Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is There Light at the end of the Tunnel?

A Kadir Jasin

THIS story is long. It may even be boring. But it is useful. It is the story that we must know if we care about our today and, more importantly, if we care about the tomorrows of our children and their children.

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Those of us who have lived through economic crises that the country had faced since independence would have been very worried by the apparent lack of preparedness and clarity in the current round.

Although our economy is far from getting into recession, the signs of impending stagnation are abundant. Since the Asian Economic crises of 1997/98, our economy has not been growing higher than 5% annually in contrast to the plus 7% achieved before that.

While we have to accept the fact that GDP growth would slow down and taper off as the economy matures, what worries us is the lack of direction and preparedness in facing the economic crises.

Even the “celebrated” economic transformation plan (ETP), the corner stone of Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak’s economic management appears to have failed to arrest the current decline, partly because of the lack of confidence in his leadership.

Is there magic in Mohd Najib's ETP?
Let me briefly outlined the various economic crises the country had gone through and actions taken to overcome them. Readers are invited to correct me as well as make this analysis more complete.

1. When we became independent in 1957, commodity prices were high, buoyed by the demand for raw materials in the wake of the Korean War. Those were the years when it was told that a Chinese shopkeeper could sell a refrigerator to a Malay rubber tapper to store clothes. We were then a major producer of rubber, tin, iron ore, timber and even gold.

2. The end of the Korean War saw prices of primary commodities plunging. America started to release rubber and tin from its strategic stockpile causing the price of rubber and tin to tumble.

3. This development cause hardship among rubber smallholders and small tin miners, forcing young Malays and Chinese to migrate to big towns and cities in search of jobs thus spawning illegal squatters’ colonies in and around major centres like Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Urbanisation was accelerated and the rural-urban drift gained pace.

4. The saving grace was jobs were available in the Klang Valley, thanks to the industrialisation policy launched by the government in the mid-1960s. Low paying jobs were abundant in the import-substitution industries like timber, food manufacturing, textiles and other low technology.

5. But urbanisation had its good and bad sides. The migrating Malays got job and more money that they ever had. The traders, the majority of whom are Chinese, saw their businesses flourished. Also through the process of commerce - the exchange of goods and services among the Malays and Chinese - that the new migrants became aware of their economic backwardness.

6. The racial and religious provocations during the long period of the 1969 General Election campaign boiled over in the aftermath of May 10 poll in which the ruling Alliance party, the forerunner of the Barisan Nasional, lost to the Chinese- and Islamist-led opposition parties. They resulted in the bloody May 13 riots in Kuala Lumpur.

7. Led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the thinkers among the Malays identified economic disenfranchisement of the Malays as the underpinning reason for the riots, resulting in the formation of a national unity government led by the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein in 1969 and the launch of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1971.

8. Although it was widely criticised, the NEP succeeded in eradicating poverty, which at the starting point was 49% and speeding up growth but failed to achieve the 30% Bumiputra ownership of the corporate sector.

9. The first major economic crisis in the post-NEP era happened soon after it was launched due to the global effect of the Arab oil embargo in 1973. Coupled with low commodity prices, it caused major hardship to the people. The crisis was dramatised by the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim when he led a protest in Baling in 1974. Although Anwar was incarcerated under now-defunct ISA, several remedial policies were launched to assist rubber smallholders such as accelerated replanting, price support and improving educational facilities in the rural areas. That was also the period that saw Malaysia taking active part in international commodity agreements and in global trade arrangements.

10. Thanks largely to industrialisation, which by then had entered the phase of export-oriented, and the rapid growth of the services sector, our economy grew steadily until the mid-80s when it became overheated and started to fail. It economy suffered negative growth for the first time in history in 1985-86, which saw the appointment of little known lawyer-turned-businessman Tun Daim Zainuddin as Finance Minister.

11. Daim launched an austerity drive that saw salaries of Ministers and senior civil servants being cut, government expenditures realigned and pre-paying government loans. Policies favouring the private sector, including corporatisation and privatisation, were introduced. The economy was successfully resuscitated and went on to grow briskly for a full decade until the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crises.

12. It was during this decade of unprecedented growth that Anwar successfully rode the waves to put himself within touch of the Prime Minister’s job, partly by taking credit for the rapid growth of the economy.

13. Then in June/July 1997, one after another the currencies of the South East Asian and East Asian countries came under speculative attacks, causing almost all of them, with the exception of Singapore dollar, to crash, taking with them the entire economy. Our economy went into recession.

14. The ready solution for most of these countries was to resort to the bailout by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – a method favoured by Anwar but bluntly rejected by Dr Mahathir. Under protest from Anwar and the free market economists, in September 1998 Dr Mahathir introduced the limited exchange control, which among other things pegged the exchange rate of the ringgit at RM3.80 to a dollar.

15. Dr Mahathir was condemned for his actions and the entire financial world predicted that Malaysia would fail as a pariah state. Daim was once again brought back to mend the economy. Within a year the economy went back on a growth path but never again at the pace of the post-crisis period. In 2008, under Mohd Najib’s stewardship, the economy once again went into recession due to the global effects of the US mortgage crisis.

6. In facing all the above crises our government had a plan and invariably, due to the confidence the people and investors had in it, solutions were found, implemented, monitored and finally, achieved their desire result. Yes, there were hardships, business failures and unemployment but there was always the light at the end of the tunnel.

17. With the above as the background, let us ask ourselves: Do we now see the light at the end of the tunnel? Do we know what our government is doing? Are we confident in what our government is doing? Are we clear of the direction our country is heading?

18. If the answers to the above are in the positive, then there are hopes for us, and our country. But should the answers be in the negative, the future holds nothing but fear and uncertainty for us and our beloved Malaysia.



Pakcik said...

Not many can answer that questions, many of us only care whats in our pocket today and what or where to eat today..

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

There will be no light in Malaysia until we see the departure of Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone.

It is as simple as that.

After 5 months plus, the rakyat know nothing about the 2.6 billion donation. UMNO members know nothing about their so-called "trust fund" - how it was spent, where is the balance, nothing.

