Tuesday, December 29, 2015

People’s Wishes Should Prevail

A Kadir Jasin

THANK you to all for your concern and prayers. Just two points. Apologies to Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) members for unable to publish their views on the Umno General Assembly, the economy and other issues.

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Now a brief response to debater “Pompuan” (11.30PM), who among other things said:

“You want Najib to be arrested for the RM2.6 billion. What if Abu Kassim said he's not guilty? No case to answer. Sure you will be disappointed as his findings are not attuned to your demands. Will you still not regard the case closed? Still adamant that you are right. Will still harp on the issue.?

“Do you know why Najib didn't attend the Maulidur Rasul celebration and also the Christmas open house. Usually he goes on overseas holiday at this time of the year right. Thought he will be away after the Maulud function graced by Agong. But he's still here as he visited the house of the Chinese Bernama editor whose wife died?

“Funny why didn't he attend the two important celebration when he went to the funeral.”

The King accompanied by DPM at Maulidul Rasul Celebrations
1. I hope you read my posting thoroughly and understood my frame of mind since in the final paragraph I stated the following: “Let us pray that Abu Kassim was stating the truth because deep in my heart, I fear that it could be a ruse. I fear that his proclamation of independence has a hidden reason – to establish credibility so that if ever the MACC were to find no case against Mohd Najib, the public would be forced to believe it.”

2. Let me also refer you to fellow debater LaM (12:23PM) who wrote: “The law is very clear. Any public officer who secretly received monies for himself or for any other person which includes any organization is guilty of a corruption offence. A case is considered a water tight case if the monies received is found in the suspect's possession or control. The law is not bothered whether the monies received is a donation or loan or fee or gift or whether the receiver had personally benefited or had not personally used the monies. Such is the standard required by the law of a holder of a public office.”

3. As for your statement “usually he goes on overseas holiday at this time of the year right” I really don’t have an answer.

4.But I did send the following SMS to a Political Secretary to the MP, at 11:14:47am today: “Nak minta pengesahan. YAB PM tak ke luar negara bercuti?” To one of his Press Secretaries, at 01:02:08pm today: “Mohon maaf Tok nak Tanya. PM dalam negara?” To an editor of a mainstream Malay newspaper, at 01:11:04pm; “Sdr, nak Tanya. PM ada dalam negara?”

5. As at posting time, only the editor responded saying he is on leave and does not know. He promised to check.

6.As for his non-attendance at the Maulidul Rasul and no-show at any Christmas celebration, I do not want to speculate.

PM at recent Deepavali celebrations
7. Suffice to say that the two celebrations are important to Muslims and Christians respectively. The most recent religious celebration he attended was the Deepavali on Nov. 10.



Suka sama suka said...


“You want Najib to be arrested for the RM2.6 billion. What if Abu Kassim said he's not guilty? No case to answer. Sure you will be disappointed as his findings are not attuned to your demands. Will you still not regard the case closed? Still adamant that you are right. Will still harp on the issue.?

1. "What if Abu Kassim said he's not guilty?".

If Kassim say PM Najib IS NOT guilty...then he IS NOT guilty...if that is what our laws have to say.

2. "Sure you will be disappointed as his findings are not attuned to your demands. Will you still not regard the case closed?"

I will not be disappointed and shall regard the case as close.

3. "Still adamant that you are right. Will still harp on the issue.?"

I will stop talking about it.

4. PM Najib and its cabinet has my 100% full support, now that my conscience is clear.

5. The Malaysian Government MUST sue publications, locally and abroad, such as the WSJ, the Sarawak Report, the Guardian etc on behalf of the Malaysian people, FOR EMBARRASSING THE MALAYSIANS. I MUST BE ABLE TO STAND TALL AS A MALAYSIAN AMONG MEN ONCE AGAIN!

Second, to request other foreign government investigation teams to cease investigations.

I would like to express my deep apology for my various comments in view such an embarrassing incidents happen during my life time.

