Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wanita Chief and the Grandmaster

A Kadir Jasin

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SUNRISE in Las Vegas. 

WHEN the Umno General Assembly (UGA) was in session (Dec 2 to 7), the kedai kopi assembly (KKA) was also in session. The debate at the latter was no less lively.

The UGA is over, but the KKA continues. That explains why we have so many 24-hour coffee shops. And the debate is getting hotter, thanks to a large part to the reporting in the Internet-based media. The independent portals and blogs have revealed the juicier stuff that the mainstream media could not.

The following are the summaries of the KKA (aka Perhimpunan Kedai Kopi) hansard.

Shahrizat’s Grandmaster Master

The Wanita chief, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, said Najib is a grandmaster at chess. A member of the KKA gleefully asked: “Did she mean chest?” (laughter but some members objected).

Let us look at the grandmaster. Did he not try to appoint a PAS member to the Majlis Tertinggi (MT)? Luckily for Shahrizat’s grandmaster, the televangelist Ustaz rejected the offer. Did the grandmaster not ask the Ustaz if he was willing to joint the Supreme Council? Luckily, PAS wasn’t brilliant either. In fact it was daff for the party to attack the Ustaz. It should have kept quiet, let him join the MT and have a spy in very heart of its rival. So why complain if other countries are spying on us? Here the grandmaster himself has invited a spy to join the MT.

The Master at his game

Or is it because UMNO now is a rakyat’s party that the grandmaster can invite anybody to be a member of MT? Do not be surprised if he soon invites the DAP and Keadilan members as well.

We think only Anwar is an entertainer. Now Umno has produced its own entertainer.

Clueless About the States

Not only the grandmaster failed to recapture Selangor, he did worse than Pak Lah. “At least Pak Lah could claim that he was sleeping”, interjected a smart Alex (laughter). When the grandmaster became PM, he dropped Zain from cabinet, probably not happy with him performance or because he “urut” Pak Lah’s legs and begged him not to resign.

But the grandmaster put him in charge of BN Selangor. After last general election he dropped Noh Omar from Cabinet and put him in charge of BN Selangor. The grandmaster does not know what to do with Selangor. He has thrown in the towel. This is Shahrizat's grandmaster.

The KKA passed the following resolution:- THAT Shahrizat to tell the Umno masses and the rakyat what she genuinely thinks of the grandmaster and his cousin, Hishammuddin, the ways she told her friends in private.

Umno almost lost Terengganu and barely retained Perak. In Johore the opposition made a strong inroad and forget about Penang.

Morality and Responsibility

Anwar was sacked because he was not fit to be in UMNO on moral ground. But Chua Sooi Lek could lead the MCA. What about Shahrizat the enchantress herself?

The grandmaster does not know? The Pergerakan Wanita does not know? That is why, in NFC case, although she stayed in same house and slept in same bed with her spouse, she did not know what he and their children were doing. People understand. They are not stupid.

If her husband got the NFC privatisation and an RM240-million government loan to fatten the cattle, Shahrizat asked for a Bank Wanita. Lucky Najib ignored it. The rakyat asked: Was it for Wanita or for her?

No Bank Wanita for now
 Shahrizat enchanted Tun Dr M into establishing the Kementerian Wanita and she became its minister.  She got solid support from the Wanita but Accountant General should check when she was Minister, were the books in order?

Now the chief of the Tulang Belakang (backbone) of Umno (as she described the Wanita movement) is no longer a minister. It is the first time in history that Wanita has no minister in Cabinet but she is a ministerial-level advisor to PM and she got Academy Wanita, which she wanted to lead. But the Government does not know where to put it because Minister in charge Women’s Affairs does not want it. It has to be parked at Intan.

Rafidah paid the price for trusting her. Grandmaster better watch out. After crisis of '98, banks were consolidated and reduced in numbers.  Any new bank formed will be under Bank Negara. Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia may be good, but is it under Bank Negara?  AIM now can lend and under a minister losses are not a problem. Just write off. If a banking licence is given to Wanita, would Pemuda not want one too?

NEXT the KKA will discuss Pemuda.

Fotenote: Members of the KKA take note of the warning “jangan kacau” and “jaga-jaga”. InyaAllah.


JVB said...

"Luckily, PAS wasn’t brilliant either. In fact it was daff for the party to attack the Ustaz. It should have kept quiet, let him join the MT and have a spy in very heart of its rival."

I think relations between the proposed spy and PAS were not so good by the end. Still, the attempt to secure a PAS-voter appealing ustaz was not a surprise. They may try again. Though I am not sure any respectable Muslim would embrace Umno's ethics, or lack thereof.

safiai saad said...

Sdr Kadir,no wondder people called you excellent journalist.You never failed me with new write up that filled with interesting annecdotes.It is a satirical and top with inneundos.There are many issues but I just want to put my thought on Syarizat case.
The court has not deliberated on it so she is innocent until proven guilty.She might be freed technically but then has she the moral right to lead Wanita Umno.Yes she was already chosen as Umno leader by the members but that does not mean she is legally, morally and ethically right.
In the light recent delegates meeting UMNO wanted to make Islam as the corning stone of party struggle and the party is willing to change the party constitution to fulfill such objective.
How could that be possible when Islam is regarded material importance to UMNO but the leadership qualities did not reosonate well with the uppermost objective of the party.
The fact that she suggested that Amanah Ikhtiar is to be upgraded to banking status is mind boggling.
I think the UMNO leadership of Umno must do some ethnic cleansing (reads corrupted leader,inefficient,nepotism,crony.wealth serchers,quarrelsome warlord) before so as to make UMNO respected by the people.
I have no doubt that UMNO will be accepted by the Malays,be it youth,middle class,the conservative and the retiree.I have done some home work and the outcome is these group of people distance themselves from UMNO.It is not too late, any way better late than never.I rest my case and I hope other readers and debaters will express themselves.thanks

wankamarul701 said...

