Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's cherish The Time With Our Parents

A Kadir Jasin

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I AM not much for celebrating. I find such an occasion a wee bit laborious and, in some instances pretentious. So, whatever celebrating I do is brief and far in between.

But this year, Father’s Day celebration holds a special meaning. I suddenly see the merit of the celebration minus its ostentation.

Since my beloved father, Haji Jasin bin Tahir passed away on June 2 at the age of 85, I keep asking myself, and the people close to me the question, did I do enough for him?

No matter how best I try to convince myself that I had done all that I could for him, the little voice in my head keeps asking, could I have done a bit more for him.

I have no regrets. I believe I had done all that I could for my ayah, in health and sickness. Until four years ago, he was a robust, zestful and cheerful old man.

Politics and religion were always on his mind. He was an Umno member since it was formed in 1946 and had his education mostly in the pondok, the traditional Islamic religious schools.

Four years ago, he was admitted to hospital for the first time in his life and underwent a minor surgery to treat his blocked urinary tracked.

Before be agreed to be admitted, he extracted two pledges from us. One, he would not be admitted to a government hospital. He was adamant. “Lebih baik aku mati dari masuk hospital kerajaan,” (I would rather die than entering a government hospital), he stated vehemently.

Why should my ayah, who as a village politician fought for progress, reject a government hospital? “Kakitangan depa sombong, cik,” was his reason.

The frequent visits he made to his sick kinsmen and friends in the government hospitals convinced him that the personnel of the state hospitals were rude.

Two, he would not be forced to undergo major surgeries. So, apart from the urinary track surgery he had not undergone any. In fact there wasn’t a need. He had not been ill for more than a month when he died peacefully, surrounded by all his eight children and a score of grandchildren.

Now that he’s gone, I have to visit my mother, Hajah Che Ah binti Said, 82 more regularly. She misses my dad dearly and needs emotional support. Can’t blame her. She and my dad were blissfully married for 65 years.

They were the proverbial “ibarat kuku dengan daging” couple. They got married when they were still very young and raised us grittily through their sweat and tears.

Long before he died, my father had sold all his land to cloth, feed and educate us. But my mother keeps her possessions intact for their old age.

Apart from rice farming, which the family still carries on, my ayah also tried his hand at various types of businesses – sundry shop, rubber trading and butchery.

For those of us who still have one or both parents, let’s endeavour to take the best care of them so that when they’re no longer with us, the fondest memories of them live on.


Happy Father’s Day.


Azman said...

Dear Datuk AKJ,

From Abu Daud and Ahmad, Rasulullah SAW said, 'Whosoever recites the Quran and practices upon its injunctions, the reciter's parents will be given a crown on the day of Qiyaamat. The brightness of that crown will be more intense than the brightness of the sun in your actual house.'

Let's do our part for our parents.

Thank you

Azman Mohd Isa

Unknown said...

Salam Dato'

Could not agree more with you. "Did I do enough for him?" It will take some time to get it out of the head.

On the hospital thing, actually I too got specific instructions from my mom not to send her to a govt hospital (unless we completely can't afford it!).

Happy Father's Day

Man Ysf said...

Teringat saya kata2 berikut:

When I am a toddler my father knows everything..
When I enter primary school my father is great but my teachers know better..
When I am a teenager, my father knows nothing..
When I am an adult, I will always say, 'what will dad do in this situation'..
and when I am old, all that I can say is 'I wish my dad is here'


Anonymous said...

Yes, I had those same feelings.. 14years, still asking myself the same questions!! Had I given them my best?

One and only, when they are gone, they are gone forever.. if only Allah could give me a second chance..

And deep in my heart, the very one wish that I dearly HOPE FOR IS to one day be given a chance, in another time or another place, to BE ABLE TO MEET THEM AGAIN..



Anonymous said...

bless you datuk for still wanting to do more for your father. as for mine, your wrtings made me determine more to do more and more.
Death is imminent but life is full of uncertainties that need people like you to remember, cherish and move forward.
only in life that death meant something.

syed mahmod

Nur Jehan.Tropikana said...


Dato merupakan di antara orang yang paling bernasib baik kerana samasa bapa meninggal,ia dapat melihat dan menikmati hasil pencapaian dato dalam hidup dato.Ia mati dengan tenang mengenangkan anaknya hidup bahagia dengan cucunya yang tersayang.

