Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Empower the Bumiputera, Everyody Gains

A Kadir Jasin

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THE Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA), unlike the UGA or the annual general meetings of other political parties, is a multi-racial gathering.

Naturally some members asked why only Bumiputera Economic Empowerment. Why only Malays and Bumiputeras? They asked. No one is poor among non-Bumiputeras? What has happened to 1Malaysia (people first) and New Economic Model (inclusiveness)? Even the Malay members asked the same questions.

Nobody objects fighting poverty and inequality. Even Pope Francis had declared: "We have to say, ‘thou shall not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality."

I Heaar - Empowering Bumiputera Economy

The KKA noted that the government failed to meet target for Malays and other Bumiputeras after 42 years. Why not the government get together 10 or 20 best economists and successful Bumiputeras to help chart a new policy for the government to implement.

Stop employing foreign consultants. If civil servants are not capable as one minister said, why not use the expertise of local economists and the successful Bumiputeras?

What has happened to Uda, Bernas, Finas, Fama, Mampu and all other agencies that are supposed to assist the government in creating the Bumiputera business and industrial community? Some had been privatised to individuals. What are these individuals doing to help their bangsa?

What good is transformation, KPI and NKRA when things don’t improve and the people don’t believe?  Then we had the report card systems and things progressed. Now things got worse. The 2008 results were bad and the 2013 result were worse. If the government is serious about the KPI, the grandmaster must go down to Padang, visit all Umno branches, pray at the suraus and talk to the petty traders. Show leadership by example.

Tengku took leave officially to visit all divisions. Even when he was on the way out he continued to meet the rakyat. If anak raja could do that, why can’t the son of a former Prime Minister? Don’t just think of holidaying in Monaco, Sydney and Las Vegas.

If the wives are good at networking as being regularly claimed by some ministers, bring them along to meet the rakyat. They can also network with the rakyat. Enough of holidaying di London, New York, Monte Carlo for shopping and attending fashion shows.

A kaki lawak suggested that new constituency, preferably a shopping mall, be created for the hardworking PM’s spouse to contest. She may win unopposed and then, like I say a zillion times, make her Minister.  It may be a jenaka by some, but I am committed to the idea of legitimising the position of the PM’s wife so that all of us can be above board, transparent and accountable.

Only Umno invites people from all over the world for its annual assembly. Who pays for their trips? It is very lavish compared even to Chinese Communist Party. Party portrays government. If the party is lavish, do not expect government to be thrifty and careful with taxpayers’ money. If the KPI is genuine, some minister would have been sacked. The non-performing ministers stay and the grandmaster instead appoints advisors with ministerial rank. Who runs the country – the PM, the ministers or the advisors?

So at assembly literally nobody talked abuse of power, corruption, wastage of funds and other hot topics that are widely discussed outside like the 1MDB, the ringgit depreciating and the KLIA2 cost overrun (from RM2billion to RM4billion). Not just KLIA2, literally every construction project eventually costs much more than the awarded price. Nobody talked about personal debt which is one of the highest in the world. What about NPL? Any attack on IMDB or Khazanah  is seen as an attack on PM.

Launching Imported Blue Ocean Strategy

 Is the role of the GLCs to produce UMNO millionaires? Some debaters made it to sound as if joining UMNO is about making money and the GLCs must now make UMNO members rich. How to do it, they did not say. The grandmaster said he would himself monitor GLCs. What was he doing before this? Has he not always been the Khazanah chairman? Or was he relying solely on deputy chairman and chairman of Khazanah Exco, Nor Mohamed Yackop who lost over RM30 billion of Bank Negara’s money.

Nor Mohamed was MOF II during Pak Lah’s sleeping era and later under Mohd Najib’s 1Malaysia. During that period national debt rose to over RM500 billion.

Of course Umno supports Bumiputera economic empowerment. It’ was a capital for the recent party election. The non-Bumiputeras were initially upset, but they are less unhappy now because in implementing the pemerkasaan, the Chinese as usual will get the most. They have money and they know money talks with many Umno politicians. They have experienced many similar policies since 1971 and they always come out better.

During the recent general elections, many Chinese tycoons played double game. In the open they supported the BN. Behind the scene they gave tens of millions to the Pakatan Rakyat.

If Mohd Najib has guts, he should assemble these Tan Sris and Datuks and told them he knows who gave what to the PR. He should tell that unfortunately the PR did not win and he is still the PM, and they better not play ball with him. But he would not do that.

If he is serious about Bumiputera economic empowerment, he should have a team outside hid office to chart out this policy. The PMO people and his foreign consultants have failed. They could not even get him a good result at the election. Even his political secretaries and special assistants lost.

Now that he is chairing it himself. He should be doing economic planning for country. But his ministers said our civil servants are not up to the standard, so Mohd Najib paid billions to employ foreign consultants. During the election, his foreign consultants proposed the slogan "I love PM". Lucky, he won narrowly in 3 sets.  The next time round, it’s not too sure that he can still win in 3 sets. Tun M won all five general elections in straight sets.

Next: More agencies, but Bumiputera economy is getting worse.


ab said...

Salam Dato,

Maafkan saya Dato.

Saya bosan,menyampah,meluat dengan tajuk ini.

Post PRU 13 shows the true colour of the PM.

WITH PM of this nature, forget about bumiputera empowerment and every body gains, no way of believing him...even if my cats grow beard and speaking arabic tomorrow tell me the same!..

ONE PM like him is enough to remove all bumiputera/melayu hopes and dreams into oblivion,
no matter how dim is the hope or dream...

DSNTR leaves office...most people,EXCEPT HIS `KAKIS' will blow a relieve sigh, and may add a little optimistic smile as well.

DSNTR leaves office....REVERSE all his delusional decisions and
policies of fantasy.

DSNTR leaves office...get tis nation a PM from planet earth, NOT one from kayangan and living in fantasyland, as the present one.

DSNTR leaves office..the tiny
`lefover' of `lost-power' bumiputera assests might survive.

The problem is he writes his own KPI in kayangan with applauding menteris, advisors,consultants from fantasyland...semua A++++

His KPI for PRU 14 pun A++++ and his menteris,adsvisors and consultants from fantasyland applauds pleasingly and loudly!
And they all feasting with foods and drinks from kayangan.

.........Except that THEY POISON HIS FOODS AND DRINKS all the time with smiles and laughing, and he is happy to get poisoned all along....!.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Din Pekan said...

The days the government knows better are over, begitulah kata Ah Jib Gor semasa mengambil alih PM post. Bodohnya kita semua rupa rupanya that is the begining day for the consultants and advisors to take over and knows better next to nothing.

Kami the bumiputra marhaen, the low and middle incomes semua sudah kena tipu. The day will come in GE14 and umno will become remnants party like what MCA is after GE13.


1. Mohd Najib's domestic rating down.

According to Malaysian Insider: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's approval rating has taken the lowest dip since assuming office in 2009, declining to 52% in December, from 62% in August, a Merdeka Center survey has found.

Two months after replacing Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as prime minister, Najib had a 65% approval rating.

The pollster said the survey was conducted between December 4 and 12, 2013, after the reduction of fuel subsidies in September 2013, and the tabling of the 2014 national budget during which the government announced the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2015.

The survey also showed that Najib’s drop in popularity cuts across all races, with the most significant decline being among the Indians, with a drop from 76% to 57%.

Among the Chinese, the approval rate stands at 21%, after a 15 percentage point loss, while a seven percentage point drop, from 73% to 66%, was recorded among the Malays.

2. Rosmah's global rating up.

According to Bernama: Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (pic) was today honoured with the ‘Global Inspirational Leadership’ award at the Africa-Middle East-Asia Amazons Awards Gala in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The event organiser, Centre for Economic and Leadership Leadership (CELD), said the award was in recognition of the high commitment, role and initiatives of the Malaysian prime minister's wife that had given an impact on women and children's development.