UNTIL THEN! my families and I deserve a good and honest Prime Minister, even though, he looks like a monkey walking among men.

Josefharrys said...

Salam Dato
Our PM is on medical and bomoh leave this month and had been advised by his doctor and bomoh not to attend any official functions and to hv a good rest with his wife due to his health and safety reason and it will be announce in few days time by his deputy or his communication minister either Salleh Keruak or Rahman or maybe Ahmad Maslan.

panglimo potaseh said...

Gitu lah resmi nya .. kalau bola Kedah lawan Selangor, lawan pulak di Shah Alam .. dah sah la Selangor yang menang. Ngapa tak main di Bukit Jalil ..

Katakan lah bola tu main di Alor Setar, pengadilnya orang Perlis tapi bini mudanya orang Kedah .. maka selagi Kedah tak menang, berat sangat pengadil tu nak tiup eisel penamat.

Unknown said...

xkan kita masih nak kupas yg nyata..pemimpin dan kepimpinan jika sudah negetif secara umum dikalangan rakyat...zahirkanlah jiwa besar dan berkorban utk bangsa dan negara...apa yg perlu dirisaukan kerana yg menterajui negara tetap pemimpin melayu.

Habub said...

MACC already handed over the investigation paper to the AG. If there are no crimes committed, then why MACC want to hand over anything to AG. they will only need to say, there's no crime committed and not enough evidence such and such just like what our own famous blogger Outsyed the Box stated in his recent posting. There are crimes committed and these Najib sympathizer just couldn't accept the truth.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

PM DSN sure is predictable. By now we know that at this time of year he is always MIA.. missing in action. Before this it was always TS Muhyiddin who had to cover for him. Now the task is taken over by DS Zahid.

PM DSN has other more important things to do at this time of year than the Maulud Nabi or Christmas open house functions. To him no compromise, xmas and new year celebrations only come once a year, tis the time to meet up with his peers or birds of a feather to celebrate. Leaving all household chores to his poor deputy is no hal. After all he's the boss.

And oops the 'other boss's' command must be respected, and that is PM's big boss's urge to xmas shop overseas at this time of year! Mana boleh compromise, ini ritual wajib setiap hujung tahun :ppp

Selamat tahun baharu 2016 Datuk A. Kadir Jasin. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Believe in the good and the good will come. Insya Allah.

ismail muda said...

Najib tgh bercuti. Kabarnya singgah di Jedah??? Atau buat umrah? Kita prasangka baik la kalau rombongan ke Tanah Suci. Moga2 Najib dapat hidayah...kok mane la tau tiba2 dia bercuti terus....!

azsh said...

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap tiada duit masuk dalam akaun dia.

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap dia akan saman WSJ

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap dia tak kenal Jho Low

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap duit modal 1MDB tu ada di Singapura.

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap duit tu dah jadi UNIT.

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap kadar tol tidak di naikkan

DULU, pemimpin tu cakap kadar eletrik tidak di naikkan

tapi itu semua DULU.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Tok... '' what is right can never be impossible ''

Salam 2016


1. I am yet to receive response from PMO officers and the editor friend regarding the whereabouts of the PM.

2. The Federal Territory Ministry is having a Xmas Open House tomorrow (Dec. 30) and will be officiated by the minister, Tengku/Teuku Adnan Mansor. No mention of the boss.

3. I asked a Cabinet member the PM's whereabouts. He replied: "Dubai???"

4. If anybody knows whereabouts of the PM, please share with us.

5. But debater "Houdini" quoted "flight watchers" as claiming that Malaysian Government jet (9M-NAA) was parked in Hong Kong today. My check with Planefinder data found that the aircraft last recorded takeoff was 00:16:14 on Dec. 25. Apologies to Houdini for not being able to publish his comment.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Suka sama suka said...


1. What are the official positions of the Malaysian Government on the usage of Malaysia Government jet 9M-NAA for non-official functions of the Prime Minister?

