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Hishammuddin's New Power: The Dagger is Unsheathed

A Kadir Jasin
THE propaganda machine of the government and Barisan Nasional (BN) is going nut trying to play down the growing public skepticism over the recent appointment of (Datuk Seri) Hishammuddin Hussein as Minister with Special Functions in the Prime Minister’s Department.

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Read this April 19 New Straits Times’ digital edition headline - Hishammuddin's new portfolio will strengthen Home, Foreign Ministries: Zahid

In simple English, what the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was saying is this:

(Datuk Seri) Hishammuddin Hussein’s appointment as Minister with Special Functions would strengthen the Home and Foreign Ministries.

If Hishammuddin’s appointment “would strengthen the Home and Foreign Ministries” the inferred meaning is the two ministries are either weak or are not strong enough.

That could not be good for Ahmad Zahid because he is the Home Minister. Similarly it reflects negatively on the Foreign Minister, (Datuk Seri) Anifah Aman.

There have been rumours that the Sabahan Anifah is contemplating resignation. It makes sense, therefore, that one of Hishammuddin's additional power is to oversee the Foreign Ministry.

Ironically, this inference was confirmed by Ahmad Zahid himself in the intro of the NST report when he was quoted as saying that “the new tasks assigned to Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, as the Special Functions Minister, are meant to further strengthen the government's and party's leadership institutions.”

What Ahmad Zahid was saying is this. The leadership of the government and the party was not strong enough that Hishammuddin has to be appointed to make it stronger.

There’s no big problem agreeing with Ahmad Zahid on that. The government and party institutions have become week as a result of manipulations by the scandal-tainted Prime Minister (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

Ahmad Zahid appeared to be in such state of confusion and shock that no matter how hard he tried to justify Hishammuddin’s elevation and put on a strong face, he failed.

While saying that Hishammuddin’s new role would help strengthen the Home and Foreign Ministries, he went on to say “Hishammuddin's new portfolio is not designed to supersede the roles of the Home Ministry and the Foreign Ministry.”

He said: "We have discussed several tasks for Hishammuddin as the Special Functions Minister, which include boosting the leadership institutions of the government and party. I am confident that with his vast experience in government he will be able to help me and the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.”

The NST further quoted Ahmad Zahid as saying that Hishammuddin would assist him and the Prime Minister to address domestic and international issues.

"In my opinion, Hishammuddin is capable of carrying out his additional duty. His new role is not meant to overtake the tasks of the Home Ministry or the Foreign Ministry, but to enhance and complement the role of the prime minister and myself," Zahid told reporters after receiving a courtesy call from Hishammuddin at his office. (Read here).

It was reported that Hishammuddin’s first task as Special Functions Minister is to monitor security in Sabah, where he will be working closely with Zahid and Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

Zahid and Musa jointly chair the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone), while Najib is the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) chairman.

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to salvage his tattered reputation, Ahmad Zahid claimed that it was he who suggested that Najib appoint Hishammuddin as the Special Functions Minister three months ago.

"The three of us (Najib, Zahid and Hishammuddin) have something in common. All of us held the post of Defence Minister. So, many things can be done as Defence Minister.

"Hishammuddin's new portfolio will enable him to help me and the prime minister.

"This does not mean that Hishammuddin is representing us, but he is representing the government," he added.

The Plot Thickens

I think that there could be another twist to Ahmad Zahid’s claim that he proposed Hishammuddin’s appointment. He could be doing that upon realising just how unpopular and burdensome Najib has become in recent months.

One way of addressing the problem is to give the impression that Najib is loosening his grips on power and some form of succession is being planned.

It works. There are enough people who believe that Najib is preparing to make an exit.

He might be leaving for good or is merely testing the water and hatching a new survival plan.

It’s better for him not to lead the BN in coming general election than risk defeat.

Losing to the opposition means risking a trial and possibly imprisonment. So it’s better to step aside and let Hishammuddin take charge.

There are many ways of doing this. He could, for instance, go on an extended leave, say for several weeks, to give him rāzônˈdetrə to appoint Hishammuddin as Acting Prime Minister.

