Monday, February 20, 2017

The Making of China Monopoly in Malaysia

A Kadir Jasin

WHEN Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned of the dangers of being too dependent on China economically and militarily, the pro-Najib propaganda machines pounded on him.

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But the proofs to his warning are everywhere. China treats every nation that owes it money as its slave and subordinate. It’s a harsh indictment but it’s true.

China’s way of doing business in monopolistic and is founded on the concept of “China first” – a throwback of ancient times when the Chinese believed they were the centre of the earth.

Dr Mahathir’s fear that China companies and workers would monopolize China-funded projects in our country is not unfounded.

See what I found in Penang as I went hunting for “teh tarik” in the vicinity of Jalan Pengkalan Weld a few days ago?

Look at the picture below.

Bank of China signboard in Penang
What do you see?

You see a very tastefully done signboard announcing the rehabilitation work of a heritage building that will soon become the Penang branch of the Malaysian incorporated Bank of China (BoC).

Except for the bank’s Chinese name, the signboard uses bahasa Melayu and English.

But look carefully at the companies involved in the “pemuliharaan” (rehabilitation) project. Remember, this in a small, everyday construction project.

Who is the principal architect? Lo and behold it’s none other than the Pei Partnership Architects of Park Avenue, New York. The principal of Pei Partnership is none other than the China-born Ieoh Ming Pei of the Le Grand Louvre fame.

Had it been a lesser known foreign architect of Chinese origin, I would have suspected that the BoC is subtly engaging in racial chauvinism of global proportion.

China born Pei and his Le Grand Louvre
But with Pei as the principal architect, I salute the BoC instead. Those of us who know who I.M. Pei and his world famous structures, cannot fault BoC for the choice.

I cannot say much about the rest of the professional groups contracted by BoC for the project. They sound Malaysian enough.

Now look carefully at the last column that says “contractor”. Remember this is not a billion ringgit job; maybe at the most RM15 million. But who is the contractor?

It’s the China State Construction Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd.

This Malaysian incorporated company is the subsidiary of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, which according to Wikipedia, is the 3rd largest construction company in the world and the 20th largest general contractor in terms of overseas sales.

It was founded in 1957 (the year we became independent), has its headquarters in Beijing and its parent organization is the Asset Supervision and Administration of the State Council.

State Council is the chief administrative authority of the People's Republic of China.

So if the contract for a sundry, everyday project like the rehabilitation and conversion of a heritage building into a bank premise is given to a China company, would China award the RM50-billion East Coast Railway Line (ECRL) and other billion-ringgit projects it has secured in Malaysia to local companies?

Unless we are fools or are commission agents to China companies, we surely know that doing business with China is not the same as doing business with the USA, Europe and Japan. Or for that matter with any country practicing multi-party democracy.

In China there only one party – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) - and it rules supreme.  Everybody is answerable to the it and it owns almost all economic and industrial assets in China.

In recent decades the CCP has become the biggest business conglomerate in the world.

CCP is the biggest business conglomerate in the world
It does business with the rest of the world very much like the way it controls the government and the military in China.

Remember again, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the armed forces of the Communist Party of China. It owes its loyalty to the party.

Wallahuaklam. I am not sure if the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, and his henchmen and women understand this very simple truth about the real China.


chinese pride said...

welcome motherland!!!!

Unknown said...

Datuk, questions u posed are tall order for Najib to comprehend and subsequently answer.
Remember, v r dealing with a person who is unable to differentiate between donation n corruption.
Tapi org mcm ini boleh pula jadi Presiden sebuah parti politik.

jamil said...

Henchmen dia tak nampak sebab habok dedak masuk mata dah

Unknown said...

Even in the mobile telecommunication fields the mainland Chinese already taken over the jobs from the locals.They manage to secure contract and sell their products with undercut prices with the support of our and their government and banks.They came in drove to support their products which the locals are not familiar with,leaving the locals jobless.

Karma said...

Former information minister Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin (pic) claimed that the country has seen many tragedies since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became Prime Minister.
Zainuddin, in a tweet on Saturday, made the statement after eight teenage cyclists died and eight more were injured when a car ploughed into them on Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, Johor Baru.

He said that before the tragedy, a hospital had caught fire in Johor.

Although Zainuddin did not name the hospital, he was apparently referring to the fire at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Baru, which claimed the lives of six patients last October.

Earlier on Monday, Zainudin claimed that under Najib's rule, many things had happened, including the MH370 tragedy, the Lahad Datu incursion, kidnappings and the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, among others.

"The tragedies keep adding up under the era of Najib," he tweeted.


Well, facts don't lie, it's tragedy after another, blunder after another, scandal after another. The current BN leadership has lost its "chai", and misfortune and tragedy is piling up until there is a change. People may call it karma, some call it divine justice, and others sweet vengeance, or some other form. This train of deadly events cannot be ignored. Let us all pray for the wellbeing of the rakyat and the country.

sukasamasuka said...


" The Making of China Monopoly in Malaysia...But the proofs to his (Tun) warning are everywhere. China treats every nation that owes it money as its slave and subordinate. It’s a harsh indictment but it’s true."

1. Indeed it is, Datuk...indeed.

2. The warning is in here..."In China there only one party – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) - and it rules supreme. Everybody is answerable to the it and it owns almost all economic and industrial assets in China."

3. Datuk and anybody can brush off what Sun Tzu had to say about the concept of military in nation building which he expounded sometime 2,500 years ago.

4. "Remember again, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the armed forces of the Communist Party of China. It owes its loyalty to the party." this is very true as the basic foundation of the PLA is based on the ancient art of military strategy of Sun Tzu.

5. If we choose to ignore Sun Tzu, it doesn't really is to CCP's advantage anyway...but, at our own perils.

6. Just think about what Sun Tzu has to say about this monopolistic thinking in doing business..."The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy WITHOUT fighting".

7. "The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of LIFE and DEATH, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected."...which is exactly what happened in Sri Lanka...please read

"Sri Lanka protest over Chinese investment turns ugly...7 January 2017...BBC...Several people have been injured in southern Sri Lanka during a protest against allowing China to build a port and industrial zone.

The plan envisages the eviction of thousands of villagers around Hambantota port, 240km (150 miles) south-east of the capital Colombo.

Opponents say the area is being turned into what they call a Chinese colony.

The government is finalising a 99-year lease of the port area to a company that is 80% Chinese-owned.

A nearby area will be used for an industrial zone where Chinese companies will be invited to set up factories.

The port development is the latest in a series of major investments by China in Sri Lanka's infrastructure.

China has pumped millions of dollars into Sri Lanka's infrastructure since the end of a 26-year civil war in 2009.

China's so-called string of pearls strategy - an attempt to expand its influence in South Asia - is controversial..

The investment is part of its bold ambition to engineer a "Maritime Silk Route" to oil-rich parts of the Middle East, and onwards to Europe, our South Asia analyst says.


8. Datuk is again proven very right about CCP's intention to control the sea lanes covering South China Sea, the Strait of Malacca and the Indian ocean...all the way to the oil-rich countries in the Middle East...

9. To spice up Datuk concern about CCP's monopolistic thinking...lets look at what happen reported by Forbes....

"The New Silk Road: China Launches Beijing-London Freight Train Route...Jan 3, 2017...On Sunday, the Chinese government launched a rail freight service between China and London...

It is part of the old Silk Road, which commenced in 200 BC...

In its 18-day journey, freight will span 7,456 miles of railways, crossing Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and the UK.

A direct rail link between Beijing and Western Europe enables manufacturers to explore new means to lower transport costs.


10. Then what are these RM45 billion Malacca Getaway Harbour?...RM200 billion Carey Island Harbour? comparison to the Beijing-London Freight Train?

