Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcome To Padang Rengas

A Kadir Jasin

IT has been awhile that I have not posted an article in English.

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But somehow, sitting in an Indian Muslim coffee shop in the dilapidated Padang Rengas town, I was inspired to pen an article in the language of our former colonial master.

The Rengas Field is the Nazri Aziz country. Rengas is a tropical tree whose botanical name is Gluta/Melanorrhoea.

It is the fiefdom of the loud-mouth Padang Rengas Member of Parliament, (Datuk Seri) Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz. He is also the Tourism and Culture Minister.

It has been a long time that I have not taken this back road that, unintentionally, took me back to the pre-North-South Highway days when I used to frequent this part of the country.

Those days, to travel north to my village in Kedah, I had to use the north-south trunk road that passes through Padang Rengas.

Surprisingly, even after more than two decades of bypassing it, Padang Rengas remains largely unchanged.

Except for the larger and sturdier Malay houses, the well-manicured lawns, the prevalence of motorcycles and the thinning out of the stilted wooden houses, Padang Rengas seems frozen in a time warp.

Ironic. Padang Rengas and previously the adjacent Chenderoh, have been democratically franchised to Mohamed Nazri since the 1995 general elections.

That means it has been his political domain for the past 21 years. Incidentally he became an MP during the rule of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the man he now despises.

Padang Rengas remains trapped in the time past while its five-term MP became one cool dude in the Kuala Lumpur City and possibly, one of the richest Umno warlords in the land.

The son of a diplomat-turned-politician, Mohamed Nazri has fashioned himself into a cross between a mafia don and a Malay panglima with the nickname “The Chief”.

Unabashedly, his son, Nedim Sujak Nazri Aziz, who is his “personal assistant”, is baptized “Chief Junior”. His Instagram page introduces him as “Nedim Sujak Nazri Aziz Chief Junior / SuperDad Proud Malaysian (liberal) Harrisons Holdings (M) Bhd Bendahari Pemuda Padang Rengas.

The chief is Najib’s trumpeter-in-chief. He’s one of the most ardent admirers and ferocious defenders of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

His chief target is the man who put him in Parliament, Dr Mahathir. He has called Dr Mahathir many names including “old”, “senile” and “forgetful”.

Recently he challenged Dr Mahathir to contest against him in the coming General Election in Padang Rengas. Dr Mahathir responded by inviting him to contest in Langkawi.

Dr Mahathir is the organising head of the Langkawi division of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM). He is also the national chairman of the party.

Since then Mohamed Nazri had suffered a slight indignity when his former cabinet colleague, Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin, labelled him the “pondan of Padang Rengas” which roughly translated means the eunuch of Padang Rengas for refusing to answer Dr Mahathir challenge.

The accuracy and appropriateness of my translation is debatable of course because “pondan” has many meanings and nuances. It could mean a transsexual person, a man dressing up like a women or simply a coward.

In the latest development Mohamed Nazri appears to be making a move to reclaim his honour and prove once and for all that he is a man and Najib’s quixotic panglima Melayu.

He has accepted Dr Mahathir's challenge to a debate on 1MDB and the RM2.6-billion fund that entered Najib’s personal bank accounts back in 2013.
In a text message to Malaysiakini, Mohamed Nazri said he would leave it to Dr Mahathir to decide on whether any other topic should be included.
But I have a strong feeling that he would do a disappearing when the time comes.

Or he would end up being another Abdul Rahman Dahlan, who, instead of defending Najib in a BBC interview, blundered by confirming that the Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) referred to by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) was indeed Najib.

The Train Station: Rare symbol of modernity 
To recap, just in case you want to do an unscientific time travel back to the 1970s and 80s, you can always make a weekend trip to Padang Rengas.

There’s even a special Keretapi Tanah Melayu commuter service connecting Padang Rengas to northbound stations. The service starts in Padang Besar and ends in Padang Rengas.

If you do it now, you can even “selfie” with the likeness of Mohamad Nazri on the platform.



ali along said...

I have the feeling that his Master will say no..99%

Numero Quarto said...

dato akj..x sbr rasanya nk tngk kehebatan si'pondan' pdg renggas ni..

sukasamasuka said...


Anything less than "Welcome to Pekan"...will not interest me, Datuk.

Please advise Tun to reconsider.