Mappadulung continues to abuse laws to harass his local opponents but is too "kawar" to clear his name internationally - because he cannot. The WSJ goyang kaki jer.

In the 90s we could go overseas and say with no shame, "I am Malaysian".

In the last five months (actually longer) I have met Canadians, Indians, British, Japanese, even Africans who have all asked me the same question.

"Why hasn't your Prime Minister resigned yet?"

I cannot answer.

I have to change the subject quickly.

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk "Maestro" AKJ & Sahabat3 Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Prime Munafiq)"


"Malaysia - Which Is Which"

-Totally in-depth article, informative... Touché DAKJ! :-)

-Its not really that lengthy Sir, its quite compact actually...

-To know & to understand about Our Nation's past is vital for us to propel for a proper future...

-So that we can have "a clearer comprehension" of how Our Nation came to be... Or in other words, how "WE became US"..

-TQ DAKJ for "recalling all these facts"... An excellent digest no doubt.. :-)

"Malaysia - The Great Idiocracy"

-Stressful being a Malaysian these days, with almost all things "going up ludicrously"... One cannot help but wonder what worst things gonna happen next..

-Our Nation is abundant with resources & are strategically located... BUT how We end-up being what We are today is somehow baffling.. Seriously baffling!!

-Where did all those "riches of ours" go?? What happen to it all??

-Now it seems that all those are "lost".. Lost somewhere.. Lost somehow..

"Malaysia - Hoping Against Hope"

-Is it 'Wishful Thinking' for Us Malaysian to aspire becoming a Great Nation?

-To have "Towering Personality" that is RESPECTED the world over...

-To be as persevere as the Latinos?

-To be as united as the Chinese?

-To be as civilised as the Japanese?

-To be as sturdy as the Russians?

-Is all these possible for Our Nation? For Us Malaysian?

-And as to "Is there Light at the end of the Tunnel"... What 'light'?? What 'tunnel'??

-Tak nampak apa pun! Or maybe "Me, Myself & I" now need a pair of glasses... Perhaps a telescope.. or is it a microscope??

-May God Almighty strengthen Us all... Ameeenn..


"Without Rules there can be no Order, without Order there can be no Stability, without Stability there can be no Progress, without Progress there can be no Happiness, and without Happiness there can be no Life..."
-Taipan Jr


"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects us all from Iblis & Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: All the best Malaysia!
Take care & W'Salam :-)

ku_seman said...

Mana ada cahaya di hujung terowong Datuk. Apabila UMNO telah menghalalkan derma RM2.6 bilion yang dimasukkan dalam akaun peribadi sebagai dana politik yang tidak tercatat dalam penyata kewangan UMNO, memutar belit pertanyaan tentang derma RM2.6 bilion sebagai "sengketa" dan berduyun-duyun pula senada dengan Najib yang kononnya menghulurkan "perdamaian", cahaya sudah tidak ada lagi. Sejak bila Muhyiddin bertelagah dengan Najib? Adakah bertanya sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan integriti boleh dianggap bertelagah? Memang sudah tidak ada cahaya kerana segala jentera, sistem dan media kawalannya dipaksa sehaluan tanpa berperanan sebagai periksa dan imbang.

Saya setuju dengan pembahas Tai-Pan Jr, "Discussion is dead, diplomacy is dead, democracy is dead"

Jeremy said...

Salam Datuk,

Maybe there should be a little bit rectification for para 15.

Daim was brought in into the cabinet way before the ringgit was pegged. He was appointed as Menteri Tugas Tugas Khas in January 1998 after months being the NEAC Director.

This was a period of time where Malaysia's own Finance Minister was gleefully citing 'creative destruction' of the domestic banking and economy, paralleling the IMF's prescription. Raising interest rates to double digits and crippling the monetary system even more.

Dr Mahathir's justification for bringing Daim was that the latter needed to have a ministerial status when meeting with the big guns within the international financial community, but we all know, it was to cancel out whatever Anwar Ibrahim was trying to do. Indonesia had to pay dearly (via lost of lives, property destruction, riots, rape etc) for the crippling of their economy back in April - May 1998 which in turn had to beg billions from the IMF.

The IMF installed a new Indonesian President in the form of BJ Habibie, but that didn't work out either in the next couple of years down the road.

Wan I said...

Whether we know what the govt is doing is not an upmost priority.
Paramount concern is whether the govt knows what they're doing!

Zalman A said...

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak perlu berhenti daripada terus berbohong kepada rakyat tentang keadaan sebenar kedudukan negara, kata bekas Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

"Berhenti menipu rakyat dan buat kerja kamu. Beritahu kepada pemimpin Melayu berlaku jujur dan buat apa yang boleh (membantu Melayu)," katanya dalam mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Perkasa, hari ini.

Rashid berkata beliau tidak marah jika orang Umno atau Najib memarahinya mengkritik secara terbuka kerana tiada apa yang perlu disembunyikan.

"Sekarang saya lantang mengkritik tetapi tiada yang berani mengkritik saya kerana saya tidak mencuri duit rakyat. Tiada apa saya sembunyikan," katanya.

Beliau berkata dirinya sangat berterus-terang dan pernah berdepan dengan Najib bagi menyatakan pendiriannya.

"Saya bercakap secara berdepan. Saya kata jika tak suka, singkirkan saya tetapi sebaliknya saya dinaikkan pangkat," katanya.

Rashid berkata apa jua cadangan yang dibawa hari ini tidak akan ke mana-mana kerana pelaku rasuah tidak akan mendengar.

"Mereka (Umno) takut kalah pilihan raya tetapi saya kata itu tidak berlaku sebaliknya kita berdepan dengan pelbagai cabaran," katanya.

Beliau turut mencadangkan peranan Perkasa ditukar daripada kumpulan pendesak Melayu kepada parti politik memerintah negara kerana itu saja pilihan yang ada memastikan negara dipimpin orang yang "betul".

Pemerhati Setia said...