12. UMNO itu kerajaan sial!

sukasamasuka said...


"Dr Mahathir’s fear that China companies and workers would monopolize China-funded projects in our country is not unfounded."

1. It's not about Tun's fear.

2. Tun is 100% correct.

3. UMNO spins the issue as if Tun is jealous of Najib achievement with China's RM144 billion so called "investment"...which is in fact, is a be paid by Malaysian taxpayers.

4. For example, the ECRL's RM45 billion IS NOT an investment, but a national debt...a debt so created to generate thousands of manufacturing jobs for Chinese workers in China, not in Malaysia.

5. So UMNO is using our money to create thousands of jobs in China...until and unless, someone can come forward by saying we can manufacture Made-in Malaysia rail engines and cabins and tracks using our own iron, steel, aluminum and glass...and wooden panels...and seats and upholstery...and curtains and we have such factories in Malaysia?

6. Why we know those items will be made in China?

7. The ERCL is not an international's not even a closed tender...but, a business model based on "tutup lubang, buka lubang"...

8. Lubang sial MO1...bukan lubang bini MO1...

9. Itu la lubang sial UMNO.

10. Kerajaan UMNO kerajaan gila dan sial!

maniam said...

Najib only knows one thing only. Marked price money in his coffers and that of his cronies. The rest of his/BN voters only know dedak masuk poket dekat PRU14 nanti. The rest of us can starts `sembah` new raja called Yang Di Pertuan Cina Komunis,Tuanku..... he he he from 2020 onwards.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk

Nothing in life is free.

There are many countries that China is eyeing.

Take Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka protest over Chinese investment turns ugly

"The government is finalising a 99-year lease of the port area to a company that is 80% Chinese-owned.

A nearby area will be used for an industrial zone where Chinese companies will be invited to set up factories.

The government says local people will be given new land.

The port development is the latest in a series of major investments by China in Sri Lanka's infrastructure.

China has pumped millions of dollars into Sri Lanka's infrastructure since the end of a 26-year civil war in 2009.

China's so-called string of pearls strategy - an attempt to expand its influence in South Asia - is controversial - and watched with particular suspicion by its regional rival, India".

ONLY China companies, banks and workers are used.

What does China want?


"The “One Belt, One Road” policy which China is implementing is a clear sign of Beijing’s aspirations to be a superpower. The String of Pearls, which is a littoral route, will probably disrupt, challenge and upset more countries, especially the US, than the Silk Road policy, which is the land route for the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. Not only does the String of Pearls give China a safe energy, trade and shipping route, but it also allows China to station its security and intelligence forces throughout the IOR."

Economic, military and trade supremacy.

They just need to find desperate men like Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil who are in trouble or have a greed for money.

This has already allowed China to conquer Sri Lanka and parts of Africa.

Add Malaysia to the list.

RD. said...

Its sure is very frightening, Dato.

Najib's henchmen and women only see 'dedak'.

sukasamasuka said...


"So if the contract for a sundry, everyday project like the rehabilitation and conversion of a heritage building into a bank premise is given to a China company, would China award the RM50-billion East Coast Railway Line (ECRL) and other billion-ringgit projects it has secured in Malaysia to local companies?"

1. Of course not, Datuk...NEVER

2. Malaysians do not work in the construction job, under the sun and rain...but Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Burmese and Filipinos...and, of course Chinese.

3. It was the Chinese that helped to build the railroads in the United Sates way back in the 1800's...not the Malays, the KadazanDusun, the Ibans, let alone the Red Indians, the Hispanics, the Mexicans and the was the Chinese from China.

4. Who is going to build and lay down the tracks for the Chinese ECRL project inside the jungles and mountains of Malaysia?...mungkin juga orang Melayu Kelantan dan Pahang...atau, orang Kedah macam Datuk yang tahan lasak kerja dibawah matahari sebagai petani.

5. The Chinese contractors will bring their own rice, sugar, onions, soybeans, soy sauce, pork meats, cabbages and dried foods and alcoholic beverages using Chinese containers for its workers when they lay down the tracks because it's way way much cheaper and home-taste...anyway, most of those items are imported from China.

6. Local companies?...only, UMNO-linked companies, no one else...they will get some of the scraps and leftovers.

7. Construction machinery, pipes, nails, cables, metal sheets...all...will be imported from China...deepening our trade deficit with China even further...bearing in mind, we have recorded the highest trade deficit with China in 2016 among all our trading partners..."the first 10 months of the year, the trade deficit widened to RM36.84bil from RM22.51bil in the same period last year" as reported by the Star...(source:

8. Apa kita dapat dari RM50 billion?

9. Taik gigi.

10. Jahanam la kamu UMNO!

Kerajaan UMNO sial!

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

If we go back to the chronology of things,

It began when the Chinese from PRC bought our power generators from 1MDB.

Then, they got the contract to build the high speed train.

Then, they got the contract to build the railway to link KL to the East Malaysia.

Then, they got the contract to build our cities.

Then, they got the contract to build our sea port.

Then, they got the contract to supply war ships.

I recall when they say “Apa lagi cina mahu”

These contracts are huge multi billon contracts and they are going to bring a lot of Engineers in. So, where are our Engineers going to fit in to this.

We certainly need to get use to the word CSCE (China State Constuction Engineering)

This government is very generous to China despite of the territorial maritime dispute at South China Sea which involves thousand of square kilometers at Sarawak and Sabah waters.

China calls this as the “Nine dash line”

(Refer to CNN:

The Chinese is currently having a quite lucarative relationship with Malaysia, surely they want this to continue further.

Melayu Drebar said...

Malaysia is the ideal target for chequebook diplomacy. Not only UMNO is bankrupt with ideas and money, Malaysia has the Pendatang factor.

The local Chinese has been bullied for decades and they need no encouragement to collaborate with Motherland.

The elaborate Chinese business network is already in place for motherland to tap into, whether it is insider information, logistics, and local intelligence, China has tremendous advantage to "takeover" and penetrate Malaysia.

Your friends in MCA and to a lesser extend Gerakan is more than eager to help Najib sell Malaysia to China because they've got nothing else to contribute to the BN coalition.

While the Melayu in general are still busy with their preoccupation of Ketuanan Melayu, Red Shirt nonsense, and Hadi's Talibanization, almost all Pendatangs are already positioning themselves on how to benefit from the imminent arrival of motherland.

There's nothing you and your friends can do to stop the "invasion". You have, in the last 50 years, pissed away trillions of ringgit on your Ketuanan indulgence and I really don't see how you can recover from that.

Even within ASEAN, more and not less competition are coming from "lesser" countries like Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar... and the only country that has the money to give you is China.

My suggestion to you and your Melayu friends is send your children to Chinese school and for once stop getting all pissy about BM and how the Pendatang are disloyal for not speaking it fluently. IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. You've got way way bigger problem than that.

In the future, when your PRC boss tells you where to drive him in Mandarin, you'd better know where you're going.

Don't worry about us, we will be just fine.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Ramai yg tahu...anak syarikat adalah syarikat yg dimiliki penuh oleh syarikat induk 'Parent Company'...kerana pegangang saham melebihi 51 perarus.

Jadi...syarikat yg ditubuh diMalaysia untuk kerja kecil anggaran sbnyk RM15juta adalah milik Syarikat Pembinaan Cina yg ke3 terbesar didunia.

Tentu kita bertanya...apa sudah jadi...kerja sebesar ini pun disapu oleh Syarikat Pembinaan sebesar ini.

Tiada perlu kita terperanjat lagi.

Pertama...semua mengikut undang2...Kedua yg menawar kerja adalah BoC 'Private Company'...suka hati dia lah memberi kontrak pd syarikat mana sekali pun.