Could the Prime Minister be saying goodby?
He could have been told by the party that it would lose if he continues to lead. That would be a disaster for him and his family.

My Le Carrean instinct is this. He goes on leave. Makes Hishammuddin Acting PM. Vacates the Pekan seat and hands it over to someone he trust, for example one his sons, resigns the PM post but keeps Umno presidency. The BN wins. He makes a comeback by contesting in the Pekan seat or any other parliamentary seat in a by-election.

These actions would put the opposition in a bind. With him gone (albeit temporarily), the antagonism towards the BN would be reduced and the opposition’s assault would be blunted. That is if the opposition falls into the trap.

The End is Near for Ahmad Zahid

Irrespective of whether my Le Carrean plot happens or not, Ahmad Zahid’s political journey has hit a bump. Hishammuddin has leapfrogged over him.

But it’s not the end of the road. While Hishammuddin may enjoy the support of the BN’s non-Malay parties, Ahmad Zahid is stronger in Umno.

Before Hishammuddin’s appointment, Ahmad Zahid could even be stronger than Najib. This had caused worries among Najib’s and Hishammuddin’s supporters that they plotted to weaken him. 

Hishammuddin-Zahid rivalry: Not anymore a laughing matter
Najib knows when the crunch comes blood is thicker than water. Ahmad Zahid may be his long time pal and compadre but Hishammuddin is his cousin. For that he gets the cheer for the last mile.



sukasamasuka said...


Tiada sudah itu cerita pasal si Zahid, Datuk...macam dia sudah kena bungkus siang2 lagi.

Konon2nya...entah betul ka atau tidak, aku tidak tau la...aku hanya dengar2 cerita dari tukang jual kasut pasar malam saja...masa dia di Semporna baru2 ini pada 16hb April, sikit saja orang yang datang sampai kasut pun tidak laku...yang datang pun bukan ramai orang Semporna tapi dibawa dari luar pakai kereta, tapi masih juga banyak itu parking masih kosong.

UMNO Sabah "main wayang" sama si Zahid...kesian dia...jahat juga kerja orang2 UMNO ni...kotor mainan politik durang...itu la si Dahalan sama si Keruak diam2 saja pasal hal si Zahid sebab durang tau Zahid sudah kena kencing olih bos.

Aku rasa kalau ada orang berani tanya si Zahid betul ka dia ada "jumpa Arab" tu, dia akan ubah tu sikit cerita dia.

Zahid kena checkmate olih MO1 bila dia mengaku pernah jumpa Arab yang derma RM2.6 billion tu...sedangkan apa la susahnya kalau suruh saja si Muhydin yang pergi...susah ka?

Dengan masuknya si Hisapmudin, cerita si Zahid semua orang tak faham...mungkin Datuk seorang saja yang faham.

Tanya la mana2 orang UMNO, masing2 ada cerita sendiri...itu la tujuannya yang sebenar...misinformation... distraction.

Sekurang2nya dapat la MO1 tidur lena walaupun sikit...pandai ba si MO1 nie.

Tiba tiba orang sudah lupa pasal minyak naik...pasal GST...pasal kurang kerja...pasal barang naik.

Tiba2 ada pula cerita Kerajaan UMNO Melaka mau ikut macam kerajaan PAS Kelantan pasal tidak bolih pakai menjolok mata bila melawat Melaka...ada apa di Melaka sampai orang ke sana mau bertelanjang?..mata juling pun bolih nampak orang tak pakai baju ka?...mati la orang di Bukit Rambai kalau begini.

Sebenar nya aku tak kisah si Zahid mampus Hisapmudin mampus ka atau MO1 sudah mampus...gaji durang semua gila2...curi duit bukan sikit sikit.

Harap sara hidup bolih turun dengan hapusnya GST dan anak2 kita dapat kerja supaya durang bolih hidup ba.

Ini perkara pokok, Datuk.

Melati Wilayah said...

`getting week...? Seriously dato. Correctly, getting weak.

adion said...

Najib, hisham and zahid... non are PM material and to represent the Malays.
This is the present Umno leaders standard.
And hisham & najib were once handpicked to lead Umno by TDM

illat said...

salam dato,

whatever Umno trying to repair its image, I will never vote BN again.

