Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Stray Into Political Arena and You Get Clobbered

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

History is the witness: In 1893 the Hawaiian Kingdom came to an end
CONSPIRACY, plot, komplott and intrigue are common in politics. They are also common in dark world of espionage.

They are real but can also be mere theories. These days, conspiracy theories are aplenty and we in Malaysia are not immune to them.

Recently a prince of a royal household was widely reported as saying that he suspected he and his father are being monitored for their social media activities.

The police apparently took the claim seriously enough so as to prompt the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, to issue a statement saying that there is no monitoring of the Johor  royal family's social media accounts.

He is so serious with his denial that he said he is seeking an audience with the affected ruler.

For me, having been a writer for 49 years and adopted the digital medium as one of my platforms – when I started this blog in 2006 – I don’t bother much about anybody monitoring me.

In fact, for the sake of ego, I love people monitoring me. It means they read what I write. So, my advice to people who are active online is to start accepting the fact that “you are being monitored”.

You may not be monitored by the police or the Malaysian Communications and Multi-media Commission. But depending on who you are, you may also be monitored by foreign and domestic intelligent agencies.

You may be watched by foreign governments who think that your postings reflect the point of views of the government or some powerful organisations.

Or, more importantly, because you could be used as a bargaining chip in international espionage and negotiations.

During the Cold War, it was very common for spy agencies to lure important political figures with beautiful women, wine and money.

Once these sex-craved politicians were caught on film, they would be used as double-agents and puppets to topple or weaken their own governments.

But in the case of the prince and his father, the more immediate concern is not about the monitoring of their social media activities.

The concern is about them straying into the political arena where they may get clobbered, their immunity questioned and their status lowered.

Anybody who plays politics must be prepared to be treated like a politician more so when he or she takes to the media – social and formal – to air partisan views.

For instance, the New Straits Times had quoted one Tengku Mahkota as saying before the May 9 General election that the people must open their eyes and not be deceived by a 93-year-old individual who wants to be prime minister. The people know who the 93-year-old the prince was referring to.

He asked the people to use their wisdom, saying he knew things that they did not.

"This is the time to restore order to a system damaged by a 93-year-old individual who now wants to be the prime minister,” the NST reported.

So I am not surprised if the people are now “monitoring” the social media activities of this crown prince and his father to see if they continue to express partisan views instead of being royal and regal.



Zalman A said...

"This is the time to restore order to a system damaged by a 93-year-old individual who now wants to be the prime minister,” the NST reported.


It is actually time that the people truly "monitored" all the damage - done by his predecessor - that the 93-year-old individual now has to clean up.

Given the fact that Umno now seems to be run by the worst of the worst of their "old guard", there should be efforts made to discover the whole truth about:

a) MARA scandals involving overpriced property in Australia.

b) Kelantan FA scandal involving MARA and UniKL. I seem to recall that certain southern istana personalities were the ones who brought this to light. Ironically!

c) All the multiple abuses done at FELDA - there are many

d) Rampant corruption in Tourism Malaysia & Telekom Malaysia

e) The trail of "rezeki" from the Mr X account in AmBank to various macai and propaganda spinners.

After this is done by an INDEPENDENT MACC & PDRM, let us see if the person who made the infamous "time to restore order to a system damaged by a 93-year-old individual who now wants to be the prime minister” seems equally concerned by the huge damage done by the 6th PM and his crooked cronies?

Zalman A said...

The WSJ were supposed to be sued last Tuesday.

(Actually it was a Tuesday some time in 2015. Ha ha! Over 3 years ago...)

However, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil, despite all the millions in cash spread around his residence, seemed to chicken out.

He seemed to understand that the WSJ actually had the truth about his 2.6 billion donation.


He found 9.5 million in loose change to pay Shafee?


It seems that belatedly our friend is now posting "evidence" of his innocence all over Facebook.

The problem being, his Arab donation "letters" have already been long discredited as cut and paste jobs done by Jho Low.

