Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Apes" And The Billion-Ringgit Consultants

A Kadir Jasin

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FOR what others are saying about big spending, please read here for one of them.

Oh, by the way, it was predicted at that "depressing" roti canai breakfast that that the BN would lose the next GE if everything remains constant.

I do not consider it depressing. The breakfast pow-wow I mean. Exciting and enlightening, more like it. Our political "soothsayer" has been right on many occasions.


ON last June 27, I published in this blog a posting entitled Malaysian Parliament vs Animal Planet. Can read here.

On Nov 14, judging from media reports, the Dewan Rakyat was transformed from the more respectable Animal Planet into a mere zoo.

It was the climax of yet another uncivilized behaviour of our elected representatives, when the opposition PKR member from Padang Serai, N. Surendran was suspended for six months for allegedly insulting Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia outside the House on Nov 12.

How I wish the government of Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak acts equally swiftly and decisively on the plights of the rakyat, like the plan by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall to hike assessment rates by as much as 200% or the spike in deadly shootings around the country.

It is interesting that the National News Agency, Bernama should use the term “allegedly” to describe the circumstance surrounding the Surendran’s suspension.

Does this mean that the charges against the PKR member were never conclusively proven?

According to Bernama, the suspension motion, which was tabled by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nancy Shukri amid protest by members of the opposition, was passed via block voting.

The opposition questioned the legitimacy of the motion, triggering a heated argument, which lasted almost 90 minutes.

When the division was called by Deputy Speaker, Datuk Ronald Kiandee, 92 BN parliamentarians voted for the motion while the opposition representatives abstained. 

On Tuesday, Surendran was given a marching order by Pandikar Amin for challenging his decision to reject an emergency motion he proposed over the alleged demolition of the extension to Sri Maneswarar Kaliyaman Temple extension in Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.

The dissatisfied Surendran told a press conference outside the chamber that Pandikar Amin was bias and likened the Dewan Rakyat to the Zimbabwean Parliament. 

They Deserve No Honour

I have no intention of honouring the bravado of these people, be they on the government or opposition bench.

These people are not fit to be elected “wakil rakyat”. Sadly, over the years, we see more and more of these characters being elected to the august house.

I miss the gentler and more decorous days of the Parliament when members were more civilised, tolerant and more gentlemanly in their verbal exchanges.

As one former members of Parliament noted, those were the “jahiliah” days when liquor was served in the Parliament and some members took time off to play a round of poker.

Has the current breed of politicians lost the ability to debate with civility, flair and candour using powerful yet inoffensive terms and expressions?

Or does this mean that the standard of the Malay language and the intellect of today’s YBs are so inadequate that they have resort to uncouth language and vulgarities when making their points?

Somebody should broadcast parliamentary debate in totality for the entire period of sitting so that the rakyat can judge for themselves who are humans and who are apes among the YBs. Maybe live telecast will force them to be more civilized and thoughtful.

It is puzzling that a temple issue should lead to expulsion. I am not saying that it was not an important issue, but no less important were debates on top government leaders and important people spending RM182 million last year alone on private jet travels.

Or more shocking is the revelation by the Finance Ministry that the federal government had spent RM7.2 billion since 2009 to hire private consultants for national projects.

It is clear that Mohd Najib as PM and Finance Minister loves private consultants despite the government having a whopping 1.4 million staff. This is not counting his special envoys and special advisers with ministerial status.

In response to question by the PKR MP for Kelana Jaya, Wong Chen (corrected), the ministry revealed a gradual rise in the bills for private consultancy firms from RM1.3 billion in 2009 — the year Moh Najib became PM — to RM1.63 billion in 2010, RM1.8 billion in 2011, RM1.82 billion in 2012 and RM722 million from January to October this year.

In a damning indictment of the civil servants, the Finance Ministry said: “The capabilities of government researchers are limited in terms of their competency and human resources.”

If they are not good, sack them or train them. What's the point of having a million over civil servants and paying them better salaries if Mohd Najib has to rely on outsiders and foreigners? Actually we can get free consultancy from such multilateral organisation as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank if we want to. 

As a footnote, I congratulate a former BN MP, who now chairs a statutory body, for telling two Ministers –Mustapha Mohamed and Idris Jala – in a meeting with journalists a few days ago to stop hiring foreign consultants. I would not ask if he dares saying that if he is still an MP. Wallahualam.


Unknown said...

Salam dato saya belum nak ulas lagi kerana perlu baca dan kaji tulisan dato cuma saya nak buat pembetulan MP kelana jaya YB WONG CHEN adalah dari PKR bukan MP dap....harap maklum ya dato...tapi dato pun tak salah kita masing2 sudah memanjat usia kadang2 lupa....ok dato selamat beradu...wassalam...

din klang said...


Orang yg bijak tak perlu guna khidmat perunding aka con sultant. Para penasihat dikementerian lebih arif.

Bab kos private jet tu yg suka sangat guna private heli dan jet adalah orang kuat Najib....MP ronpin.

Najib memang kurang bijak dan lembap.. Nasib baik Najib tak baca blog dato ni

budak kilang said...

One word to describe them.. Bangang..

IT.Scheiss said...


Regarding this consultant thing, could it be that the reason to hire outside consultants is so that if anything goes wrong, the government can blame the consultant, rather than take the blame themselves?

It's like how McKinsey was chosen as the consultant of the MSC and when it later did not achieve as expected, McKinsey were asked to find out what went wrong and recommend a remedy.

