Thursday, January 14, 2016

PM Vs Ling: Is the Court Trying to Avoid Embarrassment?

A Kadir Jasin

BRAVO Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik!

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In the eyes of the court of public opinion, you have won the first round of the battle with Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak.

To members of the jury of the court of public opinion, there must have been a strong reason to prompt Justice John Louis O’Hara to advise the opposing parties to go for mediation.

The court must have seen and studied the arguments put forward by Mohd Najib and Ling, and might have some ideas of which direction the verdict would go.

Could the court be trying to avoid a severe embarrassment to one of the parties should a full-blown trial be allowed to proceed and verdict delivered?

Whose embarrassment – Mohd Najib or Ling?

Mohd Najib had already suffered an embarrassment in the preliminary round when Ling refused to apologise, retract and pay compensation for allegedly defaming him.

His legal representatives, the law firm of Messrs Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak, in a letter dated Oct. 5, had demand a retraction, unequivocal apology and reasonable compensation for a statement published in an article entitled "MCA's Liong Sik Joins Call for Najib's Ouster for allegedly Putting People's Money in His Own Pocket." The article was published in Malay Mail Online on Oct 3.

Good to Drive Hard Bargain 

Kudos Tun Ling for putting a strong condition for the mediation that is Mohd Najib himself must be present at the pow-wow.

Ling's lawyers said, in the event their client was ready for mediation, it would be on the basis that Mohd Najib was present to ventilate all issues between themselves.

In a statement, the firm of Ranjit Singh & Yeoh said it was important that truth and transparency be the cornerstone of any discussion, without which there was no point to start the process.

But would Mohd Najib act differently in this case by confronting his accuser head-on when he had been avoiding others like members of his party at last month’s Umno General Assembly, the Parliament and the Wall Street Journal.

Issues relating to 1MBD and RM2.6-billion “donation” in his personal accounts were off-limit at the assembly. He promised to explain to the Parliament but did not. He threatened to sue the WSJ but is yet to proceed.

So would dare to face-off with Ling?

My experience with defamation suit is this. The plaintiff really does not have a case to bring to court if he or she did not demand to exercise the right of reply.

In the case of the alleged defamatory statement by Ling, the standard media practice is for Mohd Najib to respond to his allegation. Only if the paper that published Ling’s statement fails or refuses to publish his respond only then that he proceeds to take the paper and related parties to court.

But maybe the target here is Ling and not The Malay Mail because the paper is owned by a Chinese businessman who is said to be close to the Prime Minister.

Having won a high-profile criminal case involving the PKZ, Tun Ling stands in good steed to take on Mohd Najib in a civil case.



Ali said...

Najib dah huru hara..telan mati bini kesayangan,luah mati jho low..

Suka sama suka said...


Aiyooo kawan, manyak susah la ini macam. Nasib baik saya bukan lu punya kawan, la Najib. Itu Cina punya nama lagi cantik dali lu punya nama. Macam "darling"..atau ling...tapi Ling Liong Sik, bukan main main..."Forest" "Kind Hearted" "Firm".

Najib, ini Ling, olang cina fu(c)k chow! Faham ke?

Ini fu(c) chow punya cina bolih halau lu masuk "hutan" walau pun dia hati manyak baik, tetapi itu hati sangat kel(r)as, tau ka?

Mali lunding la...jangan makan sendili maaaa...itu loi manyak oooo Najib.

Suka sama suka said...



Nasib ada orang Cina...

Sue Lion Sik for RM2.6 billion...suruh Arul bayar sama Ling...Ling masuk you punya account less 10%...sounds good?

Lets cut the deal.

Jangan pura pura ya.

Pakcik said...

Should request a open for public meditation...

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Tun Dr Mahathir dah "kurang bercakap" sekarang. ...
Tetapi itu tidak membawa makna menang atau kalah, bukan itupun tujuannya...

