Monday, November 24, 2008

Let's Forget Politics And Enjoy The Paratha

A Kadir Jasin

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IF it’s possible, a lot of us may want to forget politics forever. But we can’t. Politics is us --- very much like "Me and you and the dog named Boo."

We can argue about politics until the cows come home and we’re unlikely to agree. That’s why in politics people often agree to disagree.

Until this day, social scientists are unsure whether politics is an art or science. So they define it as “the art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.”

So let’s talk about everyday things --- the little things that bring us together instead of tearing us apart. I think all Malaysians agree that when it comes to food, Malaysia is a hog’s haven.

Things like my favourite teh si kosong, i.e tea with unsweetened condensed milk and no sugar or roti canai garing (crispy paratha).

I gave up sugar decades ago. So is coffee. I woke up one morning to discover that tea tasted better without sugar and coffee didn’t go well with my weak stomach.

I read somewhere that unsweetened condensed milk was developed by American Gail Borden, Jr. in 1856. But according to the writings of Marco Polo, the Tartars were able to condense milk.

By the way, paratha is the original name of roti canai when it made its was from the Indian Subcontinent to Malaya. But almost everybody who had eaten the paratha in India said it was an inferior version of roti canai.

Having tasted paratha and puri in Madras and Bangalore some years ago, I must say that I like their Malaysian renditions better.

Or take a bowl of noodle soup. It’s anytime better in Penang and Ipoh than in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei. The improvised spaghetti marinara with cili padi, for instance, tastes better than the Italian original.

They taste better here in our beloved Malaysia because we adapt and improvise to suit the various tongues and taste buds – the Malays, Ibans, Kadazans, Chinese, Indians, Thais, Punjabis and the Arabs.

So, whereas we may disagree about faiths, the economy, education, language and many other political things, I think we are in agreement about food.

That the same dish in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and France tastes better here because we localised it. We give it the Malaysian Ummmmp!

I think when it comes to food we Malaysians are the real chefs and connoisseurs. We do not just cook and eat food. We interpret and sample the most unlikely dishes from around the world.

And only in Malaysia ham is halal. That’s because we are flexible. Or shall I say cunning? But we can also be ignorant and confused at the same time.

We love being Mat Salleh. If they eat ham, which is made of pork, we (the Malaysian Muslims) want to eat it too. But pork is forbidden in Islam.

So, the money-minded say why not make halal ham out of beef or chicken? Walla, you have halal ham without the help of a khinzir (the politically-correct term for pig).

Today, if you ask the young locally educated Malays,( they are Muslims of course) they will tell you that ham at the Dome is either made of chicken or beef.

By the same token, although yoga in its totality has been ruled “haram” by the National Fatwa Council, its chairman Prof. Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin said yoga’s physical aspect is not.

What made yoga “haram” according to the ruling is the mantra (chanting) and the objective of “being one with God.” That’s how The Star and Mingguan Malaysia reported the matter.

That led to several Muslim goya centres and instructors to claim that they are offering "halal goya." Why not? If we can have halal ham and halal (Islamic) banking, why can't we have halal yoga?

So, the non-Muslims – like the Hindu Sangam – please understand the issue and not get involved in Muslim affairs. It’s dangerous for Hindu Sangam president A Vaithilingam to tell Malaysiakini that the council's decision was an insult to all Malaysians.

I don’t feel insulted! And I am as Malaysian as Mr Vaithilingam. And I do not intend to get involved in the affairs of the Hindu unless my interest as a Muslim is jeopardised. So, Mr Vaithilingam please!

Whether it’s yoga or halal ham, understanding is supreme. I am not surprised if not a few are fooled into consuming the original pork-based ham when they are touring Europe, Australia or America thinking that ham is made of chicken and beef.

The Malaysian Muslims are very particular about food. They can be committing the most hideous haram things – like murder and corruption -- but when it comes to food it must be strictly halal.

So the story is told of one such person who committed three days and three nights of “khalwat” (being in seclusion) in a Bangkok hotel.

Emerging exhausted and famished he ordered a serving of chicken. But when was told that the chicken was not halal, he declined to eat.

Back in 1977, when attending a course at the West Berlin International Institute for Journalism – a Cold War institution – I had a pork-loving, pub-hopping Afghan friend.

When I asked him why he opted for pork when he could have fish or egg, he answered as a matter of fact that in Afghanistan pork was forbidden.

So he took the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry by doing all the haram things during the three months in West Berlin – a task made easy by the fact that our institute on Budapester Strasse was located a stone throw away from the very happening Kurfurstendam.