Then McKinsey were selected to provide consultancy for Pemandu.

Either that, or civil service have no brains.

What will RM48,000 average Gross National Income be in 2020, after inflation is factored in?

I need to factor in the inflation rate in this blog commentary.

awang batuburok said...

Salam Dato,

Inilah bahananya apabila golongan feudal/bangsawan menguasai kepimpinan negara.

Mereka lebih berbangga dengan penasihat dari kuasa-kuasa kolonial barat dan memperbodohkan rakyat.

Pandangan rakyat majoriti 53% tidak di endahkan. Lebih malang lagi mereka juga di bodek siang dan malam oleh ahli-ahli politik bertaraf "anggota zoo" dan golongan "professor kangkung" yang juga telah di doktrinasikan pemikiran mereka oleh kuasa-kuasa kolonial.

Oh malangnya Negaraku Malaysia!!!

safiai saad said...

Salam Sdr Kadir.Whe goverment initiated privitization program,in erly 80'sthe rakyat was told that would reduce the government civil servant and the incidental cost such as pension.
But after 30 years, this did not come true as expected.The government civil servant seemed to be bloated,or are we missing the point here.
The issue of fees consultant,I wonder the zombie of tingkat 4 boys are alive again but in different forms and substance. Last time they are monthly paid and my PTD friends were complaining about it.Now the boys has set up difference office,no salaries but has professional fees.
I notice during Tun Razak time, the PTD officers came from top iniversities,look at Zain Azrai,Tan Sri Mohar, Raja Alias,Thong , Navaratnam, Rma Iyer.That is why the ideas is available to be tabbed. But nowadays the top scholars move to private sector.I am not saying the present PTD officer is less good, but I guest we must do like Singapore,only the brightest and committed,sincere should be attracted to goverment service.
The present PTD officer should be allowed to do their job ,such as planning,organising,strategising and executing.
Do not underestimate them and let then show their talent.At least we can cut unnecessry government expenditure and get the budget balance. I

STEADYAKU47 said... and the same thing!

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Dalam bab kerja samun menyamun wang rakyat nampaknya juara dunia jatuh kpd Malaysia.

Di Malaysia pulak yg memulakan ruang2 ini terbuka adalah tak lain mamanda yg perintah lebih 22 tshun dgn pelbagai program piratisation bukan privatisation.

Tapi ye Mahathir. Anda bukan juara tapi kerajaan anak Tun Razak.

Baik hati betul Najib belanja 7.2b tak sampai 4 tahun.

Bayangkan kalau Najib perintah 22 tahun. Patutlah org macam Mat Tyson pun boleh berundur.

Bagaimana modus operandi merka samun wang rakyat2.

Senang je.

Pertama lantik consultant kroni bust deal dgn consultant luar . Kedua biarkroni tu yg bincang dgn consultant luar soal skop kerja untuk halalkan upah utk kroni.

Ketiga kroni harus masukkan klausa harga gila2 tinggi melangit. Maklumlah kerajaan dan org Melayukan yg merupakan sebahgian besar pengundi UBN dah kaya raya.

Bila jab akauntan negara dah bayar wang yuran khidmat kroni kita sebagai rakyat biasa tentu dah tak akan tau kalau pun duit rakyat jatuh ke tangan ketua2 UMNO?

Senang betulkan modus operabdi mereka?

Jangan terkejut jika ketua2 UMNO swastakan jab polis dan tentera pd kroni dan org luar kalau wang 7.2 b tu tak cukup

Ahmad din said...

Bung Mokhtar sudah di beri oleh Najib menjadi Chairman
Felcra.sudah tentu ia bertambah galak dan lantang.

Kadir.Nasi sudah jadi bubor.Najib bukan sahaja takut bini tapi ia juga takut bayang bayangnya,

Shahidan merupakan menteri yang menjaga Parliment.
Menterinya pun macam Ahmad Nesfu.

Joe Black said...


There is nothing wrong in employing Consultants to undertake Tasks Requiring Specific Expertise not available Locally. But most important of All their Performance Should be Strictly Monitored and the people undertaking those tasks are not novices recruited locally by these consultants to do the job.

Very often they claim to have the expertise but eventually recruit inexperienced locals to do the job at Hefty Foreign based Fees. In the end nothing comes of it and our government employees go back to doing what they have been doing all the while. This is the reason why we see no changes to what goes on despite spending billions of dollars!

Joe Black said...


There is nothing wrong in employing Consultants to undertake Tasks Requiring Specific Expertise not available Locally. But most important of All their Performance Should be Strictly Monitored and the people undertaking those tasks are not novices recruited locally by these consultants to do the job.

Very often they claim to have the expertise but eventually recruit inexperienced locals to do the job at Hefty Foreign based Fees. In the end nothing comes of it and our government employees go back to doing what they have been doing all the while. This is the reason why we see no changes to what goes on despite spending billions of dollars!

Joe Black said...


There is nothing wrong in employing Consultants to undertake Tasks Requiring Specific Expertise not available Locally. But most important of All their Performance Should be Strictly Monitored and the people undertaking those tasks are not novices recruited locally by these consultants to do the job.

Very often they claim to have the expertise but eventually recruit inexperienced locals to do the job at Hefty Foreign based Fees. In the end nothing comes of it and our government employees go back to doing what they have been doing all the while. This is the reason why we see no changes to what goes on despite spending billions of dollars!

Anonymous said...

