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Sex, DVD and Mega Projects Ushered in the New Year

A Kadir Jasin

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[UPDATE, Jan. 4

Who killed Dr Chua’s political career? In the latest twist, Bernama reported him as blaming his political enemies and the Press.

The National News Agency, in part, reported: "So a lot of people were highly suspicious of my movements, why is this man working so hard meeting he must have a political agenda. He must be ambitious.

"This is made worse by the press. The press will always say Dr Chua is one who may be mounting a challenge against the deputy president, against the president.

"The press helped to kill me, to be the truth is that the pen is mightier than the sword."

Chua contended that his nationwide travel as Health Minister had prompted his “enemies” to suspect that he was campaigning for a higher post.

But who killed Chua's political career -- the Press or his indiscretion?

Did the Press lied? They did not. They reported fact and had proof.

Had the Press not published the report, would there be the confession and the resignation?

The pen would not be any mightier than the sword had the latter been used responsibly.]

[UPDATE, Reuters and The Star SMS news services reported that Chua Soi Lek has announced his resignation as Health Minister and MCA vice-president.]

Original Post

TWO “interesting” pieces of news were featured in The Star newspaper on the (Christian) New Year day.

(I deliberately used the term “Christian New Year” because in Malaysia we celebrate several new years each year. On Jan. 10 we will celebrate the Awal Muharam Muslim New Year and Feb. 7 the Chinese Lunar New Year.)

The first interesting news was an un-sourced banner headline entitled “Mega projects and new plans to improve lives of people.”

In appears from the front-page report that the MCA-owned newspaper has taken upon itself to come up with “the good news.”

In the normal circumstances, the mainstream newspapers would be front-paging the Prime Minister’s New Year message. The Star opted to report on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi calling on the people to deny extremists the room to influence or dictate the country's agenda in one of its inside pages.

According to The Star, “The new year will usher in plenty of changes, both in development of infrastructure and in the improvements in people's lives.

Among the significant things taking place are:-

· The Iskandar Development Region in Johor will see 12 mega projects worth at least RM7bil kicking off,

· Amendments to the Youth Associations and Youth Development Act, effective today, will ensure only young people head youth associations, thereby nurturing young leadership,

· Kuala Terengganu will be declared a city today, the first in the East Coast, and

· Proton will be launching a new model. Other changes that will take place include:

· All school students will get free text books,

· The Employee's Provident Fund will allow monthly withdrawals for house loan repayments.

· Single tier income tax regime for companies.”

(I thought the use of the term “mega projects” is a taboo as the present government is not into mega projects, which were supposed to be the mistakes and wastefulness of the Mahathir era.)

Then there was the admission by the Health Minister, Dr Chua Soi Lek, that he was the man – or shall we call it “the actor”? – in a sex DVD now making the rounds in Johor.

According to an update in the online edition of The Star, the MCA Minister told a press conference in Labis, Johor on Tuesday that the girl in the video is his “personal friend”.

He apologised to the Malaysian public, his supporters and colleagues, but adamant that he would not resign and, curiously, leave the decision to the Prime Minister.

That’s nice. He was caught on video doing what a moral man who holds a very important post should not the caught doing. After having been caught and exposed publicly, he conveniently left his fate to the PM to decide.

In a more moral environment, where integrity and propriety matter, a politician in Chua’s situation would have resigned.

The older people and the younger ones who are interested in history may remember the 1963 Prufumo Affair when Lord John Profumo, who was then the British Secretary of State for War, was caught having a brief relationship with a showgirl named Christine Keeler, who was also the mistress of a known Russian spy.

Not only was Prufomo forced to resign, he was also sent to jail. Even the Prime Minister, Harold McMillan, was forced to resign a few months later.

But Chua had not resigned. Instead at the press conference he vowed to continue carrying out his duties as a minister, MP and party leader.

Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate for Chua to burden the Prime Minister with his problem unless Abdullah has been privy to his waywardness.

I am sure that the Prime Minister was neither involved in Chua’s amorous activities nor in videotaping them.

And let’s also watch the reactions of the Deputy Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, and the MCA president, Ong Ka Ting, to whom, Chua said, he had extended his personal apology.

According to The Star, the existence of the DVD was first reported by the Chinese language dailies on Sunday and a Bahasa Malaysia daily the following day.


Rockybru said...

The reference to the Profumo affair is chilling, Datuk Scribe, especially the part about the PM having to resign a few months later.

In this beloved country of ours, though, I think what you are thinking, or making us think of, is unthinkable.