But eating in Malaysia is getting to be more and more adventurous. Try to ask for a simple pleasure like air suam (warm water) from a recent arrival from Tamil Nadu or Kerala and you could be taken on a confusing ride in the Tower of Babel. To begin with, air suam is alien to him and warm water is not warm water but varm vater.

To cut the long story short, the next time you are pissed off (sorry for the expletive) with politics and politicians, try Milo tabur.

Don’t ask me what it is, just ask your Tamil Nadu waiter. You can address him “boss” if you want to. I don’t think he minds.

So, I’ll continue to mildly tolerate politicians’ silliness for as long as they do not try to politicise my teh si kosong, roti canai garing, mi siam Singapore and beef hor fun.


sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

When I started working my first job in Jalan Pantai Baru, KL (my first job), a breakfirst of one roti canai and one tea tarik was less than RM1.

After 25 years, you cannot have those breakfast for less than RM2, unless the teh tarik glass is super small. At least in KL anyway.

My first draw of salary was RM850 (gross) as a fresh diploma holder.

After 25 years, can a fresh diploma holder draw RM1,700 from his/her first salary?

Not likely.

Is it just me or the heavyweight brands of daily F&B producers just increase their price again two weeks ago? And last week, the cigaretes too!

Nowadays, it is considerably hard to enjoy the paratha and forget politics.

Sorry Dato', but the economy is getting worse by the day.

They may talk the talk in Lima. Any consensus yet on how to go around things?

They are still talking about it!

This is not news. We have that almost all year already from our government.

p/s Perasan tak Dato', bila Dato bercakap pasal "all the good things in life", perbincangan dan komen kita selalu menjurus kepada "the good old days"?

Saya dapati sukar memandang untuk ke hadapan kerana pandangan ke masa hadapan yang masih kabur dan belum ada arah yang tertentu.

Anonymous said...

well things are better Malaysia for us..

Milo tabur sound nice..I'd once..

let just sit back..for a while..

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

take a break dato? dulu memang saya dan bapa oder prata dgn teh sarbat, tp org dah berubah zaman dah maju....sekrg roti canai dgn kopi tongkat ali!!! malayISA ini ramai yg mati atau pendek umo terlebih makan, bukan mcm di afrika ramai yg mati tak cukup makan!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Many people are getting pissed off now, Well Dato' I think you are right, Teh tarik, roti canai, pratha or nasi lemak with friends to enjoy can take away all the rubbish politics.
What a day, if I may suggest to Malaysians look for a place to go fishing or go somewhere in the jungle and have fun, far away from these politics of rubbish.
Good luck Malaysians.dh9753

Unknown said...

Dato' AKJ,

Likewise. That's why Malaysia is a culinary haven. Although it will be nice if the Mamak jaunts can employ Nigella Lawson lookalikes as their cooks. That will definitely improve our appetites and help increase domestic spending. Voila!

It's also good to Look 5 Years Younger Today:-

Health is Wealth!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has the best food!!!

mekyam said...


Anonymous said...

sawit futures trader,

Never mind whether a fresh diploma holder can draw RM 1700 from his/her first salary. Many starting engineers barely earn that much (after subtracting EPF Socso and stuff)!

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

Betullah Datuk...let's forget politics for a while. They simply don't make sense anymore!

Azman Mohd Isa
Shah Alam

p/s - always wonder why orang asyik bubuh kacang bila makan nasi lemak?

jrajster said...

Soon someone is going to suggest roti prata or roti chanai is originated from India and therefore eating roti canai will be haram. fellow Malaysians! be prepared.

Tok Mila said...

So enlightening is your posting today that I'm determined, God willing and God help me, that my week and beyond will be good - and that this smile on my (sweet) face will remain there for the longest time coming.

I'm amused with your posting at different levels:
1. You DO have a sense of humour
2. You are so, a Kedahan. I've been accused by many friends of having the knack of digressing [yoga fatwa story when I was already salivating thinking about them food?!!!] and being long-winded before the kill [kona sana, kona sini, ampu sana sikit, ampu sini sikit, paih tu boh...]
3. I am reminded of a thought penned by some English black humour writer : `there is always something sad in everything funny'
-- funny but so true. Yes, please non-Muslims, stay clear on this one, please. Thank God, your parting shots made me smile again.
4. My maid cum cordon bleu chef made curry laksa yesterday and after 36 years, I can now be at peace with myself. Why - You ask, because for the longest time I was feeling bad that the reason I liked so much the curry laksa that I ate at the primary school canteen at Tarcisian Convent in Ipoh is because the Noisy Aunty Soh made had khinzir bones in the broth BUT, my maid's version tasted like Noisy Aunty Soh's. Therefore, God help me, I now believe that there were no khinzir bones in the curry.