I do not think it is fair to condemn the Government for spending RM 7.2 Billion to hire foreign consultants. In fact, this is just the spending by the Federal Government, if we add the spending by the GLCs, the number should be double that.

I think the rates can start at RM one thousand per man hour. But still you wont get the Mat Salleh consultants. Those folk are in Singapore sipping lattes. Maybe they will be there to give the opener and leave the real work to the local boys.

Consultancy is needed because a) the Govt has the money b) they want to be talked to by smart people and c) who is there to stop them.

For example, even when GLCs make investments you need foreign consultancy to value the deal. Of course the reports are crap because the answer is given and all is needed is some justification. I think Tengku Razaleigh called this professional prostitution.

But this is the Government you have been responsible in promoting and creating. Dissension is not tolerated, the Government coffers belong to the powers that be, they live in the stratospheric world and the rest of the mahrean can take the bus (or soon to be MRT - btw, where is the money for that project coming from ?)

But what more do you want? This Government has given you BEEP and fights for Agama, Bangsa and Tanah air.

Of course if you believe that hype, you probably need to be consulted as well.

Ghab said...

If you eat peanuts for breakfast you might be behaving like monkeys the whole day. But nuts are highly nutritious with high protein content which give you energy but not to nourish your brain. Rice water is the nutrient that feed the brain organ. Research shows rice water builds up your brain capacity and perhaps make you more sober and rational. But too much rice water it might lead you into a ditch in your three piece suits just after midnight.

The  selection of electorate candidates be that of the government or the opposition may be the result of what the selectors eat for breakfast. If he eats peanuts he will get monkey brain of his choice in selecting for candidates. If he consumes rice water for breakfast he might get brainers in his selection. That also goes to the electorates, also depends what they eat for breakfast. That is why we get too many monkeys who have been eating too much peanuts regularly for breakfast. We found many of them among the 222 members in our house of Parliament.

It is a profound paradox of Parliamentary democracy in Malaysia. The perception being that the Office of the Prime Minister as though he is the holder of the seat of democracy. But the office of the Prime Minister is barely mentioned in the written Constitution. But it seems to be the other way around. Because there are too many monkeys running around who are as no more than an irritant in pursuing their political and legislative commitment.

The present situation seems to regard the House of Parliament as not only an irritant, but also dispensable as evident by the unnecessary commotion between the two undemocratic representatives in just within one year. This virtually representation comes from the following ignorant, arrogant and uneducated of the representatives who have the monkeys' minds  of the highest order or are in the wrong hands of their can't leaders. This could be a completely dysfunctional Parliament as claimed is the present situation under the monkey's brain at large.

Hope these monkeys have some sense of self-behavioral  reformation that might restore confidence and trust in how our institutions ought to be governed. At least they can do is to make sure after we exercised our vote at the ballot box they could give us some sense of actually able to participate in the governance of this country. At the very least that democracy must mean in the true, brave and free.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Hari2 macam2 ada berita yg boleh melibgkupkan harta rakyat.

Bayangkan apa yg kerajaan bersih boleh buat duit sebanyak 7.2 b?

1. boleh siapkan hospital shah alam yg tergendala gagal disiap oleh syarikat kroni kerabat.

2. boleh buat 50 hospital daerah seluruh negara tak habis 500jt

3. beri biasiswa kpd 1000 pensyarah atau pelajar 10A Melayu ke u terulung tak habis pun 1b

4. tambah lagi geran pd pusat2 penyelidikan negara hatta biar hingga 1 b pun dapat manafaatkan beribu2 rakyat.

5. bina dan mantapkan seberapa banyak lagi makmal2 bahasa terutama bahasa Inggeris untuk memantap penguasaan bahasa berkenaan dikalangan pelajar Melayu.

TAPI ADA MASAALAH BESAR kerana macam mana ketua2 UMNO nak dpt kick backs.

Masih boleh tapi lambat dan tak sesuai dgn program transformasi kerajaan yg cekap dan pantas terutama dalam menipu rakyat.

maae said...

Salam Datuk,

1. Tuk ceghite pasal 'Apes' , terus saya teghingat teori DARWINISM yang di bawa dalam pasca moden sekarang.

2. Teori ini banyak di bincang di US dalam bentuk berbagai kesesuaian yang di praktikkan dan di bukukan dan di serap dalam pentadbiran kerajaan mereka. Manakala UK hanya merujuk pada teori yang asal.

3. Di Malaysia, Islam sudah menafikan sejak azali. Jika PM Najib berikrara mencontohi Sunnah / Al Quran maka pengaruh DARWINSM ini mesti di hapuskan segera kerana apa yang di UJI di Malaysia terbit nya dari teori ini dan sangat tidak realistik dan berbahaya kepada ummah.

Ini apa yang saya boleh kaitkan dari pandangan secara menyeluruh.

Azmi Bakri said...

Perangai Najib yg boros & lavish adalah didorong oleh si Omar Ong, penasihat celup & kulup yg anti DEB, anti Mahathir, pro barat, neo liberal & even anti umno. Itu pun umno tak sedar diri!
Sebelum jadi pegawai khas Najib, Omar pernah berkerja dgn Mc Kinsey. Ethos Consultant milik Omar dpat untung byak dgn felda & FGV pasal Najib jaga felda. Omar mencadangkan macam2 sehinggakan felda nyawa2 ikan duit dah kering. McKinsey tumpang semangkuk cari untung drpd penyenaraian FGV di Bursa Mlsia.
Nak cakap apa lagi pada si Najib. Entah apa ilmu si Omar ni hinggakan Najib mengangguk saja ikut telunjuk. Kalau ada bomoh yg pandai2, elok la ubatkan PM ni

din klang said...