Dari Allah kita datang dan dari Allah kita kembali.

Saya ada terjumpa terjemahaan ayat Quran yang mengatakan,apabila kita mati,kita menjerit2 mahu kempali samula ka dunia yang fana ini,kerana sawaktu hidup kita banyak melakukan perkara yang di larang oleh Allah.Kita membunoh orang tidak berdosa,kita mempercayai dan mengamalkan black magic dan meminta bantuan Tok sami Hindu atau Buddha, kita memfitnah sesama sendiri,kita tidak sembahayang,Puasa,memberi zakat,Kita makan harta anak yatim dan kita menderhaka kapada ibu dan bapa.Allah kata sudah terlambat.masok lah kau kadalam neraka jahanan ku.

Selamat Hari Bapa.

Anonymous said...

Pak Kadir,

Wonderful writing again.

Ameeen and Happy Father's Day.
(al-fatihah for your parents after every solat and when you remember them is what I do, said the honey trader, for I smell the strong scent of Jannah at the botoom of their feet - subhanallah and alhamdulillah)

The Honey Trader

Fooart said...

Salam Dato',

kenangan yang indah bersama ayah memang sesuatu yg sukar utk dilupakan. Saya hanya ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk membetulkan keadaan staff hospital spt apa tanggapan Arwah Ayah Dato'. Memang saya akui, itulah pandangan hampir semua orang termasuk saya. Namun, ketika saya ditimpa demam denggi yang kritikal pada tahun 2008, saya telah dimasukkan ke Wad 7A, Hospital Besar Tunku Jaafar Seremban, sebuah hospital kerajaan. Persepsi saya tentang apa yg pernah saya dengar berubah. Dari amah, jururawat hinggalah ke doktor, mempunyai sikap, disiplin dan budi bahasa yang amat tinggi, sehinggakan saya rasa tidak percaya yang saya sedang berada di sebuah hospital kerajaan. Begitulah keadaannya, masa merubah segala. Saya berharap agar satu hari nanti Dato' dapat merasakan seperti apa yang saya rasa, Insyaallah. Dan terima kasih saya yang tidak pernah cukup kepada semua kakitangan Hospital Besar Seremban terutamanya Wad 7A.

Novel ReVieW said...

pak Kadir,

cerita bapak mengingatkan sy kepada arwah ayah sy yg amat sayangi...dialah idola sy....
dia dulu pendidik...dan kini sy meneruskan perjuangan nya tetapi dalam bidang yg berbeza....

sy rasa tak salah jika sy nak ucapkan
SELAMAT HARI BAPA kepada bapak....
semoga ALLAH SWT lanjutkan usaha bapak...dan teruslah menulis... walaupun ia tidak seganas cukup untuk membuka minda dan merubah kehidupan insan...

al-Balingi said...

Salam Pak Kadir,

Tak terlambat kiranya saya ingin mengucapkan takziah di atas pemergian ayahanda tercinta. Moga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman.

Dan Selamat Hari Bapa untuk Pak Kadir juga..

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

Actually you are one of the very lucky ones since you had the opportunity to enjoy your ayah for a long, long time. That is truly a blessing.

As for me, I wasn't as lucky. My father passed away at a relatively young age. He was only 56. I was still studying when he went to meet the Creator. I loved (and still do) my father very much but it was the love of the young and immature. It was the love of a daughter who had not yet proven her worth and achieved financial independence. I was still not in the position to gift him with the things that I knew he wanted but had put off buying since he had his family to take care of and nurture.

Being so young and immature, I never thought of my father not being there. Death was a non issue. I was very busy and engrossed with my university life. Even during the holidays, I would be very active participating in this project and that project. Thus, my family didn't get to see me as much as they would like to.

I honestly thought he would be around for my convocation, my wedding and for all the other important events of my life. Alas, my father was not blessed with the length of time here.

However, I would like to think that my father and I had something very special together. He and I shared a love for letter-writing. We wrote up a storm to each other when I was still in school and continued to do so when I was on campus. In fact, shortly after we had returned him safely to the good earth, I received his very last letter. It was not like his usual lengthy and chirpy letter. It was a very brief one with his usual pantun nasihat; written not on his usual blue writing pad but on a paper carelessly torn off an exercise book.