Happy New Year to you and your readers.

Anonymous said...

I find Dr Chua is a very capable man in his capacity as Health Minister.

If his family is OK with the video tape why should the general public impose their moral value onto him. I am not sure if it is illegal for non moslem to have an affair outside marriage.

If it is not illegal we should let him continue his job.

He doesn't hurt anyone. (Unless that lady friend is a spy). And he has contributed a lot to the country in his capacity as minister.

So let him stay on. And everyone please get out out someone else private life.

Anonymous said...

Inilah penyakit orang politik kita. Dah jelas bersalah dari segi moral masih ada hati nak memegang kuasa. Mereka patut malu dengan pimpinan di negara luar yang lebih bertanggungjawab apabila melakukan kesalahan.

Anonymous said...

Selamat Tahun Baru dan Selamatkah Skandal Baru?

Bagi saya Naib Presiden MCA dan Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek (CSL)adalah lelaki yang 'jantan' kerana berani mengaku bila melakukan kesalahan sex tersebut. Mungkin dia mengaku kerana kesalahan itu membuktikan walaupun sudah tua, beliau masih mempunyai 'kekuatan' samada kekuatan batin atau kekuatan untuk menghadapi rakyat/pengundi yang akan sentiasa berada dibelakangnya (termasuk pemuda UMNO yang bersongkok/berbaju merah dalam TV3 malam tadi).

Dulu Vijindran (Naib Speaker Dewan Rakyat, MP MIC) pun muncul dalam video sex tetapi tidak mengaku dan akhirnya Jawatankuasa siasatan arahkan supaya video itu dimusnahkan. CSL pun boleh buat begitu, mengaku kepada PM dan minta PM cover, dan pasti akhirnya video itu akan diarahkan untuk dimusnahkan dan mereka yang merakan akan 'dipenjarakan'... tetapi beliau mengambil pendekatan yang lebih gentleman!

Apa kata rakyat? Memang ini kesalahan peribadi beliau tetapi bukankah beliau adalah Menteri Kesihatan yang juga mahu menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia tidak terlibat dengan sex rambang yang membawa gejala sosial dan aids? Beliau pasti akan mendapat kemaafan daripada isteri dan kuncu2terdekat tetapi adakah beliau akan dimaafkan oleh pengundi2 dalam PRU nanti? Saya rasa tiada alasan untuk CSL untuk terus memegang kuasa Menteri atau Ahli Parlimen kerana tingkah lakunya bertentangan dengan moral masyarakat dan dasar Islam Hadari PM Pak Lah.

Mungkin alasan paling baik bagi mengekalkan jawatan beliau adalah sebagai Menteri Kesihatan beliau mencuba kondom dan pil viagra sebelum diluluskan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan... dan hanya yang bodoh sahaja yang percaya! Adakah kita sebahagian daripadanya?

...hanya makan roti planta.. tiada tenaga!

Da Real Deal said...

Datuk, Happy New Year.

I'm a taxpaying citizen of Malaysia. It is in my view that Dr Chua needn't apologize to me as a citizen and someone who voted BN the last time.

This is because, I treat him as the servant of the people in his capacity as Minister of Health. I judge him by his track record at the Health Ministry.

If we are living in the 50's and he was caught in a compromising circumstance with Chin Peng's mistress, then yes, have him lynched. But he was recorded in what should have been in the privacy of a hotel suite during his private time.

The questiion we should all be asking is: Which hotel is responsible for this invasion of privacy? We want to know that because it affects us and we should all avoid patronising it if we visit that particular town/city.

In times when high quality public servants are seriously lacking in their respective fields, we shouldn't impose too many or high expectations on their morals outside of their work environment.

Sir, if I want an Imam to lead my prayers,I'll pray at the Masjid. If I'm looking for an Priest, I'll go to the Church; Monks and Samys, temples and so forth. I do not look for them in politicians lest I will be asking to be cheated like I was by a certain former leader who used to conduct Sermons during Friday prayers and abuse his power in government at the same time. Recently, this "Khatib" was seen dancing on stage in front of an Indian audience while his Indian host just watched in amazement without moving to the beat.

Bottomline. If Dr Chua was on government time and the suite was paid for by the Ministry and the girl was a Temasek implant to solicit the supply of pharmaceuticals to government hospitals, then I support the call for his resignation and further persecution.

If he was on private time, private fun and funds having consensual sex, the only person he should make peace with is his Wife and God, not the people.

Even clerics have been knowned to be "backside" jockeys, if you pardon the expression, and they are supposed to serve God.