I predict this Saudi Arabian cerita dongeng will not save Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil from booking his holiday in Bamboo River.

Forensic evidence usually wins against cerita dongeng.

rahim said...

We can not have a government which has two systems. One is elected and one is hereditary. This is the root of corruption and abuse of power. It is an open secret that the one who has interest to be elected and appointed will "berkawan" with the one who has power to appoint.

James Labu said...

Salam Dato'

Setuju dengan tulisan Dato'.

Jadilah macam kerabat Raja England. Mereka tidak mencampuri urusan politik.
Saya sudah menonton filem 'Darkest Hour' mengenai Sir Winston Churchill. Walaupun England berada dalam saat genting WW II, King George VI serahkan pada parlimen untuk penyelesaian walaupun pada awalnya baginda kurang yakin dengan Churchill tetapi rakyat terbanyak menyokong tindakan dan prinsip Churchill.

Kalau penguatkuasa, kakitangan kerajaan, ulama' dan golongan istana hendak berpolitik, tanggalkan uniform, letak jawatan, buang gelaran ulama'/ustaz dan keluar dari istana. Masuk pilihanraya dan bertanding secara 'gentleman.

Lihat sendiri sokongan terhadap diri sendiri dalam keputusan pilihanraya.

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

Yang kurap ..cari buloh.
Yang buta ..niup antah.
Yang pekak ..cucuh meriam.
Yang lumpoh ..jaga rumah.
Yang katek ..petik lada.

Gitu lah pandai nye orang kita nyusun kerja ..tiap kerje tu berasaskan kekurangan sesaorang.

Baru lah saya faham ngapa sosok seperti Dollah dan Haji Najib yang sarat dengan kekurangan dapat jadi PM.

Tajuk tulisan TK kali ini mungkin ada kaitan dengan ungkapan diatas ..maksud nye setiap kerje tu ada skopnye ..jangan main lantak je .. takan Si Lumpoh cari buloh ..Si Kurap jaga rumah.

Tajuk tulisan TK ..Mencemar Duli Untuk Berpolitik dan Terimalah Tamparannye.

Kata TK lagi ..ia bukan hal sapa yang INTAI anak Raja dan ngintai Yang Amat Mulia Ayahanda nye. Bukan ..

Tetapi yang jadi kerisauan TK, adalah prilaku mecemar dulu bagindo dalam arena politik ..yang boleh mengakibatkan bagindo anak beranak menerima tamparan, daulatnye dipersoalkan dan darjat nye dicemarkan.

Pada hamba patek yang sangat hina ini ..akan rasa lebih hina lagi jika Raja patek diinjak, di tepuk dan diMAINkan maruahnye. Kedaulatan Raja hamba dipersoalkan ..kasta nye diluruhkan .. ciss ..pantang hamba.

Daulat Tuanku ..ampoon tuanku beribu-ribu ampoon ..sembah pateek harap diampoon.

dt rahman pekan said...

In a parliamentary democracy like Malaysia, loyalty (out of fear) 2 a ruler that reigns but does not rule is slowly but surely diminishing.

Ignore this fact n u bcome history. D result of d recent pru14 has given us a clear indication that d people of Johor hv thier own minds on which party shld represent them despite d appeals from d istana.

I m quite convinced that if d palace were 2 organise a referadum on their continued existence, d people of Johor wil make their voices heard loud n clear.

My appeal 2 all reigning monarchs is 2 try n make amends n ensure that thier subjects love n respect them.

Sue said...

Why can't he be silence and keep silent? Is it about his anbitious ghost town?

BicaraPusakaKu said...

Terbaik! One of a kind from Dato A Kadir Jasin.

Survival said...

1) It remains a fact that PH's popularity votes percentage in the PRU14 is lower than 50% and worse than PRU13.
2) As such, it is not healthy for PH leaders and supporters to think and talk as if they have a very strong base or the majority support or what they have attained is forever.
3) I think majority of today's voters are very practical, whether in or outside Malaysia. It is all about "people's lives"!

