Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crying Wolf Over Spying

A Kadir Jasin

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HAVING been born at the beginning of the Cold War and raised on the diet of ideological warfare and entertained by the “Black and White Spies” comic strip, I am not going insane over the allegation that Singapore spied on us.

During the Cold War, spying and counter spying were as familiar and as certain as the orbit of sun and the moon. So I am not terribly excited by the Assange and Snowden revelations either.

Nations, big and small, spy on each other all the time. Espionage is big business and it makes governments felt important. At the very least they gather information about each other. Information and intelligence gathering is part and parcel of effective government.

Black and White Spies. Remembering Mad Magazine

A few weeks after Anwar Ibrahim was released from prison in 2004, an elderly American professor came to Kuala Lumpur “to update” the psychological profile of the opposition leader for the US government. I was among the many people he met because he was told that I knew Anwar well. I can’t claim to know Anwar well although I “worked” with him from the time he joined Umno in 1982 until he was sacked from the party in 1998.

What the professor did was intelligence gathering. I was done in the open. Very much like diplomats, including ours, who hold cocktail parties for journalists and others who are deemed to have information.

Every leader and every strategic agency should know and be forewarned that they could be spied upon.

I did not choke upon reading news that Singapore spied on us. Naughty, naughty Singapore! But I would choke if I am told that we do not spy on anybody. What’s the use of having so many political officers at our embassies, high commissions and missions abroad if not for information and intelligence gathering?

Spying on Friends and Allies

WHAT the world leaders are today up in arms against is being told that they are being spied upon, not by enemies like during the Cold War, but by friends and allies, and the methods these sly friends and allies use.

The US, perhaps the number one rouge and the biggest peeping Tom of all, spied on European leaders. Australia spied on Indonesia and Singapore spied on us. So what?

In fact, we are a fool if we don’t do the same. Every nation spies on its neighbour. The difference is a good spy does not get caught. Or in the present case we did not know we were being spied on until tipped off by Snowden and foreign newspapers.

In the case of Singapore, its biggest intelligence gathering mission in Malaysia took place openly in 2009 when its supreme leader, Lee Kuan Yew, travelled the whole length of the Peninsula to meet leaders on both sides of the political chasm - with the Prime Minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, thrown in for good measure.

LKY was impressed with Rosmah

Soon after (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became Prime Minister in 2003, I told him about the need for Malaysia to have world-class intelligence gathering mechanism, including in the economic area.

But both Abdullah and his successor, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, are great admirers of Singapore and are golfing buddies of Singapore leaders. Officially and privately they visited Singapore regularly. Only a foolish government leader would believe that he or she is free from being spied upon.

Golfing buddies don't spy on each other

Bear in mind that on the darker side of diplomacy, blackmail is a very useful tool. The juicier the stuff the better!

I have written volumes over the years about Singapore’s reliance of intelligence - be it political, military or economic – for its survival and for jingoistic reasons. I wrote about its defence doctrine and military strategy that mimicked the Israelis defence doctrine and of its purchases of sophisticated defence systems from the US and Israel.

I had written volumes about Singapore being the listening post for the US and Israel in this corner of the globe.

So don’t blame Singapore if we let ourselves be caught off guard or, worse still, caught with our pants down, which in some cases could be literal.

The Wisma Putra had summoned the Singapore High Commissioner, Ong Keng Yong. Now what? Are we not going to recall our High Commission to Singapore? We should if we are serious and have testicular gumption.

Or our top leaders do not want to be mired in this controversy because they are too close to Singapore leaders and are relying on the republic to prop up the IDR.

The Spectre of Pulau Batu Putih

INSTEAD of going crazy over the alleged spying by Singapore, we should do likewise or even more. Apparently we did not or we did, we were so good that neither Snowden nor Assange knew about it.

Still remember we lost Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore in the International Court of Justice arbitration in 2008? 

Who Lost Pulau Batu Puteh? So near yet so far

We lost the island either because we failed in our information and intelligence gathering or, as being alleged by some quarters, because some of our own people had sold us out - a very serious allegation indeed.

We are facing Singapore again. This time not in The Hague but in Singapore and in accordance with Singapore laws over the huge development charges the Singapore government is demanding for the development of land given to us in lieu of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) land that we returned to the republic.

If the same team that lost the Pulau Batu Puteh is assigned to represent us at the arbitration, we could end up losing more than our temper over the spying allegation. Khazanah may end up paying a huge amount of fee to the Singapore government to develop our land.

This is as good as Khazanah funding or subsidizing the 40% stake that its Singapore counterpart, Temasek Holdings, holds in the development.

So, Singapore lovers beware. No point crying wolf when our flock of sheep had been eaten and our chicken coop may soon be raided.




saya link tok, tq

Syed Akbar Ali said...


Our sheep did not get eaten. Our sheep bent over with a red flag sticking out of their @$$ so that the wolves may be better able to spot them. Thats what our sheep have been doing.