It is to early to kill a career of a small-timing politician the like of Nazri...and, it's not worth a rupee, so to speak.

Just let it's ok.

rahman jpc said...

saya kenal nazri sejak dia menuntut dlm jurusan undang2 d uk lagi. semasa itu saya bertugas sebagai atase' pelajaran yg beroperasi dari London.

ini lah nazri apa ada nya - tidak berubah.

'he is a survivor' dlm politik Negara.

saya percaya dia mengamal 'dictum' di mana bumi di pijak di situ langit di junjung.

jika rani kulup menjadi PM sekali pun, nazri akan tetap memberi dokongan demi kesinambungan nyawa politik nya.

tapi dgn tun m ,saya percaya dia sudah salah langkah. jadi terima saja lah akibat nya.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk.

Tun has shown himself a warrior who will walk into any lion's den.

He will turn up to face his critics.

It was Tun's presence at the "Everything2Hide" forum that caused Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil to run away and hide behind an extra large kebaya.

Maybe Nazri Aziz will do the same.

Pompuan said...

Buat apalah Tun nak berdebat dengan Nazri. Tak mendatangkan apa-apa faedah kepada UMNO ataupun pembangkang. Dan juga kepada negara. Kira-Kira merendahkan martabat Tun lagi.
Nazri is game for anything. He basks in the limelight. He will not lose anything. It's Tun who will further erode his dignity. Tun is a class above the rest. He is not acting like a statesman at all. The perfect match for Nazri is Boboi.
The press will have a field day portraying Nazri as the hero. They will feature what he says. Not what Tun says. Tun will merit just two paragraphs.
Saya sedihlah DAKJ. Semakin hari senakin teruklah Tun diperkecilkan oleh media. Apa lagi yang Tun mahu. At the pinnacle of power but now relegated to a meddling old man. Puhleezelah. Don't you guys add fuel for BN to belittle and insult Tun. Kami tak sanggup dah tengok.Tun dicaci. Udahlah tu. Janganlah Tun jadi Quran buruk. Rasa saya Nazri tak betanding dalam Pilihanraya akan datang. Janganlah biarkan Tun terus dihina dan dianggap diaànggap nonentity.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Melayu seekor ini memang bongkak.
Akhirnya digelar 'Pondan'.

Org tua2 pun dah berpesan..."kawal lidah....jaga mulut dsb".

Peribahasa pun berkata...."kerana pulut...santan binasa...kerana mulut badan binasa"...dan bnyk lagi tentang keburukan jika silap berkata2.

Tetapi...kerana dia rasa dia seorg 'chief' serupa seorg 'Don'...dia rasa 'terror' maka dia cakap apa yg dia suka....melakuk.,,.merapu mcm org yg otak 'short'.....'last2'....digelar 'Pondan'.

Gelaran Pondan...sama dgn Bapuk atau Daghai (panggilan org utara).

Kini..dia telah terpaksa menyahut menerima cabaran 'Don' yg sebenar berumur 91 tahun....untuk membukti 'kejantanan'.

Kasihan dia.

Tetapi percaya debat itu tidak akan terjadi kerana 'Boss' pondan serupa dia,..tidak akan benarkan.

LaM said...

Issues like 1mdb, the rm55billion loan, BMF, the rm2.6billion stolen 1mdb monies are all issues related to economy and financial governance of the country. They are.beyond the understanding of Nazri, MO1 hatchet man.

Nazri is a lawyer by training. He got his legal qualification in UK because his father was rich or influential. But as a lawyer, his legal experience must be limited to signing the standardised S&P .

In Parliament, he in the same rank as Bung Mohtar and Tajuddin..good at shouting profanities. He has never shown any intellectualism in engaging the opposition MPs.

As Entrepreneur minister then, he is best remembered for the ' taxi permit' scandal and like Annuar Musa who was accused of misappropriating the PPRT funds as Minister. was also a subject of ACA investigation.

Mahathir knew the limited ability and capabilities of Nazri. He is not in the same class as Rafizi or Tony Pua to engage Mahathir. Let's see what comes out from Nazri'mouth later.


1. Pembahas Pompuan, antara lain, berkata: “Buat apalah Tun nak berdebat dengan Nazri. Tak mendatangkan apa-apa faedah kepada UMNO ataupun pembangkang. Dan juga kepada negara. Kira-Kira merendahkan martabat Tun lagi. Nazri is game for anything. He basks in the limelight. He will not lose anything. It's Tun who will further erode his dignity. Tun is a class above the rest. He is not acting like a statesman at all. The perfect match for Nazri is Boboi.”

