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The Lighter Side of "Fat Leonard" and US Spying

A Kadir Jasin

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NOW we know why the US National Security Agency (NSA) spied on the German Chancellor (Prime Minister) Angela Merkel and a host of other world leaders.

First of all, the US never trusted its allies. But in this latest case of snooping, it is a ruse. The Americans were never interested in Merkel and still less in what our leaders are chattering about.

They are either uninterested in our pillow talk or have heard and known enough about our exploits to hold us by our testicles.

When they spy on us, we cannot even accuse them of being a rogue, though if we ask Afghan and Pakistani civilians of the US drone attack, they would say that the US is not only a rogue but also a coward.

The trigger-happy Obama drone operators bombed, killed and maimed thousands of civilians around the world from the safety of their bunkers at Creech air force base near Las Vegas, the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia and Camp Chapman in Afghanistan.

So who were really spying on? The answer is “Fat Leornard”.

According to an Associated Press (AP) report from San Diego, California, the gregarious Malaysian businessman nicknamed “Fat Leonard” is well known by US Navy commanders in the Pacific.

It adds: “But prosecutors in court papers say Leonard Francis worked his connections to obtain military secrets by arranging prostitutes, Lady Gaga tickets and other bribes for a US commander, in a scandal reverberating across the Navy.

“The accusations unfolding in a federal court case signal serious national security breaches and corruption, with the threat that more people, including those of higher ranks, could be swept up as the investigation continues. A hearing Nov. 8 could set a trial date.

"Fat Leonard" aka Leonard Glenn Francis of Penang

“Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz passed confidential information on ship routes to Francis’ Singapore-based company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd., or GDMA, according to the court documents.”

So who says we Malaysians could not be a threat to the US if we put our mind to it. At least that’s what the airport police at Des Moines, Iowa, could be thinking when they detained me for three hours in 2002.

But fortunately for me, they could not pin anything on me. How could they? I was there just to visit my son who was studying aerospace engineering at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology in Ames. Unfortunately for “Fat Leonard” he got caught. He was arrested in the US on last Sept 16.

Given my less than healthy feeling towards the US (as a country) and my love for Malaysia, I am not sure whether to salute Mr Francis for poking the US in the eye or to damn him for brining bad name to the country.

Or maybe I should blame Singapore for misguiding Mr Francis since his business is based in the republic. I would not dare speculate that this is Singapore’s conspiracy to tarnish our image.

But according to The Star page one report today (Nov 8), “Fat Leonard” aka Leonard Glenn Francis had a run in with the law, when in 1986 at the age of 24, he was jailed for gun possession in his home state Penang.

With that knowledge, world leaders can now speak and text peacefully using smart phones and computers. Uncle Sam is not after them after all. Phew.


RD. said...

The US use to be weary of the extremist PAS in the early 90s. Since PAS has already made alliance with secular Political Party, DAP & PKR, they should not have to worry anymore. After-all they have their own NGOs at home and abroad, to keep them furnish with whatever information they need to know about Malaysia. It's a well known secret that pro-Opposition outfits such as Bersih, Malaysiakini, Suaram, etc., are foreign funded.

In the US, they have this 'Foreign Agent Act', since 1967 to keep a tight leash on mischievous NGOs. This Act makes it compulsory for NGOs that receives funds from abroad, to declare their assets and cash-flows to the IRS. Their accounts, annually audited. These NGOs are registered with the NSA with their files and correspondence papers', stamped or branded as 'Foreign Agents'.
See, how smart the American are.

Russia had just enacted the same law in 2011. That is why, there are no more demonstration and rallies, like before, because local NGOs and even their opposition are deprived of adequate funds.
China is even smarter. They don't need these type of laws, anyway. Any dissent will be dealt with tanks, like what happen in Tian..Amen, Square.

In Malaysia, Ex-YB Wee Choo Keong had already, 2 times tabled a motion for this Act in Parliament. Sadly, Najib's cabinet and its backbenches just listen to the wise YB. (who happened to be an ex-DAP politician, discontented with Daddy & Son). Speaker, Pandikar Amin Mulia even repeatedly hasten him to finish his motion quickly, due to time constraint.
What a pity we have such a lame duck government.