I still have all those letters that I read now and then - just to feel close and bond with him again.





Good article :) free from politic and hatred.

pakbelalang said...

I always remind my children to firstly care and love their mother more. Father comes second. The sensitivity of a mother is more fragile and delicate than a father.

Sudah menjadi lumrah bahawa pengorbanan yang dicurahkan oleh ibu terhadap anak-anaknya tidak boleh dibayar dengan wang ringgit.

amoker said...

Happy father's day datuk

The pastor talk about it in the sermon today and a good reminder to ask how we are spending our time. I am glad that i bought my parents along for my month long sojourn. Cheers

syauqi_x said...

salam pak kadir...

terima kasih kerana mengingatkan kami-kami yang masih berbapa dan beribu untuk terus berbakti dan mengingati jasa-jasa mereka yang telah bersusah payah membesarkan kita...orang-orang muda seperti saya mungkin memerlukan mereka-mereka yang lebih berpengalaman seperti pak kadir untuk diingatkan tentang hal-hal seperti ini...Insya Allah saya akan ingat tulisan pak kadir ini sampai bila-bila...

dan satu lagi, sebagai salah seorang yang sebentar lagi akan menjadi 'kakitangan kerajaan' (dan di hospital pula), paling tidak mungkin saya akan cuba untuk mengubah tanggapan negatif terhadap hospital kerajaan yang dianggap tidak mesra, tidak cepat dan tidak betul ini...

saya tak salah kan mereka yang berfikiran begini (sebab pasti mereka mungkin pernah mengalami atau melihat atau mendengar sendiri cerita-cerita negatif dari hospital kerajaan)...semoga saja saja tidak termasuk dalam kumpulan itu!


OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Cheap is good, free is better.

It is not fair to say that government hospital staffs are rude. Probably they are a little bit rough. For your imformation, 77% of hospital admissions are in the government hospital and the rest are in the private hospital. And the ratio of government to private doctor are 60 :40, meaning; 1 doctor in private hospital attend 1 bed versus one doctor for every 3 beds in the government hospital. (MMA May 2009).

In the develop country, each specialist will consult around 4-5 outpatients per day compare to 20 – 30 outpatients in our country (not included supervise MO’s consultation). And the salary is also 5 – 6 times higher and there are no straight 36H on call every alternate day.

During my housemanship day, for 24H on call, we will be paid for RM20 which is about 83 sen per hour. If you work in the fast food restaurant, the overtime claim will be much higher.

To become a clinical lecturer is much worst. You have to do multiple important jobs and will be paid for only 1 salary. You have to do routine clinical works including inpatients and outpatients, on the same time supervise your housemans, junior and senoior medical officers and registrars. Sometimes, you have to manage VIPs including the royal highness and his family. You have to prepare clinical bed side teaching for medical students and prepare theory and clincical exam questions. On top of that, if you want to be promoted, you have to conduct a clincical research and publish in the established medical journal.Don’t forget about the management task such as attending meeting, PTK and so on.

Although with the above burden, you will realise that your medical student drives BMW car but you can only afford to buy 1.8cc sedan car. Can you imagine? After working for >10 years in the government hospital, it is time to say good bye. One thing for sure, government hospitals provide superb services but patient has to be patience. Cheap is good, free is better. Sekian TQ.

Mustapha Ong said...

Salam khas untuk sdr DKJ,

Pada hemah saya budaya menyambut"Father's Day" hanyalah satu daripada gimmik komersial untuk melariskan perniagaan-perniagaan tertentu yang menghidupkan budaya barat ini atas matlamat meningkatkan keuntungan.

Lebih baik kita sebagai ummah Islam memperingati hari semalam dengan bacaan sedekah Al-fatihah kepada bapa,mak dan juga saudara mara yang telah meninggalkan kita terlebih dahulu.

Kebahagiaan itu bukan pada satu hari sahaja, bahkan kita harus berdoa dan mahukan setiap hari dalam hidup kita bahagia dan sihat untuk mendapat keberkatan Allah swt. ameen. There is a good saying that 'the glory of the children come from the father and that's when the father will be the happiest man everyday'.

