Thursday, August 10, 2017

Panji-Panji Simbol Hegemoni Politik Bentuk Baru

A Kadir Jasin

PANJI-PANJI bukan sebarang panji-panji. Bahasanya bukan bahasa ibu pertiwa. Cogan katanya tidak banyak yang mengerti.

Panji-panji pasak bumi bukan dalam bahasa ibu pertiwi
Ini adalah panji-panji yang menjadi manifestasi kepada hegemoni politik dan ekonomi empayar komunis terulung di dunia – Republik Rakyat China.

[Komen "Anonymous” tidak akan disiarkan. Tolong guna nama sebenar atau samaran.]

Gambar panji-panji ini menjadi tarikan dan menular dalam media sosial selepas Perdana Menteri, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, merasmikan upacara pecah tanah projek Landasan Kereta Api Pantai Timur (ECRL) di Kota SAS, Pahang semalam.

Panji-panji itu adalah pratayang (preview) kepada apa yang akan datang bersama projek ERCL yang dibiayai oleh hutang RM55 bilion dari China.

Bukan panji-panji bahasa Mandarin itu saja datang dengan projek tersebut. Daripada paparan media massa arus perdana, kita juga lihat turut sama datang adalah tenaga manusia, modal, jentera pembinaan dan kereta api.

Najib melancarkan projek kebanggaannya
Maksudnya, sebahgian besar daripada pinjaman RM55 bilion itu akan dibelanjakan di negeri China untuk menjana ekonomi negeri China. China sudah pun menikmati  faedah projek itu sedangkan kita sendiri belum pasti apakah keuntungan yang akan kita peroleh.

Malah kita jangan terperanjat jika sebahagian atau kesemua daripada pinjaman RM55 bilion itu akan dijana di negara kita sendiri dengan meminjam daripada institusi-institusi kewangan kita.

Dalam bahasa yang mudah, China sudah memacak bendera dan mengibarkan panji-panji di bumi kita melalui ECRL dan projek-projek lain yang dibiayai atau didirikannya.

Jentera dan tenaga manusia diimport dari negeri China
Kecemperaan Cina adalah realiti sejarah. Tidak dapat tidak China terpaksa berkembang ke luar daripada sempadan politiknya. “The Middle Kingdom” sedang meledak.

Penduduk China makin bertambah. Kini China menampung 18.4 peratus daripada penduduk dunia sedangkan tanah pertaniannya hanya 10 peratus keluasan tanah pertanian dunia.

China terpaksa meluaskan wilayah ekonominya untuk memanpung keperluan makanan, pekerjaan dan tempat tinggal rakyat jelatanya.

Bagi negara seperti kita, pilihannya ialah menjadi rakan kongsi yang berdaulat atau menjadi tanah jajahan ekonomi China.

Dalam gambar media, nampak ramai juga Melayu dijemput untuk bertepuk dan bersorak. Harap-harap janganlah sorakan mereka akan menyebabkan kampung tergadai. 



Nick Fury said...

Salam Dato'

Bila pemimpin kita lemah dan terpalit dgn skandal dahsyat, mudah kuasa luar campur tangan utk jajah dgn cara halus. Lihatlah sejarah bagaimana kerani Syarikat Hindia Timur bernama Francis Light boleh curi Pulau Pinang dgn mudah akibat beberapa masalah dlm pentadbiran negeri Kedah dulu. Sepatutnya UMNO telah lama menghalau keluar Najeeb MO1 kerana dia telah menjadi liabiliti besar pada kedaulatan dan ekonomi Malaysia.

shah said...

Dear DS Najib Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I want you to know and realise that many of your friends and former loyalists in UMNO are losing trust and respect in your leadership to lead this BN government until PRU14.

Like many of my friends and contemporaries, including former Malaysian Ambassadors as well as retired former Ambassadors and High Commissioners from many countries have posted interesting but damaging articles about you, your family and your political partners in crime. It's already public information and nothing to hide.

As a friend of many decades and with my former official interactions with you, some of your Cabinet Ministers as well as retired notable senior government officers, I feel necessary to post this letter on my timeline for public information as it's with political interest. I have no political or other ill intention to discredit you, though we are not on equal terms in politics and more so we are now confronted by different political views and opinions.

However, today I am saddened that under your administration, the nation and country is slowly losing respect from our fellow citizens and from the international community. I believe you are doing well since you took over the coveted PM chair in Putrajaya, but unfortunately your integrity is now being questioned not only by your political opponents led by Tun Mahathir in Pakatan Harapan.

Most of your friends have already dumped UMNO and join PPBM, PKR, Amanah and DAP too. It's not they don't like you and your performance as PM but as I have pointed out earlier your credibility has been questioned.