If cost of living continue to go up (which I think it will in any part of the world) while wages continue to lag behind, many people will suffer or can longer support themselves.

Under that hardship, any ruling party will not survive in the general election.

Imagine previously some lower ranking police officer could earned "sideline" to supplement their "little" income, they can't do that any more under the new administration due to stricter anti corruption enforcement which is the right approach. But the police can no longer support his family if their pay is not adjusted according to the spiraling cost of living. The same goes with some other civil servants (whether Pejabat Tanah or Permit Dept etc)

"People's Living" should be PH's biggest challenge. Stop politicking and poking fun about previous administration. Start thinking about people's living!

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

Spot on Dato. Its about time you wrote about this.

"But in the case of the prince and his father, the more immediate concern is not about the monitoring of their social media activities.
The concern is about them straying into the political arena where they may get clobbered, their immunity questioned and their status lowered."

By right Dato, the Police & Military intelligence should have 'monitored' them when the the idea of 'Bangsa Johor' cropped-up. More so after the Crown Prince himself, insinuated that Johor secede from the Federation, in June 2015.




fauziasmara said...

Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai....

Hud Hud said...

He has lost his credibility on 2 accounts;
1. When he asked the rakyat to vote to retain the biggest kleptocrat in history and reject the 93 yr old man and PH.
2. When Johor also fell to PH.

#1 shows the he failed to read the minds and moods of malaysians. #2 is even worse. It shows that he failed to correctly read the minds and moods of his own bangsa Johor.

Aliyas @ Ashaari B Hasan Habidin said...

bicara tuan hamba umpama sembilu...
jangan jadi tuah jangan jadi jebat
biar jadi tun perak...rambut ditarik tak putus..tepung tak berselerak

Zalman A said...


An interesting response:


I refer to this statement:

"The crown prince pointed out that this was not a simple case of reading what was written on his Facebook page, but the monitoring of his personal phones, emails and private communication.

“I doubt that this ‘writer’ would appreciate being placed under the same scrutiny. If even I, as a member of the royal family can be spied on, what more the ordinary citizens of Malaysia?” he asked."

This is interesting.

Whether or not it is true in the case of TMJ, we have the IGP and other agencies firmly saying that no such thing has happened.

Under the previous kleptocratic regime, it was an open secret that those considered to be enemies of the regime were under watch by various agencies, including the secret “spy agency” who has been allegedly involved in shady dealings with 1MDB money:


Now, let us also note that the previous regime actually invested in technology designed purely for spying purposes.

This is not fantasy:




This issue needs to be re-examined.

Who authorised the purchase?

How was this spying technology used? Against whom?

I think it will take more than 5 years to unravel all the wrongdoings done by the previous (mal)administration.

In the meantime, imaginary fears should be no substitute for actual facts.

Sayonara said...

I wish I am as brave as you. I’m waiting for your next article to post a proper comment..


1. Saudara Zalman A, as a journalist and writer, I am always under scrutiny. There are many laws and regulations pertaining to freedom of expression that I have to obey.

2. I have been sued and police reports made against me. So I am not alien to being monitored.

3. I am not trying to stop anybody from speaking. All that I say is, if you talk about partisan politics you must be prepared to face the backlash when you are treated like a politician.

Thank you.

Buah Kerdas said...

Sesiapa saja yang mencetuskan gerakan untuk membawa keluar mana-mana negeri dari Malaysia wajar dipantau aktivitinya. Itu tindakan penderhakaan. Period.

Jojo said...

If the royalties chose to become politicians, business people, sports club/association presidents like the ordinary rakyat, then they should be prepared to be treated like the ordinary rakyat. No darjat no daulat whatsoever.

On a different topic, I would like to know if money or any offers given to the MP that's going to vacate his seat for Anwar ? Also, if PKR is going to pay for this by-election they purposely sets for Anwar ? Lastly, if SPRM is going to be involved is this matter ?

Hakimi Abdul Jabar said...

