Monday, April 27, 2015

PM Does Not Feel Lonely, On the Contrary...

A Kadir Jasin

LATEST, April 24 – Mohd Najib the transforming Bugis. “The Bugis way is that, a vessel taken to sea cannot abandon its journey.

This is pinisi - the Bugis "ship" that Mohd Najib would not abandon
"Even if a tidal wave hits, breaking the rudder and tearing the sail, and even if a thousand vessels are swallowed by the ocean, it is more honourable to stay and fight than to turn back home.

"As a transparent government, I as the prime minister and the head of the leadership, with the honourable deputy prime minister and supported by the minister as wells as members of the administration, would never for a moment budge or surrender.

"Instead, we would remain steadfast and continue our struggle, charting a million new paths for the people and nation."

IT is confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt that Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak is not lonely.

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In the first instance, nobody had said that he was lonely or alone. In the second, the man himself told the high-level Invest Malaysia Conference in Kuala Lumpur on April 23 that he did not feel lonely.

This is how The Star newspaper in its April 24 quoted him:-

“Well, I can tell you that I don't feel lonely standing here in front of you today."
He added: "And when so many respected international bodies, individuals, and institutions have confirmed their belief in Malaysia's success and have honoured us by rating us so highly - I don't feel lonely at all - in fact I feel in a very good company."

The not-lonely PM at Invest Malaysia Conference
I think he had intended to take a swipe at (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but as always, he got it wrong.

I have no clue where the Prime Minister got this idea that people think he was lonely. Instead most Malaysians know just how merry and jolly their PM is.

I think he misunderstood what Dr Mahathir had written in his blog on April 13. In that post, Dr Mahathir said “saya sedar saya keseorangan” (I realise that I am alone). Dr Mahathir was referring to his quest to seek the truth about 1MDB and the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Unless Mohd Najib is speaking Kazak (the predominant language of Kazakhstan), he would have realised that Dr Mahathir did not say he was lonely. He said he was alone. So when Mohd Najib said he did not feel lonely, he once again misunderstood what Dr Mahathir said.

Still we thank Mohd Najib for making doubly clear that he wasn’t feeling lonely.

How Can He Be Lonely?

He had just returned from leading a glittering wedding party of his daughter (with (Datin Paduka Seri) Rosmah Mansor) to Kazakhstan, which, according to Dr Mahathir, comprised some 300 merrymakers.

Also some 160 Umno divisional chiefs had pledged their unequivocal support for him. The Umno Youth had held him up so high up that he could see eternity. The Wanita Umno had wildly waved the “I love PM” banners and sang “1M4U”. I can’t recall what the Puteri Umno did. But I am sure those pretty faces too did something soothing for him.

The Macho Men and the Princesses
We have also not heard of his armies of advisers, consultants, special officers and hangers-on abandoning him. I would not dare suspect that any of them are playing “kayu tiga” with him.
The mainstream media and the Mohd Najib-linked bloggers (ULB) - paid or voluntary, “bangang” or brilliant – continue to singing praises for him and maligning his critics. But some of them are saying that plots are being hatched in Umno to oust Mohd Najib although this was denied.

So how could he be lonely?

Sharing Prosperity

At the same conference he said prosperity must be shared. (Read here). We have no problem with that except that in the last two decades Malaysia has become less equal.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting nowhere but backward. Even some in the lower middle class are falling off the ledge.

That’s probably why Malaysians are only mildly happy. We are ranked 53 out of 158 countries featured in the most recent World Happiness Report published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The Switzerland is the happiest country and Togo is the saddest.

Apart from 1Malaysia People’s Assistance (BR1M), Mohd Najib recently shared the wealth of the country with fellow members of the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara by agreeing to a hefty pay rise.

Lower House members had their monthly salary from RM11,500 to RM16,000 and those of the Upper House from RM7,000 to RM11,000. It happened almost at the same time as the rakyat – the wealthy and the pauper – are making sense of the GST.

According to an economist/researcher, that raise catapulted our Yang Berhormats to the top one-per cent of the income band – to be exact the top 0.6%.

Income inequality is growing despite the economy expanding at a respectable high rate, signalling the failure of the wealth distribution in the post-NEP period. The lowest paid civil servants earned under RM1,300 a month after adding cost of living and housing allowances. The situation is worse in the private sector and among the self-employed.

Yet we were recently told by Rosmah Mansor that her hairstylist charged her RM1,200 for hair colouring at home and she blamed it on the GST. A society lady told me that its costs double that to do facial at a beauty outlet like Aster Spring. Today even men visit beauty parlours. Of course these are not the ordinary men in the street.

Even Men visited beauty parlour like this one
The 2014 report of the Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) showed that 72% of unit holders had an investment of only RM536. This represented a decline of 12.3% from 2012. The dividend they received was only RM45 a year or RM3.75 a month. 

And look at Tabung Haji, the pride and joy of Malaysian Muslims. The bottom 87% of savers have average investment of only RM567 in 2013 according to the UNDP Human Development Report 2013 authored by economist (Tan Sri) Kamal Salih, Dr Mohamed Abdul Khalid and Dr Lee Hwok Aun. Less than 40% of Muslims have accounts at Tabung Haji.

Then what has happened to Mohd Najib’s call on April 10, 2014 for better representation of gender, ethnicity and age in the Malaysian corporate sector? He said he would like to see a greater number of Malaysian-listed companies producing sustainability reports that include these features. Where is the update or is this another empty transformational promise? (Read here).

1MDB Stayed Away

The conference was organised by Bursa Malaysia with Khazanah Nasional Berhad and CIMB banking group being key participants. 1MDB was invited “to give its side of the story” but declined.

As a bona fide government strategic investment company it should not have shied away from the gathering whose keynote speaker was the Prime Minister himself. If 1MDB’s board of advisers, directors and management are so darn sure of their modus operandi and transparency, they should have attended the conference.

In another development, the company had declined to entertain inquiries from the media saying that “1MDB does not comment on speculation and market rumours.”

According to the report, The Malaysian Insider news portal had asked 1MDB to comment on claims that it had provided falsified bank statements concerning a subsidiary.

Maybe its President and Group Executive Director, Arul Kanda Kandasamy had learnt a bitter lesson when he told the Mingguan Malaysia on Feb. 15 (read here) that the talks of T.Ananda Krishman lending RM2 billion to 1MDB were “mere speculation”.

Then about six weeks later, on March 25, according to Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, Ananda through his power company, Tanjong Energy Holdings, “had arranged the funding with the help of private investors.”