In a nutshell, unless you clarify your personal involvement in the hot issue of 1MDB and other related fishy investments and the cash deposit of RM2.6 billion or more in your personal account, you are being condemned not only in Malaysia but also a number of countries including US, Australia, France and UK. Obviously your integrity has been badly tainted and you need to redeem yourself.

Sir, I am 74 years old and have been in politics since the early 1960s before you were born. I remember helping Tun Hussein in the political platform in GE 1978.

Needless to say, I am now embarrassed to be in UMNO and most of my friends previously holding party positions have resigned from the party due to your political crisis and the rampant corruption by your Cabinet Ministers and senior government officers.

I believe MACC is doing a good job but double standards as no corrupted Ministers have been arrested. The people are slowly losing faith and confidence in MACC for their double standards and persecution.

Sir, the pressure is for you to resign immediately without recourse and let whoever is your successor to continue administering this government until the next general election expected to be called not later than mid 2018.

Dato' Mustapha Ong
No. Ahli UMNO: 01059465
Former Deputy Chairman (2006-2009)
Veteran UMNO Federal Territory (WP)
Kuala Lumpur.

Apa lagi Cina mau said...

Motherland is here and she is here to stay.
Melayu can keeping on kissing the stupid keris. It won't matter anymore.

The truth is that petrol money is running out and the only thing left to sell are the hard assets. And those of us with cash is facing the opportunity of a lifetime to buy.

In another 30-50 years, we will own everything, including all the rusted Melayu keris.

Mali Muyung said...

Dato, skrang siapa yg jual atau gadai negara?
Tentu sekali bkan PH sebab yg pegang kjaan ada lah BN This is an example of what to expect from our MoF who is among the WORST in the world.
Bayangkan, umno, konon ada 3 juta ahli but they can't even produce a competent leader.
What a joke.

Zalman A said...



Barisan Nasional (BN) has only managed to build less than 2 per cent of the 500,000 affordable houses under the PR1MA scheme that had been promised in 2013.

In a written reply in Parliament to Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said that up until June 2017, 8,475 units of PR1MA houses have been completed, while the keys of 934 units have been handed to owners.

This, Sim pointed out, was well below the amount in the ruling coalition’s 2013 election manifesto

announced in April 2013 that had pledged 500,000 PR1MA houses would be completed in the "next five years".

"It is with this promise that BN won the vote of the youth," the Bayan Baru MP said."

This is not a random example.

The regime of Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil has broken MOST of its manifesto promises.

This should be focused on at EVERY ceramah.

Zalman A said...

DIRECT PROMISES from the PUBLISHED 2013 BN Manifesto:

"Easing Cost Of Living" - tak payah cakap, lah.

"Access to Quality Health Services" - Hospitals are fast running out of money and medicines. Even medical tests cannot be done in some of them any more.

"Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation" - you mean "Towards More Expensive Public Transportation"? LRT up? Tolls up? Taxi fares up? Petrol up? KTM up? Is MO1 asking for praise for MRT built with OUR money?

"World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation": Ask FELDA shareholders about how their share price has undergone a huge "Transformation"? KLIA2 was delayed how many times, and at what cost to the public? Why has the cost of ECRL doubled for no reason - unless the allegation is true that money is being siphoned off to pay 1MDB debts?

"Strengthening Women’s Participation": The Cowgate prosecution came to a very sudden end, based on one letter to the 24-hour replacement. So RM250 million gone, does that count as a success?

"Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy" - tak payah cakap, lah. 41% FDI flight in the last 12 months. Already broken the 55% GDP-debt ratio. Rated by Oxford group as Asia's most "at-risk" economy". The PM is so economically "innovative" that his own party can "misplace" US$700 million in its audited accounts.

"Building towards Educational Excellence" - Vietnamese kids are more advanced than ours. And further cuts will make this even worse.

"The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls" - You see, the word "reduction" means GO DOWN, not GO UP.

"Enhancing Security and Public Safety": How many Malaysians feel safe on the streets? How many tourists in East Malaysia do?

"Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony": Can you please ask the East Malaysians, Chinese and Indians about this one? It's the worst in Malaysia's history.

"Fighting the Scourge of Corruption": - In the land of pink diamonds, tak payah cakap, lah. Ask the Swiss AG and DOJ, or look at the OSA-ed Auditor's Report. And the fact that we have more illicit money flowing out than any country our size. Or maybe it was all "donations"? The bad example starts from the very top.

"Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance": HA HA HA! "Good Governance". We are still ranked one of the most corrupt public sectors in Apac by Ernst & Young. Is cracking down and sabotaging the MACC, SB, AGC and BNM part of "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance?" Is twice ignoring BNM's prosecution recommendations on 1MDB an example of "Good Governance"?