(Tulisan Sahabat Shahpaskal - copypaste dari fb shah paskal @ posted in june 2015)

1.Polemik Tun M dan PM Najib ni nampaknya takkan berakhir dalam masa terdekat ni.

2.Dua-dua adalah panglima perang dalam pengertian berbeza, seorang berperang dengan ilmu dan pengetahuan dan seorang lagi berperang dengan ramainya penyorak.

3.Tak mengapalah.. Kita yang dipinggiran mengharapkan ada sinar kebenaran di sana seperti lazimnya, kata-kata bisa meruntuhkan sebuah kota andai kota ini didirikan dengan janji dan ikrar.

4.Menyelami hati nurani Tun M, eloklah kita kongsi sikit pandangan beliau yang terselindung berkaitan 1mdb dan secara keseluruhannya hutang negara yang kian menghampiri RM 800 bilion ini (BNM dah pun nyatakan hutang negara pada awal yahun ni dah cecah RM744 bilion).

5.RM 800 bilion ini satu jumlah yang besar dan sebahagian kertas hutangnya dicagarkan kepada tabung pencen negara, dengan peratusan faedah sekitar 5.0% setahun (purata keuntungan @ dividen KWSP), dengan itu kerajaan terpaksa membayar dalam RM40 bilion bunganya sahaja sedangkan pendapatan GST adalah dalam RM36 bilion setahun (berasaskan kutipan RM6 bilion untuk dua bulan pertama GST dilaksanakan). GST itu sendiri pun tak lepas nak bayar bunga pinjaman..!

6.Berbalik kepada Tun M, Tun M amat -amat yakin, beliau punyai jalan @ sumber-sumber untuk ‘unlock’kan kekayaan terselindung negara dengan syarat adanya PM yang baru, malah diyakini semua hutang-hutang negara termasuk hutang 1mdb akan dilunaskan dalam tempoh 12 bulan dari tarikh negara mendapat PM yang baru (bagi menggantikan PM sekarang).

7.Dan dalam tempoh 12 bulan berikutnya pula, diyakini negara akan punyai lebihan tabungan rezab yang bakal menyamai jumlah hutang sekarang @ dalam kata lain negara mampu melaksanakan beberapa pembangunan mega yang bakal membawa negara ke arah negara maju tanpa perlunya menjual bon-bon hutang kepada saudagar riba.

Ayuh Tun, aturkan langkahmu dengan yakin dan pintalah keberkatan-Nya, nescaya ianya terlaksana.Tahniah Tun M kerana begitu fokus akan keberjayaan impianmu ini

Pemerhati Setia said...


Mulanya dah nak tamatkan tulisan ringkas tajuk di atas pada entri yang lepas tapi ramai yang tertanya-tanya kesimpulannya.

Eloklah kita berterus-terang dan diharap selepas ini tidak ada lagi yang mempersoalkan akan artikel di atas dan relevansinya dengan Tun M.

Apakah kita dah lupa akan projek mengeluarkan harta warisan (bukan harta karun ) di Pulau Nangka yang dijalankan oleh Kerajaan Melaka melalui kontraktor dilantiknya..? Dan agak-agak berapa banyak harta tu dan nilainya..?

Okeylah.. Harta kat Pulau Nangka tu dah ‘matang’ sebenarnya dan dah pun diserahkan ‘hak-waris’ kepada pewarisnya (cicit Sultan Mahmud) yang berhak untuk dimanfaatkan, malah kunci-kunci untuk membuka dan mengambilnya juga telah diserahkan.

Saya pernah melihat kuncinya, ada dua batang, diperbuat dari emas sebesar batang pensil sepanjang sejengkal. Wangi baunya dan pastinya ia istimewa.

Malah bukan harta di situ sahaja, banyak lagi di tempat lain dan kesemua pintu gudangnya dah pun terbuka.

Bila-bila sahaja boleh dikeluarkan oleh insan terbabit yang menerima hak-warisnya, bukanlah kita dan bukan pula yang ramai-ramai mengaku dialah warisnya - macam cerita kat suratkhabar dulu tu time kecoh harta Pulau Nangka.

Warisan tu juga termasuk dari tinggalan kapal-kapal karam berusia ratusan tahun dahulu yang kuantitinya amat besar dan nilainya tak perlulah kita bayangkan, cukuplah sekadar memenuhi keperluan mendesak negara seperti dinyatakan di bahagian pertama entri ini.

Bagaimanapun, syarat terakhir yang dikenakan pemilik asal yang menyerahkan hak-waris ini kepada nasab keturunannya masih belum dipenuhi - Perdana Menteri sekarang bukanlah orang yang direstui untuk mengelola dan mengurus harta-harta ini bagi pihak kerajaan Malaysia.. Itu muktamad..!

Inilah isu yang sedapat mungkin hendak diatasi oleh Tun M demi kemaslahatan rakyat negara ini. Dan hanya orang-orang yang rapat dengan kalangan ahli tasauf yang tahu.

Ada yang bertanya, mengapa tak dikeluarkan di zaman Tun M dahulu..? Jawapannya mudah.. Daging khinzir dibenarkan dimakan oleh orang Islam ketika dharurat.

So sekarang, negara dah secara teknikalnya muflis (dharurat), maka dibenarkanlah oleh pemilik asalnya apa yang ada dikeluarkan untuk mengurangkan,kesulitan kita semua samalah ketika sebahagian kecil harta sedemikian dikeluarkan masa kemelesetan 1998 dahulu. Bukanlah tak pernah pun benda begini dibuat, dah dibuat pun.

Jadi, setakat ni hanya Tun M sahaja yang diizinkan mengurus harta-harta sedemikian sebagai wakil pewarisnya, samalah ketika 17 tahun dulu.

Maka, nak tak nak Tun M kenalah pastikan hanya dia saja yang mengurus benda ni, bukan PM yang ada sekarang. Inilah rahsia sebenarnya yang tersirat berkaitan pertelingkahan mereka.
Tun M tahu dan DS Najib juga tahu akan rahsia ini. Jadi, puzzle pertelingkahan antara kedua-dua mereka dah lengkaplah.