Kita nantikan komen drlangitbiru penang nak tarbiah apa pasal umno kali ni..kui3

Cetusan said...

Jaga jaga nanti ada orang ajak belanja..hee

Ghab said...

The KKA exchange session was more of a melodramatic dialogue or a comedown in celebrating the ghostbusters. A comical dialogue mongering over a bunk issue between the Grandmaster and the Woman chief. A misrepresented ideal (imagination not likely to become reality) of one who soundly for Bangsa, Agama dan Negara and maybe who are paranoid over augmented arrangement of husband and wife cabinet-team.

Moreover, paranoia could be equate with suspicion. It begins with someone who is suspicious about person's motive. So, everything the grandmaster and Woman chief do become tainted. The truth is, you can never know there is to know all about the couple just as there is to know all about ourselves. We have the choice to approach our fellow representatives with suspicion or with an open mind, a touch of optimism, I think will do.

But the thought that it was a candor for presentation; nevertheless, it was, "Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind" William Shakespeare.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


UMNO bergantung nyawa dengan ketua wanita umno.. wanita umno. itu sebab semua yang bangkang nak tanam ketua wanita umno.. zaman anwar umno.. ct zahrat pun menang lawan rafidah aziz.

mati sharizat maka tamatlah riwayat umno..kalau sahrizat sokong muhyiddin.. dah lama umno dapat president baru…

erti kata lain siapa sharizat sokong siapa menang.. hishamuddin terhutang budi dengan sharizzat…

"umno bergantung harap dengan sharizzat..

selamat berjuang tok.

Balut_sket said...

Good one sir!!

Kamal said...

Dato Kadir.

You are spot on .Ha ha ha.

You are right.Najib now vary busy with reconciletion govertment.Soon Anwar Kit Siang and Hadi will be in Cabinet.I hope this time Najib is right.

Kadir.Najib advises werebtelling him,if we dont merge with PKR ,in 2014 we will be opposition.

Hisamuddin will replace Mahayuddin as DPM.Zaid hamidi will swallow Air.
He will challange Hishamuddin in UMNO election.

Prepare for the break up of UMNO.

doncin cai said...

marah betul DAKJ pada PM dan PMO

din said...

Just like din melaka...The wanita chief, her grandmaster and their advisors are a bunch of syok sendiri politikus who are living in denial world.

Daniel Noor said...

Tun Mahathir pernah komen..any person that he decided, recommended or proposed to be his Number 2 or to take over his position when he decide to retire, tend to bring problems or having problems. Tun Musa resigned on his own citing he is not compatible with Tun, Tun Ghaffar lost because money politics was at its worse level when he tried to defend his position. Anwar was sack because of his immoral activities, Tun Abdullah was forced to quit as he performed badly in runnning the Government . Then Tun Mahathir strongly advised the UMNO people to appoint Najib to lead the country. Unfortunately what we see today, Najib in reality is not calling the shots but following and listening advises and instructions from his inner circles. Can I too say his spouse is always well positioned to dictate terms with Najib ?. So in order to save this country from further going down, UMNO members should be brave enough to advise najib to step down and replace him with others NOT being recommended by Tun Mahathir !!!

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Dato’. Cukup-cukuplah “mengorat” bini orang. Lepas satu satu. Anak dara yg comel-comel kan ramai dekat luar sana, buat apa nak kacau bini orang lagi? Sekian TQ.

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok..

Bila pekena teh tarik dengan roti canai atau roti bakar selepas solat subuh bersama kawan-kawan persidangan KKA pun bermula..

Di KKA kampung saya kekadang suasana persidangan panas Tok..

TQ Tok..



1. Pi cuti mana? Selamat bercuti. Dengar kata ada member nak charter Boeing 747 pasai nak bawa member-member pi cuti dan sambut tahun baru di LA. Depa tak ajak Non ka?

2. Setuju. Pasai tu kita mau Wanita kuat. Kita tak mau yang di atas kuat, tapi Wanita tak kuat. Takkan tak ada pengganti kot?

3. Dengar kata Umno dah tubuh pasukan khas nak propagandakan supaya ahli Unmo sokong "pergabungan" dengan Pas?

4. Geng Pas ramai kata boleh runding, tapi mereka tak mau terpalit dengan arang Umno.

5. Non dengan saya bukan selalu setuju dan tak selalu jumpa, tapi kita kena terus bincang.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Hanya Allah dan ust kazim yg tahu kenapa beliau tolak tawaran Najib.

Bagaimana Kazim nakvjadi perisik PAS dalam MT UMNO, sebab bulan Ogos 2013 lagi dah kena pecat keahliannya.

Kalau bukan kerana Kazim yg mula dulu kutuk PAS dgn berkata PAS patut malu pd UMNO yg menawarkan jawatan pd beliau, kita otg awam tak tau pun Kazim tu ahli PAS . Sebab selama ini sekali dua kali cara dan rentak gayanya lebih mirip UMNO.

Bila Kazim kutuk PAS dulu,:wajarkah PAS diam diri?

Yg dah tentu org bodoh pun akan bertanya, bila Kazim dakwa masih ahli PAS , pada saat dia dapat tawaran Najib. Betulkah dia tak tau sejak Ogos lagi dah kena pecat?

Atau Najib yg overconfident ust macam Kazim dah tentu anggap tawaran tu ibarst kecil tapak tangan stadium merdeka Kazim tadahkan.