Politicians serve the people and should be judged on their capabilities in bringing development to the country, not who or why they choose to fornacate during their private time.

I would rather have "naughty" politicians who are able to eradicate poverty within the population, bring development and prosperity to the Nation then have pious politicians who exist just to earn a living without bringing good tidings for the people.

If we demand for upright, God fearing, economic savvy, highly educated and humble politicians, which I'm sure we truly deserve (even if we pay them peanuts), then we should all prepare our backsides for the clerics to ride instead, because that is the end we will be headed towards.

Datuk, remember the good old days when Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh would hit the Tin Mine to unwind and were surrounded by beautiful creatures? We were in good hands then were'nt we? Probably it was because we knew they worked well as Ministers and that their private time was none of our business.

amoker said...

I concur that Soi Lek should do the honourable thing. Lets forget the 'terpulang kepada PM" way out. It is more a character and morality than performance. All been said, would other political personalities be so direct when confronted with scandals like this?

Btw Datuk, is it christian calender or Justinian Calender?

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Ybhg. Dato'

YB Chua sebagai Menteri yang bertanggungjawab menjaga salah sebuah Kementerian penting di negara ini perlu meletakkan jawatan.

Seks bebas (seks bukan dengan isteri sendiri) adalah antara punca merebaknya penyakit seperti siplis, HIV dan Aids. Kementerian Kesihatan seringkali mempromosikan keburukan seks bebas. Kini Menterinya terlibat di dalam seks bebas. Tentulah memberikan gambaran yang tidak tepat kepada agenda Kementerian Kesihatan.

Dari segi moralnya, kenyataan beliau memberi gambaran seolah-olah "ok untuk mengadakan hubungan seks dengan rakan peribadi". Ini tentulah tidak sesuai di negara majmuk kita dan kesan kepada anak-naka muda kita.

Saya amat berharap Kerajaan khususnya PM dan MCA segera mengambil tindakan sebelum nasi jadi bubur. Negara kita ada 26 juta orang penduduk, tentu ada ramai yang lebih baik dan lebih layak untuk jadi Menteri Kesihatan. Benda macam ni tak payah nak fikir lama-lama.

Anonymous said...

Salam Buat Semua,

Pujian harus diberikan kepada Y.B menteri Kesihatan ini, beliau berani dan tidak 'berpolitik' dengan isu beliau itu. Saya kira banyak pemimpin lebih rela 'bersandiwara' dan sedaya upaya cuba menutup dan menimbus segala gosip waima ianya benar demi karier mereka.

Tetapi pada pandangan saya yang cetek ilmu ini, pemimpin perlulah BERSIH DI DALAM dan BERSIH PADA PANDANGAN khalayak ramai juga... Andai LUARANNYA telah tercemar maka eloklah berundur.

Teringat pula kisah seorang dua Menteri ynag saya kira Telah BUSUK luarannya tetapi tetap 'dipelihara' dan 'dibajai' oleh yang di atas mereka..

Mengapa agaknya ?


Sdr Amoker,

The term Christian New Year (calendar) is used because this more widely understood and accepted.

The online Catholic Encyclopedia links the Christian calendar to the Nativity of Christ.

It says: “A second element which fundamentally influences the Christian calendar and which, though less primitive than the Easter celebrations, is also of early date, may be described as the Nativity Cycle……”

Also Anno Domini – In the year of Our Lord -- abbreviated as AD or A.D., defines an epoch based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception (annunciation) or birth (Nativity) of Jesus of Nazareth (PBUH).

Thank you.

the indie story said...

boleh pulak taknak letak jawatan...apa punya manusialah dia ni...dasar takder maruah punya manusia...

akhirnya kena halau dengan PM.

Dato' Kadir, ahli politik begini menjadi satu identiti Malaysia. Kalau di Jepun dah lama bunuh diri sebab malu. Nanti kalau saya anjurkan masyarakat disini, amalan Bushido orang tuduh saya sesat...

Anonymous said...


Saya amat risau dan bimbang.

Saya yang amat hina ini hanya mampu memberikan nasihat daif bahawa ini adalah peringatan kepada PEMIMPIN dan seluruh umat Islam di Malaysia.Wallahu'alam..

Kes-kes yang pelik seperti ini hadir selari dengan Konsep Islam Hadhari dan Modal insan.

1) Kes Altantunya.