Pada pagi ini inzinkanlah saya memberi komen tentang kenyataan baru Tok Guru Aziz mengenai isu cadangan kerajaan perpaduan yang dibangkitkan di antara PAS dan UMNO. Sekarang Tok Guru telah gostan pula dan akan menyokong cadangan itu dengan syarat-syarat yang tertentu.

Eloklah kerajaan BN jangan asik berpolitik dengan PAS yang hanya merugikan kepentingan rakyat. Saya sebagai seorang Veteran UMNO yang pernah dipilih sebagai AJK pusat Veteran UMNO dan Timbalan serta pemangku Pengerusi peringkat UMNO Wilayah Persekutuan (2006-2009), menyerankan bahawa kerjasama PAS dan UMNO untuk mengwujudkan kerajaan perpaduan pada peringkat di negeri Kelantan dan jika perlu di Perak sahaja.

Janganlah kepimpinan UMNO pusat melelongkan maruah keseluruh ahli-ahli UMNO hanya untuk cuba merapatkan perpaduan semua orang-orang Melayu.Sejarah politik orang Melayu telah membuktikan bahawa perpaduan Melayu bukan mudah hendak dijayakan melalui perfahaman politik dan Islam yang bercanggah di antara UMNO dan PAS.

Disamping itu,jika tujuan politik perkauman itu tidak ikhlas mahupun jelas dan tulus, akan menjejaskan kerjasama yang sedia ada di antara komponen parti Barisan Nasional.Ini adalah satu perkembangan politik yang kita harus akui dan peka pada situasi politik masakini.

Janganlah kita dalam UMNO melupakan masalah dalaman BN sendiri yang masih boleh mengugat kesetabilan politik kita di peringkat BN. Oleh yang demikian, saya ingin mengingatkan kebijaksanaan kepimpinan UMNO melalui Presiden dan juga Timbalan nya, agar jangan sekali terperangkap dengan permainan politik PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat yang akhir akan menjatuhkan kerajaan BN yang telah dibina dengan kerjasama komponen parti politik yang lain.

Jika UMNO nak bersandiwara dengan PAS, biarlah menjadikan Kelantan dan Perak sebagai pentas politik yang akan menguji setakat mana perpaduan orang-orang Melayu boleh direalisasikan.

Qaseh Bonda said...

Salam Ybg Datuk..

Benar..kita selalu bertanya pada diri soalan yang serupa..tapi saya masih tak faham kenapa ada yang selalu juga tidak berpuashati apa yang bapa dah bagi pada mereka...

Sekurang2nya terimalah hakikat yang tanpa bapa tak dapat kita melihat bulan dan matahari...

Pada bapa2 sekelian...doakanlah kesejahteraan pada ayah dan bonda mu selalu...ziarahilah pusara mereka..hantarlah Fatihah sebanyak mana yang mampu setiap hari..pastinya anak2mu akan mendengar suara hatimu yang dahagakan doa dari anak2nya...

InsyaAllah..what goes around comes around...lalu akan lahirlah generasi sepertimana yang kita idamkan..

Anonymous said...

Touching on the issue of the lack of care of government hospital. There are certain quality issue related to that. There's no cases of lack of funding, but more about ABUSES of THAT FUNDING. It seems there's some concerted effort, agenda, to ensure public hospital flops and private hospital flourishes. Imagine if we have the BEST PUBLIC HOSPITAL in the whole world, where would then the Health Insuran agents, The Pantai Hospitals, private sectors "cari makan" anymore??? The worst our public & abuses of the hospital, the better the private sector flourishes......those that have "shares" in the private sector will get richer!!

Last Kopek

MullahTTDI said...

Salam Datuk AKJ

I agreed to your statement that you did the best all the way to your parents. Sometimes, we thought that we did less compared to our parents' sacrifices but it also true. At the same time, we must also thought that we did all the best that we could in terms of our commitment to our family, work and ourselves....Anyway, Happy Father's Day

Puyot said...


Sedih bila dok terkenang kisah lama dengan arwah ayah yang dah pergi menyambut seruan Ilahi.

Kiranya tok beruntunglah sebab arwah ayah tok sempat la jugak tengok tok berjaya. Tak macam saya. saya punya kes sama la jugak dengan Melati. Ayah saya meniggal dunia masa umurnya baru 56. Saya tengah final sem masa mengaji. Dok pulak luaq negara. Sedih yang amat. Tak dapat attend pengkebumian ayah saya. Hanya doa dan solat ghaib ja yang saya dapat kirimkan masa tu.