Din melaka bab salah laku pakatan rakyat dia sonyap je.. kalau bn laju je nak hentam...
Kita menegur demi agama bangsa dan negara... Grow up la din melaka

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Berilah apa jua alasan. Tapi bila kerajaan belanja Rm182jt tahun 2012 untuk selenggara pesawat mewah untuk PM, TPM dan AGONG ssya rasa ini tak adil pd rakyat.

Bila subsidi minyak dan gula dicabut maka rakyat disaran berjimst.

Bila punca hasil tradisional kerajaan tak cukup nak tampung hutang berlonggok dan upah pd kroni spt fii pd khidmat yg ujud atas kertas maka kerajaan nakvkenal pulak GST.

Kalsu kerajaan perihatin mau bersama ikst perut mereka boleh ubah jugak penggunaan jet peribsdi kepada pesawat swasta.

Kalau Agong dan permaisuri, PM , TPM, MENTERI serta pasangan masing2 terbang 12 kali setshun dengan klas pertama atau perniagaan mengguna pesawat swasta, kos yg perlu ditanggung oleh rakyat tak akan mekebihi RM20jt setahun.

Penjimstan sebanyak RM172jt bolehlah diguna untuk menambah subsidi obat diklinik kesihstsn kerajaan.

Adalah sikit poin nak patah hujah pengkritik.

Joe Black said...

And Dato'

Without those Consultants Who is Going to Write All the Crap under the Pseudonym of Idris Jala that we are Fed with Daily in the Mainstream Media?

It will be End Game for him and all the gravy that he is getting everyday!

Anonymous said...

Najib takkan perintah sampai 22 tahun. Nak extend lagi satu term ada masalah. Wanna bet? Mukriz would be deputy president next round

Buah Kerdas said...

Pembahas Ahmad din (12.56PM) menulis...."Shahidan merupakan menteri yang menjaga Parliment.
Menterinya pun macam Ahmad Nesfu."

Kalau Ahmad Nesfu (Arwah) masih hidup mungkin dia akan modify dialog filem Bujang Lapok menjadi "Apa fasal sebut nama saya, saya tak ada dalam ini Parlimen"

Tetiba hiba teringat kesah sedih pelakon Ahmad Nesfu yang mati keseorangan dalam kubu Jepun di Singapura.

Alfatihah buat Arwah....

wankamarul701 said...

Lama tak tengok rosiah ismail komen..satu2nya srikandi yang komen dalam blog ni rasanya.. baru lepas cuti bersalin ka? hahaha

Hari said...


Why is that the government likes to cakap "berbelit-belit". If you are going to increase the price of things, just say it as such and don't say reduction in subsidy and for health reason. If you are going to say you are going to introduce new taxes, just say so instead of saying things such as "dalam kajian"...If you want people to buy more proton cars then just say so...Don't force them to sell/exchange their cars under some new law which requires old cars to be compulsorily scarped for safety purpose (kononnya). If they are really concerned about safety, should really improve public transport all over the country..not just KL...orang kedah pun bayar cukai... I suppose they hire consultants for these purposes...killing people softly

Unknown said...

Salam kepada semua ketika ini musim hujan ya dato masa sedap untuk di buai mimpi bab mimpi ini la yang merugikan orang melayu dan negara khusus nya, Kalau kita fikir balik dengan telus dan ikhlas sudah tentu cosultant tidak diperlukan oleh nagara kita kerana negara kita bijak pandai nya sangat la ramai.Tetapi oleh kerana nak bergaya ini lah jadi nya yang sedang dihimpit masaalah nak hidup para pemimpin sebok dok cakap itu cakap ini akhir nya rakyat juga yang terbeban dengan keborosan para pemmpin kita...

Kampong man said...

Salam Dato dan rakan semua,

1. I am disappointed why this Najib administration need to spend 7.2 Billion in total for the outsourcing of this consultancy work.This year alone as of Oct ,the total spending was RM172 million.Without details and why the urgent needs for this many SUPER Con-sultants employed ,it will be not be fair for me to comment otherwise.We have too many ministries in the gomen that require consultants like that of Idris Jala Pemandu for an example.Perhaps Khazanah too will have many con-sultants because they too lack expertise it seems and yet handling big gomen money and kitty.

2.Najib said ,without reservation and in all honesty, that "abilities ofgovernment researchers are limited in terms of expertise".I don't know how true this is !. Lets hear what other sensible commentators think of his statement if you dare.Din Melaka not allowed because he has and is now daring enough mentioning and getting our YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG and the PERMAISURI involve into this budget equations unnecessarily .Can we keep our Agong out of this budget and political forum and respect our Rukun Negara please.Takut rakyat marhaen kata kita biadab pulak.Cukuplah sudah anda telah banyak memperbodohkan orang Melayu yang membuatkan bangsa lain bersorak dan tertawa dan mereka akan turut mempersendakan Agong kita pula .Mereka jadi berani kerana kita yang mempertahankan institusi raja yang celupar. Anyway,you have a lot more to learn young man.I wish not this nation turn into a Republic one day like that tiny island down there because we lose that Malay unity.Once you lose it you will not get it bsck.

