Friday, November 07, 2008

Did Najib and Anwar Miss the Opportunity?

A kadir Jasin

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THE GOVERNMENT’S RM7-billion economic stimulus package presented to the Parliament on Nov. 4 could work. To put it more bluntly, it has to work for the sake of all of us.

The “could work” rating came from a former Finance Minister and the rest came from me. At last the government came to its senses and acknowledged that its earlier bravado, claiming the economy was strong, amounted to falsehood when the entire world economy is, literally, hanging in the balance.

In spite of the additional RM7-billion “expenditure”, Mohd Najib had to pare the economic growth down to a mere 3.5 per cent next year against the current year’s projection of five per cent and the inflation rate of 4-5 per cent. The latter can only be a crude measure as the real inflation is reckoned to be very much higher. But there’s a good chance that inflation will moderate when demands fall.

Mohd Najib has to be congratulated for his maiden effort although he clearly overlooked a few fundamental points that require further explanations before he could hope to fully convince those who hold the key to the commerce and investment that he is on the ball.

The objection of the opposition MPs, which led to their temporary boycott of the session, was not baseless. It would appear that Finance Minister had presented a “budget-within-the budget” instead of merely rounding-up and winding-up the original budget proposals presented by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in August.

He could have been wrongly advised or was running for time. The reasonable thing to do, according to some independent sources, was to allow for Abdullah’s original budget to be debated and voted upon. Only then Mohd Najib should come in to present a supplementary budget that specifically addressed the global economic and financial crises.

Maybe Mohd Najib had deliberately not wanted to present a separate supplementary budget for fear that it would offend Abdullah. But by not doing so, he could have “breached” the rules and rendered the 2009 Budget “questionable” from the procedural point of view.

But more importantly, he could have missed the opportunity to put his seal on the stimulus package. Maybe he’s not in a hurry to do that or he’s still afraid that Abdullah and his boys could still pull the rug from under his feet despite having won the Umno President post uncontested.

But Mohd Najib was not alone in not seizing the moment. The Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, too appeared to have allowed a golden opportunity to slip by.

Instead of staging a walkout, he could have used the debate to force a no-confidence motion against the government and settle once and for all his claim that he has enough support to topple the government.

Since the government does not seem to be in the mood to listen to his advice, he should just push ahead with his takeover plan. After all there is a motion to that effect in the House.

Mohd Najib and his advisers should bear in mind that what really matters is not the ringgit and sen but the confidence of the producers and consumers. Putting back the money in the consumers’ hand by way of lower EPF contributions will only help to generate demand if they have the confidence to spend and if the higher purchasing power is not eaten away by inflation.

The workers are given the option to reduce their monthly contributions by three per cent for two years beginning next January. If every single EPF contributor takes advantage of the reduction, there will be extra an extra RM4.8-billion purchasing power for the economy.

The move will also ease the burden of the EPF. The national pension fund has been plagued with overflowing coffers but insufficient investment opportunities. Given the gravity of the matter, another more suitable occasion should be set aside to discuss the EPF investments. With lower growth forecast, the problem of excess funds and lower return will continue bother the EPF.

I urge Mohd Najib to be mindful when dealing with the property market. Our property market has become too speculative that it forces the genuine house buyers and traders out.

It’s good to promote the construction and ownership of low- and medium-cost housing units because of the positive spillover effects. The problem in the last few years was speculation that forced prices of these units beyond the financial capability of many genuine buyers and, therefore, many were left unsold.

The government should consider some tough fiscal measures to curb speculation, bring down prices and make it easier for genuine buyers to borrow. More capital, labour and materials should be allocated to public works and amenities as were the case during the 1997/98 crises.

Mohd Najib and his team will have to watch closely the effects of China’s stimulus package introduced last month and the US President-Elect Barack Obama’s package after his Jan. 20 inauguration.

The Chinese government had rolled out a string of policy stimulus last month after the latest data shows a continued slowdown of economic growth which included a sweeping export tax rebate hike and a new state infrastructure plan that were designed to prop up export and investment growth.

During the election campaign, Obama had called for about $175 billion in new stimulus spending, including money for roads, bridges and aid to hard-pressed states. He wants a rebate of $500 for individuals, $1,000 for families and a new $3,000 tax credit for businesses for each new job created.

But Mohd Najib must acknowledge that money and programmes alone will not guarantee success of this crisis management. The failure of so many public policies and projects in recent decades is due to poor supervision and monitoring. The ICU-type supervision and monitoring should not only be brought back but strengthened.