All property players know that when you buy a property you must check with the local authority if any land has to be surrendered for future road expansion, what are the govt's development plans in the area, what are the restrictions if any on height, proximity to schools, hospitals etc. All this has an impact. And in places like S'pore they are transparent. We shud hv just asked them - what are the indirect costs, extra charges, etc. They would have given a styraight answer. But the S'poreans knew that the M'sians were led by incompetents. So they let us walk into the trap. Just like the City bankers trapped the same incompetent all those years ago - overv that Forex loss.

Syed Akbar Ali

ab said...

Salam Dato,

I PROTEST WITH MY SOUL if it is true that the Malaysian government information gathering (skill and capacity) beyond our border IS HOPELESS, if next to NONE!...awat bodo piang sangat.

IT IS ONE OF THE duty of any government, to gather publicly available information or publicly hidden information, ON ANY SECTOR. Military, trades, development, finance,politic and etc...FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE RULING GOVERNMENT AND THE NATION.

TAK SALAH PUN DALAM ISLAM.. kalau pandai cari,pandai simpan,pandai elak,pandai tipu...orang mana tau.

Kalau terlondeh nasib laa...shoot yourself in the head.

TETAPI saya puji polis PDRM, kalau tenguk depa cari penjenayah betui betui,sat saja depa tangkap....YANG PENTING,depa bolih buat kalau disuruh dengan betui betui ,olih bos bos yang betui betui kerja, betui betui punya bos,dengan niat yang betui betui untuk negara...

WISMA PUTRA ni pulak dah berapa kes BESAQ BESAQ depa selesai, selain dari kes kes pi functions,pi dinners,pi tunjuk jalan,pi teman VIP,pi rehat rehat dll....pulau hilang,batu hilang,air hilang,rel keretapi hilang, stesyen keretapi hilang,tanah hilang,pasir hilang,kayu bakau hilang,laut hilang,duit hilang ,pasaran saham hilang(CLOB),syarikat kapalterbang hilang),duit RM1000.00 hilang,kaki simpan duit gelap/curi hilang, minyak sawit hilang,nenas hilang, dll....LAA, NI ada lagi dua pulau tunggu `turn' untuk dihilangkan., kalau rajin rajin nak hilangkan jugak..

Tang..``No point crying wolf when our flock of sheep had been eaten and ken our chicken coop may soon be raided...'ni saya nak tergelak sikit....

macam mana kalau semua itu sheeps sudah kena makan,mana tau itu semua sheeps?..yang chicken coup tu pulak, kalau depa jumpa taik ayam kan bagus, kita simpan teloq ayam and ayam ayam sihat...bagi ayam kena hawaq kat depa..hehe .

Dato, on a serious note, ADA KA JAWATAN KETUA PERISIK NEGARA MALAYSIA dan Jabatan Perisikan Negara Malaysia, a separate entity,ang answerable only to PM and Yang diPertuan Agung?

Bila nak buat?

LAGI satu hai apa jadi kepada semua dadah dadah berpuluh puloh kilogram, peralatan serta duit yang dirampas polis dan kastam sejak kebelakangan ini...INGAT LAGI TAK kes satu lori dadah dirampas di Johor/ Pahang beberapa tahun dulu,bila pi court...sukatan dadah dah TAK BETUI..dan penjenayah diBEBASKAN!..apa cerita hai ni,mana intelligence report on the subject of THE DISAPPEARING DRUG...

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth said...

Well, Dato' - realpolitik dictates that nations, even close allies, spy on each other.

Do you doubt that many members of the OIC group maintain highly effective and efficient intelligence operations that operate both domestically and internationally?

So, why single out Singapore for doing something well?

As for your other points:

- regarding Pulau Batu Putih/Pedra Branca, it could just be that the Singapore legal team was better qualified and prepared than their Malaysian counterparts. After all, the ICJ that heard this case consisted of 16 judges. Are you suggesting that the arguments and facts put forward by the Malaysian team failed to convince or sway the 16? And whose fault is that?

- as for the payment of development charges for property developments in Singapore, it is, I believe, a clear and transparent process with clearly defined rules. Surely Khazanah and it's advisors should have been aware of this, as should have the Malaysian team who negotiated the nitty-gritty details with their Singapore counterparts after the two Prime Ministers had reached a broad-brush agreement on the KTM land issue.

The brutal truth is that if you are not prepared for international negotiations, be they related to trade, the economy, political matters and defence and security issues, you will lose out to the better-prepared.

The on-going TPP negotiations being a case in point.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

1. Kerajaan tiada wibawa spt UBN berbelanja besar untuk bendung pengaruh Anwar dan pembangkang.

Masih adakah lagi bajet untuk kaunter kerja spy US dan Singapore selepas belanja sakan untuk tujuan merapu.

2. Kerajaan bermaruah tentu akan tunjukkan kemarahan. Kersjaan penuh noda terpsksalah buat2 bodoh. Atau memang tak cerdik pun. Ada teloq dah kena pegang. Kepentingan rakyat dah tergadai pun. Gara 2 ketua2 durjana

RD. said...

Reading this makes me even more pissed-off with these foolish aristocratic leader.
I think it's about time we do a Pak Lah re-run. If not we might lose GE14 with this guy at the helm. Remember what Helen Ang wrote: Lose GE14 and we will never get it back.

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok..

Agak memeranjatkan kalau malaysia sedang diintip..