Atau sebagaimana biasa Con- sultants Najib yg ramai tu tak nasihat Najib agar tanya Kazim dulu sebelum hebah satu Malaya.

Atau Dakj ada sebab lain yg kami tak tau.

Tapi menurut Din Melaka, oleh kerana ketua2 UMNO tu ada reputasi ZALIM DAN FASIK, kerana degil dgn hukum Allah maka org Islam seharusnya jangan berurusan dgn mereka. INIKAN PULAK SEORANG USTAZ.

Kepada sdr drlangitbiru penang , terima kasih dan syabas. Sedangkan Nabi pun tak boleh mengislamkan kesemua penentang baginda inikan pulak kita manusia biasa.

Zainol said...

Pak Kadir.
Minggu lepas saya makan di kedai kopi di Putra jaya.
Saya ajak kawan saya Saorang Tan Sri,anaknya kerja dengan Najib.
Dia kata Najib akan pergi cuti di LA dengan Isteri.

Tahun lepas dia pergi cuti di LA juga.Mereka sewa kapal terbang boeing 747.Mereka terbang dari LA ka Sydney nak tengok matahari naik di Sydney.Jam itu kita masih tidor di Malaysia,
Lepas itu mereka akan terbang dari Sydney pergimka Les vagas untok tengok kalimkedua matahari naik.sebab Amerika satu hari lambat dari Australia.

Dalam rombongan itu ramai Pak Arab dari Abu Dhabi dan Jlo dari Penang.

Yang bayar sewa kapal terbang itu ialah 1MDB.

Tan sri kata dia pun ada dengan berita itu,Ramai orang bercakap.
1MDB,a 30 billion scandal. bigger than Carrian and Maminco.
Yang hairan tak ada satu orang bercakap pasai itu dalam pesidangan UMNO.

Lahuma said...


Sebenarnya wanita umno pun berpuak-puak dari akar umbi sampai pucuk.
Makna nya tulang belakang UMNO pun bengkang bengkok.
Pancung memancung dari kalangan wanita UMNO sudah rancak.
Dari akar umbi sampai pucuk.

Sepatutnya Wanita UMNO ada seorang Menteri Penuh.Kenapa.Siapa yang punya perancangan.PM Najib tak tegas dalam urusan kepentingan parti UMNO dan negara.

Shahrizat yang takut bayang-bayang kalau PM Najib lantik mana Ahli Parlimen BN Wanita UMNO jadi menteri.Semua nya rakyat sudah boleh berfikir percaturan politik Shahrizat.

Kemudian dalam PAU buat isu tuntut macam-macam.

GLC jadi fokus .Mungkin GLC menjadi tempat untuk menyelesaikan masaalah PENGANGGURAN PEMIMPIN UMNO Termasuk Wanita.

Apakah jawatan Menteri Penuh Shahrizat seorang sahaja yang layak.YB Wanita yang lain tak layak.

Bila berbahas suruh ahli UMNO pandang kedepan.Masaalah depan mata pun tak selesai.

UMNO tak ada Grandmaster untuk parti,ahli dan rakyat.Grandmaster UMNO adalah untuk diri sendiri.

Wanita UMNO syok sendiri.Lebih rela tak ada Menteri daripada jatuh pada tokoh wanita lain.Saipa yang rugi.

Wanita UMNO undur kebelakang kerana betrsifat dendam dan iri hati.PM Najib pula termakan umpan kerana dijulang sebagai tulang belakang yang kian reput.

Adakah wajar Amanah Ikhtiar hendak di jadikan Bank.
Amanah Ikhtiar sudah sesuai dengan kumpulan sahabat-sahabat mereka daripada bank yang banyak bantu orang kaya dan menyusahkan orang miskin.

Jelasc Pre.siden UMNO rasa goyong dengan semua yang betrsifat wanita.

Kenapa wanita UMNO Malaysia tidak ugut PM Najib tuntut jawatan Menteri penuh.

Semua boleh jawap kerana bukan rahsia lagi.

Barangkali ramai pemimpin UMNO cuci dosa.

Terima kasih Dato.

safiai saad said...

Sdr Kadir and fellow readers, I would like to apologise for giving the wrong fact.
It is not Sharizat that has been charged in court but his husband.I am so sorry for such vital mistakes.The rakyat see that there is nexus between them.Difficult to prove in court. Thanks

Kampong man said...

Salam ,

1.I have so much respect for DAKJ blog because he is a Wartawan Negara.So was my respect for the beard man SIFU Samad Said a Sastrawan Negara until he was involved in flying the the Sang Saka Malaya CONTROVERSY together with activists Hishamudin and young Adli.(Read Jebatmustdie on our sifu Samad Said on same).I disagree with recent Dato PAU trivial articles of late, thats all.It is like reading a DAP fan club Sakmongkol blog , an UMNO and Najib bashing blog.Hopefully, things will cool down.Further we will have no PRU next year.So Najib is safe for a while at least until next election many believe.

2.Yes,Malaysians are great at kedai kopi talk(KKT).Now,Let say if you have 50 children, put it that way .How do you handle each one of them? Try thinking how you are going to feed them, clothes them and discipline each one of them.So talking and posting comments is easy and simple. Put yourself in Najib's shoes and ask yourself. Shukur and happy that I am not a politician and will never be one.I have no talent and hopeless in the field.I have zero political experience unlike Najib with over 35 years !!.So are we non politician?.

Same as Dato , I too want NOTHING from Najib, Rosmah and Shahrizat (who for many many years was my Bangsar MP until budding Nurul Izzah won last two elections).
However, I love UMNO just like most Malays are,Din Melaka excluded.