Is not about president only but UMNO itself is rotten to the roots.

Sorry, but racial based party is obsolete at information era.

Tuan Punahsihat said...


Najib@Bigmama very smart.


Melati Wilayah, thank you for being so thorough in your reading of our blog. Your attention to detail in commendable. The typographical error has been corrected. Thank you.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Kalaulah saya DS Najib, dengan situasi keadaan yang sedia ada, saya pun pilih Hishamuddin.

Pepatah orang putih kata, “Blood is thicker than water”.

Maknanya, darah itu lebih pekat dari air.

Sebenarnya isunya adalah orang di belakang atau penyokong di belakang dua-dua orang itu. Sudah tentulah ada yang tidak puas hati sekiranya ada orang yang potong line, “jump the que”.

Bagi pandangan sayalah, berebut kuasa ini antara punca PAS berubah.

Golongan terpelajar semakin berpengaruh di PAS dari golongan agama. Mat Sabu menjadi timbalan
Presiden dan ramai geng akademik memegang jawatan tinggi.

Saya rasa golongan agama tidak puas hati.

Oleh kerana itu, selepas ketiadaan Nik Aziz, golongan geng akademik dinyahkan jawatan dan hala-tuju PAS diubah.

Ini pandangan kasar saya, boleh jadi benar, boleh jadi salah.

Yang ditakutkan adalah persepsi yang negatif kepada agama tentang apa yang terjadi di negara kita, walhal sebenarnya adalah kelemahan manusia itu sendiri yang tidak boleh menahan cemburu dan hawa nafsu untuk mendapat kuasa. Perjuangan bukan ikhlas untuk rakyat tetapi untuk diri sendiri.

Zalman A said...


The recent developments in 1MDB.

The Singapore papers report an ongoing settlement.

However, everything goes back to the ECRL deal with China.

The leaked term sheet of the ERCL contract reveals this.

Total CCCC cost of acquiring all remaining parts of 1MDB and its worthless companies and fund units: USD7.5bn or MYR30 bn.

Term Sheet, China’s obligations:

(a) End July, CCCC assumes USD4.78 bn of 1MDB (i.e. 1MDB Energy) debt to IPIC, due between Oct 2016 and 2022.

(b) Pay on 1MDB’s behalf USD850 mn to IPIC;

(c) Buys at USD315 mn, two Jho Low-affiliated companies, Loh Corporation Berhad and Putra Perdana Berhad.

(d) Acquisition of 1MDB Ayer Hitam (Penang land, at USD850 mn, payment to IPIC);

(e) Acquisition of 1MDB Global Inv. (USD940 mn);

(f) Acquisition of 1MDB Brazen Sky (USD1.56 bn); and,

(g) Acquisition of 100% of 1MDB Energy Holdings [Price (a) = USD4.78 bn]

The CCCC calculation is the near exact sum in 1MDB total losses (money ‘unverified’), estimated by the Auditor General as well as others.

Doubling the rail contract price returns, by back looping, the cost of bailout from CCCC to Malaysia so that, on the surface, Najib Razak is seen to have not only resolved the 1MDB scam but also without incurring a sen.

This deal wipes clean the slate at 1MDB, completely — with IPIC especially, and with 1MDB Energy (which underwrote the USD bonds along with IPIC); selling one of the last two pieces of land, Ayer Hitam; and by transferring ownership out of Brazen Sky, 1MDB Global Investments, Putra Perdana and others.

It means China picks up all their liabilities, along with all of 1MDB’s criminal past and any asset issued in its name but frozen in the US and elsewhere.

Loh Corporation Berhad and Putra Perdana Berhad have nothing to do with us.

They are Jho Low owned companies.

Hence not only is the Malaysian taxpayer paying double the oost of the ECRL, we are also clearing Jho Low's business debts.

Is this legal?

Of course not.

In fact it should (in a civilized country) enhance Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil's jail term.

If the Malays were less corrupt then Mappadulung would have been in jail years ago.

Zalman A said...

Trump is a man with a long history of corruption.

But if he says bad things about Muslims, Americans still vote for him.

Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil is a man with a long history of corruption.