3.Alright ,lets now compare this RM172 million budget against my company existing contract with those expatriates professional engineers and consultants with an average salary of RM120K equivalent a month each for 35 odd personnel now .The total monthly invoicing to ourPSC (Production Sharing Contractor) O&G client (One client) alone come to about 4.2 million a month payment which translates finally into about 45 million a year.There are many PSC clients under PETRONAS .Those O&G consultants are just normal consultants with normal international daily rate of USD USD2,000/day.This is a normal and average drilling and geologist rate for O&G worldwide. Their expertise are needed because we do not have enough local talents to meet the market demand now in meeting the void/ gaps.See, our many local engineers have gone international and global and they secure expartriate salary. Hence the shortage and the void.Our Malaysian engineers will not enjoy expatriate salary in Malaysia though some are a lot better than those expatriates. The issue here is work has to be done regardless and time is of essence. So ,we have to spend money to secure BIG returns on our investment.If you spend peanuts you get monkeys as commentator Ghab had rightly said in his comment.

4.Compare the RM 50 Million yearly invoicing/turnover my tiny outfit is doing with just only one PSC O&G client (There are berpuluh puluh lagi client out there) and that with the gomen RM172 million spending this year alone.This appear fair and reasonable ain't it?. This surely will benefit the country in getting a right direction from those consultants EXPERTISE, hopefully .I mean real expertise. They have to perform with certain deliverables before they get paid.Nothing is free in this world anyway.

Sorry folks, I am slowly zzzz....need to take care of my loving wife who is twice a cancer servivor as she is fast asleep.I love her a lot for being a good wife to me.If we maintain a positive outlook in life, keep our sanity, jujur and ikhlas, insyallah Allah bersama kita sentiasa kerana dialah yang menentukan segalanya. Good night and Wassallam.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

1. Kalau panjang umur kita akan lihat Najib , PM paling juara melingkupkan negara dalam masa paling pendek.

Jumlah 7.2b bayaran pd cunsultant dalam tempuh tak sampai 4 tahun DAN peningkatan mendadak hutang negara drpd 293b kpd hampir 550b dalam tempuh sama menunjukkan kehebatan sebenar Najib.

3. Dengan peruntukan 400jt sepatutnya boleh biayai belanja tahunan sebuah universiti awam dengan 10000 pelajar tapi Najib dan kak mah belanja jumlah sebanyak itu untuk beberapa ratus kanak2 yg dah sedia pintar dgn projek PERMATAnya.

5. Terakhir tak ada ke menteri yg sanggup letak jawatan sebagai tanda protes bila Kak Mah dah ambil alih tugas menteri wakili Malaysia dalam persidangan di Qatar baru2 ni. Betullah kata2 Dakj ....agaknya mereka tu beruk......mana ada maruah.

Kalau menteri pun tak layak guna pesawat eksekutif rakyat bagaimana pulak Kak Mah boleh?

Kampong man said...

Salan Dato,

1.I listened and watched the Yang D Pertua Speaker explanation with keen interest with regard to the so called usul ' isu perobohan kuil Jalan P.Ramli' by Yang Berhormat sdra Surendran.Readers may wish to watch this and draw your own conclusion in the following blog:

The of 15 Nov 2013 entitle " Selangor roboh 7 kuil...mana usul Surendran ? "

2. I am of the opinion that our parliamentarians are still well behaved and are under control if you compare our parliament proceedings with that of other so called advance countries where we have seen chairs flying , obscene words throwned , hands and fist everywhere with some karate kicks as well. We saw this in Japan and Korea and some european countries too.No?.

3.Issues relate to religions and faith is always very sensitive in Malaysia.So be warned.

Thank you.

Joe Black said...


Belum habis Cerita Billion Dollar Consultant...Keluar Pula Cerita Million Dollar First Lady Rosmah dengan Entourage Berjetting Kesana kesini dengan Jet Kerajaan. Belanja wang kerajaan tak terkira sampai rakyat yang sedang menghadapi serba anika naik harga sudah mula merungut kot kot duit dari mereka habis dibelanjakan bukan sahaja untuk Konsultan bahkan juga untuk kegunaan isteri PM Malaysia.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Minta izin.

1. Di Bolehland ini memang jijik dan memalukan. Bila Brahim kena hukum cuma 1 hari kerana dakwaan hina mahkamah, rakyat tentu tertanya siapa yg sebenarnya hina mahkamah dan rakyat. Brahim atau mahkamah sendiri.

Tak sudah2 kerja bazir wang negara dgn kerja olok2.

2. Lain pulak halnya dgn Jamil Khir menteri agama yg berterus terang mengaku beliau dan kabinet izin penggunaan nama Allah dalam Bible di Sabah dan Serawak.

Timbul 2 persoalan. Pertama bukankah pendirian Jamil dan kabinet tu sama dgn pendirian PAS dan PKR?

Persoalan kedua, kenapa pulak Jamil , kabinet dan juak2 UMNO si Semenanjung tak beri org Kristian guna nama Allah. DAN loyar buruk pulak mencari sokongan murahan drpd Melayu yg boleh diperbodoh dgn menuduh pendirian PAS dan PKR bertentangan dgn pendirian kabinet dan Jamil sendiri.

Ketua2 UMNO memang talam beribu2 muka. Tak habis2 menipu.

3. Hari ini PR Selangor bentang bajet walaupun bertambah 13% tapi berimbang. Ertinya tak defisit atau tak berhutang.

Bukan itu saja PR Selangor ada lebihan rezab cash sebanyak 2.7b.

