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No Sosma On Khairuddin and Chang, Court Rules

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, Nov 20 – Let us ponder on the thoughts of our fellow debater, Zalman A. In his 7.25AM comment, he said:

“I hope the A-G does not get instructions to appeal and hence move the case upwards, closer to where his recent former colleagues now sit. It is a sad observation that (arguably) it is now the High Court in Malaysia, rather than the appellate courts, that still shows flashes of judicial independence and a willingness to dispense fair justice, blindly.

"The charges against Khairuddin and Chang under s.124 and the wrongful application of SOSMA to s.124 are both a deliberate misunderstanding of the law, and an abuse of the law for purely political purposes. As simple as that.

"One very important point needs to be understood: these overseas authorities do not act on reports that are frivolous and lacking in merit.

"The Swiss authorities would not freeze tens of millions unless they were satisfied there was at least a prima facie case. The Monetary Authority of Singapore, likewise. Hence if (it) is shown that Khairuddin and Chang's reports had merit, the sin against them is even greater.

"Two men have been deprived of their liberty for several weeks, for absolutely no valid or legal reason.

"That should deeply trouble us all, as Malaysians. The issue is a fundamental one.

"What has happened to us?”


THE new Attorney General, (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali, and, by extension, the government of Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, suffered a major setback in court today.

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The Kuala Lumpur High Court disallowed the use of Security Offences (Special Measures) 2012 against two staunch critics of 1MDB – the former vice-chief of the Batu Kawan Umno division (Datuk Seri) Khairuddin Abu Hassan and his lawyer, Matthias Chang Wen Chieh, and ordered their release.

They were charged under the anti-terrorism legislation allegedly for allegedly sabotaging the Malaysian economy.

Free on bail: Chang (left) and Khairuddin are heroes to many
 Judge (Datuk) Mohd Azman Husin ruled that the Parliament had never intended the charge under section 124L of the Penal Code to be a security offence.

“As such, procedures under Security Offences (Special Measures) 2012 could not be applied on them," he said.

Mohd Azman said the two could not be denied bail and Sosma procedures could not be used in their trial.

He ordered Khairuddin and Chang to be released on RM10,000-bail and ordered their trial to commence in the Sessions Court.

The decision to charge Khaiuddin and Chang under Sosma 12 was one of two major decisions made by Mohamed Apandi since he became the AG on July 28. The other was rejecting Bank Negara’s recommendation for the 1MDB to be charged for offences under the Exchange Control Act 1953.

Mohamed Apandi flanked by his wife and (Tan Sri) Lee Lam Thye - The Star
These two decisions are seen as reflecting Mohamed Apandi’s biases as an appointee of Mohd Najib. He was widely criticized for refusing to take 1MDB to court.
On October 12, Khairuddin and Chang were charged with attempted sabotage of the Malaysian economy and the country's financial and banking system.

They were accused of committing the offence in France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore, between June 28 and August 26 this year. Khairuddin had lodged reports against 1MDB in these countries.

Deputy Public Prosecutor, Masri Mohd Daud, said the prosecution would appeal to the Court of Appeal.



Real heroes said...

Dato, it makes no sense for the prosecution to appeal against this rightful and lawful decision by the High Court? These 2 men are not saboteurs, just simply 1MDB critics who wanted to see justice done and reported on illegalities to the police authorities overseas for financial crimes committed overseas.
For goodness sake AG, PDRM, and Putrajaya focus on the real terrorists and extremists who threaten the security of our country. Malaysian Bernard Then who was kidnapped and beheaded by Abu Sayeff gunmen, he did not deserve to die. Focus on IS and its threat to our nation. Focus, focus, focus and prioritise on the real threats.

pemikir said...

As Salam Datuk,

Actually there should never been any case against Datuk Kharuddin and Matthias Chang. Both are victim of a regime that wanted to cover thieves and pirates.