By this I mean Mohd Najib himself has to monitor the implementation of the package if he wants it to succeed. Unless he is absolutely on the ball, time and bureaucratic impediments will work against him.

Last but not least, Mohd Najib must start to identify his economic management team and gives up the finance portfolio at the earliest possible date once he assumes the post of Prime Minister, God-willing, in Mac. I had said this with Abdullah and I am saving it again with Mohd Najib. The PM should not hold the finance post.

Eurocopter: How Not To Handle Controversy

1. Hanky panky was suspected (alleged) in the award of contract for the purchase of 12 Cougar EC725 helicopters for RM2.3 billion from Eurocopter for the Air Force;

2. Doubt was cast on the tender process of the Defence Ministry. Mohd Najib was one of the targets;

3. Abdullah became the Defence Minister and postponed the purchase on the pretext of economic downturn;

4. The multi-party Public Account Committee of the Parliament found no wrongdoings in the award of the contract;

5. Why is it so difficult for the Government to reveal the identity of the agents involved in the procurement?;

6. Is it Kamaluddin Abdullah and/or Scomi, Khairy Jamaluddin or a member of the Perlis royal household as was widely rumored? If they are not involved, clear their names;

7. Do we wait for an Altantuya-type trial before the identity of a commission agent is made public?;

8. If the identities of the recipients of privatised projects during the so-called “closed” Mahathir era were revealed and published by the government on the Internet, why should the identities of the beneficiaries of the Eurocopter deal be kept a secret?;

9. Is the privacy of commission agents more important than the credibility and integrity of the government?;

10. Is the privacy of the commission agents more important than the lives and limbs of the RMAF personnel?; and

11. I think Mohd Najib and his handlers should start managing information more professionally – minus the spins that spun the otherwise simple Abdullah into an unrecognisable entity. Stop being defensive and apologetic.


sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

For the sake of discussion, here listed the additional economic package complementing the 2009 budget presented by Najib in Parlimen as per StarOnline dated 4th November 2009, titled ECONOMIC PACKAGE UNVEILED

Among the measures Najib announced were:

1) RM1.2bil to be allocated to build more low- and medium-cost houses;

2) Abolishing the 5% import duties on fertilisers, cement and steel;

3) Allowing hypermarkets to close late (weekdays 11pm; weekends 1am);

4) RM500mil for the maintenance of police stations and quarters, as well as Army camps;

5) RM200mil for Chinese, Tamil, religious and mission schools;

6) RM200mil for pre-school education; and

7) Employees can reduce their EPF contributions by 3% on a voluntary basis for up to two years.

The same article also has the full speech text in Bahasa Malaysia in relative to the presentation by Najib.


You said "THE GOVERNMENT’S RM7-billion economic stimulus package presented to the Parliament on Nov. 4 could work."


"The “could work” rating came from a former Finance Minister and the rest came from me."

I do not see how these packages can stimulate the economy. Please share your thoughts on this.

-WADAH- said...

Well, lets get out then....

The author will make this comment a brief one. Neither two of them miss any opportunity. As for Najib, he shall need to form his economic think tank a.s.a.p. And for Anwar, well if he thought the voters vote him to get out from the Parliment then be my guess... Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

well said dato, menampakkan kebodohan pak lah telah dijangkiti dsn, inilah standard pemimpin melayu yg kita ada...low class!! mungkin permikiran dsn begini "yg gawat nanti rakyat...bukan aku anak beranak" bloody b****** perkataan ini saya pinjam dari pasir salak....kalau dewan yg mulia boleh terima kenapa blog dato tidak???

mengenai DSAI pula saya berpendapat beliau cuba sedaya upaya menunjukkan jalan kpd mp bn, tapi penyakit koro mp bn ini yang susah dato!!!apa yg hendak terburu2 sampai masa nanti beralihlah kita, beralih secara AMAN DAN TERTIB, insyallah

p/s : disaat keputusan2 mahkamah yg memuncak ini, mana perginya KETUA PULIS NEGARA kita ek?


Anonymous said...

1)yang pasti, 'tikar pandan terbang' untuk najib,tak boleh naik terbang tinggi.
2)yang pasti, rosmah tak akan biarkan najib melepaskan finance ministry
3)yang pasti, projek-projek perumahan low-cost yang di-rancangkan itu, akan terbengkalai after half-way.
4)yang pasti,dgn keadaan semasa,anwar juga tak berapa berani nak take over government lagi.

