Thursday, October 02, 2008

Coalition Politics Has To Evolve

A Kadir Jasin

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WHEN the candidate for the Gerakan Youth Chief, Tan Keng Liang, said Umno should listen to the views of other Barisan Nasional component parties before deciding on issues that affect the entire nation, he was speaking for the whole nation.

He was even talking on behalf of Umno. That’s because many Umno members and leaders feel that the party’s Supreme Council has become too exclusive.

Lately, many of the party’s decisions that affect the entire nation are being decided mostly by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Mohd Najib Abdul Razak with the Umno Supreme Council acting as the rubber stamp.

In some instances, like the recent council meetings, discussions on Abdullah’s future were cut short by Mohd Najib.

Instead, the public was repeatedly told that decisions, including on the transition from Abdullah to Mohd Najib, had been reached between them.

The Star Online on Oct. 1 quoted Tan as saying that the change in the transition plan from June 2010 to an unspecified earlier date should have been discussed in the National Front Supreme Council meeting first.

Media reports suggested that Abdullah might decide on or before Oct. 9 whether or not to defend his position as party president ahead of the Umno divisional meetings when nomination for the March party election would be made.

“The appointment and change of the PM and DPM are not an Umno-only matter. The PM is the leader of all Malaysians and the chairman of Barisan,” Tan told reporters on Tuesday.

He said while Umno had played a strong leadership role in the coalition for many years, it was clear since the March 8 general election that many BN members are doubtful of the party’s commitment to equal relationships in the coalition.

Though he is only a Gerakan Youth Chief candidate, Tan’s views on the matter represent the sentiments of the new generation of non-Malays.

According to Malaysiakini, Abdullah said during the government's Aidilfitri open house in Kuala Lumpur on Oct I that he would only set a date for such a meeting after the hari raya celebrations.

The following are my own thoughts and observations on the future of the ethnic-based multi-party power-sharing formula:

1. In a multi-party power sharing formula, the failing strength of one member party is compensated by rising strength of the remaining component parties;

2. This does not seem to apply to the BN. The falling strength of Umno, its main partner, is not compensated by the rising strength of its partners. In fact, as the results of the March 8 Polls had shown, the rejection of Umno by the voters spread to all its Peninsular-based partners;

3. The weakness of the BN has led (or caused) the non-Malays to look elsewhere for protection. Instead of making demands on Umno, they now also making demands on the Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance). They are leveraging their political power and votes;

4. Despite the cry for democracy and freedom, the majority of the non-Malays – especially the business-oriented Chinese community – prefer a strong Malay-led government;

5. The younger generation of Malaysian are more independent-minded and may be willing to experiment with other party and coalition systems;

6. The weakness of Umno and the falling quality of its leadership in recent years is having widespread ramifications on the BN;

7. The era of a strong Malay-led multi-party coalition (like the BN) could have ended or may be coming to an end; and

8. To survive, the BN and all future multi-party coalitions, including the fledgling Pakatan Rakyat, may have to evolve to become more “Malaysian”.

PS: As for my hari raya, there’s nothing much to report. I am celebrating it in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor among family members and close friends. No visit to politicians so far, but politics is every conversation.

The father, son and the son-in-law led the agenda. Mohd Najib, the spouse, the brothers and the Indian friend, the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial, the impending verdict of the Altantuya case and rising cost of living are next.

The driving in KL is a breeze. The air is cleaner. Nice if KL can stay this way. Traffic jams are transferred to other cities and towns.


Anonymous said...


Selamat Hari Raya.

KL is nice + quiet.

Re Pak Lah + Najib
They are like lovers who push decisions back and forth.
Boyfriend: Where you want to eat?
Girlfriend: You decide-lah.
BF: You decide-lah.
GF: It's ok, it's up to you.
BF: But I just want you to be happy, where you want to eat?
GF: Anywhere-lah.
Nosy cousin: Since you can't decide, I'll decide for you! You'll only eat in MARCH!!

Warmest regards,
Jed Yoong

Anonymous said...