Tetapi kesan teguran dan nasihatnya sangat "berjasa" atau "berbisa" kerana "mereka" yang tak makan nasihat terus sengsara, tak senang lena, isu tak reda makin tambah ada...malah sekarang sudah tahap sudah tidak ada penawar dan ubat ...

Tunggu bala sahaja ..

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The lawyers of the pendekar Bugis are true "jaguh kampung", needing the (shall we say", comforts of home ground advantage where there are no horrible WSJ lawyers and judges who do not know what "Umno" stands for.

However, TS Ling is free to subpoena any person who can shed light on the SRC transfer, or even the 2.6 billion "donation".

This may extend to the MACC (for the benefit of the 24-hour replacement, the matter is not sub judice), the FBI, or any other people investigating 1MDB, the richness of certain people, or money trails internationally.

The "donor" theory might suffer if Calalalai is not careful.

RJ Dio said...


Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk "Maestro" AKJ & Sahabat3 Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Prime Munafiq)"


Malaysia - The Truthful Ruse

-TQ "Datuk Maestro" for another great digest.. Really wish that "Me, Myself & I" could spend more time to read nowadays.. A whole lot more reading is needed with so little time.. :-)

-It is a sad thing for Us Malaysians to have "leaders that DO NOT lead by example"... It is now more like "Do what I say, not what I did"..

-While the rest of Our Nation 'suffers', Our Citizens are constantly "being serve" with rhetorics after rhetorics after rhetorics... Seems like its a "never-ending thing"..

-Could it be because they ARE NOT WORTHY of becoming "leaders" in the first place?

-Quite baffling to Us All when these "so called leaders" should just be righteous in their conducts, but instead they did the opposite... THEY CHOOSE to be corrupt..

-It AFFECTS EVERYONE of Us.. When we have 'Righteous Leaders' it will reflect "a certain traits" to the masses.. Our Nation will also be deem as a 'Righteous Nation' to the world..

-But as always.. Its "Hoping Against Hope".. What We All get in reality is a shameful & deceitful "image" of Malaysia - That We Malaysians are 'allegedly viewed' as being "proud & joyful" to have evil men as leaders..

-Perhaps Fantasy IS far better than Reality... -BUT- 'Life Itself' IS some form of "Reality" is it not?

-Adoi! What a sad reality that We have now...

-May God Almighty shields The Righteous People from harm... Ameeenn!


"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything"
-Malcolm X


"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects us all from Iblis & Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: Stay True Malaysia!
Take care & W'Salam :-)

Suka sama suka said...


1. Najib...tolong la jangan bagi malu sama Melayu. If you think you have a constitutional right as a Malaysian citizen to sue Ling for defamatory allegations, just do it.

2. Please stop pretending you are "our Prime Minister", so must be treated differently.

3. So the bugger...sue him.

4. Ling is a small fray and please stop acting la Najib.

5. Oooi Najib!...itu Cina tuduh itu Melayu punya Prime Minister "had allegedly taken money and put it into his personal accounts.". Orang buta pun bolih baca dan faham.

Suka sama suka said...


1. Jual harta negara sama negeri China bukan sama dengan orang Cina beli hartanah.

2. Najib, kau jual maruah Melayu sama Cina sudah banyak.

3. Macam sunyi senyap saja Melayu Melayu UMNO dan baju merah dan ahli silat dan perkasa dan perkosa.

4. Sudah buta termakan dedak ya.

5. Desak la PM kamu sue si Ling. Itu bukan dia punya darling...tapi si Ling.

Suka sama suka said...


1. Hang Tuah kata "TAK AKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA". Itu Cina yang cakap, bukan Melayu.

2. Najib kata "he has the constitutional right to sue". Itu Najib si Melayu Bugis yang cakap, bukan si Cina Fu(c)k Chow.

3. Najib kata "Melayu bangsat....". Itu Najib cakap, bukan Dr.M yang cakap.

4. Najib, kau ni banyak cakap.

5. Apa kau fikir kerana kau jadi PM Malaysia, orang dengar kau punya cakap. Dengar la cakap Datuk AKJ.

Unknown said...

