Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[Update, June 15]

Three Cheers for Cherie

Ah, don't you just love this country? I do and madly too. Where else would we have the wife of a Prime Minister of a foreign country came budging into the law court of another country.

Then again what do we expect of the wife of British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He barged into Iraq with his US friend George W Bush to kill tens of thousands and bring miseries to millions other.

So what's so surprising if Cherie Blair aka Cherie Booth made a surprise appearance at the Federal Court in Putrajaya on Tuesday, June 14?

This is a free country. She's free to come and go. It's good for tourism though it might have cost some taxpayers money to ensure her safety.

But had the court allowed he application to reprent Fauziah Holdings in its dispute with Metramac Berhad, the country would lose some foreign exchange. I don't think a woman of her stature works for pitance.

Who says only in Malaysia wives take advantage of their husbands' high offices? You should love your wife, but if you are a politician you should not allow her to run your career or become your secret weapon.

We are so free, democratic and rich today that we could invite and pay any foreigner to come and challenge our judges and learned counsels. What say the Bar Council?

I think the likes of Cherie Booth would not be stomping in if we are less free than we are today. Bar Council has always been demanding and championing freedom. So why object to Mrs Blair's appointment as Fauziah Holdings' lawyer. Double-standard?

Then we have judges reversing and quashing judgments of their brother (and sister) judges. Judiciary is independent now, the winners proclaimed.

And when the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, broke his "elegent silence" to announce that he had decided "to tell all " to quash once and for all Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's allegations, his Foreign Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, said hold on.

Suddenly "national security" became so acutely important to the Johor Minister. He said at a seminar in Malacca that in preparing answers to Dr Mahathir's charges, "we should think carefully whether the answers would compromise Malaysia's security or national interest."

I hope this does not amount to attempts by some ministers to hide their failures and failures of their ministries or to shield their involvement -- private or official -- in the issues raised by Dr Mahathir, from public knowledge.

And as for Works Minister, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu getting all worked -up over being summoned by PAC chairman, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad to appear before the committee, I say hooray. We can made do with the comic break.

[Update, 12 Jun]

PM Tak Akan Jawab Juga

Akbar The Star melalui perkhidmatan pesanan ringkasnya (SMS) malam ini melaporkan bahawa Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, akan menghebahkan jawapan kepada pertanyaan Dr Mahathir mengenai pembatalan projek Jambatan (Tambak) Johor, penjualan MV Agusta, AP dan kontrak kerja Tengku Mahaleel.

Buat seketika saya terkejut tetapi lega dan kagum kerana akhirnya Perdana Menteri akan memecahkan "kebisuannya yang tampan" (terjemahan literal ungkapan Tun Musa Hitam "elegent silence" yang digunakan untuk Perdana Menteri) untuk menjawab soalan-soalan Dr Mahathir.

Tetapi apabila saya baca mesej itu seterusnya, jelaslah bahawa kita akan sekali lagi didendangkan lagu "walhasil balik asal, itu fasal tak hasil."

Perdana Menteri tidak akan menjawab soalan-soalan Dr Mahathir!

Menurut The Star, "kerajaan, melalui kementerian-kementerian yang bersangkutan, akan menjawab soalan-soalan Dr Mahathir."


1. Perdana Menteri akan terus berdiam diri selain memecah kesunyian untuk mengarahkan kementerian-kementerian menjawab soalan-soalan Dr Mahathir;

2. Kenyataan Perdana Menteri memberi gambaran bahawa kerajaan selama ini tidak memberi jawapan yang lengkap, tepat dan memuaskan kepada pertanyaan-pertanyaan Dr Mahathir;

3. Saluran mana agaknya akan digunakan oleh kementerian-kementerian bersangkutan untuk menyebarkan jawapan mereka. Persoalan ini timbul memandangkan sesetengah komponen media massa gemar memutar-belitkan fakta melalui kegiatan "spinning" mereka sehingga menyebabkan semakin ramai orang curiga laporan mereka; dan

4. Kenyataan terbaru Perdana Menteri ini membuktikan yang kritikan dan sungutan Dr Mahathir adalah berasas, setidak-tidaknya tentang kegagalan kerjaan memberi penjelasan yang memuaskan.

tunggu dan lihat.

[Posting Asal Mengenai IPCMC]

IPCMC: Polis lwn Kerajaan

[Nota kepala: Minta jangan guna "anonymous" untuk komen. Susah nak cam. Tak akan diposkan. Terima kasih.]

A Kadir Jasin

BANYAK pihak telah membuat kesimpulan bahawa anggota Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) mengancam tidak menyokong Kerajaan dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang dan akan membiarkan jenayah meningkat jika Suruhanjaya Bebas Pengaduan dan Salah Laku Polis/Independent Police Complaint and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) ditubuhkan.

Rata-rata kini percaya bahawa ancaman serupa itu telah dibuat dan disiarkan di laman-laman web polis sebagai senjata untuk menggagalkan cadangan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, untuk menubuhkan IPCMC.

Hakikat bahawa PDRM membantah keras cadangan itu bukan rahsia lagi. Yang mungkin masih menjadi tanda tanya ialah sejauh mana ia sanggup bertindak untuk menggagalkan cadangan itu.

Apakah PDRM benar-benar akan mengotakan ancaman seperti tidak mengundi Barisan Nasional dan membiarkan jenayah meningkat atau ia sekadar cakap-cakap untuk melepaskan geram?

(UPDATE, June 9)


MY preliminary, tentative thoughts on the Mahathir-Abdullah issue go something like this:-

1. Tun Dr Mahathir has been stabbed many times before. He survived. He has done a bit of that himself. In politics everything is fair game. Dr Mahathir is a master at that;

2. Dr Mahathir will continue to speak up, to guide and to criticise. He has done that when he was a subordinate, when he was the chief and he's doing it now as Citizen Mahathir;

3. Datuk Seri Abdullah Bahawi will continue to keep silence or say very little. He may even stonewall. He's good at all these. He survived and even thrived in politics by keeping things close to his chest. This is the quality and characteristic that, I believed, had not escaped Dr Mahathir's attention when he brought Abdullah back from political wilderness;

4. The newly-minted Tun, Tun Musa Hitam will continue to be what he is good at -- cynical and sceptical. He is an expert on bouble-talk. Dr Mahathir has never considered him a threat. He lost to late Tun Ghafar in 1987 and Dr Mahathir created as special post for him in New York. Musa was Dr Mahathir's first "kekasih politik". Musa loves politics but he hates responsibility. He has "fanatical " disciples;

5. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is probably the most senior party (Umno) elder that is worth listening to. Dr Mahathir respects him as an adversary. They have civilised relationship but differ on many issues;

6. The rest of the players -- Cabinet members, MBs, CMs and an assortment of party leaders -- will openly support PM. Only God knows their heart though. If they are now foresaking Dr Mahathir, they can foresake Abdullah later. If they are now changing Mahathir era policies and programmes, they will do the same with the Abdullah's policies and programmes in future;

7. Last but not least, this Mahathir-Abdullah "thing" is not about personality and style alone. It is about issues that affect the country and the people, many of which remained unresolved and unexplained, partly due to the stonewalling approach of the PM --- issues like AP, the cancellation of the Causeway bridge, the sales of NV Agusta for one Euro by Proton and the sales of strategic/privatised assets to foreigners;

8. For the people, there are issues relating to higher fuel, electricity and water prices, rising living cost and inflation, low investment returns (EPF, shares and unit trusts), rising crime rate and talks of economic favouritism, media spin and nepotism; and

9. Everybody loses if this Mahathir-Abdullah thing turns into what the Malay broverb calls "gajah dengan gajah berperang, pelanduk mati terpihak." The people are the pelanduk. But be mindful of the fact that the trampled pelanduk are the voters and the taxpayers. They were the people who gave Abdullah the overwhelming mandate in 2004.

(Sambungan posting asal)

Isu IPCMC Perlu Diatasi Segera

Apa pun yang terjadi seterusnya, isu ini perlu diselesaikan segera dan kesilapan awal yang mencetuskan kekeruhan ini perlu diakui dan diatasi kerana tugas kepolisan terlalu penting untuk digembar-gemburkan.

Polis adalah pasukan pakaian seragam yang berteraskan disiplin dan taat setia yang, di dalam konteks Malaysia, dilakukan atas nama Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Cadangan yang diperakukan oleh Suruhanjaya Diraja Penambahbaikan Perjalanan dan Pengurusan Polis Diraja Malaysia mungkin (saya tekankan “mungkin”) tidak mencetuskan kontroversi jika dilaksanakan mengikut peraturan.
Perlu ditekankan yang Suruhanjaya tidak memberikan kuasa kepada mana-mana individu, hatta Perdana Menteri, untuk menubuhkan IPCMC.

Suruhanjaya, di dalam laporannya yang diserahkan kepada Kerajaan pada bulan Mei tahun lalu, dengan jelas menyatakan bahawa kuasa menubuhkan dan mengawasi IPCMC terletak di tangan Parlimen.

Hanya Parlimen berhak memutuskan sama ada IPCMC ditubuhkan atau tidak. Laporan Suruhanjaya (bermula muka surat 204 edisi bahasa Melayu) menyatakan:

“IPCMC hendaklah menjadi badan babas yang ditubuhkan menurut Akta Parlimen.”

Ada MP Tidak Baca Laporan

Malangnya, terdapat bukti bahawa ada Ahli Parlimen yang tidak menyedari peruntukan ini sehingga mereka menuduh Suruhanjaya cuba “merampas kuasa Parlimen, tidak menghargai tugas dan jasa polis dan tidak profesional”. Jelas mereka tidak membaca laporan itu.

Hal ini terdedah apabila beberapa orang bekas ahli Suruhanjaya (termasuk penulis) dijemput untuk berdialog dengan anggota Kaukus Hak Asasi Manusia Parlimen tidak berapa lama dulu.

Suruhanjaya dengan jelas menyatakan bidang kuasa IPCMC dan kepada siapa ia bertanggungjawab. Laporan Suruhanjaya, antara lain, menyatakan:

1. IPCMC hendaklah mengemukakan laporan tahunan kepada Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan kemudiannya dibentangkan di Parlimen. Satu salinan laporan tersebut hendaklah dikemukakan kepada Perdana Menteri sebelum dibentangkan di Parlimen;
2. Pindaan hendaklah juga dibuat terhadap seksyen yang berkaitan dalam Akta Polis 1967 untuk memperuntukkan fungsi IPCMC;
3. IPCMC tidak akan mengambil alih atau mengatasi (fungsi) organisasi sedia ada seperti BPR (Badan Pencegah Rasuah) atau Suhakam, sebaliknya saling melengkapi organisasi tersebut;
4. Ia akan bekerjasama rapat dengan Suruhanjaya Pasukan Polis dan Bahagian Tatatertib PDRM; dan
5. IPCMC hendaklah terdiri daripada tujuh pesuruhjaya yang dilantik oleh Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Tempoh perkhidmatan mereka terhad kepada tiga tahun sahaja. Ahli tidak boleh terdiri daripada pegawai polis yang sudah bersara atau yang sedang berkhidmat.

Puncanya Kesilapan Teknikal

Daripada laporan akhbar, terdapat tanda-tanda bahawa beberapa kesilapan teknikal telah berlaku. Laporan akhbar New Straits Times pada 25 Januari, 2006, antara lain, menyebut:”Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced the formation of an independent body to monitor and receive complaints of police misconduct.”

(Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hari ini mengumumkan penubuhan sebuah badan bebas bagi memantau dan menerima aduan mengenai salah laku polis.)

Apa yang sepatutnya berlaku ialah pengumuman bahawa Kerajaan akan menyerahkan cadangan penubuhan suruhanjaya bebas itu kepada Parlimen. Adalah menjadi tugas Parlimen membincangkannya dan membuat keputusan.

Bagi memudahkan tugas Parlimen, Suruhanjaya mencadangkan Akta Suruhanjaya Bebas itu sebagai panduan. Kalau Kerajaan tidak bersetuju dengan draf itu, ia boleh menyerahkannya kepada Kamar Peguam Negara untuk kajian dan pembaikan.

Dengan cara itu, bukan sahaja hak polis terlindung malah hak orang ramai juga terjamin kerana Parlimen adalah badan pembuat undang-undang tertinggi di negara ini yang dipilih sendiri oleh rakyat jelata.

Sebaliknya, dengan tidak membentangkan cadangan itu kepada Parlimen atau melengah-lengahkannya akan hanya memburukkan lagi kekeliruan orang ramai dan menyemarakkan kemarahan polis.

Lebih elok dan produktif jika Ahli Parlimen diberi kesempatan dan keistimewaan membahaskan cadangan itu di dalam Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Negara daripada di kedai-kedai kopi, majlis-majlis dialog dan di muka akhbar.

Debat jalanan yang sedang berlaku sekarang bukan sahaja tidak produktif malah merugikan. Implikasinya cukup negatif. Jika sebuah pasukan berpakaian seragam yang berlandaskan disiplin dan taat setia seperti PDRM dibenarkan mengingkari cadangan Perdana Menteri, bayangkan reaksi rakyat terbanyak.

Jika polis boleh membantah cadangan Perdana Menteri , tiada apa pun yang boleh menghalang pihak-pihak lain, termasuk komponen lain perkhidmatan awam, daripada mengingkari perintah beliau.

Implikasi Polis Ancam Kerajaan

Dan jika benar polis mengancam untuk tidak menyokong BN pada pilihan raya, maka satu aspek suci pilihan raya iaitu “undi itu rahsia” telah dinodai.

Kesimpulannya, BN selama ini mendapat undi padu anggota polis. Ini tentulah bercanggah dengan prinsip kebebasan memilih dan dakwaan bahawa undi itu rahsia.

Pendirian polis mengenai IPCMC boleh memberikan kesan melaga-lagakan anggota Kerajaan dengan anggota Kerajaan dan antara Kerajaan dengan pembangkang.

IPCMC hanyalah salah satu daripada 125 cadangan yang dibuat oleh Suruhanjaya yang bertujuan mempertingkatkan profesionalisme dan imej polis, menambah kemudahan kepolisan, memperbaik kebajikan anggota polis dan keluarga mereka serta memberi peluang kepada orang ramai mengemukakan aduan secara bebas dan berani.

Pepatah Melayu berkata, jikalau sesat jalan kembalilah ke pangkalnya.


Andin Salleh said...


Memang agak luar biasa polis berani "melawan" kerajaan.

Mengapa hal ini berlaku?

Antara sebabnya barangkali kerana imej PM yang "lemah" dan tidak tegas.

Di samping itu, sesetengh Ahli Parlimen BN juga "bersalah" kerana seolah-olah tidak menyetujui penubuhan badan tersebut.

Umno Supporter said...

Saya tak setuju penubuhan IPCMC. Kalau ada masalah dengan Polis, adukan lah kepada Ketua Polis Negara atau Bahagian Tatatertib PDRM. Kalau ye pun tak percaya sangat Polis, buat aduan kepada BPR atau Biro Pengaduan Awam atau Member of Parliment atau Menteri Berkenaan + Perdana Menteri.

Lagi satu nak kurangkan ketidakpuasan hati orang terhadap polis, minta Polis letak dalam website dia apa apa yang berkenaan tangkapan dan sisatan supaya rakyat mengetahui prosedur. Ada transparency.

Cukup lah. Bukan Polis sahaja yang ada kekurangan, jabatan lain pun ada jugak. Kenapa polis pula yang di tekan.


Fayzi said...

Assalamualaikum Dato,

Saya bersetuju dengan tindakan kerajaan meletakkan IPCMC dibawah Parlimen. Ini secara teori akan membebaskan IPCMC dari pengaruh kerajaan sekaligus menzahirkan pendirian PM terhadap ketelusan.

Namun saya hairan juga kenapa dalam isu Sharir Samad, PM tidak menyokong pendiriannya. Jika ahli Parlimen BN tidak bebas memberi undian dan tertakluk kepada keputusan parti, secara tak langsung Parlimen juga dibawah kuasa kerajaan. Saya melihat dari wawancara dan tulisan Sharir Samad dan boleh saya katakan dia komited untuk memertabatkan Parlimen.

Saya faham politik tidak boleh dibaca secara zahiriyah. Always have double meaning. Always have hidden side. Tapi saya gagal untuk membaca kontradiksi terhadap keputusan PM ini. Jika motif utamanya adalah untuk membentuk kerajaan yang telus, dia harus meletakkannya di atas segala kepentingan yang lain. Dan memertabatkan Parlimen adalah salah satu keharusan ke arah itu.

Saya ni rakyat jelata sahaja, no insight informasi. Tahu cerita pun dari bahan-bahan bacaan dan cerita-cerita orang yang tak tahu kesahihannya. Jadi,tak ilmiah kalau saya buat konklusi hanya berpandukan pengetahuan yang sempit ini.

Apa pandangan Dato'?

Terima kasih,

Todak Malaya said...