2) Kes Nurin Jazlin

3) Kisah Chua Soi Lek

4) Kes Lina Joy, M Moorthy, Rayappan, kes Nyonya Tahir

5) Kes Ketuk Ketampi dalam Lokap

dan banyak lagi kut yang akan terkeluar...

Semoga Allah menjauhkan segala bala dari bumi Malaysia...DIA MAHA BERKUASA, DIA MAHA BESAR...DIA MAHA MENGETAHUI...ALLAHU AKBAR!

Anonymous said...

chua soi lek terpaksa mengaku...

ini bukan photo fit dimana beliau boleh gunakan alasan tipikal, gambar superimposed...ini visual bergerak dgn gaya dan lagak beliau dirakam....

dia tak boleh lari kemana especially di zaman IT ni dimana YouTUBE ada dan bila bila masa sahaja rakaman beliau akanke udara

dlm salah satu artikel the star pada 6 december,

chua soi lek menasihatkan supaya rakyat Malaysia melakukan seks yg selamat dan menggunakan kondom, dan beliau juga menyatakan bahawa digalakkan Faithful to ur parner...well, seems he did not walk the talk....

as his performance as Minister of Health, is he did great jobs there?

i think Malaysia Health service was in good hand during Dato Farid era...currently heading Cancer NGO's


Cruzeiro said...

For the record, he's also a Medical Doctor - and an infamous conduct, is an infamous conduct - no matter what his track record.

There are enough people in Malaysia to fill his shoe - he wasn't THAT exceptional or indispensable.

He already quit his party post, and he shouldn't stop there.

Anyway, I'm glad he accounted for his indiscretion and was honourable in his response, even though there was no C4 involved - that's a good man.

Whatever he's done, I respect him for his action in admitting and apologizing. He's a good man, I guess ....

Anonymous said...

So funnylah you. Are you serious? Really, really serious? Of course it is not illegal but that doesn't mean it is right. What if stays on and then got caught again....with a different 'young personal friend younger than his children'?

Sorrylah Paco, one more question, if the minister is a married woman, does the same rule apply?

Anonymous said...

He is quite gentlemen. Not many gentlemen like him around nowadays.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


Manusia mula hilang pertimbangan bila mereka mengunakan Nafsu sebagai ASAS untuk mereka membuat keputusan...

salam dari saya ..Moga Al Mutakhabir MERAHMATI TOK sekeluar.

Anonymous said...

Berdasarkan dgn apa yang telah berlaku dan apa yg Dr Chua telah mengaku, dia (atau sesiapa juga menteri) bukanlah seorang yang capable utk memegang apa juga jawatan dlm kabinet.

Kepada yang menyokong supaya dia kekal memegang semua jawatan sebelum ini, anda sebenarnya sudah tiada nilai lagi sebagai seorang manusia. Nilai moral inilah salah satunya yang membezakan manusia dengan haiwan.

Kepada paco dan sebelum ini berkata "He doesn't hurt anyone", dia (Dr Chua) menyakitkan hati saya sebagai pembayar cukai dan rakyat M'sia. Jadi seseorang menteri mahu membuat sesuka hati atas alasan ianya 'private life' atau 'isteri sudah memaafkan' atau apa juga alasan yang bertentangan dengan nilai moral dan akhlak masyarakat M'sia secara kolektif, anda tidak layak sebagai menteri walau setinggi gunung contribution anda sebelum ini kepada negara!

Pada saya Dr Chua sepatutnya meletak jawatan serta merta setelah mengaku dan bukannya meletakkan beban kesalahan kepada PM utk membuat keputusan sebelum ini. It is a bad habit and another bad joke. Tidak malukah mereka-mereka yang bersorak bertepuk tangan menyokong tindakan Dr Chua mahu kekal dlm jawatan semasa press conference sebelum ini? Mereka (termasuk juga pemimpin tempatan Labis yang beragama Islam dan berbagsa Melayu) secara tidak langsung seperti menyokong seks bebas/rambang dan tidak bermoral ini. Adakah mereka ini tidak berasa bersalah?

Inilah sebahagian fenomena 'tak apa' atau 'it's ok' atas alasan survival yang melanda masyarakat kita sekarang.

Satu persoalan lain, berapa ramai lagi menteri kabinet kita berperlakuan sama (tidak kira seks bebas, rasuah, salahguna kuasa & lain2) dan masih terlepas dr tanggungjawap yang sama?

Anonymous said...

Salam 2008,
Umur satu tahun meningkat,
Masa satu tahun jadi singkat,
singkat ke alam baru,rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari,
Jadi saya secara perbadi tak nampak apa guna sambut tahun baru mulai 12malam sampai dinihari, yang pasti, solah subuh dipinggiri!