Ertinya Malaysia dalam keadaan kurang selamat, samaada dari sudut ketenteraan, keselamatan mau pun ekonomi..

Begitulah yang kita dapat gambaran bila kita menonton filem-filem spy seperti James Bond 007..

Tapi itulah yang selalu berlaku dinegara yang tercinta ini bila ada masaalah barulah kita nak ambil tindakan..

Datuk pun dah ingatkan PM Ahmad Badawi dan Mohd Najib tahun 2003 lagi.. untuk Malaysia adakan World-class intelligence.. apa cerita kita tak tau..

Tq Tok..

zed-85 said...


Based on Snowden Intelligence leak, Singapore is spying on us for uncle SAM.

Now, they did not send their version of James Bond to Putra Jaya and take picture at night.

What they did (If the Snowden reportsis true) is that they tapped the undersea fiber optic cable thus spying through our communication channels.

The fiber optic cable is called the SEA ME WE 3 which is partly owened by Singapore Telecom.

Telekom Malaysia lease part of the bandwidth of this cable which largely make up the internet link setup from Malaysia to the rest of the world.

Since our transmission link is compromised, then TMB should review the lease line of this fiber optic cable and opt for other festoon cable such as SEA ME WE 4.

As you said there are huge investment from Singapore to IDR which make this issue a big headache for both countries.

Singapore is one of the main allies of the US, thus it is not surprising if they assisted the US in intelligence gathering for whatever reasons.

Unknown said...

Salam subuh dato yang dikasihi pada masa ini pukul 5.10 minit pagi kala orang dok nyenyak tidur lena dibuai mimpi nan indah bersama-sama angan2.....Ok dato kita disini sama ada masih tidur ataupun sudah bangun atau juga masih bermimpi sedangkan jiran kita sudah lama bangun dan sudah lama tidak bermimpi kerana jiran kita sudah berada dalam reality......kita ibarat sudah jadi biar putih mata dari biar berputih tulang lihat sahaja pulau yang berharga kita serah secara percuma dimanakah sumpah pemuda umno yang diketuai oleh bekas ketua pemuda nya akan mempertahankan tanah tumpah darah ini walaupun seinci dari mana2 pihak yang ingin merampas nya rupanya sumpah itu hanya dipentas yang di alas permaidani merah berhawa dingin...begitulah kita dato...apa nak dikata nasi sudah jadi bubur....bak kata TUN Dr MAHATHIR tak lama dulu melihat sebelah tambak sana yang nampak lurus hanyalah rambut nya sahaja yang lain bengkok itu sebab nya mereka tak mahu jambatan bengkok..selamat menunaikan solat subuh dato mari kita bersama berjemaah dan bersujud sejadah dihari jumaat penghulu segala hari...wassalam...........

sujini said...


Pada umumnya Singapura & Malaysia bersetuju bangunkan bersama 3 bidang tanah yang Singapura beri sebagai gantian tanah KTM Tg Pagar.

Kemunkinankah Khazanah akan mendapat bahagian yang lebih daripada perkongsian ini jika mereka keluar dana yang lebih?

Sekiranya Datuk mempunyai bukti kukuh Khazanah akan menampong bahagian Temasek Holdings dalam pembangunan ini tanpa mendapat sebarang imbuhan dipihak Malaysia tentunya kita tidak boleh berdiam diri.

ps:saya ada juga dengar cerita "some hanky panky going on" pasal 3 bidang tanah ini dah tinggal 2 saja. Waullah hu'alam.


Thank you to all debaters and visitors. Have a good day.

1. Sdr Kamal, sorry I can't post your comment. Could be libelous. However, I took note of the contents of your conversation with your S'pore friend and his conversation with the brother of Lee Kuan Yew.

2. Spying and intelligence gathering aside, Singapore secret service has to monitor the comings and goings of foreign VIPs for their own safety.

3. Just imagine the damage it does to Singapore's reputation if something bad happens to a foreign VIP/leader while on a visit to the republic - private or official.

4. But if in the process, they caught these VIPs doing funny things, they surely can use the material to keep these foreign VIPS in their pockets.

5. In this day and age of cyber spying, such monitoring is easier and more comprehensive.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great tea,
These are one of the few that I have felt that Najib has done right or Najib has done the best that he can. One must understand although KTM land belongs to KTM, one must remember that the land is under singapore soverignty.
Perhaps, Kadir has forgotten that Singapore can simply invoke land acquisition act. KTM land is meant for train operation purpose as such that by invoking such act, KTM would be paid with SGD1. Hahahaha!
At least, now Malaysia got 99 years leasehold in CBD area. Joint venture of course. Development charges is sup sup water la. KTM got the land for free lei.

What if Singapore gather intelligence for Indonesia. Apa macam? Do you see the similarity between Indonesia & Singapore flag. Merah putih sang saka! Aiyaaa.....even Zahid admitted that his dad is a jawa orang

Unknown said...

The snooping issue by US or Singapore is just an excuse for the government to point finger at the US government and demand change in the internet laws on our country. They will force social media content providers to put the the content within the purview of local laws so that they can snoop on us. It's all about control of social media

jebat said...