According to the statement, Rosmah also received congressional commendation from the Senate of the US State of Georgia which was conveyed by the delegation from Georgia.

Thank you.

Urang Awak said...

Salam Dato,
Selain dari Dato saya juga merupakan salah seorang yang selalu merenung serta memikirkan soal kemiskinan, arah tuju serta penghujung masa depan orang2 Melayu akhirnya. Apabila Dasar Ekonomi Bumiputra (DEB) tamat tempuh 30 tahun perlaksanaannya pada hujung tahun 90an saya adalah salah seorang yang berasa amat kecewa, sedih serta masih tidak dapat menerima hakikat bahawa ianya GAGAL sama sekali.

Ok, mari kita sama2 renungkan kembali siapa yang patut dipersalahkan disini..? Di Malaysia orang2 melayu menguasi segala yang ada di bumi ini termasuk menguasai sebahagian besar tanah2, menguasai politik, perbankan, GLC, mengepalai badan2 penguasa tempatan, pusat2 zakat, pengeluar lesen2, permit, para penggubal undang2 dan tidak kurang pula mempunyai banyak cerdik pandai, para2 ilmuan, tokoh2 agama, WARTAWAN2 yang mempunyai excess luar biasa (bukan Dato ye.. Dato BEKAS wartawan) dan sebagainya.

Saya masih ingat lagi pada ketika itu saya menjawat jawatan executive disalah sebuah Syarikat Kewangan Multi Nasional milik Jepun dan saya telah dipanggil oleh Boss Jepun selapas office hour untuk bersembang dan berbincang berkenaan isu2 semasa termasuklah isu2 berkaitan dengan DEB.

Saya adalah diantara salah seorang dari 2-3 kerat executive Melayu yang berkhidmat di syarikat tersebut dan amat dihormati serta pernah mendapat pengitirafan sebagai “The Best Performing Staff of The Year Award”. Di akhir perbualan kami Boss Jepun itu ada menyebut bahawa orang2 Melayu tidak sayangkan bangsanya sendiri dan tidak seperti orang2 Jepun, Cina dan India. “Kalau Melayu tambah sedikit sifat2 RAJIN serta mempunyai sifat2 penyayang kepada bangsa dan negaranya Malaysia akan menjadi negara maju dalam masa yang singkat malah akan LEBIH MAJU dari JEPUN” sambung beliau lagi

Saya merenung kembali kata2 Boss saya dan saya tidak menafikan kenyataannya sama sekali.

Sebagai pengetahuan semua, saya adalah merupakan anak jenerasi pertama dari kaum pendatang dari seberang iatu dari suku Minang yang berhijrah ke MALAYA sebelum Merdeka. Sepertimana yang kita semua ketahui di wilayah utara Indonesia orang2 MINANG merupakan saingan yang kuat kepada orang2 Cina. Mereka mempunyai etika kerja yang lebih tersusun, kuat pegangan adat serta agama, amat sayangkan kaum mereka sendiri dan amat digeruni oleh lain2 kaum khususnya kaum Cina disana. Kalau kita rajin berkunjung ke Sumatra khususnya di Medan & Padang Sumatra kita dapat saksikan sendiri bagaimana kaum tersebut dapat menguasi ekonomi standing dengan kaum Cina (50-50) dan apa yang peliknya ianya tidak berlaku dimana2 daerah di Indonesia. Misalnya di tanah Jawa dan di tanah BUGIS dimana 80% pegangan ekonomi serta2 gedung2 besar disana dikuasai oleh kaum Cina dan anak2 peribumi hanya menjadi salesman sahaja

Di Malaysia juga terdapat jenis kaum yang seakan2 sama walaupun tidak begitu menonjol akan tetapi jika kita ambil data2 kita dapati peratusan perniaga2 Melayu yang terdapat di Malaysia kebanyakkannya tertumpu di PANTAI TIMUR khususnya di Kelantan. Mereka terlibat secara langsung didalam semua jenis bidang iaitu dari kalangan pengusaha2 perabut, kedai2 emas, pemborang2 beras, ikan & sawit, contractors, wakil pengedar kereta, percetakan, bengkel2 kereta, perniaga2 pasar, penjual2 kain dan sebagainya.

Yang menjadi tanda kenapa mereka tidak ditolong dan diberi dorongan secara serius dan kenapa umat Melayu disana sering dimangsakan serta dianaktirikan sebegitu rupa..?? Adakah berlainan fahaman politik mendahului bangsa itu sendiri?? Adakah disebabkan mereka bukan UMNO maka mereka bukan Melayu..? Wallahualam

Urang Awak said...

Maaf Dato disini saya ingin menyambung kembali komen saya yang diatas (sambungan)

Saya sarankan supaya kerajaan merombak balik Biro Tata Negara (BTN)kepada module baru seperti yang saya cadangkan seperti berikut.

a) Menitikberatkan sejarah ketamadunan manusia khususnya Bangsa Melayu.

b) Menghayati ilmu2 kemanusian, perasaan ehsan sesama manusia khususnya kaum Melayu & Islam didalam kontek Al-Qurana yang bertemakan Allah itu Maha Pengasih Lagi Penyayang.

c) Menitikberatkan soal2 kemasyarakatan tanpa sebarang prejudice mnana2 puak dan kaum.

d) Menghayati Perlambagaan Madinah dan seterusnya menghayati perjuangn Rasullah saw sebagai seorang tokoh pendakwah, perwira perang, ahli perniagaan, ahli politik serta pemimpin bagi masyarakat majmuk di Madinah.

Semua orang tanpa dikecualikan termasuk ketua2 kerajaan, pemimpin2 politik, menteri2, penguasa2, ketua2 GLC, WARTAWAN2 KANAN akbar2, TV, Radio dan jabatan penyiran, pegawai2 agama negeri dan lain2 pegawai di sector awam diwajibkan menghadiri kursus BTN setiap 3 tahun sekali.

samurai melayu said...


We tango with most of your points in this post. Though your goodself have posted the remarks without fear or favour, we felt it fall short of this point. "If the members of the UMNO Supreme Council love the party (UMNO/BN)more than the President/PM, call a motion for a Vote Of No Confidence soonest posible to SAVE the country".
We dread to think the consequences of a Pakatan Rapuh government.

Do you concur?

Ps. Tun Mahathir advisors ranges from Academicians right down to the people on the streets, including a tukang urut from a kampung area in Selayang and mind you they are not remunerated!

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Should we just stop at "sembang kedai kopi"? Nothing changes while we sip the teh tariks.

I've been amused with the series you've written recently but I'm not sure where this is taking us.

Day after day I see people losing jobs, struggle to make ends meet and provide for their family. Let alone under trained graduates who have lost hope on improving their lives because they cannot compete in the job market.

If politicians are unwilling to help, there should be an apolitical movement towards it. We've already drank too much teh tariks over the years. Nothing changes.

Anonymous said...

En A Kadir Jasin,
Let me give a point of view that the KKA has not considered - which is History.

Quite simply, the Government today is no different from the historical governments in the Malay Peninsula, with the exception of the Sultanate of Johor. However, in the place of the Sultan is the PM as power is centralized in his office. Then there are the people around the PM who play for his attention, then the ruling classes, and lastly the peasants.

So today it is the same thing, but as I would like to remind you - you encouraged people to vote for this Government and this form of system. Have you ever publicly apologised? Answer - NO.

I used to hammer 1MDB with key facts way before you learnt about it, but all the pro UMNO bloggers ignored. Some even supported 1MDB! And now, after the election you want to talk about 1MDB???

To me, there is no need to talk about Tun or about the Communist Party of China. Talk about History and see whether you have a different kind of leadership. And then remember that since this Government is by UMNO, and preaches "Agama, Bangsa and Tanah air" - you should be grateful.

najib manaukau said...

