Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ousting the BN is the Only Option

A Kadir Jasin

THE SUNDAY Star front page headline today - “ Childcare: An uphill task” - is a graphic indication of how bad the economy has become and is made worse by the government’s inept policies.

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The reason? The rise in minimum wage and the inability of the low- and middle-income parents to pay higher fees consummating with the higher salaries the centres have to pay teachers and caregivers. (More here)

In his fixation with high income economy, Prime Minister-cum-Minister of Finance, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak had enforced the minimum wage nationwide on July 1 this year despite objections by many parties.

The monthly minimum wage for the Peninsula is RM1,000 and RM920 for Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

This is despite knowing that many employers do not have financial capacity to pay the prescribed rates.

Sunday Star Front Page Today
For this reason alone, he is no longer fit to continue as the Prime Minister. Consider this my feedback to his request for public input for the 2017 budget. Let us have somebody else planning the budget.

His cockeyed high-income policy and pseudo transformation have caused so much damage to the economy and brought untold miseries to the people. Only the rating agencies seem to like his transformation mantra. The worse is yet to come.

As I had stated in my Sunday’s Sinar Harian column “Asam Pedas”, the government has technically ran out of money and could be fiddling with technicalities to hide the truth.

My assertion that government’s revenue might have fallen below its operating expenditure (Opex) has neither been challenged nor clarified. As we all know allocations for education and health have been reduced and development projects delayed. (More here)

In today’s article in the Sinar, I urged the new Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani to tell the truth.

Ousting the BN is the Answer

Looking at things from this angle, the success of the Deklarasi Rakyat’s twin-objective of removing Mohd Najib and reforming the institutions becomes even more vital.

Neither Mohd Najib’s removal nor the reformation of the institutions would be possible without the Barisan Nasional being removed from the a seat of power.

In the nutshell, the Opposition's objective in the coming general elections (GE) should be the defeat of the BN. Anything less is unacceptable and ineffective.

They should position themselves as the future government and behave likewise - enough of partisanship and jingoism. They have to band together to convince the people that they are better than the BN.

Opposition leaders can choose to call their alliance whatever name they like but their objective must be to end the BN hegemony and to carry out democratic and institutional reforms.

The concluding paragraph of the Deklarasi Rakyat states:

“We call upon all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, political affiliation, creed or parties, young and old to join us in saving Malaysia from the Government headed by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, to pave the way for much needed democratic and institutional reforms, and to restore the important principle of the separation of powers among the executive, legislature and judiciary which will ensure the independence, credibility, professionalism and integrity of our national institutions.”

Since the declaration was launched on March 4, it has garnered more than 1.4 million signatures but has been largely ignored by the government. Even attempts to present the petition of the King have not succeeded so far.

With so many key institutions, including the monarchy, being undermined by the BN-controlled executive and legislative branches, only its defeat at the polls would make it possible for the check and balance mechanism to be restored and enhanced.

The NGO leaders have repeatedly stated that they would support the opposition alliance only if there is genuine unity and the commitment to make reforms a key element in its manifesto.

In the meantime the 1MDB scandal continues to worsen, the economy is sputtering and the Prime Minister is becoming less able to rule.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has commenced civil proceedings against people accused of stealing and laundering the 1MDB money. The operating expenditure of the central government could have gone into the deficit. The corporate sector is reporting lower income and is closing down marginal businesses, retrenching staff and leaving the country .

The country’s biggest investment fund, the EPF a few days ago revealed that its second quarter 2016 investment income had declined by 26% to RM8.44 billion.

Forging a United Alliance

That new objective of defeating the BN had been made clear at the various plenary sessions of the Deklarasi Rakyat as well as the meetings of the newly registered Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

The party's Chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had openly declared their intention to forge a united opposition front to take on the BN one-to-one in the coming GE.

They both had held meetings with counterparts from the PKR, DAP, Amanah and even PAS. Independent observers are unanimous that the surprised court meeting between Dr Mahathir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on Sept. 5 had boosted the opposition’s chances of trouncing the BN in the coming GE.

Dr Mahathir-Anwar meeting a boost to the opposition
In that “muhibbah” meeting, Dr Mahathir had agreed to support Anwar’s legal challenge against the enforcement of the National Security Council Act (NSCA). His lawyer, Haniff Khatri Abdulla, had confirmed that he had been instructed to speak to Anwar’s legal team.

Dr Mahathir said after the meeting that if he could work with Lim Kit Siang (the DAP’s strongman) there is no reason why he couldn’t work with Anwar. The latter, on his part, believes that Dr Mahathir has embraced the reform agenda.
Mahyuddin had also either met or spoken to leaders of the opposition parties, including those from PAS, to get the sense of the processes that they have to go through to come to the decision to take on the BN one-to-one in the coming generals polls.

Only a one-to-one contest could guarantee that the opposition candidates could match up to the BN’s logistical might and its “cash is king” strategy. The BN could already be engaging in fund-raising in anticipation of an earlier GE. Watch out for project launches, corporate deals and share transactions on Bursa Malaysia.

The opposition leaders should learn to speak and behave like leaders, cease partisan politics and put an end to petty squabbles or risk being condemned by the people for missing this golden opportunity.



Old friend. said...

Do you have to spell out every letters of his title (Datuk Seri M..D..M..K..S) everytime you mention the PM?
You are only displaying the bad side (hati busuk, dendam kesumat) you have towards another Muslim.
Bertaubat lah.

Unknown said...


saya nak ucap tahniah pada Datuk Seri Najib dan Datin Seri Rosmah + semua menteri kabinet sebab ringgit yang makin lemah & inflasi yang makin mendaki gunung tinggi. saya nak bgtahu tahun lepas kerang kat tempat saya RM5-7/kg... skarang dah RM15... klu ringgit jatuh lagi, x tahu pasni nak naik berapa lg. mujur saya rajin diet, so i don't eat much these days. untung2 berat yg skarg 51kg pasni boleh turun 45kg pulak.

datuk kadir, sorry but i really think sumthing is not right with the economy. apasal laju sgt naiknyer harga barang ni? berdesup kalah shikansen kat jepun. anyone with economy/financial background care to explain???

SALAM AIDILADHA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to Datuk & pembaca budiman...

Makcik said...

Salam aidiladha dato & pembaca,

wajib kita buang pemimpin yang mengkhianati amanah rakyat. lagi lama disimpan lagi tebal kulit mukanya, tak tahu malu... lagi keras kepala batunya, tak mahu berfikir dengan waras... lagi hitam hatinya, tak mahu bertaubat.

Semoga kita dikasihi Allah dan mendapat rahmat dariNya.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum selamat hari raya Aidil Adha DAKJ.

Tun Dr Mahathir pernah berucap tentang
kesederhanaan dalam Islam. Parti Peribumi tidak boleh terlalu radikal untuk meyakinkan rakyat kerana kemunasabahan penerimaan rakyat pada Parti mengambil masa yang terlalu lama.


Hanya BN berjaya memenangi hati rakyat dulu kini dan selamanya kukuh sepanjang zaman jasa yang tak termampu di kalahkan..

PutraKraken said...

Salam Aidil Adha Datuk

Najib is number crazy...

What is the meaning of higher income?...especially a doctored one. Do we include BR1M as income?...BR1M is an open corruption.
Higher income doesn't mean that we are better off. Najib is the worst economist and finance minister. His plan is destined for failure.

Look at the current economic situation we are facing now...there are signs of decline and economic contraction every where...businesses are losing and consumers are not able to spend more. How can we spend more...our PURCHASING POWER is diminishing. You can't even buy a kilo of Kangkung for one ringgit nowadays!


Unknown said...

The best option for the sake of the country is to remove umno and its kuncus from the govt. That is all and no doubt about it. And don't forget to let the laws run its course on the guilty people in the govt either they are civil servants or politicians who are running the country.

hihwag said...

@ "old friend"

Apa hal bro? His title is "Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone", DAKJ is doing him a great honour.


"the bad side (hati busuk, dendam kesumat) you have towards another Muslim.
Bertaubat lah."

Perhaps you can remind Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone about the hati busuk & dendam kesumat he showed against all the Muslims who exposed his many wrongdoings?

There are several, in the MACC, SB, MTU, BNM and more who have learned that this Bugis Muslim seeks to quell justice, not uphold it.

Ko tolong bertaubat dulu lah, wahai "kawan lama".