Anonymous said...

taruhan juga semakin meningkat di port politik,mengatakan najib akan kena second card.

Anonymous said...

What a shame!!! Najib was not behaving like a true statesman during his budget presentation. He missed the opportunity to convince the other side of the aisle of his honesty and sincerity as future PM of Malaysia. He was arrogant that befit the Malay proverb "Bodoh Sombong". And it was true that he failed to understand basic terminology in budgetary where he mislead his argument on the issue of expansionary and contractionary budget. It arose some doubts of his competency in managing Malaysia economy.
Anwar put it right by saying Najib is incompetence. Najib should learn as President-elect of the USA in his victory speech rightly said " I will listen to all of you especially when we disagree".
As for Anwar taking the opportunity, as right thinking Malaysian, now is not the time, surely Dato', the priority is to move the economy and to avoid economic disaster that will make the rakyat suffer. What vote of no confident you are suggesting here? A very naughty and irresponsible idea so to speak with no malaise.
The Eurocopter deal is a real blunder. The truth is not really known. The chairman of PAC should have taken the opportunity to unravel the hidden agenda but he chose to play politic. There are real issues and not merely perception. There are people out there who know what is going on. The government can keep on trying, but it is a clear indication of lacking professionalism and below par leadership both within the politicians and the leaders running the organization. Can we thrust them in the defense of this nation?
The damage was done and the damage control was bad. So let us echo the Obama tag line "Change, yes we can".dh9753

balan said...

Quite agree with your assessment. Current government fails when it comes to their PR (Public Relations).

A lot of good work done by departments and agencies goes unnoticed as political news takes upperhand even in government controlled press.

This is unlike in Mahathir days where much publicity was given to government initiatives and actions that benefitted the rakyat through they may have sounded like BN campaign.

As for Anwar, he chickened out when it mattered most. I saw a clip two nights ago when he was red faced when the speaker asked him not to argue and sit down. What a moment.


amoker said...

Well said. Najib is not inspiring confidence and the lack of information is not helping. Plus his ( and his team's) tendency to brush aside any comments that is not in line as another anti-Najib propoganda. He finally acknowledge that there is impact to our economy after consistent denial which irritates even the tukang buang sampah.

You are the first to acknowledge the mistake in the parliamentary procedure that Najib took and must congratulate you. MSM kept quiet in this. I agree that it is confusing. In fact, EPF can be sued for making the 3% deduction automatic since

1) The budget discussed was AAB's, not the Rm7 billion supplemantary. Hence, the 3% reduction is not approved.
2) Like any new labour contract, EPF should ask permission to deduct and not automatic. It is now the onus of the contributer to continue giving 11%.

Anonymous said...


Try Doing A Rose
(opening a coke bottle with love)

You are so charming, Sribe - good health to you! amiin.

I am aghast to the my last exclaimation mark to infere that there should be such matter as
6. Is it Kamaluddin Abdullah and/or Scomi, Khairy Jamaluddin or a member of the Perlis royal household as was widely rumored? If they are not involved, clear their names;

7. Do we wait for an Altantuya-type trial before the identity of a commission agent is made public?;
after all these times I would have it that you had it all cleared with both AGs with this seductive and errorneous errectilous e-bola! infectous info.

What ever the case will be, and maybe as sister mary spaketh, whenever they - anyone or anybody that really matters should want to do a cut-up of che det kita, he will be found very very clean. The mamaks and the malabaris will gladly testified to that. Alhamdulillah.

On the small matter of a pendekar and a house, i wounder how the revised figures could justify his ruling.

I wonder who got who by the balls, Scribe. Who shall sit in the Majlis Presiden, Scribe, what with all your sources. Would Anwar be missed? is a bonus nobrainner.

Terima Kasih

ps. imagine where he got all the facts, figures and bluff and imagine the scribe putting his hands into a bag that is wriggling alive! Wonder if syed hamid pekak - no he is not deaf - is up to it.
You are charming and so is that singing nib of yours and Pete got his habeas corpus. Alhamdulillah

Bung Karno said...