2. Apa saja yang kita buat dengan niat yang baik dan disertai kebijaksanaan, Insya Allah akan bawa hasil hatta berbahas dengan seorang MP kelas Boboi.

3. Mungkin MP kelas Boboi tak mampu bagi kita ilmu dan pengetahuan, tapi ramai orang yakin Tun boleh mengajar mereka sesuatu.

4. Itulah yang kita baca selama ini mengenai hujah dan kenyataan Tun di dalam media massa. Banyak soalan yang wartawan tanya adalah kelas Boboi tapi Tun bagi jawapan kelas dunia.

5. Itulah Tun yang Pompuan sendiri akui bila dia berkata “Tun is a class above the rest “.

6. Also Tun has repeatedly said, he is not concerned about how he is perceived and remembered. He is not interested in being a statesman and resting on his laurel while the country he helped built is run to the ground by a kleptocratic leader.

7. We should thank Mohamed Nazri for his willingness to debate with Tun in a public arena since the BN-controlled Parliament has disallowed all attempts to debate these issue in the Chamber.

8. I would say, thank you “the chief” for according us the opportunity.


Buyong said...

Kalau kita imbas kembali sejarah debat Nazri, kita Akan ingat debat Nazri-Salahuddin Ayop di Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka suatu waktu dahulu. Pada masa itu saya penyokong kuat UMNO. Dari mula hingga akhir perdebatan saya kecewa dengan Nazri yang mewakili UMNO.
Datang dengan hanya berkain pelekat, berkopiah putih dan tersengeh2 cuba mengawal perasaan gementer agaknya. Semua isu yang dibahas Dan soalan yang ditanya tidak dijawab dengan betul sebaliknya lari dari topik, mempersenda dan banyak membuang masa perbahasan. Saya yakin Nazri Akan mengguna taktik yang sama. Nazri tidak akan bersedia untuk perdebatan ini sebab dia tahu memang tiada jawapan kepada persoalan yang dibincangkan. Sebaliknya nazri akan sentiasa cuba membuang sebanyak masa yang boleh dan membuat serangan peribadi yang tiada kena-mengena dengan topik. Keesokannya, mainstream media akan menonjolkan nazri sebagai jaguh kerana berjaya berhadapan dengan Tun. (Walaupun dia hanya bercakap kosong sepanjang perbahasan).
Tv kerajaan tidak Akan menayangkan perbahasan ini. Kita perlu mencari saluran sebanyak mungkin untuk membuat live streaming supaya rakyat dapat menilai tanpa perlu 'bantuan tafsiran' dari media kerajaan.

Pengamen Endang said...

Talking about the most ardent admirer and ferocious defender Datuk Kadir, I just can't bring myself to support a leader who steal money from public fund to provide wealth and luxuries to his family. I just can't.

The thing is, the deeds he committed past several years couldn't even be defined as corruption per se. Typical corruption case there must be some kinda transaction, be it business dealings, favouritism, kickbacks, etc. but the thing that he did was outright stealing. Lot of it.

Typical Malay attitude. Always looking for the easiest way possible to make money. Always shy away from doing the hard work. With all the powers one has at disposal, why not being creative about it. There must be a way to have lots and lots of money in the shortest period of time. And the art of funneling all those monies without looking like thieving. There's must be a way. There's always a way to bypassing all the rules.

Rather than setting up proper company and win favour through corrupt dealings, like past corrupt leaders used to do, there is other way it seemed which was much much more easier. That is stealing outright from the country's treasury.

Of course you can't do it openly. You need to create some kinda fund to raise the money. Bilions upon billions. And move the monies somewhere else in far far away land. Somewhere safe and hidden from the glares of Malaysian authorities such as Bank Negara, LHDN, Customs, and MACC under the pretense of overseas' investments. And then you pilfer every now and then if the need arises.