Another way to reduce traffic, economy should be distributed evenly to other cities and towns (help reduce death rate during festivals). Even menteris should only have meetings at Putrajaya instead of disturbing traffics by using escorts during peak hours. Pikir la sendiri. KL Resident.

-WADAH- said...

The future of the post

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya

Well, the author was about to add some of the difference between raya now and then, when the news about the comment from Youth Chief of Gerakan that Pak Lah should “consult” all the member of BN for the transition of power. But the author also interested on the comment by Liaw Tong Lai (his counterpart in MCA) that even though there is such meeting to discuss about the transition among the components of BN, there won’t be any difference as PM is traditionally the President of UMNO and there are nothing more to discuss.

In one of a political seminar that had been conducted in UKM, the finding of the paperwork for “How Different Malaysian Think of Politic” seem very odd from the presumption believe. One of the outcome was that majority of the Malaysian is willing to sacrifice their right (or don’t bother to vote for the opposition) just to keep the stability of politic. Another of the outcome was the Chinese especially the “rich” and educated one have tendency to keep the old government rather to change the government. But, the limitation of the study is it was conducted before Hindraf and 8 March.

Maybe there are people who concern of who is the PM and DPM but the fact remain that if BN to become the government, both posts are traditionally UMNO decision. Obviously when it is UMNO decision, there won’t be any involvement from other component parties to who is the President of UMNO and so on. And usually no question will be asked whether there are any chance for non-Malay to become PM or DPM.

But because of the revived of the People Coalition with Anwar who seem to try to catch the heart of the non-Malay, the question is raised up. Promises were made to the people that changes will be done to the structure of the government; maybe the DPM will be non-Malay and from Sabah and Sarawak and so on. This attracted the non-Malay to question the post and hope that maybe; just maybe that PM or DPM will be non-Malay.

The author refuse to comment whether the situation is good or bad but this is what the Malaysian political parties (either BN or PR) have to aware of. The new era has come and as long as the alternative coalition is as strong as today, there will be more questions arise from any party (either BN or PR) on the traditional practice of UMNO and BN. Like the tagline for Senator Barack Obama’s campaign; Change: We Believe In.....

mananbuyong said...

Dear Saudara Kadir, Assalamu'alaikum.

Reading you this morning reminded me of the late Datok Onn Ja'afar and some thoughts I have lately.

You see, more than 50 year ago Onn suggested that Umno should open it' doors to other races of Malaya.

The Malays (yes, the 'Malays'- and not the UMno Malays, as differetiated these days) did not like the idea. Onn as a result have to leave Umno.

Onn had vision and he was not totally incorrect. But many will say he was ahead of his time.

My thinking is, just like you prognose, the time of Onn's thinking is here alredy. Maybe?

Whatever that the Malays wanted to ensure is already implanted in the constitution. Manifestations of the special position and rights of the Malays are installed in various 'social engineering' policies.

If it is true that the country has enaugh of multi party coalition, then BN should be disbanded in it's present form and become one party, hopefully the Malay based remain intact.

I tell you, if Anwar is not beset with the sodomy case, he is pretty much the uncontested leader of Malaysia now given the makeup of PKR (not PR).

Selamat hari raya Datok, ma'af zahir dn bathin from 'one of the villages that dots the foothills of the mighty Titiwangs in Batang padang....

Anonymous said...


(Bagi mereka yang tidak percaya wujudnya tuhan yang maha esa azab kesengsaraan dan kesedihan rasanya perit juga)

Saperti mana perlu ada persefahaman dan persetujuan kuasa-kuasa besar dalam menangani krisis ekonomi dunia yang berakar umbi di benak warga Wall Street Amerika perlu ada pengemblingan usaha memperbaiki prestasi BN yang buruk dalam PRU12.

Sapertimana juga cabarannya bagi negara-negara maju mencari pendekatan yang akan membawa dunia kearah kestabilan dan memulih keyakinan pasaran dunia terhadap kelebihan kewibawaan kaedah pasaran bebas yang adil hanyalah berani menghadapi kenyataan kehancuran pasaran negara besar militir Russia-China akan mengundang padah dunia bersyak wasangka buruk dan kemungkinan berlaku perang sesama sendiri.