Salam Aidiladha.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Nasihatkan juga Mappadulung kesayangan anda itu yang berkali-kali menghina si Mahathir yang jauh lagi tua daripada dirinya dan tindakan Mappadulung yang diam diro saja tengok macai-macainya menghina si tua 91 tahun itu bertalu-talu. Cakap jangan "double standard" beb!

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

Datuk maseh berbahasa yg baek dgn menyebut Dato Seri M.D.K.S.

Kalau saya , terus saya sebut Najis aja.

Barang2 keperluan atau daily commodities naek melambung mungkin ini strategi technicalities Kerajaan utk mengutip lebih byk GST. Dan tidak satu pun Menteri yg menyuarakan atau memantau dgn kenaekan harga ini. Seperti nya mereka meluluskan kenaekan nya. Mereka cuma mula bising menjelang hari perayaan seperti Hari Raya , Tahun Baru Cina, dll.

Mungkin dgn kutipan GST yg lebih banyak, sebahagian dari itu akan di gunakan utk PRU akan datang.

Saya juga ingin cadangkan PPMB meletakkan calon2 mereka di kawasan2 yg di pegang oleh UMNO. Kawasan yg bukan di pegang UMNO, biar parti koalisi meletakka calon mereka

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Salam Sdra Abdul Lah.

Ha ha kenapa perlu melenting marah....itu cara penulisan yg cukup berhemah bilamana penulis menekan 'Title' yg diberi kpd watak yg ditulis.

Tidakah dgn kemarahan begini menuduh org berhati busuk...mengambar diri yg berhati busuk.

Sabar bro.

Empty kettle said...

Old friend 3.43pm
no pun intended, call a spade a spade, an empty kettle an empty kettle, why hide them?

Unknown said...

Salam Dato,
Your comment on Mr Mappadulung to get other party to draft his national budget is very funny but it true!!

M5 said...

Balik2 modal fellow muslim. Mudah sangat melayu kena beli dgn sentimen agama. 3rd world mentality.
Pak ereb saud pi bom budak kat yemen taknak komen ke. Hamas fatah dok tembak sama sundri taknak komen ka. Rhetorik muslim brotherhood tak payah la dibawak berhujah. Dangkal sangat bunyinya.

A rose by any other name said...

Why is Zahid referred to as Dr Ahmad Zahid ? And not his official title Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri ..... ?

Old friend. said...

Salam Aidiladha,
Apabila kita menulis, nawaitu kita mestilah baik dan suci... jangan selitkan tulisan dengan tujuan untuk mengeji, memperli atau mempersendakan peribadi seseorang.
Waullahu'alam bissawab.

anti pemakan dedak. said...


Komen saya dituju pada Old friend bukan Abdul Lah.

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Engkau ni tak habis2 dengan Tun M.

Isu disini Najis....Dato Seri Najis.

Engkau kalau jawab soalan memang fail.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam. dan selamat sambut raya korban.

Baguih tulihsan hang kali ni, alhamdulillah. Kira2 hang dah 'cover all bases', kebanyakkan aspek2 yg mustahak hang dah singgong. Kalu orang bukan sorat habag munkin korang paham, begitu lancag hang tulih, dgn 'date line' atau 'press time' selalunya semakin hampiag dan para penting nak 'put it to bed' atau 'nak tarek kain selimut". --bulih pakai dak tamsil aku ...? Hang ada ingat dak (basa Indon sikit) djaman doloe doloe ?

Mintak maghap Kadiag no, munkin ada jugak yg hang telepaih pandang, munkin jugak bukan Isu teraih, izin aku sentuh dua perkara:

1. Rasa hilang sesuatu yg hampiag tercapai, satu wawasan yg tak kunjung2 sampai, munkin macam dlm karya John Milton benama'"Paradise Lost" akibat 'protagonis' dia lebih rela "memerintah di neraka daripada jadi orang surohan disyorga"...misal macam Malaya pada tabun 60'an munkin hampiag setara dgn Korea Selatan dari segi ekonomi, tapi laa ni, pendapatan satu syarikat 'multinational' dia saja munkin cecah pendapatan satu Malaya. "0pportunity cost" yg rakyat tebeban dan perlu bayag dlm bentuk peluang telepaih sangat2 tinggi. Dan

2. Kos kemaknusian atau kos sosial hasel "keluhuran undang2" dikoyak rabak, dimana kepala2 agama, kepala2 hukum, professor2 dan yg seangkatan peluk tubuh atau kena sindrom bisu macam Mat Tehag besa tulih, tapi ada pulak yg pihak dgn 'tersangka', misainya yg dilapog mintak tersangka tu di bagi masa lagi dan macam2 lagi....pada hai dah bagi masa dah, laporan Amrin pon dah lama masok peti ais, macam mani baka kambin jamnapari simpan dlm tong nitrogen cayag, pon nak bagi masa lagi....hormat pada hukum hakam yg memang dah rapuh, bila dah berakag umbi, natijah dia sangat burok, 'social fabric' yg mengapongkan interaksi yg lestari (civilised social interaction) munkin sangat turut tekoyak, hubungan keluarga jadi semakin 'disfunctional', kekerasan atau kebuasan "brutality" menjadi norma..dan merata, bayi betali pusat di temu dlm longkang, kanak2 dua taun di cabol... rakyat, besanya yg paling lemah kena bayag dgn rega yg tinggi dan dlm masa yg lama, kadang2 dgn ayag mata dan nyawa. Na'uzubilah.

Allah lah saja sebaik baik penjaga dan kepada Dia kita kembali. Amin.


Diny Yusof said...

Old friend 3.43pm

There is no insult in addressing Najib in such a way .

Dato Seri is title awarded in Malaysia . Where else Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is title awarded by the Bugis clan in Sulawesi .

RD. said...

Pada saya... Masalah dengan Najib ni ialah... dia tak ada otak untuk berfikir sendiri... sebab itu dia banyak guna Punahsihat & Konsultan. Dalam 5 tahun pertama sebagai PM, dia sudah membazir RM 7.2 Billion WANG Rakyat, untuk berfikir bagi pihaknya. MatSalleh kaki botol dan berparty-liar pun dia percaya.

Dah la tak boleh berfikir... dia lebih mengutamakan kesetiaan dari kebijaksanaan dalam pemilihan anggota Kabinet dan penyokong beliau. Dalam keadaan ini, sudah tentu beliau dikelilingi oleh penjilat dan pembodek. Ditambah dengan amalan 'Cash is king'... apa saja beliau lakukan atau ucapkan, akan mendapat sanjungan, puji-pujian dan sudah tentu, tiada sebarang rungutan dan bantahan.

Akhirnya... dia jadi syiok sendiri dan merasakan diri dia hebat dan berhak memecat siapa saja yang tak sehaluan dengan 1MDB dan Jho Low.

Atas dasar ini... tiada lagi jalan untuk memulihkan democracy dan menegakkan Kerajaan yang Bersih, Cekap & Amanah... melainkan dengan menumbangkan UMNO & BN. Dengan pengalaman sejak 1946, mungkin UMNO mampu menjadi Pembangkang yang baik & berkesan selepas PRU14. Maklumlah... bila Ketua UMNO sudah tidak lagi 'pegang' perbendaharaan, dengan sendirinya mereka akan jadi 'baik'.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Aidil Adha Datuk...

Pakar ekonomi/kewangan, mereka-mereka ini dipanggil begitu sebab mereka terlalu sangat-sangat & benar-benar pakar ke atau jadi pakar sebab lulus peperiksaan sahaja? Pakar analisis perubatan ini tahap 99% ketepatannya. Pakar analisis ekonomi/kewangan rasanya 50-50 sahaja ketepatan=gambler/gambling.

Penganalisis selalu bangga dengan analisi mereka. Seumpama orang yang hanya bergerak atas jalanraya dengan iringan polis akan kata, jalan tak jem pun, jalanraya pun baik permukaannya.

Persoalan mudah, berapa ramai kalangan pakar-pakar ini yang berkerja sendiri? Kan dah pakar, so better buat kerja sendiri then mampu jadi seperti Bill Gates.

Kena dengar lagu M Nasir bertajuk 'Anak-anak kita' ni kot untuk fahami perlu sangat ke or perlu mudah sangat ke kita nak sangat percaya pada pakar-pakar itu...

Soalan cepuemas, berapa ramai dari kalangan ahli umno tahu negeri manakah ahli umno paling ramai? Johor or Pahang or Sabah...?