Mana muka ketua2 UMNO nak disorok bila sebuah kerajaan negeri mampu buat jambatan ke tiga Klang yg dulunya janji tidak ditepati oleh kerajaan BN.

4. Hari ni satu lagi temberang ketua UMNO diketahwi rakyat melalui ketidak cerdikan Shahidan Kasim di Parlimen

Iaitu gara2 UBN tu pondan mereka melalui jawapan Shahidan tidak berani meluluskan pendaftaran gabungan parti pembangkang dgn nama PAKATAN RAKYAT.

Selama ini ketua2 UMNO mendakwa PKR, PAS dan DAP hanya pakatan longgar sehingga tidak mau didaftar secara rasmi spt UMNO, MCA, MIC yg ada BARISAN NASIONAL.

Lahuma said...


Cerita S.Surendren MP Padang Serai kena gantung daripada masuk bersidang.

1.itulah kerana nak jadi hero ditempat orang pada hal pengundi dan penyokong dia di Parlimen Padang serai pun tidak dijaga dengan memuaskan.Banyak kerja dia sebagai wakil rakyat diswastakan atau pun diuruskan oleh orang lain.
Bukan dia sahaja malah YB tempat lain pun serupa juga .Kalau YB BN kerja dia lobi projek.Pada hal rakyat dan pengundi bukan dibelanya.

2.Kesan S.Surendren songsang yang keterlaluan dengan Speaker Dewan.Rugi elaun berbelas ribu sebulan x enam bulan.Bukan semua YB kita cerdik,bijak,pintar.Banyak sifat gelojoh dan ego.Bila dari pembangkang penfdek kata 100% kena bangkang.Bila dari kerajaan pula 99% kena bodek sahaja.Itulah puncanya dan banyak pemimpin termasuk menteri syok sendiri.Dalam Parlemen Speaker ada kuasa mutlak.Sudsah tentu S.Surendren bangga akan isu dirinya.Yang rugi ialah rakyat.Juak-juak kerajaan atau pembangkang semua hidup senang.


Fasal belenja besar oleh kerajaan ini dengar cerita sudah ada arahan amalan jimat cermat dan berhemah.Ramai tak faham dan bingung .Peribahasa klasik dulu sudah kata : kalau periuk pun sudah besar sudah tentu kerak nya pun besar.

Nasihat pada rakyat jimat cermat.Pemimpin joli besar.Macam ketam jadi pensyarah IPTA/IPTS suruh pelajarnya jalan betul.

Jadi pemimpin adalah suatu keistimewaan pada dirinya ,isterinya dan kaum kerabatnya.Bukan lagi tanggung jawab sperti digariskan oleh tuntutan Allah.

Berdoalah sekelian rakyat agar pemimpin kita diberi pertunjuk oleh Allah SWT.Hanya doa rakyat paling berkesan.

Terima kasih Dato.


FOR what others are saying about big spending, please read at www. for one of them.

Oh, by the way, it was predicted at that "depressing" roti canai breakfast that that the BN would lose the next GE if everything remains constant.

I do not consider it depressing. The breakfast pow-wow I mean. Exciting and enlightening, more like it. Our political "soothsayer" has been right on many occasions.

Thank you.

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ A Kadir Jasin

Bagi sayalah, Negara di alaf baru memerlukan pasukan penasihat yg baru. Yg hanya membaca angka dan statistic, dan berdasarkan “evidence based” sebelum sesuatu polisi dilakukan.

“Mesyuarat tingkap” dan “Persidangan meja bulat roti canai teh tarik” di kedai mamak, yg menggunakan nujum pak belalang dan kaedah “rasanyalah ” atau “ikut pengalaman sayalah” sudah tak diguna pakai lagi dan bolehlah ditempatkan di pintu masuk utama Muzium Negara untuk rujukan para pelajar nanti.

Sekian TQ.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Sdr kg man

Berkata benarlah walapun di hadapan raja atau pemerintah yg zalim.

Dalam sejarah banyak pemimpin yg baik2 termasuk Tun Razak dalam sejarah Malaysia. Masaalahnya yg ini kita taknak contohi.

Dalam sejarah jugak ramai raja atau pemimpin yg jahat termasuk ramai dalam UMNO la ni.

Pernah dengar pepatah berbunyi sokong membawa rebah?

Kg man kena jugak belajar sejarah. Jangan sibuk biat duit je hingga lupa nak beri nasihat baik2 pd ketua2 UMNO kenalan kg man.

Lainlah halnya kalau kg man dah anggap mereka2 itu tak boleh atau tak akan melakukan dosa.

Atau ada org dah dinobatkan statusnya macam Allah maka tak boleh dikritik.

Kita kata kita sayang pd pemimpin termasuk payung org Melayu tapi kita asal kita kenyang dgn projek kita pura2 jadi bodoh diam diri menikus..

Sedangkan kita tau dalam sejarah kadang kala yg jahat tu bukan 100% raja atau pemimpin tetapi sihipokrit keliling mereka yg saban hari tunjuk baik.

Oleh kerana kg man nak tunjuk juara, saya nak tanya yg rampas kuasa raja2 Melayu melalui pindaan perlembagaan 1993 tu bukankah mereka ketua2 UMNO.

Jangan nak berbohong la. Selepas rampasan kuasa itu, UMNO berjaya menjadi raja mutlak.