Sebagai lokun(hokkien) @ iesen(mandarin), bagi saya CSL adalah yang terbaik setakat ini sebagai menteri kesihatan. (Sori lah drmuzi,farid ariffin tak dak buat apa-apa perubahan pun!)

Namun, terbaik sekalipun, alim mana sekalipun, kalau dah langgar perintah tuhan sedemikian tak layak jadi pemimpin.

Tapi, pemimpin politik malaysia hari ini seperti ular dua kepala. Tiga empat kepalapun boleh! Talam duatiga mukalah! Satu kepala untuk berdepan dengan rakyat,satu untuk kroni,satu untuk boss besar, satu untuk lawan dan banyak-banyak kepala lagilah!!!

Surat khabar cina kata hotel tu di batu pahat, katanya bukan sekali dua, tapi banyak kali di hotel yang sama dan bilik yang sama. Satu kali atau banyak kali, sama saja, berzina tu haram. Dalam Islam , ianya satu dosa besar, kalau yang dah kahwin, hukumnya rejam sampai mati, yang belum kahwin sebat. Tapi, mana-mana agama langit sekalipun kata haram, tuhan sangat murka. Jadi tak boleh katalah itu soal peribadi! Wah, sama hebat dengan bintang hollywood!

Itulah hikmah Islam boleh kahwin sampai 4 kalau mampu zahir dan batin seperti Sultan Brunai. Agama lain, hanya boleh kahwin satu saja. Sebab nafsu selalu nak yang cantik,ranggi, muda dan gebu!

Itu yang dah masuk perangkap. Ramai lagi yang dok buat kerja yang sama (CSL pun kata gitu). Tapi majoriti dok di hotel 5-7 bintang, di Penang ni pun ada!!! Kawan teman pun pernah terserempak di Bangkok , di Phuket, bulan puasa pulak tu! Ini kisah orang melayu kita lah!

Untuk mencegah perkara macam ini kena kembali kepada hukum Islam lah!

Anonymous said...

anakbuah and all other high moral person,

I am glad that you have high moral standard. You yourself must be a very high moral person. Otherwise you will never dare to expect others to hold that high standard.

As for me, as you can guess, have a very low moral. I slept with anyone I can. So Dr Chua conduct does not disturb me. Just another day another conquest :). But if he lie or absconded with people money than I will surely hold him responsible. Just like I will never do that to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Siapa pulak yang kata sex bukan satu jenayah….???? atau kehidupan peribadi seseorang...????

Katakan anda seorang ibu/bapa yang mempunyai anak perempuan dan pada satu hari dia bagitau yang dia telah hamil dan adakah anda akan marah sebab dia hamil kerana tak guna kondom masa ‘main’, atau anda akan kerjakan dia dengan teruk sebab dia ‘main’ sebelum kahwin.

Dalam Islam situasi di atas memang di larang sama sekali dalam whatever reasons sekalipun. Dan saya percaya dalam kepercayaan agama lain juga menghalang sex bebas seperti ini.

Kalau dua-dua rela nak ‘main’ lepas ni mulalah suami atau isteri cari pasangan masing-masing nak puaskan hawa nafsu dan mungkin pulak boleh tibai anak sendiri dengan alasan sex mcm tu bukan jenayah dan sebahagian dari private life or warna-warna kehidupan…. Aduh malangnya……

Lepas ni bolehla pak-pak menteri buat salah lepas office hours dengan alasan itu kehidupan peribadi saya dan tiada kena mengena dengan tugas saya sebagai pemimpin atau ahli kabinet… hampeh

the indie story said...

Asslamualaikum Dato' Kadir yang dirahmati ALLAH swt,

Jika manusia itu mempunyai nilai moral yang kurang baik maka jadilah ia seperti didalam kes CHUA SOI LEK bekas menteri kesihatan yang mempunyai hampir segala-galanya; wang, kuasa, populariti, pengikut fanatik malah beliau seorang yang berilmu sehingga layak bergelar Tuan Doktor.

Tetapi sayang beliau tidak begitu pandai meletakkan tahap dirinya ke tempat yang selayaknya kerana mempunyai nilai moral yang begitu rendah. Malah lebih rendah daripada rakyat jelata dan penoreh getah di estet yang miskin tetapi berjuang demi sesuap nasi.