14hb Jan 1976..Tun Razak meninggalkan kita.permata negara.Pejuang dlm erti sebenar.40thn berlalu.apa yg dibicarakan skrg adalah tentang UMNO kehilangan roh.menunggu masa utk dikuburkan oleh ahlinya sendiri.tiada sesiapa yg boleh bangkitkan semangat UMNO seolah2 suara2 pemimpin sekarang langsung tidak dihormati oleh ahli UMNO khususnya dan rakyat malaysia umumnya.semangat suram hati yg kecewa dan minda yg celaru xmungkin boleh membangkitkan ahli2 secara ikhlas untuk bersama2 pemimpin yg sedia ada untuk kembalikan semangat 46 pejuangan umno.inikah akibatnya dpd hormat ygdipaksa setia yg dipaksa dan memilih pemimpin yg telah dicai congak dan atur.UMNO is about follow the money.we get what we deserve.

Josefharrys said...

Salam Dato
Diharapkan agar mediation ini called off and should go for full trial jadi rakyat tahu dudok perkara sebenar dan yg pasti jika go for full trial maka ramai yg kena subpoena maka kita semua tahu siapa yg benar dan siapa yg salah dan Najib juga tak payah nak saman WSJ kerana jalan ceritanya pun sama...agak2 Dato berani tak si panglima bugis ni.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

I have thought so too. This mappadulung is a pure shameless breed. Dah tau tak mungkin menang tapi berlagak berani. Acah-acah je kot. Tak malu. Buang masa mahkamah. Menyusahkan lawyer dia sendiri menyusahkan hakim. Membuang masa semua orang. Tun Ling sepatutnya kasi hamtam mappadulung ni habis-habisan. Jangan kasi chan.

You know Datuk, no wonderlah mappadulung's secret lover Jho Low has a company named Brazen Sky Limited... The whole clan is a brazen lot - so boldly shameless.

Terima kasih Datuk Kadir Jasin. Jaga diri selalu.

Suka sama suka said...


Liong Sik jangan lama lama jadi macam itu Malai koi Zeti, Apandi, Kassim dan Khalid, tau ka kawan.

Ingat olang lain ada hope sama lu kasi hentam kaw kaw.

Tapi gua takut lu punya olang bukan macam itu cina Lim Kit Siang tapi kulang libi macam itu malai koi juga.

Ada faham ka Ah Ling?...nama manyak liang liang...tapi jangan jadi macam itu cibai...."cibai bissu".

Lu bangsa Fu(c)k Chow, kasi fu(c)k itu Bugis...angkat pakai lu punya tlansport loli kasi masuk itu cibai dalam hutan limba.

Suka sama suka said...


1. Najib...Ling Liong Sik is a Chinese of Foo Chow descents, known for their dexterity and acumen in business. Being Chinese, face is very important, more important than your RM2.6 billion.

2. Foo Chow is NOT Malay.

3. So where do we go from here?

4. Take your pinssi Bugis boat and sail away, if still got wind to take your sail away. Make sure your wooden anchor is on board too, not in the water.

5. In the eyes of the Foo Chow people, you are dinner, Najib. Case over as pointed out by Datuk AKJ. You may have to depend on many Hang Tuahs to chase away the Chinese war ships. By the way "Hang Tuah" was Chinese, not Bugis or Malay or Javanese.

Suka sama suka said...


1. Ling is a Foo Chow, NOT Chinese.

2. Najib, you can kiss goodbye Sarawak and Sabah and West Malaysia as far as Foo Chow is concerned. You are toast, Najib. Finito!

3. You can't buy Foo Chow with money because they eat, drink and sleep MONEY.

4. But, again maybe Ling is a "Cibai Bissu" Foo Chow, who knows.

5. In that case, Ling is toast like you in the eyes of the Foo Chow people. If Ling is "Cibai Bissu", please return your "Tun" as it is as good as rubbish.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The inner circle of "yes men" are apparently telling the Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone:

"Sir, you (meaning, "we" lah) did it! We have solved all the issues for you!"