Salam takzim DAKJ,

Sebenar nya cerita Intip Menintip ni dah lama darizaman Allahyarham Tun Mustapha lagi.


Zaman itu Intelligent kita cergas dan kerajaan kita bertindak bijak.


Sekarang tindakan kerajaan kita amat lembab..

Hingga Australia, Singapura dan Uncle Sam menginti di CELAH KAIN pun tak bertindak jugak.
Apa lagi nak tunggu ?

Bercakap mengenai TM (TM.NUT) , memang resmi (tabiat) TM.NUT begitu. Nakkan nama lebeh !! Tapai HABUK PUN TAK DEE.

Kalau tak mampu nak Install FIBRE OPTIC sendiri jangan share dengan musuh . Terutamanya musuh dalam selimut.

Ah Jib Koh, jagalah Rosmah !
Jangan sampai nanti orang kata ROSMAH ialah PM. Atau Ah JIB Koh kena QC.

Ingat !!
Jangan pisang berbuah dua kali !!

RD. said...

Dear Datuk.

"4. But if in the process, they caught these VIPs doing funny things, they surely can use the material to keep these foreign VIPS in their pockets."

This 'funny things' is one interesting reminder for Malaysian to be aware when voting for who should be our next PM. We surely would not want a PM, whose balls are being squeeze by anybody, especially foreigners.

Aahh... Din Melaka masih mahu merapu lagi.

Dengan sebegitu ramai ahli politik PKR Sabah & Sarawak, melompat-katak berpaling-tadah, apa lagi pengaruh Anwar yang ada, untuk dibendung?

Sudah lupakah apa yang Karpal Singh pernah ucapkan?
'Anwar Ibrahim is not fit to be a leader in this country', (macam tu lah, lebih-kurang) kerana mempelopori 'semangat' lompat party di Perak, 2008.
Sekarang senjata sudah makan tuan. Dok pi kutip Datuk Lajim Ukim sebelum PRU13, kalah pulak di Beaufort dan la ni kehilangan lebih banyak lagi ahli sendiri kerana tak puas hati dipinggirkan.

Elok Din Melaka berhenti beri sokongan pada ahli politik yang pendek-akal dan hanya mementingkan diri sendiri, seperti ini.

Sila baca apa yang Blogger baru ini tulis, mengenai pengaruh beliau.


Sdr Looes74,

1. Yes the former KTM land in Singapore was under the republic's sovereignty. But for as long as the KTM operates a train to Tanjong Pagar, it belongs to KTM.

2. Since Abdullah's era, Singapore has the upper hand. Abdullah abandoned the crooked bridge. We lost Pulau Batu Puteh. Mohd Najib surrendered the KTM land. Other outstanding issues remained unsolved.

3. Khazanah has 60% share in the JV company (M-S Pvt. Ltd). Temasek 40%. Khazanah bears 60% of the development charge. Temasek bears 40%. Khazanah pays to Singapore government. With that money, Singapore government can more than subsidize the Temasek's 40% burden.

4. Sdr RD, as much as the PR must look beyond Anwar and others of his generation, the BN too must look beyond Mohd Najib and Muhyiddin for salvation. Otherwise our future, more so the future of our children and grandchildren is bleak.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

The whole string of sweeteners such as the bridge, KTM land & West Malaysia CPF was part of the deal so as for Singapore to continue with the extraction & treatment of raw water from Johore river. Righto Kadir? Hehehehe! There is no reason why Singapore would do something to halt train operation in its land.
Want me to give some example. Just set up army camp with live bullet training in that area. Guarantee train will halt operation. Hahaha, Kinda joke that the train line pass through CMPB. What's CPMB? The central base where all recruits are recruited along with MoD. Maybe since independece, that was how singapore secret service get into Malaysia. hahahahaha. Endless possibilities. Why? Malaysia & Singapore TRAIN immigration checkpoint is in Tanjong Pagar.
From SGD 1 to substantial money is a better deal. Again KTM got the land for FREE, so it's pay back time. Did you know that when singapore start the water extraction & treatment in Johor, these facilities built for FREE.

Singapore is forced to built water plant cantik cantik for Johor so Johor got to pay development charges (however hefty it's). Everything is transparent & according to law as every damn company must do the same. No bumi treatment for KTM or Khazanah. Kapish!
If singapore investors got clobbered over the CLOB shares, why would singapore recipocrate by acquire the land through land acquisition act. Especially singapore got legal right to do so.

You can complain that Badawi kowtow to Brunei by given 2 oil blocks to Brunei. Who is the de facto finance & defence manager of Brunei? Macam james brooke nong nong time agp, Singapore has been providing valuable services including having troops there with live ammo.
Singapore armed forces are actively conducting training in Brunei. Hence, I fully agree with singapore high commissioner that singapore meant no harm to Malaysia. Else, Brunei may get back Limbang.
Fun! It would be melayu brother (Brunei) against another melayu brother (Malaysia)

RD. said...

Salam Datuk.