So, that is the TRACK RECORD of MO1.

Malaysia is now the laughing stock of the entire world.

ASK the rakyat to look at ALL promises he made in 2013.

Almost all were broken!

MatMinTanjung said...

Tidak pun aku hairan UMNO buat begini. Masa British bagi kemerdekaan dulu pun UMNO dah buat hal untuk hapuskan Tanah Melayu.UMNO BUKAN Pak SAKO ATAU AHMAD BOSTSMAN.

rahman jpc said...

saya masih ingat lagi satu insiden semasa berkhidmat d kem pengankutan.

saya juga ada ahli lembaga pengarah KLIA (lantikan).

kontaraktor utama pembenaan adalah sebuah syarikat drpd jepun. olih kerana mereka tlh melakukan perkara2 yg kurang professional, maka tun m tlh menamatkan kontrak mereka n melantik anak watan (ts jamilus) utk mengambil alih.

kontrak tlh d sempurnakan dgn jaya. pd hari pembukaan resmi tun m tlh memaklumkan kpd hadirin yg anugerah gelaran tan sri akan d perakukan kpd ts jamilus bagi mengikhtiraf sumbanagan besar nya.

jika terdpt kegiatan 'hanky panky' dlm melaksanakan projek ECRL ini, beranikah najib/rosmah mengambil tindakan 'corrective' yg drstic? I don't think so bcos their hands r dirtied n they need d 'spill' of d overpriced project.

'hancus Negara d buat mereka. cukup menyedih kan.'

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Teringat saya PRU13 dulu, Utusan mengatakan "Apa lagi Cina Mahu?"

Kalau ikut teori "Cash is King"

Bukan Apa lagi cina mahu? tapi "Apa lagi yang hendak beri?"

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang sangat aku hormati,


Bapanya buka pintu ke negara China...anaknya melutut jadi pengemis depan muka Tembok Besar China.


Padan muka Melayu!


Ada apa dengan keris dan silat? poooodah! bolih jalan da!



Ipl said...

Buat zalman, the number you stated are those that have hit the market. 100's of thousand more are coming next year and 2019. Number of takers however is a different issue.

Pr1ma is actually the only thing that is coming true from that useless manifesto.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Buat Jalanraya Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan dari Bukit Kayu Hitam sampai JB, kosnya RM5.9Billion.

Projek ini RM55 billion. Hampir 10 kali ganda.

ROI bila itu agaknya.?

Projek ini orang melayu tak boleh buat ke?

Kalau keretapi memang tak boleh buat, tapi trek keretapi, tak boleh buat?

Kalau projek ini orang melayu buat, boleh letak sepanduk " Satu lagi projek BN".

Ini sepanduk cina.

Saya dapat baca sikit perkataan cina. Ada perkataan Chong Quo di situ yang bermakna China.

Zalman A said...


Perbahasan usul Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang untuk meminda Akta Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) ditangguhkan lagi.

Pada April lalu, usul meminda rang undang-undang (RUU) Akta 355 dibentangkan namun Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia menangguhkan perbahasan.

Sebelumnya, pembentangan usul itu ditangguhkan, iaitu pada sidang Mei dan November 2016, atas permohonan Hadi, ahli parlimen Marang dan presiden PAS.

Dalam sidang hari ini, usul membahaskan pindaan akta itu, dikenali RUU 355, disenarai perkara ke-10 untuk dibahaskan, lapor Malaysiakini.

Usul itu kemudiannya dimasukkan sebagai perkara keenam selepas empat rang undang-undang diumum akan ditangguhkan ke sidang Dewan Rakyat akan datang.

Kemudian Timbalan Menteri Datuk Razali Ibrahim mencadangkan sidang hari ini hanya berakhir selepas lima rang undang-undang kerajaan diluluskan.


If Malay voters are fooled by this use of religion as political wayang, then it is a shame and tragedy.

Saadun Sulaiman said...

Assalamualikum Dato'

Artikel Dato' kali ini benar benar menyentuh perasaan saya. Saya yang sudah berusia senja seolah olah dapat melihat kesangsaraan kehidupan anak cucu dan sebahagian warga Malaysia yang prihatin. Mengapa kah ALLAH menurunkan BALA saperti ini keatas Negara kita? Mungkin kerana tiada siapa yang benar benar bertindak apa yang di katakan Nafi Mungkar. Jangan lupa bahawa bekas "AGONG" tidak melayan Tun Mahathir yang ingin mempesembah kan "DEKELIRASI RAKYAT" untuk bertindak keatas perosak Negara. Andai kata ada tindakan perkara yang Dato' nukil kan tidak akan berlaku. Mengapa pehak "ISTANA" tidak peka akan perkara ini.