Berkisar dari situ...kita pun tahu amalan memberi kerja2 kontrak walau sebesar biji saga atau sebesar gunung Everest di 'state level' atau Federal telah bnyk 'disapu' oleh syarikat asing.

Ini bukan cerita baru.

Kita tentu bertanya...siapa yg memberi 'award'.

Apa yg syarikat tempatan dpt.

Dulu semasa DEB ditubuhkan....peluang2 perkerjaan yg mampu dilakukan oleh syarikat tempatan disyaratkan mesti ada org Melayu atau Bumiputra sbg rakan kongsi.

Maka...bnyak lah syarikat milik Ali2 mdpt kontrak kerana berpasangan dgn Baba.

Ali pun senyum lega... dpt rasa isi walau pun sebenarnya 'ciput'...tapi Ali kenyang juga... hirup kuah sampai kembung perut.

Ali kira Melayu bumiputra...mestilah ada bahagian....selalu sedikit sahaja...cukuo makan...kuah yg lebih.

Kini negara sedang menuju kearah menjadi Negara Maju...keadaan sudah berubah....konsep Bumiputra atau Ali & Baba sudah ditelan zaman.

Mungkin Ali2 sudah ramai yg kaya raya dan matlamat 30 peratus sudah tercapai....walau pun dlm buku 'Colour of Inequalities' tulisan Muhammad berkata sebaliknya.

Tetapi kini. ..dgn perkembangan terbaru...semua sudah berubah....syarikat dari Benua Cina pula yg bnyk mndpt peluang....Syarikat Ali & Baba jadi lintang pukang....Baba jadi terkial2...Ali langsung hanyut...ghaib...tak timbul2 lagi.

Justeru itu...apa jadi dgn Syarikat Tempatan dan apa jadi dgn Syarikat Melayu atau Bumiputra...peluang2 pekerjaan makin berkurangan walau pun kontrak2 kecil.

Percayalah...spt kata Dato....Syarikat dari Benua Cina bila telah menjadi 'main contractor' akan melakukan semua kerja2 dari kecil hingga besar.

Ini yg rakyat mesti sedar...kerana Mapadullung HZ tidak peduli semua ini. ..kerana bodoh..atau dgn sengaja.

Sy rasa kedua2 sekali....janji diri selamat.

Hidup syarikat Tempatan!!!!

Hidup Syarikat Melayu Bumiputra...kerana Najib HZ bersama mu!!!.

sukasamasuka said...


"Unless we are fools or are commission agents to China companies, we surely know that doing business with China is not the same as doing business with the USA, Europe and Japan. Or for that matter with any country practicing multi-party democracy."

1. Absolutely...

2. There are approximately 50 million ethnic Chinese people living outside of China's mainland...collectively known as the overseas Chinese...including my mother and her relatives and Lim Kit Siang and the bloody fool MCA Chinese.

3. Malaysian Chinese will lose their pants...and everything in between...when the mainland Chinese get all the contracts simply because mainland Chinese from China don't care about Overseas Chinese...not, because they are not Chinese enough, but, they couldn't give a shit to the 50 million out there when she has to feed 1.4 billion mouths....growing by the days like the fact that, she has to worry about providing massive employments at factories due to her failed rural migration policy.

4. There is no labour union in China, so workers are paid at the whim and fancy of their factory owners...and, terminated at, can anybody compete with their factory pricing? ...anyone?...there is none...and the UMNO Malays...yes, orang2 Melayu feeding the Chinese workers in China with RM144 billion contracts!...not, to the benefits, even to the ordinary Malaysian Chinese, except those "commission agents" like the Chinese-speaking bastards from MCA!

5. Chinese Malaysian beware!

6. Chinese from China is coming to replace you all in no time...thanks to MCA who is making the last ditch before going into oblivion like her bastard brothers from UMNO.

7. So, it up to the good citizens of Malaysia to stop MCA and UMNO once for all.

8. Please tell PAS on the face...that Hadi's Hudud will not save Malaysia...let alone the Malays.

9. It doesn't matter whether your Hudud's demonstration gathered 200,000 or 20, minus 1% error of margin...when the Chinese from China is making their way here, be prepared to open the Largest Pig Farm in Malaysia, right at the heart of Kelantan, I really mean that.

10. Because, those Chinese from China don't need your stupid Hudud...can't touch them you know, those Chinese from China...but, one thing is certain...they need foods and YOUR F*****G JOBS!...

and, Hadi...yes! you Hadi, the Pas can BLOW*** the President of China!...Najib and that Liow Tiong Lai for all I care.

Alias Dasuki said...

Dato, just to refresh the memory. Bank of China exited the Malaysian scene in the early sixties following the enforcement of the Banking Act, 1958 and the setting up of BNM in 1959. By the time Malaysia was established in 1963, only the Singapore branches of the Bank were still in operation in this part of the world. I believe the Bank must have been quite traumatized with its experience in Malaya then that when we inspected its Main Branch in Singapore (upon Singapore's decision to join Malaysia ) we were greeted with Patriotic Chinese Songs throughout our tour of duty there. The Bank's efforts, perhaps, attained their objectives since its existence there continued to this day, saved by Singapore's subsequent expulsion from the Federation. Its luck even appeared to have changed for the better after Tun M left the scene. BoC had not only managed to come back to the Malaysian scenario, but had also managed to open branches in strategic locations. I would not be surprised if it has now really come back with a vengeance to grind. Imagine if it were to have a branch each at every nook and corner. With every function being automatized, who needs a Malaysian around anymore ?

mad said...

i hate the current leadership but i look on the bright side of this, when china finally takes over all and sundry in this beloved country, at least there will be more bicycles and less cars on the road. that's a good thing right?

PAS checkmated and lost said...

Extract from a reader's comment on the recent PAS rally. It really looks like PAS is now frightened they have really lost the support they so earnestly need and desire to prop up their political ambitions. Hadi now sounds like a puppet on strings.

" .... The recent PAS rally in support of the private member’s bill tabled by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 turned out to be a damp squib - or in simple English - a big flop!

It was a flop in several ways. Firstly, although PAS had targeted a crowd of 300,000 to show the country that the Malay electorate was behind the controversial amendment, police and analysts estimated the crowd at only 20,000.

The turnout - so much smaller than even Bersih - or Hindraf-organised past rallies - not only shows that this issue does not resonate with the Malay public. It also shows that the reputed grassroots support for PAS has been overrated. "

Zalman A said...


PAS (Porsche Amat Sesuai) will "decide" in April whether to continue with PKR as partners.

Logically, they cannot, if Hadi's logic applies.

So be careful of any further plots between Umno directing PAS to destabilise Selangor by pulling out. Hadi tried this twice already.

Umno's orders to PAS will be simple:

Whether a snap election is called early, or in PRU14, PAS must create as many 3-corner fights as possible to enable Umno to win.

That's why neither Iskandar Samad's nor Tuan Ibrahim's words to PKR or PPBM can be given any credibility.

It may all be a delaying tactic to lull the Opposition into complacency.

Either PAS is a friend or, as the mat sals say, "terminate with extreme prejudice".

Enough games from them.

Decide or stay out.

Zalman A said...

Terkini...Umno sudah mula melancarkan psy-war & propaganda utk memastikan mereka memenangi PRU14 dgn apa cara sekalipun.... 

dia ckp org putih dgn aku....katanya....'by hook or by crook'....

aku ringkaskan 7 agenda psy-war yg dikongsikan........

1. Melayan PAS supaya terus menjauhi gabungan parti pembangkang. UMNO terpaksa mengambil sikap 'berlembut' dgn PAS untuk memujuk org melayu. 

Pertandingan 3 penjuru mesti di realisasikan dlm PRU ke 14....dgn 3 penjuru sahajalah Umno/BN masih berpeluang utk menang .