Apart from the spying and intelligence information gathering run by the state, we must also be aware that political parties, to some extent, also resort to cyber-bullies, intimidation, inseminating lies, fabricate distorted news to arouse hatred and in some cases, inciting animosity between different racial groups to one’s own advantages. Whether it is done by an entity, individuals or a concerted effort by a group of people, it’s open to deliberation due to superb disguised. However, best examples of these initiatives can be seen in Facebook accounts and its subtle administered pages.

Lets me give an example.
Prelude: PR won the support of Indian community during GE12, no doubt. However, running up to GE13, Indians are betrayed, slighted and frustrated by the lackadaisical attitudes of DAP and PKR leaders. The Kg.Buah Pala, Hindraf’s demands and the treatment of 753 Indians delegates in DAP’s Dec 2012 CEC election, are the main cause of concerned. So the Indian began supporting BN. Najib, even brought in the Hindraf guy into his cabinet.

Before GE13, there seems to be an effort to create hatred between Malays and Indians. I once came across a commentator who called himself Vinnan. He seems to be the resident cybertrooper in Outsyed The Box and occasionally, on other pro-BN’s blog. He often spewed insults and dissatisfaction towards the Malays. In retaliation, many Malays replied with abusive and derogatory insults towards the Indian communities instead.
By the tone of Vinnan's writing, I had a hunch that he was not an Indian. He once wrote 'Laja' instead of 'Raja‘, when rambling his dissatisfaction about the Rulers not being apolitical. That blew-off his identity. Upon checking with Outsyed, he confirmed that this Vinnan is actually, Chinese.

Therefore, I hope everybody could exercise restraint and be more thoughtful in retaliating to provocation, especially when it involved race and religion.

I have also wasted a lot of time reading back comments from Din Melaka. In some of his comments he seems to be Malays enough, but there also instances when he always use the word ‘mau’ instead of the usual ‘mahu’. A few days ago, I found the exact comment by Din Melaka, on previous posting here, posted in Outsyed the Box with anonymous’ identity. The ‘Anonymous said…’, on top, being copy-paste 2 times in succession.
Din Melaka is sure weird to me. If it’s not dur to split-personality, he must be working as a group. No wonder, he is has the habit of accusing people of being ‘under the payroll of PM’s department', even when one is critical of the Premier.

din klang said...

Salam semua

Din.melaka...untuk pemahaman anda Dato Kadir sedang mengutarakan satu isu yang serius untuk dikongsi dan di rungkai oleh para pembaca blog beliau.

So please grow up. kalau.nak glamour pergi hantar komen tentang artis.

Di sana mentaliti kebudak budakan amat di perlukan kerana mereka memerlukan hits yg tinggi untuk survive

din klang said...

Ps. Din melaka.seperti seorang manusia yg hauskan perhatian..

Mungkin anda perlukan seorang pakar kaunselor untuk membimbing jiwa anda yang sedang kacau itu

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Sdr RD

Kalau ada cawangan UMNO yg sudi terima, RD boleh cuba jadi panglima mereka.

Ketua2 UMNO tu tak suka terima org bijak pandai. RD mungkin akan mereka terima dgn senang hati.

Minyak dgn air tak mungkin bercampur. Ada jugak org syok sendiri nak ganti Anwar sebagai Ketua Umum PKR.

Din Melaka sangat risau dgn kewangan rakyat setiap kali ada berita ada ketua atau ahli pembangkang diwar2 keluar parti untuk sokong UMNO.

Jawatan atau harga bayaran lompat katak ni bukan murah dan bukan dtg drpd poket ketua2 RD secara peribadi tetapi akan di bebankan pd rakyat.

Yg tinggalkan perjuangan , masa depan mereka di dunia nampak cerah. Ada yg dsh jadi menteri, senator pengerusi yayasan, duta dll.

Sekadar mengingatkan RD sepak terajang dlm UMNO hebat. Mungkin lebih terjamin ambil upah bulanan lagi selamat. Macam koordinator UBN dpt gaji bulanan walaupun kalah dalam PRU.

Jadi sebenarnya siapa penyokong pemimpin panjang akal dalam hal kebas duit rakyat.

Rasanya bukan Din Melaka tapi RD

Kampong man said...

Salam Dato,

1.My first encounter with spying and intelligence activities knowledge was from James Bond, Sean Connery DR NO.We paid 30 sen for a sunday cheap matinee wayang show then. Huh,the good old days when the Great Eastern Circus came to town ( Not that Eastern Cabaret of Rose Chan days Dato ).That was during the cold war days.Nowdays, countries spy on their friends and foes.It is an open secret and an intelligence gathering.A nice word they use, sound decent and polite.

2.Current hot and headlines stories now in London is about the discovery of our Malaysian girl 'slave' Siti Aishah, 69, from Jelebu Negri Sembilan who went missing for 30 years.Aishah was once a MGC/TKC brilliant girl and did her diploma in QS in Technical College (Now UTM) in Jalan Gurney (now Jln Semarak) about late 60s according to my other half.She went to London to continue her degree studies in QS and was engaged with a fellow a collegian (Technical College) boy , now a retired Professor,who too pursue his studies there in the UK.They broke up due to Aishah strong inclination on Maoist teachings and the communist ideology. You may wonder why Socialist ala Karl Mark (1867 Das Kapital )and activist Hishamudin Rais was seen in London in TV for Aishah case.Both came from the same kampung in Jelebu/K Pilah.Both were in London for good many years.Aishah was even thrown out of our Malaysia Hall,Brynston Squre for distributing Maos pamphlets there.Hishamudin knows London too well and Hidhamudin come forward to assist Aishah sister once his teacher.Good of Hishamudin.