Haven't the Malaysians been doing that since independence ?
What have we got to day ? A bunch of people sitting on wheelchairs and carrying tongkats. This empowering Malay policy is not the right approach and the right approach is to have an organization to teach the Malays how to be able to compete and most of all without any help. Just look at the successful non Malays they never got any help from anyone,especially the government, yet they are so successful. Isn't that enough proof this is the only approach for any race to become successful. Not to mention the resentment this pro Malay policy is creating.
Haven't we wasted enough time because of that approach ? Instead have a team of experts to come up with the ways on how to make the Malays to become more competitive. No one is born innate to be more superior than any race !

Lahuma said...


Masa dalam sidang Parlimen berapa kerat Ahli Parlimen kita bercakap bahas,bentang,post mortem mengenai perkasa bumi putra.

Ahli Parlimen kita tidak ada bahan untuk dibawa dalam sidang Parlimen.

Ada Ahli Parlimen yang hanya lena tadah telinga buat beberapa soalan macam budak sekolah tanya menteri.

Menteri pun serupa telan apa sahaja jawapan yang diberi oleh pegawai.

Perkara hal rakyat main main sahaja.

Melayu kina terhimpit.Kalau Menteri dan Pegawai Tinggi kerajaan pun bergelut berhempas pulas berebut rezeki dengan rakyat.Matilah Melayu.

Setiap Daerah ada DO .Kalau DO pun lena dalam pejabat.Habislah Melayu.

Dasar dan teori nampak bagus.Bila laksana lingkup.

Cerita turun padang .Dekat pilihanraya baru kalut.

Barangkali UMNO dan kerajaan selesa dengan kemiskinan Melayu hari ini.Seronok bila Menteri turun himpun Melayu miskin beratur,berbaris panjang beri bantuan ,hamper voucer BRIM.
Sebelum beri bantuan Menteri dan YB ceramah dulu tentang dasar UMNO dan kerajaan.TV dan media pun ambil bahagian buat liputan.

Mereka gembira dan bangga bila dekat raya ramai Melayu miskin terima bantuan dari Menteri.

Bila waktu makan.Rakyat miskin dan Menteri berada ditempat yang jauh berbeza.

Rasanya PRU 14 giliran tsunami Melayu pula.

Terima kasih Dato.

din JB said...

Din Pekan,

Orang Pekan dan Pahang sokong Najib gor dan UBN dan tolak PR.Mereka tahu PR cuba tipu pengundi.Orang Johor di Gelang Patah pun kena tipu dek DAP.Di JB kami pilih UBN tau.LOL.


Sdr Najib Manakau, among other things, said:

"Just look at the successful non Malays they never got any help from anyone,especially the government, yet they are so successful."

Please consider the following:

1. Kouk Keng Kang received rice, sugar and flour franchises from the Malay Pembesare of Johor. His son, Robert Kuok got more from all the Malay PM of Tanah Melayu.

2. Lim Goh Tong partnered Noah Omar, Mohd Najib's grandpa to bid for Genting Mountain and Tunku gave the lesen judi.

3. YTL got school and hospital building contracts and was shot into orbit by the IPP license which we ended up funding via our electricity tariff.

4. Vincent Tan berjaya because he was given the privatisation of Sports Toto and Bukit Kiara which is a public park.

The story goes on. Ananda the telco and Astro. Tan and Tan Bandaraya Land for Mid Valley. Desmond Lim privatisation of BBGS to become Pavilion.

The Malays got tongkat kayu and wheelchairs. The Chinese and Indian taukeys got golden tongkat and Ferraris.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between franchise & direct help. So Lim Goh Tong also got help from Tunku by giving Lim the mountain. How about Skudai & Gunung Pulai Water Treatment plan by Singapore PUB? Dare to say this in singapore in front of Lee Kuan Yew (still alive) that Johor helped Singapore tremendously by giving Singapore the FRANCHISE. LKY would whack you by saying that Singapore had supplied water to Johor. Hahahaha!
I agree about YTL. It happened during Mahathir's time. Hahahaha! You see the so called cronyism started to become worse since Mahathir toove the PM's office. Like people say, you reaped what you sow

Anonymous said...

Something for you guys to read about Mahathir Mohammad

Real Life in Malaysia said...

Assalamualaikum and thank you datuk for the KKA hansard. Some things need repeating ... just as one heartbeat does not a life make.

safiai saad said...

salam sdr Kadir,When I saw this topic,I knew we are going to be like a stray cat.No direction,no plan even worse no takers.
I like to look the whole issue from out culture perpective.
Do the malays really care about money and economic prosperity.Does efficiency and competitiveness is a built in concept in our culture.We were told that we live in this world and the next world,and the smart among us are those who work hard for the next world.
Do we care about knowledge and propensity to consumption.Is Research and Development be it products,market,human resorces,technology are in our culture.
I think we love to be the boss (reads KUTUANAN) and better still can direct other people to serve us,other wise I will punish you.Position,Glamour,royalty is what we want.
Come to think of it,Can steve Job,Warren Buffet.Bill Gates made it if they were Malaysian.(reads Malay)
The point is most of our so called business are not product and services millionaire but rather wealth seekers from the government treasuries,be it project,supplier,or service provider.
The so called business model.wealth creater did not exist in our cultures.We expect others to build first that wealth and compelled others to share with us. The recent Umno Assembly served as a proof that the goverment nust give us the wealth otherwise they do not do justice to us..So many Tan Sris,datok Sri,is to get the goverment to share the wealth while the poor must heat their brain and buttock in order to survive.This is a long topic,and and usual I rest my case.

Azman said...

YBhg Datuk AKJ,

Your previous article was about Pemuda Umno no longer a pressure group, and this posting criticizes very, very strong towards the government. I think, it's only you & your KKA gangs who can take the role of pressuring the government. Keep it up Datuk.

Thank you.

Azman Mohd Isa

p/s What happened to Mukhriz after the results of 2013 were much worst than 2008? Dia ada tulis surat kpd PM Najib ke mcm dia buat kpd Pak Lah?


Datuk AKJ,

Semoga artikal DAKJ ini membuka mata kepada Melayu yang hendak buka mata.

Hakikatnya, keturunan India dan bukan sahaja keturunan Cina lebih kaya dari Orang Melayu!

Ada satu ungkapan propaganda yang mensabitkan bahawa bukan sahaja UMNO-BN tetapi siapa sahaja Melayu yang diberikuasa memerintah, inilah keadaan yang akan berlaku . Ungkapan popular ' 2 x 5 '!

Dikaitkan bahawa keturunan Melayu tidak akan berada di kedudukkan yang sepatutnya walaupun siapa sahaja yang memerintah. Kononnya Melayu ada 'saka' perasuah dan berkelahi sesama sendiri.

Kita masih terkial-kial mencari kaedah untuk mempertahankan agar hak atau apa sahaja milik kita terlepas kepada orang lain dan menjadi lebih baik.

Kita masih berterusan menyalahkan orang lain yang jauh lebih berjaya dari kita sedangkan mereka memperolehinya secara sah yang kita sendiri menetapkan undang-undang/peraturannya.

Mengharapkan pihak kerajaan UMNO-BN semata-mata untuk memperbaiki kedudukkan Orang Melayu seperti suatu perkara mustahil.Kita telah ada rekod mengenai perkara ini. Datuk AKJ ada senaraikan sebahagian darinya dalam artikal beliau ini.Gagal.

Saya lebih percaya sembang kedai kopi DAKJ bersama pro pembangkang dan penyokong tegar UMNO-BN di blog ini mampu menghasilkan idea yang lebih membina berbanding janji-janji kerajaan kepada Melayu!

MalaysianKita said...