Saya baru sahaja melayari U-Tube yang bertajuk:-
1. China Will Take Over Malaysia.
2. China Starting To Buy Malaysia.
Saya cadangkan agar Dato' menonton kedua dua video ini sekira nya belum.

Kalau apa yang di gambar kan kaedaan Negara yang sudah berjaya di beli oleh China saperti Pakistan dan Sri Langka. Ia nya sungguh mengerikan. Mungkin kah 1MBD Cina mempunyai peranan? Saya merasakan begitu kerana "SI CINA TEMBAM" seolah olah memainkan peranan penting dan dia masih bebas sehingga kini.

Kini saya mengharap kan agar akan segera muncul

Unknown said...


i see complaints. but what are your solutions??

Aku said...

Kadiag, اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم‏
Dialog episod masa dekad nak habih filem "Madu Tiga" (dari :

Apek :
"Haiya !
Iduppun susah,
Matipun susah,
Idup jalan sinang sinang,

Mati pegang bendela."

Jangan marah aaa,

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Nick Fury,

Berkenaan dengan Francis Light dan Penang.

Sebenarnya perkara ini pun sama di Singapura dulu.

Stanford Raffles mengambil kesempatan daripada pertelingkahan dan perebutan kuasa di Singapura. Raffles menyokong salah seorang yang berkuasa dan dengan ini masuk ke dalam Singapura.

Sampai sekarang ada patung Raffles di Singapura sepertimana di Francis Light di Penang.

Pada waktu itu, orang melayu pun tidak ada pelajaran dan ilmu setakat mana. Sekarang ini. kita banyak universiti. Sepatutnya perkara macam ini tak sepatutnya berlaku.

Projek keretapi yang sebesar macam ini, patutnya syarikat Malaysia yang buat kerana kita sudah ada kepakaran untuk buat.

Persoalannya, adakah projek ini untuk buat infrastruktur atau ada sebab sampingan yang lain.

Zalman A said...

LOS ANGELES: The US is conducting a criminal investigation into money stolen from 1MDB that allegedly was used to buy more than US$1 billion in real estate and other assets.

Court filings by the Department of Justice (DoJ) Thursday show the US is escalating its probe in a worldwide effort to track how much of the money that was raised by 1MDB for development projects was used to pay for luxury real estate, art, film productions and more.

DoJ officials asked a judge in Los Angeles to put on hold civil forfeiture lawsuits against assets acquired by Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, because pursuing these may have “an adverse effect” on its ability to conduct the criminal investigation.

In its civil cases, the US has alleged that from 2009 through 2015, more than US$4.5 billion belonging to 1MDB was diverted by high-level officials of the fund and their associates.


It seems Jho Is getting cold feet.

He is talking to DOJ.

That should give Mr & Mrs MO1 nightmares.

mat bakar said...

Sallam Dato'

Mana mereka mereka yang selama ini membela DS Najib, mana mereka mereka yang menjilat but DS Najib , perjuangan getir dari tahun 1948 sehingga 1990 yang telah mengorban dan mencacatkan ribuan anggota tentera adalah sia sia saja. Demi kepentingan DS Najib dan kroninya beliau sanggup meminjam wang dan membawa masuk ribuan rakyat Republik Rakyat China Komunis ke dalam negara ini.

Menitis air mata saya bila mengetahui semua ini berlaku di Malaysia yang bermula di negeri Pahang. Ia mengimbau kembali pada tahun 74 bila mana suatu operasi besar besaran di lancarkan memburu segerombolan pengganas komunis dari Raub Pahang sehingga Sungai Siput Perak. malahan banyak lagi operasi lain di sekitar Temerloh, Raub dan Mentakab yang telah mengorbankan beberapa anggota tentera kita.

Saya ingat kita telah berjaya menghapuskan komunis namun meleset bila sekarang kita menjemput mereka ke sini. Kita seolah olah kencing di atas kubur para pejuang yang selama ini mempertahankan negara ini dari pengaruh komunis.

Mana dia Persatuan Veteran Angkatan Tentera Malaysia ? mana dia kelab kelab veteran komando, mana dia kelab veteran Askar Melayu ? mana dia ex jenderal tentera kita, kenapa tidak bersuara ? Parti PAS bagaimana ? inilah negara China yang sedang melanyak masyarakat Islam di China hatta telah membunuh banyak orang Islam di sana.

Mana dia petition ? tunjuk perasaan atau bantahan beramai ramai ? apakah kerana telah di sumbat sedikit dedak mulut sudah terkunci.

Tak payahlah lepas ini kita mendabik dada bahawa kita lah satu satunya negara yang berjaya menghapuskan Komunis.


Lee Watt said...