3.Have fun debating ladies and gentlemen boys and girls.I am taking it cool.Love reading comments from the many ustazs here for whatever they are trying to prove.Cheers and Salam.

Sayang Tun M said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

Isnin hari tu lepas Datuk tulis pasai nak lantik jadi Menteri tu, ramai dah di PMO dan penasihat melatah.

Ni lepas Datuk tulis hat ni pulak saheh lebih ramai melatah.

Nanti kalau depa ada komen apa2 saya habaq kat Datuk. Seronok tengok depa dok marah kat Datuk. Depa kata ala dia dulu pun lagu mana. Tapi ayat habih lagu tu saja la pasai tak dak point nak hantam. Datuk tunggu sat saya bagi feedback naa.

Datuk, benda ni kena konsisten dan kena ada ketului macam Datuk nak bagi jadi. Datuk teruskan tulis lagu ni. Kami blogger kecik2 ni akan copy dan sebarkan. Sampai masa dah kita bagi depa mangkit tidoq.

Terima kasih Datuk

awang batuburok said...

Salam Dato,

Rasanya lebih sesuai dipanggil PAU instead of UGA.
Yang berhimpun dan bercakap berdegar degar dalam PAU itu sememangnya kaki PAU DUIT RAKYAT


Sdr Kampong Man,

1. I respect your right to express your opinion. We can agree to disagree openly. That's better than issuing warnings and threats.

2. Where and why I differ with my anak-anak buah in the media today is that they allowed themselves to be cowed.

3. Even when I was running the NSTP I sometimes disagreed openly with the Umno and the Government. And what I could not say in the Press, I said privately to the leaders. The fact that I survived a very long time says a lot about the tolerance of Umno leaders during my time. Should we not be more tolerant now in this age of ICT and when more Malaysians are educated?

4. Kampong Man could be of my generation, basing from your strong English. I wrote what I wrote because I see many wrong things happening. I am a grass root person. I spend time at kedai kopi. But I also mixed with corporate figures, the civil servants and the academia. I mentor young writers and university students. They talk frankly to me. They are worried. They see so many things wrong with the country.

Thank you.

vasantha said...

Dear Sir,
You are indeed a breath of fresh air.I salute your forthrightness.


Dear debaters and visitors,

1. Other than a few fellow bloggers and a handful of debaters, the majority of participants of this blog have chosen to be anonymous by using pseudonyms.

2. Zainal Abidin Awang Kechik is a friend and an Umno loyalist. Ku Seman is a witer. I am sure some of those posting under nama samaran are people known to me. I don't have to know who they really are.

3. I know why they are reluctant to use their real identities. The punishment can be swift if they cari makan with the government.

4. The price of non-compliance can be high. I was told by my distributor that major bookstores are reluctant to sell my latest book "Mohd Najib Selepas Tsunami Cina." It seems that Chinese managers of these stores don't like the label "Tsunami Cina". Tsunami Cina is not my creation. I was merely quoting the Prime Minster.

5. Thank you to two members of this morning's KKA - one ahli jawatankuasa bahagian Umno and the other a serani lawyer. Thank you for alerting me that there is now such as post in one BN state as "KETUA Menteri Besar" or Chief Menteri Besar. Ketua Menteri Besar is an elected representative, but he is more powerful than the MB. He literally runs the state.

Thank you.


Correction to part 5. The Ketua Menteri Besar is NOT an elected Representative. He is something like the Ketua Setiausaha Sulit. Principal Private Secretary is a very powerful post under the British parliamentary system. Sorry and thank you.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Oleh kerana kg man ada sebut nama Din Melaka maka kenalah jawab

Yg saya faham kita tak boleh benci atau suka melainkan kerana Allah.

Pilihan selain drpd Allah mestilah makhluk lain spt pangkat, duit, harta, perempuan dll.

Cuma dalam memilih ada yg tepat ada yg tidak. Kalau salah pilih isteri mungkin sendiri saja yg merana.

Tapi dek kerana salah pilih ketua2

Unknown said...


Do share with us the retailers that are reluctant to carry your new book.

Perhaps you can also sell your book electronically, in apple store. Nowadays the tablets are common and there should be some audience out there, and it is good for those going green.

I will get one, and hopefully can get dato's signature, if it is possible.

wankamarul701 said...

Saya cadangkan Datuk buat e-book je buku terbaru sebab pengedar2 berat hati nak edar.. Boleh selesaikan masalah.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Mohon izin sambung kerana tersilap tadi.

Bebalik soal tersalah pilih gara2 menyukai ketua2 UMNO selama ini, balalah jawabnya.

Saya hairan bagaimana kg man boleh suka sama UMNO tapi tak mengharap apa2 drpdnya.

Kecualilah kalau ketua2 UMNO tu tanpa diragui siang malam pejuang hak rakyat yg tentunya secocok dgn perintah Allah yg mana kg man adalah hambanya.

Dalam pada kg man mendakwa tak mengharap apa2 pd Najib, Rosmah dan Shahrizat, hairan jugak kg man sangat suka pd ketua2 UMNO tu.

Dan yg lagi pelik kg man sangat keras dan kritikal dgn ketua2 pembangkang yg belum pun punya dosa sebagai pemerintah kerajaan pusat.

Berapa lama kg man nak tegak benang basah. Cuba pertahan penguasa zalim tak akan punya hujah yg bokeh diterima akal waras.

Termasuklah sesiapapun yg srmasa jadi pembangkang, baik bukan main lagi..

Kg man nak kongsi, siapa lagi orang besar yg beliau kenal?

Omen tpg said...