Unknown said...



busuk ati pun busuk atilah. i don't care bout what u think of me. i lagi risau harga barang yang naik terlalu laju. tp i baca kat suratkhabar esp utusan malaysia, n tengok berita esp tv3 ekonomi dikatanya ok. betul ker? datuk kadir n malaysians out there yg pandai BANKING/FINANCE/ECONOMY, can u please enlighten us marhaen on this issue?

hati i memang terganggu. u all just bayang, masa kat pasar tu makcik sebelah tu mintak kerang 3kg, sekali masa nak bayar total RM45, terus berubah muka makcik tu. die nampak sgt terperanjat. n die mintak dikurangkan sukatan jadi 2kg jer. tu pun sebahagian die bayar guna note RM1, satu-satu die kira.

so, busuk ati ke, busuk apa2 lah yang busuk pun, saya dah x peduli. i just want answers. so we cud be more prepared for the next 'SURPRISE' to come...

LaM said...

Now we shld tell the kampung & felda folks in simple and plain language.

Just tell these simpleton group of malay voters, that Najib is a big time thief who stole RM16,000,000 million (US$3.5-5 billion)from malaysian tax payers in 1MDB together with JLow. That is the reason why some Umno leaders quit the party. Getting rid of him was important to the country.

These simpletons may ask the question, " why are Umno ministers, its MPs and Div Chiefs still supporting him. Tell them out of the RM billions stole, about RM 1620 million ( US$430million) have been distributed amongst them by Najib. His account showed 500 transactions.

Where do I get the figure. It is confirmed that a total of US$1,050. 795, 451.58 million was credited into Najib's a/c including the US$681million American pie. Of the total US$1.05 ++billion, Najib transferred back to Tranore Finance US$620million. His spending was about US$430million amongst Umno & BN leaders; and election expenses.

I am sure their children can understand this and that Najib is just a thief.

Sulaid said...

Apa kah Datuk terlalu yakin melampaui batas yg sekiranya BERSATU dan anggota Pakatan nya boleh mentadbir negara lebih baik dari sekarang? Ekonomi menjadi lebih hebat? Apa kah telah dibuat analisa2 yg boleh menyokong kemenangan BERSATU dan pakatan nya. Harap juga sedar sekarang bukan lagi zaman " trail & error ". Kalau silap langkah Melayu kena tunggu sekurang2nya 5 tahun lagi untuk sekali lagi membuat keputusan yg betul.
Saya berkata begitu kerana kesemua parti politik berasaskan Melayu yg ada sekarang ini TIDAK ada satu pun yg boleh dipercayai ( cuba kita analisa satu persatu setiap pemimpin2 yg diaorang ada sekarang? Siapa yg paling " credible & reliable", tidak ada.)
Tambahan pula hendak bersekonkol dg DAP, saya rasa " silent majority Melayu " masih tidak percayakan DAP berasaskan tindak tanduk nya ke atas orang2 Melayu setakat ini.

Old friend. said...

To all commenters,
Even if Kadir has no intention to insult the PM which I doubt it, it is not correct to spelled out the (M..D..M..K..S..) after the Datuk Seri because the award does not carry such title. If he insist to honour the PM of his Datuk Seri title in all his writings, it is only proper for Kadir to write Datuk Seri (Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang - SSAP) Najib Tun Razak bacause that is the award that carry his title.
Salam Aidil Adha.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ.

Suatu malam seekor ular menyelit masuk ke dalam gudang kayu. Secara tak sengaja, ia menyusur di atas gergaji.

Tajamnya mata gergaji itu menyebabkan perut ular terluka. Ular beranggapan gergaji itu menyerangnya. Lalu ia pun membalasnya dengan mematuk gergaji itu berkali-kali, serangan tersebut menyebabkan luka parah di bahagian mulutnya.

Berbekalkan rasa marah dan sakit yang amat sangat, ular itu berusaha mengerahkan kemampuan terakhirnya untuk mengalahkan 'musuh' tersebut.

Lalu ular pun membelit gergaji itu sekuat tenaga. Belitan tersebut menyebabkan lukanya teramat parah dan akhirnya ia pun mati di situ.

Justeru... pada saat beremosi dan marah, rasanya mudah sekali bagi kita untuk melukai dan menyakiti orang lain.
Padahal kalaulah benar-benar kita sedar, sebenarnya yang akan terluka dan sakit adalah diri kita sendiri.

"Bukanlah orang yang kuat itu orang yang menang bertumbuk, tetapi orang yang kuat ialah orang yang mampu mengawal diri daripada sifat marah."

Jangan tertipu
dengan usia MUDA
kerana syarat Mati
TIDAK harus TUA.
Jangan terpedaya dengan
tubuh yang SIHAT
kerana syarat Mati
Jangan terperdaya dengan
Harta Kekayaaan
Si kayapun tidak pernah
menyiapkan Kain Kafan
buat dirinya
meski cuma Selembar.
Mari Terus berbuat BAIK,
berniat untuk BAIK,
berkata yang BAIK-BAIK,
Memberi nasihat yang BAIK
Meskipun TIDAK banyak orang yang mengenalimu dan Tidak suka dgn Nasihatmu
Jadilah bagai Jantung
yang tidak terlihat,
Tetapi terus berdenyut
setiap saat hingga kita
terus dapat hidup, berkarya
dan menebar manfaat
bagi sekeliling kita
sampai diberhentikan
oleh NYA
"Waktu yang kusesali adalah
jika pagi hingga
matahari terbenam,
'Amalku tidak bertambah
padahal aku tahu saat ini
umurku berkurang".

Renung-renungkan lah..
Selamat berbuat BAIK semua ..

Kekadangjebunyi said...

Old friend.

Apalah salahnya untuk kita mengingatkan yang empunya diri agar tidak melangit dengan gelaran-gelaran yang menjulang yang entah dari mana datangnya yang dipancing oleh empunya diri itu sendiri.

Kenapa pula Old friend sibuk mengata orang yang menegur pemimpin yang tidak henti-henti berkokok sedangkan ekornya bergelumang dengan tahi.

Ade yang tersirat ke?

Frank Labi said...

To En. Abdul Lah,

Anti-Pemakan Dedak sebenarnya tujukan komen kpd Old Friend.
Dia dah perbetulkan dan mohon maaf kpd En. Abdul Lah dlm komennya 12.03 AM.

Saya rasa ramai orang melayu mcm makcik yg beli kerang tu.

Bila dapat BR1M nanti lega dan berterima kasih pd najib. GST atas barangan yg dikenakan dia tak nampak.

Orang melayu yg paling banyak bayar GST kerana mereka pengguna dan peniaga yg tidak layak memohon rebate GST.

Benda mudah mcm ini pun tak faham dan tak nampak, mcm mana nak faham 1MDB.

Ada tu salahkan cina. Undi parti keramat lagi.

Zalman A said...

Salam Aidil Adha Datuk.

With PAS and PBB on board, there is little that Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone can do, even with the dedak he is currently stockpiling.

Yes, PBB. Listen to the hints from Adenan Satem.

All he wants is a fair deal for Sarawak.

Working with criminals, thieves and liars is distasteful and wrong.

I hope Hadi and Haron of PAS understand this.

1280 K Tmn Malik said...

Old friend aka Bengong

When DAto A Kadir Jason mentioned that Mampusdulong Sombarone title in full, is it wrong?

Rather than some other ppl addressed him ss Najis Gila Sidah Mau Nazak. Which is true hes gonna be Nazak anytime now.

If u disagree, shoo shoo Jibby little doggie,go n comment @ projibodoh blog.

So sorry DSKJ ss im using harsh words to this Najis supporter

1280 K Tmn Malik said...

Abdul Lah,

Kindly refer to APD 12.03AM

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Salam Tuan..

My comment was not directed to you.

It was to 'Old Man'and it was a slip of my mind and fingers too when you name was written.

Truly sorry and I apologize for the mistake.


Note:I had posted a correction to that effect immediately yesterday. Please refer above.

anti pemakan dedak. said...

My comment to 'Old Frien'instead.

John Doe said...

Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is actually a very honourable tittle.
So why do you see mentioning the title in full as an insultation and d person pronouncing it time and again as a proof of hatred?

Now let me tell u the truth y do u see it that way. That is because this Mappadulung is so busuk to the extent that anything and everything associated with him will also kena tempias busuknya.

Not just that honourable title which has no significant to the Malaysians, but also (sad to say, but it is d truth) UMNO.

Due to him UMNO is no longer equivalent to United Malays National Organisation but is more appropriate to be called Untuk Macais Najib Only.

Malu malu malu...