So what Arul Kanda said in the interview with the Malay newspaper amounted to lying. So rather than perpetuating the lies, it would be better for 1MDB to keep its mouth shut and open its books to the investigators.

I was taken aback when, a couple of days ago, several senior Umno leaders, including ministers, who were previously staunch supporters of the Prime Minister, told me a different story.

One told me that some of them had seen and examined 1MDB documents, and are sharing the information with party members to ensure no further damage is done to government finances and the culpable parties be held responsible.

So, while the Prime Minister does not feel lonely, Dr Mahathir too is not alone in his fight to get the Prime Minister to leave Putrajaya.



JMS said...


You said it Dato....very precisely. There's hell of a difference between being lonely and being alone. One can be alone but not necessarily lonely and one can be lonely despite not being alone.

I strongly feel he is under tremendous psychological pressure to identify who his genuine supporters are and those ready to jump ship and abandon him the moment his position is seen shaky. He is not even sure now whether the UMNO Youth are really behind him.

He was partly instrumental in the resignation of AAB. Hence, he knows very well how AAB was forced to resign.

zack said...


Najib is not going anywhere. UMNO is not going to change their old-malay mindset and take on him either.

Time to think of another way to make him leave and make sure that he takes with him the consultants, the menteri tak cukup masak, blogger prepaid, facebooker postpaid, pegawai tak masak langsung, the talent corpse, the pemandu and God knows what else that have been sucking out all the money from us. said...

Salam Dato,

Loneliness is not a bad `thing'.

You can have a better time thinking and plannning when you are alone.

You can beribadat better when your are alone.

Caca marba in `thinking' and actions occur when you do not have time alone .

Creativity also mostly happens
when someone is alone.

Loneliness is not equal to abandonment.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

kluangman said...

Soal mengundurkan PM dikira sudah selesai, cuma menunggu masa yang sesuai.

Dua perkara lain yang lebih utama dari itu belum lagi selesai dan belum nampak perjalanannya.

Siapa dalaman UMNO yang akan menjadi penggerak dan pemangkin pengunduran tersebut

Siapa pengganti yang sesuai kerana Muhyiddin bukanlah pemimpin pilihan yang mampu memenangkan UMNO di PRU dan masih dalam kategori lembik dan playsafe, tidak jauh bezanya dengan Najib.

RD. said...

Salam Dato.

Memang betul kata Dato, bahawa Najib terlalu banyak 'menanam tebu di bibir mulut'. Hampir semua ikrar dan janji beliau adalah kosong belaka. Salah-satunya adalah program 'Memperkasakan ekonomi Melayu dan Bumiputera' yang dilancarkan sebelum Pemilihan Agong UMNO lepas. Sampai hari ini, langsung tidak kedengaran apakah kemajuannya.

Petang semalam saya dengar juga sikit-sikit apa yang cuba di kelentong oleh Idris Jala di TV1. Kemelut 1MDB, langsung tidak disebut. Semua data yang dihafal dan dihemburkan mengenai program ETP, GTP.....adalah baik dan bagus belaka. Idris Jala nampaknya amat teruja dan terpesona dengan kepimpinan Najib dan yakin akan hala-tuju cemerlang yang di ilhamkan idolanya.
Saya yakin, beliau sebagai 'pemandu' akan bawa Najib kearah tebing yang curam dan akan 'melompat' keluar sebelum terjunam.

Idris Jala, pada PRU13 lepas, undi party mana pun kita tak tahu. Saya yakin beliau akan 'memandu' Najib dan BN kalah PRU14 nanti.

Di TV1, Idris Jala cakap Omputih. Singkatan ETP, GTP, UTC, RTC dan semua program lain adalah dari bahasa Omputih. Orang luar-bandar yang memberi kemenangan kepada BN pada PRU13, bukannya semua faham istilah Omputih ni. Kalau istilah pun mereka tak faham, macam mana mereka nak faham apa yang kerajaan mahu laksanakan.

Pendapat Saudara Zack amat tepat sekali. Elok Najib berhenti dan bawa "semua consultants, the menteri tak cukup masak, blogger prepaid, facebooker postpaid, pegawai tak masak langsung, the talent corpse, the pemandu" bersama beliau.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ

dan sdr zack.

" Walau apa pun kutukan saya (RD) terhadap Najib dan kabinetnya, sori ye sebab saya ( RD) tetap akan berjuang bersama UMNO sebab otak saya ( RD) dah tepu. Saya (RD) yakin kalau UMNO kalah dalam PRU 14 maka hilanglah sumber pendapatan saya (RD) dan kawan2 tercinta".

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam. 'RD' tulih Idris Jala cakap 'omputih'. ''ETP, GTP, UTC...ABC'' tu semoa basa 'omputih'.
Lepaih tu RD tanya, lagu mana orang2 luak bandak yg sokong BN nak paham. Baguih pandangan dia, lebih korang magnanya depa sokong BN bukan pasai paham, tapi pasai lain kot. Apa gamaknya no..? Munkin al fulus kot...jadi kena pakai cara lain sikit kot la untuk pengaruh depa ni. Hujjah2 yg bernaih saja tak cukop kot. Sindiak2 lagi depa tak paham atau buat2 tak paham. Mintak ma'ap no...cakap teruih terang ja. Terima kasih.

Pakcik said...

Sorang merendah diri, yg sorang lagi cakap besar
Sorang merayu, yg sorang lagi buat pekak tak nak dengar
Sorang mengingatkan, sorang lagi bodoh sombong
Sorang fikir pasal negara, sorang fikir pasal diri sendiri
Sorang bapa pembangunan negara, sorang lagi bapa pembangunan jugak tapi pembangunan hutang negara

chong y l said...

Datuk Kadir Jasin,THE ScRIBE: greAtings to fellow BUMmer; just reproduced your latest 2 posts at my humble Midnight Voices, "Terima Kasih" for the borrowings for which I will offer endless rounds of tehtarik at the Seremban's De Miang Corner, just behind KFC along Jln Temiang le!:)Chow! -- YL, Desi, knottyaSssual

Azahari A Ahmad said...


Pepatah UMNO ada mengatakan "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi" Hadis Nabi Muhammad juga ada mengatakan "apabila amanah diberikan kepada yang tidak berhak, maka bermulalah kemusnahan"

Pejuang melayu dan pejuang Islam dua-dua tidak suka kepada yang tidak menjaga amanah.

Unknown said...