Sebenarnya keadaan ni boleh disamakan dgn air yang berkocak tapi dasarnya tenang.
Sebenarnya kerajaan bukan beriya sangat nak tubuhkan IPCMC. Tapi utk mengambil hati dan desakan sebelah pihak maka ia launch penubuhan IPCMC dan bila sebelah pihak lagi membangkang,ia biarkan keadaan begitu seaadanya. (stalemate). Sebagai pegawai berkuasa kerajaan mereka benar2 faham bahawa PM boleh menggunakan kuasanya melalui parlimen utk menubuhkan IPCMC or restructure their organization…Tak dengaq cakap, No Promotion.

As a citizen they have pledge to 5 principles.
1.Belief in god
2.Loyalty to king & country
3.Supremacy of the constitution.
4.The Rule of law
5.Mutual respect and good social behaviour.

Btw beginilah caranya mereka berpolitik, hujung minggu sama-sama
main golf siap bertepuk tampar lagi…

Anonymous said...

Pada saya, semua masalah ini bermula apabila pihak polis sendiri tidak berupaya untuk menjalankan tugas-tugas mereka mengikut undang-undang, malahan melaksanakan tugas mengikut tekanan emosi dan menyalahgunakan kuasa yang ada pada mereka. Banyak kes-kes yang boleh kita dengari dari kalangan masyarakat, samada yang keluar di media massa (TV, suratkhabar, internet dsb) ataupun tidak.

Menambahkan lagi kerumitannya, kita tidak nampak penyalahguna kuasa diambil tindakan ataupun hukuman.

Untuk mengatakan bahawa polis malaysia sekarang ini sebagai satu badan yang berdisiplin, yang tulus dan ikhlas dalam melaksanakan undang-undang negara, pada saya sudah tidak tepat lagi. pada pandangan saya, pihak polis sudah menjurus ke arah yang seperti mana berlaku di negara2 dunia ketiga, iaitu "legalised thugs with power to hurt".

Walau macamana pun, saya tidaklah bersetuju dengen penubuhan IPCMC, kerana ia lebih banyak tak elok dari yang elok. Saya rasa cukup sekadar pihak pengurusan polis bermuhasabah di peringkat dalaman dan kembalikan tunjang perkhidmatan mereka kepada mempertahankan keluhuran undang-undang. Seterusnya mereka hendaklah beriltizam untuk memperkukuhkan disiplin dengan penguatkuasaan undang-undang yang ketat kepada pegawai/anggota yang melanggar undang-undang semasa menjalankan tugas.

Sekiranya ini dapat dilaksanakan, saya yakin pihak polis akan menjadi badan yang lebih baik.

Tugas kepolisan ini pada asas dan asalnya adalah satu tugas yang sangat mulia dan sangat tinggi darjatnya di kalangan masyarakat. Tetapi, sekiranya tidak diurus dengan baik, seperti yang berlaku dewasa ini, ia umpama barah yang akan melumpuhkan masyarakat dan negara dari dalam.

Bayangkan, in a worst case scenario, polis menjadi ancaman kepada kesejahteraan rakyat dan keamanan negara. Kita tidak mahu ini berlaku.....

drmuzi said...

saya rasa yg beria ia sangat nakkan IPCMC ini adalah :





dan sesetangah NGO

PAS suka ambil sikap berkecuali

Pemuda UMNO menentang.

Kenapa ya...DAP terutamanya sesangat suka kepada IPCMC?

ada sesiapa boleh beri rasional ...kepada kenapa DAP sangat berminat dgn IPCMC?

Anonymous said...


Yang nyata 31 Mei 2006 dah berlalu. Kalau semua macam ni, 2020 pun akan ditunda ke 2200! Pendek kata, memang lembab!

Walau bagaimanapun, saya rasa polis Malaysia ni okay. Cuma adalah sikit-sikit problem di sana sini. Bagi gaji naik sikit, kelayakan naik sikit, kemudahan naik sikit, insyallah.

Saya amat berbanga dengan polis trafik yang jaga dekat simpang-simpang tu. Mereka buat kerja bukan kerja mereka dengan penuh dedikasi. Tahniah!

Hantu Gigi Jarang.

. said...

Kelakar juga bila nampak benda macam ini. Mungkinkah ia suatu sandiwara polis? Bukankah polis selalunya mengikut telunjuk Paklah? Atau pun mungkin Polis tidak mahu kelakuan mereka dipertikai atau dipersoalkan oleh mana-mana badan.

Apa pun jika kita berani kerana benar kita juga akan berani dengan sebarang dakwaan pihak lawan. Tak gitu?

drmuzi said...

All system are open to manipulation.

It is the same with IPCMC.

Wonder what the DAP are thinking in regards to IPCMC, so much so that they are eager for it.

dueng said...

pada dasarnya, parlimen sepatutnya bebas membuat keputusan mengenai sesuatu usul. tapi bila MP sendiri dicemuh dan dikenakan tindakan, dimana bebasnya?

polis malaysia korup. itu saja yang saya boleh cakap. mungkin bukan semua, tetapi bila yang korup ini sudah naik kepala, buruk nama semua. yer la..kalau yang diatas sana (where air is crisp) pun sudah kencing berdiri, yang ditengah2 kencing berlari, yang dibawah2 yang kecil2 ni pastinya kencing lari berganti2. kepimpinan melalui tauladan.

kita sendiri tahu, sogok RM 50 sudah lepas saman trafik RM 300. hulur saja, pasti lepas. kita semua tahu hal ini, pasti pernah terjadi pada kita atau saudara mara. nah...dgn adanya IPCMC ni, gelabah la umat2 polis yang makan suap ni. masalah polis malaysia bukan sekadar korup tetapi juga tidak efektif. bukan sekadar polis, badan kerajaan lagi lah banyak yang boleh dipersoalkan kualiti kerja mereka. maka, adalah amat perlu satu badan bebas (itu pun kalau benar2 bebas lah), sebagai disciplinary body yang boleh buat checkup on police.

saya sekadar melihat perkara ini sebagai satu drama politik. drama politik milik paklah. mereka mengusulkan IPCMC untuk melarikan pandangan rakyat dgn kenaikan tariff elektrik dan harga minyak dgn 2 tujuan:
1) menunjukkan bahawa kerajaan prihatin terhadap kemerosotan kualiti perkhidmatan polis.
2) memperbaiki imej tercemar paklah dan kerajaan dimata rakyat.

nah..kalau semua MP setuju dgn mudah, apakah rakyat akan percaya dgn niat "ikhlas" kerajaan? entahlah...mungkin benar kerajaan ikhlas, ataupun mungkin sekadar "ikhlas".

mungkinkah apa yang terjadi dari awal lagi (berkenaan kemerosotan kualiti perkhidmatan polis) sudah dirancang awal2 oleh paklah demi menyediakan medium untuk mengalihkan pemikiran rakyat ketika kenaikan harga minyak dan tariff elektrik? siapa tahu? menarik kan..

Karl Hiunzm said...
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Anonymous said...


We Malaysians owe a huge debt to all members of Polis Di Raja Malaysia who have given their all in discharging their duties with loyalty, dedication and personal sacrifices which have enabled us to live and work in a generally safe and secure environment.

I do not agree to the formation of the IPCMC on the grounds that it is an affront to the memory of members of PDRM who had given the ultimate sacrifice for the country. Remember the massacre by the Communists at Bukit Kepong police Station during the Emergency and what about the attack by extremists on the Police Station at Batu Pahat. These and many other heart rending events encountered by the unsung heroes of PDRM in securing the nation’s safety should not be just ancient history.

Yes, undoubtedly there are black sheeps in the PDRM, but there are already legislated mechanisms to deal with incidences of corruption and police brutality etc. in the form of Badan Pencegah Rasuah, the police own disciplinary board and even SUHAKAM etc. I do not think that we need another permanent Commission to deal with complaints or reports about police misbehaviour.

Let us not open the Pandora’s Box, if the IPCMC is indeed set up, in no time others in their wisdom will ask for permanent Commissions for the Customs, Bomba , Environmental departments etc. and the list will go on and on… Would that in any way enhance our security and well being?

I think what PDRM need is the appreciation and whole hearted support of the Malaysian Public. Show PDRM that we care about them as much as they cared about the country. As mentioned, the proposed IPCMC is only one of the many suggestions by the said Suruhanjaya to improve the professionalism and the well fare of the police and their family. Why not focus on those now rather than the IPCMC?

Anonymous said...

aku sokong polis....polis kena sokong kerajaan yg ada pada hari ini..waktu election status kerajaan sementara...kalau mereka nak undi pembangkang pun hak mereka...kita tak boleh pertikai hak polis...


drmuzi, my apology for not being able to publish your latest comment. But I take note of the following statements that you made:

1. That Tun Dr Mahathir let out his anger and resentment;
2.That he is not relexing and enjoying his retirement;
3.That he has the interest of the country at heart; and
4. Umno must act on its leadership.

I believe you were referring to Dr Mahathir's PC at Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya.

For those interested to know more, I notice that malaysiakini and kmu.net.my cover the press coference quite extensively.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


No comment,semua org tau perangai polis Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Tuk musa dah nak naik pangkat...Tan Sri beb

Anonymous said...


Tok Musa dah dpt Tan Sri...nampakknya byk 'jasanya' pada negara.

Anonymous said...

tok musa dapat naik pangkat banyak kali selepas dia berjaya menyiasat dan menangkap anwar ibrahim dulu... ingat tak? masa tu dia pegawai polis tak berapa berpangkat sangat.....ada can la lepas ni dia jadi ketua polis negara.

kadiology said...

syabas tan sri musa bin datuk (ustaz) hassan kerana mendapat gelaran tan sri. tak ramai ramai rakyat berani dedahkan rahsia dan hobi pelik bekas timbalan perdana menteri dulu. walau pun di maki hamun dan dicaci, beliau tetap menjalankan tugas supaya 'orang tu' tidak terlepas. kami harap tan sri dapat teruskan usaha murni beliau untuk mempertahankan negara.

tentang penubuhan IPCMC ni saya berpendapat media sejak kebelakangan ini cuba menimbulkan persepsi bahawa polis korup, polis jahat, polis zalim dan sebagainya. jika penubuhan IPCMC ini di timbulkan hanya kerana PERSEPSI yang dimainkan oleh media, maka kita harus khuatir kerana apakah jaminan IPCMC yang ditubuhkan nanti juga tidak akan di manipulasi oleh orang orang yang lebih bahaya, kemungkinan orang yang rapat dengan media tersebut?

razman, masa musa hassan bicara kes anwar dulu pangkat dia SUDAH SAC 1, which is a VERY VERY senior rank. dan kalau dia jadi ketua polis negara pun, bukannya sebab can, tapi sebab he deserve it.

sinbad said...

A'kum Dato ...

Accidently bump to your blog. Tak sangka Dato pun menulis di alam siber ni. Kalau dilihat dari posting2 lama, it has been quite a while yer Dato. Biasalah, orang yg tak computer/internet savy macam saya ni selalunya lambat tahu perkembangan semasa.

BTW Dato, hari ni Malaysia sekali lagi terima berita meletup! Saya rasa Dato sendiri tahu berita apa yg saya maksudkan tu. Dah dua tiga kali berlaku tapi sebab sibuk dengan kerja, saya tak ambil peduli sangat. Kali ini, saya rasa saya dah tak boleh "ignore" lagi dah. So sebabkan nak info yg lebih detail, saya surf lah internet dan tup tap tup tap ternampak pula Dato punya web blog.

Tapi sayanglah Dato tak bagi komen lagi mengenai kes ni. Harap-harap Dato boleh tulis dalam hari ni juga. Buat pengetahuan Dato, dulu saya selalu "follow" penulisan Dato masa zaman Kunta Kinte dan sekali sekala skrg di Malaysian Business. Masa saya base di KL, selalu juga terserempak dgn Dato di Masjid Negara masa solat Jumaat. Tapi masa tu, saya tak sanggup nak tegur Dato sebab saya sangka Dato ni golongan rakus dan soldadu "orang itu" untuk ambilalih NSTP and Groups. (mungkin satu hari Dato boleh cerita pada saya personally apa sebenarnya yg berlaku)

Apa-apa hal pun Dato, saya harap Dato boleh memberi pandangan mengenai "perang" yg terbaru ini secepat yang boleh. I notice that you did asked blogger to refer to Malaysiakini or Malaysia Today but for me banyak posting kat sana tu terlalu terbawa-bawa dengan emosilah. Tak sesuai untuk dibawa berbincang secara ilmiah dan rasional unlike what you are doing in your web blog.

Anonymous said...


Gabem kata melayu mesti tolong melayu, terutamanya GLCs. Tapi ada Orang melayu yang jadi ketua di satu GLC kata tak boleh, sebab orang melayu malas. Sebab itulah melayu di GLC ni hanya buat islamic banking aje sekarang! Itu pun atas tiket kuota melayu dan sebab pandai sikit-sikit baca Quran! Dengar ceritanya isu ini ada dibangkitkan di parlimen. Boleh agaknya, Dato' cerita sikit kalau ianya betul?

Cerita-cerita "dongeng" Raja Petra di MT, nampaknya semakin tidak menjadi "dongeng" lagi. Cerita-cerita panas di dalam surat khabar hari merupakan satu lagi bukti "dongeng" Raja Petra sebenarnya bukan cerita dongeng, tetapi cerita betul.

Apa agaknya "headlines" NST untuk hari esok?

Siapa agaknya yang DrM kata "..if they come under the influence of people who have other agendas..."? Siapa yang "people who have agendas"? Apa agenda dia ni? Macamana dia mempengaruhi kerajaan? Dia mempengaruhi guna kuasa politik ke, atau kuasa wang ringgit ke, atau ada kuasa lain yang tidak dapat dibeli oleh wang ringgit atau politik? Bloggers atau Dato' yang tahu bolehlah cerita sikit.

Hantu Gigi Jarang

mahathirism said...

the police force is openly showing their stand against the government, or more precisely, against the pm. the igp looks like making a statement to "cool" down the situation while the police website is continuing to publish the article even after the igp remarks. it's indirectly mocking up the "cakap tak serupa bikin" attitude of present pm and the government. so it's "buku bertemu ruas lah" in a way. and our pm continues to remain silent more than speaking up on important issues like this, maybe he's hoping that people will "forget" as usual. with the rising popularity of internet as alternative media i believe that the "mudah lupa" syndrome will be a thing of past for malaysians. election in sarawak has proven this. with our good dr m is making all the moves for the sake of rakyat, i can't wait for the next show. bring us the election!

Anonymous said...

1. kenapa Dr M tak sebut aje nama Khairy yang dia maksudkan sebagai orang beragenda yang mempengaruhi Kerajaan sekarang? Kan lebih mudah kalau terus aja disebut?

2. sangat tidak setuju saya tan sri musa diberi gelaran ustaz oleh kadiologi.... sangat tidak adil diberi taraf ustaz, kerana perkataan ustaz memberi gambaran seseorang yang takut buat dosa...

Anonymous said...

Di antara jasa-jasa polis dan jasa AAB, saya lebih nampak jasa polis t
rafik yang
jaga trafik pagi-pagi.


drmuzi said...

razman,hang tak baca betul betul tulisan kadiology tu.

dia tulis tan sri musa ustaz hassan

bapak dia ustaz hassan azhari ler bro.

kenapa TUn tak tulis nama orang tu..

aiyooo razman..boring ler beritahu cepat cepat...

masa masih panjang lagi..

sooner or later satu Malaysia tahu

Bila tiba masa yg sesuai..

Tun politik bukan macam budak sekolah tadika...

kalau ada universitipolitik, dah dapat title professor diraja ..hehe

anyway tunggu dan lihat


Anonymous said...


1. First saya nak bagi tau tak ada website yang baik dari yang Dato"ada untuk nak komen tentang apa yang berlaku kat Malaysia sekarang ni. Saya dan kumpulan kami bertugas luar negara short period. Bila baca berita online kami kecut perut dengan kejadian harian yang berlaku di tanah air. Cerita keluar rumah pagi tengok orang curi kereta dia kena pukul pulak tu lepas tu pegi bank draw duit dari ATM tak puas hati pegi rumah rogol isteri mangsa pulak.

2. Kami tinggalkan anak bini untuk melaksanakan tanggungjawab kerajaan tapi sentiasa risau bila jadi macam ni.

3. out of topic tapi tolonglah bagi tau pihak yang terbabit kat Malaysia rakyat Malaysia tak senang dengan keadaan sekarang ni. Sedih sangat.....


Sdr Zakaria, thank you for visiting this blog. Just curious, where are you located. It's early morning in Malaysia. If you're not in Malaysia, you must be west of our country.

As for your concern, I can assure you that you are not alone. I have many times writen about my worry that there're signs that some aspects of law and order are breaking down in our country.

Despite argument to the contrary, I have the feeling that crime rates are increasing.

I think the slower economic growth, higher inflation and greater unemployment have something to do with this. There's also a sense of growing insecurity.

Personally, I am confident that things will turn for the better if we do not give up hope.

Thank you to others too for joining this blog. Thank you Sinbad. I take note of your request.

drmuzi said...

I read the STAR, the day after the big day, the media said th ebig day, may be for the TUN just a normal and usual day;

he is receiving visitors, at his Perdana Leadership Foundation, receiving Morocco delegates.

later in the afternoon chairing AGM at his Perdana Leadrship foundation.