Apabila tesis ijazah kedoktoran, PhD, yang bertajuk "MANIFESTO BARISAN NASIONAL SEBAGAI AGENDA AKHBAR BAHASA MELAYU SEMASA TEMPOH KEMPEN PILIHANRAYA UMUM" sudahpun dengan jayanya & mudahnya disangkal & dibakul-sampahkan majoriti para pengundi PRU 14 - 2018, sewajarnyalah pemegang PhD tersebut dan gerombolannya banyak menelaah butir-bicara pakar berkaitan kecenderungan bunuh-diri :


Zalman A said...


You are absolutely correct.

Even the most illustrious personages must be prepared for scrutiny if they comment on policy matters that affect the citizens of a country.

That is why under proper constitutional monarchy, there is usually very great restraint in commenting on these matters. To this day, after 65 plus years of rule, nobody knows what political views Queen Elizabeth II holds. She never comments on whom UK citizens should vote for. She cannot be seen to be taking sides.

If people cross this line, as you rightly say, they have chosen to become political rather than apolitical.

Hence, the citizens have a right to respond - as ultimately, the cost of all constitutional monarchies globally is borne by the respective governments of those countries - and hence, by the citizens themselves.

Zalman A said...

Scrutiny is OK, Surveillance is not.

Datuk, you may recall that a fellow blogger of yours during the Najib regime wrote several times about the fact that two Special Branch officers were assigned to "watch him".

It's normally the worst and most corrupt of regimes that are the most paranoid.

And the most afraid of journalists.

So the peribahasa is true, "the pen is mightier than the sword."

Watching The World said...

What the author says are just so sound and sensible. Those who want to be respected as above politics should always remain non-partisan.

If you want to take a stand and want to urge others to follow your stand, then it is only natural to expect ‘political and partisan responses’.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

pcbahar said...

Teruskan usaha Dato menegur dan menyatakan kebenaran..

Sesungguhnya kebenaran itu adalah pahit..

Nampaknya pihak dia pun dah kepanasan..

Buah Kerdas said...

Tun M dibenci kerana dia juara menghadkan kuasa Raja-Raja sesuai dengan tuntutan demokrasi berparlimen dan Raja berperlembagaan. Soalnya adakah wajar tindakannya itu? Sejarah bangsa telah mencatatkan bahawa Raja yang telah memajakkan bumi Melayu ini kepada Inggeris; bukankah Raja yang memajakkan Singapura, Pulau Pinang dan Pangkor kepada Inggeris? Tanpa kuasa yang dihadkan tidak mustahil Raja akan diperlat menjadi instrumental menggadaikan lagi bumi Melayu. Kalau PM Najib yang dibelakangnya ada UMNO pun boleh diperalat oleh Jho Lhow, apa hebatnya individu Raja Melayu terjamin daripada tidak diperalatkan oleh orang luar? Alahai, berapa ramaikah kerabat Raja yang memiliki PhD dan Masters sedangkan segala keperluan untuk mencapai akademik tertinggi terbuka dan tersedia amat luas buat mereka? Yang kita disajikan ialah cerita gaya hidup borguoise kerabat Raja dengan deretan kereta dan istana mewah sedangkan nun dipelosok setiap negeri masih ada rakyat marhaen yang melangsungkan hidup dibelit kemisikinan. Pun begitu akhbar kita tetap memberi jolokan "Raja berjiwa rakyat" semata-mata atas tingkah mereka bersalaman dengan rakyat atau melawat mangsa banjir. Hipokrasi tahap gaban.