Sehingga saat-saat akhir, Chua Soi LEk begitu payah dah keberatan melepaskan jawatan agungnya itu, sehinggalah di halau oleh PM, Media Massa, Penganalisis Politik dan desakkan seluruh Rakyat Malaysia yang bermoral tinggi...

Samada beliau seorang islam atau bukan islam itu bukan isunya. Sepatutnya sebagai seorang manusia, lebih-lebih lagi beliau salah seorang pembesar negara harus tertakluk dibawah etika dan nilai moral yang tinggi sebagai manusia yang bermoral dan bertamadun tinggi. Sebab itu kalau kita lihat diBarat Sang Menteri akan cepat-cepat meletakkan jawatan dan merasa malu jikalau skandal seks dan keaiban mereka didedah dan dibaongkarkan oleh pihak media. Malah di Jepun ada kalangan ahli politiknya sanggup membunuh diri kerana mempunyai perasaan yang tersangat malu. Di Malaysia apa jadi???

Disini lain, Chua Soi Lek dengan muka selamba masih sempat bergurau dengan minda terbuka (kononnya) dan tersenyum bahagia dihadapan pihak wartawan dan media Malaysia. Seoalah-olah macam tiada apa yang berlaku...

Berkali-kali saya menggeleng kepala melihat aksi spontan beliau, samabil bertanya kepada diri apakah ini sememangnya akhlak dan nilai moral sebahagian besar Bapak Menteri di Malaysia???

Malah saya lebih terkejut semasa mula-mula Chua Soi Lek mengadakan sidang memedia dengan para pemberita ada salah seorang dikalangan penyokongnya berbangsa Melayu dengan megah berSONGKOK (jangan pula ada pihak yang menolak bahwa songkok merupakan lambang indentiti sebagai MELAYU ISLAM) bersalam sambil tunduk kepala dengan beliau...(kononnya untuk menunjukkan beliau mempunyai para penyokong yang terdiri dari pelbagai bangsa di Malaysia. Kononnya lah...). Apa jadi dengan bangsa Melayu hari ini? Begitu mudah gelap mata, akal dan budi sanggup melupakan maruah bangsa dan nilai-nilai baik agama Islam.

Dato' Kadir yang dirahmati Allah swt...

"Sesungguhnya yang membezakan nilai seseorang manusia itu dengan seekor haiwan bukanlah pangkat, kuasa, gelaran (dato', tun, tan sri, Dr, YB dan sebagainya), Kereta Mewah, Rumah Banglo Besar, Populariti dan Sebagainya...AKAN TETAPI yang membezakan nilai seseorang manusia dengan seekor binatang bernama LEMBU PAWAH adalah akhlak dan nilai moral yang tinggi..."

Sayangnya yang lebih mengejutkan lagi ada sesetengah para komentar disini terkeliru dengan kosep nilai - nilai moral sebagai seorang Manusia dan sebagai seorang ISLAM.

Sebagai Rakyat Malaysia yang memiliki nilai moral yang tinggi saya ingin bertanya kepada PARA SIMPATETIK beliau yang beragama Islam; "Apakah ini nilai manusia yang diajarkan oleh Baginda RASULULLAH saw kepada kita?"

Mengungkapkan kembali kata Apek jual surat khabar dikawasan persekitaran tempat saya "Tala baca punya olang!"

Anonymous said...


"But if he lie or absconded with people money than I will surely hold him responsible."

Sebagai kakitangan kerajaan yg semestinya mengangkat sumpah dan beraku-janji sebelum ini, menteri seperti Dr Chua bukan sahaja menipu rakyat (terutama keluarganya) malah memusnahkan kepercayaan yang diamanahkan oleh rakyat dan kerajaan kepadanya. Seperti juga pecah amanah, kepercayaan dan amanah tersebut lebih berharga dari wang yang dicuri atau dilesapkan dari perbendaharaan. Kerana itulah denda yang dikenakan utk mereka yg pecah amanah (selain daripada dipenjara) biasanya 2 hingga 3 kali ganda dari wang atau nilai yang terlibat dlm kes itu.

Tiada dalam pengetahuan saya ada bukan agama langit yang membenarkan seks rambang/bebas seperti ini kecuali agama sesat dan pagan. Adalah malang sekiranya Sdr paco kemungkinan berada dalam golongan ini.

Bukankah haiwan saja yang 'tidur' merata-rata?

Selamat meyambut hari lahir ke-61 Dr Chua.

Ah Yap said...


Actually I fear the worst that yet to come;

Please ponder on these;

1. However, I hope my resignation, which is based supposedly on moral issues, will be a lesson to other leaders, whether from the MCA or any other component party. I think anyone who has made a mistake or has certain weaknesses, then he has to be responsible as a leader.