Malaysiakini today quoted Federal Territory Minister Adnan Mansor as saying that I am critical of the government because of 'pent-up revenge'.
Read more:

Adnan’s statements contained several errors. The following is my respond to Malaysiakini:

“On the day of the Qurban, all Muslims are enjoined to follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim A.S in being patience and tolerant in facing trials and tribulations.

So I would not join FT Minister Adnan Mansor in his anger and outburst.

But I have to write in to correct a major mistake that Adnan had made when referring to me for being an angry person.

If there is anybody that I should be angry about it would have been Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad because I left my job at the NSTP in the year 2000 when Tun Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister.

So his assertion that I am now critical of the Najib government "because he was somebody before, and when new leaders took over he was asked to leave. He has pent-up revenge (dendam tersumbat). When you have pent-up revenge, it becomes a problem" is a lie. I left voluntarily and was appointed Bernama Chairman.

Obviously he does not know me well enough or has not bothered to check on his fact. It appears that anger had consumed him.

Thank you.”

Adnan may have forgotten that I have known him a long time, starting from the days when he was selling Hyundai motorcars. I even bought one from him.

Then we met again, this time in Langkawi, when he was running a motel with his wife.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.


1. Berkenaan gelaran Bugis Najib ia bukanlah ciptaan saya. Gelaran itu menamg ada. Najib sendiri amat bangga dengan asal usul Bugisnya.

2. Menurut sebuah laporan Bernama tahun 2005, gelaran lengkap Bugis Najib adalah "I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil".

3. Manakala gelaran isterinya adalah "I Minasa Daeng Sunggu Karaeng Bonto Matene".

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Saudara Zaidi,

Saya kasihan tengok cara anda menulis dan berhujah. Macam style orang tahun 1970an saya tengok. Kalau debat langsung macam manalah nak yakin rakyat. Aduhai, saya kasihan tengok UMNO hanya mampu ada penulis macam anda untuk jadi tukang perang :)

samad said...

Salam datuk,

Masalah yang kita hadapi kini ialah apabila satu badan menguasai dua badan yang lain. ini lah jadi hingga tiada check and balance di dalam sistem negara kita.

selagi tiga badan ini dikuasai oleh satu jawatan PM, selagi itulah benda ini akan berulang

Kampong man said...

FAssalam bro Frank Labi,

1.GST sebenarnya tidak kenal bangsa ,Melayu atau Cina.GST sepatutnya lama dulu lagi di implementasikan.Tak perlu pergi jauh lihat negara jiran Singapura,Indonesia Thailand dan lebih dari 190 negara didunia telah lama kenakan GST.Malah kadarnya agak tinggi.
Semasa saya di UK awal 70han dulu VAT (GST equivalent) telah diguna pakai di UK dan europe.Di Asia yang belum lagi mengenakan GST setahu saya hanya Myanmar dan Brunei sahaja.Rata rata semuanya sudah.Malah dari zaman DSAI lagi GST telah dibincangkan cuma implementasi nya agak terlalu lambat

2.Kemelesetan ekonomi dunia adalah menyeluruh dan Malaysia tidak berkecuali.Harga minyak yang meredum jatuh dari USD120/ barrel ke tahap sekitar USD 45/ per barrel is beyond our government control siapa juga PM yang dipilih.

3.GST banyak membantu negara untuk lebih resilient menghadapi ekonomi dunia yang tidak menentu.Preventive measure banyak telah dilakukan.Sayang sekali isu GST terus dipolitikan bagi menimbulkan ketidakpercayaan rakyat pada kerajaan yang di pilih termasoklah isu 1 MDB.This is expected from any opposition.I believe the establushment will have its own ways to deflect the accusations,speculations which is too rampage in anticipation of the incoming GE.We have to make up our mind and decide.Simple.

Cuma satu penerangan mudah. Wallahwu'alam.Terima kasih.

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Oh come on..
Sdra 'old friend' what really is your problem here?

Why the need to correct something thats not even wrong in the first place?

While at the same time holding on to your grudge against DAKJ by suspecting his intention?

Please go back to the very day or the starting point when DAKJ wrote the full 'Bugis Tittle' as conferred to him in full until today...then perhaps...I say perhaps you will understand it better.

Tahukah sdra..bahawa idola anda ini cukup bermegah dgn Darah Bugis dia?

Nah...DAKJ menolong tambah dgn menaikan status dia dgn Darjah atau gelaran sekali...
apa yg sukar sangat diterima sdra?

Kampong man said...

Assalsam DAKJ,

1.Character assasination,fitnah dan kebencian berlaku bagi memburukan lawan yang tidak sehaluan atau punyai ideologi politik yang berbeza dengan kita walaupun dulu nya pernah menjadi kawan kita.Di Malaysia ini kerapkali dan selalu berlaku terutama diantara kita orang Melayu yang benci pada parti tertentu dan sipolan sipolan.Diblog ini juga sama.Saya tidak lagi melihat blog tuan sebagai blog yang neutral saperti dulu dulu terutama satelah atau apabila Tun M mula tukar haluan dan membentuk satu parti baru dan satelah TSMY dan Mukhriz di ambil tindakan disiplin parti dan case 1 MDB mula menjadi isu dan bahan politik.

2.Di group WA kami mereka yang terlalu over berpolitik dan taksub pada diri di 'Remove' dari group bagi menjaga keharmonian dan silaturrahim group. Walaubagaimana pun mereka di masokan balik satelah 'cooling off 'period. Walaupun ramai diantara mereka adalah Professors,Doctors ,Engineers,Scientist dan top professionals dalam beberapa bidang lain termasok GLCs top posts saperti di Talikom,Tenaga Nasional dan berbagai,terdapat juga yang punyai kecenderogan berpolitik dalam WA.Hanya saorang saja politician yang dulunya pernah menjadi ketua wanita tetapi beliau punyai PhD.Zaman kami telah berakhir.Kita tahu apa yang berlaku dan cuba membendung kecelaruan.Tidak mudah realitinya.We can only do so much.

3.Saya tidak taksub kepada politician yang ada.I trust doctors more than politicians anyway selalu kita dengar ini.So i won't bother much of others perceptions.Itu sebab Prof Engku Aziz umpama nya dan ramai mereka yang bijakpandai diluar sana tidak menyertai politik dan tidak kurang juga yang memilih menjadi activist saperti Hishamudin Rais,Ambiga umpamanya.Kita kenal siapa mereka.Politic is dirty they said.This happen to Tun M and Najib.Banyak di fitnah.Najib terutamanya. Kalau takutkan ribut jangan berumah ditepi laut kata arwah atok saya di Melaka.Maklumlah kami masyarakat nelayan di kampong.Najib banyak membantu nelayan di kampong kami.Apakah ini dikira 'dedak'?.Saya sentiasa tidak senang dengan perkataan
'dedak'permainan musuh politik.Politik kebencian.

4.Tuan sebagai chairman Bernama pada saya adalah satu penghormatan sedangkan Tuan bukan politician.Terdapat chairman tertentu dilantik atas dasar siapa dia dalam parti politik tertentu umpamanya Tabung Haji sekarang.

Tidak mudah kita hendak memenuhi semua cita rasa semua orang.Kita hanya boleh buat apa yang termampu.Yang lain Allah maha mengetahui nya.Yang melakukan fitnah akan membawa dosa mereka ke akhirat.Maaf dengan celoteh teman pagi ni Yob kata orang Perak. Wallahwu'alam

Sokong Najib said...

Orang Kampong Man

1. VAT di UK brp % bro?

2% saja.

2. GST being utilized to pay 1MDB debt, 1MDB money being siphoned by Jubby and the Gang. Should we pay for him? Bini shopping 6Million. Fikir la bro. Dimwit...

3. Being exploit? Budak pon faham.duit kn siphoned n tanah n ipp being sold to china co.

Dont think like a poo...

Sokong Najib said...

Wahhh.. Dato. Mamat so call Toyu Adnan ni car salesman saja..

Pemerhati Setia said...

Salam Idul Adha DAKJ dan semua,

Bab gelaran tu rasanya tak ada masalah kerana sememangnya anugerah kehormatan. Yang jadi masalah, apabila empunya body bertindak tak selaras dengan pengiktirafan yang diberi. Mungkin yang memberi dulu tak menjangka sesuatu perlakuan aneh lagi mendukacitakan akan dilakukan empunya diri pada masa setelah anugerah diberi.