Kalau tak silap fahaman saya pada kuliah Sejarah Prof Zainal Abidin Wahid (kira-kira 35 tahun dahulu), pada tahun 1946 semua Raja telah melepaskan kuasa mereka apabila menandatangani Perjanjian Malayan Union di Hotel Station KL, under duress kononnya. Bahawa rakyat Melayu diperlaku bagaikan hamba oleh Inggeris dan kekayaan bumi ini dijarah oleh mereka tidak menjadi isu buat Raja asal keselesaan hidup mereka dijamin Inggeris. Samalah seperti gaya hidup berpeleseran Raja yang memajakkan Singapura pada Inggeris; sebuah pulau strategik hanya didipadankan dengan nilai kereta kuda dan elaun bulanan $1000. Apa lagi yang lain yang boleh kita fahamkan daripada fakta sejarah ini. Ini bukan menyatakan kebencian pada Raja tetapi mengingatkan kedudukan mereka dalam Perlembagaan, I hope our Raja share the same mentality as the Queen of England who was quoted saying "We are here because the people want it." Very true indeed.

The people's voice said...

the farce on the PD by election simply just to get Anwar into Parliament is fast becoming a big joke for PH.
First, although we voted for PH in GE14 and will do so again, we will NOT vote for Anwar, Nurul and Azizah and that Rafizi wherever they stand. This is because they think we are like the cows in the cowgate scandal, point us the way and we will vote?
No thank you.
It's better for them to leave PKR and go over to UMNO.
Who knows there is already a secret conspiracy, PAS is abstaining, UMNO may abstain, MIC is out, MCA is out, so they are paving the way for Anwar to enter and demolish the PH ?

Then we the rakyat will see less in-fighting, and the full 100% support for Tun Mahathir and his team.

Who do I believe in, simply Tun Dr M and his team. Tun, please fill your govt with people from Bersatu, DAP and Azmin. They will fulfil your agenda, which is our agenda.

So for those armchair critics, traitors in PH, traitors in the civil service and armed forces, and anyone else from rulers to the rakyat who dare to think we are dunggus, beware, there is nothing that can stand between the rakyat and the government.

AminNR said...

You are absolutely spot on!
If you are born privileged in a constitutional monarchy, be sure that when you open your royal mouth you do not stray beyond the realms of your privileged boundaries1
this royal young fart is too big for his shoes!
I hope this statement will not be construed as being seditious!! I speak as an elder,
a non-royal; but my age and experiences exceeds his HRH's crass!!

panglimo potaseh said...

Setakat yang saya tahu hanya Tun M seorang yang punye telor untuk negor Raja ..bukan satu tapi sepuloh Raja. Tun M bukan takat negur tapi siap melondehkan kekebalan mereka. Malah saya melihat Tun M lebih "Nobel" daripada ulamak kita ..ulamak ala zaman Gelap Eropah. Ayuk apa pun Tun M ..mari kita sesama membantu Tun M. Bayangkan lah jika Tun M sudah tidak ada. Bayangkan Mat Cium Tangan merintah nanti.

anon said...

what have they done during colonialism and kleptocracy? nothing..

Unknown said...

Salam Dato'

There's a reply to your article above. He says in his facebook,
"He don't mind bening clobbed. All he care is HIS RKAYAT.
Now I am confused - which rakyat....?????
Bangsa Johor or the 700 thousands of the future resident in
Forest city...............???????

Budak jawa said...


Hipokrasi bila disebut berjiwa rakyat. Rakyat susah yang berjiwa rakyat berbondong-bondong dengan bala pasukannya menunjukkan kemewahan. Langsung tidak sensitif.

Hanya orang bodoh yang tidak merdeka jiwanya akan menyokong kumpulan ini.

Kalau mahu dihormati, bertindaklah untuk dihormati. Apabila sebaliknya, no more respect. You determine your position. As far as rakyat is concern, we have to pay high price to get rid of malaun lanun dalam kerajaan during pru14 without support from kumpulan bangsawan. Instead some bangsawan dare to campaign for malaun lanun, you know who you are.

The scandals disclosed are so alarming only God knows what will happen if the result of PRU14 is otherwise.

We rakyat have won one battle, there are many other battles ahead of us for better future including battle with our ownself to become a better person, create better society and then will we have a better nation in shaa Allah.

It just like tun M had rightly mentioned over and over again the importance of Malay to work hard to improve their status. It is not given but need to be earned just like other Malaysian fellow.


RD. said...