I understand Tun Mahathir/wife and Tan Sri Sanusi/wife were also there to lend their moral support. Their present has given Malaysian more support to continues to fight against the thieves and pirates.

I said Najib and his Co are thieves. You said you own something but no receipt to prove you own it. The pirates are Jho Low, lost in oversea. Even Zahid Hamidi and Malaysian police couldnt locate and arrest him.

Today, listening to Zahid excuses of Jhow Low and 4 others SRC International absent from being questions by BNM/MACC were quite embarassing. As the Deputy Prime Minister and Internal Minister, Zahid is a failure.

And another bomb exploded when the PAC Chairman remarks was Najib Razak would not be calling as a witness since 1MDB RM2.6b was said to be not relates to the one Najib hold in his personal account.
Didnt the PAC Chairman realized that Najib is the creator of 1MDB with him stand in as Patron/Adviser and so on.

Malaysia gonna to sink further. To add salt into injury, Petronas just announced they are short of cash this year by RM27 bilion against the previous year. To see in the months to come for this great country is really scary. The impact of Malaysian economy would be big and Najib still in the driving seat without no idea where to drive.

Let us watch Ghost movie tonight. It would not be to scare than the ugly things they did to the country. Maybe we can forget for a while.

Thank you.

Take care Datuk.

Wassalam. Wallahualam.

Can we swim and sink together? I think not with Najib and Jho Low.

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

we hv PAC chairman who is ' cari makan ' or AG also 'cari makan' mulut saja kata kerana Allah tetapi kot.. kata n' cari makan '.PM sibuk lobby president America untuk bermain golf lagi.. DPM sibuk nak cari ISIS dan alvin Tan untuk tangkap..IGP sibuk nak sambung kontrak.. tangkap siapa2 saja yang nak jatuh Panglima Bugis..lastly Bernard Tan kena beheaded.. mana ada priority dan focus for tanah air ku,, Malaysia..

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


arwah JS CALVIN..pernah menulis yang berbunyi,..

"kita mampu merancang hanya tuhan yang menuntukan ..
tak perlu di kesahkan..

selamat berjuang

Pakcik said...

Bukan salah guna kuasa ke dlm kes nie?

Dynamic Hijrah said...

Malaysia has been ruled by a bunch of clowns. This lovely country is in total mess which may already reached a point of beyond repair.

Suka sama suka said...

Datuk, bagusla semua sudah selesai tentang Khairudin dan Chang. Terima kasih pada ayahnda TDM dan bonda Tun Hasmah atas sokongan moral mereka. Kerajaan UMNO ni sudah gila dan takut pada bayang sendiri.

Sabon said...

Apabila kita silap memilih kawan, dan kawan kita pula memang selalu buat silap, tak heranlah kalau kita juga turut melakukan kesilapan.

Satu kali silap, dua kali silap, silap-silap semuanya silap...

Ya Rabbi,
Ampunilah kami... Lindungilah kami daripada melakukan lebih banyak kesilapan dan kemungkaran...

pengundi Melayu said...

khairudin dan mathias chang lepas.... kes yapeim pulak timbul....
bala demi bala menimpa pahlawan bugis dari Pekan pahang.... cermin cerminkan diri sebelum terlambat

berasiam said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

Syabas Hanuff Khatrie dan pasukannya. . Langkah pertama sanggah AG berjaya. Harap akan teruskan langkah untuk cabar pemecatan AGP dan pelantikan MAA. Apandi yang dikatakan pernah bertanding sebagai calon BN tapi tewas kepada Takiyuddin (wakil PAS dalam PAC sekarang?).

Syabas juga kepada Yang Arif Hakim. Lega rasanya bila keputusan dibuat dengan penuh hemah dan integriti. Berbeza denganpihak AG. Belum 100 hari sandang tugas, dah banyak keputusan penting yang mencurigakan dibuat oleh MAA. Pegawai pendakwa pun macam dah diberitahu akan kalah dan terus memaklumkan akan buat rayuan. Lazimnya mereka akan kata perlu merujuk kepada AG untuk sebarang tindakan lanjut.