2. Can the Malaysia Government jet 9M-NAA carry on-board cash, weapons, drugs, stolen items, turtle eggs?

3. Is there restriction on who can be on board...Benjamin Netanyahu? Donald Trump? Sultan of Sulu?

4. Do they serve wine on board? Who is paying for that?

5. In case of crash or missing like MH370...who will be the new Prime Minister?

Pompuan said...

My guess is he and family are holidaying in the French Riviera. Monaco, St.Tropez for example. Aunt Rosie likes these places. Baru ada kelas.
Takkanlah nak pergi tempat koman kot.
Anyways, nothing wrong in going on holiday. Everyone needs a well-deserved rest. People like me too go on holiday. But setakat Langkawilah my standard. DAKJ pun pergi tempat hebat. Kan.Kan.
The reason I brought the holiday was because he was not present at the Maulidur Rasul graced by HM The King. Nak kata Paduka Tuanku YDP Agong titah tak berkenan tengok muka dia, tak betul pulak. Tuanku antara brother Rulers yang sokong Najib selepas Majlis Raja-Raja keluar kenyataan on 1MDB
To say he left for overseas holiday is wrong too as he visited that Bernama chap's wife who pasded away. But he also didn't attend the Malacca National Christmas openi house.
Then he wrote blogs and on fb. Sure that's not the thing to do on holiday. Aunt Rosey-Posey needs his full attention!
I will take the excuse kureng sihat. Sebab bapak-bapak macam DAKJ dan TS Zam asyik kutuk dia. Kalau I pun demam tak kebah. Kahkahkah.

Suka sama suka said...


1. Comment from Lim Kit Siang: Published by MalaysiaKini 29 Dec 2015, 1:35 pm Updated 29 Dec 2015, 6:37 pm

"Not to forget a job that Najib had accomplished without equal in the world: getting an RM2.6 billion donation for a general election - money that was deposited in Najib's personal banking accounts before the 13th general election in March 2013!

http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/324840 "

2. Dr M had made similar comments in public domains in the past, but I understand why PM Najib won't dare to touch him. But, today Lim Kit Siang repeat such allegation...please throw this guy into jail and let him rot in hell. He is accusing a Melayu Muslim PM Najib of stealing! It hurts.

3. Or is it true when you mention in this blog "2. Let me also refer you to fellow debater LaM (12:23PM) who wrote: “The law is very clear. Any public officer who secretly received monies for himself or for any other person which includes any organization is guilty of a corruption offence......".

If it is true, spare the life of this little guy Lim Kit Siang. I like him. He got balls!!!

4. "What if Abu Kassim said he's not guilty?". If Lim Kit Siang say PM Najib is guilty, then PM Najib is guilty. Sorry Kassim, I change my mind. I trust this China apek than you god-fearing and god-loving Melayu Kassim. You can take your koran and your religion as you wish.

5. Ini lah hakikatnya kita Melayu...kerajaan Melayu...ketua kerajaan Melayu...ketua agama Islam Melayu.



Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

I read in SR today that the PM aircraft was sighted parked in Hongkong just before Christmas. Tengah beli Berlian lg ke. Whereas the other aircraft, nobody knows where it is now.

If BN MCA..BN Gerakan..BN MIC and other component parties wants to win seats in the next GE, their leaders must in unison be brave enough to tell Najib to step down. Only by doing this these component parties will get the confident of the non Malay voters.

But as long as they choose to keep quite, many of these parties will become history in the next GE.

Will Najib tell these paryies to get out of BN?. I doubt it. For BN UMNO to go alone in the next GE, how msny seats can they win in order to form a hovetnment. Even if PAS is to join, I am very sure many Malays will rather vote gor PKR and Amanah and even DAP.

So actually the ball is at the feet of MCA..Gerakan..MIC to continue forming the government in the coming GE. I hope their leaders are brave enough to tell Najib to cease becoming the PM..ASAP.if they realky care for their supporters.

SeriMuka said...