2. Memainkan sentimen perkauman supaya orang Melayu menolak DAP kononnya DAP adalah parti cauvinis cina &  ada agenda utk membunuh Melayu di tanahair sendiri. Lalaikan org Melayu daripada melihat sokongan kuat parti Cina MCA, Gerakan 

3. Mengumpan isu2 agama spt himpunan selawat dan majlis2 bercorak agama. Terkini mengumpan isu RUU355 supaya orang Melayu Islam akan melihat seolah Umno berminat dgn agenda  agama..  RUU355 adalah propaganda belaka dan UMNO langsung tidak minat RUU355

tetapi mainan helah UMNO ini telah membuka laluan mudah untuk mereka mendekati PAS & agenda ini telah menampakkan kejayaannya...

kini PAS telah termakan helah UMNO.. ini terbukti sebab RUU355 sudah DUA KALI ditangguhkan dalam Parlimen dan yang telah menangguhkannya tidak lain tidak bukan Hadi Awang juga - barua upahan UMNO.  

kata sahabat saya ex army tu .."now...they are playing with time"....

4. Menggunakan NGO2 melayu pro umno untuk mewar2kan isu2 peribadi pemimpin pembangkang termasuk mengungkit skandal seks lama, skandal liwat lama & sebagainya untuk mengingati rakyat yang mungkin telah lupa. 

5. Membesar2kan isu keselamatan negara spt Daesh, IS & pengganas, ....dengan isu2 ini..untuk menakutkan org cina dan org sabah bhwa hanya UMNO boleh selamatkan keadaan. juga lebih mudah bagi UMNO meminta org Melayu Islam untuk bersatu...

6. Pemindahan pengundi ke kawasan lain utk memenangkan Umno - satu komplot terancang sedang dilaksanakan oleh satu *#$#@* yg dilantik khas..... Proses Gerrymandering bukan di buat oleh pihak SPR, sebaliknya oleh satu tim *%#@%^ pemindahan pengundi...ini sedang berjalan....perkara ini agak sulit utk di dedahkan...tetapi itu sedang berjalan.....

7. Medium 3M akan digunakan secara optimum. Money,  Media  dan Machinery ( jentera kerajaan) akan digunakan secara besar2an utk memastikan undi memihak kpd mereka. 

Zalman A said...

Media digunakan utk memesongkan fakta, mengalih isu, menutup penyelewengan pemimpin Umno. Kakitangan kerajaan & bajet yg ada digunakan sewenang2nya utk buat program supaya pemimpin Umno dpt "mendekati" rakyat. 

Manakala wang akan diberikan secara tunai kpd rakyat supaya kerajaan dilihat sbg prihatin terhadap nasib rakyat. Semua agensi kerajaan spt F_lda, F_lcra &  R_sda akan memberikan wang tunai:  segala "bantuan" secara besar2an menjelang PRU14. 

Felda mungkin akan berikan RM25000 kpd setiap peneroka mulai thn depan  ! !
Itulah sebahagian yg dapat aku kongsikan.......

Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi dlm ucapan dasarnya semalam telah berpesan...."UMNO tidak ada pilihan, melainkan perlu menang" ....










Zalman A said...

"It appears that there have been extensive negotiations behind closed doors between PAS and UMNO to ensure passage of the emotion to become a bill. So when parliament convenes in March 2017, we can expect the motion to be spoken of by Haji Hadi, put to the vote and then accepted as First Reading. After that, the government will adopt it as second reading, have it debated and then put it to the vote.

But perhaps haji Hadi forgot that after being accepted as first reading, the DPM has promised to set up a joint committee to examine the technicalities of the proposed amended Bill. What does this mean? 
Meaning even before getting on as Second Reading, BN is still delaying accepting the motion as Bill. So, it is really the BN especially the UMNO ministers who are slowing down Hadi’s private ambition bill. Are they not faithful enough?

The party that stands in the way of the amended bill is the government of the day. Now, because the government of the day is working closely with PAS to have the bill become law, why was the gathering held? Surely with the support of the government, PAS will succeed.

UMNO has 86 members in parliament. UMNO can arm twist MCA and MIC members and non Muslim MPs of BN to support the bill. They are so attached to their positions as ministers to stand opposed to the Bill. They do not give two hoots about what their supporters think of them. So despite their bravado and brinkmanship, believe me when I say, all those humpty dumpties in MCA, MIC and Gerakan will capitulate. Then they will give all sorts of monkey reasons.

After that, the Islamic courts will get more powers. Salaries of those people who have not been industrious enough will be raised. Perhaps the senior judges get to use Mercedes and other facilities to make them of similar stature like civil court judges. The Islamic courts can then impose a fine of RM100, 000, jail people for 30 years and whipped the buttocks of offenders with 100 lashes. Then I suppose Islam will be more revered. Muslims are brutalised and traumatised. That is OK, because that promotes the exaltation of Islam.

How did Hadi arrive at his figures?

Not from the Quran or Sunnah.

No, these figures of Rm100,000 and 30 years were invented by Hadi Awang.

Not by Allah.

It is man=made law, not divine law at all.

dt rahman pekan said...

masa utk menjadi 'arm chair warrior' (hulubalang kerusi) tlh berlalu.

semua harus /wajib turun k padang utk menyedarkan warga tentang bahaya nya kpd Negara jika najib serta gerombolan nya kekal berkuasa.

kejayaan usaha anda bermakna UMNO/BN akan setidak tidak nya berkurangan sokongan.

saya sudah bertekad utk berdepan dgn najib/rosmah d Pekan. saya amat berharap sdr2 akan turut aktif d kawasan masing2.

salam perjuangan.

shah said...

Najib seterusnya memberitahu, usah peduli atau terkesan dengan sebarang tanggapan serta tohmahan mengenai hubungan baik antara UMNO dan Pas sekarang, termasuk mengaitkannya dengan wang ringgit dan sebagainya kerana yang penting ialah matlamat untuk menang pilihanraya.

Memang sejak minggu-minggu kebelakangan ini, Najib mula menyibukkan diri dengan menghadiri beberapa perjumpaan tertutup dengan beberapa kumpulan dalam UMNO serta agensi-agensi yang ada kaitan dalam membantu kemenangan BN.

Keadaan ini memberi petunjuk bahawa tarikh pilihanraya semakin hampir dan tarikh yang paling banyak disebut untuk Najib membubarkan Parlimen ialah selepas sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Soalnya, dengan keyakinan Najib bahawa BN akan menang PRU 14 akan datang melalui bantuan secara tidak langsung oleh Pas itu, sedarkah parti Islam itu mereka kini seolah-olah sedang dipergunakan oleh UMNO?

Apakah Pas rela diperlakukan sedemikian oleh UMNO yang selama bertahun-tahun selama ini dianggap sebagai musuh paling utama atau ada faktor lain yang mendorong ia terjadi?

Selepas BN menang pula, apa ganjaran yang bakal diterima oleh Pas?

hihwag said...

Petronas pun kena......

KUALA LUMPUR: Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has signed the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) contract for Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC)’s flexible high-density polyethylene (flexi HDPE) plant.

In a statement, Petronas said it signed the contract with the Chinese consortium of Tecnimont S.p.A, China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Co Ltd, TECNIMONTHQC S.c.a.r.l and TecnimontHQC Sdn Bhd.

“The consortium received the letter of award from PRPC Polymers Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Petronas Chemicals Group on Nov 10, 2016,” it said.

The plant would be completed and achieve “Ready for Start-Up” by May 2019, it said.

sukasamasuka said...


For once, I think we have to stand behind our PM Najib on the latest diplomatic row with North reported by Reuters...

"Malaysia recalled its envoy from Pyongyang after North Korea's ambassador in Kuala Lumpur cast doubt on the impartiality of Malaysia's investigation and said the victim was not Kim Jong Nam.