Bab kemelut ekonomi ni, rasanya tak ada apa yang tak boleh diatasi diperingkat kita mahkluk ni. Ada jalannya, sedangkan zaman Sultan Al-Fateh pun armada kapal perangnya boleh ditarik ikut jalan darat dengan akal dan sedikit karomah dari Illahi. Sultan Al-Fateh adalah putera yang dijanjikan dalam sabda Rasullullah SAW dan semestinya ada keupayaan terselindung dianugerahkan Illahi.

Begitu juga kita. Mungkin bangsa kita menerima satu penyelesaian ekonomi bukan konvensional yang tak pernah terfikirkan. Tetapi rasanya bukan ditangan pentadbir sekarang. Dan inilah yang Tun Det kejar-kejarkan. Sekurang-kurangnya dia (Tun Det) sempat baiki dan kembalikan apa-apa yang beliau silap lakukan dulu.

Anggaplah kekalutan ekonomi sekarang hanya sebagai proses penyucian dan kifarah kesilapan pemimpin lampau dan sekarang. Majulah ke depan dan cahaya tetap ada dihujung terowong. Biarlah bukti fisikal yang berkata-kata..

Mana tahu gst mungkin boleh di'gantung' dulu, segala macam tol dan kenaikan kos prasarana dan utiliti dapat ditangani. Doakan yang terbaik. Selamat hari raya korban.

mad said...

dato tolong blok komen orang yang bergambar dengan songkok tinggi. jijik saya tengok

Chocomint said...

Sdr Zaidi, Apasal ular BODOH tu serang gergaji...? Hanya ular bodoh yg akan buat demikian..


1.Terima kasih kepada semua pembahas, khususnya yang mengucap Selamat/Salam Aidiladha kepada saya. Wa’alaikum salam dan salam Aidiladha.

2. Pembahas lama, Kampong man, antara lain, menulis: “Saya tidak lagi melihat blog tuan sebagai blog yang neutral saperti dulu dulu terutama satelah atau apabila Tun M mula tukar haluan dan membentuk satu parti baru dan satelah TSMY dan Mukhriz di ambil tindakan disiplin parti dan case 1 MDB mula menjadi isu dan bahan politik.”

4. Terima kasih dan terpulanglah kepada penilaian saudara. Saya tetap gembira kerana saudara masih membaca dan turut berbahas.

5. Lebih baik saya berpihak dalam usaha menyelamatkan negara dan mengembalikan kesejahteraan kepada rakyat jelata daripada berkecuali dan melihat negara dijahanamkan.

6. Pembahas Sokong Najib, ya Adnan Mansor parnah jadi penjual kereta. Tapi bukanlah pangkat biasa. Dia pengerusi syarikat pengedar Hyundai milik Berjaya Group. Sekarang Hyundai milik Sime Darby Motor. Berjaya pula edar Mazda.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

PPBM sangat tipis dalam membantu rakyat hanya omong kosong jatuh kepada gerakan baru yang lemah dan tidak berdaya, hanya memerlukan belas ihsan rakyat. Sedangkan rakyat yang perlu diberi perhatian bukan sebaliknya


PM kita iaitu Dato' Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, turun padang dalam membela rakyat, tolong rakyat, mendengar pandangan rakyat, belanjawan nanti hangpa tau la apa lagi yang
PM kita tolong, mana nak cari pemimpin lagu ni, sentiasa bersusah payah untuk rakyat. GST membantu rakyat tengok resit, dulu xdak resit ikut DAN jaa bayaq. Laa ni timbang kilo pun sukat kut peniaga tipu. 1 Malaysia

panglimo potaseh said...

Kita faham syarat mati dan sakit .. sampai lah masanya kita berhenti bodohkan dan takutkan orang lain .. setiap kali kita tetap kata perempuan lebih ramai daripada lelaki .. guru disekolah masih ngajar muridnya yang Kinabalu tu puncak tertinggi didunia .. di TV 3 ada yang kata Tun Razak tak berduit tapi suka menderma macam mana tu .. kan mentuanya usahawan Genting .. jom kita baca statistik dan guna kepala hotak bukan kepala lutut sebab dunia yang satu lagi otak tak diperlukan.

panglimo potaseh said...

Kita faham syarat mati dan sakit .. sampai lah masanya kita berhenti bodohkan dan takutkan orang lain .. setiap kali kita tetap kata perempuan lebih ramai daripada lelaki .. guru disekolah masih ngajar muridnya yang Kinabalu tu puncak tertinggi di Asia Tengara .. di TV 3 ada yang kata Tun Razak tak berduit tapi suka menderma macam mana tu .. kan mentuanya usahawan Genting .. jom kita baca statistik dan guna kepala hotak bukan kepala lutut sebab dunia yang satu lagi otak tak diperlukan.

sukasamasuka said...


Salam Aidiladha pada Datuk dan pembahas semua...baru balik dari kampong orang rumah...kira jauh juga jam naik kereta Viva...melalui hutan belantara, gunung ganang, bukit bukau, sungai, jambatan kayu dan kampong kampong kecil sepanjang jalan...musim buah2an hutan...durian bukan main banyak...duku, langsat, manggis, cempedak, sayur2an...

ada sebuah kampong kecil tepi hutan...adalah lebih kurang xx buah rumah kayu dan bambu...penghuninya orang pribumi Sabah...keluar jual buah2an hutan di sulap sulap kayu tepi jalan raya...dari yang bayi dalam kandungan ibu hingga la orang orang tua makan sireh dan tembakau...adalah xx orang kesemuanya...

mereka kabar yang mereka ada-lah pengundi YYY, rakan UMNO dalam BN Negeri...tetapi, sekarang mereka sudah tinggalkan YYY dan akan mengundi party pribumi yang lain di PRU14.

aku ingin memetik sikit saja cakap mereka...yang terpaksa aku sudah tapis...terlalu sensitive untuk blog ini...demi menghormati Datuk AKJ dan perasaan pembahas yang lain yang sangat aku hormati...

- UMNO membohong dengan "janji janji Melayu" yang konon nya orang kampong tidak kena GST...tetapi sekarang harga barang sudah naik.

- mereka tau pasal 1MDB...kerajaan curi duit...UMNO curi duit...PM curi duit.

- ada orang orang dari daerah XYXYXY yang lalu dan singgah beli buah, kononnya mereka tidak mengundi UMNO lagi...(XYXYXY memang lah kubu kuat USNO....dan dalam tangan UMNO ketika ini).

- masa beredar, seorang penjual tua, perempuan...dalam lingkungan 70'an... angkat tangan pada aku "kami undi pembangkang...."

suasana korban dikampong agak lembab dibanding tahun tahun sebelumnya... surau belakang rumah saja....tahun lalu tiga ekor sapi si surau...tahun ini tiada... jadi orang kampong tidak dapat daging korban...makan ikan saja la...apa bolih buat...dengar cerita orang surau, mereka tidak sokong ADUN UMNO...sebab ADUN UMNO bagi 5kg beras masa banjir kilat, tetapi orang kampong bukan mau beras, mereka mau parit yang sudah bertahun tahun kena janji....konon peruntukan ada, tetapi duit sudah kena sapu....

ini hanya catatan orang kampong saja, bukan la penting sangat...

sukasamasuka said...


"Ousting the BN is the Only Option"

1. Indeed it is, Datuk.

2. The new coalition of opposition parties in West Malaysia must think and plan how to form new unity government in West Malaysia...working as equal partners with Sarawak pribumi parties...and, Sabah pribumi parties.

3. UMNO Sabah is on the footnote of history new bumiputra opposition grouping taking shape...any West Malaysian Malay party...yes, any Malayan party of Malay origin...will no longer be's a forgone conclusion.

4. It's a new chapter in the making of a new Malaysia.

5. UMNO Sabah is dead...long live a new unity government!

sukasamasuka said...


" Since the declaration was launched on March 4, it has garnered more than 1.4 million signatures but has been largely ignored by the government. Even attempts to present the petition of the King have not succeeded so far."

Forget about the King...

Long live a new Malaysia...a new unity Government!

sukasamasuka said...


"The opposition leaders should learn to speak and behave like leaders, cease partisan politics and put an end to petty squabbles or risk being condemned by the people for missing this golden opportunity."

The new Unity Government must

1. respect, honor and restore the Malaysian Agreement 1963.

2. Abolish taxation structure.

3. reduce 600,000 unemployed Malaysians.

4. restore Education System...English as new medium for Sabah/Sarawak

5. to respect that Islam is not the official religion in Sabah/Sarawak.

Kampong man said...

Assalam Sokong Najib,

1 The standard VAT rates in the UK now is 20%,an increase from 17.5 % since 4 January 2011.(Ref: Goggle VAT Uk).VAT in the UK started in 1973.