But if he plays race & religion games, Malays still vote for him.

(Unlike Trump, Mappadulung must also add a lot of $$$$$$$.)

The momentum of the DOJ action has been stalled because Trump fired the people in charge at the DOJ.

We can only hope that the Swiss and Singapore will stay on it, and that the UAE will not lie to cover-up the wrongdoings at IPIC.

Maybe the UAE are a better Muslim country than the corrupt Malaysians.

Old friend. said...

Waaahh! Seronok bangat hentam Hishammuddin and Zahid kan Datuk?... Hingga tak sedar PPBM is disintegrating. Your silence on the PPBM crisis is deafening but understandable.

Zalman A said...

Menteri Kewangan II Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani berkata beliau tidak terlibat dalam rundingan penyelesaian antara 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) dan syarikat Abu Dhabi, International Petroleum Investment Company (Ipic).

Malaysiakini melaporkan Johari berkata demikian ketika ditanya mengenai Naib Presiden PKR Rafizi Ramli yang bimbang sejumlah AS$1.2 bilion (RM5.28 bilion) wang rakyat akan digunakan untuk menanggung bayaran penyelesaian permulaan.

“Saya tidak terlibat dalam rundingan. Ia dilakukan oleh pengurusan dan lembaga 1MDB dengan pegawai Pejabat Perdana Menteri.

“Saya masih belum diberi taklimat mengenai keputusan akhir penyelesaian,” kata Johari.


This is the clearest indication that MO1 is trying to "kau thim" the Arabs using money stolen from the overpriced ECRL deal.

Is Johari so lacking in principles that he still wants to keep his job?

Now that Ambrin has been replaced by another "loyal but not smart" (as favoured by MO1), the level of cheating is just going to get worse and worse.

shah said...

Orang Melayu mesti melepasi sekatan fikiran yang memerangkap mereka. Sekatan dan halangan yang menyesakkan diadakan oleh UMNO. Sekarang, UMNO di bantu oleh PAS. Tujuan nya membelenggui minda orang Melayu. Mereka jadi mundur, jahil dan suka bergaduh. Mereka suka menyalahkan orang lain.

Membuka minda orang Melayu lebih penting dari mendengar cakap besar Najib Tun Razak didepan cybertrooper UMNO. Dihadapan penyokong, amat mudah cakap tak takut pada Mahathir, kit siang atau Rafizi. Biasalah Najib seperti ini.

Ini cakap yang keluar dari orang yang menciput lari dari acara nothing to hide dan orang yang menyekat Nazri Aziz berdebat dengan seoarang tua 91 tahun. Dia hanya berani dengan orang kampong yang mudah diancam dan digertak. Macamlah BR1M itu duit peribadi nya. Atau bantuan JKM.

shah said...

Yang lain dari kumpulan minoriti ini ( mereka hanya 3 juta dari 18 juta Melayu) kita tumpukan kepada usaha memerdekakan minda orang Melayu. Supaya jangan memikirkan, jalan selamat mereka ialah melalui UMNO. Supaya jangan memikirkan jika UMNO tumpas masa depan orang Melayu akan gelap.

Negara yang makmur akan jadi musnah, jika pengurusannya rasuah, pemimpinnya buas dan zalim, undang2 dilaksanakan bukan untuk keadilan tapi untuk menekan. Nilai2 mulia seperti amanah, jujur, cekap, memilih yang terbaik, dibelakangkan.

Sumbatan minda ini menyebabkan mereka memahami dunia sebagai negara yang diancam oleh sentiment anti bangsa, anti agama dan anti raja mereka. Pandangan hidup yang satu dimensi ini, telah dicipta oleh UMNO dan sekarang dibantu oleh PAS. Betullah kata kawan saya, setiap penyakit itu ada jampi nya. UMNO ada penyakit, PAS beri ayat dan air jampi yang diperlukan.


1.Pembahas Shah, berkenaan kemesraan yang semakin memberahikan di antara Umno dengan PAS, pandangan saya ialah kita mesti berfikiran terbuka. PAS dan Umno tersepit apabila PPBM lahir dan diterima baik oleh parti-parti Pakatan Harapan serta rakyat jelata. Apatah lagi PPBM kini sudah menjadi anggota PH.