Salam dato,
Silap haribulan kalau baca blog dato ni bolih tertinggal kerja lain..
Komen saya cerita ni umpama, suami yang dapat isteri sakit, ajak gi jumpa doktor tak nak, lagi lama sakit bertambah, cemburu pun bertambah masih lagi tak mahu berubat, jadi lama lama suami pun keana fikir le, nak cari penganti, dalam hati kecil tu takut juga, silap silap penganti lagi teruk...
Jadi dato. Rumusanya kena le buat pilihan, nak memakan hati berulam jantung lama lama ataupun....

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ,

Siapa yang membei amaran atau ancaman? Kerajaan? Pemimpin kerajaan? Penyokong kerajaan? Atau penyokong pemimpin kerajaan?

Saya teringat pesan orang-orang tua, berkawan biar seribu, berkasih biar satu, bermusuh.....

Tak cukup dengan musuh politik, nak bermusuh dengan rakyat marhaen pula. Memang tak produktif.

Kes berat ni, tak kenal musuh dan kawan... Will likely to loose the battle.

Tapi betul la apa yang datuk dok habaq, banyak masalah di peringkat akar umbi, rakyat melihat, tetapi kerajaan seolah2 berada di dunia yang berbeza dan tidak mengakui masalah yang dihadapi rakyat.


Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Jijik betullah tgk petangai ketua2 UMNO.

Zahid tu dulu sekolah agama. Apa je yg dia belajar?

Apa nak sibuk2 sgt pasal Mat Sabu pegang fahaman Syiah.

Penakut. Perkuda pegawai kerajaan pulak buat pengumuman. Kenapa tak umum sendiri. Depan PAU lalu bukan main berantai.

Bukan ke dalam urusan begini, lebih baik mahkamah saja yg putuskan?

Nampak sangat walaupun PRU 14 lama lagi, isu ketua dan ahli PAS konon pegang fahaman syiah akan jadi modal jijik dan keji ketua2 UMNO nak pesung sokongan org PAS yg tak berapa mantap . Dan isu ini tentu akan jadi modal baru pengambil upah UMNO untuk hentam PAS dan pembangkang.

Isu ini jugak pasti akan menghalang org UMNO yg dah mula bersimpati dgn pembangkang untuk tawar hati dan tentunya terus bersama UMNO

Srtelah Melayu tak percaya dgn fitnah ketua UMNO terhadap kes sodomi Anwar, video sex Anwar dan Mustapha Ali, tuduhan ketua PAS mengkafirkan ahli UMNO, Anwar ada simpanan 3b , UMNO SEBAGAI PARTI MELAYU ISLAM TERBESAR DIDUNIA YG PROGRESIF MESTI MENCARI IDEA2 JIJIK YG LAIN.

Selagi masih ramai Melayu yg sudi dan gembira sekongkol dgn ketua2 UMNO selagi itulah sibongkak tu segar bugar.

Bagi mereka BRIM atau yg seumpama pun dah lebih drpd cukup. Macam candu atau dadah yg dikira boleh selesai masaalah.

pemantau said...

tulislah pendapat sendiri

Anonymous said...

Kemudi tak patah, bahtera hilang arah...kelasi kata nakhoda yang salah, nakhoda kata angin bertukar arah..
Geladak dah kosong tikus kekenyangan, kelasi mendongak menadah hujan.
Bahtera hanyut belum karam,nakhoda asyik merenung bintang,terumbu didepan disangka awan, jerung tersenyum disangka kawan...

Sauh besar tak cukup panjang,gah di luan dasar tak kesampaian...

maae said...

Salam Datuk,

1. Minum petang makan roti gula. Sekarang PM kata kurangkan gula. Kencing manis, kata nya.

2. Grandmaster selalu kena checkmate! Sharizat boleh tunjukkan jalan. Jalan paling selamat PAU di beri kosmetik baru. Islam Sunnah wal Jamaah. masuk perlembagaan UMNO je... semua gemuruh tepuk ! Kemudian zzz..

3. Selalu sangat menang sorak semenjak dua menjak. Kampung makin tergadai... Sebahagian Johor sudah di miliki pelabur cina. Maka politk UMNO Johor dalam keadaan merobohkan kubu kuat.

Cerita kedai kopi kadangkala benar juga. Datuk telaah dan kupas. PM Najib tentu sayang bini nya. Ptesiden Obama pun pindah tempat duduk dengan satu jelingan....he..he..kuasa pompuan...

MamandaMB said...

If you have heard about Ketua Menteri Besar, what about Raja Menteri Besar?

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


SAYA PI MIAMI DAN CUBA UNTUK MEMBETULKAN BAKI KESIHATAN YANG MASIH ADA….saya mohon memberi kenyataan bahawa di malaysia kita berdiri di atas landaSAN demokrasi yang mengikut selara dan tekak rakyat. contoh nya,

1, anwar di pilih oleh rakyat di permatang pauh kerana anggapan mereka anwar wali dan pendekar melayu terakhir,

2,shahrizat di pilih oleh wanita melayu umno kerena mereka beranggapan yang salah kemungkinan suami beliau.hebat nya shahrizat ni dia kuat rajin dan berani.. menteri umno suruh dia berhenti, husni MK2 tengok muka sharizat pun tak mau,kita tanya MP padang rengas dia banyak benda tersembunyi di tangan nya. walau apa pun .. terjadi (wanita umno tetap mencintai mu shahrizat)

3.tok ini kisah benar ada 4 anak gadis melayu yang sangup berhenti ke kuliah dan berhenti sekolah setahun hanya kerena ingin mengabdikan masa masa mereka untuk membawa ,memandi,mencuci,memberi ubat,memberi makan,menyediakan tempat tidur,kepada nenek perempuan mereka, bila saya tanya mengapa mereka tak kesekolah dan kuliah, mereka berkata. zaman ini zaman kasih sayang.. ilmu dan kuliah ada di mana mana, apa guna ilmu dan sarjana.. jika nenek mereka sendiri terbiar..walaupun ada jurawat yang dibayar untuk tugasan itu,mereka berkata kepada saya mereka mahu menjadi insan ynag berbertanggungjawab kerena itu tanggungjawab mereka.. saya hanya mampu mengalirkan air mata.