2. I am not the first and I will not be the last to become the victim in this way to bring a leader down whether at state or national level. I am sure I will not be the first and I will not be the last.

Now, who are the current "power broker" in this beloved country of Malaysia?

Will the politicians be compromised when they are approached by this "power broker"?

Or, will the "Government Agencies" , too be compromised by them?

Even, without the actual proof, one can be reminded about this incident by this "power broker" and "presto" the fear arises!

Please do take a second to think on this "power" held by this people!

I guess only the "guilty" ones can be easily manipulated by this "power broker"!

Anonymous said...

Dato' KJ..

Lucu betul Chua Soi Lek dan Angkatan yang mengkaguminya seperti di atas.

Cuba kita fikirkan, Adakah Chua akan mengaku dan memohon maaf jika DVD lucah tersebut tidak muncul?

Tentu TIDAK..maknanya pengakuan beliau tidak IKHLAS....tapi sebab terpaksa. Dan dalam press conference meletak jawatan sempat pula blame "holier than thou" Ulamak atas kecurangan beliau.

Cuba tanya balik apa perasaan beliau bila pernah menasihatkan rakyat supaya "be faithful to one's spouse"........sorry, You hardly find a bigger hypocrite than that.

Selamat bersara Chua..Take care of your family.

Anonymous said...

First of all its not "christian" newe year, its western new year, common new year or (more appropriately) gregorian new year. there is nothing christian about january th 1st.

Also, we should not be judging chua for his sexual (aka personal) actions, especialy since his family has forgiven him.

We should judge him for how he was as a health minister and MP. I personaly feel he was a good Health Minister, and a one of the more decent MPs in BN.

When we have people of questionable public conduct such as 'mr. tutup satu mata', chan kong choy, Nazri, relegious radicals, bocor MPs and Samy Velu in the cabinet and parliament how can we demand he resign for his personal actions which have not harmed the public or the country in anyway?

we have no right to impose our morals upon him, and anyway whatabout his integrity as a public figure by owning up to his actions?

Anonymous said...


Betul kata Sdr moderator, sudahlah disturb dgn pengakuan Dr Chua, saya lebih disturb dgn sokongan para persimpati beliau terutama pemimpin Melayu tempatan Labis, siap ada yang bersongkok lagi.

Tidak berasa malu langsungkah mereka? Adakah tindakan mereka ini direstui pemimpin2 tertinggi mereka yang penat berusaha menerapkan nilai-nilai murni selama ini?

Bukankah ini perlakuan 'tidak serupa bikin' seperti juga kenyataan-kenyataan menteri kesihatan bekenaan cara hidup yang sihat, amalan seks selamat dan setia kepada pasangan sebelum ini?

Apa pun, semua ini menjadi pengajaran dan ingatan kepada semua pemimpin negara agar menjaga tingkah-laku semasa memegang jawatan. Kepada yang masih belum 'dibuktikan' atau masih 'dilindungi', eloklah berundur lebih-lebih lagi pilihanraya sudah amat hampir. Itulah saja tindakan mudah untuk membayar 'sebahagian dosa' anda selama ini kepada rakyat dan negara.

Anonymous said...


I pretty much agree with your point except one. I am not from indian community but I find samy velu to be a brave minister. He pretty much can do anything he liked because of that bravery and experience. even the PM in my view a bit scared of him. And Samy also have high entertainment value. Always enjoy seing him on tv.

Anonymous said...

dato kj,

dalam isu moral, sama ada salahlaku sex, rasuah dan sebagainya serta perkara-perkara yang sewaktu dengannya, mereka yang terlibat mesti dikenakan tekanan untuk berhenti atau bersara atau meletakkan jawatan.

atas dasar itu ramai lagi mereka yang perlu dikenakan tekanan untuk meletakkan jawatan.

Anonymous said...


You can sleep with all the people in the world as we are not at least bothered about your moral standing...after all its a free world.


If you hold such a senior government position as the HEALTH MINISTER advocating "safe sex and fidelity to your wife" and who is paid through taxpayers money, mine included, you are EXPECTED to have INTEGRITY:

...Then you can bet your last one night stand that we are bothered!

Dont get yourself confused.

Anonymous said...

get real lah,

wow..your tax money even reach the private life of Dr Chua. Simply amazing.

I better be careful then, since i am also a government servant. Although I know no one is interested in my private life. But being a goverment servant I must hold a better moral standard than I what I have now. Lest I be thought as ungrateful to your mighty tax dollar.

