Thursday, November 12, 2015

Giving AG the Benefit of the Doubt

A Kadir Jasin

سْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

UPDATE, 13 Nov – Debater jambeaux, in totality, said: “I admire your sense of forgiveness. I, however, smell a big fairy tale coming to Malaysians by the end of the year. They have had enough time to cook up a story with all the delays. Thanks, in part, to the new AG.”

I am touched by that comment. Let me reiterate that this is not so much about being forgiving although as human being, more so if one is a Muslim, he or she is encouraged to be forgiving.

We must learn to be forgiving but never to be forgetful. It is when we forget that we repeat our past mistakes. When I said I am giving the AG the benefit of the doubt, I'm merely stating the obvious.

I'm aware that there are a lot of people out there who distrust and disrespect the AG because he was appointed by the Prime Minister in a very suspicious circumstances. And it is for this reason that he should by words and deeds, dispel this notion.

He should prove that he is not there to serve or protect Mohd Najib but to serve and protect the sanctity of the Constitution.

I have been informed that people who once served the AG's chamber and who still maintain close relationship with the department that Mohamed Affendi is aware of public sentiments. He had received many letters and messages imploring to do the right thing.

I would like to consider his statement to Malaysian Insider as an indication that he acknowledges the feedbacks he received since his appointment in July.

Intellectually, I place him above the Prime Minister. It isn't easy to rise from an ordinary lawyer to the post of Federal Court judge. He must have done the right thing to be recognised and made a member of the highest court in the land.

He, more than Mohd Najib, should be concerned about his reputation and legacy. I'm sure he doesn't want to be known as Mohd Najib's AG and subject the legacy and good name of his keturunan to public ridicule.

I'm sure, with our prayers and our understanding, he would do the right thing. He would transform himself from the perception that he is the Prime Minister's AG into the AG of the country, the servant of the people and an officer of the royal court.

If he doesn't, he stands condemned as a stooge, which I'm sure he is not and does not want to be so late in his legal career.


THE Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) would have to interview the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, before the year runs out, decreed the Attorney General (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali.

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He told the Malaysian Insider (MI) news portal yesterday that the MACC has until the end of this year to record Mohd Najib’s statement on the RM2.6-billion “donation” he received and credited into his personal bank accounts.

He said the investigation into that alleged donation must also be wrapped up by then.

Mohamed Apandi Ordered PM Interviewed
The fact that Mohamed Apandi gave the interview to MI is in itself significant. Apart from the need to clear his own name, the choice of the independent portal as a medium suggests that he is serious about his instruction to the MACC.
Surely he knows that MI is not likely to dance to his tune. If he goes back on his words, the portal would go to town to unclothe him. (More here).

Mohamed Apandi told MI that he had directed the MACC to complete its investigations into SRC International Sdn Bhd and the RM2.6 billion “donation” that went into Mohd Najib’s personal accounts before year end as he took the public's concerns seriously.

Mohamed Apandi said he had informed the Prime Minister of the decision and the latter agreed that he would have to be questioned.

“Sooner or later, before they (MACC) give the file, the prime minister must give his statement,” said Apandi.

On August 5, MACC said it would question Najib over the donation, which the commission established came from a Middle Eastern donor.

Line of Questioning is Critical

So I would give him the benefit of the doubt. He may be genuinely serious about wanting the MACC to record Mohd Najib’s statements.

The big question mark is would the MACC be given the mandate to go beyond just recording Mohd Najib’s statement? Would it be given a free hand to interrogate the Prime Minister?

There’s a world of difference between recording one’s statements and interrogating him or her.

What is Mohd Najib’s status in the investigations? Is he a witness or a suspect? This is important because it determines the line of questioning. Of course a witness could end up being a suspect and likewise a suspect could become the crown’s witness.

In high profile cases like the SRC International and the RM2.6-billion “donation” there is nothing to stop the authorities from perpetuating the cover-up by blaming them on scapegoats. People like Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and (Datuk) Suboh Mohd Yassin, who are implicated in the SRC International’s case, could easily be sacrificed.

AG Was An Umno Leader

On allegation that he was once Kelantan Umno treasurer, Mohamed Apandi said he was never.

But he acknowledged he was an Umno member from 1982 till 1991, and the only position held was the Pengkalan Chepa divisional Youth chief.

He said he quit the party when he joined the Bar in 1991, and was active until 2001.