“Kami akan kurangkan kadar tol antara Bandar secara berperingkat demi kesenangan rakyat Malaysia”,Najib Tun Razak semasa Pelancaran Manifesto Barisan Nasional untuk PRU13, 6 April 2013.

Syarikat Pemegang Konsesi Lebuhraya mendapat keuntunga berlipat kali ganda setiap tahun. Apa alas an mereka menaikkan kadar tol???

PLUS untung 61% atau RM2.5 billion tahun 2011. Kos menyelenggara lebuhraya Cuma 6%.

KESAS SDN BHD untung 121%.

Litrak Bhd (LDP) untung 49%.

Najib berkhidmat untuk Konsesi Lebuhraya atau untuk RAKYAT?????






Road users might have been spared toll rate hikes (not once but forever)had the Mohd Najib'sa government considered more seriously and favourably the proposal by a private consortium, led by businessman Syed Amin Aljafri, to buy all the toll highways in the country for RM50 billion.

It promised no rate hike ever.

Maybe it sounded too unbelievable to the PM and his billion-ringgit advisors, and opposed by Khazanah.

Maybe the consortium should challenge the PM by resubmitting the bid.

Thank you.

jab sp said...

Kata kunci pada catatan Dato' termasuk untuk kali ini dan sebelum ini ialah:
Who runs the country – the PM, the ministers or the advisors?

Dan rakyat juga tertanya siapa Ketua kepada advisors sebenar..

Ketua advisors Tingkat 4 zaman Pak Lah telah dikenalpasti secara cekup dan tanggapan,tapi yang sah bukan bukan (Allahyarham) TP Endon-moga Allah menempatkannya dikalangan orang beriman)atau TP Jeanne.tetapi siapa pula masa PM Najib ini.
OKJ pasti tidak termasuk dalam senarai walaupun ia salah seorang yang terlalu layak ...hehehe

Amirul said...

Dato Kadir.

Komen Dato tepat sekali.

We created Malay Billionair like Halim Saad and Tajuddin.
Then we kill them.Noor Yaakob kill both of them.Not only he caused loss up to 30 billion in Forex trading but he kill two Malay Billionair that we manage to created.

Foo said...

Tuan haji Kadir,
You mean to say the expenses of those invited foreign guest are "sponsored"? That is really an eye-opener.......

CB said...

Dato AKJ, saya lebih setuju dengan pandangan Din Pekan dan Pengundi Ampang. Tepat kata kata mereka.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Syukur Alhamdulillah. Tulisan wartawan negara yg lebih menyengat berserta pembahas yg educated tentunya memberi tekanan kpd ketua2 UMNO.

Sejak dulu saya perhatikan Dakj tak pernah jadi penyapu dan pengampu tanpa soal.

Kepada pengundi UMNO apa nak risau dgn kenaikan harga petrol, gula dan letrik. Dan tol pulak tahun depan.

Bukankah BRIM tahun 2014 sebanyak rm500-650 tu SANGAT BANYAK.





Kalau tak tau kira cuba tanya perwakilan PAU atau geng engineer di blog ini.


Lahuma said...


Ada lagi jasa budi baik MB Melayu iaitu melahirkan ramai toke-toke Cina balak di seluruh negeri-negeri Melayu.
Melayu dapat dahan kayu balak.

2.Rakyat kelas bawahan dan kelas cukup makan cukup takut sekali dengan istilah RASIONALISASI dari Menteri UMNO pembela Melayu.

3.Maka bila tiba masanya rakyat pula akan RASIONALISASI undi pada PRU 14 nanti.

4.Waktu itu ramailah penceramah upahan turun padang untuk menghadapi RASIONALISASI dari rakyat.

Terima kasih Dato.

Hj Nazri said...

Datok I like your comment on the successful Chinese /Indian businessman and would like to added the following.

Robert Kouk become rich because of the Sugar Quota.
Who give the Qouta.Tengku Abdul Rahman.

Lim Goh Tong became Billionair.Who give the licences.Tengku abdul Rahman.

When Tun Razak became PM,He make Felda /settler rich.
Now his son ,Najib selling all the right of settler to the land to FGV.And FGV had to shares the Felda cake with the jews and Chinese private equity all over the world.

When Tun Mahathir become PM,he created many Chinese And Indian Billionair.
Anada Krisnan still staying in a rented house Brickfield and making money as a broker.
He make the break when he manage to buy Selangor turf club land in Jalan Ampang.He became instant billionair when Tun Mahathir get Petronas to built the twin tower on his land.
On top of that Tun Mahathir give him a Telco licences ,Maxis,Settelite TV Astro,Measat and power Plant in Melacca.

Vincent Tan started business as Insurance Broker,He make a break when DAIM as Finance Minister and Tun mahathir agree to selll him Sport Toto Malaysia for only $35m

YTL family almost bankrup in 1994,They cany even paid a bank debt with Public bank for $30m
He make a break when Tun Mahathir give him IPP licence to sell power to Tenaga at a vary good rate.

At the same time,Daim as Finance Minister manage to created a few Malay Billionair like Tajuddin and Halim Saad.
Both of then had to do a lot of National servicer to the Nation.Halim was asked to rescue UMNO asset worth hundred of million and Tajudfin was asked to rescue Bank Negara after Nor Muhammad make a forex loss almost 30 Billions.
During the financial crisis in 1998, both of them was deny help from govertment.Noor Muhammad as a minister put the in coffin and Tun Mahathir buried them underground.

Dato Kadir. Tun Mahathir is your idoal and you always speak highly of him.
To me he is vary corrupted .He even force Petronas to rescue his son Mirzan when he was in Financial trouble.

laimun said...

Dato Kadir Jasin

I follow your blog occasionally. Your earlier entries denotes your pro Najib leanings. It is indeed a drastic turn you had taken. Your stand against blatant wrongdoings and excessive abundance of wastage gives me hope that there are successful bumiputras who are not UNMOputras.

I am also a bumiputra, I am a Malay,I am Tuan in my own house. But of course my wife is the Puan, in our own house. That would be the same, I presume, in Kit Siang, Karpal or Samy's house.

So, let us stop harping on this Ketuanan business.

But about election promises, KonsiRaya, 1Malaysia, slogan here, slogan there....janji ditepati....TEPATILAH.

All this empowerment policy...naik harga ini hari, naik harga in January...tak payahlah.

In this town I live in, if I list down the unnecessay buildings, roads leading to UMNO officials houses, pavements and street railings leading to not tell the rakyat to be frugal and help sustain the economy.

Did not meant to be carried away but sometimes, it gets so intense.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Sejak Mahathir hapus DEB mulai 1991 peratusan ekonomi Melayu merudum.

Dah la tak menambah, dasar2 mamak sorang ni menyebabkan kekayaan Melayu yg tak seberapa berpindah dgn cepat pd toke Cina dan India dan beberapa kerat Melayu pd nama dgn cara yg parah dan cepat sekali.

Pembodek2 dan media siang malam berceramah cuba menafikan perompakandan pengkhianatan yg ketua2 mereka lakukan.

Zaman Najib dan Dollah, kalau pun kerajaan bodoh tak tau nak buat apa dgn duit rm750jt, cuba beri wang tersebut kpd 750 graduan Melalu anak UMNO totok. Saya yakin sebahgian mereka akan betul2 berjaya jadi penternak lembu.

Zaman Najib paling parah dgn penasihat yg teruk peringkat tertinggi.

Oleh kersna yg bertambah miskin tu ramai Melayu tentulah mereka paling ramai menderita. Kalau panjang umur , sama2lah kita lihat bagaimana peritnya kerjaya sebagai guru Melayu kerana berhadapan dgn anak murid Melayu bodoh yg meningkat jumlah secara mendadak dalam kelas mereka gara2 tak cukup zat makanan.