You are right by saying Najib should have allowed the debate and vote on the Abdullah budget, before presenting his supplementary economic package. He could have many reasons :

1. The economy is really down and announcing new package will as instant stimulus, hopefully.

2. Time to impress Abdullah and Anwar, or time is critical in view of global meltdown

3. If it takes 6 hours for Anwar to bla, bla, bla the first time,
this sitting will be no different.
It will be a long and helter skelter parliment sitting.

4. Najib hopes by Mac when he takes over as PM, the economy is on track.

The missed opportunity by Anwar is also purposeful. Anwar would not want to call for vote of no confidence because :

1. He does not have the numbers and will be defeated. Malu besar.
The invisibility will be tarnished.

2. In current global economic turmoil Anwar would not know what to do. He is afraid to take command. For that matter, his American masters would have advised him to do Mahathir economics, as they are doing. Malu besar.

As for the EUROCOPTER deal, 4 members of the PR who sit in PAC are in agreement that everything is above board. The DAP is represented by a senior and veteran party strongman.

din merican said...

Dato, please check the status of public debt in our country. I understand, as a percentage of GDP(national income, it is 50%,compared to Thailand's 38 per cent of GDP. Our projected fiscal deficit is 4.8% of GDP (I do not believe this figure)compared to Thailand's 2.5 percent. The stimulus package will worsen the situation. The reality is our fiscal position is very precarious.Obviously, you are very optimistic. I have lost confidence in the government's capacity to competently manage the economy.---Din Merican

Anonymous said...

Dear Kadir.

Agen yang terlibat dengan pembelian eurocopter ialah En Saleh Majid,awarganegara Singapura dan ianya persona non granta di malaysia.Scomi terlibat dalam maintance Eurocopter.

Dari segi harga,susah kita nak buat tudohan.Ia bergantong kapada apakah specification yang kita berikan kapada manufacturer.Sebab itu kita tak boleh bandingkan dengan negara lain yang membeli heli yang sama tapi lebeh murah.

Kesimpulannya,mengikut Tan Sri Subhan,ianya satu helicopter yang baik can cukop sesui untok menganti Nuri.

Saya raya satu kesilapan yang besar kita membatakkan pembelian itu.Ini bermaana Freet Nuri yang ada sekarang amat tak realiable dan kita membahayakan nyawa tertera kita.

Anonymous said...

askum dato,

mungkin saya lari dari topik.

boleh tak dato share some knowledge regarding ex-gratia.

saya rasa satu pembaziran apa bila kita bayar sejumlah yang amount dia agak besar... walhal depa tu dah kaya dah.

mohon jasa baik dato huraikan sikit.. pasal masa tu saya kecik lagi.. budak mentah.


Hang Jebat said...


Walaupun saya tak berapa gemar dengan DSAI, tapi apa yang beliau katakan dan persoalkan ada kebenarannya. Itulah fungsi pembangkang dalam dewan. Malangnya mereka tak teruskan berhujjah dan seperti yang Datuk sarankan, mereka sepatutnya mencadangkan usul tidak percaya. Sayang sekali. Mereka lebih suka ambil tindakan 'keluar dewan'.

ab said...

Salam Dato’

DS Najib tak menyerlah didalam `presentation’ rancangan perbelanjaan tambahan untuk meransang ekonomi.

Ekonomi ini bolih ka diransang macam orang’? sampai cukup terangsang?.

Pada hemat saya negara cuma ada satu peluang saja untuk mempertingkatkan berbagai pernigaan untuk 1-2 tahun akan datang. Kalau silap kira dan silap atur langkah, boleh lingkup duit simpanan negara,duit KWSP,duit PETRONAS, cukai dan nilai ringgit (hari ini dah hamper 3.60 sen/dolar US,dan simpanan negara dah turun ke 100 bilion dollar US).

Sebahagian besar tanah dan rakyat terlibat kita didalam industri kelapa sawit.

Mendengar dan membaca tindakan kerajaan menebang pokok kelapa sawit untuk mengurangkan bekalan minyak sawit mentah dipasaran , mungkin tindakan yang tidak
menguntungkan. Entah siapa yang cadangkan hal pelik ni tak tau la…

Apa salahnya kerajaan membeli buah kelapa sawit dari ladang, mengarahkan pengilang menyediakan minyak sawit mentah dan juga kilang membuat minyak masak.

Buat minyak pelincir injen bolih tak selain dari campur dengan disel?.

Dengan menjual minyak masak yang tahan lama dipasaran tempatan dan ekspot dapat memberi pulangan kewangan kepada kerajaan,pengilang,peladang dan pekebun kecil sawit.