Personally, I believe that after seeing the files and speaking to investigators of the 1MDB, SRC International and the RM2.6-billion “donation” cases, he now knows the truth and realizes the gravity of the situation.

He must have realized too that his every move is being closely watched and judged by his own peers. Being a former judge, he knows that justice must not only be done but seen to be done.



Saja saja... said...
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Zalman A said...

"In high profile cases like the SRC International and the RM2.6-billion “donation” there is nothing to stop the authorities from perpetuating the cover-up by blaming them on scapegoats. People like Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and (Datuk) Suboh Mohd Yassin, who are implicated in the SRC International’s case, could easily be sacrificed."

Salam Datuk,

I admire your optimism about the A-G, but certainly do not share it.

When the Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone mentioned that Nik Faisal and Suboh Mohd Yassin were "preparing" for interviews, I think the writing was on the wall.

The fact that the semi-dead SRC Int'l woke from slumber to suddenly issue a press release asking the A-G to investigate leaks and only then would they co-operate, is another clue.

The two escapees have had 4 months to craft stories, and the documents at home - well, as someone rightly said, if Gani was allegedly about to press charges, the paperwork must all be there. The new A-G does not need 100 days to figure out that the case was watertight.

We are heading for "NFA".

Ask BNM how that feels - they already know.

PS: The official "NFA" story will be that the 42 million was used for CSR. It pays to read between the lines of that SRC Int'l press release.

The fact that the A-G does things like freeing Ali Tinju on clearly spurious grounds and then harassing the media for the MACC DPP story (the AGC lodged the report) gives us a good idea of the future.

Foo said...

Just one question tho' - since when is MACC under the order of AG? After all wasn't the "independent investigation team (made up of BN, PDRM,MACC & AG)" DISBANDED by the AG himself when he was appointed to the post? Perception is one thing but ACTION is another.......

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Dont be so confident..semua ini adalah satu sandiwara belaka untuk tetapan rakyat..the AG is the new actor in making..he is reading from the scripts..

All show, no action said...

Dato, it's all whitewash. So far except for this interview with MI, ALL of his public statements, actions and utterances have not given the rakyat any confidence in his ability to be independent of the man who appointed him, all show and talk only.
You can be generous up to a point only, time is running out for Apandi.

Fully agree with Zalman A, 157pm.

LaM said...

Knowing Apandi after his shocking appointment and his subsequent action, the directive to the Macc to complete the RM2.6billion and RM42million cases by year end & to submit the files to him is quite suspicious. Septics could not he faulted for assuming that it will give him the opportunity to rubbish-binned the two cases so that by next year, Najib will be free as a weasel. Just like he did with the BN's cases, Never happened in our history that an AG will reject the irecommendations made by BN. Since it is case of national interest, would it not be better to let the court decide whether there is a case against 1MDB or not. We have 3 levels of court to decide on the matter. Why should it be by Apandi.

In the first place who is Apandi to give the Macc such directive. Wouldn't it be much wiser for the Macc to complete the RM42million bribe case first. I think that is what they are trying to do. And why should Apandi wants to get involved in the case. In the first place, he is already an interested party having being personally chosen/appointed by Najib, in place of Gani who was sacked by Najib. The main suspect of the Macc investigation is Najib. That makes Apandi unqualified to get his dirty hands on the files. Furthermore, the Macc has very senior DPPs, seconded from the AG Chambers, and who are more well versed in corruption cases than Apandi. And the practice is that, it is these Macc DPPs who makes all decisions whether to prosecute or not. And if at all the AG Chambers should get involve, it must be the Head of the Prosecution Division, who should be dealing and deciding the cases together with the Macc DPP. Apandi should never get involved in these Macc cases.

In practice, a DPP should never scrutinize and decide on any case which involves members of his close families, friends and acquaintances. Likewise any investigator should not investigate cases that involve his close families, friends or acquaintances. This is the professional ethics to dispel favoritism or bias. And this is also to avoid allegations of corrupt practices, of abusing one's office if the decisions made is favorable to the family members, friends or acquaintances.

If Apandi is a professional, he should only advise the Macc to complete the SCR Int investigation and directed his Head of Prosecution to liase with the Macc's DPPs to make a decision whether to charge Najib or not. He should never get himself either by scrutinizing the files or giving directives. Once the SCR papers are decided upon, then it is only practical and proper for the Macc to concentrate on the RM2.6 million payment.

pemikir said...

Salam Datuk.,

AG must know and draw a line between loyal to leader or loyal to the law.

If law finds there was a case, then proceed accordingly.