UMNO-BN dan PR juga perlulah berjaya dalam usaha menentukan kepimpinan negara yang tegas, adil dan berhemah atau kita akan meyesal sehingga keanak cucu.

Dunia sedang berubah. Sapertimana kita jangan sekali-kali putus harapan akan rahmat tuhan kita perlulah berusaha gigih bertepatan dengan sebab-musabab datangnya rahmat tuhan atau bersedialah akan kemurkaan tuhan.

Di mana agaknya si-muslim dalam dunia yang suda gila dan porak puranda.

Kakifikir said...

AKJ, Saya rasa UMNO atau secara khusus PM dan TPM merasakan itu hak istimewa/mutlak mereka untuk menentukan pemimpin negara, dengan cara yang mereka mahu dan terpulang kepada MKT UMNO untuk jadi rubber stamp atau tidak.

Saya faham ramai tak setuju terutama bukan melayu. Tapi apakah UMNO akan 'give way' kerana melayu sudahpun bertolak ansur dengan setuju untuk berkongsi kuasa dengan bukan melayu tapi soal PM dan TPM, leave it to us to decide.

Maaf Dato', ini pandangan peribadi saya yang masih cetek dalam politik.

Anonymous said...

Yang Berbahagia Datuk,

Salah satu persiapan hari raya saya pada tahun ini ialah memberi taklimat kepada anak menantu mengenai etika berhari raya bersma sanak saudara di kampung. Hari raya merupakan hari yang istimewa kerana pada hari inilah kita ada kesempatan bertemu sanak saudara yang jarang kita temui Hari ini kita perlu ambil kesempatan untuk merapatkan silaturrahim sesama keluarga. Antara perkara yang saya pesan kepada anak menantu ialah mengelakkan bercakap mengenai politik. Perbincangan mengenai politik harus menjadi taboo pada hari raya

Perbincangan mengenai politik pada hari ini tidak akan sampai kemana. Berbincang atau berbahas politik sebelum pilihan raya da faedahnya. Mungkin kita dapat menarik lebih raya orang untuk turut sama menyokong parti yang kita sokong. Tetapi pilihan raya telah selesai. Kerajaan telah dibentuk, Exco telah dilantik , menteri juga telah dilantik. .. Saya rasa ada banyak lagi perkara yang boleh kita bualkan semasa hari raya ini.. Tanggungjawab kita sebagai rakyat telah kita laksanakan semasa plihan raya.

Dengan izin saya sisip tulisan Datuk mengenai perkara ini.

Lately, many of the party’s decisions that affect the entire nation are being decided mostly by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Mohd Najib Abdul Razak with the Umno Supreme Council acting as the rubber stamp.

Kata-kata ini justified nasihat saya kepada anak menantu. Apa pun yang kita kata tidak memberi faedah pun kerana hanya mereka 2 orang sahaja menentukan segala keputusan tentang negara. Bukan tak boleh bincang pasal perkara ini tetapi seperti yang saya sebut, ada banyak lagi perkara yang lebih berfaedah kita boleh bualkan semasa hari raya ini..

Yang Berbahagia Datuk,

Pada pagi hari raya kedua, saya sempat menonton pertunjukkan Ghazal Rock di TV3. Ghazal Rock ini merupakan persembahan gabungan antara pemuzik rock dan pemuzik ghazal. Saya perhatikan bunyi yang dihasilkan oleh pemuzik rock begitu dominan hingga tidak kedengaran bunyi dari pemuzik ghazal. . Kalau dengar pun sikit-sikit sahaja sekadar mengikut rentak pemuzik rock. Agaknya keadan seperti inilah yang dirasakan oleh Tan Keng Liang mengenai gabungan dalam BN. Suara UMNO begitu dominan hingga tenggelam suara parti lain.. Inilah agaknya dilemma BN.

Tico nyanyi lagu Negaraku versi rasmi.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato Kadir;

I shares your view but would like to add a feww more points.

After Mac8 election,UMNO is really in deep leadership crisis.Let assume najib will become a new Prime Minister but who is going to be his deputy.Tan sri Mahayuddin is one of them.There are other UMNO leader who are also eying for the post.One of the is Zahid hamidi.