Hello again, Friends!
Did you all miss me? I was busy with work. Taking the opportunities presented in our country. Not like many of the bums here. Spending all their time on social media...hoping to get handouts and concessions.

Anyway, what is really the problem here?? Banners with Chinese characters already setting off some people? Goes to show you all need to broaden your outlook a bit. Not be like a Katak Bawah Tempurung.

This project is a win-win for all. Except for Mahathir's cronies who can't get concessions to Ali Baba. And idle bums. Malaysia takes on debt to have this built. So? Find one country in the world that pays for this kind of thing with cash.

Nothing to stop anyone from undertaking this project. The question is financing. China can come up with this. So let them do it. Remember that they are taking a big risk here.

Lee Watt @ Tivoli Villa

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Kalau ikut info yang ada dalam media, kalau silap betulkan.

Jumlah hutang ECRL adalah RM55 billion.

Hutang hanya dibayar setelah 7 tahun. ECRL pun siap dijangkakan pada 2024.

Mengikut Channel news asia, interest adalah 3.25. Jangka pinjaman adalah 20 tahun.

Kalau kita ambil jumlah RM55 billion, interest pada kadar 3.25 dan hutang 20 tahun,

(Kalau guna loan calculator)

Jumlah bayaran bulanan = RM311 juta sebulan atau

Jumlah bayaran setahun = RM3.7 billion setahun.

Sekadar perbandingan, untuk KTM pada tahun 2016, hasil KTM (Revenue) adalah sekitar RM700 juta setahun, tidak ditolak lagi kos operasi.

Sekadar perbandingan kasar, jumlah revenue atau hasil dari PLUS highway adalah lebih kurang RM3.5 bilion setahun. Itu tidak tolak kos operasi.

Kos untuk buat Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan adalah RM6 billion, jauh lebih rendah dari ECRL.

Adakah Projek ECRL ini, boleh bayar hutang RM311 juta sebulan dengan jualan tiket dan hasil kargo?

Blackmoon said...

Lim Kit Siang lahir di China!

Excerpts from comments @ Ronnie Klassen's FB post:

"Born in Batu Pahat? My foot lah apek Lim! You shameless treacherous creature !!!

In Lim Kit Siang's biography........he wrote 1957:

Arrived in Malaysia....... So it confirmed that he came from mainland China.

Born a communist in 1941, in ZhangZhou in Fujian,China and came to Malaysia at age of 16 by tongkang to work in the pig farm.

No wonder DAP educational bureau copied the style of the Chinese Red Guard's indoctrination techniques to create the Red Bean Army (RBA) to carry out their subversive activities back in 2008.

No wonder 95% of the Chinese are spellbound by them to abandon MCA. For a guy who dare not even disclose his birth place surely have a lot of ugly past to hide.

How do you expect a diehard communist cadre like him to have loyalty to an adopted democratic country like M'sia?

This treacherous slug have no qualm for M'sian lives as can be seen from his treacherous actions back in May 69 which eventually led to the racial riot that caused so many injuries n deaths to our ppls.

When the riot erupted, he was found hiding in Winner Hotel in Kota Kinabalu n only returned to Malaya after the riot subsided."

Alifbata said...

RM 55 billion. Itu harga maruah MO1.. kalau ada sesiapa yang boleh offer lebih sikit, dia boleh pertimbangkan.
Nak letak sepanduk bahasa apa pun boleh.

DBP tak boleh nak kesah pun.

sukasamasuka said...


"PANJI-PANJI bukan sebarang panji-panji. Bahasanya (Mandarin) bukan bahasa ibu pertiwa (Bahasa Melayu). Cogan katanya (dalam bahasa Mandarin) tidak banyak yang mengerti."

- Panji2 itu BUKAN pakai duit Melayu la Datuk...satu sen pun tarak.

- Najib hutang budi sama China...bayar 'body' la.

- Jadi kenapa pula orang Melayu yang sibuk panji2 bukan dalam Bahasa Melayu, macam ada yang tak kena pula.

- Kalau Melayu datang melutut, cium kaki orang China macam pengemis, terima saja la apa yang kena kasi...kenapa mau bising2 pula?

- Orang China bawa duit kasi hutang sama Najib, bukan pasal Bahasa Melayu...Bahasa Melayu ada apa pada Najib?

- Bahasa Melayu bolih kasi makan UMNO dan Najib ke?

- Melayu mana ada duit, berlagak saja besar macam ada duit, mau bikin itu dan mau bikin ini, tetapi tak ada duit. Salah ke China kasi duit, teknologi dan tenaga rakyat dia sekali tolong Najib dan Melayu?

- Melayu mau duit China ke atau Bahasa Melayu?...kena pilih antara satu.

- Besar juga kepala orang Melayu...sudah la minta duit sama China, mau letak syarat pula.