I'm going to take you on, I'm going to take a rain check on anything political for a good while.


Raison D'etre said...


"as long as they do not try to politicise my teh si kosong, roti canai garing.."

Too late la Datuk.

Amongst the very first thing the govt will sweeten (ironic word, really) is always the iconic roti canai, nasi lemak and teh tarik.

Staple spin for staple food.

"10 cents cheaper!" goes the headline.

Newspapers too are the same.

"10 cents higher!"

Interestingly, I find the roti canai by Malay kneaders to be of my taste than that of the Mamaks.

You should try the one at a roadside stall heading to Ayer Kuning in Perak. Left hand side. Owner looks like a Chinese.

Soft inner and crispy outer. You can literally eat a few at one go. best yet, it won't go "liat" when cool.

The kuah is so, so however. Typical Malay fare of kuih dhal and sambal.

Teh tarik, I wouldn't know, Datuk. Cannot take susu with my drinks. Kembang tekak, kata orang Kedah. :)


Anonymous said...


I quote "So the story is told of one such person who committed three days and three nights of “khalwat” (being in seclusion) in a Bangkok hotel.

Emerging exhausted and famished he ordered a serving of chicken. But when was told that the chicken was not halal, he declined to eat."

Once rationalize to me, that one is to ingest, hence "haram" and the other to excrete, hence to each his own. :))

aMir kat bukit

Anonymous said...

greetings datuk. you should travel a lot to india and sample the food there.They have some lovely beef briyani, chatpat(beef rendang dry cooked in charcoal fire), some authentic briyani both chicken n mutton from backlane of Mysore city. They will really tickle your palate.Lastly what Hindusangam says its just wind in the air for personal gain.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Pekena 'teh tarik' dan sekeping roti canai sendirian sebenarnya lebih bermakna dari itu, dia melegakan ketegangan seharian ketika menghirup kepanasan teh tarik dan aromanya menyegarkan.

Anonymous said...

Tok, bukan takmau nak layan roti paratha sama teh tarik (teh saya kurang minum sebab angin), masalahnya sekarang ni ahli politik nak rampas semua tu dari kita. Sebabnya, barang2 dok naik harga ja ni. Sikit hari lagi, tak dapat dah harga yang kita dok bayar tiap2 hari la ni. Apa sebab? Sebab pemimpin mangkaq, tidak beretika, pincang moral dan akhlak, pecah amanah, rasuah dan bebal!

Masa penaik harga petrol bukan main laju, masa turun? Eh, bertingkat-tingkat la pulak penurunannya. Lepas tu ada harga lantai la pulak. Dulu harga siling, sekarang harga lantai. Kang aku 'lantai' hidung tu kang.

Dulu masa nak penaik tarif elektrik, sebab minyak mahal, sekarang tak boleh turun tarif elektrik sebab minyak bukan sumber utama jana kuasa, tapi gas dan arang batu. Pulak dah!

Sepatutnya kerajaan pikirkanlah macam mana nak berniaga dengan orang luar, bukannya dengan rakyat. Bila kecoh sikit, oh..bukan main bersembang dan berbincang pasal ketuanan Melayu lah, Melayu longlailah. Hello!? Sapa yang buatkan Melayu longlai dan pincang?

Maaf tok, saya ni terlebih ambil gula pagi tadi, tu yang 'hyper' sikit petang ni. Sebab apa saya berbunyi macam ni tok? Sebab sedap dan manis teh tarik dan roti paratha saya di'rampas' oleh kerajaan.

ab said...

Salam dato',

Betui cadangan dato itu.

Suasana politik tempatan sangat memualkan dan saya menyampah sungguh dengan cakap hipokrit
ahli politik disemua peringkat.

Tapi pratha ni apa pasai dah nipis dan keras semacam sekarang ni?.
Kalau disimpan sampai 3-4 jam, bolh ganti jadi pinggan..semacam apa yang depa kata baru-baru ni.. `edible organic plate'...!

Anonymous said...

all this mumbo jumbo about paratha and ham just to 'cleverly' say you are with the fatwa council on the yoga issue?

you are right: vaithi is an idiot. he should be defending yoga but against its use by people of other faiths, the way muslims are proprietorial about the use of the term allah. yoga, after all, was a divine gift to the Hindus.

- Chee Cheong Fun

amoker said...

Ah , if only we can be so open to each other the way we are open to each other's food.