4 wanita umno melihat shahrizat adalah ketua mereka dan saya sendiri tahu mana sharizat berkerja.tok juga salah seorang yang memediakan shahrizat di awak kerial nya..maaf tok .

5.malayu malaysia yang mengaku islam agama nya..hanyak sibuk soal aurat dan doa qunud serta syiah konon nya… sebenar nya Islam jauh lebih besar dari itui.maka PAS dan UMNO mula main kan tali persaudaraan bagi memastikan mereka terus berkuasa.. mereka terlupa bahawa di malaysia ini"menegur hala tuju kepimpinan negara menjadi dosa dan durhaka" maka zaman zaman perba kala balik menjajah permikiran malayu..


6. saya tetap meyokong UMNO dan sharizat sebab saya sudah melihat UMNO adalah yang terbaik untuk rakyat. dalam masa yang sama rakyat perlu bersedia untuk jadi rakyat malaysia,"malaysia bukan lagi negara yang terbaik untuk jadi rakyat yang miskin)

panjang umuq kita jumpa minum tea di rajoo.


Din Kalut said...

Itulah saja fakta dan keupayaan Din Melaka berhujah.Lekeh dan membosankan.Kosong.


1. NON, selamat berubat. Non lebih baik daripada kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia pasai mampu berubat di luar negara. Syukur dan harap sembuh.

2. Kepada yang lain, terima kasih kerana mendoakan saya. Takut memang ada. Tapi ada had. Kalau bayang-bayang pun takut susahlah.

3. Semalam bertembung dengan Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Dia sampaikan anugerah dan hadiah Yayasan Pembangunan Buku Negara di PWTC. Alhamdulillah mereka beri saya Anugerah Tokoh Pengarang Za'ba.

4. Saya katakan kepada Ahmad Zahid dialah pemimpin Melayu nombor satu dalam politik Malaysia kerana ahli Umno memberikan dia undi terbanyak (dalam pemilihan Naib Presiden). Presiden dan Timbalan tidak dicabar jadi kita tidak tahu tahap sokongan sebenar kepada mereka.

5. Dia membalas: "Pemimpin Melayu saja?"

6. Saya katakan kepadanya, suka atau tidak, untuk menjadi pemimpin Malaysia seseorang itu perlu menjadi pemimpin Melayu dahulu kerana Melayu adalah bangsa induk dan bangsa majoriti Malaysia. Apa erti jadi pemimpin Malaysia tetapi abaikan bangsa majoriti? Apatah lagi kalau pemimpin Malaysia itu seorang Melayu.

7. Saya kagum dengan "thoughtfulness" beliau dalam huraian ringkasnya mengenai dunia penulisan dan kepedulian beliau kepada golongan karyawan. Saya harap beliau akan kotakan janji dan aspirasi beliua itu.

Terima kasih.

MalaysianKita said...

1. "The days of "the gomen knows best" are over", Najib Tun Razak.

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong", Voltaire.

2 petikan dari blog, Outsyed The Box.

2 blogs yang "memeningkan" Najib Tun Razak sekarang , iaitu The Scribe A Kadir Jasin dan OutSyed The Box.

2. Hebat pujian Dato' kepada Zahid Hamidi……..

Dah habis perang dengan Sulu, Zahid tak dak kerja barangkali……beria-ria nak tangkap Mat Sabu. 10 bukti sudah dikemukakan, bukan oleh Zahid, TAPI oleh pegawainya…….

Bukti pertama, Mat Sabu mengkagumi Khomenie…..

Zahid jangan lupa, Mahathir juga mengkagumi Khomenie…….Syiah ka Mahathir???

joe black said...


Tahniah kepad a Datuk atas Anugerah Tokoh Pengarang Za'ba.

Buat masa sekarang Tokoh Penulis yang menulis dari hati makin pupus.

Diharap Dato' dipanjangi umur kerana jika tiada orang saperti datuk maka Kita Semua sah akan dipaksa membaca Utusan Penulis Zombie. Sekarang pun Di Malaysia Sudah Ramai Penulis Zombie yang menulis ala Public Relations atau atas niat Propaganda. Sayang nya ada diantara mereka pernah bekerja di bawah Dato' ...Tak Bolih Diajar atau just Kurang Ajar? said...

Y.Bhg Dato',
We can start already counting the final days of UMNO in power if Shahrizat is still commanding a high position in corridor of power or in the inner circle at Putrajaya.
The generation of new voters will have more influences to determine which party to win in the next election. If Najib failed to listen to their voices, I doubt the votes from Felda or from Malays in rural areas can help him to retain his power.
If you have a chance to meet him, just whisper to him that Sharizat is not an asset to him in facing the young voters because they are well informed and hunger for change
He will listen to you and advise him to retire Sharizat honorably by appointing her as ambassador to Australia, a country where her husband can learn more about fattening cattle.
After few years there, they can return to Malaysia and they can revive the project that had brought disaster to her political career.
By the time they return, people already forgotten their past debacle and may be with her superb talents she can make a comeback to UMNO and go for presidency, God willing Sharizat will be the first women to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. After all our country have more female voters than male voters. What is your comments Dato'

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir Jasin

Muzakarah UMNO PAS

Terlanjur Dato’ bercakap tentang muzakarah UMNO PAS, izinkan saya bercerita sedikit lagi. Pertamanya, banyak berpendapat, tujuan muzakarah ialah supaya PAS masuk UMNO semula, salah sama sekali. Bukan itu yg diinginkan. Yang diinginkan adalah penyatuan umat Islam di Malaysia dari segi akidah dan syariat Islam.

