
Understanding the rights of ISIS in the Levant and Iraq is a prequisite of a Muslim Peacekeeper - Malay or otherwise.

Salam hormat.

Je Suis Ahmed said...

ISIS a stooge for the US to destabilise Syria, where they both attack Syria under differrent fronts. Why is the UN and the OIC silent about this is simply ridiculous. And what will the Mimbar make out of this?

yeop_sepet said...

Salam dato.IS hanyalah wajah Sebuah ideologi di Medan pertempuran. Sepatutnya membanteras IS patut Bermula drp akar umbi iaitu banteras ideologinya. Di Malaysia,polis sibuk menahan suspek yg Ingin berjuang ke Syria tetapi Dlm masa yg sama kerajaan,kementerian,parti2 politik Dan NGO2 Islam Penuh sesak ideologi iS yakni wahabi.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ

Tiada siapa suka pd pelampau.

Bunuh rakyat Islam oleh Israel , amerika dan rakan mereka spt presiden baru Mesir itu juga tindakan pelampau.

Tekan rakyat dgn bermacam akta , polis dan hakim itu jugak tindakan pelampau.

Curi harta rakyat secara berterusan itu juga tindakan pelampau.

Menggunakan masjid menyelewengkan yg benar jadi salah dan sebaliknya itu juga tindakan pelampau.

Penentang kezaliman jangan senang2 digam sebagai pelampau.

Contoh pelampau adalah kerajaan zalim.

Berkenaan ISIL walaupun ada pro dan kontra saya rasa mereka lebih banyak merosak nama baik Islam.

Selagi ketidakadilan berleluasa di mana2 negara, masyarakat atau kumpulan maka ada manusia yg tak takut mati dan mau mati sebagai shahid.

Ulamak sepatutnya juga jangan jadi pelampau agama gara2 jadi syaitan bisu.

noordin mohamood said...

Salam DAKJ,

Terima kasih kerana memetik khutbah Jumaat tentang IS dalam posting kali ini. Saya meneliti kata-kata hikmah dari Dr.Yusuf Qaradawi tentang Danger of Extremism dimana
1. Obsdessed and too rigid with their opinion;
2. They like to do the thing the hard way and force others to do so;
3. Being extreme at the wrong place;
4. Harsh and voilent;
5. Thinking bad about others and
6. Tendency to brand others as disbeliever.

Biar pengunjung blog DAKJ yang lain kaitkan artikel ini dengan IS secara global.

Saya hanya ingin kaitkan pendapat Dr Yusuf Qaradawi ini dengan permasalahan dalam negara kita iaitu khususnya serangan pihak yang menggelarkan diri Ulama Pas kepada pihak yang digelar professional dalam PAS.

Saya amati mereka menggunakan taktik dan bahasa yang jelik dan kasar ke atas lawan sesama Jemaah hanya kerana mempertahankan TGHH yang dianggap maksum. Ini juga memberi gambaran negatif kepada yang bukan Islam betapa extrimis nya golongan ini.

Saya berharap ulama-ulama muda PAS ini menghadamkan pendapat Dr Yusuf Qaradawi sebagai santapan rohani yang boleh mengubah minda mereka.

Mungkin pendapat Dr Yusuf Qaradawi akan diperlekehkan, kerana Dr Yusuf dianggap bersekongkol dengan DSAI. Bila benci seseorang, kawan mereka juga akan dibenci.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

bagi saya mudah je tok..

"hantu raya makan tuan"

depa yang berkuasa yang bagi jadi IS ni.. lepas ni depa BOOM pulak negara negara ISLAM

terbaik cara mereka


Unknown said...

Maybe the US and her allies are more Islamic I suppose Datuk. Or might be Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi are waging true jihad.

Hamba Allah. said...

Salam Dato,'

Sewaktu perang Rusia Afghanistan, CIA memberi bantuan kepada golongan penentang Russia dan akhirnya terbentuklah golongan Taliban. Osama sebelum membentuk Al Qaeda adalah budak suruhan CIA untuk membantu mujahidin Afghanistan dengan menyalurkan bantuan senjata dan wang kepada mujahidin dan akhirnya Osama ben Laden menggunakannya untuk menentang Amerika semula.
Begitu juga Saddam Hussain adalah antara bekas talibarut CIA yang digunakan untuk melancarkan perang keatas Iran/syiah dan akhirnya Saddam menggunakannya kepada Kuwait dan dia juga akhirnya di bunuh oleh Amerika.
IS terbentuk apabila Amerika dan kuasa Eropah menyalurkan bantuan senjata dan kewangan kepada penentang Bashar Assad di Syria, penentang ini merekrut anggota dari seluruh dunia dan mula menawan bandar-bandar di Iraq dan Syria.
Amerika dan CIA memang bijak membentuk serta merekrut golongan-golongan yang mereka gelar ektremist dan apabila golongan ini mula menggigit tangan mereka dan tidak lagi mengikut telunjuk mereka, mereka akan mula menggambarkan kekejaman kumpulan ini dengan berbagai video yang dipaparkan di internet.
Sebenarnya mereka amat takut golongan yang mereka cipta ini akan menyerang Israel dan kepentingan Amerika di seluruh dunia apabila ianya dah tak terkawal.
Agenda Amerika dan Israel adalah semata-mata mahu menghapuskan syiar Islam di mukabumi dan mahu umat Islam terus bertelagah. Melaga-lagakan Syiah dan Sunnah adalah antara kejayaan terbesar mereka.
Dunia tidak akan aman sehingga tentera Mahdi tidak turun ke bumi dan Israel dan Amerika akan terhapus selepas Nabi Isa A.S di turunkan ke dunia. Selepas semuanya selesai. dunia kan kiamat. Bila berlakunya peristiwa tersebut? Hanya Allah SWT sahaja yang tahu.

Hamba Allah.

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