2.Your comment :

Quote "2. GST being utilized to pay 1MDB debt, 1MDB money being siphoned by Jubby and the Gang. Should we pay for him...." Unquote.

Kindly check your facts.You may have misunderstood the intent of VAT.
Both your facts above are grossly in error sir.

Thank you.

Zalman A said...

Firaun bukan nama khusus seseoang raja – tapi ianya gelaran keatas pemerintahan yang zalim, ganas, dan buas. Maka, istilah firaun boleh dipakai dalam mana2 zaman untuk merujuk kepada pemimpin dan kerajaan yang ganas dan buas.

Malaysia hari ini, berada dalam keadaan yang demikian.

Banyak lagi pengajaran politik ada dalam surah ke 7 Al Quran itu. Bermula dari ayat 103.

• Senjata paling ampuh dalam tangan rakyat yang ditindas dan dizalimi oleh pemerintah yang buas, ialah kebenaran.

• Mesti ada saf pemimpin yang berani berdepan dengan penguasa yang zalim.

• Mereka menjuarai kebenaran dan golongan yang ditindas.

• Kekuatan kumpulan ini bukan datang dari kedudukan atau jawatan- tapi datang dari kebenaran misi mereka.

• Dalam kumpulan yang ditindas mesti ada disiplin dan kesetiaan kepada prinsip2 kebenaran.

• Pemimpin juga mesti tegas dan menjaga disiplin pengikut.

• Sementara kejayaan adalah kerana pertolongan dan bantuan rabbul alamin, kegagalan berpunca dari perbuatan sendiri.

Zalman A said...

Perkara serupa berlaku pada Najib. Kita lihat bagaimana beberapa orang menteri membentuk imej Najib yang bersifat mutlak. Kalau lawan Najib sama seperti murtad. Najib anugerah Allah untuk bangsa Melayu. Najib pelopor wasathiyah, maqasid shariyah dan sebagainya. Najib tidak boleh berbuat apa2 kesilapan. Ramai orang dengki sama Najib. Amerika serang Najib sebab dia Muslim yang baik.

Seperti Firaun zaman dahulu, hari ini, najib pun dikellingi tukang sihir yang selalu melakukan sihir keatas rakyat. Mengenai isiu perbelanjaan Rosmah Mansor sebagai contoh, ambil lah tindakan yang sendo- saman umpamanya. Di Amerika semua ada hak untuk memulakan tindakan undang2 dan sistem perudnangan disana bukan seperti system undang2 dalam repablik pisang.

Reaksi seorang tukang sihir Najib, Saleh said keruak nama nya, bersifat kartun. Dia telah mencadangkan ASWJ meletakkan calun dalam PRU14. Apa kena budak ini? Sampai sebut konsep might is right lah, neocon lah- hello ini semua tidak kena mengena dengan isiu belanja Rosmah. Hanya jawab, belanja atau tidak? Jika belanja, dari mana dia dapat duit?

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Salam Dato.

Agak lucu bila ada yg masih tidak faham dan mengenali antara kaca da. permata hingga mahu Tuan Punya Blog jgn berpihak dan bersikap neutral.

Jawapan Dato dlm Para 5 pd org2 ini 'spot on'.

Saya dan ramai pembahas2 disini berkongsi pandangan Dato....Mahu kebenaran semua kemunafikan kelakuan Ketua diketahui umum terutama org2 Melayu.

Itulah tujuan Blog ini...tidak kah begitu?

Syabas Dato...saya percaya bIla org Melayu sudah tidak mahu berfikir dan hanya berdiam diri atau memihak kpd kejahatan akan pasti menjahanamkan bangsa dan negara akhirnya ugama.

sukasamasuka said...


"My assertion that government’s revenue might have fallen below its operating expenditure (Opex) has neither been challenged nor clarified. As we all know allocations for education and health have been reduced and development projects delayed."

GST and all the other federal taxes are all consolidated into one revenue...and, normally presented to Parliament around October every year together with Opex.

Halal and non-halal taxes are, but as one...

Yes, GST will be used to pay the 1MDB RM50 billion the next 30 years (?) as deficit question about that...whether we like it or not...ask Tun M, he knows about it...that's why he is fighting for the rakyat against such abuse...thanks Tun.

My contention is simple...if RM50 billion debts is used to generate new jobs and revenue...and we lost it to bad investment decisions and can be accounted for, I am willing to pay as a taxpayer...if, not you pay for it if you support the current UMNO/BN Government.

However, it does not mean that with the formation of a new unity government in near future, the RM50 billion debts will just disappear into thin air from the federal won't...we still have to pay for it because it is guaranteed by the Government of the day.

Oh, yes we are paying the 1MDB debt of RM50 billion from our GST!

sukasamasuka said...


PM Najib dan penyokong2nya pandai berlakon macam watak2 dalam cerita filem P. Ramlee "Siapa besar"...ada yang kata kita tidak faham GST atau VAT...sedangkan semua negara sudah buat kecuali Mynmar dan Brunei...GST kita hanya 6%, sedangkan VAT di UK sudah 20%...mari kita ikut macam UK month, suruh la PM Najib kasi naik GST, ikut macam UK.

Kalau GST mau ikut macam UK, maklum la kamu belajar di UK, tapi ada ke system demokrasi di UK sama dengan di Malaysia?..kalau la sama, monyet dekat Manchester tu sudah masuk dalam tong sampah...

anti pemakan dedak. said...

sambungan diatas....

Justeru itu adalah menjadi kewajiban buat yg tahu berkongsi dgn yg tidak tahu untuk menegak kebenaran dgn apa cara sekali pun.

Demi ugama...bangsa dan negara bukan demi Parti Najis dan Pentedarah2 Dedak.

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Kamu lagi....pendek sungguh akal.

Ha ha ...kamu bercerita ..
"PM Najib turun padang...tolong rakyat.
....GST bantu rakyat....bla bla..."

Kenapa tidak bererita bahawa..
- GST menyusahkan rakyat...
- PM Najib terlibat dlm salah laku moral dan dituduh mengelapkan duit rakyat.
- Dia berkawan dgn Joe Low dan Arab yg membuka kelab malam diVegas.
- Isteri dia membelanja wang puluhan juta ringgit membeli belah dan menyalah guna jet kerajaan untuk kerja peribadi

Sedangkan gaji dan elaun Najib pun tidak mencukupi untuk perkara itu.

Kawan....bukanlah mata dah minda anda.
Gunalah untuk berfikir....taksub biar pd Ugama bukan pd makhluk yg terpalit dgn Najis.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

Hargai Pemimpin kita iaitu Orang Pahang kini, yang tawaduk dalam mengikut telunjuk Tun Dr. Mahathir serta tidak engkar serta berusaha sedaya upaya bekerja bersama-sama selama pemerintahan Tun Dr. Mahathir yang lama seolah-olah tiada yang setanding, ia tersekat di situ apa hal!!!


Kerajaan kini wujudkan Sekolah Bakat Pintar. Jika ada pemimpin yang berbakat, apabila sampai masanya PM Najib akan bersara. Oleh itu Parti Peribumi Bersatu Malaysia wajar menyambar kualiti hasil bakal pemimpin yang terhebat dari asuhan institusi kerajaan kini. Pi Mai Pi Mai Orang kita juga, 1 Malaysia Aman Damai.

boy said...

kpg man 10.16 pm

cant agree u more. gst is for a swap. as d name suggest, it’s a tax levied to every citizen tat breathes n moves. its meant to be a complete tax system tat ‘ll increase revenue surplus tremendously. it’s a leap of faith to d country. a bright idea, acceptable to d masses, bcoz at d end of d day, its d average citizen who got d advantage of d dough collected!

i still remember when they tell out their souls tat gst ‘ll subsume all other taxes into single tax to reduce d cascading effect n hence lowered down d final price. tats how they do it in most developed countries. a good implementation cud be economically n politically productive. doesn’t matter its 6% long as d recipients r d nation n its people, d onus deserves d supports.

yes, gst is a better amended taxation. wat is wrong now is d current goment failed to prove anything good about it. it demerits d system. people ve to pay more for d cascading effect of d tax. d recurrence taxation makes d final price gettig higher.

on d other hand people r getting weak in their purchasing power. d household debts increased. life is getting harder. paying gst at ease like singaporeans do is out of question. they r a far cry from us. even thailand is catching us fast now. they may turn d table on us least there r no more cheaply labor forces from there. not in estate or plantations. in fact at rantau panjang many r flocking in with their fleshy cars...a rare guise bfore.

some may like to blame d world n escape responsibilities. its too pathetic. wat about looking ourselves in d mirror....?some politically misappropriates...maybe!

sukasamasuka said...