Imam besar Masjidil Haram semasa ditemuramah pada PAU yg lalu berkata, Rasullullah berdakwah di Mekah selama 13 tahun secara sederhana bertujuan untuk mendekatkan manusia kepada Islam. Belia hanya melaksanakan HUDUD di Madinah selepas syariat Islam telah terlaksana dan sebati dgn jiwa raga. Itulah yg UMNO lakukan selama ini. memperkasakan Islam secara sederhana. Kalau dulu ramai anak dara berbikini agogo, sekarang ramai telah bertudung. Kalau dulu minum teh waktu senja, sekarang berduyun-duyun ke Masjid utk sembahyang Maghrib.

Saya beri 3 contoh lagi yg terang lagi nyata. Pendapat Dato’ Kadir seperti tidak perlu berterima kasih terhadap pemimpin Negara dan juga ibubapa kerana itu tanggungjawab mereka memang AMAT SALAH di segi Islam dan harus diperbetulkan mengikut syariat Islam yg sebenar. Orang lama, susah sikit tapi Insayaallah kita akan berdakwah sedikit demi sedikit.

Sdr Din Melaka yg dulu selalu hantar komen diwaktu Magrib, Alhamdulillah, sekarang ini dah tiada lagi selepas didakwah 2 kali. Tapi sekarang ini hantar komen pukul 1.15 pm iaitu waktu orang tengah sembahyang zohor pula, dan pukul 4.44 pm iaitu org tengah sembahyang Asar. Hai! Tak tahu nak cakaplah!!!!! Tapi bab mengutuk ketua UMNO bukan main lagi. Sebab itulah, pepatah mengatakan melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. Memang susah, tapi sekurang2nya beliau tidak lagi memberi komen waktu Maghrib.

Contohnya dari segi akidah pula, ada ahli PAS pernah menafsirkan ayat Quran secara sesat seperti “sesiapa yg menentang PAS adalah umpama Yahudi dan Nasrani”. Tetapi sehingga hari ini, tiada pun ahli PAS yag lain cuba menegurnya termasuklah Sdr Langitrbiru. Mungkin tiada keberanian utk menyampaikannya kepada Sdr yangretibase. Inilah yg hendak diperbetulkan di antara kedua dua belah pihak di dalam muzakarah nanti.

Akhir kata, motif utama muzakarah iaitu “Indahnya hidup bersyariat” menjadi sebati di kalangan umat Islam Malaysia, bukannya suruh PAS masuk UMNO. Sekian TQ.

p.s maaf bertanya, Sdr langitbiru dgn Sdr DrLlangitbiru Penang adakah orang yg sama? saya rasa cara penulisan memang sama.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

OKJ fikir dia saja yg boleh dan mampu pergi luar negara? Dengan rezeki dari Allah org lain mungkin lebih kerap melancung keluar negara. Saya harap OKJ tsk melsncung atas ihsan UMNO atau wang rakyat.

Apalah malang nasib UMNO punya pembodek bongok dan bongkak sangat. Tak mungkin OKJ tak tau kewujudan time difference antara negara.

Lain kali Din Melaka akan report pd OKJ setiap kali sembahyang atau buat kebaikan.

Atau Din Melaka sedang berada dinegara mana ketika buat komen.

Oleh kerana OKJ dsh bangkit perkara macam perlekeh org maka terpaksalah Din Melaka jawab. Jangan marah dan jangan kurang.......

Carilah isu lain di blog Dakj ni. Kalau tiada, tuan hj lrbih baik duduk diam dan baca.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Minta izin

Lagi mengenai fitnah Zahid terhadap Mat Sabu.

Ingatan pd pembangkang.

Menyaman Zahid bererti Mat Sabu dan pembangkang telah masuk perangkap mereka.

Kalai buat deerk je, mereka akan mati kutu. Lebih baik layan masaalah org Melayu.

Kalau dilayan hingga saman menyaman, apa jaminan kes ni boleh selesai cepat.

Kalau ketua2 UMNO JAMkan atau pendamkan kes ni di mahksmah selama bertahun2 dgn pelbagai daleh bererti perkara ni akan diulang2 dan dimain2kan hingga PRU14. Lepas tu habuk pun tak de.

Tak kan tak kenal lagi perangai ketua2 UMNO.

Biarkan mereka terpekik terlalak.

Beribu2 kes lain meteka tutup harus pembangkang bongkar.

Unknown said...

Dato Kadir,
I have been following your blogg for a long time - mainly because I am two years senior to you and was in SAHC, and you were in St Michaels" ; so we are orang kampong.
Nothing like alor Star in those days (i was there in 1958 - and lived at Jalan Day, near the hospital and jail).
In those days even alor star had bicycling lanes. So I used to cycle from Pumpong to College either through Bakar Bata or by the Jalan langgar ( Sultanah Asma way).
If we can only go back to those times. Mt friends were Azmi, Malek, Krishanan and sonnyLim. A hotchpotch of what our culture ought to be. Malek and azmi drank water from my fridge and their mothers made kueh for us.
NO RACE ever came into the picture.We were as happy as can be.
NO SPECIAL RIGHTS entered the conversation. We gave each other as good we got.
How did this nation sprung from the Happiest TAR become like this?
We are getting on now, and sometimes I do not want to think about it anymore. I have given up. A nation divided by Race. It is so sad.