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam DAKJ,

Padang Rengas dalam kenangan, bandar kecil ini akan selalu saya tempuhi setiap kali konvoi saya dalam perjalanan ke utara setiap kali di beri misi memburu dan menghapuskan pengganas komunis di utara negara (sempadan Kedah/Thailand) di tahun tahun awal 70an. Begitu juga tika saya bertugas di markas 2 Beriged, Ipoh, pasti saya akan tempuhi pekan ini bila ke unit unit tentra di Taiping. Perhatikan pohon pohon durian dan buah buah lain yang tumbuh subur di sepanjang jalan hingga ke Bukit Berapit. Memang subur dan menawan hati terutama pada mereka yg tinggal di KL.

Apakah pertembungan Tun dan Nazri akan terjadi? inilah persoalan yang sedang mendesak otak saya, apakan Nazri ingin dimalukan di hadapan penyokong dan warga Padang Rengas. Tun memang bijak memilih PR sebagai venue untuk pertembungan ini. Bagai seorang Panglima perang yang sedang mengumpan musuhya masuk ke dalam "killing Zone" dan memberi pukulan maut.

Ikhlas saya katakan bahawa Nazri tidak mungkin berhadapan dengan Tun kerana Tun terlalu knowledgeable dan boleh mematahkan setiap hujah Nazri sebagaimana seorang komando yang pakar mematahkahkan leher musuh setiap kali membuat serangan senyap. Sebagaimana biasa alasan demi alasan akan diberikan untuk Nazri mengelakkan diri dari pertembungan ini. Kita tunggu dan lihat bagaimana ( "Pondan of Padang Rengas" bukan saya kata tapi Zam yang kata),
akan mengelakkan diri dalam debat ini. Sallam sejahtera.


Zalman A said...


The lackeys of the party formerly known as PAS but now known as "Umno Hijau"(Hadi, Nik Abduh, Zuhdi and some of the Kelantan faction) do not have the same courage as Tun.

They have been infected with MO1 cowardice.

Hadi will not dare debate on RU355.

Kelantan PAS can slander Husam, but dares nor debate when Husam walks into their ceramah and sits on the stage.

Umno Hijau have been raking orders from Umno Central for so long that all the bad habits have been inherited.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Kalu dari utara, sentuh Bukit Berapit dolu. Di satu lurah sebelom gua kereta api tepanjang di Malaya, ada satu anak sungai, ayag dia jernih, deraih dan sejuk. Udara dia jugak nyaman, macam berembun, macam dlm hutan. Bila turun dari bukit yg sikit curam sampailah ke sebuah kampong melayu benama Padang Rengaih, sebuah lembah dgn sawah padi dan nyog melambai, dipasak dgn jongkong2 bukit kapog dan dikelilingnya hutan tebai. Aku besanya bonceng moto lambretta almarhum Pak aku. Tapi ni semua dah tak dak dah, bukit2 kapog dah digerobek buat simen cap unta oleh kilang Korea, debu dan habok betebag merata dan sawah dah lama ditinggai, macam sekelip mata....kadang2 tertanya sorang2 depa tak pasang penyerap habok ka ("dust collector") atau kalau pasang, hak cap ayam ka...? Pihak pejabat alam sekitag buat apa, 'wakil rakyat' dia pulak buat apa....hang pulak pi tulih Padang Rengaih city kaku macam dlm 'time warp',ka apa ka... yg sebenagnya mungkin lagi terok macam banyak kawasan tepencil dan dak tepencil diseluroh Malaya.

Wakil Rakyat dia dok kata, nilai duit Malaya jatuh baguih, ramai lagi pelancong nanti mai Malaya, dan orang malaya pulak ramai nanti melancong dlm negeri sebab duit asing dah jadi mahai.....tup2 jumlah pelancong ke Malaya susut tapi pelancong ke Siam dan Singapo yg duit depa jadi mahai pulak naik. Dan Tong San pon turunkan nilai duit dia, di turut oleh Jepun....Ada wakil rakyat ni nak mintak maghap...? Tengok: Aug 11, 2015 - KUALA LUMPUR: Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said the depreciation of the ringgit is good for the country's tourism industry. “Only mad people do not understand what it ...(Astro Awani).

'Rengaih' dlm basa tempatan magna gatai atau gatai melampau, katanya pokok Rengaih ni ada racun, munkin Mad bin Saleh kata 'toxic'.

Kadiag, aku nak tulih pasai lain sikit yg penkomen lain pon ada singgong, yagni para perlu kita kekai dijalan untuk ujudkan satu "mass movement", satu gerakkan massa, macam di Korea Selatan yg tumbangkan presiden depa...