I still remember in early 70s in the UK how certain organisation like the banned FEUMSO (Federation of United Malaysians and Singapore Students Association ) was really active and was so much of anti-Malaysian government on many Malaysian issues including the Baling incident .They too were not happy for an apparent discrimation in scholarship awards to Bumis then when many qualified Bumis were sent to UK for studies with the objective of correcting the professional graduates racial imbalance following the 1969 tragedy among others.Of course Hishamudin was somewhat ostracised (too strong a word may be) and did not come back home for 20 odd years for believing in now an almost obsolete and outmoded socialist ideology. Aishah has 11 in the families including one an architect sdra Abdullah Bakri.So much for so long because of 'Taksub' and hopefully Aishah will return home back with the family again as there is no more threats from Maoist group teachings anymore. That was the early 70s in the UK where a pint of fresh milk cost 3 pence Zed.UK negara maju tapi masih ada kes begini Dato.This may be a tip of the iceberg for the practise of 'slavery' Scotland yard is still investigating.

3.As good neigbour it is important that we coexist 'saperti aur dengan tebing'. Singapore just like Israel always has the upper hand in our bilateral relation because our Gomen is too SOFT and too baik hati to the extent that we finally lost Batu Puteh and possibly KTM land finally .Ghosh...come on Gomen !.

@ Latest-Aishah has actually become very British and very unlikely that she will come back for good.I too have some lady friends who married Brits and settle down there for good. Their choice.Kita doakan kesejahteraan bagi mereka supaya terbuka hati dapat pulang balik ke negara asal .Still remember that old Malaysian lady from Johor who married a Korean man and finally settle down in Soul, Korea.?.

"What is life, full of care.
There is no time to stand and stare..."

Thank you Dato.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Saya perhatikan RD ni memang pandai putar2 cakap. Kadang2 dia sendiri tanya soalan hypotatikal dia sendiri yg jawab.

Tiada siapa nak hina sesiapa. Tapi nak mencari sokongan drpd pembahas lain demi nak patah hujah terpaksa quote din klang please lah. Selain drpd tulisan seperengan dua yg tiada poin kecuali terus kutuk Din Melaka, cuba RD jujur dgn saya apa sumbangan din klang.

Walaupun Din Melaka dan Kg msn berbalah hujsh dan kutuk, Din Melaka dapst menghormati usaha Kg man . Walsupun beliau penyokong ideologi tegar UMNO

Seorang pemandu teksi pernah melahirkan bagaimana beliau tak puas hati dgn ketua2 UMNO bila menafikan beliau permit teksi tapi sebaliknya mengagihkan beribu2 permit kpd kroni.

Moral ceritanya ialah buksn susah nak kenal kerajaan baik atau jahat. Pemandu teksi pun boleh.

Kita tak perlu engineer atau bapak engineer untuk faham betapa teruknya ketua2 UMNO dulu kini dan selamanya.

Masaalahnya ialah org terpelajar bila tercari2 poin nak pertahan kerajaan zalim, senang sangat nampak temberang dan tembelangnya

Antaranya tentulah RD sendiri. Macam tak real langsung lepas KONON kutuk ketua2 UMNO, boleh pulak istihar pembangkang lebih teruk. Macamlah ketua2 pembangkang tu dah curi berbillion rgt duit rakyat, mereka juga yg lulus permit itu dan ini dan mereka jaga polis dan hakim dll.

Saya rasa pembaca blog ni lebih cerdik dan ada klas drpd yg RD sangka.

RD. said...

You Manglish is very difficult to understand. Your BM is more easy to digest, though. Next time, please write in the 1st. National language.

l know about Limbang dispute between Sarawak & Brunei, but what the hell does Singapore has to be involved? Are you implying that Singapore is meddling and instigating animosity among its neighbours?

And what's that fun about "brother Melayu (Brunei) against another Melayu brother (Malaysia)"?

1. Are you happy to see Melayu fighting with each other, like PAS & UMNO and now, Brunei and Malaysia too?
2. Are suggesting that Brunei and Malaysia belongs, only to the Malays? Others races have no rights to claim in Limbang land dispute?
3. Does Singapore control Brunei's military?
4. Are Malaysian or Singaporean?

Kamal said...

Do you know. ghani Pathir employ two American Consultant in his office to help him draft a law with regard to trade.
Dr Mahathir told Zaid Hamidi to check the backround this two American consultant.He think they are a CIA agent.

Remembar when Mahathir was PM,he caught LKY and Singapore interlligent red handed when they briibe our Navy Officer for information on our Military moverment .

Today,The Singapore DPM make the statement that Malaysia and Indonesia knew,Singapore is not their enemy.Bullshit.
Singapore had made a war preparation. In year 2000 over a dispute on water issue.

RD. said...