I am not going to run down Zahid cos he is a nice guy but can he lead the nation.I doubt.

Nexr one is Ali Rustam,the Malaca Chief Minister.I remember attending his function in Singapore.He was taking to tour operators in Singapore to sell Melacca as prefer tourist destination.I remenber he said"in Malacca we have one of the best burnt fish restotant in the country."With his backround and qualifacation can he become our next leader.

Next on line we still have Hishamuddin with his famous kris show,Datuk Mukris and last but not least Mr Khairy.

The problem with UMNO leadership,not like PAP in Singapore,the leader was appointed by popular votes.So who have more money can become the leader.Therefore the corruption and money politic is the way of life for UMNO members.

My veiw Kadir,The country,the UMNO,BN are realy in jumbo mumbo.I think if Pakatan Raayet can pun the act together and can manage the five states with them well,the non Malay and the new Malay will be with them.

I hate to say this but after 50 year UMNO future ia finish.

Anonymous said...

Salam Aidilfitri Dato' AKJ,
Nampak nya "TOP 10 Hits" tajuk perbualan politik tanahair sejak dua menjak ni sama: AAB, menantu & anak beranak; Najib, isteri & Co.; DSAI & Co.; geng2 "koro" UMNO... alahai, bila agaknya "the real wind of change" akan melanda bumi Malaya yang dah gersang dengan kepimpinan yang benar2 memperjuangkan kepentingan "the man in the street"?!

Anonymous said...

Dear D.Kadir.

Anak Tongkat warrant.You are spot right.Just heard Astro News that Zaid is going for no 2.UMNO post.He will fight against Tan Sri Mahayuddin.Look like he can win.He is using Najib ticket and Rosmah connection.

Zaid is staying in Country Height,near Mr Kenneth Eswaran house,a very close friend of Najib and Rosmah.I hope he didnt use Mr Ji from Kerala.

I am sure Hishimuddin will not keep queit.He feel he is more capable and qualify.Ali Rustam,Isa samad,Rahin Tamby Chik will not keep quiet either.

With UMNO election pospone to march 09,You are going to see a lot of campaingn activities in UMNO,I hope the govertment will not stop functiong.

PKR.your chance of forming new govertment look brighter.

bosan said...

Dolah itu umpama tsunami.

Anonymous said...


The father, son and the son-in-law led the agenda. Mohd Najib, the spouse, the brothers and the Indian friend,

Can you be a bit more generous and expand on that please or is it a old war-horse of an editor trade secret?

As for the quiet KL, where have the foreigners gone?

Thank you.

Bung Karno said...

HINDRAF buat hal lagi.

They don't deserve to be heard if they do not respect others' tradition and religious rituals.
Demos at Muslims' auspicious days make them look satanic. Clueless HINDRAF.


Sdr Indigo,

1. Pengundi memilih pembesar (pemimpin);

2. Pengundi tidak pilih bini, anak, menantu, adik, abang, ipar dan biras mereka (kecuali kalau bini, anak dan menantu juga bertanding pilihan raya);

3. Lihatlah bagaimana nama Datuk Patrick Lim "membusukkan" Pentadbiran Abdullah.

Hakikatnya Patrick Lim jadi tokoh korporat lama sebelum Adbullah jadi PM.

Tetapi kerana keakraban mereka yang begitu ketara, nama Abdullah busuk dan nama Patrck Lim busuk.

Inilah soalan yang saya tanya kepada Datuk Patrick Lim apabila kami minum teh di Bangsar selepas PRU 8 Mac -- who came first, you as a corporate man or Abdullah as the PM?

4. Naik jatuh pembesar politik banyak bergantung kepada isteri dan konco-konco. Kalau isteri dan konco-konco bijaksana dan mulia pekerti (bukan pijak sini pijak sana) selamat dan dihormatilah dia.