Ni pulak dari Jawa Pos, 11 Mac, tak salah aku berpuloh orang kena ligan oleh Komisi Pemberentasan Korupsi (KPK) kerana tersangka songlap fulus buat kad pebgenalan elektronik ....(untuk yg tak berapa paham, aku syak "parpol" magna patii politik dan "Kemendagri" pulak magna Kementerian Dalam Negeri)

"dakwaan tindak pidana korupsi proyek pengadaan KTP elektronik (e-KTP) yang kini mulai disidangkan, diduga bukan hanya terdakwa mantan pejabat Kemendagri Irman dan Sugiharto yang terlibat, tetapi juga politisi terkemuka dari berbagai parpol. Terdakwa Irman bahkan menyebut beberapa parpol, termasuk parpol yang sedang berkuasa sekarang, turut menikmati uang suap proyek e-KTP yang diduga merugikan negara sekitar Rp 2,3 triliun dari nilai proyek Rp 5,9 triliun itu. Besarnya nilai uang yang digunakan untuk menyuap menunjukkan bahwa kasus tersebut merupakan kasus besar yang mempermalukan bangsa dan negara. Karena itu, kasus tersebut harus diungkap sampai tuntas.
KPK tentu tidak akan berhenti mengungkap kasus ini hanya pada Irman dan Sugiharto serta sejumlah politikus, tetapi juga wajib menyidik keterlibatan parpol dalam perkara tindak pidana korupsi ini. Parpol adalah instrumen politik yang sangat penting dalam sistem politik dan demokrasi kita di bawah UUD 1945. Tanpa parpol, takkan ada pemilu legislatif dan pilkada. Bahkan, tanpa parpol, mustahil ada pemilihan presiden dan wakil presiden. Sebab, hanya parpol yang dapat mencalonkan pasangan calon presiden dan wakil presiden."

Mintak maghap Kadiag no.

pak mat penchen said...

Saya lebih suka tunggu alasan yg nazri aziz aka gangster kg pisang akan beri kelak... mungkin di batal kan atas sebab korea utara nak attack padang rengas.

Zalman A said...


"JOHOR BAHRU: Pengerusi Felda, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad hari ini menyifatkan tindakan Pakatan Harapan menganjurkan Konvensyen Felda pada 19 Mac ini di Shah Alam, Selangor, hanya bermotifkan agenda politik yang ingin menghasut rakyat, khususnya peneroka bagi membenci kerajaan.

Beliau dipetik Bernama berkata, pihak berkenaan seharusnya tidak perlu merumitkan keadaan sebaliknya membantu menyelesaikan masalah yang sedia wujud.

“Kalau menghasut dengan merumitkan keadaan, itu tidak akan menaikkan harga getah atau sawit,” kata beliau yang juga Pengerusi Kelab Penyokong Barisan Nasional selepas majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pelajar".

This is the same Shahrir Samad who happily admitted getting a RM1 million cheque from MO1. Which is clearly corruption under the MACC Act.

Why does he think that all financial scandals must be ignored like his and MO1's?

This is the hypocrisy of Parti Dedak Najib.

Pompuan said...

Thanks DAKJ for your wise reply to my viewpoints. But let me tell you the debate will not happen. Definitely abort punya. Adalah excuse nanti.Jom kita bet. I lebih suka if the debate is between Tun and Najib. Of course that will never happen. Kiranya Debate Tun and Nazri non-eventlah. Takkanlah ex-Number one cocok debate dengan Supreme council member saja.kalau kalah jatuh lagi martabat Tun. Baik toksah. We already know Tun's stand. Why subject him to an unnecessary event???

Hantu said...

Kepada PM saya merayu supaya pondan Padang Rengas ni tidak lagi menjadi calun untuk pilihanraya akan dtg... kalau masih mahu tukarkan kekawasan lain, takde apa yg dia deliver untuk masyarakat setempat, sebesar taik hidungpun tiada jasanya...

SolitaireHunter said...

Lemas tengok si mangkok ni pakai baju melayu dengan rantai emas di tengkok...

xairlinepilot said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ,

I beg to differ, Nazri is not a "pondan". He is The Don of UMNO, the Chief Don of Pdg Rengas. Sobas he's son Bos Ned.