My thinking was Najib is wrong when placing RM40 million from SRC International into his personal account. That money was not his.

By depositing into his account was purely wrong and if counted how the money was spent, another wrong was committed.

We will see this AG action and to Allah SWT we submit.

Thank you datuk. Stay strong.

Unknown said...

Salam datuk,
Najib has distroyed the system and the rule of law in this country , so what else can rakyat hope from this bunch of crooks , hippocrates included Najib the bugis sailor .

Itchy crack said...

Optimistic. This is scripted. Thats about it. Similar case is edra. the sad thing is, they actually think we are being hoodwinked. Mere idiots who are mere mortals acting like gods. I am a malay. And the malays have never had class. Everything is wishy washy. Right can be trumped by age. That is why the malays will never go far. Too many ceremonies and nothing gets done. And to top it off, the malays are no strategist either. Its either we accept the fact and move on, or be in denial about that crap they teach you in history class. We have no history. The malays never opened up anything. we use to get raped and plundered by white men, now it is the pretentious whites, a.k.a the browns who had spent a few years outside, and coming back as whites in disguise that are plundering us.

Malays need to get real. The sooner the better. If the majority are willing to swallow instead of spitting, we will forever be bound.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I admire your sense of forgiveness. I, however, smell a big fairy tale coming to Malaysians by the end of the year. They have had enough time to cook up a story with all the delays. Thanks, in part, to the new AG.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

AG seolah mepunyai dua watak yang berbeza..
1) Kaji wataknya ketika berhadapan dengan cadangan Bank Negara supaya mereka yang dikaitkan dengan urusan 1MDB didakwa...

2) Dan tiba tiba sekarang memliki "watak" menegaskan SPRM perlu mengambil kenyataan Najib...

Persaolan seterusnya...
Kenapa perlu makluman atau perakuan bersetuju Najib untuk diambil kenyataan.
Adakah ada terma dan.syarat dalam.persetujuan tersebut (?:)
Kertas siasatan SPRM belum sampai ke tangan AG , jadi kenapa ada arahan bertemu Najib dikeluarkan, mendahului kertas siasatan (?)
SPRM mesti bebas dalam.membuat siasatan termasuk perlu atau tidak berjumpa Najib dan sepatutnya tidak ada arahan dari mana mana pihak..

AG sepatutnya berundur dalam ketika dia dilihat mungkin tidak dapat melakukan keadilan sepenuhnya atas faktor latarbelakang kegiatan politiknya masa lampau.

Tidak mustahil AG masih berminat untuk.kembali aktif dalam politik di masa hadapan jika berpeluang mendapat kedudukan yang lebih tinggi (?)

Era sekarang banyak yang unnorm dan unsangkarable berlaku tanpa segan silu.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

I still maintain that only Two Humans are Above the Law abd they are Najib the Crime Minister and Rosmah the Control Minister

The rest are their Kadams...

Incredulous said...

More and more, when one reads the interview with MI, Apandi sounds like beating his own drum, plus one more (you know who). How can he be so arrogant as to say he gave MACC a deadline to complete the 1MDB investigations? MACC is independent of the AG, and should not take such statements lying down. My goodness, first of all we hear that the AG is a one man show in deciding who to prosecute, now it seems he is also attempting to interfere in an independent probe, what's next PAC?

JMS said...


Our beacon of hope is the MACC which is entrusted to carry out an impartial, comprehensive, thorough and detailed investigation and subsequently build a watertight case against Najib and his accomplices, leaving no room for AG to dismiss it.

ymase said...


Our nation has gone to the dogs - literally.
Aren't the lawyer/s for 1MDB suppose to be advising the legal aspects of 1MDB business then?
Wait... were there any legal representatives on the BOD committee?
Did they not realize the repercussions of their action and what is unfolding for all to bear.

I'm not looking forward to the end of this saga - too many selfish souls trying to protect their ricepot at the expense of this nation and citizens.

I'm just a homemaker looking out for my own balooning expenses, what with the toll-hikes, increase cost of daily items, utilities and what not. Still living in the village but what if the state decides to increase land tolls etc.

Took out my scientific calculator today and found if 1MDB debt of RM42 000 000 000 is used to build a affordable house priced for eg. at RM90 000 each :
they could build ~ 466,666 houses or many-many-many 3bedroom apartments - that is equivalent to a small city bigger than Putrajaya !! And some of the RM42B will at least still be floating in our local banking system.