Gomen dok rioh rendah temberang ` to get on with value added business’ tapi bila gomen buat, depa tebang pokok sawit. Betui ke hampa ni?.

DS Najib mesti jadi `economic hauler, bukan `economy handler,.

Dato kena nasihat dia kumpul semua cerdik pandai hal ekonomi dan industri kelapa sawit dari semua universiti-universiti, kunci mereka semua dalam satu bilik dan jangan lepas sampai ada rancangan dari A-Z untuk semua `possible economy scenarios’ dan `solutions’ untuk negara ini.

Satu lagi DS Najib ni nak letak DS AAB kat KWSP,KHAZANAH ATAU PETRONAS lepas Mac 2009 nanti?

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Unknown said...


Ka-Pulau Tiga naik perahu,
Menuju bagan di-olak tanjong;
Walau rahasia orang ta' tahu,
Kapada Tuhan tidak terlindong.


Malam berkat malam Juma'at,
Orang berpukas di-Pantai Lokan;
Dalam berchepat mesti beringat,
Berlekas2 dengan perlahan.

Anonymous said...

How do you bankrupt a country; and
can you explain Iceland to me, Scribe?

07-11-2008:- Ringgit drops as stock slump saps demand
by David Yong

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s ringgit declined as Asian stocks fell, leading to speculation overseas investors will dump emerging-market assets on increasing signs the global economy is headed for a recession. Bonds gained.

The currency traded near a one-week low as the MSCI Asia Pacific Index of regional shares slumped 6%, snapping a three-day gain. US shares tumbled yesterday after reports showed the job market and service industries weakened by more than economists expected.

“Markets are pricing in a recession next year,” said Ang Kok Heng, who manages US$156 million (RM549.12 million) as chief investment officer at Phillip Capital Management in Kuala Lumpur. “There’s a tactical shift out of non-US dollar assets.”

The ringgit fell 0.4% to 3.5392 per dollar as of 4.40pm in Kuala Lumpur, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The currency may reach 3.55 by year-end, according to the median forecast of 20 analysts in a Bloomberg News survey.

Malaysia cut its economic growth forecast for this year to 5% from 5.7%, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said in parliament on Tuesday. Growth will ease to 3.5% in 2009, versus a previous target of 5.4%.

The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index dropped 2.4%, taking this year’s loss to 38%. The index is poised for its worst year since the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Global investors pulled a record RM19.1 billion from the local bond market in August, according to the latest central bank statistics.

Malaysia’s three-year government notes advanced for a second day, pushing the yield down to the lowest level in two weeks.

The yield on the 3.833% bond due in September 2011 fell three basis points to 3.72%, according to Bursa Malaysia Bhd. The price rose 0.065, or 65 sen per RM1,000 face amount, to 100.295.

Malaysia plans to reopen sales of existing three- and five-year benchmark securities this month to help fund the budget deficit, according to its sale calendar. The size and date of offerings haven’t been disclosed. — Bloomberg


Please, Scribe, could you ask C.H.E. Det how would one go about bankrupting a county like Malaysia and how long would it take to do it under present economic situation? all probable ways, Tun...

Terima Kasih

venuskype said...


Zainal A. Kasim said...


Regarding Anwar: Did he or did he not have the support from the said BN MP's? When our future is at stake, why are we still wasting time with this kind of politics?

mantra-indeeptots said...

Salam Dato...

For the sake of the rakyat, DSNR and DSAI, please do not politicise the good intentions for the rakyat. Please act and behave as a good manager and above all, work as a team to the rakyat or else... we will manage the both of you.

What say you Dato?

It seems, DSNR is working on a solo team. Why should this be allowed?

azlishukri said...

saya kurang yakin.

Anonymous said...

I believe Najib should set up a special task force to monitor our economy, maybe similar to the Economic Crisis Management Team (ECMT) in South Korea, Saudi, South Africa, Romania and Spain recently. It will augur well in identifying adverse elements that could weaken economic growth and halting the inflows of FDIs.

Anonymous said...


Ahli ahli politik kita patut contohi jalan ahli politik US menghadapi kemelut ekonomi dunia. Semua patut ketepikan partisanship yaitu mereka mesti bersatu untuk hadapi kemelut ekonomi negara dan tidak cuba "score points".

Anwar patut menyeru Najib supaya berpakat dan tidak bergadoh tentang strategi menghadapi kemelut ekonomi.