Malangnya juak2 UMNO tak percaya bala ini sedang dan akan berlaku kerana mereka sudah buta walaupun mata masih berfungsi.

Semua yg perihatin wajib lawan pemerintah zalim UMNO.


1. KKA's session yesterday's posed the question if we are am being too tough on the PM.

One member suggested that we lay off the PM's wife. We should neither honour nor humour her.

What do the rest think?

2. Pagi ini saya bersemuka dengan seorang anggota wanita PDRM yang kasar memberi arahan kepada orang ramai. Mukanya masam. saya tegur sikap beliau.

Beliau memberi reaksi wajah yang sangat tajam.

Ini memaksa saya memberitahu beliau yang saya pernah duduk dalam Suruhanjaya Diraja Menambahbaik Operasi dan Pengurusan PDRM.

Selepas itu barulah beliau senyum sikit. Saya ada antara berpuluh orang awam yang berdepan dengan beliau di satu pemeriksaan polis.

IGP tolong la tengok anak buah. Jangan layan orang ramai macam penjenayah.

Terima kasih.

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir

Buat Sdr Jab

Terima kasih kerana selalu teringat dekat saya. Apa yg you cakap tu betul. Saya ni ahli UMNO cabuk je, dari kampong, mana layak nak jadi penasihat PM. Nak duduk semeja dgn Dato’ Kadir pun tak layak lagi.

Saya hantar komen blog Dato’ ini pun hanya bertujuan untuk berdakwah dan mengimbangi pendapat. Dato’ Kadir ni suka benda yg mencabar dan “katanya” paling tak suka pengampu- pengampu. Tapi ramai sebenarnya pengampu tegarnya, yg sendiri pun tak perasan, Contohnya, satu artikel yg baiklah, pendapat yg tepatlah, I like your commentlah, tulisan wartawan negara yg menyengatlah, komen Dato’ tepat sekalilah, kata kunci dari pendapat Datolah dan sebagainya. Perlukah saya senaraikan pengampu-pengampu tegar ini???? Dan pernahkah kita mendengar Dato’ Kadir kata “TQ kerana memuji tulisan saya tetapi janganlah puji terlalu tinggi sangat??” Inilah cakap tak serupa bikin.

Berbalik kepada harga naik, bagi sayalah, Allah maha adil, Allah tidak akan menguji seseorang jika hambanya tidak berkelayakan. Jadinya, bagi sayalah, harga bakal naik sebab rakyat kita berkemampuan sebenarnya. Masa inilah rakyat kena bantu Negara pulak dan tunjukkan sifat patriotisme. Pernah dengar ke rakyat Malaysia yg mati kebuluran??

Akhir kata, Allah mengingatkan kita di dalam AL Quran dimana jangan sangka kita sudah beriman sehingga kita diuji. Ini barang baru naik sikit, dah bising-bising. Sekian TQ.

The Wizard said...

Datuk salaam,

Your Grandmaster told civil servant "..spending cut necessary. We have to face reality and avert economic crisis."

Before this Grandmaster played Father Xmas came to town. Since he took over national debt doubled.

He did not have a good economic team. Mind boggling to have Nor Mohamed Yackop as MOF2 and now deputy chairman of Khazanah.

If we wants rakyat to sacrifice, it must start with Grandmaster and Cabinet.

The biggest sacrifice by rakyat was to vote back Grandmaster and the BN. Six 6 months after elections, BN became "Barang Naik".

Stop Ministers from travelling and ask them to make sacrifices first.

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok.

"Only Umno invites people from all over the world for its annual assambly".. Barulah saya tau yang beria-ia memanggil orang luar untuk untuk sama-sama menyaksikan Perhimpunan Tahunan Umno ialah Umno.. negara lain tak buat..

Apalah tujuannya.. nak tunjuk yang kita hebat lah tu.. sudah tentu duit rakyat yang diguna untuk belanja mereka.. tambang, penginapan, makan minum dll..

Perkara ini nampak kecil tapi menunjuk itulah taraf pemikiran pemimpin kita.. nak tunjuk pada rakyat orang luar pun minat dengan perhimunan Umno..

TQ Tok..

Lahuma said...


Selepas Persaidang UMNO 2013 diPWTC hangat bincang ekonomi Melayu dan Bumiputra kini giliran Perkasa pula nak jadikan agenda ekonomi Bumiputra dalam perwakilan Perkasa minggu depan.

UMNO yang ada kuasa 56 tahun pun gagal.
Macamana Perkasa yang tak ada kuasa pun nak buat.Setakat boleh bincang sahajalah.

Tengku Razaleih pula yang resmi Perwakilan Perkasa.

Yang saya tahu orang bukan Melayu mereka ada kesatuan dalam setiap perniagaan mereka seperti persatuan kedai kopi,persatuan jual ikan,persatuan tukang jahit,persatuan pengedar buah,persatuan kedai runcit,persatu pengedar surat khabar,persatuan gunting rambut,persatuan penanam sayur,persatuan ternak ayam dan macam-macam lagi.

Disinilah asas kekuatan mereka yang sukar di gugat dalam semua perkara termasuk nak beri undi bila PRU nanti.

Begitulah gelagat NGO Melayu,Parti Melayu termasuk UMN

.Terima kasih Dato.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Puak2 yg drlangitbiru gelar penyamun dan Din Melaka gelarkan samseng ni tidak akan teragak2 mengerahkan anjing upahan sekiranya Dakj atau sesiapa yg dianggap telah cross the red line.

Dulu Mahathir. Lepas tu Dollah. Dan sekarang Najib .

Bagi mereka, rakyat ni penting semasa menjelang PRU.

Selepas samseng ni menang walaupun dgn cara haram, mereka pun mendabik dada dan berkata: kami dah menang. Mahkamah pun kata kami menang. Negara ni kami yg punya.

Begitulah bongkak jalan pemikiran sesat mereka..

Kalau mereka tu benar2 kerajaan baik yg bukan haram, mereka tentu hormat undang2 dan sanjung rakyat.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Dah beberapa kali saya suarakan kebimbangan terhadap hutang negara gara2 zaman Najib joli katak atau terpaksa bayar hutang lama yg di buat PM2 terdahulu ATAU kombinasi kedua2nya.

Sudah banyak kali jugak saya suarakan bahawa kslsu krwangan kerajaan lemah maka semakin berkuranglah wang yg ada untuk program membantu rakyat Melayu. Malsh dikalangan kroni Melayu UMNO pun mereka harus bergaduh.

Terkini kerajaan ngok UBN terpaksa mengadai berbillion harta negara kepada hartawan kroni demi nak tunjuk bahawa dari segi perakaunan, kewangan kerajaan Malaysia nampak cantik khususnya defisit bajet turun kepada 4% drpd 4.5%.

Wayang wayang atau silap mata hujung tahun memang selalu dibuat oleh syatikst bermasalah demi nak tunjuk jualan dan untung yg gah.

Kalau permainan sama dibust oleh kerajasn maka nampak ssngat lemahnya kewangan dan tentu bertujuan mrngaburi mata orang awam.

Betullah kata kawan saya yg kerjs di kemrnterian: kerajaan Najib dsh pokai. Dapat bayar gaji dan hutang nrgara pun dah bsik. Bayaran klaim yg lsin dah berbulan2 kena pengap.

Maklumlsh mereka mesti bayar rm492,000 sehari nak pakaii jet eksekutif demi nak jaga imej di hadapan pak Arab. Bukan kata saya tapi OKJ yg kata.

din klang said...


Malangnya semua ini tidak diperdulikan oleh najib samada secara sedar atau tidak..... mungkin cuma Toh Puan Rahah sahaja yang boleh menyedarkan dia

din Corner said...

Din Melaka terlebih baca Suara Keaadilan , Harakah dan Rocket dan sumbatkan dalam blog DAKJ.Cite sama je.Kah...kah..kah..