And that does not include the RM2.3B stashed/hidden somewhere on this planet or is it park in a unsinkable submarine(nuclear power?) somewhere ready to sail and float away with the pirates to lala land - jet too risky bcos they will have to touch land every now and then to refuel.

Many promises were made and many more were broken - sad days ahead for our nation and for many of us. Sniffle


1. This is addressed specifically to debater who uses the nom de plume Saja saja. But other debaters may also benefit from it.

2. Saja saja has requested me to remove all comments under the name Saja saja. He went on to say that he has received threatening phone calls from unknown people and that some of his family members and friends are high ranking Umno members.

3. I take note of his predicaments and I pray to Allah that no harm comes to him and, by the same token, to all of us.

4. But I am sorry that I cannot remove/delete his comments. I see no reason to. What Saja saja had commented in the last few months since he joined our discussion had been read by thousands and spiritedly debated by scores.

5. If we fear threats and succumb to pressure, we should not be debating here. The solution to Saja saja's situation is so very simple. If indeed there are people who disagree with him, they should not be making threatening phone calls. They should challenge him here in this public space. Or, if Saja saja feels that his life in under threat, he should make a police report. Phone calls and SMS can be traced.

6. On that note, I once again thank visitors and debaters of this blog for their support and priceless intellectual contribution.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Wish upon a star said...

Dato, thanks for the update. We all long, in fact yearn that your comments and remarks about the new A-G are true, that he is his own man (even though he was appointed by the PM) and will serve the rakyat and country with sincerity, honesty, justice for all. That he will not be Najib's AG as his legacy, but our AG, and this will be seen and proven in the days ahead.

Unknown said...

Bagi saya dalam keadaan di mana jentera dan sistem termasuk perundangan dan penguatkuasaan telah dicerobohi dan dipergunakan, isu SPRM akan mengambil kenyataan Najib bin Razak tidak ada suatu menggembirakan. Lebih-lebih lagi telah dihebohkan di media yang Najib bin Razak akan memberi kerjasama kepada SPRM.

Semestinya individu yang disiasat oleh SPRM memberi kerjasama. Tidak kira siapa dan apa kedudukannya. Kecualilah di Malaysia SPRM tidak boleh menyiasat individu tertentu. Maka apabila bersedia disiasat ada nilai beritanya.

Saya tidak melihat perkembangan terbaru ini secara lurus bendul. Jauh sekali untuk membuat kesimpulan bahawa agensi penguatkuasaan telah dikembalikan kuasa untuk "menyiasat" individu tertentu. Saya percaya banyak dalam kalangan pembahas dalam laman tidak semudah itu untuk disihirkan.

Saya cuma bimbang sekiranya SPRM dijadikan rubberstamp yang akan mengesahkan sijil halal dan bersih. Rubberstamp dan sijil halal yang dikeluarkan oleh sebuah agensi bertaraf suruhanjaya memerangi rasuah ini agak bernilai untuk jaja ketika kempen pilihan raya umum yang akan datang.

Seperti kata Datuk Kadir, isu yang lebih penting daripada SPRM dibenarkan menyiasat Najib bin Razak ialah disiasat sebagai apa? Tertuduh atau saksi? Rakyat jangan cepat merasa bahagia dan gembira berdepan dengan sekian banyak sandiwara yang menyukarkan kita untuk membezakan antara drama dan realiti.

Perkara-perkara beginilah sewajarnya dilontarkan kepada rakyat supaya berfikir secara analitikal apabila menyentuh isu yang bersangkut paut dengan masa depan mereka. Dan Datuk Kadir telah banyak melakukan dalam laman blog ini untuk membawa keluar mana-mana yang masih terperap di dalam kotak atau di bawah tempurung.

Misalnya dengan tiba-tiba pegawai kanan SPRM yang menyiasat kes 1MDB ditukarkan ke JPM kemudian terhegeh-hegeh memulangkan selepas rakyat bersuara. Tidak cukup itu, Timbalan Pengarah Cawangan Khas PDRM pula ditukarkan ke JPM, padahal bidang kepakarannya dalam risikan, tidakkah rakyat terfikir ada suatu yang aneh? Oleh kerana itu kita jangan menelan bulat-bulat apa yang mereka baca, apa yang mereka dengar dan apa yang mereka tonton.

joe black said...


What Saja Saja is experiencing is the proverbial Debater's Remorse. In Malaysia, this remorse is driven by Fear....In spite of this, it is interesting to note that this country is still held in high esteem by the International community. Perhaps others are still living in the Malaysia of the past whilst we have moved on to worse things (and I mean it).

nothing to hide said...