- So what, kalau Najib tulis panji2 dalam Bahasa Melayu sepanjang 668km dari Gombak sampai Kota Baru? what?...maka berdaulat la konon Bahasa Melayu?...maka terbela la nasib orang Melayu?.

China bukan 'perigi cari timba' la Datuk?

- Tidak sama sekali...China umpama 'orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal'.

- Melayu bukan mudah lupa tetapi otak udang!

- Isu panji2 dalam bahasa Mandarin pula yang di besar2kan...Najib ketawa dapat tidur lena.

- Najib pandai. Najib BANGSATKAN Bahasa Melayu secara halus dengan panji2 China. How much does it cost to put up those banners, lima ribu ringgit? dua puluh ribu ringgit?...a pittance.

- Ini muslihat Najib. Langsaikan hutang RM55 billion 1MDB pakai sepanduk China.

3 juta Melayu UMNO tak nampak. Ulama PAS tak nampak. Perkasa pun tak nampak. Hanya Datuk seorang saja yang nampak.

- Jom kita balik kampung la Datuk, tanam kacang.

sukasamasuka said...


"Maksudnya, sebahgian besar daripada pinjaman RM55 bilion itu akan dibelanjakan di negeri China untuk menjana ekonomi negeri China. China sudah pun menikmati faedah projek itu sedangkan kita sendiri belum pasti apakah keuntungan yang akan kita peroleh."

1. China mempunyai foreign reserve yang terbesar didunia, di anggarkan bernilai lebih USD3 Trillion dalam bentuk cash, emas dsbnya.

2. Pinjaman hutang RM55 billion (atau USD13 billion) ini kacang putih bagi China.

3. Kita tunggu berapa banyak container 20 kaki masuk Port Klang pakai kapal China dan insuran China.

4. Landasan ECRL hanya 668 km (2.2 juta kaki) bersamaan dengan 110,000 ribu buah container (20') end to end.

MV CSCL Globe ialah kapal kontainer milik China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) yang paling terbesar didunia dengan muatan kapasiti 19,100 buah kontainer 20'.

Lima kali saja MV CSCL ulang alik China-Port Klang, sudah kau tim!

5. Kalau ini lah maksud Datuk "pinjaman RM55 bilion itu akan dibelanjakan di negeri China untuk menjana ekonomi negeri China"...memang 100% tepat sekali!

6. Kenapa China tak mau bagi pinjaman dalam bentuk cash?

7. Najib memang suka cash tetapi Kerajaan China bukan bodoh.

8. Kalau China bagi cash, anakharamzadah ini akan belanja untuk benda lain...China juga tau project ECRL akan jatuh ketangan the lowest bidder walaupun ada 'kickback'.

9. Satu sen pun dari RM55 billion tidak akan keluar dari China sebab untuk bayar gaji 55,000 pekerja kilang2 di China...ini policy China supaya foreign reserve mereka tak terganggu.

Semua bahan makanan (seperti beras, kacang soya, makanan tin, daging babi kering, chopstik, kicap, bir), bahan pakaian dan am (seperti jarum, kasut, topi keselamatan, lampu suloh, sabun cuci, shampoo, berus gigi) dan bahan2 tempat tinggal (seperti tilam bantal, cadar, langsir, China Dolls), untuk pekerja2 teknikal dari China dan coolie-coolie Melayu ditapak ECRL ini akan dibawa masuk dari China.

Semua bahan construction dari China...100% tetap!

10. Hutang Malaysia akan bertambah dengan kadar RM55 billion kehala RM1 Trillion dengan sekelip mata saja, apatah lagi bila nilai matawang Ringgit jatuh disebabkan kejatuhan 'credit rating' ringgit.

Sebenarnya, kita bayar lebih daripada RM55 billion sebab 'Interest Rate' akan naik bila 'cost of borrowing' tinggi walaupun pinjaman dalam bentuk Yuan.

Urang Awak said...

Salam Dato..

Mana pergi group2 yg teresak2 menagis apabila salah seorng perwakilan menyanyi lagu "Anak Kecil Bermain Api" pada PAU yg lalu..?

Hahaha... Kenapa pejuang2 Melayu sume diam, kaku dan membisu..? Power betul dedak Najib sehinggakn para2 ulama pun dok sokong.

Dato.. saya rasa2 jika ditakdirkan Dajjal muncul disaat ini kaum2 ini lah yg mula2 yg akn sembah dan mengaku Dajjal itu tuhan kerana Dajjal lebih hebat dari Najib. Selain dari tabur dedak2 Dajjal juga boleh mengeluarkan emas, menurunkan hujan serta menghidup org yg telah mati.

Hahaha... The Prophet once said, “There will come a time ... ular~mak (ulamak) will be the worst people beneath the sky.”