Terserahlah kepada semua untuk menilainya..

Suka sama suka said...


1. UMNO during Abdullah and now, Najib failed miserably as as it lacked REAL and NEW economic drivers which are important to provide momentum to industrialize Malaysia into the next phase of its development. It started by Tun M, after which we are side-tracked.

2. UMNO is now driven by corruption. Corrupt practices (1MDB, Tabung Haji, National Feedlot Scandal, MAS etc) are not real economy. It is not new economy either. It is impossible to rid any system of corrupt practises, but in UMNO, corruption is an institution by itself perfected by Najib with dubious deals.

3. Corruption will lead into corruption like layers of A4 papers. That single piece of paper on top depends on the one below it. Soon it is so thick, that not even a bullet can penetrate the bundle.

4. Any government that institutionalize corruption bound to fail even though that government is blessed by almighty god, especially by almighty god, because then the name of god was used to make illegal means.

5. When the name of god is used to justify anything and everything, it's all over. We are witnessing that. God does not create light for UMNO to steal and cheat. God never create tunnel for UMNO to launder and smuggle money too. If it happen, God will destroy both the tunnel and the light's so easy for him..."kun fayakun"

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Apa habag ? Kebaih dah ka ? Jaga kesihatan hang tu...

Yg aku ingat masa Malaya merdeka, tahun 1957, perang Korea dah tamat dgn 'armistice' awai tahun 1953. Jadi masa Malaya merdeka, 'commodity boom' telah belalu, dan rakyat di ladang2 dan lombong2 behadap dgn ngeri bila pemerintah Amerika Syarikat melepaihkan atau 'release' simpanan atau 'stockpile' nya ke pasaran dan harga pon kerap kali melepek. Lagi pulak, getah tiruan atau sintetik telah mula masok pasaran buat tayar dan lain2.

Dlm naratif hang jugak, hang tak sebut langsong yg apa yg belaku laa ni adalah hase sekumpolan tindakan yg dibuat sebelomnya. Orang putih kata ...'he who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind', lebih korang: sapa yg menyemai angin akan tuai puting beliong, sapa2 yg main api akan dapat natijahnya. Lebih korang.

Aku ingat kita kena ada sikit titik 'petemuan' dan besetuju tentang pemerintahan olih pencuri dan penyamun atau istilah sains politiknya 'kleptocrasy', yg meropakan kemuncak pada satu sistem atau masyarakat 'fasiq' atau 'criminalised'. Ikut teori perawatan yg aku tao, dan munkin hang pon 'arif, bila penyakit tu betoi2 dah dapat dicam, baru proses pengubatan atau 'diagnois', bulih di cuba. InsyaAllah dengan taufiq dan inayah Allah Taa'la, nampak la 'cahaya di hujong terowong'.

Mintak maghap Kadiag no.., setakat tu yg aku tao, bukan dan jauh dari nak mengajag hang,

Yg dhoif, aku.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

When you have a PM whose education is limited, what more bad in Arithmetic, dont expect this country to progress, leave alone prosper at a steady rate.

Chances of it being group with Brazil are always there as long as this Najib and his group of morons are running this country.


Suka sama suka said...


1. Stealing RM2.6 billion from Malaysia IS NOT OK. Never will for thousand years.

2. Stealing RM42 million from Malaysia IS NOT OK. If it is ok, then "Melayu akan hilang di dunia".

3. Corruption IS NOT OK, as Malaysians ARE NOT born corrupt. The UMNO System corrupts Malayians, especially ordinary rural folks.

4. Over the years, UMNO embraces corruption and thrives on it. Please return all the little gold rings, bracelets, monies etc in a simple symbolic gesture, to ordinary rural folks who gave them before, during and after 1946 to start UMNO. Those "items and monies" no longer belong to UMNO as it can stand on its own on stolen monies for future UMNO generations to come.

5. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for UMNO, but please be reminded that Malaysia IS NOT UMNO and vice verse. Malaysia belongs to ordinary Malaysians who deserve good and honest leader. Do you think, I too deserve a good and honest leader? And, what is wrong, if I want an honest leader?


I just want a good leader, even though he looks like a monkey!!

Suka sama suka said...


1. Please show me an ayat in the Quran that say we must have a Malay to be the leader or more specifically a Malay Prime Minister for Malaysia. That will be the day.

2. Ok...I want to be fair to all..please show me an ayat in the Quran that say we must have a Muslim to be the leader or more specifically a Muslim Prime Minister for Malaysia. Just show me.

3. Al-Quran is not for Malays, so I am not surprised we don't have the answer for it.

4. Malaysian constitution is man-made. So we pay for its mistakes....many mistakes... a lot of mistakes. Just imagine, even our constitution allows corrupt leaders to wonderful, don't you think! What more of UMNO. Just tell me, I am wrong. Anybody??????????

5. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, Datuk has the right to ask. If Datuk still want a dim light at the end of UMNO, perhaps there is. I am not the one who will lit that light. Count me out on that one. It matter little for me if PRU14 is held tomorrow or in hundred years from now...there ain't no more UMNO light in my heart no more. Now, my conscience is so clear.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

Analogically speaking, we are now in a dark winding tunnel. Completely dark. Before we can see any shed of light, we are going to trudge & grope...and once in a while, tumble. Let's pray that our tumbles would not be our last fall...

Positively speaking, for every problem, there would be a solution. Especially for a problem of this concatenated magnitude, it requires a special divine help. We need a divine help to give us 'Nur, Hidayah & Hikmah' so we could stroll in this darkness, and find the light. And for that, we should never lose faith.

Keep on writing Datuk.

Thank you.

Zalman A said...

How can a man without a sense of right and wrong be shown the exit?

It can only be by such wide dissent in the party that he cannot cover it any more.

The Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone's sycophants are claiming that the PAU was an endorsement of his leadership.

Was it?