How the ag treated Bank Nagara is an indication of how things will happen.The fact that those involved are able to flee the country and remains free without the ag wanting the police to get them through interpol further convinces me that this matter will not reach the court. You give him the benefit of the doubt. I will give him nothing.

JMS said...


I must reiterate, it all boils down to the outcome of the MACC's investigation conducted without fear and favour as highly
expected by all law-abiding citizens. This is the only basis for a decision-making by the AG whether or not to charge him. The integrity and professionalism of both the MACC and AG are, therefore, crucial.

Najib may broadcast to the whole world that he will give his fullest cooperation, but in no uncertain terms he will give statement that may incriminate him. Recording his statement is merely to fulfill the investigation process.

Unknown said...

Macammana orang boleh mengugut "Saja Saja" yang menggunakan nama samaran? Saya tidak fikir orang tahu "saja-saja" itu siapa melainkan dia telah memberitahu identiti sebenar nama samaran itu. Begini sajalah, kalau rasa tidak selamat, gunakanlah nama samaran. Tetapi jangan bocorkan kepada orang lain. Kalau rasa apa yang kita tulis itu satu teguran yang ikhlas untuk kebaikan, gunakanlah nama sebenar.

Mokcik Tudung said...

Ni semua wayang ja.

Kita tunggu & lihat saja la.


nothing to hide said...


Why would a supreme court judge step down to become ag? It is very silly to do so. Would a top gov officer go down to become a clerk? Unless an arrangement has been agreed to.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Jumaat Datuk...

Saya masih tercari-cari apa makna dan perbezaan tepat antara JABATAN Peguam Negara - SURUHANJAYA Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia dari segi bidang tugas dan bidang kuasa.


Pakcik said...

The majoriti seems 'too slow' to respond with current issues..maybe because makan masih cukup, pakai masih ada...but what i worry is that they will only realised whats going until it is too late already. Just likethe fire, kawan masa kecil tapi bila dah besar jadi lawan. Bila api dah besar, tentulah tak sempat nak selamatkan rumah yg menjadi tempat berlindung selama ini. Kalau selamat pun hanya tinggal sehelai sepinggang. ..

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Susah nak PERCAYA lagi.

Ini cuma janji sekadar untuk mententeram keadaan dan membeli masa sahaja.

Cuba kita tenung kembali..semua yg telah dia lakukan spt;

# duit Dari Caymen Island sebnyk USD1.3b yg kunonnya akan balik kenegara tetapi mesti disimpan diSingapore..tiba2 bertukar menjadi unit dan bukan lagi dlm bentuk duit.

# AG...Muhyiddin .dan Shafii dibuang kerja dgn begitu sahaja.

# PAC pun dibubarkan dgn sengaja untuk membantut siasatan.

# 2 individu yg ada kena mengena dgn 1MDB yg akan disiasat tiba2 lari keluar negara atau 'hilang'.

# Khairuddin dan Matthias pun dijelkan.

# Zeti pula difitnah dgn cerita2 salah guna kuasa.


Masih lagikah kita mengharap kebenaran dari org yg tindak tanduk yg menjengkilkan penuh kepalsuan berserta dgn kemungkaran sekali.

Betul Dato...kita perlu memaafkan tetapi jgn smpai kita lupa....tetapi percayalah....ini pun satu lagi pembohongan yg akan dilakukan dgn cara yg menjengkilkan juga.

"Gelama Ikan Duri...Siakap Senohong....Kalau dah mencuri kenalah berbohong".

Terima kasih.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

"....received threatening phone calls from unknown people and that some of his family members and friends are high ranking Umno members."

Saya rasa pelik. Macamana orang boleh tahu identity Saja saja?

Saya berpendapat 'ugutan' yang di kata itu saja-saja diadakan untuk memburukan lagi pandangan umum terhadap "high ranking Umno members" yang telah pun buruk akibat skandal 1MDB.
Saja saja kerap mengatakan bahawa beliau bekas ahli USNO Sabah, kemudian bertukar menjadi UMNO pada 1991. Saja saja 'tidak suka' lagi pada UMNO dan seolah-olah menyokong DAP. Dengan membongkar keburukan UMNO, ia secara tidak langsung memberi kelebihan kepada DAP di Sabah.