Tetapi kalau bini dan konco-konco "lebih santan daripada pulut" maka akkhirnya basi dan busuklah dia;

5. Nama OKI yang saudara sebutkan itu saya dengar (tapi tak berapa kenal) sejak era Musa Hitam lagi.

Sdr Anak Kelapa Sawit Trader, orang yang sdr maksudkan itu adalah Ahmad Zahid Hamidi bukan Zaid Ibrahim.

Bezanya begini: Zahid menampilkan dirinya sebagai "Islamist". Zaid Ibrahim sebagai "liberal/modernist".

Zahid dari Perak, Zaid dari Kelantan.

Zahid masih menteri, Zaid sudah belah.

Terima kasih.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Dato' AKJ,

Penny does seem to want to drop in Pak Lah's mind. It is so mind boggling to see someone so far removed from the realities on the ground. I'm beginning to feel that when it some to the crunch it is the rakyat that has to keep this country running. WE the clever soldiers are the ones who is fighting the battle with the fluctuating markets while our generals fight among themselves.

Anonymous said...


Terima Kasih.
(Tying loose ends spell: Felda connection into China?)

Anonymous said...


Saya suka mencadangkan kepada UMNO agar membahaskan had tempoh menjadi pemimpin UMNO kepada 2 penggal sahaja.

Kalau ini berlaku saya rasa banyak kebaikan dari keburukan.

- Anthony Russel -

kluangman said...

Zahid hanya memancing dan mengocakkan kolam atas arahan bossnya.. siapa ? Dolah ke Najib ?

Zahid mengumpan untuk melihat reaksi Najib dan Muhyiddin dan Dolah pula sedang menganalisa sejauhmana persefahaman Najib/Muhyiddin. Apakah mereka bersekongkol untuk Dolah turun awal atau satu kebetulan.

Situasi sekarang menunjukkan Muhyiddin bergerak sendirian tanpa regu dan najib masih 'setia gila' dengan Dolah, sementara KuLi masih solo. Zahid hanya 'mengorbankan nama' dan untuk tumpang glamour sekejap untuk mengilas ikan di air. Dolah tak tahu mana satu jantan mana satu betina untuk menjadi petunjuknya sebelum 9/10

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Baru semalam tiba dari kampung. Pagi sebenarnya, 2 pagi. Pagi ini, lepas 30 minit tengok chart FCPO, terus buka blog Dato'.

Dari pendapat Dato' sendiri, Dato' kata,

"Lately, many of the party’s decisions that affect the entire nation are being decided mostly by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Mohd Najib Abdul Razak with the Umno Supreme Council acting as the rubber stamp."


"5. The younger generation of Malaysian are more independent-minded and may be willing to experiment with other party and coalition systems"

Saya pernah kata UMNO sekarang bukan pilihan. Saya bukan lagi termasuk dalam golongan generasi yang lebih muda tetapi saya berpendapat saya sudi mencuba yang baru.

Jika MT termasuk kerusi PM dan TPM ada perubahan, mungkin UMNO boleh menjadi pilihan.

Bagi saya, Zahid hanyalah sebagai pemecah undi sahaja. Anggapan saya Zahid hanya satu lagi rubber-stamp.

Pandangan saya, jika Tengku Razaleigh dan/atau Muhyiddin boleh menang, barulah terbukti suara grassroot diambil kira.

Bukan sekadar melayu, majoriti bukan melayu pun saya percaya mahukan melayu untuk memegang tampuk kepimpinan negara. Pokoknya biarlah melayu yang boleh merapatkan balik barisan pelbagai kaum.

Biarpun negara kita majoriti melayu, sokongan lain-lain kaum juga penting dalam mendirikan kerajaan yang kuat.

Kekuatan jenis ini ada pada Anwar. Dan setakat ini, yang boleh mengumpul kekuatan seperti itu (jika diberi peluang) hanyalah Ku Li dan Muhyiddin sahaja.

p/s Semasa dikampung saya berjumpa dengan seorang anak buah. Katanya isteri beliau dah berbadan dua, malangnya masing-masing kerja di dua negeri berbeza di jabatan kerajaan. Lebih malang lagi, permohonan tukar telah dibuat beberapa kali sejak dalam tempoh bertunang lagi tetapi belum berjaya (walaupun ada peluang pertukaran suka sama suka). Yang peritnya, bosnya sendiri tidak akan endorse kecuali dibayar 'tol'.