There is no difference between PAU and those staged rallies where people were paid RM80 to wave "I Love PM" banners. In both cases, the interest is financial.

Are 3 million UMNO members so lacking in intelligence that they will allow 2.6 billion in their "trust fund" to go without explanation? Where is the accounting? Where is the balance? Who received it? Ask the Sole Trustee - the Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone.

Does he have answers?

Or will you follow the words of the Indian man from Penang who said "never mind where the money came from, just take it?"

But who took it?

The bought inner circle, the cronies and KBU, or the party?

Why is there is no answer to these simple questions:

Where is the accounting? Where is the balance? Who received it?

Suka sama suka said...


1. When an unidentified person gave money to her UMNO supporters inside a bus on the way to PAU2015, it was corruption, not sedekah. When the same unidentified person gave money to the same supporters during raya or flood situation, it is sedekah, not corruption.

2. When the same unidentified person had been identified and she admitted in public without any shame that she was the one who gave money to her UMNO supporters inside a bus on the way to PAU2015, THAT WAS AN INSTITUTIONALISED CORRUPTION practised by UMNO for many years. PLEASE DENY THIS STATEMENT AS FITNAH!!

3. Fitnah is worse than murder.

4. RM2.6 billion and RM42 million inside Najib account are NOT FITNAH! but real CORRUPTION. Please deny it....all UMNO members.

5. Do I deserve a corrupt political party UMNO and its corrupt Prime Minister?

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk....Najib perlu ditalkinkan,insyaallah negara selamat.

Suka sama suka said...


This is an open letter to all Opposition parties.


Please get your act together and save this country with the following objectives:

1. Create more jobs.

2. Reduce cost of living.

3. Clean up corrupt practices in government(BNM,PDRM,MACC,AG etc), in GLCs (1MDB, Tabung Haji,FGV etc)and in private sectors (tenders etc).

4. Justice must be served.

5. Improve education by introducing English same level as Bahasa.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I have always maintained that this government of ours is too concerned about looking good. Hence we see major investments in propaganda and the introduction of short term, unproductive policies like BR1M. Had there been earnestness in their work, Malaysia will not be in the economic predicament we are right now.

I imagine that even if they are about to sink with their ship, they would still be suited up and their cheeks powdered so that they will look good on camera.

"good" things dont last said...

ringgit falls, fewer jobs, businesses closed, consumer power is declining, less purchases, lower GST revenue, govt gets into debt, largesse to its so-called supporters stops.
What will bring down any govt if nothing else works, is the power of the rakyat and its sufferings. All "good" things come to an end.

vasantha said...

Dear Dato,
Some people should be locked up and the keys thrown away.

Sham said...

trtnya2 status akademik pm ni. xprnh tau tahap mn? bachelor econ kelas 3 ke datuk?

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Mungkin Ada Tok ..
Tapi cahaya yang datang tu cahaya Dari kepala locomotive (kereta api)

Salam Dari muchen

joe black said...

Yes Dato

There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel....

It's the HEADLIGHT of a Fast Coming Train Bearing Down on us!

There's the UMNO Fellers still in the Tunnel being encouraged to stay there by their Leaders and UMNO Bloggers...

Let us all get out of the Tunnel and leave them Be Dato'. There's No Hope for Them.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Kita pernah menonton bnyk filem2 seram 'horror'..drama2 bertemakan kezaliman dsb....spt.. "Antara Dua Darjat... Raja Bersiong...Pompei.. Gladiator... Julius Caesar. ..Hunchback of Notre dame..Zombie... filem2 lakunan Boris Karloff spt Frankenstien...the strangler...the dead ...the monster" dsb.

Tetapi tidak disangka2. rupa2nya semua itu masih betlaku dan sedang kita alami.
Nak dikatakan mcm filem Robin Hood pun tidak juga...sebab Robin Hood mencuri dari Raja yg zalim dan menolong yg susah.

Apa yg terjadi ini agak lain sikit...terbalik dari cerits Robin Hood...Ketua yg kaya raya tetapi tamak..sedang dan telah memyamun sebesar2 harta negara milik rakyat...dikongsi bersama dgn Penyamun2 lain.

Seram jadinya...bila penentang diseret dan dijelkan..atau diugut dan dihilangkan.

Bila ketua sudah Fasik...pengikut yg buta mata dan hati menyokong;

" Apa cahaya yg boleh kita harapkan bila terowong sudah smpai dipenghujung" ?

Ini bukan Ketua negara lagi.. tetapi serupa,... Monster yg kematian Tuan atau Drakula yg ketagihan darah....semua dikerkah dan dilanggar dan apa kejadahnya memerintah negara pula?

Terima kasih.

Zalman A said...

Can Hadi Awang solve these puzzles?

Let's suspend our disbelief for a moment and assume that this incredulous "donation" story is somehow plausible. Notwithstanding its outright absurdity, there are still a number of logical gaps in this explanation:

1) Why didn’t they say so sooner? Why wait all these months and allow their reputation and the ringgit to take a beating?

2) Why threaten the media, block SR, suspend The Edge? Why not just rebut their articles with this explanation from the beginning? Why turn to the pathetic likes of Lester Melanyi (remember him?) when you had this "legitimate" reason to rely on?

3) Why claim that SR is using doctored information to show money went into Najib's accounts when you are now admitting that money went into Najib's accounts?

4) Why talk about suing the WSJ if what they wrote (that money went into Najib's accounts) is true?

5) No flags were triggered by the bank or the central banking authority or the tax authority? A "donation" of such a massive scale (not millions, but BILLIONS) was just plonked into the Prime Minister's personal bank account like someone transferring 50 ringgit?

6) Why remove Muhyiddin? Why remove the AG? Why remove the Special Branch head? Why the cabinet reshuffle? Since this was "just" a donation and it is normal for UMNO to get donations, why the massive change to the cabinet with the sacking of the DPM no less? Over a donation?

7) If this donation was for UMNO, how come as the DPM, the no.2 in UMNO, Muhyiddin wasn’t aware of this donation? Why deny Muhyiddin's claim initially?