Menyentuh soal Najib belanja 7.2b wang rakyat dalam tempuh 4 tahun bagi tujuan khidmat runding ..Sedangkan semasa beliau cuma menteri pertahanan pun syarikat kroni bernama PERIMEKAR SDN BHD dapat bayaran khidmat nasihat bernilai 500jj dalam kes beli kapal selam. Hingga dikatakan tak boleh menyelam.

Inikan pulak dah jadi PM.

Terkejut? Sihipokrit mungkin.


Pembahas OKJ (aka Orang Kampung Je,)antara lain berkata:"“Mesyuarat tingkap” dan “Persidangan meja bulat roti canai teh tarik” di kedai mamak, yg menggunakan nujum pak belalang dan kaedah “rasanyalah ” atau “ikut pengalaman sayalah” sudah tak diguna pakai lagi dan bolehlah ditempatkan di pintu masuk utama Muzium Negara untuk rujukan para pelajar nanti."

1.Sekarang banyak orang kampung macam OKJ dah cerdik, kaya raya dan senang-lenang. Jadi mereka pun jarang atau tidak langsung minum teh dan makan roti canai di kedai-kedai biasa. Mereka makan cavier dan hisap cerut Cohiba di hotel empat bintang ke atas.

2. Mereka tak kenal dan tak peduli lagi Nujum Pak Pelalang di kedai-kedai kopi dan watung.

3. Mereka ada war room dengan budak-budak cerdik dari Oxbridge dan konsultan antarabangsa. Sebab itu BN jadi padi minoriti pada PRU 5 Mei lalu. Orang pujuk pengundi, mereka nak berperang.

4. Nujum Pak Belalang bukan macam dalam cerita P Ramli. Ini Nujum Pak Belalang moden yang boleh buat simulasi berkomputer. Dia pun bukan cakap kepada orang tepi parit macam saya saja. Turut dengar ramalan dia adalah beberapa orang penting establishment.

5.Saya tak tahu kalau OKJ masih ingat kebijaksanaan nenek moyang kita yang berkata, ular menyusur akar tidak hilang bisanya. Tapi ular berbisa yang asyik duduk atas pokok mungkin mati kelaparan kalau burung dan tikus semua turun ke bumi.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Agak2nya apalah justifikasi ketua2 UMNO belanja 7.2b untuk urusan fii konsultant?

Perkara sebesar ini eloknya disiasat lebih lanjut oleh badan berwibawa spt Jabatan Audit atau akauntan profesyenal bertauliah untuk memperincikan setiap jumlah petbelanjaan , tujuan dan siapa penerima dan adakah berbaloi.

Tentunya rakyat pun taklah bodoh sangat nak terima justifikasi wakil ketua UMNO di blog ini yg cuba meyakinkan jumlah fii berkenaan sebagai ok berdasar pengalaman bisnis O & G beliau.

Rasanya adalah sangat tak patut dalam suasana muram rakyat dikenakan dgn pelbagai hukum janji tak ditepati, negara diberi tau ada semacam subsidi dibayar pd so called consultants hingga berbillion2.

Suka tak suka rakyat tentu tertanya. Konsultant boleh dibayar tspi subsidi minyak dan gula pd rakyat ditarik balik.

Rakyat di suruh berjimat. Tapi ketua2 UMNO belanja rm490,000 setiap hari, saya ulangi setiap hari untuk sewa dan belanja bahan bakar pesawat eksekutif.

Kerajaan UBN tentu telah mengetahwi bahawa pendapatan isi rumah org KL dah naik 200% dalam tempuh beberapa tahun kebelakang.

Kalau tidak masakan kerajaan UBN ni sanggup buat rencana nak naikkan cukai taksiran hingga kebih 200%.

Contoh rakyat dilingkupkan!

Atau kantong DBKL dah kering gara2 terlalu banyak so called consultants kroni bertenggek siabg malam di sana yg kalau tak dibayar boleh menyebabkan pegawai awam spt datuk bandar atau ketua pengarah DBKL kalau tersilap langkah boleh kena buang kerja.

Nak kutip lebih cukai melslui penjualan kereta, ketua2 UMNO hanya perlu bergantung pd kajian MIROS bahawa kereta berumur 12 keatas tak lagi selamat. Senang betul!

Kesian bertapa senangnya Melayu di tipu.

Din Kalut said...

Antara punca guna pakar dan konsultan luar kerana yang ada pun dalam negara pun setaraf Din Melaka sahaja.

hari said...


Saudara OKJ tak sedaq banyak yang undi UMNO (bukan BN) adalah depa yang dok “Persidangan meja bulat roti canai teh tarik” di kedai mamak/melayu.

Satu lagi, kian hari makin menyakitkan di buat oleh pemimpin dan isteri.

Orang luar bandar yang undi UMNO byk yang pakai kereta lama. Skrg samada kena paksa tukar atau akan belanja lebih byk duit dan masa untuk pergi check kat Puspakom. Yang penting boleh gerentikah lepas ni kemalangan akan berkurangan ? jawapannya takde. Hanya yang milik Puspakom atau jual kereta dgn con-sultan depa akan untung.

Kita semua dok kira-kira kurangkan belanja utk jimat duit kerana keadaan ekonomi tak menentu tapi isteri pemimpin dok pakat pi shopping kat Dubai...yang pi semua isteri tapi kata urusan rasmi....esok saya nak htr isteri pi kerja kat office saya...siap guna kereta syarikat...

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum dakj,

Izinkan saya mengulas walaupun agak terlambat.