ASSALAMULAIKUM PAK KADIR, Ya masa kini tengok TV boring betul ia asyik cerita kebaikan BN sahaja jumpa orang ini BN baik jumpa orang itu BN baik macam masuk bakul angkat sendiri woooo hampir 80% slot untuk BN sahaja tak terfikir kah mereka di pihak pengurusan TV bahawa berita yang mereka siarkan itu membosankan dan membodohkan stesen TV itu sendiri. Harap pak kadir komen perkara ini ia. TERIMA KASIH


1. Pembahas Umar Abdul Aziz, komen tuan mengenai Suharto tidak disiarkan kerana fakta silap.

2. Suharto tidak bunuh jeneral lain. Allahyarham sendiri diburu pemberontak pro-PKI. Sila baca peristiwa Lubang Buaya.

3. Mohon saudara dan semua pembahas utamakan fakta dan tolonglah jangan terlalu emosional, menghina satu sama lain dan menggunakan bahasa kesat.

4. Pembahas Rosiah Ismail, kebetulan baru-baru ini saya berbincang panjang dengan seorang eksekutif kanan sebuah konglomerat media swasta. Dia dari bahagian pengurusan dan dia akui bahawa kaedah pemberitaan yang dipaksakan melalui “wahyu” dari Putrajaya ke atas media arus perdana milik kerajaan, parti dan proksi parti menyebabkan audiens semakin kurang.

5. Kesannya jelas. Misalnya ada akhbar Melayu yang pada tahun 2003 (tahun Tun Dr Mahathir bersara) mempunyai penjualan lebih 300,000 naskhah sehari kini jatuh bawah 200,000.

6. Sebuah akhbar Inggeris yang pada akhir tahun 1990-an mempunyai edaran lebih 150,000 naskhah kini kurang daripada 100,000 manakala rancangan berita di sebuah stesen TV swasta yang pada satu waktu dulu amat dihormati kini kalah kepada Astro Awani dan TV9 yang lebih muda akibat terlaku pro-kerajaan. Hatta RTM milik kerajaan pun tidak seteruk stesen tersebut.

7. Khabarnya peneraju MAP lebih takut "wahyu" budak-budak PM daripada arahan PM sendiri.

Terima kasih.


zack said...

You sounds like you are referring to yourself - just change RD to you and UMNO to Anwar.

Secara jujurnya saya tak pernah baca komen2 saudara Umar tapi dah nama saya dipetik maka terpaksalah saya respon.
Maaf kerana saya ingin berterus terang di sini: Saya anggap saudara Umar ini tak berapa betul, atau kurang waras sebab tu saya abaikan semua komen saudara.

Tak perlu saya panjangkan lagi. Setakat itu saja. Maaf sekali lagi.

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ

Datuk tentu faham betapa taat dan taksubnya pasukan polis atau tentera komando mana2 negara pun.

Kalaulah ada arahan dari atasan kpd polis atau tentera berkenaan bahawa yg kamu bakal tembak adalah penyamar rupa si A bukan si A yg sebenar.

Maka akan mati katak la si A itu.

Atau arahannya berbunyi " yg kamu bakal bunuh adalah penjahat no satu negara yg sedang menyamar sebagai .......

Apalah beza dgn peristiwa general2 yg dibunuh oleh org tertentu lalu yg dipersalahkan adalah PKI.

Dalam konteks Malsysia apa kata Dakj jika si A tadi adalah TDM atau Anwar atau Datuk sendiri.

Mengambil pelajaran drpd pembunuhan Altantuya oleh anggota polis apa kah modus operandi yg sama tak boleh berulang?

Semoga Allah beri keselamatan kpd pengkritik2 UBN terutama Najib.

Anonymous said...

sy beli charger HP berharga RM10 di sebuah kedai telefon cina. Menurutnya, dia takkan naikkan harga...jika itu boleh menyebabkan dia kekurangan pelanggan. agak bijak dia berniaga. bagaimana utk jadi lebih bijak adalah hasrat kita rakyat Malaysia. binasalah mereka yang menuju ke arah kebodohan.

RD. said...

Hmmm...silap fakta mengenai Suharto dan tidak lulus untuk disiarkan oleh Tuan-punya blog.

Kalau gemar memfitnah, bukalah blog sendiri.

RD. said...

Saudara 'Aku'.

"depa sokong BN bukan pasai paham, tapi pasai lain kot. Apa gamaknya no..?"

Ya, saya sokong BN kerana takut Anwar Ibrahim, lantik orang seperti Kit Siang atau anaknya sebagai TPM.

Saya bukan anti-Cina, tapi anti DAP yang chauvinist. Kalau orang seperti ex-YB Wee Choo Keong atau TS Lee Lam Thye, yang juga pernah menjadi ahli DAP, saya boleh juga menerima mereka sebagai TPM.


Dato' KadirJ

How can he be lonely? He is the UMNO Presiden, BN Chairman, PM and Finance Mininster and is well off.

Anyway, what is his worth and his family (assets owned in ringgits)? Even a wild guess will do.

Salam Hormat.

Unknown said...


RD suka merapu bagi macam2 alasan biasa dengar.

Sesiapa kritik UMNO di anggap pembangkang dan lebih teruk di gam sokong DAP.

Bagi RD, Melayu bererti UMNO saja.

Bangang punya temberang.

Unknown said...

RD siburung telek nasib.

Saya dah jawab pd DAKJ bahawa tulisan saya mengenai diktator Suharto, yg dah tersembam adalah benar.

Bersama2 tulisan itu saya juga ada mengata mengenai kesunyian idola RD iaitu TDM, setelah hilang kuasa 5
tahun selepas bergaduh dgn Anwar.
Ertinya kalau DAKJ nak siarkan maka terpaksa disiarkan keemuanya.

Saya pun nak tunggu jugak blog RD bila nak muncul.

RD sendiri pernah mengaku bahawa tak pernah jumpa saya hantar komen di blog lain. Mengesahkan bahawa saya tak cari makan ambil upah berblog macam RD.

Agaknya DAKJ pun dah sedia maklum bahawa tulisan RD semua bodek UMNO. SO tiada apa nak dirisaukan. Tak mungkin di kategori sebagai fitnah atau hasut .

Kesimpulannya komen RD walaupun banyak merapu dan fitnah sering terlepas tapisan. Jangan perasan sangat.

Lahuma said...


PM Najib sekadar menyatakan dia pun bukan keseorangan.
Dia mungkin sindir Timbalan dia sendiri yang kata TDM tak keseorangan sebelum itu.

Saya nampak dan faham begitu.
PM Najib dari segi UMNO macam orang nampak dia dijulang.
Dan PM Najib kena ingat balik keputusan PRU 13 yang lalu majoriti BN kurang dari 50%.

Siapa kata PM Najib keseorangan.Tak betul.Kelilingnya pun cukup ramai.