2.Abdul Hadi dan Najib pula mungkin ada perjanjian sulit. Abdul Hadi mungkin terhutang budi kepada Najib. Mereka sama-sama menyimpan rahsia. Tetapi ahli akar umbi Umno dan PAS tidak akan terima pernikahan Umno-PAS. Umno dan PAS telah sejak tahun 1977 – apabila Almarhum Tun Hussein Onn tendang PAS keluar daripada BN – telah meracuni fikiran ahli masing-masing supaya membenci satu sama lain. Ahli akar umbi PAS lebih mesra dengan DAP daripada Umno. Mereka tidur atas jalan raya ketika krisis Perak atas desakan DAP.

3.Pembahas Zalman A, saya rasa ini penyelesaian yang bukan penyelesaian. Kalau ini penyelesaian sebenar dan konklusif, politikus macam Johari Abdul Ghani mesti cari jalan tumpang sekali. Dia bukan jahil sangat soal corporate deal dan corporate maneuvre. Dia pernah jadi CEO syarikat yang disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia. Saya yakin dia nafi terlibat sebab dia tahu ini adalah satu lagi babak palsu (fake episode) dalam saga penipuan 1MDB. Berkenaan tindakan DoJ, jangan terperanjat kalau digugurkan. Beli satu skuadron jet pejuang F18 Super Hornet lebihan tentera Amerika, banyak lagi kes boleh dibakulsampahkan.

4.Old Friend (your claim not mine), sila baca kenyataan saya mengenai penarikan diri daripada PPBM dalam akhbar Sinar Harian. Tidak siapa paksa orang menyertai atau meninggalkan PPBM. Kita semua masuk secara sukarela. Kalau tak serasi boleh keluar. Tidak ada hukuman dan diskriminasi. Kita bukan macam Umno yang diskriminasi orang yang keluar daripada Umno atau yang tak sokong kerajaan kleptokrasi Najib.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Zalman A said...


Your take on 1MDB & Johari’s “buat tak tahu” sandiwara:

Kalau ini penyelesaian sebenar dan konklusif, politikus macam Johari Abdul Ghani mesti cari jalan tumpang sekali. Dia bukan jahil sangat soal corporate deal dan corporate maneuvre. Dia pernah jadi CEO syarikat yang disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia. Saya yakin dia nafi terlibat sebab dia tahu ini adalah satu lagi babak palsu (fake episode) dalam saga penipuan 1MDB. Berkenaan tindakan DoJ, jangan terperanjat kalau digugurkan. Beli satu skuadron jet pejuang F18 Super Hornet lebihan tentera Amerika, banyak lagi kes boleh dibakulsampahkan.”

You may be right.

Let us look at the motivations of IPIC and hence the UAE leadership:

a) They know full well that the “681 American pies” or the 681 million that arrived in Mo1’s account is proceeds from the bond sale that they were never paid for.

b) They know full well that based on the other “syarikat tiruan” like Blackstone in this whole saga that the deception was deliberate.

c) They know full well that their two officers Khadem al-Qubaisi and Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny are full accomplices of Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil and Jho Low.

Perhaps they only want to get their money back.

The fact that the rakyat of Malaysia are playing twice the actual cost of ECRL is not their problem, because as long as Mappadulung hands over the money, the UAE are at least not losing financially.

The biggest question is whwther they will hand over Khadem al-Qubaisi and Mohamed Badawy for questioning in jurisdictions that are affected.

The offences of money laundering and fraud can still apply even if money is stolen from China deals to repay the first theft.

I hope the 7 countries do not give up, even if Hisham buys 20 submarines, 3 aircraft carriers and a squadron of F18 Super Hornets.

You can be sure that Umno & MO! will get “rezeki” from all military defence deals.

That always happened even before 2009.

Zalman A said...

In any case, we cannot stop what others do.

The time is for PH to gear up into election mode.

That means a common logo, manifesto and sharing of resources.

And it also means even a shadow cabinet.

I think the 4 parties can do much better than the "loyal but not smart" collection on the BN side.