You Manglish is very difficult to understand. Your BM is more easy to digest, though. Next time, please write in the 1st. National language. If you're Malaysian, of-course.

l know about the Limbang dispute between Sarawak & Brunei, but what the hell does Singapore has to be involved?

Are you implying that Singapore is meddling and instigating animosity among its neighbours?

And what's that fun about brother Melayu (Brunei) against another Melayu brother (Malaysia)?

1. Are you happy to see Melayu fighting with each other, like PAS & UMNO and now, between Brunei & Malaysia too?
2. Are you suggesting that Brunei and Malaysia belongs, only to the Malays? Others races have no rights to claim or say anything which would also effect them?
3. Does Singapore control Brunei's military?
4. Or, are you, Singaporean?

RD. said...

Sudah sampai masanya saya terima nasihat Kampong Man supaya jangan hiraukan nyamok macam Din Melaka.

Sudah banyak kali saya katakan yang saya tidak bertuankan ahli politik. Malah, saya sudah syorkan Najib didesak berundurkan seperti Pak Lah. Sekarang saya mahu jelaskan sekali lagi supaya 'terbenam dalam benak, Din Melaka; Najib mesti berundur dan diganti dengan Muhyiddin. Dalam masa setahun, jika Mahyuddin gagal hapuskan penyelewengan dan pembaziran, (hentikan khidmat consultant, terutamanya MatSalleh dan bersihkan cabinet dari mereka yang terpalit scandal dan rasuah), beliau pun harus berundur dan diganti oleh Timbalannya. (KALAU BOLEH, saya mahu beliau pilih Mukhriz sebagai Timbalannya. Kalau boleh, lah.)

Anwar yang mulakan dahulu, tabiat lompat-katak, (juga lepas PRU12) UMNO DAN BN pula yang di tuduh membayar Lajim Ukim untuk berpaling-tadah ke PKR. Adeh...Merapu sungguh.

"Din Melaka risau dengan kewangan rakyat", kononnya, tapi sokong bila Gaji ahli politik dinaikkan hampir400% di Selangor.

Tak compute dek otak langsong hujah Din Melaka. Siapakah agaknya orang banggang yang telah mengajikan Din Melaka?

Sudah diketahui umum, The Scribe adalah antara blog paling tersohor di Malaysia, sebaris dengan CheDet, RockyBru dan OutsyedTheBox.
Buat malu PR saja, boss mereka letak 'resident' cybee bertaraf rendah dalam Blog tersohor seperti ini.
Elok saja ditempat orang seperti Din Melaka di Blog rookie, sebagai , 'Resident Evil'.

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok..

"Still remember we lost Pulau Batu Putih to Singaporein in the International Court of Justice arbitration in 2008?".. tapi ada menteri kita kata.. "kita berada dalam keadaan menang-menang".. mana ada istilah menang-menang.. nak sedapkan hati.. kalau dah kita punya hilang.. kalahlah..

Kita tak tau lagi nasib Pulau Pisang..

TQ Tok..


Lahuma said...


Sebahagian drp nya Dato ada kaitankan Pulau Batu Puteh yang hilang melalui Mahkamah Antarabangsa 2008.

Dulu pun dalam tahun 1897 kita sudah hilang kerana dipecahkan oleh kuasa luar dimana Weng,Naratiwat,Pattani dan Yala di sedekah secara paksa pada Siam.
Manakala Perlis,Kedah,kelantan dan Trengganu diletakkan dibawah cengkaman Britidh iaitu Malaya.

Dari dulu sampai sekarang nama sahaja bumi kita tetapi kita banyak hal kalah dan mengalah.
Para pemimpin kita banyak buta sejarah.Apa terjadi kalau pondan sangat.

Sekarang baru kelam kabut paksa pelajar belajar sejarah.Itulah cerita Kementerian pelajaran kita.
Sampai isu pertukaran guru-guru yang ada anak bini suami isteri pun tak boleh selasai.Macam alasan diberi.Memalukan sahaja.

Peiahal intipan dan spy ini adalah lumrah pentas politik dunia.Pengajian antarabangsa pun ada dikaitkan dengan isu ini.Semua ada kaitan ekonomi,politik,pengaruh,ancaman dan kedaulatan.

Kewujudan badan risikan kita apa sudah jadi.Kerajaan Malaysia kena ambil iktibar sepanjang masa.Pra sangka buruk pun kena ada juga antara negara dengan yang lain.Kalau tidak tunggulah ada lagi bumi kita akan hilang di Mahkamah Antarabangsa nanti.

Sejarah penasihat kepada orang Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini bermula pada 1897 sampailah kini.British punya kerja lah semua ini.Ada baik dan ada tak baiknya.

Itulah sejarah Melayu.Msa itu UMNO.PAS,PERKASA,PEKIDA belum dilahirkan lagi.Entah dimana.

Terima kasih Dato.

RD. said...

Memang benar ketua2 UMNO seperti bekas TPM & Menteri Kewangan "dah curi berbillion rgt duit rakyat". Itulah tabiat tamak manusia bila berkuasa. Anwar yang mulakan politik wang dalam UMNO, setelah dipecat dandidapati bersalah kerana salah-guna kuasa, disanjung pula oleh pembangkang.