Nice, mature thoughts in that

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',
I'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry after reading your posting and looking at the current state of things concerning Muslims in Malaysia, and the world over, for that matter! I suspect we got our priorities all mixed up... maybe its something to do with the fact that many of us Muslim Malays have our genes/DNAs mixed up with those from Champa, Kerala, Yunan, Jawa, Xinjiang, Turkey, Bugis, Singhalese, Guangxao, Mumbai, Yemen, etc., etc.... ? Halal yoga? Sheesh! Soon we'll have halal music, halal cigarette, halal wine (with halal alcohol in it?)?...

eddy said...

Salam Dato'. After all this Hoo Hah about the Fatwa on Yoga, I am not surprised if Hindu Sangam's Saudara Vaithi will come back to Malaysiakini and claims that he has been misquoted and of course no apologies will be offered.

I guess that would not make him any less an idiot though for making a fool of himself and Hindu Sangam in general on the Yoga Fatwa issue.

IES Agencies said...

I also prefer my tea sans sugar,

only thing is I insist on Boh Cameronian (kat rumah le) kalau rajin boh's garden teas - the ones in tins are sublime..

I live their sublime pekoe chilled for a hot afternoon just enjoy the lingering taste...

Anonymous said...

Islam is universal, caring, uncomplicated….that was and is being preached (oops, preach sounds Christian).

And what is this yoga thing all about??? With all that is happening around the world and here in my hometown, up sprouts a fella telling you and me, chanting the mantras while we twist our torso in releasing tension is detrimental to the teachings. What mantras is he referring to?

1st question; did he ever attended any yoga exercise program?

2nd question; did he ever attended any yoga exercise program conducted by a muslim instructor?

3rd question; did he ever attended any exercise program?

4th question; did he ever exercised at all?

5th and last question: did he ever ate nasi daun pisang and did the head banging mantras,
like, 'Sodapnya'?

I am 65 and I have yet to come across such stupidity OR have I been misled all these years.

And what are good, normal, God fearing folks jumping on the band wagon and nodding their heads in agreement to such extreme fatwas for???

Show me the Ayat from which Surah and I beg to differ.

Islam is not living in the dark ages, Malays who interpret the teachings with their tunnel vision are.

If we are led by the nose and we follow without objections, it can be Jamestown, Malaysian style.

I can feel the evil eye heading my way; paratha or no paratha, my conscience is clear.

sujini said...

Bukankah teh si = teh + susu cair ( evaporated
milk) + gula ?

Bukan nak tunjuk pandai. Tapi ini yang saya belajar daripada mamak canteen di ofis zaman mula-mula keje dulu.
Roti canai garing memang saya suka. Kalau tak garing sampai keisi , saya makan kulitnya saja yang lain ditinggakan.

Pernah makan roti jantan?

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Hafizi said, "Never mind whether a fresh diploma holder can draw RM 1700 from his/her first salary. Many starting engineers barely earn that much (after subtracting EPF Socso and stuff)!"

Well, Hafizi. Exactly my point.

And the "price increase of roti canai and teh tarik over 25 years" is not the worst part. Stories about food prices are just appetizer.

Do ask around about increases in houses, cars and kapcai's prices!

Chee Cheong Fun said, "all this mumbo jumbo about paratha and ham just to 'cleverly' say you are with the fatwa council on the yoga issue?"

Did you read the actual thing, or do you by any chance read conclusions made by reporters in mainstream media? Or is it by conclusion of somebody who made comments on the internet but has limited resources as you?

My indian neighbour did not have any problem with it.

Raison D'etre said, "The kuah is so, so however. Typical Malay fare of kuih dhal and sambal."

I do agree with you.

In Kelantan, it is not that easy to get roti canai.

In case you are visiting Kelantan, I recommend the stalls not far from Hospital USM. Just as any USM staff.

Stop! Don't eat there. There is a reason why you need to do so.

After you tapau the roti canai, ask locals where you can get a good dish of gulai kerutub daging, a Kelantan specialty.

You see, for most Kelantanese, roti canai and dhal is normal menu. But roti canai and gulai kerutub daging is something else.

Another one is in bandar lama Temerloh (the old building - original shops of Temerloh). There they serves kari daging or kari ayam besides the normal dhal. It still offers the same taste and texture of roti canai they offer almost 60 years ago (according to the old locals, of course).

p/s for the hindus who don't take daging, there are also gulai kerutub ayam.

Man oh man! Now I just can't wait for raya haji.

Anonymous said...

Fool Me Once, Shame On You
(fool me twice shame on me)

What if they mess around with your goat, Scribe? Tickle them to death with your wits?