Biar lah PM Najib nak kata apa pun.Dia kuat ke.Hebat ke.
Yang pasti PRU 14 ini adalah gelap masa depannya diPutrajaya.
Manakalan tempatnya di PWTC sebagai Presiden UMNO boleh bawa selagi mana dia mahu.Itu urusan dia dengan UMNO.

PM Najib punyai penasihat dan pegawai yang bertaraf amatur dan lintang pukang.

Dia cuma sesuai dan popular masa jadi menteri biasa sahaja.
Tak layak memimpin kerajaan negara dan rakyat.

Berapa lama lagi dan sejauh mana lagi PM Najib dapat bertahan dengan cabaran ini.

Tidak pasti semua.Tun Mahathir sendiri pun lanjut usianya.

Terima kasih Dato.

Ghab said...

It is a moment of anguish to concede about our beloved Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Melayu ni mudah lupa ke?

Sudah sudah lah!...dulu Mahatdir ada buat pasal. (Mindsets Melayu berpecah)

Musa pun buat pasal, tapi curi-curi pasal. (")

Ku Li buat pasal sambil-sambilan dan terus cari pasal. (")

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim lagi buat pasal. (")

Pak Lah Konon-kononya tak nak buat pasal. (")

Yang hebatnya, Najib kena...mungkin bini punya pasal. (")

Sekali lagi Mahatdir menjelma buat pasal. (")

DAP buat tak tahu ada pasal, dia kata, itu Lu punya pasal, Gua tak takut Gua tak kesal.

Seterusnya bangsa Melayu, Ugama Islam, Raja-Raja Melayu dan Negara TERTEKAN....... tak pasal-pasal.

To me, Dr. Mahatdir should stop this bickering because the Malay psyche is distressed and psychologically in depression.

Insinuating that Malaysia is going toward a police state further added our depression....tak pasal-pasal.

I think, Dr Mahatdir's heroism of polemic is sorting for concussion. He vengeances himself to be prone as being an activist of troubleshooting. With much regret, he is at his worst, portraying himself as an outdated political ombudsman by depriving his statesmanship.

At this juncture, his misrepresented profile of current dope whom Mahathir is. The antithesis of his pragmatic mind defers from the pages of his past. Thus his slippery thoughts slip away into the polemic of politics.....tak pasal-pasal.

The colloquy he projected and amplified representing the echo of other contentious deemed for controversial noises rather than voices. All these are for what?

Ghab said...

I think, it won't be a detrimental to Najib by leadership, because Najib is adamant as Mahatdir is. Najib will never step down like Dr. Mahatdir will never back down.

Convincingly as it is, Najib accredits himself that he is hoping to gain impulsion toward the next coming general election, despite the chorused environment of dirty politics and along with Dr. Mahatdir's hiccups. But Dr. Mahatdir comprehends that Najib will fall and Umno would crumble like the house of cards.

In spite of that, it seems Najib's leadership rightly firm with its agenda and has been patiently working toward its advantages.

The premise by which "your political enemy is your friend" so to speak has never been in denial by Najib.

Despite series of severe political harassment by the oppositions and within Umno veterans themselves, by its observation, Najib and his team is gaining more numbers. Although by perception it seems a bumpy ride for Najib but the meeting of minds representing the parties help to make a different in the political landscape, in which already been realized by the populace and especially by those once unenlightened liberal-Urbanites.

Never in the history of Umno, leaders experience with consensus under Najib's leadership. In addition to that, 'Hudud as a deterrence' has somehow pace the way for Muslim mindsets welcoming for a political reconciliation. It is gradually bounded in the making. It would be realized when the mindsets are converted to votes politically because of Umah, a powerful statement of the Malay communities. This sentiment has never been in for Dr. M's thesaurus.

Make no mistake, Najib is not a "sitting duck"as perceived and who want to make a belief it is.

To a certain extent, Tun Mahatdir is persistent and adamantly in broadcasting to move out Najib. It has its perspective impact. It seems to have deceived the Malaysian minds but yet to be realized.

Tohinking about it, Dr. M is still the member of Umno and his 22 years premiership, a former ranking Prime Minister for all Malaysians is self-explanatory.

I hope the present leaders of BN would be able to manage Dr. M's perception of Najib, and also Dr. M's cohorts vested interests.

"Dah lama dah", orang Melayu pun "dah lama dah" hendakan a peace of mind to move forward in achieving vision 2020.

Actually, I am so sick, tired and bored, it seems we are not going anywhere by this mental commotion.

Ibarat ludah kelangit akhirnya kena muka sendiri. Sudah lah! jangan pula biarkan air ludah itu betepik sampai berulat didahi. Fikir lah Pak!

msh said...

Sy sutuju pndgan sdra Zack..

Org ini berniat lain bila menulis dlm blog Dato.

Nak berkempen untuk idola peliwat dan parti yg dia sokong.

Troll...kehilangan arah.

RD. said...

".....idola RD iaitu TDM, setelah hilang kuasa 5 tahun selepas bergaduh dgn Anwar."

Dah kena tegur salah-fakta, pun masih tidak serik. Saya pula terpaksa buang masa untuk terangkan supaya pembahas lain tidak keliru dan termakan hasutan dari penyokong Pakatan yang licik ini.

Dr.M tidak hilang kuasa. Beliau sendiri dengan rela-hati letak jawatan. Anwar yang tidak sabar dan menjadi lebih terdesak untuk jadi PM setelah ada tuduhan liwat dan orgy bersama 3 pelajar IPT terhadap beliau. Tuduhan di Parliament pun ada. Terbukti dalam transcript hansard 1997.

Dr.M sudah ada niat besara ketika itu. Tapi beliau rasa bersalah dan tidak tergamak serah tugas pada penganti ketika Malaysia diserang penyangak matawang-asing. Ketika itu Dr.M sudah sedar akan komplot Anwar cuba menjatuhkannya.
(Berikut, tulisan Dr.M dalam A Doctor in the House, muka-surat 415)

"I kept my doubts to myself. I felt confident that should he mount a direct challenge to my presidency, I would still be able to defeat him. As things turned out, my plans to step down after the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 were thwarted by the assault against the Malaysian ringgit by international currency traders in 1997-1998. No matter what my personal plans were, I could not stand down under those circumstances. I could not leave at a time when the country was facing a major crisis. I thought it was my duty to put things right first. This was especially so because Anwar, as my successor, seemed unable to deal with the situation. He had followed the IMF formula and the situation had become worse. Unless corrective actions were taken the country that my successor would inherit would go into economic depression."