8) Where are the documents affecting this donation? Someone just telephoned Najib and verbally told him I will TT 2.6 BILLION into you account?

9) How was this donation spent? Spending 2.6 BILLION isn't just swiping a credit card or withdrawing from ATM. Where are the documents showing how this money was spent and on what?

10) If this donation was pumped into a trust account, where is the document creating this trust, the document which states the powers of the trustees, how the funds are to be used, the beneficiaries? Who are the signatories of this document? Just create a trust using verbal words? For 2.6 BILLION?

11) And we haven’t even started on the source of the donation and the terms on which such a source would agree to donate such an amount. For no reason? Because this donor loves Najib?

Can Hadi Awang solve these puzzles?

Can he even answer these 10 very simple questions posed by his deputy, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man?

Or does he think that the answers do not matter?

Be careful of whose hands you are seen touching.

Some hands are unclean.

Zalman A said...

Mungkin pemimpin Pas yang sudah "segotel" (sepakat) bersetuju untuk berkerjasama dengan Umno. Tetapi penerimaan ahli masih belum terjawab. Perlu diingatkan bilangan ahli berbanding dengan pemimpin jauh lebih ramai. Pemimpin Pas termasuk wakil rakyat tidak sampai 1,000 orang, tetapi ahli yang menjadi pengundi dan berhak ke atas parti mereka lebih 1 juta.

Mungkin pemimpin yang kini ada kedudukan, atau pernah bersama minum sirup selasih dengan tokoh-tokoh besar Umno sudah melupai kepedihan apa yang Umno lakukan kepada Pas, tetapi ahli di bawah mungkin masih mengingati dan merasai kepedihannya yang mencucuk hingga ke sum-sum.

Jikalah Pas sudah rasa terdesak untuk bersatu dengan Umno, jalan terbaik bagi Pas memanggil muktamar khas menentukan agenda kerjasama ini. Mandat daripada ahli perlu diambil sepenuhnya. Sebagai sebuah parti apa-apa resolusi penting perlulah daripada ahli yang membayar yuran. Keputusan sebesar itu, bekerjasama dengan Umno tidak boleh dilakukan secara ad hoc atau veto presiden.

Zalman A said...

Kenyataan Presiden UMNO, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak bahawa PAS bersedia untuk kerjasama dengan UMNO adalah satu mimpi di siang hari.

Beberapa perkembangan yang disebut beliau bukan satu petunjuk kepada sikap PAS yang sebenar.

Dato' Seri Najib patut sedar dari mimpi tersebut dan menyelesaikan masalah dalaman UMNO terlebih dahulu.

Jangan digunakan PAS sebagai satu "smokescreen" untuk menutup masalah UMNO. Seluruh dunia telah mendengar ucapan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yaasin, Timbalan Presiden UMNO, malam tadi. Ternyata UMNO berhadapan dengan satu krisis dalaman yang serius seperti tahun 1998 dan tahun 1988.

UMNO telah melakukan terlalu banyak "dosa" terhadap PAS terutamanya kepada akar umbi PAS.

Ahli-ahli PAS atau keluarga mereka dinafikan pelbagai peruntukan atau bantuan yang sepatutnya diterima mereka sebagai warganegara yang sah di negara ini.

Penjawat-penjawat awam yang condong kepada PAS diberi amaran, diugut atau dipindahkan. Gerai-gerai peniaga-peniaga yang menyokong PAS dirobohkan. Aktivis-aktivis PAS ditahan malah ada yang meninggal dunia akibat tahanan tersebut.

Kelantan dianaktiri sejak penubuhan kerajaan PAS yang pertama dalam tahun 1959.

Kerajaan PAS Terengganu telah dinafikan hak royalti petroleum.

UMNO akan sentiasa mencari PAS apabila tertekan. Tetapi terlalu banyak "dosa" UMNO terhadap PAS dan sudah tentu mustahil bagi akar umbi PAS untuk memaafkan UMNO.

YB Dato' Iskandar A. Samad
Naib Presiden PAS /
Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri Selangor

thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth said...

The short term prognosis looks bleak for Malaysia.

- rising US interest rates, with the Fed already pulling the trigger

- increased capital outflows and further weakening of the Ringgit

- oil prices below US$40 per barrel and downward pressure on LNG prices. AWO has already said Budget 2016 may have to be reviewed in the light of persistently low oil and gas prices

- Petronas will cut dividends to the government to RM16 billion next year

- Bank Negara has been running down it's reserves to less than US$100 billion because of capital outflows and defending the Ringgit

- the government has yet to get to grips with economic restructuring, increasing productivity and reforming the education system

- the government still hasn't worked out a plan to address the reliance on foreign workers, especially illegals in the shadow economy

- concurrent security threats from ISIS and China's policy in the South China Sea

- fraying of the racial and religious fabric in the country as extremists on both sides of the political divide stoke up tensions

- foreign investors have plenty of choices where to put their money, besides Malaysia

Where is the silver lining in all the above?

panglimo potaseh said...

Yang aku ingat, Najib dipaggil untuk tanding pilihanraya pada 1976 .. masa tu tengah belajar .. jadi aku andai dia tak abih belajar lah. Nasib kita lah dapat PM tak de sijil.

adion said...

Unfortunately the tunnel that they dig goes around and round... so dont expect to see any light soon.