Tak kan nak beri peluang orang sebegini berkuasa semula.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Trek rekod bangsa Melayu drpd rakyat terutamanya pemerintah memang gred GAGAL.

Kerana suka berfoya, malas, dengki, bodoh sombong, ingkar perintsh Allah, lebih yakin pd cakap2 manusia sekolah sekular drpd manusia bergelar ulamak, maka negara dan rakyat habis dijajah beratus2 tahun.

Tahun 1957 negara gegak gempita dgn gendang KONON rakyat terutama Melayu dah merdeka kerana petjuangan ketua2 UMNO.

Itulah yg mereka tulis dalam sejarah dan diajarkan di sekolah.

Tapi berbanding Singapore yg merdeka 8 tahun lambat daripada Malaya atas ihsan murah hari pemimpin Melayu UMNO, satu dunia tau kita jauh terkebelakang dalam banyak perkara.

Ringgit dgn Sing Dollar 33 tahun dulu hampir at par. Sekarang nak satu Sing Dollar kena bayar 2.56 rgt.

Gaji rakyat mereka tinggi hingga boleh beli lebih dgn kuada beli yg ada. Pengambilan pekerja asing sangat teratur tidak merugikan atau membelakangkan rakyat tempatan.

Pendatang haram jangan mimpi nak masuk Singapore. Apatah lagi nsk dpt ic dan hak mengundi mie segera.

Kalaulah bilangan pendatang haram di Malaysia yg dianggar 3 juta diambil kira dalam perkiraan pertumbuhan tahunan GDP maka taulah kita bahawa angka GDP kita tak benar atau tak tulin.

Kalaulah dgn tiba2 pendatang haram ni pulang kenegara asal % pertumbuhan GDP negara akan merudum dgn ketara.

Malaysia boleh yg Singapore tak boleh.

Patutlah pelabur memilih Singapore lebih berbanding KL.

Soal intip mengintip Singapore keatas kita? Biar betul . Soal dasar politik mungkin berfaedah buat meteka.

Tspi kalsu soal intip kelengkapan tentera kita? Dgn kapal terbang danvhelikopter lama DAN kapal selam lebih lama berlabuh drpd menyelam , saya rasa Singapore ada banyak kerja lain yg lebih berfaedah
Tapi rakyat Melayu akan cair bila ketua2 UMNO kata jangan dengar atau termakan dgn kutukan org luar sebab mereka dengki dgn krjayaan kita.

RD. said...

Thank you Kampong Man.

You have confirmed my belief that people like Hishamudin Rais are willing, even to sell their mother for a few dollars more and being liwatted by their pay master in the process.
Siti Aishah deserve to be a slave for the whole of her miserable life. I hope Talent Corpse....he he he, will not bring her home. Don,t waste more rakyat's money on her twilight years. Let the British finance her welfare as a senior citizen status.

Jangan mendokong biawak hidup seperti ini. Bawa dia balik, silap-silap jadi juara PR pula, berganding dengan Rais. Jangan jadi bodoh seperti mahu mengekstradisi Jamalul Kiram yang sakit dan dah nak mati, semasa krisis Di Lahat Datu dahulu.

RD. said...

Adeh... Din Melaka.

Kalau PAS menyanjungi Ularmak, mengapa wakil ke Muktamar masih memilih Mat Sabu sebagai Timbalan Presiden, walaupun dia kalah PRU13?
Mengapa PAS sekarang seolah-olah sudah bertukar seperti UMNO 1970an setelah bepeluk dengan DAP?

Kerana WANG lah, apa lagi.

Nampaknya Din Melaka amat memandang tinggi atas kejayaan dan kemakmuran Singapura
Dangkal & banggang sekali, hujah Din.
Singapura telah pun jauh maju kedepan semasa setuju bersama bergabung dengan Malaya.
Jika berbangga dengan pertumbuhan GDP Singapura, sepatutnya Din Melaka patut bersyukur kerana Tunku telah menendang keluar negeri itu dari Persekutuan. Jika masih dalam Malaysia, sudah tentu kekayaannya mesti dikongsi bersama negeri-negeri miskin lain.
Singapura terima pelaburan asing memgalahkan kita? Biar betul Din. Mereka tak cukup tanah.
Tak tahu kah bahawa Singapura adalah pelabur terbesar di Johore?
Terbaru, ada cerita mereka akan membina kilang atau industri di kawasan paya lembab atau RAMSAR. di Singapura, mereka menghadapi berbagai kekangan untuk melupuskan sisa bertoksid & bahan tercemar. Harap Kerajaan Negeri Johore lebih berwaspada memberi kelulusan kegiatan industri di kawasan RAMSAR. Takut dijadikan buang sisa toksid pula. Maklum lah, kita telah kerap kaki di perdayakan mereka dengan sikap yang bodoh seperti setengah orang

Kalau Din Melaka bangga sangat dengan Singapura, pergi hijrah kesana lah, lebih afdal. Baru sedar dan celik biji mata bila diri sendiri merasa tertindas. Hanya President Pertama dilantik orang Melayu. Lepas tu........

Pergi jadi rakyat di sana dan jilat mereka pula. Suadah tentu mereka suka.

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