Maaf sekadar bertanya....

So we a have govt jet/jets. Can it be used for non-official functions?? Like pm and family holiday? Anybody care to enlighten us?

Unknown said...

govt jets for non official functions?blame it on Tun M.Tun never told them it is wrong.


1. Since neither the PM’s Press Secretary nor his Political Secretary responded to my question as to his whereabouts, and my editor friend had also not come back to me, I have no choice but to rely on “informed sources”.

2. From them I have gathered the following:

i. Aircraft 9M-NAA was seen parked at Hong Kong’s International Airport on Latau Island.

ii. The PM is on leave and, presumably, out of the country until Jan. 4, 2016.

iii. He is currently in London.

iv. Presently he would be leaving for California, the USA.

3. So who is using the 9M-NAA?

4. Is it a ruse?

5. The plane in Hong Kong, the PM in London and onward to California, presumably, to Los Angeles – so Tom Clancy-ish.

6.Why not just officially tell the rakyat that the PM is on leave abroad?

7.Why such a secrecy?

8.Is he sick and seeking medical treatment?

9.Did the minister really did not know, when he told me the PM was in Dubai. Or was he also part of the conspiracy behind the “disappearance” of the PM?

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Suka sama suka said...


1. It is very irresponsible for PM Najib to take leave and leaving the country without informing the people and appointing an acting PM. This is a new development that never happen before.

2. Does Agong know his whereabout?

If agong knows, who is the acting PM?

If agong doesn't know, is that the normal protocol?

3. Lim Kit Siang....why so quiet??? Sudah terima big "Ang Pow"? Lu pun sudah jadi "Cibai Bisu"?

Suka sama suka said...


"Eleven Penan leaders have demanded that Adelaide University in Australia return A$400,000 (about RM1.2 million) in donation received from former Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud."


1. Well Adenan, Datuk KJ is full praised of you. Please refer to "Monday, December 21, 2015 Gesaan Adenan Tanda Keberanian......HANYA orang yang tidak ada apa-apa untuk disembunyikan aka “nothing2hide” berani menggesa media massa supaya mendedahkan ketidakadilan dan salah guna kuasa demi kebenaran. Atau orang itu memang hebat merahsiakan kerja kotor sehingga mustahil boleh dikorek oleh media massa."


2. "When Taib studied law in Adelaide as a young man, he was as poor as we are today. Later on, he decided to become a politician...."It is an open secret that the loggers gave a lot of bribes to Taib and his family members," the letter alleged."

3. Kesian orang Penan and other Sarawak natives. If you all eleven Penan leaders can take on Adenan, PBB and BN machinery...good luck! Mana itu pahlawan dari bumi Sarawak...say something that ini semua fitnah pilihan raya...CAKAP LA!

4. We the Malays need your help too.

5. Don't worry the amount Taib's donation is peanut...1MDB and its RM2.6 billion is there to help BN win the next state election by hook and crook. Bukan saya yang cakap.

Unknown said...

I live in Dubai...Yes, he was (or still is) in Dubai.....

Zalman A said...

Ha ha - if the Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is in Dubai, then I have no doubt that he is very busy doing various forms of "kow thim" as some very uncomfortable truths are coming out of the middle east.

Either that, or his is thanking various donors in person, and maybe asking for more.

Such a polite man, Si Mappadulung Caralalai.

I hope he flies back in time to hear the "NFA" from the replacement A-G.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,
Mappadulung is irresponsible PM. He should inform his whereabouts so people know and would not speculating's. Or he is on secret mission?

Pompuan said...

Salam again DAKJ
Minister tupun tak tahu. Main tembak je macam kita. In the first place, must we be told whether he's on leave and where? Is it our business to know? Tun Mpun tak habaq dia cuti di mana
Yg pasti Naj tak sakit. Sihat sejahtera di bawah belaian aunt Rosey-Posey. Cuma sakit hati dengan some of you. Hehehe. Ada ke see you in court?