Tun MUsa, in defense of AAB said, pak lah is doing elegance silence, well i think thst is what pak lah have to do considering his poor oratory and communication skills.

Hadi said TUN is a brave stateman.

Well HAdi thank you but no thanks, i think TUN know what he is doing.

He spoke his mind without fear.

Kalau ada 20 pedang tersedia to chopeed his neck, even he will spoke his mind, that swhat he has said in his interview, i will continue sticking mu neck out to be chopped by others.

Well thank TUn for being sincere and outspoken, brave to higligh the weakness of the present leader, rather than being an old parrots th elikes of Tun Musa ( who claim he still have fire,,,years ago flashing back my ASIAWEEK edition..now Asiaweek has long gone).

SO Joceline TAn asked in her analysis, would TUN gonetoo far?

only TUN knows, whatever he is doing he seems very relax...only i wish if the MEdia is willing to air the clips of TUN interview at the Perdana Leadership...well they don't dare becoz TUN has this charisma to overwhel people with his speech...

I hope whatever happend beter future ahead for Malasyia.

Present leader should buckle up...put nation interest more than Singapore interest.

What the hell are u doing when u are selling share in Malaysia GLC's to Temasek?????

Buy the way...my mum asked me thsi question lats nite, thru a phone call.

"betul ke mereka mereka yg cakap sokong pak LAH berdergar degar ni..ikhlas, atau...cakap lain , hati yg tersirat lain"

well time will tell...


Sorry ...i digress here and there a little.

Selamat Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

maknanya episod ni akan lebih panjang lah? ini kira "first salvo" la ye? heheheh...can't wait to see what happens next...

tapi firasat saya, tarikh 7.6.06 adalah merupakan tarikh permulaan kejatuhan pak lah...he will not have a long reign at the top....

pity, a nice person can be so failing....

Andin Salleh said...

Saya hendak komen sedikit tentang "perang" antara Tun M dan Pak Lah.

Saya kira, politik Malaysia ialah politik yang mementingkan kestabilan.

Oleh itu, apabila Pak Lah di serang secara terbuka, yang memungkinkan munculnya keadaan tidak stabil dalam politik negara ini, secara spontan Timbalan PM dan menteri-menteri lain akan menyokong Pak Lah.

Mungkin tindakan mereka itu didorong oleh motif untuk menjaga kedudukan masing-masing, sebab mereka pun tidak mahu membocorkan kapal yang mereka tumpangi.

Tapi dalam politik hal itu biasa.Cuma yang boleh dipersoalkan, adakah tindakan mereka itu bagus atau tidak?

Kalau bagus, bagus untuk siapa? Untuk mereka sendiri atau untuk rakyat?

drmuzi said...

where it will go, it is all depend on those involved.

by witnessing what TUN did in 1997 economic crises , the way he attempt to steer Malaysia out of the crises, i don't think he is the man that will put himself first than the nation, contrary to what some pundits or TUN nemesis out there thinking of him.

For 80 years ole statement to come forward by doing them brusied himself, i don't think he doing that for the sake of his image.

He is doing that for the NATION.

whatever said:

the 'rakyat' is not happy paying more for their basic necessities, and the best man to air this wthour fear is the TUN.

I think KU LI can play a role here to pacify th ematters, but too bad reading in the SUn he is bit hesitated.

why? not sure.

Anonymous said...


Saya tak nampak sebarang keburukan tentang kritik terbuka ini kerana saya bukan ahli politik dan saya rasa sebahagian besar lagi orang di Malaysia ini bukan ahli politik. Kalau kritikan ini dibuat secara senyap-senyap, siapa yang tahu? Sebagai rakyat biasa kita sepatutnya bersyukur kerana ada orang yang boleh memberi kritikan dengan berkesan. Siapa tahu masalah AP sebelum ini? Siapa tahu masalah "perdagangan pasir antarabangsa"? Sekurang-kurangnya rakyat sekarang tahu tentang isu. Terpulanglah kepada mereka untuk menilai setiap isu ini. Siapa yang memberi kritikan tidak penting. Yang penting ialah kritikan itu mesti dijawab oleh pihak yang berwajib secara telus dan profesional. Kenapa ahli DAP dan PAS boleh kritik tetapi ahli UMNO tidak boleh? Kenapa bekas penoreh getah boleh kritik tetapi bekas perdana menteri tidak boleh? Mana logiknya?


kelmarin said...

Watched TV3 news last nite...
AAB's body language shows it all.... Air muka pun dah lain macam.. Jawapan dia apatah lagi... not convincing at all

Anonymous said...

To side track on the IPCMC, it is quite obvious that the recent Mahathir-Pak Lah media fiasco is none other than the work of a so called young over achiever with high ambition and his ex newpaper boss friend (or is he? I heard he's even more powerful now in his non-executive position).

If comments in the papers by ministers and other leaders are anything to go by, it proves nothing on the part of Dr.M being wrong to critisize the PM but rather exposes the back-side-kissing nature of our leaders. When Dr. M was in power they all stood behind him, some even willing to wipe the old man's behind if asked to do so. Now, it is purely expected that they are willing to do the same for the new guy.

Najib's comment on Dr.M is in many ways out of line. True Pak Lah had a big mandate by the people but (and I'm quoting a line from original Superman movie) "with great power (i.e mandate) comes great responsibity". It is in fact the responsibility of the PM to answer to any and all questions thrown to him by the people who put him where he is today, citizen Mahathir Mohamad included. Asking your old and tired goons to do the attacking for you is surely un sportsman like.

Furhtermore, if you're going to unleash your dogs, at least make sure they are good attack dogs. The ones who've commented so far are themselves facing or have gone through a major crisis/scandal.
Today's NST had reports by Samy Vellu (apart from back stabbing Dr.M is now in the midst of outsting his competitor), Effendi Norwawi (who seems to be better at commenting about other people's fued rather than his own with his recently divirced wife) and Nazri Aziz (who himself was broiled in a controversy some time ago regarding taxi permits). If these are the characters offering comments people shouldn't be taking them seriously.

It's all a big sham. After all, the Malaysian public loves to see some drama every now and then. What better way to avoid the bigger issue of rising living costs, increasing electricity tariffs (with IPP gas subsidies intact) and a host of other bigger issues affecting our everyday lives than to play an all out media frenzy over issues as petty as an ex-boss commenting on his successor.

It is certainly worth a shot on the part of the PM. It seems to be working for now. Today most of the coffee shop talk was about the differences in governing style of the two PM's. Who knows, with world cup just around the corner, even the Mahathir-Pak Lah battle will lose steam to the question of who'll win the world cup.

Let's wait and see....

Anonymous said...

The global soccer season is on, and we get a local shocker from Tun Dr Mahathir!

Criticisms from the Tun will not destabilize this country. In fact, lack of criticism will cause damage to this country.

For over two decades as PM, the Tun has received both good and bad publicity – locally and globally. He has been praised and put on a pedestal. He has also been subject to criticism, condemnation, character assassination, vilification, denunciation, humiliation, ridicule and whatnot.

Countless websites poured filth on him. Today, they are still doing it. The internet offers a no holds barred experience. Readers take liberty to vent their anger and bitterness. They swear at him, curse him, curse his family, curse his future generations, curse his death, etc etc etc.

All this severe hammering has not destabilized the Tun, or his government, or this country when he was PM. Therefore, PM Abdullah and his team should not freak out.

Once upon a time, I used to fear that the Tun would ban the rebel websites. To my great amazement, he did not.

I used to wonder whether he read any of the filth. I used to wonder how he reacted. Today, I ask myself, “How would I react if people curse me and my family?”

I have always been an alternative person – holding alternative views, mixing with alternative people, having alternative ideals. I believe the internet is an important tool for the alternative generation. The internet will help to create communication, awareness, education and most importantly – check and balance.

I pride myself as a good follower .... searching for good leaders. I have faith there are many good leaders out there. Meanwhile, Tun Dr Mahathir, please keep speaking up and speaking out!

Anonymous said...

When Mahathir disclosed that the wife fearing Najib was his first chioce for PM it was rather sad to hear. As it is quite obvious that Najib is just doing what he can to become PM which includes trying to survive in the oversized yet less productive half-baked cabinet of Pak Lah. Are there no other leaders to choose from? Are we really stuck with these people? Najib is by far a man who has and is trying to survive in politics not by virtue of being a good leader but by having the words "bin Tun Abdul Razak" after his name. I reckon that's always been his trump card.

Let me be the first to admit that I've never been a Najib fan nor have I ever had any respect for him. I was also very dissapointed with his appointment as DPM as it is a stepping stone (although not necessarily so in the Mahathir era) to the post of PM. His appointment to the post of DPM was taken under advisement (those days) by Pak Lah from Dr.M. It is sad to see that the culture of "biting the hand that feeds you" exists at the DPM's level.

For one thing, Najib isn't that smart. As much as I dissapprove of Khairy, I believe at the rate Najib's going Khairy will make a fool out of him soon enough.

We should do something about the Government. What is to become of the our children and our children's children if unintelligent yes men ruled the country. UMNO is so full of rubbish talking about tradition and so on. Does following tradition mean not questining your leaders when they've wronged the people?

If the succession plan is what it appears to be in UMNO today then we, and especially our children, are ruined.

Why can't we have options? I'll be lying to myself if I said I'd vote for PAS, DAP or Keadilan. That will never happen and I'm sure others out there with half a mind would not do it either. It is unfortunate that we are among the few countries in the world with a non-existant "proper opposition".

When I say proper opposition I mean in the Britsh Labour vs. Conservative or the American Republican vs. Democrat or even the Australian Labour vs. Liberal fashion. There exists two parties which are almost the same in ideology but different in approach and governance. Should we have choices, I believe the politicians ruling at any point of time will be fearful of "naik tocang" as they fear being outstead by the voters come general election time.

We are to some point doomed with only the BN as the only sane choice to vote for. Forget about rejuvenating UMNO from within. It is being rejuvenated, with Khairy's people that is. I don't think the country's ready for a bunch of young punks to rule and stay in power until their well into their 80's.

drmuzi said...

world cup will definitely finished this issue, for a while as the suffering the rakyat experiencing due to escalating prices will linger on.

i think what the others are doing, eg Najib Samy Vellu etc etc...are expected, as none were that idiot to support TUN in the open, when the GE and Umno General Assembly seems to only come in 1-2 years time.

I don't think they are damn stupid to support TUN openly at present.

Doc said...

drmuzi, razman,

Saya amat menyangjungi Tun Dr. Mahathir tetapi untuk mengubah takhta Presiden UMNO (yang secara otomatik menjadi PM) bukannya senang kerna 'no contest' rule yg diperkenalkan oleh TDM dulu masih diamalkan.

Percaturan politik ni kekadang amat memeningkan, kita cuma melihat sahaja perlakuan 'player'nya tetapi sukar untuk membaca pemikiran mereka.

Next move?

Anonymous said...

PPL: tun, did i made any mistake? is PM angry with me?
TM: i dont think so.. this AAB is just... lembab.

this has been one of reasons why TM has lash the first public political bullets and other issues not to mention such as proton.

PPL: we owe you tun for your jasa!
TM: if you owe me then pay me.

TM dissapointment when he discover in project, employment possiblities and wealth not being distribute fairly.

PPL: we have done so many things and yet we havent been recognise due to certain birocracy technical issues.we dont do politics tun.
TM : why dont you come when i was PM? now you have to wait for najib.

TM "still" being oppimistic of current malaysia trend in economic growth under the current PM and his support for najib.

PM : whats is ######(GLC subs)?
PPL: its ######(eleboration)

what happens when our own PM does is talk and the sub-company is under his own wing.this of course bulls off the idea that PM is "gifted".

i think the certain "people" knows about this.including certain goverment bodies.embarrastment?they are trying harder to improve.insya allah.

but, talk is easy. take model of Tun Musa Hitam.

its better if we load more with work rather than rebranding and suggesting.

i find this pattern of suggesting such IPCMC, Islam Hadrari (publicly) and few more in GLC and Goverment sectors should be carried with hands on from the top.

i hope, PM wont just let certain people including PM yourself to be satisfied with pension. because i know its a "2-year-deal" before retirement and other-people-will take-care-the-problem syndrom are taking place.

PPL refered to some odinary people and the coversation took place last year.

Anonymous said...

In defending his boss, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had made another blunder by saying this, as reported in the NST today ( Page 7):

“His comments about the Prime Minister, present Government and colleagues in the Cabinet are being taken seriously not only by us but also by the rakyat. People know that Dr Mahathir is a person who talks with facts and doesn’t simply open his mouth”.

C’mon Nazri, you knew that Dr. Mahathir talks with facts. Why are you still in a state of defiance? Rather than shouting at him to stop talking about you and your boss, why can’t you just explain or argue the issues brought up by him clearly and honestly, with all the facts made available to everyone! You are at the Corridor of Power; you should have all the facts ready. We need to know What, When, Who, Why and How on issues like the dumping of MV Augusta, on the offer to sell sands and air space to Singapore, APs etc? That simple!

“Elegant Silence”, may be good for him but not for the rakyat. The rakyat, like me, want the truth! We already have the capacity to analyze any issue ourselves! We just lack the facts. Therefore we need the correct facts from you! Not facts which are manipulated in any ways to anyone’s advantage. Don’t worry; we will support anything that benefits the rakyat. But, please be aware! We don’t tolerate anything that benefit to only a certain privileged group of people at the expense of the sovereignty of this beloved country!

Tanpa semua penerangan ini, jangan marah kalau saya katakan bahawa “jasa polis trafik lebih menyerlah di mata saya dari jasa anda”! Apa yang saya dapat dari anda hanyalah kenaikan minyak, faedah, elektrik, unemployment, increase in crime rate, inflation etc.

Hantu Gigi Jarang.

Anonymous said...

Tun (maksud saya……Mahathir. bukan M satu lagi) banyak jasanya kepada Negara. Nobody can’t deny that except those yang hatinya menyimpan dendam yang tak boleh padam). Membaca akhbar utama negara, menggambarkan seolah-olah timbul perasaan envy Tun kepada pentadbiran semasa, AAB…….kuatnya kuasa akhbar! Bagi saya, Tun ada basis kepada argumentnya. Tun disagree kerana kepentingan negara….maruah negara. Jangan jadikan Tun sebagai alasan untuk menutup kelemahan kita mentadbir negara yang satu ini.

Mengenai Polis. Memang akui polis ada kelemahannya. Perlu penambahbaikan. Tapi tak perlu sampai kepada IPMC. Masalah leadership Jabatan Polis juga (especially yang dok pegang pos tinggi dulu-dulu….dah pencenpun). Kebajikan umpamanya….kebajikan anak buah tak dijaga…… tak fight sungguh-sungguh untuk anak-anak buah. Kalau pi meeting di JPA ka bos-bos besar kena pi, jangan hantar ASP atau DSP ka….tak cukup. Tengoklah rumah, pakai seragam, gaji dan elaun polis ni. Kawan polis saya dok harap juga bila rombakan kabinet Najib mai jaga polis. Tak mai-mai juga. Kaji latihan dlm perkhidmatan, cara berhadapan dengan orang awam dll., jangan layan orang awam pukul sama rata sama macam penjenayah. Tahulah tegas tapi cara cakap kena lembut sikit. Lihat sistem komputer trace saman pula, berbulan-bulan baru sampai saman.Typewriter pun banyak lagi. Kalau kepimpinan polis OK, 10 hari paling lewat dah sampai. Police needs officers who can manage its own organization, bukan setakat mahir mengurus jenayah.

Mengenai Tan Sri Musa…. Tahniah. Semoga meningkatkan lagi prestasi Tan Sri dan prestasi polis keseluruhannya. Teruskan usaha-usaha Tan Sri, kekalkan prinsip “takut hanya kepada yang esa”. Jangan ambil hati komen orang macam razman dan prasangka buruk orang lain. Semoga jadi KPN nanti, insya-Allah.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your views that the IPCMC should've been debated through thoroughly in Parliament before such an announcement to have it established was made made. I guess that's what happens when people who aren't ready or fit to lead actually lead. Furthermore, shouldn't the jokers at NST confirm the setting up of the IPCMC before making it news?

Touching on the comment made by feii umar in your blog, I am of the opinion that MP's should be given the right to vote accoding to the wishes of their constituents, Sharir Samad included. After all, in theory
parliament is in fact one of the 3 independent of the government i.e the legislative arm. The others being the executive and the judiciary. Unfortunately, in today's Malaysia, all 3 seem to be jumbled up into 1 with the politicians in office being the supreme and ultimate power.

The right of MP's to vote should be exercised. What the hell has the "whip" got to do with anything? It is likened to bieng caned in school for not listening to the headmaster. This is not primary school of yesteryear people, this is parliament we're talking about.

First and foremeost, the duty and responsibility of an MP/state assemblyman or any other elected representative is to first serve their constituents. It is after all the constituents who put the MP's in parliament in the first place. It is also to the constituents that these aspiring or returning MP's made their endless speeches and promises to during election campaigns. So, the issue of the whip should not even exist. An MP will remain an MP even if he or she quit their respective parties solely on the basis that he or she was elected by the constituents. Therefore, the interest of the constituents should always be first priority followeed by the the interest of the political party.