Zed-85 said...


It interesting to know that a home grown Malaysian have the wits to pull off something like this.

However, if you refer to Robert Ludlum novels, Jason Bourne have so many passports. For all we know, this Fat guy could be somebody and the guy from Penang could be someone else.

I am not agree that we are completely safe from being monitored

Nowadays, the smartphone is tracked using the GPS and Broadband.

With cloud computing, our routine and daily habit can be monitored. We use the smartphone for our travelling, the distance to our workplace, the restaurant we eat, the place we shop etc.

All these information can be use for behavioral profiling.

So, not only the top brass or leaders that should be worried but also the average Joe like us.

mokhtar bin Zainol Abidin said...

salam dato,

- crossed him twice during my port experience. very confidence, domineering able to get what he wanted. even offered ship armed security for vessels plying melaka straits during the high of piracy.
- for a layman, even his escort ship also look like a navy vessel until our authorities took action
to stop the activies.
- salutation to him,malaysian are really good for offering brides. pros and entertraiments to power that be.
- he is good, american should learn from him.....

maae said...

Salam Datuk,

1. Now we see that Malaysia in the lists. Our government must take steps to thighten our National Security to stop official secret leaks. There are a lot of high ranking personnel inside and outside the governmengt, that simply cannot be trusted.

2. Malaysia is nation that is strategicaly located. The sovereignty of Selat Melaka and and one of the respected muslim's progressive country compare to others. We can build good relationships with developed and undeveloped countries. Most importantly Malaysia and China, two good everlasting freindship, that made US government on alert. China will become the next world order if US fails to refrain them.

3. As Datuk said, US will be squeezing our testicles very soon, if Malaysia resists to comply US foreign policy. This had been very effective in history years, involving some crook leaders of the third world countries.

4. If we could recall, Blackberry scandals...

It's no more 'Tidak Apa' attitude. The enemy now is sitting just in front us. If we fail , Malaysia will not be the same again.

din klang said...

Jadi ternyata lah negara bapa angkat anwar ibrahim idola din melaka sebenarnya lebih diktator dari Hitler dan China.

Jika Hitler dan china diktator terhadap jajahan dan rakyat mereka sahaja.

Tetapi amarika negara bapa angkat anwar ibrahim idola din melaka pula mahu menguasai dan mengawal seluruh dunia.

Dan ini lah negara kiblat anwar brahim idola din melaka.


DirKa said...

Taknak komen ke your idola Anwar Ibrahim tenggelam punca sebab pembangkang Sabah belot?

Macam ni you nak angkat jadi pemimpin agong?

Lahuma said...


1.Polisi AS terhadap Asia khasnya Asia Timur ialah ekonomi/perdagangan,penyebaran agama Kristian dan mengekalkan pengarauhnya sebagai kuasa dunia.

2.Polisi AS semasa 1940an dulu membendung pengaruh komunis melalui doktrin Truman.Ini juga ancaman pada AS.

3.AS sanggup belanja besar untuk mengekalkan pengaruhnya.AS terlibat dalam perang Korea dan Vietnam.

4.China dan Asia merupakan ancaman besar terkini pada AS .Pengarauh China dilihat makin meluas.Sebab China berada dalam wilayah Asia.Dan kemungkinan serta kebimbangan AS ialah dimana China akan menjadi penyumbang kepada konflik wilayah.

5.Barangkali inilah puncanya AS betrsiap sedia segalanya termasuk diMalaysia sendiri.Kenapa tidak di Singapura.

6.Risik merisik adalah amalan dan strategi dalam hidup.Semua pemimpin dunia termasuk Malaysia kena ambil ingatan secukupnya.Harap harap percaya jangan sama sekali.Pemimpin Melayu di Malaysia nampak macam BETUL BENDUL serta LURUS.

7.Peranan Business International Non Goverment Organisation(B.I.N.G.O.) diseluruh dunia pun perlu berhati-hati dan amat bahaya kalau pakat-pakat terleka.