Mungkin ada hikmahnya berlaku krisis matawang ketika itu. Jika tidak, sudah tentu Dr.M akan bersara pada 1998 dan Anwar menjadi PM. Sudah pasti, Ummi Hafilda, Karpal Singh dan Mat Sabu akan ditahan dibawah ISA kerana 'membuat tuduhan yang sahih'. Sudah tentu, Pak Lah dan Najib tiada peluang langsung untuk menjadi PM.

RD. said...

Saya mahu Najib letak jawatan serta-merta dan saya sokong Dr.M.

Siapa yang sunggoh bangang sehingga boleh beranggapan saya terima 'fulus' menulis dalan ruangan komen Dato AKJ, menyokong BN dan UMNO.

Takkan la Dr.M yang bayar saya. Bangang ke apa?

Unknown said...

Sdr Ghab.

Rakyat Melayu memang tak serik2 cari pasal.

Dah berbuih pembangkang minta di beri peluang Melayu tak sedar2.

Sejak zaman TDM dah berapa ratus billion lesap . Yg masih ok ialah di zaman TDM duit rakyat lesap ada jalan cerita.

Zaman Najib lesap beratus billion langsung tiada berita.. Duit entah kemana.

Mereka nak bergaduh lantak la.

Dulu sebelum jadi negara maju pun ada gaduh termasuk perang saudara di Amerika dan Perancis. Yg baik akhirnya menang mengalahkan yg jahat.

Saya harap TDM dan pembangkang ambil watak baik yg menang.

Kalau tidak tak pasal2 generasi akan dtg terima bala hutang.

Yg UMNO nak kita angguk ialah demi keamanan dan perpaduan konon rakyat Melayu hendaklah terus ikut telunjuk mereka. Dalam pada itu entah berapa billion lagi duit rakyat akan lesap.

Untuk jatuhkan Najib saya sokong TDM

Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ.

Dalam pd Najib punya macam2 kelemahan , ada juga kebaikannya.

Najib suka mengambil blogger upahan dgn jumlah yg banyak. Ilmu ni tak de pd Pak Lah.

Tak perlu yg pandai2.

Dapat bodoh2 alang pun cukuplsh.

Zaman siswazah menggangur ramai ni tindakan Najib ni sangat dimuliakan oleg sesetengah Melayu.

Kalau tak percaya cuba tanya RD dan msh.

Tak perlu pandai pun . Sebab yg pandai biasanya senang dpt kerja tempat lain yg lebih bermaruah .

Blogger Najib yg beliau sendiri pernah kutuk secara terbuka sebagai bangang nak susah2 apa.

Skrip yg mereka perlu hafal tak banyak mana pun. Di antaranya :

UMNO parti keramat.

Tanpa UMNO, terhapuslah masa depan Melayu.

UMNO dulu kini dan selamanya.

Hidup Melayu.

Anwar boneka Amerika.

Anwar peliwat.

Anwar pengkhianat Melayu.

Pas sejak berada dalam PR sudah lari dari peruangan Islam asal.

Hudud Pas bukan hudud Islam

Kita org Melayu hendaklah bersatu...tentunya bawah UMNO.

Pembangkang suka membawa politik benci membenci.

Pembangkang suka menabur fitnah.

Pas dah jadi kuda tunggangan DAP.

Kalau PR menang maka Lim Kit Siang akan jadi TPM.

Orang Melsyu hendaklah sentiasa bersyukur kepada UMNO.

Jangan gigit tangan yg beri kita makan.

DAP Cina rasis.

Yg mengkritik UMNO adalah penyokong DAP.

PR hanya pandai membangkang.

Hanya UBN yg ada pengalaman perintah negara.....depa lupa oleh yg demikian UBN jugalsh yg ada pengalaman rompsk harta negara.

Kalau nak cuba apaksh yg saya senaraikan di atas betul atau tidak cuba perhalusi tulisan RD dan msh.

Tak susah jadi blogger banggang kan?

Unknown said...

Tun M clearly said he owed a lot to Tun Razak and to repay that he pushed Najib to be the PM. But one must not forget..Najib WAS forced into politics at a young age. An age where young boys would like to party around, lepak with friends, chasing after girls, etc,etc. But out of sentiment and emotion especially from the people of his state and that include the Royalties he was made as the next Wakil Rakyat in Pekan. And as a politician HE MUST BE SEEN CLEAN. So he was forced to abandon and stop all activities that are associated with being young or a teenager. Worse still his spouse seems to lead his way rather than the other way round. And this is what happened to Malaysia right now.

If I am Najib,, with the 1MDB mess that he created, I would quietly withdraw myself as being the PM and either pass to it to his Deputy or get an interim PM with wide experiences and expertise to repair the damages that he has done. Najib should also pray that the next GE , BN still wins. If the Opposition wins, the Rakyat will see Najib very often at the court to answer a lot of everything that he had done to this nation.

Competente said...


Laporan dalam Berita Harian, Selasa 28 April 2014,

"Walaupun diasak serta dikritik pedas oleh pelbagai pihak, Datuk Seri Najib Razak bertekad kerajaan pimpinannya akan terus berusaha memajukan rakyat dan negara."

Adalah Najib bermimpi? Sejak bila kerajaan di bawah pimpinan beliau memajukan rakyat dan negara?

Adakah BR1M memajukan rakyat dan negara?

Adakah GST 6% yang ditimpa keatas barangan dan perkhidmatan yang telahpun dicukai 10% suatu perkara yang memajukan rakyat dan negara?

Adakah peruntukan ratusan juta ringgit bagi Program PERMATA yang tidak membuahkan hasil itu memajukan rakyat dan negara?

Adakah kehilangan berbilion ringgit kepada 1MDB memajukan rakyat dan negara?

Adakah sikap bermewah-mewah Najib dan Rosmah memajukan rakyat dan negara?

Program-program GTP dan ETP hanya kelihatan sebagai propaganda semata-mata yang tidak memberi hasil kepada rakyat. Rakyat mahu lihat hasil yang boleh dikecapi, bukan propaganda.

Wallahu alam.


Unknown said...