Can't any of the MP's take a stand for once in their misarable yet prosperous lives and vote according to what their constituents want. To hell with the whip, if the number is substantial enough what is Pak Lah and his school prefect like whips (Najib and Nazri) going to do? Suspend or sack all MP's who don't adhere to them? I don't think so. He will be at the losing end if he has to take action against half the BN MP's. UMNO and BN must bear in mind that even if thay're sacked they are still MP's.

The case of BN using the whip is something too common these days. Are the MP's so affraid of losing their place in the party? The answer is obviuosly yes. If one MP has the guts to forego his lap of luxury lifestyle and take a stand for once who knows others might follow.

IPCMC should be debated and voted by the MP's based on feedback from the constituents. The police (not all though) are just a bunch of people with a lot of dirt to hide. Their concerns should be on how to perform their duties. It's more of a case of covering their tracks if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

MY preliminary, tentative thoughts on the Mahathir-Abdullah issue go something like this:-

1. Tun seorang pejuang..dia dah biasa berseorangan..saya memang yakin dgn tun dan masih percaya dia seorang yang sangat sayangkan bangsanya....doa saya sentiasa bersama tun...

2. Cakap tun cakap berasas...ada fakta...tapi kalau tun dah cakap sampai menyesal lantik Abdullah..maknanya sangat dalam... macam mana dia menyesal lantik anwar ibrahim...mesti ada sesuatu yg sangat besar....

3. Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi diam ..tak akan kata apa2...sebab itu mungkin stategi dia..memang dia punya strategy dan satu lagi sebab dia diam ialah dia agak kurang pengetahuan...ini ikhlas dari saya....intelectuality dia kurang....bukan nak kutuk..saya boleh judge dari cara dia jawab soalan dan impromtu speech...memamng kosong dan tak dak isi....dia tau on the surface saja...lagi satu itu memang taktik dia..sebab itu dia boleh menang naib presiden dulu..bukan sebab dia bagus..sebab orang kesian..taktik yang sama digunapakai hari ini

4. Tun Musa Hitam akan terus membela pak lah sebab dia memang mentor pak lah dan dia baru dapat Tun...dan dia memang tak suka mahathir;

5. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the last gentleman in umno...compared to dollah..he has a better pm material...tapi bak kata pak ghafar...umno tak tengok track record...only money matters

6. yg lain2 tu just burung tiung...semua nak jaga kedudukan..issue negara second on the list...yg penting sokong ketua...

7. point ke 7 saya setuju dgn takut..kita patut tengok issue..suratkhabar pandai divert....isu penting org tak nampak jadi macam isu peribadi....

8. bab gajah dgn gajah berjuang , saya tak setuju dgn datuk...pelanduk tak akan mati....pelantuk akan terus hidup...cuma terpulang kepada gajah mana yang menang...kalau gajah yg mempertahan kedudukan dia...saya nampak pelanduk hidup tapi kelam...kalau gajah yang lagi satu tu...insyaallah...pelantuk akan berdiri megah...

9. last but not least....aku tetap sokong tun....

Anonymous said...

Going by the statements made in the mainstream media in defence of Pak Lah in the face of the onslaught by Dr Mahathir, I noticed that none actually addressed the pertinent issues raised by Dr Mahathir. I also observed that the helpless NST spin masters could only get a handful of Cabinet and Chief Ministers and former Ministers to positively comment and support Pak Lah. The DPM did what any Deputy would do but when he read the statement of support from a written script on TV yesterday, hmm, I pondered a little bit.

I cannot help but detect a deafening silence from many other prominent politicians in the Administration and UMNO big wigs.

Outside of the political upper class circle, we the humble rakyat could only judge a politician’s intention from what they say or do not say or what they do or do not do. Could this be an indication that all is not well in the ruling political circle and that many actually agreed to the points raised by Dr. Mahathir?

While I agree that we should not be too judgmental on Pak Lah, after all he is only a PM for a couple of years but Pak Lah cannot just stonewall Dr Mahathir forever. One should be reminded that Dr. Mahathir is NOT a retired circus lion, who some “foreigners” stupidly suggest. Dr Mahathir personally propelled Malaysia from a laid back agro based country to a modern prosperous industry based trading nation, therefore his misgivings about the present Administration ought to be seriously addressed by the powers that be.

I agree with Ku Li who urged both men to resolve their differences and dissatisfaction for the sake of the country and rakyat. This thing should not be allowed to escalate further.

Anonymous said...

ni komen nazri aziz dlm nst...pemikiran tahap macam ni agak susah aku faham....ada ka kata this is the image he has created.....setau aku org yg boleh create and destroy image ni pelakon...antara ciri2 pelakon masa tun pm sokong tun macam nak rak...masa abdullah pm..sokong dia pulak macam nak rak...ini adalah org yg ada ability utk create and destroy image...dan org yg ada ciri macam ni aku rasa salah sorang adalah nazri aziz...

tun setau aku..dari dari zaman tunku...sampai zaman dia jadi pm...sampai dia jadi rakyat biasa...image dia memang macam tu dan tak ubah 2...sorang yang berani bercakap apa yang dia rasa benar....bagi aku ciri 2 seorang pejuang tulin...

lepas tu kata pulak
Dr Mahathir is a person who talks with facts and doesn’t simply open his mouth.

orang macam ni jadi penghulu pun tak layak bagi aku

"His comments about the Prime Minister, present Government and colleagues in the Cabinet are being taken seriously not only by us but also by the rakyat. People know that Dr Mahathir is a person who talks with facts and doesn’t simply open his mouth.

"This is the image he has created and people believe him. If ministers like me don’t respond, people may say what he is saying is right," Nazri said.

Anonymous said...

Semoga Allah tetap memberi perlindungan kepada Malaysia .... amin....

Todak Malaya said...

Actually Mahathir are not really care about the AP issue but just want to highlight it because it gave so much impact to Proton survival. As an adviser, he has the right to voice his opinion because others in Proton tak berani sebab nak jaga periuk nasi.

But what make he angry most is when Dollah and his adviser with collective agreement
discontinued the Project of Gerbang Perdana. It’s hurt him so much that the person which he choose as leader back down from his early decision.

Mahathir sense that the current government make terrible mistake by making u turn without even go to face any consequences.
How can we as a sovereignt country can’t doing development at our very own land?

Sometimes we also must think like a kiasu people. Eliminate the ‘tak apa lah’ attitude. Otherwise we can’t go too far to achieve vision 2020.
And to bring back the memory when Tunku AR expelled Singapore from the federation.
I think this is one of the most stu9iD decision that our PM have ever been made.And Mahathir want our current leader don’t do the same mistake like TAR.

If GChok Tong has sentimental value about the causeway. How about the Johorean and Malaccan who are growing in Singapore.They also has sentimental values in every part of Singapore.
Any way this are thing of the past.

By the way, How Ministry of Information ZAM get the data that 70% rakyat support the gov. decision(abandon the project)?referendum?voting? bancian or is it another lies or bootlicking attitude...?

sinbad said...


Kenapa Dato sengaja tidak mahu menulis mengenai KJ? Saya rasalah, tak mungkin Dato boleh terlupa pada "punca utama" perang terbaru ni. Saya pun rasa tak mungkin Dato ni jenis yg kerisauan dan suka "play it safe" seperti kebanyakan penulis-penulis yang ada skrg. Saya admire Dato sebab Dato seorang penulis yang berprinsip dan sanggup melawan arus sepertimana yg Dato telah buktikan sebelum ini. Saya harap kita boleh berbincang secara lebih terbuka mengenai faktor KJ ni kerana faktor inilah yg menyebabkan keadaan jadi genting sekarang.

Jangan hampakan saya Dato.

Saya percaya Tun Dr Mahathir terpaksa bertindak "keras" terhadap PakLah kerana Tun ingin mempertahankan diri beliau dari tohmahan2 yg dilemparkan oleh orang2 tertentu. Beliau berasa kecewa kerana tohmahan2 ini banyak datang dari kerajaan sendiri dan bukan pembangkang. Tindakan PakLah yg lebih suka berdiam diri dan mengambil sikap tidak apa seolah2 merestui perbuatan jahat pihak2 tertentu ini. Dan mungkin inilah yg dimaksudkan oleh Tun sebagai tindakan menikamnya dari belakang?

Kenapa PakLah suka ambil sikap berdiam diri? Adakah beliau masih dalam slumber mode dek kerana kemenangan besar BN dalam pilihanraya umum dulu? Adakah kerana fikiran beliau masih bersedih dan kelu akibat kehilangan bonda dan isteri tercinta baru2 ini. Apa2 pun saya rasa sebagai pemimpin utama dan pemimpin nombor satu negara, PakLah sudah tidak boleh menggunapakai kaedah "berdiam diri" ini lagi. Ini bukan soal gaya PakLah lain atau gaya Tun lain, tetapi sebagai pemimpin utama kerajaan, beliau kena lebih tonjolkan diri sebagai orang yg berkuasa penuh dan bukan berkuasa separuh separuh.

Yang menjadi lebih teruk apabila PakLah seakan-akan berkongsi kuasa dengan orang yg diluar kerajaan pula dan banyak keputusan2 kerajaan ini telah ditentukan dulu oleh orang tertentu itu. Tak pastilah sebetul mana "kata-kata" orang ini. Tapi bak kata pepatah, kalau tiada angin bertiup masakan pohon bergoyang. Pohon yg bergoyang itu pula bukan setakat gugur daun sahaja tapi sampai ranting dan dahan patah timpa dan mencederakan orang dibawahnya.

Dari cerita2 yg saya dengar dari kedua2 sumber yg boleh dipercayai dan sumber yang tidak boleh dipercayai ini, ramai betul yg cedera Dato. Hinggakan rumah yg dibina dibawah pohon pun hampir ranap ditimpa ranting dan dahan.

Persoalannya, takkanlah PakLah tak tahu? Apa petua KJ ni yer? Kalau boleh saya pun nak tahu, boleh guna pada pak mentua saya pula. haha

Saya risau Dato. Ramai orang terutama orang Melayu seakan akan seronok nak saksikan pertarungan politik terbaru ni. Macam tengok aksi drama atau pertembungan Holland /Argentina dalam World Cup pula. Ramai ingat perkara ni macam main-main. Saya yg melihat Tun sebagai seorang nasionalis berasa sangat risau tentang perkara apakah yg beliau tahu yg kita tak tahu sehingga boleh buat beliau "meletup" sebegini. Dan apakah PakLah tahu akan "perkara itu" atau PakLah tak tahu. Dan adakah Tun tahu atau tak tahu yg PakLah tahu atau tak tahu akan perkara itu?

Anonymous said...

datuk, a thoughtful comment from you amid the hysteria engulfing dr M's controversial statement on abdullah. i think the public should ponder about it.


Saudara dan saudari yang dihormati, terima kasih kerana terus melawat blog kita ini dan memberi pandangan.

Maaf kerana terlambat menyiarkan ulasan yang dihantar semalam. Bukan kerana Bola Piala Dunia, tetapi masih ada tempat di negeri Selangor maju ini di mana tidak ada talian telefon. Wireless hotspot tak payah sebutlah. Semalam saya berada di salah sebuah tempat sedemikian yang belum "dipeluk" ICT.

Sebenarnya banyak lagi kemudahan asas yang dijanjikan oleh kerajaan pada pilihan raya umum 2004 belum sampai kepada rakyat.

Mengenai permintaan agar saya mengulas lanjut mengenai isu Mahathir-Abdullah, saya rasa elok saudara dan saudara yang mendahuluinya. Ulasan saudara saudari cukup menarik dan sedap dibaca. Sama-samalah kita memantapkan perbahasan kita.

Tentang ada mamanda Menteri yang misinya "membuatkan isterinya gembiara kerana bila isteri gembira, dia pun gembira, pandangan saya mudah saja -- jangan layan bini sampai lupakan pengundi dan rakyat. Tapi kalau isteri dan ahli keluarga lebih penting, sila berhenti dan jadilah suami, bapa atau mentua sepenuh masa."

Menteri pun kena jaga juga bila bercakap dan berjenaka. Mana tahu ada media massa yang beregenda yang akan putarbelitkan ucapan dan jenaka mereka.

Kepada anonymous, kalau nak ulas lanjut sila guna nama sebenar atau pilih nama samaran yang sesuai.
Saya tidak akan postkan ulasan yang dibuat menggunakan pengenalan anonymous.

Dengan izin, saya kebetulan mengulas sikit mengenai isu Dr Mahathir minta penjelasan daripada Kerajaan dalam majalah Malaysian Business keluaran akan datang (16 Jun). Saya tidak akan "duplicate" dalam blog ini.

Pada saya, isunya cukup jelas -- Dr Mahathir tidak puas hati dengan penjelasan kerajaan terhadap pertanyaan-pertanyaan beliau. Saya rasa Dr Mahathir tidak keseorangan.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa TDM dituduh membuat serangan terbuka? adakah secara tiba2 TDM bertindak sebegitu? Dari mula TDm bersuara adalah dengan nada yang cukup baik. bertanya dengan baik dan mengharap jawapan yang konkrit dan dia boleh tidur lena. tatapi apa yang berlaku sebaliknya. semua bertindak dgn berdiam diri dan enggan menjawab segala persoalan yg dikemukakan. jadi dimana yg mengatakan TDM neyerang secara tiba2.

aku rasa ini adalah tahap terakhir kerana sudah abis ikhtiar dan masih tak berlaku apa2 lag. kerana pada mereka, TDM hanya berkata macam tuh, jadi selagi boleh tutup, kita akan tutup lah... lama2 diam lah tuh... tapi TDM bukan jenis macamtuh... selagi blom ada jawapan yg konkrit, balu akan tanya dan terus bertanya. apa yang susah sgt nak jawab soklan tuh. yang susah nak jawab adalah kerana tiada jawapan untuk TDM kerana mereka mencari masalah itu sendiri. jadi kena berdiam diri sajalah...

Umno Supporter said...

Abdullah Badawi - Please Answer All The Questions

It is very sad to see that the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi unable to reply to the query made by Tun Dr Mahathir. It is even worst, when certain cabinet minister ridiculed Tun Dr Mahathir. The fact of the matter is No one in the present cabinet except for Rafidah Aziz is able to present answer to the people. The others are "tin kosong".

If i am the Prime Minister, being handed the premiership by someone who have serve the nation for 22 years, I will do as follows:

1. When i assume the leadership of the country, i will immediately declare to the people that, all matters regarding previous administration, i will answer it myself. As i am the deputy Prime Minister at that time and are instrumental in the debate and discussion, all policies & decision should be referred to me not the former Prime Minister. If by a matter of fact, the decision that has been taken previously is wrong, I will take the blame, not the former Prime Minister. Because the decision in collectively being taken by the Cabinet.

2. If, the previous ruling or decision need to be reversed, I as the current Prime Minister will personaly met the former Prime Minister and inform him on the matter. All reversal of the previous administration decision will be handeld solely by me and not the minister. The decision will be based on the matter of fact, either, assumption at that time has changed or there is more pressing need for another resource allocation. The reasoning of the reversal will be prepared in case media make a noise about it.

3. I will not allowed any newspaper having a presence in Malaysia and majority owned by Malaysian to criticise the former Prime Minister. Criticism should be levelled at me not the former Prime Minister. As i am in the Cabinet. I collectively made the decision.

4. I will not make any speach that expose the weaknesses of the previous administration and expect the same conduct from my minister. Failure to comply with that, i will ask for resignation. No question will be ask.

5. I will not allow my family members to have any business relationship with the government.

I am sure, I will be more effective as the Prime Minister than Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. That is why, I think Abdullah Badawi should resign and Khairy Jamaluddin should be challenged in next Umno Election.

It is really "kurang ajar" for people to make so many bad remarks to a person who have serve the country for 22 years and being acknowledged as an excellent leader.

Shame on those people. They know who they are.

Anonymous said...