Just a fishing expedition, Scribe...and there are temporary fatwas are there not? Anyway, what is new with the fatwa? No big deal.

Well, the Sultan of Selangor, just fling a small spanner on this yogi bear fatwa.

Unlike the good news from Kedah where you will have halal bak kut teh ready and waiting for you once you get back to your kampong.

Interesting story of your Afghan friend. Lovely reading.

As the same would go too about your say on the Kerajaan Langit versus keropok lekor jerk off in the Majlis Agama Trengganu - if you do have any meta-thoughts on this matter.

Have a great life, Scribe.

Terima Kasih

ps orang tua-tua melayu juga ada senaman dan main nafas lebih handal dari yang yogi bear punyamau pun sami-sami, tak begitu; dan saya tahu anda bisa
melakarkan banyak puisi yang lebih baik. Alhamdulillah.

pps che det would be better suited blu and white collar when he would concentrate more on the economy or is he all burnt out? if that is the sad case then MoF2 Nor Mat Yackob will make a monkey not only out of him, Najib and almost the whole nation. But Nor Mat better watch his step or the Merican clan will be very sorry. You wanna bet?

Mao serchair waan, dey Merican?
(that goes for reezal, too. oh by the way, reezal won't be a naib ketua Pemuda. amiiin and alhmadulillah)


Sdr Indigo, in part, wrote: "Unlike the good news from Kedah where you will have halal bak kut teh ready and waiting for you once you get back to your kampong."

I have halal bak kut teh all the time. My favourite and my dad's too. No need khinzir bone one!

We use cow's bones, buffalo's bones and even chicken bones after the flesh had been stripped off to make satay.

It's easy. Why not you and I open a halal shop selling halal ham, halal bak kut teh, halal sausages, halal vine, halal beer, halal whisky and halal vodca.

One Indian (Hindu) makan shop in PJ sells halal beer from no less than Iran.

Thank you.


Sdr Zurich Al Qaq,

Pesanan Tuan diterima. Mohon ampun lama tidak kena teh Raju dengan Sdr.

Menega basuih ka?

Terima kasih

Jurublog said...

Salam Dato',

I like your idea of halal yoga or yoga for muslims. It will be a hit, especially in Selangor as the Sultan will be inclined to support yoga as a form as physical exercise.

Malaysians are truly a creative lot. And on average, they are very tolerant.

Unknown said...


If pratha (which is originated from India) is to be considered haram, probably you got no space to stay in Malaysia because you can replace the whole Malaysian populations by Muslims from India by 5 times!

Pls read before you say something!

In India, muslim matters are strictly done by the Muslims for the Muslims, even the majority hindus dont question the edicts or ruling issued by the Indian ulamaks.

The Hindus here "yang lebih2 pulak!"

source from Wikipedia...

Islam in India is the second-most practiced religion after Hinduism.

There are approximately 154 million Muslims in India's population as of 2008 (according to government census 2001), i.e., 13.4% of the population.

Currently, India has the third largest population of Muslims in the world.

pls read further in Wikipedia.

Unknown said...

this Sisters in "Islam"?

Who are they and how many muslim are they representing?

depa nie cakap ikut sedap hati ja....

Anonymous said...

Dato KJ.

Nama You sama dengan menantu Pak Lah.

Dato,Imam Ahmad Hanbali,ada berkata mengenai "knowledge".Dalam Islam The fooundation of knowledge is that knowledge which leads to fearing HIM,loving HIM,drawing close ti HIM,taking comfort with HIM na ardently desiring HIM.Then this is followed by knowledge of the ruling of Allah.all that HE loves and is please with from the servant of statement,action,spritual condition and belief.Whoever realise these two type of knowledge has foung benefical knowledge,he has attained benefical knowledge,a fearful heart and a content soul.

The knowledge is not narrating agreat deal,nor is it having an opinion on anything,rather it is a light which is implanted in the heart by which the servant comes to understand the truth,employed it to differentiated between truth and falsehood and is able to express that truth in brief,concise words.

Therefore it is necessary to realise that not everyone who speak o lot,delving into great detail,is more knowledgeable than the one who does not.The Prophet SAW said"Allah hates the excessively eloquent among men,those who move the their tongues between their teeth just as cow do"

Ibn Mas'ud said"You are in a time in which the scholars are many but whose speakers are a few.After you will come a time in which the scholars are few but the speakers are many.

Dato Kadir,The Prophet SAW mengajar kita satu doa."Allah.I take refuge with you from knowledge that does not benefit,from a heart that has no fear,from a soul that is never content and from an invocation that is not responded to.

To our brothers and "Sister in Islam" please take note.