Unknown said...

X sabar nak pru14 ni. Kita tendang umno kluar dari putrajaya

hazleezaiton@yahoo.com said...

Salam dato,

Selamat menyambut tahun 2016.

Semuga negara bertambah baik dan aman.

Bab PM ni saya hairan sikit la.. Masa dia ada, ramai hebuh dan gempaq suruh dia `tiada', masa dia tiada, lagi ramai hebuh,rioh rendah mahu dia `ada'!!!.

Seolah olah kat universe ni, PM ni saja yang `the most important subject'

Apa hai ni? Benci ka,rindu ka,isin ka,sasau ka?

Atawa dah terbentuk `under sieged' mentality ..

Susah betui nak faham `kehendak' manusia ni

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Rakyat Malaysia said...

hahahaha bro itu "hari selasa" bila tuu???


Cikgu: Ajib, bila kamu nak serahkan buku latihan kamu?

Ajib: Hari Selasa ni saya akan serahkan, Cikgu.

Cikgu: Baiklah.

------Selepas seminggu-------

Cikgu: Ajib, hari ni dah hari Rabu, kamu kata nak serahkan buku latihan pada hari selasa semalam. Mana buku nya??

Ajib: Betul lah Cikgu, kan saya cakap hari selasa.....hari selasa ni saya serahkan sendiri pada Cikgu....."janji ditepati Cikgu"

Cikgu: Hmmmm.....baiklah Ajib, hari selasa nanti kamu serahkan pada saya ya!

------Selepas seminggu-------

Cikgu: Ajib! Mana buku latihan kamu ni hah??!! Hari ni dah hari Rabu, kamu kata nak serahkan pada hari selasa yg lepas???

Ajib: Betul lah Cikgu! Hari selasa tuu dah TERlepas, sebab itu saya tak dapat nak serahkan. Tapi takpe Cikgu, Hari selasa nanti saya serahkan dgn nota2 sampingan yg lain. Cikgu perlu yakin dgn saya n tidak melemahkan semangat saya..

Cikgu: Okay okay okay! Baiklah Ajib! Saya beri kamu peluang utk buktikan diri kamu. Tapi pastikan kamu serahkan semuanya pada hari selasa ini.

Ajib: Usah khuatir Cikgu. Semuanya akan selesai hari selasa ni. Ini bukan janji, tapi pasti!

Cikgu: Wah! Berjiwa besar kamu ni Ajib. Lega Cikgu rasa bila kamu cakap mcm tu. Dengan sikap kamu ni....Kamu boleh pegi jauh dalam hidup...Cikgu pasti!

Ajib: Terima kasih Cikgu kerana yakin pada saya n tak percaya fitnah2 negatif. Saya bersikap terbuka, takde apa yg saya perlu sembunyikan.

------Selepas seminggu-------

Cikgu: Amad, mana Ajib? Dia kata nak serahkan buku latihan pada saya selasa lepas. Hari ni dah hari Khamis!

Amad: Ajib??? Ohhh!! Ajib dengar katanya keluar overseas.....saya terdengar dari murid2 lain bersembang. Cikgu tak tahu ke??

Cikgu: Saya pun baru saja tahu ni! Ajib pegi overseas kemana tuu Amad?

Amad: Errr, saya pun tak pasti Cikgu! Ada yg cakap dia ada di Hong Kong, tapi ada juga yg cakap dia ada di Dubai. Ntah lah Cikgu, saya pun tak pasti! Saya sejak ada 3 kerja ni, saya sibuk sikit Cikgu...

Cikgu: Ajib!!! %^&*%#@!

Ida S said...

Salam DAKJ

PM should have informed that he was going overseas... Remember the fiasco during bah kuning dulu? What he should do is just to inform us whether he is going on official or unofficial visit overseas, when he will be back and who is acting on his behalf.. At least the rakyat will be consoled should anything happen while he is away..

joe black said...