Samada benar atau tidak, Saja saja punyai "some of his family members and friends" dalam UMNO....Saja saja, saja yang tahu.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

Mengenai 'temuduga' SPRM terhadap Najib, saya rasa ia hanya sandiwara saja untuk 'memulihkan persepsi Rakyat terhadap kedua-dua pihak, SPRM dan PM Najib.

Saya pernah terbaca Malaysia Today, RPK menulis bagaimana satu rakaman video terakam aksi sumbang, pegawai SPRM berpangkat Dato, bersama isteri-orang dalam pejabat yang juga kakitangan SPRM. Ketika itu, hangat diperkatakan bahawa SPRM sedang menyiasat Najib. Jadinya saya beranggapan, RPK sedang 'mengugut' SPRM kerana RPK bertanya, 'siapakah Dato dalam rakamam video itu'?

Apa yang saya risaukan, jika Najib yang sebaliknya akan 'menemuramah' SPRM, untuk 'membersihkan' beliau.

Unknown said...

Minta maaf Datuk Kadir, isu yang saya tulis menyimpang daripada yang kita bahaskan. Hari ini saya terbaca kenyataan Menteri JPM, Jamil Khir Baharom sebagai menjawab dakwaan Pengarah NOW, Akmal Nasir bahawa Yapeim mempunyai peruntukan tahunan untuk membiayai pelbagai kegiatan terutama membantu pelajar Malaysia di dalam dan luar negara.

Saya sangat setuju dengan kenyataan itu. Tetapi saya agak keliru apakah pemergian Jamil Khir ke Amerika Syarikat untuk merasmikan Kejohanan Sukan Tahunan Mid West Games 2014 boleh dianggap "membiayai kegiatan membantu pelajar Malaysia di luar negara"? Kalau pemergian Menteri yang menelan belanja begitu besar semata-mata untuk merasmikan program dianggap sebahagian daripada "membantu" pelajar Malaysia di luar negara, pemikiran kepimpinan Yapeim masih totok cara gomen.

Sebenarnya perkara beginilah yang perlu ditransormasikan supaya hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan sambutan tidak menjadi lebih besar daripada tujuan dan isi sesebuah program. Walaupun diberitahu yayasan ini mencari dana sendiri tetapi menghabiskan sekian banyak wang untuk membawa Menteri bagi merasmikan program adalah pembaziran yang tidak boleh dipandang ringan.

Jamil Khir menafikan pemergian dia menggunakan tabung anak yatim di bawah Yapeim tetapi itu bukan isunya. Isunya sekarang yang manakah lebih penting bagi Yapeim antara membawa Menteri untuk merasmikan program dengan memantapkan program untuk faedah pelajar Malaysia di Amerika Syarikat?

Oleh yang demikian, saya fikir hala tuju Yapeim perlu diperbetulkan dan memahami istilah "membantu" bukan membawa Menteri dari Malaysia ke Amerika Syarikat. Kalau saya menjadi Jamil Khir, saya awal-awal lagi akan menolak "undangan" Yapeim. Lebih baik belanja membawa saya itu digunakan untuk membantu pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di sana. Tetapi Jamil Khir bukan saya.

Tambahan sendiri Jamil Khir menekan bahawa kejohanan sukan itu adalah sebahagian daripada program Lautan Biru Yapeim untuk membantu pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di sama, bukannya kehadiran Menteri untuk merasmikan program tersebut. Bagi saya inilah penyakit penjajah yang masih melekat di kepala sesetengah peneraju agensi atau jabatan kerajaan, asal sahaja ada program mesti ada acara perasmian yang selalunya menjadi lebih penting daripada programnya.

Sekali lagi, saya tegaskan yang saya tidak menafikan program yang dijalankan oleh Yapeim terutamna di luar negara. Tetapi saya tidak dapat menerima hujah membawa Menteri untuk merasmikan program di Amerika Syarikat sebagai "membantu" pelajar Malaysia di sana. Dalam kes ini Jamil Khir tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan. Tetapi tidak salah bukan bermakna sudah betul dan wajar.

Silent silent tapioca said...

Assalamualaikum Dato,

Mengapa semua komen Saja-saja Dato remove. Bukan kata tak mau remove ke? Mcm mana ni?


1.Pembahas silent silent tapioca kata: "Mengapa semua komen Saja-saja Dato remove. Bukan kata tak mau remove ke? Mcm mana ni?"