Jangan lupa Bersih 4.0 Gila dan Himpunan Rakyat Bodoh 31 Dec ini di Dataran Merdeka anjuran parti Pakatan Rakyat Bodoh bagi tumbangkan kerajaan BN sprti di Thailand. Mengikut poster arahan Anuwar.

Pinhai said...

Any country that issues its own currency CANNOT go bangkrupt I.e. INSOLVENCY is not an issue. But the worry is on inflation and fall in exchange rate...SOLVENCY is NOT an issue at all. Will you all go to : and READ the article : the seven innocent frauds. Be enlightened!

Ghab said...

As much as I want to share in bombarding Najib, his wife, Government, politicians, education, races and economy, I still believe with soberness, it is not the end of the world or rather the sky is not going to fall in. Malaysia will be Malaysia and KKA will take shape along with age to maturity.

Kampong Man said, "Kuching mampus pun nak salahkan Umno". The noble claims, "this is less about me, but about the people who made me what I am (who made who?) and about the future of our children and their children. If we stand by and let the corrupt, the unscrupulous and the week to squander away the wealth of the nation, our children and grandchildren will damn us."

Apparently, New Year is around the conner. There be more criticism for lavish spending for the New Year anniversary. Umno and Rosmah notorious shopping habits will be the punching back again. The joyous celebration of New Year will be damned.

My take for what it worths for meanings of escapism that has been driving me nuts:

It is the New Year and yes it is New Year! An occasion I once celebrated most. It was an evening shift, a place of my working hours. An extravagant entertainment outlet called The Stage Door. I was a professional bartender. We rather fancied to be called Mixerlogists, I was among the best in the profession then.

Again it was a privilege to be on duty on the night of most acclaimed and joyful anniversary celebrated by all human kinds.

I was paid triple times and the half per hour for working a ten hours shift. I did not understand why many of my partners in our profession refrained from working on New Year Eve. The pay was good though and really not bad for jobs that pay at least fifty five dollars an hour besides generous gratuity.

In respect of the festivity, I did not want to be in indisposed and I too want to share my moment of joy while I was on duty. As a professional while on working hours, I stood up by not to drink alcohol on and before job. It is against the labour laws to drink on job. More than that, it was against the Inn Keeper regulations to steal drinks from your own bar. It is bad business. But for the sake of New Year Anniversary, I made it an exception. I broke some rules and well prepared to accept the consequences.

Consciously, I firmly had the liberty to be elated. To begin, a bottle of dry red wine will do as a starter. Toward the countdown I was almost tipsy and totally drunk before the celebration was over. I knew the penalty of drinking on job was a dismissal without prejudice or suspended. I made my mind, why not! It did not matter to me because it was New Year Eve, anyway. I always thought, If you never got fired on New Year Eve night, you never get fired at all. My beverage manager did not think so. But the irony was that he got fired instead of me because he was habitually drink to excess on job and got drunk half way through before countdown. He was happily dismissed and I was promoted to new beverage manager later then. Continue.........

Ghab said...

Continue..........The clock almost struck midnight. I was almost tipsy. The countdown began, five, four, three, two, one, zero, everyone were cheering and joying with applause wishing and kissing each other of Happy New Year.

At that moment, I left my bar. I instructed my bus-boys to guard the ford. I then quickly advanced to the most pretty girl whom I marked on and already made an impression on her long before the countdown. Without further due, I hugged and kissed her passionately and tightly wishing her Happy New Year followed by more of my kinky kisses. She was all there ready for me and responded my kisses pretty well. Then to the other girls who were waiting for my kisses and hugged. With a glass of champagne in my hand I gave a toss to them for happiness and greeted with more of my New Year kisses and hugging routine. If I was lucky we be kissing and hugging to reaching dawn while we were still happily drunk.

As I could recalled, what a drunkard occasion I had. The aftermath was a suffering to me of being veritably drunk. Constant intakes of the mixture, unaccounted for number of shots in bottles of Gin and tonic, chased by orderly bottles of Heineken beer and glasses of luxurious and exclusivity of Champagne, no wonder I was deadly pissed. The unpleasant situation which not to be forgotten was the continuous hung over I had when I woke up late the next morning. But at that time, I loved it with no regrets. I always looked forward for the next New Year Eve to near coming.

Though It was fun, marked the moment of my joyous memories but the message of my celebration had went through walks of freedom and liberty. The meaning of good time celebration had been long gone by, the reality prevails.

In advance have a sober New Year. Happy New Year where the celebration may be held.

Lahuma said...


Nasib Melayu Pulau Pinang.

Melayu Pulau Pinang apa kurang dan boleh dijadikan sampel sebagai model keupayaan UMNO sejak sekian lama gagal membantu Melayu disana.

Yang berjaya hanyalah beberapa kerat pemimpin UMNO di Pulau Pinang yang ambil peluang untuk kepentingan mereka seperti Ketua Bahagian,Menteri,Timbalan Menteri dan setaraf dengannya.Melayu Pulau Pinang yang lain kian terhimpit.

Kini tibalah giliran Mat Sabu pula yang baru ditabal sebabai Pengerusi Pas Pulau Pinang.Apakah Mat Sabu lebih berjaya daripada zaman UMNO dulu.Mat Sabu kena belajar kegagalan UMNO dulu.Mat Sabu pula mewakili Parti Islam.Melayu dan Islam di Pulau Pinang hendaklah seiring berjaya.
Jangan Mat Sabu saja yang berjaya tetapi Melayu lain tumbang.

Mat Sabu tak keseorangan untuk membela nasib Melayu Pulau Pinang.Mat Sabu ada seorang lagi tokoh anak jati Pulau Pinang DS Anuar Ibrahim dari PKR.

Setelah 56 tahun Melayu Pulau Pinang tertekan diera kehebatan UMNO.

Mat Sabu dari Pas dan DS Anuar Ibrahim kena bela nasib Melayu Pulau Pinang.

Pemimpin Melayu UMNIO Pulau Pinang sudah senang lenang.Nasib mereka sudah terbela dan selamat untuk sekurang-kurangnya pun tiga generasi.

Melayu biasa ini apa akan jadi.Bukan isu ekonomi sahaja.Isu rumah kediaman pun parah.

Mampukah Mat Sabu bela nasib Melayu Pulau Pinang dibawah kerajaan DAP.
UMNO kurang berjaya dizaman kerajaan Gerakan dahulu.

Melayu Pulau Pinang siapa yang akan senang.

Terima kasih Dato.

Kampong man said...

Salam Dato,

1.Economic empowerment .Two weeks ago my wife was at The Mines Books fair.She is always passionate about books and she bought me a book for RM8.00 entitle "Living in the Village" by Ryan C .Mack because I am a Kampong man and she knows books on finances is close to my heart always.

2.The book is about building our financial future and strenthening our community. I have always been passionate about financial planning and and coaching young graduates to achieve financial freedom whenever I meet them in the KK(kedai kopi) shops or anywhere explaining to them the importance of saving and financial planning and budgeting in layman terms for free and hoping that they I turn can extend those tips to others and for the good of the community.Our financial future is not something just happens to us.We have to make it happen.You have to start young.

3.Financial planning is not something easy especially nowdays when we are trying to overcome destructive spending habits, accumulating debt and household budgets which is very challenging to most families.We need to ensure that our people are able to get out of this poverty trap.To rapatkan jurang kemiskinan dan kekayaan.

4.There are many such books in the bookstores along the lines of Rich Dad and Poor Dad.Of course as one gets older like me all the "How to "books are history.It is implementing all the way.May be you can now read this book "The Rules of Wealth".