Hence, the engineered wave of Tun Razak nostalgia is meant to have a "halo effect" on the Mappadulung going into 2016. And I think in 2016, the truth about the "issues" is going to surface in ways that the "yes men" cannot control.

The "image makeover" for Mappadulung will not work. The father and son are very different. We can see that. Anyone can see that.

The inner circle of "yes men" treat the public as fools, but you cannot take away the fact that the people are suffering even as Mappadulung leaves RM2,600 million unexplained.

In fact, the Mappadulung is damaged beyond repair.

The "lull" period from Tun is not something that the Bugis should be happy about. The Malays are ready for change. They want it and need it. It just needs someone to lead; it cannot be the Opposition as Anwar's wife certainly is incapable. (We can see that. Anyone can see that.)

Hence the effort to remove the national problem called Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak must be cross platform. It should involve the grassroots and NGOs.

All that is needed now is a leader.

The people are not stupid.

The inner circle of "yes men" of Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone lack wisdom, but enough Malaysians have enough common sense to remove this cancer (it is Stage 2 already. The situation is curable but serious.)

All that is needed now is a leader.

letsbeserious said...

Datuk. Lets not allow this blog to be turned into a 'rojak language' blog.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

I believe this blog of yours is followed by not only malays muslims but also others, chinese indian and mix blood included. You also write your thoughts in both bahasa melayu and english, making your blog appealing to multi races. Sadly though comments under this particular topic (Tun Ling Liong Sik) may make some of us uncomfortable if the fact of Tun Ling's biological inheritance or breed is made a race issue. Foochow, fuk chiu or whatever the same applies to the other races including malays who may be of different breeds (bugis, jawa, aceh, minang, brunei, bajau, suluk, etc etc), indians and other races as well.

The issue is not Tun Ling's race but the PM's credibility. After all we are all human, all flesh and red blood. The only difference is the heart, and possibly gray matter.

Thank you Datuk Kadir. Your blog tops my favourite list of goodreads.

Tak saama said...

.i see more Melayu kurang ajar these days.
This is the result Tun razak was looking for in NEP?????
Melayu acting like piece of shit?

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Nmpk gaya blog ini mahu dijadikan medan untuk mempromosikan ideologi dan kiblat kearah menaikan bangsa bukan Melayu terutama bngsa Cina dgn menghina bangsa Melayu dgn begitu keras oleh pembahas tertentu.

Dato..maaf minta agar pembahas ini guna blog sendiri dan tahu dimana kedudukan diri.....jika mahu menyebar fahaman dan anti Melayu dia...

"Kawan lu Pi main jauh2 kalau mahu menyinggung Melayu....sebab aku Melayu".

Terima Kasih.

Suka sama suka said...


" Having won a high-profile criminal case involving the PKZ, Tun Ling stands in good steed to take on Mohd Najib in a civil case."

1. Let's do the unthinkable.

2. WHAT IF, someone is behind this, NOT Jho Low, where Ling Liong Sik lost the case, paid millions, NOT billions, to PM Najib and the money goes to pay, NOT 1,000 tickets for umrah/haji or some chosen charity/NGO, NOT Perkasa. But, actually the money can be traced, NOT from Ling Liong Sik, but a donor, NOT an Arab donor, but say from...NOT Virgin Island either.

3. WHAT IF, the judge, NOT Justice John Louis O’Hara, is paid to dispense justice, like usual, as if nothing happen....yet something happen behind the scene, NOT in the chamber....perhaps in Lantau Island, where the hell is that?

4. WHAT IF, Liong Liong Sik, has no locus standii, yes what about that...but, why bother after all.

5. WHAT IF, the unthinkable always the case when one is dealing with "Bissu", the mountain of Himalayas come to you, instead you go to the mountain.