Zalman A said...

a) Silencing dissent is not the best way to address the current malaise in Umno. With the advent of social media, dissenting voices easily reach the party grassroots far and wide. With high internet connectivity and widespread smart phone ownership, dissenting voices disseminated through Whatsapp and telegram messages are influencing the sentiment and behaviour of the party’s grassroots.

b) There is a limit to deep-rooted patronage in Umno as a means to prop up support for certain leaders. The common practice of showering division chiefs with lucrative contracts, cash and positions will not work. There are opposing groups in each division and pampering selected division chiefs with goodies will only anger the opposing groups, who in turn may turn against the leadership as a show of protest.

c) Some Umno warlords may also see the present political uncertainty in Umno as an opportunity to maximise their personal gains. This is the crux of the culture of warlordism often associated with local Umno chiefs. The warlords see in every political war lucrative opportunities up for grabs. They will encourage wars rather than doing all they can to end them once and for all. So, dispensing patronage to selected warlords in order to maintain support will not help the party to remain intact, but will be self-defeating. A typical warlord will demand for more and put the party leadership to ransom, switch camps or even abandon the party once he sees that his faction is losing the ground and there is grave danger that his “supply” will be cut.

d) There is also a limit to the politics of race, religion and repression. In the fast changing social demography and national political landscape, the mantra of the Christian threat against Islam or the non-Malay aggression against the Malays’ special position will no longer be effective in shoring up support for Umno. The race and religion mantra was deployed to the maximum in the last general election. Though Umno won additional seats, BN for the first time since 1969 lost popular votes to the opposition. Umno must realise that the electorate for the next general election will include more young voters whose psychological and sentimental attachment to race as a political identity is somewhat diluted. As such, Umno can no longer rely on the race and religion and the repression of dissidents to save the party. Yes, the opposition is equally divided due to squabbles over race and religion, but it will be unsafe for Umno to rely on that divisiveness to win the election. Remember, in politics, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

e) At the moment, the prevalent assumption among Umno’s top echelon is that silencing the critics of 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation will allow the party to consolidate and win the next general election. Be that as it may, the real challenge for Umno in the 14th general election is not so much the negative public perception about 1MDB or RM2.6 billion donation. It is about the bread and butter issue of the cost of living. A failure to effectively address this main concern of the rakyat, while serious allegations of corruption against the country’s top leadership remain unsolved, will prove fatal to Umno. With the falling oil prices, decreasing government revenues, rising prices of goods and services, and the burden of GST, the already negative public perception about the government’s ineffectiveness in handling the economy will become worse. It will be unfortunate if the voters, when they approach the ballot boxes, silently tell the government, “It is the economy, stupid.”

Zalman A said...

The prime minister is facing a moral and ethical dilemma and he knows this as well as many Malaysians. He is perhaps dragging this issue in the hope that Malaysians will forget. There are others creating distracting issues to deflect focus on this issue. Powerful elites have both the means and capacity to protect their skins.

No, the prime minister – as someone who has talked so much about integrity and having even established a portfolio under the prime minister’s department that looks after integrity, transparency and human rights – has to respond to the legitimate concerns of Malaysians both for the good of the nation and for himself personally. He need not be defensive if the truth is told.

We are one of the few nations – or maybe the only nation in the world – to have a minister for integrity, transparency and human rights. The way things are progressing makes a joke about the seriousness given to this task. The prime minister and his minister in charge are now both caught between the talk and the walk and the yawning gap that seems so evident.

All this remains the prime minister’s creation. When he chose to give your life to the public sphere, to be a politician and serve the public interest, it is only right for the public at large to ask and clarify concerns with him unlike the Umno general assembly held recently. This is even more so when the individual concerned is both the prime minister and finance minister of the nation.

Ideally, as many have remarked, the prime minister should have stepped aside and let the investigations proceed. He has sullied his name and image in the manner he has delayed the workings of the so-called independent task force, dismissed the sitting attorney general, appointed a new attorney general and then moved four members of the parliamentary accounts committee to become members of the executive. Every action that has been taken by him does not exemplify openness, transparency and integrity.

Marhein Utara said...

ada perkara yg lebih penting yang PAS selesaikan terlebih dahulu : Amanat Haji Hadi @ Kafirkan UMNO.

Adakah perkara ini mudah diselesaikan sedang dah lama orang PAS hidup dgn amanat ini ?????????

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suka sama suka said...


1. It matter not if there is light at the end of the tunnel, if the system and its leader is corrupt and stealing money. If this is what being Malay is all about, I am not one of you.

2. History had shown how Bugis became sea-faring pirates of the ancient past, the head of pirates and some end up as sultan and kings. This is the way of these people. So be it.

3. It is rather unfortunate Malays became Muslims too. They should remain where they were for all intents and puposes.

4. One of the core characteristics of pirates, all pirates, is you can't trust them. They are poor in the heart, mind and soul, no matter how hard they try. You can still see these people around as scourges on earth for mankind to see.

5. We deserve good and honest leaders...not people who have inclination to do harm.

Ghab said...

The future looks blur and dim.

We could not escape from the declining economic stagnation and dubious politics by leadership. Somehow we are sucked into the social web of discomposures.

We can't bout the economic pressure against our livelihood. Our daily bread and butter issues are getting expensive and unaffordable.

Further, the cost of living, doing business and our basis needs are skyrocketing while our earnings can't accommodate. We could feel the economic pinch daily. The in take of incomes for the real people is declining and getting smaller.

Jobs are getting scared. It becomes worst to those families who are already out of employment. As reported, thousands and more workers would be jobless very soon. The number of retrenched workers are in the raising.

It looks as though the situation is not going to change. Now we can categorized ourselves as the real economic bummers sucked into a midst of political misfits.

On the other key front, political situation is also ambiguous. Options were not taken to mend the situatuon because of one's realpolitik. Available solutions for reconciliation were in denial of stability.

Our political situation is severely in disarray reflected by leadership of 1MDB's creation. This problematic fixture with its heavy weight of climacteric politics has caused our harmonious environment into political damnation.

The source of this problem is because of one man's leadership. He is Najib's by leadership, the leadership of realpolitik, the destabilizer, the used of power rather than the policy of people needs and inspirations.

The situation is no illusion but real and furthermore it has tormented us while in the making.

His leadership has summoned this Nation to damnation economically, socially which has effected the sovereignty of the democratic State.

Many of us have realized it and many more are going to realize it too. What it means we are in the political, economics and psychological depression because of this one man.

Marhein Utara said...

Merujuk kpd posting Zalman A @ 2.45 PM.

Betui ka UMNO & PAS boleh bekerjasama dengan begitu senang.