"2. Pembahas lama, Kampong man, antara lain, menulis: “Saya tidak lagi melihat blog tuan sebagai blog yang neutral saperti dulu dulu terutama satelah atau apabila Tun M mula tukar haluan dan membentuk satu parti baru dan satelah TSMY dan Mukhriz di ambil tindakan disiplin parti dan case 1 MDB mula menjadi isu dan bahan politik.”"

Ini pun Datuk mau jadikan isu ke?

Let's move on, Datuk...I don't really care about your "nawaitu" Datuk, or "yang tersirat"'s not my cup of tea...for, I judge you with what you write Datuk...use simple language, make it simple so everyone can understand.

But, give yourself a break...write something good about PM and his wife...anything.

To start the ball rolling let me compliment our PM and his wife...

He is the best PM we ever had...full of inspiration and day and night to create better future of the country to achieve Vision 2020. People from all walks of life enjoy prosperity and security...affordable housings...plenty of job opportunities...fantastic world class free education class free health care system. Food is very cheap and in abundance where no one die of starvation. Everyone loves our PM and his beloved beautiful wife...the symbol of our strength, love and affection. Thank you Najib...thank you Rosmah...our hearts will always be with you...always. With love and affection from all of us Malaysians...from Perlis to Sabah...we always love you.

Please send our love to PM and Rosmah...

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Mintak izin hang sekali lagi, nak coret sikit pasai dakwaan yg menantu Rahah belanja 24 juta ringgit (tukaran laani) beberapa taun ni olih Asia Wall Street, Sept 12 baru ni:

"...bedecked public appearances have long made her a polarizing figure in this relatively poor, Southeast Asian country. She is the only child of schoolteachers, hasn’t had a regular paying job in years and her husband, Prime Minister Najib Razak, is a longtime bureaucrat with an annual salary of $100,000."

Lepaih tu, ada la beberapa maknusia tangkaih bangkit, petahankan menantu Rahah, tak salah aku temasok bendahari parti India malaya yg kata ini satu serangan ataih Malaya ka apa ka....
Tapi yg tera ni ialah cubaan nak 'blur' atau 'damage control" isu ni olih anak Said Keruak yg dapat peratian 'pembahaih' blog hang Zalman A, 9.48 pagi, ni aku tempek...

"... seorang tukang ....Najib, Saleh said keruak nama nya, bersifat kartun. Dia telah mencadangkan ASWJ meletakkan calun dalam PRU14. Apa kena budak ini? Sampai sebut konsep might is right lah, neocon lah- hello ini semua tidak kena mengena dengan isiu belanja Rosmah. Hanya jawab, belanja atau tidak? Jika belanja, dari mana dia dapat duit?"

Sunggoh pon tulihsan In Zalman padat dan tajam (atau 'right to the point'), yg buat aku tesentak ialah rojokkan ASWJ kepada menantu Rahah yg belanja juta juta ni sebagai anak pada guru2 sekolah saja... Munkin untok nak kata... tak patut, tak patut..!

Takat tu saja, Kadiag...

sukasamasuka said...


1. Housing is the most important economic sector. As a rule of thumb, a RM1 billion housing project will generate RM10 billion additional revenue in terms of goods and services like curtain and fittings etc.

2. Property developers are private commercial entities, though regulated, taxpayer should not come in to rescue their commercial failures...unless, it is for the sake of national another word "too big to fail".

3. It is a simple "kampong" economy about supply and demand...someone just teach me yesterday, so i am trying. Having say that, if the property developers keep on building units and can not find buyers, who is at fault?

The fault lies 100% with the Minister in charge of the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government for lack of monitoring and incompetency...or too much politicking until no one knows what happen to the "janji janji Melayu UMNO" regarding the construction of 1 million homes.

You put Dahlan, he makes monkey out of the ministry...he is from Kota Belud...he knows nothing about traffic jam, let alone about housing.

Now, you put Noh Omar...the future Menteri Besar of Selangor?...he is talking about saving few property developers?...sounds very fishy to me...especially coming from a minister of his calibre, don't you thinks?...where is the "rakyat" in his deliberation?

4. I just don't know how the new government can fix this "1Malaysia Housing" scandal if approved by the cabinet?...I just don't guess is no amount of apology by Tun M to Anwar can fix it...if, we still want to get personal at the expense of our national interest...

5. Please don't get me wrong...the right of Anwar as a human an individual if he is wronged personally and politically MUST be addressed, if he is wronged. His right as a human being as the same as my right as human being too...for I for one don't want my right to be abused by another human being, not because we are created equal, but, because I am a human being...if we don't understand that simple rule, we cease to exist as human being, thus remain as an animal.

sukasamasuka said...


"15th September, 2016...Dr M clueless about Nurul Nuha’s demand for apology to Anwar...Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad appeared puzzled when asked about his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim’s family member who insists that he truly bury the hatchet with the jailed opposition leader first before he can hope for a political alliance with opposition party PKR."


This is just a personal narration, of little you Nurul, "my daughter"..

1. I was, at one time, a hardcore supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, your father, since his student were not born yet at that, I know your father much longer than you are as a public figure, not personally...he does not know me, we never met in person nor shaking hand except in one public function, where I happened to be one of the hired cleaning workers paid by the hours.

2. Your father, then as Deputy PM, walked in to the evening function as an invited VVIP...well 15 minutes before dinner...always on the dot, your father...good looking man...confident...smiling...everyone stood he shook hands with those invited guests before taking his seat.

But, it was not your father that gave me the lasting impression to this very moment as I am writing to you, Nurul...but, your mother.

She entered the venue....walking slowly....far behind your one, I mean the VVIPs and all...seemed to notice her as she made the entrance, but she managed to smile at us workers hiding behind tables and chairs...

She was the angel of the evening!...well to people like us at least...dressed in simple, cheap looking baju kurung, cladding in white shoes...she had nothing, but everything!

We all know...deep in our heart...we were going to have one of the best future Prime Minister...after Tun M...just by looking how humble your mother was at that time.

3. It is for this reason I supported your father to bring UMNO to Sabah...not to join him as an UMNO member...I never was...but, in his long struggle.

4. When Tun M "broke the news"...I felt so disappointed with your father...but, took pity of your mother...this incidence broke our families and friends I took side with Tun M to this very parents voted PKR in favor of your mother, that's their choice...

5. I know how you feel Nurul...deep down, it's all about honor and dignity...beyond politics...but, your father had decided long ago to become politician even before you were a public figure, he is a public longer "your father" in that true sense of the word, if you understand me...but, then again, still respecting your view.

I, for one, shall never condone any act of abuse to any human being, let alone your father, for his right is my right too.

If he is wronged, he must be amount of apology is sufficient because it is not about making an apology.

I don't know, Nurul...I just don't know...I am just a fried noodle seller...but, what I do know, Tun M can never accuse "emotionally and personally" like that to Lim Kit Siang...or Ku Li...or Nik Aziz...or Musa Hitam...or Ghafar Baba...

And, despite being not well-liked by the US, Australian, the UK, the Jewish lobbyists...none of these guys can ever accuse Tun M as being a kleptocrat either...

Where do we want to go from here, Nurul?...take it from's not easy to let it go...I feel how you feel too...I am very proud to have "a daughter" like are my heart...and, my soul.

hihwag said...

Amateur songlap.......

"BRASILIA, Sept 15 — Federal prosecutors in Brazil filed corruption charges yesterday against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, describing the popular leftist as leader of a massive embezzlement ring at state oil company Petrobras.

The charges allege that Lula received the equivalent of 3.7 million reais (RM4.54 million) in bribes.

Among the allegations are that Lula and his wife received a beachside apartment and upgrades to the property from a major construction company, OAS, which was one of the players in the Petrobras scheme."

RM4.54 million? HAHAHHAHA!!!!! Kacang putih, lah. Our F.L.O.P (First Lady Of Putrajaya) spent more than 5 times amount on shopping alone!

Stick to football lah Brazil, we are SONGLAP world champions!


1. Debater hihwag, Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka received US$1.8 million in bribes from Lockheed Corporation through trading company Marubeni during his term as prime minister in return for having All Nippon Airways purchase 21 Lockheed L-1011 aircraft in 1972.