North Korean ambassador Kang Chol said on Monday that his country "cannot trust" Malaysia's handling of the probe into the killing.

Responding on Tuesday, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak denounced the ambassador's comments and reiterated that the investigation would be fair.

"The statement by the ambassador was totally uncalled for. It was diplomatically rude. But Malaysia will stand firm," Najib told reporters.


1. I think the way PM Najib handling the case is very good.

2. The North Korean Ambassador was indeed very rude.

3. If North Korea doesn't trust our Police to carry out the investigation fairly, he should suggest someone else using a proper diplomatic channels...not, simply talking to the media.

4. Thank you Najib for coming out very strongly supporting our Police...good job!..I really mean that.

5. Thank you Anifah for recalling our Malaysian Ambasador from Pyongyang...we mean business and cannot be taken for granted anymore...and, if this North Korean Ambassador misbehaved again, expel him...for that matter, any country who look down on our leadership and the Agong.

6. North Korea must be reminded that Malaysia is a free .... independent country...and, for once, tell them that our leader is democratically elected, unlike North Korea "father to son".

7. I am happy, that PM Najib come out very strong on this Malaysia-North Korea diplomatic row defending our sovereignty.

8. Malaysia’s friendly relations with both the US and North Korea make one of the few countries where North Korean officials can engage with American counterparts. Kuala Lumpur was the venue for unofficial talks between North Korea and retired US officials in October 2016.

9. Trade between the two countries amounted to RM23 million ($5.2 million) in 2015.

10. Salute PM Najib!

sukasamasuka said...


Saudara Zalman A 2.43PM..."How did Hadi arrive at his figures? Not from the Quran or Sunnah. No, these figures of Rm100,000 and 30 years were invented by Hadi Awang. Not by Allah. It is man=made law, not divine law at all."

1. Tepat sekali.

2. Aku difahami bahawa ada terdapat 3 cabang dalam Hukum Syariah...

- Hukum Hudud adalah kesalahan2 yang terdapat dalam AlQuran dan Hadis seperti disebat 100 kerana berzina...arak...mencuri...

- Hukum Takzir pula ada kesalahan2 yang tidak terdapat dalam Quran/Hadis, dan kesalahan ini bolih di tetapkan atas budi bicara hakim syariah dan sultan2/Agong...denda RM100k dan penjara 30 tahun ada la contoh terbaik...dimana hukuman civil di mahkamah civil dianggap tidak mencukupi untuk orang Islam, maka ditambah olih Hadi dan Najib ikut suka hati mereka...tanpa sebarang asas.

- Hukum Qisas pula ialah "an eye for an eye" type of punishment dimana si pembunuh bolih dibunuh olih wali si mati.

3. Tidak ada asas yang mengatakan tambah hukuman akan mengurangkan jenayah...contohnya, hukuman gantung sampai mati atas jenyah senjata api haram, kes bunuh dan mengedar dadah sama ada di Malaysia atau di mana2 sahaja termasuk di negara "Islam" seperti Saudi Arabia atau di Iran.

4. Walaupun pada dasarnya menghukum secara Syariah ini konon nya akan mengurangkan atau menghapuskan dosa si penjenayah di alam kiamat...tidak ada bukti sebab manusia bukan tuhan.

5. Biar la kerja Tuhan itu tuhan yang buat..Dia lagi mengetahui segala2nya...sebab kita manusia banyak silap nya...tak kan si Hadi dan si Najib pula yang berpandai pandai...cuci tangan dulu kasi bersih...kalau bergelumur dengan taik, bolih pergi mampos la...jangan la minta puji, jual agama untuk kuasa dan duit.

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Dato' AKJ,

Agak lama saya tidak mencelah selepas beberapa artikel yang Dato' keluarkan. PPBM harus berkerja keras dari sekarang untuk memenangi PRU 14 nanti jika tidak mahu negara ini dijajah oleh Komunis China secara total. Padangan saya bersandarkan kepada beberapa faktor yang menampakan penjajahan cara baru oleh negara China tanpa menembak walau sebutir peluru pun. Forest City, Bekas pengkalan TUDm Sg Besi sudah berada didalam gengaman mereka dengan bebebrapa perancangan baru seperti pelabuhan di Melaka dan Kuantan. semua lokasi ini ada lah strategic dari segi ketenteraan bila mana China boleh mengawal laluan utama kapal kapal dagang dan tentera. Bila ini terjadi kita tidak akan mampu menghalau mereka keluar dengan hutang kerajaan Najib yang begitu beasar kepada negara China.

Pembinaan rangkaian keretapi pantai timur akan memerlukan ratusan ribu buruh yang akaqn dibawa masuk dari negara China. Percayalh bahawa mereka ini sedang dilatih berbahasa melayu dan adat budaya negara kita, jangkamasa panjang mereka disini memerlukan mereka berkahwin dan beranak pinak di sini dan akhirnya mereka akan menuntut kerakyatan negara ini.
Sebagai sebuah negara maju dari segi ekonomi dan dan teknologi tinggi maka tidak mustahil nanti mereka akan menceroboh dan mengodam Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara kita maka negara kita akan ditambah dengan warga baru yang bakal mengundi UMNO. Meletakkan hanya 1000 WARGA ini di kawasan lemah BN akan memastikan BN terus berkuasa mungkin buat selama lamanya atau UMNO akan mengunapakai sistem Parti Komunis China di sini yang mana mereka mempunyai absolute power keatas kerajaan Maqlaysia dengan parti lain akan dibubarkan atau diujudkan sebagai sandiwara sahaja.

Saya tak faham mengapa ketua polis dan tentera kita tidak nampak kepada ancaman ini. Masih mahukah anak cucu kita nanti menjadi hamba kepada komunis. Secara perlahan Islam juga akan hancur di negara ini jika alim ulama dan tuan2 guru kita didalam Pas mahu bersekonkol dengan UMNO menuju kehancuran. Hanya Allah saja yang boleh menyelamatkan kita ketika iti. Bangunlah Melayu menentang UMNO yang bakal mengCHINA KOMUNIS negara ini. Wallahuklam.

Zalman A said...


PETALING JAYA: The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) has questioned the decision to appoint Madinah Mohamad as auditor-general, highlighting her lack of auditing experience.

C4 said the role of auditor-general must be filled by someone with the specific knowledge and capability, skills and practical experience in key areas related to auditing, accounting and financial management.

Given this, the NGO said it was “baffled” by the choice of Madinah, who “clearly does not meet the above criteria and requirements”.

“Madinah may have the qualifications suitable for other posts, but most glaringly she has no auditing experience.

“What were the process and consideration taken by Prime Minister Najib Razak in recommending her appointment? We ask for an explanation in this regard,” C4 executive director Cynthia Gabriel said in a statement today.

Madinah, who was secretary-general of the education ministry until she went on mandatory retirement from September last year, will take over from Ambrin Buang whose tenure as auditor-general expires today.


The reputation of MO1 will not survive history's gaze.

"BAPA KLEPET NEGARA" will be his legacy.

Ditto those who covered his crimes.

he knows this.

He just wants to steal as much money as possible, while he can.

shah said...

PKR menyifatkan kelayakan Tan Sri Dr Madinah Mohamad sebagai ketua audit negara baharu “tercalar” kerana kedudukan suaminya sebagai ahli politik.

Naib Presiden PKR Nurul Izzah berkata, kenyataan suaminya Datuk Rizuan Abdul Hamid yang juga ketua Umno Bahagian Kepong “sanggup mati untuk (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak)”, menimbulkan kebimbangan sama ada Madinah mampu menjalankan tugas dengan telus.