Birokrasi dan akauntabiliti saling berkait. Apabila sesebuah jabatan dipertanggungjawabkan ke atas satu perkara, peraturan dan sistem akan diperkenalkan bagi mengurus tadbir perkara tersebut. Ini perlu bagi membolehkan jabatan kerajaan tersebut mempunyai kawalan ke atas perkara yang dipertanggungjawabkan kepadanya. Dan setelah itu, sebarang keputusan berkaitan perkara tersebut akan dipertanggungjawabkan kepada jabatan tersebut samada baik atau sebaliknya.

Birokrasi ini akan meningkat apabila melibatkan proses dalaman (intra jabatan) yang melibatkan bahagian atau sekumpulan pegawai dan juga proses luaran (inter jabatan) yang melibatkan jabatan lain.

Birokrasi ini tiada masalah, yang bermasalah adalah apabila wujud kerenah birokrasi, but again, if you want to held me accountable for something so badly, be fair to me by allowing me governing the thing.

Diberi keadaan struktur kerajaan yang sebegini, anggota pentadbiran menghadapi kesukaran untuk melaksanakan program yang perlu bagi menjayakan sesuatu dasar terutama sekali apabila melibatkan hal-ehwal peruntukan kerajaan. Hal ini kerana tahap kebertanggungjawaban yang tinggi dalam struktur kerajaan @ birokrasi.

Cara terbaik adalah dengan melantik perunding yang dibayar sejumlah yuran yang mahal untuk menggubal dan melaksanakan program tertentu. Sekiranya program berjaya, perunding dan anggota pentadbiran akan mendapat nama, dan sekiranya gagal bolehlah salahkan agensi kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab walaupun keputusan "dibuat" oleh perunding.

Kerana ini situasinya, perunding yang telah menerima yuran yang lumayan tadi tidak perlulah melaksanakan tugasnya bersungguh-sungguh termasuk tidak perlu turun padang. Mereka hanya perlu meraikan paymaster mereka dengan laporan2 dan persidangan2 yang bombastic untuk memberikan gambaran yang baik. Hakikatnya, rakyat bawahan tidak merasa sedikitpun manfaatnya. Dalam erti kata lain, sasaran tidak tercapai.

Soal kepakaran dalaman, ptd is not the only pegawai kerajaan malaysia. Jika agensi kerajaan bekerja bersama-sama, mereka ada semua kepakaran, you name it, doktor, jurutera, penyelidik, pensyarah, saintis dan macam-macam lagi.

But thats the thing happened since few years back when tun m stepped down. Tiba2 semua orang rasa mereka lebih bijak dari kerajaan dan hendak melaksanakan tanggungjawab sebagai kerajaan. Dari satu sudut, ia bagus kerana menunjukkan keprihatinan. Tapi, apabila menggunakan duit rakyat, kita perlulah lebih berhemah dan bertanggungjawab.

Kerajaan bukanlah lebih bijak dari semua orang, tetapi kerajaan mentadbir dan menjaga kepentingan semua orang. Sebagai individu atau kumpulan, mereka hanya menjaga kepentingan individu atau kumpulan tertentu. Apabila mereka mempunyai hujah, tidak semestinya kerajaan perlu mengikut cadangan mereka kerana kerajaan turut menjaga kepentingan individu atau kumpulan lain yang mempunyai kepentingan berbeza dari kelompok pertama tadi dan turut mempunyai hujah mereka sendiri yang juga betul.

Apabila kerajaan lemah dan semua orang merasakan mereka betul dan kerajaan perlu mengikut cakap mereka, inilah yang berlaku, jentera kerajaan diabaikan dan perunding digunakan untuk kononnya mendapat fast and big result.

Yang menjadi mangsa adalah silent majority yang tidak bersuara kerana kepentingan mereka tidak lagi diambilkira.

Berdasarkan barisan anggota pentadbiran yang ada, saya tak nampak mereka yang mempunyai jati diri, wawasan dan kekuatan untuk memimpin masyarakat malaysia yang majmuk ini dan yang penting sekali IKHLAS.


mokhtar bin Zainol Abidin said...

salam dato,

- if apes , kera & monyet, clowns & bandut + peliwat & homosek votes their kins to parliment, you get a circus atmosphere and more in parliment.
- its good governance for Audit reports to make public & budget presentation available where we can contructively and correctively express our opinions.we can be criticals but unfortunely some are not..just like their elected MPs who are not doing their required duties...anyway cant expect much since some of them are from animal worlds... good at counting bananas & alikes.
- most of the great advance economic countries are in deficit, yet propers. is not wrong with deficit budget if its manageable. suplus funds in state coffers are meant to be spend for the benefit of the people & states..bukan untuk disimpan dalam bank.
- bagus kalau Kerajaan Selangor & Pulau Pinang use the surplus to fulfill their janji2 kepada rakyat di negeri tersebut dengan tolong bayar toll, settlement of PPTN & free education for their anak-anak negeri, free utilies like water & electricity..quit rents.
- just like federal govt, the PR states govt also hire consultants & advisers to adv them... CM & exco members also brought their wives for business trips overseas.
their economic adviser also fly private jet..for more just wait for them to be in putrajaya...
- ini orang kata 2 X 2...berapa eh?
- the urban voters are always anti-establiament but BN always count on rural votes for a win... they hv being using this formula for the past 50 years & will continue to do so....not much hope for PR.

UMAR said...

Did you hear any words from the longest serving MP of Gua Musang ?

I wonder what his thinking on Rosmah flying high , Najib using consultants and suspending MPs who question such issues..

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