Saya menyokong penuh pendapat Tuan Buah Kerdas & The peiple's voice.

Terima Kasih Tuanhamba Berdua dan Dato AKJ.

Saya juga berharap Kerajaan PH dapat berusaha supaya Institusi Agama dapat ditempatkan dibawah naungan Institusi Raja-Raja demi kesinambungan kedua-dua institusi ini. Jika elok ditempatkan Institusi Agama dalam Kawasan Istana.

Disini saya copy-paste sekali lagi cadangan saya, seperti yang saya komen dalam Chedet.

Sempena Menyambut Maal Hijrah ini, demi Kesatuan Malaysia, terutamanya Bangsa Melayu dan Agama Islam, saya amat berharap Kerajaan Baru PH dapat memisahkan Agama dari Politik.

Ketika Zahid Hamidi menjadi TPM & Menteri KDN dan melarang Mat Sabu, menggunakan Islam sebagai nama Party politik barunya... sambil berkata; "Agama Islam milik semua, bukan hanya hak exclusive sebuah Party Politik'...saya amat gembira.
Saya sangkakan, Zahid Hamidi akan turut mengharamkan PAS menggunakan Agama sebagai modal meraih undi.

Hakikatnya, PAS adalah 'Kepala-Bapak' perpecahan Melayu-Islam.

Seperti Tun Dr.M pernah ucapkan... Sejarah tertubuhnya PAS pada 1955 adalah akibat dari perpecahan Melayu dalam UMNO. Puncanya, setelah dipersetujui Penjajah British untuk diberi Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman tidak melantik golongan 'Agamawan' dalam UMNO, sebagai Menteri Kabinet. Kerana tidak puas hati... mereka keluar UMNO dan tubuh 'Party Agama' yang kemudiannya dikenali sebagai PAS.

Ketika itu British masih berkuasa di Malaya. Yang peliknya, di Negara mereka sendiri, England sejak 1650an lagi, Oliver Cromwell telah haramkan Agama Kristian dipolitikkan. Namum di Tanah jajahan Malaya... sama seperti di Palestine dan lain jajahan di Timur-Tengah... mereka benarkan pula Agama digunakan sebagai wadah untuk meraih undi Politik.

Sebabnya... sangat jelas & mudah difahami... 'Agama' jika dipolitikkan akan menyebabkan perpecahan. Kepada Penjajah, lebih mudah untuk mencatur atau manipulasi colony yang Rakyatnya tidak bersatu.

Sejak Zaman Dark Ages lagi, British dan masyarakat Eropah telah menyedari hakikat bahawa pengaruh Paderi/Gereja atau Agamawan Kristian didalam Istana telah banyak menyebabkan peperangan, tumpah-darah, kacau-bilau dan kebuluran. Sebab itu Oliver Cromwell 'banish' atau memaksa semua Agamawan mereka dihimpunkan di Vatican, Rome. Hasilnya, Eropah bertambah aman, makmur & sejahtera, walaupun masih ada sedikit perbalahan Catholic & Protestant di Utara Ireland.

Sebaliknya... amat malang bagi Umat Islam di Timur-Tengah, 200~300 tahun selepas Wafatnya Rasullulah... Pemerintah Islam Pak-Pak Arab telah mengambil pendekatan sebaliknya. Apa yang keluar dari mulut Agamawan atau 'waris-Rasul', dianggap sebagai 'wahyu'. Manakala, ilmu perubatan, sains & mathematic, astronomi oleh Cendikiawan Islam difitnah sebagai bida'ah dan buku-buku mereka dibakar. Akibatnya, cerdik-pandai Islam lari ke Negara Kapir melalui semenanjung Iberia ke Andalusia.


RD. said...