Yang dapat kita buat la ni, kirim doa dan sedekah pahala kebajikan yang kita buat untuk mereka. Tu saja yang sampai kepada mereka.

Buat yang mash berayah, selalu2kanlah jengok orangtua di kampung (kalau dok di kampung). Ada masa, bawak pi la bercuti sama2. Orangtua ni bukan apa, depa nak kita selalu berhubung ja. Jangan nanti bila dah tiada, masa mandi jenazah menangis teresak2 tapi masa hidup, nak telefon pun susah, apatah lagi jengok mereka.

Kita selalu tak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, bila dah tiada barulah terhegeh2 rasa terkilanlah, menyesallah, sedihlah dan sebagainya.

Buat yang bergelar bapa, selamat hari bapa saya ucapkan.

afiQ aziz said...

Salam.. Dato'

Ayah saya dimasukkan wad minggu lepas. Alhamdulillah, telah sembuh walaupun sakitnya agak serius.

Saya sangat bersyukur kerana hari bapa tahun ini, ayah masih berada bersama keluarga.

Semoga jasa dan pengorbanan kedua orang kita terbalas oleh anak2 mereka..selagi mereka masih berada bersama kita. Semoga ALLAH panjangkan umur mereka..


SA Rahim said...

Dear Datuk,
I had the same feeling 'did I do enough for him' since he passed away on the night of World Cup final in Paris several years ago. I was busy with my work schedule locally and overseas and had not visited him for about more than three months when he passed away. Not to make the same mistake, I visited my mother at least once a month no matter how busy my work schedule. If not for a day, few hours visit will do.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

Budi dan jasa yang ditaburkan oleh kedua ibu bapa adalah tidak terhitung nilainya.

Seberapa boleh si anak mahu membalas jasa kedua ibu bapa mereka dalam berbagai aspek seperti kasih sayang, material, kudrat, meluangkan masa untuk mereka dsbnya.

Namun, sebanyak mana sekalipun si anak terpanggil untuk memenuhi tuntutan dalam membalas balik budi dan jasa ibu bapa, mustahil budi dan jasa berkenaan dapat dibalas sepenuhnya.

Atas sebab itu,lagi banyak usaha dicurahkan, terasa pulak ada banyak lagi yang belum dipenuhi.
Sekiranya kesedaran itu (banyak yang belum terbalas) timbul semasa ibu bapa masih bersama, ia dengan sendirinya memberikan dorongan buat si anak untuk meningkatkan usaha.

Sebaliknya kalau kesedaran itu timbul sesudah mereka (kedua ibu bapa)tidak lagi bersama di dunia fana ini, ia pastinya melahirkan perasaan bersalah, tidak mengenang budi serta diulit kekesalan yang amat sangat.

Apapun sebagai umat Muhammad, meskipun ibu bapa sudah tiada lagi di dunia yang sementara ini, bukanlah bermakna usaha untuk membalas budi dan jasa mereka terhenti setakat itu.

Sesungguhnya doa yang dilafazkan oleh anak yang soleh untuk kedua ibu bapa mungkin berupakan satu-satunya usaha yang dapat memberikan kelegaan psikologi kepada mereka yang berasakan belum cukup dalam memberikan yang terbaik terhadap ibu bapa hingga ke hujung dunia mereka.


Ahmad A Talib said...


Bapa saya meninggal pada 24 jun 1998. Besok genap 11 tahun. Sya masih ingat dengan jelas segala yang berlaku pada hari itu. Tidak mungkin ia akan luput dari ingatan. Dalam apa keadaan sekalipun, ia akan tetap menjadi kenangan. Walaupun kita semua redha akan pemergiannya. ia tetap membuat kami sekeluarga merasa sedih dan sunyi. Mungkin saya merasa kesunyian itu lebih dari adik beradik yang lain kerana saya yang sulong dan mempunyai lebih banyak kenangan dari mereka. Dunia memang begitu. Ada yang patah yang tak mungkin disambung semula, yang hilang tak berganti.