2. Masya-Allah, dengan nama Allah saya tidak "remove" atau "delete" komen-komen Saja saja.

3. Saya rasa blog kita sudah disabtaj oleh pihak-pihak yang akan akses mutakhir kepada Internet.

4. Jadi mungkin betullah kata Saja saja dia ada "powerful friends" yang berkedudukan tinggi dalam Umno.

4. Saya cuma tidak siarkan 3 komen Saja saja yang beliau dihantar atas dasar P&C.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Mola2 sekali aku nak mintak mangap banyak2 kad hang. Awai2 aku nak bagitau hang, aku dak tera pon bab qira'at atau qot. Bila nampak hang tulih macam basmallah di awai tulihsan hang, aku pon rasa gheda dan tenang. Aku pon sedag, Pendang City, Bukit Raya City dan Tok Biag City ada banyak Pondok. Padang Lumat City dan Guag City pon tak jauh. Hai..., teringat pulak kad Almarhum Ustaz Fadhil Noor dan senyuman dia...InsyaAllah, di rohmatiNya Ruh dia....

Bila aku tengok 'basmalah' hang, aku tengok hurop ba' hang takdag titik bawah, dan hang pakai 2 sabdu saja, aku do' ingat, kalau hang nak pakai sabdu jugak, hang kena pakai 3 sabdu.

Tak berani aku nak komen terjemah hang dlm basa gomen, munkin ada orang faqih dlm bidang ni dikalangan pembaca blog hang yg nak komen.

Sekali lagi, aku dgn rendah hati mintak mangap banyak2 Kadiag.



1. Pembahas silent silent tapioca dan para pembahas serta pelawat sekalian, saya meminta nasihat dan pandangan seorang rakan blogger yang pakar dalam hal-hal teknukal blog dan ICT.

2. Beliau menjelaskan yang komen Saja saja yang tiba terpadam daripada blog kita ini "mungkin" perbuatan beliau (Saja saja) sendiri.

3. Kawan saya itu berkata, pembahas "berdaftar" (yang ada laman web) boleh memadamkan komen yang mereka hantar ke blog-blog.

4. Alhamdulillah, blog kita mungkin kita disabotaj. Mohon maaf kalau saya membuat kesimpulan yang salah. Macam mana pun saya akan cuba dalami hal ini.

5. Marilah kita berdoa dan berharap moga-moga di masa akan datang tidak ada lagi pembahas macam Saja saja yang akan masuk ke blog kita ini.

6. Sekarang saya berasa sangat hairan siapa Saja saja ini sebenarnya dan apa muslihat beliau.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Saudara, saya harap sangat saudara aktifkan blog dan menulis dengan konsisten. Saya sudah tawar hati pagi Ahad mahu beli Mingguan Malaysia sejak ruangan tetap Ku Seman yang amat saya minati tiba2 "ghaib" :(

Unknown said...

Ini kisah musang berbulu ayam Datuk. Melihat komen dia yang berderet saya sudah mulai mencium sesuatu. Datuk, walaupun musang boleh berbulu ayam untuk mengabui mata tetapi jangan lupa bau musang berbeza dengan ayam. Itu yang musang tak belajar sebelum menyarung bulu ayam.

Unknown said...

As salam Dato'
If Jambeaux admires your sense of forgiveness, I on the other hand am appalled at your forgiving nature. The statement made by the new AG mentioned in your article is a clear indicator that he is in cohort with the accused. Allow me to quote:
"Mohamed Apandi said he had informed the Prime Minister of the decision and the latter agreed that he would have to be questioned".
If you are under investigation for embezzlement, would the AG consult you as to when your statement should be recorded or if it should even be recorded in the first place?
Note the sentence "the latter agreed that he would have to be questioned", That clearly shows that an option was given. What if "the latter" doesn't agree? His agreement to be questioned is just a bunch of hogwash at best. I guessed everyone still remembers how the Bugis Worrier...Err... Warrior emphasised that investigations into 1MDB should be carried out? And also what actually happened when the investigations were carried out?
AG informing the PM that he needs to be questioned can easily be translated as another way of saying that he had consulted Najib and certain plans were drawn that requires time (hence "by year end") to be carried out.

Pemerhati Setia said...

Apakah SPRM tak boleh sentuh AG..? Teringat saya satu ketika dulu saya pernah terserempak dan berselisih bahu dengan AG (TSGP) dan seorang orang kuatnya di pintu lif tingkat bawah bangunan HQ SPRM. Masa tu saya nak naik ke pejabat DS TKPJ (sekarang beliau Tan Sri KPJ). Wajah TS AG masa tu nampak agak stress dengan dibahunya tersandang bag hitam kecil. Diberi tahu yang beliau dipanggil untuk satu temubual atas dakwaan tertentu. Jadi sekarang, saya tertanya-tanya, apakah senario kedaulatan undang-undang masih berjalan seperti yang pernah saya saksikan dulu..?