Selamat sejahtera.
Seronok juga baca blog Dato'kerana hujah yang dikemukakan sangat bernas dan berani, lambang seorang yang sangat berpengalaman, budiman dan bijaksana.
Saya terpanggil untuk turut menyuarakan pendapat buat kali pertama di dalam blog Dato' kerana terpengaruh dengan suasana politik semasa yang sangat membimbangkan sejak kebelakangan ini.
Saya bukan seorang ahli politik tetapi seorang ibu berkerjaya. Saya lebih runsingkan periuk nasi saya, masa depan anak-anak saya dan hala tuju negara saya serta rakyat Malaysia yang di dalamnya.
Apa yang saya lihat sejak AAB mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan ialah pembangunan yang perlahan dan kemajuan yang tiada haluan. Atau adakah kemajuan itu? Macam kata emak saya "Ntah apa2 ntah pak lah ni. sejak dia jadi pm, lepas satu satu hal naik. kalau naik ekonomi tak apa jugak. ini minyak yang naik, api yang naik, besok ntah apa lagi yang naik. sekarang ni kalau bawak duit 50 ringgit, janganlah nak harap dapat macam-macam. Yang kaya keluarga dia". Itu sungutan seorang tua berusia 70 tahun.
Saya fikir apa yang TDM mahu sangat jelas. Beliau sudah pun memberikan butir-butir soalan dan soalan-soalan itulah yang dimintakan jawapan. Hanya akhbar The Star memberi tajuk yang tepat - TUN M wants answer - berhubung isu itu. Ya, itulah yang TDM mahukan sebenarnya sejak dari awal beliau "mencampuri urusan kerajaan". Beliau cuma meminta penjelasan mengenai beberapa kemusykilan. Sebagai seorang bekas Perdana Menteri selama 20 tahun tentulah TDM lebih tahu apa yang kita rakyat jelata tidak tahu. So in a way we should be grateful that he ask all those questions for our benefit. What AAB and his fellow cabinet minister need to do is just to furnish him with answers. Unless they are trying to hide something that we dont know. Tapi bangkai gajah tidak boleh ditutup dengan nyiru.
TDM adalah seorang negarawan ulung dan pemikir agung jadi janganlah menghinanya dengan tuduhan yang membawa maksud seolah-olah TDM has gone senile. The brain of the large number of our Cabinet Minister, AAB included, combine together can never match the brain of TDM. Saya tidak kata yang TDM tidak melakukan kesalahan sewaktu pentadbirannya dulu tapi jasa beliau lebih besar dan banyak. Saya tidak kata yang TDM tidak melakukan pembaziran sewaktu pentadbirannya tetapi kemakmuran dan kemajuan yang dibawanya lebih banyak.
Dato, I was a newspaper reporter in the 80s till early 90s and as a senior journalist, I was also among those who covers the then PM i.e TDM. And I must say that covering him is the most enjoying task of the day as I would not only get byline but his words are not the merapu type. He talk sense. He talk logic. Thus he talk superbly brilliant! In short, he talk with his brain. Thats why he dare to speak up and speak out...Karektor beliau juga mudah untuk dicam when we want to get comments i.e if he is not in the mood he just walk away and if he smiles at you that means he is ready to answer all.
Dato', dulu nazri kata semua yang dikatakan oleh TDM tidak betul, jadi apa yang betulnya? Setiap soalan TDM tidak satu pun dijawab sebaliknya Menteri-menteri Kabinet diverted the whole issue which reflected their shallow mind. Dont you think this is pathetic Dato'?
Kata Dato' SM Salim, apa nak jadi....
ibu dara

Anonymous said...

Oh.. forgot to add some other facts, as many people are rumbling for dato nazri.

if i were not mistaken nazri quotes "kita akan didik and help khairy to be the next top politician!" somewhere in cabinet meeting.

so why bother him.and of course, for sure TM knows the answer to all questions.his motives are clear, to let the public knows what he knows and of course to help what he least can before i shall say to late.

kesian orang tua ini.
he wont be making comeback to politics.
i wonder who would be heard with brilliance after him.

Sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud: "Mukmin yang mencampuri manusia dan bersabar atas penyiksaan mereka adalah lebih mulia daripada mukmin yang tidak bercampur dengan manusia dan tidak bersabar atas penyiksaan mereka."

Anonymous said...

Saya rasa Tun Dr Mahathir telah menjadi mangsa keyakinan diri yang supreme. Daripada menyokong dan memilih Tun Musa Hitam sebagai running mate pada tahun 1981 kepada membawa masuk Anwar Ibrahim ke dalam Umno dan menjadikannya anak didik sehinggalah kepada memilih Datuk Seri Abdullah dan bukan Datuk Seri Mohd Najib, Dr Mahathir mendengar suara seorang sahaja. Orang itu ialah Mahathir bin Mohamad.

Inilah puncanya setiap pilihan beliau membawa padah kerana dia terlalu yakin yang siapa juga yang dipilihnya akan setia dan berterima kasih kepadanya. Kecuali pemilihan Allahyarham Tun Abdul Ghafar, semua pilihannya menjadi senjata makan tuan.

Tetapi pilihan yang paling unik dan kerana itu sangat memeranjatkan ialah pemilihan Abdullah. Dia memilih orang yang sangat asing kepadanya. Asing di segi sikap, intelek dan gaya kerja. Orang yang pernah menentangnya dan yang mara dalam politik melalui jalan selamat.

Dr Mahathir menyangka dia boleh "mengawal" Abdullah dengan kawalan jarak jauh dengan menggunakan Najib sebagai liverage. Dia tersilap dan tersilap dengan besar sekali. Abdullah tahu mustahil dia boleh menentang atau mengatasi kehebatan Dr Mahathir. Dia sendiri tidak mahu konfrontasi dengan Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir tersilap membaca penggantinya. Kepada Dr Mahathir, Abdullah adalah orang alim. Abdullah tidak akan derhaka kepada Mahathir, tetapi Abdullah boleh melantik atau membiarkan orang lain yang bersedia melawan dan menderhaka.

Abdullah membiarkan dirinya "dihijack" oleh berbagai pihak, daripada ahli keluarganya kepada musuh-musuh politik Mahathir, media massa dan NGO.

Dengan itu Abdullah boleh terus mendiamkan diri kerana dia tahu dia tidak mungkin boleh mengatasi kehebatan intelektual, pengalaman dan karisme Dr Mahathir.

Abdullah dan penyokong-penyokongnya sengaja memberi gambaran bahawa ini adalah isu peribadi dan yang jahat adalah Dr Mahathir.

Taknik ini disengajakan kerana banyak soalan dan pertanyaan Dr Mahathir tidak boleh dijawab secara politik. Abdullah telah dipesongkan oleh penasihat-penasihatnya, oleh para diplomat, Kamar Peguam Negara, pengurus-pengurus GLC dan media massa arus perdana. Kabinet bagi saya hanya rubber stamp kepada pihak-pihak ini.

Mereka ini mahu menamatkan legasi Mahathir kerana mereka malas bekerja kuat seperti zaman Mahathir. Mereka mahu releks dan take things easy. Mereka mahu mewujudkan satu suasana baru yang boleh mereka manipulasikan untuk kepentingan peribadi mereka.

Abdullah bukan tidak cerdik. Dia pintar dalam politik. Dia menggunakan kritikan Dr Mahathir untuk memaksa Umno mengesahkan kedudukannya sebagai PM dan Presiden Umno.

Abdullah sedar selain pilihan raya umum lalu, kesahihannya sebagai PM and Presiden Umno masih boleh dipertikai kerana dia dilantik oleh Dr Mahathir sebagai PM dan dia menang tanpa bertanding sebagai Presiden Umno atas bantuan awal Dr Mahathir.

Jadi saya rasa isu ini tidak akan berakhir kerana hasrat dan matlamat Dr Mahathir lain manakala taktik dan matlamat Abdullah lain. Dr Mahathir mahukan jawapan, Abdullah mahu suara dan pengaruh Dr Mahathir dihapuskan.

Anonymous said...

datuk, i think you must be a very unpopular man among umno circles these days, a far cry from those days when you were feted by the powers-that-be. but i admire you for having the guts to say things a lot of people in higher places dare not say. datuk, is it worth the price? probably the consequences is losing valuable contracts.

syedhs said...


Bagi saya.. mungkin ramai yang memgambil pendekatan mudah mengenai Pak Lah ni. Take note: Saya cuma nak 'be fair', bukannya nak take side dengan sesiapapun... and I think I will have to speak something... so kalau ada salah please correct me, I dont mind if wrong.

Saya nak comment cuma pasal Pak Lah's so called indecisiveness, kalau nak cakap pasal lain2 mmg tak muat ruang (dan takde masa).

Kalau kita tengok senario politik sekarang dan sebelum-belumnya.. banyak benar yang tak telus dan banyak yang apa org kata 'corruption' atau penyelewengan. Apa yang saya nampak penanganan Pak Lah ialah membuat perubahan beransur-ansur ke arah 'lebih ketelusan'. Contohnya macam kes rasuah wang.. dia tak boleh nak sack semua org sekali.. kalau dia buat begitu pendek-kata tamatlah riwayatnya sebagai PM.. dan lebih penting - kestabilan negara. Seban dalam politik negara, dah berakar umbi penyelewengan blah blah.

Cuba kita tengok cara PakLah menangani beberapa isu contohnya Proton. Mengakulah Proton tak berdaya saing pada masa Mahathir bersara, harga mahal, komponen banyak takde kualiti. So 'open the market', let the competition chip in so that Proton can correct itself. Tapi Mahathir marah lebih2 lagi selepas Mahaleel kena 'pecat'. Tahu tak Mahaleel yang selama ni jadi CEO dan dia lah bertanggungjawab membuat kereta-kereta yang takde kualiti dan vendor2 ramai yang buat keje tah apa-apa tah.. tapi still get the contract years after years. Dont tell me Mahathir doesn't see this?
Dan kenapa Mahthir tak marah pulak dekat kroni2 yang buat power window - awat hangpa tak buat elok2? Kan ke rakyat dah marah? <-- which is actually very mild.

And yet, the last time dia spoke about Proton was ,'Saya tertanya-tanya sama ada Mahaleel membuat kerja dengan betul last time, sedangkan Proton sekarang dah rugi banyak.' - lebih kurangla, takde masa nak cross-check dgn paper. Think deeply about this statement, and you can extrapolate the rest of the other cases eg 'IPP-TNB', 'MAS Bailout (Tajuddin)', 'Wang Ehsan Tganu' and many others.

In short, Pak Lah's indecisiveness is explainable.

sinbad said...

Hari ni saya baca NSTP, dalam ruangan Dato K dia mengadu yg TDM mengata dia macam2 sampaikan hal anak perempuan dia pun dia nak tulis sama. Kesian saya membacanya nasib baik tak menitis air mata saya. Apalah TDM ni mengata orang macam2, tak baik lah macam tu. TDM patut tahu pentadbiran sekarang ramai terdiri dari golongan2 lembik dan hati mudah terguris, jadi janganlah berkasar sangat.

Dato K juga masih mengungkit dan tidak mahu "acknowledge" dan berterima kasih pada TDM yg melantik PakLah menjadi PM. Beliau masih dengan "hujah-hujah fantasia" beliau iaitu PakLah telah diberi mandat oleh rakyat semasa pilihanraya umum dahulu dan mandat ini adalah yg terbesar yg TDM sendiri tak mampu untuk perolehi. Dengan erti kata lain, Dato K buat "simple conclusion" rakyatlah yg lantik PakLah jadi PM dan bukan TDM; dan mandat yg diperolehi oleh PakLah lagi besar dari TDM jadi PakLah lah yg lebih disokong oleh rakyat.

Mmm senang betul. Samada alasan itu alasan "syok sendiri" atau dia ingat rakyat ni bodoh. Apa2 pun kalaulah pilihanraya umum diadakan hari ini, saya yakin PakLah tak akan dapat mandat sebesar dahulu lagi. Silap haribulan majoriti 2/3 pun tak dapat.


Mengenai statement Dato Nazri yg mengatakan duit RMK8 dah habis dibelanja oleh TDM 2 tahun lebih awal, saya terperanjatlah Dato sebabnya baru tahun lepas semasa berucap merasmikan satu mesyuarat agong yg saya turut hadiri, Dato Nazri kata duit kerajaan masih ada dan sudah jadi kebiasaan yg 20-30% dari duit peruntukan RMK itu tidak dapat dibelanja sebab projek tidak dapat dibuat,"behind schedule" dan lain2. Semua cakap2 yg kata kerajaan takde duit tu sebenarnya tuduhan kosong pembangkang sahaja yg bodoh ekonomi!" menurut Dato Nazri ketika itu.

Nampaknya sekarang Dato Nazri sudah cakap lain. Dia sendiri dah jadi bodoh ekonomi. Dia sepatutnya beritahu yg Malaysia skrg ada masalah nak raih dana melalui "bond" tapi tak laku. PakLah pergi US, Europe dan negara Arab cuba tarik pelabor tapi ramai yg takde confident dengan PakLah. Dah lah oratory skills tak bagus, lepas tu nak explain detail sikit pasal ekonomi Malaysia pun blur. PakLah minta tolong Azman Mokhtar, Tony Fernandez, Wahid, Francis Yeoh dan ramai lagi CEO2 dan MD2 syarikat gergasi Malaysia untuk beri penjelasan tentang ekonomi negara, ramai foreign investor tak suka dan rasa terhina sebabnya CEO2 hebat dari Malaysia ni still below standard dari mereka.

Waktu TDM dulu, tak timbul masalah ni.


Saya bersetuju dengan ibu dara. Kalau dia risaukan tentang anak2, saya pula risaukan pekerja2 saya. Business sudah slow. Kos pula makin lama makin naik. Dana makin lama makin kurang. Kena kejar dengan macam2 PBT, Polis, Kastam, JPJ, EPF, LHDN, Kem Kewangan, SSM, Pejabat Tanah, Imigresen. SOCSO pun dah mula pandai kejar. Jiwa makin tertekan. Lagi sakit hati bila ada orang senang jer cakap "dont question my sincerity". Adoi la ...

Ya al-ghazali. Ku cari damai abadi. Aku sekarang tahu kenapa ramai dah jadi pencuri.

drmuzi said...

this is not about promises made and broken..

thi si snot about TUn manage to contro AAB remotely etec etec

This is about bread and butter for the rakyat,

is it fair to burden th erakyat with high basic necessities?

is it fair to keep talking and no talk?

is it fair to sell nation valuable company , it share to nation foremost nemesis , Singapore via Temasek?

is it fair to scarpped the scenic bridge becoz one cannot sell sand value at sing dollar 1 billion?

TUN is great statesman.

He can stay back at home, journey all over the world giving talk, and doesn't give a damn about th ebetterment of nation, but that will make him no better than Musa HItam and the rest.

By challenging AAB , TUN is one man struggle again the whole machinery of the Government.

He is against all the MPs, the Newspaper, the televison..

why should ome man in hi srigh tmind who enjoys great stature want to jeopardised this?

TUN may fail in his quest in unseating the AAB administration...as that is only to be expected

He may perhap demonised in his quest to do so..


deep inside,and send rattles to the power that be, by vitue of his intellect, and vast experience as well as networking, he may succed in his quest though the chance look slim at present.

I hope he succeed, time will tell.

Anonymous said...


bercakap mengenai penangan Pak Lah dalam rasuah wang ni...

Boleh tak you minta Pak Lah take a time to explain disebalik pengambil alihan Avenue Capital oleh ECM Libra yang menurut beliau `I dont know... I'm not involve...'

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato’

Saya baru balik dari sebuah kampung baru. Selepas berbual dengan orang-orang tua di sana, saya dapat ilham menulis komen ini.

Masa dulu, penduduk tempat itu adalah agresif dan chauvinistic – sungguh mementingkan bangsa. Dulu kedai runcit jual barang begini – lain bangsa lain harga.

Masa kini mereka telah berubah and mempunyai fikiran terbuka. Mereka tidak membantah apabila kerajaan tempatan mau membina sebuah mesjid di tengah-tengah tempat itu. Malah mereka menyambut secara mesra pembinaan mesjid itu.

Mereka kata, “Yang penting adalah negara aman, kerja ada, gaji dapat, hidup selamat. Kalau mau rebut and rampas, nanti negara kecuh, semua hancur.”

Mereka memberi komen yang lain yang mencungkil fikiran saya:

• Dr Mahathir telah banyak tumpukan segala hasratnya, segala tenaganya kepada tugas membangunkan negara. Selepas lebih 20 tahun, hartabenda negara telah menjadi banyak. Inilah yang minimbulkan masalah. Orang yang tau nilai hartabenda negara ini dah berebut-berubut dan merampas-rampas untuk mendapatkannya. Jika negara kita kurang membangun, kalau hartabenda negara kurang banyak, agaknya kuranglah masalah rebut-rampas ini.

• Dr Mahathir telah menolong ramai orang – tak kira melayu atau bukan melayu. Takut sikit nak ceritakan hal ini. Kalau kata Dr Mahathir tolong orang melayu yang itu ini, orang bukan melayu marah. Kalau kata Dr Mahathir tolong orang bukan melayu yang itu ini, orang melayu marah pulak. Yang paling sedih ramai yang ditolong, tak kira melayu ataupun bukan melayu, gagal menunaikan janji. Mereka lakukan rasuah, Mereka salahgunakan kuasa. Mereka menderhaka.

• Dr Mahathir digelar diktator tapi malangnya perangainya bukan diktator. Mereka yang menderhaka dia ampunkan, dia lepaskan kerana mereka banyak berjasa kepada negara. Ini salah. Jasa kepada negara tak memberi hak untuk curi dan tipu. Sudah dapat gelaran diktator, kenapa Dr Mahathir tak ambil peluang jadi diktator. Patut hentam kuat-kuat semua penderhaka itu. Jadikan ajaran kepada yang lain. Kerana Dr Mahathir senang memaafkan orang, inilah yang membawa kepada masalah sekarang. Orang kerajaan Abdullah kata dulu orang boleh buat, sekarang kita pun boleh buat.

Anonymous said...

Pandai sungguh "nabi musa" kata dalam NST semalam bahawa Dr M yang nak sangat jumpa PM di Tokyo. NST hari dah pecahkan temberang dia (page 27). Apa pulak yang dia nak temberangkan minggu depan agaknya? Kalau ada umat yang masih percayakan cerita-cerita dia ni, habislah Malaysia! Memang orang Malaysia ni bodoh-bodohlah!