Ah Yap said...


Yang aku risau sekarang ni ialah sudah ada berlambak dvd yang telah dirakamkan!

DVD ni mungkin akan digunakan sebagai 'leverage' dalam perbincangan yang akan menghasil pemimpin-pemimpin dan ketua-ketua agensi ala boneka 'puppet'.

Rakaman 'DR' tu hanya sebagai amaran kepada yang lain.

Aku fikir ini senjata yang sedang diacukan.

Yang makan cabai terasa pedas!

zorro said...

The pen would not be any mightier than the sword had the latter been used responsibly.

Now I really liked that final stroke of yours.

Anonymous said...


Like I said,unless you are a senior govt minister - i couldnt give two hoots about your private life.

And I couldnt care less if you are a government servant or not since as it is, the civil service SERVICE is a joke.

Come, come, we private sector folks paying through our noses in taxes have lost expectation already so there is no need to be humble.

But one less philanderer in the cabinet is one less clown on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn whether or not that man was caught in that utterly unnecessary scandal?

If anything, he should be forced to resign because of the appalling state of our country's public health policy. Why are we spending so much money on futilely corrupted 'mega projects' when our public hospitals are known for its incompetence?

In fact, most of the current ministries might as well be forced into resignation as well since most of them are utterly useless anyways.

Who the hell actually runs this government anyways?

And what is wrong with the Malaysian people? Why are they infuriated with the fact that he was caught in a sex scandal but not the fact that the general public still couldn't even get decent treatment at governmental health institution?

adriene said...

i agree that January 1st is wrongly referred to as the Christian New Year in above blog post. the Gregorian calendar may have been established by the Romans, but that does not make it a Christian date.

Anonymous said...

get real lah,

Our public service is a joke. Maybe so. But here, we at the government receive a lot of input from the public that the private sector, which you are part of, are a bunch of crooks.

I don't know which sector you are in, but here from random sample from the files on my table.

If you are in health sector, the public says that you overcharge them. Sometime you visit patient unnecessarily. And you don't like to be monitored because your status as pseudo god.

If you are in banking, the publics says that you like to charge them unnecessarily, you hide a lot of charges, and you didn't give any good service either.

If you are in construction, the public says that you cheat them on the agreed specifications. You deliver their house late and in low quality.

If you are in import business, we find out that you like to under declare goods and hide things like liquor and declare them as mineral water.

If you are in service industry, like automobile mechanics, the public told us that you gave them old or fake parts and charge them to the nose..

ohh..i can go on forever..but I got to stop..otherwise I don't have enough time to spend monitoring crooks in private sector.

And lately I haven't spend enough time with my family either ;)

Anonymous said...

Datuk A Kadir Jasin,

Saya ajukan dua soalan ini kepada anda dengan harapan anda dapat memberi jawaban yang hemah:

1. Apakah peruntukan undang-undang negara ini bagi pesalahlaku seks luar kelamin yang bukan orang Islam?

2. Bagaimana sekiranya nanti seorang pembesar yang mengaku penganut Islam terbukti secara yang sama telah melakukan perbuatan yang serupa yakni berzina?

Terima Kasih

Anonymous said...

Istilah yang betulnya ialah 'salah laku seks di luar nikah'

Bagaimana keadaan dengan 'common law marrige'?

Saya faham bahawa ada orang Tionghua yang pada adatnya boleh ada hanya satu 'tai-tai' tetapi dibenarkan budaya mereka berumahtangga dengan wanita terpilih yang di katakan 'isteri-isteri muda'


Anonymous said...

sekiranya bagi sesetengah orang Tahun Baru Gregorian itu tiada bukan tahun baru kristian maka adakah mereka meraikan bersama tahun baru orang Yahudi - Rosh Hashanah? Atau terikat dengan budaya bangsanya: Orang Tionghua penganut Kristian menyambut Tahun Baru China, orang India Deepavali; tetapi orang Arab Kristian bagaimana?

Anonymous said...


Aiyah.. There is no need to give irrelevant examples from the "files on your table" laa...

There is no need to try to impress me..

My family members are senior civil govt officials serving in the minstries -just one rank below the respective minister. So go figure what rank that is;).

So when we meet meet up with other senior officials in our private functions, they will also compare notes.

The word "crook" is an understatement.

So I KNOW whats really going on in the civil service - even more than you.

And yes, they all agree that its a disgrace/joke.

...the service and the scandal that is.

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