Assalamulaikum pak kadir yang mesra kepada semua saya bukan mengampu cuma merapu kerana suaraku tak kemana kat sini sahaja.....ok dato yang past DSN tidak akan berundur dari jawatan nya itu sudah pasti kerana beliau mempunyai penasihat di sekeliling pinggang yang sentiasa memberi nasihat kearah DSN hendaklah kekal dipuncak kuasanya tanpa ada keraguan dari mana2 pihak....Selepas ini TDM akan keseorangan dan lama kelamaan akan kesunyian kesimpulan nya mudah anjing yang menyalak kalau dapat tulang akan senyap dan saya yakin DSN ada tulang tersebut dan tulang itu sungguh lazat...DSN sudah membalas hujah TDM dan nampak nya TDM sekarang pun dah mula terkian-kial nak mengumpul tenaga nak berhujah menekan DSN elok la TDM balik rumah buat amal2 yang tertinggal tu...Bagi saya DSN tindak akan tunduk kepada tekanan mana2 pihak untuk meletakan jawatan nya selagi MT umno dibawaah telunjuk nya dan TDM pun sedia maklum akan hal ini jadi sekarang ini TDM umpama mencurah air busuk sendiri...itu sahaja celoteh saya pak kadir selamat kepada semua rakyat malaysia. wassalam

Unknown said...


RD spt idola beliau TDM nak Najib turun dan diganti oleh org UMNO jugak.

Tapi lebih 52% pengundi mahukan wakil PR pulak jadi PM.

RD siburung telek nasib.

Tak paysh susah2 nak konon lindungi pembaca dari pembohobgan pembangkang .

Yg cipta cerita2 tak betul selalunya adalah kerajaan zalim dan melalui media propaganda atau blogger bangang mereka menyalahkan pembangkang.

RD jangan lupa kalau Dr Mahathir sejak 1981 hingga berlakunya krisis kewangan Asia 1997 telah berjaya membina asas ekonomi Msia yg solid maka tiada penjangak mata wang yg berani datang.

Ini terbukti dalam kes ekonomi Spore dan Hong Kong yg solid waktu itu. Mana ada penjangak mata wang bernama George Soros berani .

Hanya ekonomi lembik macam Msia, Indonesia dan Thsiland waktu itu mengalu2ksn kedatangan pencuri kenegara mereka.

TDM gagal belajar dari dialog yg diubah dalam filem Tiga Abdul...kamu hukan tak tahu Soros tu penyamum. Kenapa kamu tak jaga harta benda kamu?
TDM spt biasa hingga sekarang mana mau kalah. Betul Najib dan Pak Lah lemah. Jangan lupa Dollah dan Najib mewarisi ekonomi dan sistem pentadbiran yg hampas sejak 22 tahun terdahulu.


Terimalah hakikat bahawa Mshathir berselera besar. Dia bernasib baik punya Anwar sebagai TPM dan menteri kewangan yg di akui dunia sebagai cekap dan bersih.

Kalau tidak mana mungkin bajet zaman Anwar nenteri kewangan, negara berjaya laksana bajet berimbang.

Dan kalau buksn Anwar kawal bajet, mana mungkin KLIA disiapkan pd harga 9b sahaja berbanding dgn jangkaan awal rm24b

Maka terkulat2 lah perompsk.harta negara kerana dah berangan nak dpt projek melalui KLIA tapi di kawal Anwar.


Siapa u nak tipu ni.!

Menjelang 1997 sebenarnya populariti Mahathir dah jatuh teruk kerana kebijakan nya sesudah 16 tahun memerintah banyak merugikan rakyat.

Kalau dia sayang negara dia sepatutnya letak jawatan pada 1998 semasa krisis kewangan memuncak dan membenarkan timbalannya ambil alih.

Atau paling tidak kalau Mahathir gentleman dan seorang demokrat kenapa tak beri peluang ahli UMNO pilih antara beliau dan Anwar sebagai presiden UMNO.

Sebaliknya sanggup dia buang Anwar begitu saja. Seolah2 UMNO tu dia yg punya.

Mahathir tu mrnurut saya layak di gelar penipu dan loyar buruk.

Dengan track rekodnya dah buang beberapa timbalan dan terkenal punya banyak kroni, RD nak percaya bulat2 apa yg beliau tulis pasal Anwar?

RD, selayaknya saya kata u ni tak de otak atau otak udang.

Kalau pun RD percaya cacatan TDM terhadap Anwar sebagai betul, apa hal pulak dgn pergaduhannya dgn Pak Lah.

Beza saya dgn RD adalah saya guna otak , baca, nilai dan buat keputusan.

Bukan macam RD yg terima bulat2 apa yg TDM temberangdalam bukunya.

Masih ingat acara menyimpan atau menanam pesan2 bertulis TDM yg dibuat beberapa tahun sebelum beliau bersara?

Berlakunya peristiwa itu tentu berdasar overconfident TDM bshawa beliau telsh sangat berjasa pd negara dan selaysknya diingati oleh PM2 akan datang.

Setelah apa yg dia buat pd PM2 selepas beliau, apakah RD fikir Najib nak buang masa baca wasiat atau pesan2 TDM selepas beliau mati?

Kalau bukan kerana TDM luka2 selepas gaduh dgn Anwar sejak 1998 , RD fikir TDM mahu bersara 2003?

Kalaulah ekonomi Msia baik pd 2003 , RD fikir TDM nsk lepas kuasa pd Dollah?

TDM lebih minst pd legasinya agar ada yg boleh pelihara.

Joe Black said...


The latest Report by "Pemandu" led by Idris Jala, which is essentially a report on the State of the Nation have left the Public mired in Confusion and Disbelief.

People are trying to match Pemandu's numbers with what is on the ground and still cannot see where the numbers are coming from.

Reduction in Crime (claimed to have fallen by more than 40%)is matched with widespread use of private security guards paid by house owners are now a common feature of our suburbs. Perhaps the public rather than the government is responsible for this reduction in crime. But despite this robberies at homes and on the streets are still rampant.

New jobs Created? Is it enough to cater for the huge number of unemployed graduates? Or these jobs are menial jobs created for foreigners that arrived in droves?

Somehow as Najib's brother said, the government has to be more transparent if it wants to gain the trust of the people.

Joe Black said...


UMNO Members should take notice that by his latest statement of going down with the ship, he is declaring outrightly that he will bring UMNO down with him regardless of right or wrong.....

It will Spur Tun Dr M to do all within his means to bring Najib Down.

12 angry men said...

Crazy statement by Najib. Would it be wise to say that the Bugis are not only selfish, but also extremely stupid? He would rather lose the upcoming general election so he can quench his Bugis thirst? My my such selfish behavior from the guy who can't dance to save his life.
It's either game on or game over. The only way to get rid of this dipstick is a no confidence vote. Would love if the oppo and the ruling coalition ganged up and this dipstick is ousted. Let's see how his Bugis persona is then.

I feel compelled to state openly that Najib is a loser. A moron. Half baked cookie. This guy is not only ugly, he is empty within. He is all talk and no walk.

And the GHAB guy, is that Idris Jala trying to be John Lennon? What in f*cks sake are you trying to say? Your analysis makes no sense. Ain't your tongue all brown from all the sh*t that you're licking?