Izzah yang juga ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai berkata, pihaknya tidak mempersoalkan pilihan mana-mana pihak tetapi individu yang memegang jawatan itu perlu mempamerkan keberanian mendepani mana-mana kepimpinan termasuk Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“Isu kelayakan itu amat tercalar sekali dengan kaitan, keahlian suami beliau termasuk status beliau sendiri sebagai ahli parti politik.

“Tapi tak mengapa, saya tidak mahu bercakap lanjut, tapi saya mohon rakyat agar menyuarakan kebimbangan dengan tegas kerana kita mahu sama taraf, sama layak, sama kredibiliti dan integritinya dengan Tan Sri Ambrin Buang,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Semalam, Ketua Setiausaha Negara Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa mengumumkan perlantikan Madinah sebagai ketua audit negara yang baharu untuk tempoh 2 tahun mulai 23 Feb ini.

Beliau menggantikan Ambrin yang akan tamat tempoh perkhidmatannya hari ini.
“Pada kami PKR, kita nyatakan dengan jelas ada beberapa kes terkini yang amat menjatuhkan maruah dan kredibiliti ketua audit negara…sekiranya mana-mana orang tidak mampu memegang kredibiliti sebagaimana Ambrin suatu ketika dahulu.

“Saya pohon kerajaan sedia ada jagalah maruah negara, pastikan integriti sentiasa dipertahankan.

hihwag said...


"Kuala Nerus MP Datuk Dr Khairuddin Aman Razali has defended his decision to purchase an Audi Q7 for his wife, which costs half a million ringgit new, saying he has every right to do so.

Khairuddin, who is PAS Dewan Ulama information chief, said the issue had been blown out of proportion to distract attention from the proposed Syariah amendments the Islamist party is currently pushing for.

"This is a petty issue. I have a right to buy anything I want. I could even buy a lorry or a plane, it is none of their business," he told The Star Online.

Khairuddin also chided "socialist groups who liked to pick on the matter".

"I bought the car using legitimate sources and I could afford it," he said.

The social media was abuzz recently when Facebook user Datin Norhayati Abd Malek, believed to be Khairuddin's wife, posted a photo of an Audi Q7, saying that it was a "gift" from her husband."

Kenapa tiba2 ada Porsche, Audi mewah nih?

SR bila nak saman O?

9M2KN said...

Our Leaders are selling tbe country. Even Railway Chinese now.

Masuk angin said...

Datuk , the chinese in MCA is headless, Liow ,even worse, doesnt know which way the wind blows. Sad to say if the wind goes up his posterior, he wont even know until too late. That's the current chinese mentality in BN, now can also include hadi and his henchmen and the mic.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Sebenarnya monopoli tak baik di mana pun termasuk politik.

Sebab itu negeri orang putih ada sistem 2 parti seperti di Amerika, UK dan Jerman.

Monopoli tidak menggalakkan persaingan yang sihat apatah lagi sekarang ini ahli politik banyak hartawan.

Contohnya Parti PAS sekarang ini, mengikut berita dalam media, ahli Parlimen sahaja sudah mampu beli kereta Audi A7.

Kereta Audi A7 bukan dipasang di Malaysia macam kereta proton saga atau Myvi, tapi jenama kereta Audi A7, orang putih yang pasang di Jerman.

Harganya lebih RM500,000 termasuk GST dan duti import.

Nampaknya, Hukum Hudud dan akta RUU355 memberikan keberkatan dan rezeki kepada orang PAS, tapi nampaknya rakyat biasa semakin miskin.

Harga barang semakin naik.

vinnan said...

sukasamasuka said...

Rest assured the regular Chinese Malaysian knows of the Cina Komunis colonization of Malaysia. Why do you think the skilled and talented Chinese Malaysians are heading to Singapore in the hundreds of thousands? We know it is the MCA and GERAKAN who have sold us into slavery under UMNO-PAS rule. It is the Malays who are still dreaming in their Ketuanan Melayu-Islam land. Unfortunately the Malays do not want to wake up from their Hak Istimewa Ketuanan Melayu-Islam opiate. Let the country burn for the nons are less than even dhimmis in the eyes of the Malays. We have had enough.

sukasamasuka said...


"Najib: We were right with GST, subsidy rationalisation...February 23, 2017...The prime minister says finance ministry's role not only to manage the country's fiscal and monetary policies but it is also an 'operating ministry'."

1. "...the GST and subsidy rationalisation, was the right decision as it managed to increase the country’s revenue...that proceeds from the GST, introduced on April 1, 2016 at the rate of 6%, was RM41 billion."

If we import cabbage and government collect 6% GST at point of entry, I think it is very very wrong because cabbage is an ordinary vegetable food for the low income group and poor people like me.

But, if the new government wants to abolish the GST, it is a good idea, but can still collect some kind of "6% GST like tax" from food service outlets like hotels and restaurants, I think it reasonable.

Because of the current GST collection system, consumers have to pay double GST on cabbage if similar food is being served out-of-home. It is easy to say stay home and eat cabbage, then again most of us, have to eat our meal outside because we work outside.

Considering 60-70% of our food bills is imported, this is the main cause of rising cost of living, bearing in mind, for lower consumer group...the 8 million households that received BRIM??? bill accounted for more than 50% of monthly expenses.

So, there is nothing to be proud of when Government can collect RM41 billion in GST as the tax does not constitute new economic activity...unless eating cabbage is a new economic activity, never done before.

GST is a consumption tax for food and drinks...think about it?

2. “The two countries will follow our steps. India will be implementing the GST in April next year with the highest GST rate of 23% and Saudi Arabia will also be implementing the GST for the first time."

Please, don't take credit for doing something that has nothing to do with you.

Malaysia, let alone you, is not the one who introduce GST in the world...I don't know whether you even pass your economic paper at Nottingham University...let alone India wants to follow your for the Saudis, may be, you know what I mean right.

You want to teach the Arab how to collect taxes...they invented Islam for you, stupid...Bugis like you want to teach the foot!..look at yourself in the mirror first!..will the Chinese in China follow your footsteps too????

3. "“This means that we were not wrong in implementing the GST. It was the correct thing to do,”

It is very wrong unless you eat your Berkin bags like cabbage.

4. "Najib said...Barisan Nasional (BN) could lose the elections if it (GST) were implemented.

However, he said, the BN scored a landslide victory in the Sarawak state election despite the opposition harping on the GST issue."

The guy is dead. The victory is not yours. You miss the point when he said "marry the Iban girl". It is the native way of saying "you are our permanent enemy" because marriage is to cement friendship and can't do it stupid idiot, you don't know the culture.

5. "...the finance ministry had gone through an evolution as its role was not only to manage the country’s fiscal and monetary policies but also becoming an “operating ministry” to implement various programmes such as the Urban Transformation Centre and Entrepreneurship Development Programme."



You can't even manage our Ringgit!

Then again, that UTC, lots of money for the UMNOs' warlords...someone "deep inside" told me.

As for the is for UMNO us the numbers...if you have the numbers.

By, the way what happen to the 1 Million Homes Program...UMNO's last election promise...very quiet.

Joker said...

the statement by the former Bank Negara Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz that she would cooperate with the Government's special taskforce to probe the central bank's alleged US$10 billion (about RM44 billion) foreign exchange (forex) loss in the 1990s.

According to Zeti, the US$10 billion was never raised during her tenure as Bank Negara governor.

Today, she said: "If I am called by the taskforce, of course I would cooperate with the authorities.

"It is something that had happened almost 30 years ago. It is the wish of the current leadership to investigate the matter but I cannot comment on it until the investigation is completed," Zeti said.

The key words "It is something that had happened almost 30 years ago" shows how ridiculous the current govt and leadership has become.

The current leadership is a joke in the rakyat's eyes and minds. They are their best adverts in this campaign.

Leader of the new world said...

Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the “new world order” and safeguarding international security.
Not too long now, look out Malaysia!

Sharing is caring said...

sharing this worthy comment by "Legit" to certain remarks made by the ruler of Johore on an 'amnesiac, perhaps a little senile' politician (extract from Malaysiakini):

HRH Tuanku, our beloved country has gone to the dogs under the current PM. The country is called a kleptocracy and is fast becoming a basket case. We used to proudly call ourselves Malaysians when we travel overseas but now it is shameful to identify ourselves as Malaysians in the eyes of foreigners. Malaysia was a shining star when Tun was the PM. He had many flaws and he ruined many of the institutions in the country. He even brought the royal institution to its knees which was in effect triggered by the actions of HRH your father. Now we all agree that you are initiating major development projects in Johor which is a good thing for Johor and the whole country. People of Johor and Malaysia have great respect and admiration for Your Majesty and TMJ but at the same time they expect Your Majesty to question the corruption and the thievery going on under the current administration. Mahathir may be a monster but now we need his help now to get rid of this corrupt regime. Daulat Tuanku.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam
Sekali lagi hang bawak satu isyu yg sangat penting untuk rakyat. Tapi aku pandang lain sikit ~ aku nampak ada perubahan yg sangat luag biasa bukan dok kena kak Malaya saja tapi untok beberapa negara di seluroh donia. Untuk kesan drama sikit, benda ni bulih disebut "penghijrahan" atau dlm telo Indonesia, di sebut "imigrasi".

Sorang dari penkomen blog hang ni tulih :
"Rest assured the regular Chinese Malaysian knows of the Cina Komunis colonization of Malaysia. Why do you think the skilled and talented Chinese Malaysians are heading to Singapore in the hundreds of thousands?"(Vinnan 10.39 pagi).

Lepaih tu aku tengok yg dok semai dan ubah anak padi di Sg. Dua, Bagan Ajam adalah orang2 muda Bangla.

Di tv, khemah2 pelarian Suria di Urdun sampai ke kaki langit, katanya penghuni dia lebih 1 juta orang. Tu tak kira yg di pebatasan Turki dan yg dapat lari ke Eropa, Kanada, Yunani dll.

Seperti tulih Vinnan (op cit), beribu dah masuk Singapo, dan beribu pulak yg lari ke Ostolia, Kanada dan jugak ke New York, ada angin2 China Malaya dari Salak South beli satu blok apatmen di New York. Aku bincang2 jugak dgn member China aku untok sama2 tinggai Malaya... dia kata masaalah besag ialah rasa sunyi... tu la aku kata, kita pindah sekampong sekali, kalu satu kampong macam sekog lembu, yg pindah tu biag separoh lembu sekali. Zaman dolu2, tanah di Ostolia morah, aku kata kak bini aku, kita beli 10 ekag, kat Cairns ka, di Gladstone ka...di utara Queensland, cuaca lebih korang macam di Malaya, romah pon buat ataih tiang, kerbau macam hak di Malaya, bulih ikat kad tiang romah, tanam pisang belakang romah, kita bukak kampong di sana, bukak masjid, buat sekolah, kedai... tapi masa tu bini aku tak mau dok jauh dgn mak ayah dia...Almarhum Prof Hamka pon ada sentoh pekara ni dlm 'tafsir Azhar' dia,...tak salah aku dia guna istilah 'gelombong' penduduk untok gejala pindah randah ni....

Balik pd tajuk hang, aku nak kiyaih imigrasi bukan saja untuk orang2 saja, tapi jugak modai, atau 'capital', jugak tentera dan senjata macam peringgi, belanda, Siam, Jepun, Indonesia(majapahit, sri vijaya) dll ke daerah yg namanya Malaya ni. Keadaannya jadi parah bila pemerintah klepek rakyat yg sedia lemah atau 'hapless', miskin, tak bersatu...

Hang tak ada dengag ka satu2 negara diseluroh donia,yg bagi masok rakyat Korea Utara tampa visa ialah Malaya.?

Mintak maghap no pasai aku lencong sikit dan kalu tesilap.

Zalman A said...

"Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) wants an election pact with PAS to avoid three-cornered fights during the coming 14th general election (GE14).

Its deputy president, Mukhriz Mahathir, said PPBM would hold talks with PAS to form an election pact.

“Like it or not, we (PPBM) need to have a date to finalise if we can have a pact with PAS, even if it is an electoral one,” he told reporters here today.

Mukhriz was here to attend the four-day PPBM retreat programme which began on Monday.

Also attending the programme were party chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad and president Muhyiddin Yassin.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was reported as saying that PAS would stick to its decision not to work with PPBM for as long as it collaborated with DAP and Parti Amanah Negara.

Meanwhile, Mukhriz said for the GE14, PPBM would concentrate on Malay-majority areas."


Can Hadi Awang EVER be trusted?

Why are so many PAS leaders so rich suddenly?

If PAS is being ordered by UMNO to split votes, can they really "negotiate"?

Can Hadi Awang EVER be trusted? This is the question.

If No PAS, then no victory for the Opposition but at least it is better than holding a snake that has embraced the even bigger Bugis snake.

Zalman A said...

"SHAH ALAM: Penganalisis politik melahirkan keyakinan Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) akan dapat menguasai Selangor pada pilihan raya umum akan datang jika PAS bertegas tidak menjalin kerjasama dengan Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Pensyarah Kanan Hal Ehwal Politik dan Antarabangsa Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Shukri Shuaib berkata demikian semasa soal jawab program “Wacana Politik: Perjuangan atau Populariti” anjuran Sinar Harian, hari ini.

“Sekiranya PAS tidak bersama PH, Umno boleh ambil semula Selangor malah bukan itu sahaja pembangkang juga akan kehilangan Pulau Pinang,” kata Shukri."

What is PAS doing?

The mat salleh call this "Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds" or talam dua muka.

Are you an ally of PKR or a tool of UMNO?

Why so confused, PAS?

vinnan said...

Anonymous Aku said...

Kami pun tak mahu jadi hamba Cina Komunis.

Soalan RM 141 Billion. Apa lagi Cina Komunis mahu?
Orang Melayu tahu jawapannya tapi Mat Gian dan Minah Gian sudah ketagihan candu Hak Istimewa Ketuanan Melayu-Islam yang tak mungkin dirawati.

the lawgiver said...

Dato, I refer to your last blog post on the Forex task Force

Part 1. You rightly pointed out that forex losses about 25 years ago was RM30 billion and under MO1 is around MR180 billion. The RM200 billion or thereabout forex loss is part of collateral damage caused by1MDB.
Then the depreciation of ringgit, high cost of living, increase in cost of imports, the shame to the nation and now our government is being described as a kleptocracy government. Don’t think Agong wants to visit overseas outside ASEAN nor our rulers as Malaysia is being ridiculed everywhere because of 1MDB.
According to press release from PM's office cabinet decided to establish a task force to investigate because present government is transparent. We laud this high aspirations.
But we would like to ask cabinet if this is the reason given why cabinet is silent on 1MDB? Surely cabinet knows rakyat is going to ask this question.
So what is cabinet’s answer to this question? Or is it transparent when it comes to others but cabinet is blind, dump and deaf when it comes to 1MDB and MO1?
ln Singapore, a few were charged and convicted in 1MDB-linked cases. ln Switzerland investigations are going on and DOJ in America had filed a case in court to seize assets related to 1MDB.
Since cabinet decided to form task force please also investigate losses under Najib. Incidentally, the task force investigating 1MDB was disbanded by present AG while other countries are still investigating and our AG refused to cooperate with requests from other countries for help.

the lawgiver said...