4.The problem is our many Melayu lack reading habits but not eating habits.I used to be a member of Lake Club when I lived at the Bangsar Federal Hill and spend most morning jogging and joined the Tai Chi group there in the Lake Garden.On many occasion I saw some malay families did their jogging too and end up eating nasi lemak as a family thingy as a reward.

5.So Dato , orang melayu kita ni suka lebih bercakap dari membaca.I choose to decline your KKA lah this time.I will continue contribute to people in my kampong and kampong nearby in Melaka lah my own way because happiness to me nowdays is about giving back to society and 'Living in the Village'.

Thank you.

@ Oppss...Zed 85, How can we compare Britain and Malaysia?.On reading and eating habits alone we see differences let alone the current practuse of dirty politics.We are moving in the right direction though.Cheers mate.Water will find its own level.Din Melaka will not understand my writing so be it.

No worries."Once you let go negative people, POSITIVE one appears" .It is our choice really to be where you want to be right?


Sufian Idrus said...


Akhbar semalam melaporkan bahawa DS Najib mendengar keluh-kesah rakyat mengenai kenaikan kos sara hidup.

Maka, "Disebabkan itu, kerajaan bersetuju menubuhkan Makmal Mengenai Kos Sara Hidup di bawah Unit Pengurusan Prestasi dan Pelaksanaan (Pemandu)," katanya.

Teramat malangnya rakyat Malaysia yang memilih seorang anak Perdana Menteri sebagai Perdana Menteri, sehinggakan amat sukar untuk memahami kepayahan hidup rakyat. Sehinggakan memerlukan sebuah makmal untuk memahami kenaikan kos sara hidup. Beliau rupa-rupanya tidak tahu bahawa Malaysia ini sebuah negara membangun, bukan lagi negara maju. Pendapatan per kapita rakyat jauh rendah berbanding Singapura dan lain-lain negara yang jauh lebih maju dari Malaysia, dan ekonomi negara merudum semenjak beliau dilantik menjadi Perdana Menteri. Beliau tidak sedar bahawa BR1M yang beliau berikan tidak cukup untuk menyara kehidupan tahunan, rakyat memerlukan peningkatan ekonomi untuk mendapat pendapatan yang lebih baik.

Seorang Perdana Menteri yang lahir dalam keluarga kaya-raya, anak kepada seorang Perdana Menteri tidak mungkin memahami semua itu dan memerlukan sebuah makmal untuk melakukan penyelidikan yang akan membelanja kos yang tinggi hanya untuk memahami ekonomi asas kehidupan rakyat.

Bagaimana pula nasib negara Malaysia di masa akan datang kerana Datuk Paduka Mukhriz Tun Dr. Mahathir juga adalah seorang anak Perdana Menteri? Begitu juga Datuk Seri Panglima Hishamuddin Tun Hussein. Adakah anak-anak Perdana Menteri-Perdana Menteri ini faham kepayahan rakyat? Jika mereka tidak faham, mereka tidak layak menjadi menteri.

Sufian Idrus

din klang said...

Kalau begini la tahap Najib punya para penasihat dengan di bayar dengan gaji lumayan , lebih baik Najib tukar saja mereka dgn din melaka...bayar pun murah...setimpal dgn cara jawapan dan idea yg di lontarkan.....umpama tikus baiki labu... Tetapi Sekurang kurang nya banyak jimat duit rakyat dgn upah yg rendah

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok..

Ada yang komen kenaikkan harga barang merupakan satu "ujian" untuk kita terus bersabar..

Zaman Saidina Umar ra, dia telah menurunkan cukai untuk mengurangkan bebanan rakyatnya..

Jadi jangan cuba kelirukan mengenai takrif "ujian" jika kita berada dipehak yang berkuasa..

TQ Tok..

Competente said...


I do agree that we should leave the PM's wife alone. After all, she is just the wife. She should not be burdened with the husband's responsibility.

It is her husband which is the Prime Minister of Malaysia. DS Najib should not have taken his position as the Prime Minister as a privilege to allow for the consumption of the tax-payers' monies for the whims and fancies of his wife; whether with the Cabinet's approval or not. Why? Because he heads the Cabinet. It is definitely a conflict of interest for a wife of the Head of Cabinet to obtain any approval of the Cabinet; because her husband heads the Cabinet. If DS Najib does not understand that, we should not blame the wife but it is the Prime Minister's reponsibility to advise the Cabinet and the husband's responsibility to educate his wife.

DS Najib should be advised that being a Prime Minister is not a privilege, but a responsibility. A Prime Minister of Malaysia is not responsible for what others (foreigners) should perceive. A Prime Minister need not bring foreign delegates to a domestic meetings because he is not responsible for the views of foreigners. The Prime Minister is responsible for the people of Malaysia; he should ensure the well being of all Malaysians are taken care of. He should ensure that all Malaysians should afford to have food on the table, roof on top of their heads, able to travel as they need, have good jobs with good real income, good health, good education and whatever that a citizen of Malaysia may need. Malaysians do not care of what happens in Dubai, in Oman, in Qatar or in any other countries that his wife has traveled using the taxpayers' monies and what foreign people perceive about the Prime Minister's wife. Only fools and ignorant would be too concerned of what others look at us.

But this is exactly what the Prime Minister does. He cares too much about what the foreigners think, but he does not take care of his responsibility towards the nation and the people that have voted for him.

Time will remember that Abdul Najib Bin Abdul Razak is the worst nightmare that Malaysians ever had. He is the worst Prime Minister for Malaysia; who only concerns about himself and his family, and do not bother about his responsibility, the nation and the people. He could only boasts about what his father did, but at the end he does nothing but consume the taxpayers' coffers.


Sufian Idrus said...


Saya ada dua orang anak kecil. Yang abang berusia 5 tahun dan adik berusia 3 tahun. Tak semena-mena si adik menolak cawan abangnya yang berisi air, maka tertumpahlah ke lantai. Kemudian si abang pula dengan sengaja menuang air dari cawan adik ke lantai juga. Apabila saya memarahi si abang, dia menjawab si adik yang menumpahkan airnya terlebih dahulu. Sebagai ayah, apa kita boleh buat? Itulah sifat kanak-kanak.

Hari ini saya terbaca dalam akhbar, seorang Perdana Menteri bagi Negara Malaysia mempersoalkan siapa yang naik gaji terlebih dahulu dan menimbulkan isu kerajaan negeri Selangor menaikkan gaji ADUN mereka sehingga 200 peratus. Jadi, adakah beliau, sebagai seorang Perdana Menteri kepada sebuah negara, mengakibatkan kenaikan harga barangan asas, menurunkan subsidi, membenarkan isteri beliau berbelanja mewah, dan meningkatkan perbelanjaan boros kerajaan hanya kerana kerajaan sebuah negeri menaikkan gaji ADUN mereka? Adakah ini isu siapa naik gaji dulu?

Kalau kanak-kanak berusia 3 dan 5 tahun bergaduh pasal "siapa buat dulu", bolehlah kita tersenyum. Tetapi, apabila orang tua berusia 60 tahun menimbulkan isu "siapa buat dulu", apa kita perlu buat? Lebih-lebih kalau orang tua itu seorang Perdana Menteri.

Amat tidak disangka, sebegitu mentaliti seorang Perdana Menteri yang telah dipilih rakyat. Apabila dikritik akibat kegagalan beliau menjalankan tanggungjawab dan amanah, beliau bukannya mahu memperbaiki keadaan, sebaliknya sibuk memperkatakan "siapa buat dulu".

Adakah ini musibah buat rakyat Malaysia? Wallahu alam.

Sufian Idrus

Unknown said...