Di celah2 keresahan dengan pelbagai skandal dan spin yang berleluasa, terubat rasanya bila keputusan ini diumumkan.

tebing tinggi said...

Bagimana nasib rakyat Malaysia seterusnya.

Hh said...

Good day

Yeah, i agree that there are malaysians that can see the real motive and intentions of such statements

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Aku sikit tekejut baca komen hang dlm 'posting' betajuk 'hooray, kalah 6-0 saja' dimana hang tulih antara lain "....I believe in the legendary saying Hang Tuah 'Takkan Melayu hilang didunia'".

Sentimen ni aku rasa memang kuat dipegang olih ramai penyokong tegag parti pemerintah.

Tapi saja nak bagitau, pada aku yg
memang serba dhoif ni, kepercayaan ni dekat dengan tahyul dan khurafat. Aku ingat hang memang maklum dgn magna dua perkataan ni, dan yg paling ringan aku pernah dengag, kata dasag kho', ro dan fa, ialah nyanyok atau kata wong tchokwo 'pikun'.

Dlm al Qur'an al Kariim, banyak kisah qaum2 atau ummat manusia yg jauh lebih gagah, berteknologi tinggi,... serba canggih dsbagainya berbanding dgn bangsa Melayu (yg laani banyak gelumang dgn bemacam macam maksiat, termasuk penipuan sekala besag dan secara terang2), yg Allah S.W.T. musnahkan, kadang2 dgn hanya satu tempikkan (antaranya dlm suroh Ya Siiin).

Aku yakin habih Allah S.W.T. sajalah yg tentukan apa orang laani kata 'kesinambungan' sesatu
bangsa dan bukan ramalan penegasan yg dibuat watak dlm satu cereta, sunggoh pon ramai yg percaya sakan.

Allah pelindong Aku. said...

Salam dato,

Politicians create law.

Judges interpret law.

Public tends to get confused within the law.

In the end smart lawyers ` pulun makan' both ways.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

nothing to hide said...

No.No. Only Umno will sink. Why should the rest of the country have to swim?

nothing to hide said...

problemnya bila dia berdiri depan cermin dia nampak rosmah

Jedimaster said...

Alhamdulillah...justice is served in this case. It just shows that there are still sane people in our judicial system.. Let's hope more will continue to persevere..

Better days ahead said...

will better days be here soon for us?

US President Barack Obama will "very directly" raise concerns about the status of the opposition and respect for human rights when he visits Malaysia, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said today.

Rhodes, speaking to reporters at an Asia-Pacific summit in Manila, said Obama would have a bilateral meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, ahead of the weekend East Asia summit.

"We are going to be very candid about areas where we have disagreements and differences and frankly objections, if we see that the type of universal values that we support are not being respected," Rhodes said.

Malaysian authorities have cracked down on organisers of anti-government rallies critical of Najib and 1MDB, blocked websites, and suspended newspapers reporting extensively on 1MDB's woes, prompting a watchdog to say human rights have deteriorated under Najib's watch.

"The president ... will raise with Prime Minister Najib concerns we have about the status of the political opposition in Malaysia, the imprisonment of elements of that opposition or of free media and civil society that are such important components of democracy," Rhodes said. "He will raise those issues very directly."

Rhodes said Obama will also meet representatives of Malaysia's civil society and youth organisations.

- Reuters

Read more:

Can or cannot? said...

it was reported that Putrajaya mulls disciplinary action against Nurul Izzah over Sulu meeting.
Sangat susah faham, if such is the case shouldn't the PM be also hauled up too for shaking hands with Netanyahu at UN?
Shouldn't Ismail Sabri be also hauled up too for dining at table with turtle eggs?
Why this cannot, why this can, why this boleh, this tak boleh,

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

I hope the A-G does not get instructions to appeal and hence move the case upwards, closer to where his recent former colleagues now sit. It is a sad observation that (arguably) it is now the High Court in Malaysia, rather than the appellate courts, that still shows flashes of judicial independence and a willingness to dispense fair justice, blindly.