Part 2. I suggest to save money the forex task force should also investigate :
Cowgate: MR240 million government loans to enable cows to live in condos...the court ruled case should proceed but AG instructed DPP to withdraw it.
Ministry of youth: the scandals of over RM100 million. We have not heard anything since it was exposed.
Khazanah: It seems to support Pak Lah’s policy on giving priority to agriculture. Khazanah built something somewhere in country and was left as white elephant. We know nothing what Khazanah is doing yet it is our money.
Its investment in a Turkish airport is bleeding MAB. It formed a research outfit and gave RM1 billion for this purpose and rakyat want to know what research this outfit is doing.
Pension fund (KWAP) loaned RM4 billion to 1MDB. What has happened to this money?
Sabah water scandal: we were fed almost daily with pictures of cash, cars, etc.  We were very excited as we believe MACC is now serious and free to investigate. Then the expected happened. After creating so much hope, we are told after a long silence that case is under money laundering. We can only conclude that UMNO politicians are involved in this scandal and they must be protected. A charge under money laundering will save UMNO and its members.
Felda: purchase of Eagle High plantation from Peter Sondakh. Dato had written about his relationship with Najib and if l may add also Datin Seri Rosmah. Originally FGV was going to be buyer but due to objections from the opposition paeries it was delayed. Then Felda decided to buy and price was reduced but Felda has no money and oppositions continued to object and put up a very strong case. Now new chairman said government is buying and Felda will manage. Why must government buy? Sure this is a good case for the foex task force to investigate also.

the lawgiver said...

Mara and Tabong Haji in particular on purchases of properties overseas and later on purchase of 1MDB land and purchase of bonds related to 1MDB.
Forest City in Johor. Who approved freehold titles for foreigners and yet locals only get leasehold? And to publish agreements between the parties to see if other incentives were given to this development.
There must be many more losses which other readers can highlight. As government say it is transparent, let us all name the projects that should be investigated.
The next topic Dato wrote on a minister who has decided to resign but his name was not mentioned. Zahid it seemed rushed to Sabah and later announced that Anifah was not resigning. Why did Zahid pick on Anifah? MO1 said he has not received any letter of resignation and called YAB Azmin a liar. Anifah has not said a word. Before this there was talk that Zahid himself was on the way out especially after the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections when he became a hero to UMNO grassroots. Najib’s advisors told Najib to remove Zahid. We saw the letter being circulated and Zahid came out with a statement that he was 101% loyal to Najib. People asked why the l% extra? Then another statement to say he had never toppled a leader. Zahid has selected memory.
If not Anifah who as Dato rightly asked is the minister? Dato named a few. Khairy’s boys said he has signed his letter of resignation but just kept in his briefcase. We wonder why Najib remarked that he is puzzled that Khairy never asked him for anything. But we hear BN is monitoring and reporting Khairy's movement to Najib.
Dato, if we ask the ministers they keep dumb. But we should ask their wives. Ask Zahid's wife (or wives?) and Dato will get an honest answer. Has Dato ever seen his wife with Flom? Ask Mustapha’s wife and Anifah’s wife. And rest of the wives.
Ask Kak Ijat. At one time she was very angry with Najib but cooled down once made advisor. And Najib has many advisers and we don't know what they do except receive pensions and now salaries too. What other benefit do they get? We know Kak Ijat’s son got a scholarship to go and do further studies in USA while scholarships for the rest of rakyat have been cut but UMNO Putra still can get them. We like to know and like to read if advice is written to justify employing and paying them.
To publish the details of the RM140 billion investment by China which the government claim is FDI. We now know the east coast railway is a contract given to Chinese company without tender and we have to pay for this very very expensive contract. Let us have the details. Dato Seri Mustapha please tell us if this is FDI.
All the above should be included for the task force to investigate. Then only we can believe that government really is transparent.
As Najib’s cabinet say they are transparent, let us allow the task force to investigate, if not rakyat will say this is political sandiwara.
Salam Dato and keep writing.

sukasamasuka said...


Zalman A 10.07PM..."If No PAS, then no victory for the Opposition but at least it is better than holding a snake that has embraced the even bigger Bugis snake."

1. Agree with you Zalman A.

2. If we come to that, it is the Will of God.

3. PAS needs UMNO to implement the Shariah Law in Malaysia...using the Parliamentary system at the initial phase...or Phase 1.

4. But, in actual fact, Shariah Law doesn't need Parliamentary proceedings to formulate its law as all the Shariah Law has been prescribed in the Quran and the, technically, there is nothing the MPs, the Muslims and the Non-Muslims alike, can do or debate, except to agree...this is Phase 2.

5. The Shariah-compliant Parliament is a rubber-stamp no one dares to voice out disagreement in regards to any Shariah law...this is Phase 3.

6. With the power vested in the Agong supported by the Council of Rulers...Malaysia shall be declared an Islamic country like Saudi Arabia and Brunei...and, shall began the process of replacing the existing laws with either the Shariah-compliant Laws or 100% Shariah Laws like the amputation of hand ...this is Final Phase 4.

7. It is not a bad scenario after all for the Malayan people...except, UMNO and PAS and all the MPs who supported the Hadi's Bills have violated the International Treaty known as the Malaysia Agreement 1963, an important legal document for the formation of Malaysia ...also known as the "20 Points" for Sabah...and, the "18 Points" for Sarawak.

8. This Treaty supersedes the power of the Malaysian Parliament and the Agong...because, without this Treaty there is no Malaysia.

9. If we have to come to this...where UMNO has the gut and the political will to support Hadi's Bill right to the end using the Parliamentary system...then we have one option left which is open to all Malaysian.

10. We demand the right to hold, not one, but three Referendums.

11. A "Sabah Referendum" to decide whether we Sabahans want to be part of this so called "Islamic" Malaysia...and, "the right of the Sabahans for self-determination" as a nation of her own Singapore.

12. A "Sarawak Referendum" point 11.

13. A "Malaya Referendum"...please choose your own terms of reference, if you will...if I may suggest, to include, one of which, is "to kick out either Sabah or Sarawak or both, out of Malaysia because they are secular kafirs".

14. Let the Sabahans and the Sarawakians free once again to join the 9 billions "lost sheep in the wilderness to be devoured by the wild wolves"...and, their place is in Hell!

15. May God bless the Malayan Muslims under the guidance of PAS and UMNO... they all shall enter Jannah!

16. Malaysia is a legal entity...not, a natural country...very much like the State of Israel...created and born under the auspicious of the United association of three nations...bound by International laws...but, of different races, cultures and "adats", religious beliefs and diverse physical locations.

17. There shall never be unity of the tribes till the day of judgement in Malaysia...for that matter, anywhere in the is in the Quran...but, just a common understanding among men to do common good and live a good life.

"Wahai umat manusia! Sesunguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan bersuku puak, supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan (dan beramah mesra antara satu dengan yang lain)......."

Surah al-Hujarat ayat 13.

18. Only a Referendum can establish the ultimate aspiration of the our Parliament is not the right venue due to rampant corruptions.

19. I am sorry if we have to come to this, but, for the sake of our children and future generations.

20. I will not turn my back and betray the trust of my other non-Muslims families and friends because of UMNO and PAS.

I AM A MUSLIM!..SHALL DIE AS ONE...not because of UMNO and PAS.

big_ekor said...

Dun be stubborn. Be humble. Learn mandarin. Learn how to work hard and have proper attitudes in life. Orang melayu has been gostaning and can continue to do so, the world will not wait for you. Weak culture weak mental strength. Perpectually kept dumb by kleptocratic class.
If you are a weak culture and small country play that part to survive. Take the last train. And that train is China. China is approaching it's previous level at Ming Dynasty. As far as I am concern the malay race has past the point of no return. It has missed it's chances due to poor choices. Be that as it may, just blend in with others. Forget about ketuanlan.

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