Semoga berjaya.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Mola2 aku baca hang tulih 'le Carrean' aku ingat hang dok cereta pasai skandal BMF diHongkong dolu2. Kumudian baru kelia hang dok cereta pasai selingkohan laa ni (diabolical conspiracy) dlm set catog depa boh sepupu, kali ni keturunan Turki dengagnya, untok bagi jalan keluag, sekali guih nak kuih Tchokwo Bagan Datok (sekiranya perlu) selain dari episod biaya rel kereta api pantai timog yg sesekali katanya, nak tutup hutang tertunggag 1MDB. Aku ingat John le Carre, sebagai Mat bin Saleh munkin tak bulih capai tahap putag belit (sophistication) depa ni. Munkin inspirasi depa dari India, dah lama depa tengok gambag Hindustan sejak Amitabh, dok himpit Shah Rukh, laani Rajikanath ka apa ka, Modi... paih tu pewarih takhta Jayalalitaa di Tamil Nadu masok penjara, tapi bab ni kena serah pd kaki putag belit yg munkin bukan bidang kita.

Mintak maghap Kadiag, aku nak masok hai lain sikit... pasai baru ni ada satu orang besag SPRM mai Arau, bukan main sakan lagi dia pi buboh kad sana, aku kopipes:
" ARAU – Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) bimbang dengan sikap golongan terpelajar terhadap rasuah apabila hasil kajian persepsi mendapati kira-kira 16 peratus pelajar institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) sanggup menerima rasuah jika mempunyai peluang dan kuasa, kata Timbalan Ketua Pesuruhjayanya Datuk Shamsun Bahrin Mohd Jamil.

Beliau berkata angka itu diperoleh hasil Kajian Persepsi Keberkesanan Tindakan Pencegahan Rasuah (KPKT) oleh SPRM di kalangan 1,000 mahasiswa di seluruh negara tahun lepas.

“Angka ini membimbangkan kerana kajian tahun 2015 menunjukkan 10.7 peratus dan tahun sebelumnya (2014) 11.3 peratus sahaja pelajar yang menyatakan kesanggupan menerima rasuah,” katanya pada sidang media selepas majlis menandatangani Ikrar Bebas Rasuah (IBR) peringkat Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) di kampus universiti itu di sini, hari ini."(dari

Rogi sikit pasai dia tak unjogkan sebab pasai apa benda atau gejala ni bulih belaku. Munkin satu sebab, pasai orang2 muda nengok beleluasanya risyuah di Malaya, dan kepala risyuah tak kena tindakkan, bulih bejoli sana sini, kencang nasihat rakyat waima dlm bab agama Islam... dan di satu pihak depa nampak pihak kuatkuasa sokong lagi je ni atau macam dikembiri... wallahua'lam.

Pompuan said...

Dream on dear DAKJ. Sorry to prick your bubble. But it's not gonna happen. You want it to happen. So you create the analogy.
I agree with Old Friend. It's your party PPBM is disintegraimg. Soon will only be left Tun nd his son. The rest all will be like cicken cut off their heads, crying to rejoin UMNO.
Baik jaga parti Datuk. Lagi baguih. If not miss your soru.

Old friend. said...

Thanks, but no thanks... I'll stick with the NST. It has been sort of a pick-me-up before starting my day for the past 40 yrs. Missed your Other Thots though. *wink*

Zed-85 said...

Saudari Pompuan and Oldfriend,

PPBM tak boleh disintegrate, bahasa melayu disintegrate maknanya lebih kurang rosak binasa.

Macamana PPBM nak disintegrate?, PPBM dah masuk Pakatan.

Samalah juga kalau kita minum air. Dalam air itu adanya gabungan pakatan antara zarah hidrogen dan oksigen, makanya jadilah air untuk manusia minum.

Kalau kita makan nasi. Dalam nasi adanya Carbohidrat iaitu gabungan pakatan antara zarah Carbon, Hidrogen, Oksigen dan Nitrogen. Hari-hari kita makan nasi.

Kalau satu saja zarah sahaja memang tak stabil, contohnya Hydrogen atau PAS.

Sebab itu PAS asyik merapu saja sekarang ini.