Shahrir was quoted as saying " Govt doesn't have to answer Dr M". How pathetic is this man! You dont have to answer Dr M because he is the former prime minister. You answer him because he is a normal citizen of Malaysia, just like me, myself! Okay I repeat one of the questions:







drmuzi said...

i love seeing TUN in Star front page Thumnail...enjoying his horse ride at Langkawi..hehe

Still solid , not shattered and still not shying away.

most important:

PERSISTENT in his quest for answers

Set the wrongs right.

BTW, if you have money...do horse riding, your health will bnefit greatly.

Well u can still horse riding without much money,

my father own..2 horses , he is staying at remote areas of Kelantan, he only do farming jobs this days, he only get his allowances frm his 16 childrens every months to manage his life.

so do horse riding..your stamina will greatly improved...you can ask TUN Dr M , and also asked his best buddy, Sultan of Brunei who share similar hobby of horse riding...who recently bless with Abd Wakeel

Anonymous said...

Our PM is just not intelligent enough to refute any claims made by Dr.M nor is he intelligent enough to answer any of the old man's queries. If Musa Hitam calims that Pak Lah's silence is elegant it should be reflected in the manner the PM potray's himself.

For a man who claims to be simple he sure does stake claim to things which we're all sure he had little participation in. For example, does anyone remember the headline in the paper that read "Pak Lah Scores Double" some time ago? That headline was suppose to be our PM's claim at bringing the Dell R&D centre to Cyberjaya as well as having Malaysia become the centre for anti cyber-terrorism or something like that. You'd never get those kind of headlines when Dr.M was PM. Even if we did achieve something as significant as that during Dr.M's tenure the headline would've probably read: "MALAYSIA to become....". With Pak Lah, it seems to be a personal achievement. No surprise there. For a man who puts his family ahead of everything else including the country it would be of no surprise that a national achievement would be reduced to a personal achievement.

This is obviously the work of his so-called intelligent over-achieving family member no doubt and his press controlling merchant banker friend. If the was a law for us to sue for false advertising this would certainly fit the bill.
The way they've portrayed him in the media is as if the PM is so smart and hardworking. If that be the case, I'm sure a few questions from Dr.M can be answered without much contrversy if the PM is really the man the current press make him out to be.

Anyway, we're not stupid and it is an insult for his media people to think that we are.

Anonymous said...

Saya harap Dato dan pengunjung jangan melewatkan perbincangan isu Mahathir-Abdullah. Pemikiran yang bernas mesti dijanakan segera agar ia tidak memburukkan suasana politik dan negara Malaysia.

Sebenarnya ini isu orang Melayu sebagai umbinya. Pak Lah sebagai yang memegang teraju jangan buat tabiat diam membisu, sedangkan kuasa ada ditangan. Dia mesti memimpin terus bahtera NEGARA tanpa gangguan yang menyulitkan pelayaran. Memang Pak Lah ada stail sendiri tapi ubah stail apabila keadaan telah berubah dan Pak Lah ahli politik bukan pegawai kerajaan, politik memerlukan lebih kreativiti dan strategi.

Mahathir telah mengucapkan Pak Lah bukan pilihan pertama beliau sebagai pengganti PM dan lagi Mahathir telah berkata dia selalu silap membuat keputusan. Dan lagi beliau kata Najib adalah pilihan sebenar dia. Cubalah Dato dan pengunjung fikir dalam-dalam apakah kesan ini semua kepada negara. Saya hairan bagaimana Pak Lah boleh membisu. Mengapa "Supreme Council" UMNO juga diam? Ini marwah Parti UMNO kalau setiap ahlinya benar-benar berfikir.

Saya harap sesuatu post mortem perlu dibuat oleh "Supreme Council" selepas dua tahun UMNO/BN menang selepas pemilu yang lepas.

Anonymous said...

Petikan dari Agendadaily:

"emasa hangat berbual isu tomahan itu Khairy secara terbuka berkata jika beliau jenis yang gelap mata statusnya sebagai menantu Perdana Menteri boleh menjadikan orang yang kaya raya.

Beliau mendedahkan ada ahli-ahli perniagaan yang cuba memacingnya dengan berbagai tawaran wang ringgit untuk menjadi ‘jambatan’ mereka mendekati Perdana Menteri.

“ I can make millions .Saya boleh jadi jutawan segera kalau saya mahu.Saya ada prinsip dan yang utama impian untuk sama berjuang dalam Umno mengatasi segalanya,”tegasnya."

Soalan saya ~

Betulke boleh buat millions dengan hanya menjadi jambatan untuk mendekati Perdana Menteri. Kalau dia hendak?

Kalau bukan dia yang buat, kalau diandaikan ada orang lain yang memang berniat nak buat, semurah itukah jambatan ke perdana menteri?

Bukan saya yang kata! Renung-renungkan lah!


Anonymous said...


Yes, Tun Dr M is as fit as a fiddle.

He's already moving the power of the storm.

Watch out, The Ungrateful!

Fayzi said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Dato' tiada cadangan nak operate online news macam malaysiakini ke?

For sure saya mesti subscribe punya.

Anonymous said...

PM is known to be uncontrolable his man and addition to that he even has support from divided camps.

TM has a weapon information more than what we read in the newspaper.confirm.but i dunno whether TM would let it to happen to public knowing in his struggle.

honestly, if PM replies, hes going down. together with MOF and people who are doing the best bussiness in town.who do you choose?

drmuzi said...

Kerja Bodoh Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang amat disanjungi akan kecerdikannya yang melebihi alam semesta hanya kepada Kalimullah ( opps self fulfilling prophecy, nabi MUsa)

1.batalkan Jambatan 'scenic"
kos jambatan adalah rm 1.1 billion

laa ni batal jambatan, kerajaan hadhari kena bayar 740 juta dlm bentuk bayaran premium kepada kerajaan JOhor, dan bayaran untuk projek menaik taraf jalan sedia ada sebanyak 6 lorong, tidak termasuk 100 juta pampasan pembatalan kepada Gerbang Perdana kerana langgar kontrak.

So...bayar 740 juta ke 840 juta macam tu je satu jambatan pun takde...tambah 300 juta lagi dapat satu jambatan bengkok yg mungkin boleh memberi tentangan sengit kepada Singapura ...

so amacam, cerdik ke tidak...lebur 740 jta for nothing, and lebur 1.1 billion for something that will be there insyallah for many many years to come...and will benefits to th eminimum Malaysian workers as well as Singaporean tourist entering Malaysia.

so..inilah Islam Hdhari...membazir wang rakyat sesuka hati.

May Allah punish those who use religious for their political being .

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, by coming out NOW and telling the Malaysian public it wants RM380 million compensation for the land the Federal Govt takes, UMNO Johor is fully behind Tun Dr Mahathir on this issue.....

Anonymous said...

Datuk, melihat kepada cara YAb Perdana Menteri menangani isu AP yang diserahkannya bulat-bulat kepada Rafidah dan Parlimen, tetapi pemberian AP kepada AP Kings yang sama berterusan, saya rasa cara PM berdiam diri dan menyerahkan isu AP, Jambatan Tambak Johor, penjualan MV Agusta dan penyingkiran Tengku Mahaleel kepada kementerian-kementerian berlibat tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah.
Apa yang berlaku antara Tun Dr Mahathir yang saya yakin ada pengikut dan penyokong dalam Umno dengan PM sekarang sudah menjadi isu politik dan isu kedaulatan negara. Maka pendekatan birokrasi seperti yang diamalkan oleh PM sekarang tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah. PM kena jawab sendiri atau dia akan hilang authority dan credibility. Sokongan para menteri beliau selama ini lebih merupakan sokong yang membawa rebah. Dr Mahathir tidak meminta sesiapa menyokong beliau. Dia melakukannya sebagai private citizen. PM bernasib baik. Fikirkan kalau Dr Mahathir menyeru sokongan Umno dan rakyat. Tun Musa perlu jadi orang tua bukan budak nakal yang melaga-lagakan. Elegent silence rakyat jelata tidak faham. Saya rasa mereka mahu jawapan dari PM mereka sendiri.

hani_my_hani said...


Pak Lah will remain "stoicly" silent or "diam bertampan". Lol!!

He is NOT the one who is going to answer the quesries of Tun Dr Mahathir.

As usual dia lepaskan tangan & is leaving to "others" to answer on his behalf.

It is really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Are there any payment(duit kopi)by Singapore gov. to Malaysian minister cabinet(using their proxy) to abandon the Gerbang Perdana project?
ACA must investigate...

Anonymous said...

memang sukar nak faham

mula-mula beliau sendiri yang mahu mempromosikan apa yang dilaungkan sebagai `kerajaan yang terbuka'.

Selepas itu muncul pula `kebisuan yang tampan' atau perkataan saya `diam yang anggun'.

Apa ni? Jangan beritahu kami bahawa ini adalah doktrin yang dibawa oleh Hadhari yang sehingga kini pun orang masih tidak faham berbanding kempen `penerapan nilai-nilai Islam'.

Saya baru saja menonton cerita `Anak ku Sazali' di TV2 Ahad lalu.

Adakah PM kita nak jadi macam tu. Apa saja yang `Sazali' buat, bapak tak marah....

Lemah sangatkah dia semacam itu sekali?

Anonymous said...

Para-para budiman sekelian,

Apa agaknya kebaikan Dasar Otomotif Nasional yang dilancarkan oleh kerajaan baru-baru ini kepada rakyat seperti saya? Saya sungguh berharap dasar ini membolehkan saya membeli kereta baru dengan harga yang murah sikit. Tapi malangnya, dahlah harga kereta baru tak turun, kereta lama saya tak boleh nak jual sebab harga rendah sangat.

Jadi apa kebaikannya dasar yang di gembur-gemburkan sangat sedikit masa dulu ni?

Tolonglah cerita sikit.

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...

Saya setuju dgn Melayu Lama berkenaan 'Pak Lah scores double'.

Sejak ucapan pertama sekembalinya ke Pulau Pinang selepas dipilih menjadi PM, saya rasa tidak selesa apabila Pak Lah mengungkap ucapan 'berkerja bersama SAYA'. Namun ucapan itu mendapat pujian serata alam.

Sepanjang pengamatan saya, semasa Tun.Dr.M menjadi PM, Tun amat jarang sekali, kalaupun tidak pernah menggunakan ganti diri 'saya' dalam ucapan beliau kepada rakyat. Sebaliknya cenderung menggunakan 'kita'.
Tun jelas tidak mengasingkan dirinya drpd rakyat!

Jadi saya terbayang jika Tun Dr.M yg berucap waktu itu, bunyinya akan menjadi 'kita berkerja bersama'.

Apa lagi utk mendengar Tun berkata, 'Saya sebagai Perdana Menteri..'. ' Wawasan 2020 ini SAYA wujudkan..'

Tapi sekarang? Selalu dan banyak kali!!

Seperkara lagi, menonton temuramah dgn Pak Lah mengenai RMK9 di TV sedikit waktu dahulu, saya seperti melihat riak, 'ketidakpuasan' di wajah Dato Johan atas jawapan2 Pak Lah.

Anonymous said...

Dr.M mendedahkan dirinya untuk di kutuk.

Pak Lah untung besar kerana dapat sanjungan dan sokongan.

Jika di lihat dari sudut positif, peristiwa pahit ini memberi ruang yang besar bagi semua lapisan rakyat mengutuk dengan kerasnya bekas pemimpin kita yang telah memimpin kita selama 22 tahun.

Ianya juga telah memberi keuntungan yang besar kepada Pak Lah yang memimpin sekarang kerana semua pihak menyatakan sokongan yang penuh pada Pak Lah.

Kalau orang lain tegur, mungkin ini tidak terjadi; Dr. M tegur ianya terjadi.

Ini tentulah memberi semangat dan kekuatan baru kepada Pak Lah dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya untuk menjayakan RMK 9, demi untuk Negara dan Bangsa.

Apa yang saya harapkan, kita orang UMNO khasnya dan orang Melayu amnya, marilah kita buat sedikit ibadat untuk menentukan jika sudah sampai masanya Allah SWT mengambil kembali bekas pemimpin kita, yang kononnya telah banyak menabur bakti dan jasanya, biarlah dalam keadaan matanya tertutup dan tidaklah dalam matanya terbeliak terbuka, seolah-olah kempunan sesuatu. Besar pahalanya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

Picked this from the Star;

This requires attention. Taking away Government procurement that is used to help Bumiputeras achieve some level of economic footing is bad news; for the Malays, the Government and Umno.
I think the Government is going too far...your thoughts...

Monday June 12, 2006
US-Malaysia free trade talks begin
KUALA LUMPUR: The United States on Monday began free trade talks with Malaysia, saying it would like more transparency in awarding of government contracts, greater imports of foreign cars and better access to financial markets.
The United States and Malaysia hope to conclude the talks on removing trade barriers and set up a free trade area by the end of this year, said the U.S. team leader, Assistant Trade Representative for Asia-Pacific Barbara Weisel.
The first round of the talks, scheduled to last four days, is being held in the northern resort island of Penang, from where Weisel spoke to the reporters by telephone.
"Both sides were rolling up their sleeves today and getting down into the details of the negotiations,'' she said.
Malaysia is the United States' 10th largest trading partner with US$44 billion (euro36 billion) in two-way trade.
Officials predict it will double by 2010 once the free trade agreement is in place.
Weisel said the first round of talks will focus on exchanging data and gathering information to identify "areas of potential concern.''
One such area is "government procurement'' or awarding of Malaysian government contracts, for which U.S. firms would be keen to bid.
"This is the most sensitive area for them ... some of the procurement is reserved for Malaysian companies. We are looking for a more transparent system,'' Weisel said.
Under the country's Ninth Malaysia Plan from 2006-2010, the government is expected to spend some 200 billion ringgit (US$54 billion; euro45 billion) on construction, education and infrastructure.
The American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce also called for greater transparency in procurement.
Malaysia should have "clear guidelines in the government tendering process, and it should allow foreign and local companies to bid directly for government projects,'' it said in a statement Monday.
Weisel said liberalising government contracts would also benefit Malaysian companies which would be able to access U.S. procurement market, worth about US$200 billion (euro166 billion) annually, on a reciprocal basis.
"The U.S. government would grant access to our procurement market only if we have agreement with Malaysia on procurement either in WTO or bilaterally,'' she said.
Another sensitive issue is the reform of Malaysia's auto policy.
Recently, the government reduced the tariffs but foreign car makers are calling for a level playing field.
"Obviously this is a sector of Malaysian economy that is of interest to us. We are watching carefully the changes that they recently made,'' Weisel said.
Most foreign-branded vehicles in Malaysia are assembled here and only a few are imported.
She said the U.S. government is also watching Malaysian moves to open up the financial sector, which strictly limits the operations of foreign banks.
Washington wants to send a FTA deal to Congress for approval before July 2007, the expiration of President George W. Bush's authority to negotiate trade deals that require Congress to approve or reject them without adding any amendments.
Latest business news from AP-Wire

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Dato ...
Assalamualaikum Dato ... Apa kabar?? .. Diharapkan dato sihat...Nak citer skit pasal wayang kulit..Harap harap dato tidak kisah .. Kawan pernah gak tengok wayang kulit .. tapi bukan kelantan .. kat melaka ...Tu dulu ler ... Tapi sekarang wayang nie semua orang kat negara kita tercinta nie boleh menonton… Leka saya melihat watak watak baru yang muncul dalam pentas wayang kulit yang terbaru ni.. Dengan kehebatan tok dalang menggerakkan dari pelakon dari belakang layar, jeritan para penonton kelas satu bertepuk tangan tanda menyokong, punahlah segala ketelusan yang selama ini kerap di sebut di dalam skrip...

Dalam pengisian watak itu, ternampak seperti tidak ada kesinambungan dari satu plot ke plot yang lain.. Kerap skrip yang didengarkan menjadi tidak terang butirannya.Yang lebih mendangkalkan untuk penonton kelas ketiga yang turut menyaksikan lakonan wayang kulit ini ... terlopong dengan jalan cerita yang ada .. Hairan pun ader ... Macamana penonton kelas satu boleh bertepuk tangan, bersorak ... bila menonton wayang kulit tu ...

Isssh ... mentang mentang lah dia orang kelas pertama ... semua dia orang dapat kemudahan .. sampai cerita yang yang bercelaru pun diorang masih memahami .. Isshh .. abis tu penonton kelas ketiga nie mmg hanya dibenarkan menonton sahajalah .. tapi isi cerita tidak perlu difahami ... kalau macam tu lah .. baik pekakkan dan bisukan sahaja telinga serta mulut kami ... biar kami ada mata utk tengok . .tapi x de suara utk didengar dan di keluarkan .. kesian kami .. penonton kelas ketiga ...