Itu lah dikatakan maturity dalam menghadapi cabaran.

Politikus Bandar

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Ab ada sebut tentang sawit. Saya rasa terpanggil pula untuk menambah garam dan gula.

Menebang pokok kelapa sawit adalah amalan untuk mengurangkan penawaran di pasaran.

Biasanya inisiatif ini diambil kerana adanya lebihan penawaran dipasaran atau kerana penghasilan buah sawit yang tidak produktif dari pokok yang sudah tua.

Kempen tanam semula kelapa sawit yang terdahulu masih lagi belum melepasi tempoh sepuluh tahun.

Jika 60% dari penanaman sawit seluruh negara telah terlibat dalam kempen penanaman semula sawit yang terdahulu, ini sepatutnya bermakna sekarang pokok-pokok itu adalah didalam umur yang produktif.

Ini belum lagi termasuk penanaman baru (dan pemindahan dari penanaman getah ke kelapa sawit).

Saya tidak punya data yang tepat, malah 60% itu hanya anggapan saya sahaja. Saya sekadar tahu kempen menanam semula sawit dahulu adalah meluas dan amat mendapat sambutan.

Saya setuju bilamana Ab kata kempen menanam semula sawit kali ini adalah tidak menepati keperluan.

Yang lebih mengecewakan adalah usaha setengah jalan dalam memajukan bio-diesel (campuran dengan diesel) dan bio-fuel (campuran dengan petrol) - ini Muhyiddin kena jawab sebagai Menteri Pertanian masa itu.

Kini dalam pakej Najib, disebut bahawa bio-diesel ini akan mula digunakan oleh kerajaan pada Feb 2009.

Dulu kata kosnya terlalu mahal sampai tidak ekonomik penggunaannya. Kini tak tahu la pulak apa ceritanya.

Yang jelas, bio-diesel dan bio-fuel di Eropah telahpun diguna secara meluas. Malah tekologi bio-diesel/bio-fuel di Filipina yang berasaskan tebu juga adalah lebih maju dari di Malaysia.

Secara mudah saya bayangkan, jika kos untuk program angkasawan, Monsoon Cup dan Masjid Kristal (yang belum juga siap sampai sekarang) di alihkan ke dana untuk memajukan bio-diesel/bio-fuel, senario berikut mungkin akan kita alami :


Percayalah bila saya kata, bumi Malaysia ini bertuah. Hasil buminya lumayan sekali. Sumber emas hitam (petroleum) dan emas merah (minyak sawit) banyak sekali.

Sayangnya tidak ramai rakyat Malaysia yang boleh menumpang senang.

Anonymous said...

Tapi reduction in EPF, jika kita berada dalam higher income group, apa yang dilepaskan ke tangan kita akan pulang semula ketangan pemerintah dalam bentuk cukai pendapat yang lebih tinggi. Jadi saya melihatnya sebagai elemen membetulkan income disparaty ratio.

Saya setuju dengan pendapat Datuk bahawa Mohd Najib perlu turun padang menyelia sendiri stimulant pakages yang beliau lepaskan "in the system" agar kejadian ketirisan dapat diminimakan.

"poor supervision and monitaring" memang satu isu yang besar, tetapi Mohd Najib masih lagi dalam bahaya dengan ancaman "poor supervision & monitaring" yang sengaja dibuat-buat untuk merendahkan kredibaliti dan kemapuan sebenar beliau.

Ntahla setelah 3 tahun bloggin, memikir dan melakukan banyak kerja semak-silang, I indeed sikit-sikit percaya conspirasi of the highest order itu memang wujud.
Bukan menjahanamkan kerjaya politik Anwar sahaja, tapi menjahanamkan reputasi sesiapa sahaja yang ada potensi untuk jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Saya cuma harap Anwar dapat "lihat" ini semua dan contohilah Mc Cain. Jika dia berada di pihak yang benar, dan sudah terpahat di Loh Mahfuz yang dia ini the actual PM in waiting??? Insyallah tidak akan lari gunung yang dikejar walau terpaksa tertangguh sehingga PRU yang akan datang.

Segala tulisan yang tidak memihak pada Anwar yang telah saya tulis hanya pandangan peribadi saya, sekadar gosip-gosip ringan, to fill in the blank sahaja dan saya tidak ada niat mau mempengaruhi sesiapa.