Anonymous said...

ohhh..that is you..with your magic word and magic pen,whatever you wrote,no matter what,whether it's politic or daily to read.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro,
Ever since HINDRAF rose its despicable head Hindu Sangam has become more vociferous in giving unnecessary and uncalled for opinions. My advice to them on this matter is – please look after the helm of your own skirt or the proper Malay proverb ‘jaga tepi kain sendiri la’
Iqbal Azim (

Shanmuga K said...

Dear Dato' Kadir,

The Hindu Sangam's statement in full is here:

The main thrust of the Hindu Sangam statement was asking the Fatwa Council to behave in a manner consistent with national unity in their choice of words.

If the entire statement is read in context, I think it falls within the boundaries of fair comment on a matter of very great public interest.

K. Shanmuga
* Note: although I am a Hindu Sangam member and a legal adviser to them, my posting here consists entirely of my personal views.

the hun said...

dato', i really enjoy your writings. and am currently contemplating which i enjoy more, your writing or malaysian food... don't hold it over my head if i choose the food ya? :-P



My deepest apology. In accidentally "reject" your brilliant piece.

Please, please karang balik.

We must tell those "idiots" not to putar belit the decision of the Fatwa Council.

I am beginning to suspect that these idiots, as you put it, are trying to cause uneasiness and even trouble.

I took a glance at today's papers and stopped reading.

Kirana, please and thank you.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

To K. Shanmuga,

I am a muslim.

I had read the press statement over and over again and still I fail to see how does the Fatwa offended hindus.

I do agree that we Malaysian does not live in isolation.

I am not offended when a hindu goes on fasting with no eating and yet you can drink. Muslim restrict themselves from eating AND drinking during fasting.

Islam and Hindu are two different religion. Of course there will be different views on many things.

But Malaysian lives in communities of various religions.

So what do we do? We accept that there are differences between one religion to another.

I accept the fact that hindu have their own way of practicing their religion.

You SHOULD accept the fact that muslim have their own way of practicing our own religion.

WE DON'T ARGUE. ASPECIALLY OVER MEDIA. WE JUST ACCEPT A DIFFERENCE AS A DIFFERENCE. Thus we respect each other freedom to practice our religion.

Oil and water don't mix. But when put together in a glass, oil will be on top while water stays at the bottom. Always.

Oil and water have different nature of substance and we accept the simple fact that they are different.

Do you or Dato' Vaithi understand the true meaning of the word HARAM? And 'corrupt' refers to IMAN. Do you or Dato' Vaithi know what IMAN is?

If there is an issue about the choices of words used in the fatwa, there should be a clear message displaying no regrets over the fatwa itself.

Dato' Vaithi, in his statement says, "It is regretted that this fatwa prohibiting yoga shows a tendency towards a lack of tolerance and understanding which can cause communities to distance themselves from one another."

To this, I will like to ask K. Shanmuga for a favour. Please convey the following message back to Dato' Vaithi.


Mohd Zaky Yahaya said...

cool topic!!! mixed between food and politics..nice combination..ehehehhe..all the best Dato'

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Saya teka semasa Dato' menulis puisi "Melakar Suka Duka' tempohari, nostalgia Dato' telah kembali ke zaman Dato' menulis puisi-puisi romantik kepada gadis-gadis yang Dato' minati. Betul tak .. Mungkin sekitar tahun 1969 atau lebih awal daripada itu.

To be honest the prolonged discussion/debate on the Malays their politics their plight etc etc is getting more and more nauseating. One tends to get defensive.. or is it paranoia ?

This romancing the paratha piece is a lot more lovable in contrast. A neat and nice blend of good food enviable eloquence wit and sensitive issues.


affendi hussain said...

Dato' AKJ

I agree to agree with u that the localized version of global delicacies do taste better than their original in Canland Malaysia..

Walla ..'glokal' foods..its already under Najib's nose since the day he breath the God's free gift of oxygen.. yet his receptor nerves fail to trigger the neurons in his cereblum..

With exception..ofcourse, certain things remains good with its originality..

1) Thai foods (not the Kelantanese style as we used to eat here in Klang Valley)

2) Wine, Whisky & Vodka..(non-ethanol version?)
without the 40-50% ethanol content.. my advice, better take a nutritious fresh fruit juice ..why opt for a rat piss..try a non-carbonated coke for a start..

3) Beer..? A 'half-breeded'.. i mean a shortime-fermented drinks that cause stomach bloat? non-ethanol malta taste also like rat piss. Anything fermented with yeast & carbohydrate yield ethanol.. Try 'tapai'.. it taste far better..or A&W rootbeer perhaps.