Zalman A said...


"How did 1MDB make its “equivalent” of US$350 million payment to IPIC?

1MDB proudly announced that it had successfully made partial payment for the outstanding sum to Abu Dhabi’s IPIC, after twice having the deadline extended.

The beleaguered company said: “1MDB is pleased to announce that pursuant to the amendment dated Aug 8, 2017, to the settlement deed with Minister of Finance (Incorporated) Malaysia and IPIC, 1MDB has now remitted to date, the equivalent of US$350 million to IPIC.”

Reading any statement from 1MDB is like trying to solve an Agatha Christie murder mystery. You need to scrutinise the statement for curious or incriminating clues.

For example, in this case, why did 1MDB say “the equivalent of US$350 million” as opposed to just a straightforward “US$350 million”, or whatever the amount is?

Normally, one would use the phrase “the equivalent of US$350 million” if the payment was not remitted in US dollars but perhaps, in this case, in ringgit. This clearly lends credence to the allegations that no bank wants to process payments relating to 1MDB transactions for fear of partaking in a money laundering exercise, especially since US dollar transactions would require re-routing via US banks."


The fact that any money at all is being paid to IPIC is an admission that there WAS money stolen and diverted to Mr & Mrs MO1 & Jho & Riza.

Arul Kanda was very confident that 1MDB would win.

Johari was very confident that 1MDB would win.

Fact is, MO1 has now had to songlap from elsewhere in order to repay the first theft.

The taxpayer & rakyat have been cheated 3 times:

a) Public money called "1MDB" has not given any return to the rakyat.

b) The sum of 3.5 billion was stolen by MO1 and his UAE henchmen via the "doppelganger" company.

c) The rakyat must now pay extra to the victim to cover the theft.

Keep it simple:

1MDB is paying twice with our money.

Please tell the Felda & rural folks this.

Ahmad Mann said...

Pembesar/Ketua Melayu "jual tanahair" ni dah lama dah berlaku, sejak zaman British, masa British masuk lagi, sampailah sekarang..

Sama saja, yg berbeza cara jual saja..

Semuanya utk pertahankan kuasa, pangkat Dan harta.


Lee Wat Yew said...

@Lee Watt

You asked "What's the problem here": did you read AND understand the post and also some of the comments here?

I suggest that you do, if you are really interested to know the answers. Unless if you are just a troll trying to waste other people's time.

"Lee Watt @ Tivoli Villa"...? <--- How painful was it to you? HAHA!

diny yusof said...

Trump is not a political bastard like most of our leaders here . But he won the presidential election with overwhelming result on a simple motto ...

"" Let us make America great again "" . and "" stop the Chinazzation of America "".

shah said...

"pahala" MO1......(jgn ketawa.....)

"JELI: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata, kerajaan persekutuan pimpinan Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak pernah “mendera” negeri ditadbir pembangkang, terutama Kelantan.

Katanya, sebagai perdana menteri dan ketua kerajaan, beliau tidak boleh menyimpan dendam walaupun BN gagal memerintah negeri berkenaan.

“Sebagai pemimpin, saya perlu berlaku adil kepada rakyat, sama ada mereka menyokong BN ataupun tidak.

“Sekurang-kurangnya walaupun tak dapat undi, saya dapat pahala di akhirat. Semoga dengan usaha ini kita dapat majukan negara kita,” katanya ketika berucap pada Majlis Pemimpin Bersama Masyarakat Jeli dan perasmian bangunan tambahan Hospital Jeli, hari ini."

(jgn ketawa.....)

Zalman A said...


"Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua has opposed a reported move for Arul Kanda Kandasamy to be considered as a candidate for Khazanah Nasional Bhd managing director, claiming that he had a “disastrous and disgraceful” record in helming 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

The DAP legislator said Arul should be automatically disqualified from even consideration at the country’s sovereign wealth fund where he is president.

“Malaysians can only shiver in trepidation at the thought that a RM145 billion-Khazanah Nasional, which is relatively healthy today, would be helmed by the same person who hammered the final nail in 1MDB’s coffin,” he said in a statement today.

He said 1MDB had failed to fulfil its settlement obligations with Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) by the end of last month.

“Despite claiming since April 24 this year that its repayment to IPIC would be fulfilled via the ‘monetisation’ of 1MDB’s investment ‘units’ last known to be held in Singapore, IPIC had to twice extend the deadline for the first instalment payment scheduled on 31 July 2017,” Pua said."

Actually, Pua has missed the point.

Those who have been following the 1MDB saga in detail know that Arul Kanda has lied REPEATEDLY in order to cover MO1's robbery of public money.