Kalau nak kata PAS will integrate. Itu mungkin ada logiknya.

Kalau nak cerita pasal Trojan Horse, PKR dulu lagi la banyak tapi oleh kerana PKR dalam Pakatan, sampai sekarang makin kuat.

Zalman A said...

"PAS is said to be eyeing 20 state seats and eight parliamentary seats in Selangor, based on the formula used in the 2013 General Election.

However, Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad said the party was "ready to contest in all 45 state seats and 15 parliamentary seats in Selangor" as it was no longer part of the Opposition coalition.

"If we are not able to reach a consensus, the contest will be free-for-all as other Opposition parties will contest in our seats," said Iskandar, the Chempaka assemblyman."

This is the ultimate hypocrisy from PAS.

Staying in government in Selangor, clinging on for dear life for more than one year, then suddenly running to hide in Umno's kebaya.

Betrayal seems popular with the lebai2 malang.

sukasamasuka said...


Aku rasa rasa la Datuk ni hanya seorang wartawan, bukan orang politik...jadi tanpa NST pun dia masih menulis...tanpa PPBM pun dia masih menulis juga tu sebab itu la Datuk yang sebenar...suka menulis.

Teruskan Datuk...suatu ibadah yang sangat baik.

sukasamasuka said...


RUU355 is a religious tool exploited by UMNO and PAS to fish for rural majority Malay voters.

As the plot thickens, Zakir Naik is now used to re-position Opposition which is now seen as either opposing Islam or neutral like PKR/PPBM/Amanah.

Oh dear!...have we forgotten something?...on the plate is the unfinished issue about who is going to pay IPIC the sum of US$6 billion (RM26.4 billion)?...1MDB?...or the Malaysian Taxpayers?...or the 3 million UMNO members + PAS members?

Nothing to hide said...

I don't see how Hisham can help Najib. The people won't have it. Helping to cover up crimes and criminals cannot be condoned. Unless Hisham wants to be kicked out too. And Najib isn't giving up easily. He's willing to bring down Umno with him. Its his survival that matters most. The country can go to hell. And now people are saying Umno can go to to hell. So shunting people in or out will not work. The voters will teach Umno a good lesson.

Pakcik said...

Good one!

Kelapa Matag said...

Nampak sangat bengap old friend. Cuba baca balasjawabnya, dia nak stick dgn nst tapi masuk dan komen juga disini. Hampa pikiaq la sendiri.

Rixal said...

Whatever qualifications were achieved by Mohd Puad Zakarshi, they plainly did not demand logic.

Because, the settlement by 1MDB doesn’t undermine the DOJ case, to the contrary it confirms it. Period.

If 1MDB had really paid $3.5 billion in ‘guarantee deposits’ to IPIC, as Najib continues to laughably claim, then Malaysia would never have lost the arbitration case and been forced to pay back the $1.2 billion that IPIC later bailed them out with.

Instead, the court would have pointed out that the bail out was just a third of the up-front deposit and IPIC would actually still have over $2 billion of 1MDB’s money left.

This is not what has happened. The settlement involves an agreement by 1MDB to pay back the bail out money and to take over the responsibility for the remainder of its debts.

It is therefore a concrete admission by Malaysia that it could not prove its claims that it had deposited a single cent let alone billions with IPIC.

And that means that the money trails supplied by the DOJ investigations, showing instead that all the money was siphoned off into a bogus BVI account to pay for Jho Low, Rosmah and Khadem Al Qubaisi’s fun and frolics, has been confirmed by the settlement and not weakened.

It is plain as daylight, yet this Minister of Disinformation is attempting to say the opposite. How stupid does he think people are in Malaysia?

He is also asking people to believe that the payment is going to come from the ‘monetisation’ of non-existant ‘units’ that 1MDB also doesnt have, because all the PetroSaudi money was funnelled into another off-shore company (Good Star Limited) and stolen as well.

Puad says we should believe his story because the PM’s office said it (just like they said IPIC received money which it didn’t).

So, who is going to believe this illogical and mendacious fellow when he goes on to say that Najib won’t be touching taxpayer’s funds to repay the debt?

Is there a single voter who believes that?

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