Happy Father's Day and may the memories of the time you spent with your father never fade! Salam.

pahit manis

Lo said...

Happy Fathers' DAy to you too Datuk. May the good Lord bless and keep your family safe.


Unknown said...

The question I ask many youngsters is when did you last take your parents out for a meal. It doesn't matter if it is just a simple meal, it is the thought that counts.

My regret is i didn't have time for my father and now I am making it up for my mother.

Another thought of mine is love always flow down and seldom up. We will do the utmost for our children but seldom will our children do the utmost for us because his love is flowing to this children. A very sad fact of life but when love do flows upward count your blessing and enjoy it because it is the sweetest of honey.

Unknown said...

Forgot to mention, thanks for writing this blog.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...





Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

I knew you’d write this one on Sunday :-)

Your posting has enlightened me on the importance of making our appreciation for our parents known and felt by them while in our living years. Apart from the physical comforts we should ensure them when they reach old age, we must also not neglect their emotions.

With my Mother it would be easy. We sms regularly and I can say mushy-mushy things to her. With my father it would be different.

My father is 65 this year. And I am lucky to still have him around. And who knows I may be gone first. He is that type of father who does not display emotions like modern fathers today do. When I was small I thought he didn’t love me.

He was a loud and formidable teacher. He (and my Mother) taught me early muqaddam when I was six. He taught me maths and English until my Standard Four. After that he just shied away as I took his place to explain to him what the questions in the books required of me. He was my driving instructor before I got my license. Again a very fierce one this time around since “driving is no play play thing”. One wrong move from me and he would shout on top of his voice. He loved me so much just the idea of me making gross mistakes on the road would send him berserk. I had been stupid to have mistaken those conducts for lack of love.

Fierce though he was, I was beaten only once (actually twice, in a day. Once on the spot, once again when he told the story to my mother who was not there at the spot), when I was six or seven. That was for crossing the road without looking right left and right again and I was nearly collided into by a bicycle loaded with “tong getah” the aluminium container rubber tappers use to convey they latex to collection place.

But he's a different person now with his grandchildren:-)

Just like yours to you, my father has been and will always be an important figure in my life. Though our political inclinations may be apart now, and perhaps if we sit together and talk religion we may see a few things differently now, I would still look up to him as a model father. He has carried out his duties admirably in bringing us all up and looking after Mother well, and for that I dedicate a prayer for Allah’s grace and forgiveness here and in the hereafter upon him and Mother in every first prostration of my solat.

Here comes the difficult part : I can never look straight into his eyes and say I love him, But from now on I will let him know it in every other way through the rest of my and his living years.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers.

pakbelalang said...

Syariah Court Chief Judge Awarded For Exposing Corruption

PENANG, June 24 (Bernama) -- Penang Syariah court chief judge, Yusof Musa who exposed corrupt practices by a Penang Syariah court staff involving RM500,000, received the Penang Integrity award.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Yusof stumbled upon the corruption practice involving the refund of surety bonds, when he started going through the files after being appointed to the position in February.

"When inspecting the files, he suspected there were elements of corruption and reported the matter to the state secretary," he told reporters after presenting the award to Yusof which came with a certificate and RM10,000 cash, here today.


I think it is morally wrong to award cash.A certificate should be just fine.

You can safely assume that this award is nothing more than about gaining political mileage.

FIZ said...

Dear Datuk AKJ,

Sapa yang tak sayang Ayah? I miss Ayah too. Don't worry, Mak will be fine with all the love from anak-anak, cucu dan cicit.

Anonymous said...

Dato' AKJ,

My deepest condolence to Dato' on the loss of Dato's beloved father. Alfatihah!!

I believe Dato' is lucky being able to spend more time with Dato's father because I lost my own father upon my graduation from university...infact I was only able to give him part of my first month's salary. He mentioned that he only wanted RM 50 from my first salary and I gladly complied.

Now that I have my own children did their best to make the occasion something special for me and for which I am grateful. I fully concur with Dato' when Dato' mention despite giving many things, there is the feeling that one could have done more. Well, in my case there is nothing more that I could do for my late dad except for the prayers!!

To all the children who still their parents alive...always remember to chersih and treasure your parents...and spend more time with them. You can only feel the vacuum when they are no longer around!!

Ex NSTP Ad Dept

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).