Salaam Dato.
Dah berkali2 sy kata Ketua Umno Melayu..'Gempak' saja kuat.Dlm PAU baru ni pun 'Gempak' lagi...kalah Cerita Hindu..Drama dlm PAU DASYAT ia dapat mengalahkan Hollywood dan Bollywood sekali pun
.....cakap apa yg tiada...tangis sedu..gelak ketawa..puisi..sajak..pantun seloka..kiasan dan 'pegherli'..Bodek..Ampu....bak kata Pak Chik Astro yg dah meninggal dulu......." Semua Ada"..
Apa yg sy nak sampaikan sabenarnya?
Dah hampir 60 tahun kita mencapai KeMerdekaan (ia itu suatu Perjuangan yg begitu Kental dan Berapi olih org Melayu diZaman Tuanku dan Koncho2 dan Org2 Melayu yg dahulu yg dari Parti Umno..Yg dahagakan Kebebasan...TELAH TERCAPAI
Tetapi Umno telah Lupa..bahawa Kemerdekaan cuma Permulaan..bukan Penyudah....kerana apa yg terjadi salepas Kemerdekaan Melayu ramai yg miskin.. sehingga ada istilah 'hard core poor..Rural Poor dan Urban Poor'... org Melayu ramai yg hidup dgn seribu satu masaalah...dadah..ragut..rompak..ajaran sesat..kes perceraian yg paling tinggi dari 'percentage' bila dibanding kaum lain..pegawai2 kerajaan Melayu ramai yg terlibat dlm rasuah...dlm bermacam2 lagi..
Pokoknya..parti Umno ini lah yg telah dulu bertunggus lumus berjuang untuk Kemerdekaan....tetapi..Parti yg sama ini lah yg jadi kelu.. kaku..bisu dan buta tentang apa yg Ketua2 Umno dan org Melayu perjuangkan....dan kini kita 'back to square one'....masih susah dan terkapai...
Alahai Umno...bilalah Drama dlm PAU ini akan berkesudahan? Menang Sorak Kpg Tergadai....

Sufian Idrus said...

Saudara Competente,

Nama Perdana Menteri Malaysia ialah Mohammad Najib Bin Abdul Razak, dan bukannya Abdul Najib Bin Abdul Razak.

Sufian Idrus

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Kg man ni, orang bicara pasal ekonomi bagaimana ketua2 UMNO memiskin org Melayu beliau sibuk puji bini.

Kembar Najib nampak.

Tak suruh isteri beliau belikan buku2 mengenai : " jalan Allah vs jalan syaitan?"

Din Melaka mungkin tabik pd kg man kalau beliau boleh beri nasihat kewangan berguna pd siswazah baru bekerja bagaimana nak biayai kehidupan masa kini jika graduan yg bekerja di CIMB setakat dibayar gaji rm2000 sebulan.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Nampak kelakar betullsh OKJ ni.

Yg memuji tulisan Dakj , OKJ kata sebagai pengampu.

Tersasar betul definasi pengampu yg difahami OKJ.

Pengampu akan mengharap imbuhan. Pengampu yg OKJ maksudkan disini akan dapat habuan apa ye.

Bila OKJ address Najib, sebagai Dato Sri presiden UMNO kita, itu ucapan mesra dan sungguh mengampu.

OKJ lebih baik rujuk ustaz sebelum menggunakan ayat2 Allah mengenai konsep ujian dan hubungannya dgn iman.

Macam tak kena tempat je. Ini contoh salah guna ayat Allah untuk tujuan mengampu.

Mungkin drlangitbiru , yangretibase atau lain2 ust boleh bantu .

merlimau9 said...

Beritahu sajalah...Pengerusi mana yg Dato mahu...GLC atau mana mana Agensi Kerajaan.


Sdr merlimau9, ini cerita lama buat pengetahuan saudara.

1. Beberapa minggu sebelum Mohd Najib jadi PM pada tahun 2009 (Masa blogger cabuk termasuk saya sibuk menunjukkan pintu keluar kepada Pak Lah), saya didatangi seorang sahabat baik.

2. Dia kata, Mohd Najib janji lantik dia jadi pengerusi sebuah syarikat yang disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia.

3. Dia jemput saya jadi salah seorang ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat itu.

4. Saya tolak kerana saya tidak mahu lagi terikat dengan sesiapa, khasnya kalangan politik.

5. Selepas kita berjaya menamatkan pemerintahan Pak Lah dengan sokongan Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Mohd Najib naik jadi PM, sahabat saya itu pun dilantik jadi pengerusi.

6. Dia ajak lagi dan saya tolak juga. Sekarang dia masih pengerusi. Gaji berganda lebih besar daripada pendapatan saya. Kereta pun berganda lebih besar daripada kereta diesel saya.

7. Jadi saya kritik bukan kerana tak dapat jadi pengerusi atau ahli lembaga pengarah mana-mana GLC.

8. Terpaksa jawab sebab banyak juga pembaca dan pembahas blog kita ini yang beranggapan kita kritik kerana tak dapat sesuatu atau semua manusia boleh dibeli.

Terima kasih.

merlimau9 said...

Oleh yg demikian sy cadangkan agar kritikan perlulah adil.
Maksudnya jgn terfokas kpd PM semata mata....bagaimana dgn pembangkang?...mereka juga perlu dikritik!!!.
Kritikan politik ini dah terlebih lebih dipasaran Dato.
Bila terlebih pastinya harganya murah.
Fokaslah ekonomi utk...pastikan 1.8b utk usahawan yg diumum oleh kerajaan (Ahmad Maslan) sampai kesasaran....ikuti secara dekat dgn adakan mengunakan makenisma tertentu.
Gencatan politik perlu di istiyhar buat seketika ini.
Jangan minda Ulul Albab yg ada pd Dato disia siakan.Buatlah sesuatu yg lebih impak kpd ekonomi Melayu dan inilah masalah yg membelenggu sekian lamanya.


Datuk AKJ,

Saya ulangi bahawa mereka yang tidak bersetuju atau panas hati dengan tulisan DAKJ tidak perlu bimbang kerana undi mereka dengan undi DAKJ dalam pilihanraya mungkin di pihak yang sama.

Benarkanlah dan redalah dengan pendekatan DAKJ hendak 'menasihatkan' pemimpin parti/negara yang pada pendapat beliau telah tersasar atau melakukan kesilapan.

Kepada penjenguk yang condong kepada pihak pembangkang pula jangan berkecil hati jika Datuk AKJ tidak lagi mengkritik seperti yang beliau lakukan sekarang. Mungkin ketika itu objektif beliau telah diperolehi/berjaya.

Sewajarnya keberanian DAKJ dihargai kerana beliau adalah tokoh yang layak kerana ketokohan dan datang dari lubuk UMNO.

Masyarakat telah bosan dengan pandangan/kritikan individu yang jelas kiblat politiknya kepada pihak (parti) lawan. Bias @ semuanya tidak betul.

Masyarakat juga sudah 'mangli' dengan pandangan/hujah individu yang jelas arah sokongannya kepada pihak (parti) yang disokongnya. Tidak ada satu huruf pun yang salah.

Maaf cakap; Andainya sebilangan penjenguk blog ini yang diketahui kiblat mereka menulis di dalam blog masing-masing yang tentunya bias,tulisan mereka tidak mempunyai kuasa tarikan.

Biarkanlah DAKJ dengan cara dan hal beliau. Di luar sana bersepah tokoh dan termasuk juga atau bekas-bekas tokoh yang telah pencen tetapi mentaliti mereka tidak pencen-pencen.

Mereka masih tidak sudah-sudah mendendangkan isu-isu lama yang telah berkarat tanpa adanya cadangan untuk tindakan konkrit - kiasu, orang lain kaya raya - Melayu merempat, sisi negatif LKY Singapura dan lain-lain lagi untuk menyakat emosi Orang Melayu.

Benarkanlah DAKJ berkarya tanpa gangguan. Selain itu, jenguk-jenguklah 'Subky Latif ' atau 'ZAM'.

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