Bagaimana dgn Amanat Haji Hadi : mengkafirkan UMNO. Adakah amanat tersebut telah 'expired date' dan kerjasama itu adalah pada zaman PAS ditadbir oleh Presiden PAS yg mengeluarkan amanat itu sendiri.

Dah lama dan ramai ahli PAS yg hidupnya dengan amanat tersebut. Malah ada yg telah meninggal dgn memegang amanat tersebut.

Adakah semua itu mudah diketepikan hanya dgn memakai pakaian sedondon di atas pentas yg sama ?

Itulah yg berlegar-legar dalam fikiran saya.


1. Thank you to all debaters for continuing to banter. I am sorry I'm on the move and is unable to update the blog. Insya-Allah I'll do it soon.

2. On a subject of Umno-Pas cooperation, those of us who are Muslims have to welcome any effort that bring Muslims together. But it stops there.

3. The "niat" is important. For Umno and Pas Presidents to suddenly show the interest to cooperate at this point of time puts a big question mark on their real "niat" since both of them are facing major personal problems.

4. Mohd Najib is facing serious allegations of abuse of power and corruption whilst Haji Abdul Hadi had lost a chunk of his party when the non-religious faction was voted out of the party's leadership earlier this year and they went on to form a splinter party.

5. But what's more important is neither of them has received party-wide mandate to negotiate a collaboration or a merger. This appears to be a unilateral decision by two leaders in trouble.

6. The strongest objections would likely come not from Pas members but from Umno. In any collaboration or merger it is Umno that is most likely to have to give in. This would not be a welcomed thing for Umno leaders as they might have to give way to Pas candidates in the coming general election.

7. This means fewer of them would get to contest and as such will receive less money for political purposes. This is unlikely to be acceptable to Umno division chiefs who used the general election to extract as much money from the party and projects from the government.

8. Infact in many places in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah, Umno division leaders are quite happy not being a Yang Berhormat because they still receive political and official funds for their divisions.

9. So unless both parties hold a special muktamar to get endorsement from the members, this unity talk is nothing more than a piped dream concocted by two desperate party Presidents.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Suka sama suka said...


"2. On a subject of Umno-Pas cooperation, those of us who are Muslims have to welcome any effort that bring Muslims together. But it stops there."

1. Muslim vs Muslim IS VERY IMPORTANT.

2. Muslim vs Non Muslim IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT when the non-Muslims are being being subjected unfairly by dominant and majority Muslims in Malaysia.

“Perpaduan antara kita sesama rakyat muslim dan bukan muslim bukan dengan berkongsi hari raya, tetapi dengan KEADILAN, BERBUAT BAIK dan TIDAK MENZALIMI antara satu sama lain,” kata Mufti Perlis, Datuk Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.

3. "KEADILAN, BERBUAT BAIK dan TIDAK MENZALIMI" are key moral issues for Muslim vs Muslim unity too.

4. Today, UMNO-BN has failed in all three aspects and the very foundations of moral authority to govern Malaysia. So, UMNO-BN has legal the right to govern as it is elected democratically...but not morally

5. UMNO-PAS has that legal right to cooperate, but not morally. Orang yang tidak bermoral, hidupnya macam "anjing gila", suka menyalak di sana sini dan mengigit orang lain. Banyak "anjing gila" sekarang ini...kena awas sikit.

Suka sama suka said...


"3. The "niat" is important. For Umno and Pas Presidents to suddenly show the interest to cooperate at this point of time puts a big question mark on their real "niat" since both of them are facing major personal problems."

1. The relationship between Man and God is based on "Niat" because only Him knows, no human will know.

2. The relationship between Man and another Man is based on "deeds". Very tangible, based on contract, verbally or written.

3. So "niat" is not important between men. Oh Hell No!, when you are dealing with these "anjing gila". No way, my friend. NO! NO NO!...I give no shit about their "niat"s...SORRY! As far as I am concerned, they can go to hell with their "niat"s....if they have any.

4. I want something tangible...real stuffs, not something lofty like "niat". THESE PEOPLE ARE "ANJING GILA"...what niat they have???

5. Can somebody....anybody...can convince me with your niat? That is just me, what about you?

Suka sama suka said...


1. We Malays have had good relationship among ourselves and with others long before there were UMNO and PAS.

2. We Malay must be united, not because we are Muslim, but because we are humans. That is what the Quran says..."many tribes...get to know each other", nothing to do with we are Malays.

3. Having say that, it does not mean that we treat "anjing gila" among men as equal to other men.

4. How you want to treat "anjing gila" man or woman, is really up to you.

5. For me, I will not hesitate, not even for a second, otherwise "anjing gila" disease will spread. I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT for the sake of my family and children. But, that is just me...I don't know you.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Izin aku sentoh komen balaih hang, jam 5.12 ptg, dimana hang tulih :

"4. Mohd Najib is facing serious allegations of abuse of power and corruption whilst Haji Abdul Hadi had lost a chunk of his party when the non-religious faction was voted out of the party's leadership earlier this year and they went on to form a splinter party."

Aku tak mao la gadoh dgn cerapan atau analisis yg hang buat, tapi aku rasa korang tepat hang lunggok geng Hj Mohamad bin Sabu sebagai "non religious faction". Aku ingat hang memang sedag, keluag cari rezeki, bagi nafqah anak bini, istiqomah lawan 'kebobrokkan' dll. adalah 'ibadah, atau 'religious duty'. Jadi nak cap depa ni "non religious faction" korang tepat kod...

Sekian dan mintak maghap.


Ida S said...

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

I believe there is ...

"Dan mohonlah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dengan sabar dan solat. Dan (solat) itu sungguh berat, kecuali bagi orang-orang yang kusyuk"

(Surah al-Baqarah: 45)

Cina said...

I tell them I am not Melayu. I am Chinese. Bigggg difference.
The country is in the shit hole because of them.
I do not feel ashamed to be Malaysian.
I would be ashamed if I were a Melayu.

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