WHAT IF makes you feel very sick....very very sick.

Suka sama suka said...


Things in Malaysia is no longer what it used to be. I noticed there are more stray dogs lurking around our neighborhood, from nowhere apparently and for no reason at all.

1. Look for tell-tale signs.

2. Something seemingly insignificant, can be a monkey paw if one cares to be more observant to details.

3. It is always in the detail.

4. Report the detail, however insignificant.

5. Good Luck!

Zalman A said...

Money kept in secretive ways is a red flag that it is for an improper corrupt purpose. The provisions of the MACC Act, 2009 make this clear.

Section 3 (S.3)

S.3 of the MACC Act defines civil servants like Najib as “officers of a public body” by virtue of them being “members of the ?administration” or “members of State Legislative Assembly” or “officers of Government of Malaysia or Government of a State”. They are all prohibited from receiving any form of gratification.

Gratification has a long definition to include not just money but also donation, gift, loan, fee, office, post, dignity, employment, contracts, service, forbearance, protection.

Section 50 (S.50)

S.50 of the MACC Act clearly states that anyone of these officers of public body who gives or receives gratification is presumed to have done so corruptly.

Section 16 (S.16)

S.16 of the MACC Act provides that any of them who gives or receives corrupt gratification commits an offence punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.

Hence, none of the Mappadulung's explanations remove his guilt.

It is now purely a question of Apandi's morals as a Muslim, a lawyer, and a public servant.

Will he fail on all three counts?

Unknown said...

Block la id suka sama suka tu datuk. Meluat betul la dgn dia punya komen.

Unknown said...

Id suka sama suka tu dah kenapa. Nak komen,komen la tp jgn sampai sekejap dia,sekejap dia,sekali dua sudah la. Meluat betul la dgn org mcm ni.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

If, in the face of overwhelming evidence, TS Apandi does not discharge his duty to 30 million Malaysians, he should examine his conscience and then tell us the results.

As a Muslim, as a lawyer, and as a public servant, his duty is the same: to avoid untruths, to uphold justice, to act fairly.

He has proclaimed to the world that he is independent, yet in at least half a dozen cases since July 2015 the AGC has seemingly done the opposite of that.

TS Gani Patail was removed from office.

Those who are unwilling and unable to discharge their serious duty to 30 million Malaysians, should remove themselves from office. Let someone else take on this burden.

There is no shame or dishonour in doing so.

Quite the opposite.

It is better than remaining in office and doing ill.


1. Terima kasih kepada para pembahas yang membangkitkan soal terlalu banyak/kerap komen oleh Suka sama sska.
2. Saya sedar hal itu tetapi saya tidak akan menghalang mana-mana pembahas menghantar sebanyak mana sekali pun komen. Cuma kalau terlalu banyak/kerap dan panjang, saya mungking mengambil masa menyiarkannya.
3. Saya sebenarnya lebih risau dengan bahasa dan nada Suka sama suka daripada kekerapan beliau berbahas. Sebab itulah yang telahme mohon kepada beliau agar tidak melanggar batas kesopanan.
4. Mungkin inilah kelaian blog kita. Oleh sebab kita tidak membenarkan komen anonymous maka kita boleh tahu siapa mengulas apa dan berapa kerap.
5. Kalau kita membenarkan komen anonymous, pembahas Suka sama suka boleh mengulas sebanyak dan sekerap mana yang beliau suka tanpa kita mengetahui itu komen beliau.
Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Suka sama suka said...


"3. Saya sebenarnya lebih risau dengan bahasa dan nada Suka sama suka daripada kekerapan beliau berbahas. Sebab itulah yang telahme mohon kepada beliau agar tidak melanggar batas kesopanan."


Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

If Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is trying for "safe passage", let's give it to him. He cannot keep the money, though. I think most of it is frozen in Singapore, anyway.

Zahid has no claim to become PM, because it was Mappadulung who removed TSMY for no good reason, and TSMY is still officially the elected Timbalan, vis-a-vis Umno.