Dalam keluarga saya ini bukan pertama kali terutamanya kepada yang kerja dengan kerajaan. Pernah saudara saya mengambil inisiatif mencari rakan sejawat dinegeri asalnya dan menyerahkan borang pertukaran negeri secara serentak. Apa bos dia buat, bos dia KIV borang tu dan buka tender pulak - sapa boleh bayar paling tinggi, boleh balik kampung!

Dalam kerajaan yang pincang sahaja seorang yang begitu korup boleh naik pangkat. Dan tentunya yang korup tidak akan menyokong anak didik yang jujur untuk meningkat dalam karier.

amoker said...

Yeah, I have no problem having a malay lead leadership in the country. Using the concept of firstborns, the one given the special 'status' must fulfil its role. And till now, Malay leadership is at the deep end , and increasingly detestable. I would prefer a Hang Jebat ( like Muhiyiddin) who dares to speak up than a Hang Tuah who went missing.

Leaders are ketua, not pembesar/ tuan. When you have tuan, you need hamba. I serve no master than my God. These feudal patronage is one of the reason for the current malaise.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

salam aidulfitri

UMNO sudah sampai di hujung Tanjung

Anonymous said...


"I Won't Stand In Your Way"
(said i to my brother)

when will che det kita masuk balik UMNO? March or April?

Anyway, I can't win it all; still - alhamdulillah.


Sdr Amoker,

I deliberately refer to them as Pembesar (VIP) because I am not sure if they are Pemimpin (leaders).

Anyway, most behave like Pembesar dulu kala than elected leaders. So I call them Pembesar.

But we are not slaves. We are the bosses. We voted for them and we pay taxes to keep them comfortable. They should, in return, serve us.

Thank you.

bloggerooi said...


I suppose we can only enjoy smooth driving in KL during festive periods like Hari Raya or Chinese New Year. I surely enjoy driving in KL during festive periods as i do not have to swear and curse for the traffic jam. The shifting of government admistration offices from KL to Putrajaya don't seem to ease traffic in KL.
Selamat Hari Raya to you, Datuk.

amoker said...


Memang setuju yang kita pilih pemimpin tapi ada yang bersikap pembesar. Pembesar dulu ada yang berani bertempur. Yang ni, ikutkan keturunan shj. dan ramai yang tak berani berkata dan membela rakyat.

Apparently, Hishammudin and his entourage went to Paris to deliver a 8 minute speech and spend Eu500K. Itulah pemimpin yang menyuruh rakyat supaya berjimat. Do what I say but don't do what I do. ( of course, I can't afford to do Rm2.4 million travel).

Selamat Hari Raya and may we have a just pemimpin one day.


Sdr Anak Pendang,

1. Saya ambil maklum kaitan antara Zahid dengan Allahyarham Zakaria Mat Deros dan laporan polis terhadap Zahid berkaitan kes pukul.

Tetapi saya kurang pasti siapa Tee atau Teh yang Sdr maksdkan;

2. Saya juga ambil maklum ulasan Sdr mengenai Zaid Ibrahim, tetapi tidak akan menyiarkannya kerana dakwaan berkaitan peribadi dan gaya hidup beliau berunsur "libel"; dan

3. Menang betul, sebuah majlis kenduri beliau mensyaratkan tuxedo/black tie. Dan betul Johan Jaaffar dan saya pakai batik. Kami tidak ada tuxedo. Lagi pun apa kurangnya batik atau baju melayu.

Sdr Anak Sungai Tiang,

1. Komen Sdr juga ada unsur-unsur libel dan perkauman.

Namun saya akui kesan tindak tanduk Lingam ke atas Tun Dr Mahathir dan Patrick Lim ke atas Abdullah Ahmad Badawi;

2. Namun saya tidak boleh bersekongkol dengan Sdr dalam andaian Sdr menganai perhubungan antara Mohd Najib (dan/atau keluarganya) dengan Kenneth Eswaran dan seorang bernama Deepak;

3. Saya menolak streotype Sdr bahawa orang Malaysia keturunan India mempunyai pengaruh dan kesan negatif kepada pembesar/pemimpin Melayu; dan

4. Ethnic profiling begini tidak sihat dan tidak adil. Ramai orang Malaysia keturunan India memberi sumbangan bakti yang besar kepada negara ini dan kepada pemmbesar/pemimpin Melayu sejak zaman Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Kadir,

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family...