2. He was found guilty by two lower courts but died of a heart attack before the trial could be completed.

3. Corrupt practices surrounding 1MDB run into the billions.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

Dulu-dulu... saya amat sayu dan terkesan bila dengar takbir-raya, lebih-lebih lagi di TV. Tetapi kebelakangan ini... saya jadi meluat pulak. Mana tidaknya... takbir-raya sekarang dilakon dan dilaungkan oleh ahli politik... hampir seluruhan anggota kabinet, termasuk Najib dan timbalannya. Pada ketika Najib dan kerajaan pimpinan beliau dianggap sebagai kleptocratic dan berhadapan tuduhan songlap WANG Rakyat terbesar dunia, setakat ini... mengunakan ritual agama untuk mempertahankan-diri... akan menyebabkan Agama Islam dipandang serong & dihina.

Sudah la... 1MDB belum dapat untung sesen pun...bertahun-tahun... masih mampu taja beribu-ribu, naik haji guna WANG hutang atas nama Rakyat. Kalau guna WANG Yapiem, TH atau Zakat... kira OK la juga. Tapi ini WANG dari hutang 1MDB, di mana Rakyat bukan-Islam juga ada 'saham'.

Saya yang beragama Islam pun rasa pelik dengan ahli politik UMNO hari ini. Apa pula yang berlegar dalam benak Rakyat bukan-Islam bila lihat kabinet-Najib bertakbir-raya, secara berulang-ulang semacam iklan?

Mengapa tidak diserahkan saja tanggung-jawap itu kepada mereka yang layak seperti Mufti-Mufti, Imam-Imam Masjib Negeri atau Ustad-ustad-celebrity yang berlambak dipasaran?

Mengapa ahli-ahli politik harus 'hijack' atau merampas tugas, fungsi dan tanggung-jawab 'Orang-Agama'?

Apa... Najib dan mereka yang menyokongnya, mahu buktikan? Tidak bersalah mencuri WANG Rakyat?

Tidakkah Menteri-menteri sekalian punyai lain tugas yang lebih penting demi Rakyat, seperti; membersihkan diri dari tuduhan mengamalkan kleptocracy, mengawal kejatuhan nilai ringgit, mengawal kos sara-hidup Rakyat/harga rumah yang meningkat, memikirkan budget 2017 atau mencegah penculikan di perairan Sabah.... misalnya?

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Aisayman....awak lagi Zaidi.

Cukup2 lah dgn komen awak entah apa2..'defend'idola 'org Pahang' kau.

Sekali lagi sy ulang 'bukalah mata dan minta awak..."taksub pd ugama bukan pd ketua yg terpalit dgn najis".

panglimo potaseh said...


Apa bezanya diantara Najib dan geng pembela melayunya dengan geng ustaz cari makan yang kunon nak tegak ugama. Tak ada bezanya mereka sesama guna elemen kaum dan agama untuk menyumbat tembolok memasing. Ini sangat malang bagi melayu dan islam.

sukasamasuka said...


Saudara RD...

1. "Apa pula yang berlegar dalam benak Rakyat bukan-Islam bila lihat kabinet-Najib bertakbir-raya, secara berulang-ulang semacam iklan?"

Kau mau tau?...kalau kau betul betul mau tau, aku bolih kasi tau sikit sikit ba, tetapi kau kena runding dengan Datuk AKJ to publish my comments...jadi, aku rasa tak payah lah, RD...kau pun sudah tau.

RD, orang2 bukan Islam di Malaysia dan juga diseluruh dunia memuji junjungan besar kita PM Najib dan isteri baginda, Cik Rosmah.

2. "Tapi ini (...taja beribu-ribu, naik haji...) WANG dari hutang 1MDB, di mana Rakyat bukan-Islam juga ada 'saham'."

Ssssstttt!!....orang bukan Islam di Malaysia semua bodow bodow, bukan tau pasal ini hal ok...jangan la kau bising bising pula, apa la kau ni, RD. Kita diam diam saja la ok.

3. "Mengapa ahli-ahli politik harus 'hijack' atau merampas tugas, fungsi dan tanggung-jawab 'Orang-Agama'? Apa... Najib dan mereka yang menyokongnya, mahu buktikan? Tidak bersalah mencuri WANG Rakyat?"

sssssttt...perlahan lahan sikit, RD...nanti orang lain dengar.

4. "...atau mencegah penculikan di perairan Sabah.... misalnya?"

Ini satu fitnah, RD.

Kami rakyat rakyat miskin dan termiskin di Sabah sentiasa hidup dengan rasa ketakutkan diculik siang malam untuk dijadikan tebusan. Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada PM Najib dan Rosmah kerana tiada pernah ada Perdana Menteri dan isteri yang sebelum ini, yang sanggup bersusah payah, bertungkus lumus siang malam untuk membelikan kami senjata dan bot bot laju dengan kos yang berbillion billion tanpa tender.

Kami sangat berterima kasih kepada beribu-ribu pekerja2 negara luar yang sanggup kerja bertungkus lumus siang malam untuk membekalkan kami senjata dan bot bot laju tersebut atas permintaan junjungan besar kami, PM Najib.

5. sejak last week, rokok seludup sudah turun harga 10sen...sekarang RM3.50...lega nya aku, dapat juga jimat sikit...beli satu pak, dapat runding harga RM34.50...konon supply banyak, jadi harga jatuh...

msh said...

Salam sdra RD.

Ini semua Islam cara Umno.
Minyak dan air tidak bercampur.

Buat mungkar dan onar....selepas tu sembahyang dan berdoa.

Esok lusa ulang balik kerja serupa.

Berjubah....berserban dan bersembahyang..serta pergi Umrah setiap tahun adalah ritual penting untuk tontonan rakyat ramai.. tanda alim agaknya lah.

"Demi Bangsa..Ugama dan Negara" hanyalah selogan....
Dan tidak membawa apa2 erti lagi bagi Ketua2 Melayu Islam ini.

Lagipun Umno sekarang adalah "Umno Milik Najis dan Pentedarah2 Dedak".

Pemerhati Johor said...


"Lagipun Umno sekarang adalah "Umno Milik Najis dan Pentedarah2 Dedak".

Fakta kedua kamu tak sahih lebih beremosi saya nampak.Tak perlu overspin cerita benci yang sama.Berdosa.

RD. said...

Pemerhati Johor

Tolong ulas sedikit.... apakah fakta yang 'tak sahih lebih beremosi' itu.
'Overspin cerita benci yang sama'... Berdosa bagaimana?

Adakah penipuan Najib, kehilangan WANG, tanah dan asset Rakyat tergadai... tidak berdosa?

- Dalam jawapan bertulis di Parlimen pada March 2015, Najib berkata bahawa USD1.103 Billion, dibawa-balik (redeem) dari Cayman Island telah di deposit dalam BSI Singapura. Tapi.... kemudiannya... MAS (Money Authority os Singapore) mengatakan tiada WANG tersebut disimpan dalam BSI. Akhirnya... WANG itu bertukar jadi... 'Units, just units".

- Juga di Parlimen, dalam jawapannya, Najib berkata; SRC International tidak mempunyai sebarang maklumat berkenaan penyaluran RM42 juta kedalam akaun peribadi beliau. Sebaliknya, Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali telah mengesahkan penyaluran wang ada berlaku.

- Najib gemar guna orang-tengah kelabu-asap dalam urusan Kerajaan dan membazir WANG Rakyat bayar komisen kepada mereka...Contohnya; Razak baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low. Termasuk pembayaran komisen tinggi kepada Firma Yahudi, Goldman Sach, untuk buat pinjaman 1MDB.

- Dulu... ketika kemelut 1MDB meletop, Najib suruh Rakyat bersabar tunggu Laporan Forensic Ketua Audit Negara. Tapi... bila laporan dah siap, di OSA kan pula.

Pada saya contoh diatas lebih berdosa, kerana Najib, sebagai Ketua Negara, menipu Rakyat 1Malaysia.

Lebih memalukan... Malaysia sebagai Negara Islam... dilabel sebagai Kleptocracy... Rule by thieves.

Saudara tak berasa malu ke, Negara kafir menuduh sebuah Negara Islam diperintah oleh pencuri-pencuri?

Dan sekarang... demi mempertahankan diri dari tuduhan kleptocracy, UMNO-Najib memperagakan 'agama' untuk membayangkan mereka warak, patuh ajaran Islam dan... tidak mungkin mencuri WANG Rakyat.

Saudara Pemerhati Johor ingat, emej Islam akan lebih mulia dengan cara ini?

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