8.Bacalah buku berjudul The International Jew.Banyak menafaatnya.

9.Kerajaan Malaysia jangan ambil mudah dan terlalu ringan.Kurangkan adu dumba sesama pemimpin.Pepmimpin perlulah ada kualiti juga kalau hendak pikul amanah rakyat.

Terima kasih Dato.

Din Melaka said...

Aslkum Dakj

1. Bagus betul paparan Dato kali ni. Hebat jugak rakyat the Boleh Land boleh buat Malaysia terkenal di persada dunia. Malang di AS ibarat tupai tersembam jugak.

2. Bayangkan orang jenis dan beragama rupa ni, kalau di luar negara pun dia hebat inikan beroperasi dalam negeri lagilah hebat.

Di boleh land siap ada polis segan pd peguam bergelar Datuk. Kalau ketua polis negeri apatah lagi kalau setakat ketua polis daerah atau ketua balai, kalau nak merasa kena tukar 24 jam cuba2 lah cari pasal dgn ketua2 sindikit. Macam dalam filemkan.

3. jangan nampak AS saja yg intip segala panggilan telefon , sms, twitter dsb.

Kerajaan Malaysia tak buat ke kerja intip keatas ketua2 pembangkang, NGO dll.

Hatta pegawai tinggi awam dan swasta juga tak terlepas.

Matlamatnya jelas. Kalau AS berbekal maklumat risikan yg ada boleh pegang teloq pemimpin Boleh Land untuk dapat favours begitu jugalah tektik yg sama akan di guna oleh ketua2 Bolrh Land untuk menghapaskan pengaruh musuh mereka atau kawan yg dah jadi lawan.

Kalau tidak bagaimana org yg dulunya berapi2 hentam kerajaan , sekarang ni terbalik pulak puji melangit. Siap kempen satu Malaya pulak kutuk parti pembangkang.

4. Tapi kalaulah AS dengar, ada pengomen kata AS bergantung pd NGO tertentu untuk dapat laporan risikan mesti AS marah kerana seolah2 anggap kelengkapan risikan AS kuno atau dgn kata lain AS ni tak cukup cerdik. Jadi yg mana betul? AS kurang cerdik atau pengomen memang ngok.

Jangan marah..

Din Kalut. said...

Din Melaka sedang menunggu arahan dari majikannya untuk berkata sesuatu.

Din Melaka said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Hanya spy tahu pihak lain spy atau tidak.

RD tentulah spy jugak. Kalau tidak mana dia tau dgn yakinnya bahawa Malaysiakini, Bersih, Suaram semuanya di biayai oleh pihak negara asing.

Alang2 , nak tanya RD berapa juta wang yg mereka2 ni terima dan dari negara mana dan apa buktinya?

Alah nak bukti apa lagi. Kalau Mshathir, ketua2 UMNO, Utusan dan tv 3 dah kata mereka2 tu agen atau tali barut asing, dah confirmlah tu.

Tak cerdik langsung.

jebat said...

Salam takzim DAKJ,

Sudah lama saya katakan yang KDN, Kementeriang Luar, tidak mahu menilai apa yang AS dan Australia buat dan akan buat terhadap kita.

Kerajaan malaysia, terutamanya Ahjib Goh sudah termakan GULA_GULA dan COCOLATE barat terutamanya US, dan menganggap semua yang dilakukan oleh US adalah betul, dan mereka ANGGUK kepala berkali kali tanda setuju.

Mereka takan syak wasangka terhadap US, sehingga satu masa nanti dahi mereka remuk terhantuk PALANG BESI barulah mereka sedar dan barulah mereka tengadah !!

Ketika itu dah terlambat !!

Jadi sebelum itu kita perlu sedarkan BADUT BADUT ini dari tidurnya (DALAM PRU AKAN DATANG).
(setakat PRK macam di sungai limau mereka takan sedar).