Sejak itu, Yahudi & Kristian bertambah moden & maju, manakala Islam mula mundur kebelakang, berpecah kepada berbagai Puak & Kabilah dan mereka asyik berperang dan berbunuhan sesama-sendiri. Akhirnya KeAgungan dan Kegemilangan Islam mulai pudar dan runtuh... sehinggalah hari ini.
Mungkin disebabkan masyarakat Pak-Pak Arab sudah sekian lama hidup dalam kacau-bilau dan persengketaan dan terlalu mendambakan Keamanan atau Peace, apabila bertegur-sapa, mereka ucapkan... Assalamualaikum atau 'Peace be Upon You'.

Maka munasabahlah... jika diperkatakan... 'Roh' Islam yang dibawa oleh Saudagar-Saudagar Kaya Arab ke Nusantara, lebih kurang 400 tahun dahulu, adalah 'Roh' yang sudah mulai 'malap'. Kegilapannya hanya kembali 'terang' setelah di'pelok' oleh pihak-Istana Hindu, kerana terpengaruh dengan kekayaan dan kemewahan yang dipamerkan Saudagar-Saudagar Arab ketika itu.

Oleh yang demikian, marilah kita pisahkan Agama Islam dari Politik Tanahair dengan mengumpulkan semua Institusi Agama dibawah Institusi Istana yang sepatutnya apolitical. Dengan itu, berbaloilah WANG Rakyat yang diperuntukkan untuk Institusi ini.

Di masa yang sama, waris kepada Tahta Kesultanan setiap Negeri harus ditentukan semasa Baginda masih kecil supaya boleh dijuruskan bidang pembelajaran mereka kepada Agama. Apabila menjadi Raja nanti, Baginda akan dikelilingi/nasihati oleh Para Mufti dan Cerdik Pandai Agama supaya boleh menasihati pula Pemerintah, jika ada sesuatu policy Kerajaan yang mendatangkan kesan tidak baik kepada Bangsa & Agama.

Oleh yang demikian, Institusi Raja & Agama akan lebih dihormati dan kekal lama. Semoga Melayu Bersatu dan Islam menjadi contoh pentadbiran yang bersih & beramanah.
Jangan diikut perangai Pak Arab yang asyik berkelahi sesama sendiri.

majid smsp88 said...

1 analisis yang agak tepat & rasional. Bravo...

PRK Port Dickson mungkin bertukar arah cos semacam sesuatu yang janggal. Sesuatu yang sangat pelik.

msh said...

Tiada negara demokrasi didunia yg ada 'PM in waiting'.
Umum faham tentang kedudukan negara semasa sebelum PR14.. ..apabila Tun 'terpaksa' bersetuju dgn puak PKR dan PH....cara untuk menjatuhkan kepala Penyamun dan konco2....adalah dgn bersetuju untuk Wan Azizah menjadi Timb PM....dan suami 'as PM in waiting'....setelah juga bersetuju untuk Tun mndpt 'keampunan' dan keluar dari Sg Buluh.
Wah...hebat sekali syarat dari Puak PKR untuk Tun bersetuju.

Itu yg membuat Rafizi jadi besar kepala agaknya...kerana rasa Parti PKR lah yg menjadi 'playmaker' dlm menjatuhkan Penyamun.
(Ini andaian saya....mungkin tidak benar).

Saya percaya Dato tentu lebih tahu dgn 'perjanjian' ini.
Tetapi....bila saja keluar setelah diampuni...lain mcm pula pergerakan beliau.
Dari paparan Zam....spt coretan Hishamuddin...laki bini PKR nmpk .... spt kata org putih 'dancing out of tune'....Melayu kata spt 'kera mndpt bunga'.

Bahaya...memang bahaya buat negara...jika semua ini menjadi realiti....kuasa bertukar pd 'PM in waiting'.
Puak2 bangsawan ...akan bertambah 'bangsawan nya'.. sebab org ini akan melangsungkan tradisi Umno....mencium dan menjilat tangan bangsawan2 dsb....spt yg telah beliau lakukan dlm sekelip mata sahaja.
Ini bukan cara Tun dan juga bukan cara ramai rakyat.