4) Nicotine filtered ciggerette..? Why waste extra money when u can suck other better bummer..

Let alone the 'haram' remain 'haram' and 'halal' remain 'halal' such thing as 'halam' or 'halamization'..

What with the fuss this Hindu Sangam over Majlis Fatwa that govern Muslim community?..
Where the hell those Article 11 fredom fighther when it come to Islam freedom of practicing religion??? Selective? To hell with u liberons (liberal moron).

Better ignore the ignorant. Try to educate the moron & do not get the confused get more confused.

Everybody lately seem so over-sentitive in everything more than the like of pre-menstrual syndrome or menopause women.. I called it 'March 8 Post-Syndrome'..something like down syndrom ..always something to do with genetics will trigger it..

After 51 yrs of independent.. Malaysian society already reached menopause instead of rejuvanating themseves after centuries of colonial period..?? So early.

p/s: Last time the two profession I really hate most are politicians & civil lawyers.. Now add one more - the media spin masters & their bretheren scavangers (org2 yg menangguk di air keruh)... filthy as the Suindae (sondol) family..that's what they always are..

Note: I do specified the term 'ethanol' coz plenty or moron 'Muslim' out there who do not learn organic chemistry & get themselves confused with advice..iqraq-learn!

If not..take a glass and pour 2 ounce of methanol & toast yourself for stupidity..cheers!

Pathetic indeed..otherwise there is no need for such fatwa about Yoga practice in the first place.


Unknown said...


Nak perbetui cikit ayat Dato.we could not have 'halal bak kut teh'.For Dato and others knowledge, 'bak' tu maksud dia babi. 'Kut' tu tulang dan teh tu teh.Just to avoid misunderstanding among the non - muslims.nanti diaorg ingat dia org bole buka kedai bak kut teh pulak...pas tu ada chop JAKIM kata halal.

ab said...

Salam Dato',

Bolih tak dato tulis satu karangan supaya orang bukan islam dan bukan melayu tak menyebuk fasal islam dan melayu macam yang penyebuk itu lebih islamnya dan lebih melayunya dari orang islam dan melayu....

Sometimes it is better to really look at your mykad,birth certifi-cate and perhaps 3-4 times daily looking at yourself with the mirror to reflect on....

AETHEISM etc...not my relegion to begin with and not my business anyway.


Abu Bakar Ab Rahman


Hanezam, antara lain, menulis: "Saya teka semasa Dato' menulis puisi "Melakar Suka Duka' tempohari, nostalgia Dato' telah kembali ke zaman Dato' menulis puisi-puisi romantik kepada gadis-gadis yang Dato' minati. Betul tak .. Mungkin sekitar tahun 1969 atau lebih awal daripada itu."

Ah...anda tepat membaca hati saya
Nostalgia mengingat kisah-kisah lama
Tentang gadis-gadis jelita
Yang kita kasih, kita cinta.

Pujangga berkata: "Lebih baik bercinta dan kecewa
daripda tidak merasa suka duka bercinta."

You're right
I started writing poems
way back in the 1960s.
My first published poem appeared in the Ruangan Pelajar, Berita Harian. For my effort, I was paid RM15 -- big money for a teenager those days.

Dan saya terus berpuisi
Berseloka gurindam menghibur jati
Bercerita tentang suka dan duka
Cinta lama mainan rasa.

Terima kasih.

Azman said...

To Mohd Affendi -- a good piece and spot-on!


Azman Mohd Isa
Shah Alam

Anonymous said...

In response to the 'Sawit Futures Trader' regarding oil and water not mixing, read this:

See, that's the problem with trying to frame something as an 'absolute truth'.

The same applies to the other statements of, "Our affair is our affair and nobody elses," and other such things to that affect.

Sorry to shatter the illusion, but none of us live in a bubble where we don't affect each other.

And just the same way we marched in protest of various efforts in England to try to ban Muslims from donning the headscarf,so too does the Fatwa council deserve to be condemned.



Anonymous said...


Alhamdulillah saya punya kerja yang agak ok, gaji lebih kurang RM5000, tapi lepas tolak loan rumah RM1000, loan kereta RM1000, loan pengajian RM300, anak-anak kindergarden dan nursery (2org) RM600, dah tinggal berapa...

belum tolak minyak kereta, tol, bagi mak, bagi bini utk belanja rumah tangga..last2 hujung bulan tak cukup gak...

kesian saya dgn adik beradik saya yang tak bernasib baik berpendapatan lebih rendah...sampai bila pun tak mampu beli rumah sendiri, bayar sewa rumah sampai tua dan tak mampu nak tukar kereta baru, tiap2 bulan kena repair kereta buruk mereka..