Anonymous said...

tan sri dato' seri megat junid,

walaupun tun dr mahathir mendedahkan dirinya untuk dikutuk, saya yakin dan percaya majoriti rakyat bersamanya dalam mempersoalkan isu-isu yang beliau bawa...iaitu isu-isu yang berkait rapat dengan kepentingan rakyat awam.....

di sini tun dr mahathir menjadi lilin yang rela dibakar untuk menerangi alam, sedangkan kerajaan sekarang membutakan mata memekakkan telinga dari mendengar rintihan rakyat jelata.

saya rasa bukan sahaja sebilangan besar ahli UMNO bahkan seluruh pembangkang bersama tun dr mahathir pada perjuangan ini, walaupun di dada-dada akhbar suara-suara sumbang menyatakan sokongan kepada AAB

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Of all the benefits of the crooked bridge as listed in the website of Gerbang Selatan Sdn.Bhd. I'm particularly interested in the following expected benefits in respect to security of this country:

1. Significant reduction in sea travelling time from east to west of the Straits of Johor and vice-versa which will indirectly promote security control.

2. The introduction of the navigable waterway will enhance security surveillance for Malaysia, and further hinder acts of illegal entry into Malaysia.

Before reding this, I never realised that we have a real security issue here. Just imagine in time of war or major calamity, our navy from Lumut or Kuantan will have to go round Singapore to reach to the other side!

On economic benefits, the crooked bridge which allow cruise liners or yatch etc to pass through it will transform JB waterfront into an interesting but cheap tourist centre, with cheap hotels as compared to Singapore. No wonder Disneyland is now pulling out from JB. Who's going to visit a Disneyland surrounded by rubber or palm oil trees? Where are the hotels?

I'm very sure, the cancellation of the crooked bridge has a role in their decision (Walt Disney)to pullout.

I hope the documents they promised to answer Dr M's queries will also explain in detail the benefits that this country is going to loose out due to the cancellation. The pros and cons! I'm not from Johor but I believe if Johor is well developed, the benefits will spill over to the other states and will benefit everybody! The chinese can become towkays of these hotels and entertainment centres. If the malays, indians and the rest, do not want to become towkays themselves for whatever reasons, they can atleast work for these chinese towkays. Who says the crooked bridge benefits only to certain people?

As a Hantu Gigi Jarang, I'll benefit in term of popularity. More people will come to Johor to have a glimpse of me! Just a glimpse bro, for I can never be captured!

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...

ni sapa pulak yang pakai nama Megat Junid ni....

.... memberi peluang kepada semua lapisan rakyat mengutuk dengan kerasnya bekas pemimpin kita yang telah memimpin kita selama 22 tahun....

Tuk... you ni tertinggal keretapi ke???

Mana fakta you dapat ni yang kata ... semua lapisan...

Jangan banyak sangat tonton drama Melayu... nanti tertinggal keretapi lagi....

mahathirism said...

To megat junid,

i'm not sure whether you are the real megat junid or someone who impersonates him. either way, as a malaysian, i get tired of all those hypocrites, that includes YOU, who just know how to critic tun dr m but they themselves are no better, in fact most of them even worse off. anyone who wants to criticise or passing bad remarks to tun dr m must first ask themselves what have they contributed to the nation. as a human being, tun dr m is no angel but he has contributed a lot to the nation. not many people could emulate what tun dr m had done for the nation, even if they are holding the pm post. tun dr m has walk the talk. his contributions are being recognised at international level. he has nothing more to prove to malaysians. but some other people, that includes YOU, the half-past-six ministers and hadhari politicians are spineless opportunists without much brain capacity that couldn't even contribute something meaningful to the nation even when being given the chance to do so. i therefore, would advise you to keep your big mouth shut if you have nothing good to say rather than irritating people with your bird-brained remarks.

Anonymous said...

Komen pengirim beridentiti Dato Megat Junid ni. Tak berapa paham. Boleh jelaskan sedikit.Kabur. Tiga empat kali baca macam pengirim ni dok atas pagar.... "play safe". Kemudian tentang minta doa tu apa? Nak minta doa dekat Allah ambil nyawa TDM awai ka? Satu lagi tentang "bekas pemimpin kita yang KONONnya telah banyak menabur bakti dan jasa".... KONON bukan kot, TDM memang banyak jasa kepada negara. Kita kot lupa jasa dia. Harap dpt bagi penjelasan.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Azhari, Pak Don,

Yang sebenarnya betullah apa yang Sdr Azahari katakan itu dan saya percaya itu jugalah pendapat yang hendak di sampaikan oleh Tan Sri Megat itu hanya kiasannya dlm bahasa Melayu lama itu mungkin mengelirukan orang akan sindirannya terhadap mereka yang memperkecilkan jasa dan khidmat Tun kepada Negara.

Sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa walau guruh di langit lintah di darat, Tan Sri Megat tetap bersama Tun dan beliau bukanlah seperti pemimpin atau mantan pemimpin lain yang hidup seperti lalang.

Harap jangan salah faham.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahathirism,

You are a disgrace to the very name that you try to be associated with.

You can't even differentiate between critising Tun and being cynical to those who are supposedly defending Pak Lah.

I just can't fathom how bloody fools like you can be batting for Tun's side when clearly because of your daftness, you only qualify to play on the opposing team.

You want to talk about being half past six, well here's some breaking news: You're a half past nine blogger that can't get with the program. You're actually tackling your own player and scoring goals for the opposing team while wearing Tun's jersey. It's like sportsday in a loony bin watching you.


Sdra, Sdri, Tan Sri Megat Junid dalam blog ini adalah Tan Sri Megat yang sebenar. Ini disahkan oleh anaknya yang meminta izin menghantar komen beliau kepada blog kita ini.

Saya serahkan kepada pelawat dan pembahas menilai dan memahami maksud beliau yang tersurat dan tersirat.

Kita semua kenal siapa Tan Sr Megat Junid dalam kaitan dengan Tun Dr Mahathir.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Saya yakin kredibiliti TDM akan kekal teguh sepanjang zaman sedangkan Paklah akan reput dan busuknya kekal sampai bila-bila...

Kepada Megat Junid, TDM bukan kononnya saja berjasa, tapi beliau MEMANG BENAR2 berjasa. 1000 juta kali lebih banyak jasa dari Megat Junid sendiri yang masa jadi menteri dulu asyik cakap merapu aje bila keluar interview dalam tv...

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Megat Junid,

Saya hairan kenapa banyak yang tersasul apabila membaca tulisan Tan Sri. Saya pada mulanya tersasul juga sebab membaca dengan mata dan mulut dulu. Baca kali kedua saya tambah dengan akal yang seadanya, saya dapat memahami maksud sebenar Tan Sri yang pernah menjadi pemimpin. Seperti pemimpin besar Dr M, Tan Sri juga tidak ingin isu-isu ini merugikan rakyat dan negara. Sebaliknya, isu-isu ini mestilah ditangani dengan baik. Tidak ada pihak yang lebih berwajib untuk menanganinya kecuali kerajaan sekarang. Dr M hanya mempersoalkan keputusan-keputusan yang beliau rasa merugikan negara dan rakyat.Beliau tidak ada kuasa untuk merubah keputusan-keputusan ini. Kerajaan yang sediada yang perlu menilai kembali keputusan-keputusan yang dibuatnya. Kalau ia sebenarnya merugikan, kerajaan mesti sanggup membetulkannya kembali. Kerajaan mesti sanggup menghukum orang-orang yang mempunyai agenda lain sekiranya ada, biarpun anak atau menantu sendiri. Kerajaan juga mesti jujur dan sanggup menerima sebarang keputusan pemimpin terdahulu yang didapati baik sebagai keputusan yang baik dan perlu disokong. Tiada siapa di antara kedua pemimpin ini yang perlu menang atau kalah disini. Yang perlu menang adalah rakyat dan negara. Yang perlu kalah adalah orang-orang yang berkepentingan sendiri yang berligar disekitar "corridor of power" ini.

Syabas Tan Sri!

Menantu Juga

mahathirism said...

well and good if megat junid means someone else with his remarks. as a seasoned politician, he should know that his words must first be understood by the people before he can win any support. and i’m not the only one who might have misinterpreted his words. to “yang benar”, i’m not interested in wasting my time to debate with you. i would expect someone who sounded “clever” like you, to be able to differentiate between associating and supporting. i should well enter politics seriously if i want to do the former. in reality i’m just an ordinary malaysian who is trying to show my undivided support to tun dr m. at least i know my stand, whom i want to support and i have made that known loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan,

Oleh kerana blog ini antara yang bernilai tinggi kerana keperibadian Tuanpunyanya, maka ada juga orang yang sanggup meletakkan nama sebenarnya bersama dengan komen-komennya itu.

Maka di harap dapatlah kita memahaminya lebih dahulu atau jika ada kemusykilan tanya dengan lebih mendalam maksud tersurat mahupun yg tersirat sebelum membuat kenyataan yg mungkin boleh menghiris hati sesiapa.

Dengan ini dapat kita bersama menjaga quality dan nama baik blog ini. Insha'Allah ada lagi orang2 yang pernah berkuasa dalam kerajaan yang akan bersama menggunakan namanya sendiri dan kita juga boleh berdialog dengan mereka dengan cara sihat dan terbuka.

Terima kasih kepada Datuk kerana menghasilkan blog ini untuk kita berinteraksi.

Anonymous said...


The fact that Tan Sri Megat put his name as contributor to your blog says a lot, many more UNNO elites are having a peek as well.

I hope that the other contributors do not get too emotional and start to attack the good Tan Sri.Let us not degenerate to the kind of "fervent support" of the Ministers for Pak Lah, commenting on Dr Mahathir's direct(crude) comments without anyone having to answer any of Dr Mahathir's pertinent questions put to the PM.

Let us concentrate on the substance not the form of the matter so that all can benefit from the ongoing discussions and views. As for the good Tan Sri, while your comments holds deep meaning(makna yang tersirat)but your comments are a bit not so easy to interpret for most of the younger contributors. Wish you could be like Dr. Mahathir a bit, i.e more direct to the point. Thank You.

Anonymous said...


You should enter politics because you certainly have the trait, ie. saying one thing and doing the other, a perfect politician you would be.

Well, it is clear that you grossly misunderstood what the good Tan Sri was saying in his cynical remarks to Tun's ciritics. Hence you should seriously consider your own advice, which is, " If you have nothing good to say, then keep your big mouth shut."


drmuzi said...

that is the difference between the TUN and other political leaders in Malaysia whether present or past.

Tun speak hi smind in simple Malay.

He is usually frank and straight forward.

Very little putar belit needs for the joe public to think harder what does he really mean.

That is why, TUN remarks always goes down well with the rakyat, as they can easily understand him.

As for Tan Sri Megat Junid, whatever said, he can always learn frm his ex boss, sometimes it is better to say a spade a spade, no need to berkias sana and berkias sini.

well may be he is atrue Malay, cakap berlapik sana dan cakap berlapik sini.

other things differentiate the TUn with the others, is his sharp response to questions asked on him, his ability to scrutinised answer very fast.

so in my humble opinion, when the relevant ministries start to answer TUn questions, be prepared for next round of much tougher followup and supplementary questions frm the TUN.

Anonymous said...

Pemimpin-pemimpin Singapura gelak ketawa melihatkan gelagat menteri kabinet Malaysia yang pada mulanya seperti 'kaduk naik junjung' tapi rupanya 'Cakap berdegar-degar,tahi tersangkut di gelegar'.
Itulah perangai menteri Malaysia dlm membuat keputusan, lebih teruk dari Lebai Malang..
Seburuk-buruk Lebai Malang dia takkan membatalkan projek yang sudah lebih RM100juta dibelanjakan.


Sdra Sdri pembahas dan pengunjung dihormati,

Masih ada pembahas yang menghantar komen menggunakan pengenalan "Anonymous". Seperti dimaklumkan, saya tidak akan menyiarkan komen yang menggunakan pengenalan itu tanpa identiti lain.

Ada pembahas yang menggunakan identiti "Anonymous" tetapi memakai satu "call sign" lain di hujung komen seperti hantu gigi jarang atau ibu dara. Saya boleh terima kaedah itu.

Komen Apektuadah mengenai "cheating David" saya baca. Tapi saya keliru sikit. Macam sesetengah pembahas keliru dengan mesej Tan Sri Megat Junid. Is this a true story or is it meant to be some kind of sindiran. A true story can land this blog in trouble. It could be libellous. Please explain.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

PM's trouble does not look like abating. He may survive the assault by Dr Mahathir because he has the whole might of the government and the mass media behind him.
But another bigger challenge is looming. Another Penangite is moving in for the kill. Anwar's chances are getting brighter by the day. Today he moves closer to clearing his name and reclaiming the throne he was robbed of. The appeal court cleared his adopted brother Sukma of sodomy conviction and ordered retrial. Mahathir had done Anwar a favour. He appointed Abdullah and all hell broke loose. One by one Anwar's convinctions are quashed. The former DPM is rising like the proverbial phoenix. Could this be the outcome of the much-speculated Anwar-Khairy conspiracy and Tun's indirect way of atoning for his sin? No wonder Anwar has been very calculated in his attack against Mahathir. So what now Abdullah and his pretentious supporters and spinners?

coconut said...

Sebagai seorang bekas pegawai polis, saya sangat bersetuju dengan cadangan penubuhan IPCMC. Ini lah kerana saya amat mengetahui bahwa tugas2 kepolisan sememangnya rumit, 24 jam terdedah kepada kesilapan teknik, tekanan sebab keletihan, tersalah judgement, kesilapan interpretasi Kanun Acara Jenayah, K.K dan sebagai.

Dengan strength kira2 90 ribu anggota seluruh Malaysia, senantiasa di kerah bertugas 24 jam semata mata untuk menjaga dan memuaskan hati lebih 20 juta rakyat dan harta benda. It is Mission Impossible.

When somebody does something not so right within his organisation, it is always more reputable to have an outsider / independent body like for instance IPCMC, to counter balance the scale.

That is why I think that the recommendation for the IPCMC was like a godsend gift to the more than 20 million Malaysians. Understandbly the PDRM did not support that. No one likes to be looked at.

The IPCMC can even be put in charge monitoring, scrutinising & disciplining other investigative body as well such as BPR, Customs & Excise, Bomba, all local councils with investigative functions and even our Military.

We hope our government can equipped Malaysians with One Stop Centre, which is an avenue to deal with unsatisfactory, misconduct of public civil officers.

pemerhati said...


I wanna know who is going to bear the cost of printing the booklets in which all questions asked by Tun Dr Mahathir will be answered?

Is the job going to be tendered out?

Are they going to be given out free to us, the rakyats?

And how long is it going to take Pak Lah/the Government to complete the job? Next week? Next month? Next year?

I am just dying to hear the explanation from Pak Lah...oops the Ministeries concerned.

Anonymous said...


Pada hemat saya kemelut antara Tun M dan Pak Lah ada hikmahnya. Ia rencana Allah untuk merungkai peristiwa kejatuhan Anwar dan penghinaan ke atasnya.

Telah terlalu banyak fitnah, rasuah, pembaziran wang rakyat dan kezaliman berlaku dalam era yang lalu itu. Konspirasi besar yang telah disebut-sebut oleh Anwar itu akan terserlah sendirinya nanti.

Pak Lah adalah orang sederhana yang sedia tahu apa yang telah berlaku. Beliau tidak ghairah sangat mengadili peristiwa silam itu tetapi lebih kepada mahu membangun semula insan dan masyarakat Malaysia. Akan tetapi gangguan dari TM telah menyebabkan peristiwa hitam itu perlu dibetulkan dan membongkar segala pembaziran dan salahguna kuasa ketika beiau bermaharaja lela.

Sekiranya para pengunjung membaca sejarah Bapa Turki moden, Kamal Attartuk dari perspektif dunia Islam dan bukan dari perspektif Orientalis saudara-saudara akan mampu meramalkan masa depan TM.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

That "David" story was supposed to be fictitious. But it does happen in many families. Please ignore if it can do harm to your blog. Sorry for this but I must say that I really like your style of writing. Keep it up!.


drmuzi said...

i am sad to see, in the star newspaper, picture of Cherie Blair, escorting in a BWM, with the JPM emblem, and with a special lady bodyguard.

i want to tell this to the powerthat be in PUTRAJAYA:

Bapak aku bayar tax..

Aku dan isteri akau bayar tax..

Tax yg kami bayar, bukan untuk dibazirkan dgn menghantar isteri kepada Pembunuh Kanak Kanak dan orang tidak berdosa di IRAQ mendapat kesenagan dan kemudahan di MALAYSIA tercinta.

Sin on you th epower that be, that use my hardearned tax money for th ebenefit of Cherie Blair, non Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Dear tebuan,

I beg to differ. If not for Kamal Atartuk, there is not a single strong Muslim country in Europe today. Look at Spain! Yes, Turkey may not as developed and as strong as the rest, but no one dares to militarily attack them now.

Divine cannot be measured by the standards of man. Unless you can prove that Kamal Atartuk is now in hell, suferring, I still believe he had done a great job for the Muslims and Islam in Turkey. It's the same to Dr M, he had and he still contributing so much to the Muslims and Islam, worldwide.

Semoga Allah (s.w.t) melimpahkan rahmatnya kepada dua insan yang berjasa ini dan kepada seluruh Muslims yang lain, samada hidup atau mati, termasuk Sdr. Tebuan.


Hantu Gigi Jarang.

Rockybru said...




Anonymous said...