The charges against Khairuddin and Chang under s.124 and the wrongful application of SOSMA to s.124 are both a deliberate misunderstanding of the law, and an abuse of the law for purely political purposes. As simple as that.

One very important point needs to be understood: these overseas authorities do not act on reports that are frivolous and lacking in merit.

The Swiss authorities would not freeze tens of millions unless they were satisfied there was at least a prima facie case. The Monetary Authority of Singapore, likewise. Hence if is shown that Khairuddin and Chang's reports had merit, the sin against them is even greater.

Two men have been deprived of their liberty for several weeks, for absolutely no valid or legal reason.

That should deeply trouble us all, as Malaysians. The issue is a fundamental one.

What has happened to us?

Zalman A said...

Selective persecution is an issue that transcends politics and political affiliations.

The longer we tolerate the fact that the law is one-sided, the more the cancer grows - the simple fact is that those who abuse the law, eventually think that they themselves are above it.

In the end, even financial laws and anti-corruption laws are disregarded.

The law is to be used against "Them", never against "Us."

We can do as we please, because we are immune.

Such an attitude, supported by similar thinking in our govt institutions, is exceedingly dangerous for the rakyat.

Awang Bin Puteh said...

Salam dato,

Tengok sat blog posting kat bawah nie, mengenai mesyuarat MT Umno minngu depan.

Is it legally correct for the ruling party to hold its party meeting at the Parliament? Isn't this an abuse of power? doesn't this violate the sanctity of the august house?


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mesyuarat Misteri 24 November 2015 ... Beranikah Najib II ?!?

Jurublog ini mendapat maklumat demikian malam tadi:

1 - Datuk Ab Rauf Yusoh, Setiausaha Kerja UMNO, sedang dengan
'senyap-senyap' menjemput ahli-ahli Majlis Kerja Tertinggi (MKT) UMNO
ke sebuah mesyuarat di Parlimen pada 24 November 2015, bermula jam 6

2 - Ada sumber mengatakan bahawa mesyuarat tersebut merupakan
mesyuarat MKT yang dibawa ke hadapan dari tarikh asal 27 November 2015
mengikut takwim MKT bagi tahun 2015. Malah, mesyuarat asalnya seperti
biasa dijadualkan bermula jam 3 petang di PWTC pada tarikh tersebut.

3 - Malam tadi, TS Muhyiddin Yassin (TSMY) bertolak ke luar negara dan
dijangka pulang hanya pada 25 November 2015! Pada masa yang sama, DS
Shafie Apdal diberitakan masih di luar negara juga sambil mengerjakan

Andaian yang boleh dengan segera dibuat dari maklumat di atas adalah,
sudah ada komplot untuk menyegerakan mesyuarat MKT di tempat luar dari
pemantauan para penggerak UMNO yang mungkin bersimpati terhadap TSMY,
maka... adakah ini usaha untuk memecat atau menggantung keahlian TSMY
sementara beliau di luar negara dan tak dapat menyelamatkan nyawa
politiknya di gelanggang saksama? Begitu 'mengancam'kah tindak-tanduk
TSMY sebelum ini kepada UMNO yang beliau harus dipecat atau digantung
secara 'pukul curi' ini?

Jurublog difahamkan usaha menyingkirkan TSMY ada juga dilambung oleh
Datuk Puad Zarkashi serta disambut dahulu oleh Datuk Azalina Othman
pada mesyuarat MKT lepas, tetapi terlalu amat sangat gagal, dan topik
mesyuarat beralih ke isu-isu lain. Mungkin juga ia gagal mendapat
sambutan ahli-ahli MKT kerana mereka menghadapi para penyokong TSMY
yang begitu ramai membanjiri jalan masuk ke Menara Tun Hussein pada
hari tersebut. Ada juga mungkin tak sampai hati memecat seorang rakan
setia sambil direnung wajahnya...