Bila kita jumpa orang yang sependapat, kita jadi aktif dan seronok untuk bercakap-cakap. Saya akui dalam keseronokkan itu, ada masa dan ketikanya saya jadi semacam kesurupan, emotional dan berlebih-lebihan gitu. Sebenarnya saya memang tak ambil port langsung, sapa ke sapa ka nak jadi PM lepas ni.

Sapa PM, dialah bos saya. Kalau hari ini bos paling besar saya ialah Hishamudin, esok lusa mana tau Teresa Kok jadi bos saya. Teresalah bos saya. Kami civil servant tertakluk kepada syarat akujanji yang kami tandatangani.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kadir.

Did Najib Miss The Opportunity? I said yes.He miss the opportunity to nominated Tan Sri Mahayuddin as Deputy President when Pekan Div Met Yesterday.Mahayuddin and his supporter were very upset.They dont know whather to trust Najib.This will split the UMNO party wide open.

If Najib is smart and firm he just tell Ali Rustam and Mat Tyson
that he want Mahayuddin to be his deputy.He know and Mahayuddin Know that Dollah is backing Ali Rustam.I know he personally call some of the Div head.Ask Pak Sulaiman Randas or Rashid Abdullah.

Good Luck UMNO.


Sdr Ahmad Saad,

Maybe we are expecting too much from Mohd Najib.

When Tun Dr Mahathir anointed Abdullah Ahmad Badawi his successor, we did the same thing.

We expected too much from Abdullah.

Maybe we should learn not to expect too much from Umno leaders.

Maybe we should have no expectation whatsoever.

We judge them by what they do and do not do.

If they happen to do the right things we support and keep them.

If they don't we don't support them and kick them out.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Eurocopter: How Not To Handle Controversy

1. Hanky panky was suspected (alleged) in the award of contract for the purchase of 12 Cougar EC725 helicopters for RM2.3 billion from Eurocopter for the Air Force;

2. Doubt was cast on the tender process of the Defence Ministry. Mohd Najib was one of the targets;

3. Abdullah became the Defence Minister and postponed the purchase on the pretext of economic downturn;

4. The multi-party Public Account Committee of the Parliament found no wrongdoings in the award of the contract;

5. Why is it so difficult for the Government to reveal the identity of the agents involved in the procurement?;

6. Is it Kamaluddin Abdullah and/or Scomi, Khairy Jamaluddin or a member of the Perlis royal household as was widely rumored? If they are not involved, clear their names;

7. Do we wait for an Altantuya-type trial before the identity of a commission agent is made public?;

8. If the identities of the recipients of privatised projects during the so-called “closed” Mahathir era were revealed and published by the government on the Internet, why should the identities of the beneficiaries of the Eurocopter deal be kept a secret?;

9. Is the privacy of commission agents more important than the credibility and integrity of the government?;

10. Is the privacy of the commission agents more important than the lives and limbs of the RMAF personnel?

10 perkara yang dato garapkan ini sudah cukup jelas menunjukkan pemimpin UMNO cuba menyembunyikan sesuatu-tiada keikhlasan, tandatanya penyalahgunaan kuasa dan korupsi!!

Jauh sekali kalau nak kata transperen!

Iskandar PT said...

Salam Dato' AKJ,

Kita tak "expecting too much" dari Najib, rakyat Malaysia hanya mengharapkan najib tahu mengira iaitu (+,-,darab dan bahagi). Kalau sebagai ahli politik kanan dan masih tak tahu peraturan dewan (yang sepatutnya dah hafal kat kepala), apalagi yang boleh kita harapkan keajaiban dari Najib?
2 pakej telah Najib umumkan iaitu RM 5 bil untuk Valuecap untuk naikkkan harga saham pun masih tak bergerak dan pakej RM 7 bil untuk rangsangan ekonomi pun tak akan mampu menolak ekonomi negara ke tahap pertumbuhan semula.
Kerajaan yang cepat sangat melatah bila petroleum naik menyebabkan ekonomi dalaman menjadi perlahan bila kos sara hidup meningkat dan inflasi naik mendadak.
Pertumbuhan KDNK yang di ramalkan menguncup kepada 3.5 % pada 2009 menambahkan kesengsaraan rakyat.
Angka-angka yang diberikan tidak menyenangkan hati para pelabur dan ini akan terus merudumkan ekonomi domestik.

Untuk tahap pra sekolah, Najib gagal.


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