"I did not respond although I was hurt. I did not respond when my
18-year-old daughter called me from Australia, crying, asking
whether I was in trouble." Ini Cerita sedih Kalimullah.
Cerita sedih Aku ialah:
I did not respond althouht i was hurt by my daughter remarks that i am kedekut now days.At one time, My daughter called me from pasar malam, atas jalan raya belakang rumah, crying, asking wether I was kedekut coz given them RM 50 duitdapur to spend for 1 week ration!
Suddenly i feel kecewa dengan pemerintah sekarang!
Because this scenario not happen before. Should i change the life style? i mean by not given my vote to BN? NO!

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato’

Thanks for the update of 15 June. Your satirical style is most entertaining. Indeed, with the circus around, there is never a boring day.

More speculations abound. People are talking about a connection between Cherie Blair and Khairy Jamaluddin and ... Anwar Ibrahim.

This is a case of Fawziah Holdings vs Metramac Berhad.

This is NOT a case of the Government of Malaysia vs Metramac Berhad. So, why was Cherie Blair driven around by the government? Given security protection by the government? Police deployed by the government? Bomb Unit dispatched by the government?

Why the big drama? Hey, is the Bar Council an actor in this drama?

Anonymous said...

Hi rockybru

Thanks for your interesting comment! My hands raced to the dictionary to check the meaning of “eloquent”. It means able to express feeling using a look or movement other than speech.

So, how do we interpret the famous Elegant Silence? Is it “Arrogant Silence” or “Eloquent Silence”?

If the PM has no clues, no answers, no opinions, then it cannot be eloquent silence. I guess we take it as arrogant silence.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that flashy ride in which Cherie Blair Booth rode belongs to our government. If it does, it's your limo and mine. We the hard pressed taxpayers paid for it so that our government can abuse it because our PM has to pay back the kindness Mrs Blair showed to his late wife by endorsing her cancer-based charity.

It would seem to my simple orang kampung mind that our PM cannot diffentiate between Mrs Blair the British PM's wife and QC Booth whose services were being sought because our lawyers, in the eyes of some people, are not good enough. Fortunately our Yang Arif the judges made the right decision to say no to her.

I say we are independent. I'll die defending it as thousands of our soldiers and policemen had died defending it. But it would seem that there are still people in this country who continue to think that everything Brits is good and grand.

That is ok. Some poor souls are never free and liberated anyway, no matter the amount of money and wealth they have. While Dr Mahathir in his early PM days introduced buy British last, our current PM is treating Cherie the QC as if she's the Queen of England. I apologize if I am wrong and I pray to God that the limo that QC Booth rode in does not belong to Malaysian taxpayers. If it does, I want my money back.

This is not the way to balance the budget. The rakyat are being burdened with high prices of goods and services while the government lavish the money on itself and the likes of Booth.

We gave a person who was about to come to insult our judicial system a state welcome. What has happened to our leaders? Dato' please enlighten me.

Todak Malaya said...

For dr muzi
cherie has the privileged to be escort as a dignitaries eventough she came to Malaysia as a commoner.
As one of the country that treat their first woman like US no wonder that there are full of secret service or M15 wherever she go.Including host country bomb squad.
That's why there's is first class protection when she visit to Malaysia.
But Malaysia only allowed 2 or 3 foreign bodyguard around him and the rest are Malaysian police resposibilities.

When Mahathir is PM,there are more than 30 bodyguard around him at one time... now current PM privileged I think it's always the same.
Are Malaysia not safe enough?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hantu Gigi Jarang,
Kamal At Tartuk is a clear example of a leader who went againt Islam and against Allah:

1. Prohibited covering of aurat - women's skirts cannot be lower than the knee cap instead of the usual clothing requirements that we know commanded in the Quraan

2. Azan translated into Turkish language instead of in Arabic as per the Prophet's teachings

3. Any form of religious symbols eg. prayer cap, prayer beads, prayer mat must not be in public area. They should stay only in mosques

4. Kamal At Tartuk (by deeds) regretted very much the fact that Turkey was a Muslim nation and did his best to convert Turkey into a secular state, similar to the surrounding European and Christian countries.

There are many other things that he did which we can only describe against the teachings of Islam, Al Quraan and the Prophet.

How could you even derive that he was a figther for the cause of Islam?

You have to believe and be convinced that a person like Kamal At Tartuk is suffering and will be in hell later. If you do not know, you can refer this in the Quraan or refer to the ustaz. All these have been clearly mentioned in the Quraan.

If you do not believe that, then you must be suspect on the 4th rukun iman, beriman kepada al-quran.

A wishful prayer that a person is given rahmah from Allah does not and cannot contadict the clear teachings contained in the Quraan. What more if the crimes committed affected not only his individual self but the whole nations and generations.

hani_my_hani said...

Someone with the handle BigGuyDotCom posted this to kmu.net: Interesting:

Post subject: Re: 2 tahun DrM dan 2 tahun pak lah.

"Was there any difference between the first two years, between to the two Prime Minister of Malaysia? Lets see what the two PM did in their first 2 1/2 years in office: PM YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad disciplined the civil service by making them punch card and improved their service to the rakyat by making them wear nametags. PM YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cancelled their Saturday workdays and allowed them to wear batik twice a month. Tun Dr Mahathir created the "Look East Policy" and "Buy British Last" until British PM Margaret Thatcher had to desptach Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington to KL and call the 'cold war' truce. Abdullah allowed the West meddle into Malaysian foreign policy when as the Chair of ASEAN Summit, the policy of 'non inteference' was abandoned as Myanmar was sounded out, in favour of the Western 'democratization' flavour. Abdullah even allowed Cherie Blair QC to be accorded with diplomatic protocol even though she was in town earning her 260,000 pounds sterling legal fee as a litigation solicitor. Tun Dr Mahathir encapsulated the idea of having a Malaysian made car, emancipated into the creation of Proton and actually produced Proton Saga less than 2 years later. Abdullah allowed the dumping of foreign made cars at the expense of Proton. Tun Dr Mahathir championed the notion where the rakyat themselves should decide on the law and made the Raja-Raja Melayu gave into constitutional reforms, in favour of the essence of democracy. Abdullah allowed his son-in-law assume the 'power' of 'absolute control' of the nation. Tun Dr Mahathir visioned and gave birth to Islamic banking and BIMB is born, as an addition to further GLC in the financial services sector. Abdullah allowed his son-in-law to rape Avenue Capital Resource Bhd at his and his friend's personal agenda. Malaysia Airlines, the national flag carrier received, Tun Dr Mahathir officially launched the Rolls Royce powered 390 seater widebody aircraft and started operating their first B747 in 1982, as part of the MAS expansion program. Abdullah allowed MAS to be sliced into private airline agenda, at the expense of rakyat's domestic travel interests. Tun Dr Mahathir corporatised Jabatan Telekom into Telekom Malaysia in the interest of better telecommunications services and Malaysia's long term strategic gains. Abdullah allowed his darling son-in-law brokered TM share sale to a strategically hostile party. The first Petronas petrol station was opened during Tun Dr Mahathir's first 2 1/2 years. Abdullah raised the retail price of petrol thrice in the same period. Tell us again, were there any differences between the two Prime Ministers, within their first 1000 days in office?"...

--- Lest Malayians forget the contributions of Tun Dr Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

Dah sampai ke Turki perbincangan kita.... Kamal Atartuk tidak mempunyai sebarang persamaan dengan mana-mana pemimpin sekarang atau bekas pemimpin negara kita. Ciri-ciri yang diberikan oleh Sdr Azahari memang tiada persamaan dgn kita. Kadang-kadang kita cuba mengaitkan Kamal Atartuk dgn individu tertentu untuk menunjukkan bagaimana teruknya sikap individu itu terhadap Islam dan kebencian kita dekat dia dan bagi kita tiada satupun kebaikan yang pernah dibuatnya.

Anonymous said...

Apa yang saya tulis pasal Kamal At Tartuk tu tidak boleh dikaitkan dengan mana2 orang lain. Itu khusus terhadap Kamal At Tartuk, sebagai membalas tulisan hantu gigi jarang yang konon2nya Kamal At Tartuk ni pejuang dan pembela Islam. Sedangkan dunia tahu betapa Kamal At Tartuk memusuhi Islam.

Saya tidak berniat untuk mengaitkan perangai Kamal At Tartuk dengan mana2 pemimpin Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of cakap-cakap at the makan-makan places.

• NST sold its rights to the Singaporeans
• Bar Council sells its rights to the British
• The PM is selling our rights to the Americans

On the other hand, you also hear cakap-cakap like how to clinch a business deal by plotting to use somebody's influence.

I'm pondering the interpretation of this. “Work with me, not for me.”

Does it mean this? “If you are not with me, you are against me.”

Anonymous said...

Kamu memberikan jawapan 'checkmate'
terhadap hantu gigi jarang dlm hal Attartuk.
Hanya kalau dia benar-benar 'HANTU' dia akan menidakkan kebenaran(menjawab).Dan bukan disebabkan Turki itu kuat maka ia tidak diserang,tetapi org Eropah dan Amerika tidak akan menyerang negara yang sefahaman dengannya.
Apatah lagi kalau tiada minyak.

Anonymous said...

Read yr blog. It has becoming more and more interesting. I would read the wrting of Tan Sri Megat as asking us all to be with TM to fight against the evil. Cuma Tan Sri Megat cakap berlapik, biasalah orang Melayu. Tapi ada juga baiknya kerana itulah keistimewaan budi dan bahasa, sopan dan santun. Tidak sukar menelah maksud yang tersirat kalau kita sentiasa mempunyai niat yang baik.
Ibu dara

mahathirism said...

it is very unfortunate if we let foreigners to rape our country in the name of freedom and democracy although there might be other “hidden” agenda. first we were stunned by the acquiring of shares in glcs by singapore. now we have the new trade agreement with japan that possibly lopsided and probably soon FTA with the USA that might put further drawback on ourselves. i’m thankful that bar council had decided to maintain some sane in this country by denying cherie.

farid787 said...

Protection of VIPs, even if on a personal visit, is something that all nations adhere to, especially if the VIP is the number 1 or the wife of number one.

All VIPs are accorded protection, but the level of protection is depending on the threat assessment. The UK is considered as facing bigger threat, than for example, the PM of Fiji, so naturally the security is higher and bigger. I've seen the differences in security protection accorded to VIPs with my own two eyes. So, its best to err on the safe side. I don't think the Msian authority are willing to gamble on the safety of the British PM wife. God forbid should anything happen to her in Malaysian just because very little protection was given.

Yes, UK is the 'tonto' to the US Lone Ranger in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. No matter how strong the Government feels about it, it is a separate issue. As a Government, it can't be emotional, but rational.

Even dalam Islam pun, ada mengatakan bahawa kita hendaklah melayan seorang tetamu ke rumah kita sebaik mungkin, tak kira islam atau bukan islam.

Anonymous said...

Even dalam Islam pun, ada mengatakan bahawa kita hendaklah melayan seorang tetamu ke rumah kita sebaik mungkin, tak kira islam atau bukan islam.

tapi islam tak suruh kita membeza-bezakan tetamu.....

datok..komen saya datuk tak publish..tapi malaysia-today, malaysiakni, jeff oii semua ada sebut benda tu...dan kalau betul semua tu...semoga rakyat bangkit..bukan secara emotional...tapi cara rasional...

Anonymous said...

drmuzi, berita hangat di KL ..umno akan singkir Dr Mahathir. PM pengerusikan mesyuarat BN kemudian jumpa MB dan KM Umno hingga 11 malam. Apa yang anda dengar di JB.

Tak masuk akal. Tun kritik PM bukan Umno. Malah Tun kata dia sayang kepada Umno.

Apa erti semua ini? Siapa akan singkir siapa?

Baca Malaysiakini tajuk "Pak Lah Annoyed, Samy Angry"? PM lupa kenyataan dia sendiri pasal ganti rugi.

Apa suadh jadi. Tolong jawab.

drmuzi said...

todak malaysia, really hah, 30 bodyguard escorted mahathir.

i met him at klcc when he was A pm, i can't see his 30 bodyguards, i only met his cucu saja

same when he went to pasar malam.

anyway, he has the privileged.

BUt Cherie BOOTH, i don't think so, he should have such priviliged,

He came here as Cherie Booth, that is what stated in the court proceeding.

For Abu, i heard about that rumours that TUN will be sacked.

well wait and see ler, it cropped up in the Harakah Daily first.

well i lov eto see that happened.

I love even if TUN open up a new political party.

He will have many many members to come in frm CITIZEN MALAYSIA.

Anonymous said...

farid787, awak silap besar mempertahankan orang yang tidak patut dipertahankan. Cherie Blair datang ke Malaysia bukan sebagai isteri PM British tetapi sebagai peguam. jadi sewajarnya kita layan dia sebagai peguam sahaja tanpa penghormatan VIP.
ibu dara

Anonymous said...

salam, sekiranya polis melaksanakan tugas mereka dengan baik.. apa yang mereka perlu takutkan... dan 1 tindakan yg bijak la menubuhkan nya untuk meningkatkan imej polis di mata masyarakat umum

Anonymous said...

I was at the airport malam yang kebetulan Dato Sri Najib left for Japan.

Beliau kelihatan datang di dalam kereta Waja bernombor 11. Just like the good Tun when he was PM using a Malaysian made car.

Then on my way out Cherie Booth passed by on her way through the VIP room.

Di luar terletak di belakang Waja 11 Najib kelihatan sebuah BMW dengan lambang kerjaan Malaysia.

Saya tanyakan mengapa ada kereta ini sedangkan Najib datang pakai Waja, saya di beritahu kereta itu untuk Cherie Booth tadi.

Kalaupun kerajaan Malaysia menyediakan kenderaan untuknya, mengapakah tidak di gunakan kenderaan buatan Malaysia? Mengapa Jabatan Perdana Menteri menggunakkan kenderaan German sebagai kenderaan rasmi? Adakah BMW sponsor kereta itu supaya JPM advertisekannya kepada dif2 luar negara?

PM boleh jawab kerana ini membabitkan jabatan beliau.

pakdamusa said...

Despite pelbagai soalan yang dikemukan olrh TDM kepada kerajaan....saya percaya, rakyat juga mempunyai banyak soalan-soalan yang nak dikemukan kepada TDM mengenai tindakan-tindkan nya selama 22 tahun.

saya for one...ingin nak tanya:...sampai hati TDM bunuh UMNO pada tahun 1987 dulu semata-mata kerana tidak mahu menghadapi pertandingan pemilihan jawatan presiden semula.

Bagi sesiapa yang mengikuti perbicaraan tersebut, semua maklum tentang 13 perkara yang dipersetujui dan 13 perkara ini telah disiarkan oleh surat khabar utama masa tu. Antara salah satu dari 13 perkara tersebut, adalah untuk tidak berhujah sehingga menyebabkan UMNO diharamkan.

tindakan ini benar-benar menghiris hati nurani orang melayu.

Soalan kedua- mengenai pepecatan bekas ketua hakim negara,Tun Salleh Abas. Kesan dari episod tersebut, kehakiman telah hilang fungsi dan kredibilitinya sehingga hari ini. yang paling besar, tindakan-tindakan tersebut telah merosakkan asas kenegaraan malaysia.

banyak lagi soalan-soalan yang boleh ditanya, tapi setakat ini lah dulu.

Anonymous said...


Komen mengenai kereta Waja dan BMW mengingatkan keluarga saya terhadap satu kejadian yang berlaku di waktu Tun Dr Mahathir adalah PM.

Terdapat suatu perjumpaan wanita di sebuah kompleks. Tun Siti Hasmah (di masa itu digelar Datin Seri) and wanita ternama yang lain turut hadir. Selepas majlis berakhir, Tun Siti Hasmah diiringi oleh seorang ahli jawatan kuasa majlis ke tempat kereta di depan kompleks. Orang AJK itu berjalan menuju ke sebuah kereta BMW yang telah dipark di depan-depan kompleks. Tun Siti Hasmah cepat-cepat kata yang BMW itu bukan kereta beliau, dan terus tunjukkan kereta yang betul – sebuah kereta Proton Saga.

Kononnya kereta BMW itu kepunyaan seorang wanita yang hadir di majlis itu.

drmuzi said...

pak da musa,

you go to Perdana leadership forum, you askedhim such questions.

i amsure TUN will give you an answer.

otherwise, you asked Brendan Pereira to ask TUN the questions.

You write an open letter toTUN ,ask Brendan to publish it frontpage thru NSTP controlled media.

I am sure TUn will reply back.

Anonymous said...

Who would've thought, that with all our displays of pride we are still kissing up to the white man (or in this case woman).

Thank you CHerie Booth Blair. You've just proven that we're still colonized by the British.

kluangman said...

saya for one...ingin nak tanya:...sampai hati TDM bunuh UMNO pada tahun 1987 dulu semata-mata kerana tidak mahu menghadapi pertandingan pemilihan jawatan presiden semula said pakdamusa

Saya amat berharap TDM dapat membunuh UMNO ini sekali lagi.. masukan generasi yang lebih bertenaga dan bersih, ulamak dan ahli ekonomi yang patriotik.. Bubar keadilan dan pas...Husam PM pertama..

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