Harap-harap SPRM ini masih SPRM yang dulu..

msh said...

Salam Dato dan Sdra RD.

Sy percaya 'saja saja' ini adalah 'troll' yg sengaja 'kacau daun' serupa dgn 'Khalifah Umar' yg sdra RD percaya telah kini berada dialam barzakh.

Modus operandi mereka sama sahaja...menyokong...memuji ..menokok tambah pd Topik2 yg Dato lontarkan dan menarik 1 atau 2 pembahas2 untuk menyokong.

Selepas itu membuat rumusan dan menghentam pula ..dan akhir cerita mereka akan memuja...memuji dan mempromosikan Parti Pembangkang.

Dan itulah Tujuan sebenarnya...mengambil peluang dan kesempatan dlm blog ini untuk berkempen pd parti Pembangkang.

Sdra RD rasa ada kemungkinan 'Saja saja'telah 'kantoi' dgn hujah2 yg dibuat diblog ini dan membuat Towkey atau 'Master' yg mengupah jadi 'fed-up'...langsung mensabotaj diri sendiri.

Hah kini dia pun senasib dgn 'Khailifah Umar'juga. Kedah kata "depa2 yg kelakuan mcm ni memang Toya ....takleh buat kawan"...

"Biaq melingkup piillah....mai dok buat semak dighumah kita buat apa".

Terima kasih

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

As a footnote, it is interesting that the MACC and the A-G are seemingly saying very different things on the status of whether the two escapees have been interviewed or not in relation to the SRC probe. Pelik...

TS Abu Kassim has rightly told the A-G that the MACC will answer to no artificial deadlines. The A-G does not control the MACC.

In the meantime, the feeble excuse that there was no evidence in the Ali Tinju case (the evidence was all over YouTube, of all places) is now unsupportable. Evidence has been handed in. But I am expecting NFA.

These people being charged reveals the sad fact that the Rule Of Law is dead:

a) Chang & Khairuddin under a warped reading of s124 and SOSMA

b) Nik Nazmi's triple jeopardy charge

c) Meria Chin under the PAA 10-day rule, when it is a fact that the red shirt rally only obtained a permit on 14th Sept (2 days before the rally) - a clear breach of the 10-day rule, yet nobody was charged.

So again I say, the writing is on the wall.

In 3 of these cases the "reasons" given were ones that a 1st year law student could demolish with ease.

Little wonder the Bar Council feels anti-social.

Orang Kampung said...

Assalamualaikum Dato ,

Terlebih dahulu saya minta banyak banyak maaf. Terbaca komen saudara Aku 7:21 PM baru terperasan saya bahawa huruf ba pada kalimah bismillah itu tiada titik . Maka izinkan saya untuk sekadar berkongsi pengetahuan .

Dalam bahasa Arab huruf ba membawa makna dengan =with . Manakala ismi/ismu/isma membawa makna nama.

Kedudukan baris di akhi r kalimah sama ada atas, bawah atau hadapan adalah bergantung kepada kedudukan nya di dalam ayat .

Ismi (dibaca baris bawah sebab ada huruf ba yang maknanya 'dengan ' ) membawa makna dengan nama .

Justeru apabila dibaca bismillah ia membawa makna dengan nama Allah dengan syarat tidak ada sabdu pada huruf mim . Jika ada sabdu membawa makna berbeza , bukan makna nama lagi .

Manakala kalimah al rahman (baca arrahman) dan al rahim (baca arrahim) kedua duanya dari segi tatabahasa Arab ialah katasifat manakala dari segi maknanya dalam bahasa Melayu al rahman bermakna yang maha pemurah dan al rahim bermakna yang maha kasihan belas .

Demikian lah setakat yang saya tahu . Lebih dari itu wallahualam.. Dalam bahasa Inggeris saya kurang arif.

Sekali lagi saya mohon maaf . Yang serba kekurangan itu ialah dari kelemahan diri saya sendiri . Wallahualam.

Silent silent tapioca said...


Saya sependapat dengan kuseman kuhussain 9.08 pm. Masa baca komen Saja saja dulu pun ada terasa something fishy. Terima kasih Dato'.

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