Nak buat macamnana harga barang semua dah naik...kena carik kerja part time la..

Pok Li said...

Cukup ke kita makan roti paratha dengan teh tarik untuk melupakan politik. Cerita politik dan ekonomi yang semakin memburuk lebih mengingatkan saya tentang makan ubi kayu, ikan masin, inti kelapa.

Anonymous said...

Vish said...
In response to the 'Sawit Futures Trader' regarding oil and water not mixing, read this:

See, that's the problem with trying to frame something as an 'absolute truth'.

The same applies to the other statements of, "Our affair is our affair and nobody elses," and other such things to that affect.

Sorry to shatter the illusion, but none of us live in a bubble where we don't affect each other.

And just the same way we marched in protest of various efforts in England to try to ban Muslims from donning the headscarf,so too does the Fatwa council deserve to be condemned.



what this guy failed to understand is that we muslims do not want to be chanting your god's name. coz that's equivalent to worshipping your hindu god.

works the same way for you too. you definitely don't want to be attending temple ceremonies while praising our god.

i puzzled as to why should you question our religion when we don't question yours. so, next time, please be careful of what you say. i am among the muslims offended by your remarks.

please don't give any 'living-in-bubble' nonsense.

Unknown said...

Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday waded into a row over a ban on yoga for Muslims, saying they could practise the exercise as long as it had no spiritual elements.

Source: Agence France-Presse - 11/26/2008

Boleh tapi tak boleh.
Our HADHARI at work!

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Vish said, "See, that's the problem with trying to frame something as an 'absolute truth'." over my writings of water and oil.

Well, I had read the article and it says water and oil NEED a medium to mix.

You fail to realise that me using "the water and oil don't mix" thing is philosophical.

Philosophically, what does the MEDIUM to mix water and oil stands for?

And you completely miss my comments on how different religions should accept each other AS THEY ARE, at least socially, to maintain harmony.

Before throwing hard words to strangers, just because they have different opinion from you, try to be civil and put yourself into the shoes of others.

You don't hear me commenting on Hindu practices, right? Don't worry, I will NEVER bite that bait.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Forgot to mention something to Vish. This is an addition to my last comment.

You mentioned about the marching protest in England for banning Muslims from donning the headscarf.

Again you missed the fact that those events are of different nature. That ban was legislative in structure and it was forwarded by non-muslim into the muslim community.

Fatwa is a guideline. Fatwa is not a law. It is for the King to review and only in his majesty consent, the Fatwa will be adapt into the syariah law of the related state.

Secondly, the Fatwa in argument is forwarded by a muslim council to the muslim community.

You see the difference yet?

Like I said before, I don't see how the fatwa insults non-muslim.

anakbuah said...

Bagi kami agama kami dan bagi kamu agama kamu.

Kenapa tiba2 masing2 menjadi ultra-sensitif?

Fatwa adalah utk kami umat Islam. Dan hal akidah bukan perkara maian2 - ianya membezakan samada seseorang itu Muslim atau pun bukan Muslim (kuffar). Bg org Islam, tiada yg lebih buruk drp mati dlm keadaan di luar Islam kerana Allah menjanjikan neraka selama2nya!

Kepada yg tidak beriman dgn hari kiamat dan pembalasan, bagaimana utk menerima/memahami semua ini!?

Bagi kami agama kami dan bagi kamu agama kamu.

mawar said...

Salam Dato,

35 tahun dulu mula-mula datang KL, masa b'fast minta teh o tanpa gula dan roti canai dengan gula, jimat 5 sen. Teh o tanpa gula 10 sen, dengan gula 15sen. Gula roti canai masuk dalam teh....Skrg minta teh tarik kurang gula, roti canai kurang minyak...jaga kesihatan.

Anonymous said...


Does it matter that oil and water require a medium or not?

They can still mix - that is all that I said.

Which was my point, incidentally, that a philosophical absolute is as bad as an absolute of any kind.

Sorry that you didn't seem to actually read what I wrote at all, but I never said that you insulted anyones religion.

All I'm saying is that the attitude that 'your religion' does not affect anyone else, is childish and one-tracked.

Take another Muslim ruling such as the close proximity (khalwat, I believe it is?) ruling. Because of that one ruling, countless Non-Muslim teens are continually harassed by the 'peeping toms' of Islamic Enforcement Bodies.

Will this new Fatwa now mean that these peeping toms will be peeping into gyms too and harassing the clientele there?

So no, you don't live in a bubble.


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