Kalaulah usaha sebelum ini gagal, tak hairanlah jika usaha terkini
dirancang secara senyap-senyap dan tanpa kehadiran TSMY mahupun DS
Shafie Apdal untuk memastikan kejayaan. Mungkinkah dalam keghairahan
mereka memukul-curi, para pengomplot juga akan mengusulkan pemecatan
DS Shafie, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Tun Dr M dan TS Sanusi Junid
sekali? Alang-alang kan... deme ni lupa mungkin yang ada tokoh-tokoh
ini yang menjadi lebih merbahaya kepada kepimpinan UMNO bila di luar

Ada juga ura-ura yang pelbagai ide baru sedang dipertimbangkan untuk
memperkebalkan kedudukan DS Najib dari dijatuhkan pada Perhimpunan
Agung UMNO (PAU2015). Mungkin ini sebenarnya akan diusulkan?
Contohnya, ada ide yang PAU2015 akan tertutup langsung dari pemerhati
luar (selain DS Rosmah) kecuali ucapan Presiden! Ada yang ingin
menyekat TSMY dari merasmikan Mesyuarat Agung 3 Sayap seperti
tradisinya dilakukan Timbalan Presiden. Ucapan-ucapan pembahas pula
dikatakan perlu 'diluluskan' urusetia PAU2015!

Kalaulah benar ini sebenarnya agenda sebenar Mesyuarat MKT Rahsia yang
sedang diatur pada 24 November, maka mungkin lebih baik juga TSMY dan
mana-mana wira sebenar bangsa dikecualikan dari bersekongkol dari
usaha menidakkan lagi hak ahli-ahli UMNO. Silap-silap tak lama lagi,
para pemimpin lain di peringkat Bahagian dan Cawangan pun akan
dirancang pemecatan mereka, alang-alang nak buat parti serta kerajaan
macam hak sendiri. Inikah legasi DS Najib akhirnya? Atau sediakah
beliau sedar, berundur, sebelum terlambat...

Justice for all said...

in the recent forum attended by former AG Gani, he clearly explained that SOSMA was not meant to be used outside of its scope, and this was clearly guaranteed by the PM when moving the Act through Parliament. As Gani said, the full text of PM's speech and guarantee is clearly written up in the Hansard.
It seems that Khairuddin and Matthias were detained for all the wrong reasons.
Is their release to appease those concerned VVIPS and President Obama visiting the country? Will they be rearrested again and charged again after the circus leaves town? Our hope still lies in the judiciary and God bless all righteous men and women.

Praxis said...

Deprived of liberty for valid reason, which is preservation of unjust power. More will be deprived before law of mass action executes justice.

Yes, it should trouble us if we are of a virtuous kind.

Yes, the issue is a fundamental one. How has success of Malaysia's world-class governance produced this complacency and sin?

Are the complexities of state governance such that we could not truly have prevented it gaining momentum when it was already lurking at the door

nothing to hide said...


I dont have much regard for US presidents who only have american interest in mind. Inspite of his CHANGE slogan nothing has changed in the Obama admin. Palestinians are still getting killed with impunity in their own homes. The fact is if a country produces bananas the US couldnt care less if the leader is a butcher. Especially now that Obama is in his home turn no leader will listen to him. Definitely not a thief who doesnt listen even to his own mother.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Jumaaat Datuk...

Ruang udara Bangsar agak bersih sudah dari jerebu yang saban tahun datang dan berlalu. Kini melimpah-limpah hujan, menyamankan suasana. Alhamdullillah...

Jerubu yang lain jenis ini pula masih 'dingdong' jap naik then jap turun but tetap berjerebu pada mata & hati kita yang umpama kais esok untuk makan hari ini.