PH disokong rakyat kerana faktor Tun dan rakyat tidak mahu negara kembali spt zaman Umno dulu...dan 'PM in waiting' ini 2x5 sahaja cara dgn puak2 Penyamun dulu....kuat PR 'public relation' dan status quo dgn raja2.

Saya harap Tun tidak memberi laluan mudah....dan PH mencari jln lain untuk menerus membina negara dan nenjadi lebih amanah agar negara tidak diperkakukan spt dahulu bila 'negara diperlakukan spt hak kepala bapa mereka'.
Tetapi kalau jatuh ketangan 'PM in waiting' ia berkemungkinan besar akan berkaku mcm hak laki bini anak beranak ....dan puak2 bangsawan akan naik tocang dan berpolitik sakan bersama rakyat...percayalah.

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

PRK PD ..akan menjadi sinetron klasik yang akan jadi rujukan dan bahan ketawa generasi mendatang. Apa tidaknye ..PRK kali ini, seakan bukan untuk memilih parti ..tapi memilih PM ..orang bangang pon faham.

Keputusan PRU14 untuk PD ..PH (59%), BN/PAS (41%) ..beza (18%). Pada saya persekitaran semasa PRU14, dibandingkan pada hari ini bagai langit dan bumi.

Perbezaan mula terukir sejak Anwar terlepas dari pasungan dan diberikan pengampunan oleh Agong yang paling berjiwa rakyat.

Selepas tu Anwar ke selatan untuk menyampaikan kucupan azimat pada tangan bangsawan yang pernah melekehkan keupayaan dan usia Tun M.

Pada amnye kita tahu yang Tun M telah diberikan mandat oleh PH untuk menjadi PM sekurangnye 2 tahun. Bertalu-talu Mat Sabu dan LGE melafazkan mandat ini ketika berkempen untuk PRU14.

Tetapi alih-alih Sudara Sani ..dalam kempennye semalam, telah menyatakan "mana ada" pada mandat tersebut. Tegasnye Anwar ..selepas dapat pengampunan ..selepas melayakan diri sebagai ahli Parlimen ..maka masa tu jugak Anwar boleh jadi PM?

Jadi tu sebab persekitaran politik PH hari ini dah seakan herot. Anwar macam biasa ..sangat sopan dengan peneraju PH ..tapi macai dan baruanye tiap hari menghentam Tun M dan Azmin.

Jadi (59%) sokongan yang diperolehi PH dah berobek, dah berpanau .."sudah picah". Dalam (59%) tu, ada penyokong Tun M dan Azmin yang dah terguris dek hentaman Rafizi dan Sani.

Kaum Cina sudah mula melihat Anwar pada sudut yang berlainan. Ingat Tun M telah menjadi "darling" kaum cina sejak PRU14. Kaum India saya tak berani komen ..kalau suasana semakin gelap mereka juga akan beralih tongkang.

Katakan setengah dari (59%) undi PH beralih tongkang ..apa akan jadi?

No to PD move said...

now the dirt has somewhat settled, looks like AI is set to throw in his hat for the PD
by election.
Even with Tun Dr M's saying that it is AI's right to go for the seat, we remain decided that we will NOT vote for him.
If it had been Azizah or Nurul vacating their seats, then we will change our minds.

It is too much to ask of us, even the Patriots will not support the new PKR hope.
We repeat, we will NOT vote for AI.
And we call upon any independent to register and we will vote for him/her.
Easily this newcomer can win with our support. Similar scenario as the Tian Chua disqualification, new man wins in his seat.

Terribly disappointed with Rafizi, why is he shooting his mouth, I suppose he knows by now he cannot win the Deputy President's position in PKR. Has not done anything to unite PKR, except to keep on warring inside his own party and alienating his PH partners.
Azmin is matured, a leader, and has the calibre to be the PM one day, he deserves to take over from Anwar. The rakyat believes in him, rightfully he has not betrayed his own party, he has resolved so many issues for PKR and member parties in PH.

So far what has Rafizi done? To us, cannot think of anything significant, except showing signs of temperament and issuing silly statements and speeches.

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