If Zahid is going to be silly, then I think at this stage TSMY can bring a no-confidence vote of his own with about 30-40 Umno MPs to support him. The deal with the Opposition should be that TSMY is the new PM. Anwar also must not be silly about this; his time is over.

I hope Mappadulung does not cause trouble on the way out.

If TS Apandi feels the pressure of having to cover-up things that cannot be covered up, then, with all due respect, please retire as you are 65 years old, in any case.

Pass the files to the Conference Of Rulers and recommend an RCI to their Majesties.

Then your conscience will be clear.

RD. said...

Dato AKJ's posting has nothing to do with race, yet Suka sama suka keep bragging about Tun Ling's race and other people ancestry.

I thought DAP was about Malaysian-Malaysia, color-blind, Bangsa Malaysia, One race-the human race, bla...bla...bla, yet DAP supporters talk about race, race and race. Well, maybe that's what racist people always think about. Race, race and more race. At last you become a racist.

No wonder Mat Sabu was easily 'termakan hidup-hidup' by their lies and deceits.

Can I have some more? said...

Datuk, read today's Asia Sentinel, seems it's not RM2.6billion "donated", but as much as RM4.0 billion. All cronies' hands out demanding for a piece of pie.
Will the exit be quick and fast?

RD. said...

Suka sama suka pernah mengatakan; "Lu susah mau lunding sama cina apek oooo, kawan. Gua bulih makan sama lu hidup hidup oooo, tau ka?", kepada saya pada dua posting lepas.

Kata-kata sedemikian menyerlahkan sikap sebenar DAP dan penyokong mereka. Mungkin sikap sebeginilah yang menyebabkan Dr.M 'gagal' mencapai kesepakatan apabila berunding dengan PAP Singapura sepanjang 22 tahun menjadi PM.
Yang peliknya, apabila Dr.M bersara begitu mudah dan senang sekali Malaysia 'bersetuju' untuk tukar-ganti tanah landasan KTM, dari Woodland sehingga Tanjung pagar. Selepas itu terpaksa pula pergi mahkamah antarabangsa untuk berundingkan charge-pembangunan berbillion dollar yang dikenakan untuk membangunkan pasarana atas tanah-gantian itu.

Saya tak pasti apa yang dimaksudkan Suka sama suka dengan 'makan-sama-lu-hidup-hidup'. Samada mahu 'bunuh' saya atau mungkin juga membawa maksud saya pasti akan menyerah segala jiwa-raga setelah disogok WANG, dijanjikan imbuhan/jawatan ataupun habuan-kontrak jika impian politik Suka sama suka tercapai.

Saya berpendapat, sikap Suka sama suka akan hanya memburukan DAP dikaca-mata orang Melayu dan ini sudah pasti tidak akan menguntungkan Pemimpin DAP terutamanya keluarga-Lim dan kepimpinan tertinggi yang kerap berkait dikalangan kroni, adik-beradik dan sepupu-sepapat.

msh said...

Sdra RD.
Ini memang Troll yg mengambil kesempatan blog Scribe Dato bertujuan mempromosi Parti Pembangkang terutama Dap.
Betul kata sdra...dia sebenarnya menonjol sikap sebenar Cina Dap yg rasis ditahap tinggi tetapi dgn segaja menuduh Melayu pula yg rasis.

Org yg begini....1 sen pun tak guna.

awang batuburok said...

Salam Dato,

Dalam kegilaan yang berlaku dlm negara kita sekarang ini rakyat sangat tertekan dan menjadi emosional dalam percakapan dan penulisan didalam media sosial.
Lebih membimbangkan lagi rakyat menjadi ganas akibat keganasan/kezaliman ekonomi dan politik yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah hari ini.


sukasamasuka said...


"Berjaga-jagalah. Akta Majlis Keselamatan Negara 2015 memberi kuasa yang amat luas kepada Perdana Menteri."

Daulat Tuanku.

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