Greetings from Frankfurt..

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin,

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Bathin...

I am about to return to Minang tomorrow (04 October 2008). Work would resume on Monday. So too would schooling for the children.

This raya is subdued to say the least. Visits were confined to the very few "compulsory" houses. Conversations starts on different subjects but eventually lead to political turmoil in Peninsula.

While Sabah politicians are being vocal, their counterparts in Sarawak prefer to adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

The subject on transition between the two "lovers" (to use Jed's terminology) invariably crops up.

Some believe that PL would not "turun takhta" very soon as he has a lot of work (read as "dishing out projects to son and son-in-law") to do. Others including yours truely hope that it would be real soon.

However yours truely hopes Najib's ascend to throne would just be a stop-gap measure for reasons best not written. Or else Sdr. Kadir may not publish this comment.

Politics aside, would Najib's ascend means a merger of Maybank and CIMB? Listing of Felda Holdings Berhad? Etc. etc...

As an outsider to UMNO, I believe Najib's grassroot support is not as strong as perceived. Or perhaps my perception is wrong? If my perception is correct than that is probably why he is scared sh$% to mount a challenge on PL.

I do not have the answers but I certainly want these "lovers" to act maturely and try as much as possible to place the country's well being above personal greed and agenda!

Dari Borneo ke Minang


Sdr Leo,

Thank you for the greetings.

Just curious; have we ever met?

Or are we, like many others, are just members of the big, virtual cyber/blog family?

What are you doing in Frankfurt am Main?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato.

Komentar yang menarik mengenai politik parti-parti berikat/gabungan.

Secara kebetulan, saya terbaca mengenai politik parti gabungan di salah sebuah blog yang terdapat di 'blogroll' Rocky's Bru, iaitu blog Pak Sako. Beliau pun ada memberi ulasan yang agak mendalam mengenai isu ini.

Unknown said...

Ambo nak alih perhatian ke alamat http// untuk halwa telinga sambil makan ketupat dengan serunding daging; dapat juga mengimbau kenangan zaman dulu-dulu.

Cak Kun Cak said...

YBhg Datuk,

I think it is pointless to hope for UMNO to do anything anymore. I am one of those younger generations who is sick with all these 'acting'. No one is so stupid to realise that all these are just delay tactics for personal gains.

With due respect to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Mukhriz and those in UMNO who dared to speak up - it may be too late already.

UMNO have reach terminal velocity and if they still refuse for whatever reason, to pull the chute...UMNO will die with all its 'pembesar' and 'ahli'

No point talking to so called 'leaders' who are selfish, stubborn and cowards.

The only way is to show them and UMNO the door out.

Anonymous said...


Your next story should focus on UMNO election.The hot No 2 post.The backround of candidates and proxy war.

Anonymous said...


As for Gerakan, I am wary of them and should trust them no more.

So should it be that while whistling in the dark I must ponder if the new Prime Minister be successful in his efforts to evolve the BN to become more “Malaysian”?

It is a triviality that I need not entertain any more: biar yang gagah dan kuat itu raja dan keadilan itu tetap akan terserlah.

Terima Kasih.

affendi hussain said...

Ali Rustam... oh please la..
A guy who cannot take comments in his blogs..self-idolizing mentality, good at condemning people without looking himself in the mirror,.. questionable (i would prefer to say low
)intellectual quality.. (LRT/Monorel in Melaka..hahaha..i bet your guys kampung also can have LRT.)

As for Zahid..2x5 intellectual quality..ex Anwar sympathizer..a kind of lalang species..
still remember him saying that oil produced in Malaysia only suitable for jet fuel..really insult people intelligent..go study hydrocarbon cracking la brader..