Atau kalau tidak anda semua akan terkejut satu masa nanti !!!



safiai saad said...

salam sdr Kadir, this spy or espionage taht we herd everyday including the wiki leak will be the phenomena associated with information super highway.
We can't stop this activities,because information is power and information can be utilise for our advantage.
What we actually need is Malaysian people be it the goverment and people nust be smart enough to protect our interest and be a step ahead of our real or percieved enemy. After all Malaysia has been colonised for almost 500 years.The reason for colonisation or invasion for that matter is still valid presently or in future time.That is why a lot of people ouside malaysia knows us better then ourselves. need example.......or I guest that is is suffucient food for thaught.

safiai saad said...
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Wan Kamarul said...

Dato' ada planning buat terjemahan buku 'Awakening : The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia' dalam bm mcm terjemah buku dr. umum dulu? Kalau x, x baca dah..he3

jab sp said...

Salam Ybg Dato (DAKJ)
Untuk kali ini saya hanya menyatakan keseronokan membaca catatan Dato dan komen mengenainya.Tiada ada ulasan mengenainya kerana kalau komen pun,ramai sudah dikalangan rakan rakan yang memberi komen seperti mana saya mau komen malah banyak yang cukup baik.
Namun satu saja perkara yang mahu saya catatkan.Ybg Dato tidak mengizinkan anonymous membuat komen tetapi mengecualikan seorang yang ada perangai sasau sasau gila menganggu keseluruhan mutu laman yang Dato ujudkan ini.Hehehe
Seeloknya kalau tak ada idea tak payahlah merapu macam yang dia lakukan sekarang.Kalau taksub sangat pada Najib pun,malulah sikit perangai sasau gila itu bolih lagi memalukan Najib,petunjuk bahawa demi Najib sasau dan gila pun sedia dia terima.

Din Melaka said...

Aslkum Dakj

1. kenyataan hidup , kalau nak berjaya terutamanya dalam konteks bernegara mana2 ketajaan mesti ada keupayaan mengintip. Kalau tidak kerajaan berkenaan akan jadi mangsa seperti kekal mundur teknologinya, senang dikalahkan dalam peperangan betul atau perang ekonomi dsb.

Sesetengah negara atau syarikat memang pskar tiru atau cetak rompak.

Lihat saja bagaimana Jepun bukan saja pandai tiru tapi malah perbaiki teknologi barat dalam pelbagai bidang.

Sejak tiga dekad lalu, CINA pulak dah pandai dalam kerja intai dan tiru. Malah dah berjaya memintas kehebatan Jepun dan nrgara barat sendiri. Lihat saja teknologi drone yg dicipta AS, dah pun berjaya diciplak oleh tentera CINA.

2. Kepada yg jadi penyokong setia ketua2 UMNO janganlah muram durja.

Mereka pun tak pernah kurang hebatnya.
Dan ketua2 UMNO ni sering mendendangkan lagiu org luar kagum dan iri hati dgn kejayaan Melayu mencipta dan memecah rekod dunia.

Pemegang rekod dunia bendera paling besar dunia, tiang bendera paling tinggi di dunia, kacau dodol paling banyak di dunia, lemang paling berat di dunia, lemang paling panjang di dunia dan perbarisan paling panjang dalam dunia demi nak cium tangan PM dan nak makan percuma sewajtu rumsh terbuka hari raya..

Kalau ada rakyat AS yg tak tau bagaimana nak manafaatkan masa 24 jam boleh sangat belajar dgn ketua2 UMNO.

3. Ketua kerajaan Malaysia yg terkenal dgn motto Malaysia boleh juga tak akan kedeut ilmu khususnya dalam perkara yg melekakan rakyat untuk jangka pendek dgn program jelajah bermotor dan program BRIM, KEDAI SATU MALAYSIA dan KLINIK 1 MALAYSIA. yg jugak saya rasa bertaraf pecah rekod dunia

Din Melaka said...

Aslkum Dakj

Rasanya kerajaan pimpinan Ketua2 UMNO tiada pilihan lain.

Mereka mesti pertingkat keupayaan intipan agar kegiatan penjahat2 terus membunuh dgn senjata api.