On a side note, it's funny how everyday RTM is talking about the Rompin by election yet and all the crap that comes along but no mention of Permatang Pauh?

RD. said...

Anwar Ibrahim tidak mungkin dipecat oleh Dr.M jika tidak punyai tabiat sex yang pelik dan songsang. Binatang liar pun pandai cari 'entry' semula-jadi yang menjadi lumrah alam.

"Siapa u nak tipu ni.!"

Wa bukan mau tipu lea. Wa cakap butut punye. Talak tipu.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

I think Tun M had managed to give enough traction on the subject of 1MDB.

Public perception in 1MDB is very negative as there are billions ringgit of questions arises.

In a democratic country like Malaysia, the government that have been elected by the people should answer these “Billion Ringgit” questions raised by a former Prime Minister. Otherwise, the government will lose its credibility.

Tun M had even refine his questions, detailing the amount of money and questioning where these money had gone to.

In my opinion, DS Najib administration is doing everything but answer these “Billions RM” question.

Recently, in the media, DS Najib had said he would never surrender.

That is not an answer to Billion ringgit question pose by Tun M.

azim said...

So...Puan Rosiah tak kisah lah ye jika negara kita jatuh dgn hutang yg terus meningkat dan ringgit yg terus menjunam? Tak kisahlah kalau dana2 spt kwsp atau kwap atau tabung haji diguna utk cover hutang nanti?

azim said...

Saudara RD, Orang yg dibayar utk bodek selalu sangka org lain juga dibayar mcm dia. Banganglah katakan...dia ingat semua org bangang mcm dia dan tak boleh cari keja yg bermanfaat sikit. Keja bodek je lah yg dia layak.

Unknown said...

Agaknya RD suka buat kerja mengendap ni.

Mungkin dia jadi agen TDM lihat sendiri Anwar meliwat.

Sebab itu RD yakin 100%.. Betul ke RD yakin 100%. ni. Atau setakat baca akhbar pemfitnah terus terima bulat2.

Siap RD sanggup ulang berkali kali.

Hebat sungguh RD.

Saya tak fikir RD ni Islam .

Kalau Islam pun, Islam dalam KP je kot.

Atau bodoh kerana terus terima bulat2 tuduhan org yg tergugat dgn Anwar.

Dgn Anwar ni. ISA dia tak takut. Nak tuduh Anwar rasuah, satu sen pun tiada bukti.

Maka tuduhan liwatlah yg boleh mereka fikirkan.

Tak susah nak bukti.

Ada budak dropout . Ada polis. Ada doktor atau ahli kimia kerajaan. Dan ada pulak mahkamah ala dunia kelas ke 4.

Joe Black said...


Dizaman purba Bangsa Bugis yang menjadi kebangaan DS Najib biasanya juga membawa bersama mereka hamba yang dipanggil Ahlil Nujum, yaitu "Magician"...

Saperti zaman purba, Ketua Orang Melayu berBangsa Bugis sekarang juga ada membawa seorang hamba Ahlil Nujum yang bernama Idris yang dipakaiguna untuk menyiar maklumat tentang kekuatan angkatan negara semasa....Malangnya tidak semua percaya akan maklumat yang diberi olih AhlilNujum ini.

RD. said...

Terima Kasih Saudara Azim.

Saya rasa si 'Umar' Ini jelmaan 'Din Melaka' dan kebarangkalian besar, orang yang sama kerana hujah mereka serupa. Asyik tabur fakta yang hangit berbau propaganda untuk memburukkan kerajaan yang dipimpin oleh orang Melayu.

RD. said...

Hmmm....keturunan Bugis. Yang saya tahu orang Bugis amat bengis, terutamanya apabila mengamok. Di Parit Buntar ramai keturunan Bugis. Pada saya la, Najib bukan lagi Bugis sejati tetapi sudah menjadi Anglophile. Menjadi Fan-club MU. Sanggup buang masa, berlepak dengan anak-muda, terkinja-kinja tengok EPL. Pemuja bekas penjajah tok-nenek kita.

"As a transparent government....".
This my be the lie of the century.

If 1MDB were to conduct its businesses transparently, using government civil servants, rather than those dubious entities or personalities, nobody could allege, instigate or create doubts that will be used to cast exasperation or distrust against your government.

If your government is very transparent, Sarawak Report, Global Witness, New York Times or Malaysiakini would not had a field-day, publishing negative news about your administration. If they did, you could have surely sued them.

If your government is very transparent, people like Razak Baginda and Jho Low would not have been very famous today.

If your government is very transparent, Dr.M would surely have more time playing with his grand-children, rather than wasting his precious time, getting rid-of you.

msh said...

Maaf berkata ...Pn Rosiah agak selari dan sekata dgn Wanita dan Puteri Umno.

Mintanya tidak......kerana mereka bukannya berminat menolong rakyat tetapi cuma pentingkan survival diri sahaja.

Hakikatnya...wanita dlm Umno yg diketuai oleh bekas Menteri yg suami dah 'kebas duit lembu'...kes berjalan...justeru itu dia mesti selalu 'jilat' Boss...juga bini Boss untuk survival.

Ketua serupa dia menghabiskan beras dan cuma melingkupkan Parti....sikap dia tidak pernah sama dgn Ketua2 yg dulu2.

Malah ..dia pun bermasalah dlm mempertahankan jawatan....dan apanya keistimewaan dan kehebatan dia semasa menjadi Menteri Hal Ehwal Wanita dan Kebajikan Masyarakat?

Demikian juga ketua Puteri.
Dia mdpt jawatan sbgai Pengarah/Pengerusi Syarikat GLC....mana mungkin lagi nak berjuang untuk bangsa dan menentang Presiden yg penuh kontroversi dan skandal ?

Sedarkah Pn bahawa Presiden suka dipuja dan bini yg seperti Dewi pula suka glamor?

Tetapi Tun M mahu dia turun bukan ketana sebab itu....tetapi sebab dia lemah....meragukan dan terlibat dlm Skandal 1MDB yg kerugian RM42 juta.

Ertikata dia tidak lagi layak.

Harap Pn dpt melihat dari kacamata rakyat ramai bukan sahaja kerana Tun M sahaja......betapa perit nya kehidupan dibawah pimpinan dia.

Minta kaum2 wanita dpt menerima hakikat bahawa pasangan Presiden Dewa Dewi ini cuma membahayakan bangsa dan ugama.....dan tidak nengikut resam dan rentak Wanita dan Puteri didlm Parti sahaja.