Inikah calon2 DPM Melayu ? Ya, calon2 pemimpin yg bakal memupuskan Melayu dari muka bumi..!

Ada ler tu yg saja implan penyakit ni nk buat kacau..takut sgt gamaknya perubahan ketara..bukan takut Tuhan tanya di akhirat kelak soal tanggungjawab & amanah yg didunia.

Huh.. I do lost hope in UMNO since Pak Lah reign.. but still a tiny fraction leftover hope for Muhiyddin with proven track record in his previous portfolio as a algriculture minister & MB Johor..

Our social landscape still required racial based party.. believe me.. too much activation energy required for fussion chemistry to be feasible.. and as for the time being, stop mendling other people house-affair!

but still systematic catalyser administred over a certain period of time will do to lower down the activation barrier...

only time,.. if there any left granted by the Almighthy.
Demi masa, manusia itu sentiasa dlm kerugian.. jadi langkah 'catalysing' itu harus bermula skrg dari SISTEM PENDIDIKAN NASIONAL TUNGGAL...usah cerita hal temberang kaedah 'selective' sensasi politik..itu semua sampah belaka!

UMNO..please help yourself.. do not be so pathetic... your relevancy & survival depends on more further words.


Unknown said...


Interesting aspect of Malaysian Race Politics that you have raised...

In Malaysia Racial issues has been viewed in a similar way to Religion and UMNO members have treated UMNO the same way as they treat Religious institutions. Can a Kafir have a say in Islamic matters? Certainly not! Therefore can a Gerakan or MCA leader has any say in the way UMNO act? Of course not! Much less decide who becomes the next PM as it is the prerogative of UMNO the Dominant Member of the Coalition.

Did the UK ever make demands from the US when the Coalition member is operating in Iraq? The way that the UMNO led BN coalition works is no different from the US led "Coalition of the Willing" works in Iraq.

How can you expect UMNO to "evolve" when such thinking prevail?


Salam perkenalan :-)
Akar Umbi & Calon ‘Kuda Hitam’ Ada Kejutan ;-)


Sdra Ishak Md Noor,

Awat tak ingat. Dok tumpang rumah Sdra tengah bendang belakang Jalan Pegawai masa Bulan Bahasa. Lepas tu kena mi bandung di kedai Nasi Padang.

Terima kasih

Anonymous said...

Salam Syawal DAKJ,

Hope your raya was really "selamat" and meaningful, but as for me it was the worst driving experience back to KB with 2 flat tyres that had demoralised me during the trip between Grik and Jeli. Tok Pah's raya open house was also too close to comfort with hundreds of cars parked by the road near his house in Jeli.

I couldn't make it to all the politicians open house, as members of my family from the younger generation had a big political showdown that Najib will not make a good PM if things does not changed. I disagree unless we can create a truly "Malay PM or President of UMNO". Tak dapat kut as all the leaders that had been voted to UMNO's Presidency are not "Malay" in their original packaging. So another Bugis decent in Najib will not make any difference and we all love Najib too in many ways.

I do agree some of the points raised by you and our fellow bloggers, but honestly speaking Najib is the only alternative leader that UMNO should not write off and surely he possess the visionary thinking to revamp UMNO and BN.

Firstly, as a long time political analyst from the 60s, I feel that it's appropriate and timely that we should create a separate Secretary General in BN to assist Najib as the new BN Chairman. This will allow an independent administration and not based on UMNO'swimps and fancy.

Secondly,I am sure MCA and Gerakan being the forefront BN political power will agree to this new management concept that will further enhance the collaboration between the existing 13 component parties in BN.

Finally,if we can merge into a smaller and manageable BN Baru,and it's membership should be carefully reviewed with check and balance based on a BN Political Charter, yet to be worked with the various BN leaders.Fantastic idea if Najib and his gengcan share my humble political feelings from the ground.

ChengHo said...

as long as we practice democratic political system Majority will rule. it is not a problem of malay or non malay .to get our kid to the same school already an uphill battle . everywhere in the world the majority will be the based of the country ( culture,language,religion,food,etc).in malaysia case look at the problem of minority trying to impose their right and value to the peace loving majority.

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