Jangan kerana yg terkena cuma org biasa, maka mungkin ada pihak macam tak ada urgency.

Pistol bila terkena , tak akan kenal antara nyawa rakyat biasa, pegawai bank, ketua penguatkuasa, jabatan kerajaan, timbalan ketua pengarah kastam, ketua polis, pendakwa raya, hakim malah menteri.

Adjust lah bajet mengintip. Jangan terlebih intip pd orang baik2 hingga yg jahat bermaha raja lela.

Sebab yg jahat dah dianggap baik kot

Zed-85 said...

Dato' Dan Saudara Pembahas,

Sebenarnya, Dato menulis mengenai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang bernama "Fat Leonard" berasal dari Penang yang medapat maklumat rahsia mengenai peta perjalanan (route) armada laut tentera Amerika melalui pelacur dan lain-lain.

Dengan adanya maklumat ini, tentera Amerika dipelawa berlabuh di pengkalan pelabuahan Singapura dan kapal tentera Amerika diselanggara dikenakan kos yang tinggi dan merugikan Amerika berjuta juta dollar.

Hal ini tidak ada kaitan dengan Anwar Ibrahim dan Adolf Hitler dari Jerman.

Saya sarankan pembahas menggunakan "Google Translate" supaya dapat dipertejemahkan tulisan bahasa inggeris ke bahasa melayu supaya perbahasan ini lebih berfaedah atau tidak menjadi bahan lawak pembaca.


Din Kalut said...

Hujah Din Melaka low clsss kosong saja.

anwar the boss said...

Din Meelaka

Argument anda kurang menyakinkan dan tersasar jauh dari topik.

Minggu depan hang kena pi masuk kursus sekali lagi.

Lagi satu.... gaji bulan ni potong separuh.

Counter balik pakai nama lembah tasnim

Rosiah Ismail said...

Salam dato yang dikasihi agak sudah lama tak berbicara di blog dato namun bolg dato tetap saya minati. OK spy US sebenar nya berlegar dimana jua tak kira di malaysia atau di tempat2 lain sentiasa ada kerana US adalah satu negara yang paling takut dengan segala kemungkinan sama ada faktor keselamatan atau pun ekonomi. US adalah negara yang banyak musuh dan juga banyak kawan begitulah kehidupan US tapi kita ambil ikhtibar disini adakah malaysia sahabat kepada US sedangkan germany pun di intip jadi kita ambil kesimpulan nya germany tak dipercayai oleh US apatah lagi malaysia sekuku hitam dia pun tak percaya. Dlembah asia tenggara ini yang dipercayai oleh US hanya singapura sahaja sebab nya mudah sahaja apa yang dibuat oleh US akan di ikuti oleh singapura ini pernah terjadi bila US keluar dari unesco singapura pun turut serta begitulah telatah mereka. Oleh itu kita mesti berhati-hati dengan keadaan semasa yang telah berlaku di persekitaran kita kerana pada masa ini menuntut untuk kita bersatu dalam menghadapi segala kemungkinan yang akan berlaku, SEKIAN DATO SAYA SAMBONG KERJA LAGI KERJA KILANG MACAM NI LA DATO..WASSALAM

Din Melaka said...

Aslkum Dakj

Mengacau betullah Nurul Izah. Kenapa pecah rahsia bahawa kerajaan UBN ada 30 anggota polis cawangan khas di London untuk buat kerja intipan.

Ngok jugak imigresen England ye kerana dgn senang beri permit kerja.

Kalau pun nak intip pelajar atau ketua2 pembangkang, perlukah ada 30 orang.

Saya tak fikir kakitangan Kedutaan termasuk MSD mencecah jumlah itu.

Kalau kerajaan tiada justifikasi bererti macam biasa buang duit rakyatlah ye.

TETAPI. Kehadiran mereka mungkin berita baik pd kakitangan kedutaan Malaysia. Apa tidaknya? Tidak lah duta dan bawahan beliau saja yg didera lsyan suku sakat ketua2 UMNO sewaktu shopping di sana.

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