But from my point of view, Nazri Aziz ni semacam " Kak Don" yang selalu ada kat lorong depan SAHC. Sekolah kita lama. Dato dan gang2 SAHC pun tau apa tu "Kak Don" kan? Itu lah standard Nazri Aziz @ The Kak Don of UMBO.

Scholar, Sportsman, Gentleman...

Thats what we are.. Thats TDM, thats us

xairlinepilot said...

Typo.. * so as his son.. bos net. Samseng kampong nak kawin artis konon. Artis tu nak kawin si nedim tu pasal meeah duit saja. Kalau keja kuli, sebelah mata artis tu tak oandang. Muka macam kuli macai saja

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk

As Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil cannot answer simple questions, even in Parliament, perhaps his macai can.

Of course the list is far longer now.

Zalman A said...

Nazri will claim that the local probes "cleared" MO1.

That is a lie.

Let's be accurate:

a) BNM investigation: Led to request for prosecution of 1MDB not once but TWICE. Blocked by 24-hour replacement.

b) MACC investigation: Clearly there was a case, otherwise the MACC would have closed the files on their end. Blocked by 24-hour replacement. MACC request for MLA not granted by 24-hour replacement. MACC panels wanted to ask for review of decision, but were disbanded.

c) PAC found that up to US$7 billion is unaccounted for in 1MDB, BNM evidence (deleted) that US$700 million was siphoned to the wrong people. Ambrin Buang hidden by OSA.

So let's be accurate:

Mappadulung "aku sain buta2 jer" Karaeng Sanrobone's only talent seems to be appointing very hungry people who are "looking for lunch" to oversee, edit and block these investigations into himself.

But to say "local investigations had completely cleared the PM and 1MDB" is wrong.

if Nazri claims so, he is a liar too.

Zed-85 said...

Saudari Pompuan,

Nazri had been taunting Tun for years since zaman Pak Lah. All about “anak jantan” and so forth.

Now that Tun will be coming to Padang Rengas, Nazri have to face him. His “anak jantan” honor is at stake. In Japan , people willing to do harakiri for honor.

There is nothing wrong with having a lively debate. Schools are having debate all the time.

In America, Donald Trump had presidential debate with Clinton last year. David Cameron had debated about Brexit last year. The whole planet watched their debate.

We should encourage debate not discourage it.

sukasamasuka said...


Perhaps a bit off the topic, but I can't help it...look here..

"Leaders without vision will hamper progress of country, PM says.

KOTA BARU, March 12 — Malaysia will become weak and non-competitive if the country is led by leaders without a vision, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“I always remember what Imam Al-Ghazali had said, “If you want to see the future generation, look at the current generation. Therefore, our children need education, knowledge and competitive edge. That is why we started the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) dialogue,” he said."


Haaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa...what the #&%* he is talking about?

Al Ghazali is right, but not the person who quote it!...oh s***!

What is wrong with this guy?

TN50 is Temberang Najib ada 50 dalil!

Go and figure it out, one of which is the one above to start with.

No.2 - He failed Vision 2020.

No.3- ????, I don't now.

Zalman A said...


Can NAzri answer this set of questions:

"The Swiss A-G tells our A-G that 800 million has been stolen via a "Ponzi Scheme" from KWAP. Why does our A-G ignore it?"

"The OSA-ed report from Ambrin shows massive financial holes not accounted for from 1MDB. Why does our A-G ignore it?"

"The US DOJ says billions are missing and has produced detailed charts to show the flow of money stolen. Does the A-G think this is all fantasy?"

"Who is Mo1?"

xairlinepilot said...

Salam DAKJ,

Taxi tengok xalam berita TV3 interview pondan padang rengas. Muka dia sangat2 pucat Dato'. Macam tak ada darah masuk dalam otak. Dia ada seketika tunduk masa bercakap, kalau ikut theory psychology, itu tandanya takut atau bersalah.

Saperkara lagi, dia sudah guna excuses yang MK2 Jo Ghani bagi statement yang debat ini lebih kpd individu bukan kerajaan. Dia dah mula spin si pondan ni.

Individu kepala hitak bapak dia apa? Ini masalah negara. Kalau Nazri jantan, kau debat sajalah, jangan kata kau menteri pelacuran saja. Bodoh punya Nazri @ Dickhead

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).