Mereka (Wanita dan Puteri Umno) cuma langsir sahaja pd Dewa dan Dewi ini.....sebab pangkat dan kuasa yg mereka mahu.

msh said...

Sdra RD.

'Troll' pemuja Peliwat dah meracau dan merapu yg bukan2....hingga lontaran tidak disiar oleh Dato sebab fakta tak tepat.

Ada sekali dia berkata Tun M merugikan negara RM ratusan billion semasa memerintah.

Sy gerenti...kalau kita minta pencerahan dan 'detail' dia tentu terkangkang nak jawab.

Main ambil angka ikut suka dan bercakap ikut sedap mulut.

Suruh buka blog sendiri tak mahu.


Untuk peringatan ....dia cuma wujud diblog Dato semata2 untuk menangkis kecaman pembahas2 pd Pembangkang dan bukan untuk berhujah secara beradab dan berilmiah.

Dia semata2 seekor 'troll' mahu berkempen diblog ini untuk kita menyokong Idola dia seorg Peliwat dan Dap Lakhntullah.

msh said...

Apa ko melalok ini Labu?

Kesian....dah makan?

Unknown said...


Saya ulangi kerugian rakyat selama 22 tahun TDM memerintah senang2 mencecah ratusan billion.

Kalau msh tak bodoh tentulah tak perlu tanya saya dari mana kerugian spt itu dtg.

Cuma zaman Najib ratusan billion itu lesap dalam tempuh lebih singkat.

So Najib menang berbanding TDM dalam perlumbaan spt itu termasuk hilang tanpa berita.

Msh silakan kutip seberapa banyak dosa terhadap Anwar.

Msh masih kenal hukum dosa pahala?

RD. said...

Jangan cuba memperbesar angka. Berpuloh billion, bukan beratus.

Bezanya, zaman Dr.M, kita tahu mana hilangnya duit itu.

Tapi zaman Najib, duit hilang entah kemana. Nak heret 'orang-tengah' pun tak boleh kerana mereka diberi kepercayaan oleh Najib, sebagai PM cum Menteri Kewangan. Keluarga terdekat Najib juga kenal dan rapat dengan 'orang-tengah' ini. Nak kata Najib ditipu, pun tak boleh kerana tiada tindakan undang-undang diambil terhadap 'orang-tengah' ini.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Surat khabar Utusan hari ini 1 Mei 2015 menulis;
# Zahrin kesal Tun M terus kritik Najib.
# Pekida mahu Tun M Najib bertemu..kata Jamaludin Yusuf Pengerusi nya.

Kelmarin dlm Free Malaysia Today FMT menulis;
# Presiden Mubarak... Abd Aziz berkata " Najib's spending is nobody's business".

Sudah lebih 1 bulan soalan Tun M tidak dijawab tetapi 160 Ketua2 Bahagian Penggilap Epal pula berdiri teguh tanda sokong.

Kini saban waktu dan hari media elektronik kerajaan telah menulis tidak henti2 tentang kudis dan kurap seperti Wanita...Pemuda dan Puteri Parti serta NGO2...org2 individu2..sepert sy sebut diatas.....hingga Pak Lah yg tiba2 tampil mengaku bagi pihak Najib bahawa "Najib tidak terlibat.....bla bla....." pasal kes Altantunya.

Apa sudah jadi dgn org Melayu....hingga begitu buta mata dan hati...tidak dpt melihat siapa sebenarnya manusia yg mereka masih mahu menyokong?

Kalau pemimpin yg lemah tanpa kontroversi atau skandal pun sudah memadai untuk disingkir.....apakan lagi PEMIMPIN YG PENUH KONTROVERSI DAN SKANDAL?

Org2 yg penuh kudis dan kurap ini lah yg mempercepatkan kehancuran Parti bila Ketua yg berpenyakit begini masih mahu disokong.......dan lagi teruk bila Tun M pula dicela.

Dulu2 semasa Tun M mengkritik Pak Lah....suara2 sumbang mereka2 ini juga kedengaran.....tetapi bila Pak Lah berjaya digantikan.....mereka yg 'dajal' ini juga bersetuju bahawa Pak Lah memang lemah dan Tun M betul.

Inilah org Melayu sebenarnya....kurang cerdik....tidak bijaksana....membuta tuli dlm banyak hal....hingga perkara yg besar dan penting begini pun dianggap kecil dan masih lagi sanggup menyokong Ketua yg merasa diri 'Pahlawan Bugis' dan mahu dilayan seperti Dewa dan Dewi.

Sy tetap menyokong Tun M dlm perkara ini dan mengharap dia akan berterusan hingga 'Dewa' ini turun....demi bangsa dan ugama.

Terima kasih.

Othman Ahmad said...

Sdra UAA,

Cuba sejenak renungkan wajah Anwar Ibrahim dgn Dr. Mahathir.

Jarak umur lebih kurang 22 tahun Anwar lebih junior. Tapi kenapa pd usia 90 tahun Dr. Mahathir nampak lebih tampan dan berseri. Tak ada pun beliau mengeluh sakit pinggang macam Anwar tunjukkan ketika dalam tahanan.

Kalau tak khilaf, orang2 dulu ada berpesan & berpetua...'Nak lihat orang itu bersih & beriman, lihat pada raut wajahya, berseri atau tidak.

Waula Hu Alam.

Othman Ahmad said...

Prioriti kita ketika ini bukan succession tapi membersihkan UMNO dari tangan spesis Liberal songsang yg mengidolakan USA & Spork. Saya ulangi... Rasulullah SAW pemimpin terhebat dalam sejarah peradaban dunia tidakpun meninggalkan succession plan ketika kembali ke Rahmatullah. Bukankah ketentuan itu kepunyaan Allah SWT sepertimana kita diwajibkan percaya kpd Rukun Iman yang ke 6.

Najib & puak2 Liberal dlm kerajaan & GLC mesti disingkirkan dgn segera.

Othman Ahmad said...

Sdra UAA...

Kami tak perlu sokongan dari pihak pembangkang, terutama sekali dari Parti Klentong Rakyat yg diwarisi anak bini Anwar, pendukung fahaman sesat Pluralisme/Liberalisme.

Sila kemukakan jasa/legasi Anwar kpd umat Islam, Melayu & negara yg akan kekal dikenang sepanjang zaman.

Saya akui dulu beliau mengkagumkan ketika kami sama berjuang dalam pergerakan Pemuda UMNO dalam tahun
80an. Tanggapan saya berubah arah bila beliau menyingkirkan Run Ghafar Baba.

Othman Ahmad said...

Not once and not twice.
TDM has given his advice.
But Najib stubbornly opt to ignore
We the people can't take it no more.

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