If this con artist is put in charge of Khazanah, we will finally see a greater "burglar tool" than Irwan, who is MO1's current accomplice to steal money from GLCs.

Three-eyed Raven said...

Apalah yang dok kecoh sangat ni? Bila ada projek, sibuk cari salah. Kalau tak ada projek, pun cari salah jugak.

Kalau lah ada syarikat Arab, Jepun atau EU nak buat, termasuk financing, Najib tentu consider jugak. Tapi tak adalah.

Bila tengok posts dengan comments kat sini, nampak sangat gang Sour Grapes. Yang sakit hati sebab mereka tak dapat cekau macam zaman Mahathir dulu. Itu aje --- dengki.

sukasamasuka said...


The sign is on the wall.

Someone was officiating UMNO Libaran...the stronghold of the Most Powerful UMNO's Warlord in Sabah and...perhaps Malaysia?

Anyone who want to be someone must never miss Libaran...the Heartland of UMNO Sabah.

You snub Musa, you are nowhere in UMNO.

Adios Zahid.

Long Live Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein!

Daily Express, Sunday, August 13, 2017...

"... Hence, Musa party members must not be ashamed and afraid to admit that they are Umno members because the party has proven to contribute and bringing development to the people and State with continuous good track of records, he told the delegates meeting of Umno Libaran at a multipurpose hall in Libaran, Saturday.

Umno Vice President cum Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein officiated the event. "

sukasamasuka said...


"Dalam gambar media, nampak ramai juga Melayu dijemput untuk bertepuk dan bersorak. Harap-harap janganlah sorakan mereka akan menyebabkan kampung tergadai."

Kelohan demi kelohan tidak diendahkan...walaupun dengan fakta dan emosi...dan sudah macam, tidak ada ertinya lagi.

Untuk anak2 ku yang membaca isi hati aku ini...mungkin ini lah nasib kita orang Melayu...Istana yang kami bina selama ini sudah menjadi pusara...

Air Mata Di Kuala Lumpur

Hancur musnah impian mulia
Istana ku bina menjadi pusara
Gelaplah pasti masa hadapan
Jiwaku merayau utara dan selatan

Hidup sudah tiada bererti
Zahirku hidup batinku mati
Remuk redah hatiku hancur
Air mata di Kuala Lumpur

anak peneroka said...

di mana mana peperangan, bendera akan dilindungi dan dikibarkan ibarat nyawa pasukan askar.

Apabila menang peperangan, bendera juga simbol pertama yg di kibarkan, di tempqt peperangan, sebagai tanda kemenangan.

Fikir fikir kan lah.

Ruliros said...

Salam Dato tak ada ke ulamak Islam yg berani kata Cina yg dtg tu kapid harbi takkan senyap je bila bn bawa cina kapir laknat tu kalau Dap yg datang mesti kata tu kapir harbi mana ulak2 yg hebat2 tu

sukasamasuka said...


I did some response to interesting posting by,

Blackmoon 6:34 PM who said...

- "Lim Kit Siang lahir di China! SAH KOMUNIS...Born a communist in 1941..."

My Comment:

IF, Lim Kit Siang was born in China in 1941, he WAS NOT a born-communist because Mao Zedong declared the creation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) only in October 1, 1949.

He claimed his ancestral village is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, but it DOES NOT make him born there, unless he said what IF he was born there?

Oh common guys, be a good sport will u, he said he was born in Batu Pahat...nice place, just believe him...I believe him...why not you? After all who chisel the bloody stone in the first place? I don't care, do u?

Anybody....and I mean...everybody who is somebody in Malaysia...knows LKS is a bluuuuudy Chinese, so what?...even his name smells flippin' Chinese unless you are that bluuudy fool, know what I mean?...bugger is a good fella, he never even trying to hide his ancestral lineage, did he not?

So, what is the issue?

- "How do you expect a diehard communist cadre like him to have loyalty to an adopted democratic country like M'sia?"

My Comment:

I don't.

Seriously...I can't even prove my loyalty about Malaysia to me...yes, to me...let alone you.

So, I never expect LKS to be loyal to Malaysia, unless I can measure his loyalty from a scale of 0 to 10.

0 means 'No Loyalty at all' (like Tun for example) and 10 'the Most Loyal Malaysian ever to live' (perhaps on record so far is none other than, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.).

Now, you tell me, what is your scale of loyalty from 0-10?...u know what I mean?

Loyalty is not an expression, but a set of deeds, past and present.

LKS has proven his loyalty to defend the concept of "Malaysia" in Parliament...check the's all in there...very very consistent from day two way about it...I am not sure about you.

He is true to the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement 1963...the one and only!

Mr. Lim Kit Siang hat to you Sir...thank you Sir, you have our hearts and goes a long way. May god bless you and your family.

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