Untuk sabitkan seseorang itu bersalah atau tidak, maka siasatan perlu dilakukan dan ada buktinya walau kecil bukti itu. Jabatan Peguam Negara pula tugasnya untuk membawa kes ke Mahkamah untuk dibicara & diputuskan oleh Hakim etc.

Bila berkaitan dengan akta mana seseorang itu didakwa, tak kan ini pun boleh berlaku kilaf-tersilap dari Jabatan Peguam Negara till perlu Hakim yang putuskan?

Berkenaan 'Budi tak semestinya dibalas Bahasa' ini, zaman sudah berubah Datuk. Insan pun ramai yang berubah sama as 'ungkapan tak semanis hati' even perkara ini sebaik & sepatutnya tetap sama.

Bab bolasepak kita, semua sudah ditukar but FAM tetap sama. Pada pandangan saya yang biasa mewakili sekolah & kelab awal 80an lain pula yang saya nampak.

Pemain masalah utama... Tugas jurulatih bukan untuk ajar pemain macam mana nak sepak bola itu, kemana bola itu akan menghala bila sepakkan dilakukan sama ada kiri, kanan, atas & bawah bola. Tugas jurulatih semestinya punyai IQ yang sangat baik dari segi teknikal & tektikal yang mampu ubah dengan drastik permainan pasukannya dalam separuh masa ke-dua.

Lihat saja Boyan Hodak yang mampu membawa Kelantan kepuncak but gagal lakukan yang sama sewaktu bersama JDT. Pemain Kelantan ikut arahan jurulatih, tetapi pemain JDT sebaliknya...

Dari segi stamina pemain kini memang sangat pelik. Dengan segala pengetahuan sains dan sebagainya, namun kualiti stamina masih rendah & rasanya lebih rendah dari kami zaman 80an kot. Ketatkan ujian untuk serap jadi pemain kebangsaan bahawa pemain itu mesti mampu berlari bawah 15 saat pada jarak 100 meter. Jika pemain itu gagal ujian ini then rehatkan saja even he star...

Suka sama suka said...

Datuk, what has happened to us is already happening. it happen because the very people who are supposed to protect our liberty under the constitution have corrupted the system. there is nothing an ordinary people like me can do about it except listening to it, reading it and a few writing it to register their inner thoughts and feelings. even the most passive amongst us like homeemakers know the situation. by god they are concerned. but god is already dead and long gone in malaysia. now its only you and me.


1. There are far too many fork-tongue people claiming to be our leaders and protectors.

2. Mustapa Mohamed had promised that prices of medicines would not increase as a result of the TPPA.

3. But US President Barack Obama admitted today that the prices of medicine are expected to go up once the recently-concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations have been ratified.

4. Speaking at the Young South East Asean Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) town hall session, Obama said however that the nature of such trade deals is for all parties involved to be willing to make sacrifices - or else the negotiations would never be concluded. Read more:

5. So who is lying now - Obama or Mustapa?

6. If Obama is telling the truth, I have no choice but to condemn Mustapa here and now as I had said in my posting on TPPA (

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Datuk. condemn mustapha if you will. he lied to his teeth. they all lie, them umno people. so what is new? nothing. there is no god, but the god of lie to muslim umno people. they all lie. welcome to umno. u like them right? u all like them. keep them. so be happy with your new god of lying and cheating. nice god you have. thank you.

Twisted tongues said...

Malaysian leaders are infamous for speaking with forked tongues, to the rakyat and to the world. Cannot expect anything else from them, its in their nature.

Suka sama suka said...

Datuk. we know you have little choice but to condemn mustapa, the god-fearing and quran-reading parliamentarian. his boss like to quote verses of quran too when presenting budget 2016 in parliament. so there you have it. obama is lying, but we dont elect him, americans are. mustapha is lying, but kelantanese voted him. we are with you to condemn mustapha, rightly so.

Pak Malau said...

Berkenaan dengan TPPA ni, Datuk silap baca kot, TS Rafidah kata OK, banyak menafaatnya untuk negara?

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