If previous year's news are any guide, the Najib Razak Family would have travelled around the world many times over to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Different cities (due to Time Difference)....

2016 may be a year of reckoning for Najib Razak. The powers that be will Muzzle all local opposition on his Shenannigans. But if recent events involving Wall Street Journal and moves by US and Swedish International Investigative Bodies, 2016 will be the year when he will be exposed Internationally for all to see(except for the UMNO Fellers who will be told that its a DAP and Israel Conspiracy). Remember, FIFA's Corrupt Officials were brought down by Sweden and US (while Russia Vouched for Blatter's Innocence). The same may happen to Najib. In his case, China will vouch for his Innocence (after getting more projects).....

2016 promises to be an Interesting Year.

Lachs Evandryl said...

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong went on holiday recently - a private vacation to South Korea. And it wasn't a state secret - PM Lee posted about on his Facebook page (Singapore Straits Times report January 1, 2016 - "PM's holiday in S. Korea caps year of special ties" - wwwstraitstimes.com).

In fact, the ST report carried a photo of PM Lee "posing for a photo with a Singaporean family he met at Mount Seorak National Park while he was on vacation in South Korea...."

See - no secrets about his whereabouts.

The ST report said: "The Gangwon Ibo newspaper said PM Lee was down to earth, noting that he stayed in an ordinary hotel room in the north-eastern city of Sokcho, went hiking and dined at local eateries".

No shopping!

Suka sama suka said...


1. "UiTM debate team ranked second in world.

The Star. Friday, 1 January 2016 | MYT 12:22 PM

PETALING JAYA: The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) debate team is now ranked second in the world.

Its two members - law students Mohd Mifzal Mohd Murshid Kieron and Jasmine Ho Abdullah, both 22, - can hold their heads high going into 2016 at the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) that is now taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Last year proved to be a very good for Mifzal and Jasmine. Both were champions in the Cambridge Intervarsity Debate tournament (Cambridge IV) held in Britain in November. A team from IIUM also won the English as Second Language (ESL) category of Cambridge IV.

UiTM is now behind the team from University of Toronto, Canada.

Among the formidable opponents that UiTM outranked are University of Sydney, Yale University, Harvard University, Trinity College Dublin, the London School of Economics, Cambridge University, Oxford University, University of Pennsylvania, Durham University, Princeton University and King's College London.


2. TAHNIAH!!! Mohd Mifzal Mohd Murshid Kieron and Jasmine Ho Abdullah.

3. Young people like you are our new hope for the future. Stand tall among the best of men. This is the way to go!!

4. Congratulation, thank you and happy new year to you two and your family.

Marhein Utara said...

Teori RAHMAN untuk PM Malaysia telah lengkap (telah berakhir) apabila Najib menjadi PM.

Masih belum ada teori baru untuk PM seterusnya.

Tetapi untuk UMNO : kelihatan (pesimistik) juga telah menuju ke pengakhiran apabila UMNO telah bertukar menjadi United Mohd Najib Orgasisation walaupun pertukaran ini tidak secara rasmi pada ROS.

Malaysia adalah bertunjangkan demokrasi @ demokratik, tetapi yang amat dangkal / songsangnya : Parti pemerintahnya tidak demokrasi @ demokratik. Bilakah Presidennya ini dilantik secara pemilihan demokratik dan kenapa UMNO cukup takut dengan pemilihan.

Begitulah apa yang ada dalam pemikiran rakyat marhein ini.

UMNO untuk Melayu atau (dah berubah) untuk Najib?

Malaysia negara demokrasi atau (dah berubah) negara autokratik?

Semangat @ Sorakkan Malaysia Boleh pun kelihatan dah terkubur. Jelas kelihatan yang Malaysia sangat bergantung pada orang dan negara luar. Penasihat @ Punahsihat (konsortium dll) dah banyak dari luar. Sikap terhegeh-hegeh dengan Amerika pun bukan sesuatu yang terselindung.

Sapa-sapa yang mampu, tolong terang sat.

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