MalaysianKita said...

Assalamualaikum dato'

"p.s maaf bertanya, Sdr langitbiru dgn Sdr DrLlangitbiru Penang adakah orang yg sama? saya rasa cara penulisan memang sama". OKJ

Ya Sdr OKJ. Langitbiru dok di Penang!

MalaysianKita said...

Did Rosmah really rescue Malaysian student detained in Egypt?

Ada pihak mempertikaikan kesahihan Rosmah menyelamatkan pelajar Malaysia di Mesir!

Kampong man said...

Salm Sdra Poh hwa tan,

Ni how ma?.It is a pleasent surprise and is enlightening to hear stories and anectdotes from your good all days.The days when there was so much peace and tranquility and life is simple and uncomplicated unlike now.

Yes, it is the dirty politics today that cause it all mostly else we will not have this expression that 'Politic is dirty'.I guess there were less challenges those days as there are today.There were no TV and no internets those days.I mean we look forward to when the circus came to town and everyone enjoy himself. I can imagine like my elder brother you would listen to Cliff Richard and Elvis and song like 'Send me the pillow that you dream on' and 'Woo woo yeh yeh, I love you more than i can say' and you would probably watched movies like Summer Holidays, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Seven Wonders of The World and of course 'The High Chapparel 'and Shindiq when the first black and white TV was first introduced.I managed to see those somehow down the years.

My late father was a dedicated policeman and was a 'Datok 'in his own right and that was what people address him being the people boss of his town as a policeman .He had a three digit police number.I mean he was a police sergeant working everywhere in Selangor and Negri Sembilan.Being a naughty boy that I was with seven in the family I was taken care by my nenek in that little fisherman kampung in Melaka and was in Sekolah Melayu for a short while there.However, most of my primary schooling days was everywhere in Selangor which include Sepang, Salak Tinggi, Tanjong Sepat, Banting, Kuala Selangor ,Jeram and Batang Berjuntai like nomads changing places finally before I was admitted to STAR, Ipoh.I mixed a lot with the chinese and the indian friends snd communities.Ssshhh......represented my college(in PJ)during sixth form HSC days in basketball and table tennis OK.SAHC was a renowned school in Kedah and so was MCKK and my STAR in Perak.SAHC and these schools excel in both academics and sports formost are Rugby , football and hockey .Still today I believe. I was a sportman and a STAR school runner.I will brag more in next Dato sport article later when i can find time and will challenge young Din Melaka to run 400 metres anytime.Enough of old stories and flashbacks.

It is the people like you and most of us good Malaysians who should and will shoulder this responsibility to bring back that old unity that we successfully had had until the political landscpe change of 2008 when that desperado man Anwar Ibrahim, the PM wannabe and his extremist PR coalition rock the boat trying very hard to secure for power from the proven moderate BN coalition.I hope Malaysians will get to their senses through time that actually we have to coexist racially and politically by integration and reconciliation regardless who rule be it BN or PR somehow like those citizens of the united States of America.Diverse in many ways yet united in purpose.See I am no extemist .

Have a good weekend Tan Poh Hwa and all friends here and don't give up.Thank you Dato.

Unknown said...

Tuan Kampong Man,

I have to address you this way because firstly I do not know your real name, and secondly, we were always brought up to address a stranger as Tuan.....

I left Alor Star after 1958 for Penang Free School, by my choice, because like you I was the son of a police man and the constant change of schools each time my father got transferred wore me out. PFS is a "free" school not because we did not have everything free but it embodied free speech, thinking, mixing of all Malaysians. but I must say that the few lost years I spent in schools in Negri Sembilan KGV and Al or Star were not lost because Penang was a more "Chinese" place and NS was very "Indian/Ceylonese". so i had a very balanced view of the way the various races interacted.
I just watched on Astro, Mandela's struggle and how I wish Malaysia could come together like South Africa. it is a true Rainbow nation because all the whites and blacks and coloured have united as one, with no discrimination. Even Gary Player said he kissed the feet of Madiba
My hope is this country travel along the same lines, but somehow we lost the.Well, I thank you for giving me hope that there is indeed a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow. whether we see it in this generation is all up to us. One thing - talk of domination always provokes and stokes fire. May our embers and hopes burn for a great Malaysia....Have a good weekend too.)

MalaysianKita said...

SUNRISE In Sydney. SUNSHINE In Las Vegas.

Seorang pelayar dalam blog ”The Scribe A Kadir Jasin”, dalam artikel ”Wanita Chief and the Grandmaster”, menamakan dirinya Zainol, menceritakan perjalanan percutian AhJibGor dan isterinya.

Zainol bercerita, “Tahun lepas dia pergi cuti di LA. Mereka sewa kapal terbang Boeing 747. Mereka terbang dari LA ke Sydney nak tengok matahari naik di Sydney. Lepas itu mereka terbang dari Sydney ke Las Vegas untuk tengok kali kedua matahari naik. Sebab Amerika satu hari lambat dari Australia”.

Oleh kerana cerita Zainol ini “telah ditapis” dan dibenarkan disiarkan dalam Tuan punya rumah, Dato’ A Kadir Jasin, Tokoh Wartawan Negara, maka saya mengambil kesimpulan kebarangkalian cerita ini benar adalah sangat tinggi. Inilah barangkali maksud WASATIYYAH yang dilaungkan oleh AhJibGor.

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